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The First Specialised Landscape Magazine in the Middle East


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The First Specialised Landscape Magazine in the Middle East

Editor’s Note In this issue, In this month’s issue we focus on a series of projects in Dubai, United Arab Emirates – from the Mars Research Centre which attempts to explore what a Martian Vernacular will look like to La Mer by Meraas’, the new landmark concept that offers a mix of retail, beach activities and public art. Turn to page 16 for more. We profile a Dubai Municipality project , designed by Hermann Kamte & Associates who were invited to an international restricted competition by the municipality to reinvent Dubai’s waterfront by proposing an entertainment centre under the theme “Dubai Heart”. The project wants to increase the awareness of Dubai to global audiences and to attract tourists to visit the emirate. One successful Dubai based landscape consultancy firm is, Fiona Environs who have strive for exceptional design quality of works. Turn to page 26 to discover how the company have grown since their inception. In this issue we also discuss the importance of Silicon in agriculture (page 24).

Managing Partner: Ziad Maarouf Amine Copy Editor: John Hampton Sales Manager: Boushra Dinnawi Administrative Assistance: Sarry Gan Art Director: Ramon Andaya Contributors: Jesslyn Guntur, Matt Wilson, Danielle Bond, Ahmed El-Baroudy, Büra Nur Topyıldız, Hermann Kamte, Eleanor Ling, Esin, Ozkilic Printed by: Al Nisr Publishing LLC Webmaster: www.pdinventive.com

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contents October 2018 - Issue 136


Life on Mars


La Mer-Dubai’s exciting new beach destination


How long are we going to need that city?


The Importance of Silicon in Agriculture

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Interview with Shalini Bhatnagar


Hunter’s Point South Waterfront Park celebrates completion of phase II

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Making history The Heart of Dubai

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I news & events

The first Urban Design & Landscaping Expo will draw international and local experts to Dubai next month For the first time ever, Middle East’s largest construction show, The Big 5, will host a new event dedicated to landscaping, infrastructure and urban development: the Urban Design & Landscaping Expo (UDLE). Running at the Dubai World Trade Centre from 26 to 29 November 2018, UDLE is the only specialised trade event in the Middle East for these industries. Local and international companies will present the latest in design, planning and consulting, irrigation and drainage, machinery and equipment for construction and maintenance, materials and components for urban design & landscaping across the four days of the show. UDLE will also host the first Urban Design & Landscaping Summit. Taking place on November 28, the high-level Summit will explore the opportunities and challenges faced in turning the region green. Local and international experts will present initiatives taken up by government bodies, discussing the work done by the urban design and landscape architecture firms, globally and regionally. The outstanding lineup of speakers include Pénélope Komitès, Deputy Mayor - Green Spaces, Nature & Biodiversity of the City of Paris; Ceylan Belek Ombregt, Associate Director at Martha Schwartz Partners in London; Andrew Burton Anderson, Senior Landscape Architect + UNESCO World Heritage Advisor, from the Oman Botanic Garden; Val Zillig, Urban Planning Advisor at Sharjah Urban Planning Council; Ayub Hassan Algaferi, Head of Parks Section at Al Ain Municipality; Rasmus Astrup, Partner at SLA Architects in Denmark; and Ahmad Bukhash, Director of Urban Planning at the Dubai Creative Clusters Authority. Ceylan Belek Ombregt, who will be talking about “Transforming the public realm - developing smart and sustainable urban environments for citizen


happiness” at the Urban Design & Landscaping Summit, commented: “In a warm environment like Dubai and Gulf region, we need to absolutely design to climatic conditions. As water is scarce, we need to design with care with drought resistant species, sustainable drainage systems and consider user comfort. “We must create places where people can cool off, we need to design for higher amounts of younger population and we need the design for different times of the day, such as for evening time to stroll.” Portfolio Director, Josine Heijmans, added: “The thriving construction market in the UAE and the broader GCC region is driving unprecedented demand for outdoor specific design and build projects, as more authentic public spaces gain ground. “An explicit change in lifestyle with growing preference for outdoors activities, mega-events like Expo 2020 Dubai and the booming regional leisure and hospitality sector are providing investors with huge urban greening and landscaping specific opportunities. “The Urban Design & Landscaping Expo will perfectly complement The Big 5 providing industry professionals from around the globe a dedicated space where to source the most innovative solutions for the construction and maintenance of urban and green spaces, sports grounds and playgrounds.” The Urban Design & Landscaping Expo will run from 26 to 29 November 2018 at the Dubai World Trade Centre. To know more about the event, visit www. udlexpo.com .

The First Specialised Landscape Magazine in the Middle East


I news & events

Park in line with efforts to consistently enhance resident experience at DSO

DSOA Opens North Park, New Community Green Space Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA), the regulatory body for Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO), the integrated free zone technology park, has opened North Park, a new public park situated near Cedre Villas project to enhance the overall resident experience and foster community spirit. The opening of the park aligns with desirable society strategy pillar that is one of DSOA’s 2021 Strategy that is built on four pillars – a smart city, an advanced technology hub, happiest people, and a desirable society. Complementing DSO’s popular Lake Park that boasts a 2.2 km jogging path, and DSO’s Central Park that spans 9,129 square meters, the 35,000 square meters North Park, set amid a lush landscape, offers a diverse mix of amenities including water fountains, a kids’ play area with a separate section for toddlers, sports facilities, food and beverage options, and a parking lot for 91 cars. Designed with strollers and wheelchairs in mind, the walking paths feature smooth, even surfaces to maximize convenience.


Sports and leisure: Sports enthusiasts can now work out in the outdoor gym equipped with state-of-the-art fitness stations or use the 500 m jogging and cycling track. Other facilities include a 90 m X 45 m football pitch, a tennis court, a volleyball court, a skate park and a multipurpose court, in addition to a 5,000 square meters lawn area. Food and entertainment: The park’s fitted barbecue stations provide the perfect setting for a birthday celebration or a family gathering for residents of DSO and neighboring areas. The playground comprises a sandpit with beach sand and a dedicated area for toddlers, tailored to their age requirements. Smart benches and lighting systems: North Park benefits from smart services that DSOA incorporated at its hi-tech park in line with its focus on public safety and security. The park includes smart benches, a 100% solar powered bench that include many features from cooling system to advanced smart phones charging and data gathering. While the park also features smart lighting systems, that operate through motion sensors resulting in the reduction of carbon emissions. North Park is open from 8am to 11pm Sunday to Thursday, and from 8am to 11:30pm on weekends and during public holidays. While North Park comes as an addition to DSO’s other developments that aim to make residents happier in their communities, the existing Central Park at DSO includes a lawn, a children’s play area, and a basketball court – all adjacent to one another and surrounded by an all-weather running track with a rubberized surface like that used in track and field athletics. The play area comprises a set of swings, a slide, a jungle gym, and a play house.









Multi Mineral Root Zone Conditioner Turning Desert

Sand into Arable Soil...

The First Specialised Landscape Magazine in the Middle East The First Specialised Landscape Magazine in the Middle East

Maximizing the Root use ofZone AustraBlend® MultiMineral Mineral Root Zone Conditioner Multi Conditioner Multi Conditioner Multi Mineral MineralRoot RootZone Zone Conditioner

TurningDesert DesertSand Sandinto intoArable ArableSoil... Soil... Turning

The product was developed with the objective of treating high production agricultural land, landscapes of all dimensions and the soil of sports and playing fields specifically lacking in highly nutrient activated water absorbing clays. At Maximizing use of AustraBlend® Maximizing thethe use of we AustraBlend® recommended application rates, have achieved this objective with once only applications to maximize production ratesConditioner in the shortest time frame at the Multi Mineral Root Zone Multi Mineral Root Zone Conditioner maximum productive life span.

