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Letter from the Editor So much has happened in the past 3 months. Numerous competitions, conferences, online events and product launches worldwide. It has been quite a time! One of my favourite parts of my day to day work is looking at my Instagram feed. I love seeing where my friends and colleagues are and what they are getting up to in lash land. I also love seeing and sharing lovely lash work. I enjoy following new lash artists and seeing them flourish over time into established lash artists. Please remember to tag @lashinc on Instagram, I will follow your work and maybe even repost for all our followers to enjoy. You might also notice that the magazine has changed in style, we hope you love our new branding which we feel reflects our brand and industry better. It’s modern, strong and colourful. We love the look and hope you do also. We announced the new branding on World Lash Day at the Lash Inc / World Lash day event held in Glasgow, United Kingdom. We had VIP attendees from the UK, Europe, Canada and the USA. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the speakers and attendees for supporting the event and all those who posted about World Lash Day and posted about their own offers and events. Read about our Glasgow event more in this magazine. This issue has lots of fantastic articles on a wide range of subjects, I hope you find it inspirational and educational. A huge thanks to our Senior Journalists and Contributors for keeping Lash Inc fresh and full of information. Enjoy this issue and have a wonderful festive season and a fantastic start to 2020 when it comes. Best wishes,

Louise Tierney Lash Inc International Editor @louise_lashinc @lashinc Published by Lash Inc Axiom Building Lash Inc, 102B 48-54 Washington Street Glasgow G3 8AZ Contact: Louise Tierney

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The evolution of easy fanning lashes by London Lash Pro

Easy fanning lashes - some stylists love them like we love a Piña Colada in the summer, others hate them like we all hate stickies - but what does the term ‘easy fanning’ actually mean, and is this the direction the lash industry is moving in for good?

The lash industry is always evolving, and this has been particularly evident in the last few years. We’re coming up with different styles, new techniques, and, in trying to meet the constantly developing requirements of the average lash tech, almost every lash company is working alongside manufacturers to introduce new, innovative types of lashes which supposedly speed up treatment times, make our lives easier and basically also help us earn more money, because - let’s be honest - a shorter treatment means: 1. You can charge more for the treatment - because you can give a fuller look in less time 2. You can easily squeeze 1-3 extra clients in each day

8 Lashes

So should we be so sceptical about these innovations, or should we give it a try and enjoy the fact that someone out there is taking their time to come up with ideas that will make our lives much easier. Now, we understand that there is a lot of controversy around easy fanning lashes, this is normal when big changes come, but really, this is a change we just can’t avoid, and sooner or later you will have to make a choice you either stay behind, or move forward and expand your business. Before you make up your mind about easy fanning lashes, let us talk a little bit about why we love them, and how to make them work for you. Easy fanning lashes are usually different length lashes placed on the strip in layers so

that once you close the tweezers on a bunch of them, they will pop open creating a fan. That is the theory, but easy fanning lashes are not magic lashes, so we would not recommend these for those not yet trained in Volume lashes, as you still need to know how many lashes is safe for any given lash. Easy fanning lashes are amazing, but damaging lashes is not! Easy fanning lashes, contrary to popular opinion, are also not for beginners. We still firmly believe that if you want to become a professional and successful lash artist, you need to feel the struggle of creating and applying handmade fans. You need to learn how to work with the glue, how to work with layers, lash diameters and all these little things you either weren’t told or forgot from your training but

it’s these little things that actually make you an excellent and professional eyelash technician. So before you start to reap the benefits of the industry boom, start with a foundation. I know this is not what most of you would like to hear but that’s the reality, and the reality is that nothing worth having comes easy. Next, let us explain to you how you can effectively work with easy fanning lashes. Sure, you can grab a bunch of them and just stick them randomly to the natural lashes - will they look nice? Doubtful. Like we said - they are not magic lashes. The sticky base makes it a little bit easier to fan, and prevents the fan from being lost when you lift it from the strip. Our Master artists still like to take control of the situation by placing them on the strip and fanning them into a desire “shape”. This way, you can also control how many lashes will be placed on the natural

lash, and make sure the base is not too thick - a very thick base can lead to more stickies, which we definitely don’t want! The choice of tweezers is also very important - we tested a few and found that the finer the tip, the easier they make it to work with easy fanning lashes, our top choice are LLP multifunctional tweezers. The small, sharp tip makes them super precise, and allows you to pick the number of lashes you want! Another common opinion about easy fanning lashes is that they don’t wrap around the NL. Well they don’t, that much is true, but neither do premade fans, or the T-base fans that are very often used by many experienced technicians and, if we’re being honest, we haven’t noticed any issues with retention. That being said, if you like your fans to wrap around the natural lash then you are most likely not going to be happy

with these lashes and that’s ok, after all, we all have our unique style. To summarise (in case you’re just skimming the article between clients): Q: Are easy fanning lashes as amazing as they’re said to be? A: We would say yes, definitely! They can reduce the time of treatment by as much as an hour! Q: Can everyone use them? A: No! You need to be a qualified and confident Russian Volume technician Q: Are they for you?? A: Well, you will have to try for yourself and make up your own mind! Personally for us, it was a case of love at first fan! Even so, it took even our best lash queens a little while and a bit of fiddling to find the best way for them to use them!

Lashes 9

by Julie Knight

Do you have to lash all the lashes? Our views will vary but I think you need to treat all the lashes all the time. Here’s why.

That look may not be what your client wants If your client wants a natural look, treating all the lashes may not look natural and they may prefer it after some shedding. We don’t have the same number of lashes on each eye I experimented when creating my courses in 2012. I counted the lashes on 30 new clients who’d never had extensions so I could discount any trauma from previous wear. Interestingly, none had the same number of lashes on both eyes. They averaged around 10% more on one eye. I used to treat both eyes simultaneously but I’m quicker treating one at a time. As I prepare the lashes for treatment, I visually assess and guess the difference and treat the eye that has the fewest lashes first and balance the other so it’s not over treated. We don’t have the same number of

10 Lashes

treatable lashes on each eye Each day or week, the number of natural lashes in each of the 3 phases of growth differs as they grow independently. Each lash varies in length and thickness according to its phase at that time. I don’t treat the baby (anagen) lashes to avoid stressing the follicle, allowing them to mature first. I know that many stylists do and use shorter, finer and therefore lighter lashes. Ultimately, it’s not carrying something as full as an older lash next to it. One eye will have fewer ‘fully’ treatable adult lashes than the other. I wanted to explore the extent of the difference. I did another counting experiment over a winter season on 5 models who’d never had lash treatments. I repeated the count 2 months later. I chose winter to avoid the ‘seasonal shedding’ theory that started to emerge. Using two pairs of tweezers, I went from lash to lash calling out ‘baby’, ‘adult’ or ‘pensioner’ to a friend who took notes.

The results were really interesting. The number of adults (Catagen and Telogen) lashes varied by around 20% between both eyes on ALL five of them. One had: 105 adult lashes and 50 infants. A total of 155 lashes on their right eye. 135 adult lashes and 36 infants. A total of 171 lashes on their left eye. If you treat all the lashes or just the adults on both eyes, one eye will look fuller than the other. Your treatment sometimes looks fuller than other times because of the lash growth cycle. I saw why when I repeated the count after two months on all 5 models. The same model then had: 122 adult lashes and 34 infants. A total of 156 lashes on their right eye. 144 adults and 24 infants. A total of 168 lashes on their left eye.

This chart shows the difference between both eyes, 2 months apart. Results for Model 1 of 5 Month

Right eye

Left eye

Difference between eyes each time














16 more lashes on the left eye 30 more adult lashes on the left eye








12 more lashes on the left eye 22 more adult lashes on the left eye

In summary, to get the style and the balance right, we don’t need to treat every lash every time. If you want to know more, please get in touch.

Julie Knight Elite Eyelash Extensions Stylist and Lash Inc Accredited Trainer



Lashes 11

Brow Lamination by Deboragh Hendren

The latest beauty trend that is taking the UK by storm!

What is Brow Lamination? The latest trend at the moment is brow lamination or brow perming. It has taken the UK by storm with hundreds of techs clambering to get trained in the treatment to be able to offer the service to their clients, but what exactly is it? Brow lamination is a beauty trend from Moscow. It makes the eyebrows look fuller, more symmetrical and gives the brows a well groomed look. It also helps to strengthen and nourish the brows and results can last up to 8 weeks. Brow lamination will ‘fix’ your brows into the shape you want! Who is the treatment for? If you have unruly brows, thick stubborn brows or you have brows that are not symmetrical then this is the treatment for you. Similarly, you have a gap in your brows or if you just want a more polished look to your brows then this is also the treatment for you.

12 Lashes

So how does it work? It works in a similar way to a lash lift as you are using similar products and the technique is similar although you are not using rods or shields. Brow lamination does not use the same ingredients as a regular lash lift though and so shouldn’t be attempted with your brand of lash lifting products. There have been cases where people have attempted to use their regular lash lifting products and have burnt the skin. The brow lamination products have different ingredients and are a different strength. It is important to use products especially designed for the job. Brow lamination uses a perming solution, a fixing solution, glue and a nourishing agent. A liquid silk composition can also be added and this is a proven solution based on keratin and liquid silicone, which coats the hair, creating a protective nutrient-rich film. The perming solution will soften and straighten the hair. The fixing solution fixes the hair for up to 8 weeks. A thin layer of glue is applied. You then brush the eyebrows into the shape you desire and then perm and fix them in to place. The brows can be tinted straight after but if you want to apply henna then you must leave at least 24 hours after treatment before doing so.

What look can you achieve? Some people want to go for that Cara Delevigne look with brows brushed upwards. Some just want a more natural look whilst others want a very highly defined brow. A lot of people have hairs that grow in different directions and with this treatment you can set the brows so they are all going in the direction you want which gives a neater look. Can anyone have the treatment? The procedure is safe but you can’t have the treatment if you have any cuts, abrasions, burns or scars near the eye. You also would not be a candidate if you have any infections of the eye. How much do I charge? Average price is about £35 How long does the treatment take? Treatment time on average is 30-45 mins Where can I buy products? Lash Factor are UK distributor and products and kits are available at www.lashfactor.co.uk Training will also be available soon so keep an eye out on our social media sites.



Featured Lash Artist - Carla Giannotti

by Ina Landolfo

“Good People will always support each other” There is nothing more important than to focus on your career. I love being a lash stylist. It’s my passion since the very beginning and getting better and improving my skills is a daily target.


hen I started being a lash stylist there were hardly any around. The prices for good training were quite high and the whole business was not developed at all. Clients needed to drive hours to find good lash stylists and it was very easy to grow a business. I am very thankful I started during this time because I had much time to improve myself and some years to take courses. Nowadays the expectations of clients are at the highest standard. You need to be one of the most famous and best stylists to get clients.

14 Lashes

During my career, I noticed there is quite a lot talking behind the back sometimes. I never understood why. Okay, it might be a female attitude to look left and right to decide which path to take but I decided to just look forward and I noticed one thing. Good people will always support each other. Really good stylists I mean worlds best stylists will not get in trouble with each other as they all have a lot of business to do. And they are impressed by great things developed by competitors or others as they notice its hard work. And hard work needs to

be respected. Good people don’t find any spare time to talk about others. They are not afraid to share knowledge and future trends as they know there are enough clients for everyone. No need to get in trouble. I am really looking forward tot the next decade of lashes. I am so impressed by all the great work I see when I am judging competitions. There are so many awesome stylists around worldwide. And one thing is for sure - “Good people will always support each other”

Lashes 15

by Lana Slatina Lash Inc. Editor and Academy, Spain

Six tips on problem natural lashes Sooner or later each lash artist is faced with the challenge of problem natural lashes. Let’s revise the following common cases of problem natural lashes.


Very dense and short natural lashes. First, we will apply eye lash extensions to the shortest natural lashes using the Classic technique. Then we apply volume fans of 0.04, 0.05 or 0.06mm thickness to the rest of the eye lashes. The bases of those fans should be really thin and twisted.


Growing down or deformed natural lashes When the natural eye lashes grow downwards, we will use the maximum curl possible. It works better when we apply the extensions at the bottom of the natural lash and pull each extension upwards after application. When the natural lash is deformed, we should not apply the extension parallel to its base, because we will get the wrong direction. We will respect the direction in accordance with the chosen design, and sometimes even attach the extension to the base, leaving a very tiny area of adhesion. Sometimes the extension will stay almost perpendicular to the natural lash.

16 Lashes


Sparse, weak, falling out natural lashes Sometimes natural lashes which are prone to falling out require special care and cleaning. Removing all the fat and grease from the eye lid, because it blocks the pores, weakens the natural lash and may result in early fall out. It may take some time before the natural lashes become stronger again. We will apply eye lash extensions at the distance of 0.5-1.00mm from the eye lid and never go over 2D volume. To make lashes fluffy and dense at the base, we will form the volume fans without twisting the base, with the bases of extensions strictly parallel to each other. We will use very thin extensions of 0.03, 0.04 or 0.05mm thick. When the natural lashes are sparse and weak, we will choose the strongest and healthiest lashes and apply the maximum volume on them, while we will apply just 2-3D volume on the rest of the weak lashes using very thin extensions.


