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So much to enjoy in ‘Pearl of Africa’




More reasons than ever to visit Africa’s wonderland




Variety is key to magnetic appeal of Ugandan wildlife

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Traditional culture is alive in land of ancient kingdoms


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Uganda hotel guide 2016-17


An exciting time for our association I welcome you all to this latest edition of the Uganda Hotel Guide for 2016/2017. It is a very exciting time for us at the Uganda Hotel Owners’ Association. We have had a lot of achievements in the past year including the revival of our magazine, which we are very proud to present to you. As the saying goes, tourism is everybody’s business in Uganda. All industry stakeholders need to work together if we are to develop tourism in Uganda to be able to compete at East African level. Networking between tour operators, tour guides, the business fraternity, transporters and religious leaders in East Africa is needed if we are to maximise our hotel rooms’ occupancy and develop the East African tourism industry.

Susan Muhwezi Chairperson Uganda Hotel Owners’ Association


Uganda hotel guide 2016-17


Very proud of our achievements It gives me great pleasure to introduce the world to the latest edition of the Uganda Hotel Guide for 2016/2017. We are very proud of the achievement that the Uganda Hotel Owners’ Association has enjoyed in the last 12 months. Most notably, we successfully hosted the first-ever grading and classification awards in Uganda’s history. We congratulate all UHOA hotels who, for the first time ever, have an official star rating. As a sector we are very proud of the quality of the hotels in Uganda. UHOA will keep advocating for the Pal Teravagimov /

growth of the sector. We thank our partners, Uganda Tourism Board, Uganda Wildlife Authority, the Association of Uganda Tour Operators, Uganda Tourism Association and all tourism stakeholders for their assistance in the development of the hotels sector.

Jean Byamugisha Executive director Uganda Hotel Owners’ Association



So much to enjoy in ‘Pearl of Africa’ When Winston Churchill visited Uganda in 1907 he was amazed by what he saw and described the country as the ‘Pearl of Africa’. In his book, ‘My African Journey’, published in 1908, Churchill wrote: “The kingdom of Uganda is a fairy tale. You climb up…and at the end there is a wonderful new world. The scenery is different, the vegetation is different, the climate is different and, most of all, the people are different from anything

Uganda is a very secure country with modern

elsewhere to be seen in the whole range of Africa.”

amenities, including top-notch accommodation and first-class service, all in a peaceful, clean and

A century or so later, that situation has not changed.

protected environment. Dubbed the entertainment

The country located in the heart of Africa is still rich

capital of East Africa, the nightlife is a super hit for

in wildlife, nature, culture, heritage and history. Its

those new and used social life, the entertainment

biological and cultural diversity is unmatched for

spots open 24 hours a day.

a country the size of Great Britain, Ghana or the American state of Oregon.

Uganda has the largest cultural diversity of any country in the world, according to a Harvard Uni-

Thanks to conservation efforts by the government,

versity study, and its people exude warmth and

Uganda is home to the world’s largest population

hospitality with radiant smiles.

of gorillas and primates as well as a range of other wildlife including the Big Five, reptiles and more than

In his closing remarks, Churchill is quoted as saying:

half of Africa’s bird and butterfly species. Almost 40

“Concentrate on Uganda.” For magnificence, for

per cent of its land mass is covered by water, rivers

variety of form and colour, for profusion of bril-

and wetlands. Uganda is home to the source of

liant life – bird, insect, reptile, beast – for vast scale,

the River Nile and to the highest mountain range in

Uganda is truly the Pearl of Africa.

Africa. I reiterate: Concentrate on Uganda. With an average temperature of 27°C (80°F), Uganda offers exuberant weather all year round for

Stephen Asiimwe

any leisure or holiday traveller.

Chief Executive Officer, UTB

Uganda hotel guide 2016-17

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5 14/03/2016 12:46

More reasons than ever to visit Africa’s wonderland WELCOME TO



Uganda hotel guide 2016-17

As more and more airlines serve the nation’s

meet every need and budget. By contrast, Jinja has

gateway Entebbe International Airport, visit-

fewer hotels, but there is still plenty of choice in this

ing Uganda – the Pearl of Africa – has never been

economically important centre. Jinja is Uganda’s

easier. And when visitors arrive in Uganda, they

adventure capital with its white water rafting and

have never had a better choice of where to stay

bungee jumping.

and what to do. Those venturing beyond the triangle of Kampala, The attractiveness of Uganda as a destination is

Entebbe and Jinja can also rest assured that good

beyond doubt. Home to some of Africa’s finest

quality accommodation is available and is improv-

wildlife parks and the continent’s highest mountain

ing in terms of variety. New hotels and lodges have

range, Uganda embraces the scenic lakes of the Rift

sprung up around the country, while others have

Valley, mighty waterfalls and the source of the White

been improved and refurbished.

Nile. It has the largest number of mountain gorillas anywhere and with over 1,000 recorded species it’s

In contrast with some of its neighbours, Uganda’s

the world’s number one location for birdwatching.

world-class national parks, such as Queen Elizabeth and Murchison, are not jam-packed with camps and

Every effort is being made to ensure that Uganda’s

lodges. Accommodation is of a very high standard

accommodation meets visitor expectations. At the

but the number of properties is still limited.

forefront of this drive, and working alongside other key stakeholders in the tourism sector, is the Uganda

The only exception to this general rule in terms

Hotel Owners’ Association (UHOA).

of accommodation is for those coming to view mountain gorillas. There are many camps and

Star rating

lodges in the extreme south located just outside

UHOA is one of the main drivers behind a nation-

Mgahinga National Park and where tourists mostly

wide hotel star rating scheme. The first phase of

stay in nearby Kisoro.

Bwindi Impenetrable Park. There are fewer close to

this programme was completed in mid 2015 when Kampala’s hotels were accredited, with the rest of Uganda to follow. The programme provides visitors

Improving standards

with an independent hotel classification and clearly

Also out west are Fort Portal, gateway to the Rwen-

illustrates that Kampala has a broad selection of

zoris (‘Mountains of the Moon’) as well as Kibale

international-class properties in the five, four and

Forest Park and Semuliki National Park. Again, there

three-star categories.

is plenty of choice and standards are improving as more and more visitors choose to walk in Africa’s

Those hotels listed as five-star are the Kampala

snow-covered mountains. The same is true of towns

Serena Hotel, the Sheraton Kampala and – just out

such as Kabale and Mbarara, where visitors can take

of town – the Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort.

their pick of several good quality hotels.

There is a further group of four-star properties: Protea Hotel Kampala, the Speke Resort Munyonyo,

To the east and beyond Jinja, the better international

the Imperial Royale Hotel, the Hotel Africana and the

standard properties are located in Mbale and Tororo.

Royal Suites Bugolobi.

Properties of a similar standard can be found in or near Mount Elgon National Park. In the still-to-be-dis-

Beyond the immediate attractions of Kampala, then

covered northern region accommodation is largely

Entebbe and Jinja are within easy reach. Located

confined to Gulu and Arua plus the camps situated in

either side of the nation’s capital, these two lakeside

and outside Kidepo Valley National Park.

towns have their own unique charm and historical character. Both are considered excellent locations for

Uganda is so much more than just Kampala; so

conferences, seminars and weekend retreats.

explore and discover the wonders of the Pearl of Africa and its hotels, camps and lodges.

Entebbe is also the ideal stopover for arriving and departing visitors and has a wide range of hotels – from authentically colonial to ultra-modern – to


Variety is key to magnetic appeal of Ugandan wildlife Visiting Uganda for its wildlife is not the only reason

another, while also choosing, perhaps, to walk in

for travelling to one of Africa’s most compelling

the Rwenzori Mountains as another, totally different

destinations; but for many, game viewing is still the


Pearl of Africa’s chief attraction. Uganda has 10 national parks and these are shown in In recent times, the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife &

size order (see also map on page 14):

Antiquities, the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) and members of the private-sector Association of Uganda

Murchison Falls (3,480 sq km): Uganda’s oldest

Tour Operators (AUTO) have worked closely together

and largest conservation area, with 76 mammal

to promote the country to international visitors. In

species and 451 recorded bird species. There are

particular, these organisations have created a power-

camps and lodges in the park.

ful message that highlights Uganda’s unique wildlife and its world-class opportunities for birdwatching.

Queen Elizabeth (1,978 sq km): Uganda’s most visited national park. It contains traditional big game plus 10 primates and over 600 species of birds. Good and varied choice of camps and lodges. Kidepo Valley (1,442 sq km): Uganda’s most isolated national park, on the border with South Sudan and contiguous with the Kidepo Game Reserve. This remote park is home to plenty of big game and contains 77 mammal and 475 bird species. There is one lodge within the park, plus a camp and campsite. Mount Elgon (1,279 sq km): Close to the border with Kenya. As its name suggests, the park is dominated by Mount Elgon, an extinct volcano. There is some wildlife and 144 recorded bird species. Full range of accommodation at Sipi Falls and Kap-

Diversity Uganda has something different from the attractions

chorwa, plus many good quality hotels in Mbale. Rwenzori Mountains (1,000 sq km): This high-

on offer elsewhere in east and southern Africa. Of

altitude national park hosts some 70 mammals and a

course, the country has its Big Five and its classic

recorded 217 bird species including 19 Albertine Rift

savannah game parks, but it also has a diversity of

endemics as well as some of the world’s rarest veg-

reserves and a host of creatures not always found

etation. Camps at Ruboni, Nyakalengija and Kilembe

elsewhere. For example, over half the world’s popula-

plus options in nearby Kasese.

tion of mountain gorillas can be found here, along with further 12 species of primate.

Kibale (766 sq km): Adjoining Queen Elizabeth National Park, this park contains about 70 mammal


This diversity allows visitors to mix and match

species including 13 species of primate and 375 bird

their wildlife encounters – up close and personal

species. There is one lodge within the park plus

with habituated gorilla groups one day, then out

camping opportunities. Choice of lodges, cottages

in the open bush to view elephant and giraffe on

and camps.

Uganda hotel guide 2016-17



Lake Mburo (260 sq km): Smallest of the

Bwindi Impenetrable (128 sq km): Contains

savannah parks. It contains 350 bird species plus a

roughly half the world’s mountain gorilla population,

broad cross-section of plains game: zebra, impala,

including several habituated groups, which can be

eland, buffalo, oribi, Defassa waterbuck, hyena, topi

tracked. This biologically diverse region is home to a

and reedbuck as well as predators such as leopard

further 120 mammals including several primates as

and hyena and, owing to the wetland nature of the

well as elephants and antelopes. There are about 350

park, many hippo.

bird species including 23 Albertine Rift endemics. Wide choice of lodges and camps.

Semuliki (220 sq km): A Central African forest reserve rather than an East African one – which

Mgahinga Gorilla (33.7 sq km): Visually stunning,

makes it unique in Uganda. A lodge, guest-

this is the lesser known of Uganda’s two mountain

houses, camps and bandas can all be found in

gorilla reserves. It is also home to the golden monkey.

the park plus a wealth of accommodation in Fort

No shortage of lodges and guesthouses within easy


reach of the park.


Pal Teravagimov /

Pal Teravagimov /



Uganda hotel guide 2016-17

Traditional culture is alive in land of ancient kingdoms Uganda is a land with a rich and vibrant culture

similar; although in terms of land area the largest

and one where, in rural areas at least, traditions

(Northern) is more than twice the size of the smallest

are still upheld in the face of modernity and the


fast pace of change and economic development in Africa.

There are 40 languages of which Luganda is the most widely spoken, but predominately in the south

To experience the very essence of local culture, it’s

of the country. English is the language of business

important to venture beyond the city boundaries

and the well-educated, and for all Ugandans it is the

and seek out a Uganda that remains untouched. It’s

medium of instruction in schools. Kiswahili is also

also worth noting that Uganda is a highly disparate

understood by many, especially in the north, and by

country with major regional differences, especially

the police and military. There are about 65 officially

between the more highly developed Bantu-speaking

recognised tribes, each with its own sub-culture, of

south-west and the still largely untouched north-

which the Buganda is the largest.

east, where Nilotic and Central Sudanic languages are spoken. Similarly, the east, bordering Kenya, is arguably more sophisticated than parts of Uganda in


the extreme west. Yet it’s also fair to say that some

The former colonial power has also left a cultural

of these historical differences are now disappearing

legacy, not only in terms of language but in many

as Uganda develops and becomes more culturally

other ways concerning education, the legal system


and administrative systems.

By tradition and in terms of history, Uganda is a land

Uganda’s traditional music has tribal roots, again with

of kingdoms whose origins and unique customs date

Buganda being the most influential. But today, as

back many centuries. The monarchs who head these

elsewhere, Uganda’s music scene reflects the tastes

nominal kingdoms are still very much revered and

and styles of the wider continent; so visitors may

wield significant political and cultural influence within

need to actively seek out older-established musical

Ugandan society.

genres rather than easily encountering them on a day-to-day basis.

There are four traditional kingdoms and these enjoy some degrees of mainly cultural autonomy.

Under the umbrella of the Uganda National Cultural

The four are Buganda (the largest), Toro, Busoga

Centre, the National Theatre and the Nommo Gallery

and Bunyoro-Kitara. Since 2005 they have all been

put on stage performances (but also film, music and

formally re-recognised by the state nearly four

dance) and show the works of both local and foreign

decades after they were officially abolished. Despite

artists. Located next to State Lodge in Kampala,

not having the same historical claims as the other

Nommo is the nation’s only art gallery.

four, Rwenzururu became the nation’s fifth kingdom in 2008.

Uganda is self-sufficient in terms of food produc-

Pecold /

tion and the local cuisine offers a similar fare to


that found in some neighbouring states, with the

In addition to the traditional kingdoms, Uganda is

meal) with stew, nuts, beans or meat; or the national

made up of four distinct provinces for administrative

dish, matoke, which is made from mashed bananas.

purposes: Central, Western, Eastern and Northern.

There’s also sweet potato, yam, cassava or even

Each is subdivided into districts, of which there are

potato and rice.

emphasis on dishes such as ugali/posho (maize

111 in total. The populations of the four are broadly



A reliable ally and strong voice for Uganda’s hotel sector The Uganda Hotel Owners’ Association (UHOA) was established in 2000 and today has around 435 active members in the hospitality sector. This membership has grown dramatically over the past 15 years as new hotels have been built in response to increased visitor numbers and the steady expansion of conferences, exhibitions and seminars. These members cover a broad spectrum, from large and internationally known five-star hotels in central Kampala to intimate camps of just a few tents set in and around Uganda’s many national parks and from

(UWA) and the Uganda Tourism Association (UTA)

conference-oriented big city venues to the humblest

to ensure that Uganda provides a seamless tourism

guesthouses in faraway towns.

product for visitors. This co-operation, and the nation’s unique attractions, has been the cornerstone

Industry voice

of Uganda’s success as a destination.

UHOA is in part a promotional organisation, backing

In conjunction with UTB, the Association has been

Uganda as a destination, but also one which

at the forefront of moves to introduce a national

provides its members with a powerful industry

hotel star rating system for all accommodation and

voice. Moreover, the Association is a trade body

was granted a representative on the grading and

that seeks to set and maintain high standards for its

classification panel. The first phase of this ambi-

members. UHOA is also able to negotiate on behalf

tious programme was rolled out in mid 2015 when

of its members with trade unions and to discuss

all Kampala-based properties were graded. During

directly with the government matters such as invest-

the first round of ratings, 26 city properties achieved

ment and taxation that affect hotel owners. UHOA,

at least two stars, with three of them achieving five

for example, was involved in the formation of the

stars. This will be rolled out across Uganda in the

2014-24 Tourism Master Plan.

period ahead.

At the same time, the Association works closely with

In short, UHOA continues to be a positive force

the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) and with other

within the Ugandan tourism sector; one that contin-

stakeholders such as the Association of Uganda Tour

ues to raise accommodation standards and levels of

Operators (AUTO), the Uganda Wildlife Authority

customer service throughout the country.

Uganda hotel guide 2016-17


SOUTH SUDAN Kidepo Valley National Park



Moyo Kitgum



National Parks and Wildlife Reserves

G l Gulu

O ra


Kotido Matheniko Wildlife Reserve




50 Kilometers 25


Ajai Wildlife Reserve

International Border




er t










Pakwach N i l e ia

50 Miles


r ic to



O ke



Bokora Wildlife Reserve

Murchison Falls National Park

Apac Lake Albert


Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve


Budongo Forest

Lake Kwania




go go



Semliki National Park

Fort Portal Bundibugyo Kyenjojo

Katonga Wildlife Reserve


Kasese Lake George


Queen Elizabeth National Park

Kigezi Wildlife Reserve


Mbarara Ntungamo

Lake Mburo National Park



Mabamba Swamp


J Jinja



Mabira Forest BUVMA ISLAND






EASTERN B b ti Busembatia






Kibale National Park

Rwenzori National Park

Lake Edward


Mt Elgon National Park






N ku si

Toro-Semliki Wildlife Reserve

Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve


Lake Kyoga Ka fu

Lake Bisina


Lake Victoria


Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Kabale Mgahinga Gorilla National Park



Uganda hotel guide 2016-17



Uganda Hotel Owners’ Association Page








Other/Ssese Islands 40 CENTRAL UGANDA














Pecold /


Until that time, visitors had little choice of accommodation in the capital and space was always at a premium. Almost overnight, this problem was eliminated – so much so that for a period after that Kampala had an overcapacity. This did not stop new hotels being built, however, while others continued to be upgraded or refurbished.

Fierce competition Now, visitors to the city can pick from a wide selection of good quality properties based on price and location. Fierce competition among hotels has also generated higher levels of service and greater atten-

Visitors enjoy fruits of hotel boom

tion to detail. The recent hotel grading programme revealed that 26 Kampala-based properties merited at least two stars. Three – the Serena Kampala, the Commonwealth Resort Mununyo (host property for that CHOGM gathering all those years ago) and the Kampala Sheraton – were granted five-star

The huge increase in Kampala’s hotel sector over

status, with the Protea Kampala, the Speke Resort

the past 10 years can be traced back to one key

Munyonyo, the Imperial Royale Hotel, the Hotel

event: the 2008 Commonwealth Heads of Govern-

Africana and the Royal Suites Bugolobi all being

ment Meeting (CHOGM). The fast-growing Ugandan

graded four-star.

economy has, of course, been a further factor. Those graded three-star were the Kabira Country


The need to provide top quality accommodation in

Club on Old Kira Road, the Fang Fang Hotel, the

2008 for the heads of state and their delegations led

Fairway Hotel and the Mackinnon Suites in leafy

to a boom in hotel building that has served Kampala

Nakasero, the Silver Springs, the Ivys Hotel in

well. As a result of all this construction, Kampala has

Wakaliga, the Sports View (close to the Mandela

become a major conference and meetings destina-

National Stadium) and the Grand Imperial Hotel

tion, competing for top continent-wide events that

in the city centre. Ten more were classified in the

had previously found a venue elsewhere in Africa.

two-star category.

Uganda hotel guide 2016-17

Central Uganda, Kampala 888 HOTEL

Nabugabo Road, opp. The New Park PO Box 12185, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 346 888 Cell: +256 (0)776 728 888 Fax: +256 (0)414 234 888 Email: Conveniently located next to the taxi station, 888 is a small but friendly hotel. The central location makes it an ideal stay for those with early departures or late arrivals into Kampala. The property is Chinese-owned and has a relaxed atmosphere. Staff are always available to assist and help wherever possible. Guests also benefit from great views over the park. There is an on-site Chinese restaurant and bar area as well as a comfortable lounge.



23b Acacia Avenue, Kololo PO Box 24555, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)413 44 329 Cell: +256 (0)772 501 538; 772 436 551 Email:

Plot 95, Circular Road, Mutungo Hill PO Box 16290, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 223 386 Cell: +256 (0)772 469 880 Email:

Plot 4, Rashid Khamis Road, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)41 252 750 Cell: +256 (0)772 429 001

Afrique Suites Hotel is a four-star property located in Mutungo, a fast-developing suburb in the east of Kampala towards Port Bell and about 6 km from the centre of Kampala.

The hotel offers 50 standard and deluxe double rooms, each with en-suite bathroom and satellite cable TV. Wi-Fi is available to all guests.

Located in the pleasant residential area of Kololo and ideal for company executives and families, Acacia Valley is comfortable and affordable. Guests have the option of one and two bedroom apartments, executive suites or honeymoon suites. All suites are self-contained and spacious. Furnished with stylish fittings and modern decor, the apartments come with many amenities. Large sliding windows lead onto private balconies. There is ample parking for all guests, while local attractions, shops and restaurants are within easy reach.

The hotel comprises 40 rooms, all with bathrooms and showers. Guest rooms are small but good value for money.


Plot 7291, Tank Hill Road, PO Box 16577, Muyenga, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)776 484 848 Cell: +256 (0)705 777 488 Email: Apricot Guesthouse is a bed and breakfast located in Muyenga, off Roche Close. Just a few minutes from downtown Kampala, Apricot is within a short walking distance of swimming pools, restaurants and health clubs. The guesthouse comprises 16 self-contained rooms, a spacious dining room area, a lounge and beautiful gardens that provide a serene outdoor sitting area. The friendly staff, ample parking space, on-site laundry service and free Wi-Fi make for a most convenient stay.

Accommodation consists of 25 rooms in Block E and 36 rooms in Block F. All rooms are elegantly presented in a fusion of international and Ugandan styles. There is a wide choice of conference facilities ranging from private meeting rooms for 12 to 16 people to a VIP conference centre able to accommodate up to 120 people.


Already Hotel is located in a quiet area of Kampala close to Aga Khan Mosque and the National Mosque.

Already Hotel serves a complimentary breakfast each morning, while local and Continental meals and drinks can be ordered from the restaurant and bar. Other services include: laundry and dry cleaning services, airport pick-up, city shuttle and conference facilities (at an additional charge).

Plot 54A Kira Road, Kampala Tel: +256 417 333 400 Phone: +256 392 177 285/86 Email: Arcadia Suites Hotel opened in August 2014. Located next to the former Victoria University, the hotel offers state-of-the-art services. Guests can choose from luxurious deluxe suites and standard rooms which include an HD television, complimentary Wi-Fi, a king-sized bed and a fully equipped kitchen. The hotel also has a conference centre, a large gym, a bar and a Steak House restaurant offering a variety of high quality foods in a family-friendly atmosphere. Diners can choose from an array of dishes made with fresh ingredients.


220 Sebowa Road, Kiwatule, Ntinda Kinawataka Zone PO Box 70159, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)31 274 306 Fax: +256 (0)414 287 729 Email: Arch Apartments, in the quiet Kampala suburb of Ntinda, comprises single, double and self-catering apartments on a bed and breakfast basis. All rooms are en-suite with direct-dial telephone and DSTV. The apartments come with lounge, dining area, kitchen, one or two bedrooms and toilet plus microwave cooker and refrigerator. The property’s peaceful location makes it ideal for workshops, conferences, board meetings and weddings.

Apollo House, Plot 17b, William Street PO Box 35339, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 349 239 Email: Aponye Hotel is a new hotel located in Kampala’s central business district. The hotel overlooks cultural sites like Kabaka’s Palace, Kasubi Tombs, religious sites such as Rubaga, Namirembe, Old Kampala and Makerere University. The hotel has 50 clean and comfortable rooms (comprising executive, deluxe double, deluxe single and standard singles). There are DSTV services in all rooms. The restaurant offers diners a choice of dishes, from contemporary traditional to Continental menus. Guests have access to high-speed wireless internet and Continental breakfast. There is also a business centre with forex services. Credit cards are accepted and airport pick-ups can be arranged.

Other amenities include restaurants and lounges, a well kept garden and wedding reception facilities.




Plot 15A, Kyadondo Road, Nakasero, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 346 700 Cell: +256 (0)759 333 444 Email: Arirang Hotel is located in the heart of Kampala. Guests will find local attractions such as the Garden City and the Oasis Mall within a short distance of the hotel. Furbished in an Asian theme, the hotel’s spacious and extremely clean rooms come in standard single or double. Guests can enjoy delicious food at the Arirang Restaurant or make the most of the excellent conference facilities.


Plot 1024, Ndeeba-Masaka Road PO Box 6404, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 274 065 Cell: +256 (0)752 303 848 Beston Hotel is located in Ndeeba, just 3 km from Kampala city centre and only 30 minutes’ drive from Entebbe International Airport. Accommodation is at very affordable rates, with self-contained rooms (singles, doubles and twins) all equipped with DSTV and a balcony with magnificent views of the Kampala skyline. Guests can enjoy the bar, restaurant, on-site gym, sauna and massage room. Beston Hotel is an ideal place for weddings, meetings and parties or to enjoy a meal prepared by experienced and qualified chefs.

Special facilities for disabled guests and visitors.