Turning Desert Sand into Arable Soil...

Theproduct product developed the objective of treating high production The waswas developed with with the objective of treating high production Applications of AustraBlend® Multi Mineral Root agricultural land, landscapes of all dimensions and the soil of sports and playing agricultural land, landscapes of all dimensions and the soil of sports and playing Zone Conditioner are water intended toabsorbing increase soil yield fields specifically lacking in highly nutrient activated water clays. At fields specifically lacking in highly nutrient activated absorbing clays. At recommended application rates, we have achieved this as objective with once recommended application rates, we have achieved this withincrease once potential immediately as objective well to soil r maximize only applications to production rates the shortest timeatframe only applications production rates in the shortest time frame the at the attoemaximize fertility in the short toin medium term. W 0 5maximum maximum productive life span. productive life span. n

Maximizing the use of AustraBlend® Multi % Mineral Root Zone Conditioner

atio v r Our research has demonstrated that in sandy soils this objective is achieved with a e s Applications AustraBlend® Mineral Applications of of AustraBlend® Multi Multi Mineral Root Root onproduct was developed CThe with the objective of<>5 treating high production once only application ofintended 10% by volume into the soil at depths Zone Conditioner to increase soilincorporated yield Zone Conditioner are are intended to– increase soil yield ofpotential – immediately 200 mm. and immediately as soil well to increase soil potential as the well asoftoas increase agricultural land, landscapes of150 all dimensions sports andsoil playing r e t a r e fertility in the short to medium in the short to medium term.term. WatW lacking infertility %% specifically highly nutrient activated water absorbing clays. At 050 5fields n io t a Substantially increased water absorption (WHC) v n r Our research has demonstrated in capacity sandy soils this objective is achieved research has demonstrated that inthat sandy soils this objective is achieved with a with a e application Our atio rvs rates, we have achieved this objective with once nsoen oC Crecommended once only application of <>5 – by 10% by volume the soil at depths once only application of <>5 – 10% volume incorporated into theinto soil at depths Increased nutrient adsorption and recycling leading toincorporated significantly increased CEC and only applications toBuffer maximize production rates of 150 – 200 mm. in the shortest time frame at the of 150 – 200 mm. Capacity levels at recommended application rates. maximum productive life span. Substantially increased absorption capacity (WHC) Substantially increased holding capacity (WHC) • Permanent improvement towater the water total soil structure. Increased nutrient recycling leading to significantly increased Increased nutrient adsorption and recycling leading to significantly increased CEC and CEC and Applications ofadsorption AustraBlend® Multi Mineral Root • Improved aeration and exchange of and soil gasses. Buffer Capacity at recommended rates. rates. controlled Bufferinglevels Capacity levels at recommended application Zone Conditioner are intended application to increase soil yield • Consequent increased natural biological soil health. • Permanent improvement to the soil structure. • Permanent improvement to total the total soil structure.

ater W 50 tion a v r e Cons


potential immediately as well as to increase soil

• Improved aeration and exchange of soilof gasses. • Improved aeration and exchange soil gasses. fertility in the short to medium term. • Consequent increased natural biological soil health. • Consequent increased natural biological soil health.

ICBA (Dubai) Trial Data

Our research has demonstrated that in sandy soils this objective is achieved with a ICBA (Dubai) Trialinto Datathe ICBA (Dubai) Trial Data once only application of <>5 – 10% by volume incorporated soil at depths of 150 – 200 mm.

Substantially increased water absorption capacity (WHC) Increased nutrient adsorption and recycling leading to significantly increased CEC and Buffer levels at June recommended application rates. Al Habtoor Polo Fields Capacity Dubai – Commenced 2015, Al Al Habtoor PoloPolo Fields DubaiDubai – Commenced June 2015, Habtoor Fields – Commenced June 2015, completed and ready to play December 2015. completed and ready to play December 2015. to •419 Permanent improvement theper total soil structure. completed and ready to play December 2015. Stolonised Bermuda – Grown toto perfection with 10L/m² day! Stolonised Bermuda 419 –419 Grown to perfection with 10L/m² per day! Stolonised Bermuda – Grown perfection with 10L/m² per day! • Improved aeration and exchange of soil gasses. Immense Water Savings Immense Water Savings Immense Water Savings ICBA International ICBA International ICBA International • Consequent increased natural biological soil health. DISTRIBUTOR DISTRIBUTOR


ICBA Trial Data DISTRIBUTOR Polyclean LLC,LLC, Dubai UAE(Dubai) Tel: 971 635 9026 Polyclean Dubai UAE Tel:050 971 050 635 9026 Polyclean LLC, Dubai UAE Tel: 971 050 635 9026

I news & events

Alila jabal akhdar aspires towards zero-waste status Every day the world is becoming a smaller place. Pollution and other environmental concerns can negatively impact local environments and local economic engines, including tourism. Alila Jabal Akhdar’s commitment to treading lightly on the planet is evident in its discreet architecture, built from local stone in accordance with LEED environmental design principles. The hotel is also making great strides towards achieving its next environmental target – zero waste. As part of its commitment to sustainability and to ensure that it is as efficient and eco-friendly as possible, the hotel has initiated four R’s of zero waste – reduce, reuse, recycle and repurpose (compost). Its zero-waste drive is more than just a noble aspiration; Alila Jabal Akhdar has signed a waste management contract with Oman Recycling Services LLC and is now processing all waste on a weekly basis. As part of the larger plan, the hotel has successfully diverted more than 81,880 kg of food waste, removed 53,728 kg of solid waste and roughly 3,645 litres of chemicals, partial soaps and amenities collected from rooms over the year in 2017-18. While the hotel’s restaurant is implementing singlestream recycling to make recycling easier for both staff and its operations, all food waste produced by the hotel is composted and provides vegetable waste oil back to the hotel’s organic farm. In addition, the restaurant has built its menu entirely around sustainable practices, farmto-table meals, as well as waste and plastic reduction. On top of its efforts to minimise plastic usage in


the property, Alila Jabal Akhdar uses its own refillable glass water bottles and VOSS water in the guestrooms and meeting venues. To keep joggers and its little Butterfly Trail adventurers hydrated during their activities outside, water is stored and dispensed in traditional Omani jahlas (clay pots). Other green initiatives include solar power to heat the hotel’s hot water supply, which in turn is recycled to irrigate the grounds. Perched 2,000 metres above sea level in the western Al Hajar Mountain range, Alila Jabal Akhdar is the perfect destination for those who love nature, providing a haven of serenity amidst one of Oman’s most breathtaking mountain landscapes and fresh, clean, unpolluted air. If ever inspiration were needed along the journey towards becoming zero waste in an effort to protect the earth, one need only look to these pristine surroundings.

ABOUT ALILA JABAL AKHDAR Jabal Akhdar, meaning “The Green Mountain” in Arabic, is part of the Al Hajar mountain range, one of Oman’s most spectacular regions. Perched here 2,000 metres above sea level, Alila Jabal Akhdar overlooks a dramatic gorge, surrounded by awe-inspiring views of the Al Hajar Mountains. This Oman resort is the perfect base for exploring the region’s magnificent landscape of rugged, untouched beauty while experiencing the height of sumptuous comfort. Favoured amongst hotels in Nizwa, the resort is a haven for adventure travellers, nature lovers and those seeking a retreat from the desert heat.

