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WELL BEING Gluten intolerance

Beyond The Foodcourt 19 local and international food outlets

ESCAPE Searching for happiness in a shopping mall A Publication of The Village Market


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We keep the mood sunny – whatever the weather


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Persian carpets


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Book Worm: A quick look at the latest bestsellers For Seasons: Blockbusters on DVD Reel News: A look at the latest releases



Leah Thuku, Recreation Department


Well Being

Gluten intolerance



Beyond The Foodcourt


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Quilters put on a show at the Village Market



Tubeless tyres


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Live the eternal values at Moksh



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Searching for happiness in a shopping mall



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A Publication of The Village Market // August - September 2012




We keep the mood sunny – whatever the weather


t appears that the weather has conspired

For those who cannot brave the chill in the

to turn us into blocks of ice. Clearly, this is

open air, we take you Beyond the Food Court.

highly unusual for an African country that

Our feature story takes you to the restaurants

is fortunate enough to be cut across by the

that are tucked away within the complex. And,

equator. Whatever has happened to the sun,

in keeping with the weather, our Culture story

we just hope it will be back soon.

tells you about a community making beautiful, award-winning quilts. We also have an update on

As you curl up with a hot-water bottle at your feet

the Public Design Competition – everything from

and a throw on your lap, fill your hands with this

the submission to the judging process and the

issue of the Village Beat. We’ve got interesting

ultimate winners.

stories starting with the news page, where we tell you what has been happening within the mall.

There’s so much to enjoy in this issue.

Take 5 Minutes to learn something new about Persian carpets. In Off the Shelf you will find a listing of books, movies and DVDs we think you would enjoy. The Profiler presents the story of our very own Leah Thuku. Read how she applied

Ann Gitari

for a job that didn’t exist and how her boldness

Press Liaison Officer

has seen her scale great heights in her career and

The Village Market

social life.


A Publication of The Village Market // August - September 2012



VillageNews Jean-iuses judged A crucial stage has been reached in the Jean-ius hippie denim design competition. The Management called in renowned fashion designer John Kaveke and Nairobi VIP Parties proprietor Grace Makosewe to judge the creative entries. This followed a separate judging process in which the public got a chance to vote for their favourite designs in the People’s Choice Category. Overall winners of the competition will be announced in the run-up to the Jean-ius Hippie Party in September. Over 50 entries were submitted to the competition. Above right: Fashion designer John Kaveke and Nairobi VIP Parties proprietor Grace Makosewe judge the entries Right: A selection of Jean-ius hippie denim designs

August Shopping Festival & Fun Indulge at the The Village Market this August holiday and be part of an exciting shopping and Entertainment carnival. We promise lots of fun and great time for the whole family.


A Publication of The Village Market // August June - July - September 2012 2012


Stay longer, pay less Take advantage of the new holiday parking rate of no more than KES 50 for up to three hours. After that, every additional hour is charged at KES 50. Monthly prepaid cards are also available at KES 2,000 for a month’s unlimited parking. Bonus Card holders get the same card for KES 500 less. The parking system allows 10 minutes’ free exit for drop-offs at designated areas. Terms and conditions apply.

Favourite shops get a facelift Various shopping outlets have undergone a thorough make-over to give them a new and appealing look. They include the men’s fashion outlet Barton Mode, whose new display is an eye-popper. Also looking new yet ethnic is Kalabash Selections, famous for its African artefacts and relics. Two among many other outlets you should certainly visit.

Blood donors win praise The Village Market joined the rest of the world in commemorating World Blood Donor Day on 14 June. Blood donor recruitment partners came out in large numbers to celebrate the day at Uhuru Park in the central business district. At the same venue, The Village Market was presented with a certificate in recognition of its contribution to blood donation efforts in Kenya. The Village Market has held annual blood drives that have seen its staff, tenants, shop managers and assistants, shoppers and visiting tourists donate blood, thereby increasing the nation’s blood reserves. The Management would like to thank all who have participated in The Village Market’s blood drives over the years.

For up to date news and information join us online.

Facebook: Twitter:



A Publication A Publication of The Village of The Market Village // August Market-//September June - July 2012



Five Minutes with...

Persian carpets Add a touch of magic to your home


ersian carpets and rugs have always been an intrinsic part of Iran’s culture and the daily lives of its people. Indeed, carpets and rugs are, in many cases, their

most valued possessions and an integral part of an Iranian home. There are over 60 types of Persian carpets and rugs classified on the basis of their design, type of fabric and weaving technique. Carpets have been used for different purposes and on various surfaces in the home. AS A flOOr COVErING This is obviously the most common use of a carpet. Think about the space the rug covers, its size, its colour and its pattern while using a rug as a fl oor covering. Each factor is important and has to be a proper match for the room it adorns. AS A WAll HANGING When antique Persian rugs are used to cover walls, they are displayed in their full grandeur. Rugs made of silk are used mostly as wall hangings. Here again, you have to take care that it matches the colour of the wall.

