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The First Specialised Landscape Magazine in the Middle East


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The First Specialised Landscape Magazine in the Middle East

Editor’s Note In this issue, we look at two design firms who have been making their mark in the Landscape industry and earning awards along the way. Lemay, one of Canada’s leading integrated design services firms, merging architecture, urban design, interiors, landscape, engineering, sustainability and branding into a multidisciplinary and synergistic ensemble has won the prestigious international competition to redesign the corniche of Morocco’s Casablanca coast, which includes the new seaside promenade of the Hassan II Mosque and the Ain Diab corniche. Turn to page 24 to learn how Lemay’s project is set to become a landmark destination in Morocco. On page 44, Eray Carbajo - an international architecture and design studio based in Brooklyn and Istanbul have won an honorable mention award in a national architecture competition to design the transportation and interconnection hub of Izmir, Turkey. The studio already has over 20 international awards in architecture, interior design, master plans and product design and is known to solve design problems with innovative and value-adding solutions. The avant-garde design proposal redefines the ground level and creates a new topography through its multi layered elevated parks, urban plazas and interconnecting green paths. Creating ground-breaking projects isn’t always easy though, and on page 20 Managing Director of Dubai-based landscape architects desert INK, Duncan Denley explains how site visits have helped their team understand the full potential of challenging sites. Enjoy the issue

John Hampton

Managing Partner: Ziad Maarouf Amine Copy Editor: John Hampton Sales Manager: Boushra Dinnawi Administrative Assistance: Sarry Gan Art Director: Ramon Andaya Contributors: Duncan Denley, Normad Studio Landscape Architect, Zeina Kronfol, Jimena Martignoni, Majeed Ali, Lemay, Eray Carbajo Printed by: Al Nisr Publishing LLC Webmaster: www.pdinventive.com

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contents April 2017 - Issue 118

A Taiwanese clubhouse brings

18 nature indoors 20 Breaking the mould 24 Casablanca creations 28 Platform for reconciliation 34 Creating a Landmark 40 Caring for the environment 44 In the loop 48 Connecting Izmir

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The First Specialised Landscape Magazine in the Middle East


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Site Report

Rashid Equestrian and Horseracing Club, Kingdom of Bahrain Rashid Equestrian and Horseracing Club, Kingdom of Bahrain PROJECT OVERVIEW: The Rashid Equestrian and Horseracing Club is a nonprofit PROJECTestablished OVERVIEW: organization in 1977 for the purpose of promoting and The Rashid and Horseracing is a nonprofit organization regulating theEquestrian sport of horse racing. TheClub club’s two turf racing tracks established 1977 (2,400 for the purpose promoting and regulating measure 1.5 inmiles meters)ofin length, with a .3 milethe (600 sport of horse racing. The club’s two turf racing tracks measure 1.5 miles meter) straight. The club recently replaced the original irrigation (2,400 meters) in length, with a .3 mile (600 meter) straight. The club system with a new system that uses long-range Rain Bird® 751 recently replaced the original irrigation system with a new system that Electric Rotors and RainRotors Guns,andand uses long-range RainRain Bird®Bird® 751 Electric RainESP-LXD Bird® Rain2-Wire Guns, Controllers and2-Wire IQ v2.0 Central Control for remote management. and ESP-LXD Controllers and IQ v2.0 Centralwater Control for remote water management.



TheCHALLENGE: two turf racing tracks each measure 65.6 feet (20 meters) wide, and the rotors needed to be located on65.6 thefeet periphery of the tracks. The two turf racing tracks each measure (20 meters) wide, and thetwo rotors needed to beintersect located onatthe periphery of thecreating tracks. The The parallel tracks three locations, an two area parallel at three locations, creating anachieve area that head-tois too that is tootracks wideintersect for typical gear-driven rotors to wide for typical gear-driven rotors to achieve head-to-head coverage. head coverage. The installation team faced the additional challenge The installation team faced the additional challenge of installing the of installing the new system during the racing season, so the turf new system during the racing season, so the turf track had to be track had to be maintained damage while the newwas irrigation maintained without damagewithout while the new irrigation system system was installed. installed.

M. H. Al Mahroos BSC ©


RAIN BIRD PRODUCTS RAIN BIRD PRODUCTS ® - •Rain BirdBird® 751751 Electric RotorsRotors Rain Electric - •SR2005 Rain Guns SR2005 Rain Guns - •ESP-LXD Series 2-Wire Controllers ESP-LXD Series 2-Wire Controllers - •IQ™ v2.0 Central Control IQ™ v2.0 Central Control

COMPLETION DATE COMPLETION DATE April2015 2015 April RAIN BIRD AREA MANAGER RAIN BIRD AREA MANAGER Bashar Omari Bashar Omari “The introduction of the Rain Bird system in April 2015 coupled with a newofturf regimeinhas enabled “The introduction themaintenance Rain Bird system April 2015 us to provide a racing surface to be proud of. The flexibility coupled with a new turf maintenance regime has enabled of the Rain Bird system and its consistency of coverage has us to provide a racing surface to be proud of. The flexibility brought about a complete transformation in the irrigation of the Rain at Bird and its consistency of coverage procedures thesystem Rashid Equestrian and Horseracing Club, has brought about a complete transformation in the irrigation which in such testing conditions as an Arabian summer is a procedures the ”Rashid Equestrian and Horseracing Club, very valuableatasset.

which in such testing conditions as an Arabian summer is a - Mr. Neil Mackenzie Ross very valuable asset.” Facilities Manager, Rashid Equestrian and Horseracing Club

Mr. Neil Mackenzie Ross Facilities Manager, Rashid Equestrian ™ The Intelligent of Water andUse Horseracing Club



The 751electric electric andBird Rain Bird were TheRain Rain Bird Bird 751 rotorrotor and Rain Rain GunsRain wereGuns selected selected for the project. The 751 rotor has a throw radius of for the project. The 751 rotor has a throw radius of up to 75 feet (22 up it the perfect option forperfect the tracks; meanwhile to meters), 75 feet making (22 meters), making it the option for therain tracks; guns, which have a throw radius of up to 180 feet (55 meters) meanwhile rain guns, which have a throw radius of up towere 180used feet the tracks rotors were also chosen for their (55where meters) were intersected. used whereThe the751 tracks intersected. The 751 rotors even distribution of water, durability and easy maintenance features. were also chosen for their even distribution of water, durability and This combination of rotors and rain guns provided the necessary easy maintenance features. This combination of rotors and rain guns head-to-head coverage to produce healthy, consistent turf throughout provided the necessary head-to-head coverage to produce healthy, the course. consistent turf control throughout theconsists course.of four ESP-LXD 2-Wire controllers The irrigation system and IQ v2.0. The ESP-LXD can control up to 200 stations, giving the club The four ESP-LXD theirrigation flexibility tocontrol add newsystem stationsconsists now and inofthe future. Using IQ2-Wire v2.0 the facilities manager can fine-tune irrigation schedules and shut off or controllers and IQ v2.0. The ESP-LXD can control up to 200 stations, start a schedule right from the office computer, without having to giving the club the flexibility to add new stations now and intravel the to each controller. future. Using IQ v2.0 the facilities manager can fine-tune irrigation Work at the racetracks to avoid horse and schedules and shut offwasorscheduled start a schedule righttraining from times the office racing days; also, the team maintained the existing irrigation system computer, without having to travel to each controller. and schedules while working to install the new system. The consistency of the turf at the club’s tracks has improved, and the scheduling and Work at the racetracks scheduled to avoid horseand training and monitoring flexibility was achieved using the ESP-LXDs IQ v2.0times has been racing Additionally, the team maintained the existing irrigation a realdays. asset to the management team. system and schedules while working to install the new system. The D40948 consistency of the turf at the club’s tracks has improved, and the scheduling and monitoring flexibility achieved using the ESP-LXDs www.rainbird.com and IQ v2.0 has been a real asset to the management team.

