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Laurynas Arbaciauskas

Design brief, specification and location Design brief In my design I have collaborated library and café because I believe the two commercial spaces are both suitable to intervene with one another and to still for fill their full function. This would become an attractive site for it not being ordinary, however, more advanced within the dual function of one space that, this would entice a bigger audience to check out the new design or even appeal to more people when they choose a library to go to they would choose this from its multi-functional features. The theme I will use for this design would be organic, with research on architects on how the best way of interpreting nature into a space also, how the nature could be used and integrated into the design would give me a rough understanding on how I could exceed this theme within my design. In addition, I see nature as one of the most scare resources with the world and most modern designs look industrialised with lack of nature , where as, I seek to implement ecology in my design to move away from industrialised to natural themed structures. Travis Price an award wining architect and philosopher once touched on nature that really inspired me where ‘proximity to natural places does indeed have a direct effect on physical and mental health, as well as stress reduction. Structures that are near natural areas promote well-being, and views of the natural environment improve cognitive functioning’ considering the function of my building there is a more laid-back atmosphere, Travis suggests how this theme can actually be beneficial to for fill and develop the commercial space that would let people focus and feel relaxed within the space.

Specification        

Main theme of my design will be organic, implementing nature into the interior space and using organic forms to generate a structure The structure is made up of two commercial spaces, library and café, that would be collaborated into one structure However, the café separated of the main reading area of the library to remove any noise that could create any inconvenience to the people w Have variety of sections within the building that would have different seating that may appeal and attract more people The interior of the space would have to be spacious (high ceilings to prevent people feeling claustrophobic) and have nature within the buil the relaxing atmosphere The structure must be at least 2 stories high with high ceilings where possible, the structure must be made up from 3 sections cafeteria, read The café would also contain seating area for people to socialise, eat and work which most libraries don’t allow that would increase the pop wider audience Because I’m designing a library, I would use glass walls around the structure for more energy efficient design, natural light instead of light b the nature around for the organic theme, also improve peoples experience to enable to look outside to the nature

within the library reading

lding to engage the theme and create

ding area and bookshelves pularity of this design and appeal to a

bulbs that is more efficient and utilise

Location The location for this site I have chosen in the woods an already existing forest would enable the structure to fit in with the natural theme. Having the natural background enables the structure to blend in also using the surroundings to generate a structure creates a real purpose behind the design and flow of the structure. While also using glass would enable people to look out onto the nature. Within function, there is high demand for libraries with several schools and collages local. With two train stations near by and bus stop outside the site the accessibly of the site would be optimal as its also at the heart of the neighbourhood . In addition, in that neighbourhood there are only 2 more libraries around suggests this is suitable location for my function.

Design idea 1 Primary image -Natural History Museum, crystals of mineral pyrite

Outlining the main frame of the building

Using research to develop exterior

Extending and connecting shapes in order to create a general form

Developing the structure to be more realistic

Sketching out the natural object

Exploring the structure in different views

Experimenting with research to develop exterior design, the flow and the unbalanced shapes make the structure stand out and more aesthetic

Secondary research Exterior development - St Paul Peripheriques Architects The exterior framing of this structure is really interesting inspired from a book, this unique pattern around the structure makes the bold glass look more aesthetic and creative. Furthermore, use of glass enables people to see inside(encourage people to come in if they see something appealing) and to look outside(glass walls gives individuals to have a larger view to the outside) this is a feature that I would take upon to include in my design. Glass is also more energy efficient using sunlight for lighting up rooms and for the plants inside. Also, from the flow the balconies are very smoothly implemented into the structure that carries out the calm flow of the structure where in most occasions the balkiness tend to usually look out of place here it blends in perfectly.

The use of this framing on the exterior has a nice touch within the interior of this building with an intriguing pattern it changes the scene of the room to a soothing atmosphere, which is perfect for my commercial spaces as I have tested this with an example library and it fits perfectly within the space and actually progresses the aesthetics of the library.

The architects use an intriguing movement however, the structure itself is a cube and my design brief looks for multiple segments within the structure therefore, structure will have a more complex and free flowing layout which here I have explored looking at how the I explored the movement on a unregular and shifting walls where the different structure can branch curves still looked very aesthetic and I carry this through to the design out and whether the movement still works.

Developing exterior -The crystals structure is very unique with the composition of shapes overlapping I tried to perform this flow in this model . I have explored the idea of overlapping shapes, using the building I have created previously, I used thin cardboard and reoriented the walls also placing the slanting wall in the middle instead of the side utilising the highest point of the structure by having it in the middle and enhancing the view of surroundings all the way round the structure.