Plot 7, Snay Amir Street, Nakasero, PO Box 25946, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)703 503 541; 780 464 556 Email: Biraj International hotel has 95 rooms furnished in tasteful and stylish decor. Guests can choose from single, deluxe single, executive and superior rooms and grand executive suites. The hotel is within walking distance of many embassies, banks, restaurants, shopping malls and local transport links. Biraj’s dedicated banqueting staff have the required expertise to guarantee a smooth, well-run business convention or meeting. The 24-hour business centre is coupled with high-speed internet access.


Plot 137/139 Ntinda-Nakawa Road PO Box 35756, Kampala Tel: +256 414 288 706; 392 943 285 Email:; The Casa Miltu Hotel is situated on Ntinda to Nakawa Road on the outskirts of Kampala in one of the most serene parts of the city All rooms are air conditioned with direct-dial telephone, DSTV and wireless internet. There is a restaurant and bar. Safe deposits are available at the front desk. Other services include laundry, dry cleaning, printing and photocopying.


Plot No 858/859, PO Box 35479, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)772 399 669; 772 632 819 Email:; Brimax Hotel is a budget hotel on the outskirts of Kampala, only 10 minutes’ drive from the city centre. Accommodation consists of tastefully designed rooms with a choice of suites, deluxe, twin and single rooms. All rooms are self-contained with balcony, DSTV, fridge, telephone and a study area. In-house laundry and room services are available. The restaurant offers a variety of local and international dishes. An outside catering service is also available.

967 Namuli Road, Kawesi Bypass, Kampala Cell: +256 (0)772 509 698; 712 805 188 Bukoto Guest House offers clean accommodation in a relaxed atmosphere with fine views of the city. There are 15 rooms, all beautifully presented with modern furnishings. Complimentary breakfast is served daily and main meals can be ordered at the on-site restaurant. There is a supermarket close by. The guesthouse has a contemporary feel and is bright, airy and homely. The property is well situated in Bukoto and is a good choice for guests staying for long periods who want to make themselves feel at home.

The hotel has function rooms for conferences, workshops, seminars, weddings and parties. There is ample parking space.


Buziga Hill, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)755 777 002 Email: With its cool and spectacular location on Buziga Hill, the Cassia Lodge enjoys commanding views of both Kampala and Lake Victoria. The lodge consists of 20 cosy safari-style rooms, all equipped with satellite TV, minibar, fan, balcony with lake view and in-room safe. The restaurant can accommodate up to 100 diners. It has both an indoor section with air conditioning and an outdoor terrace. The adjacent bar has a panoramic balcony. There is a large swimming pool and a business centre with computers. Wireless internet connection is available in the restaurant, bar and all guest rooms. The hotel is an ideal setting for workshops and small conferences. It has a conference room with 40 seats in a formal boardroom setting.



Uganda hotel guide 2016-17


Mengo Kivebulaya, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)772 426 660 Email: Bulange View Hotel is a cosy lodge located on Namirembe Hill in Kampala. The hotel is a 20-minute drive from the city centre, away from the bustle. The hotel offers spacious and comfortable rooms, all with en-suite bathroom and a TV with cable service. The restaurant serves Ugandan dishes and the bar offers a variety of drinks. A gym, a sauna, a steam room and a spa are available on site.


Plot 1141, Namugongo Road, PO Box 673, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)41 287 474 Cell: +256 (0)703 222 000 Email: Caravan Hotel and the nearby Caravan Guest House offer quality accommodation at economical rates in Kampala. The hotel offers exceptional service and value for money to cater for business and vacation travellers in a warm and friendly environment. The à la carte restaurant serves both African and Continental cuisine. There is also a well stocked bar. There is a spacious and secure parking area. Laundry and dry cleaning services are available on request. Caravan Hotel is an ideal place for social and business functions such as conferences and seminars. There is a well equipped business centre. Airport shuttle services and excursions can be arranged.


Nakasero Hill, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)793 000 001 Email: CityBlue is a veritable oasis of calm amid the bustle of Kampala. Yet the property is only two minutes by car from the city centre and within walking distance of some of the capital’s favourite eateries. CityBlue is a classic boutique hotel with large bedrooms offering every amenity including Wi-Fi, power showers, luxury mattresses and flat-screen televisions. The hotel restaurant, the Café Mamba, serves tasty Italian dishes. There is a swimming pool overlooked by guest rooms and guests also have access to a compact fitness centre next to the pool area.

Central Uganda, Kampala CITY ROYAL RESORT HOTEL

Plot 8-10 Kataza Close PO Box 70214, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 258 037 Email: The City Royal Resort Hotel is located in Bugolobi, 4 km from Kampala city centre.


Plot 25, Clement Hill Road, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 345 408 Email: Clement Hill Hotel is centrally located in Kampala and offers safe and clean accommodation for its visitors, close to a grocery store, shops and internet cafés.

The hotel has 40 air conditioned guest rooms, all with DSTV, directdial telephone, internet, in-room safe, minibar and a range of facilities that vary depending on room type. There are 22 deluxe rooms, nine executive rooms, six twins and three suites. Guests have access to a swimming pool and a well stocked bar.

Well situated in a friendly neighbourhood, the establishment provides a safe haven in an otherwise busy capital city.

The hotel’s two restaurants offer both snacks and an à la carte menu with Indian and Italian specialities. The pool restaurant is open daily throughout the week for business lunch and buffet services.

The hotel is a good place to socialise, with a bar, pool tables, wireless internet and international TV channels.

The hotel’s extensive grounds provide an excellent venue for weddings and garden parties for up to 1,000 guests.


Plot 36, Princess Anne Drive, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)752 711 846; 752 711 708 Email:; Dolphin Suites is a cosy place to stay for business travellers as well as for tourists visiting Kampala. Ideally positioned in the leafy suburb of Bugolobi, the property is minutes from the city centre but away from the bustle. Spacious guest rooms are designed as apartments with separate living room, bedroom and kitchen facilities. The lodgings are separated into two levels: a junior executive and a senior executive. The outdoor bar is a good spot for a refreshing beverage and the swimming pool is ideal for cooling off in the heat of the day. For a good workout, the gym allows guests to keep fit. Staff are friendly and provide an efficient laundry service as well as consistently excellent customer service.

The restaurant at Clement Hill serves three meals a day consisting mainly of traditional African favourites.


Plot 16 Bombo Road, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 230 116; 753 325 303 Email: Crown Jakiba Hotel is a modern three-star hotel in central Kampala. The hotel offers unique structural features together with a warm and welcoming staff so that guests can be sure of a memorable stay. Just 45 minutes from Entebbe International Airport, the hotel is within reach of the central business district. Guests can enjoy a magnificent view of the city from one of the hotel’s 233 newly renovated guest rooms and suites, decorated with home comforts in mind. Crown Jakiba Hotel is the ideal starting point to explore Kampala.



Plot 31/33 Hamu Road, Wankoko-Bugolobi, PO Box 24496, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)41 425 9087 Cell: +256 (0)71 262 9483 Email:

Plot No 4, Jada Bangi Road, Mulago Village, PO Box 241, Mukono Tel: +256 (0)312 515646 Email:

Crystal Suites is one of the top urban resorts and self-contained destinations in the city. It is a haven of relaxation in the heart of one of Africa’s most vibrant cities. The beautiful atrium and luxurious guest rooms with crystal bathrooms and digital satellite TV set the hotel apart.

The calm atmosphere of Deira Hotel allows guests to truly unwind. One of Mukono’s best kept secrets, it offers easy access to both Entebbe International Airport and Kampala.

Guests can enjoy a view of the whole city from each of the room’s balconies. The Crystal food is something to talk about, offering the best African and Western dishes including chicken fillet, goat stew, fish fillet and other delicious dishes.

The hotel is a few kilometres from the source of the River Nile, the Namugongo Martyrs shrine, Bujagali Water Falls and Sezibwe Falls. There 35 comfortable and cosy guest rooms including double and classic rooms. The hotel offers mouth-watering themed lunches daily.

All rooms are air conditioned and equipped with a mosquito net and a private bathroom.


Entebbe Road, Kibuye, PO Box 7330, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)772 436 895; 712 808 195 Email: Easy Jet Highway Motel can be found just 3 km from the city centre and only 20 km from Entebbe Airport. In addition to its first-rate location, the hotel has a bar and restaurant, a conference hall, ample parking space and a unisex salon. The bed and breakfast motel provides shuttle services to and from the city centre.



Bombo Road, Plot 3 Semliki Walk, Bat Valley Crescent, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)312 110 864; 700 123 406 Email:

Plot 27, Akii Bua Road, Nakasero PO Box 74764, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 236 977/8/9 Email:

PO Box 10737, Kampala Email: Tel: +256 (0)414 664891; 705 345 464 Email:

The Emerald Hotel in Kampala is a 10-minute walk from the central business district.

The Emin Pasha is a luxury boutique hotel in the Kampala suburb of Nakasero.

The hotel is an ideal destination for guests looking for a high level of service in graceful surroundings. Guests have a choice of executive double, deluxe twins or the Emerald Suites. All rooms have colour satellite TV, private bathrooms and a work desk.

The hotel has 20 guest rooms consisting of eight garden rooms, eight superior rooms, two garden suites and two superior suites. All guest rooms are air conditioned with tea and coffee facilities, direct-dial telephone, internet and DSTV.

Emperor Hotel, in the prestigious suburb of Nalya, is ideal for both leisure and business travellers in search of a home from home. The hotel comprises modern services and facilities, while the restaurant offers a selection of dishes you will want to try.

The restaurant offers creative international culinary delights, catering for all dietary requirements as standard and complemented by a thoughtfully selected wine list. A private dining room is available for residents and groups requiring a more exclusive setting.

The Fez Brasserie and Wine Bar serves truly outstanding food and is without doubt one of Kampala’s finest places to dine.


The hotel is conveniently located close to the city centre and all other major attractions in Kampala.

The Spa at Emin Pasha is the ideal spot for a relaxing massage and a range of other beauty treatments.



Plot 14a Sserunkuma Road, Upper Mbuya Hill PO Box 7873, Kampala Tel/fax: +256 (0)414 223 179 Cell: +256 (0)772 935 572; (0)772 342 433 Email: These fully furnished apartments are tucked away in the quiet hills of Mbuya in Kampala, surrounded by fine views of Lake Victoria and the city. Only 10 minutes from the city, Enkombe Place provides the ideal escape from the bustle while keeping guests conveniently close to the commercial centre. Enkombe Place comprises three blocks of 40 luxury apartments, with each apartment having its own separate entrance, parking space, gas supply and spectacular views of Lake Victoria. Catering to both corporate and individual needs, it offers apartments containing one, two and three bedrooms, all self-contained and fully furnished with a warm and modern appeal to ensure comfort.


Plot 1452 Kira, Namugongo PO Box 22946, Kampala Tel. +256 (0)414 572 409 Email: Esella Country Hotel is just 1 km from the Namugongo Martyrs shrine, a sacred place of pilgrimage. The complimentary airport transfer, express check-in service and a fully equipped business centre ensure that Esella consistently achieves a high level of customer satisfaction. Accommodation comprises 36 air conditioned rooms, internet, minibar, satellite TVs and en-suite bathrooms. In addition there is a four-bedroom villa, a dining area, a kitchen, a family lounge and beautiful private gardens. The Palita Restaurant serves international cuisine and is ideal for snacks and light lunches.


Plot 64-88, Yusuf Lule Road PO Box 22774, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 563 500; (0)312 302 280 Fax: +256 (0)414 563 591 Email:

Tranquillity and comfort in a key setting Golf Course Hotel is a worldclass luxurious hotel offering a true definition of comfort, hospitality and good service. The hotel has a serene setting next to the Uganda Golf Club, thus providing guests with an evergreen and fresh environment. Golf Course Hotel is an ideal destination for discerning travellers from all over the world. It aims to offer the best of comfort, with spacious rooms and highly professional staff on hand to ensure that every guest is made to feel special.


The hotel is conveniently located 45 minutes from Entebbe International Airport and only five minutes from the centre of Kampala. This is an ideal venue for honeymooners, business travellers, tourists and those looking to enjoy a memorable visit to the ‘Pearl of Africa’. There are several categories of rooms to choose from. The include deluxe, executive, family suite, business suite, honeymoon suite, six holiday apartments and three executive villas.

Uganda hotel guide 2016-17


Plot 16/18 Vubyabirenge Road Ntinda, PO Box 22946, Kampala Tel: +256 414 287 036; 414 287 061 Cell: +256 783 800 808 Fax: +256 414 287 061 Eureka Place Hotel is a luxury facility in Kampala city. The hotel has 70 air conditioned rooms, all with en-suite bathroom and wireless Internet. The Leah Lounge is perfect for business meetings and general lounging. The Rose Room can be used for meetings and banqueting, while the Amaani Area is ideal for executive conferencing or corporate parties. The hotel also has an entertainment courtyard, a swimming pool and ample gardens. Eureka Place Hotel prides itself on its high levels of cleanliness and great attention to detail. Its friendly staff provide a courteous, personal service to clients.


Plot 1-2 Kafu Road PO Box 4595, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 259 571/2 Cell: +256 (0)772 786 888 Fax: +256 (0)414 234 160 Email: The Fairway Hotel has a serene location in spacious grounds on Nakasero, one of Kampala’s seven hills. It is conveniently located near the Uganda Golf Club on Kitante Road and only a few minutes’ walk from the city centre. The Fairway has 100 air conditioned and spacious rooms with complimentary Wi-Fi, 24-hour room service, in-room safe and satellite TV. Most rooms have balconies. Guest have full access to the swimming pool, two spas, a gym and complimentary airport pick-up. Facilities include five conference halls, a business centre with secretarial services, a large private garden for weddings and functions and a choice of three restaurants.


Plot 9, Ssezibwa Road PO Box 6323, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 235 828 Fax: +256 (0)414 233 620 Email: The Fang Fang Hotel, located in central Kampala, brings an authentic and unique Chinese character to Africa. The hotel has 30 spacious rooms. A feature of the hotel is its extensive gardens. The Garden Lawn Restaurant can accommodate parties and functions of up to 2,000 people. The associated Fang Fang Chinese Restaurant is one of the region’s top restaurants. Fang Fang Chinese Restaurant has won an international gold star award for quality along with its twin subsidiary, Fang Fang Hotel.

Central Uganda, Kampala FLORIDA HOTEL

Entebbe Road, 100 m after Zana roundabout, PO Box 30395, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 201 077 Cell: +256 (0)787 387709 Email: Florida Hotel has two sections of accommodation. Annexe A has 40 deluxe rooms with a range of facilities to make guests feel at home and comfortable. Annexe B has state-of-the-art facilities and a modern design. Florida Hotel offers both Continental and local dishes to suit the taste of guests. Its chefs are ready to prepare delicious meals 24 hours a day. Those who enjoy being pampered can relax and enjoy some well deserved rejuvenation at the Sauna. Florida Hotel has a top steam bath and sauna services for visitors at affordable rates.


PO Box 1060, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)312 275 369 Cell: +256 (0)772 327 830 Email: Green Hills Hotel is conveniently located in the quiet outskirts of Kampala city, offering a private getaway just 15 minutes from the city centre. The hotel is located on Sserumaga Road (on Kisaasi Road) about two minutes off the main Bukoto-Ntinda road. Suitable for both long-stay and short-stay guests, the hotel has 20 rooms, two bars and restaurants, a gym, high-speed Wi-Fi and banqueting services.


Plot 17/18 Old Kira Road, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 287 308; (0)312 261 277/8/9 Cell: +256 (0)752 711 746 Fax: +256 (0)312 227 226 Email: Forest Cottages is set in peaceful surroundings on Naguru Hill. Accommodation is in single or double cottages. All rooms come with internet, telephone, TV and locally made furniture. Guests can look out at the many brilliantly coloured birds that live in the area. The on-site restaurant offers a wide range of African, Continental and Oriental cuisine to suit all tastes.


Masaka Road, beside Total Gas Station, Kampala Tel: +256 (0) 414 166 728 Email: Four Pals Hotel is a cosy mid-sized lodge in Kampala. The hotel offers easy access to Kampala city and has a meeting and banqueting facility. Each of its 27 air conditioned rooms features an en-suite bathroom, a balcony and a TV with cable service. The hotel restaurant serves Ugandan dishes and offers a complimentary buffet breakfast option daily. The on-site bar serves a variety of drinks and a lounge is also available.


Plot 3304, Kironde Road PO Box 1457, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 268 809 Cell: +256 (0)772 221 822 Email: G8 Rest House is ideally located in a quiet and cool environment. Accommodation consists of clean, self-contained rooms. G8 Rest House has a large dining area, a lounge for guests to relax in and a conference room for business travellers.


Off Yusuf Lule Road, Kololo PO Box 22774, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)41 255 465; 255 465 Fax: +256 (0)41 235 674 Email: Situated just a few minutes from Kampala and overlooking the 11th fairway of Uganda Golf Club, the Golf Course Apartments offer an ideal long-term residence for visitors. Set in four acres of gardens, the apartments comprise split-level sitting and dining rooms, a bedroom, fully equipped kitchen, en-suite bathroom (shower and tub), balcony, TV and microwave. All apartments are serviced daily.

The property caters for business travellers with meeting facilities. Its conference hall can accommodate up to 250 guests.

The apartments have access to the swimming pool and Jacuzzi, fully furnished gym, sauna and steam room, glass-backed squash court and tennis court.

Guests can relax in the swimming pool and also enjoy the health club.

There is broadband wireless internet connection and a standby generator.


PO Box 21426, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 266 464, (0)312 281 257 Cell: +256 (0)772 508 599 Fax: +256 (0)414 266 907 Email: Email: Green Valley Hotel is a well preserved establishment with a unique ambience overlooking Lake Victoria. It is strategically located in a high-class residential area, 5 km from the city centre on Ggaba Road. Rooms range from single to double deluxe, twins or suites, all with DSTV and local channels, telephone and adjoining bathroom. The majority of rooms offer magnificent views of Lake Victoria as well as the beautiful surrounding area. The hotel is situated in well maintained gardens, ideal for outdoor functions such as weddings, birthdays and parties.



Colonial charm, central and with impressive facilities Plot 6/6a, Nile Avenue PO Box 7195, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 311 048 Fax: +256 (0)414 250 606 Email: The Grand Imperial Hotel is a Kampala landmark and the only property used by every colonial governor. The centrally located hotel has 103 air conditioned rooms including two imperial suites and two family rooms. Each room has high-speed internet connection and a safe.

Didi’s Dining Room is an elegant restaurant, while the Coffee Terrace is the place for a breakfast or buffet lunch. The Copper Bar is a popular meeting place for an after-work drink. There is a swimming pool, sauna, steam bath and massage room. The hotel has well equipped conference facilities, ranging from board meetings to a major conference of 450 attendees. The Grand Imperial has five function rooms available.

PO Box 30172, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 425 236; (0)392 080326 Cell: +256 (0)787 371122 Email: HBT Hotel is a good budget hotel located in Kampala, offering comfortable accommodation with modern amenities at competitive rates. The hotel is located in the central district of Kampala near many well known landmarks and transport links. HBT is the perfect low-cost hotel, whether you are visiting Uganda for business or pleasure. The fully equipped gym is accessible to all clients. The hotel also provides a 24-hour car park, a bar and restaurant with quality food and drinks at affordable prices, as well as meeting rooms and banquet facilities to accommodate a business meeting or private party.


Central Uganda, Kampala HILTON HOTEL

Nakasero Hill, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)756 499 499; (0)775 813 335 Kampala Hilton Hotel is under construction in the city’s most exclusive, upscale location on Nakasero Hill. The building stands on a 14-acre site that was previously occupied by the state’s TV stations. When completed, it will be one of the tallest buildings in the city, at 23 storeys and about 90 metres in height. The hotel will provide luxury accommodation for both business and pleasure travellers.


Plot 16/18/20, Luwum Street PO Box 9923, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)312 262 858; 262 859; 253 455 Email: Email:

Plot 2-4, Wampewo Avenue PO Box 10218, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 77 500 Fax: +256 (0)414 348 090/1 Email:

Centrally located in the heart of Kampala city, Holiday Express Hotel is a hot spot for those travellers basing themselves in Uganda’s capital.

The Africana Hotel has five suites, 103 deluxe rooms, 117 twins, eight three-bedroom apartments, eight two-bedroom apartments and 12 one-bedroom apartments. All guest rooms are air conditioned with private bathroom, balcony, DSTV, radio, fridge and internet access.

Holiday Express Hotel has 100 spacious deluxe twin and double rooms fitted with all the latest features. All rooms have fine views of Kampala’s historical attractions including Namirembe and Lubaga cathedrals and the Kasubi Royal Tombs. Guests can relax in either of the hotel’s two well stocked bars or enjoy a delicious meal in the restaurant. The hotel features a recently renovated multimedia business centre with full internet access, secretarial and fax services.


Nansana-Hoima Road PO Box 16132, Wandegeya, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)312 282 100 Fax: +254 (0)41 541 844 Email: Hotel Ivory offers warm and friendly service in a secure and spacious location. All the self-contained rooms have DSTV and telephone. The on-site restaurant serves delicious snacks, as well as a range of Continental and local dishes. There is a bar with a selection of spirits, wine and beers.


The hotel has two eating places. The more formal Ngeye Restaurant is ideal for functions, while Kibs is a coffee shop selling snacks and pastries. The 14 air conditioned conference halls have seating capacities ranging from 20 to 3,000 people. The health club has a sauna, a massage area, a steam bath, a gym and aerobics facilities with free access for hotel guests.


Plot 308 Entebbe Road, Jinja Municipal Council, PO Box 4549 Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 510 529 Cell: +256 (0)0772 671 737 Fax: +256 (0)414 268 530 Email:

Mutebbi II Road, off Namugongo Road PO Box 22930, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 577 227 Cell: +256 (0)772 558 533; 702 558 533 Fax: +256 (0)414 577 227

Located within easy reach of Kampala city centre, Hotel Mansy can be found 200 metres from the Entebbe/Kibuye roundabout.

Hotel Migra is a peaceful retreat just outside Kampala. The hotel is popular with local people and tourists alike. It offers an ideal mix of comfortable accommodation, quality cuisine and superb conference facilities.

The bed and breakfast accommodation is clean and affordable, providing good services for guests of all kinds.

Hotel Ivory has large, well equipped, air conditioned conference rooms for big or small functions. It also has spacious outdoor facilities ideal for weddings and parties. There is ample parking with 24-hour secure parking for all guests and visitors.



Uganda hotel guide 2016-17

Guest rooms are large with plenty of natural light and spacious private balconies. There are 49 en-suite rooms, each uniquely decorated and tastefully furnished. The restaurant serves nyama choma, kachumbari and ugali. The hotel bar is fully stocked with local and imported spirits and beer. There is also a sports bar showing all the local sports on wide-screen TV sets. Parking facilities for residents and 24-hour security service ensure convenience and safety.


970-971 Tank Hill, Muyenga PO Box 6968, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 572 828 Email: Hotel Diplomate is located on Muyenga Hill with wonderful views over the city of Kampala and Lake Victoria. The hotel offers reasonably priced accommodation in a range of executive cottages, standard single and twin rooms and a honeymoon suite. All rooms are comfortable and well decorated with telephone, TV and a small separate sitting area. Some rooms also benefit from spectacular views. Conference facilities are available. There is a restaurant and terrace bar. The hotel has ample parking for visitors and a laundry service is available on request.


Plot 3209 Tank Hill Road, Muyenga PO Box 37625, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)41 510 204 Cell: +256 (0)794 998 080 Fax: +256 (0)41 510 203 Email: Hotel International 2000 is at the top of Tank Hill Road in Muyenga with panoramic views of the city and Lake Victoria. The hotel has giant-sized rooms and standard rooms to make any stay as comfortable as possible. All 31 rooms are self-contained and offer mineral water daily. A range of amenities is included with each room. There is an array of restaurants and bars with various settings and styles. Guests can choose from a wide selection of cuisine that can be enjoyed in different surroundings. There are also conference and banquet facilities for five to 500 people with venues ranging from halls to exotic gardens and poolside.


Quality venue, good food, business facilities Plot 854/ 856, Rubaga Road PO Box 5832, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 271 879 Fax: +256 (0)414 271 877 Email: Hotel Sojovalo offers top quality accommodation away from the bustle of Kampala, with friendly staff on hand to cater for guests’ every need. Situated in the suburb of Rubaga, a 10 minute drive from the city centre, the hotel is luxuriously decorated with fine woodwork. Its spacious en-suite rooms are designed to the same high standard as the rest of the hotel.