Whatever your needs for a carpet, you will fi nd a variety of beautiful pieces at:

Rugs with thin piles are used to cover tables. You need to be


careful with such rugs as tables are also place holders for other things. If you keep heavy objects on an antique Persian rug, there is a risk of it being crushed under the weight. Similarly, when you have a fl ower vase on the rug, be careful of water



Level 1, opp. Steers Tel: +254 (20) 7121314 Email:

leaks or spillage.

A Publication of The Village Market-//September June - July 2012 A Publication of The Village Market // August



Book Worm A quick look at the latest bestsellers


Authors: Peggielene Bartels and Eleanor Herman Price: kES 2,600 ‘King Peggy’ chronicles Peggy’s astonishing adventures as king of a town of 7,000 souls half a world away. Upon arriving in Outam for her crowning ceremony, she discovers the reality behind the fairy tale: the town has no running water, no doctor, no high school; the king’s palace is in ruins and the town coffers are empty. Peggy’s determination to change all this sets her on a collision course with Outam’s stubborn male elders, who are unaccustomed to heeding any woman.

KENYA: A History Since Independence Author: Charles Hornsby Price: kES 6,750

This is the fi rst full history of Kenya’s half-century of independence. And it is more than that. Hornsby roots independent Kenya’s problems in its many colonial crises, particularly the brutally divisive Mau Mau war. Hornsby shows how Kenya’s most recent tragedy, the killings and evictions that followed the 2007 general elections, can be traced back to the political deals of decolonisation.

THE LAST RHINOS: The Powerful Story of One Man’s Battle to Save a Species

SARAH THORNHILL Author: kate Grenville Price: kES 1,430

Sarah Thornhill is the youngest child of William Thornhill, a convict-turned-landowner in the Hawkesbury River area of New South Wales. Her stepmother calls her wilful, but handsome Jack Langland loves her and she loves him. Me and Jack, she thinks, how could it go wrong? But there’s an ugly secret in Sarah’s family. That secret takes her into the darkness of the past and across the ocean to the wild coasts of New Zealand.

Author: lawrence Anthony with Graham Spence Price: kES 1,430

‘The Last Rhinos’ is about people with unforgettable characters, from the larger-than-life JP, whose military expertise was vital to the Congo mission, to Heidi, the orphaned rhino who charmed the guests, and Gobisa, the stately bull elephant brought under control by the unruly young males on the reserve. It is a sometimes funny, sometimes moving, always exciting read.




A Publication of The Village Market // August - September 2012

Westlands Sundries Level 1, Opposite Steers Tel: +254 20 7122437 Email:


For Seasons Blockbusters on DVD



Creator: Helge Cramer Starring: Carolyn Adair, reid Parr and Anthony Sandstrom Genre: Action, Crime, Drama

Starring: David Suchet, Hugh fraser and Philip Jackson Genre: Drama, Mystery, Crime Based on the short stories and novels of Agatha Christie. Hercule Poirot is a famous Belgian detective who always gets embroiled in a mystery, usually along with his faithful sidekick Captain Hastings and/or Chief Inspector Japp of Scotland Yard.

The Millennium Group invites an ex-FBI profi ler who has the ability to sight the evil of the mind of serial killers. The Millennium Group is an ancient group of people with special abilities to see good and evil.



Creator: J.J. Abrams Starring: Jennifer Garner, ron rifkin and Carl lumbly Genre: Action, Crime, Drama

*KES 2,500 registration fee and KES 200 per DVD borrowed. First four rentals free with new membership sign-up. Home delivery and pick-up also available.

A freewheeling Detroit cop pursuing a murder investigation fi nds himself dealing with the very different culture of Beverly Hills.


Sydney Bristow is an international spy recruited out of college and trained for espionage and self-defence. Sydney learns that SD-6 is part of a rogue international agency called the Alliance of Twelve, out to rule the world. She becomes a double agent, working with the real CIA to bring down SD-6 with the assistance of her handler, Michael Vaughn, and her estranged father, Jack Bristow, also a double agent. Along the way, Sydney fi ghts various rival agents, rival terrorist groups and traitors, all the while keeping her cloak-anddagger lifestyle a secret from her friends.

Creator: Martin Brest Starring: Eddie Murphy, Judge reinhold and John Ashton Genre: Action, Crime, Drama

TO BOrrOW OrIGINAl DVDs VISIT: Moviebuster, Level 1, Opposite Steers Tel: 0715 818774 or 0732 242294 Email: Web:

A Publication of The Village Market // August - September 2012



Reel News A look at the latest releases


Starring: Julianne Hough, Diego Boneta and Tom Cruise Directed by: Adam Shankman Genre: Comedy, Drama, Musical Studio: New line Cinemas Showing in: August 2012 The fi lm is set in 1987 Los Angeles, where Drew and Sherrie are two young people chasing their dreams in the big city. When they meet, it’s love at fi rst sight, though their romance will face a series of challenges.


Starring: Ben Affl eck Directed by: Ben Affl eck, Bryan Cranston, John Goodman Genre: Drama, Thriller Studio: Gk films As the Iranian revolution reaches a boiling point, a CIA ‘exfi ltration’ specialist concocts a risky plan to free six Americans who have found shelter at the home of the Canadian ambassador.