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With more than 170 attachments, MultiOne can become a lawnmower, a fork lift, a compact tractor, a telescopic With more than 170 attachments, MultiOne can become a loader, a concrete mixer or even a personnel lift in seconds! lawnmower, a fork lift, a compact tractor, a telescopic loader, a concrete mixer or even a personnel lift in seconds! The MultiOne is the ultimate machine in a compact body!

The MultiOne is the ultimate machine in a compact body!

Log splitter

Log splitter

Combo Bucket

Combo Bucket

Power plow

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Sickle bar mower

Sickle bar mower

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Tree Spade

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Dual Blade Hedge Trimmer

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I news & events Amager Resource Center and SLA have released the final design drawings of the coming Amager Bakke Waste-toEnergy Plant Rooftop Park – the 16,000 sqm combined ski slope and rooftop activity landscape that will adorn Copenhagen’s newest and most sustainable waste-to-energy plant as a public and nature-filled green rooftop park.

Final Design Revealed for Amager Bakke Waste-to-Energy Plant Rooftop Park Initially masterplanned by BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group, the rooftop activity park is designed by Danish city nature experts and landscape architects SLA. When completed in September 2018, the green rooftop park will provide a host of outdoor activities for Copenhageners and visitors alike: Hiking trails, playgrounds, street fitness, trail running, vantage points, climbing walls and shelters – as well as 500+ meters ski slopes designed by BIG. Creating a nature-filled activity park on top of the 88 meters tall waste-to-energy plant is a project without previous references: The extremely steep slope of the roof has put great demands on the planting design and the construction of the landscape, and the complicated wind and weather conditions 88 meters up in the air create difficult living conditions for trees and plants. The heat from the large energy boilers under the roof had to be handled (some places creating ground temperatures around 60 degrees Celsius), and a variety of security and safety demands addressed. “The project to create an attractive and green activity rooftop park on top of Amager Bakke has been very challenging. Not only because of the extreme natural – and unnatural – conditions of the site and the rooftop itself, which put severe stress on plants, trees and landscape. But also because we’ve had to ensure that the rooftop’s many activities are realized in an accessible, intuitive and inviting manner. The goal is to ensure that Amager Bakke will become an eventful recreational public space with a strong aesthetic and sensuous city nature that gives value for all Copenhageners - all year round”, says SLA partner Rasmus Astrup. To solve these challenges, SLA has worked with a wide range of nature-based design solutions, testing types of vegetation and materials in 1:1 experiments. Different nature biotopes have been specially selected to accommodate the challenging living conditions of the roof and to provide optimal microclimate and wind shelter for the visitors. The result is a highly wild, lush and resilient green nature design which allows for year-round use of the rooftop while providing a sensuous and diverse environment as a basis for all the rooftop’s activities. But SLA’s project will not only provide green attractions on the rooftop. The nature design has been devised so it will naturally spread to the surrounding city. “The rooftop’s nature is designed to attract and shelter a wide selection of birds, bees, butterflies and insects, which in itself will


mean a dramatic increase in the biodiversity of the area. And utilizing natural pollination and seed dispersal will mean that we can spread the rooftop nature to also benefit the adjacent industry area, parking lots and infrastructure. In this way, Amager Bakke will function as a generous ‘green bomb’ that will radically green-up the entire area”, says Rasmus Astrup. The Amager Bakke Rooftop Park will break ground before Christmas and will be completed September 2018.

FACTS Location: Copenhagen, Denmark Architect: SLA Client: Amager Resource Center Size: 16,000 sqm Completion: September 2018 Collaborators: BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group (building architect), MOE (engineer), Malmos (landscape contractor)

The First Specialised Landscape Magazine in the Middle East

Flexible Sustainable Sustainable... Transformational Transformational... Indoor Green Wall at Private Office, Business Bay

Outdoor Green Wall at Burj Park, Downtown Dubai

Free Standing Green Wall System at Hyatt Regency, DHC


Biotecture's patented hydroponic system from the U.K. brings a new level of sustainability through intelligent water management and stable system dynamics

Uniflora LLC

Exclusive Living Wall solutions provider in the GCC www.uniflora.ae

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P.O.Box: 3151 Dubai, U A E Tel: +971 4 321 6545 Fax: +971 4 380 1717 E-mail: info@uniflora.ae


I news & events

CTBUH 2018 Conference to Explore Future of Vertical, “Polycentric” Cities

The annual conference of the global skyscraper authority, the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH), is coming to Dubai and Abu Dhabi from October 20–25. The event, held in different global cities each year, is attended by the world’s leading developers, architects, engineers, contractors, and others connected with tall buildings to discuss pressing topics and trends taking place in the skyscraper industry. The theme for the 2018 event is Polycentric Cities: The Future of Vertical Urbanism, which addresses the increasing tendency for cities to develop multiple central business districts simultaneously, with each offering something slightly different to urban inhabitants. This phenomenon is perhaps best illustrated by the host city of Dubai, which has developed quickly in just three short decades employing a polycentric urban approach. This has resulted in the evocativesounding “centers” of Downtown Dubai, Business Bay, Dubai Marina, Festival City, Palm Jumeirah, and others. “There’s no better time, and no better place, to hold a discourse on the idea of harnessing dense urban growth through polycentric development,” said Antony Wood, CTBUH Executive Director and Co-Chair of the conference. “This event is an opportunity for all disciplines in the building industry to come together for a frank discussion on the future of our cities, while exchanging the latest best practice information.” While polycentrism will be a primary focus, a number of other topics will be covered at the event,


The CTBUH 2018 Middle East Conference, Polycentric Cities: The Future of Vertical Urbanism, will take place in Dubai and Abu Dhabi from October 20–25. The event – attended by the world’s leading developers, architects, and engineers of tall buildings – will discuss the tendency for cities to develop along polycentric lines, among other topics. Keynote presentations include Santiago Calatrava, Ole Scheeren, and William Baker. including smart technologies, tall building façades, skybridges, tall timber, urban and building transit, advanced construction and engineering, occupant experiences, and more. Keynote presentations will include Santiago Calatrava, designer of the forthcoming 1300-meter Dubai Creek Tower; Ole Scheeren, visionary architect of Thailand’s MahaNakhon and Singapore’s Interlace; and William Baker, the structural engineer behind numerous supertall towers, such as the Burj Khalifa. Programming will take place at the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel, with over 20 workshops and building tours occurring in key buildings throughout the city, such as the Burj Khalifa, The Opus, and The Index. On the final two days of the conference, delegates will travel to Abu Dhabi for the follow-on program incorporating a second round of keynote presentations and building tours. The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) is the world’s leading resource for professionals focused on the inception, design, construction, and operation of tall buildings and future cities. CTBUH facilitates the exchange of the latest knowledge available on tall buildings through publications, research, events, working groups, web resources, and its extensive network of international representatives. The CTBUH also developed the international standards for measuring tall building height and is recognized as the arbiter for bestowing such designations as “The World’s Tallest Building.”