The First Specialised Landscape Magazine in the Middle East


BRING COMMUNITIES TOGETHER Engage people of all ages with fun aquatic play. All through the wonder of water. Our Local Experts

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Dubai Municipality celebrates 37th Plantation Week by opening new park in Al Warqa-3 Half a million flower plants, 50,000 saplings to be distributed during the week During the opening of the Al Warqa-3 Park

Dubai Municipality joined the rest of the country in celebrating the 37th UAE Plantation Week with the opening of a new park at Al Warqa-3 in the presence of H E Dr Thani Bin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, Minister of Climate Change and Environment, Eng. Hussain Nasser Lootah, Director General of Dubai Municipality, Assistants to the Director General, Directors of Departments and other senior officials of the Municipality and the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment. The Plantation Week this year was organized last 12-16 March under the slogan, “Let’s plant a greener Emirate together” with the participation of all municipalities in the country. As part of the activities of the Plantation Week and the 2017 Year of Giving initiative, Dubai Municipality will also distribute more than 500,000 flower plants and 50,000 saplings to the public and visitors to the different parks in Dubai. More parks will be opened during the week such as the Nadd Al Sheba-2 Park, Al Khawaneej Pond Park, Al Mizhar-2 Park, Hatta Valley Park as well as the Hatta community Facility. After taking a tour of the new park in Al Warqa-3 on Sunday, the Minister said he values the remarkable care that has been given by the public and private sector establishments in the country on environmental affairs, stressing the ministry’s keenness to communicate with all stakeholders to implement environmental initiatives and utilize every occasion to expand green areas in Dubai. He praised Dubai Municipality’s keenness in organizing the various important activities for the Plantation Week and its continuing cooperation with the Ministry in executing joint environmental initiatives. “This year’s Plantation Week celebrations coincide with the implementation of the directives of President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan on the Year of Giving 2017. It is also in line with the directives and the care of the wise leadership on preserving the environment, protecting plants and creating awareness among members of the community on the importance of the sustainability of vegetation thereby contributing to the great efforts made by the UAE in the preservation of the natural environment,” said Al Zeyoudi. “Those efforts have resulted in achieving stunning successes in spreading green areas and transforming cities of the country to lush parks, in addition to promoting agricultural development and increasing plantation projects as well as using the best practices in agricultural projects and managing them efficiently and effectively,” he said. Lootah added that the Municipality has done its best to join the celebration of this occasion, which reflects in the outstanding efforts along with the rest of the cities of the country in the spreading of green areas. He stated that the city of Dubai has made many achievements in the


field of afforestation in order to keep pace with the urban expansion and development, noting that the process of afforestation and the spreading of green areas in the Emirate of Dubai is constantly evolving, especially after Dubai became one of the excellent global cities as it has now gained the honour of being selected to host the World Expo event. Lootah stressed that the Plantation Week aims to educate the community of the importance of afforestation. “We want to make sure the participation of different age groups in the preservation of agriculture and implant agricultural values in the minds of young people, including students. We also want to further educate the general public on the role played by the municipalities of the country in this area,” he said. “Dubai Municipality plays a vital role in providing great natural outlets, parks and resorts and in beautifying the streets of the city. We are keen to provide multiple alternatives and options for the population, frequenting parks and resorts, matching the latest international systems and standards for services on an ongoing basis through the many vital projects in this area,” Lootah explained. Al Warqaa-3 park, spread over a total area of about 27.1 hectares, is one of the neighborhood parks that serve the residents of the area. The park, constructed by Dubai Municipality at a cost of Dhs22 million, has 21.88 hectares of landscaping. The design work was done in coordination with the General Projects Department. One of the national companies has carried out the construction and civil works and installation of irrigation network. The Public Parks and Horticulture Department supplied agricultural soil and plants as well as carried out the horticultural work. The park boasts many recreational, sports and service facilities, including a 3.5km long running track, a 3.55km long cycle track, a 3.5km long sandy track, two football fields planted with natural grass, basketball and tennis courts. The park is provided with benches and shaded seating. There are two games areas with sea sand for children aged 1 to 5 years and 6 to 12 years. Safety and security aspects are also taken care of in the park. The park contains 24 date palm trees, 177 decorative palm trees, 2,416 other decorative trees, 120 ornamental shrubs, 5,134 meters of plant walls, 43,264 meters of soil covering, and a landscaping with 7,758 flowers on an area of 38,169 meters. Throughout the 37th Plantation Week public can collect flower plants and saplings at 4pm from Al Warqaa Park, Al Khawaneej Park, Al Warqaa-1 Park, Al Aweer Park, Al Khawaneej Pond Park, Al Nakheel Oasis Park, Al Mizhar-2 Park, Al Tawar-2 Park, Al Qusais Pond Park, Al Lehbab Park, Al Barsha-2 Park, Al Quoz Pond Park, Nad Al Sheba-2 Park, Umm Suqeim Park, Mankhool Park, Al Safa-2 Park, Al Khazan Park, Al Wasl Pakr, Hatta Valley Park, and Al Lesailie Park.

Leading manufacturer

The First Specialised Landscape Magazine in the Middle East

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Hilton, Dubai

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Share your favorite landscape architect-designed spaces with #WLAM2017

The American Society of Landscape Architects Celebrates World Landscape Architecture Month with a Showcase of Its 49 Chapters

This April the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) will celebrate World Landscape Architecture Month by highlighting the work of its members, chapter by chapter. Starting on April 1, for the next 49 days, a different chapter will take over ASLA’s Instagram each day to show the best of the profession from around the country. Photo composite includes an image of the At the Hudson’s Edge: Beacon’s Long Dock a Resilient Riverfront Park, designed by Reed Hilderbrand LLC, which received a 2015 ASLA Award of Excellence in the General Design Category. Photo Credit: James Ewing Photography.

ASLA also asks landscape architects and the public to post pictures of their favorite landscape architect-designed spaces with a card that reads, “This is Landscape Architecture,” tagged #WLAM2017, on social media. Anyone can download a “This is Landscape Architecture” card at asla.org/wlam or find one in the April issue of Landscape Architecture Magazine.   “ASLA and its chapters are excited to showcase landscape architects’ work in April and beyond,” said Nancy Somerville, Hon. ASLA, executive vice president and CEO of ASLA. “We’re looking forward to seeing all aspects of the profession, everything from iconic spaces like Central Park to sketches from students.”  In addition to the Instagram takeover, ASLA will share other pictures with #WLAM2017 on its Facebook and Twitter pages.   How to participate in World Landscape Architecture Month: Download a “This Is Landscape Architecture” card here. Take a photo of the card at your favorite landscape architect-designed space or related materials such as charrettes and sketches. Upload the photo or photos to Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms with #WLAM2017. See how others are celebrating at asla.org/wlam!

Landscaping opportunities worth billions of dollars in KSA KSA

Despite the fall in oil prices, Saudi Arabia’s government is pushing ahead with its ambitious development agenda and plans to diversify the economy.

The National Transformation Program (NTP) and Vision 2030 have been met with overwhelming support as the government begins to develop industries like real estate and tourism in partnership with the private sector. Saudi Arabia’s investors place value on the landscape and public realm design to increase the project prestige and commerciality. Developers from both the private and public sector seek to design public spaces that combine artistic creativity and blend technical demands with location needs and constraints. Future Landscape & Public Realm KSA will be held on 25-26 April 2017 in Riyadh and will support Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 and the roadmap that has been outlined for the kingdoms development and economic objectives for the next 15 years. An ideal opportunity in a booming industry More than 80 megaprojects, each worth at least $1 billion, are underway or planned for completion by 2030 in Saudi Arabia making it the Middle


East’s largest construction and build market. Riyadh Walk Project is valued at $320 million and will be covering an area of 137,000sqm with a 650m façade. Moreover, 6 open parks will be established as part of Wadi Hanifah (Hanifah Valley) environmental rehabilitation project. This have been given priority by the High Commission for the Development of Arriyadh. These projects and many more create unlimited landscaping opportunities in Saudi Arabia. Why take part in Future Landscape & Public Realm KSA conference? This conference is being launched to support Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 and the roadmap that has been outlined for the kingdoms development and economic objectives for the next 15 years. This unique and timely event will bring together government representatives, landscape architects, urban designers, contractors and service/solution providers to discuss upcoming projects, innovations, technologies and best practices.

