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Excellence in Landscape Awards

Walnut Springs Nursery would like to congratulate Ray Gustin III on receiving the 2017 LCA Landscape Leadership Award


November /December 2017 5

President’s Message


Plant of the Month—The Dependable Toad Lily

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Pesticide and Fertilizer Applicator Recertification Conference Thursday, February 15, 2018

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Plant of the Month

Bethesda Residence McHale Landscape Design, Inc. Residential Maintenance —

The Dependable Toad Lily


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NOV/DEC 2017


2017 BOARD OF DIRECTORS Kevin O'Neill—President Great American Landscapes, Inc.—(301) 972-5681 Josh Kane, CLT—Vice President Kane Landscapes, Inc.—(703) 803-3146 Aaron Raines—Secretary/Treasurer Live Green Landscape Associates, LLC —(410) 833-9640


Pesticide and Fertilizer Applicator Recertification Conference

Matt Owens, MBA, LIC—Immediate Past President PGC Landscape—(301) 874-5940

The Universities at Shady Grove Conference Center, Rockville, MD 20850



Certification Classroom Training

Agricultural History Farm Park, Derwood, MD


Certification Hands-on Training

Agricultural History Farm Park, Derwood, MD

Matt Glover, CLT

Wray Brothers Landscapes—(301) 654-5845 Michael J. McCartin

Joseph W. McCartin Insurance, Inc.—(301) 937-0400


Certification Written Test

Kevin McHale Johns Hopkins University, Montgomery County Campus, Rockville, MD


Certification Field Test


LCA 2018 Excellence in Landscape Awards: Entry Submission Deadline

Barry Schneider

Surrounds, Inc.—(703) 430-6001 Jeff Topley

Brickman—(443) 766-1360

Agricultural History Farm Park, Derwood, MD

Chris Vedrani, CLT

Planted Earth Landscaping, Inc.—(410) 857-4744 Jeff Waters

SiteOne Landscape Supply—(301) 421-1220


Certification 2018

Landscape Industry Certified Technician—Exterior s ession S g n i Train 2 1 and

McHale Landscape Design, Inc.—(301) 599-8300





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NOV/DEC 2017

President’s Message

Kevin O'Neill 2017 President

Thank you!

I hope you all have had a great fall and are busy finishing a successful year! Before I make my closing comments as president of LCA, I want to announce that after many years of “hibernation,” the board of directors has decided to reinstate the annual Landscape Leadership Award honoring a person’s lifetime of achievement, leadership, and dedication. It was a unanimous and quick decision—This year’s award goes to…

Ray Gustin III Ray will be honored at this year’s LC A E xcel lence i n L a nd s c ap e Awards Ceremony on Thursday, November 16. This is always a great event, but this year promises to be very special. On behalf of the entire board of directors, I want to congratulate Ray, and I personally want to say thank you!

Speaking of thank you’s…

This is my last letter as LCA president, and I must say that in my 35 years of owning and operating Great American Landscapes, these have been two of my most rewarding years both professionally and personally, for which I am very thankful. It has been such a pleasure to meet and work with so many of you, and I’d like to thank you all. In particular…

The team support at Great American Landscapes—which I could not have done without.

And last, but certainly not least… •

Vice president Josh Kane, CLT, and secretary and treasurer Aaron Raines.

Not only have they supported me, but they have worked extremely hard to reinvigorate LCA and have set it on a course that I (and hopefully you) could not be more excited about.

Our membership—dedicated professionals who truly are LCA.

Our vendors and sponsors—for their support of our organization.

The LCA staff—who make it all happen (and a special shout out to “the Rock,” Lynn Turner).


The board of directors—for their participation and support.

Kevin O’Neill LCA President

All the volunteers—whose generosity is invaluable.



NOV/DEC 2017

As those of you who know me are aware, I am rarely short for words, but in this case, two little ones say it all—thank you!!!

Over 1,500 choices delivered to you. perennials, natives, ferns, grasses, vines, herbs, ground covers, pansies, dahlias, cannas, green roof and environmental planning material. • 410-592-8077


2017 LANDSCAPE LEADERSHIP AWARD Our industry and community are grateful to Ray as a true plantsman and industry professional. He has been instrumental in fostering relationships between Universities and the Landscape Industry. As an outspoken advocate for professionalism and training in the Green Industry, he pioneered a standard from which we all have benefited. THANK YOU RAY! From Everyone at McHale Landscape Design, Inc.

