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Who we are Group of CONTRUST companies

Skilled specialists, working in different spheres of business, have joined forces under the CONTRUST brand. Each of our employee aims at strengthening business, increasing its efficiency and social responsibility. CONTRUST has more than 13 years of experience on the Russian market. The company built broad expertise and owns technologies (part of them Company developed) to enable achieving desired goals in the most rational and effective way. CONTRUST™ 2011 г.

What we do Group of CONTRUST companies

We help our business partners to improve their efficiency. CONTRUST provides its business partners the opportunity to focus on their core businesses while outsourcing secondary processes are made by our group of specialists. CONTRUST™ 2011 г.

Our vision Group of CONTRUST companies

Valery Aleshin (the chairman of board of directors) proclamation CONTRUST™ 2011г.

Chairman of board of directors proclamation Group of CONTRUST companies It is necessary for a leader to be sure that a company, which is hosted by him, meets requirements of its consumers. The customer asks questions, and they reflect his genuine interest to the things that are behind a brand that he buys. Our aim is to answer the consumer’s expectations in line with the highest standards. At that, the leader must understand and determine the way, in which the brand coordinates with all aspects of external environment, but not only with customers. A team of qualified specialists, working in different spheres, has been assembled under the brand CONTRUST. Every member of the team has his own views and opinions. But together we find the best of all possible options and get excellent results. Having said so, we think that we shouldn’t be satisfied with what has already been achieved, even if the result is perfect from the competitors’ point of view. It allows us to develop in a progressive way. Thus, we don’t cease to improve our services, technologies, business processes, knowledge, and relationships. We believe that success is achievable, if you entrust solution of important tasks to the professionals.

CONTRUST™ 2011г.

High potential Group of CONTRUST companies

The CONTRUST group united diverse companies under one brand as well as knowledge, experience and resources. This enables us to be flexible, respond fast to market changes and considerably strengthens potential of each member company. CONTRUST™ 2011 г.

Our principles Group of CONTRUST companies Improve Customer Satisfaction In all its projects the CONTRUST Group aspires not only to meet but also to exceed customer expectations. Improve Service Levels CONTRUST has a permanent focus on the quality of its processes and services. Professional development The CONTRUST Group is focused on professional development of its employees, in growth of their intellectual and practical erudition. Presence of knowledge, which corresponds to the market’s requirements, has an impact on the quality of services rendered. Development The goal of every employee of the Group of Companies CONTRUST is to improve the services’ quality, processes and systems permanently. Systemic approach to management CONTRUST divisions’ coordination and activity efficiency help in achievement of overall aims on strengthening of reputation of our brand. Culture We have common values and culture in the organization.

CONTRUST™ 2011 г.

Our advantages Group of CONTRUST companies Secure partnership We pattern our behavior on a long-term partnership, which allows us to provide our clients with secure services and recommendations that are tailored to their individual needs. Overall solutions We offer overall solutions that meet expectations of our clients, and sometimes even exceed them. A customer, who addresses us, receives a holistic solution: we focus not only on the core business question , but also bring a solution to any related issues. A unique capability, made possible thanks to our diverse talents unified in our group. Tailored Approach Our services are based on an individual approach to the customers. This translates in a dedicated client manager, who supervises the project from the first visit till the final delivery. Competence Understanding of the business tasks that are within our competence allows us to grant complex solutions that enable our clients to achieve their strategic goals and to acquire long-term competitive advantages.

CONTRUST™ 2011 г.

Quality management system Group of CONTRUST companies In August 2010 CONTRUST quality management system has been certified. The field of certification included services associated with settlement of debt obligations, legal services, services for audit and bookkeeping. A compliance certificate № РОСС RU. ИС11. К00623 was granted by certification authorities of quality management systems “VNIIS-SERT” of the JSC “VNIIS”. The certification audit confirmed conformity of a quality management system, operating in CONTRUST, with requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2008. The quality management system is an effective instrument of a continuous company improvement. CONTRUST maintains working capacity of the QMS and improves its effectiveness permanently by means of introduction of advanced methods of management. According to CONTRUST’s customers, introduction of the quality management system in the group of companies CONTRUST characterizes it as a dynamically developing structure, which is oriented towards a global service quality.

