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The Editor

Letter from

Welcome to this quarters issue of Lash Inc. Hi Readers, In this issue, we’re delving into myths in the lashing industry—including misconceptions about flat lashes, adhesives and lash extensions in general. Obviously, misinformation is never a good thing, but it can be especially damaging in an industry as young as ours. That’s why I think it’s so important to address these topics now. The sooner we set the record straight, the sooner we can all get back to focusing on being the best lash artists we can be. Remember, just because you overheard something at an industry event or read something online once doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true. Misinformation spreads so easily, and we all need to remember to factcheck before we jump to conclusions. The perfect example of this? Flat lashes. They tend to get a bad rap for being “plastic” and heavy. But in reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth. At Borboleta, we recently launched a line of flats that I’ve been wearing nonstop, and I absolutely love them! They’re so soft and create the appearance of a dark, defined lash line. They’re also perfect for adding depth and texture to volume sets. When I first started talking about these new lashes, I was surprised how many artists told me that they didn’t think they’d ever use flats—and it was all because they’d read or heard things that simply weren’t true. I’m excited for all of you to read the articles in this issue and get the facts. Hopefully, we’ll be able to clear up a few myths in the process.

Kimber Jaynes @KimberJaynes @BorboletaBeauty Lash Inc HQ: @lashinc

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Evolutionary Education is Powered

by Steam

by Jill Heijligers-Peloquin

Every industry relies on change and innovation to evolve and thrive. The beauty industry as a whole, uses nano-technology, plant-based science and whatever cutting edge advances in chemistry available to grab the attention of the beauty consumer and practitioner. The lash industry is an industry founded on skilled artisanship and prizes those that master delicate and intricate technique. At a glance, it’s difficult to think of our industry embracing STEAM Power.... until you see that is the way we move forward as a respected, and lucrative career choice. S.T.E.M. Theory is familiar to those who have children in the modern school system: S =Science, T=Technology, E=Engineering and M=Math. Enter ART. Without art, our industry fails to serve the beauty customer. So, we endeavor - at the educator’s level to emphasize Science, Technology,

Engineering, Art and Math— let’s go down that rabbit hole a little further. Science-based explanations of how our adhesives work, cure, retain and break down serve us well. Educators are embracing science-based teaching instead of lore and industry mythology - which is an excellent start. This alone is a very good track that new lash artists can lean into as they navigate their success journey. Legend and lore do not have reliable methodology or measurable proof of action, interaction and reaction— science does. If your

4 - Lashes

theories or tenets are ever challenged in debate (even the good ole ‘social media debate’), only science can hold up to the strain and win; anecdotal truths, folk wisdom and experiential reasoning will not. Technology - the “T Word”! So many lash artists do not yet buy into how technology can simplify our work life. Apps are no longer just for gaming past time; you can manage client appointments, save notations on styling, reserve credit card information and, yet, so much more. True skin tone matching,

facial mapping and even augmented reality before/after consultations can be used. Our future is bright and rife with technological advancements. Business coaching on the Alexa Skills app, and even our very own Lash Inc Media app bring technology with you wherever you and your smart phone roam (roaming charges may apply). Engineering – wait! Lash Artists are ENGINEERS? You bet! Trajectory of lashes, the most stabilizing placement of extensions and the minimization of damage to a natural lash all rely on understanding of Engineering Theory such as leverage, balance and weight distribution. Many of our industry innovators have Engineering backgrounds, believe it or not. The best Engineering makes the impossible possible. Isn’t that what we do as lash artists? Deliver the impossible when it comes to leveraging curl, balancing diameter and distributing effective length to both please the client and maintain healthy, safe standards? A = Art. This is what is lacking in basic education. Foundational studies concentrate on the hard, measurable skills such as accuracy, safety and timing. But the ART of Lashing is often only taught in advanced, continuing education classes (or self-taught by the artistically talented and naturallygifted among us). Art is the parcel of our craft that is a soft skill, measured by pleasure and how we make the client feel. Yes, of course it incorporates color, composition, texture and definition, but the true

artistry is molding a skeptical, unsurehow-to-express-what-she-wants new client into a trusting, loyal and lifelong client. This “ART” - developing the soft skills of success as well as managing and delivering the artistic esthetics and expectations as we interact with our clients and cohorts in business - should be taught and defined early on in the lash education process. Only then can it be refined and perfected as all our other skills and tools are refined and sharpened. The process then becomes an entire, art-enriched journey. Beginning lash artists will know and recognize the power of developing their soft skills as it equates to success (aka happy, loyal clients who pay the prices you set, and recommend your services to others)! Math - In my household “the maths” are both feared and celebrated. The MATH of your lash business reaches into every corner and crevice. Never underestimate the power of “knowing the numbers”. Understanding the mathematics of your business, and learning to love them, help lash artists in many ways. We use Math to decide how long, thick or many lashes we can apply; we use math to figure out our appointment pricing and timing; and we use math to discover our most (and least) profitable services and products, so we can sustain a profitable business model - and so much more. When developing curriculum for lash education - both foundational courses and advanced studies - hold the STEAM theme as your litmus test. Are you covering your manual topics, speaking Science instead of lore, using and

explaining the benefits of Technology, embracing and giving permission to tinker with engineering, nurturing the missing link (Art skills) and helping your students to recognize and familiarize themselves with the Math of success? STEAM powers a more successful business experience for you, your clients and your legacy! Lash long, and prosper!

JHP Jill Heijligers-Peloquin is the owner and founder of Lash FX®️ Global, LashATTRACTION™️ Magic Liner & Magnetic Lashes and the Executive Producer of Lash Inc Media. Follow her on Instagram @lashfxglobal

Lashes - 5

Lash Art Online

Lash Pro Contest 2019: by Alena Skodic 1st place winner: Helena Derheim: I am a lash artist, but I also studied the History of Arts and that's my hobby - ART. I started to draw as a little girl. My mom showed me all the basics and I loved it! After school I started to study education and the history of arts. I learned new ways to paint. My favorite theme is portraits although not realistic ones. I think the idea behind the face shows the soul of a person. This is the one thing that shows how the person naturally is. Now I'm a Lash Artist and Lash Art is my favorite form of art. The base of my work is the acrylic painting as the background. It sets the colors for the whole work. The Lashes have two different blue colors, with red and white highlights. The glitter and the little Swarovski stones let the eyes shine. My costume is the Body Art. Because this represent my hobby and passion. The aim was so that my model would merge with the painting. Or is she the painting?

6 - Lashes

Right & left: 1st place winner Helena Derheim

2nd place winner: Anna Wanner: When I got to know that the topic for the Lash Pro Contest was 'Hobbies' I had a clear vision and the perfect pictures in my mind. My customer is a really passionate Biker. She always tells me how awesome her hobby is and you can see how she feels by that huge enthusiasm in her eyes.

With this hobby you can be surrounded by nature and enjoy the fresh air. After an exhausting day you just sit on your motorcycle, set off and forget about all your daily worries. You feel the unconditional freedom! The beautiful landscapes you get to see, it's just perfect. In the photo is a great machine which matches with the colors. Just a lovely hobby!

2nd Place Winner Anna Wanner

Lashes - 7

3rd place winner: Koshie Iles: I chose "Horse Riding" as my hobby, I used blue .07 C curl in x3 different tones of blue. I also used Brown color lashes mixed in to tie in with the horse. Makeup and Lashes where done by myself and I had someone else do the photography. I used recycled material for the costume made the accessories and hat decorations. The horse was a friends. Horse riding is elegant and healing. You get a lot of stress relief by just being around a horse. I chose to have the model dressed in a big elegant dress to capture this feeling.

8 - Lashes

3rd Place Winner Koshie IIes

Featured Lash Artist -Maja Kiprovska



by Shey Peral

LaShey’s Lash Lounge & Academy It has happened. The time has come to make a change. You realize your working space is too small for you, your clients and your services. You have to choose between keeping things the way they are and be happy about it or take a risk and move your business to a bigger location so you can grow your business. It is scary taking the risk to change your location. There are just so many things to consider. The best way to find out what you want to do is to make lists, but where do you start? We have made a list to help you out!

1. Location

2. Surface

Make a list of all of your customers. Where do they come from? What is their travelling distance? What is their route? Travelling time? Draw this on a map and look if there is a location in the centre that you would like to move to. Is this location affordable? Is it easy to reach? Maybe you want to start in a whole new location, but you might consider the risk that will bring with this decision if it’s really far away from where you are now. You might have to start from scratch. Make sure to tell your customers you are planning a move and what your options are. The feedback will help you a lot in making your own decision.

Once you’ve found your location, it’s important to know how big you’d like it to be. Think about your current services. Are there any other services you would like to add? Do you want to hire staff to create the time to add other services? How much place do you need to make these services happen? What are your ambitions and what might the future bring on a realistic level? When you figure this out, it’s time to do some window shopping. What furniture do you need? Would you like a reception desk? How many toilets? Do you need a kitchen? Do you need a coffee corner? A waiting room? Draw a plan with the needed furniture and figure out how much space will be needed. Don’t shop for colours at this phase just yet!

3. Branding Now you know where you want your new location to be and how big it should be. Time for branding! It’s a new start, maybe it’s time for refreshment and new color branding. Do you still love your logo? Do you want to change colors? Look for some mood boards on Pinterest to help you out. Choose 3 to 5 colors to work with and what mood you want to translate on to your clients. Is it a clinical feel you want to give, or rather cozy, chic, bohemian, nature, ... whatever feel it is, you can go crazy with colors. Time for window shopping again! Look for the furniture in the right color, paint, details, decoration. Make a list of all the prices that you find, this is important for your budgeting. Also, it is important to find out how you want to raise your prices. You need to be able to pay for your new location and this comes with a price change. Consider going from a week to week menu to a price per hour. Let your clients know change is coming.

4. Budgeting Now you know exactly what you want it’s time to look for a place. Are you going to rent or are you buying a place? Go to the bank to see what is possible. Make a list of the places you’d like to visit and write down the info and prices.

10 - Lashes

Use Instagram and Facebook stories to keep people posted about your progress. If you are having a hard time choosing between colors of some chairs, post it on your story! Make a countdown. Maybe you should do some opening promotions or make a competition to win a service. Keep everyone interested!

7. The grand opening Enjoy your opening and make it happen. Use all your feedback for any tweaks later on and enjoy the compliments. You’ve worked hard for it and you deserve it!

Together with your other price lists you’ll find out what you need. Keep in mind, you always should have some extra budget for renovation. You might find the ideal location and find out there is still some renovation needed. Think extra walls, new electricity, plumbing, new floors, doors and toilets.

5. Start Planning You have your budget, time to make some calls! Call all the locations you’d like to visit and make lots of pics to review the pros and cons when you get home. When you’ve found your location, start planning dates. How much time do you need to paint, renovate, install furniture, everything? When will you do this? Do you need to plan extra space in your salon schedule? Make sure to notify your clients in time so nobody is disappointed.

Calculate an extra week or two for worst case scenarios! You might have to wait a little longer for your windows, doors, or floor than expected. Time to plan your opening! How big would you like it to be? Do you need decoration? Are you going to cater? What is your capacity? Is there enough parking space? What drinks will you be serving? This all depends on your budget.

You will come across many things you haven’t considered while planning everything. Try to pass your ideas through people you feel are important to you. You might come up with something you haven’t thought about before. Don’t forget your own health. It is a very time-consuming period and we tend to forget to eat, drink or rest. Make time for yourself and your family. Stay motivated and everything will fall into place. Good luck!

@lashey_s @LaShey’s Lash Lounge & Academy web: www.lasheys.com

6. Marketing and Social media The moment you have your plan all figured out, make sure the world knows! Update your website, update your online booking tool if you have one, update your social media. Send some mails to your client list.

Lashes - 11



by Jill Heijligers-Peloquin It’s so important to keep your nose to the wind - to keep your eyes facing forward - so that you can spot trends that might bring your lash industry business to the next level. Early adopters and pioneers in the lash industry have always been forward thinkers and risk takers, but lash artists and salon owners should also start looking ahead and try to stay abreast of trends so they can prepare their staff members to learn, execute and sell the very, very best of the best in services and products. As a brand owner, educator and lash industry influencer, I want to bring one of the newest product-as-service ideas to the attention of the lash industry. Lash artists who work very hard for their money, can actually cash in on this particular trend, taking ownership of their expertise; becoming the first and ONLY - choice for consumers to turn to when they are curious about

MAGNETIC LASHES These are not the first generation of magnetic lashes. You know, the ones we all wanted so badly to love and to embrace. The new generation of magnetic lashes bond or attach to magnetic, magic, liquid eyeliner! There is no adhesive involved. If you can wear liquid eyeliner, you can wear magnetic lashes on the very first try. The gorgeous lashes seat themselves securely on the eyelid, and they last all day. Go ahead - they pass the wink test, the cry test and even the sneeze test! Another terrific advantage of magnetic lashes and magical liquid liner, is that you can change your lashes with every change of mood - even throughout the same day!

12 - Lashes

Eyelash extension wearers are committed to, at minimum, 2-4 weeks of wearing the same style and color of lashes. Magnetic lash wearers can switch from daytime, businessappropriate lengths to evening glamor with a quick switch of lash styles or colors. Change your heels - change your lash! Change your handbag - change your lash! Let your hair down - and let your lashes go extreme! Here’s what sets one magnetic lash company apart from others, and some advice of what to look for in premium magnetic lashes and magic liners: •

Opt for a customized fitting and personal consultation if possible. A professional lash and brow specialist, can help you with the finer points of magnetic lashlife and teach you how to apply them like an expert! If you can’t find a salon or studio near you that offers this couture lash service, at least choose an online company that has clear instructions, explainer videos and a help line or online technical support system in place. You might

very well have questions - and you deserve answers! •

If you live in the USA, buy from a company whose liquid liner is made in the USA in an FDAapproved facility. Remember though, the FDA does NOT regulate cosmetics. If any brand tries to throw around the “F(DA) word”, they are probably trying to pull the wool over your eyes in other respects as well!