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RedeďŹ ning Excellence in Aquatic Surfacing and Playground Surfacing

Tanseeq LLC, PO Box: 28665, Dubai UAE T +971 4 3617199 F+971 4 3607966 info@tanseeqllc.com www.tanseeqllc.com


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I Arts & Science

Life onMars By: BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group


The First Specialised Landscape Magazine in the Middle East

At its most fundamental, architecture is the art and science of making our world more suitable for human life. This becomes fundamentally clear when we venture beyond our terrain origins to settle in foreign worlds. The architecture that captivates us the most is vernacular architecture, that has evolved by adapting to the local climates and landscapes. With the Mars Science City, we have attempted to explore what a Martian Vernacular will look like. Designing to low gravity, low pressure, extreme colds and high levels of radiation, radically changes the architect’s tool kit and the resulting forms and spaces. When you begin to inhabit a world that has no existing eco-system, environmentalism takes on a whole new meaning. The challenge is not to preserve the existing environment but rather to design and engineer a whole new man-made ecosystem, making us take the step up from custodians to creators of our own little Martian circle of life.

PROJECT: Mars Science City YEAR: 2014 TYPE: Commission CLIENT: Government of United Arab Emirates COLLABORATORS Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre Dubai Municipality Big Landscape Big Ideas Big Engineering SIZE: 56.810 m2 LOCATION: Dubai, United Arab Emirates STATUS: In Progress


I Landmark

La Mer

Dubai’s exciting new beach destination By: Cracknell Ship-wrecked boats, fishing nets, oversized anchors, treasure chests and hammocks suspended in the water – you won’t find as many Instagram-ready backdrops anywhere in Dubai as you will at the city’s latest beachfront development. La Mer is Meraas’ new landmark concept offering a wonderful mix of design that integrates retail, beach activities and public art. Meraas’ desire was to enliven one of Dubai’s oldest beaches by turning it into a fun, cool, coastal destination nestled seamlessly into the surrounding residential area. Meraas wanted to create a place like no other and Cracknell delivered this vision through rich and vibrant placemaking using a variety of landscape elements such as bespoke details, the use of re-cycled and tailored materials, integrated urban artwork, and distinct coastal vegetation. The result is an


“authentic” seaside experience to be enjoyed by everyone. Cracknell’s design philosophy drew inspiration from Australian beach towns, and beach side cities in California and New York whilst drawing other details from coastal towns in the UK. Adding just the right amount of local influences, such as fishing nets, crab pots, wooden boats, wadi stone and boulders, resulted in a truly global mix. The long coastal development is split into three areas, each offering a distinctive experience. La Mer South is a beach experience for the family. Here you will find less F&B and retail and more beach activities with beach cabanas and more open space to play and relax. The low-key and natural atmosphere is reflected through the use of recycled and worn materials, such as concrete planks finished with a weathered look to replicate washed up timber, adding to the evolved beachside ambience.

The First Specialised Landscape Magazine in the Middle East

The Wharf – or La Mer Central – is an entertainment island. Designed with a range of indoor and outdoor spaces, this central area is complete with the Laguna waterpark, Roxy cinema, cafes, restaurants, water play tower, urban art, and street performances.Tram tracks, cobbled laneways, carnival lighting and hanging sails to provide shade amongst the marine and rustic décor all create an eclectic experience.

If you want a vibrant, high energy and activity-based experience, then wander over to La Mer North. Here, you can enjoy a great selection of F&B, retail, urban artwork, games, water sports and if you’re lucky there might be an event or market going on.The careful selection of materials in La Mer North creates a high-energy, urban-flavoured beachside vibe.


I Landmark

Though the experiences vary in each area for each person, the common denominator that runs through La Mer is the creativity and fun in every aspect of the design. This project was a particularly fun one for the Cracknell designers, who could really let their imaginations conjure up quirky and playful design details. These subtle and whimsical seaside design elements really accentuate place-making at La Mer. Cracknell’s creativity really shines through from oak barrels and oversized chains to sails used for shade, timber boardwalks with footprints imprinted, tram tracks and stenciled artwork printed over manholes. Naturally, water is a major theme throughout La Mer, and one can enjoy splashes of fun with lagoon water features that add extra play elements in both North and South as well as a landmark water feature and sculpture taking centre


stage in La Mer Central that represents the motion of a crashing wave onto a beach shore, and the refreshing spray of mist that it leaves in its wake. Around every corner, there is another treasure awaiting you at La Mer. You certainly won’t miss the colourful beach huts and bucket showers. This latest addition to Dubai’s coast line brings a new dimension to life in this area of Dubai. La Mer is full of fun, recreation, play spaces and funky creativity – while also offering a relaxing and easy seaside experience. La Mer is fast becoming a place to host events and has already hosted New Year’s Eve celebrations, the Public Art Festival, Dubai Food Festival, markets and other gatherings. Recently opened is Laguna Waterpark, adding even more family fun to the area. Still to be completed is the beach club, surrounding residential developments and a new hotel but what we can say is La Mer is already making big waves!

The First Specialised Landscape Magazine in the Middle East



streetfurniture@wtburden.ae WTB Group

Dubai Offcie PO Box 261378 \ JAFZA \ Dubai – UAE t +971 4 8860 700 \ f +971 4 8860 701 Doha Office 102 Regus Building D-Ring Road \ PO Box 32522 \ Doha – Qatar t +974 4 4423 1328 \ f +974 4423 1100


I Science & Technology

How long are we going to need that city? By: Luke Beirne

At an altitude of 4830 metres on the Everest Base Camp Trek, guess what you can find? WiFi access. Which means you can work, Facetime your loved ones, or Instagram your Everest selfies. By dispensing with the need for a physical presence, technology has made it possible to communicate, share and work remotely in some of the most isolated locations on Earth. For centuries, people have gravitated towards the bright lights and busy streets of cities to make their mark on the world. But what if the skylines of London, New York, Tokyo, Sydney and Johannesburg made way for the open landscapes, quiet streets and chirping birds found in the rural towns of their countries? As technology advances and the nature of workplaces and jobs radically change, and fewer jobs require a physical presence, the need for people to continue flocking to cities could diminish. Could we see the start of counter-urbanisation with the world’s population increasingly living rurally instead of in cities? Could this be the answer to the monumental task faced by cities under enormous pressure from population growth, urbanisation and climate change? The concrete jungle’s becoming crowded By 2050, the world’s urban population is projected to grow by 2.5 billion, with 68% of the population living in cities (an increase from 55% in 2018). The pace of growth is strongest in developing


countries with the United Nations estimating there could be 43 megacities (up from 31 today) with more than 10-million inhabitants – mostly in developing countries – by 2030. Global migration is further contributing to the growth of cities, as new migrants prefer to live in the metropolises of their newly-found countries as opposed to rural areas. This leads to cities even in relatively remote countries like Australia buckling under the strain of stretched infrastructure. People gravitate to cities for the simple reason that they need to earn a livelihood. Early human civilisations such as the Sumer and the Ancient Egyptians centered around fertile land. Fertile land meant more food, which meant more people, more trade opportunities and more demand for additional goods and generally more individual wealth, which created a drawcard for others. As this cycle fed itself, cities appeared and thrived. But, with advanced economies reliant on services, people’s livelihoods are no longer linked to the land or the production of goods, but rather to managing the underpinning transactions. In the future, say 50 years from now, why wouldn’t people gravitate to rural areas where there is more room, when it is perfectly feasible through technology to manage all those transactions remotely? Technology will further break down physical barriers There are many practicalities of city living that would need to be