WATCH THESE MOVIES AT: Starfl ix Cinemas, The Village Market Level 3, Opposite Superbowl Tel: +254 720 279030


Starring: kelly Macdonald, Billy Connolly and Emma Thompson Directed by: Mark Andrews, Brenda Chapman, Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure Studio: New line Cinemas Set in Scotland in a rugged and mythical time, ‘Brave’ features Princess Merida, an aspiring archer and impetuous daughter of royalty. Merida makes a reckless choice that unleashes unintended peril. Determined to make her own path in life, Merida defi es a custom that brings chaos to her kingdom. Granted one wish, Merida must rely on her bravery and her archery skills to undo a beastly curse.


Starring: Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg and leighton Meester Directed by: Sean Anders Genre: Comedy Studio: Columbia Pictures While in his teens, Donny fathered a son, Todd, and raised him as a single parent until Todd’s 18th birthday. Now, after not seeing each other for years, Todd’s world comes crashing down when Donny resurfaces just before Todd’s wedding.

A Publication A Publication of The Village of The Market Village // August Market-//September June - July 2012



Positive thinking got Leah the job – even though it didn’t exist Leah Thuku, Recreation Department


eah Thuku is a woman busting

back then and the working conditions were

“I was elated. Not only had the

with life and energy who speaks

not anything she would wish upon her child.

Management adopted my idea and seen

with respectful confidence, no

I took her advice and killed my dream.”

the need for an internal security team,

matter who she is addressing.

but they had also asked me to be part During this transitional phase, in 1996,

of it,” says Leah. “I remember receiving

She joined The Village Market in 1995

Leah did a rather absurd thing: she applied

a very warm welcome. I even got a tour

as a Food Court attendant. For eight

for a job in a department that didn’t exist.

around the complex, which had become

months she cleaned tables and mopped floors and then one of the restaurant

much bigger from the time I had left.” “I wrote a letter applying for a job as a

proprietors asked her to join his staff as a

security guardette at The Village Market.

Her first assignment was at the newly

waitress. It wasn’t exactly in the direction

The only problem was that the company

built cinemas, where she carried out

of her career path, but she took the job.

didn’t have an internal security department

security checks. Two years later the

at the time. All security matters were

cinema proprietors began using a

handled by contracted companies.”

contracted security company and Leah

But what did Leah really want to be?

moved to the general complex. Her


integrity was tested several times. She

police women – their crisps uniforms and

Her application was shelved. Leah

returned to their owners or reported to

the authority they commanded. I was

became a waitress at the Fairview Hotel

the security office.

often caned by my school teachers for

and was promoted to stewardess.

“From a very young age, I always wanted to be a police officer. I especially admired

came across lost items which she either

“One day a very tired client forgot his

“I attribute my positive attitude and integrity to my upbringing. As a first-born child and a woman, I have always felt responsible for others"

suitcase at the parking lot and drove away. I saw it and took it to the security office, who in turn got in touch and gave it back to him. The suitcase had a lot of money and several valuables. The client was very happy to get his suitcase back with everything intact and gave me a small token in appreciation. The MD was


being late to school, just because I had

In 2003 she received an unexpected

also pleased and gave me a token as well

stopped somewhere to watch a police

phone call. The Village Market managing

and an appreciation later.”

officer go about their business.”

director had instructed the Security Office to ask if she was still interested in joining

Shortly after that, Leah was transferred

Her godmother, a member of the force,

the Security Department. Now that the

to the Recreation Department, where

discouraged Leah from joining the police,

office had been established, they needed

she has been working ever since as a

however. “She told me the pay was low

a woman and she was given priority.

customer care representative. She has

A Publication of The Village Market // August - September 2012

also been involved in security checks on shoppers and in training ‘guardettes’ for the security team. “I attribute my positive attitude and integrity to my upbringing. As a firstborn child and a woman, I have always felt responsible for others – not just my siblings, but my parents as well.”

Motivation Away from work, Leah likes to spend time with her children. Her eldest is a secondyear student at the University of Nairobi pursuing a degree in Political Science. Leah also plays the piano in her church. At work, she helps run the staff cafeteria as a member of the staff SACCO and also represents the company at the Hospitality and Tourism Sports Organisation (HOTOSO). Her co-workers appreciate her straightforwardness and motivation. She relates how one of her colleagues used to say: “If you are going to work with Leah, don’t mess up. If you do, it’s like cutting a branch while sitting on it.” As a parting shot, Leah advises her colleagues to appreciate their jobs. “Don’t look at what the company can do for you, but what you can do for the company.”

A Publication of The Village Market // August - September 2012


What is Gluten? Gluten is a kind of protein that exists in wheat, barley, oat, rye and spelt among other carbohydrates. It gives elasticity to dough, helping it to rise and to keep its shape, and often giving the final product a chewy texture.

What are the symptoms of gluten intolerance? • Abdominal pain and bloating

Gluten intolerance

• Constipation or diarrhoea • Aching joints • Exhaustion • Slow growth in children • Heartburn • Weight loss or weight gain • Flatulence or gas • Nausea • Headaches • Irritability or depression • Eczema • Nutritional deficiencies such as anaemia • Attention deficit disorder.