If you live in the UK or EU, make sure the eyeliner you buy is manufactured in either the UK or EU and is “EU Compliant”. Ingredients and a responsible party should be clearly listed on the label.

To date, there is no information nor any cases reported of contraindication regarding the use of small magnets on the eyelids, but it is very important to note the ingredients in the eyeliner. If you experience any irritation or discomfort while wearing these products, stop using them. If the

irritation persists or worsens, see an appropriate medical doctor. •

Magnets- especially such tiny, strong magnets, should be kept away from small children. If swallowed, they can cause serious consequences in the intestinal tract.

If the company you choose to purchase your lashes and liners from, state that they “invented” magnetic liner, be wary. All eyeliners and mascaras that contain iron oxides are naturally magnetic. They always have been!

Many lash extension professionals turn away customers whose lashes are too frail or sparse to withstand the weight and application of eyelash extensions. Perhaps they suffer from alopecia or the effects of chemotherapy or reconstructive surgery. Now, lash specialists can say YES to anyone who can wear liquid eyeliner! And they can wear whatever style or length they desire! The customer no longer has to comply with “safe lengths” - they can explore their own taste in lash fashion. There is no stress or damage to be caused by applying or removing magnetic lashes, so long as the eyes are clean and healthy. As always, the best practices for any cosmetic product or service should be observed for the best results. Never apply such eyeliners or lashes to injured, irritated or broken skin. Use gentle, safe and confident motions when applying and removing the lashes and liner. Never, ever, apply liquid eyeliner while in a moving vehicle (or when driving)!

Lash artists are especially curious to know if magnetic lashes can be worn at the same time as wearing lash extensions. Of course! Since the eyeliner, which is applied to the skin of the eyelid, is holding the lashes in place, the lash extension bonds won’t be stressed or sabotaged. It may take a little practice to gently remove the waterproof magic liner so that it doesn’t dredge through the lash extensions or create a dirty build-up around them, but that is easy to practice and learn! The key is to use a gentle, waterproof eye makeup remover (we recommend a silicone makeup remover) with a brush to dissolve and lift away the eyeliner from between the lashes. Voila! Gentle, but thorough eye makeup removal. Please note that it should always be followed by a gentle eyelid and eyelash shampoo cleansing. Clean Magnetic Lashes last longer, look better and make for healthy eyes! For a very long time, lash lovers have been told a lot of “what NOT to do” rules when wearing eyelash extensions. Do NOT sleep on your side or stomach. Do NOT wear waterproof eyeliner. Do NOT use certain makeup removers. You may NOT have lashes that walk into the room two minutes before you do! It’s going to be so liberating for lash artists and clients alike to say YES to any length lashes. To rub your eyes in the morning to your heart’s delight! To sleep face down in your yummy, fluffy pillow once again!

in the mirror. For the client that desires lovely lashes 24/7, lash extensions are here to stay! But if you are a lash professional who would love to serve a broader audience and make more money without being trapped behind the lash table for two hours per client, I’d say it’s time to give magnetic lashes a try yourself. This product-sold-as-a-service could be a game changer for you!! Lash long & Prosper!

Jill Heij ligers-Peloquin

Magnetic Lashes and Liner will never replace lash extension services for the client that needs and wants to see herself looking eyes wide open and 5-10 years younger no matter when she looks

Owner and Founder Lash FX®️ Global Creator of LashATTRACTION™️ Magic Liner & Lashes Executive Producer Lash Inc Media


Lashes - 13

Lash Fact or Fiction:

Misconceptions in the Lash Industry by Chantee Collins

Instagram @Luxlashesbycc

As a lash artist, we all have heard tips or learned what we should or should not do in the Lashing. Leaving us wondering if what we heard or have been taught is actually true information.

moisture to the lashes. It will also help increase the retention time and drying time.

Here are a few misconceptions in the Lash industry that we will prove is either fact or fiction.

4). Learning any new technique takes time & practice

1). Eyelash extensions are a one-size fits all service. Fiction: There are no two people with the same natural lashes and eye shape. Some clients might have healthy strong full lashes which can withstand a thicker diameter lash extension or mega volume. While others have thin, fragile, sparse natural lashes that requires a smaller diameter and less volume. 2). Nano misting after an eyelash t re at ment will c au se shock polymerization if not used correctly.

14 - Lashes

Fact: When using a Nano Mister, never apply it immediately to the finished set of lash extensions. Doing so, will shock the adhesive causing it to polymerize and turn the extensions white at the base. Wait at least 5 to 10 minutes after set is completed, then mist the extensions using a ruler length distance between the mister and eye. This will keep you from applying to much moisture to the extensions. 3). Cleansing and priming before lash treatment is not necessary. Fiction: This is a very important step to all lash treatments. The cleanser helps to clean any oils, makeup and protein from the lashes. The primer contains a high percentage of water which adds

Fact: In order to master any technique, it takes dedication and being consistent with practicing. Practice, Practice, Practice. Do not rush the process but instead, evaluate your mistakes and see what you can do to make it better. Always seek opportunities to level up your knowledge and training.

Chantee Collins @Luxlashesbycc

Secrets to Success Secrets to Success brings together interviews from some of the most successful people in the Lash Industry. Learn from them and take your business to the next level. Available from Amazon June 2019




by Mary Jean Javier @luxelashbyangel

The year 2019 has seen eyelash extensions gain more popularity as one of the most sought after beauty trends. You’ve probably seen your favourite celebrity rocking the latest lash designs that left you amazed. Beauty experts have gone beyond imaginable heights to create some of the most glamorous lash designs that are out of the ordinary. We are going to look at some of the eyelash extensions trends stealing the show in the year 2019.

Strip Lash Look Eyelash Extensions

Heated Pre-Made Lashes

Strip lash look or Wispy lashes present a new trend of making lash extensions to look spikey by mixing curls and lengths with clean texture, enhanced uniformity and comfort. These lashes have a lightweight and invisible band that perfectly connects hair strands to create accurate and secure corners. The best thing about wispy lashes is that they are feathered by hand to match natural lashes.

If you are used to glue-bonded lash fans, welcome to the world of heat-bonded lashes. As the name suggests, each fan is sealed at the base using heat instead of glue. The main purpose of using heat is to avoid adding unnecessary weight to pre-made fans. Accumulated glue and the weight of lash extensions can have a negative effect on the health of your natural lashes. This type of premade fans also makes things easier

Below: Mary Jean Emerging Trends in Eyelash Extensions.

when removing the lashes from their tray. This technique can both save time from technicians and the clients.

Easy Fan Volume Lashes Easy Fan Volume Lashes have come to simplify things for lash technicians who are new to volume lashes. These lashes come with a unique sticky lash strip that helps to avoid separation of volume fans at the base. Lash technicians are able to create precise fans within a matter of seconds. Besides making things easier for lash technicians, this technique is a time saver for clients because they don’t have to spend hours waiting for their lashes to be done.

Magnetic Lash Extensions The use of magnetic lashes is a trend aimed at improving simplicity and convenience. Imagine the amount of time and resources you spend on buying and having your extensions attached to your natural lashes. You also have to give up some fun activities such as going swimming. Magnetic lashes are designed to have a set of above and below the eyelashes that are held together by some tiny magnets. This means that there will be no application of glue and you can remove the lash extensions whenever you wish. The extensions are also reusable and easy to attach on your own. You can also get the next generation magnetic lashes & magnetic liner combo, where the magnets stick to the iron pigmented eyeliner you apply to your eyelid.

16 - Lashes

Glitter Lashes If you are looking for that dramatic and unique look to draw attention, glitter lashes are the way to go. The procedure involves sprinkling a special kind of glitter to the normal lashes to achieve that shiny look. However, this trend should not get you excited to the extent of using regular glitter which can harm your eyes. Make sure you use the recommended products to avoid injuries to your eyes and to get the kind of sparkle you desire. According to Mary, a lash expert at Luxe Lashes by Angel, glitter mascara is the most appropriate product to use. This form of mascara is specifically made to catch the light whilst preventing flakes from damaging your eyes.

Coloured Lash Extensions Are you bored with the conventional black lashes that everyone else is wearing? Here’s a solution for you. Lash experts have formulated a new

set of lashes that come in an array of colours. This provides the opportunity to match any dress code or function for that colourful and glamorous look. Also referred as the mermaid lash trend, coloured lashes present a whole new experience for that spring or summer occasion. One thing that coloured lashes guarantee is uniqueness that will make everyone pay attention.

Above: Mary Jean Javier Lash Artist

Remember not to use real flower petals that have not been treated because this could subject you to different allergies. There you have it; some amazing eyelash trends to make your year more exciting. Break from the ordinary by trying one or two of these lash trends.

Flower Lash Extensions Flowers represent a sense of beauty and appreciation of nature. As to whether flowers can be used for lash extensions is a big surprise that most people wouldn’t expect. One of the latest beauty trends involves attaching flower petals on the eyelids, just like using false eyelashes decorated with flowers. This style makes you look pretty, but the practicality still remains a topic of discussion. Flower lashes can be used for a one-off event but definitely not workable for someone who wants to use them as normal lash extensions.

Mary Jean Javier @luxelashbyangel

Lashes - 17

Graduate Scheme Helping Students

Build Confidence

by Lola Lashes

Lets cut the chase. Quality lash training is very accessible due to our fast-growing industry. But what happens next? We have created the 'next step' for all our students across North Tyneside in the UK. Have you ever been to a student hair salon at your local college? Students are experiencing life as a professional, dealing with customers and working alongside other Hair Stylists to build confidence. My question is, what percentage of students actually then go onto becoming successful by being either employed or self-employed? By the time these students leave they have so much real work experience and confidence, I would say the chance of employment is high. What about our lash industry? Is one day really enough? We are surrounded by a game where training and education is fastly becoming a 'trend'. More salons offering one day courses... more salons training students and allowing them to enter the industry with very little experience. I have a growing passion to help our industry grow correctly. Of course, money is important as my business feeds my family but what about my students? Their families? Their future? This is why I decided to take my support that one step further. Our lash industry is not government regulated in the UK. Courses are often accredited by some companies with little knowledge. How do we stop a new generation of badly trained Lash Artists? How do we help our industry grow with passion? I don't believe a one-day course can do this.

18 - Lashes

Many times, I listen to students come to me because they did a one-day course and don't feel confident enough to continue or they 'blame themselves' for every little problem that occurs during the treatment because they simply just don't understand the products they are working with. I took this information and wondered how I could adjust my workings, and here is where I developed the Student Graduation Scheme. Similar to that of college however students have successfully passed Lola Lashes Training. By taking these students and offering them a place alongside us on a selfemployed basis we can continue to work with them, they feel supported, they also can shadow us. They understand how it feels to develop and build their own career and first hand see the day to day life of a busy Lash Artist and business owner. As Artists we work together in one space and we discuss problems and solve them as we work. I have found all the girls who have worked with me have an amazing confidence to build their clientele. My dream is to build a strong foundation here in the North East, Education and Events is something I feel very strongly about. I want to offer opportunities to those who are unable to travel South where the majority of training is usually held. The North needs education and support and by

collaborating and working hard I am sure I can help make this happen. Can you offer something similar in your country?


Lola Lashes Amanda Patterson Eyelash Artist/ Educator www.lolalashes.co.uk

Good Training

How To Choose by Jessika Aude Gautier

Owner/founder at Star Lashes World and World Beauty University Are you new to the lash industry? Welcome to the beautiful world of eyelash extensions.

Right: Jessika Aude Gautier Lash Work

In order to succeed in your new career, you need to choose your training carefully. Because the secret to success is a good education. Take the time to do your research; do not just rely on a pamphlet, picture or beautiful website, sometimes they just do not tell the whole story. Make sure the trainer you are looking to go to can give you all the necessary tools and knowledge to become top in your field. Contrary to popular belief, applying eyelash extensions is not that hard if you are taught the proper techniques.


How to greet your clients'?



Also, it is imperative is to make sure your trainer can give you a certificate that is valid in your country or state, and recognized by insurance companies.



Creating Lash Maps.

Preparing your client.




Client comfort.

The different natural lashes.

Curls, thicknesses, and lengths.



Perfect refill.




Eye diseases.

Knowing your cyanoacrylate.


The secrets to ultimate retention.

Make sure there is a hands-on practice with a live model. Find a good model

Research the company, and use a secure payment method, better safe than sorry, I have heard of students who send money, and unfortunately never got their training. Inquire about what products you will be working with; you need to work with top quality products. Obtain the course plans for the training you are interested in, an compare them. Go for the most complete training. Below are a few musts that you should find on your beginner's course/training plan: •

Business possibilities.



Social media.

How to build a portfolio.

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who can lay down for a long period of time, if she has beautiful eyes and is pretty, that’s a plus, you will be able to post beautiful pictures on your social media and advertise your new service. Take a deposit to make sure your model shows up; you have spent a lot of money on your training, you would not want to be stuck without model. If your training is abroad, I suggest you choose your model yourself using social media, I have had a bad experience on traveling very far for training and having me assigned a bad model, or even once, years ago, flew all the way to Australia for costly training, I wanted to find my own model, but was assured they had one for me. Well, surprise, there was no model for me. Extremely disappointed. No pictures to post. Promotional opportunity lost. Do not hesitate to ask for help from your training provider; they should provide full after training support. Always keep learning! If you already are in the eyelash extensions business, even if you have been doing volume for a while, I

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suggest you attend training regularly. I recommend at least once a year. You need to stay on top of what is happening in the industry; you need to develop new skills, make your brain cells wake up, and learn new things. You need to set yourself apart and be able to oer dierent styles and exclusive lash maps to your clients. I regularly teach my Volume Master Class to students who already have five or more volume training, and am so touched and moved that they all testify that they have learned so much. Most really love my exclusive Color Mapping Technique, my accelerated fanning technique, and my secrets to ultimate retention. At the same time, when attending training and conferences, you will meet amazing people who share the same passion as you, create new friendships, and most of the time, future business partnerships. Happy Lashing!