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Guinness World Records for the largest carpet of flowers/plants Certificate is received by Engr. Saleh A. AL-Zahrani, Director General of Operations and Maintenance Division, along with H.H. Prince Saud Bin Abdullah Bin Thunayan Al-Saud, Chairman of Royal Commission, H.E. Dr. Alaa Abdullah Nassif, Executive President of Royal Commission of Yanbu, from Mr. Glenn Pollard, Adjudicator Guinness World Records

Yanbu flower show boosts green drive The 11th Yanbu flowers and gardens festival organized by the Royal Commission for Yanbu at the Events Garden in Yanbu Industrial City, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was inaugurated by H.H. Prince Saud Bin Abdullah Bin Thunayan Al-Saud on 14th March 2017 in the presence Dr. Alaa bin Abdullah Nassif, CEO of the Royal Commission Yanbu, Engr. Saleh Abdullah AL-Zahrani, Director General of Operation and Maintenance Division & Chief of the Flowers and Garden Festival, including several prominent figures, government officials and company executives. The Yanbu Flower Festival, considered the largest in the Kingdom, has attracted more than a million visitors from across the country. “We have extensively publicized the event this year,” said Engr. Saleh bin Abdullah ALZahrani, Director General of Operation and Maintenance Division at the Royal Commission for Yanbu. He said flower carpet made out of more than Twelve million flowers is one of the event’s main attractions and the total flowers utilized exclusively in the flower festival is approximately 1.8 million flowers. The flower carpet design Engr. Saleh A. AL-Zahrani said this time we have projected Saudi Vision 2030 in the design and people have been highly impressed by this wonderful work and have spent a lot of time looking at it,” he said. In addition he said we are proud to inform that Guinness World Records for the largest carpet of flowers/plants was created by Yanbu Flower Festival, Royal Commission in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia, on 14th March 2017 and the total recorded area is 16,134.0772 m² (173,665 ft² 115 in²).The flowers/ plant carpet was part of opening the 11th year of Yanbu flower festival. For the carpet, approximately 1.8 million of 14 different types flowers were used. This time Royal Commission has structured edifices with used containers and highlight of the flower festival is induction of smart house, the unique features of smart house is that the entire flower festival area can be controlled by mobile from anywhere, also we have re-cycling garden, road cultural corner, butterfly gardens etc. In addition, the flower show has companies specializing in gardening and landscaping participating in the show. People from Yanbu, Yanbu Al-Bahr, Madinah, Jeddah, Tabuk and other parts of the Kingdom are visiting the festival. Many Yanbu families visit the festival every day to walk among the beautiful flowers, Al-Zahrani said. “We have created more space so that it will not look overcrowded. People can also walk for about two to three kilometers. This is good for their health,” he added. Over the past week, the festival attracted students from more than 300 schools in Yanbu, Medina, Yanbu Al-Bahr and Jeddah. “We encourage kids


H.H. Prince Saud Bin Abdullah Bin Thunayan Al-Saud, Chairman of Royal Commission, inaugurating the 11th Flowers and Garden Festival with him is H.E. Dr. Alaa Abdullah Nassif, Executive President of Royal Commission of Yanbu and Engr. Saleh A. AL-Zahrani, Director General of Operations and Maintenance Division

to plant their own flowers and take them to their homes.” Al-Zahrani said they have arranged specially designed programs for children, which has pleased parents. “All things related to gardening are available at the show. Saudis and expatriates have hailed the Royal Commission for organizing the festival. Engr. Saleh A. AL-Zahrani commended H.H. Prince Saud Bin Abdullah Bin Thunayan Al-Saud, Chairman of Royal Commission and H.E. Dr. Alaa Naseef, CEO of the Royal Commission of Yanbu, for their support for the festival and their encouragement has motivated us to achieve world record for the largest carpet flowers/plants. The Flowers and Garden Festival will conclude on 08th April 2017

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Design Days Dubai Completes its Sixth and Most Successful Edition in its New Location, d3 Design Days Dubai The new location of d3, a refreshed layout, extensive talks, a workshop programme and a strong sales interest, contributed to the fair’s success Design Days Dubai, held under the patronage of HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, and in partnership with Dubai Culture & Arts Authority, closed its sixth edition on Friday 17 March reporting its most successful edition to date having attracted both the largest number of exhibiting design galleries and studios and a 10% year-on-year increase in visitor attendance. Design Days Dubai (est 2012) is the only international collectible design fair in the Middle East and South Asia and one of Dubai’s most-loved cultural events. The annual event presents a diverse crosssection of some of the world’s most exciting highly-collectible design and installations, alongside a talks and workshop programme bursting with leading design personalities and industry experts. Positioned as a fair of discovery, it welcomed its largest number of exhibitors, this year with the strongest representation of design from

designer Ahmad Angawi from the King Abdelaziz Centre for World Culture, speaking with Sheikh Nahyan

the UAE and region. In total, 50 exhibitors represented 125 designers from 39 countries with more than 400 purchasable works – from furniture and lighting to decorative objects –displayed. Record visitor attendance and strong sales interest Design Days Dubai management cited the fair’s new location of d3, the heart of Dubai’s creative industries, and refreshed layout and most extensive programme of talks and workshops as contributing factors to its high level of visitors. Among the fair’s visitors, Design Days Dubai welcomed HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai; HE Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, UAE Minister of Culture and Knowledge Development; along with many local, regional and international dignitaries. A well-known patron of design, HH Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice Chairman of the Dubai Culture & Arts Authority, toured the fair at length, meeting many of the designers contributing to the shaping of Dubai as a global capital of design and innovation and concluded her visit with a design discussion on the development of the design scene in Dubai and UAE.

Sheikh Nahyan with designer Michael Rice


Design Days Dubai’s continued development of broad regional and international networks included a dedicated professional buyers preview (targeting architects, interior designers, specifiers), as well as the popular annual VIP collectors and ladies previews, all served to draw in visitors from the fair’s loyal following. Collectors, museums and institutions in attendance came from as far afield as Shangri La Center for Islamic Arts and Cultures (Hawaii, USA), Design Shanghai Collectible Design (China) and Ian Art Consulting (Korea). Many brought groups of curators and patrons to the fair, taking advantage of the buzz of Art Week and its other key events Art Dubai and Sikka. Rawan Kashkoush, Design Days Dubai’s Head of Programming said: “We are proud that Design Days Dubai 2017 closes as its most successful edition yet. There was buoyant mood throughout the fair, amongst its many visitors and exhibitors, who reported strong sales interest. Dubai has again reinforced its position as the regional centre of design and we look forward to continuing that fantastic momentum throughout to return in 2018 for our seventh edition.”

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Increasing air porosity in soils allows water to infiltrate quicker and roots to grow deeper for stronger, healthier plants.

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Profile is the #1 selling porous ceramic in the world and is used by NASA®, elite sport pitches, golf courses, and commercial landscapes like Universal Studios® and Walt Disney® theme parks.

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New water feature in Katara Amphitheater, Doha. Project by OASE & WATERMASTER.

Water features have been gaining popularity in the GCC. Starting with Kuwait’s musical dancing fountain, followed by Dubai Fountains or the recent Yas Mall Fountains in Abu Dhabi, they have become landmarks, undoubtedly creating an added value to their locations, for visiting tourists especially. February 2017 featured the opening of a new musical fountain in Katara Cultural Village (Doha). Admirable is the fact that turnkey execution took just 3 months. WATERMASTER, a company responsible for the project realization, had three key messages in mind: Quality, Time and Budget. Project phases and milestones were presented below. Let’s take a sneak peek how such developments are done!