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adapted for true counter-urbanisation – and technology will be taking centre stage to make this happen. During the World Economic Forum in January this year, Last Mile Health and Living Goods announced an initiative aimed at reinventing primary healthcare by leveraging the disruptive power of mobile technology. The $50-million collaboration will see 50 000 community health workers delivering quality door-to-door care to 35-million people – whether they live in a busy downtown area or a remote agricultural property. The potential benefits are staggering: the life-saving healthcare will save lives, it will save money, create jobs, empower women, prevent pandemics and strengthen health systems. As healthcare moves towards a more personalised offering, could this one day remove the larger efficient-but-impersonal general practice health clinics we find in cities? What will it mean for the scale of tertiary teaching hospitals – they’ll still be necessary, but could they be smaller and more specialised? And, could we see this kind of localised, digitised offering parlayed into other areas? Schools and universities have operated virtually for decades and are only expected to expand – further reducing the reliance on bricks and mortar structures, which people feel they need to visit physically to obtain the service. Automation means opportunity – not just obliteration It’s indisputable. Automation is increasingly able to complete more tertiary sector tasks, deliver more primary and secondary sector materials and manufacturing, therefore removing the need for factory and plant-based workers. But more jobs are being created too. According to a Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) study, digital transformation is actually creating more jobs than it is destroying; therefore, increasing the need for people with the requisite skills sets. Coming from an organisation that established its original robotic farm over 15 years ago, Jenny Jago, strategy and investment portfolio manager for DairyNZ, says that by getting a younger generation engaged with the technology, they have an opportunity to see the career potential that underlies it. And it’s true. In fact, new communications technologies and digitalisation have paved the way for the gig economy – temporary jobs which give people flexibility on where to live. It’s a win-win, with companies cutting costs by hiring freelancers as needed and people now having the choice to escape crowded, expensive cities to venture beyond the metropolis. Web-based platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr and TaskRabbit have created a platform for businesses and independent professionals to connect and collaborate remotely. About three million jobs are posted annually on Upwork – with an estimated value of $1 billion. The opportunity to not just earn, but build a legitimate, rewarding and interesting career, while working remotely, is very real. Developing world gains The developing world has one major advantage to technology that the first world doesn’t; the opportunity to leapfrog development and move straight to the latest innovations without having to first ‘disassemble’ old infrastructure and systems, and be nimble.

In one year, India moved from its 155th position in mobile broadband penetration to the world’s largest mobile dataconsuming nation. With no need to work around decades of telephone lines, fixed phone company monopolies and customer reluctance to move, the country’s telecoms are strengthening their fibre optic capacity in response to the massive demand. Evolving infrastructure in rural areas means developing countries can thrive too. In fact, an initiative called the ‘Project Loon‘ has massive potential to improve education in developing countries. Through this project, a network of balloons will be launched to travel to the edge of space and make it possible for rural communities and remote areas across the globe to have internet access and connect with the world. Social connections are evolving Cities indeed bring communities together as do rural communities. There’s a road in a small town in England called “The Street” – that’s how small the town is. However, as is often the case with small villages, locals are more strongly connected and engaged with each other’s lives than in much larger cities. The pub, the bingo hall, the soccer field, the shops on the main street, all remain as focal points of community life. The spread of internet connection in third world countries and rise of social networks means online communities flourish even in the most secluded places. While digital relationships can never replace face-to-face interaction, a person’s remote location no longer forces them into isolation. Driving renewal at a local level can make a meaningful impact in smaller cities and rural areas. Jeremy Nowak, co-author of The New Localism, believes that the “right workforce qualities and civic strategies can reposition the value of rural workers”. In South Africa, the government has put its energies into achieving economic transformation by focusing on its rural and township economies. Through collaborative partnerships with the private sector and public-benefit organisations, the government is creating jobs for youth, empowering local businesses and pushing for more inclusive growth. While it’s still in its early days, the shift in focus could see more innovation in stimulating rural economies. Bridging global and rural areas Counter-urbanisation might just be the way forward for both developed and developing countries to create sustainable solutions that take the pressure off cities, while also improving the lives of their citizens. But, for it to work, there has to be an emphasis on collaboration and strong partnerships. Partnerships aimed at strengthening communications networks and rolling out new technologies to bridge the divide between the global village and rural areas, and cementing economic, social and environmental ties. With disruption and technology moving at an exponential rate, we’ll also need to check our rigid perspectives on what constitutes work at the (hypothetical) door and be agile to the changing nature of work. It might seem like a far-fetched idea – but, in an age when mankind is looking to start a colony on Mars, is it really?


I interview The role of the element silicon in crop production has been the subject of considerable research in the past few decades. As a result of this research, it is now well recognised that silicon exhibits extraordinary effects on plant growth and their development, particularly when the crops are growing under stressful conditions. Researchers have determined numerous plant benefits due to silicon. They have found that silicon increases photosynthesis rates and resistance to diseases, particularly fungal diseases. It also deters pests, particularly sucking and chewing insects and increases tolerance to drought and salinity. Silicon improves nutrient balances and activates plants defence responses. Other benefits include increasing plants ultra violet (UV) light tolerance and reducing their heavy metal uptake and crop lodging. It also increases tolerance to flooding and encourages carbon sequestration. The result is improved growth, production and better quality of crops. Agricultural scientists, agronomists and farmers are now recognising silicon as a beneficial nutrient and in some countries such as Japan, it’s recognised as being essential for crop production.

Bruce Cairns

Sales and Marketing Manager Agripower Australia Limited

Silicon in the Soil Silicon is the second most abundant element in the earth’s crust behind oxygen. Many farmers are under the misconception that because the soil contains large quantities of silicon (in the form of silica) that there is enough to supply the plant’s needs. However, the silicon in soils is mainly in the form of quartz and clays, and not in the form that is available to plants. Soils that are highly weathered, low in base saturation typically have low available silicon levels. Soil tests can now measure available silicon levels in the soil.

The Importance of Silicon in Agriculture By: Bruce Cairns

Silicon in Plants Silicon is taken up by plants in the available form of silicon (called monosilicic acid). Silicon is absorbed in quantities similar to macro elements (Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) and is then deposited in and around epidermal cells in the form of silica phytoliths. This deposited silicais immobile and cannot be translocated around the plant. The deposited silica increases cell strength, reduces transpiration and forms a physical barrier protecting the plant from pest and disease attack. In the plant the mobile monosilicic acid acts as apriming agent, activating defence responses. In today’s intensive cropping systems, where production is high, considerable amounts of silicon are exported off the land and crops are becoming increasingly deficient in silicon and responding to silicon fertilisers. Agrisilica Silicon Fertiliser Agrisilica Silicon Fertiliser manufactured by Agripower Australia contain 26 percent silicon in a bio-available form which plants can absorb over a period of eight to 14 weeks depending on soil type, moisture and plant growth. Agrisilica is available in a granular form


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that is easy to apply and a liquid form is underdevelopment. Agripower has conducted over 400 independent trials in over 40 different crop types demonstrating the benefits of Agrisilica Fertilisers. Examples of Results Date Palms In a large scale replicated mature date palm trial in Saudi Arabia on the variety Ajwa, the following results were achieved. Without Agrisilica yield per palm was 22.6 kg, number of dates per palm 2618 and number of grade 1 and 2 premium dates 706. Applying 2kg/palm Agrisilica resulted in increased yield (kg) by 11 %, increased number of dates per palm 14.5% and increased number of premium dates 18.6 %. Melons In a replicated Charentais melon trial grown under commercial conditions in Morocco on variety Eureka conducted independently the following results were achieved. Using 250 kg Agrisilica per hectare resulted in 48% larger plants and 92% more fruit per plant. Potato A trial was conducted with an organic farmer, and 60% increase was obtained in yield and quality of production. The farmer produced

9 Tonnes/ha without Agrisilica and he achieved 12 tonnes, 16 Tonnes/ha adding 12, 24 g per plant Agrisilica respectively. Tomato Agrisilica applied at 300 kg/ha and 600 kg/ha with Standard Fertiliser Practice (SFP) increased yields by up to 44%. Agrisilica applied at 600 kg/ha also increased the size of the tomatoes. Fruit > 57 mm diameter increased from 76% to 90% of total fruit, whilst fruit < 57 mm declined from 24% to 10% of total fruit. Cucumbers Agrisilica applied at 400 kg/ha with SFP increased yields by 34%. Agrisilica applied at 800 kg/ha with SFP increased yields by 35.6%. Agrisilica treatments showed less disease and shelf life was improved. The improvement in crop production with Agrisilica, demonstrates the value of applying silicon to crops. While the soil test indicates reasonable levels of silicon, this crop still benefits significantly from further silicon application. Turf / Landscape Applying Agrisilica in turf and general landscape situations will improved drought tolerance, resistance to foot traffic resulting in less wear, improved uptake of plant nutrients and increased root biomass resulting in improved crop life.