Above: World Beauty University

Once you stop learning you start dying Albert Einstein If you need help finding quality training in your area, or for any other reasons, do not hesitate to reach out, would Love to help, with great pleasure.

Jessika xxx @starlashesworld @Star Lashes World www.starlashes.world



Interview by Louise Tierney

Before I started my lash career, I owned two shops and a webshop with clothes and accessories. I worked many hours per day and then, one day, I received a diagnosis, that made me think over my life. I decided then, that I would have to change something. At that time, I had been having my own lashes done for more than 7 years, and during one appointment, when I was lying there having my lashes done, I thought: Why not? I was so excited about my decision, that I rented a room even before I had attended my first training course. I was so convinced, that there was no doubt for me. Today, I can say, that this was the best decision ever. I really love my job - and it is not only a job, It really is my passion. I have a lash salon in Essen, Germany. I am a lash stylist and I also became a trainer and editor for Lach Inc. Germany. In my opinion, you can be a successful lash stylist in many ways. You can be successful if you earn a lot of money, or you can be successful if you have enough time for your family and have a great work-life balance. This is something, everyone has to define for themselves. It is the same with your whole business. You have to define your goals - and when you reach them, you are successful. Everyone's goals can be completely different. That is why it is important to define your own goals. If you don’t have any goals, you can’t reach them. And reaching goals makes you successful. In my opinion, it is very important, to be well educated on what you are doing. I never stop taking courses and train with different trainers. You can always learn something new. What I think is also very important, is to get in contact with the right people - especially if you want to grow your business. You can be a great lash artist or a great trainer, but if nobody knows you, it won’t help. So, find out for yourself what you want to achieve and go towards it. I always say: Think big

In these times of social media and the world wide web, it is becoming increasingly easier to be connected with lash artists all over the world and share knowledge and experiences. We can learn so much from each other. I can not understand, why some stylists have very competitive thoughts about their colleagues. I don’t see other lash technicians as rivals - I work hand in hand with other stylists, even in my own city, and send them new clients if I can not fit them in - or we warn each other when there are some strange clients. I think that is the way it should be. If you are starting your lash career right now, I would like to give you some advice: Stay patient - success won’t come overnight. Never stop practicing - even if you feel like you want to throw your tweezers away - we all know that feeling. Never stop educating yourself. This is really important - believe me. And last, but not least: take part in competitions - that is what I was told by one of my trainers.

Above: Anja Weiss

gain. And even if you won’t win, you will improve yourself by taking part anyway. Also, it is a great way to get in contact with other stylists, trainers, judges, etc. As I mentioned above: it is never wrong to get in contact with the right people.


At that time, I was thinking that I am far away from that, but I did it and I was rewarded for it. I won second place in my first competition. So don’t be afraid - there is nothing to lose, but everything to

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Featured Lash Artist -Suzana Neimi Gavez

Instagram Metrics

Follow Ratio Calculator Follow Ratio is the number of followers compared to the number of accounts someone is following on Instagram It is also known as the Follower to Following Ratio. Follow Ratio is generally considered a good measure of the quality of an account. This is because the most interesting Instagram accounts will have far more people following them than they are following themselves. It is also one of the metrics used by brands looking for quality influencers. Think of it this way – imagine everyone (including Kylie Jenner ) followed just their family members on Instagram. This would mean Kylie would have tons of followers, but still only follow a few people. Instagram only allows you to follow at most 7,500 people. Therefore, your follower/following ratio can only grow. That’s why your follower/following ratio will only matter between 1,000 to 15,000 followers. Follow Ratio Formula The equation for Follow Ratio is: Follow Ration = Number of followers / number following The Ratio Indicator For those with followers between 1,000 and 15,000, here’s what your follower/ following ratio tell users about you. <0.5 Spammer: Users that are inexperienced with Instagram automation tools and are spamming followers in hope for follows back.

2-10 Micro Influencer: Users that are either master of Instagram automation or has incredible content to grow their account. 10+ Influencer: Likely to be microcelebrities or rising stars that are popular on other social media channels. To calculate your Follower/Following Ratio, take your number of followers, then divide it by your total following. For example, an account with 11,155 followers, and 1366 following will have a follower/following ratio of 8.3. That’s simply calculated by 11,155 / 1366 = 8.16. Therefore, this account is considered to be a micro-influencer.

General Instagram Tips:

Below: Follow Ratio Formula

3) Is you have both a salon or academy have different accounts. So that you can tailor content for that audience. 4) People buy from people, personalise your profile by posting images of you in the salon. 5) Post images of a staged salon (think clean, tidy, fresh flowers, bright). 6) Try to keep a consistent feel to your posts. Use themed backgrounds. Get familiar with an app for producing text overlays and adding images such as Canva 7) Post engaging content 8) Post often at least once per day to keep followers interested. 9) Engage with accounts, follow others but keep your ratio in mind 10) Like and comment on accounts often 11) Collaborate with accounts on cross promotion. Perhaps with a local restaurant or hair salon. Are you on the road to influencer?

1) Make sure you are using a business profile and not personal. 2) Use your location in each post to reach people in your local area.

0.5-1 Suspicious: Users that are likely to be using Instagram automation tools, but are following the wrong people or has poor quality content leading to poor follow back rates. 1-2 Normal: Users that have some success with Instagram automation, but need to focus on other strategies to drive more engagement.

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Seasonal Hair Loss and its

Effects on your Eyelashes by Mary Jean Javier


You might have experienced increased lash loss after an eyelash extension treatment and maybe thought that your lash technician did a poor job. While cases of increased lash loss might be due to poor service, if you have went to a good lash technician the more likely cause is natural conditions. You can expect to experience increased hair loss and in turn lash loss during spring and autumn seasons. Below is a detailed explanation of the biological cause of hair loss during these seasons and possible solutions.

What Causes Temporary Hair Loss During Spring and Autumn? The main cause of increased hair loss is due to the changing life cycle of cells in your body during these seasons. Due to the intensive renewal of cells, the skin starts to peel, which causes hair loss. This process is normal for mammals, so it should not worry you. The same process happens to your lashes, and you might notice that your eyelash extensions fall off more often during spring and autumn. Human hair is always on a growth cycle that causes normal shredding of hair strands. According to scientific studies, a human loses up to 100 hair strands per day and loses 1-4 eyelashes per eye per day. This number might increase in different seasons due to changes in temperature. Temperature changes usually affect hormonal balance within the body, which explains the increased loss of hair. This is a temporary condition that lasts for six weeks at most. Another important factor to note is that increased temperature levels can make the body to produce less melatonin. This interferes with the hormone levels in your scalp, which can lead to increased shedding of hair,

24 - Lashes

Seasonal Hair Loss Effects on Your Lashes Just like any other part of your body, eyelashes face the same seasonal effects. If you have experienced unusual shedding of lashes, do not rule out seasonal and climatic changes as the main cause. You might need to go for lash infills more often during spring and autumn, but this is a temporary condition that should not last more than two lash cycles.

Possible Solutions for Seasonal Hair Loss • Take foods rich in iron and vitamin B To increase iron levels, you can take lentils, fish, red meat, sea food, eggs or giblets. For Vitamin B, you can take hard cheeses, vegetables, fruits, fatty fish and whole grain cereals. These nutrients are important in strengthening hair and improving growth.

• Dietary supplements Taking dietary supplements that help to reduce hair loss can prepare you for the coming seasons. Dermatologists suggest taking such supplements three months before the beginning of spring or autumn if you want to avoid hair loss during these seasons.

Below: Seasonal Hair Loss and It's effects on your eyelashes.

• Anti-hair loss treatments You can prevent hair loss by taking treatments that are rich in amino acids. This will strengthen the keratin structure of your hair follicles to avoid increased loss of lashes.

• Consider lash infills The simplest way to deal with seasonal loss of lashes is to visit your lash professional for infills. Since this is a temporary condition that will be over in a few weeks, lash infills will solve your problem more easily.

Advice from Luxe Lashes by Angel We advise our clients not to worry if they have problems with lashes falling off faster during spring and autumn. This is a normal condition that should last for a few weeks. Explain lash shedding to your clients and what they might experience so there are no surprises. We are ready in these seasons to offer more great infills to ensure clients eyelash extension stay strong and healthy.


London Volume!

NovaLash launches by Nova Lash

London Volume gives massive volume to lashes, creating wispier, textured and more natural volume

Left & Right: Novalash Work

Houston, Texas - July 1, 2019 When it comes to lashes bigger is better. Clients cannot get enough volume and NovaLash delivers with new London Volume Lashes -   This new lash extension trend provides a dense-but fluffy lash line with massive volume and a wispier more textured look - and most importantly they will last longer! NovaLash boast these lashes will last a record 4-5 weeks between appointments.  This process not only lasts longer, it is more efficient, does not cause stress to the natural lashes, and looks more attractive and natural.

that other methods cannot achieve,” says Global Master Trainer, Zachary Falb. The 2 stars of the system are the new Royal Platinum Bond adhesive which creates a fast drying, permanent bond and London Volume’s STARlite Forceps which allow more lashes to be applied with bigger fans.

“The NovaLash London Volume technique allows a maximum amount of multiple lengths of lash extensions to be applied at one time with Camilla Lashes.

“The STARlite Forceps are not only going to speed up lash professionals time, but their design saves the artist from hand fatigue.” says Falb.

Stylists can now get a .03 lash fan with up to 15 extensions on one natural lash, safely! Clients leave with full, feathered, naturally-textured lashes

NovaLash Brand Ambassador, Justine Ivaldi said, “Royal Platinum Bond is NovaLash’s thinnest, fastest drying adhesive in the Platinum Bond series.  This cuts out time spent on the separation step because the adhesive cures so quickly so I can continue to apply more lashes to my clients giving them that extra volume they want. London Volume allows clients to only need to fill their lashes every 4-5 weeks. Allowing lash artists to take more clients!” This global trend of London Volume takes lashes and lash stylists to the next level. Giving the fullness everyone has been wanting but keeping the beautiful NovaLash texture. 

With the newest adhesive to the award-winning Platinum Bond series, Royal Platinum Bond adhesive safely cures with water and air, resulting in waterproof and oil-proof massive lashes. Taking volume lashes to the place where all trends begin, London.

About NovaLash For the past 15 years, NovaLash has been dedicated to creating the safest techniques and highest quality products, for both professionals and clients With detailed multi-leveled education for certified and aspiring Lash Stylists, NovaLash is the most awarded eyelash extension brand. For more information, visit: NovaLash.com.

Instagram: @Novalashusa @Novalashuk

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Right & Left: Vicky Bridger Lash Work

Interview with Vicky Bridger Q) Tell us Vicky, when did you enter the lash industry?

A) I took my first lash course in 2010 when lash extensions were a very new treatment in my area of the UK. That was when I noticed a niche for lash specialists and wanted to be the best that I could be so embarked on building a reputation for lash extensions in my town. Q) What tips can you give to new lash artist trying to grow their business? A) My first piece of advice is PRACTICE, PRACTICE PRACTICE!! Never stop practicing even if you think you're good enough.  Just spending 10mins a day infront of the TV whether that’s practicing fan making, glue dipping or placing classics on a sponge every bit of practice is experience and it will help you improve so quickly. Secondly, never stop learning.  I still take lash courses every year (at least 2) because it’s important to keep current in this ever-changing industry.  It will ensure your knowledge is up to date and clients love to see a lash technician improving her skills and growing her collection of certificates. Also, try to educate yourself on marketing

especially online and social media marketing. I have taken several marketing courses, and this has really helped to boost my business to the point that my client books were full within 3 months of taking the first course.

Q) What awards have you won? Or media you have been featured in? A) Having spent a lot of time and money on so much training and having a full client base I still lack the confidence to take part in as many competitions as I should. I am very critical of my own work and this prevents me from pushing myself but I'm hoping to change my attitude towards this in the future and be brave and push myself more!  However, I've been lucky enough to excel in other areas when last year I was asked to be a speaker at the 24 hour Online Lash Conference on World Lash Day 2018.   I was really honoured to be involved as we were able to raise money for a worthy cause and smashed our target!  I have also had the pleasure to feature several times is Lash Inc UK magazine, one article was on the subject of regulating the industry in the UK, a subject I am very passionate about.

26 - Lashes

Q) Tell us in a few paragraphs about your business A) My business, Lash Precision, focuses on providing high quality lash services to clients. Currently I am looking for larger premises to enable me to take on a few members of staff to accommodate new clients.  Last year I began working for Miranda Tarpey of The UK Lash Institute as one of her head trainers. I really love this element of the business as it allows me to do something different but still relevant to the lash industry and I enjoy seeing students improve.

Q). What do you love about this industry? A) It's such a cliché bit I love this industry and my job never feels like work; I never get that Sunday evening feeling of dread! The sense of achievement I feel when clients look in the mirror after I've done their lashes and say " yes, they're perfect" I love making clients feel special.  But I also am passionate to keep learning and this industry never fails to deliver new information, new innovations and new techniques.  The opportunities to

travel and meet some very inspiring people is also something that keeps me interested in this industry.