How can gluten be avoided? By avoiding conventional bread, pasta, pastries, cakes, semolina, couscous, etc (the Elixir Health shop stocks a range of gluten-free options). Check the ingredients of sauces and dressings. Many use gluten products as a thickener. Some soups have added gluten products. Some vitamins have gluten added as a binding agent.

What can one eat? You can eat a lot of things. You will even find that on a gluten-free diet you will eat much healthier and as a result may lose unwanted weight. • Grains: rice, millet, maize, quinoa, tapioca,


• Snacks: nuts, seeds, raisins, crisps (US ‘chips’) • Dairy: you are free to eat dairy products


A Publication of The Village Market // August - September 2012


• Meat, fish and eggs: you are free to eat these

Brown rice flour: Can be used for baking or to

• Fruit and vegetables: all are gluten-free

boost the nutritional value of biscuits, porridges,

• Cereals: check ingredients; those made with

soups and stews. Stone milled and unrefined.

maize, rice, millet and sorghum are fine

• Breads, crackers and cakes: only those made

Cake flour: A product to make your life easier.

Can be used to replace regular flour cup for cup.

with gluten-free flour

• Pastries, biscuits (US ‘cookies’), pies and tarts:

only those made with gluten-free flour

• Drinks: coffee, tea, cocoa, juice, carbonated

drinks and water are fine

• Spreads: jam, honey, nut butters and

marmalade are fine

• Seasonings: salt, pepper, herbs and vinegar are

fine. Checks spices for ingredients.

You will even find that on a gluten-free diet you will eat much healthier and as a result may lose unwanted weight

Here are some gluten-free products available at Elixir health:

Crumpet and pancake mix: Fill your home with the comforting aroma of freshly baked crumpets

Whole food granola (gluten-free): A

and pancakes.

tremendously healthy cereal made from rice, coconut, an assortment of nuts and seeds and raisins.

Crispy pizza mix: Create your own home-made pizzas with an assortment of toppings.

Miracles Plus Plus: Contains flaxseed, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds. These

Waffle mix: Bake light and crispy waffles; fast

nutritious seeds be added to porridge or salads to

and easy to make.

enhance the nutritional value. Crusty 4 flour bread mix: A combination of highly nutritious flour such as chickpea flour, sorghum flour and tapioca flour with extra seeds added. A perfect gluten-free and wheat-free bread for sandwiches. High fibre bread flour: Highly nutritious, high fibre bread mix made with sorghum, soya, sago, potato and tapioca flour. Great for sandwiches to Email or visit Elixir Health shop, where the

make a healthy and filling meal. Gluten-free flour: Used for making bread, biscuits and porridge. Quinoa flour: Quinoa contains more protein than any other grain, and contains all eight essential amino acids. It can be cooked as a hot breakfast cereal, added as a thickener to soups or stews, or


in-house qualified nutritionist can advise you further:

Elixir Health Level 2, above Food Court Tel: +254 (0)20 712 0217 Email:

used for baking bread and biscuits.

A Publication of The Village Market // August - September 2012


Beyond The Foodcourt


A Publication of The Village Market // August June - July - September 2012 2012



he Village Market contains over 19 local and international food outlets. Many of the restaurants are in the Food Court, a relaxing alfresco setting of the shopping complex with stone carvings, clear pools, lovely waterfalls and lots of greenery. Other gourmet restaurants specialising in fine dining are strategically spread out within the complex, providing a quieter and more private setting for couples, groups of friends and families. There is a range of cuisine on offer, including Chinese and Italian as well as African delicacies. The restaurants are open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

If you haven’t ventured out of the Food Court, here’s what you are missing: 1

Arlecchino: If you’re looking for a quiet


Jiko: The newest addition to Tribe Hotel

coffee shop, then Arlecchino is just the place. With

holds true to the glamorous and sophisticated

its outdoor location and colourful ambience, this is

feel of the hotel while maintaining the warmth

an ideal place to catch the sun and enjoy the light

and personality of Kenya. Its contemporary

breeze. Arlecchino is famous for its freshly squeezed

international cuisine focuses on fresh ingredients

juices, authentic Italian ice cream in a variety of

and specially sourced international imports.

flavours, and a great selection of cocktails.

The extensive menu features grilled meats and vegetables as well as house-made pastas, breads,


Cafe Brasserie: Cafe Brasserie is part

pastries and gelatos. Jiko welcomes guests to

of the ArtCaffe line of cafés. Here, customers can

a real culinary delight. Staff are trained to offer

choose from a sumptuous selection of sandwiches,

the highest level of personalised service, product

salads, pastas, pizzas, pastries, specials and wines.

knowledge and attention to detail.

