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Issue 98, April - June 2020



The Kenyan-born turntablist on showcasing the sounds of Africa and never giving up

4 NEWS Paa Royal latest and Coronavirus update


We take a closer look at the project turning marginalised young women into artisans



Designer Cecily Cracroft-Eley has found hope for the future of the fashion industry in Uganda


Women-friendly tech hubs are spearheading the advancement of digital literacy in Tanzania


Mother’s Day gift ideas

27 COMPETITION Win one of Phoebe Ouma’s beautiful prints 22 TECH Noise-cancelling headphones




The Dar artist on the courage required to be herself in writing, film and fashion

The Golden Nugget


Getting to the top of Kilimanjaro by wheelchair


Could Tanzanian tribe hold the key to sedentary office workers' health?



Birdies and plenty more wildlife on offer at stunning golf resort in Arusha Paa Tanzania

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Cover picture of: Cecily Cracroft-Eley

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Latest from Tanzania’s leading airline

Protecting the health of our passengers The global spread of the coronavirus Covid-19 has had an effect on every facet of our daily lives and that includes air travel. During these uncertain times, Precision Air is doing everything in its power to protect the health of its valued passengers and to assist them in their upcoming travel plans.

Enhanced cleaning protocol across all our fleet The protection of passengers’ health is priority number one for us. You are why we fly. We are proud to make sure we maintain hygiene when you travel with us to different places inside and abroad, but in light of the Covid-19 outbreak we

have stepped up procedures. We are following World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines to clean and sanitise all our aircraft thoroughly and completely. We have enhanced the disinfection process of all surfaces on our aircraft, including seats, tray tables, windows screens, overhead compartments and toilets.

No charge to change bookings Since the outbreak of the coronavirus Covid-19 we have been observing the situation keenly and are doing everything possible to assist you with your upcoming travel plans. In light of this, Precision Air is waiving ticket change fees so you can book travel with us in


Paa Tanzania

confidence, knowing you have the flexibility to change your plans. Customers now have the option to change their ticket 48 hours prior to departure to a rearranged date. They can cancel their existing flight itineraries, retain the value of their tickets and rebook their travel at a later date, when they are able to firm up their new travel plans. The rebooking comes with no change fees as long as it is completed by June 30 and the rearranged flight occurs by March 30 2021 in the same booking class. A maximum of two changes are permitted free of charge. Normal penalties will be applicable on refunds. For queries, email pw-contactcentre@ precisionairtz.com Precision Air reserves the right to withdraw or revise the conditions with notice.

What you can do How to protect yourself and others by following the World Health Organization guidelines

Wash your hands frequently Regularly and thoroughly clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water to kill any viruses.

Maintain social distancing Maintain at least one metre (3 feet) distance between yourself and anyone who is coughing or sneezing. When someone coughs or sneezes they spray small liquid droplets from their nose or mouth which may contain virus. If you are too close, you can breathe in the droplets.

Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth Hands touch many surfaces and can pick up viruses. Once contaminated, hands can transfer the virus to your eyes, nose or mouth.

Practise respiratory hygiene Make sure you, and the people around you, follow good respiratory hygiene. This means covering your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze. Then dispose of the used tissue immediately.

If you have fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical care early Stay home if you feel unwell. If you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical attention and call in advance. Follow the directions of your local health authority. (Source: WHO)

'It's a homecoming': new flights to Mbeya Precision Air is relaunching its operations to the Songwe and Mbeya regions through Songwe Airport as part of our continued efforts to ensure that Tanzanians are reliably connected across the country. The city of Mbeya and the surrounding Mbeya Region are popular destinations for business travellers thanks to their trade links with Zambia and are also the gateway for tourists to the picturesque southern highlands of Tanzania. From April there will be daily flights to Songwe departing at 9.40 am from Dar es Salaam and arriving in Mbeya at 11.30 am. The return leg departs Mbeya at 12 pm arriving in Dar es Salaam at 1.50 pm. Precision Air’s marketing and corporate communications manager Hillary Mremi said: “We were excited to reopen this route as pioneers back in 2014. The return of the flights feels like a homecoming for us.”

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Paa Profile

Images courtsey of: Diamond Platnumz

Diamond Platnumz

blow your brains out. Check them out! Q. What is it about bongo flava that speaks to you? A. It’s bongo flava – hip hop music

Nasibu Abdul Juma, popularly known by his stage name, Diamond Platnumz, is one of Africa’s most successful and influential music artists. Here, the bongo flava star talks about why his mother is his biggest fan and his Tandale upbringing.

infused with Afrobeat and traditional Tanzania styles such as taarab and dansi. This combination makes for a unique style of music. Q. Where would you pick for the ideal location for a first date in Tanzania? A. Big question! Tanzania has loads of amazing places to go on your first date – beaches, arts and culture cities, history reserves or even go for an all-outdoor experience. I might go on

Q. It seems you have always been

engaged in casual jobs like selling

my first date up the highest mountain

very popular with the ladies. How

second-hand clothes, being a filling

or the islands, depending on my

do you get on with your exes?

station attendant and a freelance

mood. Lol!

A. They all think I use them and dump

photographer, using a camera which

them! My song ‘Nenda Kamwambie’

wasn’t even mine.

is actually based on true happenings.

Q. What keeps you awake at night? A. Work, music and thoughts of being

Sad to say, but I went to the extent

Kamwambie was a story of my life. I

of secretly selling my mother’s gold ring

had one girl called Sarah. She was a

to pay for my first-ever studio session. I

smart, beautiful woman, but at that

am the boy from Tandale.

successful. Q. You recently collaborated with Ghana’s Stonebwoy and have

time I had nothing in my pocket. I loved her very much and I told her

Q. The album features collaboration

worked with Nigerian acts Davido

“You know I will be a star”, but she left

with a number of US rhythm and

and Wale. Is it important to you to

me when times weren’t favourable and

blues stars such as Ne-Yo and Rick

bring East and West Africa together?

I had nothing.