Glazed and shiny natural lashes Some natural lashes are so nurtured and hydrated that they have a shiny, glazed appearance and they are kind of slippery when we try to apply lash extensions. They seem to reject the adhesive as if they were covered with an invisible wrap. This type of natural lashes is common for clients who take lots of vitamins or those on antibiotic treatment, or women who are breast-feeding, or even during menstruation. These are periods when the metabolism is accelerated. The particles of the eye lash cuticle are tightly closed, that prevents the adhesive from penetration into the pores and reduces the retention time. This is the case when you just can´t do without primer. The perfect method to ensure great retention is a “sandwich” technique. We apply individual eye lash extension at the bottom of the natural lash and immediately apply another one on top of the same natural lash. The natural lash will be locked inside between two extensions and will not be able to reject them. To achieve a fluffier effect, we can use the mixed method. We can apply the 0.10mm thickness individual extension on the bottom of the natural lash, and we will apply two 0.07mm (2D) extensions on top of the same natural lash. As a result, we will get a 3D fluffiness.


Watery eyes, blinking and non-close eye lids Almost all lash experts are faced with a “crying” client from time to time. Some clients cannot close their eyes completely; others cannot stop blinking. In all those cases there is a danger of a chemical burn as the fumes from the adhesive get in contact with the mucus membrane of the eye. If the client “cries” during the application of eye lash extensions, we will put a little cotton ball or some cellulose tissue near the corner of the eye to make sure we work with dry natural lashes. If the client is blinking or cannot close their eyes completely, we can try to fix the upper eye lid with tape or gel patch, or we can turn the head of the client to the side. The oldest method was to place a clean coin on the eye lid and fix it with the tape.


Consequences of a sty Very often one or several natural lashes stop growing back after the inflammation of the hair bulb – a sty. It depends on the intensity and the grade of the inflammation. Another reason for natural lash loss may be the chronic blepharitis (inflammation of the borders of the eye lids). In these cases, we must fill in the gaps, applying fans of maximum 5-7D volume with non-twisted straight bases. It will help to hide the defect and make it absolutely invisible. The good thing is that any difficulty makes us stronger and enriches our professional experience. Wishing you great success and lots of thankful clients!

Lashes 17

Why portfolio sets are important by Fiona McNeil

Your lash pictures, beautifully done and photographed will create confidence in your prospective clients looking at your social media and will help you create more professional-looking advertisements and posts.


ortfolio sets can also be entered into online competitions. Sometimes you can get caught in a rut, lashing day in and out. But preparing a lash design and photography backdrop may put some creative fun back into your artistry and energize you! Things you can do to take great portfolio shots are designing your models lashes beforehand, implementing face studies and choosing the best mapping to make her eyes really stand out.

Creating a backdrop with lighting in a salon or a small corner in your home studio is fun and easy. Research lighting. drop by a local photography store and ask for tips, use your ring light and jump online for inspiration with posing and hair/makeup. Make sure your camera is set to high definition and snap away. Most importantly take a day off to do your models lashes and shoot without being rushed. Take photographs of the whole process for your social media and get lost in the artistry and creativity!

Lashes 19

by Britta Krueger

Lash lifting myths uncovered If you offer lash lifting or you are curious about this fantastic treatment and want to start offering this to your clients you would have seen some conflicting information which can be quite confusing so we will look at the most common misconceptions and see what is fact and fiction!

Lash lifting and lash perming is different Yes and No! Ok so the products and procedure are very similar and in fact, the process itself of what happens to the hair is the same (it does not matter where the hair is, ie if we are perming hair on your head or the lashes on your eyes, the process of perming the hair remains the same. Having said that, just because you can perm hair does not mean you are qualified to lift lashes so there is a distinct difference in the application and there are few things you need to be aware of. If you are looking to offer this to your clients then it is worth you taking an accredited course to learn the treatment fully so that you can then treat paying clients and obtain insurance for this treatment. You can’t get the lashes wet - Wrong! There are quite a few rumours that you cannot get the lashes wet for 24 hours following the lash lift treatment.

If you look at the tradition of perming hair you would wrap the hair around curlers, use the perming lotion to break the natural structure of the hair, then apply the fixing lotion to set the new structure around the curler and once this has developed your curls will stay! This is perming in a nutshell (there is a complicated process behind this but this is a simplified version) and it is not dissimilar to lash lifting. We are using different “curlers”, in our case we are using shields but the main process remains the same. Just like the hairdresser washes your perm out when it has developed, the same way you can remove your clients lifting and tinting products out once the structure is set and as you can imagine, water cannot change the structure! In fact, if you don’t remove the products thoroughly after each step there is a possibility that the solutions will continue developing and thus could damage the lashes or they could become over-processed and frizzy.

Aftercare is everything - Wrong! We hear very often that is down to the aftercare when lashes become frizzy or the lash lift is not taking or lasting very well. Whilst there are some cases where the aftercare does matter, ie clients smoking or exposing their lashes to hot air through hair dryers or opening the oven door which can result in the lashes turning frizzy, in most cases any damage to the natural lash is down to the application or incorrect procedure and processing times. A lot of brands recommend simply dry wiping to remove each step, however, this might not remove the solutions fully so the lashes could become over-processed purely through solution remaining on the lashes. Removing each step thoroughly with a damp pad is essential to the desired treatment outcome and likewise thoroughly cleaning the lashes after the treatment has been completed to remove any tint residue and finish with a leave-in conditioner will help to maintain lash health and a reliable outcome.

20 Lashes

Just like the hairdresser will wash your hair after the perm has developed, the same way we need to remove any residue of the lifting solutions. And just like the hairdresser will apply a conditioner or oil to your hair, the same way we apply a nourishing lotion to restore the lash heath. Neither water nor any oil or cream around the eye area should have an impact on your lash lift nor how long it lasts.

It does not matter how the lashes are applied on the shield - Wrong! It is crucial that the lashes are applied straight and next to each other. You need to ensure that no lashes cross over and that the angle of the lashes on the shield is correct. If the lashes are not applied correctly this will result in an untidy look once the solutions have developed and it also means that the lashes will grow out very messy.

Small shields are always best - Wrong! It is a common misconception that small shields always give the strongest curl but the right shield size actually depends on the length of the natural lashes. If you use small shields with long natural lashes the curve will look unnatural and curl back into the lid so medium or even large shields should be used. Most clients are suitable for medium shields but if you have new clients or you are unsure it is best to measure the shield with the lashes first.

Systems with shorter development times are better - Wrong! The shorter the development time of a system is the stronger the solutions have to be to achieve good and fast results. Sadly this could result in over-processed lashes which can damage the natural lash over time especially if the development times are not followed meticulously.

The more solution you apply the better the lift - Wrong! It is best to apply the solution only up to 1/3 1/2 of the natural lash to ensure full effectiveness while making sure that the lashes stay health. Applying the solution to high up on the natural lash can result in the lashes over-processing and getting frizzy (the tips are much finer than the base of the lash). It is also important to press the solutions into the lashes, so if you only dab the solutions quickly over the lashes this might result in the lash lift not fully developing. Be thorough and take time for each step as this will result in a reliable outcome.

The lash lift is not developing so it must be a faulty batch - Wrong! Most “failed” lash lifts have got a very plausible reason, it is just a case of finding the culprit. With experience, it is only natural that we get a bit slack in some things, especially if it’s busy in the salon, we chat to the client or we have other things on our mind. It is very easy to miss the tiniest bit of treatment or subconsciously take a shortcut. These things happen, but with lash lifts, it is the small things that have got a big impact so be thorough and check everything meticulously! • How long have you had the products? (keep an eye on the shelf life) •H  ow long have they been opened? (different products have got different recommendations for shelf life)

•H  ow were the products stored? (best to keep the products between 20-24 degrees in a dark and cool place out of direct sunlight) •H  ave you mixed the products thoroughly before opening? (especially if your room conditions fluctuate you need to do this before use. Remember that in the colder seasons your room can get cold through the night and warm in the day which will affect your products) • I s the shield applied correctly? (too close or even over the lash line or likewise application too far from the lash line will have an impact on the actual lift) •A  re the lashes aligned correctly on the shield? •A  re you using the right shield size? •H  ow much adhesive have you used to apply the lashes to the shield? (too much adhesive can act as a barrier) •H  ave you applied enough solution? • I s the solution applied high enough? •H  ave you pressed it into the lashes? •D  id you time the development time? (Remember that both timings, ie development and fixing time are equally important. If the step 2 is not left on long enough the lash will revert back to its original shape and lose the lift so it is important to maintain correct timings) •H  ave you removed all products thoroughly? We hope this helps to clarify some confusion and myths and we wish you all Happy Lifting! Please note that this information is based on the flirties products and experience with this and other brands.



Lashes 21

by Sofia Atsarou

Lash extension mistakes you may be guilty of as a beginner and how to avoid them! Are you a begginer lash artist and you can’t understand what mistakes you tend to make? You believed you had created the dreamy set and when the clients open their eyes you realize that the perfect look you were imaging transforms to downright scary, and on top of this they come back to complain about the result, and that they have fallen out too soon??

Do not be discouraged! This is every beginner eyelash extensions stylist’s nightmare but fortunately, it’s pretty easy to solve. With eyelash extensions it’s usually the little things, that when taken together make a big diffrence. Just make sure you do the following steps right.


Mistake number 1: you choose the wrong styling We all know the magic of eyelashes and how they can open up eyes and make them look bigger and stunning immediately, but not all styles suit every client. Most clients want the ‘’cateye’’ look, but only a very small handful of people actually have the correct eye shape to pull off this look. It is so important that you know how to correctly style. You need to take into consideration clients eye shape, distance of the eyes, natural lash growth direction and facial bone structure in order to achieve the best look for each of your clients. You also need to be able to choose the appropriate length, thickness and curl. Tell your client to look straight at you and then mark the spot on the lid where you want

22 Lashes

to give empashis in order to create the desired result (when the clients eyes are shut, it makes it very tricky to determine). Now is the perfect time to do the mapping! Lash mapping has a major effect on overall look. Symmetry is the absolute key when doing lashes and without a map it will be extremely difficult to remember which lash you should use where.


Mistake number 2: you don’t work with layers A very important way to achieve the perfect lash look is working with the layers. You don’t do it?? Now is the perfect time to do it!! Remember you need to put a longer lash on the bottom layers and a shorther lash on the middle and on the top layers.


Mistake number 3: you don’t follow the correct pre-treatment It is very important to follow the correct pre-treatment before you begin your eyelash application. You need to ensure that your client has absolutely no make up, dust or grime on her lashes. You can clean them with lash shampoo and gently remove it with water. Make sure that the eyelashes are dry before you continue the application. For best results remember to always follow up with cleanser, primer or pretreatment before you start.


Mistake number 4: wrong placement of patches Have you ever thought that the reason for the messy look when your client opens their eyes maybe caused by the incorrect placement of patches? Well it is the base of creating the perfect set. You should always start from the inner corners and move outwards, this way you will have more control of the placement of patches and you will avoid chemical burn and discomfort for your client. Ensure that all lower

lashes are completely covered but take care to ensure that they are not touching your clients eye. Once the gel pads have both been applied, gently comb through the lashes. Medical tape can also be used and it is an alternative way for the clients who have allergic reaction to patches.

6 5

Mistake number 5: wrong lash direction A very important factor in a clean final look is the correct lash direction. The aim of the therapist is to create immaculate uniformity of all the extensions. Unfortunately most natural lashes tend to ‘’Criss-cross’’ or grow in different directions. If we were to follow the direction of natural lashes we would have a set of very messy extensions that mimic the natural lashes. Instead we must control the direction of our extensions and use the base of the natural lashes as attachment points only. We only need a minimal amount of glue attached to the base, therefore we can easily control the direction that we wish the extensions to follow. Ignore the direction of the natural lashes, focus solely on the base of the natural lash, as this is where you will be attaching your extension. It is up to you to control the direction of the extensions. Do not let the natural lashes dictate the direction of the extension. Remember the lashes should leave the eyelid at a 90 degree perpedicular angle and the inner and outer corner lashes should fan outwards not head straight.

Mistake number 6: wrong distance from the lid Getting the correct distance from the lid is very tricky and requires a lot of experience and practice to get it perfect. They are either too close to the lid or too far off. However, both are bad. If you get the lash too close to the lid it will be very uncomfortable or even painful for your client. The lash and the adhesive will irritate their skin. Sticking the lash too far from the lid, is not as bad as getting it too close, however it will eventually grow much quicker than the other lashes and will be too heavy for the root of the natural lash. It will also look very messy and could cause the extensions to twist. The ideal distance is between 0.5-1Mm from the lid.


Mistake number 8: you don’t control the amount of glue If you have been wondering why your clients lashes are not lasting as long as they should be, it is probably because of the amount of glue you’re using during the treatment. Try and scoop the glue but not too much. You just Want the tiniest ball of glue on the lash not a big blob.If you get too much glue then try to scoop slower.


Mistake number 7: stickies Stickies are the most important thing to watch out for when applying lashes. The reason it is so important to check your work for stickies is because they are extremely damaging to the natural lashes. The first step to prevent stickies is to correctly isolate the lash. Checking your work for stickies is very important. Always ensure you save time at the end of a treatment in order to do this thoroughly and correctly. Check each individual lash with your tweezers, do not forget to check every natural lash to ensure that any baby lashes are not stuck anywhere.