Q). Who do you find inspirational in the industry? A) There are so many inspiring people within this industry so it's hard to select just a few so I'm going to concentrate on those who are local to me. I must start with Miranda Tarpey.   Before working for her as an educator I had been following her on social media and then took 2 of her courses which gave me the chance to meet her and learn from her.  She has some fantastic ideas on improving the industry and her innovations set her aside from the rest.  She's a real lash idol. Another inspiration to me is Frankie Widdows.  I was lucky enough to do my first Russian Volume training with

her in 2015 on a 1-1 bases which was fantastic. I like her story of how she had a complete career change having not worked in the beauty industry before to know being a brand owner and expanding her business to include a training academy and product range.  She's become a huge success in a short space of time. Lastly another local inspiration to me is Loreta Jasilionyte.  Again, I admire how she had a complete career change and has built up her lash empire from scratch and is a real success.  Having seen her speak at 2 conferences I also had the privilege to meet her.  She is a very genuine person who also has a drive to improve the standards within the industry and has also produced a lovely product range.

Above: Vicky Bridger

Q). What are your favourite brands? A) My go-to brand is UK Lash Institute; all of the products are of high quality and lovely to work with. If I find that some items are out of stock then other brands, I like to work with are Eyelash Excellence, Flawless Lashes and London Lash.

Follow Vicky at @Vicky_ uklashinstitute

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ReaderGallery Jenna Leroux

Nicci Van Straaten i 28 - Lashes

Kathy Nguyen

Felicia Bleakney

Mary Jean Javier

Monica Moussa

Aleksandra Kobysz

Genna Rose Lashes - 29

Virginia Lew

Helen Boyd

JosĂŠ Thijssen Chanel Xavier

Jelena Antic 30 - Lashes

Sanela Paic

Moonika Sahin

Nicholas Guarriello Lashes - 31

Jessica Lippy

Samantha Turner

Zeinab Dakroub

Gina Luisetti 32 - Lashes

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Megan Sayre

Shantyl Mlee

Lashes - 33

Liza Smith

Tyler -Ann Pintaudi

Helen Boyd

Lady Lash 34 - Lashes

Zoe Bayliss

Romana Juric


Katherine Wilkinson

Gintare Pukstaite Lashes - 35

and the Truth Behind Them

10 Lash Lies 

By Martina Kallos

Now and then we hear something that leaves us confused as we have heard so many different statements about it.

1. You can't wear makeup with lash extensions.

3. Don't wash your lashes for 24 hours after the set is done.

This is a Myth: You can wear make-up.

This is a Myth: Please, wash them, a minimum of 10 mins after application is needed but after that feel free to wash them.

The biggest problem with wearing make-up is bad hygiene (or NO hygiene at all) Every client can wear any make up they want as long as it's washed properly before sleeping. That includes mascara (if they like the “clumpy” look – it’s their choice) eyeliner or eyeshadow.

2. You have to avoid oil products or any cosmetic face products that contain oil. This is a Myth: You don't need to stop using oily products, (at least not entirely). Most of the cosmetic products contain a small percentage of oil. But they don’t affect the retention. If oil were the ingredient that can remove the lashes, then we would do the removals with oil instead of gel or cream removers (that are chemicals) Oils can affect the retention if they are not removed during the preparation, but after the lashes are done, not a problem. However, if there is a build up of oil and skin cells this will affect retention so please clean your lashes every night.

36 - Lashes

This is already “old” news, but it's good to be reminded. There are so many positive effects that come out of washing the client's lashes after the treatment. Preventing sensitivities and allergies is just one of many benefits. Don’t be afraid to recommend this to your clients; they will love it.

5. You can extend the natural lashes max 2-3 mm with extensions. Myth: This was a general rule, but there are so many exceptions, so it's not a rule anymore. The length of extensions depends on the strength of the natural lashes. Sometimes we are dealing with super short , but thick and strong natural lashes and we can easily apply the extensions that are double the length without any damaging. And lots of times we see really long but thin and weak natural lashes, that can't hold any extra mm, and we are actually applying shorter extensions. The truth is possibilities.




4. You have to take a break from wearing lash extensions.

6. Allergy and sensitivity is the same thing.

This is a Myth: Generally, you don't have to take a break.

This is a Myth: This can't be more wrong!

I have so many clients and friends who wear lashes for years already (over 7,8,9 years)

Allergy is, and once you become allergic to something, you can't go back.

90% of them never took them off. They wear short, natural lashes, wash them properly and come to infills regularly and they never had an issue with their extensions. As long as the treatment is done correctly and we don't overload the lashes, and as long as the clients are coming back every three weeks (no longer) it's perfectly safe to wear extensions for many years.

You can control it a little with medicines, but your body will always suffer, and your immune systems will always fight against the substances you became allergic to. Sensitivity is a temporary condition that can be affected by so many different factors, and it's something that can be avoided, controlled and is curable.

Sensitivity depends a lot of a persons' immune system and every time or immune system weakens ( from stress, lack of vitamins, lack of sleep...) we can expect to experience some sensitivity to different products. But, constant sensitive experiences on a specific product can lead to allergies.

7. Lash extensions can last up to 7-8 weeks! This is a Myth: Technically, Yes they can, but they will damage your natural lashes if you don't come for an infill on time. This is misleading advertising, that quickly gets peoples' attention, but it's definitely not true if you are a professional lash artist. Eyelash extensions actually can last that long if they are done under the right lash cycle timing and if a client is super careful. BUT, the damage that can be done, is just not worth it. The longer lash extensions stay on the natural lash, the heavier they become, as the growth is moving forward to the tips of the lashes. The heavier they become, we are putting a client to risk to damage the root of their natural lash and even to lose the lash permanently. So, make sure your clients come on time and advertise the treatments without giving false information.

8. You can't learn lash extensions online. Myth & Truth: Partially not true. You can, but you have to be extraordinarily talented and incredibly persistent. This is a type of a treatment that takes strong will, a lot of patience and hours and hours of practicing. There is a small percentage of people that could learn it by watching, but 95% of people need professional help and physical contact and guidance to be able to understand and perform a complete procedure thoroughly. So, instead of wasting time, trying to figure out are you one of those 5% of people that can do it, better to save time and invest on professional training with a good educator. Also, many insurers will not accept your qualification if you have learned your initial lash training online. Skill building workshops are fine for learning online though.

9. If you go cheap, you will be more successful. This is a Myth: The biggest lie of all. Low prices are a magnet for people who have only one criterion – low cost! These customers are usually the ones that don't follow your instructions for aftercare or any advice that are given to them. Most of the time, these are also the clients that don't respect our time and don't show up on their appointments or ask for crazy demands that we can't fulfill. I don't say that all the treatments MUST have high prices ( we know it depends on so many things) BUT, we shouldn't underestimate our time, our abilities and knowledge. If you don't respect your investment, your health, knowledge, the time you don't spend with your family and everything else that we sacrifice by working on a beauty Industry, nobody else will.

The more you pay for something, the more you appreciate it. Just think of your most expensive pair of shoes (or a bag) and remember how you treat it with such love and you store it carefully. And then look at the cheap ones that you are wearing right now, just tossed in front of the door (right?)

10. You have clients that are your regulars for years; you are friends, right? This is a Myth: No, you are NOT! Sometimes we get attached to our clients, and we start to experiences things a little too emotional. Offering a beauty service can get quite lonely sometimes. Yes, it involves being around the people the whole day, but so many are never alone, but actually feeling lonely. Lots of shallow conversations, nervewracking situations where you have to keep your self-control, lots of listening, and being supportive. And when you find a really nice person, you seem to get too attached, and you expect them to understand your issues. Only 2-3% of your clients will maybe become your friends. Everyone else – they are and will be your clients as long as they are happy with the service you offer. Keep in mind – the second something better/cheaper/faster/closer comes up, clients will go because it suits them better. And don't let that affect you. This is a business. And as long they are paying for your services, it's business. Be friendly but not their friend.


@martina_Kallos_ lasheducator

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Lash Extensions Make

My Lashes Shorter! by Charlene Nutter

MYTH : My natural lashes will be shorter when I decide to have my extensions removed. The truth is when eyelash extensions are applied by a trained, certified lash stylist, your natural lashes are allowed to grow as usual. We know women without lash extensions usually apply and remove mascara every day. The application and slight pulling of lashes when mascara is applied followed by the cleaning and rubbing of your eyes to remove the mascara can greatly damage your lashes especially if using a waterproof mascara. In a proper lash extension application, there will be no damage and your lashes should grow better than they would if you were applying, wearing and cleaning off mascara day to day.

38 - Lashes

That would be if you are seeing someone who is trained properly and follows the safety rules in applying eyelash extensions. Remember, when hav ing lash extensions applied, they are generally longer, and have much more volume and curl than your natual lashes, they are applied to each of your natural lashes. This longer and thicker look is what you will see every day and become accustomed too. Imagine then you need the extensions removed. Your trained, certified lash tech will properly remove the extensions and you will have all of your natural lashes. What you're now looking

Above: Poor lash work from another salon.

at is the lashes you started with that are not enhanced by lash extensions so they may seem to look shorter but that would be due to the extensions that were applied being longer. So, the myth that your natural lashes could be shorter if you were to remove your extensions is not true.


all itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

you! about

We help you reach your clients We protect you and your career We educate you and connect you with industry experts We hear you and promote your success

ASCP Professional Membership Only $259/year

ASCP 800-789-0411

www.ascpskincare.com/lashinc Quote: Lash Inc

EDUCATION. PROTECTION. CONNECTION. For more than a decade, Associated Skin Care Professionals has been the ONLY all-inclusive source for professional liability insurance, education, and community for estheticians who want to thrive in their career. ASCP is for estheticians at every stage of the journey who are passionate about skin care.

The Essential Info

Intellectual Property: by Louise Tierney

The fidget-spinner craze swept playgrounds across the country two years ago, who could have imagined that its inventor had failed to protect the intellectual property (IP) behind her own creation. Florida-based Catherine Hettinger, despite owning the patent for eight years previously, decided to surrender it in 2005 because she could not afford the renewal fee. While tens of millions of the gadgets were being sold worldwide, she wasn’t making a penny. Continuing to protect her IP would have made her multiple millions but instead, she got Zero. I can’t even imagine the pain she must feel knowing this. Are you protecting your IP? This could be a design for a new tweezer (Design right), a lash manual (copyright), Brand name or logo (Trademark). Because I had the trademark for Lash Inc in many countries I managed to get the Instagram names for variations of Lash Inc back from people using the name to promote their business, including @lashinc which as registered to someone in the USA. If you have a trademark you can use it to get back social media names, domain names and more. How protected are you?

Having intellectual property is a business asset and the more you have the more valuable your business will be. This increases the value of your company when you eventually sell the business but also opens up franchising & licensing opportunities should you wish to have a lash bar in every city without opening them and running yourself. If you need any advice I’m happy to pass on details of IP lawyers that can help you or you can try registering on your own. I had a great success rate in registering trademarks, it can sometimes be out your depth, but if you really can’t afford a lawyer yet it’s worth doing yourself, rather than doing nothing.

Above & Below: Intellectual Property

I’m happy to help point you in the right direction so if you have any questions just let me know. Useful websites: UK IP Office https://www.gov.uk/government/ organisations/intellectual-propertyoffice EU IPO https://ec.europa.eu/growth/industry/ intellectual-property_en USA IP Office https://www.uspto.gov Canada IP Office http://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/ cipointernet-internetopic.nsf/eng/ Home Australia IP Office https://www.ipaustralia.gov.au/

Instagram: @Louise_lashinc

40 - Lashes

Dirty Lashes

A Tiny Blip, Not a Breakup: by Nina Andrews @lashesonpointsalon @lashesonpointacademy Below: Nina Andrews

A LOT! I’m sure that you all know the moral dilemma I was in. I now have to explain to this client why her lashes are not holding anymore, it’s a build-up of about 2-3 weeks’ worth of makeup residue, skin cells, sebum, and environmental pollutants. How do I explain to my client that the reason for her poor retention was that her lashes were dirty without insulting her or making her feel that I was telling her SHE was dirty? How do I not cause a lash break up? First things first, take a photo. Photos do not lie. Zoom in on the picture and show your client. Most of the time

My story is not unusual, I’m sure many artists reading this article have had a similar experience. I had a long-term client of mine call one day very upset, (let’s call her Tina) “Nina, I’ve been a loyal customer for many years, I pay good money for my lashes and I love your work, but they are not lasting me like they used to. They also don’t look as fluffy or full. Have you done something differently? Because I’m really not happy.” We booked Tina in for a consultation, so that I could have a look at her lashes and what might be causing the poor retention. Prior to the appointment, I sat down and I went over in my mind things to check: Is it her skincare? Is it hormonal? Maybe a new contraception method? Perhaps she has been picking? I know that my glue is perfect and fresh, my environment is optimal and if it was my technique, surely more clients would be affected? Finally, when I saw Tina’s lashes, I immediately understood. My beautiful client had been a little ‘lax’ with her cleaning and when I say a little, I mean

42 - Lashes

clients are simply unaware just how important cleaning is. Once they see the build-up sitting on their lashes, the client is now aware of the effect that not cleaning their lashes actually has. As the professional it’s our duty to educate and inform. Whilst showing them the photo, explain the reason that their lashes are not lasting is because they are not removing oil which can reduce the adhesives effectiveness and effect the overall appearance of the fans. Once you explain that this oil and residue was glugging her natural lashes and also stopping her from achieving that amazing retention and fluffiness she had once enjoyed, things generally

change pretty quickly. So, after I had shown Tina the build-up on her lash line with the photo and explained the situation, I sent her home to cleanse her lashes morning and night for 3 days. With excessive build-up, it often takes a few washes to remove the oil residue. After a couple of days of thorough cleansing, I was able to perform a normal refill for Tina. The key to remember here is that some ladies may actually be cleaning, just not effectively. So, ensuring that your clients know how to clean their lashes correctly is vital.

in the cost of their appointments. Inside our kits, clients are provided with a lash shampoo, cleaning brush, mascara wands, as well as some travel wands in containers for added hygiene in messy handbags. We also give them a sheet that lists the cleansing process and explains how to use the aftercare kit. When our clients lash shampoo bottles are running low, we offer free refills of their bottles and replace their cleansing brushes when needed, so that our clients are always fully stocked with everything that they need to keep their lashes fresh, clean and healthy. •

We now have to clearly define cleaning, client responsibilities and the importance it holds with retention. •

Cleansing Policy

At Lashes On Point, we ask our clients to sign a Cleansing Policy. It’s a separate form to the usual waiver which I feel gives it added significance. Basically, it explains that the clients eye hygiene is their own responsibility and is necessary to the longevity of their eyelash extensions. Daily cleaning and general maintenance is necessary if you want extensions. •

Aftercare Kit

We provide our clients with a fully decked out aftercare kit, this is included

Show Them How to Cleanse

Physically show them how to use the products you give to them. We like to send all of our clients a video of me actually cleansing my lashes and explaining step-by-step how to use everything in the kit. •

Cleansing Station

At Lashes On Point, we have a separate cleansing station for our clients who are coming in, short of time, in a rush or maybe during their lunch breaks. Having a special area for clients to cleanse their lashes thoroughly before their appointment and remove makeup will make everyone’s day run more smoothly. That way, at the end of their appointment, clients can simply reapply their make-up and be on their way. It

doesn’t need to be fancy, just some lash shampoo, an array of brushes, oil free makeup remover, lash safe cleansing wipes etc. •

Don’t Jump The Gun

Don’t get on the forums and get mad. The days of “dump that client” are gone, educate your clients with love and respect, if they don’t know, THEN THEY DON’T KNOW, come from a professional place and educate with respect. Lash retention is 20% us but also 80% the client. They need to understand their role. So, take this time to educate and empower. Dirty lashes don’t need to mean a breakup, educating your client and coming from a place of love will allow you to move forward together as a strong team. Tina is still a client of mine many years later and her lashes are impeccably clean these days. I’m so glad that I took the time, this was a tiny blip, not a breakup.

