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The Winter Issue


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EDITORS NOTE The Winter Issue | WILDLIFE This issue speaks to our love of all creatures. We love spending time with them, we love illustrating them and we learn from them. I just finished reading How to Be a Good Creature: A Memoir in Thirteen Animals by Sy Montgomery. I loved her humor and human approach to her life with animals and what they taught her. What can we learn from our daily life? Much. So try to remember it, try to illustrate it and definitely verbalize it. This winter we are slowing down, taking time to relax and work on our goals for 2019. . Key Aesthetics Founding Editor

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Keyaesthetics The Winter Issue

Keyaesthetics THE L VE TRA ZINE A MAG

Winter 2018

What Will You Do This Winter?



Founding Editor SHANTA LASTER Published by LasterStudios Design

KeyAesthetics magazine is a bimonthly online publication that showcases fashion inspirations, travel and leisure activities that fit within our busy lives. The Founding Editor of KeyAesthetics draws upon her entrepreneurial strengths and corporate work experience from the past 20 years. Believing you can always reinvent yourself; the Editor takes her attention to details and marries it with her love for all things lovely. Since the 2013 launch, these inspirations are now keenly curated for the discerning kind on and the daily blog,

“Life is a Theater. Invite your audience carefully. Not everyone is healthy enough to have a front row seat in our lives. Who is in your front row?�

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Winter 2018


Places to see and explore.

Atlantic Resort in China

San Miguel de Allende

Ladakh, India


“Living is seeing and Seeing is learning” – by KeyAesthetics


Exploring the underworld is a unique experience. When you are in the Philippines, be sure to take into consideration that there are over 7,000 islands to see. Yes! You will find that many resorts will have day trips and accommodate small groups for excursions. Many will name Coron group of islands as a place to explore endless underwater attraction. There are famous WWII wrecks and many schools of fish to find. Bohol is a nature lovers fav with dramatic reefs and dolphin and whale sightings.

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The most wonderful moments start with just one sip.

We find art in fashion and fashion in art. –KeyAesethetics Founder



Paintings by Shanta All paintings are available for sales. Email us at


UBUD Monkey Sanctuary

Bali’s Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary If you truly want to wander this is the adventure for you. The sanctuary is in Ubud, Bali spanned across a 27-acre park. The park like setting is something out of tomb raider with moss covered statutes and temple ruins. The monkeys that live here are the long-tailed macaques (over 500 in fact). As you wander you will see traditional Balinese temple architecture, stone pools and stone animal images such as panthers, dragons and monkeys of course. The park welcomes over 10k visitors a month so come prepared.


MORE INFORMATION Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary is in the town of Ubud, 1 hour north of Bal’s capital, Denpasar. See; open 8 a.m.- 6 p.m., daily expect where noted for holidays.


Art + Style

Art + Style Many of you are following us over at @the_girl_daily_journal, but those of you who are not, here is a mini-showcase of the artwork. #ArtworkbyShanta

Three Ways to Invest

1. DIY Style? Pick an online trading platform. For the person who likes to take matters in their own hands, you may want to consider Charles Schwab online or Acorns. Open an E-Trade account or invest your left over change for them to invest in high yield stocks for you. 2. Open an IRA When you open an IRA you have options of where to invest your money and how much you can earn over 1, 5 or 10 years. Roth IRA is money you already paid taxes on. Maximum investment is $5,500 per year into the Roth IRA. Traditional IRA is pre-tax money and you defer taxes until retirement. 3. CD Set up automatic transfers from your bank account to an investment or CD account (high yielding savings account). Take a percentage of your paycheck and do it automatically so you don’t have control.


Looking to go to Cuba, can Americans go? Things are loosening but talking with a reliable travel agent to help you navigate through the hurdles is our best advice. Some things we know: - Most countries require a visa named, Cuba Tourist Card. See link for list. - Carry Euro for better exchange rates and tell your bank you are in Cuba. - Get Travel Insurance. Random spot checks are done in Cuba and if you do not produce the right docs, they will force you to buys insurance. - Best time to visit Cuba is between November-March. Between May and June are when there is the most activity (i.e., Carnival).

Images via pinterst

Fun facts about Cuba Currency: Cuban convertible peso (CUC) and Cuban peso (CUP). Don’t count on debit cards working so bring as much Euro cash to exchange. Water: Not safe to drink so buy bottled water. Transportation: Commercial flights are on the slow up tick, but Cubana Airlines gets you there from Cancun. Research or ask travel agent what the current exit tax (~$25CUC). Internet: WIFI is not reliable so do not count on checking work e-mails. Visas: As mentioned above you need a reason to be in Cuba. See list of reasons. WINTER 2018

W I N T E R PAINTINGS by Shanta Laster This season we have been using vibrant watercolor. We like the delicate balance of soft and old. Take the journey with us over at The_Girl_Daily_Journal

What we are Reading

1. Art Issue by KeyAesthetics Duh of course we read our own publication. We are never so attached that we cannot learn something new with each page we read.

2. All You Can Ever Know A riveting book about an adopted Asian girl to American parents in California. It takes you on twists and turns and self-reflection. We love it.

3. Draw Your Day Be inspired by your daily life. Keep a journal or a sketchbook of your sketches.

4. The Tattooist of Auschwitz An unforgettable real-life story that took us breathe away and had us on the edge of our seats. A “hopeful recreation of Lale Sokolov's experiences as the man who tattooed the arms of thousands of prisoners with what would become one of the most potent symbols of the Holocaust�

ART Spotlight: CHAGALL

Anne Heyward Taylor became known for her prints illustrating life in the South Carolina Low country, including agricultural subjects both past and present, local fauna and flora, architecture, street scenes, and the city's tradespeople. (Wikipedia 2018) k

Photos courtesy of GCMA_SC


Places with KeyAesthetics Check out the Tasting Room at the Taconic Distillery. Taconic Distillery was founded in 2013 by Paul and Carol Ann Coughlin. The 115 acre- farm in Dutchess County, N.Y. hosts this growing distillery and its cozy tasting room overlooking the scene farmland. Just come and relax.

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Featured: Old Adriance Farm; The Hill (Hudson Valley); and Crested Hen Farms. Opposite page: A Private Estate, Nostrano Vineyards and The Hanger at Candleight Inn.

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Destination: Egypt

Agatga Christie Steam Boat Cruise Set sail down the Nile on this famous boat. The Steam Ship Sudan takes a small group of passengers on the Nile just as Agatha Christie did. We like the cruise offers here.


Keyaesthetics WINTER 2018

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