Guests can choose from four room types: suite, deluxe, single deluxe and standard deluxe. The hotel has a cosy restaurant serving delicious local and international dishes. Guests can dine à la carte or from the buffet menu, while listening to soft jazz music. There is a business centre with modern IT equipment, plus conference facilities for meetings, seminars and workshops. The hotel has a fashion boutique and a hair and beauty salon. Other facilities include shuttle services, ample parking, 24-hour security and a laundry service.

Central Uganda, Kampala HOTEL SPACIOUS

PO Box 27492, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)312 100 562 Email: Located in the quiet suburb of Kyengera, Hotel Spacious offers services for both business and leisure travellers. Rooms come with TV, en-suite shower and a private balcony with views across the surrounding area. There is 24-hour room service. The hotel has two restaurants, both with a Nile-facing terrace, serving international and local cuisine. There is also a separate dining area for conference delegates conveniently located next to the conference hall. The well equipped conference and business centre can accommodate up to 150 people. Guests have access to gym equipment, a sauna, a steam bath and a massage room. The hotel also plans to open a swimming pool.


7B Bombo Road, next to KPC, opposite Kobil fuel station, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 232 249 Email: The Jeliza Hotel has 19 air conditioned standard rooms with a total sleeping capacity of 24. This popular and well established accommodation has facilities for both leisure and business travellers and provides well priced lodgings in a central and convenient location.


Plot 16, Buganda Road PO Box 8632, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 231 747; 233 410; 662 722 Email: Completed in 2008, this hotel offers four-star luxury in the heart of Kampala. Its convenient location makes Hotel Triangle perfect for tourists wishing to visit places of interest such as the popular arts and craft market directly opposite. It is ideal for business travellers, too, being only a short walk from the main commercial district. Accommodation consists of 60 guest rooms. Room service and laundry services are available. Guests can relax in the health club (with sauna and steam room) and the swimming pool. Thed hotel offers reserved secure parking for guests. There is a taxi rank outside the reception.


Nabunya Road, Rubaga Tel: +256 (0)414 270 960 Cell: +256 (0)782 147 691; 772 610 318 Email: Jevine Hotel takes pride in providing guests with every comfort during their stay. The hotel’s restaurant menu is extensive and inventive and acts as a showcase for the best of local and exotic cuisine.

The property is close to the many cafés and restaurants that Kampala has to offer.

Jevine has stylish bars stocked with award-winning local wines, champagne, spirits and beer.

Several of the guest rooms have fine views of nearby hills. Rooms are pleasantly furnished and come with TV, hot water, refrigerator and mosquito net.

The steam bath and sauna facilities provide an added touch for guests. The spa has a selection of body wraps and herbs to make everyone’s personal journey into revitalization an unforgettable experience.

Each morning the hotel’s friendly staff serve up a good breakfast (included in the room rate). Other facilities include a bar, all-day dining restaurant, outdoor courtyard and on-site parking.

Guests can surrender to Jevine’s spa experiences and energize themselves in a luxury pampering session at one of the best spas in Kampala.



Plot 3, Kitante Close, Kololo PO Box 35521, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 700 400 Email:;

90/91 Sir Albert Cook Road, Mugalasi Place, PO Box 14047, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 273 664 Fax: +256 (0)414 270 061 Email:

Humura means ‘a state of relaxation and calm’ and this boutique hotel of just 18 rooms, just five minutes’ walk from the golf course, has brought a new level of sophistication to Kampala.

Ivys Hotel is in Wakaliga, on the lower part of Rubaga Hill, just 4 km from central Kampala. It lies within easy reach of the historical Kasubi Tombs, the Kabaka’s Palace and the Rubaga and Namirembe cathedrals.

There is a strong emphasis on business visitors, with wireless internet, a business centre and conference facilities; but Humura also caters for tourists and others. There is a guest lounge for reading, TV viewing and other entertainment, plus a gym and swimming pool. An annexe provides spacious areas for reflection and private entertainment. The adjoining building offers fine dining and can be used for private meetings. The Humura Shiima Restaurant serves a wide variety of international cuisine.

The hotel has 72 air conditioned en-suite rooms including 10 suites (all with DSTV, intercom, minibar and safe), two bars, two restaurants and five conference halls catering for up to 300 people. There is a health club with a well equipped gym, sauna, steam bath and massage room, a swimming pool and poolside bar, large gardens, ample and secure parking, plus a fully equipped business centre with internet café. A hotel shuttle is available.


The Imperial Royale Hotel is centrally located in Kampala providing traffic-free access to government offices, banks, diplomatic missions, airline offices and shopping malls. The property has 275 guest rooms, including suites all with free internet connection.

Plot 25, Luwum Street, PO Box 10106, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 340 631; (0)773 389 874 Fax: +256 (0) 414 340 632 Email: Located in Kampala opposite Barclays Bank and next to JBK shopping mall, the hotel is just 30 minutes’ drive from Entebbe International Airport and a three-minute walk from the main taxi park in Kampala. Guests can choose from single, twin or double rooms at very reasonable prices. All rooms come with a spacious bathtub and a fitted shower. JBK has a business centre equipped with fast broadband internet access. The hotel’s restaurant and bar offer matchless hospitality, with professional staff serving delicious food in a peaceful atmosphere. For those who seek comfort, security and luxury, JBK is the perfect hotel.


The perfect centre for international conferences PO Box 4326, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)417 111 000 Fax: +256 (0)414 250 146 Email:


The hotel has guaranteed parking for over 500 cars and attracts big international conferences with 20 conference halls to suit different needs, ranging from 50 to up to 2,000 seats. An Olympic-size swimming pool is situated on the fifth floor.

Kampala Road, Mukono, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)392 838 711 Cell: +256 (0)701 367 102 Email: Jobiah Hotel is a small hotel on the outskirts of Mukono town. Thanks to its inviting open garden and a cosy tropical environment, guests are tempted to stay for a while. Each of the double and single rooms is decorated in a bespoke interior design. Jobiah treats clients with first-rate customer care, hospitality and room service. A traditional sauna and steam bath bay are just two of the many amenities available at the hotel to relax the body and mind. There is also a health gym and a massage parlour. Fine local and international cuisine is served by the hotel restaurant, which features an internationally accredited chef.


Central Uganda, Kampala JOKA’S HOTEL

William Street, Kireka, PO Box 25853, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 287 040; (0)312 293 511 Cell: +256 (0)772 742 977 Email: Each of Joka’s 172 rooms is fitted with a work table, a satellite TV, a wardrobe and an en-suite bathroom. The hotel offers a daily buffet breakfast and other meals are served in the on-site restaurant. The bar serves a variety of drinks. For extra rejuvenation, Joka’s Hotel houses an outdoor pool, a gym, a steam room, a sauna, a hot tub/Jacuzzi and a spa. The hotel has facilities to host social and corporate events. It also offers babysitting and laundry services, on-site parking, car hire, airport pick-up and city shuttle services.


8 km, Kampala-Gayaza Road PO Box 9957, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)793 327 448; 772 744 147 Email: Situated 8 km off the KampalaGayaza Road, the Kasangati Resort Centre is the ideal place for relaxation away from the city. There are 26 self-contained guest rooms in the hotel, plus a further 14 in the annexe. All rooms are equipped with DSTV. The hotel has a restaurant and bar. Set in eight acres, the resort provides a venue for weddings and parties as well as a well equipped conference hall ideal for workshops and meetings. There is secure and ample parking available.



Plot 63, Old Kira Road, Bukoto PO Box 3673, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)31 222 7222/3/4/5 Fax: +256 (0)31 222 7226 Email:

Plot 1107, Masaka Road, Nalukolongo, Opposite Mapera Bakateyamba Home Tel: + 392 612 653 Cell: +256 788 165 956; 702 404965 Email:

Plot 132 Bombo Road, Makerere, Kavule PO Box 9841, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 543 990 Cell: +256 (0)782 538 586 Email:

Kahondo Buffalo Hotel has stateof-the-art accommodation.

Kampala Kolping House is a guesthouse offering comfortable accommodation in a tranquil environment on the outskirts of Kampala and close to Makerere University.

Kabira Country Club combines residential accommodation and conference facilities with a prestigious health, fitness and leisure complex. The club has one of the biggest gyms in the region, with modern equipment and professional fitness trainers. Other facilities include squash courts, swimming pools, tennis courts, a basketball court, Jacuzzis and saunas as well as fitness and holistic classes and a range of beauty and relaxation treatments. There are pools and a play area for children and a Youth Centre for social and recreational activities. Accommodation is in rooms, suites and cottages, all furnished in a contemporary English style. Well equipped meeting rooms are available for conferences, seminars and business meetings.


14 Binayomba Road off Luthuli Avenue, Bugolobi PO Box 37623, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 222 575 Cell: +256 (0)701 333 333 Fax: +256 (0)312 266 560 Email: With a prime location, Khalifa Executive Suites is a contemporary hotel where guests relax in elegant apartment-style suites. Each of the 30 suites is superbly maintained with fully equipped kitchens, en-suite bathrooms, modern walk-in cupboards, laundry facilities and private garden area. The large all-weather swimming pool is solar heated and is surrounded by a pleasant patio. Ideal for families who want the convenience of larger relaxed accommodation, as well as for business visitors making an extended stay, the suites have a ‘home from home’ atmosphere.

Its comfortable rooms all come with modern facilities and unique furnishings.


Accommodation consists of eight deluxe rooms, eight double rooms and five two-bedroom apartments.

The property has 20 spacious, selfcontained single and double rooms, each equipped with telephone facilities, TV and private balcony.

Guests can connect with the outside world from the comfort of their own room with extremely quick wireless internet connection.

There are conference facilities for up to 200 guests and a large garden for outdoor functions, parties and wedding receptions.

Guests can also make use of the hotel’s restaurant, spa, conference facilities and bar.

The restaurant offers buffet and à la carte meals and there is a well stocked bar. Transport to any destination can be arranged. For international travellers, airport drops and pick-ups can be scheduled.


Plot 3 Dundas Road, Lower Kololo, PO Box 21168, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 235376; 414 235 369 Email: Kololo’s stylish, spacious and contemporary rooms and suites feature the latest technology, with high-speed internet, cable TV and swipe card room access for the total comfort of guests. The deluxe rooms are available in single or double size and come with modern furnishings and spacious bathrooms with bathtubs and showers. The executive suites consist of a comfortable living room with a modern design, top quality sleeping facilities, bathroom with bathtub and walk-in shower and a balcony with fine views of Kampala. Guests have exclusive access to a lounge, where complimentary breakfast, afternoon tea and pre-dinner drinks are served daily.


Plot 35, Kyadondo Road, next to Nakasero Primary School, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)204 000 205; 202 Cell: +256 (0)772 709 322 Email: Laburnam Courts is one of Kampala’s premier hotels offering exclusive luxury. Guests will find unmatched accommodation in the one-bedroom to fourbedroom deluxe apartments. This recently unveiled boutique hotel, housed within the Laburnam Courts complex, offers luxurious studio suites, each designed with and contemporary chic in mind. Located next to State House Nakasero, the secure and modern Laburnam Apartments are widely regarded as one of the finest residential addresses in town. Guests have access to a beauty parlour, a restaurant overlooking the pool and a bar.


PO Box 7814, Kintu Road, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 309 000 Fax: +256 (0)414 259 130 Email: Set in 17 acres, the Kampala Serena Hotel has brought five-star opulence to Uganda’s capital. The hotel has 152 rooms and suites. The central feature is a 7 metre waterfall into a plunge pool with a surrounding pool terrace offering a magnificent swimming pool, a water park, a children’s pool, a pool bar, a bandstand and a range of poolside cocktail options. For fine dining there is the Italian Explorer restaurant with its ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ theme. The Lakes and the Pearl of Africa are internationally styled restaurants offering world-class cuisine. The hotel has its own conference centre for hosting major international meetings. The hotel is a member of Leading Hotels of the World.


PO Box 71543, Clock Tower, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 268 570 Cell +256 (0)712 2732744 Situated in the heart of downtown Kampala, the Landmark View Hotel is one of the most soughtafter hotels in the capital. The hotel has a mixture of 24 deluxe guest rooms and lavish guest suites available. All rooms have en-suite bathrooms and full-length windows that offer breathtaking views of the surrounding area or Lake Victoria. Standard facilities include daily maid service, TV, laundry services, direct-dial telephone and full 24-hour security. International Landmark Hotel also arranges parties including weddings, graduations and corporate functions.


Central Uganda, Kampala LE PETIT VILLAGE HOTEL

Plot 1273, Ggaba Road PO Box 12721, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)312 265 530/4 Cell: +256 (0)772 500 501 Fax: +256 (0)414 510 465 Email: The boutique Le Petit Village Hotel is located on Ggaba Road next to the United States Embassy and just 10 minutes from Kampala city centre. All 12 rooms are self-contained, air conditioned and equipped with LCD TV, DVD player, Wi-Fi internet, direct-dial telephone and complimentary minibar. The junior suites come with lounge, kitchen and bathtub. Guests can go for a relaxing swim or enjoy a view of Kampala from their own private terrace. Le Petit Village is famed for its gourmet dining at Le Château, where the restaurant’s Belgian chef serves delicious food in enchanting surroundings.


Plot 51-53, Windsor Crescent PO Box 22774, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)312 391 000 /6 /8 Fax: +256 (0)414 500 116 Email: The Metropole Hotel Kampala overlooks the 12th fairway of Uganda Golf Club and is located close to the central business district. It consists of 36 modern standard deluxe rooms, eight business deluxe rooms and 16 club deluxe rooms. Irrespective of type, each room receives a free morning paper and turndown service and is equipped with satellite TV, tea/ coffee maker, minibar, wireless internet connection and work desk.


Plot 1/3 Nabugabo Road, opposite New Taxi Park, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 233 999; (0)414 252 559 Email: Leisure Tech Hotel is conveniently close to Kampala’s best known sights including the Uganda Museum, the Buganda King´s Palace, the Kasubi Tombs and the man-made lake as well as churches and mosques. About 45 minutes’ drive from Entebbe International Airport, Leisure Tech is in a great location. Leisure Tech Hotel provides secure and comfortable accommodation in standard en-suite rooms with highspeed Wi-Fi, concierge services, digital TV and laundry services. Each room has a balcony with spectacular views of the capital. The hotel has a wide choice of tasty dishes ranging from Oriental and Western to traditional African delicacies.


Plot 30, Lubowa Estate PO Box 33566, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 200 587 Cell: +256 (0)782 535 696 Fax: +256 (0)414 200 475 Email: Lindsay Cottages is a boutique hotel on Lubowa Hill, 2 km off Kampala-Entebbe road with views of Lake Victoria. The hotel has 10 spacious and richly furnished rooms. It also has deluxe rooms, executive suites and a honeymoon suite. The modern, fully air conditioned conference room can accommodate 80 people and is equipped with wireless internet and an LCD projector (on hire).


Located on Rubaga Road opposite the Super filling station, Millennium Dynasty caters for all kinds of travellers.

Towering over Kampala in the heart of the business district is the vibrant Mount Zion Hotel.

The hotel has a 24-hour front desk and can cater for weddings and large conferences.

There are two meeting rooms with a total of 2,422 sq ft for conferences and seminars.

Uganda hotel guide 2016-17

Plot 36, Old Kampala Road PO Box 16248, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 345 267 Cell: +256 (0)772 440 037 Email: Lumas Inn is located in the heart of Kampala overlooking Makerere University and Kasubi cultural sites. There are 14 single and double rooms available at very affordable rates. All rooms come with satellite TV and intercoms. Facilities include a conference hall seating up to 100 people and a large restaurant with a selection of dishes. Ample and secure parking with 24-hour security is available to all guests.

Guests can take enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep in one of the executive, deluxe or standard-sized rooms. The hotel offers ready access to a number of things to do, such as the arts and craft market (five minutes’ walk), the commercial centre and the Kasubi Tombs. Visitors can keep fit in the health club, which features a sauna, steam bath massage room and fully equipped gym. The hotel also has a conference hall, a boardroom and a luxury buffet restaurant.


Plot 15, Mackinnon Road, Nakasero, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 259 952 Cell: +256 (0)794 585 861 Email: Nestled in the leafy suburb of Nakasero, a former colonial residential area, the Mackinnon Suites offer guests comfortable and cosy accommodation, whether travelling for pleasure or on business. The suites were created to meet the need for spacious, elegant hotel accommodation in the heart of Kampala. Its location is minutes from the Kampala Golf Course, the city centre and Garden City Mall, making it easy to access the main business and entertainment hubs of Kampala. From a single night occupancy to a long-term extended visit, the MacKinnon Suites offer a genuine home from home.

The restaurant serves a wide variety of local and international delicacies. It is complemented by a well stocked bar.

William Street, Kiseka Market, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)312 800 800; (0)414 343 888 Email:

The hotel focuses on entertainment with pool tables, an HD big screen to watch live sport, a well stocked bar and an entertainment area.


The health club has a gym, steam bath, sauna and swimming pool. Massage services are available.

Plot 370 Rubaga Road, near Kabaka’s roundabout, PO Box 12186, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)772 697 430 Cell: +256 (0)706 318 716

The hotel features a 24-hour coffee shop, Olives; the Oriental restaurant for Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai dishes; and the Acacia Grill, serving barbecued meats.




Plot 12, Shimoni Road PO Box 2186, Kampala Tel: +256 (0414 230 292 Email: Mosa Court Apartments is set in one of Kampala’s best locations just a short walk from the central business district. All 119 apartments are air conditioned with fully equipped kitchen, DSTV, telephone and free internet connection. The property features its own health club equipped with a gym, swimming pool, sauna and steam baths and a beauty parlour. The Mosa Grill is the place for exotic cuisine. The Mosa Garden serves charcoal-grilled dishes and the Terrace Bar is perfect for that relaxing drink. Mosa Court is also the place for meetings, conferences and banquets with seating for up to 50 attendees and the latest in audio-visual equipment.


Plot 27, Nakivubo Place PO Box 70819, Kampala Tel: +256 (041 232 248 Cell: +256 (0)772 434 939 This centrally located guesthouse is ideal for people who want a comfortable place to stay in the heart of the city. The guesthouse is well suited to those on a budget and provides all necessary amenities. Bed and breakfast facilities are clean and convenient. The 30 guest rooms are comfortable and self-contained. Both double and single rooms are available depending on preference. Close by there are public markets and transport services. The guesthouse is also a short walk from several bars and clubs.


PO Box 3673, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)417 716 000; 417 716 200 Munyonyo Commonwealth is one of Uganda’s leading five-star resorts, located 30 minutes from Kampala city centre. Each of its rooms offers tranquillity and elegance. Surrounded by every possible comfort, guests will immediately feel at home. The resort’s spacious rooms are decorated in fine style, with elegant fabrics and state-of-the-art technology to create an unforgettable experience. Accommodation includes single deluxe, double deluxe, executive, one-bedroom suite, two-bedroom suite, executive suite, presidential suite and presidential cottages. Guests can indulge in a day of pampering at the spa or enjoy a splendid view of Lake Victoria.




Plot 1792, Kisugu, PO Box 2255, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 266 319 Cell: +256 (0)752 627 033; (0)772 483 156 Fax: +256 (0)414 267 411 Email:

Plot 1085, Willis Road PO Box 14127, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 273 778 Email:

Plot 15, Impala Avenue, Kololo, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 340 928 Fax: +256 414 340 926 Email:

A warm welcome awaits guests at Muyenga Club, which as its name suggests is located in the quiet, affluent suburb of Muyenga, just 15 minutes from the city centre.

Namirembe Guest House is operated by the Church Commissioners. In fact, it began life as a monastery and a retreat. The property is just five minutes by car from the city centre and has truly magnificent views of Kampala.

Nanjing Restaurant and Motel opened in March 2007 and has since become one of the well known Chinese restaurants and motels in Uganda.

Tailored to the budget-conscious traveller, the club has 16 tastefully furnished guest rooms, meeting venues for up to 70 delegates and the latest audiovisual equipment. Muyenga Club is also a favourite wedding venue, hosting over 400 guests. Dining options include the à la carte restaurant and a grill bar by the pool. Recreational facilities include a swimming pool, sauna and steam baths, gym and squash courts. For both business and leisure guests, the Muyenga Club guarantees a memorable and productive stay.

Rooms, which all have TV, are inexpensive and come complete with breakfast. The guesthouse has meeting rooms, ranging in capacity from 50 to 100 seats, fully equipped with the latest conferencing facilities. The Kaije coffee and fruit bar can also be used for conferences. A business centre provides internet access and other services such as faxing, copying, printing and scanning. A beauty salon offers hairstyling, massages and manicures.


Plot 90, William Street PO Box 9006, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)41 257 797; 257 790 Fax: +256 (0)41 234 265 Email: The New Gloria Hotel is located in Kampala city centre with ready access to the tourist areas and commercial centres, making it an ideal choice for both leisure and business travellers. The hotel is intimate, consisting of just 21 self-contained rooms, all with TV and telephone. The restaurant serves a selection of international and local cuisine depending on preference. There is also a large bar area where guests can enjoy a sociable atmosphere. New Gloria Hotel is expert at organising functions and parties in its large on-site conference facilities.

The restaurant is in the heart of the city centre, a short walk from the shopping malls. With a capacity of over 100, the restaurant has different levels. The first floor is an open dining area, while the second floor comprises seven VIP dining rooms. On the third floor there are guest rooms. In addition, parties can be held in the gardens at weekends. Nanjing Motel is located on the third floor of the building. Guests have beautiful views of the capital from their balconies. Rooms are clean and air conditioned with digital TV and Wi-Fi.


Nakulabye PO Box 16248, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 532 268 Cell: +256 (0)772 440 037 Nasma Inn is located in the heart of Kampala overlooking Makerere University and Kasubi cultural sites. There are single and double rooms available at affordable rates. All rooms come with satellite TV and intercoms. There is a large conference hall seating up to 100 people and a restaurant serving a selection of dishes including an African buffet menu. Guests are entertained while they dine with local African music. In terms of leisure facilities, the property has a swimming pool and a new health club. Ample parking is available with 24-hour security.



Semanda Road, Nansana Town, PO Box 11616 Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 690 759 Cell: +256 (0)700 212 079 Email:

Sseguku Katale, off Entebbe Road, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)772 529 959 Cell: +256 (0)789 261 339

Whether travelling on business or for leisure, guests can expect a 24-hour premier service at the Nexus Resorts Hotel, one of Kampala’s top budget hotels. Completed in 2010, Nexus Resorts is an affordable hotel located in the northern suburbs of Kampala about 2 km from the northern bypass. Its location provides guests with a convenient point of connection to all other parts of Uganda. The modern 20-room hotel has a guest capacity of 60 and conference facilities for over 200 delegates.

Nican Resort, overlooking Kajjansi Tea Estate, has been consistently preferred by travellers as a leading business hotel. Its location off the Entebbe road and at the gateway to the central business district provides easy access for business travellers, while at the same time offering a wide array of sightseeing, retail and entertainment options. Nican Resort offers unique accommodation and an authentic Ugandan experience. Guests can enjoy fashionable dining and entertainment options in a hotel that combines world-class service with a friendly local touch.


Central Uganda, Kampala NOB VIEW HOTEL

Plot 6, Commercial Road, off NtindaBukoto Road, PO Box 4339, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 286 366 Cell: +256 (0) 774 225 584 Email: Nob View Hotel is located in the quiet Kampala suburb of Ntinda, about 20 minutes from the city centre. The hotel has 64 rooms, all with work desk, telephone and DSTV. There are extensive conference and banqueting facilities. The hotel’s peaceful location makes it an attractive venue for seminars, workshops and conferences. For relaxation there is a sauna, steam bath and massage room. A swimming pool is under construction. The restaurant serves good food with Continental, African, English and Chinese influences as well as tasty nyama choma (roasted meat). Beers, cocktails, wines and spirits are served in the sports bar, with its giant TV screens, which doubles as a venue for receptions, pre-wedding parties and graduations.


Plot 19 Luthuli Drive, Bugolobi PO Box 72015, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 220 271 Fax: +256 (0)414 220 270 Email: Primrose Suites offers modern and comfortable accommodation in the suburban Kampala setting of Bugolobi. There are 25 air conditioned rooms consisting of single, double and interconnected family rooms. All rooms come with telephone, internet connection and satellite TV. Primrose Suites caters for conferences of about 50 people and has three meeting rooms with modern conference amenities. There is also a cosmopolitan restaurant, a gym and a swimming pool. An aerobics centre and a new state-of-the-art gym and health club are under construction.




PO Box 70786, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 200 165; 755 24 Email: or

Mutungo Hill, Engineer’s Close, PO Box 24524, Mutungo, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 223 159 Cell: +256 (0)782 879 490; 772 583 600 Email:

Pal Suites is located in Zana, a short drive from Entebbe International Airport. The atmosphere is quiet and serene away from the hustle and noise of the city.

Located just outside Kampala, this family-run property offers a homely atmosphere in the quiet Mutungo Hill area, just 200 metres off the Port Bell Road.