@lashesonpointsalon @lashesonpointacademy

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Featured Lash Artist -Radmila Woll


Five Effective Ways to Improve Your

Customer Service by Chantee Collins


Customers are tired of not feeling valued for spending top dollars in our lash salons. To be honest, they are the core to many of our successful businesses and without them, our doors would be closed. So, the question would be, how do we provide excellent customer service without our customers running over our businesses? Here are some ways that will improve your customer services and do just that:

products for your clients? As we all know social media has been the “Go To” for information about anything that we want to research. So as lash professionals, we must take it a step further and learn from other lash masters, companies and associations on the proper techniques or latest information within the lash community. This will allow you to answer some of the questions that your clients/ customers might have. They will appreciate and value you more for your thorough knowledge.

#1. Show that you Care

#3. Enforce Customer Polices

A customer should never be ignored or delayed on appointment time because of the lash technicians poor scheduling. When a customer walks into your business, a new customer or a regular, they should always be greeted. Acknowledging that person will make he or she feel that they matter or that you appreciate them being there. They chose you as their trusted lash technician, why not say “Hello”, or “Good Morning”. Since this is a time sensitive business, it is important to schedule services accordingly to avoid a customer waiting pass their scheduled time. There are many lash technicians that allot an extra 15-20 minutes in between each appointment to either clean up after the previous customer or take a short break to regroup for the next customer. While we enforce customers to respect our time, we must respect theirs also. #2. Educate yourself on your Services/ Products Are you current with the latest eyelash trainings and information? Are you providing the right maintenance

46 - Business

We all should have our business polices in place. You know that famous quote, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” (Benjamin Franklin), well it is true. Having our policies in place will prepare you for high quality customer service. Policies are not meant to control your customers or to be the “Mean” lash artist, but policies will allow them to respect your business. The trick is, you and your team must put this into practice daily in order for it to work. For example, one day you cannot allow your customer to come into their appointment 30 minutes late without consequences and expect them to respect your Late Policy fee. So, let’s start today using these polices as a form of clear understanding to both parties.

compliment, add it to your positive list to continue doing that positive thing and maybe even adding to it. Your customers will feel like you value their opinion and continue to market your business in a positive way. #5. Respond The best way to help show that you value the customer is to respond to their needs. Imagine yourselves on the customer end and decide how you would want to be treated if you had a problem or just needed a questioned answered. If you are busy at the time, let the customer know that you have acknowledge their message and will get to them as soon as possible. So, lets strive to be more attentive to the customers’ needs, listen to what they have to say and respectfully respond to any unanswered questions or concerns in a timely manner. All these important ways to lead to a better and more effective customer service, will take your business to the next level of success. Customers will remember the great experience they have with you and how special you made them feel. The goal is to have happy, returning customers. Now that you have the blueprint to help with the success of your business, what is your next step of improvement?

#4. Ask for Feedback Don’t be afraid, ask away! Most of us are afraid of what our customers really think of us or how we run our business. The truth is, we need to know their thoughts so that we can better serve them. How can we Grow, if we do not Know! If it is a customer complaint, try turning it into a positive. See what you can do to make it better. If it is a


6 Tips on How to Write the

Catchiest Instagram Captions by Mary Jean Javier @luxelashbyangel

If you are not doing something to improve your online presence, then you are definitely a step behind your competitors. One of the greatest avenues for marketing is using Instagram to market your products or services. You need to create interesting captions to push your brand. Here are 6 tips to help you come up with the coolest Instagram captions. Include an Interesting Story People are most likely looking for entertainment whenever they login to their Instagram accounts. Telling a story will draw more attention to a bigger audience. Ensure that you do not use too many words, else the readers will not have a second look at your post. Make your story easy to understand and enjoyable to capture your target market. Use a Few Relevant Hashtags As much as we want to promote our services or business to a bigger audience within social media, too many hashtags might give the impression of spamming. The best thing is to identify the most relevant hashtags, and also come up with your own. Do not limit yourself to placing your hashtags at the end of the post. You can carefully integrate them throughout your post without spamming. Instead of using popular hashtags such as #happy or #love, focus on hashtags that are specific to your audience. Make Good Use of Emojis Most of us will barely finish a sentence without including an emoji. As much

Right: Instagram Captions

as they make communication more interesting, overusing emojis can work to your disadvantage. Just like the use of hashtags, the kind of emojis you choose need to be on point in terms of relating to your line of products or services. The wrong use of emojis can ruin your content if they are not correctly placed or if they donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t relate to your brand.

should not sound like a sales pitch.

Mary Jean Javier @luxelashbyangel

Avoid Grammar and Spelling Mistakes This might seem obvious or not necessary, but grammar and spelling mistakes might put off your audience. You need to remember that your post is being read by people from all professions and ages around the world. The things that you consider little might make the deal breaker when it comes to attracting your target audience. Always go through your captions before posting to ensure that they have no spelling mistakes and are grammatically correct. Make Quick and Understandable Sentences Nobody enjoys reading long sentences to get a message out of it. Using quick and punchy sentences will make your captions more readable and interesting. However, be careful not to create short sentences that are vague. Even if you are trying to create some humor out of it, it might go unnoticed if the reader fails to understand them. Include a Call-To-Action The main aim of creating Instagram captions is to make your brand more popular. You need to include a call-toaction to encourage your audience to not only scroll through your post but also like and share if they find it funny or interesting. Your call-to-action

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by Erin Taylor Over the years, eyelash extension products have evolved, and education has become one of the most powerful tools to safely cultivate and maintain a successful clientele. Especially the education regarding adhesives. Understanding that adhesives contain different ingredients, and that each ingredient is utilized for a specific functionality, we can ensure the safety of ourselves and our clients is prioritized. It allows us to better troubleshoot when retention suffers, or allergies and irritations occur. Many of these “lash myths” we’ve encountered have been circulating the industry for years based on opinions and incomplete or misinformation, not facts. Common myths addressed in this article: 1. Don’t get your lashes wet for 24-48 hours 2. My eyes are red, this adhesive is too strong, therefore it’s dangerous

last 65 years proving themselves to be extremely efficient for projects that require a quick, long lasting bond. These acrylic resins immediately begin to polymerize in the presence of water. The moisture in the atmosphere as well as the moisture of the surface we are bonding to all play a role in how adhesives cure. Cyanoacrylates perform best between about 68-72 degrees (F) and evenly cure in a recommended 4060% Relative humidity, however, lash artists have used adhesives in a “less than perfect” working environment and have still managed to utilize the adhesives all due to the application process. Lash artists are constantly searching for the “best, safest, longest lasting adhesive”, as if there’s a secret formula that will solve all allergy and retention problems. Most retention issues stem from user error. This can mean a couple different things.

5. Just do a patch test, that’ll tell us if you’re allergic to the glue

1. Natural lashes were not properly prepped. A good, thorough cleanse before application is necessary to remove unwanted makeup residues and other debris or bacteria. When natural lashes are not cleansed, the adhesive is curing on top of This will not allow a proper cure, therefore extensions will not last.

Cyanoacrylate adhesives are from the acrylic family and have been used in many different industries over the

2. Too much time is lapsed between dipping extensions and placing them. There is a very small window of time

3. My client had an allergic reaction to the glue 4. My clients lashes all fell out and I know I applied them perfectly

48 - Business

allotted to handling the adhesive before a full cure is achieved, so extensions may stick on the natural lashes, but will not last. 3. Less is more. Because of the way cyanoacrylates cure, we have to be sure we aren’t using excess adhesive during application. Too much adhesive will slow down polymerization taking more time to achieve a full cure. Using the smallest amount will ensure a quick and secure bond is formed on the natural lash during the polymerization reaction. 4. Any sort of “handling” via isolation, taping, etc. while polymerization is taking place will disturb proper bonding. These are small mistakes that can happen unintentionally. Which is why using the proper amount is so important. If proper amount and proper placement are 5. Clients misha nd ling lashes. Scientif ically speaking, cyanoacrylate bonding is disrupted by strong solvents like acetone. Small amounts of residual eye creams or eye makeup should not break or degrade the bond IF polymerization has achieved a full cure due to proper application FIRST. If eye creams or makeup residues are on natural lashes BEFORE polymerization, bonding will not be successful. Again, why cleansing is so important.

6. Extensive and accurate testing must be done thoroughly before deciding one brand or product is not right for you and your clients. There are so many outside factors that can affect such a tiny amount of adhesive during polymerization it can be hard to pinpoint an exact “reason” if adhesive isn’t performing as it should. The reality is, Cyanoacrylate adhesives are designed to polymerize and have a bonding strength that is of the highest level. Nano misting will ensure a complete and full cure bond after application. Understanding the curing process allows us to get the lashes wet before the 24-48 hour period without compromising retention. In the past, it was thought that too much moisture too quickly would “shock polymerize” adhesive creating an insecure bond and white residue to form. The proper term for this is called chlorosis. Excess cyanoacrylate monomers can vaporize too quickly and react with the moisture in the air. This does not compromise the integrity of the bond; however, it does change the aesthetic appearance of the adhesive giving off the white color. Not appealing, not necessary. A wellventilated workspace will definitely aid in pushing excess monomers away from the eye. This again affirms the fact that less is more when it comes to adhering extensions. In fact, washing the lashes immediately after application can reduce or remove excessive amounts of unwanted byproduct built up on the eyelids causing clients to react differently to the adhesive. An excellent suggestion for more sensitive clients. This can also address the common myth about vapors released during application. The myth of “fumes being dangerous” … Some adhesives have stronger odors than others all due to the quantity of specific ingredients. Most importantly, is remembering that sensitivities vary in each lash artist and client - some people are more sensitive to pollen, dust while others aren't affected by it. Adhesive vapors can be irritating, but just because something is irritating does not mean it’s dangerous.

Allergies are different on the other hand, and something we can’t control in others. Overexposure to allergens will lead to greater reaction. This means “patch testing” can be inaccurate because applying a few lashes to the eyes will not give the same effect as applying a full set, therefore we should not be performing “patch testing”. If someone is worried about having an allergy to specific ingredients, they should be tested by an allergy specialist. Adhesives are tricky to "learn" and require a lot of practice and patience when trying to understand why and how they work. My adhesive recommendations are Borboleta Ultimate and Borboleta #5. Standard adhesive practices moving forward:

3. Keep your adhesive dots FRESH during application. Always replace your adhesive drop so it's nice and wet. Set an alarm if needed. Change your adhesive drop as soon as you notice a texture change - this could be anywhere from 10 minutes on into your appointment. 4. Care for your adhesive. Keep it upright. Keep it in a cool, dark, airtight container - Borboleta's airtight adhesive canister is perfect to keep excess moisture out. Lastly, don't compare yourself and your work to others around you. Their workspace is different, their practices may be different, their environment is different, their CLIENTS are different. Don’t overthink it. Be safe in your practices and go beautify the world!

1. Replacing adhesive between 4-6 weeks -all products have expiration dates. This is not a myth. Abide by the expiration dates. Put a sticker on your adhesive with the "opening date". 2. Don't fix what ain't broke! If the standard "rule" is having a temperature of 68-72 degrees, and 40-60%RH but you aren't having any problems, don't try and overcompensate using humidifiers and dehumidifiers, etc. to get your work space to "text book" level. Adhesives are fickle, but once you've found what works for you, keep at it!

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by Miranda Wendler

“What do you mean you... saved them?” I asked, somewhat fearfully, of my everso-loyal client who was, very proudly, handing me a folded up wash cloth, of which held all of the lash extensions she had shed in the two weeks since I last saw her. This got me thinking- what other misconstrued ideas have my clients, and others, picked up off the internet? So, I took to my network of lash friends and posed the question. “What are some of the most crazy or downright bizarre things have clients said, or asked you, that you had to quickly re-educate them about. Here are the most common responses I received that I thought could use a little more explanation.