Fresh bread and freshly brewed coffee are also available. With its contemporary setting both





indoors and on the terrace, Cafe Brasserie is an ideal place to meet. Enjoy scintillating jazz sounds every Sunday as you dine and relax. 3

Debonairs Pizza: If you’re looking

for the best pizza in town, then it’s got to be Debonairs Pizza. This great pizza restaurant offers a lot more for a little less, so that customers can expect a high level of quality and satisfaction. Hot subs, combos and side orders are also available. On Fridays, why not take advantage of the big buy-one-get-one-free pizza offer at Debonairs.

A Publication of The Village Market // August - September 2012




Osteria Gigiri: Osteria is an intimate

restaurant with opulent décor and a lovely wine bar to match. Here you can expect great food, great wine and great value. The romantic ambience of the terrace is ideal for those who wish to wine, dine and unwind in a place of comfort. The menu brings a mouth-watering array of fresh dishes from Italy to tease your palate. The service is attentive and polite. 6

Planet Yogurt: Planet Yogurt welcomes

you to an experience that excites your taste buds and is good for your health. The outlet’s frozen yogurt has all the positive benefits of fresh yogurt. The menu offers a great choice of self-serve flavours and mouth-watering toppings.


Steers: The widest range of flame-grilled

burgers, tasty fried chicken, grilled chicken and 7

Tamambo Bar & Grill: The Tamambo

excellent chips can all be found in one place at Steers.

has a relaxed atmosphere and opens from 11 am

Here, it’s not just about the burgers or the chicken;

for lunch and dinner. The food is delicious with a

it’s about sharing good food with your friends,

selection of snacks, meals, cocktails and beverages.

whether it’s a quick bite or a fun-filled occasion. It’s

The outdoor terrace has a distinct al fresco feel,

about treating yourself to a pick-me-up when you’re

while the indoor cocktail lounge is more intimate

having a long week. Steers is definitely the place to be

with a cosy ambience. Tamambo Bar & Grill is a

when you want to enjoy a tasty meal, a fun time with

popular meeting place with background music to

the children, a meeting with colleagues or a special

set the overall mood. Regular live acts perform on

occasion with family and friends.

week nights, pulling in an appreciative crowd. The Village Market received the Best Food 8

Revive Juice Bar: This chic bar is tucked

away in the lower level of the complex inside

Court award in the 2011 Taste Awards. Other establishments in the complex also received awards

Zucchini grocery store. The bar serves freshly

in various categories, including Tribe Hotel’s Nest

squeezed juices, cocktails, smoothies, salads and

(for Best Hotel Bar), ArtCaffe (Best Business Lunch)

shakes as well as coffee and tea. The juice bar is

and Tamambo Bar & Grill (Best Continental/Grill).

open every day of the week from 9 am to 7 pm.

That makes four award-winning destinations in one shopping mall. Indulge and be spoilt for choice!


RoRo: The decor is unique, with elements of

Chinese tradition etched into the furniture and in







an artistic theme throughout the restaurant. The room’s dominant red colour (the Chinese colour of luck) is complemented by the imported artistic features in the restaurant. RoRo has a large menu with a variety of dishes to choose from. For starters, guests can enjoy spring rolls, hot and sour soup, sweetcorn soup or steamed dumplings. Although it is divided into vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals, the main course menu is quite exhaustive. Drinks vary from cold freshly squeezed juices to a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks from the bar.


A Publication of The Village Market // August - September 2012

Village Diary


September 2012

August 2012

4 to 9 September

3 to 12 August

Time: 10 am to 6 pm daily

Time: 10 am to 6 pm daily An annual art exhibition by the Kenya Community Centre for Learning (KCCL) sponsored by Safaricom. KCCL is a notfor-profit community school that provides programmes in relation to conditions such as dyslexia, autism, communication disorder, attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity and delayed developmental milestones.

16 to 26 August


Time: 10 am to 6 pm daily An exhibition of paintings by Bezalel Ngabo. Born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the artist has taken part in many workshops with renowned Congolese fine artists. He has a peculiar palette knife style and his pastels have featured in exhibitions in the DRC, France, East Africa and at many art galleries around the world.

21 to 2 August

Palacina Interiors Time: 10 am to 6 pm daily Palacina Interiors is a leading supplier of premium home furnishings and accessories in Kenya. The company has a founding commitment to superior quality and authenticity as a guiding principle. Palacina strives to provide the latest trends in furniture.

30 August to 2 September


Time: 10 am to 6 pm daily The Pinkopallino product line is the brainchild of Jutta GavidiaWilhelm. Her furniture and furnishings blend steel, wood, textiles and tribal ornaments. Through her designs, Jutta reflects her life, immersed in the different cultures she has come across. She is capable of changing the archaic rigidity of her preferred medium of iron into an almost spiritual but modern experience.

Rosewood Office Systems Ltd is one of Kenya’s leading manufacturers, importers and suppliers of modular office furniture systems and furnishings.

7 to 16 September

Rungu Art Exhibition Time: 10 am to 6 pm daily An exhibition of traditional throwing clubs or batons that bear special significance in certain East African ethnic cultures. It is especially popular with Maassai Morans who have traditionally used it in warfare and hunting. Former Kenyan President, Daniel Arap Moi was famous for carrying an elegant gold or silver tipped ivory rungu.