Plant of the Month

The Dependable Toad Lily By Scott Brinitzer, Scott Brinitzer Design Associates Tricytis formosana

As we move into the mid portion of the fall season, with October becoming a memory and Thanksgiving on the horizon, there are still a few perennials that continue to march on, unconcerned that the growing season is almost over and that winter is on its way. One perennial that I find to be an outstanding performer is the oddly named Tricytis formosana, or toad lily. Like many of you, I work long hours to ensure that the design and installation of other people’s gardens evolve as seamlessly as possible. The pressure of work, and the lack of time that I can devote to my own garden, means that every plant that I have at home must perform without much TLC. Toad lilies have been constant performers for me at my home in Arlington and are worthy of inclusion in any garden that has areas of shade and that isn’t overrun with deer.

Toad lilies are originally native to India, China, Japan, and other areas in Asia. In nature, they are most likely to be found in ravines and woodland edges where they thrive in shady spots. They prefer soils that have a good amount of organic material, asking only that they are kept moist but not soaking wet. I planted mine in an area that used to be my driveway; I removed 60 feet of unused drive, turning it into a long planting bed under a mature shade tree. In the process of removing the drive, we added a good amount of compost and other organic matter that would allow new plantings to thrive. During the growing season, the toad lily is a medium green color, growing to about 30 inches tall. It fits well with companion plantings such as Solomon’s seal, sedges, brunnera, and lungwort. As the days grow shorter, and plantings around it start to die back, the toad lily flowGROUNDWORK


NOV/DEC 2017

ers form along the last 10 inches of their long stems. The flowers open like an orchid, speckled with white and shades of purple and mauve. The best performing toad lily according to the literature and my own experience is, as mentioned, Tricytis formosana. You can also find Tricytis hirta, a shorter growing species, which I have not planted. I have also seen a cultivar in the nursery catalogs named ‘Lightning Strike’, which has gold-striped leaves. I look forward each year to the toad lily bloom in the garden. The delicate flowers may signal the end of the growing season, but in my opinion, it is like a friend who isn’t in your life on a daily basis, but who you can depend on in times of need. It’s sad to see toad lily wilt after the first frost, but I know that it will be back for another year when spring arrives.

LCA Congratulates

Ray Gustin III

2017 Landscape Leadership Award Winner

In recognition for his significant contribution to LCA and the landscape industry in this region

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NOV/DEC 2017

Gem Box



Native alternative to boxwood. This cool new dwarf, broadleaf evergreen looks more like a boxwood than an inkberry. This dense, ball-shaped plant has small, dainty, dark green leaves. Its tidy habit makes it a great alternative to boxwood and looks 5’

GEM BOX® FULL TO PART SUN USDA ZONE 5, AHS 9 2-3' tall and wide

sharp in small hedges and containers.

Available from these suppliers in 2018 Buds & Blooms Nursery Brown Summit, NC • 800-772-2837

Latham’s Nursery, Inc. Monroe, NC • 704-283-5696

Piedmont Carolina Nursery Colfax, NC • 800-337-1025

Huber Nurseries Manheim, PA • 717-898-9115

Johnson Nursery Company Willard, NC • 800-624-8174

Shreckhise Nurseries Grottoes VA • 540-249-5761


Excellence in Landscape Awards

Bethesda Residence McHale Landscape Design, Inc. Residential Maintenance —


Our landscape crews installed the original landscape of this European-style home in 2004. We have continuously maintained the property since then. Our maintenance services include mowing, turf care, plant health care, detailing, and an extensive seasonal color rotation. The client has renewed their contract consistently since 2004—a true testament to the professional landscape management practices of our team.



N O V / D E C 2 0 1 67

Decade Awards McHale Landscape Design, Inc.

Easton Residence Residential Maintenance We completed a grand landscape installation project at this Easton, Maryland, waterfront home 13 years ago. The 50-acre site provided many landscape design opportunities. Our scope of work included the installation of a cast iron sugar kettle water feature, a tree-lined entry driveway, a swimming pool and spa, bluestone patios and walkways, and ornamental plantings throughout the property. The teamwork and collaborative effort of our masons, carpenters, and landscape crews has created a magnificent waterfront property. Our crews have provided comprehensive care and maintenance for the garden, turf, and water feature since the completion of the project.