This luxury hotel has 14 double and deluxe rooms. All rooms are individually furnished and stylishly decorated and equipped with satellite, TV, intercom, and refrigerator and supplied with complimentary bottled water as well as room service on arrival.

The flexible layout of Palais Dacha allows guests to book accommodation in a variety of configurations including two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments.

The hotel’s restaurant offers traditional cuisine and a range of tempting dishes. The bar features two big TV screens and has cooling beverages.

Sports activities and adventure trips can be arranged by Palais Tours, including trekking in the Rwenzoris and trips to Bwindi to view the gorillas.

The hotel also offers catering services for small and large-scale events.

Palais Tours organises a wide range of tour packages in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, eastern DRC and South Sudan.


All rooms are light and airy with en-suite shower, mosquito netting, internet connection and DSTV.



Plot 1, Portal Avenue, Span House PO Box 2168, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)200 907 201; 392 178 731 Cell: +256 (0)772 377 954 Email: Park View Safari Lodge’s accommodation comes in the form of seven spacious grass-thatched cottages (four twin size and three doubles), large tents and budget double rooms. All cottages are perched over the rolling savannah of Queen Elizabeth National Park. Each cottage is en-suite with fine views of the park, running hot and cold water, electricity and a private wooden balcony. Lodge amenities include an on-site restaurant and bar, internet access, laundry service, swimming pool, library/reading area, gift shop and a wildlife viewing platform. Guests will love the view of the vast elephant population in Queen Elizabeth National Park.


PO Box 9421, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)312 550 000 Cell: +256 (0)772 728 004 Email:

Kyaggwe Road, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 695 098 Cell: +256 (0)705 827 205 Email:

Plot 2, Walugembe Close, Munyonyo PO Box 27530, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 577 413 Email:

The four-star Protea Hotel in the upmarket suburb of Kololo is ideally situated for the city’s central business district and within walking distance of the Uganda Golf Course.

Ravens Hotel can be found in the business area of the famous Old Kampala, 21 km from Entebbe Airport.

Royal Impala Hotel is strategically situated close to Lake Victoria in the suburb of Munyonyo, offering a serene natural environment surrounded by the hills of Munyonyo, Buziga, Makindye and Masajja.

The hotel has 59 comfortable and spacious air conditioned guest rooms, all fitted with high quality soft furnishings, Wi-Fi, luxurious walk-in shower and flat screen TV. In addition, there are 11 impressive suites. The hotel is a leading conference venue with two conference halls seating 75 to 300 delegates. There are also smaller meeting rooms and boardrooms. A highlight of any stay at the Protea is the quality of the food, ranging from lavish breakfast and dinner buffets to the best in à la carte cuisine.

Uganda hotel guide 2016-17

Each of the 52 air conditioned rooms is designed with en-suite bathroom, flat-screen TV with cable service and telephone. Room interiors have a modern design with gleaming tile floors. Free Wi-Fi is provided for all guests. Complimentary breakfast is served daily. The on-site restaurant caters for over 100 guests and offers local, African and Continental dishes. The bar serves a variety of drinks which guests can enjoy outdoors. Conferencing facilities, car hire, airport pick-up, city shuttle and laundry services also available.

The hotel has 38 self-contained apartments and cottages which are well kept and spacious. The Royal Impala Hotel Business Centre is open 24 hours every day of the year. Friendly staff are on hand to assist with conferences and to help with faxing, photocopying and scanning. There is also highspeed wireless internet access. Guests can dine at one of two on site restaurants – Green Adonia Terrace or Thom Tree Corner – both of which serve delicious local and international dishes.


Nabunya Road, Mengo PO Box 14326, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 272 456 Email: The inspiring Pope Paul VI Memorial Hotel is spread across eight acres with views across Kabaka Lake. This Catholic-founded hotel aims to offer outstanding service to its customers. Located five minutes from the city centre and 45 minutes from Entebbe International Airport, the hotel is ideal for both business and leisure guests. Each of its 128 well furnished guest rooms has a large comfortable bed, en-suite bathroom, DSTV connection and intercom. The property has three light and airy venue halls, ideal for conferences, group workshops and meetings. Complete with all the latest equipment, there is highspeed internet, a business centre and secretarial services available.


Plot 18-20 Binayomba Road, off Luthuli Avenue, PO Box 11354, Bugolobi, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)312 263 816 Cell: +256 (0)772 507584 Email: Kampala’s Royal Suites is set in the upmarket suburb of Bugolobi. There are 90 individually designed suites with a choice of single, double or triple-room units. Each is equipped with kitchen and sitting and dining rooms as well as DSTV. The bedrooms have personal safes, large wardrobes and treated mosquito nets. Bathtubs are all fitted with Jacuzzis. Junior suites have a choice of king-sized or two double-size beds. Studio suites also offer a choice of king-sized or two double-sized beds. One-bedroom suites sleep two people. Two-bedroom suites sleep between two and four people and three-bedroom suites sleep up to six. Royal Suites is ideal for both long-stay and short-stay guests and is popular with multinational companies.

Central Uganda, Kampala SAM SAM HOTEL

Namirembe Road, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 274 211 The Sam Sam Hotel has an excellent level of service and accommodation. This smart and well maintained property is exceptionally good value and has a prime location on Namirembe Hill. All rooms are fitted with contemporary equipment and furniture. Some have air conditioning and some have pleasant verandas. In terms of leisure facilities there is a swimming pool and sauna. The hotel is also close to the shops in Mengo. There are laundry services and facilities for disabled guests.


Kigo Rd, 1 km off Entebbe Road, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)417 720 200 Cell: +256 (0)776 232 861 Email: Sapphire Hotel provides an ideal living space for business and leisure travellers. The double rooms provide a dynamic view of Uganda’s beautiful landscape Each room is en-suite and equipped with a large LCD TV, while Wi-Fi is accessible in the lobby and conference room. Twin rooms come with a garden view. Deluxe rooms offer a spacious area for guests to relax after a long day. Each room has all the amenities a traveller could wish for.


Kisaasi, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)772 448 961 Since opening eight years ago, Satellite Hotel has attracted many local and international guests who return thanks to the friendly service. This boutique hotel provides firstrate facilities and offers a homely ambience in Kampala. From its hilltop location, Satellite Hotel offers views of the Kampala Gentle Hills and the green cover of the suburbs.


Kampala Cell: +256 (0)772 530 820 Email: Located in a busy and bustling area, Seb Hotel is a newly opened hotel offering accommodation to both business and leisure travellers. There are 13 large rooms, each with a lounge area, separate bedroom and bathroom. The restaurant and bar area is an ideal place to relax and enjoy some of Uganda’s delicious traditional dishes and fine beers.

With 25 rooms, the hotel is able to give guests personal attention yet still provide all the facilities and services for a comfortable stay. It offers an unbeatable blend of value for money, comfort and security.


Mutundwe Hill, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)312 211 696 Cell: +256 (0)757 003 564; 703 010 149 Email:

Plot 8/10 Ternan Avenue, PO Box 11726, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 250 366; 425 0372 Cell: +256 (0)712 619 755 Fax: +256 (0)414 236 212 Email:

At the top of the 4,312 ft hill in Mutundwe lies the newly built Serene Suites Hotel, offering elegance and the ultimate in comfort. Set away from the hustle of the city, the suites are designed for both short and long-term stay visitors with all amenities fitted. Room sizes vary from deluxe rooms to two- and three-bedroom suites and presidential suites. The resort also has a conference hall, a boardroom with video conferencing, a gym, a sauna, a steam bath, a massage room, a salon and a swimming pool.

Shangri-la Hotel (formerly Shanghai Hotel) is centrally located opposite the Kampala Club. Complimentary services include Continental buffet breakfast, laundry, shoe polishing and high-speed internet in all rooms. The hotel is ideal for both business and leisure travellers. All rooms are tastefully furnished with en-suite facilities, satellite TV, cooling, refreshment facilities and laptop-sized safes. The popular Shanghai Restaurant & Bar serves authentic Chinese cuisine. A business centre includes internet access plus fax and photocopier. Newly renovated air conditioned meeting rooms are available for up to 60 people, including break-out rooms, a reception and a bar area.


Ternan Avenue, PO Box 7041, Kampala Phone: +256 (0)414 420 000 Fax: +256 (0)414 256 696 Email: Kampala’s only international hotel brand, the Sheraton Kampala Hotel, is ideally located in the heart of the city. It welcomes travellers with a relaxed atmosphere and an array of modern amenities. Guests have magnificent views of the city from the 233 newly renovated guest rooms and suites, which are decorated with home comforts in mind. The Health Club features a cardiovascular gymnasium and outdoor pool for guests to enjoy. The Paradise Grill Restaurant serves themed lunches and dinners featuring international cuisine. In the evening, family, friends or colleagues can tuck into delicious meals at the Equator Lounge, which opens daily with a resident DJ spinning favourite songs.

Butere, Kyaggwe, Mukono, PO Box 6778, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)772 493 033; 428 456 Email: Serenada Eco Resort is the nearest ecological resort to Kampala, offering visitors a conserved tropical forest, the majestic Lake Victoria, fabulous gardens, caves, a rich bird population, rare monkeys, butterflies, monitor lizards, pangolins, statunga and other wildlife. The resort is just 30 minutes by Serenada boat from K.K Beach at Gaba. It is located in a serene village on the lakeshore in Kyagwe, Mukono District. Serenada Eco Resort offers a weekend retreat for the family or a holiday of relaxing activities such as fishing, birdwatching, sunbathing, beach games, cycling, lake cruises and water sports, nature walk, papyrus canoeing, mountain biking, beach games or a romantic honeymoon.

The open restaurant serves delicious food, while the gym and sauna offer ultimate relaxation.




Totally equipped for well-being and relaxation Plot 76, Port Bell Road, Bugolobi PO Box 2301, Kampala Tel: +256 (0414 505 976; (0)758 508 421 Cell: +256 (0)758 508 421 Silver Springs Hotel is a new state-of-the-art health facility in Kampala offering an exclusive environment with the latest equipment. Members can achieve their individual potential using the latest equipment and fitness knowledge. Silver Springs is recognised for its

passion, unique heritage and experience as an authority on fitness. The spa is an ideal place to unwind after a day’s work, with men’s and women’s massage rooms, steam rooms, saunas, Jacuzzi rooms, a common salt room, Rasul and facial clinic, all with private bathrooms and showers. The hotel also has a 25 metre swimming pool and a separate children’s pool. There is ample secure parking.




Plot 1423, Ntinda-Kiwatule PO Box 34044, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)701 838 967 Cell: +256 (0)782 838 967 Email:

Plot 7-9 Nile Avenue, Kampala PO Box 7036, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 259 221/4; (0)414 235 332/5 Fax: +256 (0)414 235 345 Email:

Opened in late 2003, the Sky Hotel International is located in a quiet residential area 10 km from Kampala city centre and just 100 metres from the northern bypass.

Named after the British explorer, John Hannington Speke, who established the source of the River Nile, the Speke Hotel is the oldest hotel in Uganda. Built in the 1920s, it has maintained its colonial ambience but has been extensively renovated.

The hotel has 30 rooms with free internet service, all self-contained with telephone and TV. It is ideal for both business visitors and tourists. The fully stocked bar and Copa Cabana restaurant offer a range of both local and imported beverages plus snacks, barbecue and a buffet. The Garden has a large TV screen with satellite channels and can host private lunches and dinners, business meetings, wedding receptions and other events. The hotel has conference services for between 20 and 100 people.


PO Box 7, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 286 013; (0)312 108 525 Fax: +256 (0)414 286 195 Sports View Hotel is a 120-room property in Kireka town, 8 km along Jinja road, next to Nelson Mandela National Stadium. It is just 10 minutes’ drive from Kampala city. The hotel strives to remain one of the most efficient in Uganda. Its accommodation is ideal for holidaymakers and business trips and caters for all types of budgets. The Sports View has conference facilities and a fine venue for wedding receptions on the rooftop pool terrace. The hotel offers Continental buffets and an à la carte menu daily with live music at weekends and on public holidays. The health club features a gym, steam and sauna, herbal or conventional massage and aerobic classes for patrons.


Located in the heart of Kampala, close to banks, shopping centres and the business district, the hotel has 50 air conditioned en-suite rooms with private balconies and modern luxury facilities as well as several themed restaurants, including Indian and Italian, and one of the best cocktail bars in Uganda. The hotel also has conference facilities and a business centre. Horse riding is available at the Speke Equestrian Centre.


Plot 75, 1st Street Gath Complex, PO Box 22593, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 771 6600; 342 723 Cell: +256 (0)782 058 468 Fax: +256 (0)776 931 011 Email: Opened in 2011, the Taj Mahal Hotel & Casino offers deluxe accommodation in a prime entertainment area about 20 minutes from the city centre. All 28 rooms are air conditioned with DSTV, free Wi-Fi, kitchenette, directdial telephone, daily newspaper and free entry to the casino. Taj Mahal portrays a timeless elegance and tranquillity in its existing setting. It has an interesting interior design with the latest furniture fittings.

Uganda hotel guide 2016-17


Munyonyo, PO Box 7036, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 227 111; (0)414 227 434 Fax: +256 (0)31 222 7110 Email: Speke Resort has an attractive setting on the shore of Lake Victoria in Munyono, 10 km from Kampala, with a new marina and impressive water gardens. There is a wide choice of luxury cottages and apartments, restaurants, bars, business facilities, an Olympic-sized pool and the only equestrian centre in Uganda. Accommodation consists of 55 executive suites, 55 executive rooms and four presidential suites. All rooms are en-suite with lake views. Bar and restaurant facilities include the Royal Club, the Nyanja Restaurant, the Marina Seafood Restaurant, the Lakeside Grill, the Stables Restaurant and a range of bars.


Rubaga, Kabusu Road PO Box 345, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 273 330 Email: Tal Cottages is a budget hotel in the suburbs of Kampala overlooking Africa’s largest man-made lake and set in beautiful gardens. The property has grown from just one room 10 years ago to more than 50 individually named rooms, all with DSTV, direct-dial telephone and unlimited internet access. The three spacious conference halls range in capacity from 30 to 300 people and there are swimming pools for both adults and children. The pool area is ideal for barbecues and cocktail parties. A gym, sauna and steam bath will open shortly. The open-air restaurant serves Continental and African cuisine. There is secure parking and inside parking exclusively for guests. Transport is offered to and from Entebbe Airport.


Wandegeya, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)312 283 161, (0)41 453 3835 Cell: +256 (0)772 897 710, (0)782 674 771 Email: Established in 1974, The College Inn has grown into a 46-room city budget hotel with a reputation for excellence in the provision of accommodation, bar and restaurant services. The hotel has 20 executive and 26 standard rooms located on four floors. The College Inn is located on Bombo Road, the high street of Kampala’s famous university town of Wandegeya. The Teachers Grill Restaurant serves a variety of delicious food and has a good reputation. The modern Star Bar offers soft drinks, beers, wines and spirits and the large TV shows all current sporting events. There is also the Flora Hall, which hosts all kinds of functions ranging from conferences and prayer meetings to parties.


PO Box 28951, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)312 526 620 Cell: +256 (0)704 138 832 Email: The Grand Global Hotel is 45 minutes by car from Entebbe Airport and 10 minutes from Kampala city centre. Guests can experience a relaxing atmosphere while still close to key facilities such as the Mandela National Stadium as well as Jinja and Western Uganda. The hotel offers luxury facilities and a personalised service provided by experienced staff. There is a range of fairly priced options for both executive and budget accommodation. It is ideal for budget travellers; long-term stay with self-catering options; conferences; and parties. The hotel has opened a budget annexe wing with facilities for budget travellers and backpackers. Other services include a bar and lounge, a fitness centre, free internet, free parking, restaurant, room service, shuttle service and suites.

Central Uganda, Kampala THE PACIFIC HOTEL

Plot 28, William Street PO Box 31115, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 340 920 Email:

17 Kololo Lane, PO Box 1127, Kampala Tel: + 256 (0)792 172 017 Email:

The Pacific Hotel Uganda has one of the finest locations in the city centre with panoramic views over Kampala. Its interior decor reflects modern style.

The Seventeen Apartment Hotel is a smart new establishment in Kampala.

The hotel prides itself on offering first-rate accommodation. There is a choice of rooms, single and double, each decorated with total relaxation in mind. The bustling restaurant and polite waiting staff combine to create a wonderful dining experience with authentic menu items based on traditional recipes. The chef employs impressive cooking methods and creates all meals from scratch. The hotel has a superb meeting and conference hall. The hotel’s friendly, efficient catering staff, and its ideal location, make any event a success.


Plot 143, Kireka Namugongo PO Box 33110, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)393 516 518 Cell: +256 (0)772 437 901 Email:; The Unik Hotel has 30 selfcontained and air conditioned rooms with balconies and a choice of single, double, twin and executive accommodation. All rooms have free wireless internet, DSTV, direct-dial telephone, spacious study/working areas. In addition, the hotel has a restaurant and conference facilities and provides airport pick-ups. The hotel offers honeymoon packages.



Gomotoka Road, Lubaga, PO Box 219449, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 271 318 Cell: +256 (0)772 682 338 Email: Verona Hotel is conveniently located on Rubaga Road, off Kabusu Road, Kampala. Verona Hotel offers self-contained rooms fitted with satellite TV, telephones and en-suite bathroom. Its on-site restaurant serves local and Continental menu options which guests can enjoy in the spacious dining room or out on the terrace. Free Wi-Fi is available. Guests can also enjoy light snacks and drinks while relaxing in the bar and lounge.

Featuring state-of-the-art facilities, the property comprises 17 fully furnished and serviced apartments. Ten of these have two bedrooms and the remainder (including three penthouses) have three bedrooms. There is a range of flexible lodgings available, from daily, weekly and monthly stays to yearly rentals. All guests have access to the four multipurpose rooftop terraces with panoramic views. Leisure facilities include an infinity pool, gym, sauna and massage room. Other amenities include a laundry service, DSTV, internet, a conference room, a business centre and parking for over 50 cars.


Plot 260, Ggaba Road, PO Box 3236, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)415 01 084 Cell: +256 (0)701 573 606 Email: Whether booking a conference or planning a romantic getaway, Victoria Travel Hotel is a scenic and relaxed place to stay. The rooms are specially designed for ultimate comfort. The bar offers a good choice of drinks including lagers, whiskies, brandies and wines.



Kawempe PO Box 30593, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 566 594 Cell: +256 (0)706 245 814 Email:

Plot 1215, Kabowa Road, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)312 515 161; (0)414 272 099

Tick Hotel is located close to Makerere University and the Kawanda Agri research centre. The hotel has 124 guest rooms with free Wi-Fi, direct-dial telephone, DSTV and fridges. There is a well equipped fitness centre and an indoor pool. The Tick Hotel can accommodate up to 1,200 guests for functions in a variety of styles and is popular for meetings, banquets, weddings and events and a perfect choice for seminars and conventions.

Conveniently located on the outskirts of the financial and business district and a 30-minute drive from Entebbe International Airport, the new Tristar Hotel represents the finest accommodation outside the city. The hotel is located in a calm, quiet residential area and rooms come in various sizes and prices, from deluxe single and double to executive single and double. Tristar Hotel offers an array of services including a wide range of African food and exotic cuisine prepared by experienced chefs and a modern bar with both local and foreign drinks. The hotel has state-of-the-art air conditioned conference facilities with audio facilities, projectors, LCDs and internet.


31, John Babiha Avenue, Central Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 500 533 Cell: +256 (0)701 098 732 Every room at Villa Kololo has been individually designed with bespoke pieces of furniture and cotton-rich fabrics. These exquisitely furnished suites are designed for absolute comfort. The tasteful decor has been combined with modern amenities such as multichannel TV and Wi-Fi. Guests can buy gifts at the antique shop, Nook-at-the-Villa, or eat in the in-house Mediterranean Restaurant.

PLEASE NOTE: Information about the following properties was not available at the time of going to print: Hotel Exodus, Sseeta, Wakiso District Mat Hotel & Leisure Centre, Kampala Nalubale lv Eco Village Resort, Busabala, Wakiso District Premier Hotel Boutique, Mutungo, Wakiso District

The restaurant serves good food which can be enjoyed in a pleasant atmosphere looking out into the serene manicured gardens. With Lake Victoria just 200 metres away, the hotel is ideally located for all the fun activities this area has to offer.




Nation’s gateway has great choice of hotels

As the location of the international airport and the main entry point for foreign visitors, Entebbe has a special role to play as gateway to Uganda. Before independence in 1962, Entebbe was the seat of government, and its many fine buildings reflect the town’s colonial past and its role as the nation’s administrative and commercial centre. It’s also the reason why the National Botanical Gardens and State House – the president’s official residence – are located here. Entebbe has its own style and atmosphere and there is a surprisingly wide choice of places to stay. In fact, Entebbe probably has more hotel rooms per head of population than almost any other inland town in


Uganda hotel guide 2016-17

Africa – nearly 40 hotels to choose from in a town

During 2015, the Uganda Hotel Owners’ Association

with a population of only about 70,000.

and the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) are jointly undertaking the grading and classification of all

The popularity of Entebbe is twofold. First, it’s the

Entebbe hotels. This follows the programme’s launch

ideal first and last night stopover for visitors arriving

in Kampala. Each property which qualifies will be

in, or leaving, Uganda. At the same time, Entebbe

awarded a star rating.

has a lakeside charm of its own that makes it an ideal weekend destination for people who live in Kampala, just 37 km up the road. A new four-lane highway

Constant growth

linking Entebbe with Kampala is due for completion

As with Kampala, the number of hotels in Entebbe

in 2017.

seems to grow each year. In recent times the town has gained the Protea Hotel Entebbe, and the LAICO

Entebbe is also important as a location for ‘out-of-

Lake Victoria Hotel has been fully refurbished. These

town’ conferences and seminars. Its beaches make

two hotels, and other new and smaller hotels, have

it a perfect waterside holiday destination for those

added to the attractiveness and quality of Entebbe

living 1,150 km from the Indian Ocean in Kenya.

as a destination.


Central Uganda, Entebbe AIRPORT VIEW HOTEL





34 Kiwafu Close, PO Box 247, Entebbe Cell: +256 (0)772 221 881; 772 507 975; 772 200 391;

Plot 5, Nambi Road, Entebbe Tel: +256 (0)414 322 435 Cell: +256 (0)665 616 Email:;

Nalugala Kitala (16 miles along the Kampala-Entebbe Road) Entebbe Tel: +256 (0)772 509 692 Cell: +256 (0)755 895 395 Email:

Plot 45/47, Church Road PO Box 212, Entebbe Tel +256 (0)414 322 386 Cell +256 (0)772 367 004 Email:

Off Entebbe-Kampala Highway PO Box 10909, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)392 834 747 Cell: +256 (0)756 834 747; Email:

Just 10 minutes from Entebbe International Airport and 45 minutes from Kampala, the Airport View Hotel is perfect for travellers arriving or departing Uganda.

Anderita Beach Hotel on the shore of Lake Victoria is highly recommended for those looking for luxurious surroundings, deluxe amenities and a good location. The hotel has blended convenience and luxury into a single experience.

Central Inn offers accommodation to suit all budgets and is especially well placed for those planning to visit the Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary, the Botanical Gardens and the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre.

Located in a serene, tranquil environment close to Entebbe’s Nkumba University, Comfort Hotel is only 10 minutes from Entebbe International Airport.

The hotel has a magnificent view of Lake Victoria and key historical sites such as State House and Nsamizi Hill. Rooms are spacious and nicely decorated and there is a choice of single, double, twin or family rooms.

Banana Village is a family-run business located in the quiet village of Nalugala Kitala. Situated just 12 km from Entebbe and 20 km from Kampala, its self-contained grass-thatched huts convey the feel of a true African village dwelling. In this haven, guests can enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. There is a canopy of trees to keep the environment cool and also to provide a home to over 150 bird species. Visitors can relax in the spacious gardens with a good book or lounge by the pool.

The inn conveniently offers its guests a free shuttle service to and from the airport on arrival and departure.

The gardens are spacious and well maintained and the hotel has a homely environment for relaxation. The gardens are ideal, too, for parties, picnics, camping and similar activities.

Guest rooms are attractively decorated to complement the spectacular views of Lake Victoria. Visitors can rest and relax after visiting the many attractions that surround the hotel and beach, including the botanical gardens and golf course.

The central guest area has a charming restaurant serving delicious and nutritious meals. There is a well stocked bar and guests can enjoy a drink on the terrace or in the garden.

Bar, restaurant and conference facilities are also available.




