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ISSUE NO. 4  |  APRIL 2018

UNION UPDATER The Official Newsletter of CSEA CHAPTER 265

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WHAT DOES THE FOCHS SAY? Insurance Changes, LCAP, ACE, and MUP Greetings!

   I hope this letter finds you healthy and happy.  You should be getting your Open Enrollment forms for Health Insurance very soon. REMEMBER: YOU HAVE THIS ONE OPPORTUNITY TO ADD YOUR DEPENDENTS TO THE VISION PLAN. This is the first time that I have heard of this happening and I am glad our negotiating team won this concession for us. We had a good LCAP meeting with the District and our follow up meetings are proceeding well. I was recently informed that we were chosen to participate in a job shadow program with CSEA called ACE. This is where we get to ask Administration to work in our Jobs for a day so we can foster understanding and build relationships. Thank you all for the hard work you are doing and we will be doing more site visits and the MUP Committee has GIFTS to give!  I sincerely thank you for all you do!

Eli Fochs

Eli Fochs Union T.H.U.G. - The Helpful Union Guy

Member Benfits Page 05 Magnificent Member of the Month: Meredith Kay Schuler Weldin Page 06 Alphabet Soup: What are all ACE, MUP, and CSEW? Page 07 Negotiation Reports Page08


Money, Money, Money:

Tips and Tricks for Effective Scholarship Applications MERCEDES GERALDO

Greetings to all my Union brothers and sisters! Wow! I have been one busy VP these past few weeks. Like many of us I have lots of irons in the fire, but one particularly important iron is aiding CSEA in giving out FREE money.

Yes, I said FREE money!

Since the beginning of January, I believe I have scored at least a hundred scholarship applications. I want to cover some points to make sure you have an effective application.

Hint 1: Read all instructions carefully. Ensure you meet the minimum qualifications, such as GPAs. Provide the proper supporting documentation, such as letters of recommendation or transcripts. Ensure you provide an “official” transcript. For a transcript to be official, it must be signed by the registrar and must have a stamp or seal from the school.

Hint 2: Don’t wait until the last minute… See hint number one… If you wait until the last minute you may not be to fulfill all the instructions… ie. Signed transcripts and letters of recommendation.

Hint 3: If an application is available online please, please, please, fill it out online. If you must fill it out by hand, here are a few tips: Print as neat and clear as possible. Don’t write too small and don’t try to squish everything together. If you need more room use a separate sheet of paper. What you have to say about yourself is important and if the reader has trouble reading it, you might miss out on valuable points.

Finally, if you are a member applying for a scholarship or grant, one of the areas of scoring is union involvement. Attending monthly meetings will give you points. Serving on a committee, helping plan an event, or assisting when needed will move up your point value up as well.

After completing a scholarship application have someone look it over for completeness and accuracy before submission. Please feel free to ask me to look it over. I am here in service to our membership and it is my pleasure to serve you.  

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Photo provided by Keith Martinez. Taken at celebration of his mother's birthday.


As 2nd Vice President, my main duties are to provide support to the Executive Board, act as counselor to the elected officers and assist the Executive Board in the performance of its duties. In the absence or disability of the President, the 1st Vice President and the 2nd Vice President possess all of the powers and perform all of the duties in the President's stead. Currently, I am on the Member Unity Program Team. I like to use the word team to describe us rather than a committee. I will always work on chapter unity. I believe building a stronger, more informed and active chapter that is a unified front.

Unity, One Member at a Time.


Board and you! They are privy to the

Union Stewards and Site Reps are Here to Help! ELI FOCHS

latest information regarding negotiations, conflicts, political moves, and the like. Site Reps are also there to

Union Stewards and Site Reps are here

Stewards are here to help if there is any

help you! If there is a situation or

to help! We have worked really hard

conflict with you and management, as

something going on at your site, the Site

over the last year to develop our Job

you are entitled to Representation if you

Reps can get the information to the

Steward and Site Rep program, and I

are called into a meeting.

Stewards fast, so we can take action! If

am very happy to say that now have 11

you have a situation please contact

Stewards, and 8 Site Reps - AND

Site Reps are here to help be a

Mickie Sakurada - Chief Union


communicator between the Executive



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Eight Possible Changes for CSEA in 2018

Supplemental Member Education and Training Fund: Requires CSEA to create a ”Supplemental Member Training Fund.”