Ross. How are you dealing with your

A. Yes, very important. It’s part of

fame going worldwide?

the journey and we need to win by

Q. Your latest album is called ‘The

A. I am entertaining Tanzanians, while I

sharing love with our brothers and

Boy From Tandale’. How important

make history living my dream.

sisters who are not from Tandale,

was your upbringing in this part of


Dar es Salaam to the man we see

Q. When you’re out of the country


on tour, what do you miss about

A. My mother was my biggest fan. She


took me out to the talent shows and

A. I miss home all the time. Bongo

sung the lyrics that I wrote growing up.

music plays best in Tanzania, then East

My grandmother, mother and myself

Africa, then the rest of the world.

had to share a single room because we rented the other rooms so that we

Q. What artist on your record label

could keep up with our bills. The road

Wasafi Classic Baby should we be

to make it as an artist has not been

looking out for?

an easy one, I must confess. I have

A. They are all doing good and will


Paa Tanzania


Diamond Platnumz misses Tanzania when he is away on tour

The wish list

Mother’s Day gift ideas Sunday, 10 May, is Mother’s Day in Tanzania. We have collected some gift ideas – all of which can be shipped globally – to show your mama what she means to you.

PERSONALISED MIXED SWEET TREE prezzybox.com This tree of sweets has a glass vase base full of chocolates and your mum’s favourite sweets on the branches. You can also further personalise it with a Mother’s Day message.

US$ 36

INSECT MANDALA WHITE thecuriousdepartment.com


A luxurious and shimmering velvet cushions filled with duck feathers.

This fake leather and suede wash bag is perfect for storing your mum’s toiletries and makeup, ideal for travelling.

US$ 122

US$ 25

SOPHIE ALLPORT ZEBRA SLEEP MASK sophieallport.com Every purchase of these blackout eye masks contributes to the zebrasupporting work of the Zoological Society of London.

PROVENCE CANDLE petitsrituels.com

US$ 25

A luxurious A calming and healing aromatherapy candle made with essential lavender, rose and ylang ylang oils and 100 per cent natural waxes.


US$ 46

This velvet cushion cover will bring a dash of colour to your mother’s sofa.

US$ 46

MUM’S GIFT BOX postboxed.co.uk


A selection of gifts to make your mum feel truly special and all packaged in a letterbox-friendly box.

This beautiful 192-page pink notebook is the perfect gift for any stationery lover.

US$ 40

US$ 22 www.precisionairtz.com


Kenya DJ Fully Focused

‘No-one owes you anything. You have to make it happen’ Kenyan DJ Fully Focus has become one of the most sought-after turntablists in the world, renowned for his electric stage presence and eclectic set lists drawing on the latest releases from Africa as well as his adopted US home. Here the self-taught DJ – born Michael Ndung’u in Nairobi – reveals the hustle required to break into the big time, the goal-driven mindset that inspired his DJ name and why the radio host, mixtape specialist and entrepreneur is spending so much time in the Kenyan capital again.

Q. You were just 15 when you left

Chaka to Earth, Wind & Fire. I got

too ahead of themselves too soon and

Nairobi for Kentucky in the US, yet

exposed to everything musically from

think the work is done. It has only just

African music has always been

very early.


explain its appeal?

Q. African music seems to have

Q. I have read quotes from you

A. When you first go to a foreign land

undergone a huge upsurge in global

where you speak movingly about

you want to connect with what’s

popularity, due in part to artists

the persistence that was required

familiar. For me it was important I

such as yourself spreading the word

in establishing your DJ name.

represent my African culture because

at your shows and with your mixes.

What is it about DJing that you are

I was proud of it and I never wanted

How does that make you feel?

crucial to your sound. Can you

to get lost in the foreign culture and

A. It feels great for the world to finally

to forget where i came from.

see what I and others saw and have been trying to push for years. But it’s

so passionate about and which Tastemaker

DJ Fully Focus is known for breaking songs by African artists

enables you to focus beyond these challenges? A. I think everyone has a God-given

What are your earliest memories of

only the beginning, there’s still so

purpose and until you find it, you’ll


much to be done in regards to owner-

never be fully fulfilled. Once you do,

A. Growing up my Mum and aunties

ship. We need to own the culture, then

it becomes your passion and you’re

and uncles always played music in

be diverse, we need to showcase all of

willing to do whatever it takes to

the house so I would hear everything

Africa not just one or two countries. So

make it work. Mine just so happened

from Michael Jackson to Kenny

my hope is African artists, the industry

to be DJing so naturally I have done

Rogers to ABBA to Yvonne Chaka

and continent as a whole don’t get

everything I can to make the most


Paa Tanzania

Images courtsey of: DJ Fully Focus

Superstar DJ

DJ Fully Focus

out of it. But in order to overcome

important part and also the hardest

song in Rwanda is most likely not the

the challenges that come with any

because it takes hours and hours of

same as Angola or Nigeria and most

purpose you have to be persistent,

research to dig out the gems. The

don’t have standardised charts to get

without that you’ll give up every time

biggest challenge is that African music

this info so it takes a lot of research,

you hit a brick wall like being brushed

is still so all over the place compared

listening to radio stations, mixes, social

off or rejected by a radio station

to other genres. In Hip Hop, Rock,

media conversations and videos. Once

programme director every week for

EDM or Reggaeton you can just go

you find the tracks then arranging

nine months. It all comes down to one

to Billboard and other charts and see

them so the whole thing makes sense

question – how bad do you want it?

what’s current and which new songs

from beginning to end is the next key

No one owes you anything. It’s up to

people are feeling then go from there.

part. The extras – such as scratching

you to make it happen.

With African music the list varies by

and drops – are just the icing, but not

country. What may be the hottest

necessary to complete the cake.