CONTRUST™ 2011 г.

Structure Group of CONTRUST companies

CONTRUST™ 2011г.

Solutions we offer for your business Group of CONTRUST companies •Legal services •Debt collection •Bookkeeping •Auditing •Assessment •Administrative consulting •Services for introduction and maintaining of the QMS •Web-programming •Information and technical support •Designers’ services •Investment consulting •Broking •Realtors’ services

CONTRUST™ 2011 г.


Specialization CONTRUST Company CONTRUST operates at the market of financial and legal services from 1998, and it takes up leading positions in the sphere of financial and legal consulting. Leading Russian banks, financial and industrial groups, large enterprises, and other organization with different specialization are among clients of CONTRUST. CONTRUST is a structure, which develops dynamically. This is a team of high-qualified specialists in different spheres of knowledge. Customer-oriented approach of CONTRUST causes an ability of the organization to gain additional profits by means of good understanding and effective satisfaction of clients’ requirements. Realization of a customer-oriented strategy allows us to achieve the following results: increase of the company’s value, development of the brand, securing the growth of rates of the principal activity, development of related branches of business, assure increase of profit. We adhere to unity of activity of all participants, who has an impact on the result, to achieve desired goals. Regular monitoring and analyze of all aspects of the CONTRUST’s activity allows us to improve the quality of services rendered on a regular basis, and to contribute to heighten efficiency of the business of CONTRUST and of our partners.

CONTRUST™ 2011 г.

Services CONTRUST •Legal support •Settlement of debt obligations •Information and technical support •Services for introduction and maintaining of the QMS

CONTRUST™ 2011 г.

Cognitive activity and innovations CONTRUST

We have achieved optimal results of the company’s activity due to the fact that our work was based on management and exchange of knowledge. We have created a culture of continuous cognition, innovations and improvement. CONTRUST™ 2011 г.

Franchise CONTRUST CONTRUST has created the first full-function franchise at the collection market – CONTRUST CREDIT MANAGEMENT. It is a fullfledged model of successful work for our partners (franchisees). CONTRUST CREDIT MANAGEMENT franchise is: •an opportunity to develop in an upcoming trend of debt collection services rendering; •use of unique knowledge and methods; •full assortments of tools that are necessary for conduct of business: a description of standards of franchisees’ work (a standard devoted to work with clients, demands and recommendations for the human resources divisions, description of procedures of interaction between participants of a project, explanation of technology of debt collection); a brand book (requirements and recommendations on the corporate identity); a program, which is necessary to launch of a web-site, which will represent franchisee’ interests in the Internet; •an integrated strategy of development and promotion of business, support by means of marketing and PR-measures at the federal level, ensuring of informational support; •corporate training, consultations with leading specialists, participation in open seminars and conferences; •a minimal cash investment (in comparison with unassisted organization of business). CONTRUST™ 2011 г.

Franchise CONTRUST CONTRUST CREDIT MANAGEMENT franchise has been designed to form a network of collection agencies that have offices in all regions of Russia under a unified trade-mark. Franchisees receive support (technologies of work, a trade-mark, marketing material, consultations, support in obtaining of credits or financial leasing, all facilities of a federal advertizing campaign), which is necessary to conduct work in the following areas: •audit of debt collection; •consulting regarding settlement of debt obligations; •claims activities, conduct of negotiations, mediation; •agency at the courts; •agency at the stage of enforcement proceedings, expert analysis of a court enforcement officer’s activity regarding implementation of investigation, arrest, appraisal and sale of property of a debtor; •management of mortgaged property (control over securing of pledge, debt collection, sale of mortgaged property, etc.; •analyze of work of a client’s department with respect to timeliness and sufficiency of debt collection measures; •support of transactions with debt obligations.

CONTRUST™ 2011 г.

Franchise CONTRUST

CONTRUST CREDIT MANAGEMENT is the first full-function franchise that represents a full-fledged model of work in the sphere of debt obligations’ settlement. CONTRUST™ 2011 г.