10 to 18 September

Ray Charles and Steve Lance Time: 10 am to 6 pm daily This dynamic duo has teamed up to paint animals. Ray Charles’s talents and zest point to a bright future as a wildlife artist, although his talents are not restricted to depicting animals. Steve Lance examines the traditional methods of oil painting, developed in the late Renaissance period and practised as standard before the turn of the 20th century.


Art, My Potential


For more information about any of the events contact The Village Market: Tel: +254 (0)20 712 2488-90 Email: Facebook Page: The Village Market Twitter Handle: @VillageMarket

Web: Changes can occur without further notice. Kindly confirm with the Marketing & PR Team for an up to date and accurate status of the events calendar.

A Publication AAPublication Publication of The Village of ofThe The Market Village Village // August Market Market-////September April June--May July 2012



A Publication of The Village Market // August - September 2012


Quilters put on a show at the Village Market


he Village Market recently

Deanna chose her own fabrics to make

hosted an exhibition by the

this quilt and used her long-arm quilting

Kenya Quilt Guild, whose

machine to complete it. She added a

80 or so members are all keen

charming border of faced semi-circles

needlewomen who make patchwork

to frame the 61 inch by 57 inch work.

quilts for use both as soft furnishings

Deanna and her husband are Canadian

and as fine art.

missionaries working at Kijabe.

A patchwork quilt consists of two layers

The third prize was won by an American,

of cloth with a layer of cotton or polyester

Patty Arensen, a missionary with the

First prize was won by Sabine Prabhu for

wadding sandwiched between them.

Africa Inland Mission, who designed

her amazing quilt ‘Kilifi Kastle’. Sabine is

The top may be a single piece of fabric or

her award-winning 90 inch square quilt

German, an opera singer by training. She

made from many small patches, but it will

herself. It features a river flowing past an

and her husband, who works for ICRAF in

be far more decorative than the backing,

acacia tree and text from a Biblical psalm,

Nairobi, arrived in Kenya from Zimbabwe

which is seldom seen. Patches may be

hand-embroidered onto the work. Patty

about five years ago. Sabine designed and

sewn together or applied to a background

is involved in the AMREF Obstetric Fistula

made her 100 inch square quilt entirely

by hand or machine. The quilt is then

Project and the Dream Project Children’s

by hand. She was inspired in June 2009

sewn together through all three layers and


by her friends’ house in Kilifi which she describes as “an enchanting little castle

additions like beads and cording added

Kilifi Kastle

right on the open sea, where you can

and comfort as well as for their beauty. In

Kenyan Rohini Desai’s ‘Spring in My Garden’

the living room.” The work was completed

recent years, however, more quilts have

grew out of a block-of-the-month project

in November 2011 and now resides in the

been finding their way onto the walls of

called ‘Ruffled Roses’ designed by Sue

home that inspired its making.

to enhance the design. Many quilts are bedcovers, desirable for their warmth

watch turtles playing in the ocean from

homes, offices, hotels and other public

Garman. The pattern was featured on The

places as works of fine art.

Quilt Show (

This year’s exhibition included Viewers’

The lovely colours inspired Rohini to enrol

Choice awards, decided on a vote by visitors

in the project, receiving a fresh set of

to the quilt exhibition. The four quilts

instructions every month for a year. The

selected were eye-catching and impressive

instructions called for a hand-stitched

in the quality of their construction.

needle-turn appliqué, paper foundation

The fourth prize was won by Deanna

quilt top. Rohini did a remarkable job of

piecing and mitred corners to produce the Gaudaur, vice-chair of the Quilt Guild, for

executing these difficult techniques and

her quilt entitled ‘My Animal Alphabet’.

quilting on a domestic sewing machine.

The exhibition’s only quilt intended for “The quilt seems complicated but it is not,”

created by Kellie Wulfsohn, of Australia,

says Rohini. “With a little patience and

whose pattern can be found online at:

perseverance anyone can make it.” She

works for The Woman Shop and will happily


assist anyone with their sewing needs.

made this quilt in her own time, but she


young people, this charming design was

Learn more about patchwork quilting and the Kenya Quilt Guild at: product/animal-alphabet

A Publication of The Village Market // August - September 2012




asically, a tyre is a box filled with air. The complications come in the making of this box with natural rubber and

over 200 other materials. Without air, the tyre cannot function. It cannot carry the weight of the vehicle and it will not accurately transmit the commands that we give it, absorb obstacles on the road, etc. A tyre determines your safety because it is the only contact between you and the road. A tyre can be tube-type, where it has a rubber tube to contain the air, or tubeless, where the tyre is designed to ensure air tightness between rim and tyre.

Tubeless tyres By Reema Doshi, PR and marketing manager, Kingsway Tyres Ltd

For many years, tube-type tyres have been susceptible to punctures, causing inconvenience for drivers and passengers alike. If a nail or thorn is lodged into a tube-type tyre, it will lose air and go flat very quickly. A tubeless tyre, on the other hand, loses air very slowly and does not cause an instantaneous puncture. Tubeless tyres are also easier and quicker to mount on the rim. Some tube-type tyres, especially for larger vehicles, need an extra fitment – a rubber flap between the rim and tube – which increases the time taken for tyre fitment. It also increases the risk of dirt, grit and rust building up between it and the tyre. These problems are eliminated with tubeless tyres.