Q. You produce a lot of mixtapes, such as Africa Now with Major Laser. What, for you, is the secret to putting together a good one? A. Yea, that’s been a blessing, but to answer your question selection and flow are key for sure. Finding the right songs to put on the mix is the most

In order to overcome the challenges that come with any purpose you have to be persistent

Q. You are considered a tastemaker for the African music and an early play on one of your mixtapes can be a huge boost for an up and coming artist. Do you get a thrill from introducing new artists to the world and can you tell us about any www.precisionairtz.com


Kenya DJ Fully Focused

Q. Do you source a lot of new music on your travels in Africa? How often are you back in Nairobi? A. Yes, travelling helps me learn about new music that sometimes hasn’t crossed the borders and to this day it’s one of my biggest thrills and joys. I still get so excited when i discover a hot local record before it blows and so I’m quick to break it everywhere else, then to see it explode and grow and see that artist’s career and life change is such a great thing to see. For the most part I’ve been living in Nairobi the last year which has been amazing. I love that place. The love and energy is unmatched. Q. Some DJs can be a little anonymous on stage, but you have a reputation as an electric performer. Do you think that’s important? A. Thanks. I like to give people an unforgettable time so that electricity you’re talking about is all done for their enjoyment. Like I said before I think everyone should find what East African artists you have been

and yes I have always continued to

playing recently?

work with local DJs to help boost them

A. Placement is key, I’m proud to

on my platforms whenever I can. But

say this is how I introduced several

the majority seem to just be copying

appreciate it. Funnily enough, I used

artists or songs on past mixes. I am

what the next person is doing – partly

to be very shy on stage, but over time

currently playing Bruce Melodie from

due to social media – rather than

as I got more comfortable, i evolved.

Rwanda, SamiDan from Ethiopia, Slap

creating their own style. The era I come

Now you can’t get me to leave the

Dee from Zambia, Khaligraph from

the last thing you want to do is sound

stage, it’s my home.

Kenya, Fik Fameica from Uganda and

or look like someone else. Originality

Vanessa Mdee from Tanzania as well

is priceless and a key to longevity in

as many more.

the business. I also think DJs should stop making these Acid Pro computer

Live shows

Focus has entertained crowds around the world

works for them then perfect it, some of my favourite DJs are very chill but they do it so well you have got to

• A new single by Fully Focus, ‘Container’, featuring Tanzanian artist Ay as well as Zambian rappers Jorzi and Slapdee, is available now.

Q. You are an inspiration to many

generated mixes as it is setting

budding African DJs. Do you see

themselves up for failure when a client

the standard improving and are

hires them thinking they’ll sound like

local DJs a part of your Passport

they did on the mix only to find out

DJ Fully Focus will be returning to Nairobi this year with

Experience shows?

the opposite. I’d rather you hear errors

his multi-cultural music festival the Passport Experience,

A. Firstly, I’m grateful for the influence

on my mix so at least when you hire

which showcases the best in Afrobeat, Soca, dancehall,

so big up all DJs putting in the work.

me you know I’m not perfect but I am

hip hop, reggaetron and EDM. To keep up to date with

As for standards there’s a few here and

exactly as you heard me, no surprises

his live show calendar and music releases, follow him on

there that have caught my attention

or contradictions.

Instagram @FullyFocus.


Paa Tanzania

Sifa threads

Crafting a creative future for our young women Sifa Threads teaches young marginalised women a range of crafting skills in its intensive and spiritual two-year courses. Just how well it teaches its students is evident in the resulting spectacular range of one-off handcrafted clothes, gifts and accessories that can be bought from its Dar es Salaam centre or online


ll Sifa Threads’ handmade

selected female students in its two-year Sifa

wallets and washbags, screen printed

products hold a story. Each stitch,


T-shirts and headbands. Every shilling made

each screen-printed or batik-

The women are trained in crafts such as

in sales goes back into the project.

dyed design is a step in a young women’s

hand-stitching, fabric dying, screen printing

creative development, learning skills that

and design work on clothing. Only Tanzanian

Student intake

will go on to provide a livelihood for them

textiles and upcycled fabrics are used to

Every two years 20 new students begin the

and help support their loved ones.

create a range of beautiful, singular products,

programme and are taught by a team of

which are available to purchase online and

skilled artisans, many of them volunteers.

The NGO was set up to equip marginalised young women in Tanzania with artisanal

at select stores in the US and Sifa’s idyllic

skills and the insight of Christian teachings.

centre and workshop in Mbezi Beach, Dar es

whether to browse and buy finished

Each one-of-a-kind product sold by Sifa

Salaam. The choice includes batik hand-dyed

products, have a tour of the workshop, take

Threads is hand-made by the specially

pillowcases and kimonos, leather backpacks,

a batik class taught by staff and students

Visitors are welcome to visit Sifa Threads,




Sifa threads

(bookings can be made online) or to drop by the airy onsite café The Loft with its beautiful balcony.

Boutique in a Box The public can also play a role in

Chiffon Sifa’s chiffon is selected from Zanzibar. Working with chiffon is not an easy skill to develop, but students typically learn this beautifully, which opens up a wide range of viable, specialised, women’s couture.  

spreading the word about the wealth of beautiful work produced by Sifa at its Dar centre and satellite bases in churches and businesses across Tanzania by holding Sifa Threads parties. Sifa will send out its Boutique in a Box – an assortment of more than 80 handcrafted goods, including some experimental or new products – by UPS to individuals. They can then invite their friends around and show off the garments, gifts and accessories and then return a cheque for purchased items along with any unsold goods. For more details, visit the sifathreads.com

Need to know To find out more about the work of Sifa Threads and to browse its online catalogue, visit sifathreads.com The Loft cafe is open for tea, coffee and snacks from 8.30 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday. To apply to be a volunteer at the NGO or sponsor a student, email Stephanie Boon at steph@sifathreads.com

Batik From pillows, headbands to wraps, batik – in which coloured designs are dyed onto textiles – is a technique used in many of Sifa Threads’ products. Students also learn how to apply wax designs, which add beautiful detail to fabric. Batik is a very popular style worn by men and women locally. Sifa students who have an eye for design typically enjoy creating new ways of dyeing, developing patterns and learning how colours work together to make beautiful products. 

BUY IT: Batik hand-dyed wrap US$ 20

Clothing Most of Sifa Threads’ clothing is sold in its shop in Dar es Salaam and is bespoke for the client. This is an important aspect of developing students’ ability to measure correctly and fit clothing to a client’s figure.  The girls do not use a pattern, instead they listen to the client, look at a picture brought in, or make their own drawings to develop each piece. It is an incredible skill.

BUY IT: Lace back T-shirt US$ 15


Paa Tanzania

Variety Apart from our regular production, Sifa Threads allows time for creative development. The organisation encourages its students to explore their creativity. Some of these are experimental or new products in the Boutique in a Box. 