It’s all about the safety of your clients and to make an incredible look! Remember if you want to touch the stars you should work hard first. Everyone of us can create perfection but we should wait a little bit and practice every day! Never give up, believe in yourself!! Thank you for reading, I hope you found this information useful.

Lashes 23

Loretta eyelash adhesive by Flawless Lashes by Loreta Trainer Kai and Loreta @flawless_lashes_by_loreta

Cyanoacrylate is the main ingredient in the vast majority of professional eyelash adhesives. Cyanoacrylate is an acrylic monomer that transforms to a hard-plastic state after curing or drying. In fact, the term “cyanoacrylate adhesive” describes all quick-bonding adhesives. Cyanoacrylate adhesives differ from other adhesives, due to its special bonding conditions. This is because cyanoacrylate glue can only bond to a surface when there is moisture present. This means if the cyanoacrylate glue is placed on a perfectly dry surface, it will not stick to the surface or form a bond. If there is too much adhesive and you pour a bucket of water on it straight away. The adhesive instantly forms a “skin” but is still fresh and not cured inside! So pay attention to this! Let’s take a closer look at the curing process…. Cyanoacrylate adhesives are prone to blooming

24 Lashes

or frosting, a cosmetically unappealing phenomenon that presents as a whitish haze or film surrounding the bond. Blooming occurs when cyanoacrylate monomers evaporate too rapidly and become airborne or when too much moisture is present and the unreacted cyanoacrylate cures too rapidly causing an exothermic reaction allowing blooming to occur. So, how do we avoid the dreaded bloom? Use accelerators – The faster the adhesive cures, the lower the chance there will be unreacted cyanoacrylate monomers that become airborne. Adding an accelerator to speed the rate


of curing, reduces the chances of blooming.


Avoid extremes in relative humidity – If the relative humidity is too low, the adhesive will take longer to cure. If it’s too high, the curing reaction may occur too quickly, and an exothermic reaction may allow blooming to occur. Relative humidity of 40 to 70% is recommended for cyanoacrylate curing. Avoid extremes in temperature – Elevated temperatures increase the vapour pressure of the cyanoacrylate monomer, leading to a higher chance of blooming. A temperature-controlled environment as close to 70°F is ideal. Avoid the use of old adhesives – Old

3 4

adhesives do not cure as fast as fresh ones!










ri g




nd a.lo


EASY FANNING LASHES www.londonlashpro.com

NYC Volume Cup - 1st Place

1st place • Speed Volume • Muriel Revardy

1st place • Kim K • Alena Zhdanova

1st place • Fantasy Lash Art • Katherine Elliott

1st place • 3D Volume Junior • Hitomi Smith

1st place • 3D Volume Master • Jenny Sjöblom

1st place • 3D Volume Expert • Lin Yu Han

26 Lashes

1st place • Mega Volume Junior • Hitomi Smith

1st place • Mega Volume Master • Tram Nguyen

1st place • Mega Volume Expert • Evgenia Kolosova

1st place • Classic Junior • Alena Zhdanova

1st place • Classic Master • Sayana Bozoeva

1st place • Classic Expert • Żaneta Stoszek

Lashes 27

NYC Volume C  up - Favourites

Favourite • Kecia Davidsen

Favourite • Lily Ngo

Favourite • Inna Dubousova

Favourite • Hanna Babanakava

28 Lashes

Favourite • Hsiu Hui Liu

Lashes 29

by Emily Lee

Lash Bash Island Retreat It has been one whole year since Lash Bash Island Retreat, and my heart still flutters when I reminisce.

Lash Bash was organized by Julia Mann, Mimmi Ebbersten and Mandy Jeffery, three powerhouses of the industry, so when I was invited to speak at their third installment, I jumped at the opportunity! It was held at the Yacht Club on Hamilton Island in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. I travelled 23 hours from Vancouver to Hamilton Island, and as I got off the plane, I was hit with balmy weather, palm trees, and the gentle chirps of the local wildlife. I was transported to another world - it was paradise! The event started with a cocktail night at One Tree Hill. We took a shuttle up together, and the sunset views were to die for! It was a great way

get to know each other and create connections before the conference. On day 1, we were greeted with a delightful breakfast spread and generous goodie bags full of unique and thoughtful gifts. After a brief introduction from Mimmi and Mandy, we heard from Kelly Storer on “How to Build and Keep a Great Team”, followed by Ebba and Mimmi Ebbersten on “Building a Winning Training Concept”. After a delectable lunch with an incredible view, we watched Julia Mann’s video on “Creating Automated Sales Funnels”. (Julia was abroad for another work engagement, and her presence was definitely missed!) Rounding out

for the organizers, speakers and attendees to

the day was Levi Shephard with a presentation

30 Lashes

on “Optimizing and Maximizing Your Business”. Nobody comes to an island paradise to sit inside an auditorium all day, so the conference ended at 2 o’clock each day to leave time to enjoy the island, and the organizers thoughtfully planned activities for us. After day 1, we were randomly split up into teams of four for a golf cart scavenger hunt that took us on a tour of the entire island, doing some really fun things! Day 2 of the conference started with a morning tea, and the morning’s speakers were yours truly with “Video Content Creation”, followed by Sommer Deaves with “Building Your Brand on Instagram”, followed by a delicious lunch.

We then heard from Rikke Steenskov Udengaard about “Goal Setting and Life Balance”, followed by Otto and Zoe Mitter on “Setting Your Mind, Body and Soul Up for Success”. We then had a little time to enjoy the afternoon before our group dinner. Dinner was a family style sunset dining experience at the Manta Ray Restaurant. The night was capped off with some heartfelt thankyous, an impromptu musical performance, and a sunset view that can’t be beat. The last day included an optional beach excursion to Whitehaven Beach, frequently named the nicest beach in the world! For me, this was one of the highlights. The water was

as talc. Leaving Whitehaven Beach was difficult for me, but the consolation was a group BBQ at the Mitters’. This wasn’t part of the event, but just an open invitation to all speakers and attendees, because the Mitters are just amazing people. Overall, my impression of Lash Bash Island Retreat is - I absolutely loved it! The location, venue, topics, attendees, events and excursions - I loved it all! I really enjoyed the intimate nature of the group. Everyone was welcome to everything, no exclusivity, just fun for all. I would not hesitate to attend again, in fact, I think a big part of my heart is still on Hamilton Island.

Watch video coverage: www.BeautyProMedia.com For multi-media coverage of your event: BeautyProMedia@gmail.com Emily Lee is an Award-winning Esthetician and Lash Professional from Vancouver, Canada. She is an International Judge and Educator, a Competition Consultant, and a Freelance Multi-Media Journalist/Content Creator. Emily believes in being integrous, uplifting, fun, passionate, and most importantly, she believes in being the change.

crystal clear, and the pure white sand was as soft

Lashes 31

by Louise Tierney Lash Inc

World Lash Day 23rd October

World Lash Day was set up in 2015 to celebrate everything lashes. At the time it was set up it seemed that every industry had its own day from Hairdressers to Accountants but not for Lash Artists. World Lash Day was set up to focus on the Professional Eyelash Extension Industry (Lash Artists), however recently we have had members of the public celebrating with us.


akers making cakes with eyelashes on, Make-up artists featuring certain looks to accentuate the eyes using strip lashes and also various make up brands doing special offers in addition to lash brands offers. Planoly the Instagram planning took also added us last year as an Official International Day on their calendar. As Lash Inc is in Glasgow in Scotland we thought we would keep it local and celebrate in the hotel just across from our office. Our speakers were Mike Berry @dynamicmike1, Jessika Aude Gautier @starlashesworld, Deborah Hendren @iconicbeautyboutique, Olivia Conlon

32 Lashes

@oliviaconlon, Shey Peral @lashey_s and Wendy Maltman @themaltinghouse Mike Berry an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) expert, opened the event with a cycle in on his unicycle. Mike is a fantastically fun person and he shared with us how to get to page one on Google, almost instantly! Each speaker covered various topics. The topics ranged from work life balance, striving for perfection, pricing, how to get your lash work published, brow lamination and personal branding. The day finished off at Pink Inc Cafe @pinkinccafe. A cafe/coffee shop that opened a little earlier this year by myself and my

boyfriend. We thought the event attendees might like a little bit of pink and flowers to brighten up a chilly Glasgow evening. I would absolutely love to hear from lash artists and brands to find out if you did anything special to celebrate World Lash Day. We would love to cover what you did in one of our next issues. Dates to look out for are‌ National Lash Day 19th Feb 2020 World Lash Day 23rd Oct 2020 If you are interested in being involved next year please get in touch info@lashinc.com



Lashes 33

Readers Gallery

Emily Angel Beauty

Aileen Fawcett

Fiona McNeil

Mary Jean Javier

Kyla Kidd

Kristie Cook

34 Lashes

Aileen Fawcett

Emily Angel Beauty

Emily Angel Beauty

Mary Jean Javier

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Lori Morrissey

Maya Andreea Rehman

Maya Andreea Rehman

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36 Lashes

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Silvia Mitric

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Fiona Mcneil Nagy


Aileen Fawcett

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Kristie Cook

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40 Lashes

Aileen Fawcett

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Kyla Kidd

Mary Jean Javier

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Advertising feature

Pure Moisture Emergency Face Lift Pads Almost 95% of the surface cells of skin are dead. If these dead cells are not exfoliated properly your complexion is left looking dull and sullen, with blocked pores and even possible infection and blemishes .Our revolutionary Emergency Face Lift Pads remove dead skin cells, dirt , bacterial and makeup immediately to reveal immediate fresher, younger looking face. Lines and wrinkles appear less pronounced.

Pure Moisture OilFree Toner Super gentle toner restores the natural pH balance to skin, helping it fight infection. Skin is left perfectly clean, conditioned and ready to absorb hydration. To keep from getting near lashes, simply pump onto a cotton ball and gently wipe across face to leave skin cool, calm and balanced.

Pure Moisture Oxygenating OilFree Moisturizer Moisture by Definition is Water. If you want to properly hydrate skin, you need to get water into it. So why are 90% of moisturizers made with oil and wax? Oil smells good and wax feels soft, but the most they can do is bind in the moisture already in your skin. At worst, they attracts dirt and pollution to the surface of your skin, block pores and cause breakouts.Pure Moisture Moisturizer is designed to uniquely bind true moisture to the surface of your skin. This will immediately plump up skin, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles and most importantly, restore skin's natural barrier against infection and impurities.

42 Lashes


Pure Moisture keeps your skin clean and hydrated and your lashes intact

You've got your gorgeous new lash extensions in and are looking amazing. While you can definitely get addicted to the glam look, there are a few useful tips for keeping your lashes in tip-top shape without sacrificing your skin health. 1) Avoid getting water into the eyes or lashes for the first 24 hours. That means it's best to shower before your lash appointment so you can avoid getting your lashes wet. 2) Be extra careful with your skin care. Instead of washing face, use a cleansing pad such as Emergency Facelift to remove makeup, dead skin cells and pollution from face. Swipe the pad across entire face, avoiding the eye area. 3) Don't rub eye area dry - gently tab with towel instead. 4) Don't use oil-based products - skin care or makeup.. We recommend switching to an oil-free moisturizer such as Step 3 Oxygenating Oil-Free Moisturizer to avoid any accidental contact with the lashes 5) Don't wear mascara on your lashes. Your extensions are designed to look natural and long without any clumps. Mascara might cause the lashes to smudge or shed. 6) Brush your lashes once a day. Your provider should provide you with a special brush to comb your lashes to keep them looking fabulous.

GET 40% OFF WITH CODE LASHINC www.puremoisture.com Tel. 01642 466 111

Featured Lash Artist - Carla Gianotti

The #LashWithLove Movement by Nina Andrews

Hello my name is Nina and I have anxiety (crowd mumbles “Hello Nina”) and while lashing is my passion and I’m known for helping to teach the next generation of Australian lash artists how to get by in this turbulent and confusing world of volumetric calculations and advanced layering styling methods. Anxiety has always played a starring role in my progression.

The main reason was the amount of negativity I came across in the forums. Someone would work themselves to the bone to create a set they were excited to share with their peers, post it in forums asking for constructive criticism on how they can take their lashing to the next level and improve, only to get shot down in a violent and soul-destroying way. Major anxiety trigger. This continued to the point that I noticed only the best of the best were posting their pictures anymore, giving beginners an unrealistic expectation of how far along they should be in their craft by measuring their year 2 against someone else’s year 10. It was amidst this miasma of broken hearts and defeatist newbie techs stating it was time to “throw it all in”, I noticed a little blip that was perfect for me. This is how the #LashWithLove movement began. As gentle assistance and words of encouragement from veterans of the game, those

44 Lashes

who had seen the battleground of 0.20mm and the damage it left behind to our tattered reputations, and who were working to grow the industry into a higher state of elevation with safety via educating and supporting those who requested the assistance. #LashWithLove became my battle cry to those who needed to know it takes time to become the consummate artists you see in many salons. But this then spread to not only being gentle and loving to each other, but also to ourselves. How to use this knowledge to better our own salons. Learning to love and gift an incredible and worthy experience for your clients, leading with love and educating them to the best of your ability, making the salon experience a sacred ritual where you can go to relax, safely chat with your girlfriends and have a giggle. Not only leaving the salon with a bomb set of lashes but also leaving the salon feeling lighter, acknowledged and heard by another human being.