PO Box 835, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)312 106 482 Cell +256 (0)788 149 920 Email:

Kasenyi, PO Box 363, Entebbe Tel: +256 (0)200 905 850 Cell: +256 (0)791 792 173 Email:

Plot 20, Queens Road PO Box 259, Entebbe Tel +256 (0)41 432 0812 Fax +256 (0)41 432 0241 Email:

Country Lake Resort is an oasis of tranquillity set on six acres of the magnificent shoreline of Lake Victoria with tropical gardens and romantic views. The resort has a range of executive rooms and cottages, fully furnished and offering complete privacy. Alternatively, guests can choose to stay in the resort’s tented camp on the waterfront.

Eco Resort is a one-stop leisure centre with an abundance of games, sports and general fun activities for the family.

Entebbe Flight Motel offers accommodation to clients who are on a budget or those wishing to be close to the airport.

Off the lake shores in the countryside, Eco Resort is well placed to offer guests the right amount of relaxation, coupled with fine entertainment.

The motel is well positioned along the airport road and has a selection of self-contained air conditioned rooms with telephone, TV and internet facilities.

In addition to comfortable en-suite guest rooms, the resort has first-rate facilities including a sports bar, a children’s play centre and a spacious garden for parties and other functions.

The on-site restaurant serves a daily buffet lunch as well as an à la carte menu comprising local and international cuisine.

At Country Lake Resort, the day begins with a bountiful buffet breakfast at the Fisherman’s Restaurant with tropical fruit, healthy cereals or a full English fry-up. Main meals feature both African and international cuisine, tilapia fish and barbecue bonanzas. An excellent selection of wines and whiskies is available at Fisherman’s Bar.


Seating over 200 people at once, the gardens are ideal for gatherings, parties and weddings.

Uganda hotel guide 2016-17

Meeting and conference facilities are available, making this a perfect choice for business travellers. Meanwhile, there is a health and gym centre where guests can relax with a massage or a rejuvenating sauna. The motel also has facilities for parties and wedding receptions.

Formerly Comfort Guest House, in recent years the hotel has grown and developed its services and now provides guests with more than just accommodation. The hotel now has a business centre with two conference halls seating 200 people, internet facilities, car hire services and ample parking. Guests can enjoy a range of dishes at either of the hotel’s two restaurants or relax with a drink at the bar.


Spacious rooms and conference facilities PO Box 90, Entebbe Tel: +256 (0)414 320 800 Fax: +256 (0)414 320 832 Email: The Imperial Botanical Beach Hotel in Entebbe overlooks Lake Victoria. The hotel has 122 rooms, of which 99 are deluxe. There are four executive rooms, three executive suites and one Clinton suite. All rooms are air conditioned and equipped with long baths, work desks, direct-dial telephones, in-house video and cable satellite pro-

grammes on large screens and 24-hour dedicated internet access. There are high-speed data links in guest rooms and the conference halls. The Mount Elgon Dining room is a grand restaurant serving a variety of cuisines, from local to Oriental. In terms of conferences, the hotel can accommodate 300 or up to 1,000 for a reception. The hotel has health and recreational facilities including a swimming pool, saunas, Jacuzzis, steam and spa baths and a gym.



Nakiwongo Close, 120 meters from the State House, Entebbe Tel: +256 (0)775 873 489 Cell: +256 (0)256 701 661 784 Email:

Plot 18a, Portal Road PO Box 888, Entebbe Tel: +256 (0)414 321 946/7 Fax: +256 (0)414 321 949 Email:

Entebbe Luxury Apartments accommodation comprises fully furnished rooms with beautiful views of the lake and Entebbe International Airport by night.

Entebbe Travellers Inn is an oasis of serenity close to the freshwater beaches and the golf course. With elegant surroundings and old-fashioned hospitality, this intimate and cosy property allows guests to enjoy excellent service in a magical location.

Each unit has a kitchen, dining and sitting room area, two bedrooms, a shower room and toilet as well as a fully furnished kitchen, furniture, draperies and bed linen. All utilities are ready to be used, including DSTV and internet.

Guests can enjoy some of the best of African and Continental cuisine. The menu also includes a selection of delicious Ugandan dishes. Each room is individually decorated with contemporary decor and antique furniture. All rooms include a balcony with views of Lake Victoria or Entebbe. The hotel offers quality dining, a well stocked bar and business facilities as well as excellent service from friendly staff.


Fine dining on the shores of Lake Victoria PO Box 895, Entebbe Tel: +256 (0)414 303 000 Fax: +256 (0)414 303 333 Email: Situated in 27 acres of landscaped gardens, the hotel overlooks Lake Victoria and is close to Entebbe International Airport. The hotel comprises 32 deluxe rooms, 89 club rooms, 54 executive rooms, five junior suites and one presidential suite. Each en-suite room is equipped with Wi-Fi, satellite TV, minibar and air conditioning.

The hotel’s Victoria restaurant features theme lunches, while the pizzeria is open seven days a week. There is also an Indian/Chinese restaurant, called Breezers, on the shores of Lake Victoria. The Residents Pub is open until midnight. The Mango Bar offers a range of drinks and enjoys spectacular views. Barbecues are served in the Carnivore restaurant. The hotel has several banquet and conference halls to host events for up to 1,000 guests.


Garuga Road, PO Box 5421, Entebbe Tel: +256 (0)392 700 734 Cell: +256 (0)776 700 734 Email: Garuga Resort Beach Hotel is a ‘different’ destination in a special country. Its location on the shore of Lake Victoria makes this resort a real ‘paradise on the lake’ and a unique holiday destination. The resort is situated at the edge of a peninsula on 15 acres of land. Its natural setting, with views of the lake and the wonderful scenery, is what makes Garuga Resort Beach Hotel so special. The resort features an array of on-site activities guaranteed to enhance the holiday experience for everyone who stays at this hidden gem by the lakeside. Guests will find the setting and location as peaceful as it is stimulating.


Plot 7, Station Road PO Box 380, Entebbe Tel: +256 (0)414 322 439 Fax: +256 (0)414 322 899 The Golf View Inn is located In the heart of Entebbe, on the north-east edge of Entebbe International Airport, opposite the Entebbe Golf Club and 10 minutes’ drive from the airport.

The resort has 174 rooms comprising 74 standard rooms, 68 modern executive rooms and 32 well-furnished

Hotel 7 Seasons has 43 en-suite rooms including 38 deluxe rooms, four double rooms and one wheelchair-friendly room. The hotel offers safe and secure parking, comfortable beds, in-room work desks, high-speed wireless internet access throughout the building, minibar on request and in-room entertainment on DSTV.

Continental and local dishes can be enjoyed in the restaurant, which has an à la carte menu.

All rooms have open balconies with some providing views of Lake Victoria.

Next to the Entebbe Government Hospital, the Golf View Inn has two meeting rooms for between 10 and 200 people and two gardens for parties and receptions. It also has internet access in all its guest rooms, meeting rooms and business centre.

Modern luxury in Entebbe

Imperial Golf View Hotel is the latest addition to the Imperial Group of Hotels. Experience modern facilities and amenities. Facing the Entebbe Golf Club, this luxurious hotel is just five minutes from the airport, and a 30 minute drive to Kampala.

Airport Road, Moroto Close, Entebbe Tel: +256 (0)757 446 619; 752 446 619 Cell: +256 (0)773 446 619 Email:

The inn has a total of 16 rooms equipped with DSTV. There are superb views over Lake Victoria, plus 45 self-contained rooms with air conditioning.


PO Box 553, Lugard Avenue, Entebbe Tel: +256 (0)417 111 374 Cell: +256 (0)752 744 204 Fax: +256 (0)414 250 789 Email:


executive apartments. Each en-suite room also includes a digital TV, internet access and a sofa. As well as seven conference halls catering for 20 to 200 people, the hotel has a business centre with modern computers, printers and fax machines. The dining room is also open for a buffet lunch and dinner throughout the week, serving both Continental and Ugandan dishes.


Kampala/Entebbe Road, Entebbe Tel: +256 (0)414 696 667/8 Cell: +256 (0)772 403 128 Email: J & M Airport Road Hotel is one of Entebbe’s luxury hotels, located close to Entebbe International Airport. The hotel provides four-star accommodation with 45 elegant rooms and apartments, a leisure centre, a swimming pool and conference facilities. The hotel offers fine views of both Kampala city and Lake Victoria.

Imperial Golf View has already built a name for itself as one of Uganda’s friendliest hotels.



13 Church Road, Entebbe Tel: +256 (0)751 224 000 Email:

Luxury venue for business and leisure travellers The hotel has 33 individually designed luxury rooms with separate baths and showers, generous work desks, high speed internet access, minibars on request, digital safes and in-room entertainment on DSTV with 16 Channels.

Crosshead The hotel’s purpose-built conference room can be used for a range of events including board meetings, training seminars, strategy sessions, product launches, small conferences and team building workshops.


The hotel has a restaurant and bar catering for early business breakfast meetings, Ă la carte lunches and dinner. The Steak House inspired cuisine is sure to leave guests comfortable and satisfied. In the cool of the early evening guests can enjoy a sundowner in the Bridge Bar overlooking Lake Victoria.

Uganda hotel guide 2016-17

Central Uganda, Entebbe JOYNA HOTEL

Abaita Ababiri, Entebbe Cell: +256 (0)772 422 938; 701 422 938 Email: Joyna Hotel is one of Entebbe’s most popular budget hotels. Situated just a few kilometres from Entebbe Airport, next to the Ababiri factory, Joyna Hotel offers clean accommodation at affordable rates. The hotel has spacious rooms, all with private balconies. Each room also comes with a fan, fridge, TV with DSTV channels, office desk and en-suite bathroom. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the premises.


Off Entebbe Road, Garuga, Entebbe 5871 Tel: +256 (0)312 518 315 Cell: +256 (0)702 540 938 Email: Located 7 km off Entebbe road in Garuga, Katomi Kingdom resort is one of Uganda’s most elegant luxury lakeside hotels. Just 10 minutes’ drive from Entebbe International Airport and 20 minutes from Kampala city, the hotel extends over many acres on the shore of Lake Victoria. The elegant decor and idyllic setting bring alive the opulence of African charm. Rooms are spaciously presented and the choice ranges from executive suites to twin deluxe to deluxe, all with an African touch. The Lake Breeze and Sunset wings have 25 rooms each with satellite TV, internet access, direct-dial telephone and air conditioning. The health spa offers sauna and massage.


36-40 Sebugwawo Drive Entebbe Road, PO Box 3535, Entebbe Tel: +256 (0)414 323 132 Fax: +256 (0)414 323 139 Email:



Plot 23/31, Circular Road PO Box 15, Entebbe Tel: +256 (0)312 310 100 Fax: +256 (0)312 310 404 Email: The colonial-style Laico Lake Victoria Hotel is located just 5 km from Entebbe International Airport. It is set in spacious grounds with an impressive swimming pool area and delightful views.


Entebbe Cell: +256 (0)772 587 402; 700 900 Lake Victoria Resort Hotel is located very close to Entebbe International Airport. The hotel has a European ambience and offers scenic views over Lake Victoria. Accommodation consists of 30 light and spacious guest rooms.


PO Box 740, Entebbe Tel: +256 (0)414 322 606 Cell: +256 (0)772 485 887 Email: Located five minutes from Entebbe International Airport, on the shore of Lake Victoria, Peniel Beach Hotel is a place where guests can relax and enjoy a peaceful yet cheerful environment. The hotel has state-of-the-art accommodation consisting of selfcontained single and double rooms. For even cheaper rates, tenting and camping options are also available.

The hotel has 144 air conditioned guest rooms comprising 12 suites and 132 deluxe rooms. All rooms come with telephone, hairdryer, mini fridge, safe, interactive LCD television and internet.

Meals are prepared on request at the hotel. Dedicated staff will offer visitors all the attention required to create an unforgettable experience.

African and Continental menus are available at the hotel’s three newly refurbished outlets. Meeting facilities accommodate up to 150 people with four boardroom-style rooms with free broadband internet access and the latest in visual equipment.




Plot 101 Circular Road Bugonga, Entebbe Tel: +256 (0)414 321 400 Cell: +256 (0) 782 853 992 Email:

Plot 3, Alice Reef Close PO Box 730, Entebbe Tel: +256 (0)414 321 370; 320 885 Fax: +256 (0)414 320 897 Email:

Plot 20a, Gowers Road, Entebbe Tel: +256 (0)312 264 810 Cell: +256 (0)772 467 929

Entebbe Road Kawuku Trading Centre, PO Box 91, Kisubi Tel:+256 (0)414 320 909 Cell: +256 (0)772 605 492 Email:

The 73-room Protea Hotel Entebbe is ideally located on the shores of Lake Victoria and just 1 km from Entebbe International Airport.

Discover a haven of privacy at Rosemary Courts where a combination of warm hospitality and business convenience creates a peaceful experience for guests.

Protea Hotel’s restaurant offers an exciting and truly inviting a la carte menu, seven days of the week. Specialities include Tilapia and Nile Perch.

The Boma is set in tropical gardens in a leafy suburb, 
just a few minutes drive from Entebbe International Airport. The rooms combine modern comforts with the charm and character of a 1940s home. The Boma Guesthouse is an ideal stopover for airline passengers and will also arrange airport transfers.

Ulrika Guest House original opened in 1976 as a place of rest for priests and religious followers.

Rosemary Courts is conveniently located five minutes from Entebbe International Airport in one of Entebbe’s exclusive suburbs – a jogger’s paradise.

Situated in Entebbe’s Bugonga residential area, overlooking Lake Victoria and close to the international airport, Sophie’s Motel is a perfect overnight stop for travellers flying into and out of Uganda.

With elegant furnishings and a warm, inviting feel, the hotel’s decor and rooms create a luxurious atmosphere.

The hotel boasts easy access to Kampala city, major entertainment destinations, tourist attractions and shopping malls.

The outside terrace, which has a special ambience and superb lake views, is the perfect place to take it all in. Guests can also relax at the pool deck and bar.

Each room and balcony has a breathtaking view of Lake Victoria and the resort’s gardens. The rooms are decorated with a contemporary African theme, lavish fabrics and luxurious furnishings.

When booked in advance, there is a free shuttle service to and from the airport on arrival and departure for all guests. All rooms are spacious and self-contained, with telephones and TVs connected to DSTV. Deluxe rooms are fitted with TV and a minibar. There are also cottages with similar facilities. The Motel’s Breeze restaurant and bar is open until 23.00 and offers a snacks menu with a selection of delicacies. There are conference facilities for up to 30 people. Internet facilities are available.

All rooms are individually decorated in a mixture of African and European style and designed to reflect the original colonial architecture. The rooms vary but most include four-poster beds with mosquito nets, private veranda, en-suite bathroom, satellite TV, safes and Wi-Fi connection.

Now, Ulrika, which is located along on Entebbe Road in the vicinity of Kawuku Trading Centre, offers accommodation to all members of the public. The Guest House is located in a quiet environment in Kisubi, overlooking Lake Victoria. Ulrika comprises 40 rooms including single rooms, double rooms and cottages which are all on bed and breakfast basis.

Rooms are available with either twin beds or king-sized double beds. Family rooms and triples are available, as are cots for babies.



Other/Ssese Islands

Uganda’s tropical island paradise The Ssese Islands – Uganda’s own tropical paradise – is an increasingly popular destination for those seeking relaxation, warm and nice beaches and without having to travel too far. It’s just a shortish ferry ride from Nakiwogo (just south of Entebbe) to Buggala (the largest of the 84 islands in the group). There are plenty of beach-side resorts on Buggala and a variety of accommodation on some of the islands from which to choose and Ssese makes for an ideal weekend destination. What’s more and for the first time, Buggala now has mains electricity.


Uganda hotel guide 2016-17


Besania Hill, PO Box 472, Mukono Tel: +256 (0)312 313 030; 414 290 057 Cell: +256 (0)785 655 194; 772 431 926; 712 815 015 Fax: +256 (0)414 290 954 Email: The Ankrah Foundation, Resort & Conference Complex is located in the heart of Mukono, 1,300 metres above sea level and 13 km from Kampala. It offers panoramic views in a tranquil setting. The hotel grounds, spreading over 15 acres, are home to a variety of monkeys, birds and flora. The property is equipped to host conferences, workshops and other activities with eight conference units for up to 1,000 people. The three-star accommodation is contained in 73 rooms and two four-room suites. All rooms and suites are self-contained with contemporary furnishings, satellite TV and Wi-Fi. The majority of rooms have spectacular views of Lake Victoria and Kampala.




PO Box 516, Bunyonyi Road, Kibale Tel: +256 (0)701 999 910 Cell: +256 (0)773 142 561 Email: Arcadia Lodges is an ideal destination for those who want to commune with nature in comfort in Lake Mburo National Park. The lodges are built on stilts to give a clear view of the surrounding park. This allows warthogs to burrow beneath and get warm at night. The lake can be viewed while guests dine in the restaurant. Hippos that live in the lake walk up to the restaurant at night and graze right outside the cottages. Lake Mburo National Park is home to zebra, impala, waterbuck and other antelope. A leopard can be seen occasionally outside the last two cottages on a moonlit night, making Arcadia Lodges even more magical. The lodges are all self-contained, comfortable and well decorated.



Mbarara Highway, PO Box 1052, Masaka Tel: +256 (0)701 104 119 Cell: +256 (0)772 579 395 Email:

Busega Tel: +256 (0)414 273 539 Cell: +256 (0)772 507 305; 700 803 956 Email:

Plot 6 Circular Road, PO Box 556, Masaka Tel: +256 (0)772 425 666 Fax: +256 (0)481 209 97 E-mail:

Baine Terrace, Kizungu, Masaka Tel: +256 (0)481 420 936 Cell: +256 (0)782 863 725 Email:

Garden Courts Hotel is located in Masaka town, 120 kilometres south west of Kampala.

Haven of Rest is located in Busega, just 7 km from Kampala city.

Hotel Brovad guarantees a pleasant stay in Masaka. Masaka is 130 kilometres south west of Kampala and en route to: Lake Mburo National Park, the Ssese Islands, Lake Nabugabo, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park and Bigo bya Mugenyi.

Zebra Hotel is situated on a hill in an upmarket suburb of Kizungu in the very heart of Masaka town. The hotel stands amidst five acres of landscaped grounds and green gardens enfolded by a spectacular view of the town.

The hotel offers exceptional accommodation at affordable rates. The gardens make for a beautiful morning view. Garden Courts Hotel pays attention to detail in order to provide rest and comfort to guests. Garden Courts Hotel also has the facilities to hold meetings, conventions and conferences, whether it’s for 10 or 500.

The ambience of the guest house is warm and friendly and managed by a team of dedicated staff. It is ideal for conferences, retreats and for holiday makers who want to be close to Kampala city but also far enough away to relax in peace and quiet. It is surrounded by pleasant gardens and also has a car park with guaranteed security. The rooms are spacious and professionally maintained with TV, bathroom and intercom. The guest house will also arrange travel and tours for guests to local tourist sites and game parks within East Africa and handle any airport transport at a reasonable cost.

The hotel has 125 comfortable rooms offering a variety of accommodation, all with full en-suite bathrooms, DSTV, video and 24-hour room service. The hotel also has a well-equipped conference and business centre with secretarial and fax services.


Zebra Hotel has comfortable en-suite rooms, a conference centre and a fully equipped gym and sauna. The hotel also offers a variety of modern facilities for back packers with exclusive gardens for campers.

PO Box 244, Mukono Tel: +256 (0)414 290 533 Cell: +256 (0)752 723 344 Fax: +256 (0)414 290 533 Email: Located in the heart of Mukono town, only 21 km from the bustle of Kampala, the Colline Hotel offers a serene atmosphere and spacious facilities for corporate and private events. The 202-room hotel provides a definitive choice of restaurants with a variety of tropical cuisine, conference halls with a capacity of up to 1,000 people and ample parking space. When it comes to unwinding, the gym, steam bath, sauna, aerobics and swimming pool are the perfect answer. Better still, guests can lose themselves to nature in the gardens, built on lush green lawns paved with wild flowers that enrich the breeze with the finest scent. The Colline Hotel is truly a tropical paradise.


Bugala Island, Kalangala District PO Box 31031 Kampala Tel: +256 (0)772 641 376 Cell +256 (0701 528 984 Email: Kampala Islands Club is situated on a 40 acre forested estate commonly known as Lutoboka Bay Centre Piece, north-west of Lake Victoria. The club offers 12 double rooms in wooden chalets and concrete structures. Guests can take in the snowwhite beach and vastness of the lake from their sitting room or balcony. Lutoboka Bay is a million-dollar viewing site for birds, monkeys, insect life and great opportunities for sport fishing. Bars and restaurant daily open from 6 am to midnight.


Other central Uganda and Ssese Islands KINGS COUNTRY RESORT

Budo & Canadian Recreation Centre Kampala Tel: +256 (0)782 914 552 Email: Perfectly located only 12 km from Kampala and 45 minutes from Entebbe Airport, Kings Country Resort is in a quiet, beautiful and historical village overlooking the capital. The resort is perfect for those who wish to escape the noise and congestion of Kampala and relax in tranquil gardens. All the fully self-contained rooms feature satellite and LCD TV, comfortable mattresses, mosquito nets, hot water and access to the DVD video library. There are also fitness facilities, a library, sports lounge with pool table, restaurant, fully stocked bar, conference facilities, swimming pool, business centre with internet and private lounges. As the Canadian Recreation Centre, Kings Resort hosts many functions throughout the year, such as Canada Day celebrations.


Ssese Islands c/o 2nd floor, Ganesh Plaza Entebbe Road, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)392 772 703 Cell: +256 (0)751 095 393 Email: Mirembe Resort Beach is located at Lutoboka Bay on Bulaggala Island, the largest of the 84 Ssese Islands. The beaches are clean and white, the water is calm and the surrounding area is tranquil. The only way to reach the resort is by boat. Guests are met by staff at the pier on landing. All the accommodation has en-suite bathrooms and there is a range of single, double and shared rooms. Although seemingly cut off from the rest of the world, this beach paradise does have high-speed internet and DSTV.


Lweza-Kigo Road, off Entebbe Road PO Box 37761, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)41 712 1000 Fax: +256 (0)41 712 1550 Email: Located on the shore of Africa’s largest lake, the Lake Victoria Serena Resort is styled to replicate the lines of a classically rustic Roman villa. The resort will have a total of 124 rooms widely spaced around the terraced rose gardens and will offer a wide range of dining choices. The Citadel all-day restaurant offers extensive buffet breakfast and lunch choices while the à la carte evening menu features both international and local cuisine. Relaxation spots include the extensive Lake View Pool Deck, the Courtyard Lounge and the Piano Bar Terrace. The resort is 30 km from Entebbe International Airport and 15 km from Kampala. Future developments on the property include a golf course, a marina and a luxury residential complex.


PO Box 743, Jinja Highway, Mukono Tel: +256 (0)392 834 775 Cell: +256 (0774 166 818 Email: Mukono Resort Hotel has 26 classic self-contained rooms which are connected to DSTV with intercom facilities. It also has conference facilities, restaurant and bar services, gardens and shuttle services for airport pick-ups, transfers and tour packages. The hotel is very accessible both Entebbe Airport and Kampala city. It is also a few kilometres from the source of the River Nile, Sezibwa Falls and the Namugongo Martyrs’ Shrine. The resort runs a weekly entertainment programme with musical performances, cultural dances and comedy shows.

The restaurant serves an all-day à la carte menu which can be enjoyed while overlooking the lake.


Uganda hotel guide 2016-17


Ddimo Road, Kalisizo Tel: +256 (0)392 916 106 Email: Nabisere Hotel, located in Kalisizo, offers a unique mix of relaxation, business and a work environment. The spacious guest rooms are well laid out and tastefully decorated, with pleasant bathrooms and connection to DSTV. The hotel’s serene gardens, with access to ample and secure parking space, are suitable for ceremonies or functions. The restaurant is open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner, serving Continental and local cuisine as well as charcoal-grilled delicacies. In-house and outside catering available. The bar serves a wide range of drinks including wines, spirits, champagnes and cocktails. There is also a health club with sauna, steam bath and massage.


Ssaza Masaka, Masaka Tel: +256 (0)776388914, +256 (0)481432431, +256 (0)382276345 Email: Palm Springs Hotel is a two-hour drive from Kampala city. It is conveniently located in the exclusive residential suburb of Masaka town, 0.5 km off the Kampala to Mbarara main road, next to Masaka district headquarters. The hotel has luxurious gardens and offers a truly African ambience. The friendly atmosphere is complemented by modern facilities.


c/o Room 27, 2nd floor Shri-Ganesh Plaza, Entebbe Road PO Box 1046, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 349 107 Cell: +256 (0)77 237 2164; 77 490 9494 Email:; Pearl Gardens Beach is a six-acre beach resort on Buggala Island in Lake Victoria. The resort offers peaceful and attractive accommodation with elements of nature and modern amenities throughout. The property is situated in a tropical forest in the middle of the world’s second-largest freshwater lake. Activities on the island include birdwatching, swimming, forest treks, nature walks and biking. The resort staff ensure that each guest has a memorable stay. At the weekend, entertainment is provided by local traditional dancers. During the week, guests enjoy a campfire by the shore.