Stabilize the California State Budget by Reforming This summer CSEA will hold it’s 92nd annual Conference. This

Commercial and Industrial Property Tax:

year it will be held in Sacramento at the Sacramento

Requires that the Association pass legislation to reform the

Convention Center, July 29-August 2nd. Representing local

current commercial and industrial property tax system and

chapter, like our Chapter # 265, delegates from up and down

reassess said properties without affecting the current

California gather to discuss, debate, and vote on various

Proposition 13 protections for homeowners and rental

resolutions that set the course for the upcoming year. This year

residential properties.

it is expected that more than 2000 delegates will attend this year’s annual conference that your Chapter #265 will be part of.

Resolution to be Submitted to CSEA Amending Online Voting Requirements:

Currently 8 Resolution are up for debate.

Requires amendment to CSEA Policy by removing the requirement that online ballot notices must be mailed, and

Addressing Supreme Court Decision on Service Fees:

remove the requirement that members must be given the

Requires amendment to CSEA’s Constitution by eliminating the

option to vote by mail instead of by online ballot.

provision that requires service fees language be included in organizational security and agency shop clauses in collective

CSEA Jurisdiction:

bargaining agreements, and adds a provision, defining non-

Requires amendment to CSEA’s Constitution to allow


membership for private sector classified workers.

Amended SB 1626 School Security Training:

Retiring Employees Orientation:

Requires that the Association sponsor legislation that will

Requires that the CSEA seek legislation to require public

amend SB1626 to remove the restriction that does not allow

employers to provide an orientation of the benefits and

part-time security workers to get training, include up-to-date

requirements to retiring and current employees.

training in line with current school security standards, require a state agency to monitor the required SB 1626 training, and

These are the current 8 resolutions up for debate as submitted

make SB 1626 a course requiring recertification on an ongoing

by the authors. At the conference committees and gather to


create recommendation to present to the conference. It has been described as “democracy in it rawest form”.

Direct Representation of the Retiree Unit on the CSEA Board of Directors:

Keep track of the final resolution form, with analysis and

Requires that the Elected Chairperson of the Retiree Unit

recommendation on the CSEA website under Events/Annual

Executive Board assume office on the CSEA Board of Directors

Conference. Tell us which resolutions you would like to vote

with full voice and vote and equal obligations and privileges as

for by fill out the quick survey at

other Board members, specifically the Area Directors.

Or join us at River Valley High School on May 17 at 5:15pm.


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This page and many more like it can be found in the Member Benefits Guide. For more information got to


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We asked Mrs. Weldin to describe her day for our readers. She responded, "I read stories to the K-4 students weekly, and help

Every April school library staff are encouraged to host activities all CG students check out to help their school and local community celebrate the essential

books. I keep track of texts,

role that strong school library programs play in transforming

keep the library in order,

learning. In the spirit of School Library month we are

and decorate for seasons

celebrating all the amazing things our library clerks and library

and holidays."  

technicians do. This month we shine a light on the library clerk at Central Gaither School, Mrs. Meredith Kay Schuler

Speaking of holidays, Meredy


has a favorite one. She especially

Photo provided by Mrs. Meredith Kay Schuler Weldin taken by her daughter Kendra Fifield.

loves Christmas. Mostly because her favorite colors are red and Meredy, as she is known to friends and family, was born and

green. Fun Fact: She collects Coca-Cola memorabilia and has

raised in Sutter County, the daughter and grand-daughter of

an amazing Coca-Cola Santa collection. She gets to put out

peach farmers. She attended Central Gaither, as did her father,

her special Coca-Cola Santa Collection only at Christmas.  If

her grandfather, all of her

                                 you ever get the chance to see it you

siblings, and her daughter. Meredy is known for her infectious laughter and cheery disposition.  Her house is home to two dogs, “Punkin” and “Maynard,” and too many cats and chickens to count. Meredy has been married for 39 years to her best friend, and fellow  “treasure-hunter,” Kenny. The Weldins have an amazing daughter, Kendra, who is a special education teacher. While Kendra started her journey here, she now lives and works in the Bay area.  Kendra's husband, Rich, and the grand-dog, “Snickers” have been

                                 are in for a treat. I was born and raised in Sutter County, the                                    Before Meredy came to work for our  daughter and grand                                   district, she was was a part time        daughter of peach                                     “treasure hunter,” and full-time        farmers. I attended                                     “domestic engineer,” and “chicken    Central Gaither, as did my                                     wrangler. When asked if there was    father, my grandfather,                                     anywhere in the world she would all of my siblings, and my                                     want to live, Meredy replied that daughter. I am a proud                                     she'd stay right here. "I am content Central Gaither Alumna,                                     living where I was born and raised. Class of ’68!”                                     There’s no place like home."

known to visit with Kendra on holidays and long weekends.