COMPLEX REALIZATION OF A WATER FEATURE PROJECT Planning Katara water feature was executed in a monitored and controlled atmosphere. The first step was identifying the processes consistent to the requirements, involving a method statement. It encompassed the logistics, all risks and hazards, health and safety issues, environmental aspects, quality control as well as inspection and test plans (ITP). “Katara Cultural Village is a live public area. Therefore, several security measures had to be taken into account, especially during delivery of the materials” – notes Fouad Esmail, Project Manager, WATERMASTER. The planning phase also covered the manpower requirements, touching issues like shifts, the exact responsibilities, supervision and training, such as weekly safety toolbox talks. “The whole project had to be realized in just 3 months which required setting a schedule based on three overlapping shifts, each being 10 hours” – adds the PM.

Design phase of the project started with development of sketches.

Design That phase usually covers the requirements, space optimization, and concept scheme through development of sketches and key plans. In case of Katara water feature, the team was asked to design something different, yet showing the spirit of the amphitheatre. Within 24 hours they responded to the client with the primary idea. “The design concept came from the idea of a flaming torch which was used in ancient times as a symbol of harmony” – says Omar Khayat, Technical & Design Manager, WATERMASTER. Elaboration of the concept took it to a more tangible level. Revision and workshops, delivering drawings, perspectives, detailed study and analysis, have led the design team to adopting the Interactive Fountain Flame, a breakthrough design in the world of special effects. Controlled via DMX SYSTEM, the effect generator shows the spectacular interplay of fire and water, reaching the height of up to 10 meters. All this is illuminated with RGB LED-spotlights, in rhyme to the playing music.


WATERMASTER management team during a weekly meeting at the site

Execution That phase covers a wide scope of activities, starting from contract, finance and legal agreements, via managing the budget and resources, up to engineering, procurement and installation. Regular controls were intended to ensure that all the quality, environmental, health and safety related requirements were met satisfactorily. “The tight deadline was a great challenge in this complex design & build project” – says Pierre Boueri, Managing Director, WATERMASTER. “Before operating the fountain, all civil and MEP works had to be designed and executed as well. That would not be graspable if the company did not have

all its resources in-house. It helped to coordinate works more effectively and ensured faster action onsite to realize project milestones on time within the required quality level”. Testing & Commissioning Animation software, also developed internally at WATERMASTER, helped to design the end effect in line with the client’s vision and considerably save time during testing & commissioning phase. Besides, “synergy with our partner OASE was the key factor of the projects success” – adds Souheil Nasrallah, Deputy General Manager, WATERMASTER – “they have preassembled and tested all equipment in the factory in Germany before shipping it to Doha, especially the fountain flame. The manufacturing process was expedited in order to mitigate the delays of the long lead items”. Maintenance Maintenance of a water feature is just as important as its design or installation in order to preserve its original quality. Seemingly basic tasks like removal of scale, dirt, rust, algae or debris build-up, can make it lose charm and cause a lot of fuss when in the hands of non-experts. “It is crucial to have a specialized team to take care of the water level, type and quality as well as pump maintenance, keeping the beauty of a water feature for years” – mentions Pierre Boueri, Managing Director.

50-meter long basin was excavated to make the effect visible for the amphitheatre audience. The team worked for 3 months on 3 overlappng shifts, 24 hours per day.

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Katara Amphitheater, Qatar


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A Taiwanese clubhouse brings nature indoors By: Chain 10 Urban Space Design 18

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Height differences are used to create a more efficient water cycle. Nano silane ketone resin, used on the outdoor wall, effectively controls mould while providing waterproofing and allowing air circulation. The gaps between the anodized aluminum panels and RC walls help vent air warmed by the sun, increasing the energy efficiency of the indoor cooling system. The design emphasizes not only a comfortable indoor environment, but a natural outdoor environment. In addition to fulfilling residents’ needs, it provides a comfortable environment where residents enjoy socializing with their neighbours. The aim is to give the community’s residents a sense of belonging and happiness. Data Sheet Office name: Chain 10 Urban Space Design Location: Tainan City, Taiwan Client: KUO YANG CONSTRUCTION CO. LTD. Lead designer: KENG-FU LO Project end date: 2015/09 Photographer: Kuo-Min Lee  

Keng-Fu Lo, lead designer of the Green Places Community Clubhouse, located in Tainan, Taiwan, sees a building as a living being. Breaking with architectural tradition, each floor of the clubhouse has its own distinctive design. The building is a shared space for the residents of an independent community. It provides spaces for dining, reading, exercising, learning, sharing and communication. The floors are stacked vertically as a series of free curves. The design is based on natural patterns and includes a reflective pond, outdoor plaza and unobstructed views of the nearby hills. Varied surfaces with differing heights encourage people to walk in and explore the interior. Natural elements are brought into the building not only through its décor, but with a wall formed of tall trees. The result is a harmonious environment where human life maintains contact with nature. The use of continuous glass windows breaks spatial barriers, inviting nature indoors and creating links between inside and outside. To solve the western-sun-exposure problem common in Taiwan, the solid wall is positioned on the west of the building, reducing the impact of intense sunlight on the interior temperature. On the other hand, the second floor swimming pool faces a stand of trees on the east side, moderating the temperature on cold winter mornings. When the sun brings warmth, the building’s design provides shelter for the pool. The net result is a human space with ample natural sun, air and water.


I Park Masterplan:- desert INK ensured that the untouched areas of the site retained their naturalistic beauty

Managing Director of Dubai-based landscape architects desert INK, Duncan Denley explains how site visits helped the team to understand the full potential of an extremely challenging site on the east coast of the UAE. When desert INK were approached in late 2016 to create a public park for the local community on the east coast of the UAE, we were intrigued. Pinned down between a highway and a steeply sloping mountainside, the planned location for the park was not an obvious choice and it was easy to miss the huge potential of such a site from office-based analysis. With much of the land inaccessible, due to the sheer steepness of the mountainside and the drifts of loose rocks deposited from nearby road cuts, the plot presented a multitude of challenges. desert INK’s visit to the site however told a different story. Donning our hiking boots and clutching bottles of water, we set about exploring the site. There was soon an excited chatter between the team as we started to visualise the potential to create something truly different. It became apparent that this park would break the mould and would not conform to

Breaking the mould By: Duncan Denley Managing Director, desert INK


Section across the lake:- The steep contours of the site remain intact, with only occasional gabion terraces to permit accessibility

Gabions filled with site-sourced stone create terraces which climb the steeper The First Specialisedcamping Landscape Magazine in the Middle East areas of the site

regional perceptions of what constitutes a park. This would not be a park composed of expansive lawns and ‘off the shelf’ play equipment, but would instead turn the most challenging aspects of the site into its major assets. The story of the park’s design really starts with desert INK’s first site visit. It was noted that the site was effectively a basin, and demonstrated evidence that it flooded during the winter rains. Upon descending into the basin, we were greeted by a fertile valley floor with a stony, but rich soil supporting mature Acacia trees and a sparse carpet of native grasses and wildflowers sweeping across a flat pan at the foot of the mountainside. This was a wonderful space; a hidden pocket of natural landscape, sunken below the sights and sounds of the adjacent road. It was clear to the team that this area must remain largely untouched and needed little more than improved

accessibility and well-located seating areas in the shade of the existing stands of Acacias. Visitors should be provided the opportunity to enjoy, explore and interact with this unique environment, without substantially changing its character. The lowest area of this sunken basin featured an expanse of mud, and was clearly a seasonal water body, fed by a number of wadi’s which tumbled down the mountainside. With the client’s request for a water body in our minds, this would seem the ideal location to create a naturalistic pool. Swelled seasonally by waters flowing from the mountain wadi’s, the pool could blend into the natural surroundings with only a smaller section of the pool remaining a fully-lined with rocks and remaining a year-round feature for wildlife, vegetation, paddling and swimming. Further along, baked in

Longitudinal Section:- With water naturally gathering at the low point of the basin, this was the obvious location for the waterbody