Misconception: “I should shower with goggles on, right?!” - Translation The less I wash my lashes, the better retention I will have. Clean lashes are happy lashes. Happy lashes have the best retention. Without going into detail on the countless amounts of different bacteria and debris that can, and will, wreak havoc on those helpless little lashes if they’re not cleansed regularly, it’s hard to adhere anything to something that is dirty. So imagine all those natural lashes, coated in a fine, sometimes glittery powder, and now try to adhere a beautiful extension to that- Is it working? Probably not for long! I always recommend my clients remove their makeup and cleansing regularly using Borboleta Beautys’ makeup remover and Gel Cleanser. Misconception: “All of my natural eyelashes will die and fall out!” Translation- Eyelash Extensions will ruin your natural lashes. The sad truth is, they can! But they don’t have to, and they definitely don't every time! Eyelash extensions that are done properly are safe for indefinite use, here are a few things clients need to look out for when booking with a

50 - Business

lash artist for the first time. Are they licensed and certified? Even if your state doesn’t require a license, look for one! They’ve invested a lot of time and money into their career as well as learned the proper way to sanitize all of their tools to reduce the risk of infection or bacteria spreading. Also, look into the company or person who they’re certified through, do they have multiple certificates of training of their own? Do they spend days teaching, or a few hours? Eyelash extensions are not something that can, or should, be taught through one afternoon for a few hours. Look for a 2-day course, at a minimum, to help identify a reputable education company. Ensuring your lash artist is state licensed and certified through a trust-worthy company will help avoid any damage done to your natural lashes by inexperienced or uneducated lash artists.

Misconception: “So how big is the needle you use to sew them in?” - TranslationEyelash Extensions are sewn in or applied with hair glue. Never! This is a common concern, and while I’ve never personally met or heard of any lash artist doing extensions via a sewn in method, I would believe the idea comes from sewn in hair extensions. It’s not uncommon for companies and trends to cross platforms in the beauty industry but I can confidently say, nobody will be sewing eyelash extensions to your natural lashes or eyelids. In fact, eyelash extensions should be applied to one, individual natural lash at a time, using a professional grade, lash extension adhesive that was formulated specifically for eyelash extensions, not to be confused with hair glue, or the adhesive you can purchase at a drugstore used for strip lashes.

Misconception: “Where do you buy your hair from?” - Translation - Eyelash extensions are made from human hair.

or the tape being placed too high making it so that the waterlines cannot contact each other and seal.

Not anymore, in the very, very early days of lash extensions (I’m talking 10-15 years ago!) there was a small number of lash factories trying to market “human hair” as the best organic option, what they hadn’t thought of was the visual of having someone else's hair placed onto your eyelids isn't a very attractive idea and the idea fizzled out relatively quickly. Today lash extensions are made using all kinds of (man-made) materials including acrylic, silk, yarn, and even mixes of different compounds but none of them contain human hair. Side note - There is a small market for lashes that are made of genuine mink fur. A certain buzz was generated by celebrities around these lashes but ultimately, you’ll run into a lot of inconsistent sizing, lack/loss of curl and potential issues regarding the ethics at which the fur was maintained.

Misconception: “If you’re going to take that long then you should charge less because you’re not a very experienced lash artist” - Translation - If your lash artist is a good one, your lashes will be done in under an hour.

Misconception: “What do you mean I need a ‘fill’ every few weeks?!” Translation - Eyelash extensions are permanent. Unfortunately, they are not. What a dream world would that be if we got to keep perfect lashes with no maintenance? Due to the application process of applying extensions to single natural lashes, and the growth cycle of a natural lash, extensions need regular maintenance every two-three weeks to keep them looking their best. Misconception: “My girlfriend said her eyes hurt so bad getting her lashes done” - Translation - Eyelash extensions will hurt. They should never! When applied correctly, using proper isolation and placement techniques, as well as healthy diameter and lengths, you should never experience any discomfort from your eyelash extensions. Some clients do notice a little tingle during the application occasionally. This is generally described as something similar to the feeling one would experience chopping an onion. Typically, this is caused by the clients’ eyes opening, even a small amount during the application

Applying eyelash extensions is very much a detailed form of art, and what do they say about art? You can’t rush it! There are a few very skilled lash artists who are able to finish a fill appointment in under an hour but typically for a full set of eyelash extensions you’re looking at 2-4 hours, depending on the technique used. I know we don’t all have that much time to give to our lashes every two weeks but, this is only for a full set. Fills would be expected to last 45 minutes - 2 hours again, depending on what technique is used and how many extensions are retained from the previous appointment. A quick thank you to Lash Inc. Magazine for allowing me to reach out to all of you and share a little bit of my passion for educating both lash artists and clients to help launch this industry into the very best, mind-blowing and beautiful experience it can be for everyone! What other crazy misconceptions have your clients brought to you? How did you keep your jaw off the floor when you heard them? I would love to chat any and all things lashes! Or are you a potential eyelash extension client with worries and fears yet to be addressed? Feel free to contact me via Instagram @ Miranda_Borboleta or email miranda@ borboletabeauty.com with any questions and concerns you may have or hey, just come say hi and let me know what you thought about my little blurb here!

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by Mary Simmons

There are many fallacies in the eyelash extension industry that artists and companies alike are working to debunk. One specific controversial topic is the relevance, quality and finished look of flat lashes. When flat lashes first hit the market, the fiber shape was chunky and square, the feel was stiff, and the finish was too shiny. While the product wasn’t quite there yet, demand remained for a lash option with visual impact, great retention, and would be lighter and easier to apply than standard classic eyelash extensions. Lucky for us, with product advancement brands like Borboleta Beauty have developed flat lashes that are better than ever accomplishing a dense, richer look without adding weight and better retention thanks to the lash hugging ellipse shape. The finish has also evolved to a sheeny matte and the shape now includes a natural tapered tip for a flattering, soft look. When applied properly, Flat lashes offer a more dramatic look without compromising the health of natural lashes. A typical classic lash is cylindrical, while flat lashes have a waisted rectangle shape. Since the shape isn’t round but still measured end to end, we achieve the same width as a classic lash while removing weight. Therefore, a flat lash with the diameter of .20mm will weigh about the Same as a classic lash with .15mm diameter. Similarly, flat .15mm diameter weighs about the same as a .12mm classic lash. Flat lashes are ideal for clients with weak natural lashes since they offer more thickness but not more weight. They are the perfect option for the clients who want a more voluminous look while still applying extensions 1:1 natural lash. Not only is the unique shape of flat lashes lighter than a regular classic lash, it adheres more snugly to the roundness of our natural lash shape. There is a

52 - Business

slight curve to the top and bottom of the flat lash fiber. In application, this ellipse curve rounds to the cylindrical base of the natural lashes allowing for immediate grab and lighting quick application. In addition, more contact between the extension and lash means artists can use less adhesive to create the same strong bond with less danger of cross-bonding, ensuring our clients’ lashes will always grow and shed properly. Besides ease of use, flat lashes can add another dimension to an artist’s range of looks by adding texture and fullness.

Try working in 2mm longer flat lashes throughout a volume set to break up the density and intensify texture; the gently tapered extensions blend well with fluffy volume fans. Mix flat and classics together in a set to deepen the base of the lash line, for a dark eyeliner look. Flat lashes also create a bridge to move clients from classic toward volume lashes; creating a gradual development of more drama. Flat lashes are for any lash artist who wants to increase their set times, nudge their client toward volume or to add dimension to their artistry.

@LashInc 2,371 posts 37.7k followers 5000 following Lash Inc. Instagram is where itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s at these days. Get some #Lashspiration from our handpicked #LashArtist feeds. www.lashinc.com

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facebook-square ilprobeautystudio

GLOBE www.lashbyfrancesca.co.uk

Inga Lipinske Envelope-Open Avontar Road, South Ockendon, Essex,

instagram @ilprobeautystudio

Envelope lylanunnxx@icloud.com

Sarah Bran Lash Academy Sarah Bran Envelope-Open Southampton


Envelope sarahpaulbran@yahoo.co.uk instagram @sarahbran_lashbrowartist

Immaculate Beauty Academy

Silviya Mikova

Inga Misiute

Envelope-Open 122 London Road, Bognor Regis, West

Envelope-Open Henderson Drive, Dartford, Kent, DA1



Envelope lashworld.silvia@yahoo.com

Envelope eyelashacademy@gmail.com

Envelope immaculatebeautyacademy@gmail.

phone-square +447886836448

GLOBE www.eyelashacademy.co.uk


GLOBE www.lashworld.co.uk

GLOBE immaculatelashes.com


Love Beauty Training Envelope-Open 995 Wycombe Lane, Wooburn Green, Buckinghamshire Envelope info@lovebeautytraining.com GLOBE www.lovebeautytraining.com

Business - 55

Vanity Lash

From Donna With Love

Ritzy Eyes

Hannah Gardner

Donna Donnelly

Donata Jucyte

Envelope-Open Upper 28 Market Place, Bingham,

Envelope-Open 39 Greenfort Gardens, Clondalkin,

Envelope-Open Unit 45, Coolmine Industrial Estate,

Nottingham, NG13 BAN

Dublin 22

Blanchardstown, Dublin 15

Envelope info@vanitylash.co.uk

Envelope donna.m.melvin@gmail.com

Envelope donata@ritzyeyes.com

GLOBE www.vanitylash.co.uk

phone-square +447851815796

phone-square +353831040220

facebook-square VanityLashUK

instagram @FromDonnaWithLove

GLOBE www.ritzyeyes.com

Glam Lashes by Anna

Thammy Lash

Venus Beauty

Anna Skowronska

Thammy gough

Patrycja Plaszczymaka

Envelope-Open 21 Fan Aoibhinn, Clonmel, Co.

Envelope-Open 3 Elmfield Rise, Clarehall, Dublin 13

Envelope-Open 81 St Olaves Rd, Bury St Edmunds,


Envelope thammylash@hotmail.com

Suffolk, IP32 6RR

Envelope glamlashesbyanna@gmail.com

phone-square +353858169953

instagram @Officialvanitylash

Envelope patrycja596@googlemail.com GLOBE www.venusbeauty-lashes.com

Glamour Lashes Ireland Envelope glamourlashesbyjana@gmail.com

GLOBE www.thammylash.com facebook-square thammylash instagram @thammylash 

VIVI Beauty Lounge

phone-square +353872974781

Vaida Cepliauskaite

GLOBE www.glamourlashes.ie


Glamour Look Beauty, Clinic & Academy


phone-square +447557272202

Joanna Kolbusz

Way, Macduff, AB44 1RU

facebook-square vlashesbrows

Envelope-Open Unit 10 Belgrad Square West, Dublin

Envelope info@flirties.co.uk

Envelope-Open Thanet Tower, 6 Caxton Street North, London, E16 1XE Envelope vivibeautylounge@outlook.com

Envelope joannakolbusz8@gmail.com

VZ Hair and Glamour Ltd Envelope-Open 26 Rutland Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 4HY phone-square +447554925551

Lash Dolls Beauty and Training Academy Karen Grehan

Claire Crowell


Envelope-Open Unit 1, Saltmeadows Trade Park,

Envelope lashdollsbeauty@gmail.com

Gateshead, NE10 0EQ

phone-square +353852545061

Envelope clairecrowell@hotmail.com

facebook-square Lashdolls2 instagram @Lashdolls2

Envelope-Open 98-100 Lower Galleries, Eastgate

Lash Studio by Magda Frost

Shopping Centre, Basildon, SS14 1AG

Magda Frost

Envelope samanthalou.ellis@yahoo.co.uk

Envelope-Open The Feelgood Centre, Exchange

facebook-square SamanthaSmithLashArtist

House, Main Street, Ballincollig, Cork Envelope magdafrost.beauty@gmail.com

Ireland DeviLash Lash Extensions Monika Wojtysiak Envelope-Open 16/1, 8 William Street, Galway, Ireland Envelope devilashireland@gmail.com

56 - Business

phone-square +448450222233 GLOBE www.flirties.co.uk

Envelope-Open Suite 2, The courtyard, Ratoath,  Co

Samantha Smith

Envelope-Open Unit 2, Tarlair Business Park, Tarlair

Million Lashes Academy Beata Makowka Envelope-Open 6B Harts Corner, Finglas Road, Dublin Envelope beetycrx@gmail.com facebook-square MillionLashesDublin

Wales House of Hansen Training Academy Stacey Hansen Envelope houseofhansen@hotmail.com phone-square +441443858144

I AM Lash Arune Mooney Envelope-Open 2 Cambrian Coast, Ynyslas, Borth, SY24 5JU Envelope arune@iamlashpro.com phone-square +447706942723 GLOBE www.iamlashpro.com instagram @arune_mooney

Europe Estonia


Sophie lash and brow studio

Envelope-Open Savanoriu Pr. 282 Kaunas

Sofja Smatko

Envelope pmu.sonatavieta@gmail.com

Envelope-Open Estonia, Harjumaa, Tallinn, Narva mnt,

phone-square +37067772784

7A - 208, 10117

facebook-square PMUSonataVieta

Envelope info@sophie.ee phone-square +37255551082

MB Beauty School

GLOBE www.sophie.ee

Laura Kaminskiene

facebook-square sophie.lash.and.brow.studio

Envelope-Open Kaunas

instagram @sophie.lash.and.brow.studio

Envelope mbbeautyschool@gmail.com phone-square +37064752037


GLOBE www.mbbeautyschool.com

Anny's lashes

Sonata Vieta Beauty Academy

Onutė Juršienė

Sonata Vieta Adomaviciene

Envelope-Open Vido Maciuleviciaus street 51, Vilnius

Envelope-Open Savanoriu Per. Kaunas, LT-49282

Envelope alashes.lt@gmail.com

Envelope pmu.sonatavieta@gmail.com

phone-square +37067173484

phone-square +37067772784

GLOBE www.alashes.lt

GLOBE www.pmusonatavieta.lt

instagram @alashes.lt

Step By Step Studio

Norway Deluxe Beauty Sandra Kliokmaniene Envelope sguogaite@gmail.com GLOBE www.deluxebeauty.no