Analysing shapes from the model and using them to generating a more complex flow

-Using the shapes to recreate the model, the models shows an increase in complexity becoming more eye catchy and appealing, however, the scale and size of it is inappropriate which requires further development because the structure is very dominant in height leaving little space on each floor which I do not want to pursue as I want a spacious space.

-Using the shapes I have generated a structure that is now beginning to look more like a building, using the 4 wall concept from the previous model and developing a more spread out structure in width to increase the amount of space on each level.

Recreating the CAD structure physically enabled me to have a better understanding of the structure while enabled me to explore the movement more with the whole structure designed from unregular shapes generated this unique and complex structure with the triangles overlapping and moving across, the sections blend in and look very intriguing, the design presents a creative concept of unregular but aesthetic structure.

Developing the structu Scale of this model is not significant enough for my function. In addition, with 3 aligned sections the accessibly is restricted, I want to develop this because I want the structure to have easy accessibility through each section to one another. In addition some areas are larger than other like the cafĂŠ must require a kitchen and a bar that should have convenient access from each section and be large enough to fit all of the requirements of a cafe.

ures layout

Using the familiar forms create a range of unique layouts, moving these blocks enabled me to generate a variety of layouts that I can experiment and pick from in order to get the most suitable and successful layout.

Interior design towards research Primary research of cafĂŠ interior -Natural History Museum cafe

The use of round tables with two chairs suitable for a couple of people who come in for refreshments and to socialise.

The use of square tables are placed in different numbers for a variety of groups with larger tables appropriate for people to eat meals

Addition of couches more comfortable

A ba more effici more suita peop come a sho

Secondary research of Library Interior- St Paul Peripheriques Architects

r is e space ient and e able for ple who e in for ort stay.

-High ceilings reducing isolation, creating spacious and relaxing space however, decorations hanging down to prevent echo and to maintain the silence. -Using the research to implement different flooring to separate the functions between the space, using carpet an increase in comfort and awareness to users that area is for reading and not to walk around and disturb others

CAD Idea 1 Exterior

The structure is build with glass to enable pedestrians to look through into the building and be alerted of what's inside. In addition, creating awareness for C people who walk past and encourage new and more customer to come in. Also, the users inside the building will be able to look outside for more views, C B enhancing their experience. As a result, using high ceilings making the interior more spacious reducing confined feelings and allowing users to relax and enjoy some food or allow them to feel comfortable while they work. Tall ceilings allowed me to implement West side A larger and more aesthetic nature with high bushes the theme is easily transmitted into the space. The unique shape of the structure enabled me to section each function to different areas of the structure, bookshelves (A) are the first section when entered the building because some users may only come and go to grab book and leave therefore, it was important for this to be at the start for easy access and not to distracting people who are working. For the users that come in to work there is a variety of seating with couches(B) for users who may sit in enjoy the view and relax, with also the (C) section on the second floor for a more quite working with also the downstairs maintaining the kitchen (D) and the eating area (E) in one section for people to collect their food and sit down either on a table or a bar.







CAD Idea 1 Interior

The left panel of the building on the ground floor maintains the kitchen with a back door and the eating area consists of a range of tables for different amounts of groups with also a bar on the far west wall as interpreted from research to provide users with a range of seating that varies from short stay to sitting down and enjoying the view. The first floor is separated from the rest of the building by having the whole section prioritised to working tables to enable people to work in silence .

The rest of the ground floor is made up with the book section on the right of the entrance behind the bushes. With also bookshelves on the left used to hide the comfort zone that can be identified with the different flooring of the grey carpet for a more soothing surrounding, also with couches facing the outside the users can lay back in their seats and enjoy the views while they read a book or enjoy their beverages, In addition, I used curved bookshelves for a unique touch that makes the space look more aesthetics and creative rather than the bold symmetry in ordinary libraries, the curves came persistent movement across my space that went from bookshelf curves to flooring curves to show a creative touch with reduction in symmetry and sharp corners creating a more soothing space.