I Park

Corten planters showcase native grasses

the sun, the valley mud deposits had formed into a fractured mosaic of rich brown plates; so geometric and ordered that it was hard to believe that they were not carved by human hand. The team were so fascinated by the cracked earth patterns that they charted the intricate forms with a series of photos, vowing to adopt these natural forms within our own design geometries at the site. Scrambling up to the ground surrounding the highway edge, we noted that rocks cut from nearby road works were deposited to create a flatter, more accessible area of man-made ground. As opposed to the mountainside and floor of the basin, these flat areas were already heavily disturbed. As such, they were suitable to host the park features which require more intervention such as children’s play, lawn areas for picnics and car parking. Often an unfortunate expanse of hot asphalt in standard parks, the team innovated again, conceptualising the car parking as an extension of the landscape. Here cars park within gravel areas in the shade of tree planting, with grasses, feature walls, gabions and boulders defining parking bays and circulation. We likewise recognised that it would be impossible to return the steeply-sloping scree of rock deposited by adjacent road cuttings to its natural state, nor could this area be used productively in its present state. The lose material and steepness of the slope rendered these areas entirely inaccessible to visitors. Here we would use gabon baskets filled with site-found stone to create a series of sculptural terraces, hiding these man-made scars on the landscape, while creating accessible terraces for camping and other such activities. Being filled with stone from the site, this offered not only an affordable solution, but one which complements the natural environment as it utilises the very materials from the site. The team took great inspiration from the cracked earth patterns seen at the site, creating a series of geometric terraces and spaces


which cascade down the steeper sections of the disturbed site areas, creating resting places, fire pits, playgrounds and lawns. Further down, a series of terraces employ boulders, logs and rope to create innovative and exciting natural play features which are entirely at home within this rugged landscape. Children are encouraged to be adventurous and explore the park’s activities from hiking to camping and the park actively aims to persuade them outdoors by providing facilities unparalleled in the region. Corten steel retaining walls and planters incorporating signage and lighting likewise serve to harmonise with the colours found in the natural landscape. The resulting design for the park is harmonious with the site’s existing character, yet clearly differentiates the natural aspects of the site from the interventions originating from desert INK. Major interventions are restricted to those areas already disturbed by man, while the attractive and valuable natural areas remain largely untouched. The design is entirely contemporary, yet it belongs to this rugged landscape. The materials, geometries, plant species and even the colours perfectly complement the natural setting, being inspired by it, rather than attempting to mimic or fake it. With construction planned for later this year, desert INK will certainly report on the progress of this unique project shortly.

Known for their context-driven, sustainable landscape designs, desert INK are a registered design consultancy based in the Dubai Design District. With 15 years of experience in the region, Managing Director Duncan Denley leads a creative team backed up by the 28 years’ experience held in the Desert Group and vision of CEO Michael Mascarhenas.

A number of terraces housing play areas, seating zones and fire pits descend down the shallower slopes

Edge with Ease

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I Urban development

Casablanca creations By: Lemay Lemay has won the prestigious international competition to redesign the corniche of Morocco’s Casablanca coast, which include the new seaside promenade of the Hassan II Mosque and the Ain Diab corniche. Founded in 1957 as an architectural practice, Lemay is one of Canada’s leading integrated design services firms, merging architecture, urban design, interiors, landscape, engineering, sustainability and branding into a multidisciplinary and synergistic ensemble. With nine offices worldwide and ranked 7th according to World Architecture (WA), Lemay is also one of Canada’s most creative and awarded firms, with over 350 awards and prizes. Leveraging its unique blend of creativity, capacity and expertise, Lemay champions its clients’ aspirations, enhances users’ quality of life and strives to build a brighter future for our communities. This win reinforces Lemay’s international presence and once again showcases Quebec’s creativity and design abroad.  Launched by real estate agency Casa Aménagement in June of 2016, the international competition aims to enhance this exceptional natural space for the residents of Casablanca, on the edge of the thriving metropolis. New urban and landscape design will promote mobility along the length of the corniche and reinforce the appeal of the Casablanca coast in a spirit of modernity, sustainability and innovation. The project, launched on December 20 by His Majesty King Mohammed


VI, involves creating an urban public park and corniche along the El Hank embankment. Designed in harmony with its environment, the new promenade will become an extension of the Hassan II Mosque, an architectural gem and source of Moroccan pride that is one of the economic capital’s must-see landmarks. “This new achievement confirms our exceptional expertise in integrated design as well as the international demand for a design offering that directly impacts communities’ current and future wellbeing,” said Louis T. Lemay, president and excellence facilitator.   Lemay’s project is destined to become a landmark destination in Morocco. Led by Lemay Principal and International Development Director René Hubert, and designed by the LemayLAB, this win further confirms the company’s exceptional creativity and ability to create tangible value for collectivities. Lemay’s proposal stood out with its trans-disciplinary approach combining broad expertise in international development, sustainable development, architecture, landscape architecture, urban design and graphic design. It edged out submissions by high-profile firms in the U.S. Europe and Australia. For the purposes of the project, Lemay collaborated with Moroccan firm Geodata, which specializes in topography and engineering.

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The first phase of the Hassan II Mosque’s seaside promenade is scheduled for end of 2017, with the Ain Diab corniche inauguration planned for the following year.  The 5-kilometre coast will offer Casablanca residents and visitors a plethora of new and complementary uses, based around three main functions: a festive event space, a seaside resort and a nature preserve. They will be able to enjoy new rest areas, walkways, outdoor sports and spectacular views of the Atlantic, without leaving the city.   Inspired by the classic and multi-tiered Islamic garden, our design offers a formal procession from the city to the sea through a series of landscaped layers. A first shaded layer defines the entrance to the promenade, as a green park traces a line between Corniche Blvd. and the shore. The next level of gardens encourages recreation and leisure, while the following levels are dedicated to walking and the beach. 


I Urban development

Mineral and plant layers wander, meander, rise and overlap to create elegant and integrated landscapes. At street intersections, open public squares act as gates to the sea and connect services such as restaurants, boutiques, fountains, sanitary facilities and underground parking. An unobstructed view of the sea always dominates, thanks to an integration of facilities and rolling landscape.   Sustainable development is at the heart of the Lemay approach and feature prominently in the winning proposal. Several sustainable development strategies were woven into the new urban design in order to reduce the project’s ecological footprint. Among the most remarkable is the implementation of an electric tramway as a complement to the Casablanca coast’s first-ever bicycle path.     A grey-water treatment system using bio filtering gardens has been added to the strategy developed by Lemay and Geodata. Recycling, ecological handling of waste, the use of local materials and plants as well as the revitalization of natural areas will all contribute to the creation of a sustainable environment for the well-being of future generations.


Projet d’aménagement du Littoral de Casablanca : Promenade Maritime de la Mosquée Hassan II et Corniche Ain Diab Location: Casablanca, Maroc Client name: La Société CASABLANCA AMÉNAGEMENT SA Engineers: GEODATA Architecture and landscape architecture: Lemay Project area: 5 linear km Cost of work: 200,000,000 Dirhams (equivalent to $26M CDN) Start date: April 2017 End date: July 2018  Project director: René Hubert

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I PUBLIC GARDEN I Public garden

The First Specialised Landscape Magazine in the Middle East

Award winning public play garden for children in the outskirts of Beirut

Garden for

reconciliation By: Greener-ontheotherside

The newly redesigned public garden of Karantina, wins the award for the public space category during the Lebanese Architecture Awards , held in February 2017. The new design is one of the first public play gardens for kids in Beirut. It transformed a previously abandoned space with large lush trees into a reconciliation garden between past and present, enabling encounters between different communities, cultures and generations. CONTEXT Karantina—originally the place of enforced isolation right at the entry from the Beirut port— became a refuge for the minorities and the displaced, and until today is rich in ethnic communities (Muslims, Christians, Armenians, Arab al Maslakh). Mainly an industrial district, Karantina houses a dense and crowded residential fabric alongside a slaughterhouse and a recycling treatment plant. The recent closure of the slaughterhouse, and the affordable spaces on offer are attracting emerging artists, developers and creative people, slowly impacting its socio-economic status and starting a silent gentrification process


APPROACH COMMUNITY ENGAGING Our role as landscape architects was to create a garden that’s not only aesthetical but impactful with a strong sense of community engagement and integration of the residents in the process of the design. The aim was to build within the users a sense of ownership in order to ensure a successful continuity of the project beyond its implementation. Despite our first instinct to respect the memory of the garden with its original architectural elements, we decided to go beyond the nostalgia, and transform the space into a platform for reconciliation between past and present, enabling grounds of encounter between different communities and cultures, and generations.