Pillows Each pillow has the fingerprints of students just starting out to those who are nearly graduating. Pillow making develops skills such as hand stitching, cutting, using a pattern, proportions in design, zipper placement, using a serger (for trimming seams) and overlocking techniques, and for some pillow designs, developing patterns, batik dyeing and wax print.

BUY IT: Kids’ ‘Explore

Tanzania’ pillow shapes US$ 15


Screen Printing Several pillow designs use screen-printing. The process involves drawing the design or using a photograph to create a digital drawing. This is then printed on a simple HP printer. The print is then placed on top of the silk screen, using the sun to burn the design. Direct sunlight is required for this and Dar certainly provides plenty of that.

Leatherwork requires precision, attention to detail, as well as learning to sew with a different medium. Sifa Threads’ students who have excelled in this skill are able to make shoes, highend purses and bags, jewellery and other custom orders from locally purchased leather.

BUY IT: Tazara leather backpack US$ 185

The screen can then be used to print the artwork onto a fabric. This single skill can create an entire business platform for students. Outside of the pillows, the girls have used this skill to print T-shirts for local schools and other jobs outside of Sifa Threads. A new line of products – called ‘Methali’ the Kiswahili word for ‘proverb’ – has grown out of the screen-printing work. Photographs taken by street photographer Chris Vickio are turned into screen prints with an accompanying proverb.



Ugandan fashion Images courtsey of: Cecily Cracroft-Eley

Designer sowing the seeds of change

against fast fashion


Paa Tanzania

Disillusioned by the unethical practices of the fashion industry, knitwear graduate Cecily Cracroft-Eley found hope for the future in the crafting communities of Uganda that helped put together her celebrated and sustainable collection.


he seeds of Cecily Cracroft-

strutted in trousers or mini-dresses

when she worked with the Kanyogoa

Eley’s graduation show

sequined with layer upon layer of

Mums, a group of women and single

at Central St Martins,

hand-cut metal and leather discs or

mothers from one of the Kampala’s

London’s world-renowned arts

dazzled in flowing screen-printed

largest slums who specialise in

and design college, were sown in

robes decorated with nzimbi shells.

handcrafts as a way to earn an

Kampala. Here among the crafting

It was an unforgettable celebration

income and become financially

communities, the fashion designer

of traditional crafts and the

found a sustainable antidote to the

handmade as well as a well-directed

unethical practices in the industry

kick at the role fast fashion is having

Sharing her skills

she witnessed while interning as a

in escalating the global climate crisis.

Cracroft-Eley began teaching pattern

Cracroft-Eley says: “Valuing the

cutting and crochet with the women,

student in Paris. There were also plenty of seeds


process of time serves both as

but the learning went both ways with

up there on the catwalk with the

a therapy and a protest against

the mums passing on a new beading

handcrafted collection made mainly

the voracious cycle of the fashion

technique using nuts and seeds. They

from natural materials sourced

treadmill which weaves obsolescence

also proved the perfect collaborators

from Uganda. Models strode the

into the very fabric of its garments.”

in the time intensive, exclusively

catwalk like stunning survivors of an

The knitwear graduate first visited

handmade work – the hundreds of

apocalyptic world. Some peeked out

Uganda working for the Paper Fig

discs that add a shimmer to garments

from gigantic breast plates strung

Foundation, which promotes the

were each cut by hand from sheets of

with hundreds of walnut shells and

local fashion industries in East Africa.

copper – Cracroft-Eley was set on.

with shoulder pads to shame an

She then returned to the country for

“The Kanyogoa Mums are an

American NFL footballer while others

her degree course placement year

incredible group of women. They helped me to hand crochet the pieces for my collection in return

Incorporating sustainability into everything I do is of course a challenge but there is no other option for me and it is only one of a number of challenges.

for financial support. I also worked with local artisans and craftswomen in Kigali, who worked on hand embroidery and accessories.” The year in Uganda led to CracroftEley becoming “obsessed” by local, traditional crafts and to seeing www.precisionairtz.com


Cecily Cracroft-Eley

supportive communities of artists

named it ‘Etaka’, the Luganda word

be harvested repeatedly over

such as Kanyogoa as the way forward

for the red earth that settles like dust

dozens of years, meaning it is both

if the fashion industry is to become

on every surface. The collection also

an environmentally friendly and

truly sustainable. She is now back

drew on the rich range of natural

renewable material.”

among the mums.

resources available in the country.

“My plan is to keep working

Seeing the ingenuity of largely self-taught local artisans in sourcing

with Kanyogoa Mums so they can

Garments made from bark

continue to earn an income from

“I was particularly inspired by local

also liberating to Cracroft-Eley, who

their beautiful craftwork. I have fallen

Ugandan materials such as bark

relished the opportunity to share

in love with Uganda. It has become a

cloth, matembe [seeds], and nsimbi

skills and to have her creativity

second home to me and I find it the

[cowrie shells],” says Cracroft-Eley.

challenged by a new environment.

most inspiring place on earth.

“Barkcloth is a traditional Ugandan

“When I first arrived in Kampala

Cracroft-Eley’s collection, which

natural materials for their work was

fabric harvested from the indigenous

I was working with emerging local

was shortlisted for the prestigious

Mutuba tree. The tree is not harmed

fashion designers, understanding

MullenLowe Nova Awards, is so

during harvesting, rather the bark

the context of their practice and

steeped in her time in Uganda she

of the tree regenerates and can

the challenges they face,” she says.

Top five Ugandan fashion designers Cecily Cracroft-Eley has been inspired by the craftsmanship and natural resources of Uganda, but the country also has its own talented designers making a name for themselves.