The lash with love movement spread to the entire industry, seeing each other as collaborators and support, not the tearing down of yesteryear. The #LashWIthLove movement became more than just being polite on social media and helping newbie techs, it became working arm in arm with our sisters, realising there is enough business out there for everyone, and that if we all bloom in our own unique way there would be little overlap anyway as we are all targeting different demographics. It became about making sure every client had the most amazing experience within your walls, that they left walking straighter and told all their friends, not just for the lashes, but because they felt a true connection- lashes almost became an afterthought. This my friends is how you grow an empire and show the world what you are made of. By how you treat your peers, strangers and clients.

So now I encourage you to tag me @lashesonpointsalon and use the #LashWithLove to show me how you are making the experience special for your clients, how you are providing the love and support you missed, to raise up this industry of ours out of the murky depths of bitter keyboard warriors into the light of embracing that this service is not just plastic and adhesive, it’s a feeling, and when its done right its worth every penny and all the hours we put into our craft. How can you improve this experience for every one of your clients? How can you treat your peers with love and respect? How can you help this next generation to not repeat the mistakes of our past? I’m in this for the long haul, and I’ll continue to spread my message of love and respect beyond just applying lashes. #LashWithLove

Mental health in the lash industry by Dee Moore

My battle with mental health started long before my lashing career.


ashing made it better as I was doing something I loved, and the pure concentration day in day out meant there was no time to think about the voices in my head. The problems really began when I gained a level of confidence and expertise that lashing would come naturally so I didn’t need to focus so much anymore. This was 4 years ago; I was working from my home salon and lashing had really taken off at this point. Working alone comes with so many challenges, you have no one to bounce ideas off and I built up this stigma that if I asked another lash artist for help, I would seem stupid. This was the last thing I wanted, my peers talking negatively about me. So that was that. I would sit alone day in day out, sometimes for 14 hours a day and just think. I started to create this sense of comparison and belief that my lashes weren’t as good as the ones I endlessly saw on Instagram or Facebook. Then the day came. As it is bound to in business, I received one negative and “mean” review. This client was unhappy with their lashes and complained. I wasn’t prepared to deal with that, no one taught me how. My depression and anxiety spiralled. They battled in my head continued. To top it all off, I started to notice a local girl copying all my Facebook ads word for word. Which lead to her stealing my clients. One of my posts had received 600 comments and she went out of her way to message every person privately. Telling them that her lashes were better and cheaper.

46 Lashes

Wow. This was the last straw. I felt so alone, and it broke me. Behind my lash mask, I would sob trying to wipe away my tears before they fell on the client. I felt trapped so I would hide in my bedroom as client after client knocked on my door, called me and messaged me. I just had to ignore them all as I just wanted it to stop. I had isolated myself, and in my head, I was such a huge failure and I had no one to turn to. I eventually reached out to a business girlfriend, not in lashing but in business, and I told her everything. She was a godsend and helped me devise a game plan: 1. Delete every lash business off my Insta 2. Immediately unfollow any local lash artists in my city - if you don’t see it you won’t care! 3. Cut back my hours to max 8 (no more 14hr shifts) 4. Hire an employee 5. Move the business - rent a room somewhere out of my home space. There was no surprise that I had experienced a high level of burn out and a mental breakdown. I have had a few more since this time but I am so very passionate to make sure my fellow lash artists never feel alone. I will always be here, even when it feels like you have no one.

I have learnt so much over the years. Here are my top MUST dos for all lash artists to take care of their mental health: 1. Practice gratitude - buy a gratitude diary if it will help and write at least 5 things every day that you are grateful for. 2. Start how you mean to go on and set your boundaries - booking fees, cancellation policies, be strict with your clients i.e. no bookings on Sunday’s or after 8 pm 3. F  ind yourself a lash buddy! Someone you can honestly talk to about all the craziness that comes with being a lash artist, if you can’t find one, I will happily be your buddy! 4. C  reate a complaints procedure right NOW. As there is no point in doing it when your emotional and crying because someone left you your first 1-star review. 5. And lastly, never EVER tear anyone down, only lift one another up I feel so much more positive now compared to four years ago. I still have my moments and I still need to be mindful about my mental health, but I believe in myself so much more, and know I am a KILLER boss. And for the days when I’m not feeling all that great, I have a plan, a team and a strong support network. So even when it’s dark, I can see the light.

Lashes 47

by Britta Krueger

Where is the Love? Forums, support groups, how to help your fellow lash artist Can there be too much? Too much support? Too much information? Too many people trying to help? Too many groups and options?


ears ago we were reliant on our initial training and the support we got from the tutor. Then we had to roll up our sleeves, get practising, learn and improve over time. If you were working in a salon you got encouragement, feedback and motivation from other therapists around you but if you were working for yourself it could sometimes be lonely and disheartening. You wouldn’t be the only one who was ready to throw the tweezers away once or twice along the way! In contrast, nowadays we have endless options to get support, tutorials and feedback. This in itself is great and offers huge potential. If you join social media and participate in

groups, post pictures or ask questions you can reach further than just your trainer or local support via fellow therapists. On youtube, you can also get tutorials and see how others work or what other treatments or methods could be available. That is great news, isn’t it? So what could be bad about it? Well, as always you have to take things with a pinch of salt. It is only natural to take everything as gospel when you are starting with a new treatment and there is sooooooo much to learn and to take in. BUT, be critical and don’t believe everything! There are a few pitfalls to watch out for:


Not everyone posting online is an “expert” You will find many self-made tutors online and those who have just been practising without the fundamental training or knowledge so not all you see is best practice and/or safe for you and your clients.


Reinventing the wheel? There are only so many ways you can do a treatment and if it has not been done before or you see rather strange methods appearing online, question WHY it hasn’t been done like this before. Could it pose a risk to you or your client? Does it go against anything that you have learned? Is there an actual advantage of doing it this way?

48 Lashes


What products are used? Not all products are legal everywhere. Different countries or regions have different legislation and rules so you need to take care and consider if those products or practices comply with your local rules and regulations. The internet and forums often have members from around the world and buying products from abroad has its risks and also cost involved (import fees, duties, taxes and of course the obligation to comply with legislation by obtaining safety assessments and registration of said products which may or may not be allowed in your country) Also, check your insurance as other products or methods might conflict with your policy cover.


Most support groups thrive to be friendly and supportive, however, there are different types of groups so be keep an eye on the rules to make sure you know who your fellow members are. Some groups are open to anyone which means it can be consumers and self-taught therapists whilst other groups are professionals only which means they are (or should be) fully trained therapists in the subject of the group. Even in a group of qualified therapists, you will find conflicting information, controversial

subjects and methods that cause huge disagreement which can be due to personal opinion but also the training, experience and skill of those therapists. You will find therapists who have been doing a particular treatment for many years and thus are very experienced opposed to those who have maybe just trained and want to give advice straight away. Likewise, experience isn’t everything as things change so quickly and some methods and products are now outdated or have been replaced by a fresher approach.


Can it be too much? Can there be too much of a good thing? Yes, in some cases it can be very confusing if you ask 10 people and you get 10 different views, 10 different product recommendations or comments of what you should or should not do. By all means, read it and consider the options. Try and work out what will be best for you, your clients and your business, after all, it is your livelihood and you need to find out what works for you. In a nutshell, groups, forums and tutorials are fantastic, and they can be supportive (from a professional point of view but also a personal one) as you can get back up, encouragement and also reassurance. Learn how to read them and

use them wisely. Don’t compromise on safety for you or your client and take things with a pinch of salt and you can learn a lot. Join in with a bit of chat or giggles but don’t take things too personally as things can easily be misunderstood (remember different countries and mentalities) as things that are perfectly acceptable for you might feel like an insult to someone else. If the shoe is on the other foot and you are the therapist trying to help others be kind and try and remember how it was to first start. Some find it harder to learn than others and some might find it difficult to take constructive criticism and not to take it personally. It is extremely easy to misunderstand each other especially if you have never met, you are not in the same area or country and you don’t speak the same language. Try and help with subjects you are confident in and 100% know what you are talking about. Helping others with hearsay or rumours can cause more confusion through misleading information. All in all though, if you have the time to help others it is fantastic and it is people like you who we need online to build strong support.



Lashes 49



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5476 following

Lash Inc. Instagram is where it’s at these days. Get some #Lashspiration from our handpicked #LashArtist feeds. www.lashinc.com










Business 53

by Katrina Law

Environmentally sustainable practice I love being an eyelash artist and stylist and running my own business ‘Simply Gorgeous’ in Strathfieldsaye, a suburb of Bendigo in regional Victoria. I have built my business from the ground up focusing on doing what I love and offering a boutique service to my clients.

As my business has grown, I have taken a step back to reflect on how much waste is generated in the beauty sector and to think about how to deliver a high-end service without compromising my standards. Pampering my clients is a must, but I don’t want to ignore the waste issue our ‘single use’ industry has become. I encourage all lash technicians, business owners, wholesalers and lash leaders to stand back, reflect, and make some big or small changes that can make an environmental difference. As lash technicians we all work differently but if we give a little thought about why we do things, at times almost automatically, I think we will all find some areas we can implement some environmentally beneficial practices. Here are some of the things I consider: • I give my clients their mascara brush at the end of each session and give them a handy hint that these brushes should be replaced each refill but don’t throw them away. They are great little brushes for getting into hard to reach cleaning places like vents in the car, around the shower screen, at the base

54 Lashes

of tapware and your jewellery. I’m sure they would be useful in the man cave as well. •T  he wrappers from under eye gel pads along with the backing strip from each eye pad go into my soft plastic recycling (both Woolworths and Coles have a soft plastic recycling program). • I like to have my clients clean their own lashes following careful cleansing and priming instructions. I used to prime with single vial saline water, but I now use a large bottle and decant a few mils into disposable shot glasses and the client uses a disposable eyeshadow brush to prime their lashes with saline. Wait!!! Stop the bus!!!!! Why am I using disposable shot glasses? I’m off to buy a set of stainless steel or glass shot glasses that can go in the dishwasher. • Now, let’s talk about bedding. Are we best to wash it after each client? Water, energy, time, detergent, cost...hmmm. I’ve been using tear off disposable sheeting that I place on top of my beautifully decorated, comfy and practical bed but it’s a lot of disposable sheeting going to landfill.

I’m trialling the ability to compost these, but I don’t think I’m going to win this one, so I’ll look at environmentally friendly options perhaps paper. • Let’s turn now to rebooking our clients. How many appointment cards are used just out of habit? Why not ask your client if they would like an electronic appointment card as an alternative? Most of my clients opt for the electronic appointment at the time of rebooking and they also receive an electronic system reminder message the night before their appointment. • I’m an obsessive lash and gadget shopper and I’m always on the web searching for that tool that I NEEEED so bad or the lashes that are perfect to work with or the adhesive that never fails. I’m on my postman’s Christmas card list I’m that obsessive. I get it that suppliers want to ensure the parcel arrives safely but I like to make sure that air filled plastic pockets used for padding are deflated and put into the soft plastic recycling, cards and excess paperwork go into general recycling, boxes can be reused

or recycled and polystyrene is separated (if I take polystyrene to our recovery yard they can compress it and recycle it but it can’t go into our general recycling bin). Ohhh and last but not least….I make sure that all lolly pops are consumed by me!! The wrapping goes in soft plastics and stick in general recycling bin. Job done! • Under consideration and investigation now is re-useable under eye gel pads. Gel pads make up a lot of my waste and I am looking into gel pads that can be sanitised by boiling. I have seen ones that can be washed with hot soapy water and re-used. I’m not ruling them out at this stage but hygiene is a huge factor so I will investigate it some more before I decide. • Some clever lash tech’s out there are giving the boxes that eyelashes come in along with the mascara brush and a business card to clients. I give mine to my sister who does silversmithing and she uses them for silver bits or finished items. • Think about the business advantage of being able to promote your business as

environmentally friendly. Put your pledge on your Facebook page, website, on a poster on the wall. What the heck! Go all the way and have a suggestion box in the salon. Everybody wins from this; your business, the environment and the client. •W  e all love being given a gift voucher that wows us with presentation. When I was designing mine, I knew I wanted the look and feel to be consistent with my colour palette and the boutique feel I was creating for my business. I decided to go with black carry bags with a strip of black and gold swirls consistent with my business image. When I sell a gift voucher, the voucher is placed inside the very lux bag along with Ferrero Roche’s (again black and gold) and make a point of saying to the client ‘please re-use the bag’. • Calling all caffeine addicts – A coffee each working day over 48 weeks of the year is 240 cups going to landfill. Having your business branding put on reusable cups for staff gets your business name out there more – why waste an opportunity for

free advertising. You could even sell your branded reusable cups to clients. Some coffee shops offer discounts for keep cups too. I’m a realist as well as an eyelash artist and stylist. I do recognise, due to the hygiene factors of our industry that we can’t be totally waste free, but we can put the issue out there for discussion and consideration and start chipping away at some simple changes that will make a huge difference. I don’t have all the answers nailed. I’m one person having a go and you can too. Lastly, I would like to put the call out there to movers and shakers in the industry to assist in promoting environmentally sustainable eyelash extension practices, sales, education and opportunities. Awards, recognition, workshops, accreditation and curriculum design are all channels for environmental change that largely go silent in our industry. Your collective voice can empower, inspire and make a positive difference.