I interview

Interview with

Shalini Bhatnagar Fiona Environs CEO Please give us a brief about you & your educational background? and highlight your past experience in the GCC region? I have a degree in Landscape Architecture and MSc in Horticulture. I started my career with The Oberoi Group in India and from there opportunities came knocking in. Having worked on many key projects, gave me an opportunity and an exposure to study the creativity of national & international landscape designers. Fortified with a rich experience in the luxury hospitality sector where an eye for detail and a quest for perfection is required, allowed me to excel in my work and motivated me to explore opportunities and deliver the best. I entered the GCC market with the launch of my personal venture – Fiona Environs, ever since then we have been


successfully delivering some remarkable projects such as Banyan Tree Resort, Expo 2020 Sales Office, Bal Al Bahr, Millennium Estates, Grand Views, Fields, Oman Convention Centre, to name a few. Fiona Environs recently celebrated its 10th anniversary in the UAE and it was a great moment for me to be surrounded by our clients and colleagues who continue to appreciate our work. When did your company first set up business in the Region? Fiona Environs was first established in India in 2000 and then we expanded our operations in the UAE 10 years ago and in Oman 2 years ago. Ever since then there has been no looking back. We are also looking at expanding our footprints to Calabar, Nigeria.

The First Specialised Landscape Magazine in the Middle East

Management, Landscape Value Engineering, Maintenance, Way-finding and Signage. In recent times, we have also ventured into Interior design, and are really excited about this. At Fiona Environs, we are committed to excellence in design and have familiarity with current problem-solving techniques and appropriate building methods and materials, thus enabling us to meet any challenge. The single most important factor in the success of Fiona Environs has been its ability to manage the total planning, design and the construction process for projects of any size or scope, located anywhere in the region. What are the main challenges of doing business in the current GCC market? GCC is a very competitive market considering the developments taking place and the exposure. The main challenge I see is – getting known. Since the market is very cluttered it is important to be different from the rest and make yourself visible. The journey of building awareness for your brand and the work done could be a bit demotivating, nevertheless, as people say, GCC is a market of opportunities which can be fully reaped through networking. What is your company’s Main Activities & Services Fiona Environs is an integrated landscape and interior design company involved in the planning, designing and construction of quality developments in various sectors. Besides offering landscape architecture and design services, we have successfully forayed into Landscape Project

What are some of the major projects that you have been involved with in the past years I have been actively involved in various key projects, such as Cove Rotana, Banyan Tree Resort, Expo 2020 Sales Office, Bal Al Bahr, Millennium Estates, Grand Views, Fields, Oman Convention Centre, to name a few.


I interview

How your company improved or reshaped the landscape in the GCC with one of your projects? Landscape Design was earlier considered as an afterthought instead of a necessity. Being at the forefront at Fiona Environs has given me the opportunity to subtly influence the perception of decision makers to no longer consider landscape as an option. We have delivered a number of successful projects across the globe. One of them is the Oman Convention Centre, where Fiona Environs was involved in the project management and site supervision. The convention centre is beautifully designed to allow an entrance with a water display, palm trees, and a circular piazza. Most of our current projects are from previous clients who believe in us and our ideology, thus helping us with the success of the business. How important is it for the regional landscaping industry to adhere to International standards when completing projects? UAE is on a world map and all construction facilities be it Civil, Structure and Landscape or Interiors. The Quality of construction requires international standards for the delivery. What has been your experienced working in this field in the Middle East? Please differentiate Middle East to the other countries have you been worked before? Middle East is a fulcrum of huge projects with a multitude of visitors coming from the rulers. It is fast paced with quality deliverables, world class designs and strict deadlines compared to other countries.


As someone who is well established within the industry, what do you see as the main challenges we face in the next coming year/s? I think the only challenge that a well-established business can face is educating the audience about sustainable landscapes. People are slowly but steadily understanding the concept of sustainability and a few of them are also accepting it. Once people appreciate, it’s important to know about its benefits, we would see an increase in the planning of sustainability from the very beginning. However, building this awareness and educating the audience, could be challenging. Finally, please conclude by evaluating your company position in the market and share any relevant information about current projects? We are a boutique company wherein we feel that doing few projects and delivering them to the satisfaction of the clients is more important than really having a huge market share. We have a niche market and niche clients with most of them being repetitive.

The First Specialised Landscape Magazine in the Middle East

AREAS OF EXPERTIZE INTERIOR: • Wardrobes, Kitchens & Vanities • Feature Walls and Claddings • Turnkey Fit Out Solutions • Furniture • Joinery

EXTERIOR: • Cladding • Urban Furniture • Mashrabiyas & Trellises • Roofing: Thatched Roofs • Customized Timber Elements • Decking: Boardwalks and Pool Decks • Structures: Pergolas, Cabanas & Gazebos

Timbertech pioneers in the design, supply and installation of indoor and outdoor timber elements. We are equipped with state of the art manufacturing facilities and a highly skilled work force enabling us to deliver quality products exceeding customer expectations.

We have successfully executed several projects including: • La Mer • Four Seasons Resort • The Ritz-Carlton • KPMG Corporate Office • Lapita Hotel

Timbertech LLC P O Box: 33011, Dubai, UAE Tel : +971 4 8859678, Fax : +971 4 8833489 e-mail: info@timbertechllc.com A member of the Tanseeq Investment Group of Companies



Making history PDG Architects are behind the Beylikduzu Municipality Cumhuriyet Street Urban Design Project, which sees a public space being transformed into an open air museum. Their aim is obtain products that are important to humanity and to create a balance between the green pattern and the settlement. The Kiosk Structure, which has been constructed at the first stage of the urban design project, was awarded by the Architect Turgut Cansever National Architecture Awards.

By: PDG Architects The main theme for the grand design is a green pattern and settlement. The local governances’ sensitivity of protecting the environment of the area, the phenomenon of being dependent to green has came up again in the past few years. A consistent plan has made with upper scale resolutions by Beylikdüzü Municipality.


The slogan of the planning process is “Touching the green”. The first aspect of the project was intended to create a single form by mixing green pattern and existing square. The square and its streets are part of the public space. The project had to be regarded as a convenient and multiuse space and one which is community-centered.