Anita Beryl Anita Beryl launched luxury fashion brand Beryl Qouture in 2011 and it has gone on to become one of Uganda’s most popular fashion design houses with an emphasis on high couture and ready-to-wear items. Her designs are available to buy online from all over the world or from the brand's store in Kampala’s Tirupati Mazima Mall. Beryl has won a host of awards for her work, including the Creative Fashion and Design prize for her wedding wear from the Ugandan Registration Services Bureau. For more details, visit the website at theberylqouture.com

Santa Anzo Anzo is a Ugandan model, fashion designer and businesswoman, who is


Paa Tanzania

the founder and chief designer at fashion house Arapapa, which means ‘butterfly’ in her native Madi language. She is also the founder and president of Uganda International Fashion Week, an annual fashion exhibition in Kampala. Her work has also been seen on the catwalk at Kenya Fashion Week, Mozambique Fashion Week and Swahili Fashion Week in Dar es Salaam.

Sylvia Owori Owori is one of the leading figures in East Africa’s fashion, media, and modelling industries. She was responsible for turning the

Miss Uganda beauty pageant into one of the biggest events on the country’s social calendar, founded the magazine ‘African Woman’ and launched her own modelling agency, Zipa Models. She also has her own fashion outlet, ‘Sylvia Owori, selling a range of unisex T-shirts, kaftans, wrap dresses, tote bags, skirts and shoulder bags. Visit the Facebook site @SylviaOworiFashion

Brenda Maraka Maraka is a textile designer who has dressed A-list stars such as Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o and sells her work globally through her fashion label Brendamaraka. Visit her Facebook page to see her range of bridal wear, occasion outfits and underwear. She is also a

“Almost all the designers I met

chance to leave the fast fashion

are doing amazing things, not

world behind in the traditional

only for themselves but also for

methods used here and has found

their communities. I think what I

a like-minded community merging

found particularly amazing is their

creativity and sustainability.

resourcefulness and desire to give

sustainability into everything I do is

when they don't have much means

of course a challenge but there is no

themselves by which to do it. It is

other option for me, and it is only

really the talent and the passion

one of a number of challenges. I find

that drives it. Due to a lack of arts

such challenges push me to be more

education here, most designers are

creative in my approach. You have to

self-taught, which whilst having

find alternatives to everything which

limitations, ensues in their designs a

teaches you more in the process.”

Cracroft-Eley has relished the

A model wearing part of Cecily CracroftEley's graduation collection

She says: “Incorporating

back to their community, particularly

clear spirit of freedom and creativity.”

Handcrafted fashion

Craftsmanship is the future For Cracroft-Eley these ancient crafts have never been more modern and necessary, which is why she is now back in Uganda and the country's influence will continue to be felt in her future work. “My love for craftsmanship is something that grows every day. It

useful golfer, recently winning the ladies’ section of the Kenya Day Golf Tournament.

Sheila Lukwanzi After studying in Paris at the renowned IFA fashion school, Lukwanzi returned to Kampala to launch her own eponymous fashion label, producing an annual collection of unique, made-inUganda dresses. Described as a hijab fashionista by Ugandan style website Satisfashion UG, her look blends modesty and elegance with nods to her style icon Quatar's Sheikha Moza. Visit her Facebook site @sheilalukwanzi

is for this reason I always place huge emphasis on the handmade in my work. Considering how far fashion has gone in the other direction, a return to craft and the handmade, is perhaps the most modern thing we can do as designers in my opinion.” For more information on CracroftEley’s work, visit cecilyophelia.com



Women Tech Hubs Images courtesy of: SheCodesForChange

Pushing women to be tech trailblazers in Tanzania This year it seemed more relevant than ever that global celebrations to mark International Women’s Day on 8 March were followed in Tanzania by its Innovation Week. Claudine Muthama looks at how innovation and technology are changing our lives and how women are playing a leading role in these changes.


nown as SiliconDar, the area of

centre stage. It’s visible proof that

Dar es Salaam on Bagamoyo

the city is benefitting from investing,

Road between Bamaga and

developing and engaging in

Morocco junction is home to the commercial capital’s community of

technology and innovation. A remarkable twist in the

innovators, technology enthusiasts

development of innovation and

and entrepreneurs. Technology and

technology in Tanzania has been the

innovation thrive here as tech-based

rise of female-focused tech solutions

companies and innovations take

and services with recent ventures www.precisionairtz.com


Women Tech Hubs including She Codes for Change, Ndoto hub, Apps for Girls, Techchix Tanzania and Safe Space Co. They are all providing essential training, business incubation and professional support to bridge digital gender inequality in Tanzania. They are also supporting the career paths for girls pursuing science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects at school and college. She Codes for Change provides training on coding to girls from age 13 years and, according to the She Codes for Change pitch deck, has to date reached over 1,000 girls. The initiative is well placed to anticipate the future of how people will work, innovate and live with technology in daily life. Girls are taught to solve challenges they encounter in their communities through applications or coding programs. As the late Secretary-General of the United Nations Kofi Annan said: “There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women.� Below are a selection of the female-focused


Girls in an ICT class


Paa Tanzania

Rose Funja

Young African deader

tech initiatives in Tanzania making

is also a member of the technical

aims to catapult girls on a trajectory

positive contributions to quality of

advisory group of Global Sickle Cell

out of poverty to productivity,

life and society.

disease research Network as well

with an emphasis on creative

as co-chair for the working group



responsible for Hydroxyurea therapy

Farmers in Tanzania can now access

– medication used to reduce the


financing for agriculture with

number of attacks – in Africa.

Media is being used for positive

more ease, thanks to Rose Funja’s

change at Ubongo – a children’s

innovation AgrInfo. The service uses

Dageno Girls Centre

drones to profile the location, size

This training in Karetu, Arusha, was

millions of families through its

and produce of rural farms quickly

set up to equip girls with practical

cartoons and games. Through

and accurately. Farmers use this

skills and design thinking to provide

the ‘Akili and Me’ edutainment

information to verify that they are

solutions in their communities.

programme, children are exposed

credit worthy when requesting loans

Dageno means ‘many girls’ in the

to positive role models and gender

from finance institutions. Rose’s

local Iraqw language and the centre

norms for girls and women all over

efforts earned her the Young African

is currently home to 100 students

Tanzania. The show helps children

Leaders Initiative (YALI) award in 2014.

supported to continue in secondary

develop numeracy, pre-literacy,

education. In addition to ten

language and socio-emotional skills

academic subjects, the girls learn

in both Kiswahili and English.