Company CONTRUST-CREDIT MANAGEMENT renders a full spectrum of debt collection services: consultation concerning settlement of debt obligations , call-centre services , sending of letters (notices), departure of collectors to debtors, the litigation organization. For the purpose of problem debts collecting efficiency increase CONTRUST-CREDIT MANAGEMENT carries out debt audit, search of the debtor and the actives, business inquiry granting (the full file on the debtor which contains the data necessary for carrying out the successful return of a debt).

CONTRUST™ 2011 г.


Special services • Search • Audit • Business inquiry • Debts purchase • Realization of mortgaging property • Corporate training • Consultations • Call-centre

Collecting of debts: • Debts occurrence prevention - Pre-collection • Pre-judicial collection - Soft collection • Pre-judicial collecting - Field collection • Judicial collection - Legal collection: ► Pre-legal ► Writ proceedings ► Action proceedings ► Execution proceeding

CONTRUST™ 2011 г.


Specialization CONTRUST-FINANCE CONTRUST-FINANCE specializes in accounting support of enterprises of all property categories. High requirements are put forth to employees of the company. Every employee has a higher education and experience of work in the field of financial management. Internal reward and recognition and a continuous training program are part of the CONTRUSTFINANCE culture. CONTRUST-FINANCE takes on responsibilities for organization and maintenance of clients’ accounting records. The company has a long experience of cooperation with customers and is interested in long-term rendering of services for the accounting purposes. Every possibility of incurrence of risks in the book-keeping that are concerned with operating errors or a low qualification of accountants is excluded. Precision and timeliness are the main principles of CONTRUSTFINANCE’s work.

CONTRUST™ 2011 г.

Services CONTRUST-FINANCE •Subscriber-based service for accounting purposes – •Renewal of accounting – formation and compiling of execution of functions of a customer’s interior accounting reliable accountancy, implementation of optimal tax and department accounting policy •Making and delivery of accountancy – calculation of taxes, •Consulting regarding the administration of the Russian filling of tax declarations, delivery of reports legislation in the field of book-keeping and taxation, etc., providing of recommendations

CONTRUST™ 2011 г.


Specialization CONTRUST-AUDIT CONTRUST-AUDIT employees have broad and diverse practical experience. The audit includes legal contracts examination, tax computation and payment verification and advise, tax risks evaluation, accounting procedures examination and internal audit. Professionalism, objectivity and confidentiality are CONTRUST-AUDIT core principles. CONTRUST-AUDIT’s specialists not only run objective audits, but also provide recommendations and solutions. This allows our customers to run their business in a more effective and safe way.

CONTRUST™ 2011 г.

Services CONTRUST-AUDIT •Compulsory audit – obligatory annual financial statements •Express-audit – sampling audit of financial (accounts) (book-keeping) audit according to legislation of the statements’ condition at the wish of the customer Russian Federation •Audit maintenance – complex of audit services •Voluntary audit – carrying out of audit at the wish of a company’s governing body or its constitutors regardless to •Services for appraisal – appraisal of cost of property, requirements of the legislation appraisal of enterprises as asset complexes and of business risks

CONTRUST™ 2011 г.

Decision making on the ground of analysis CONTRUST

From our point of view, viable solutions are based on analysis of information. Thus, we act and make decisions on the basis of factual analysis, taking into account our own experience and intuition. CONTRUST™ 2011 г.


Specialization CONTRUST-ESTATE CONTRUST-ESTATE specializes in real estate sales all over the world, including the most promising and the most popular among the Russian citizens regions, such as Cyprus, Spain and Germany. CONTRUST-ESTATE adheres to a complex approach in its work. It carries out a full transaction support, including consultation of a manager, choice and advance booking of an object, organization of a sight tour (visa support, insurance, air tickets, personal transfer, accommodation, Russian-speaking guide), assistance in credit or installment arrangements, compiling of a contract, and registration of ownership of the realty. Moreover, the company renders after-sale services: interior design project conception, support of the realty’s lease, operation and utility services, security protection, visa and transportation support, resale and interchange of the realty.

CONTRUST™ 2011 г.