1st Level, next to Tribe Hotel Tel: +254 (20) 7120171 Email:


Kingsway Tyres

Precise centring of tubeless tyres reduces steering vibration, thus prolonging tyre life. Excessive heat wears your tyres quickly. Tubeless tyres run cooler because they avoid the build-up of heat caused by friction in a tube-type fitment. Cooler running leads to increased tyre life and added safety. As you have seen, the tubeless tyre is much better for your car in terms of safety, cost and maintenance. If you want to know more, give us a call or visit your nearest Kingsway TyrExpert Centre, countrywide.


A Publication of The Village Market // June - July 2012


Live the eternal values at Moksh


he fashion store Moksh offers an

complement this collection there is an assortment

ensemble of beautifully tailored

of jewellery featuring that East-West blend that is

garments with ethnic elements and

unique to the Moksh brand.

modern prêt-à-porter collections as well as a stunning range of accessories.

Step into Moksh today and take advantage of the up to 50% off sale items currently available to

This lively outlet has never been one to stick

lucky shoppers while stocks last!

timidly to short-lived fads. Instead, it manages to mix the modern with the ethnic to come up with an ensemble of exquisitely tailored garments for all seasons. Its values are eternal, hence the name Moksh, an Indian word meaning ‘eternity’.

Collections Moksh is a shop for the woman who wants to make a statement, a woman who is not afraid to embrace the world around her. Here, she will find a range of garments that speak of ethnic elegance, mystery and sophistication.

daytime engagements to evening dinners. They include kurti blouses, raw silk shirts, chiffon tops and pashmina shawls. These are accentuated


There are outfits for every occasion, from

Moksh 2nd Level next to Osteria Gigiri

Tel: +254 (20) 7121822

with distinctive embroidery or jewellery. To

A Publication of The Village Market // June - July 2012










A Publication of The Village Market // August - September 2012


Village Scene 1 Art lovers have a good time at the ‘Spirit of Africa’ exhibition by Geraldine Robarts. 2 Geraldine Robarts presents GoDown Arts Centre director Joy Mboya with a

bouquet during the artist’s exhibition. On the left is Mike Fairhead.

3 The Village Market’s managing director, Hamed Ehsani, with some of Geraldine

Robarts paintings.

4 Some of the paintings at the ‘Two Girls, a Guy and Some Art’ exhibition at The

Village Market.

5 A guest admires jewellery at the ‘Two Girls, a Guy and Some Art’ exhibition. 6 GoDown Arts Centre director Joy Mboya speaking at the opening of the Geraldine

Robarts exhibition ‘Spirit of Africa’.

7 Liza Davis (left) receives a certificate and prize money for her winning proposal in

the just-concluded Public Art Design Competition.

8 Anthony Mugo (left) receives a certificate and prize money for his winning proposal

in the just-concluded Public Art Design Competition.

A Publication of The Village Market // August - September 2012


Searching for


in a shopping mall

By Mahmood Saberi*


A Publication of The Village Market // June - July 2012



very time we went shopping in the mall,

But buying things has still not helped us

my wife would invariably point in the

communicate as a family and we now barely speak.

other direction and say: “Look, look!”

I think the last time we spoke to each other was in 2009, or maybe late 2010, I am not too sure,

“What? Where?” my sons and I would ask,

but that was the year we bought an iPod for our

shaken out of our daydreams, but invariably she

younger son and then my wife got herself an iPhone.

would reply: “Oh, never mind, we passed it.” About six months earlier I had purchased a After a couple of times when we thought we had

BlackBerry for myself after being told that life

missed something really interesting, we became

now was always on the go and we couldn’t

ever alert, prepared to snap our necks sharply to

let the citizen journalists take over our jobs.

where she pointed.

Then I discovered social networks and my wife discovered online shopping.

So here we are, a supposedly normal family on its weekly jaunt in the mall, each thinking his or her own thoughts and lugging oversized shopping bags with tiny logos to show we are brand shopping.

Virtual world Since then there has been an eerie silence in our home. I still remember what we talked about

While many countries are trying to cut down on

that year. I had asked my wife to make the air

plastic bags, the sneaky polluters are producing

conditioner a little cooler and she retorted that

huge paper and cardboard bags that must involve

everyone would catch a cold. We then went to

the felling of acres of trees.

different rooms and silently plugged into our various gadgets. Now we text each other instead

Incidentally, after the initial enthusiasm for

of speaking face to face. “How was your day?”

carrying biodegradable jute bags like good

my wife asks, adding a colon and a parenthesis

citizens of the Earth, people are once again taking

symbol to denote a smiling face. I reply: “K” (short

home plastic bags from grocery stores and don’t

for “OK”). Even in the virtual world I have learned

mind paying a little extra for them. My wife

to grunt and say things in very few words.

says she recycles the plastic bags and uses the shopping bags as garbage bags, a logic I cannot understand.