The Sickle Cell Foundation of Tanzania Individuals with sickle cell disease

communication, entrepreneurial leadership, and life skills. Dageno

edutainment company that reaches

According to Unesco, less than 30 per cent of researchers engaged in

have reason to hope for better,

creating new scientific knowledge

healthier lives thanks to the work

or developing software are women.

of Dr Julie Makani, founder of The

Tanzania is certainly onboard with

Sickle Cell Foundation of Tanzania. She has carried out impressive medical research work on the disease, winning the Royal Society Pfizer award for her efforts in sickle cell anaemia research. She

It is evident that women and tech are the dynamic duo making Tanzania better one innovation at a time.

a global movement to address this imbalance. It is evident that women and tech are the dynamic duo making Tanzania better one innovation at a time.



Paa Tech / Noise-cancelling headphones

The sounds of silence A good set of noise-cancelling headphones come in handy if you want to immerse yourself in your favourite music, podcasts or audio books, but they are just as crucial if you don’t want to listen to anything at all. We take a look at some of the best examples on the market to tune out with.

BANG & OLUFSEN BEOPLAY H9 Credit: Bang & Olufsen / bang-olufsen.com

For those audiophiles who don’t mind paying top dollar for a sense of elegance around their ears, the H9 is truly a thing of beauty. It has a cowhide leather headband and cloth underside with four padded quadrants that fit around your ears rather than on them for ultimate comfort. It also boasts up to 25 hours of battery life and touch interface so you can operate your phone and consult Google Assistant. The noise

SONY WH-1000XM3 Credit: Sony / sony.com

cancellation is as good as you’d expect from a

Sony has upped its noise-cancelling tech with its M3. Constant, consistent sounds such

supremo such as Bose, but the predominance

as an aircraft’s engine and the hubbub of a busy office are blocked out and replaced with

of the lower registers in the music playback

some of the best audio quality available at this price. In fact, sound reproduction is so

swamps everything but the most bass-heavy of

good it can reveal sonic flaws in the original recording, but you can hardly blame Sony

dancefloor bangers.

for that. The headphones are also supremely comfortable to wear for extended periods.

bang-olufsen.com US$ 580

amazon.com US$ 347


Paa Tanzania



Credit: Beats / beatsbydre.com

No headphones have quite the cachet among the young and streetwise set as the Beats collection. No surprise when you

Credit: Cleer / cleeraudio.com

DENON AH-GC30 Credit: Denon / denon.com

Cleer packs a lot of features into headphones which are, in this company, at the

consider the company was founded by US

Japanese electronics company Denon

cheaper end of the market. Its headphones

hip hop icon Dr Dre and many of today’s top

started producing wireless headphones a

have always excelled in sound quality and

music stars such as DJ Khaled, Nicki Minaj

decade ago and is now considered a world

the company’s latest model, the Cleer Flow

and Pharrell Williams – who designed the

leader. Its latest model, the AH-GC30, is

II, is no exception with a good, clear sound

latest six-strong choice of foldaway Matte

packed with latest generation noise-cancel-

across all frequency ranges. The noise

coloured headphones – are also associ-

ling technology such as dual microphones

cancellation on these headphones is pretty

ated with the brand. But there is plenty of

with three modes for air travel, commuting

good too. Sure, it’s probably not of the same

craft behind the cool. There are three noise

and the office. If you need to stay reachable

standard as the likes of Sony and Bose, but

cancelling settings depending on whether

while listening, the Ambient monitor lets

it’s still good at cutting out the majority

you want to be immersed in your music,

you hear the outside world with just a tap on

of outside noise. Even with this feature

need to stay aware of your surroundings or

the headphones. The adjustable headband

enabled, the headphones offer a battery

can do away with the noise cancelling and

and memory foam earcups are ideal for

life of around 20 hours – enough to get you

benefit from 40 hours of battery life. You can

long use and travel and extended listening

through a full day of travel. It is also to link via

also access Apple virtual know-it-all Siri on

is popular with 20 hours battery life from a

Bluetooth to your phone’s Google Assistant

iOS devices with hands-free voice control.

single two-hour charge. Impressive.

for voice-controlled advice.

johnlewis.com US$ 348

denon.co.uk £386

cleeraudio.com US$ 320



Valerie Amani

Valerie Amani

presenting at Fakugesi Festival in South Africa

‘You have to be crazy, passionate and hungry to be an artist’ Multi-media artist Valerie Amani reveals why she has always tried to express her individuality in her writing, film works and fashion, even if that means challenging convention.


rtist Valerie Asiimwe Amani is fond

multi-faceted. Her work combines an

of referring to herself as a “hybrid”.

array of artistic insights. The Pathological

Her recent debut solo exhibition

Museum show – which had a 45-day

’The English You Ate'

‘The Pathological Museum’ explored the

residency at development programme

amalgamation of colonial and post-

ARK in Kigamboni – included work in

independence influences on her and other

film, fashion, sculpture, poetry and digital

millennials and her upbringing was spread

imaging. Amani works across a wide range

her works. In 2016 Amani even chose to

between stays in South Africa, Zimbabwe

of mediums in exploring what it means

talk on the importance of owning one’s

and Rwanda before she returned to her

to be a modern artist. She is a published

own individuality at a TedX event in

birthplace Dar es Salaam to live and work.

writer – the second edition of Black Amara,

South Africa.

Latest project 'Shadows From the

from The Pathological Museum

a collection of poetry and short stories by

It’s a theme to the fore in her 2019

North' also probes the complexity of her

Amani and Charmaine Mojapelo, is to be

video installation 'Undoing', a love letter

origins. The collaboration with Tanzanian

released in the coming months – has set up

to black women in which she calls on

photographer Asteria Malinzi charts a literal

her own fashion line, Kahvarah, and worked

them to embrace their natural beauty

journey of discovery for the two artists into

as a freelance stylist, graphic designer and

rather than conform to the homogenising

the secret history of their upbringing. It’s

make-up artist.

ideals of skin bleaching and hair weaving.

a search, Amani says, for the “stories that

It’s also to be found in her affecting

were never passed down, names that were

Themes of identity

never whispered and objects that were

All these artistic pursuits come together

to being called a ‘mkwerekwere’ (an

never explained”.

in Amani’s drive to be understood and to

offensive term for foreigner) during her

The way Amani presents these

understand herself. Themes of identity –

time in South Africa.

complexities in her art is comparably

be it sexual, racial or cultural – abound in


Paa Tanzania

poem Belonging, in which Amani reacts

Amani has found art to be a way to

Images courtesy of: Valerie Amani

unpick the layers of hurt and to tell her own story. “It’s impossible to make work about another person,” she says.