Other central Uganda and Ssese Islands PINEAPPLE BAY RESORT


c/o Wildplaces Africa Plot 5, Binayomba Road, Bugolobi, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 251 182 Cell: +256 (0)772 489 497 Email:

Kampala-Jinja Road PO Box 7627, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 290 697 Email:;

Located on Bulago Island, 45 minutes by boat from Kampala, Pineapple Bay offers tranquillity in a relaxing and exclusive environment.

Ridar Hotel is a three-star hotel conveniently situated along the Kampala-Jinja highway in the village of Seeta.

The expansive chalets feature en-suite bathroom and a private veranda overlooking Lake Victoria.

Rooms range from standard doubles to twins, singles and executives. All rooms come with telephone, refrigerator and TV offering international news and sports coverage. Alternatively, guests can stay in the large and spacious African Cottages.

Guests can charter a fishing boat, explore the unspoilt island paradise or take a refreshing plunge in the dark-blue pool. Later, they can enjoy a romantic dinner with ingredients grown in Pineapple Bay’s gardens.

The location offers an opportunity to enjoy comfort away from the bustle of the city, while its quiet and friendly surroundings help guests to relax. The philosophy of the hotel is the ‘four Cs’ motto of care, courtesy, comfort and convenience.


Plot 343, Entebbe Road, Kitala Tel: +256 (0)774 110 993 Cell: +256 (0)702 289 896 Email: The Sanctum Apartment Hotel is a boutique property that is located in a typical Ugandan village setting and offers accommodation in the form of 50 self-contained apartments, standards rooms and executive suites, all with 24-hour satellite TV, fridge and telephone.


Plot 2/4 Lutoboka Road, Ssese Islands Tel: +256 (0)414 220 065 Cell: +256 (0)772 408 244; 845 905 Email:

c/o Room 29b, Colline House Shopping Arcade, Pilkington Road PO Box 3487, Kampala Cell: +256 (0)772 503 315; 368 742; 750 331 Email:

Located on a white sand beach on Bugala Island, the hotel is set under a canopy of natural tropical forest.

Located at Lutoboka point on Bugala Island, the Ssese Palm Beach Resort is a small, scenic family resort. It is made up of thatched self-contained bandas, overlooking a long beach and with the rich forest surrounding them.

Accommodation comprises a row of self-contained cottages located just 30 metres from the beach. There is also a campsite with toilets and showers. All rooms are self-contained with a balcony. A sumptuous buffet breakfast is served each morning. The hotel is famed for its barbecues, served around a campfire on the beach. The hotel can accommodate up to 120 attendees for conferences, workshops and seminars. Recreational activities comprise lake swimming and water sports, canoeing, beach volleyball, fishing and guided forest walks.

The cottages range from the ‘Millennium’ cottage complete with a kitchenette to the Royal cottages and the smaller executive cottages. The resort also has camping facilities. Nature walks, monkey and bird watching, swimming and beach volleyball are some of the activities that guests at the Ssese Palm Beach Resort can enjoy. Evening camp fires are regularly arranged on the resort’s private beach. Meetings, conferences and wedding receptions can be organised and held in the seminar hall.


14 York Terrace, Kololo (Kampala Office) Tel: +256 (0)772 237 400; 500; 600 Email: Nestled in a rainforest on it’s own private island, Wildwaters Lodge is breathtaking. The main lodge is located on a solid rock peninsula with elevated wooden walkways linking the rooms to the restaurant and bar area and offering an unforgettable walk through the heart of the forest.

Food and beverages are served in a delightful outdoor restaurant looking out onto spacious gardens. The resort also has an Olympic-size swimming pool.

Each of the ten traditionally thatched rooms boast private decks with views of the River Nile, free-standing baths and wash basins, and hand-made furniture.

The state-of-the-art conference facility is perfect for ballroom banquets, corporate meetings, seminars/workshops and other functions.

Guests can relax on this island of paradise, listening to the thunder of the Nile rapids, and the calls of the many species of bird. Visitors can cool off by taking a plunge into the natural swimming pool.

The highly rated restaurant serves an all day à la carte menu which can be enjoyed with beautiful views.


PLEASE NOTE: Information about the following properties was not available at the time of going to print: Enro Hotel, Mityana Mamba Heights Resorts, Ssese Islands



The perfect ‘getaway from Kampala’

Lukas Maverick Greyson /


properties are comparatively modest in size and generally mid market in terms of their appeal. In order to provide visitors with better information, UHOA and the Uganda Tourism Board are rating and

Situated just 85 km from the Ugandan capital, Jinja

classifying all of Jinja’s hotels. This process should be

is located on the shore of Lake Victoria and at the

complete by 2016.

source of the White Nile. Jinja is a town that has had its ups and downs over The lakeside town is the base for adrenalin-fuelled

recent decades. Today, however, it is full of confi-

activities such as white water rafting and bungee

dence and buoyed by economic success as it looks to

jumping that typically attract younger foreign visitors.

regain its position as Uganda’s industrial powerhouse.

The White Nile is considered one of the world’s safest

The growing number of visitors and those travelling

and wildest arenas for Grade 5 white water rafting. A

to the town on business have also brought benefits.

nine-hole golf course, built in the 1920s, is among the town’s other sporting attractions.

Moreover, Jinja – like Entebbe – is a comparatively nearby destination that is perfect for ‘getaway from


An attractive destination

Kampala’ teambuilding, seminars and weekend

There are 11 UHOA-member hotels in Jinja plus a

between Jinja and Kampala. When this road opens in

selection of bed and breakfast establishments,

2019, the town will be an even more convenient and

apartments, inns, camps and campsites. In contrast

attractive destination for those based in the capital.

to Kampala, Jinja has no big five-star hotels. Apart

The eventual reopening of Jinja Airport is also likely

from the impressively located Jinja Nile Resort, most

to be highly beneficial in this regard.

Uganda hotel guide 2016-17

retreats. A new four-lane toll highway is to be built

Central Uganda, Jinja COOL BREEZE HOTEL


Plot 6a, Nalufenya Road PO Box 222, Jinja Tel: +256 (0)712 897 766 Fax: +256 (0)43 120 944 Email:

Plot 47 Nile Crescent, PO Box 1300, Jinja Tel: +256 (0)434 122 400 Cell: +256 (0)772 469 638 Email:

Cool Breeze Hotel is a good place to stay while enjoying the many tourist attractions of Jinja. Guests can visit the source of the Nile and see the roaring Bujagali Falls, where visitors can experience white water rafting on the Nile. Rooms are all self-contained and rates are very reasonable. Connection to DSTV ensures that guests are kept informed of what is happening around the world. A Garden Bar is available for those who want to relax with a cool drink in the African sunshine. The staff at Cool Breeze Hotel are dedicated to making your stay feel like a home from home.


Gately on Nile is a renovated grand colonial guesthouse on the shore of Lake Victoria in Jinja. The property is set in four acres and offers fine views over the lake. Gately on Nile is a tranquil retreat where excellent personal service is combined with elegant accommodation. The guesthouse has just eight en-suite bedrooms plus four recently added private garden cottages with open-air shower. An à la carte restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. The property is also a conference venue for up 25 people; an ideal weekend away for families; a convenient stopover for those travelling to and from Kenya; and a cosy hotel for both tourists and business travellers.


48/49 Kiira Road, Jinja Tel: +256 (0)434 120 879 Email:

Plot 12 Nalufenya Road, PO Box 1322 Jinja Tel: +256 (0)434 660 734 Email:

Nile Village is located in Jinja, on the bank of the majestic Lake Victoria and mighty River Nile. Guests will find a compelling blend of business convenience, African hospitality combined with luxurious comfort.

These six newly built luxury apartments are conveniently located on the main road into Jinja city centre in a serene and secure area.

There are 30 impeccably designed cottages, suites and apartments offering unmatched and spacious accommodation. Each room features lush fabrics, en-suite bathroom, Wi-Fi, flat-screen TV, air conditioning and fridge. Nile Village Hotel & Spa has modern conferencing facilities for up to 60 delegates. The hotel restaurant provides exciting flavours combined with first-rate service.

Accommodation consists of one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments. The apartments are appointed with a range of efficient features such as fully equipped kitchens, laundry facilities and comfortable living spaces. Signature Hotel Apartments also feature catering facilities and beautiful gardens.


Plot 9/12/27 Kiira Lane, Off Kiira Road, PO Box 1139, Jinja Tel. +256 (0)434 121 912 Cell: +256 (0)759 504 928 Fax: +256 (0)434 121 016 Email: Hotel Paradise on the Nile is located in Jinja with fine views over the River Nile. The hotel has 71 spacious rooms with all the features that make any stay comfortable and convenient, including sofas, TV and private balconies. The rooms range from singles to deluxe suites and are priced accordingly. This is an ideal venue for meetings, private parties, banquets and corporate functions, catering for up to 80 guests. The large garden can seat up to 500 guests and is perfect for outdoor events. The hotel has a superb restaurant with a strategically located terrace offering a panoramic view of the River Nile and the Owen Falls Dam.


PO Box 1553, Jinja Tel: +256 (0)434 122 190/2 Fax: +256 (0)434 122 581 Email: Jinja Nile Resort is on the bank of River Nile midway between Bujagali Falls and the source of the Nile. The 140 guest rooms – four suites and 136 deluxe self-contained rooms – have private river-facing balconies with views of the river. The resort is ideal for white water rafting, bungee jumping, kayaking, speedboat riding and birdwatching. The resort has four river-facing dining rooms offering local and international cuisine. Guests can relax in one of the five river-facing bars and listen to the evening entertainment. The hotel also has a health club with a well equipped gym, sauna, steam bath, a massage room and a swimming pool with a children’s section. It also provides an ideal environment for events and conferences.


Tel: +256 (0)434 122 226 Cell: +256 (0)752 934 588 Email: Nile Hotel Jinja offers high quality accommodation in a tranquil environment at affordable rates. Rooms vary in size and price from standard, twin and double rooms to executive rooms and apartments. While guests enjoy the relaxing ambience and beautiful weather, hotel staff are more than willing to be of service. At Nile Hotel Jinja, guests can choose from a variety of delicious international and local meals in the on-site restaurant.




Plot 31-37, Bridge Street, PO Box 1429, Jinja Tel: +256 (0)790 911 318 Cell: +256 (0)718 660 202 Email:

Plot 17 Kiira Road, PO Box 156, Jinja Tel: +256 (0)43 120 115 Fax: +256 (0)43 120 741 Email:

Tank Hill, Masese Tel: +256 (0)434 121 114 Cell: +256 (0)752 357 224 Email: www.victoriapanoramahotel.comm

Located on the bank of the River Nile, a short walk from Lake Victoria, the Source of the Nile Hotel offers some of the best accommodation in Jinja.

Located just 2 km from Jinja town, Sunset Hotel is a reputable threestar establishment in operation since 1985. Since then it has grown to become one of the most outstanding establishments in the industry.

Located on Tank Hill, Masese, in Jinja, overlooking Lake Victoria, the Victoria Panorama Hotel is the ideal place to stay while enjoying the thrills of tourist attractions in the Eastern Region.

The hotel is 2 km from Jinja town centre and 114 km from Entebbe Airport. Accommodation consists of tastefully furnished deluxe rooms, executive single rooms, twin rooms and a suite. All rooms are en-suite with private bathroom and shower. The restaurant has à la carte, table d’hôte and buffet menus. The hotel’s spacious gardens are ideal for wedding receptions, parties and exhibitions. In addition, there are multiple meeting rooms catering for workshops, seminars, training sessions and board meetings.

The hotel is by the riverside, just minutes from the famous source of the River Nile and overlooking the Owen Falls Dam. The hotel has 80 air conditioned rooms, designed and furnished to pamper guests with comfort. The standard, deluxe and executive rooms are supremely comfortable, with multi-channel satellite TV and fridge. Other facilities include air conditioned conference halls with a capacity of 150 people and a business centre.

The hotel has a homely atmosphere with a conducive environment for research, meetings and peaceful weekends. There are spacious en-suite bathrooms fitted with both showers and wash basins and other amenities. Victoria Panorama Hotel is a perfect venue for exclusive dinners or private function. Meals are served either in buffet form or à la carte.



Oleg Znamenskiy /


More visitors drawn to remote North

Murchison Falls National Park is one of Uganda’s best known national parks along with Queen Elizabeth. The park is within easy reach of Kampala and has a range of places to stay: Paraa Safari Lodge, Simbiya Safari Lodge and Nile Safari Lodge. There is also a rest

Of Uganda’s four regions, Northern is the most

camp within the park for budget-conscious travellers.

remote and the least visited by foreign tourists. As such, the Northern Region still remains undeveloped in terms of tourism, but this situation is changing

Hidden gem

with the dramatic improvement in the region’s road

The Northern Region does contain one hidden gem

network and the opening of new hotels.

and that is Kidepo Valley National Park, arguably Uganda’s finest wildlife reserve. Located over 500

Nevertheless, the entire region has only about 20

km by road from the capital, Kidepo Valley is 1,442 sq

recognised hotels. These are spread across several

km of untamed wilderness abutting the border with

towns, but with concentrations in Gulu, the region’s

South Sudan. Its remoteness makes it comparatively

main town, and Lira, where there is now a good

difficult to visit, however. The park sees fewer than

choice of accommodation to suit different budgets

2,500 visitors a year and has limited accommodation

and requirements.

in the form of Apoka Safari Lodge and a couple of tented camps.

In fact, there are now six UHOA members in Gulu and a further five in Lira. There are also places to stay in Nebbi, Arua, Kumi, Adjumani, Kitgum and Pakwach.


Uganda hotel guide 2016-17

Northern Uganda 291 SUITES HOTEL

Odokomit, Kampala Road (2 km from Lira Town), Lira Tel: +256 (0)787 011 362 Cell: +256 (0)772 495 970 Email: 291 Suites Hotel is located at the entrance to Lira town. Room sizes vary, but each comes with an en-suite bathroom and a TV. The hotel’s on-site restaurant offers a breakfast service which guests can enjoy in the spacious outdoor dining area. The bar also serves an assortment of drinks and beverages. Guests can choose to unwind in the hotel’s main feature, its beautiful gardens.


Plot 8 Eden Road PO Box 931, Gulu Tel: +256 (0)779 945 063; 772 445 647 Email:; The Bomah Hotel Gulu is the biggest in north-eastern Uganda, set in six acres of gardens. All rooms are air conditioned with telephone, refrigerator, DSTV and in-room safe. The hotel offers spacious conference rooms with a seating capacity of about 150 to 200. There is also a well equipped health club. A swimming pool and gym are to open in the future.

Wi-Fi is available for guests throughout the hotel.


Murchison Falls National Park c/o Marasa Central Reservations Plot 96-98, 5th Street Industrial Area Kampala Tel: +256 (0)312 260 260/1 Fax: +256 (0)312 260 262 Email: Chobe Safari Lodge features 36 elegantly appointed guest rooms, 21 spacious tents, four suites and a presidential cottage. All rooms have airy outdoor balconies with magnificent sweeping views of the River Nile. The intricate four-tier swimming pool has been positioned to showcase the river. Located in Murchison Falls National Park, only three and half hours’ drive from Kampala, the lodge has recently undergone a major rebuilding and refurbishment programme. There is a state-of-the-art conference block for up to 100 guests, fully equipped for all business requirements.


Plot 16B Churchill Drive, PO Box 1235, Gulu Tel: +256 (0)471 432 245 Cell: +256 (0)777 764 409 Email: Churchill Courts Hotel is a locally owned hotel known for comfort, quality and excellent customer service. The company has grown from a family-run three-bedroom cottage into a hotel accommodating over 60 guests. Located just minutes from downtown Gulu, the hotel has the perfect balance for every traveller. Bright and spacious and in true Ugandan style, Churchill Courts’ rooms will put guests perfectly at ease. All rooms are equipped with complimentary Wi-Fi, air conditioning, clean drinking water, refrigerator, TV with local and international channels, hot shower and a mosquito net.


Police Road, Junior Quarters, Lira Tel: +256 (0)47 320 184;392 870 514 Cell: +256 (0)772 780 990; 712 640 250 Email:


Days Inn Hotel is situated along Police Road, Junior Quarters, in Lira.

Plot 20, Odaa Close PO Box 1390, Arua Tel: +256 (0)781 620 905 Cell: +256 (0)754 900 343 Email:

Each room features a comfortable double bed and an en-suite bathroom and are all fitted with a TV.

Guests can expect to enjoy a modern level of sophistication at Desert Breeze Hotel in Arua.

The hotel serves a complimentary buffet breakfast each morning. Visitors can relax with a drink at the bar, work out in the gym or unwind in the hotel’s sauna.

Located 500 metres from the post office and described as Arua’s premier hotel, the Desert Breeze is a luxury hotel offering superior accommodation in 40 self-contained spacious rooms with balconies and tower coolers. The hotel has conference halls that provide an ideal environment for meetings and workshops. For banquets, the hotel has beautiful and well kept gardens that can accommodate up to 1,000 guests. The restaurant offers a wide choice of meals and there is a well stocked bar serving cold drinks.


PO Box 84, Nebbi Tel: +256 (0)772 775 000 GAF Apartments and Entertainment Centre is superbly equipped. Located in the heart of Nebbi town, along Arua Road, amid mature and well tended gardens, these apartments are popular with both tourists and business visitors. Extremely pleasant and very comfortable, there are 16 apartments in total, each self-contained with contemporary decor.


Plot 2A, Circular Road Arua, PO Box 227571, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)476 420 170 Cell: +256 (0)711 560 124 Email: Golden Courts Hotel is a luxurious hotel located in Arua. Occupying a prime location next to the Arua Golf Course, the hotel offers comfortable accommodation and modern facilities for both business and leisure visitors. Located within a five-minute drive of the business centre, Golden Courts Hotel has a serene environment for guests wishing to relax. Accommodation includes both single and double rooms, each furnished with cable TV, telephone, air conditioning and a spacious bathroom with modern shower facilities. Guests have unlimited access to wireless internet.




Plot 1, Lakana Odongkara Road Kirombe, PO Box 680, Gulu Tel: +256 (0)471 432 204 Cell: +256 (0703 888 466 Email: info@

Murchison Falls National Park, Tangi Gate, Pakwach, PO Box 21387, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)752 890 009 Cell: +256 (0)793 890 009; 792 212618 Email:

The Golden Peace Hotel is located just outside Gulu, off the main road to Juba in South Sudan.

Accommodation varies from luxurious cottages to standard cottages and tents at Heritage Safari Lodge. The camping ground is popular with selfsufficient and budget guests.

The hotel has 28 guest rooms, each elegantly furnished with en-suite bathroom and solar water heater. Rooms come with bath and shower, TV with local and satellite channels and a study area with a reading desk and light. The 200-seat capacity bar and restaurant serves both Continental and local cuisine. The property is set in lush gardens that make an ideal venue for functions such as weddings, graduations and parties. There is also an indoor conference hall for more formal occasions. Golden Peace is a family-friendly hotel with many facilities to keep children entertained.


The cottages offer guests a 180 degree view of sunrise and the hot spring as it flows into the Nile and the Albert Nile itself, with the community in their canoes going about their daily routine. The cottages are designed to allow a flexible bedding arrangement to suit each guest’s requirements. The lodge also has a bar and restaurant and an open garden.

Uganda hotel guide 2016-17


PO Box 33, Moroto Tel: +256 (0)454 470 137; 392 943 977 Email: Hotel Leslona successfully combines culture with entertainment and tourism to create a perfect stay. Accommodation options include single and double rooms, all with a comfortable bed, electric fan, cable TV, reading desk and chair. VIP suites have all of the amenities of a standard room as well as a living room, sofa, coffee table and spacious balcony. There is also a campsite available for those who prefer the outdoors. Hotel Leslona has a conference room designed to host seminars, conferences and meetings with a sitting capacity of 200 people. Guests can enjoy a delicious meal in the newly built restaurant. There is a well stocked bar.


Ideal base for exploring northern Uganda PO Box 100 Adjumani, Plot 5 & 7 Magni Road and Plot 2 Illa Road Tel: +256 (0)755 899 041, +256 (0)780 585 699, +256 (0)755 899 021 Email: Hotel Zawadi has a tranquil setting in the heart of Adjumani town. The hotel is located within easy reach of attractions such as Amuru Hot Springs, Zoka Forest, Mount Otce and Laropi ferry. The hotel has 27 spacious

air conditioned rooms, all self-contained with modern furniture and comfortable beds to ensure a good night’s sleep, plus DSTV and free internet access. The Zawadi Restaurant offers local, international and oriental cuisine and there is a choice of two well-stocked bars. The hotel is equipped for conferences, workshops and seminars with two conference units of 150 and 80 seats capacity.

Northern Uganda HOTEL ROMA



Plot 16, Coronation Road PO Box 779, Gulu Tel: +245 (0)47 1224

PO Box 245, Inomo Road, Lira Tel. +256 (0)473 20 954/5 Email:

8-10 Erute Road, Lira Tel: +256 (0)473 20 024 Cell: +256 (0)772 594 184

The Hotel Roma provides budgetstyle accommodation in Gulu.

Lilian Towers Hotel is a popular and charming 20-room hotel located on Inomo Road.

Lira Hotel, located in downtown Lira, offers peaceful accommodation and a refreshingly personal charm.

Breakfast is included in room rates, with made-to-order omelettes and hot coffee. Some rooms have air conditioning and all come with large beds, mosquito nets and bathrooms with hot water.

The hotel is ideally located for those en route to Kidepo Valley National Park. The hotel gardens can be used at a cost by campers with their own camping equipment. Alternatively, singles, doubles, twins and suites will soon be available. Towels and sheets are clean and fresh daily.

The quality of accommodation and service is good. Those in the new section are of higher quality but are more expensive. Rooms come with en-suite facilities, good-sized beds, a mosquito net, desk, fan and chair. Breakfast is served daily. An internet café is next door and a (paid-for) wireless signal is available in the lobby of the hotel.

The restaurant serves food throughout the day. The hotel offers a shuttle bus for pick-ups as far away as Kampala/Entebbe.

The restaurant serves good food throughout the day.

Plot 5a, Kyoga Road, Lira Tel: +256 (0)473 427 770 Cell: +256 (0)782 289 101; 772 586421 Email: Located in the safe northern town of Lira, Pacific Grand offers comfortable accommodation in a central location. The property is situated on Kyoga Road, behind the post office building. The 24 guest rooms are located in the central block. All room rates are reasonably priced and include breakfast.


PO Box 29493, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 253 597 Cell: +256 (0)712 800 004 Email: Pakuba Safari Lodge is located in north west Uganda on the eastern bank of the Albert Nile. Pakuba has 46 tastefully furnished, en-suite guest rooms offering comfort, style and serenity. Of the rooms, 27 are twin sharing, 12 are double rooms and seven are inter-connecting rooms suitable for families. Guests can enjoy a variety of excursions and activities from exhilarating Safari drives to boat trips along the River Nile, ending at the foot of Murchison Falls. For the more adventurous, one can trek up to the top of the falls and marvel at the views through the mist.

Kapchorwa, Mount. Elgon Tel: +256 (0)772 646 364 Email: www. Noah’s Ark main hotel offers a wide range of accommodation to cater for various budgets, from a basic room with sharing toilet facilities to standard single and twin en-suite rooms and large executive rooms with living areas.


Tel: +256 (0)454 471 923 Cell: +256 (0)753 198 847 Email: North East Villas Country Resort in located in the north of Uganda and offers 10 rooms.

The hotel features a VIP resort consisting of luxurious full-board rooms varying in size for those looking for ultimate opulence; while the Sipi Falls cottages offer complete privacy. Guests can make the most of the various activities and attractions available close to the hotel.

On-site internet services are available in the lobby.




Plot 48, Andrea Olal Road PO Box 1372, Gulu Tel: +256 (0)784 596 519 Bookings: PO Box 24205, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)702 226 831; 701 048 112 Email: A short drive from Gulu airstrip, Palema Crown Hotel is a modern property with a reputation for class and comfort. Services include a 24-hour concierge, Wi-Fi access in public areas, currency exchange, a limousine service and a designated business area. Guest accommodation is complete with in-room entertainment systems, radio alarm clocks and high-speed internet access. There is a choice of rooms from standard deluxe to generously-sized suites. Aleng’s Restaurant serves Continental cuisine while guests can enjoy a refreshing beverage at the Garden Bar. The Lakers Conference Hall makes an ideal venue for a wide range of events such as seminars, meetings and parties.