Michaela Boyanova Michaela Boyanova Envelope-Open Kristiansands hudpleie AS Kristiansand 4612 Henrik Wergelands, Gt 11 Envelope michaela.boyanova@hotmail.com phone-square +4792515683 GLOBE www.kristiansandshudpleie.no instagram @michaela_lashmaker

Poland Star Lash Academy Agnieszka Kwiatkowska Envelope-Open Sowińskiego 1 30-524 city: Kraków Envelope starlashacademy@gmail.com phone-square +48883676941 GLOBE www.starlashacademy.pl

Baltic Beauty School

Aida Danielė

Envelope-Open Kaunas, Vilniaus g.17 / Mapu str. 1

Envelope-Open Taikos pr. 51, Klaipėda, Lithuania, LT-

Envelope info@bbschool.lt


phone-square +37060155573

Envelope araida37@gmail.com

GLOBE www.bbschool.lt

phone-square +37064853799

Happy Lashes & Beauty

GLOBE www.stepbystepstudio.lt

Andreea Iutis

facebook-square aida.rusy

Envelope-Open Str . Anastasie Panu, nr 1, bl a1,

instagram @aida_daniele


Charming Look A. Jaksto Envelope-Open 9-332, Vilnius Envelope zavingaszvilgsnis@gmail.com

UAB Silarta

GLOBE www.charminglook.lt

Silva Siauciunaite

Deluxe Lashes International Aleksandra Maniuse Envelope info@deluxelashes.lt

Expert lashes academy Ugne Sabaliauskytė


Envelope happylashes.studio@gmail.com phone-square +40720480660 GLOBE happylashes.ro

Envelope-Open Tiltu g. 12, Klaipeda Envelope info@silart.eu phone-square +37067648070 GLOBE www.silart.eu

phone-square +37060922922 GLOBE www.deluxelashes.lt

instagram @starlashAcademy

Spain Lana Slatina Lana Slatina

Aida Rusiene

Envelope-Open C/ Boldano 44, local 30, Madrid, 28027

Envelope-Open Klaipėda, Taikos pr. 51-10, LT 9115

Envelope sveta1slatina@gmail.com

Envelope araida37@gmail.com

phone-square +34685565071 GLOBE www.confinter.com

Envelope-Open Šv.Gertrūdos 51

Onutė Juršienė

facebook-square lana.slatina

Envelope sabaliauskyteugne@yahoo.com

Envelope-Open MB Karališkas Grožis, Kęstučio g. 41a,

instagram @lanaslatina

phone-square +37064534648

LT-08143 Envelope aniuta4ka@gmail.com GLOBE www.alashes.lt

Business - 57

Sweden Sunshine Beauty Academy Simona Raudoniene Envelope-Open Bergavägen 12M , 184 30 Åkersberga Envelope info.sunshinebeauty@gmail,com phone-square +46700560263 GLOBE sunshinebeauty.se

VC Lash Ltd Envelope-Open Canberra, ACT

Lash Line Academy & Supplies Inc

Envelope info@vclash.co.nz

Jessi Love

phone-square +64275541237

Envelope info@lash-line.com

GLOBE www.vclash.co.nz

GLOBE www.lash-line.com

North America Canada

Australia & New Zealand Australia Enchanted S.P.A. Envelope-Open PO Box 1483, Joondalup DC, WA6919 Envelope kelly@enchantedspa.com.au

Boutique Lash Company Envelope-Open 2115 39 Street NW, Edmonton, Alberta, T6L 4G1 phone-square +17802663875

Clarity Lashes

phone-square +61450424739

Claire Ryle

GLOBE www.enchantedspa.com.au

Envelope-Open 6 Aldridge Crescent, Sherwood Park,

facebook-square enchantedspa.au


instagram @enchantedspa

Envelope lashedbyclaire@gmail.com


phone-square +17809539660

Lashes by Amanda Amanda Fung Envelope-Open 7203 Delwood Road NW, Edmonton, Alberta Envelope amanda@lashesxamanda.com phone-square +17788584567 GLOBE www.lashesxamanda.com

Lashes by Claire Claire Ryle Envelope-Open 6 Aldridge cres, Sherwood Park, Alberta Envelope lashedbyclaire@gmail.com phone-square +17809539660

GLOBE www.claritylashes.com

Mesmerizing Minks

Envelope-Open 28 Coleford Road, Wellard, WA6170

Flair Lashes

Sadie Maloney

Envelope flawless@ibeautiq.com.au

Marta Ientilucci

phone-square +61478147773

Envelope-Open 19 Skeleton Street, Orangeville

facebook-square ibeautiqlashesbrows

Envelope flairlashes@gmail.com

instagram @ibeautiqlashesbrows

phone-square +14168808237

Eva Adde

Envelope-Open 22 Organ Crescent, Hamilton, Ontario Envelope mesmerizing.minks@gmail.com phone-square +19055363613

Sugarlash Pro

GLOBE flairlashes.com

Courtney Buhler

Kerrie Ann Ditz

Flair Lashes

Envelope info@sugarlashpro.com/

facebook-square komao.hair

Marta Ientilucci


Lashes On Point Pty Ltd Nina Andrews Envelope-Open Shop 4, 80 Hazel Glen Drv, Doreen, VIC3754 Envelope lashesonpoint_australia@hotmail. com phone-square +61439369908

Sugarlash Academy of Lash Artistry Melena Langford Envelope info@sweetsugarlashes.com

Envelope-Open 19 Skelton Street, Mono Ontario, L9W 6W9 Envelope flairlashes@gmail.com phone-square +14168808237 GLOBE www.flairlashes.com facebook-square flairlash instagram @flairlash

phone-square +15879825274 GLOBE www.sugarlashpro.com

Central America Mexico La Lashionista Carolina Zamorano Envelope-Open Av 31 Oriente #2022, L104, 72530

Flutter Lash Artistry and Training

Envelope lalashionistamx@gmail.com

Cheralee Placsko

instagram @lalashionista

facebook-square lalashionista

Envelope okotokslashes@gmail.com GLOBE www.flutterlashes.ca

North America

New Zealand

JS Lash Studio

United States

Lashworx Training Academy

Johneilia Stephens

Benita Lash Studio

Lisa Gillanders Envelope-Open 50ParkRoad,Greenmeadows,Napier,4112

Envelope-Open 76 Villa Royale Avenue Envelope jjsxo@hotmail.com

Envelope lashworx@gmail.com

phone-square +16479281998

GLOBE www.lashworx.com

GLOBE www.js-lash.com

58 - Business

Envelope-Open 18321 W. Lake Houston Pkwy, Suite 305, Humble, TX77346 Envelope benitaramos@outlook.com

Chic Lash Bar

MaiLash Academy

The Beauty Pro Loft

Maribel Schultz

Mai Lee

Jessica Mogauro

Envelope-Open 39872 Los Alamos Rd. #A8 Murrieta,

Envelope-Open 1526 N Scottsdale Rd. Tempe, AZ85281

Envelope-Open 130 Centre St. Howe Barn #103,


Envelope mailashceo@gmail.com

Danvers, MA01923

Envelope chiclashbar@gmail.com

phone-square +14804040092

Envelope beautyproloft@gmail.com

Make Me Mink Lashes

GLOBE www.beautyproloft.com

phone-square +16195984385

phone-square +17818138131

Designer Lashes & Beauty

Miiaye Brown

Julie E. Garcia

Envelope-Open 115 Stratmore Place, Stockbridge,

The Lash Beauty Lash Parlour

Envelope-Open 6895 E. Camelback Rd. Ste. 114,


Kenya Green

Scottsdale, AZ85251

Envelope info@makememinklashes.com

Envelope-Open 9705 South Dixie Hwy Miami, FL33156

Envelope info@designerlashes.com

phone-square +14042876822

Envelope info@thelashbeautyparlour.com

phone-square +14802270978

GLOBE www.makememinklashes.com

phone-square +17869423385

facebook-square Make Me Mink Lashes

GLOBE www.thelashbeautyparlour.com

instagram @Make Me Mink Lashes

facebook-square lashbparlour

GLOBE www.designerlashes.com

EyEnvy Lash & Brow Studio

instagram @lashbparlour

Chantee Collins


Oleanders Products LLc & Oleanders Products Training Center

Envelope eyenvylashstudio@gmail.com

Gina Williams

GLOBE luxhairlashbycc.com

Charlene Hatfield Nutter Envelope-Open 27 Washington Street, Camden,

Envelope luxhairlashbycc@gmail.com

phone-square +16035480386

Envelope-Open 134 Evergreen Pl, East Orange, New

facebook-square Luxhairlashesbycc

GLOBE www.eyenvylashstudio.com

Jersey, 07018

instagram @luxlashesbycc

facebook-square EyeEnvyCamden

Envelope oleandersproduct@gmail.com

instagram @eyenvylashstudio

phone-square +18772734153


GLOBE www.oleandersproduct.com


EyEnvy Lash & Brow Studio Charlene Hatfield Nutter

facebook-square oleanderspi instagram @oleanderspi

Envelope-Open 1 Nashua Road, #103, Londonderry,

Lash Institute Singapore Annie Annabelle Soo



Envelope eyenvylashstudio@gmail.com

Envelope info@pinklabcosmetics.com

GLOBE www.eyenvylashstudio.com

phone-square +18776230037

facebook-square EyeEnvyLashStudioNH

GLOBE www.pinklabcosmetics.com

phone-square +6583395652

San Diego Eyelash Extensions

GLOBE www.lashinstitutesg.com

instagram @eyenvylashstudio

LA Lash Academy

Envelope-Open 12935 Pomerado Road, Suite C, Poway,

Lucy Argent


Envelope-Open 137 Bay Street #8, Santa Monica,

Envelope info@sandiegoeyelashextensions.



Envelope info@lalashacademy.com

phone-square +16194385770

Envelope-Open 245 Jalan Besar, Level 3, Singapore, 208918 Envelope lashinstitutesg@gmail.com

Africa South Africa Lash and Beauty Room/ Academy

phone-square +14242008278

GLOBE www.sandiegoeyelashextensions.

GLOBE www.lalashacademy.com


Emma Justine Brink Envelope-Open 8 Riebeek Street, Chelsea Village,

LASH103 Lash Studio

Take Care Beauty

Wynberg, Cape Town, 7800

Kelley Jenkins

Tanya Jones

Envelope info@thelashandbeautyroom.com

Envelope-Open Delta Lash Academy 103 Howard

Envelope info@takecarebeautymagic.com

phone-square +27217612181

Street, Greenwood, MS

phone-square +14154201939

GLOBE www.thelashandbeautyroom.com

Envelope lashes103@gmail.com

GLOBE www.takecarebeautymagic.com

facebook-square lashandbeautyacademy instagram @lashandbeautyroom

Love Those Lashes LLC Amy Young Envelope info@nomascara.com phone-square +15132806550 GLOBE www.nomascara.com

Business - 59

LashesByTanya Tanya Pretorius Envelope-Open Greenstone Drive, Bushwillow Park 1047, Greenstone Hill, 1609 Envelope tanyap001@hotmail.com phone-square +27826146895 instagram @LashesByTanya

Luscious Lashes International Lesley-Ann Altree Envelope-Open 6 Hutchinson Ave, Table View, 7441 Envelope lushlashes@iafrica.com phone-square +27215575279 GLOBE www.eyelashextensions.co.za


Directory UK

Artistic Fur

Ksenia Karnejenko Envelope-Open Glasgow, UK Envelope info@artisticfur.com phone-square +44 7411427010 GLOBE artisticfur.com instagram @ksenia_karnejenko

Vogue Lashes by Adelle Sutton

AV Passion Beauty

Adelle Sutton

Agata Vinckevic Envelope-Open Hampton, London Envelope avpassionbeauty@gmail.com phone-square +44 7772333995 instagram @agata_lashartist

Envelope-Open 9 Harvey Street, Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth, 6001 Envelope info@voguelashes.co.za phone-square +27415832530 GLOBE www.voguelashes.co.za

Kylie Chandler Envelope-Open Hyde Park Corner Shopping Centre, Suite 301, Hyde Park, Sandton, JHB, 219 Envelope orders@fluttereyelash.co.za GLOBE www.fluttereyelash.co.za

Worldwide & Online Deluxe Lashes International Aleksandra Maniuse phone-square +37060922922

Lessons in Lashes Envelope lashtutorials@hotmail.com GLOBE www.lessonsinlashes.com

60 - Business

Best Lashes&Brows (Best L&B Ltd) Renata Fodor-Csuti Envelope info@bestlashesandbrows.com phone-square +44 7555 481 857 GLOBE bestlashesandbrows.com facebook-square /bestlashesandbrowsworldwide instagram @bestlashesandbrows

East Anglian Beauty Training Maureen Blackman Envelope-Open Norwich, Norfolk, NR6 Envelope info@eabt.co.uk phone-square +44 7717 257 756 GLOBE eabt.co.uk facebook-square /eastanglianbeautytraining

Glam Lashes Marta Wiatr Envelope-Open Norfolk, UK Envelope trainingenquirygl@gmail.com GLOBE glam-lashesuk.com instagram @glamlashes_bymarta

I.Nova Studio Inese Stepanova Envelope-Open Exmouth, UK Envelope i.nova@outlook.com phone-square +44 7580 120 587 instagram @i.nova.studio

iLashtique Cindy Nicholls Envelope-Open Room 21, West Cornwall Enterprise

Centre, Cardrew Ind. Est, Redruth, TR15 1SS Envelope cindy@helloultimate.com phone-square +44 7875 436 054 GLOBE ilashtique.com facebook-square /ilashtique instagram @ilashtique

Lash & Brow Secrets Darja Striletskaja Envelope-Open Hornsey, London Envelope info@lashandbrowsecrets.com phone-square +44 7926 198 718 GLOBE lashandbrowsecrets.com instagram @lashandbrowsectrets