McHale Landscape Design, Inc. Great Falls Residence Total Residential Contracting Our client asked us to develop a very comprehensive landscape plan that included front entry piers, paver arrival court, swimming pool and cabana, spa and chiminea, IPE deck, waterfall, and ornamental plantings throughout the property. The project was completed in 2003. Our maintenance crews provide weekly mowing, detailing, turf and plant health care, and seasonal color. The client paid us the ultimate compliment, saying “I never need to leave my property to go on a vacation.�



NOV/DEC 2017

Pesticide and Fertilizer Applicator Recertification Conference

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Everything you need to know from the experts.

The Universities at Shady Grove Conference Center 9630 Gudelsky Drive • Building II, Room II-1400 Rockville, MD 20850

7:00 am–4:30 pm

Registration and Tabletop Exhibits

7:30 am–8:10 am

Organic and Reduced Risk Alternatives for IPM in Landscapes Michael J. Raupp, Ph.D.—University of Maryland

8:15 am–8:55 am

Dormant Applications in Landscape Beds? Why They Make Sense Hannah M. Mathers, Ph.D.

9:00 am–9:40 am

Disease Consequences in Low Input Turf Rich Buckley, Ph.D.—Rutgers University

9:40 am–9:50 am


9:50 am–10:50 am

New Tools for Dealing with Armored and Soft Scales Stanton Gill—University of Maryland Extension

10:55 am–11:35 am

Seven Really Bad Weeds!! Hannah M. Mathers, Ph.D.

11:35 am–12:20 pm


11:20 am–1:05 pm

Recognizing and Managing Unanticipated Consequences in the Right of Way Rich Buckley, Ph.D.—Rutgers University

1:10 pm–1:55 pm

Understanding Nutrient Release Rates for Turf Applications—EEF and Other Methods of Supplying Nutrients Chuck Schuster—University of Maryland Extension

2:00 pm–2:10 pm


2:10 pm–2:55 pm

Update on Fertilizer Applicator Regulations Kelly Love—Maryland Department of Agriculture

3:00 pm–3:40 pm

Technological and Ecological Advances in Lake and Pond Management John Phelps—SOLitude Lake Management

3:45 pm–4:30 pm

Pesticide Regulations Update for 2018 Veronica Johnson—Maryland Department of Agriculture Baldwin Williams—District of Columbia Department of the Environment



NOV/DEC 2017

Heritage Awards McHale Landscape Design, Inc. Potomac Residence Total Residential Contracting

This grand French country-style home overlooks 2 acres in Potomac, Maryland. Our role as landscape contractor was to deliver the landscape project upon completion of the home. Our crews worked simultaneously with the builder and their subcontractors to meet the aggressive deadline. Our scope of work included stone walls, walks, patios, an outdoor kitchen and fireplace with chimney, and plantings throughout the property. Our crews have maintained the property since 2010, providing every type of service needed to keep the estate property in pristine condition.

Surrounds, Inc. McLean Residence Residential Maintenance

After the completion of extensive landscape construction work over the course of two years, we started our full-service landscape management program. Our scope of services includes biweekly backwashing of the koi pond, managing the conservatory (greenhouse), installing various annual flower displays and a cut flower garden, conducting biweekly site visits addressing detailed maintenance work, cleaning all hardscape surfaces, maintaining an extensive IPM program, removing snow, and managing the irrigation and lighting systems. The tennis court has been resurfaced and, based on the homeowner’s request, the rear lawn was replaced with synthetic turf. We manage the synthetic turf to keep it odor free and cleared of all debris. The front fountain and koi pond are managed year-round.



NOV/DEC 2017

Grand Awards Colao & Peter

Alexandria–Townhouse Craftsmanship (Design/Build) The owners of this end-unit townhouse in Old Town Alexandria wanted a backyard oasis that could also be enjoyed from the neighboring park. They wanted an exterior that had unique detailing while remaining consistent with the historic nature of the surrounding area. In the end, we were able to give the client precisely what he was looking for—an extremely detailed job that included a deck, water feature, meandering path, brick boundary and privacy walls, plantings, lighting, and storage sheds.

Colao & Peter

D.C.–Historic Outdoor Living Area (Design/Build) We were fortunate to be chosen to be the design/build contractor for this historic D.C. property, originally designed by the architect of Mount Vernon. The client wanted a luxurious pool and entertainment retreat where the family’s six kids still had room to play. We delivered a very sophisticated environment that was still playful for the children. The overall project consisted of a new driveway, a pool and spa, a pergola, entertainment space, a fire pit, plantings, screen trees (for the local baseball diamond), and a comprehensive irrigation and lighting package.