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Six secrets behind a successful business London Lash is one of the most wellknown European lash brands. Only last year we sold 27,910 bottles of glue. But that’s not very exciting... What’s really exciting, is the fact that I started London Lash only 5 years ago. After starting my journey in lash industry as a therapist a lot of my clients and friends were asking me if I can teach them how to apply eyelash extensions. I thought - why not? Of course, I can teach you. But I wasn’t a government approved training academy, I couldn’t issue certificates, so my first step was to approach a few big eyelash brands in England and ask if I could become an eyelash trainer for their brand. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) all of them refused my application. Of course I was upset.. but I wanted to teach eyelash courses so much, that I one day I thought:“why don’t I set up my own training academy”? After doing some research, I realised that it’s not that difficult to do. Yes, of course, it requires some extra qualifications and quite a lot of paperwork, but it’s certainly possible. And this is where my proper business journey began.. My 6 secrets behind successful business: Don’t dream big. Sounds controversial, doesn’t it? Everyone always says - dream big. I’d say I agree and at the same time I disagree with DREAM BIG statement. Because sometimes big dreams can paralyse us, they scare us. They are so big and so ambitious, so we don’t even know where to start.


56 Business

For example, you are working as a beauty therapist in the salon and one day you dream to open your own big and beautiful Lash Studio. It’s brand new and absolutely stunning. All celebrities visit your salon. You have 20 lash technicians working for you. And you only do eyelashes occasionally, for some of your regular clients, for your own pleasure. Sounds good doesn’t it? But how to achieve it? Where to start? Look for investors? Or go to the bank to borrow money? Where to look for lash technicians? How to teach them? Where to get customers? There are thousands of questions and fears in your head, you don’t know where to start, so unfortunately, more likely, you won’t do anything at all. You’ll just keep dreaming: “One day I will do it”. My advice - forget about your dream for now. And concentrate on the short term small goal towards your dream. For example, if you are working for somebody, think: how can I rent a beauty room and start working for myself? If you already work for yourself - think how I can get fully booked? Which marketing channels should I use to advertise myself? Once you are getting fully booked - How can you raise your prices and improve your profitability? You won’t even notice how with these little steps your business will naturally grow to the point when you’ll finally open your beautiful Lash Studio. Sometimes we don’t need to think big to go far. My advice - one step at a time.


Do things your own way. When I started to work as a beauty therapist – I was getting no support at all from my family. Most of my family are mathematicians and physicists and unfortunately, they were a bit embarrassed to have me working in the beauty salon. You can’t even imagine how many times I’ve heard: “Hanna, go and find yourself a normal job”. But I had a job. I was a beauty therapist. I loved what I was doing and I didn’t want to change. So I told them all – look, this is my life. Not your life. You live your life the way you want. And I’m going to live my life the way I want. My advice to you. Please, don’t listen to anyone. On your way to success you’ll always have people laughing at you, criticising you and saying that it’s impossible to achieve your goals. Just ignore them. If you can – stop communicating with them at all. Instead of talking to these poisonous people, try to surround yourself with people who will support you and help you in your journey. If you are struggling to find support from people – just surround yourself with motivational and educational books.


Love your mistakes. When you are growing your business, everything is new for new. Nobody teaches you how to do things, so everything you do - you do the first time. So naturally you will make lots of mistakes! Whether that is recruiting the wrong people, overpaying for salon rent, counting taxes incorrectly and so on. But how do the majority of people react on a mistake? Normally they get upset and sometimes even give up on the project thinking that they are useless.


Do you know that burglars broke into our lash salon in London two months ago? All my staff got really upset, but I was actually really happy. First reason for my happiness they didn’t break the windows and they didn’t steal much. Second reason - it was such a wonderful lesson! At that time we were moving our lash products into a new big warehouse and, to be honest with you, we didn’t even think much about security. After somebody broke into salon, we realised that if this would happen with our warehouse - it would be a massive problem. We could potentially lose all our stock. And we don’t want this problem to happen. So as a result, our new warehouse is as protected as government treasure fund. Nobody can break into it. My advice to you - always be positive and just accept the fact that you’ll always be making mistakes on your business journey. You can’t stop yourself from making mistakes. But what you can do - is to change your mind about them. Change your relationships with mistake. Think about them, analyse them, and they will give you lots of new knowledge.


Prioritise the right things. Once I’ve heard this sentence - “You can’t run a successful bakery and be a baker at the same time”. This simple sentence triggered lots of thoughts in my head and changed the way I’m doing the business completely. Think about it. You can’t imagine an owner of multi-million pound pancake factory who spends five days a week baking these pancakes. No. He won’t do it. He needs to run the business. So, two years ago I stopped doing lashes, I stopped doing teaching, I stop replying to messages on Facebook and Instagram, I stopped doing everything. That’s not my job. That’s the job for my employees. My role in the company - to move it forward, to develop it. My job is to think. I’d like to give the same advice for you. It might be financially difficult at first, but trust me - the sooner you start employing staff and step away from actual salon work, the faster your business will grow. By delegating day to day tasks, you’ll release an enormous amount of time to spend on your business growth and development.


Never stop learning. Over the past few years I’ve read thousands of articles, hundreds of books and watched lots of YouTube videos. All business related. First, I learnt about lash application, then I learnt about salon customer service, then I learnt about social media marketing and so on. Every single day of my life I learn something new. Something which is important for my business and something I can implement straight away. When I was living in London, on my own, I even threw my TV away as I always thought that watching TV is a useless thing and a total waste of my life. Education was the only thing I wanted to spend my free time on. I won’t recommend you to throw your TV away, but I’ll advise you start scheduling learning time into your calendar. Spend just 20-30 min a day learning something new. Concentrate on practical knowledge that you can implement straight away. And soon you’ll see massive improvement in your business.

Be unique. I noticed that a lot of business owners are mentioning competitors when I ask them about their business. They watch their competitors, they think about their competitors, they try to be better than competitors. I always found it a bit strange. Yes, it’s good to have an idea of what your competitors are doing, but thinking about them and competing with them - it’s a total waste of time. When you are doing the business - it’s all about the quality of your product and services, it’s all about satisfaction of your customers and employees. All you need to do - is to concentrate on your business and think of how to do it better. Forget about competitors.. It really doesn’t matter what they are doing. What’s really important - it’s what YOU are doing. One of the reasons why London Lash is so successful, because we really try to be unique. We don’t copy anyone - we come up with new fresh ideas. For example, I was the first one who came up with the idea of paper boxes for lash trays. I really wanted to reduce the amount of non-recyclable plastic boxes. It was a massive success - we gained lots of new loyal customers. Because we were unique, we came up with new good ideas. Now every second lash brand is coming up with the same paper packaging as us. We are being copied now. But it’s fine. We were the first and we’ve gained a lot out of this. So, my advice to you. Don’t let competitors steal your time and energy. Better spend your time and energy on your products, services and clients. I can guarantee that if you do your business will always be incredibly successful!

instagram instagram

@london_Lash_Pro hanna_londonlash

Business 57

Photograph by Jill Heijligers-Peloquin demonstrates the rule of thirds

Tips to professional-looking photos for social media


Don’t zoom Smartphone cameras are improving, but the second you start zooming, you lose some of the picture quality. It sounds simple, but simply get closer! Or, take the photo then crop it later. If you do it this way, they won’t look blurry.


Use the rule of thirds You could be using the nicest of cameras, but if your photo composition

is all wrong, you may as well be using a disposable. The rule of thirds is one of the first principles you learn in a photography class as it’s highly important for well-balanced and intriguing photos. The rule is to break down an image and visualize it in thirds, both with horizontal and vertical lines. This gives you 9 imaginary boxes on your proposed photo. The 4 most inner lines on your grid are your guides for placing focal points in your photo. When taking a photo with an iPhone, you’ll notice the gird lines automatically appear on the camera screen.


Use camera apps for more control Rather than snapping photos straight from your camera, try several apps that give you more control. Camera+ is a popular option for iPhone users. DSLR Camera Pro is a hot choice for Android users. As the photographer, you have more options to take creative shots with these apps. Each one costs around £3 or less.

58 Lashes


Add a new lens You can actually buy lenses for your smartphone. You can buy a set of lenses for as little as £10 on Amazon. You can get magnetic or clip on lenses that go right over the camera lens on your phone.


Use natural light Natural light, there is nothing like it. Smartphones aren’t great with lighting, so to compensate for this make sure you take photos near natural light. Going outside is a great option, but if you need to shoot indoors, shoot near a window. However, you don’t want to shoot directly into the window or your photo will be too bright. Instead, put your product off to an angle and take the picture with your back to the window. Using the flash isn’t a good idea either. The flash in your smartphone isn’t great, and will likely cast a yellow light or shadows over your product. It’s not flattering on a product or person.


Use online editing tools Once you’ve taken your shots, turn to a photo-editing app or tool to crop, straighten, or enhance your photos with filters. Pixlr Editor, GIMP, BeautyPlus, and Adobe Photoshop Express are all great options. They’re free and easy to use for first timer editors.

Now that we’ve covered smartphonespecific tips, here are three additional tips to:


Take a variety of shots Practice makes perfect, and variety helps. If you take two or three shots of the same product in a different setting, you’re bound to get a slew of great pics. Eventually, you’ll have a stockpile of product shots that you can rely on. We usually take 5 – 10 photos and choose 1.


Keep things looking clean and bright Not many people like to look at an Instagram feed with dull, dark photos. Keep it bright, colourful if that fits with your brand. Try to keep backgrounds clutter free, Everything has a place and purpose, think staged photos which are the most popular in Insta-land.


Keep things Interesting and fun So it is not all about the technical side. You have to keep things interesting and a but fun. Put some personality into it. Try to be different whenever you can. Do yoga eating a yogurt. Do something a bit outside what your followers expect. Give your follower some behind the scenes images and videos on your stories where you can have a bit more of a play without ruining your look. Have fun!

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Blink Lashy

Tasha Young

Envelope-Open 31 Rodney Street, Liverpool, L1 9EH Envelope training@blinklashy.co.uk GLOBE www.blinklashy.co.uk

Classic Charm Academy

Silva Petraitiene

Envelope-Open 184 Springwell Lane, Balby, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN4 9AY Envelope classiccharmuk@gmail.com GLOBE www.classiccharm.co.uk facebook-square classiccharm facebook-square @classiccharm

Cotswold Lashes by Tiffany

Tiffany Parmar

Envelope-Open 7 Coney Hill Road, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL4 4QL Envelope hello@cotswoldlashes.com phone-square +447711110486 GLOBE www.cotswoldlashes.com instagram @cotswoldlashesbytiffany

East Anglian Beauty Training Maureen Blackman

Envelope-Open Norwich, Norfolk, NR6 Envelope maureen@eabt.co.uk GLOBE www.eabt.co.uk

Evi Valentine's eyelashes Evita Urvake

Envelope-Open 10 Merrion Street, Leeds, LS1 6PQ Envelope evivalentineyelashes@gmail.com phone-square +447533979840 GLOBE www.evivalentine.co.uk 60 Business

Lash Inc Accredited Directory Gina G Beauty Ltd

Envelope-Open 15 Waterloo Rd, Birmingham, Smethwick, B6 64J Envelope gina.beautytherapist@gmail.com facebook-square Ginas-Beauty-Studio

Glam Lashes by Marta Marta Wiatr

Envelope-Open 49 Lowestoft Road, Gorleston, Norfolk, NR31 6SH Envelope trainingenquirygl@gmail.com GLOBE glam-lashesuk.com instagram @glamlashes_bymarta

Golden Lash by Katherine Vitoria Katherine Vitoria

Envelope-Open 708 Wimborne Road, England, BH9 2EG Envelope info@katherinevitoria.com phone-square +447415534843 GLOBE www.katherinevitoria.com instagram @katherinevitoriamakeup

IL Pro Beauty Studio Inga Lipinske

Envelope-Open Avontar Road, South Ockendon, Essex, RM15 5FD Envelope info.ilprobeautystudio@gmail.com phone-square +447552847669 facebook-square ilprobeautystudio facebook-square @ilprobeautystudio

Immaculate Beauty Academy Inga Misiute

Envelope-Open Henderson Drive, Dartford, Kent, DA1 5LF Envelope immaculatebeautyacademy@gmail.com GLOBE immaculatelashes.com

IN Lashes

Inga Lipinske

Envelope-Open 77 Avontar Court, Avontar Road, South Ockendon, Essex, RM15 5FD Envelope info.inlashes@gmail.com phone-square +447552847669 facebook-square INLashes instagram @inlashesextensions

Increase of Beauty

Master Lash

Envelope-Open 13 St James Road, Flat 3, Exeter, Devon, EX4 6PY Envelope finkowskakarolina@gmail.com facebook-square KarolinaFinkowskaKrzak instagram @increase_of_beauty

Envelope-Open 67 Chesterfield Road, Sheffield, S8 0RN Envelope masterlash@gmail.com instagram @elliemasterlash

Institute of Eyelash Excellence

Maya Andreea Rehman

Karolina Finkowska-Krzak

Envelope-Open 25 Hillview Road, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 8EY Envelope info@eyelashextensiontraining.co.uk GLOBE www.eyelashextensiontraining.co.uk