Lash Lady Scunthorpe Joanna Staniul Envelope-Open Scunthorpe, UK Envelope info.lashladyuk@yahoo.com phone-square +44 7881 202 465 GLOBE lashladyuk.com instagram @lashladyuk

LASHacademy Envelope rachel@lashbyfrancesca.co.uk GLOBE lashbyfrancesca.co.uk

London Lash Envelope-Open London Envelope info@londonlashpro.com phone-square +44 7495456276 GLOBE londonlashpro.com instagram @london_lash_pro

London Lash Manchester Ludmila Lazdovska Envelope-Open Manchester Envelope manchester@london-lash.com phone-square +44 7874 909 728 instagram @london_lash_manchester

Samantha Rose Samantha Houghton Envelope-Open Blackburn, UK Envelope samcollinge@me.com phone-square +44 7701086502 GLOBE samantha-rose.co.uk instagram @samantharose_salon

Shiny Lashes Katarzyna Kotlarz Envelope-Open Birmingham, UK Envelope infoshinylashes@gmail.com phone-square +44 7843906484 GLOBE shinylashes.co.uk instagram @shinylashesbirmingham

UK Lash Institute Miranda Tarpey Envelope-Open Suite 2E, Britannia House, Leagrave

Road, Luton Bedfordshire, LU3 1RJ

Envelope info@uklashinstitute.com phone-square +44 1582 344 324 GLOBE uklashinstitute.com instagram uklashinstitute

Wink Lash Bar Marie Darbyshire Envelope-Open Bolton, UK Envelope marieodarbyshire@gmail.com phone-square +44 7971566985 GLOBE winklashbarwilmslow.versum.com instagram @winklashbars

Frankie Widdows Envelope eyelash.extension.kent@gmail.com phone-square +44 7714 638405 GLOBE eyelashextensiontraining.co.uk

Michelle Ryan Envelope michelle@flirties.co.uk phone-square +44 7825 924 920 GLOBE flirties.co.uk

Sarah Humphreyson Envelope-Open 15 Drake Mill Business Park, Plymouth


Envelope sarah_humphreyson@hotmail.co.uk phone-square +44 1752 771 112 GLOBE eyelashqueenplymouth.co.uk facebook-square /eyelashqueenplymouth instagram @eyelashqueenplymouth

Ireland Annya Studio Anna Slufirski Envelope-Open Tallagh, Dublin 24, Ireland Envelope info@annyastudio.com facebook-square /annyasstudio instagram @annyastudio

Ms Diva Envelope aoife@msdiva.ie phone-square 0870 991 991 GLOBE msdiva.ie/

Ritzy Eyes Donata Jucyte Envelope-Open Unit 45, Coolmine Industrial Estate,

Blanchardstown, Dublin 15, Ireland Envelope donata@ritzyeyes.com phone-square 0831 040 220

USA Beverly Hills Lashes Envelope info@beverlyhillslashes.com phone-square +1 (310) 500-0551 GLOBE beverlyhillslashes.com facebook-square /beverlyhillslashes instagram @beverlyhillslashes TWITTER-SQUARE @bevhillslashes PINTEREST /bevhillslashes

MaiLash & Brows Mai Le Envelope-Open Scottsdale, AZ Envelope mailashinfo@gmail.com phone-square +1 (480) 404-0092 GLOBE mailash.com

PINKLAB INC. phone-square 877-623-0037 GLOBE pinklabcosmetics.com

San Diego Eyelash Extensions Olga Villarreal Envelope-Open 12935 Pomerado Road, Poway,

CA 92064 Envelope sdeyelash@gmail.com phone-square +1 (619) 438-5770 GLOBE sandiegoeyelashextensions.com facebook-square /sdeyelash instagram @sdeyelash TWITTER-SQUARE @sdeyelash PINTEREST /sdeyelash

Sinful Lashes Envelope sinfullashes@gmail.com phone-square +1 (818) 970–7151 GLOBE sinfullashes.com

SkinCare Fundamentals Stephanie Frey Envelope-Open 200 Parker Avenue, Rodeo, CA 94572 Envelope info@skincarefun.com phone-square +1 (888) 388-7546 GLOBE scflashstore.com/ facebook-square /skincarefundamentals instagram @skincarefun

Canada Bambola Lash Beauty Melissa Vitale Envelope training@bambolalashbeauty.com phone-square +1 (647) 404 5450 GLOBE bambolalashbeauty.com

Estilo Lash Kim Helgesen-Fuentes Envelope-Open Mackenzie, BC Envelope kimhelgesenfuentes@estilolash.com phone-square +1 (250) 615-1232 GLOBE estilolash.com facebook-square /estilolashmobileeyelashextensions

Lash Out Beauty Amanda Masi Envelope-Open 98 Fermar Dr Vaughan, Ontario Envelope lashoutlashess@gmail.com phone-square (416) 910 1044

Luxe Lash Academy Envelope-Open Vancouver, British Columbia Envelope leslie@luxelashstudio.ca phone-square +1 (778) 808–5572 GLOBE luxelashstudio.ca facebook-square /luxeacademy

Premium Products and Quality Training Envelope info@hotlashes.ca phone-square +1 (403) 999–4455

Kim Helgesen-Fuentes Envelope-Open 23 Heather cres , Mackenzie BC Envelope kimhelgesenfuentes@estilolash.com phone-square 1 (250)615-1232 

Business - 61



Enchanted S.P.A

Beauty Queens

Envelope-Open 1/7 Wise Sreet, Joondalup, Western

Daisy Krikemans Envelope-Open Beerse, Belgium Envelope info@beautyqueens.be phone-square +32 497899424 GLOBE beautyqueens.be instagram @daisy_krikemans

Australia, 6027

Envelope reception@enchantedspa.com.au phone-square +61 1300 113 996 GLOBE enchantedspa.com.au

Lash Xtend Amy Williams Envelope-Open 16/344 Bilsen Road, Geebung Qld 4034 Envelope hello@lashxtendbeauty.com.au phone-square +61449602750 GLOBE lashxtendbeauty.com.au facebook-square /lahxtendbeauty instagram @lashextend

Lashworx Lisa Gillianders Envelope-Open 50 Park Road, Greenmeadows, Napier

4112, New Zealand Envelope lashworx@gmail.com phone-square +64275456106 GLOBE lashworx@gmail.com

Asena Artistry Mia Quach Envelope mai@asenaartistry.com phone-square +61416566556 GLOBE asenaartistry.com facebook-square /asenaartistry instagram @asenaartistry

NHMLASH Studio Nadia Southon Envelope-Open Shop 2b/8 Carrara Street, Mount Gravatt

East 4122 Envelope nhmlash@gmail.com phone-square +61452433374 GLOBE nhmlash.com.au facebook-square /nhmlash instagram @nhmlash

Lashes on Point Nina Andrews Envelope-Open Shop 4, 80 Hazel Glen Drive, Doreen,

VIC 3754

Envelope lashesonpoint_australia@hotmail.com phone-square +61439369908 GLOBE lashesonpoint.com.au facebook-square /lashesonpointsalon instagram @lashesonpointsalon

Denmark MYLASHCOMPANY Envelope-Open Beringsvej 7, 7500 Holstebro, Denmark Envelope info@mylashcompany.com phone-square +45 5070 2543 GLOBE mylashcompany.com

Finland Salon Styleteam Oy / Ripsitukku / LashStock Anna Kallio Envelope-Open Hämeentie 14 LH 324240 Salo Envelope lashstock@gmail.com / ripsitukku@gmail.com phone-square +35 840 084 3454 GLOBE ripsitukku.fi instagram @styleteamoy

Greece Beautifeye By Jules- Lash Boutique (glyfada- attikaGreece) Julia Chatzopoulou Envelope-Open Glyfáda, Greece Envelope juliachatzopoulou@gmail.com phone-square 0030 694472 5646 instagram @beautifeye_by_jules

Italy Milano Royal Lashes Anna Orlova Envelope-Open Milan, Itlay Envelope annaorlovaitaly@mail.ru phone-square +39 347 044 8332 GLOBE annaorlova.it instagram @anna.orlova.royal.lashes


Directory United Kingdom

Best Lashes&Brows®

Renata Fodor-Csuti Envelope info@bestlashesandbrows.com phone-square +44 7555 481 857 GLOBE bestlashesandbrows.com facebook-square /bestlashesandbrowsworldwide instagram @bestlashesandbrows

Golden Eyelashes Ltd. Envelope goldeneyelashesinfo@gmail.com phone-square +44 7522 168 750 GLOBE golden–eyelashes.com

Lash Heaven GLOBE lashheaven.uk

Lash Perfect Envelope info@lashperfect.co.uk phone-square +44 208 500 9028 GLOBE lashperfect.co.uk

LASHacademy Training & Products Envelope rachel@lashbyfrancesca.co.uk GLOBE lashbyfrancesca.co.uk

LashBase Ltd Envelope-Open Unit 1 Stratfield Park, Elettra Avenue,

Waterlooville, Hampshire, PO7

Envelope sales@lashbase.co.uk phone-square +44 239 225 1425 GLOBE lashbase.co.uk facebook-square /lashbase instagram @lashbase_ltd TWITTER-SQUARE @lashbase

My Beautiful Eyes Envelope sales@beautyinnovator.co.uk GLOBE mybeautifuleyes.eu

Nouveau Lash Nouveau Beauty Group phone-square +44 844 801 6820 GLOBE nouveaubeautygroup.com

VZ Hair and Glamour Ltd Envelope info@vzhairandglamour.com phone-square +44 7554 925 551 GLOBE vzhairandglamour.com

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Ireland Elite Lash Academy Envelope-Open Mall Road, Monaghan, Ireland Envelope santa.jodka@gmail.com phone-square +353 868 593 699 GLOBE elitelash.co.uk

Glamour Lashes Ireland Envelope lamourlashesbyjana@gmail.com phone-square +353 872 974 781 GLOBE glamourlashes.ie

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Ultimate Lash And Brow Inc.

Envelope contact@novalash.com phone-square +1 (866) 430–1261 GLOBE novalash.com

Viengsamay Kettavong Envelope vien@ultimatelashandbrow.com phone-square +1 (619) 800-4429 GLOBE ultimatelashandbrow.com facebook-square /ultimatelashbrowusa

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RevitaLash® Cosmetics Envelope cservice@revitalash.com GLOBE revitalash.com

Sinful Lashes

Australia Enchanted SPA Envelope-Open 1/7 Wise Sreet, Joondalup, Western

Australia, 6027 Envelope reception@enchantedspa.com.au phone-square +61 1300 113 996 GLOBE enchantedspa.com.au

Envelope info@angeleyelashes.com GLOBE angeleyelashes.com

Envelope sinfullashes@gmail.com phone-square +1 (818) 970–7151 GLOBE sinfullashes.com



SkinCare Fundamentals

Lash eXtend

Kimberly Jaynes Envelope-Open 353 Pierpont Ave, Saltlake City, UT 84101 Envelope info@borboletabeauty.com phone-square 801-735-2439 GLOBE borboletabeauty.com facebook-square /borboletabeauty instagram @borboletabeauty

Envelope-Open 200 Parker Avenue, Rodeo, CA 94572 Envelope info@skincarefun.com phone-square +1 (888) 388-7546 GLOBE scflashstore.com facebook-square /skincarefundamentals instagram @skincarefun

Boutique Lash Company

Envelope-Open NJ USA Envelope info@skinlashstudio.com phone-square +1 (732) 618–2096 GLOBE skinlashstudio.com

Envelope admin@boutiquelash.com phone-square +1 (780) 266–3875 GLOBE boutiquelashcompany.com

SkynLash Academy

Envelope info@lashextend.nl phone-square 033–4450323 GLOBE lashextend.nl

South Africa Luscious Lashes International Envelope lushlashes@iafrica.com phone-square +27 72 338 7000 GLOBE eyelashextensions.co.za

The Lash Collection

Eye and Lash Health Institute

Sugar Lash Pro

Envelope info@thelashcollection.co.za GLOBE thelashcollection.co.za

Ellie Malmin Envelope eyeandhealth360@gmail.com phone-square 561 358 5999 GLOBE eyeandlashhealthinstitute.com instagram @ellielashes

GLOBE sweetsugarlashes.com facebook-square /sugarlashPRO


Sweet Lash

EBC Limited

Hot Lashes Envelope hotlashes@live.com phone-square +1 (403) 999–4455 GLOBE hotlashes.ca

Lash Affair by J.Paris Envelope info@lashaffair.com phone-square +1 (800) 608-2420 GLOBE lashaffair.com

Lash FX Jill Heijligers-Peloquin Envelope-Open 2147 E Willis Road Gilbert, Arizona 85297 Envelope order@lashfx.com phone-square 1-855-4-LASHFX GLOBE lashfx.com

Envelope-Open 377 Marshall Way N #1, Layton, UT 84041 Envelope info@sweetlash.com GLOBE sweetlash.com

The Lashe, Inc. Envelope-Open 6321 N Avondale Ave., Suite 206,

Chicago, IL 60631 Envelope thelashe@thelashe.com phone-square +1 (773) 202-9399 GLOBE thelashe.com facebook-square /thelashe instagram @thelashe TWITTER-SQUARE @thelashe

Envelope-Open 26 Prilep Str, Varna 9000, Bulgaria Envelope mimi@ebcstore.com phone-square +359 5260 4073 GLOBE ebcstore.com

Thailand Ultimate Lash And Brow Inc. Viengsamay Kettavong Envelope vien@ultimatelashandbrow.com phone-square +619 800 4429 GLOBE ultimatelashandbrow.com facebook-square /ultimatelashbrowusa

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Profile for Lash Inc Media

Lash Inc USA / Canada - Issue 9 - Preview  

Lash Inc USA / Canada - Issue 9

Lash Inc USA / Canada - Issue 9 - Preview  

Lash Inc USA / Canada - Issue 9

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