The First Specialised Landscape Magazine in the Middle East

DESIGN: INTERACTIVE, FLEXIBLE AND FUN. Dialogue with the community made it clear that children were to be at the forefront of this project: their play rituals and dynamics became the drive and it became clear to that in order to achieve this harmonious reconciliation, this space had to concretize as a play type of garden.

The proposed design introduced a new type of public garden in Beirut: a Play Garden. It aims at combining art, play, and education; while integrating design functions with its existing mature trees. This resulted in a garden that is rich in activities yet volatile in space. | The Bridge To enhance the promenade in the garden a bridge was created. It acts as an open flexible elevated deck, which also serves as a viewpoint or a platform for the parents to overlook their children play, from a distance.

| Karantina Totems The power bridge is an important element of the garden. Just as the tall red and blue ‘giraffe cranes’ gave Karantina a signature look; the columns holding the bridge mimic the element of elevation and are meant to give the garden a distinguished identity: the Karantina signature totem

Discover and Play under the Bridge


CatalyticAction‘s design divided the area around the bridge into four stations implied by the location of the four totems. Each hosting an interactive and new activity informed by the workshops that took place throughout the design process.

The area under the bridge was allocated to an open call call inviting artists, designers, architects, sociologists and urban planners to develop proposals for a playful and interactive installation. Following the Jury’s review, the open call was awarded to CatalyticAction. Their participatory approach and previous experience in designing playgrounds in unprivileged areas and refugee camps was a key decisive factor for their selection.



Public GARDEN garden II PUBLIC

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Workshop area An oval shaped table and benches are built around the specimen tree that stands alone on the right side of the garden and serves as a picnic or workshop area. climbing wall community Library Play & expression walls Embracing the workshop area from the two ends are an expression wall serving as a scoreboard for the mini court area, and a play wall with embedded play items.

| Joke Fountain When activated in the summer, the central joke fountain becomes a fun, dynamic and refreshing element in the garden, and doubles up as an open flexible piazza in the winter



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I Public garden I PUBLIC GARDEN

The First Specialised Landscape Magazine in the Middle East

SUMMARY Project: Karantina play garden: grounds for encounters Category: Public spaces- Award winning design at the Lebanese Architecture Awards 2017 Landscape architect: Greener_ontheotherside Zeina Kronfol & Pamela Haydamous Approach: open, collaborative and community engaging Client and funder:Universite Saint Joseph Land owner: Beirut Municipality Contractor: Bet A Bat Completed: December, 2016. Location:Karantina, al-mudawwar district, north-east of Beirut. Official garden name: PatriarcheBoulos el-Meouchy garden Collaborators: Organizers of the open call for artists: TandemWorks Winners of the design development and execution of the play items under the bridge: CatalyticAction Community engagement workshops: CatalyticAction in collaboration with the Chain effect, Recycle lebanon and Urban pins. Sub-consultants: RodolpheMatar (Structural), RabihNahas (MEP) Watermaster (water feature), DIB (lighting), ASSABIL (library), Greenstudios (production of drawings) Thank you to the friends of Karantina park The jury competition members: Rachid Achkar, Adib Dada, Mona Hallak, Ayssar Arida, Rula Hajj-Ismail and Rana Samara Jubeily Illustration: ReemSawma Photography: Salim Batlouni Our passionate supporter: Assadour Attar & the community members of Karantina.

Greener-ontheotherside* is a creative collective of landscape architects who are design, nature and people conscious. Our approach to projects is site-specific and research based. We aim to elevate nature in any given space by proposing new ideas and approaches to bring people together and discover a greener side of things. Greener-ontheotherside is passionately formed by Zeina Kronfol and Pamela Haydamous and has successfully completed projects in Beirut and Dubai ranging from private residential gardens to public spaces and landscape installations. UAE +971 56 7681587 LB + 961 3 90 14 12 zkronfol@greener-ontheotherside.com





ng ildi

ts por

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Euronix Padel courts are designed and developed with high standards and following the regulations of NIDE 2004 Padel and F.E.P. (Spanish Padel Federation). Structural designed are based on the ofcial Technical Building Code (TBC). Euronix Padel Courts are committed to: Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ

Manufacturing with high quality materials Structurally strong and durable for all weather conditions Padel court construction complies with International Standards Aesthetically pleasing structure design


I urban development

Creating a Landmark By: Jimena Martignoni

The new City Hall of Buenos Aires is located in a traditional but historically neglected neighbourhood, Parque Patricios in the south of Buenos Aires, sealing an ambitious urban revitalization master plan that started a few years ago for this area. Since 2007, the city government - whose executive head was Mayor Mauricio Macri until November 2015, when he was elected president of Argentina - moved and settled more than 150 prestigious firms and offices to the south and implemented the technological district including the Metropolitan Center of Design (CMD) and the government’s most important ministries in this area. They also created the cultural centre called Art Factory (Usina del Arte) formerly an abandoned power plant, and Buenos Aires Rock, an open


area for concerts and large events which was another abandoned lot formerly occupied by an amusement park. Also part of the new public transportation system is a new metro line and the brand new Metrobus Sur –the local rapid bus system to Parque Patricios. The new city government headquarters have become the first public building in Latin America which was designed to be energyefficient and water-conserving and to use sustainable or green resources and materials. With this in mind, the project completed

The First Specialised Landscape Magazine in the Middle East

in March 2015 is in the process of attaining LEED Silver or Gold certification. (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design - the building certification process developed by the non-profit organization U.S. Green Building Councilor USGBC). The building was originally commissioned as the headquarters for Banco Ciudad (Bank of the City), whose authorities launched an open call for tenders in 2010. With 17 proposals and three finalists, the design contract was awarded to the renowned British architecture firm Foster and Partners through its Buenos Aires Office associated with a local team. Architect Juan Frigerio, in charge of the Foster’s office in BA, says “The call for tenders asked for three main conditions: proven qualifications of the construction company, the architectural project and a limited budget.”


Lower Level Plan -3.62 0



Short Section 0




I urban development In the end, the project presented by Foster and Partners was the most apt, meeting the three prerequisites successfully. When the city government decided to change the location of its headquarters, the project for the bank and the inherent flexibility of its design enabled a seamless conversion into government offices. They’re now renting the building and planning to buy. The project’s area was a typical lot of the Buenos Aires’s urban grid, a square of almost 100metres x 100metres– plus an adjacent triangular piece of1,824 m2. Since the district had no restrictions for the gross floor area or FAR (the ratio of a building’s total floor area to the size of the piece of land upon which it is built), the building covers the entire 100mx100marea with a main façade extending along the full extent of the lot. In turn, the triangular piece was intentionally left vacant to create a transitional space between the building and the park, therefore shaping a semiroofed entrance plaza. Right in front of the selected lot is the largest park in the district. Designed by French landscape architect Charles Thays in 1902, during a time where some of the major and most traditional parks in Buenos Aires were built. Patricios Park displays some fantastic clusters of native trees that reach heights over 25 metres. In order to incorporate this significant preexisting urban component and reinforce the unique industrial character of the area, the architecture echoes the natural setting with landscaped courtyards and shaded walkways and it uses materials that draw on the site’s past.