Murchison Falls National Park c/o Marasa Central Reservations Plot 96-98, 5th Street Industrial Area Kampala Tel: +256 (0)312 260 260/1 Fax: +256 (0)312 260 262 Email: Set in a small area of landscaped gardens, the Paraa Safari Lodge is located in the Murchison Falls National Park, the largest national park in Uganda, and 325 km from Kampala. Elevated above the falls on its north side, the 54-room lodge enjoys breathtaking views. In the past, the lodge has played host to major international dignitaries and celebrities – and that heritage can still be found at the now fully restored property. There is a lounge, bar and restaurant and the lodge is renowned for its good food, tempting guests with a range of cooking styles including Continental and Asian.


Plot 7B, in senior quarters, Dokolo Road, Lira Tel: +256 (0)779 203 214; 517 Cell: +256 (0)756 333 203; 756 332 281 Email:; Pauline Hotel is located just a five minute drive away from Lira town centre. The hotel has 42 rooms, including 32 executive rooms and 10 suites which are elegantly designed to international standards. All rooms have large balconies with great views and free Wi-Fi. Pauline Hotel aims to provide maximum comfort during each stay. The house keeping staff maintain high cleanliness standards throughout the hotel.

Guests can take a boat trip to the foot of the falls or trek to the top. There are also fishing and game drives to undertake.




In particular, the region is home to the Rwenzoris – the so-called Mountains of the Moon. The Rwenzoris contain Africa’s third-highest mountain and are the continent’s highest range. The mountains are perfect

Mountain gorillas are the attraction

for hiking enthusiasts, using Fort Portal as a base, and hikers can choose from a series of well organised multi-day walks, staying at designated but basic huts along the way.

Convenient base

The Western Region is Uganda’s jewel in the

Fort Portal is also a convenient base for visits to

tourism crown. Here are the iconic games parks –

the 1,978 sq km Queen Elizabeth National Park; to

including Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga with

Kibale National Park, with Africa’s widest variety of

their habituated populations of mountain gorillas

primates; and to Semuliki National Park, with its low-

– and a range of other attractions such as the

lying tropical forest – a feature unique to East Africa.

Rwenzori Mountains and Lake Bunyonyi. For those travelling around the region, the towns of Mountain gorillas are emblematic of Uganda. With

Kabale, Kisoro, Mbarara and Kasese all offer accom-

two parks to choose from and more habituated

modation of reasonable quality and a range of good

gorillas to view than any other destination, Uganda

hotels. Kabale is ideal for Bwindi, Mgahinga and Lake

is the ‘go to’ destination for those who wish to see

Bunyonyi; Kisoro is the nearest town to Mgahinga;

these wonderful creatures in their natural habitat.

from Mbarara you can visit the hidden gem of Lake Mburo National Park; and Kasese is also a good base

Western Uganda is more than just mountain gorillas,

for Queen Elizabeth National Park.

however. It’s a region rich in wildlife – with a strong emphasis on primates – and with high mountains and

There is also a selection of camps and quality lodges

deep lakes among its natural features.

closer to the main game parks.


Western Uganda AGIP MOTEL

38-42 Mbarara-Masaka Road, PO Box 1191, Mbarara Tel: +256 (0)485 421 615 Cell: +256 (0)790 916 739 Email: The Agip Motel Mbarara is an ideal base or stopover for visitors to Western Uganda. The motel has a choice of 13 air conditioned and individually decorated executive suites with en-suite bathroom, wireless internet access and DSTV. All rooms are non-smoking. The mature gardens are ideal for camping, cocktail parties, banquets, live music, weddings and other large outdoor events. There are conference facilities for up to 50 people.


Plot 89/91, Kabale Road, Mbarara Tel: +256 (0)485 421 074 Cell: +256 (0)712 468 210 Ankole Riverline Hotel is located next to Mbarara Bridge on Kabale Road, just 10 minutes’ drive from Mbarara town. The hotel has been recently modified and decorated with beautifully designed three-star facilities including intercom and DSTV from rooms. The executive suites have modern architectural finishes, while the deluxe and twin rooms are costeffective and self-contained.


283 Kabale Road, Mbarara District Tel: +256 (0)753 884 067 Asamar is one of the newest hotels in Mbarara city, nestled along the highway towards Rwanda. The hotel has a countryside environment in which guests can expect to find hassle-free accommodation and relaxation. Asamar has superior, elegant rooms with flat-screen cable TV. The hot and cold shower rooms each have a spectacular view of the surrounding nature. Asamar is also an ideal venue for conferences, weddings, graduation parties and honeymoons.


PO Box 199, Kisoro Tel: +256 (0)392 944 180 Cell: +256 (0)756 565 665 Email: Bam Rest House is located in Kisoro, opposite Mosque Road and 700 metres from the Kabale main road. The house offers its guests luxurious accommodation and access to a range of facilities including a spacious bar, a family restaurant, a supermarket and a modern conference hall. Guests have a choice of single rooms, double rooms or spacious suites.

The restaurant serves international cuisine and there is a well stocked bar and an extensive wine list.


Ataco Country Resort offers beautifully furnished self-contained cottages set in tranquil evergreen gardens. Located 5 km from the town of Fort Portal, the resort lies within easy reach of the Rwenzori Mountains, Tooro

PO Box 710, Kabale Tel: +256 (0)793 930 006 Email: Bunyonyi Overland Resort is on the shore of Lake Bunyonyi, famous for otters and crayfish. Built ecologically using local materials, this value-for-money resort offers wonderful views including, on a clear day, Mount Muhavura. Accommodation is in selfcontained cottages and furnished tents with showers and clean toilets. Conference facilities are available. The menu includes fresh crayfish from the lake. There are opportunities for swimming, canoeing, volleyball, jet ski, birdwatching, mountain biking, fishing and indoor games.


Comfort and hospitality in a tranquil spot Nsorro-Kasusu, Plot 7, 9-11 Kikukuule Road, PO Box 495, Fort Portal, Uganda Tel: +256 382 276 221 Mob: 0382-276221, 0772-480580, 0701-897129, 0772-865739 Email: Email:


Cultural Palace, Queen Elizabeth National Park, and the Semliki hot springs. Guests can enjoy the cool atmosphere and shade of the gardens and listen to the sweet melody of the birds, as well as first-rate accommodation with hot and cold water and access to DSTV and Wi-Fi. There is a restaurant serving local and Continental meals, plus a bar. The resort has a conference hall and is an ideal venue for honeymoons.

c/o Ground Floor, Crusader House Plot 3, Portal Avenue, PO Box 26905, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 547 460 Fax: +256 (0)414 345 605 Email: Bunyonyi Safaris Resort has six uniquely designed cottages with magnificent views of Lake Bunyonyi and the surrounding scenery. The self-contained cottages can accommodate up to 12 people per night. Facilities include warm water and TV. Located next to the cottages is a 92-bed hotel complex offering 42 modern spacious self-contained rooms, with two luxury suites and deluxe single and double rooms designed for maximum comfort.




Plot 72, Kabale-Kisoro Road PO Box 272, Kabale Tel: +256 (0)200 902 965 Cell: +256 (0)392 944 996 Email:

Plot 7-9 Archer Road, PO Box 121, Kabale Cell: +256 (0)772 444 536 Email:

Capricon Executive Hotel, in the centre of Kabale, is a perfect base for exploring the Kigezi region of south-west Uganda.

All rooms come with digital multichannel TV, free internet connection, direct-dial telephone, work desk and 24-hour room service.

There are 12 fully appointed rooms, each with private veranda, DSTV, fully stocked kitchenette and fridge.

The restaurant offers the best of both local and international cuisine.

The restaurant provides everything from buffet breakfast, lunch and snacks to an à la carte menu with Ugandan and European dishes. There is a well stocked bar.

Cepha’s Inn is located in Kabale district in south-western Uganda.

Halls can handle meetings, seminars and conferences with up to 200 guests. Cepha’s Inn is a perfect place for relaxing and pampering at the property’s health club, with a swimming pool, sauna, steam bath and gym and experienced trainers.


Ideal base for wildlife tours and safaris PO Box 1974, Plot 352 Mubangizi Road – Ruharo Mbarara Tel: 0772 592569, 0701 356038, 0777 065018 Email: The Embassy Hotel is a luxurious boutique property opened in September 2011 and located on the outskirts of Mbarara within easy reach of the town centre. The hotel is designed to meet the needs of both leisure and business travellers. It has guestrooms and suites


overlooking lush landscaped gardens. Facilities include a restaurant offering a wide range of cuisine and specialising in Ugandan dishes. The Embassy Hotel is an ideal base for exploring western Uganda. It offers a choice of escorted tour packages including gorilla tours and safaris, chimpanzee tracking tours, birding safaris, cultural safaris, city tours and other wildlife adventure safaris.

Uganda hotel guide 2016-17


c/o Wildplaces Africa Plot 5, Binayomba Road, Bugolobi, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 251 182 Cell: +256 (0)772 489 497 Email: Located in southern Bwindi, Clouds enjoys breathtaking views of the forest and the Virunga volcanoes. Guests stay in cottages (five double or twin and two family cottages) built of local volcanic stone, each with large sitting room, fireplace, private veranda and en-suite bathroom. Personal butlers cater for every whim. Six of the Southern Sector gorilla families are within easy access from this award-winning lodge.


Plot 2, Lugard Road PO Box 321, Fort Portal Tel: +256(0)772 501 731 Email: Fort Motel is located next to the Toro Golf Club. With impressive views of the Mountains of the Moon, it is the perfect place to stay in Fort Portal. The motel has 17 cosy bedrooms plus four self-contained rooms in a separate house. All rooms have internet access, electronic safe, minibar and DSTV. Many complimentary facilities are provided for guests including a swimming pool, sauna and steam room as well as activities such as hiking, biking, guided tours and mountain climbing. The motel offers a range of cuisine. African, Continental or Indian dishes – or a blend of all three – can be enjoyed by the pool or in the lush gardens.



Plot 54-58 Mandela Road, Hoima Tel: +256 (0)465 440 295 Cell: +256 (0)783 160 163; 751 939 266 Email:

Fort Portal, Kabarole Tel: +256 (0)772 201 156 Cell: +256 (0)752 201 156 Email:

Crown Hotel Hoima combines excellent hospitality service with comfort. The hotel focuses on the fact that comfort and elegance need not be expensive.

Fort Fun City is a welcoming, entertainment centre for children and adults in the Western Region.

Many of the Crown’s en-suite rooms overlook a quiet courtyard, while antiques, interesting furniture and art are found throughout the hotel. The outdoor poolside café is the perfect place to sit back and take in the neighbourhood. The Crown has many of the amenities expected in a modern hotel, including cable TV, air conditioning, free local calls and complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi.

The Fun City comprises a massage parlour, outdoor gym, modern bar and restaurant, with an open kitchen for guests to see their food cooking, offering a variety of drinks and Continental food. The hotel rooms are designed to match the theme park. Accommodation varies from single rooms to twin and double size as well as family suites. Fort Fun City hosts a range of fun activities and special occasions including birthday parties, school fun days, family days out, weddings and celebrations.


19 Rwenkobe Road, PO Box 409, Hoima Tel: +256 (0)771 995 561 Cell: +256 (0)701 744 001 Glory Summit Hotel is a one-stop centre for excellent services in Western Uganda’s hospitality industry. The hotel is located in the heart of Hoima, about 750 metres from the main bus park. Glory Summit Hotel offers friendly service at an affordable rate through its dedicated and well trained team. Accommodation includes standard, double, twin and executive rooms. The hotel also has a restaurant, a bar and a conference hall.


c/o Crystal Safaris Ltd, Plot 433, Block 244, Off St. Barnabus Road, Muyenga, PO Box 9698, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 345 742 Cell: +256 (0)772 470 260 Email: Gorilla Safari Lodge is an upmarket property tucked away on the boundary of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. It is an ideal base for treks to see the critically endangered mountain gorilla. Accommodation is in 13 spacious en-suite luxury units with individual verandas and views of the rainforest. All bathrooms have hot and cold running water and flush toilets. The camp has a main lodge with a restaurant, bar and lounge plus a campfire and a spa.


Plot 2a, Circular Road, PO Box 378, Hoima Tel: +256 (0)782 929 092; 465 440 734 Email:; Hoima Resort Hotel is an attractive property located on Kijungu Hill in a quiet residential area. The hotel is only five minutes from the town centre and three hours from Entebbe International Airport via Kampala. Self-contained rooms with digital satellite TV and internet. There are three restaurants, serving local and international cuisine, and three bars. The beautiful gardens are ideal for weddings, parties and other functions for up to 2,000 guests. The hotel has a fully equipped 250 seat capacity conference hall and meeting rooms. Other facilities include swimming pool, sauna, steam, massage, gym and a modern health club.



c/o Green Hills Hotels PO Box 1060, Kampala Tel:+256 (0)312 275369 Cell: +256 (0)772 327830 Email:

Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kasese Tel: +256 (0)312 277 304 Cell: +256 (0)782 399 235 Email:

PO Box 76, Hoima Tel: +256 (0)465 40167 Fax: +256 (0)456 40313 Email:

With its spectacular location on a hill in the Queen Elizabeth National Park, this luxury lodge offers wonderful views of the park and cooling breezes from the crater lakes that surround the property.

Hoima Kolping House is a leading hotel in Hoima town offering comfortable accommodation with single and double beds.

Situated in Makanga in the Kigezi Hills, just 1 km from Kabale town centre, the Green Hills Hotel enjoys panoramic views and cool breezes in a quiet location. There is a variety of room options, with twin, executive and deluxe. These can be booked on either a half-board or a full-board basis. The hotel has two restaurants and two bars plus a swimming pool. There is also a health club with massage facilities.

Accommodation consists of 10 wood-built cottages and four brickbuilt cottages with private toilets and hot showers. Large, well furnished safari tents have en-suite facilities including hot and cold water. Guests can watch the local wildlife from the seclusion of their veranda.

Conference and banqueting facilities and a business centre are also available as well as in-house laundry and DSTV.


Plot 24, Ruhandika Street PO Box 901, Fort Portal Tel: +256 (0)483 422 222 Fax: +256 (0)483 422 222 Email: The well located and appointed Hotel Cornerstone in Fort Portal is popular with both tourists and business visitors. The hotel has 24 comfortable self-contained double and twinbedded rooms with excellent facilities. All rooms have a minibar, quality furniture and a private balcony with a panoramic view of the Rwenzori Mountains. The hotel has a guest lounge, its own restaurant and a busy sports bar. The Hotel Cornerstone is also an ideal location for large or small conferences.


Plot 5, Bananuka Drive PO Box 1228, Mbarara Tel: +256 (0)382 271 584 Email: Hotel Kash is truly a home from home. This peaceful establishment has a relaxing ambience and warm hospitality, making it a good choice for those who want to escape the bustle. The hotel has 20 pleasant deluxe single, double and twin bedded rooms, a restaurant, a spacious bar, a conference hall and a business centre. The hotel has a large balcony at the front where guests can simply sit and watch the world go by with a refreshing beverage.


The hotel has a bar and restaurant, conference and meeting facilities, all with a very unique hospitality. The spacious Bro. Max Hall can hold small and large seminars. Hoima Kolping House has a friendly ambience, making guests feel at home. The natural gardens are perfect for parties and relaxation. The hotel has a wonderful view of one of the highest hills in Hoima.


Tel: +256 (0)392 722 828; 29 Cell: +256 (0)774 380 848; 701 510 329 Email:; The Igongo Cultural Centre and Country Hotel is a leading recreational complex. The resort includes not only a spacious top-class hotel but also a traditional restaurant and one of Uganda’s best museums. Located 12 km along the MbararaMasaka highway, close to Lake Mburo National Park, the Country Hotel has 52 luxurious rooms including spacious business suites, executive rooms and classic rooms. All rooms have complimentary Wi-Fi and in-room tea and coffee services. The hotel also has conference facilities.

There is a choice of guided tours to national parks and other key attractions.



Amadinda House, Parliament Avenue, opposite Farmers house Tel: +256 (0)312 513 675 Cell: +256 (0)789 727 574 Email: Ihamba Lakeside Safari Lodge offers guests exclusive private accommodation consisting of African-styled suite with spacious living areas overlooking the magnificent Lake George. The lodge has six cottages that comprise twin and double-bed cottages plus a family cottage. Each comes with a private deck and an indoor shower. The bathrooms have big glass windows for viewing the wildlife of Lake George. Superb attention to detail and a highly personalised service make for a memorable stay at Ihamba Lakeside Safari Lodge.


Masindi, Uganda Tel: + 256 (0)392 900 900 Cell: +256 (0)712 522 622 Email: Kabalega Resort offers excellent accommodation in Western Uganda. The resort provides breakfast, lunch and dinner at affordable rates. All rooms come with en-suite bathroom, a spectacular view of the gardens, satellite TV, radio and fridge. The resort is in the process of obtaining Wi-Fi. The bedrooms come in three sizes; twin, standard (single and double) and executive The interior of each room is carefully designed with elegant furnishing to give guests total relaxation and peace of mind.


Tel: +256 (0)392 080 215 Cell: +256 (0)705 876 044; 703 886 471 Email:

Ruharo-Mbarara Road PO Box 1737, Mbarara Tel: +256 (0)772 502 978 Email:

Kalya Courts is one of Fort Portal’s most preferred hotel destinations, with excellent service and top-of-the-range hospitality.

Guests enjoy affordable luxury and comfortable accommodation at the charming Karos Country Club.

Overlooking the Tooro Kingdom Palace, the hotel is in the heart of one of Uganda’s main tourist attractions, bordered by the beautiful Rwenzori Mountain, the Crater Lakes and Tooro Palace. Rooms are luxurious, yet still affordable. Amenities include a special annex for camping, a well stocked bar with world-class wines and beers, high-speed Wi-Fi and a conference centre that can accommodate up to 300 guests.


Kibale Forest National Park, Fort Portal Tel: +256 (0)312 277 304 Cell: +256 (0)782 399 235; 775 887 258 Email:

PO Box 447, Hoima Tel: +256 (0)772 775 005, 773 304 752; 465 442 890 Email:

Kakungulu Lane, Mbarara, PO Box 8520 Tel: +256 (0)414 233 093 Cell: +256 (0)757 704 944 Email:

Located in Kanyanchu, on the way to Bigondi village, the lodge commands a view of the national park and the Rwenzori Mountains, yet blends into its surroundings, allowing guests to feel part of the natural wildness.

The KonTiki Hotel in Hoima is ideally situated for exploring Murchison Falls National Park, the Budango Forest and Lake Albert’s Kabwoya Game Reserve.

Kosiya has a wide range of rooms and apartments, all of which are elegantly presented in a unique Ugandan style.


Located close to Mbarara town in a quiet, peaceful and natural environment, Karos Country Club is the ideal getaway for anyone seeking a relaxing, stress-free atmosphere. With homely accommodation, delicious locally prepared meals and friendly professional service, Karos Country Club is a haven of peace in a rural setting. Guests can either choose to stay in one of the spacious cottages, rent an apartment or make use of the hotel’s camping facilities. Cottages are selfcontained with private bathrooms, a mini lounge and digital TV. The club has two restaurants serving an array of locally prepared meals and refreshments.


Accommodation consists of two rooms in the main building and 10 well furnished luxury cottages with private toilets and hot showers. Guests can relax and watch the local wildlife from the seclusion of their veranda.


KonTiki has 18 fully furnished cottages with 25 rooms in total. Each room has a TV and piped music. For those with their own camping equipment, the hotel provides a perfect spot for pitching a tent. Guests can enjoy the greenery of the hotel’s Victoria Gardens, good food in Gabbie’s Restaurant and the unique ambience of Amooti’s Bar.

Uganda hotel guide 2016-17


Each of the spacious apartments has a private balcony or terrace, a seating area, an en-suite bathroom and a well equipped kitchen. The hotel has a restaurant and a bar and it offers 24-hour room service.


Tel: +256 (0)775 348 723 Cell: +256 (0)772 221 003 Email: Lake Albert Safari Lodge is on the shore of Lake Albert in the Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve. Construction of the lodge began in April 2005 and it opened in September 2006. The main lodge, which has a pool and thatched cabanas, faces the lake with magnificent views of the Blue Congo Mountains to the west. The lodge has been designed and furnished with nature in mind, creating a feeling of comfort and relaxation in the African bush. Meals are prepared with fresh fruit and vegetables supplied by local farmers. With friendly staff and a home-from-home atmosphere, visitors will find the service and accommodation both enjoyable and affordable.


Kamwenge Road, PO Box 36931, Kampala Tel : +256 (0)785 726 101 Cell: +256 (0)702 839 376 Kibale Guest Cottages are private luxury cottages located on the Kamwenge road next to Kibale National Park. The 10 cottage rooms, which can accommodate a maximum of 20 people per night, are fitted to a high standard with solar-powered hot showers. Each cottage balcony offers a spectacular view of Kibale Forest, home to chimpanzees, black and white colobus monkeys and over 350 bird species. The Garden Bar provides an assortment of wines and spirits with a great ambience both during the day and at night.


Buhoma Gate, Bwindi National Park Tel: +256 (0)312 277 304 Cell: +256 (0)782 399 235; 772 504 6 21; 775 887 258 Email: Located next to Bwindi Forest Impenetrable National Park, this upmarket tented camp, originally opened in 1994, has been modernised in an African style. The camp has 20 self-contained luxury tents, all named after Ugandan bird species, with comfortable beds and furniture and bathrooms with hot and cold showers and bathtubs. Fitted with 24-hour solar power, the camp offers luxury hospitality with views of the forest and opportunities for gorilla tracking, birdwatching and nature walks.


PO Box 280, Kisoro Tel: +256 (0)782 306 973 Cell: +256 (0)785 799 766 Email: Located on the shore of Lake Mutanda, just 6 km from Kisoro town, Lake Mutanda Eco Community Centre is a community owned eco-lodge. The camp provides accommodation, camping facilities and food. It is the perfect accommodation choice for those considering mountain gorilla tracking because of its proximity to Bwindi and Mgahinga Gorilla National Parks. Several ecotourism activities can be carried out at Lake Mutanda. They include swimming, canoeing, boating, snake safaris, otter viewing and village visits.




Kampala Reservation Office Plot 194 Mobutu Road, Makindye, Kizungu Zone, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 232 657 Cell: +256 (0)772 367 972 Email:

Plot 1 Muti Road, Boma, Mbarara Tel: +256 (0)392 175 573 Cell: +256 (0)752 459 618 Email:

The Lake View Hotel, 2 km from Mbarara, is an ideal stopover between Queen Elizabeth National Park and Entebbe International Airport and close to Lake Mburo National Park. As its name suggests, the hotel overlooks a small lake. The hotel has two wings, Main and Executive. There are facilities for weddings, banquets and conferences.

This old, quiet and exclusive inn, set in a lush tropical garden, is one of the premier boutique hotels in Mbarara town. The hotel is within walking distance of the golf course, the university and the city centre, making it an ideal stopover for travellers to and from the national parks in the western and southern regions of Uganda. The spacious rooms all feature high ceilings and command fine views of Mbarara town, the rolling hills or the hotel courtyard.


Lake Mburo National Park Tel: +256 (0)414 577 997 Cell: +256 (0)752 433 743 Email:

PO Box 286 Bushenyi Tel: +256 (0)392 944 896 Cell: +256 (0)772 472 019 Email:

Mburo Safari Lodge is an eco-friendly luxury lodge in Lake Mburo National Park.

Meridian Hotel is a newly built hotel in Bushenyi town, 300 km from Kampala city.

Guests can relax in one of the luxurious cottages, all raised on a wooden platform and covered by a grass-thatched roof. All cottages have a private balcony with a fine view and opportunities to see the wildlife of Lake Mburo.

The hotel has 50 rooms and is surrounded by lush greenery that is characteristic of Western Uganda.

The luxury cottages are spacious, comfortable and equipped with a clean private bathroom with hot shower and flushing toilet. Comfortable king-sized beds with mosquito nets will make sure guests have a perfect night.

Little Woods Inn is conveniently located in the central area of Mbarara town within walking distance of most major attractions, festivals and events.

Visitor have the opportunity to view great crater lakes of Bunyaruguru (20 km from Bushenyi town) and the hot springs at Kitagata. The hotel’s rooms are spacious and affordable. The restaurant serves a variety of dishes and there is a conference centre with seating for 120 to 200 delegates.


Lake Mburo National Park Tel: +256 (0)752 410 509 Email: Mihingo is a luxurious, family-owned lodge in a magical setting next to Lake Mburo National Park. Perched high on a rocky kopje, the lodge and its 12 tented rooms have spectacular views over a vast savannah landscape. Designed to blend in with its fragile surroundings, this environmentally friendly lodge offers comfort, relaxation and the experience of being at one with nature.