Fine Earth Landscape, Inc. Cowie Residence Front Residential Planting and Entranceway

This colonial-style home needed a facelift to enhance its front curb appeal. The client wanted a new driveway and a new layout for the front entry to house, as well as fresh and lush plantings. One prerequisite was that all of the large cherry trees to the right of the driveway and the large maples to the left of the driveway had to remain. We built retaining walls along the left side to protect the trees and provide a sound foundation to the newly widened driveway. Pavers were used for the driveway, while flagstone was used for the front walkway and entry, and Carderock stone was used for the retaining walls and stone seat wall on the walkway. Since the front is shady in most areas, lush plantings of perennials and shrubs that can tolerate the shade were chosen.

Fine Earth Landscape, Inc. A Bethesda Escape Outdoor Living Area

The client requested a rear entertaining area that included a pool, spa, swim-up bar, fireplace, tv, outdoor kitchen. A large rear retaining wall was built using tail-in-tail engineering. A second wall done in hand-chiseled flagstone allowed for water features to the pool and space for mounting the TV. A blade fireplace was added and covered in the same stone design. All wall caps and the pool deck were done using wet-cast stone laid on a cement base and stack bond pattern. The swim-up bar was accomplished by installing a sunken bar and kitchen between the pool and spa features. Finally, a pergola allows the client to close the louvres in case of inclement weather. This structure uses solar power to operate the mechanics. All drainage is fed to a rain garden in the front yard.

Fine Earth Landscape, Inc. Dahut Residence Outdoor Living Area

These homeowners were constructing a new home and needed an extensive entertaining area in their rear yard. Retaining walls needed to be built to hold the more than 8-foot grade change from the rear line. A pool was constructed on a raised terrace from the rear porch. The county prohibited a pool house, so a shed was built with a pergola that had a solar powered option for closing the roof. On the wall of the shed is a TV and cabinetry. The floor of the pool deck and seating area is both Pennsylvania flagstone and Zuri decking. All drainage from the rear is piped to the front yard in a large rain garden. An outdoor grilling area anchors one side of the rear terrace, and a custom-built stone fireplace with gas logs anchors the other.



NOV/DEC 2017

Grand Awards Fine Earth Landscape, Inc. Goodrich Residence Total Residential Contracting

This project in Washington, D.C., has brick retaining walls, fountains, a pool, trellises, manicured gardens, travertine walkways and pool deck, stone steps, a cobblestone driveway, parterre gardens, stone retaining walls, planters, and other features. The garden truly is beautiful and nestles into this restored home nicely. No matter what corner you turn, the garden evolves along the way.

Fine Earth Landscape, Inc. Clarendon Road Garden Total Residential Contracting

This project includes a very lush garden with travertine patios, boulder steps, brick and stone walls, and a driveway of stone and exposed aggregate. Most of this garden is shaded, but a few areas allow for some sun-loving plantings.

Fine Earth Landscape, Inc. Brawner Residence Total Residential Contracting

This home sits in a low front yard sloped from the cul-de-sac to the foundation. Water previously crossed the front foundation. The new retaining wall guides water to the property line and creates two level sections of lawn. Guests parking on the street are now invited through the garden. The back garden was overgrown woodland with steep grading dropping 40 feet to a creek. A well-graded oasis was created.

Grow Landscapes Copito Craftsmanship

This project involved the installation of a backyard living area designed for large-scale entertaining by a renowned local architect. Its primary features are seating for up to 89 people and an oversized doublesided gas fireplace that can be used for both intimate and grand gatherings.

Grow Landscapes Taylor Total Residential Contracting

This urban lot was completely redesigned by a highly esteemed local architect and installed by our firm. Features include extensive native plantings, two bioretention ponds, an 18,000-gallon fish pond with additional water features and foot paths. The site also features a heated permeable paver driveway, and it is a zero runoff property.



NOV/DEC 2017

Grand Awards John Shorb Landscaping, Inc. A Residence in Kalorama, NW D.C. Total Residential Contracting

This cozy townhouse has a deceptively large back garden on two levels. For the front, the owners wanted to upgrade the entrance to make it more inviting. In the back, they wanted a beautiful retreat—something wonderful to look at but also a space for quiet dinners or small gatherings. The project first involved the demolition of almost all existing hardscape to create the new spaces—both the lower level patio and the garage roof-top patio. In both front and back, elegant flagstone replaced the brick. A new irrigation system and landscape lighting were installed. The final product is a jewel-like oasis in the middle of the city appropriate for an intimate dinner or entertaining friends and family.