Long Section 0



The element which most faithfully represents these two design decisions is the piece that makes the building’s roof: extending in a deep overhang to shade the entrance plaza and facades, the undulating canopy recreates the typical roofs of factories and industrial plants that created the original image of the area and which can yet be seen all around. Built in concrete, this flowing piece has already become a local landmark. A narrow existing street running immediately parallel to the lot’s frontline was partially closed to the vehicular traffic and it’s now a street with restricted access. This restriction and the incorporation of a custom-designed fence along the full extent of the lot responds to the creation of a security controlled area around the city hall. Although


this urban intervention could be somehow labeled as non-friendly, the borders of the park and a second street adjacent to it seem to easily integrate with the building’s open areas - the city’s bike circuit and a pedestrian path run right along the fence and the huge Tipu tree or Yellow jacarandas (Tipuanatipu) planted hundreds of years ago trespass the site with their fantastic crowns and in the summer cover the ground with endless small yellowish flowers. Inside, the concrete barrel vaulted roof is textured and exposed. On this wavy but regular surface, three linear skylights with an average length of 56 metres cut out from the concrete and provide natural light to the office space and help to direct the vistas towards the large main facade and the natural background of the

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your space

UNIFLORA LLC guarantees professional services in enlivening spaces, through lush greenery and vibrant flowers. With a team of specialized horticulturists and florists, Uniflora LLC caters to businesses' requirements in various industries such as F&B, hospitality, retail, construction etc. and governmental agencies.

Uniflora’s services include: Supply and installation of outdoor/indoor/artificial plants and planters Maintenance service of containerized indoor or outdoor plant Rental of indoor plants for special events Weekly fresh flower subscription service Floral design and installation for events Fresh flower retail

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I urban development trees. This visual direction achieved also by the horizontality of the beams’ structure and the roof itself strengthens the already grand scale of the four-storey-high atrium and the full-height glazing. “One of the main goals of this project was to get the most possible natural light while effectively minimizing the heat gain,” says Juan Frigerio. The thermal mass of the concrete soffits combined with chilled beams and a free cooling system helps to naturally regulate the temperature and keep the offices cool while giving a great deal of energy savings. The Free Cooling uses low external air temperatures to assist in chilling water instead of mechanical refrigeration. In this regard, Frigerio states, “Every aspect of the scheme was designed in response to the local climate including the composition of each facade.” The eastern and western elevations are shaded by a screen of concrete louvers which raise the full height of the building and in this manner match the imposing scale of the project. The space between the louvers and the building were used to add green areas and appear as small gardens which can be appreciated from both the access plaza and from the offices inside. Resonating with these landscaped areas, two courtyards that punctuate the office floors offer a distraction for the eye with planters and large native trees making the working areas more light-filled and providing relaxing vistas from every one of the desks. The floor plates are based on an eight-metre grid, which allows for a wide variety of layouts in the parking underground (400 cars) and in every one of the four tiers of office levels. Stepping back to create a sequence of internal terraces, these open office floors look over the grand main lobby and get visually connected with the surrounding landscape, either when closer to the front or to the back facade.


Ground Level Plan +0.50 0




From a strictly sustainable perspective, the building achieves high standards of comfort, with passive solar control, nonmechanical climate conditioning systems, rain water collection and grey water recycling for reutilization in irrigation, and a flexible open overall plan. In just a few months since the creation of the new city hall in Buenos Aires, the venue has become an icon in the city something meaningful in a formerly degraded neighbourhood.

Location: Buenos Aires Date of completion: 2015 Architects: Foster + Partners Team. Partner in charge in BA: Architect Juan Frigerio Local Team: BerdichevskyChernyArquitectos and Studio Minond Landscape consultants: Estudio Marta Carena Main Contractor: CRIBA S.A. Site Area 11,055 m2 Built Area 38,000 m2 Photography: Niegel Young-Foster+Partners, and JimenaMartignoni

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I sustainability

Caring for the environment By: Majeed Ali Senior Agricultural Consultant Engineer Public Parks Department, Qatar Municipality

In recent decades environmental awareness has become increasingly more important in the world of landscaping with issues of sustainability and smart cities development at the forefront of public realms. The concept of ‘sustainability’ has many pillars and one of these major pillars is the recycling of different materials in a more efficient way. Qatar has started to develop a system based on this movement in coordination with the authorized government bodies. As part of the massive construction development, Qatar has built a series of new drainage stations to manage the demand of the increasing population and to develop a solid base of modern infrastructures. These new stations


were built according to the specs of sustainability and adopted the latest technologies in the world for a proper waste water management and drainage excretions. It paved the way for roads development by being the base in establishing landscaping and increasing greenery within many public realms via the first product of these stations which is the tertiary treated sewerage effluent water (TSE). This article outlines usage of the second major product of these

The First Specialised Landscape Magazine in the Middle East

stations which is the thermal treated sludge. These materials have been used more for landscaping works in Qatar and other GCC countries. It’s not a novel trend however, as historical records tells us that human excretions have been used as an organic fertilizer for more than 500 years BC, furthermore, it’s still used intensively in all areas around the whole world with many successful international examples of adding sludge in large quantities to improve soil conditions for plant establishment. A good example is Stockley Park in London, where a 100ha derelict site was converted to an award-winning golf course and business park with soil being created from suitably textured mineral material found on site and 100,000 m3 of air-dried sludge. Drainage excretions might represent environmental obstacles. We do need to deal with its possible consequences as environmental planners, landscape designers, botanists and agricultural engineers. It needs to be managed properly to minimize any hazards that might appear due to this use. Meanwhile we need to be aware about the properties of the new additive prior to give approvals to use it in improving the soil properties. Qatari Engineers have conducted studies regarding the world’s applied techniques in drainage stations and decided to follow a unique

persuasive procedure of treatment consisting of many stations built in accordance to advance methodology and international standards including a high thermal treatment of the produced sludge for short periods to make sure that the organic matters are safe. Similarly, such procedures will ensure the best quality of sterilization for sludge. It will free the product from any undesired materials or any pathogenic biological agents like bacteria or fungi before forming into dried pellets. The scientific treatment procedure also includes a fortification system that has been designed to adjust the nutrient composition of the dried product to that of commonly available fertilizer; NPK ratio of 20:10:10. This is achieved with the addition of urea and potassium chloride required. These fortification chemicals are added via metering screw prior to a mixing screw upstream of the bagging facility. Public Parks Department (PPD) and Public Work Authority (PWA) worked jointly with Qatar University to research and improve the quality of the product in terms of its nutritional value and other important specifications like the related biological agents of fungi, bacteria and heavy metals residues to comply with the international standards of similar products and to confirm that it is benign and safe to be used. Moreover, to assess the


I sustainability expected environmental impacts from using the product in a wider scale in the future, the experiments were done in laboratories of quality control dept. of PWA and biological dept. in Qatar University. Results were significant which encouraged researchers to recommend the use of sludge in landscaping work. Public Park Department will promote and encourage this approach prior to sample material’s approval. In light of the gained results, the technical committee in PPD immediately started to plan a long term strategy to accommodate the huge quantities produced by the drainage stations and prepare the manual of using and storing the product. An amendment has also been done for section 28 of Qatar Construction Specifications (QCS ) to highlight the new changes along with instruction to all parks and garden sections in local municipalities to use

the product of approved class A, the pelletized sludge as an organic fertilizer for ornamental plants only. In addition, this important decision would enrich the landscaping development in Qatar due to several reasons as the product chemical and physical structure is easier for the plants to get benefits from it because it’s simpler than the animal’s organic fertilizers in addition to other important specs like being an odor free, very benign and cost effective product. All things considered, it seems that the botanists referred to an important privilege regarding the new type of soil additive which is the continuous availability of such organic matter. This was a problem in the past for all factories of organic fertilizers, established in Qatar and suffered from the lack of raw materials. PPD strategy also clarified how and where to accommodate the sludge quantities and how to turn this important organic element into a key of success in managing problems like pollution. Simply, PPD & PWA agreed to create urban forests


to surround each drainage station. This revolutionary decision would enhance the environmental situation and eco-system, minimizing pollution, positively impacting the wild life as the new habitat will be a shelter for birds, animals and will mitigate the harsh climate and give opportunities to the public for enjoying the simple landscaping design which will also accommodate the produced TSE and pelletized sludge as well. The first forest around Doha North Sewerage station is about to be accomplished, it’s supposed to contain 95000 trees of 28 species from both native and naturalized trees. Until today more than 55,000 trees are already planted and the remaining trees will be planted within the coming months. PPD Design and studies dept. finalized the designs for the coming mega forests to be urban friendly to new developments. It will include camping, hiking and biking areas additional to the trees of many types to increase the biodiversity and to enrich the design. These enhancements won’t affect the simple concept of the forest, but it will add a natural touch and continue to satisfy the needs behind establishing these urban forests. The recycling of the products from drainage stations will improve the soil properties and help in creating new habitats in one advance solution. It’s the actual core of the term of sustainability and a serious step towards a new vision in landscaping in Qatar.