Munyanga River, Bwindi Tel: (0)414 346 667/8/9 Tel (UK office): +44 (0)2087 360 713 Cell: +256 (0)781 844 354 Email: Mahogany Springs offers privacy and serenity blended with optimum comfort in a spectacular setting. With some of the most luxurious accommodation in East Africa, it guarantees a guest experience beyond compare. Visitors can stay in luxury while tracking the amazing mountain gorillas. The hotel’s superior and presidential suites can be twin, double or triple size. These suites are spacious with large double doors and beautiful windows. Each suite has its own private terrace with panoramic views. All suites come with en-suite bathroom featuring a beautifully designed open terracotta shower.


PO Box 63, Masindi Tel: +256 (0)465 420 458 Cell: +256 (0)782 394 992 Email: Masindi Kolping Hotel offers firstrate accommodation in the form of cottages. The hotel has 50 beds in 26 guest rooms, all self-contained with hot and cold shower. Rooms also have king-sized beds, wireless internet, a separate shower and bath, a balcony and outdoor furniture, 24-hour room service, hairdryer, telephone, minibar, satellite TV and on-demand movies. The hotel has a small but well stocked bar, while the restaurant serves delicious meals.


One of Fort Portal’s signature hotels Plot 4, Nyaika Avenue, Fort Portal Tel: +256 (0)775 557 840; 752 557 840

An infinity pool overlooks the valley below, where buffalo, impala, warthog, bushbuck and zebra can be seen at the waterhole.

Mountains of the Moon Hotel & Resort is one of Fort Portal’s signature hotels, set in 15 acres of landscaped gardens with fine views of the Rwenzori Mountains that inspired its name.

Mihingo is one of only lodges in Uganda to offer daytime and overnight horse safaris into the national park.

The hotel is a unique blend of oriental and French chic styles where guests instantly feel relaxed and welcome. Located within walking

distance of Fort Portal town and its many visitor attractions, the hotel is also an ideal base for exploring the crater lakes, Kibale Forest and Semliki Wildlife Reserve as well as for chimp trekking and other safari tours. For business travellers, the hotel has modern facilities on a par with international venues worldwide. With its calm and tranquil atmosphere, Mountains of the Moon Hotel & Resort is a perfect choice for travellers to Western Uganda.


Western Uganda OXFORD INN

Plot 12, Bananuka Drive PO Box 303, Mbarara Tel: +256 (0)382 271 737 Cell: +256 (0)702 026 679 Email: The Oxford Inn is located behind the main post office in the centre of Mbarara, a large university town in Western Uganda. The property is on Bananuka Drive, where the town’s two major nightclubs are also located. The hotel has 40 spacious rooms, all self-contained. Modern furniture, warm colours and comfortable beds ensure a relaxed atmosphere and a good night’s sleep. Rooms consist of singles, doubles, deluxe standard, deluxe executive and suites. All rates include breakfast. The restaurant offers excellent service and has a cosy, intimate ambience. All food is freshly prepared using best quality ingredients.



Plot 5, Block 37, PO Box 40327, Mitooma, Bushenyi Tel: +256 (0)414 693 762 Cell: +256 (0)703 489 821;701 296 215 Email:

Mutungo Hill, Plot 1001 block 243, Biina Road PO Box 33024, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 267 153 Cell: +256 (0)701 426 368 Email:

Located between Bushenyi District, Rukungiri District and Kasese District, the Peak Hotel prides itself on its magical views of the Ruwenzori Mountains.

Primate Lodge Kibale comprises eight safari tents on wooden platforms and recently renovated cottages. Each tent or cottage is decorated in African style, with twin beds, large windows and en-suite bathroom.

The standard single and double rooms are decorated with a simple and homely atmosphere in mind, offering views of the picturesque Lake George and Lake Edward. The Peak Hotel’s business centre offers all the business support services that guests would expect and more.


Ruhija Community Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Kabale 00256 Tel: +256 (0)414 503 065 Email:

Riviera offers good accommodation in self-contained single, double and deluxe rooms and cottages.

Set in wonderful forest scenery, Ruhija Gorilla Lodge provides an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity.

The restaurant’s 24-hour restaurant and bar serves a range of cuisine, including Ugandan, African, Indian and Oriental, as well as soft drinks, wines and beers. The four conference halls have capacities varying from 30 to 1,000 people, while the gardens make a perfect wedding venue.


For the adventurous, there is the Sky Tree House, 10 to 15 minutes’ walk from the main lodge and overlooking an elephant wallow. The Tree House contains a simple bedroom and basic washing/toilet facilities at the foot of the tree. There is also a well maintained campsite with shared washing facilities available for backpackers who want to bring their own tent.


Plot 4, Malibo-Nyakabwa Road Fort Portal Tel: +256 (0)483 422 562 Fax: +256 (0)483 422 562 Email: The Raja Excelsior Hotel is in the central part of Fort Portal. It has 18 guest rooms located on two floors. All rooms come with private bathroom, telephone, TV and balcony. The hotel has a dining room and a well stocked bar. Continental breakfast is available. Other facilities include room service, ironing and laundry services and a wake-up call service.

The dining room serves local and international meals. A well stocked bar provides fresh coffee, cold beers and other drinks.

Kampala Road, PO Box 157, Hoima Tel: +256 (0)362 274 113 Cell: +256 (0)772 438 275; 772 425 231 Email:;

Each room has free internet services, intercom for room service, hot and cold water and digital TV.


The lodge has been designed to blend with the natural environment and it offers real Ugandan luxury and hospitality. All cottages are equipped with comfortable beds and furniture to maximise the comfort of guests. Bathrooms come with hot and cold water. The restaurant offers fine cuisine using fresh local produce. The bar is the perfect place to relax after a day of gorilla tracking.

Uganda hotel guide 2016-17



Rwanyakashesha Hill, Rukungiri Town Tel: +256 (0)485 421 615 Email:

Kampala / Mbarara main road Tel: +256 (0)755 211 771 Email:

Rukungiri Inn is the sister property to Agip Motel. The hotel is nestled on Rwanyakasheesha Hill, below Radio Rukungiri Studios, overlooking the scenic valley town and providing world-class views.

Set on a massive granite outcrop, just beside Lake Mburo National Park, the accommodation at Rwakobo comprises thatched cottages with solar lights, flushing toilets, solar-heated showers and filtered drinking water.

Rukungiri Inn provides affordable accommodation. Having opened in 2007, the nine-roomed resort has a restaurant, bar and gardens for all types of functions. All rooms are self-contained with satellite TV and internal telephone.

The rooms are dotted around the hill, taking advantage of rocky ledges and private corners. The cottages celebrate the natural lines of the surrounding wilderness. They also provide guests with real comfort and luxury at affordable rates. The owners of Rwakobo Rock are dedicated to supporting the Lake Mburo ecosystem. Environmentally friendly technology such as rain water catchment, solar power, solar water heaters and solar refrigeration are all used to ensure responsible tourism.


Fort Portal Tel: +256 (0)776 477 577 Email: Ridge Hotel is a newly finished hotel located in Fort Portal. It has 23 luxurious and comfortable guest rooms with individual balconies overlooking the beautiful snow peaks of the Rwenzori Mountains. The hotel is within walking distance of the town centre and about 5 km west of the Tooro Kingdom Palace. It is an ideal choice for guests who want a relaxing stay and a central point from which to explore the treasures of Fort Portal. The hotel has a conference hall that can seat 100 people and a bar with a large outdoor sitting area as well as a kitchen and restrooms. The large, beautiful gardens of Ridge Hotel are suitable for outdoor events such as weddings and parties.


Plot 1/3, Mbogo Road PO Box 280, Kasese Tel: +256 (0)483 444 148 Cell: +256 (0)782 282 008 Fax: +256 483 444 147 Email: The 36-room Rwenzori International Hotel is in the Kasese suburb of Kamaiba, just three minutes’ drive from Kasese Airstrip and from the town centre. It lies in the foothills of the Mountains of the Moon range. There is a spacious lounge with a residents’ bar. Two of the lounge’s three balconies overlook Queen Elizabeth National Park. A seminar hall is well equipped with tables, chairs and flip charts and can accommodate between 20 and 150 people. Recreational facilities include a concrete tennis court, grass badminton court, sauna and gym. For campers, there is a large grassed area at the rear of the hotel with an adjacent ablution block.


Plot 16, Kyebambe Rd PO Box 736, Fort Portal Tel +256 (0)483 422 075 Cell: +256 (0)712 400 570, 774 504 020 Rwenzori Travellers Inn is popular with visitors to Fort Portal, providing both comfort and a quality service. The property is centrally located in Fort Portal close to transport services and tourist shopping facilities. The hotel provides secure parking for visitors with the inn’s own vehicles and its trained staff are welcoming and helpful. Rwenzori Travellers Inn has its own walk-through mall where internet facilities are available and there are tourist shops selling locally made souvenirs and curios. The inn also has conference facilities.


c/o Wildplaces Africa Plot 5, Binayomba Road, Bugolobi, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 251 182 Cell: +256 (0)772 489 497 Email: Surrounded by forest on one side, savannah on the other and Lake Albert in the near distance, Semliki Safari Lodge is a place unlike any other. Semliki Wildlife Reserve is secluded and intimate, providing a home for chimpanzees, colobus and forest and savannah elephants. The golden-hued tents with en-suite bathrooms and private verandas provide accommodation for a maximum of 18 guests, assuring excellent service and an unforgettable experience.


Lyantonde on the MasakaMbarara highway Tel: +256 (0)772 405 794;772 487 559 Email: The Sky Blue Hotel in Kabale has 19 rooms and is popular with backpackers. Offering budget accommodation with warm and friendly service, the hotel is impeccably clean and serves a range of tasty local meals in the restaurant. It is an ideal base from which to visit the nearby Mgahinga National Park, which is Uganda’s smallest park, covering just 38 sq km and one of only two locations in which to view the critically endangered mountain gorilla. The Sky Blue Hotel is associated with the Kisoro Tourist Hotel Group.



PO Box 91, Mbarara Tel : +256 (0)485 421 173 Cell: +256 (0)782 915 164 Email: Rwizi Arch Hotel is a private luxury hotel on the outskirts of Mbarara town – an ideal stopover for adventurous travellers who would like to explore some of Uganda’s national parks. The hotel is lat the junction of Fort Portal and Kabale Road, about 6 km from Mbarara. It offers a range of services with a touch of class and elegance, from accommodation to conference halls. There is a bar and pleasant gardens. There is a choice of single, double, twin and executive rooms, suites and bridal suites, all individually decorated in a mix of Oriental, African and French styles. All rooms come with telephone, DSTV and refrigerator.

Reservations office at Afri Tours & Travel Ltd. 1 Kafu Road, Poolside Fairway Hotel, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 233 596 Sambiya River Lodge is located in the southern sector of Murchison Falls National Park. The ecolodge is just 20 minutes from the top of Murchison Falls, one of Uganda’s leading visitor attractions. The ecolodge is made up of 20 thatched cottages with either one or two bedrooms. Each of the 26 bedrooms has its own bathroom facilities and a veranda with views over the national park. There is also thatched banda accommodation with a shared ablutions block. A swimming pool is available for guests to relax alongside or enjoy a cooling swim after a hot and dusty game drive.


Plot 4, Tayali Close, PO Box 489, Hoima Tel: +256 (0)392 614 966 Email:

Makanga Hill Top, Kabale Tel: +256(0)772 444 921

Trisek Hotel is located in a quiet environment in Hoima District, Western Uganda. It’s the perfect place to take a break from the bustle of a busy town or city.

White Horse Inn is located on Makanga Hill, in the centre of Kabale town, just off the main road to Kisoro district.

This is a new hotel that opened in August 2011 with just 10 guest rooms and 14 villas in Uganda’s oil town of Hoima.


The White Horse Inn has 39 standard rooms, one suite and one presidential suite. The standard rooms come in the form of cottages, seven of which are interconnected and convertible to semi-suites. All rooms are self-contained with satellite TV and 24-hour telephone access to the reception for anything from an extra blanket to a midnight snack.

PLEASE NOTE: Information about the following properties was not available at the time of going to print: Wagga Resort, Mbarara Hotel Victory Bijja, Masindi Enjojo Lodge, Queen Elizabeth NP Rosalines Suites, Hoima Miika Eco Resort, Fort Portal Baboon Safari Resort, Kyambura The Crested Crane, Bwindi

The relaxing hotel bar is fully stocked with a variety of local and foreign drinks. In the cosy dining hall, a fine menu awaits. Over the years the hotel has built a reputation for offering some of the finest cuisine in the region.




Uganda hotel guide 2016-17

Pecold /


Less visited region has its own natural wonders The Eastern Region covers about a quarter of

Aside from Mbale, the Eastern Region towns of

Uganda and stretches right up to the border with

Jinja (see separate story), Busia, Iganga, Tororo and


Pallisa all offer good standard accommodation. There are over 40 UHOA members in the Eastern

In contrast with Uganda’s Western Region, this area

Region, the vast majority of which are located in

is much less visited by foreign tourists. Yet the region

these six towns.

has important natural attractions of its own. The beautiful 1,279 sq km Mount Elgon National Park and Sipi Falls, located on the edge of the park, are the best known of these.

Transport There are no international airports in Eastern Uganda and no domestic scheduled flights operating to and

Mbale is the recognised gateway for both the

from Entebbe. It is possible to fly into Soroti on a

national park and the falls and the town has an excel-

charter, but otherwise the only way into and out of

lent range of high-quality properties including the

the region is by road. There are daily bus services

delightfully refurbished Mount Elgon Hotel, the Mbale

from Kampala to Mbale and elsewhere. Otherwise,

Resort Hotel and Wash & Wills Country Home as well

tour operators will arrange transport.

as more budget-priced properties such as the Casa del Turista guest house.


Eastern Uganda AKELLO 100 HOTEL


Plot 25/26 Moroto Road PO Box 509, Soroti Tel: +256 (0)776 995 501 Cell: +256 (0)759 995 501 Email:;

Kidepo Valley National Park c/o Wildplaces Africa Plot 5, Binayomba Road, Bugolobi, Kampala Tel: +256 (0)414 251 182 Cell: +256 (0)772 489 497 Email:

Akello Hotel is a stylish and exceptional luxury establishment conveniently located in a quiet environment just 3 km from the town of Soroti.

Kidepo perfectly epitomises authentic Africa with its jagged hills, golden grasses and the best wildlife viewing in Uganda.

Situated along Moroto Road in Eastern Uganda, this magnificent hotel offers executive accommodation with air conditioning, digital TV, conference facilities, a restaurant and bar as well as outside catering, gardens for parties, car hire and laundry services.

There is an endless and breathtaking view from the private Apoka balconies of the 10 large rooms, which feature en-suite bathrooms and large hand- beds. The pool is carved in a rock overlooking the savannah and the waterhole is regularly visited by elephant, giraffe and zebra.


Mbale Tel: +256 (0)454 660 068 Fax: +256 (0)712 555 404 Cell: +256 (0)712 257 237 Email: Bekasa Hotel has 56 rooms and lies in the Mbale district of Uganda, about 190 km north-east of Kampala. The main town in the district is Mbale, which has a limited nightlife and is home to the Islamic University in Uganda. The local population of about 54,000 includes members of the Gishu ethnic group, mainly the Bamasaaba and Bagisu.


PO Box 462 Mbale Tel: +256 (0)702 204 727 Cell: +256 (0)788 575 503; 772 485 605 Accommodation at Crown Suites Hotel consists of standard single rooms, classic rooms, deluxe rooms and Executive, Chic and Oasis suites. All rooms are newly refurbished, offering a comfortable environment in which to relax, whether one is travelling on business or for pleasure. The hotel’s Topaz Cafe Brasserie restaurant serves authentic Chinese and Indian cuisine.


+256 712 212122 256 Iganga Conferences or meetings can be hosted at Fort Lugard, Iganga, which has a choice of beautifully decorated spacious rooms in various layouts with all conference facilities. Accommodation is available, along with refreshments, a cocktail bar, a swimming pool and fine dining. The swimming pool is accessible, clean, well maintained and reasonably priced.

Guests may be as far away from a city as they’ve ever been, but they won’t miss a thing.




Plot 92, Jinja Road PO Box 36560, Busia Tel: +256 (0)751 087 203 Cell: +256 (0)772 434 709; 703 499 505 Email:

Plot 43, Bumboi Road Busamaga, Wanale Division PO Box 557, Mbale Tel: +256 (0)774 870 559 Email:

Plot 45 Masaba Road, Mbale Tel: +256 (0)392 176 497 Cell: +256 (0)772 440 307; 789 543 316 Email:

Hotel Busia is located only 1 km from the Uganda-Kenya border.

Hotel RestVille is located in Mbale District in a cool, green pasture environment on the edge of the Wanale Mountain Ranges, which can be seen from the hotel gardens.

Kayegi Hotel is one of Uganda’s premier luxury hotels, situated four hours’ drive from Kampala city and five minutes from Mbale town.

The hotel prides itself on offering comfort and relaxed accommodation for business and leisure travellers. Facilities include a restaurant and bar, 20 self-contained rooms, conference facilities, internet and shuttle bus. The staff are friendly and always ready to help wherever possible. The Busitema Forest, only 10 km from the hotel, is perfect for wildlife viewing. More adventurous trips to Mount Elgon National Park can be arranged on request.

The hotel is set in a homely environment with spacious, comfortable, clean rooms flooded with natural light. Guests can access Wi-Fi and watch their favourite entertainment channels. Room amenities include telephone, DSTV and GTV, oversized towels and soft duvets. The conference hall conforms with ICT standards and is fully equipped with an LCD projector with giant screen, TV, flip chart, VCR and VCD/ DVD player so that users can make their presentations with ease.

The hotel has become a leader in providing quality services with top-class conference facilities, luxurious rooms, excellent wedding reception facilities, a spacious restaurant and lounges. Kayegi Hotel offers a wide choice of tasty dishes ranging from Oriental to Western. The hotel also has digital TV and Wi-Fi.


PO Box 329, Mbale Tel: +256 (0)392 941 652 Cell: +256 (0)782 316 729 Kayira Complex Hotel is a landmark in the north-west of Mbale main town with a reputation for friendliness, informality and hospitality. In addition to its comfortable accommodation, the hotel offers a range of dining facilities, serving an extensive à la carte menu as well as an upmarket carvery buffet and the best of African cuisine. The hotel has its own distinct atmosphere, with charming and friendly staff at hand. The 42 guest rooms range from studio rooms to one-bedroom or two-bedroom units. Kayira Complex has a well equipped conference centre with seating for up to 40 delegates.


PO Box 1621, Mbale Tel: +256 454 434 485 Email: The Mbale Resort Hotel is on the outskirts of Mbale, 190 km north-east of Kampala. It is one of Eastern Uganda’s most stylish hotels and a lively venue at weekends. The resort has tastefully decorated and newly refurbished en-suite bedrooms, each with direct-dial telephone and DSTV. There is a choice of standard, deluxe and superior rooms. There are two modern conference rooms catering for board meetings, workshops and conferences of up to 80 people. There are plans to expand the facilities. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in Kobs Restaurant, which has a light, contemporary yet friendly ambience. A speciality is flambé dishes cooked next to your table. An à la carte snack menu and a high tea menu are available.



30 Masaba Road, Mbale Tel: +256 (0)454 433 454 Email: The Mount Elgon Hotel dates from the 1950s and is located just 1.5 km from Mbale town centre. This peaceful and tranquil hotel is a luxurious choice for travellers. The hotel has 30 well appointed rooms designed with simplicity in mind. All rooms have a sitting area, writing desk, DSTV and telephone. Executive, Superior and Plus rooms also have air conditioning and some have a private balcony. From local dishes to pizzas and pastas, food is prepared with market-fresh ingredients and served in the MEH Restaurant. For banquets and parties, the hotel can cater for up to 300 guests. With seven meeting rooms, the hotel is also ideal as a company retreat, a workshop or a general assembly.


PO Box 207, Iganga Tel: +256 (0)332 277 379 Cell: +256 (0)772 451 576 Email: Located in Eastern Uganda about 30 minutes from Jinja, Mum is the hotel to visit to get a well deserved rest. Accommodation is in 43 rooms comprising 34 deluxe rooms, seven twin rooms and two presidential suites with steam bath. All rooms have individual en-suite bathroom, controlled air conditioning, fridges, tables with reading lights, satellite TV, room telephone and free wireless internet.


Plot 57/58, 9th Street, Tororo Road, Iganga Town, PO Box 569 Tel: +256 (0) 434 242 595 Cell: +256 (0)712 214 895; 772 454 252 The Mwana Highway Hotel is located in Iganga. The hotel comprises 20 beautifully appointed and individually designed rooms with air conditioning, DSTV, desk, free internet, direct-dial telephone, top-quality soft furnishings, minibar and veranda. The hotel’s restaurant offers a chance to taste a variety of Asian and Continental dishes. After a full day of working or sightseeing, there is a fitness centre, outdoor pool, jogging track or massage. For conferences and weddings there are 10 multipurpose function rooms and a grand ballroom.


Plot 70, Osukuru Road PO Box 293, Tororo Tel: +256 (0)392 768 536 Cell: +256 (0)772 768 535; 702 768 536/7 Email: Located in Tororo, about 250 km from Kampala, the Rock Classic Hotel is a three-star property on the Uganda-Kenya border. Each of the 100 guest rooms is self-contained. There are four types of rooms: standard twin, executive double, mini-suites/ family rooms and deluxe suites. All rooms are air conditioned with intercom and DSTV (over 40 channels and internet facilities). The restaurant offers buffet-style meals featuring both Continental and local cuisine. The hotel has two swimming pools, one of which is a children’s pool. There are five conference halls (with a capacity of 50 to 300 guests). Other services include a sauna, steam bath, health club and a gym. There is a hotel annexe in Kampala.




Plot M45, Nakhupa Road PO Box 2607, Mbale Tel +256 (0)352 276 063, 454 433 090 Cell: +256 (0)772 494 968 Email:

Plot 9, Bazaar Street PO Box 848, Tororo Tel: +256 (0)454 660 212 Cell: +256 (0)752 677 720 Email:

Plot 37, Mbiro Road PO Box 1327, Mbale Tel: +256 (0)772 518 675 Cell: +256 (0)773 237 138; 706 037 138

The Sunrise Inn is a warm and friendly hotel located on the border of Uganda and Kenya in the densely populated district of Mbale. Just 2 km from Mbale town centre in the executive Senior Quarters, Sunrise Inn attracts businessmen and tourists. All rooms are fully furnished and include en-suite bath/shower facilities. Satellite television, telephone and a fan. Room rates are inclusive of a satisfying breakfast, whilst regular/long stay guests are given incentive discounts. Conference facilities are available and the quiet atmosphere is ideal for holding seminars and meetings.

Town Lodge Tororo was established in 2005 by a group of private investors. The hotel’s rooms are spacious, opulent, well-furnished and equipped with the corporate client in mind. Each room has intercom, satellite DSTV, laundry services, warm water baths and internet facilities. The lodge’s modern restaurant offers a wide variety of African, continental, Indian and European cuisine. While the conference hall has a maximum capacity of 150 participants.

Meals are served in the restaurant, on the terrace or in fine weather in the landscaped garden.


Uganda hotel guide 2016-17

The budget-priced Wash & Wills Hotel is conveniently located on Mbiro Road in Mbale, the gateway to Mount Elgon National Park. The hotel offers 30 self-contained rooms, all with DSTV. There is a restaurant and bar and all room rates include breakfast. Safe and secure parking is available and the hotel’s gardens provide a pleasant place in which to relax.


Plot 14-16, Serere Road, Soroti Tel: +256 (0)4 561 269 Cell: +256 (0)772 408 304 Email: Soroti Hotel is strategically located in the town of Soroti. It covers very sparse land with magnificent views and gardens which offer a calm and relaxing atmosphere. The hotel caters for corporate and private functions and has spacious facilities in which to do this. There are 70 executive air conditioned rooms, three of which are presidential suites. All rooms guarantee comfortable accommodation complete with DSTV and telephone and internet facilities. The hotel restaurant offers a variety of meals to suit different tastes.


HOTEL GUIDE 2016–17 Hotels, Camps and Lodges

Uganda Hotel Owners’ Association (UHOA) BMK House, 3rd Floor, Suite No.5C Plot 4-5 Nyabong Road, Wampewo Avenue P.O.Box 33772, Kampala, Uganda Email: Email: Phone: +256 (0) 414 345601 Fax: (692) 625 6771 Mobile: +256 (0) 750 578580

Uganda Hotel Guide 2016-17 - Hotels, Camps and Lodges  

A complete destination guide for Uganda on behalf of the Uganda Hotel Owner's Association (UHOA). Showcasing the best hotels, camps and lodg...

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