Land & Water Design, Inc. Family-Friendly Backyard Outdoor Living Area

The homeowners wanted outdoor living areas to enjoy with their family and friends. The space features a spacious Techo-bloc paver patio with a seating area around a fire table and seat walls to accommodate an additional 15–20 comfortably. The Ipe pergola has a full-service kitchen complete with a Viking grill, fridge, sink, warming drawers, and a granite bar countertop. A second pergola area makes it easy to dine by the pool and spa. The centerpiece of the outdoor living area is a custom naturalistic swimming pool with a waterslide and raised fieldstone spa. For safety, a 6-foot aluminum fence and lockable and self-latching gates were installed along the perimeter of the property. A basketball court offers family playtime.

Live Green Landscape Associates, LLC Gaeger Residence Craftsmanship (Design/Build)

This Maryland family was looking to enhance their existing bluestone patio, which expanded out from their finished basement and game room. Together, we sketched out ideas for a wood-burning fireplace flanked by bench seating walls. Bluestone caps on the bench walls and hearth tie the existing bluestone patio in with the new walls and fireplace for a cohesive project that looks as if it was built at the same time. The final accent to finish off this project was the White Oak mantle, which was crafted using a beam salvaged from a 120-year-old barn.

McHale Landscape Design, Inc. McLean Residence Craftsmanship

The existing bluestone patio was small and poorly built. Our masonry and carpentry crews constructed a new larger, elevated terrace and pergola that showcases the talent of our field crews. The patio is built of hand-selected bluestone with precise quarter-inch mortar joints. The wall cap and stair treads were hand chiseled on site by our masons. The pergola features architecturally detailed columns and rafters. The existing small outdoor space has been transformed into a beautifully crafted entertainment area.

McHale Landscape Design, Inc. Crownsville Residence Craftsmanship

We were commissioned to remove an existing deteriorated 30-year-old hillside cedar deck. In addition to removing the structure, our crews needed to reinforce the eroding hillside under the deck. Massive oversized footers were required to ensure the stability and future safety of the deck. The new Ipe deck and wrought iron rail have transformed the existing unusable, unsafe deck into the perfect outdoor space overlooking the Severn River.



NOV/DEC 2017

Grand Awards McHale Landscape Design, Inc. Hunting Crest Residence Front Residential Planting and Entranceway

The front landscape for this 10,000-square-foot home was nonexistent, giving us a blank slate. Our scope of work included a dramatic arrival court, a multi-tiered granite fountain, Luna Azul stone retaining wall, brick entry columns, and ornamental plantings throughout the property, including a steep hillside planting of colorful perennials and ornamental grasses.

McHale Landscape Design, Inc. Spring Hill Residence Outdoor Living Area

This unique and luxurious outdoor living space features an outdoor kitchen, swimming pool, pool house, and a pavilion. Our client lives outdoors as much as possible in the summer months and asked that we create an outdoor space that included all the amenities of indoor living. Upon completion of the project, the client said, "I can vacation in my own backyard all summer."

McHale Landscape Design, Inc. Annapolis Residence Outdoor Living Area

Our client desired to rehabilitate an existing deck area and add a spa entertainment area. The project is located at the edge of a critical area restricted zone and required creative solutions to resolve poor drainage and difficult access. The sunken spa surrounded by natural stone seat walls allows for a private retreat and view to the nearby creek. A Dry Dek ceiling below the Ipe decking offers a comfortable, shaded living space year round. Plantings of Yoshino cherry, magnolia, and osmanthus provide privacy and year-round bloom and fragrance. Ipe decking with custom aluminum railings minimize maintenance and provide a sleek finish. The oversized rustic cedar beams add shade and architectural interest to the south-facing upper level deck.

McHale Landscape Design, Inc. Ayr Hill Residence Outdoor Living Area

The existing landscape was incomplete and did not reflect the Frank Lloyd Wright style of the home. Our team designed and installed a beautiful custom cocktail pool and water feature that is enhanced with exquisite craftsmanship and neutral plantings.

McHale Landscape Design, Inc. Vienna Estate Total Residential Contracting

This Vienna Virginia home was built in 2009. We were asked to work simultaneously with the builders so the completed landscape and home were delivered at the same time. Our work included constructing a stone front portico; an arrival court; a pool and pool house; an elaborate children’s play set; an outdoor kitchen and loggia; a rooftop garden; and an extensive combination of large evergreens, flowering trees, ornamental shrubs, and ground cover. Our maintenance staff has maintained the property since 2010. The client’s mandate is “to always have color” throughout the property. Our detail crews visit the property twice weekly during the summer months.