Services CONTRUST-ESTATE •Broking (cottages, villas, houses, flats, apartments, residences, mansions) •Investment consulting Informational and consulting support •After-sale service

CONTRUST™ 2011 г.


Specialization CONTRUST-BUSUNESS TECHNOLOGIES The company CONTRUST-BUSINESS TECHNOLOGIES renders services in the field of business consulting and introduction of IT-solutions for organizations (automation of business processes, management of a company’s activity). According to the results of statistical investigations, quantity of companies that apply to specialists, working in the field of business consulting, and fall back on adoption of IT-solutions increases annually. Efficiency of the company’s business processes is a guarantee of its prosperity. It provides the organization an opportunity to work “like a clock”. CONTRUST-BUSINESS TECHNOLOGIES create favourable conditions for development of its partners’ business. While taking upon ourselves solution of auxiliary problems, we give you the most expensive present – time, which can be allotted to the main business processes. CONTRUST-BUSINESS TECHNOLOGIES is: •a team of specialists that use their experience, knowledge and their own technologies; •saving of your resources; •smart solutions for your business.

CONTRUST™ 2011 г.

Services CONTRUST-BUSUNESS TECHNOLOGIES •administrative consulting •web-solutions •branding •design •business processes automation

CONTRUST™ 2011 г.

Ability to increase business efficiency CONTRUST

Our clients, who have commissioned us with the solution of auxiliary tasks of their business, received a priceless resource – time. Now they have an opportunity to develop their business in a quicker and more effective way. CONTRUST™ 2011 г.

Foreign partners’ business support

Solutions for foreign partners Foreign partners’ business support The group of CONTRUST companies offers professional support rendered by highly qualified specialists in the field of legal, financial, administrative, and investment consulting to analyze and solve problems that can appear in course of functioning and development of the partners’ business. Among solutions created by employees of CONTRUST that have been developed specially for foreign partners are the following: •Representation of interests of foreign legal bodies and their protection in the territory of the Russian Federation. •Settlement of debt obligations in the territory of the Russian Federation: full service for debt collection (on pre-trial and trial stages and during enforcement proceeding). •Usage of international experience in the field of debt obligations’ settlement and of debt management’s facilities, application of experience of work in the sphere of credit and risk-management, and utilization of the Global Credit Solutions’ partner base. The company Global Credit Solutions was founded in 1976. It has a wide network of offices that render their services in 80 countries according to international standards, and a vast database of foreign clients, who place orders in Russia. Global Credit Solutions applies advanced technologies to transmit information to any place of the world instantly. CONTRUST™ 2011 г.

Solutions for foreign partners Foreign partners’ business support Foreign partners can be especially interested in the following services of CONTRUST: investigation and location of property and assets of a debtor, an executive body of an organization (in all regions of the Russian Federation); relevant information concerning commercial activity of a partner (a debtor); monitoring of financial and economic activity of a partner (a debtor); gaining of relevant information on shareholders and on a list of natural and legal persons that are able to exert influence on the debtor’s activity; representation of interest during fulfillment of a debtor’s bankruptcy proceedings; analyze of financial and operational activities of a client with a view to detection of reasons of a large debt’s origin, recommendations concerning change of relationships with a partner.

CONTRUST™ 2011 г.

Solutions for foreign partners Foreign partners’ business support Foreign leasing companies can be especially interested in the following services of CONTRUST: provision of periodical reports on location, technical state, and usage of a leasing subject; use of proper measures for preservation of property; search of a lessee (a legal person), who conceals himself, of its placeholders; keeping of property, its return to the lessor; check of authenticity of information, which has been granted by a future lessee (about himself and his activity).

CONTRUST™ 2011 г.

Group of CONTRUST companies We are looking to cooperate with you

The group of CONTRUST companies that has a proven experience of long-term partnership relations is open for cooperation with new partners and ready to develop individual offers concerning future collaboration. We are grateful to you that you have contributed time to get acquainted with activity of the group of companies CONTRUST. CONTRUST™ 2011 г.

Contacts: 101 Mira avenue, Moscow, Russia, 129085 Phone number: +7 (495) 380-12-02 |

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