  And who can blame her? Many of us have a soft spot in our      hearts for the town we call home. 

Meredy and husband from Yuba City to Marysville, where they lived for 10 years before returning to the farm where she was

Thank you, Mrs. Meredith Kay Schuler Weldin, For all you do!

raised, after her parents passed, 25 years ago. In that time she says she has seen "more traffic, more people, more industry- the usual stuff that happens when a small town grows."

Do you know some one who you think would be a great member of the month? Send me an email. LCOATS@YCUSD.ORG


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CELEBRATE CSEW: Celebrating all YOU do

Whether working behind the scenes or on the front lines, classified employees build the foundation for successful schools. Without custodians and maintenance workers, there would be no access to clean and safe schools. Without attendance clerks, districts could get no per-pupil funding. Without paraeducators, many students would be deprived of specialized attention they desperately need. These are just a few examples of the essential jobs classified employees do


every day.

Make no mistake about it: Without classified employees,


California schools would fall apart. So be proud of the hard

What is MUP?

work you do to improve education and enrich students’ lives.

MUP is the Member Unity Program where we have a small

Celebrate Classified School Employee Week (CSEW) is

committee of members who look at some ways to build

May 20-26. This year’s theme is “Classified School

unity and to get to know our membership. Additionally, it

Employees: The Heartbeat of Our Schools.” Let everyone

also gives our Stewards a chance to meet you, and see how

know that you’re proud to be a classified employee.

we can be of service. Only a handful of Chapters statewide were chosen to do this, and we were one of

Do you want to help organize an event for our chapter? We


would love your input and assistance. Contact a chapter officer for more information. Visit for more on

One of our MUP goals is to participate in more community


events, and in February, several members volunteered at the Have a Heart 5k hosted at RVHS. Thank you to all who helped out and let a Steward or Site Rep know if you would like to be more involved!  


community members, civic leaders, to come do our jobs for one day.  This is a great opportunity for Administration to

We were selected for the ACE program

see the hard work we do, and for us to

by CSEA. Only 10 chapters get the

share our experiences with them. If you

privilege of doing this program, it is a

would be interested in having someone

great honor for us. CSEA will work

Job Shadow you for a day, please get in

with us to create a Job Shadow Day, and

touch with a Site Rep, Steward, or E-

we can invite administrators,

Board member ASAP.

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Collective bargaining literally refers to the negotiations between an employer and a group of employees to outline their terms of employment. These terms include items such as wages, working conditions, vacation time, retirement benefits, and health benefits. The idea is that when we join with other employees, we have strength in numbers and therefore, more negotiating power


to receive our desired employment terms. One of the benefits of being a union member is that we have someone fighting for our concerns at the negotiation table.

Such is the case with our ability to add our dependents to our vision plan. Historically speaking, dependents, while covered under our health plan, have not been covered under our vision plans. This changed when a member voiced the question, “Why aren't our children allowed to be added to our vision plan?” They brought this question to the negotiating team who then brought it to the


district. Thanks to one member asking a question, we are all receiving the ability to add dependents to our vision plans.

What would you like to see added to our contract? Speak to a member of the executive board with your concerns. We are here to help.

TREASURER PAMELA HALL PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER LAUREN COATS CHIEF STEWARD MICHELLE SAKURADA SITE REP COORDINATOR VIRGINIA KOZIOL SERGEANT AT ARMS RODOLFO LEON Union Updater is published monthly, September through June. Please send your ideas, suggestions, or questions to CPRO Lauren Coats, LCOATS@YCUSD.ORG or (530) 674-4900 ext. 31260 Use Promo Code CSEA

CSEA Chapter 265 Newsletter April 2018  

Newsletter for the California School Employees Association Chapter 265 in Yuba City, Ca.

CSEA Chapter 265 Newsletter April 2018  

Newsletter for the California School Employees Association Chapter 265 in Yuba City, Ca.