Further Exterior development

Generating the final exterior it was important to go back to the primary organic inspiration, this is because I want the exterior flow to pursue of overlapping shapes while also including the organi use snow and ice as it would allow the layers to blend generating this unique shapes of ice create this interesting outer shell that is a lot more appealing than the flat walls. In addition, the flow pr inside framing of the structure and covering most of the outer shell with the unique protruding shapes.

ic inspiration as much as possible in the design. I developed the structure with natural resources, snow and ice to pursue the theme on how the concept can be developed by nature, I choose to rotrudes out of the flat walls and creates the appealing and creative design while also developing the exterior of the building with the Peripheriques framing concept implementing that to the

Final Exterior Concept

Bird eye view

Southwest view

Northwest view

East view

The final model as inspired from the crystals explores the flow of overlapping shapes that generates this unique movement through out the structure. The exterior begins with a layer of glass around the whole structure as anticipated from the specification to enable natural light inside and views for the users to the outside. The second layer is metal framing as inspired from a researched structure I implemented the metal as a more aesthetics glass reinforcement. The third layer explores the unique movement of shapes surrounding the glass in different angles and forms to create this unique mainframe of the structure. As a result, the real message behind this building is the inspiration in crystals of mineral pyrite to generate this structure.

Design idea 2 Primary research

The design of the tables using smooth curvature and overlapping curves looks very intriguing therefore, I sketch out the table and shifted the sides into one another even more to experiment with this concept however, the second tables design is more complex and interesting that why I explored that concept even more

The second table uses 4 overlapping curves that I took and re orientated that created the second sketch that I really liked and made a model to explore the concept further. In addition, I developed the sketches more to create a more intriguing structure by adding more curves the design seemed too complex so then took a bird eye view of the design and analysed the general shape that then generated the unique structure.

Using an early drawing and creating a model enabled me to have a better understand of the structure. Then I was able to explore the structure from different views also, placing the structure differently generate new interesting forms that I can implement into my design as I sketched them out.

I have combined the new forms to create more complex structures

I have picked one form and combined it with one of the structures I designed previously, I combined and refined to see if this building would work. However, the building lacks creativity and a unique flow throughout the whole structure therefore, I need to research into how I can develop structures flow

Secondary research Organic inspired exterior In my research I found this interesting concept that was designed by AECOM, "The Mountains" Mixed-Use Development inspired from natural theme. The structure is has a very unique and complex flow, not so much symmetrical but curves and forms creates this calming flow that symbolises the sloping hills. This unique flow on the exterior with curves and complex shapes really intrigues me. As a result, I would carry this idea to my design to generate this smoothing and distorted flow to create this unique and complex flow and use the mountains to generate a structure.

Using secondary images of mountains to developed the building as I was able to analyse some forms from the mountain that then made up a building. In addition, I simplified the structure and have not included much flow of the mountains because this will come into the design when I have an final layout, then I will be able to implement this organic flow.

Using the secondary research I have analysed and developed the flow of the structure , In addition, the design of this structure is very complex with irregular shapes the structure is very unique. I explored this flow further because as my previous model lacked creativity this flow would enable the structure to become more creative, spacious and interesting .

Layout development

this idea to my design to

generate this smoothing and distorted flow to create this unique and complex flow and use the mountains to generate a structure. Developed the layers in order to create more open space to reduce any claustrophobic feelings and have enough space to implement nature. Also, by having an open space can create more view points to see the nature around the structure from different areas.

Final Idea 2 Layout

In this design I wanted to include the initial table curve inspiration to fully pursue and present the inspiration in the structure. In addition, the curves created this unique interior which enabled me to place several levels in in the structure that enabled me to have a number of areas in the structure that I can prioritise to the different functions of the building .

Secondary Research Nature integrated into interior This space AECOM has design I really like because how the nature was is implemented into the space. In addition, without over doing it the architect was able to implement enough nature into the space to create the natural vibe to the space. Furthermore, the architect was not scared to put palm tress into the space that I like and will take upon my design to not be scared to put trees or large plants into my interior. Also, I really like the decorative touch on the walls to put some plants on the wall instead of having a plain wall it makes it more intriguing.

Flipped vertically

Research inferred nature in the middle

Split and inverted

Duplicated vertically and horizontally

Research inferred nature in and around the walls

3layers each shorter upwards to create an opening on each level for a balcony for users to look out of

Reinforcement for the overhanging segment

2 levels few of the more spacious areas suitable for the cafeteria with also development towards research to create a more successful interior

Using the research to use an already existing space to generate a successful implementation of nature and a working layout. As a result, after exploring the already existing space I generated an idea of having nature placed around the walls. Working with a small area placing the nature around the outside walls would of used to much space therefore, placing nature on the middle walls worked out very well with a minor amount of nature placed in the right position the space was straight away influenced as the plants were easily eligible form all round the space even from the first floor.