The First Specialised Landscape Magazine in the Middle East


I URBAN DESIGN On behalf of theRepublic of Turkey, the period from 1915 to 2015, which aims to explain the existence of theproject has seven main milestones: The foundation of the Republic, early Republic, the young Republic, the story of the Republic, the recent history of the Republic, the values of the Republic and the contemporary Republic and the future. The main function of the project, which aims to obtain products that are important to humanity, is an open air museum reflecting 1915 to 1938. The project area has a 100-year-old welcome space. This section symbolizes the existence of the whole axis. With the 1915 Canakkale victory, a nation is gathered under one roof and symbolizes the entrance into a road. It is aimed to catch the subject richness with periodical working curators in kiosks and information panels along the axis and eliminate ‘percussion’ perception. It is foreseen that along the pedestrian access in the area, the data about the 1915 to 1938 period will meet with curious eyes. Specially designed information boards, seating elements, stops, media facades etc are in a position to help exhibit different subjects (fashion, architecture, painting, sculpture, ceramics, literature, sports, etc.) that imprint the turning mark. There is also a cafe, gift shop, information office, closed exhibition areas. The exhibition function is supported by landscaping that both touches the green and does not interfere with the flow of everyday life and facilitates access (including access to the disabled) greensemi-hard floor-to-hard floor, and viceversa, the floorcovering has an understanding that embraces the rest from nature.


The First Specialised Landscape Magazine in the Middle East

53 33


In 2017, Hermann Kamte & Associates were selected and invited to an international restricted competition by Dubai Municipality to reinvent their City Waterfront by proposing an entertainment centre which could be the new iconic place of the city under the theme “Dubai Heart�. 34

Heart of Dubai By: Hermann Kamte Architect & Designer

Ange Djoke

Architect & Computational Designer

Joseph NDI

Architect & Urban Planner

The First Specialised Landscape Magazine in the Middle East

Dubai is representing worldwide culture in addition to its position as a financial centre. People are travelling across the world to discover Dubai, its technology and to enjoy architectural design. “FINE FLOWER - DUBAI HEART” is planned to be the largest and most iconic leisure park

in the world. The project is cementing the relationship between architecture and nature. The design has identified three main elements - the connection between human and keys elements such as water, earth and air. The project is going to hold the world’s largest artificial waterfall.



The design wants to play a leading role in tourism attractions, sport and encourage a healthy social life .The challenge is to create buildings that will provide an amazing leisure atmosphere, with respect for the site environments. “FINE FLOWER - DUBAI HEART� has a welcoming beautiful heart shape designed to promote the quality of life in Dubai, and be recognizable within the community and region.


The First Specialised Landscape Magazine in the Middle East













L E T ’ S P L AY





+971 +971 44 339 339 1331 1331 (Dubai) (Dubai) || +971 +971 22 449 449 9196 9196 (Abu (Abu Dhabi) Dhabi) || office@raymondsport.com office@raymondsport.com || www.raymondsport.com www.raymondsport.com


The project wants to increase the awareness of Dubai to global audiences and to attract tourists to visit the emirate. It wants to create a place that changes society and sport activities, and encourage the excitement of family entertainment, and to be an integral and dynamic part of the leisure environment. To reflect Dubai’s focus on high technology and the emirate’s achievements in different fields and to obtain a new world record, the firm’s design goal is to create the tallest water slide and the largest manmade waterfall building. The project is to create a unique building nature that will give more value to the city through it;s character and expression. The design directly addresses young people as well as families who want to relax and share


unbelievable moments in the Middle East. The site provides a gathering point for practising sports and water activities. “FINE FLOWER - DUBAI HEART” is a small island dividing into several elements to encompass the different activities –a heart shape building, the tallest water slide and tower, water activities plaza and sport areas, children’s water zone and water playground, cafés and restaurants, gift shop and shops zone, facility building for lockers , showers and toilets, roof shops and activities, panoramic restaurant tower, visitors area, front gate security and administrations facilities, sea sand beach areas, water jogging walkways, food service area, open Theatre, outdoor exhibit and the ability to insert marina within the project, Museums, etc.

The First Specialised Landscape Magazine in the Middle East

We are a reputed supplier of quality plants, specimen ornamental trees and matured tropical palms for major landscaping projects. Our global suppliers include renowned organizations from Italy, Spain, Holland, South Africa, Lebanon, Egypt, India, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. We have 7 propogation facilities in the UAE that cater to large scale commercial projects on contract purchase arrangements.

39 A member of the Tanseeq Investment Group of Companies

I Waterfront Park

NYCEDC President and CEO James Patchett and NYC Parks Commissioner Mitchell J. Silver marked a major milestone in the delivery of Hunter’s Point South Phase II: the completion of the infrastructure, roadways and water front park. The park is a design collaboration between SWA/BALSLEY and WEISS/MANFREDI, with ARUP as the prime consultant and infrastructure designer, as well as lead designer for the broader development project. The opening of Phase II marks the realization of the larger park master plan, which first welcomed the public in 2013 with the completion of Phase I. Spearheaded by the New York City Economic Development Corporation, on behalf of the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation, the project presents a new model of urban ecology and a prototype for innovative sustainable design. The park’s integrated design weaves together infrastructure, landscape, architecture, and art, and is located adjacent to the city’s largest affordable housing development since the 1970s.

Hunter’s Point South Waterfront Park celebrates completion of phase II By: ARUP, SWA/BALSLEY, WEISS/MANFREDI


The First Specialised Landscape Magazine in the Middle East

“It is a great honour to work on a project like this for the people of New York and specifically for the Hunter’s Point neighborhood,” said ARUP Principal Tom Kennedy. “Reforming disused areas of our densely populated city is an incredibly important part of our social responsibility as designers in New York, and the new Hunter’s Point development provided the perfect opportunity to allow people to explore and enjoy the city’s waterfront.” The park design transforms 11 acres of abandoned industrial land opposite Manhattan into a new model for urban waterfront development. The park anticipates the inevitable flooding patterns and rising water levels of the East River while leveraging


I Waterfront Park

its rich histories and spectacular views to establish a multi-layered recreational and cultural destination and environmental habitat that completes the team’s collaboration. The designers have sculpted an industrial peninsula to feel like New York City’s newest “island,” a dreamlike landscape surrounded by salt marsh, where one can be a part of or apart from the world. Visitors arrive by crossing a narrow bridge to discover a land art installation: Luminescenceby New York-based artist Nobuho Nagasawa, which depicts the phases of the moon with glowing six-foot discs. It’s a new kind of park,” said lead landscape architect Tom Balsley of SWA/BALSLEY, as his 25-year vision for this waterfront transformation is finally fulfilled. “Hunter’s Point South is at once resilient infrastructure and contemplative retreat—a dynamic, living platform with extraordinary power to touch the daily lives of so many people.” As an extension of Phase I, the site’s paths unfurl into a promenade at thePark’s southern terminus, leading to the Overlook, a 30-foot-high cantilevered platform whose steel-clad formwork recalls the site’s industrial legacy while offering unparalleled views of the Manhattan skyline and East River. It is intimately connected to the tidal marsh andtrails below and the river beyond.


The First Specialised Landscape Magazine in the Middle East

Strong. Safe. Secure. Above and below ground tree anchoring systems for newly planted trees in rural and urban environments, synonymous with time-saving simplicity and problem solving innovation.