NOV/DEC 2017

Grand Awards Planted Earth Landscaping, Inc Reston Garden Residential Maintenance

This mostly shaded private garden on the corner of a busy Reston road was designed to provide screening and interest year round. The garden consists of numerous formal boxwood hedges, American hornbeams, large groupings of hosta, Solomon's seal, fern, and Helleborus to help create a forest floor.

Planted Earth Landscaping, Inc. Alexandria Residence Residential Maintenance

This installation job was completed in 2012 and has been maintained by our gardeners since. The client entertains some of D.C.'s most prominent; therefore, the expectation of a showpiece garden is imperative. The gardens are anchored by a 20-foot Nellie Stevens holly clipped hedge in the rear yard and a formal boxwood circle in the front yard. Mixtures of hydrangea, viburnum, and perennials provide color and interest throughout.

Planted Earth Landscaping, Inc. Leesburg Residence Total Residential Contracting

This project consisted of planting beds and stepping stone pathways to complement the existing architecture of the home. The front gardens resemble symmetry and formality, while the rear and side gardens are more relaxed.

Ruppert Landscape

Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Gainesville Commercial Landscape Installation The Atlanta Botanical Gardens is a 168-acre property that was given by philanthropists to preserve the acreage as green space. Approximately 12 acres were developed, including 5 acres of horticulturally intense and botanically significant display gardens, 2 miles of walking trails, a 2,000-seat amphitheater, a model train garden, and a visitor center. The landscape installation took approximately 16 months and included the installation of 4,000 tons of subgrade, gravel, and topsoil; a 400,000 LF irrigation system; 2,900 shrubs; 19,000 perennials/annuals/groundcover; and 625 trees. Photo: Larry Griffeth

Ruppert Landscape

A Corporate Campus in Atlanta Commercial Landscape Installation This 30-acre campus was created with the idea that employees would have an open space in which to collaborate and enjoy the site’s outdoor areas. The project’s scope included installing a waterproofing membrane, water storage cells, polystyrene, and a custom soil mix; grading; irrigation; subsurface drainage; an intense layout of architectural concrete paving and pre-cast concrete walls; installing a custom Ipe radius bench, artwork, and bollards; sodding; and installing landscaping and large trees.



NOV/DEC 2017

Grand Awards Ruppert Landscape

The National Museum of African American History and Culture Commercial Landscape Installation Occupying the last available space on the National Mall, the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture was completed in spring 2016. The landscape links the 5-acre site into the larger composition of the National Mall, serving as a critical component of the museum experience. We were contracted to install over 100 trees; plant over 400,000 blue crocus bulbs, 4,000 shrubs, and 550 perennials, grasses, and groundcover; and install 12,000 square feet of mulch. Additionally, our scope of work included irrigation, soils, site amenities, stone curb, concrete flatwork, concrete walls, pavers, and water features. These and many other features of the site reinforce the overall theme of the museum and will encourage visitors to extend their experience outside.

Ruppert Landscape Alliance Center Commercial Maintenance

Alliance Center comprises two first-class office buildings with spectacular city views. Ultimately, the owner/property management company wanted to enhance the landscape, addressing some challenges with its plant palate while extending the high-class feeling that tenants experience inside the buildings to the outside landscape. New colors and textures were introduced to the landscape, and an extensive amount of Mexican beach pebble was utilized to give the campus a unified look resembling a dry creek bed. Site maintenance includes care of annuals, perennials/grasses/shrubs, turf, and trees as well as mulching, edging, soil management, pruning, mowing, retention pond maintenance, and irrigation.

Ruppert Landscape

A Financial Institution’s Corporate Campus in Richmond Commercial Maintenance This corporate campus houses 13 commercial office buildings, five sports fields, walking trails, outdoor cafes, naturalized areas, and more for the enjoyment of over 9,000 employees and numerous visitors. The entire site is designed to promote interconnectivity and harmony with its natural setting. Site maintenance includes care of 105,000 perennials/grasses/shrubs, 550 annuals, 40 acres of turf, and 4,000 trees as well as watering, transplanting of mature material, edging, mulching, and sports field maintenance. Since taking over the site’s maintenance approximately one year ago, there have been approximately 50 enhancements performed to help augment this site’s visual appeal.

Surrounds, Inc.

