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WINTER HYBERNATION. KeyAesthetics magazine is a bimonthly online publication that showcases fashion inspirations, travel and leisure activities that fit within our busy lives. The Founding Editor of KeyAesthetics draws upon her entrepreneurial strengths and corporate work experience from the past 20 years. Believing you can always reinvent yourself; the Editor takes her attention to details and marries it with her love for all things lovely. Since the 2013 launch, these inspirations are now keenly curated for the discerning kind on http://www.KeyAesthetics.com and the daily blog, http://www.keyaesthetics.wordpress.com. Share your comments with us. You can email at hello@keyaesthetics.com. (photo via) Key Aesthetics Founding Editor

“Life is a Theater. Invite your audience carefully. Not everyone is healthy enough to have a front row seat in our lives. Who is in your front row?�

Winter 2017




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Winter 2017


Winter Gatherings Most often gathering take place these days in our open concept kitchens. This winter I have been collecting some ideas we are thinking about to transform our own home kitchen.




Winter Survival Watch List

“Living is seeing and Seeing is learning” – by KeyAesthetics

EINSTEIN Watch Trailer This National Geographic series instantly engaged us and we fell in love with the docu-film type detail about Albert Einstein. The series takes you back and forth between his early childhood, through his relationships, and close interaction with German society on the cusp of Nazi regime. We were in love with the cinematography and its intertwined unspoken details of time not so much different than today (politically, religiously and ethically). We loved the humanity found in Einstein and held on tight through every tumultuous journey of his bursts of intelligence.

PASSENGERS Watch Trailer Two up and coming actors managed to keep me on my toes and on the edge of my seat during the length of this sci-fi futuristic saga. We were there emotionally with each character and often asked ourselves what would I have done? It was a unique take on future civilization and mans need for companionship. It’s a snowy day and popcorn watch.

NEW IN ART Keyaesthetics






CALIFORNIA Our hearts go out to our friends in the wine country lands.



Art + Style Create an inviting space to inspire the inner artist in you.. This winter we plan to paint a lot.


Three Ways to Invest

1. DIY Style? Pick an online trading platform. For the person who likes to take matters in their own hands, you may want to consider Charles Schwab online or Acorns. Open an E-Trade account or invest your left over change for them to invest in high yield stocks for you. 2. Open an IRA When you open an IRA you have options of where to invest your money and how much you can earn over 1, 5 or 10 years. Roth IRA is money you already paid taxes on. Maximum investment is $5,500 per year into the Roth IRA. Traditional IRA is pre-tax money and you defer taxes until retirement. 3. CD Set up automatic transfers from your bank account to an investment or CD account (high yielding savings account). Take a percentage of your paycheck and do it automatically so you don’t have control.


Organize. Organize. Organize.

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KeyAestheticsMagazine.com Winter 2017

KORAKIA PENSIONE Mediterranean style resort that reminded us of Morocco but it’s in the California desert.

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Top Four Travel Apps

1. Around Me. Geographically helps you locate important places in categories like restaurants, banks and shopping.

2. City Maps to Go Planners. Calling all planners this is the app for you. Use domestically and internationally and there are no fees. Love it.

3. Skiplagged This wonderful app has helped us find so many airfare deals. The app searches your destination that may be part of a connection and drops that connection you don’t need so you do not get lagged. LOL

4. Hotel Now

via Little Miss Creative

Urgent. Need help finding a hotel for the evening? Seek this app.


Coffee O’Clock


Events with KeyAesthetics


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SAN DIEGO - Spend suspended moments in the region of Bankers Hill--San Diego, CA. We took this photo while visiting family in the Fall.



SWINGING How fun is all this in Phnom Kulen National Park

Phnom Kulen – Cambodia Quench the butterflies in your tummy and swing under a waterfall within the Angkor.

Our Shopping List

William McClure @Furbish


Opportunity Knocks


Advertise with us. We love our Sponsors.


bou·tique ho·tel TOP THREE

Grace Hotel Santorini


The Augustine Hotel Prague

Korean Bath House

Getting Clean As we think about hibernating, we are thinking about. Jjimjilbang (찜질방). The traditional Korean bathhouse is equipped with various kinds of pools, showers, saunas as well as massage areas.

Spa Land Centum City (스파랜드 센텀시티)

Whenever we head to Korean Spa here in the States we are sure to book a head to toe scrub. Our assigned lady takes 90 minutes and scrubs everything and we mean everything . Brace yourself for the intensity of the scrub. Well worth it! See the layout below to get you familiar of the lay of the land.

The SPA at Garden 5

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Top Three Algarve Beaches Key Aesthetics Picks We’ve been to Algarve and never complained one minute. So breathtaking. Praia da Marinha Beach Enjoy the seclusion and calm water. Better yet it is filled with grottos and caves. Explore by boat.

Praia do Vau If you like coves, this is your haven. Seek out the yellow claw which they say is good for skin conditions and arthritis. @LivePortugal

Praia do Amado Calling all surfers!! It is on the west coast and unspoiled at the moment. Quite lovely. @IntheAlgarve


{E X P L O R E } Your Surroundings

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Live Generously.


Top Coat. Sweater. Ease

Winter Basics


Keyaesthetics WINTER 2017



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The Winter Issue  

Let's Get Ready to Hibernate!

The Winter Issue  

Let's Get Ready to Hibernate!