KG Professional Katie Godfrey

Envelope-Open Unit B8, Basepoint Innovation Centre, 110 Butterfield, Great Marlings, Luton, LU2 8DL Envelope info@kgprofessional.com phone-square +441582434342 GLOBE www.kgprofessional.com facebook-square kgprofessional instagram @kgprofessional

Lash By Francesca

Francesca Middleton Envelope rachel@lashbyfrancesca.co.uk GLOBE www.lashbyfrancesca.co.uk


Silviya Mikova Envelope-Open 122 London Road, Bognor Regis, West Sussex Envelope lashworld.silvia@yahoo.com phone-square +447886836448 GLOBE www.lashworld.co.uk

Ellie Frances Strafford

Maya's Lash Studio & Academy Envelope-Open Mirren Court One , 119 Renfrew Road, Paisley, PA34 4EA Envelope rehmanmayaandreea@gmail.com phone-square +447986987988 GLOBE www.mayaseyelashstudio.com instagram @maya_lashstudio

ML Beauty & Education Maja Kiprovska

Envelope-Open 7 Meakin House, 100 Georges Road, London, N7 8JB Envelope info@mlbeautyeducation.com GLOBE www.mlbeautyeducation.com

Patsy lash academy Penny Lewis

Envelope-Open 41 Chedsworth Cresent, M38 9FH Envelope lylanunnxx@icloud.com GLOBE www.patsylashes.co.uk

Sarah Bran Lash Academy Sarah Bran

Envelope-Open Southampton Envelope sarahpaulbran@yahoo.co.uk instagram @sarahbran_lashbrowartist

Ultimate Envelope eyelashacademy@gmail.com GLOBE www.eyelashacademy.co.uk

Love Beauty Training

Envelope-Open 995 Wycombe Lane, Wooburn Green, Vanity Lash Hannah Gardner Buckinghamshire Envelope-Open Upper 28 Market Place, Bingham, Envelope info@lovebeautytraining.com Nottingham, NG13 BAN GLOBE www.lovebeautytraining.com Envelope info@vanitylash.co.uk Love My Lashes GLOBE www.vanitylash.co.uk Sue Winter facebook-square VanityLashUK Envelope-Open 7 Bremen Grove, Shenley Brook End, instagram @Officialvanitylash Milton Keynes, MK5 7FJ Venus Beauty Envelope mklashes@gmail.com Patrycja Plaszczymaka GLOBE www.mklashstudio.com Envelope-Open 81 St Olaves Rd, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP32 6RR Envelope patrycja596@googlemail.com GLOBE www.venusbeauty-lashes.com

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VIVI Beauty Lounge Vaida Cepliauskaite

Envelope-Open Thanet Tower, 6 Caxton Street North, London, E16 1XE Envelope vivibeautylounge@outlook.com phone-square +447557272202 facebook-square vlashesbrows

VZ Hair and Glamour Ltd Envelope-Open 26 Rutland Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 4HY phone-square +447554925551

Claire Crowell Envelope-Open Unit 1, Saltmeadows Trade Park, Gateshead, NE10 0EQ Envelope clairecrowell@hotmail.com

Samantha Smith Envelope-Open 98-100 Lower Galleries, Eastgate Shopping Centre, Basildon, SS14 1AG Envelope samanthalou.ellis@yahoo.co.uk facebook-square SamanthaSmithLashArtist


DeviLash Lash Extensions Monika Wojtysiak

Envelope-Open 16/1, 8 William Street, Galway, Ireland Envelope devilashireland@gmail.com

From Donna With Love Donna Donnelly

Envelope-Open 39 Greenfort Gardens, Clondalkin, Dublin 22 Envelope donna.m.melvin@gmail.com phone-square +447851815796 instagram @FromDonnaWithLove

Glam Lashes by Anna

Lash Dolls Beauty and Training Academy Karen Grehan

Envelope-Open Suite 2, The courtyard, Ratoath,   Co Meath  Envelope lashdollsbeauty@gmail.com phone-square +353852545061 facebook-square Lashdolls2 instagram @Lashdolls2

Lash Studio by Magda Frost Magda Frost

Envelope-Open The Feelgood Centre, Exchange House, Main Street, Ballincollig, Cork Envelope magdafrost.beauty@gmail.com

Million Lashes Academy Beata Makowka

Envelope-Open 6B Harts Corner, Finglas Road, Dublin Envelope beetycrx@gmail.com facebook-square MillionLashesDublin

Ritzy Eyes

Donata Jucyte

Envelope-Open Unit 45, Coolmine Industrial Estate, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15 Envelope donata@ritzyeyes.com phone-square +353831040220 GLOBE www.ritzyeyes.com

Thammy Lash

Thammy gough Envelope-Open 3 Elmfield Rise, Clarehall, Dublin 13 Envelope thammylash@hotmail.com phone-square +353858169953 GLOBE www.thammylash.com facebook-square thammylash instagram @thammylash 

Anna Skowronska


Envelope-Open 21 Fan Aoibhinn, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary Envelope glamlashesbyanna@gmail.com


Glamour Lashes Ireland Envelope glamourlashesbyjana@gmail.com phone-square +353872974781 GLOBE www.glamourlashes.ie

Glamour Look Beauty, Clinic & Academy

Joanna Kolbusz

Envelope-Open Unit 10 Belgrad Square West, Dublin Envelope joannakolbusz8@gmail.com

62 Business

Envelope-Open Unit 2, Tarlair Business Park, Tarlair Way, Macduff, AB44 1RU Envelope info@flirties.co.uk phone-square +448450222233 GLOBE www.flirties.co.uk


House of Hansen Training Academy Stacey Hansen

Envelope houseofhansen@hotmail.com phone-square +441443858144

I AM Lash

Arune Mooney Envelope-Open 2 Cambrian Coast, Ynyslas, Borth, SY24 5JU Envelope arune@iamlashpro.com phone-square +447706942723 GLOBE www.iamlashpro.com instagram @arune_mooney



Sophie lash and brow studio Sofja Smatko

Envelope-Open Estonia, Harjumaa, Tallinn, Narva mnt, 7A - 208, 10117 Envelope info@sophie.ee phone-square +37255551082 GLOBE www.sophie.ee facebook-square sophie.lash.and.brow.studio instagram @sophie.lash.and.brow.studio


Anny's lashes

Onutė Juršienė Envelope-Open Vido Maciuleviciaus street 51, Vilnius Envelope alashes.lt@gmail.com phone-square +37067173484 GLOBE www.alashes.lt instagram @alashes.lt

Baltic Beauty School Envelope-Open Kaunas, Vilniaus g.17 / Mapu str. 1 Envelope info@bbschool.lt phone-square +37060155573 GLOBE www.bbschool.lt

Charming Look

A. Jaksto

Envelope-Open 9-332, Vilnius Envelope zavingaszvilgsnis@gmail.com GLOBE www.charminglook.lt

Deluxe Lashes International

Aleksandra Maniuse

Envelope info@deluxelashes.lt phone-square +37060922922 GLOBE www.deluxelashes.lt

Expert lashes academy Ugne Sabaliauskytė

Envelope-Open Šv.Gertrūdos 51 Envelope sabaliauskyteugne@yahoo.com phone-square +37064534648


Envelope-Open Savanoriu Pr. 282 Kaunas Envelope pmu.sonatavieta@gmail.com phone-square +37067772784 facebook-square PMUSonataVieta

MB Beauty School Laura Kaminskiene

Envelope-Open Kaunas Envelope mbbeautyschool@gmail.com phone-square +37064752037 GLOBE www.mbbeautyschool.com

Sonata Vieta Beauty Academy Sonata Vieta Adomaviciene

Michaela Boyanova Michaela Boyanova

Envelope-Open Kristiansands hudpleie AS Kristiansand 4612 Henrik Wergelands, Gt 11 Envelope michaela.boyanova@hotmail.com phone-square +4792515683 GLOBE www.kristiansandshudpleie.no instagram @michaela_lashmaker


Star Lash Academy

Agnieszka Kwiatkowska Envelope-Open Sowińskiego 1 30-524 city: Kraków Envelope starlashacademy@gmail.com phone-square +48883676941 GLOBE www.starlashacademy.pl instagram @starlashAcademy

Envelope-Open Savanoriu Per. Kaunas, LT-49282 Envelope pmu.sonatavieta@gmail.com phone-square +37067772784 GLOBE www.pmusonatavieta.lt


Step By Step Studio

Happy Lashes & Beauty

Aida Danielė

Andreea Iutis

Envelope-Open Taikos pr. 51, Klaipėda, Lithuania, LT-91150 Envelope araida37@gmail.com phone-square +37064853799 GLOBE www.stepbystepstudio.lt facebook-square aida.rusy instagram @aida_daniele

Envelope-Open Str . Anastasie Panu, nr 1, bl a1, Bucharest Envelope happylashes.studio@gmail.com phone-square +40720480660 GLOBE happylashes.ro


UAB Silarta

Lana Slatina

Envelope-Open Tiltu g. 12, Klaipeda Envelope info@silart.eu phone-square +37067648070 GLOBE www.silart.eu

Envelope-Open C/ Boldano 44, local 30, Madrid, 28027 Envelope sveta1slatina@gmail.com phone-square +34685565071 GLOBE www.confinter.com facebook-square lana.slatina instagram @lanaslatina

Silva Siauciunaite

Aida Rusiene Envelope-Open Klaipėda, Taikos pr. 51-10, LT 9115 Envelope araida37@gmail.com

Onutė Juršienė

Lana Slatina


Envelope-Open MB Karališkas Grožis, Kęstučio g. 41a, Sunshine Beauty Academy Simona Raudoniene LT-08143 Envelope-Open Bergavägen 12M , 184 30 Åkersberga Envelope aniuta4ka@gmail.com Envelope info.sunshinebeauty@gmail,com GLOBE www.alashes.lt phone-square +46700560263 Norway GLOBE sunshinebeauty.se

Australia & New Zealand


Enchanted S.P.A. Envelope-Open PO Box 1483, Joondalup DC, WA6919 Envelope kelly@enchantedspa.com.au phone-square +61450424739 GLOBE www.enchantedspa.com.au facebook-square enchantedspa.au instagram @enchantedspa


Eva Adde

Envelope-Open 28 Coleford Road, Wellard, WA6170 Envelope flawless@ibeautiq.com.au phone-square +61478147773 facebook-square ibeautiqlashesbrows instagram @ibeautiqlashesbrows


Kerrie Ann Ditz facebook-square komao.hair

Lashes On Point Pty Ltd Nina Andrews

Envelope-Open Shop 4, 80 Hazel Glen Drv, Doreen, VIC3754 Envelope lashesonpoint_australia@hotmail.com phone-square +61439369908

Sugarlash Academy of Lash Artistry Melena Langford

Envelope info@sweetsugarlashes.com

New Zealand

Lashworx Training Academy Lisa Gillanders

Envelope-Open 50 Park Road, Greenmeadows, Napier, 4112 Envelope lashworx@gmail.com GLOBE www.lashworx.com

VC Lash Ltd Envelope-Open Canberra, ACT Envelope info@vclash.co.nz phone-square +64275541237 GLOBE www.vclash.co.nz

Deluxe Beauty

Sandra Kliokmaniene Envelope sguogaite@gmail.com GLOBE www.deluxebeauty.no

Business 63

North America

Lashes by Amanda

Designer Lashes & Beauty

Amanda Fung

Julie E. Garcia

Envelope-Open 7203 Delwood Road NW, Edmonton, Alberta Envelope amanda@lashesxamanda.com phone-square +17788584567 GLOBE www.lashesxamanda.com

Envelope-Open 6895 E. Camelback Rd. Ste. 114, Scottsdale, AZ85251 Envelope info@designerlashes.com phone-square +14802270978 GLOBE www.designerlashes.com

Clarity Lashes

Lashes by Claire

EyEnvy Lash & Brow Studio

Envelope-Open 6 Aldridge Crescent, Sherwood Park, T8H0Y2 Envelope lashedbyclaire@gmail.com phone-square +17809539660 GLOBE www.claritylashes.com

Envelope-Open 6 Aldridge cres, Sherwood Park, Alberta Envelope lashedbyclaire@gmail.com phone-square +17809539660

Flair Lashes

Sadie Maloney

Envelope-Open 27 Washington Street, Camden, ME04843 Envelope eyenvylashstudio@gmail.com phone-square +16035480386 GLOBE www.eyenvylashstudio.com facebook-square EyeEnvyCamden instagram @eyenvylashstudio


Boutique Lash Company Envelope-Open 2115 39 Street NW, Edmonton, Alberta, T6L 4G1 phone-square +17802663875

Claire Ryle

Marta Ientilucci Envelope-Open 19 Skeleton Street, Orangeville Envelope flairlashes@gmail.com phone-square +14168808237 GLOBE flairlashes.com

Flair Lashes

Marta Ientilucci

Envelope-Open 19 Skelton Street, Mono Ontario, L9W 6W9 Envelope flairlashes@gmail.com phone-square +14168808237 GLOBE www.flairlashes.com facebook-square flairlash instagram @flairlash