Communication Meanwhile, in the mall, I am thinking morbid thoughts about what life would be like without shopping and how we would ever bond as a family unit without a shopping mall. Is there is shopping in other worlds, I would wonder. Have

Since my wife discovered online shopping, she

superior races in faraway galaxies done away with

now gets special web discount cards. We get a lot

the crass need for those half-yearly new versions

of traffic at our door now; courier guys appearing

of laptops, tablets and mobile phones that create

at odd hours with packages containing books,

shivers of excitement in geekdom, I ponder.

T-shirts or computer games.

Science fiction writers have often portrayed

Shopping is now done at two levels: one in the

human beings as a race without feelings who

virtual world, where my Visa card is king, and the

ravage lands wherever they go, building shopping

other where we have to physically drag ourselves

malls in unexpected places.

to the mall, but where my credit card is still king. *Senior reporter, Gulf News and A Publication of The Village Market // June - July 2012



available at: INFORMATION


Wishes 2nd Level above Food Court Tel: +254 (20) 7125125

STORM is here



he Wishes gift shop has introduced a

STORM is renowned for its exclusive

leading brand in designer products

watches and distinctively stylish

ranging from watches to bags and other

fashion accessories. In addition to


an extensive range of watches and jewellery, the company offers a choice

British brand STORM leads the way with statement

of bags, wallets, fragrances and eyewear.

designs and trend-led products. With a multitude of cutting-edge designs across both casual and

STORM products are sold in department and chain

contemporary styles, STORM continues to push

stores, independent retail outlets and stand-alone

the boundaries through its innovative approach to

stores in over 45 countries around the world.

producing unique fashion watches and jewellery.

Launched in 1989, STORM is one of the most readily recognised British fashion watch brands on


the market today and continues to be a pioneer of the fashion industry.

The STORM has a distinctive looks thanks to its


highly original designs that are almost architectural

STORM has a vision to continue pushing the

in form. Stainless steel, enamel, ceramic, leather, and

boundaries in order to ensure that its customers

Swarovski crystals are just a few of the high quality

are always excited by its new and original

materials that contribute to the STORM collection.


A Publication of The Village Market // August - September 2012


Creative talent reaps reward for top five artists

Winners and participants in Public Art Design Competition


Public Art Design Competition organised by The Village Market Management engaged

various artists from all over the country to submit proposals for the design of life-sized sculptures to be displayed in public areas within the complex.

Public Art Design Competition – Participants

Over 30 proposals were submitted by art galleries and individual artists and on 7 June they were evaluated by a panel of qualified judges comprising Gallery Watatu director Osei Kofi; Mary Obembo, a representative from the Go Down Centre; Dena Crain, artist and lecturer at the Quilt University Facility;

From left: The Village Market’s press liaison officer, Ann Gitari; contestants Anthony Mugo and Lisa Davis; Hamed Ehsani; Lesley Ross; contestant Edward Bulumo; William Ndwiga from the Little Art Gallery; contestant Dickens Otieno; and The Village Market assistant marketing manager, Leah Munyua.

and Onesmus Mwatu, a lecturer at the Nairobi Institute of Technology. The panel judged the proposals on the basis of creativity, originality, visual appeal, positive impact on the site and the surrounding community, durability and environmental friendliness of the material used, success in addressing issues of public safety and maintenance, cost-effectiveness of the actual life size

Lesley Ross (left) receives a certificate and prize money on behalf of contestant Nani Croze from The Village Market MD, Hamed Ehsani.

model and overall appeal.

Public Art Design Competition – Winners

The judges shortlisted five candidates whose work seemed appropriate for a public art display. The panel also met each of these artists so they could explain in detail the thought behind their concepts. While congratulating the top 5 finalists, the management thanks all the artists who took part in this project.

1. Alex Wainaina 2. Andrew Odour Otieno x2 3. Anthony Mugo 4. Dickens George Otieno 5. Dinesh Vaman Revankar 6. Douglas Ikwabe 7. Edward Buluma 8. Gerald Olewe Ateto 9. Jack Kaluva 10. Ken Mwingi 11. Lisa Davis x3 12. Maryann Muthoni Gathenya 13. Naftal Mageto Momanyi 14. Nani Croze x3 15. Pascal Osman Chuma 16. Peter Nyanjui Mburu 17. Peter Walala 18. Ross Douglas Franks 19. Solomon Wambugu Ngure x3 20. William Abiha Atubwa.

Edward Bulumo (left) receives a certificate and prize money from Hamed Ehsani.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Nani Croze Lisa Davis Anthony Mugo Edward Bulumo Dickens George Otieno.

A Publication of The Village Market // August - September 2012


The Village Market

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Village Beat Magazine. June-July 2012  

Village Beat magazine is the official publication of Village Market, Nairobi, Kenya, designed by Land & Marine Publications (Kenya) Ltd.

Village Beat Magazine. June-July 2012  

Village Beat magazine is the official publication of Village Market, Nairobi, Kenya, designed by Land & Marine Publications (Kenya) Ltd.