DM Kit

Palm Brace Kit

Root Ball Kit & Premium Root Ball Kit

Tree Guying Kit

Concrete Fixing Kit

Exclusive Distributor in the UAE Tanseeq L.L.C, P.O Box 28665, Dubai, U.A.E Tel : 971 (04) 3617199, Fax : 971(04) 3607966 info@tanseeqllc.com | www.tanseeqllc.com

43 www.gripple.com

I Waterfront Park

“For us, it has been a dream to be a part of a design team that is creating a waterfront park like no other,” said Marion Weiss and Michael Manfredi, founders of WEISS/MANFREDI. “Hunter’s Point South is equally a place of discovery, ecological resilience, and extraordinary drama with the Overlook that hovers above the water to frame the city’s magical skyline.” Pathways also lead through sculpted grasslands and a shaded picnic promontory embedded with wooden “rafts” for relaxing. Beyond, three fitness terraces descend the site’s dramatic grade with views down the river to the bridges. A kayak launch connects the community to the water’s edge and will host boating and educational programs for local students and residents. Photo Credit: Albert Vecerka, David Lloyd & Bill Tatham


The The First First Specialised Specialised Landscape Landscape Magazine Magazine in in the the Middle Middle East East


Proscape Golf is a full-service golf course construction and renovation company in the GCC that has worked on the following projects:

A member of the Tanseeq Investment Group of Companies

45 49

I mosque

Exclusive distributor in UAE and GCC

Polyclean Turf Division

26 46

T. 97143388226 F. 97143388785 M. 971506359026 Babiker.khateeb@polyclean.ae

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Growth Control with Bonzi Micro-Drench Growth Control with Bonzi Micro-Drench ™ ™ Treatments on on Novia Red Poinsettias Treatments Novia Red Poinsettias

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SCP SCP 759-00001-E 759-00001-E

27 47

I panoramic Landscape


The First Specialised Landscape Magazine in the Middle East

Water-in-Motion specializes in the engineering design, supply and installation of technologically advanced landscaping products and Water-in-Motion specializes in the engineering design, supply and installation of technologically advanced landscaping products and services servicesfor forresidential, residential,commercial commercialand andleisure leisuredevelopments developmentsincluding: including: WATER WATERBODIES BODIES




Swimming Pools Swimming Pools

Digital DigitalScreens Screens

Hard Hard Landscaping Landscaping

Changing rooms rooms and andgate gatehouses houses Changing

Dancing & &Interactive Dancing Interactivefountains fountains

Architectural ArchitecturalLighting Lighting

Soft Soft Landscaping Landscaping

Underground structures structures Underground

Lakes, Ponds, Streams&&Cascades Cascades Landscape LandscapeLighting Lighting Lakes, Ponds, Streams

Civil and and MEP MEP Works Works Civil

Retaining Retaining walls walls

Spas HealthRetreats Retreats Spas && Health

Irrigation Networks Networks Irrigation

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Maintenance and Gardening Works

Provision of Maintenance and Gardening Works

Ministry of Environment & Climate Affairs (Oman)





Garden Maintenance Services

Maintenance and Gardening of a Main Building and Garden

Ministry of Environment & Climate Affairs (Oman)





Gardens Maintenance, Cleaning & Irrigation Services

Maintenance, Cleaning, Arranging and Irrigation of the Gardens

Ministry of Interior (Oman)





Planting Services

Carry out Planting Services

Ministry of Environment, Water & Agriculture (Saudi Arabia)

Saudi Arabia




Public Parks Maintenance

Maintenance of Public Parks

Al Ahsa Municipality (Saudi Arabia)

Saudi Arabia




Gardens, Walkways & Yards Implementation Works

Implementation of Gardens, Walkways and Yards

Baqa Municipality (Saudi Arabia)

Saudi Arabia




Public Parks and Wells Maintenance

Maintenance of Public Parks and Wells

Al Ahsa Development Company - ADC (Saudi Arabia)

Saudi Arabia




Park Establishment

Establishment of a Park

Hail Municipality (Saudi Arabia)

Saudi Arabia




Landscaping Services

Provision of Landscaping with Associated Maintenance for Health Centers

Ambulatory Healthcare Services (Abu Dhabi)

Abu Dhabi



Gardening & Landscaping Services

Provision of Gardening & Landscaping Services

US Embassy in Muscat (Oman)




Landscaping Design & Supervision Services

Provision of Landscaping Design & Supervision for Public Parks

Abu Dhabi General Services Company PJSC (Musanada)

Al Ain



Gardening Services

Provision of Gardening Services

Mellitah Oil & Gas Services Company (Libya)


Green Areas Maintenance

Maintenance of Green Areas

Najran University (Saudi Arabia)

Saudi Arabia

Landscaping Works

Design and Build of Landscaping Works

Al Dhafra Region Municipality (Abu Dhabi)

Abu Dhabi

Consultancy Services

Studying the Costs of Producing Agricultural Crops and Developing Agricultural Marketing

Ministry of Environment, Water & Agriculture (Saudi Arabia)

Saudi Arabia

Gardens Construction

Construction of Gardens

Tabuk Municipality (Saudi Arabia)

Saudi Arabia

Trees Planting Works

Planting Alternative Trees

Ministry of Environment, Water & Agriculture (Saudi Arabia)

Saudi Arabia

Green Areas Maintenance & Irrigation Works

Maintenance and Irrigation of Green Areas

Taif Municipality (Saudi Arabia)

Saudi Arabia

Irrigation & Plantations Maintenance Works

Irrigation and Maintenance of Plantations in the Streets and Gardens

Madinah Municipality (Saudi Arabia)

Saudi Arabia

Green Area Maintenance

Maintenance of Green Area

Mashhad Municipality (Iran)


Children Park Construction

Construction of Children’s Park

Ministry of Regional Municipalities, Environment & Water Resources (Oman)


Gardens, Pedestrian Walkways & Squares Establishment

Establishment of Gardens, Pedestrian Walkways and Squares in the Province

Ministry of Municipal & Rural Affairs (Saudi Arabia)

Green Areas Maintenance

Maintenance of Green Areas

Flowers Maintenance, Cutting and Beautification Works



























Saudi Arabia




Saudi Standards, Metrology & Quality Organisation (Saudi Arabia)

Saudi Arabia




Supply of Flowers

Higher Council for Planning & Development (Kuwait)





Maintenance, Cutting and Beautification of Agriculture

Ministry of Community Development (Dubai)






The First Specialised Landscape Magazine in the Middle East

Alwasail manufacturer of Poly-Ethylene pipes and fittings, mainly for irrigation, telecom, drinking water and firefighting networks, gas and oil transport systems. Alwasail’s vision is to become the Global Market leader in HDPE pipe and fitting producer serving contractors and farmers with complete quality solutions. At the same time, expand its irrigation business to support landscape and farming requirements through the introduction of its newly produced or imported items via its expanding branch network.

Pipes I Compression Fittings I Clamp Saddles I Valve Box I Barbe Fittings I Turf & Agriculture

Alwasail Industrial Co. Riyadh Branch Prince Faisal Bin Bandar Street Intersection of Anas Bin Malik Street, Riyadh, KSA Mohammad Mansi Technical Support and Sales Engineer Mobile:+966500562189 Email:mohamed.mansi@alwasail.com

Dammam Branch 42 Street, Al-Hayat Plaza Square (Beside Bakery of Doret Al-Aryaf), Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Jeddah Branch Jeddah Quiza Service Road (Beside Green Mountain) Al Haramain street, Saudi Arabia

Mohammed Rabieh Branch Manager Mobile:0506419643 Tel: 0138171375 Email:m.rabieh@alwasail.com

Ibrahim Almenshawy Branch Manager Mobile:+966500526883 Tel: 012-2275735/012-6654536 Email:almenshawy@alwasail.com

Dubai Branch & Abu Dhabi P.O.Box: Dubai 48980 Hashim Ibrahim Sales Executive Dubai Tel.: +971 4 8886987 Tel Abu Dhabi: 00971 2 6733565 Fax :+971 4 266 80 35 Mobile :+971 56450914553 Email : hashim@alwasail.com



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