Flutter Lash Artistry and Training Cheralee Placsko

Envelope okotokslashes@gmail.com GLOBE www.flutterlashes.ca

JS Lash Studio

Johneilia Stephens Envelope-Open 76 Villa Royale Avenue Envelope jjsxo@hotmail.com phone-square +16479281998 GLOBE www.js-lash.com

Lash Line Academy & Supplies Inc

Jessi Love

Envelope info@lash-line.com GLOBE www.lash-line.com

64 Business

Claire Ryle

Mesmerizing Minks Envelope-Open 22 Organ Crescent, Hamilton, Ontario Envelope mesmerizing.minks@gmail.com phone-square +19055363613

Sugarlash Pro

Courtney Buhler Envelope info@sugarlashpro.com/ phone-square +15879825274 GLOBE www.sugarlashpro.com

Charlene Hatfield Nutter

EyEnvy Lash & Brow Studio Charlene Hatfield Nutter

Envelope-Open 1 Nashua Road, #103, Londonderry, NH03038 Envelope eyenvylashstudio@gmail.com GLOBE www.eyenvylashstudio.com facebook-square EyeEnvyLashStudioNH instagram @eyenvylashstudio

LA Lash Academy Central America


La Lashionista

Carolina Zamorano Envelope-Open Av 31 Oriente #2022, L104, 72530 Envelope lalashionistamx@gmail.com facebook-square lalashionista instagram @lalashionista

North America

United States

Benita Lash Studio Envelope-Open 18321 W. Lake Houston Pkwy, Suite 305, Humble, TX77346 Envelope benitaramos@outlook.com

Chic Lash Bar

Maribel Schultz

Envelope-Open 39872 Los Alamos Rd. #A8 Murrieta, CA92562 Envelope chiclashbar@gmail.com phone-square +16195984385

Lucy Argent

Envelope-Open 137 Bay Street #8, Santa Monica, CA90405 Envelope info@lalashacademy.com phone-square +14242008278 GLOBE www.lalashacademy.com

LASH103 Lash Studio Kelley Jenkins

Envelope-Open Delta Lash Academy 103 Howard Street, Greenwood, MS Envelope lashes103@gmail.com

Love Those Lashes LLC

Amy Young

Envelope info@nomascara.com phone-square +15132806550 GLOBE www.nomascara.com

MaiLash Academy Mai Lee

Envelope-Open 1526 N Scottsdale Rd. Tempe, AZ85281 Envelope mailashceo@gmail.com phone-square +14804040092

Make Me Mink Lashes

The Lash Beauty Lash Parlour

Luscious Lashes International

Envelope-Open 115 Stratmore Place, Stockbridge, GA30281 Envelope info@makememinklashes.com phone-square +14042876822 GLOBE www.makememinklashes.com facebook-square Make Me Mink Lashes instagram @Make Me Mink Lashes

Envelope-Open 9705 South Dixie Hwy Miami, FL33156 Envelope info@thelashbeautyparlour.com phone-square +17869423385 GLOBE www.thelashbeautyparlour.com facebook-square lashbparlour instagram @lashbparlour

Envelope-Open 6 Hutchinson Ave, Table View, 7441 Envelope lushlashes@iafrica.com phone-square +27215575279 GLOBE www.eyelashextensions.co.za

Oleanders Products LLc & Oleanders Products Training Center

Chantee Collins

Miiaye Brown

Gina Williams

Envelope-Open 134 Evergreen Pl, East Orange, New Jersey, 07018 Envelope oleandersproduct@gmail.com phone-square +18772734153 GLOBE www.oleandersproduct.com facebook-square oleanderspi instagram @oleanderspi

PINKLAB Inc Envelope info@pinklabcosmetics.com phone-square +18776230037 GLOBE www.pinklabcosmetics.com

San Diego Eyelash Extensions Envelope-Open 12935 Pomerado Road, Suite C, Poway, CA92064 Envelope info@sandiegoeyelashextensions.com phone-square +16194385770 GLOBE www.sandiegoeyelashextensions.com

Take Care Beauty Tanya Jones

Envelope info@takecarebeautymagic.com phone-square +14154201939 GLOBE www.takecarebeautymagic.com

The Beauty Pro Loft Jessica Mogauro

Envelope-Open 130 Centre St. Howe Barn #103, Danvers, MA01923 Envelope beautyproloft@gmail.com phone-square +17818138131 GLOBE www.beautyproloft.com

Kenya Green

Envelope luxhairlashbycc@gmail.com GLOBE luxhairlashbycc.com facebook-square Luxhairlashesbycc instagram @luxlashesbycc



Lash Institute Singapore

Annie Annabelle Soo

Envelope-Open 245 Jalan Besar, Level 3, Singapore, 208918 Envelope lashinstitutesg@gmail.com phone-square +6583395652 GLOBE www.lashinstitutesg.com


South Africa

Lesley-Ann Altree

Vogue Lashes by Adelle Sutton Adelle Sutton

Envelope-Open 9 Harvey Street, Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth, 6001 Envelope info@voguelashes.co.za phone-square +27415832530 GLOBE www.voguelashes.co.za

Kylie Chandler Envelope-Open Hyde Park Corner Shopping Centre, Suite 301, Hyde Park, Sandton, JHB, 219 Envelope orders@fluttereyelash.co.za GLOBE www.fluttereyelash.co.za

Worldwide & Online

Deluxe Lashes International

Aleksandra Maniuse phone-square +37060922922

Lessons in Lashes Envelope lashtutorials@hotmail.com GLOBE www.lessonsinlashes.com

Lash and Beauty Room/ Academy Emma Justine Brink

Envelope-Open 8 Riebeek Street, Chelsea Village, Wynberg, Cape Town, 7800 Envelope info@thelashandbeautyroom.com phone-square +27217612181 GLOBE www.thelashandbeautyroom.com facebook-square lashandbeautyacademy instagram @lashandbeautyroom


Tanya Pretorius

Envelope-Open Greenstone Drive, Bushwillow Park 1047, Greenstone Hill, 1609 Envelope tanyap001@hotmail.com phone-square +27826146895 instagram @LashesByTanya

Business 65

Training Directory

I.Nova Studio

Inese Stepanova Envelope-Open Exmouth, UK Envelope i.nova@outlook.com phone-square +44 7580 120 587 instagram @ i.nova.studio a m g n rc tso m / i./p /:th t

United Kingdom

Artistic Fur

Ksenia Karnejenko Envelope-Open Glasgow, UK Envelope info@artisticfur.com phone-square +44 7411427010 GLOBE artisticfur.com instagram @ ksenia_karnejenko a m g n rc tso m / i./p /:th t

AV Passion Beauty

Agata Vinckevic Envelope-Open Hampton, London Envelope avpassionbeauty@gmail.com phone-square +44 7772333995 instagram @agata_lashartist a m g n rc tso m / i./p /:th t

UK Beauty Retreat

Kerry Kehoe Envelope-Open Hull, Yorkshire Envelope kerry@uklashinstitute.com phone-square +44 1582 344324 GLOBE www.uklashinstitute.com facebook-square /beautyretreathull instagram lashbrowretreat a c e b o m / fo / k.p :th t

Best Lashes&Brows (Best L&B Ltd)

Renata Fodor-Csuti Envelope info@bestlashesandbrows.com phone-square +44 7555 481 857 GLOBE bestlashesandbrows.com facebook-square /bestlashesandbrowsworldwide instagram @ bestlashesandbrows a c e b o m / fo / k.p :th t

a m g n rc tso m / i./p /:th t

East Anglian Beauty Training Maureen Blackman Envelope-Open Norwich, Norfolk, NR6 Envelope info@eabt.co.uk phone-square +44 7717 257 756 GLOBE eabt.co.uk facebook-square /eastanglianbeautytraining a c e b o m / fo / k.p :th t

Glam Lashes

Marta Wiatr Envelope-Open Norfolk, UK Envelope trainingenquirygl@gmail.com GLOBE glam-lashesuk.com instagram @ glamlashes_bymarta a m g n rc tso m / i./p /:th t

66 Business

Jojo Nails & Beauty Trainings Joanna Piechaczyk Envelope-Open Northamptonshire phone-square +44 7851 074 552 GLOBE jojo-training.com facebook-square /jojo Nails & Beauty Trainings instagram @Jojo_nails_lashes_training a c e b o m / fo / k.p :th t


Jeneer Chandler Envelope-Open Hertfordshire Envelope Jeneen@uklashinstitute.com phone-square +44 1582 344324 GLOBE www.uklashinstitute.com facebook-square /lashtheticsherts instagram lastheticsherts

Lash Lady Scunthorpe

Joanna Staniul Envelope-Open Scunthorpe, UK Envelope info.lashladyuk@yahoo.com phone-square +44 7881 202 465 GLOBE lashladyuk.com instagram @ lashladyuk a m g n rc tso m / i./p /:th t

LASHacademy Envelope rachel@lashbyfrancesca.co.uk GLOBE lashbyfrancesca.co.uk

London Lash Envelope-Open London Envelope info@londonlashpro.com phone-square +44 7495456276 GLOBE londonlashpro.com instagram @ london_lash_pro a m g n rc tso m / i./p /:th t

Lash treatments & Training

Misha Patel Envelope-Open Portsmouth, Hampshire Envelope misha@uklashinstitute.com phone-square +44 1582 344324 iLashtique GLOBE www.uklashinstitute.com Cindy Nicholls facebook-square /lashtntuk/ Envelope-Open Room 21, West Cornwall Enterprise instagram lash_treatments_n_training

Centre, Cardrew Ind. Est, Redruth, TR15 1SS Envelope cindy@helloultimate.com phone-square +44 7875 436 054 GLOBE ilashtique.com facebook-square /ilashtique instagram @ ilashtique a c e b o m / fo / k.p :th t

a m g n rc tso m / i./p /:th t

Lash Precision

Vicky Bridger Envelope-Open Worthing, Sussex Envelope vicky@uklashinstitute.com phone-square +44 1582 344324 GLOBE www.uklashinstitute.com facebook-square /lashprecision/ instagram @lashprecision a c e o b m / fo / k.p :th t

Lash & Brow Secrets

Darja Striletskaja Envelope-Open Hornsey, London Envelope info@lashandbrowsecrets.com phone-square +44 7926 198 718 GLOBE lashandbrowsecrets.com instagram @ lashandbrowsectrets a m g n rc tso m / i./p /:th t

London Lash Manchester

Ludmila Lazdovska Envelope-Open Manchester Envelope manchester@london-lash.com phone-square +44 7874 909 728 instagram @ london_lash_manchester a m g n rc tso m / i./p /:th t

Lash City London

Zey Ozbayir Envelope-Open New Southgate, London Envelope zyneb@uklashinstitute.com phone-square +44 7926 198 718 GLOBE www.uklashinstitute.com facebook-square /Lash-City-London instagram Lashcitylondon a c e b o m / fo / k.p :th t

Samantha Rose

Samantha Houghton Envelope-Open Blackburn, UK Envelope samcollinge@me.com phone-square +44 7701086502 GLOBE samantha-rose.co.uk instagram @samantharose_salon a m g n rc tso m / i./p /:th t

List in our training directory for just ÂŁ50 GBP per quarter ($80 USD) Email info@lashinc.eu to be included in our next issue

Shiny Lashes

Katarzyna Kotlarz Envelope-Open Birmingham, UK Envelope infoshinylashes@gmail.com phone-square +44 7843906484 GLOBE shinylashes.co.uk instagram @shinylashesbirmingham a m g n rc tso m / i./p /:th t


Annya Studio

Anna Slufirski Envelope-Open Tallagh, Dublin 24, Ireland Envelope info@annyastudio.com facebook-square /annyasstudio instagram @annyastudio a c e b o m / fo / k.p :th t

a m g n rc tso m / i./p /:th t

UK Lash Institute

Miranda Tarpey Envelope-Open Suite 2E, Britannia House, Leagrave Road, Luton Bedfordshire, LU3 1RJ Envelope info@uklashinstitute.com phone-square +44 1582 344 324 GLOBE uklashinstitute.com instagram uklashinstitute a c e b o m / fo / k.p :th t

Wink Lash Bar

Marie Darbyshire Envelope-Open Bolton, UK Envelope marieodarbyshire@gmail.com phone-square +44 7971566985 GLOBE winklashbarwilmslow.versum.com instagram @winklashbars a m g n rc tso m / i./p /:th t

May’d Beautiful

Donna May Envelope-Open North Wales & Essex Envelope Donna@uklashinstitute.com phone-square +44 1582 344 324 facebook-square /maydbeautiful/ instagram @mayd_beautiful a c e b o m / fo / k.p :th t

Ms Diva Envelope aoife@msdiva.ie phone-square 0870 991 991 GLOBE msdiva.ie/

Ritzy Eyes

Donata Jucyte Envelope-Open Unit 45, Coolmine Industrial Estate,

Blanchardstown, Dublin 15, Ireland

Envelope donata@ritzyeyes.com phone-square 0831 040 220 USA

Beverly Hills Lashes Envelope info@beverlyhillslashes.com phone-square +1 (310) 500-0551 GLOBE beverlyhillslashes.com facebook-square /beverlyhillslashes instagram @ beverlyhillslashes TWITTER-SQUARE @ bevhillslashes PINTEREST /bevhillslashes a c e b o m / fo / k.p :th t

a m g n rc tso m / i./p /:th t

c o m .e r/ttw / t/ ip :th t

c o m .e tse rn tp /i/p :th t

MaiLash & Brows

Envelope eyelash.extension.kent@gmail.com phone-square +44 7714 638405 GLOBE eyelashextensiontraining.co.uk