Parkview Hills Residence Outdoor Living Area (Design/Build) The project was a complete rear renovation involving a new swimming pool, patio areas, fireplace, outdoor kitchen, deck renovation, and surrounding landscape and lighting.

Surrounds, Inc.

Bethesda Residence Total Residential Contracting (Design/Build) The project encompassed design and build of the front and rear areas of the property as well as the building stone of the home. The project entailed front and rear hardscape, landscape, lighting, drainage, and irrigation.



NOV/DEC 2017

Grand Awards Surrounds, Inc.

Poburn Woods Residence Total Residential Contracting (Design/Build) Our client desired a functional, tasteful, and improved environment to complement their home. The client was highly focused on their deck environment that would span across the rear of the house with an area for a Jacuzzi. A portion of the deck has a screened-in porch due to the naturally buggy environment. A mosquito repellent injection system was incorporated into the irrigation system to help with the bug issue. We improved circulation of the driveway, increased the overall curb appeal of the entrance, and created a proportional outdoor living environment. The client has religious guidelines that needed to be adhered to, including an arbor over the deck to support a Sukkah and a Green Egg smoker to cook Kosher foods. Two columns were added at the driveway entrance with lights to help define the driveway entrance.

Surrounds, Inc.

Meyer Woods Residence Total Residential Contracting (Design/Build) Our client desired a diversely landscaped environment with natural stone and an expansive deck across the rear of the home. The existing landscape consisted of random plantings, and the client desired to transplant all of the plant material throughout the rear of the property. The current plant palate reflects the client's love for plant diversity. Extensive landscape lighting was used for accenting both hardscape and softscape features. We created increased privacy from the adjacent neighbor and fenced the rear of the property.

Walnut Hill Landscape Company, Inc. Bennett Point Residence Total Residential Contracting (Design/Build)

After searching for several years to find the right location for a weekend retreat, our client found a property situated along the Wye River on Maryland's Eastern Shore. The client wanted a pool, an outdoor entertainment area, a cabana, and a parking area. The driveway was relocated in such a way to draw visitors toward the front door of the house and into a clearly defined parking area. The swimming pool, patio, and cabana were all positioned to maximize the view of the water. Working with the client’s architect we decided on a cabana that created an open seating area with fireplace, bathroom, and guest bedrooms above. Large mass plantings of shrubs, perennials, and grasses provide year-round color and texture interest.

Wheat's Lawn & Custom Landscape, Inc. A Bethesda, Maryland Outdoor Living Space Outdoor Living Area (Design/Build)

This landscape project began as a referral from a prominent swimming pool builder. In our mind, the priority was to design a unique focal element immediately outside the large dining room window and before the edge of the pool deck. In the end, the unique focal element became a Zen garden in the foreground with a linear border of granite cobbles and Mexican beach pebbles, randomly placed natural boulders to portray “islands” in a sea of river stone pea gravel, and perennial groundcover to soften some of the harsh edges. Finally, we integrated linear bluestone slabs to bridge the garden and finalize the connection between the existing dining and sitting areas.

Wheat's Lawn & Custom Landscape, Inc. Lending Sanctuary Residential Maintenance

As avid lovers of art, nature, birds, and butterflies, the homeowners wanted “… to encourage a natural habitat for desirable wildlife while also enjoying the beauty and serenity of the garden.” Our maintenance team continually incorporates numerous annuals and perennials throughout the garden, including each Perennial Plant of the Year selection from 1990 to 2017, and also creates and maintains container plantings. These flowering and fruiting materials serve as companion plantings, pollinators, nitrogen fixers, and attractors for the many birds and butterflies that visit the garden. Our addition of an edible food forest and fruit guild has become a source of enjoyment and intrigue for the homeowners and their guests.



NOV/DEC 2017

Grand Awards Wheat's Lawn & Custom Landscape, Inc. A Formal Potomac, Maryland, Estate Garden Residential Maintenance

This residence is located in the heart of Potomac, Maryland, situated on an expansive three-quarter acre lot. The project consists of elaborate masonry features and extensive landscape plantings. During peak season, we may have up to three crews on site in any given time accomplishing a wide range of tasks to keep the property looking its finest. The team is responsible for completing the following services on a seasonal basis: spring cleanup, mowing, weed control and turf management, pruning, perennial care and cutbacks, tree and shrub applications, leaf removal, and winter cleanup. In addition, the team also manages the irrigation and lighting systems.