CAD Idea 2 Exterior

I placed the entrance in the middle of section (A) because when users enter the building can turn left to the café (C) or turn right to walk upstairs to the library as they can see from the opening in the ceilings the bookshelves upstairs are visible that notifies them that the library is upstairs. In addition, having the café near the entrance users that may only come in for the books may be encouraged by their senses to visit the café that would increase sales for the café .Furthermore, visa versa for the users that may only come in for the café may be encouraged to visit the library because from the opening in the ceiling the users can see the bookshelves upstairs. Also, having the café largest segment of the building and (A) most suitable to fit the kitchen and the eating area within one section while the rest of the structure can be prioritised to the library enabling quite working areas across the other side of the structure (B).




CAD Idea 2 layout Ground floor contains the toilets, café and extra reading and eating areas. I placed these in this location because I wanted to have the café near the entrance to persuade users that come in for the library them walking past the café may encourage them to visit the café

Also, having the toilet in the middle of floor I added some nature wrapping around the outside of the walls as inspired from the research which helps me bring in the nature theme into the structure while making the toilet area more aesthetic and attractive

Opening in the ceiling from the downstairs as inspired and developed from the research for high ceilings as requested from the specification

Top level consisting of tables for users to work in the fresh air and utilising the space as much with a range of sizes and number of chairs to tables

Bookshelves and seating mixed for a more spacious and unique interior design instead of having bulks and rows of bookshelves I experimented with a mixed interior designed a different touch to the rest of the libraries

CAD Idea 2 Interior

Mixing the seating with the bookshelves to have a more spacious library instead of having row by row layout

After climbing up the stairs you can identify the other stairs across the building

Balcones at either end of the building for users to fell free and be able to look to the nature outside

In my second idea I explored a structure that is taller to optimise views of the surrounding area. In addition, with balconies and a roof top section the building is very interactive with the outside enables users to feel free and sense the surrounding nature. In the interior of this structure I neglect the usual row to row library lay out and mix the seating and the bookshelves together to create a more spacious and unique layout. The external side of the toilet wall is surrounded with bushes to make the space more aesthetic and supplementing the natural theme. In addition, the placement of the bushes near the entrance in order to bring in the nature inside when users entering from the outside forest will feel no different as the organic surroundings are brought inside.

Design idea 3

Using secondary research on honey comb to generate a structure with organic inspiration. Using the form in the image to develop a structure, creating this unique design and layout, the geometry of a honeycomb is designed to minimize the amount of material used also creating the strong structure from using hexagon shapes allows the bees to hold their honey . In addition, looking into hexagons to strengthen my structure and also generating new structure from the use of the shape.

Using the hexagon shape to generate new ideas by extending segments creating a dense structure in which the sections branching out.

Using a more curved drawing technique to reduce the over symmetrical flow around the structure because I seek to create a soothing movement with a curved edge on the structure

This model explores the flow of having several unique sections that are mostly aligned, by glancing glass on most of the structure it will utilise sun light as touched on in the specification. In addition, the structure is spacious with high ceilings however, with too many sections the space becomes confusing and disconcerted therefore must develop new idea.

Secondary research Interpreting a Library interior layouts (Public Library Kelsterbach)

A variety of seating, sofas more comfortable would attract more customers

Tables close to the wall to utilise the views to the outside

Bookshelves distributed around the space instead of having one section, less cramped and more aesthetic

Shape exploration The hexagons shape inspired form the honey cob I used to explore new ideas by using hexagon shaped screws to generate new designs. By using unique hex buts enabled be to generate unique designs .Furthermore, working around theses shapes generated this large structure that I may consider to further include in my design.

Breaking into the shape to explore ideas

Reorienting shapes to generate new forms

Secondary research DNA Barcelona exterior

DNA Barcelona architects designed this structures from organic inspiration of sunflower, the soothing movement through out each layer of the structure turning and creating this smooth flow across the whole structure. I resigned this using hexagons from the beehive, however, my specification proposes on having only a couple layers therefore, while still using the form I rotated round the structure.


Similar to the previous concept of the elevating shape which reminded me of the Tower101 using the similar shaping convention created this strong structure, from this I looked into more towers to gain inspiration towards a well structured and designed structure.