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I N D O O R & O U T D O O R G R E E N WA L L S Biotecture is a designer and supplier of hydroponic, modular living wall system which brings a new level of sustainability and stable system dynamics through a thoughtful integration of living walls and architectural design‌

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I healing garden

In the loop By: Nomad Studio Landscape Architecture The design strategy presents a framework for a healing landscape, a landscape re-generator that addresses not only the site but its context by providing a pedestrian environment, tackling the blighted landscape, and activating the community. The strategy can be synthesized as one statement: Leavenworth Circle as a connector within an active corridor.


The Leavenworth Circle is envisioned as a critical node for the future connected urban landscape of the city of Syracuse, NY. The Circle would be part of a proposed 4.2 mile urban loop of green corridors serving the entire city and activating opportunities within the community of the Near West Side. These green corridors have been conceived as complete streets to serve both commuters

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and recreational users. Within this loop, the Leavenworth Circle transforms into a connector between downtown Syracuse and its southern suburbs. In addition to the connecting mission, the Circle is envisioned as a versatile landscape that also creates a destination.

To create the Leavenworth Circle Park, the vehicular circulation has been altered from the present configuration. In order to simplify the current intersection and take advantage of redundant infrastructure, it is proposed to close the portion of W. Onondaga Street that terminates into Delaware Street. By doing so, together

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I healing garden

with the incorporation of adjacent vacant properties, the Leavenworth Circle transforms into a large public green area, 1.6 acres, for the neighbourhood and for Syracuse. The Leavenworth Circle Park is charismatic node that reestablishes the tension at both ends of West Onondaga Street providing a magnetic terminus for the historical corridor of West Onondaga.


Leavenworth Circle Re-design Initiative Location: Leavenworth Circle at Syracuse, NY. Client: Leavenworth Circle Re-design Initiative by ASLF. Surface: 1.6 Acres Urban loop – complete streets: 4.2 Miles.

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Developing a golf course demands architectural, engineering and landscaping expertise. In addition technical knowledge and ready access to materials, equipment and labour are key factors to completing a job on time and within budget. Proscape Group with Proscape Golf can satisfy these requirements and much more. Golf Course Construction Golf Course Rennovation Turn key Construction Services Sports Turf Activities

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Eray Carbajo - an international architecture and design studio based in Brooklyn and Istanbul has won an honorable mention award in a national architecture competition to design the transportation and interconnection hub of Izmir, Turkey. By: Eray Carbajo

Connecting Izmir


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The studio already has over 20 international awards in architecture, interior design, master plans and product design and is known to solve design problems with innovative and value-adding solutions. The avant-garde design proposal redefines the ground level and creates a new topography through its multi layered elevated parks, urban plazas and interconnecting green paths.   Having to live, work and circulate in a never-ending mobility, society revolves around the entity of mobility. Relocation of information, services, people and furniture reforms everyday life. Izmir, the port city of Turkey isn›t very far from this form of kinesis. Throughout history the urban development of the city of Izmir has transformed itself into different entities; the state of relocation, the

state of reorientation, a transit city and city of final destination.   Regarding the urban development plan of the city of Izmir for the year of 2030, the city is envisioned to be connecting industrial cities with the capital city of Ankara within a short period of 3.5 hours. This indicates that the residing population, as well as the visiting population and workforce will increase in the future.   Cities can be viewed as organisms with vessel systems; their transportation systems connect two different places to each other. On the other hand, cities of separate segments and disconnected layers wouldn›t be able to serve as sustainable cities.  In this regard, the form of urban transportation should consider the needs of public and urban connectivity.


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Eray Carbajo’s transportation hub design proposal integrates metro, fast train, tram, bus systems, car park, bicycle roads and pedestrian friendly modes in order to achieve faster urban interconnectivity between populated districts of Izmir. The project investigates the real boundaries of a city and interconnectivity of design. The proposal aims to blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces and blends in the building structure with the plazas.  The urban design puts into use the inefficient urban gaps by analyzing user experience. The environment-friendly design ensures an integrating web between industrial and residential areas with a strategy


of perpetual motion that creates continuous public flow, starting from the coastal promenade of Izmir with a flow back into the city centre. The design blends and merges coastline, urban hubs, intercity connections and industrial districts.  The landscaper is on a path of continuous change within its very form. Public parks and plazas aim to serve to all kinds of users; all Izmir urbanites and visitors, as well as users with disabilities. The interlacing structure responds to the three different levels of elevation, providing opportunities for social-cultural interactions.  Izmir Transportation Hub is a living and perpetually changing structure with over/underpasses that allow effortless flow.

The First Specialised Landscape Magazine in the Middle East

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I book review

Books of interest BOOK DESCRIPTION: Winner of the Stanford White Award for Landscape Design A beautifully illustrated compendium of show-stopping gardens ranging from highly structured Tudor-style plantings and French Normandy-inspired meadows to more modern gardens and contemporary perspectives Doyle Herman Design Associates is an awardwinning landscape design firm whose work has been featured in a number of respected publications such as HOME, Wallpaper*, Gardens Illustrated, Landscape, ELLE Décor and idfx, among many others. Based in Connecticut, the firm’s work can also be found in various locations across the USA

The Landscape Designs of Doyle Herman Design Associates Kathryn Herman and James Doyle ISBN: 9781864705034 Publisher: The Images Publishing Group Territory: USA & Canada Size: 10 in x 11.5 in Pages: 320 Illustrations: 400 color Hardcover New Title RRP $60.00 In stock


Doyle Herman Design Associates is an award-winning US-based landscape design firm with an extensive portfolio of extraordinary landscapes at home and abroad. The firm seeks inspiration from the past and is often guided by aspects of traditional design, but also creates stunning gardens with a more modern aesthetic. The landscapes featured in The Landscape Designs of Doyle Herman Design Associates vary in style, size and location, but the foundation of each landscape is characterized by a strong geometry, bold structural forms and clean symmetry. Each project begins with a holistic evaluation of the intrinsic qualities of the environment and its human context. This stylistic philosophy generates cohesive designs that celebrate craftsmanship, geometry and color, providing a seamless correlation between structure and setting that is captured beautifully in the lush photography of this visually engaging book.

Also available: 21st Century Residential Landscape Design ISBN: 9781864704068

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25 – 26 April 2017 Mövenpick Hotel, Riyadh, KSA


ADVISORY BOARD MEMBERS Fady Khalife Senior Director, Cracknell

Dr. Hazem Sabbagh Principal-Design Director, Saudi Diyar Consultants

Hrvoje Cindric ME Urbanism Leader, Arup

Marlon van Maastricht Principal Landscape Architect, Arcadis


Interfacing strategies to streamline the public realm planning process

Insight into Saudi Vision 2030 development strategy


Potential uses of KSA’s native and adaptive species


Strategies to develop parks, playgrounds and upgrade public realm spaces


Artscape design and implementation

10. Smart irrigation and water conservation strategies


Rapid urbanisation and sustainability in Saudi Arabia

11. Examining the relationship


Pedestrian modelling for improved walkability


Overview on Riyadh Metro development plan


Update on Wadi Hanifeh Rehabilitation project










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The First Specialised Landscape Magazine in the Middle East



Profile for Landscape Middle East

April 2007  

In this issue, we look at two design firms who have been making their mark in the Landscape industry and earning awards along the way. We f...

April 2007  

In this issue, we look at two design firms who have been making their mark in the Landscape industry and earning awards along the way. We f...