Valerie Amani with Asteria Malinzi

Revealing yourself – often literally, Amani puts her own body on display in much of her work – takes courage. On her website, Amani describes her videos as “the bravest and most vulnerable parts of my conscious”. Our interview is conducted in an unused studio at Nafasi Arts Space – Dar’s vibrant arts centre where Amani used to be visual arts programmer – where she tells me the raw honesty of her work is part of staking her claim in a still male-dominated arts world. “It’s still a patriarchal society,” she says. “Choosing to have this hair [when we speak, the striking Amani is sporting purple braids], exploring my femininity and finding respect or demanding it has been challenging. But I have harnessed the strength and power of women and it has made me stand out. It has made people think about the female body."

Risk taker “There has to be a rawness in the creative process. You have to be crazy, passionate and hungry to be an artist,” she says. “It requires taking a risk and being unafraid to not fit in.” Amani has had her time pursuing conformity. Despite being an artistic child – she wrote poetry, loved to draw and entered her first fashion competition at age 15 – she followed the recommendations of her father, a now retired investment advisor and advocate, and took an economics degree at Rhodes University, in South Africa. However, it was soon clear her passion lay elsewhere. “I always felt art was there with me during my time at college,” she says. “I was studying economics, but I would hang with the art kids.” In the final year of her course she brought her first sewing machine and started making her own clothes that she and her friends would model. www.precisionairtz.com


Valerie Amani

Amani says: “I loved to deconstruct things. I would cut up new clothes to make my own. I was mesmerised by the fashion shows I saw.” The economics degree was followed

supportive of me. They get it now and don’t

backdrop to the sight of a visiting artist from

think I’m crazy,” she says.

Berlin, Germany, tattooing himself. Other

She also has the support of a thriving arts

recent collaborations with European artists

scene in Dar es Salaam, thanks in part to her

include work with Norwegian-Tanzanian

role at Nafasi. As well as co-ordinating events

writer and photographer Angelique Culvin.

by one in fashion at the FEDISA Fashion

and mentoring new talent, Amani has a multi-

School in Cape Town. Soon after she was

disciplinary group of artists to act as sounding

work. She has recently returned from

building her clothing brand Kahvarah – a

board for her own ideas.

speaking at the Centre for African Studies, in

family business, the name is derived from a

“Nafasi has opened doors for me,” she says.

International interest is growing in Amani’s

Edinburgh, UK, and this year she was among

combination of Amani and her siblings’ first

“You feel like there is a community here to

the artists featured in an exhibition at the

names – and co-founding digital agency RR

bounce ideas off.”

Fellows of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles,

Creative Agency.

As for those ideas, Amani says “the crazier,

in the US. Magician: The Black Body and

the better”. As proof, just a few days after we

Portraiture focuses on contemporary artists’

career reroute at first, but they are onboard

spoke a one-off live show on the Nafasi stage

identification of the black experience.

now. “My mum and dad are 100 per cent

saw video footage by Amani providing the

Her parents may not have understood the

The images of Amani’s selected – some new, some from previous collections – portray black women as goddesses. Amid the hybrid influences of handed-down history, there is beauty and Amani is celebrating it her own way.

Double edge (a poem taken from The Pathological Museum)

Multi media artist

(Clockwise from top left) A still from video piece 'The Return', the latest Black Amara collection and Amani at work as artist in residence in Maputo, Mozambique


Paa Tanzania

Can you come a little closer I want to see the parts of you That were bartered in The parts of you that are made Of sisal and coffee And chaga proverbs I want to see the parts of you You used to love Your name That beautiful french name That once made you feel better The name which now whispers “Take me home’ “emmène moi chez toi’’ But your body Still looks like both of Your grandmothers while your tongue looks like A good education Come closer Let me strip you bare So you can see how You have become both The saviour And the sword

Paa Competition

Win one of Phoebe Ouma’s beautiful prints


enyan artist Phoebe Ouma’s work brings together the elegance of the fashion world and the natural beauty of her homeland. Her paintings and drawings feature lithe, willowy women sashaying

through stylised but recognisably Kenyan scenes such as the tea


Q: What is the name of the globetrotting live show organised by DJ Fully Focus?

plantations of Kericho or Giraffe Manor in Nairobi. The 23-year-old only started sharing her work online a year ago (check out her Instagram page @ phoebe_ouma), but the glowing reaction has been immediate and worldwide. One lucky Paa reader has the chance to own one of Ouma’s sought-after prints in our competition. To be in with a chance of winning this magnificent prize, email your answer to the question on the right along with a picture of yourself holding Paa issue 98.

Best of Luck!

Last Issue's Winner Immaculate Shija Congratulations Immaculate! You will be getting a selection of the bestselling products from 100 per cent natural Tanzanian beauty brand Nuya's Essence. Thank you for flying Precision Air.

Terms and conditions: One entry per person. Entrants must be 18 years or over. The organisers' decision is final. The competition is not open to employees and their relatives of Phoebe Ouma, Precision Air, or Land & Marine Publications Ltd. Email : competition@landmarine.org by June 30. Image shown is for representation only. www.precisionairtz.com


Kilimanjaro Wheelchair Ascent

The big push to the top of Kilimanjaro Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro is a tough task for anyone, but for four paraplegic climbers it was the ultimate challenge. This year, thanks to the latest in durable climbing chairs and a team of Tanzanian and international alpinists, the quartet’s lifelong dreams to reach the ‘roof of Africa’ were realised. Here writer Howard Blas, who was part of the expedition, reveals the collective effort involved.

the Caribbean island of Aruba and Israel as well as Texas, Montana, Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey in the United States. Other hikers with physical disabilities who participated in the climb included Starla Hilliard-Barnes of Utah, a twice-paralysed participant; Marcela Maranon, an amputee who is also a paraplegic; and Arnon Amit, paralysed in a car accident during his time in the Israel Defense Forces.