Michelle Ryan


Envelope michelle@flirties.co.uk phone-square +44 7825 924 920 GLOBE flirties.co.uk

Sarah Humphreyson Envelope-Open 15 Drake Mill Business Park,

Plymouth PL6 7PS Envelope sarah_humphreyson@hotmail. co.uk phone-square +44 1752 771 112 GLOBE eyelashqueenplymouth.co.uk facebook-square /eyelashqueenplymouth instagram @eyelashqueenplymouth a c e b o m / fo / k.p :th t

a m g n rc tso m / i./p /:th t

Stephanie Frey Envelope-Open 200 Parker Avenue, Rodeo,

CA 94572

Envelope info@skincarefun.com phone-square +1 (888) 388-7546 GLOBE scflashstore.com/ facebook-square /skincarefundamentals instagram @skincarefun a c e o b m / fo / k.p :th t

Mai Le Envelope-Open Scottsdale, AZ Envelope mailashinfo@gmail.com phone-square +1 (480) 404-0092 GLOBE mailash.com

Frankie Widdows

SkinCare Fundamentals

a m g n rc tso m / i./p /:th t


Bambola Lash Beauty

Melissa Vitale Envelope training@bambolalashbeauty.com phone-square +1 (647) 404 5450 GLOBE bambolalashbeauty.com

Estilo Lash

Kim Helgesen-Fuentes Envelope-Open Mackenzie, BC Envelope kimhelgesenfuentes@estilolash.com phone-square +1 (250) 615-1232 GLOBE estilolash.com facebook-square estilolashmobileeyelashextensions a c e o b m / fo / k.p :th t

Lash Out Beauty

Amanda Masi Envelope-Open 98 Fermar Dr Vaughan, Ontario Envelope lashoutlashess@gmail.com phone-square (416) 910 1044

Luxe Lash Academy Envelope-Open Vancouver, British Columbia Envelope leslie@luxelashstudio.ca phone-square +1 (778) 808–5572 GLOBE luxelashstudio.ca facebook-square /luxeacademy a c e o b m / fo / k.p :th t

phone-square 877-623-0037 GLOBE pinklabcosmetics.com

San Diego Eyelash Extensions Olga Villarreal Envelope-Open 12935 Pomerado Road, Poway,

CA 92064 Envelope sdeyelash@gmail.com phone-square +1 (619) 438-5770 GLOBE sandiegoeyelashextensions.com facebook-square /sdeyelash instagram @sdeyelash TWITTER-SQUARE @sdeyelash PINTEREST sdeyelash

Premium Products and Quality Training Envelope info@hotlashes.ca phone-square +1 (403) 999–4455

Kim Helgesen-Fuentes Envelope-Open 23 Heather cres , Mackenzie BC Envelope kimhelgesenfuentes@estilolash.com phone-square 1 (250)615-1232  Australia

a c e b o m / fo / k.p :th t

a m g n rc tso m / i./p /:th t

c o m .e r/ttw / t/ ip :th t

Sinful Lashes Envelope sinfullashes@gmail.com phone-square +1 (818) 970–7151 GLOBE sinfullashes.com

Enchanted S.P.A Envelope-Open 1/7 Wise Sreet, Joondalup,

Western Australia, 6027

Envelope reception@enchantedspa.com.au phone-square +61 1300 113 996 GLOBE enchantedspa.com.au Business 67

Lash Xtend

Amy Williams Envelope-Open 16/344 Bilsen Road, Geebung

Qld 4034 Envelope hello@lashxtendbeauty.com.au phone-square +61449602750 GLOBE lashxtendbeauty.com.au facebook-square /lahxtendbeauty instagram @ lashextend


MYLASHCOMPANY Envelope-Open Beringsvej 7, 7500 Holstebro, Denmark Envelope info@mylashcompany.com phone-square +45 5070 2543 GLOBE mylashcompany.com

a c e b o m / fo / k.p :th t

a m g n rc tso m / i./p /:th t


Lisa Gillianders Envelope-Open 50 Park Road, Greenmeadows,

Napier 4112, New Zealand Envelope lashworx@gmail.com phone-square +64275456106 GLOBE lashworx@gmail.com

Asena Artistry

Mia Quach Envelope mai@asenaartistry.com phone-square +61416566556 GLOBE asenaartistry.com facebook-square /asenaartistry instagram @asenaartistry a c e b o m / fo / k.p :th t

a m g n rc tso m / i./p /:th t


Nadia Southon Envelope-Open Shop 2b/8 Carrara Street,

Mount Gravatt East 4122 Envelope nhmlash@gmail.com phone-square +61452433374 GLOBE nhmlash.com.au facebook-square /nhmlash instagram @ nhmlash


Salon Styleteam Oy / Ripsitukku / LashStock

Anna Kallio Envelope-Open Hämeentie 14 LH 324240 Salo Envelope lashstock@gmail.com ripsitukku@gmail.com phone-square +35 840 084 3454 GLOBE ripsitukku.fi instagram @styleteamoy a m g n rc tso m / i./p /:th t

Lashes on Point

Nina Andrews Envelope-Open Shop 4, 80 Hazel Glen Drive,

Doreen, VIC 3754

Envelope lashesonpoint_australia@hotmail.com phone-square +61439369908 GLOBE lashesonpoint.com.au facebook-square /lashesonpointsalon instagram @ lashesonpointsalon

United Kingdom

Best Lashes&Brows®

Renata Fodor-Csuti Envelope info@bestlashesandbrows.com phone-square +44 7555 481 857 GLOBE bestlashesandbrows.com facebook-square /bestlashesandbrowsworldwide instagram @ bestlashesandbrows a c e o b m / fo / k.p :th t

a m g n rc tso m / i./p /:th t

Golden Eyelashes Ltd. Envelope goldeneyelashesinfo@gmail.com phone-square +44 7522 168 750 GLOBE golden–eyelashes.com


Lash Heaven

Beautifeye By Jules- Lash Boutique (glyfada- attikaGreece)

Lash Perfect

Julia Chatzopoulou Envelope-Open Glyfáda, Greece Envelope juliachatzopoulou@gmail.com phone-square 0030 694472 5646 instagram @ beautifeye_by_jules a m g n rc tso m / i./p /:th t


a c e b o m / fo / k.p :th t

a m g n rc tso m / i./p /:th t

Supplier Directory

Milano Royal Lashes

Anna Orlova Envelope-Open Milan, Itlay Envelope annaorlovaitaly@mail.ru phone-square +39 347 044 8332 GLOBE annaorlova.it instagram @anna.orlova.royal.lashes a m g n rc tso m / i./p /:th t

GLOBE lashheaven.uk Envelope info@lashperfect.co.uk phone-square +44 208 500 9028 GLOBE lashperfect.co.uk

LASHacademy Training & Products Envelope rachel@lashbyfrancesca.co.uk GLOBE lashbyfrancesca.co.uk

LashBase Ltd Envelope-Open Unit 1 Stratfield Park, Elettra Avenue, Waterlooville, Hampshire, PO7 Envelope sales@lashbase.co.uk phone-square +44 239 225 1425 GLOBE lashbase.co.uk facebook-square /lashbase instagram @ lashbase_ltd TWITTER-SQUARE @ lashbase a c e o b m / fo / k.p :th t

a m g n rc tso m / i./p /:th t

c o m .e r/ttw / t/ ip :th t

a c e b o m / fo / k.p :th t

a m g n rc tso m / i./p /:th t


Beauty Queens

Daisy Krikemans Envelope-Open Beerse, Belgium Envelope info@beautyqueens.be phone-square +32 497899424 GLOBE beautyqueens.be instagram @daisy_krikemans a m g n rc tso m / i./p /:th t

68 Business

My Beautiful Eyes Envelope sales@beautyinnovator.co.uk GLOBE mybeautifuleyes.eu

Nouveau Lash

Nouveau Beauty Group phone-square +44 844 801 6820 GLOBE nouveaubeautygroup.com

VZ Hair and Glamour Ltd Envelope info@vzhairandglamour.com phone-square +44 7554 925 551 GLOBE vzhairandglamour.com



Elite Lash Academy Envelope-Open Mall Road, Monaghan, Ireland Envelope santa.jodka@gmail.com phone-square +353 868 593 699 GLOBE elitelash.co.uk

Glamour Lashes Ireland

Envelope contact@novalash.com phone-square +1 (866) 430–1261 GLOBE novalash.com

PremierLash – designer lashes™ Envelope scott@premierlash.com phone-square +1 (877) 366-5274 GLOBE premierlash.com

Envelope lamourlashesbyjana@gmail.com phone-square +353 872 974 781 GLOBE glamourlashes.ie

RevitaLash® Cosmetics

USA & Canada

Envelope cservice@revitalash.com GLOBE revitalash.com

Angel Eyelashes Envelope info@angeleyelashes.com GLOBE angeleyelashes.com


Kimberly Jaynes Envelope-Open 353 Pierpont Ave, Saltlake City,

Sinful Lashes Envelope sinfullashes@gmail.com phone-square +1 (818) 970–7151 GLOBE sinfullashes.com

SkinCare Fundamentals Envelope-Open 200 Parker Avenue, Rodeo, CA

94572 UT 84101 Envelope info@skincarefun.com Envelope info@borboletabeauty.com phone-square +1 (888) 388-7546 phone-square 801-735-2439 GLOBE borboletabeauty.com GLOBE scflashstore.com facebook-square /skincarefundamentals facebook-square /borboletabeauty instagram @skincarefun instagram @ borboletabeauty

a c e b o m / fo / k.p :th t

a c e b o m / fo / k.p :th t

a m g n rc tso m / i./p /:th t

a m g n rc tso m / i./p /:th t

Boutique Lash Company Envelope admin@boutiquelash.com phone-square +1 (780) 266–3875 GLOBE boutiquelashcompany.com

Eye and Lash Health Institute

SkynLash Academy Envelope-Open NJ USA Envelope info@skinlashstudio.com phone-square +1 (732) 618–2096 GLOBE skinlashstudio.com

Ellie Malmin Envelope eyeandhealth360@gmail.com phone-square 561 358 5999 GLOBE eyeandlashhealthinstitute.com instagram @ellielashes

Sugar Lash Pro

Hot Lashes

a m g n rc tso m / i./p /:th t

Envelope hotlashes@live.com phone-square +1 (403) 999–4455 GLOBE hotlashes.ca

Lash Affair by J.Paris Envelope info@lashaffair.com phone-square +1 (800) 608-2420 GLOBE lashaffair.com

Lash FX

Jill Heijligers-Peloquin Envelope-Open 2147 E Willis Road Gilbert, Arizona 85297 Envelope order@lashfx.com phone-square 1-855-4-LASHFX GLOBE lashfx.com

GLOBE sweetsugarlashes.com facebook-square /sugarlashPRO a c e b o m / fo / k.p :th t

Sweet Lash Envelope-Open 377 Marshall Way N #1, Layton, UT 84041

Envelope info@sweetlash.com GLOBE sweetlash.com

The Lashe, Inc. Envelope-Open 6321 N Avondale Ave., Suite 206,

Chicago, IL 60631 Envelope thelashe@thelashe.com phone-square +1 (773) 202-9399 GLOBE thelashe.com facebook-square /thelashe instagram @thelashe TWITTER-SQUARE @thelashe

Ultimate Lash And Brow Inc.

Viengsamay Kettavong Envelope vien@ultimatelashandbrow.com phone-square +1 (619) 800-4429 GLOBE ultimatelashandbrow.com facebook-square /ultimatelashbrowusa a c e o b m / fo / k.p :th t


Enchanted SPA Envelope-Open 1/7 Wise Sreet, Joondalup, Western

Australia, 6027 Envelope reception@enchantedspa.com.au phone-square +61 1300 113 996 GLOBE enchantedspa.com.au


Lash eXtend Envelope info@lashextend.nl phone-square 033–4450323 GLOBE lashextend.nl South Africa

Luscious Lashes International Envelope lushlashes@iafrica.com phone-square +27 72 338 7000 GLOBE eyelashextensions.co.za

The Lash Collection Envelope info@thelashcollection.co.za GLOBE thelashcollection.co.za Bulgaria

EBC Limited Envelope-Open 26 Prilep Str, Varna 9000, Bulgaria Envelope mimi@ebcstore.com phone-square +359 5260 4073 GLOBE ebcstore.com Thailand

Ultimate Lash And Brow Inc.

Viengsamay Kettavong Envelope vien@ultimatelashandbrow.com phone-square +619 800 4429 GLOBE ultimatelashandbrow.com facebook-square /ultimatelashbrowusa a c e o b m / fo / k.p :th t

a c e b o m / fo / k.p :th t

a m g n rc tso m / i./p /:th t

c o m .e r/ttw / t/ ip :th t

Want to get listed in our supplier directory? Email info@lashinc.eu for details! Business 69

Featured Lash Artist - Carla Giannotti

Profile for Lash Inc Media

Lash Inc International - Issue 24  

Lash Inc International - Issue 24

Lash Inc International - Issue 24  

Lash Inc International - Issue 24