Wheat's Lawn & Custom Landscape, Inc. A Formal Potomac, Maryland, Estate Garden Total Residential Contracting (Design/Build)

This landscape project began as a single-phase front yard renovation readdressing some of the existing plantings and hardscape that had been designed and built by a previous firm. The client's parameters for the job were ones that called for a more formal look with multiple garden rooms that would not entirely abandon the existing masonry portions of the front landscape. We were able to achieve a more formal layout with the front courtyard fountain and garden rooms, creating ideal separation from the road. The owner soon recommissioned us to begin phase two of the project and develop ideas for the rear yard. In the end, an extraordinary project and extremely satisfied client resulted.



NOV/DEC 2017

Distinction Awards Fine Earth Landscape, Inc. Foster Residence Outdoor Living Area

The clients on this project needed an entire rear garden. The perimeter wall was built below a new fence to allow for lighting. The rear garage wall was taken down, and a new stone garage wall was built. A free-form patio was laid with a Belgium block band installed to delineate the patio from walkway. An existing pagoda needed to be incorporated into the design, and the clients requested a was custom-made locking gate, which was placed between two stone columns.

McHale Landscape Design, Inc. Vienna Residence Front Residential Planting and Entranceway

This French provincial-style home stands proud on a 2-acre lot in Vienna, Virginia. We were asked to install a front entry landscape that includes a paver arrival court, entry brick columns, a portico and entry steps, and large-scale plantings to provide balance and symmetry to this large estate-style home. Our carpenters, masons, and landscape crews worked simultaneously with the home builder to ensure every detail was executed.



NOV/DEC 2017


Graham Landscape Architecture Photo: Allen Russ Photography

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Honorable Mention Awards Colao & Peter

Aldie–Infinity Pool and Pavillion Outdoor Living Area (Design/Build) Our client was a businessman who constantly found himself in remote places around the globe. He had one wish, which was to return to his Aldie estate and enjoy a serene outdoor environment with ample outdoor cooking and entertaining areas. The client wanted a free-form infinity pool with substantial water flow so that he could enjoy it from his house and three season room. Looking to cook outdoors, he also wanted a rustic pavilion where he could have a large kitchen with all his favorite cooking amenities.

Denison Landscaping Lothian Estate Outdoor Living Area

Last spring, our clients approached us asking to reimagine the entire space with a focus on circulation, creating a grand approach and long flowing lines throughout the landscape. All of this became particularly challenging due to the various grades; multiple entries into the home; and fixed elevations of the pool, deck, and stonework on the kitchen, waterfall, and fireplace. What resulted was hundreds of feet of walls, nearly 5,000 square feet of pavers, over 6 feet of elevation change, and a backyard getaway large enough to host hundreds of guests.

Fine Earth Landscape, Inc. Belcher Residence Craftsmanship

The clients requested that we build them a screened porch. Upon our first meeting, our design team noticed a large window that had a bird feeder stuck to it. After further discussions with the clients, we suggested building a lanai over the basement doors that would provide a shaded outdoor space and then covering the roof with a green roof that could be viewed from the picturesque window.

Inside Out Services, LLC AEI Exterior Installation Commercial Landscape Installation

In fall 2016, the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) moved its headquarters to the historic Andrew Mellon building in Washington, D.C. The move required a complete interior and exterior renovation. AEI contracted with Inside Out Services to perform the installation of all trees, shrubs, and groundcover on all three sides of the building. AEI had already selected three magnolia trees to complement the historic façade of the building. Shrubbery, perennials, groundcover, and a drip-line irrigation system were also installed around the building to complete the exterior landscaping installation.

Through the Garden, Inc.

Cowperthwaite Residence Total Residential Contracting (Design/Build) This project was completed in three phases and included all hardscaping, softscaping, and landscape lighting installation for the front and rear yards. Small niches with pocket gardens and secluded sitting areas were created along pathways. The client desired an informal garden design utilizing only natural stone for the hardscaping. Large colonial slabs were used to create natural and informal paths that blend well with the woodland setting. Plantings include a wide variety of perennials, shrubs, and trees. Landscape lighting included the use of gas torches installed on columns at the patio.



NOV/DEC 2017

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2017 Nov/Dec Groundwork  

5 President's Message 8 Plant of the Month—The Dependable Toad Lily 11 Decade Awards 14 Heritage Awards 15 Grand Awards 23 Distinction Award...

2017 Nov/Dec Groundwork  

5 President's Message 8 Plant of the Month—The Dependable Toad Lily 11 Decade Awards 14 Heritage Awards 15 Grand Awards 23 Distinction Award...