Bookshelves scattered around the space as proposed from research , also separating the books by their themes would reduce the amount of books users would have to look through to find their theme

A variety of seating, sofas more comfortable would attract more customers

CafĂŠ on the First floor where there is most space have the bar and eating area on one level Using the slanting wall and having bookshelves going across the bridling, increase efficiency on space and aesthetics

Implementing nature into design to pursue theme

Bean bags on the floor a very comfortable object that not many libraries tend to have although its very appealing

A flipped

B flipped

Using location for inspiration

Using the location and the nature around to develop the exterior shape of the structure. Analysing the movement of trees t

to generate flow inspired by the surrounding enable the structure to fit with the space while also creating this interesting design inspired from the trees

Exploring the shape with different material

Using the explored shape idea and integrating it into the structure developed the exterior flow. In addition. Instead of using hexagon shapes I decided to switch up the form of the metal forms working round the structure

Using casting to explore this idea further, the outcome advances the flow of curvature creating this unique structure with spearing edges that are appealing and eye catchy with the complex flow, the structure seemed that it lacked creativity outside of the base of the structure therefore, I took this idea to further exploration with more variants

With this additional unique flow it generated a creative structure with poles that can be interpreted as decoration and support for the structure that I can also use to further use to develop the exterior of this idea

Reducing curvature for a more buildable structure

By using aligned rather than curved walls it will be much easier on the interior design and enable me to use more glass as my specification requests

Considering materials and costs I created this model by reducing the excess curves for more efficient and cheaper means.

A nice surface that could be used for roofing later on the design.

As inspired from the research I use these sheets wrapping around the structure to create the roof of the building while taking the disturbed curves from the model before however with a more symmetrical and aligned approach enables the structure to be more realistic .

Instead of having the curves all around d the structure I reduced the design to only g have some curves shifting on the roof to h have the unique and creative I touch to the building when looking up from the inside and the curves that wrap down the walls relates to the research as it enable it to blend in with the ground

Again I found another intriguing project from DNA architects, White Beach I liked this concept because of the way it blends in the ground with several sheets pealing of building a number of unique shelters. I take this inspiration to my design by having these sheets of roofing that builds the roof of the structure. In a addition I like the backboard of the structure with the air gaps and the wooden material that turns a the wall into a more natural blending the inside and outside of the structure

Taking the inspiration from DNA instead of using pipes I use a wider surfaces that create this roofing and a wrapping outer shell around the structure.

Secondary research Creato arquitectos, Laureles Villa

I sketched out the structure because I liked the spearing shapes that I was trying to design in my previous model usin structure I was able to develop my own design following the specification of having 3 different segments to the struc

Using an early design concept in this idea to combine and create an innovative design from t the original inspiration of the honey comb

ng some of the shapes from the cture

Idea 3 final development

Using the sketched out concept I analysed and created a main frame from the sketch with the diagonal base which enables the building to blend in with the ground for a more natural design pealing of the ground

Santiago Calatrava, in this structure I really like how the architect implemented the sunscreen roof that goes along the wall and the roof. I took this inspiration of having this wrap with the spaced out cladding allow ventilation also and allow the space to blend in with the outside.

Covering most of the building with glass as mentioned in specification to use as much glass as possible for natural lighting. In addition, by aligned and straightening some of the surfaces I was able to enable to fit glass as curved glass is very complex and limited which I was not going to be able to use on the previous curved concept

As explored in idea 1 developing a different type cladding to enhance the space while finding new ways of bring the inside and outside together with cladding with air gaps

When exploring this idea I explored the idea of having some grass on the roof which would be a creative way of adding some nature however, the surface is at an angel therefore, I did not take this idea further and decided to create a basement for more interior space

Idea 3 final

Adding a basement enabled me to have an extra section to the building with some privacy enabled me to add toilets without removing any glass walls on the ground floor maximising the natural light while extra sofas and nature downstairs carries and gives the addition of interior to the structure because the structure judging more the specification is quite small .

With quite a small interior space I used a bit more of the outdoor space around the building with benches and plants that will enable user to step outside and sit down and still be able to read and enjoy refreshments, as the function of my structure is not compulsorily inside as its still functional outdoor which enables me to enhance the relationship with the inside and outside my brief specifies.

Idea 3 exterior

Idea 3 interior

Near the entrance I have added some nature in the negative space to enhance the space with the natural theme while creating a path and blocking away the sofa seating area in order to enclose that area from having people walk around them. In addition, I broke down the interior space while having the bookshelves near the entrance and the cafe bar right behind users who walking will straight away see and know what kind of things are in the building which may encourage them to walk n further to the space

In terms of the basement floor I added two sets of toilets for male and female with 3 cubicles each while adding some nature and a couple of sofas to carry through the theme and the function around the structure. What, I like about this area is it has some privacy which is very limited around the rest of the structure with an open space and windows on every wall

Final design My design is very much taken from the 3rd idea which I saw as the most aesthetic and creative structure. This is because taking the spearing shapes from physical model of idea 1, to the 3rd idea to change the curves into more aligned shapes because considering my specification of covering the majority of the structure with glass I had to sacrifice the curves as curved glass is very complex and would not work to the ideas I was exploring and with the more aligned model I was able to cove the majority of the structure with glass for natural light and trying to break the boundary between the outdoor to indoor really for fill the natural theme as the structure is located is forest which suggests by having the glass users indie will have a very appealing experience to enjoy the views outside. Furthermore, I duplicated the idea 3 to combine and create a bigger structure as explored with interior on idea 3 there was inadequate space as from the specification. In addition, I also added more support with more beams connected across the structure to enable me to Cafe/eating create a first area floor as the specification wants at least a bookshelves couple Floors.

When cutting up the hexagons I got inspired of an idea of having shifting triangles that really stemmed my final outcome of having shifting triangles that enables me to use more glass across the structure unlike the curved concept I had before

Reading area

As much as this design is taken from idea 3 the design of the level and spearing triangles I got inspired from idea 1 and through out exploring the design with the octagon where I cut up the triangles which generated this shifting triangle idea

Final outcome


When setting m combine two c break up the to really excelled area from the c up or at least n Furthermore, I soil and bushes developed in id

In terms of my think with the u experience as t ceilings across Across the stru up the structur for more privac

In terms of fina to explore and developments. honey comb w the structure th Mountains� ins ground that wa the shifting and in my idea 1 re section withou

If I was to do th notice the natu as an issue bec may annoy use very ease for th


my brief and specification I saw this project as a challenge, a unique and different design to any ordinary structures as I wanted to ommercial spaces café and library. In terms of my final design I think I created a appropriate and a functional structure, I aimed to o 3 different sections without the use of walls and still pursuing quite a spacious space. In addition, I think this is where my design as I found good alternative ways of breaking up the space. Using the stair across the middle of the structure to section of the reading café and eating area worked very well, enabled me to have quite a big sound block however, what I didn’t pursue is to properly block not have the reading area near the café because of the noise disturbing reading users in which the design would not be that functional. think I took advantage of the nature usage of not only for fill the theme and meet the specification but I managed to use blocks of s placed into negative space to create paths and to again section of areas form having users walking and disturbing users which I really dea 1 and took this interior idea into my final design.

theme, organic and natural I felt like I didn’t want to overcrowd the interior with bushes as the location was in the forest that’s why I use of glass meeting my specification I was able to meet my brief by using glass all across the structure that enhances the user the can enjoy the views to the outside from where ever they are from the structure. In addition, I managed to design quite high s the structure which I particular enjoyed about this structure as this creates quite a spacious spaces and allows people to relax. ucture I tried using as much wood as possible for a more natural appearance that’s why on the interior I used wooden columns to hold re as I had a garden top on the first floor meeting the specification to have a couple floors while I added a basement with no windows cy for the toilets. In addition limestone and walnut wood were my main materials to have that organic feel across the structure.

al inspiration, in idea 3 an architect Creato arquitectos, Laureles Villa who designed the spearing structure that I really liked an decided link with my original inspiration of idea 3 from the honey comb I generated this structure while developing it from the previous . As a result, the natural inspiration is not that clear as I wanted as you can not tell that the structure is somewhere inspired from a hich concluded my brief that although I used nature as inspiration it developed to much to be noticed. However, in the interior side of he use of nature was just enough to being in the natural location inside. Furthermore, AECOM architects and their concept of “The spired be both interior and exterior. In terms of exterior and my final design I got inspired to design the structure to blend in with the ay the structure would really blend in with the nature and with the use of grass roof the structure did sink in with the ground well with d rising colobus that hold the base of the structure while sloping downwards . St Paul Peripheriques Architects and primary research ally helped me develop a good interior design which generated the idea of implementing nature into the negative space a closing of ut actually using walls to break down the structure.

his again I would try take more inspiration and try not to develop the natural inspiration to much in order for the users to see and ural inspiration from where the building is designed from which in my design faded out. Also, restricting my self not to use walls came cause trying to separate sections with high ceilings will create an echo and especially in a library that would not come affective and ers and not be an appropriate library. In terms of the location the building fit nicely with doors at either end other building makes it he building to be accessible however, I could have considered the location more to utilise the things around like the pond.

Component 1 finished  

fully completed

Component 1 finished  

fully completed