State-of-the-art chair It was a big operation. Climbers were accompanied by three cooks, 11 guides and 70 porters. The latter carried all participants’ clothing and sleeping bags as well as their food, water and cooking

climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. The


architect and co-ordinator Sabino ‘Sabi’

both at the huts and along the route.

44-year-old Tanzanian father of

Kweka – a former porter and guide, who

Regular food breaks were crucial: daily

three grew up at the base of the dormant

is now owner of the popular Moshi tour

mileage ranged from 3.1 miles on the accli-

volcano and has family members who

operator Popote Africa Adventures –

mation days, to 13.7 miles during the final

have worked as porters, yet he never had

suggested John be included in the expedi-

midnight to sunrise ascent to the summit.

the opportunity to attempt the strenuous,

tion. Kweka had drawn up the expedition

The climb was made possible for the

multi-day trek to the top. As a teenager,

to follow the Marangu route, also known

participants with paraplegia thanks to the

the talented student and soccer player was

as the Coca Cola trail, and to involve

Patatrek Trekker, a durable chair designed

struck with an acute illness that left him

overnight stays in the Mandara Hut (2,700

by Israeli participant Omer Zur, who is

paralysed and dependent on crutches and

metres), Horombo Hut (3,700 metres), and

the chief executive of the Israeli Paratrek

a wheelchair to get around.

the Kibo Hut (4,700 metres) on the way up.

company. He designed the special chair

The group would then attempt the final

to enable his paralysed father to enjoy

reaching the summit never left him and

all-night ascent to the 5,895-metre Uhuru

outdoor adventures with friends with and

this February he saw it come true – thanks


without disabilities.

rnold John always dreamed of

Despite his condition, John’s dream of

Lassner was delighted when the climb’s

supplies. Cooks provided kosher meals

Lassner said: “Every day people with

Each trekker was pulled, pushed and

(FAISR), an organisation promoting

disabilities face many personal mountains

guided by a dedicated team of six porters.

accessibility and inclusion, and 27 fellow

to climb, some visible but most hidden.

Participants without disabilities divided

climbers – including three others with

They are no different than anyone else

into teams – Team Marcela, Team


as they have the same dreams, desires,

Starla, Team Arnon and Team

hopes, and aspirations including ‘bucket

Arnold – and hiked

list’ items.”


to the support of Friends of Access Israel

The Kilimanjaro climb was the brainchild of the executive director of FAISR, James Lassner, and drew the support of the organisation’s collaborative partner, Access Israel.


Paa Tanzania

The FAISR Kilimanjaro 2020 Team included hikers from

We made it

Image Courtesy of: Barry Stein

Image Courtesy of: James Lassner

At the summit

through five climatic zones and often

including on the last day when she fell ill.

as equals. To see that, out there in a super

rough terrain.

“The last day I was in pain but just tried to

non-accessible trail, that for me is a reason

smile” she says. “I just tried to stay positive.

to continue doing what we do!”

Triumph of teamwork

That was me, happy and smiling the whole

Thankfully, every participant reached

Peruvian-born and Dallas, Texas-based

time.” She offered comfort and encourage-

one of Mt Kilimanjaro’s three summits—

Maranon, 38, who has 48,000 Instagram

ment to fellow climbers throughout the

Stella’s Point (5,756 metres), Gilman’s

followers keeping up with her solo

trip – even as they experienced difficulties

Point (5,685 metres) or Uhuru Peak (5,995

globetrotting adventures, found the climb

on the climb.


a challenging, but ultimately rewarding

Zur saw the climb as a triumph of

Lassner is very proud of everyone

experience. “For me it was very hard,”

teamwork. He says: “Ascending the peak

involved. He says: “Our successful summit-

she says. “It was so steep. Thirty minutes

of Kilimanjaro is a dream come true not

ing of Mt Kilimanjaro was fueled by the

before we got to the summit, you could

because of the mountain. That was never a

diverse abilities and deep inner strengths

just look down and see all the way down.

dream of mine. The dream that we fulfilled

of each individual that they contributed to

It was so scary.”

is to see this group – people with and

enhance the experience of team.”

Hilliard-Barnes, who made the trip

without disabilities – climbing together,

with her husband, Shannon Barnes, kept

as a group, as people who see each other

a positive attitude throughout the trip,

For more information on FAISR, visit faisr.org To read more of the work of Howard Blas, go to his website, howardblas.com

Most hikers elected to complete their Tanzanian adventure with safaris at Tarangire National Park and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area while soaking up the overnight comfort at the Ngorongoro Coffee Lodge and the Mount Meru Hotel in Arusha. Before returning home, the group also enjoyed a trip to Shanga Village, a social enterprise based in Arusha which employs locals with disabilities to create unique, high-quality, handmade jewellery, glassware and home wares incorporating recycled materials. It was a great opportunity to pick up some unique souvenirs.

Image Courtesy of: James Lassner

More adventures



Credit: Katiekk / Shutterstock.com

Hadza squats


t first sight there seems little common ground between the Hadza tribe, who have

been living around Lake Eyasi for centuries foraging for food and hunting animal prey with bows and poison-tipped arrows, and today’s legion of office workers sat staring at their desktop computers in air-conditioned urban offices. However, a recent study by academics at the University of California, in the US, has found that the Hadza, outside of their hunting and gathering expeditions, are physically inactive for around nine or 10 hours each day – a similar time the average worker spends slumped in their seat at the office. Despite these similarities in sedentary lifestyle, the research revealed the Hadza appear to lack the markers of chronic disease associated with long periods of sitting such as muscularskeletal disorders, obesity, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and more.

Active rest The researchers believe the reason for this is that the Hadza squat rather than sit as their resting posture. So instead of letting their muscles switch

Squat your way to Hadza healthiness The Hadza tribe of north-central Tanzania live an existence that has gone largely unchanged for 10,000 years, yet a recent survey suggests the hunter-gatherers, who squat rather than sit when at rest, may hold the key to combating the modern-day health risks for office-based workers.

off completely and have their bodies supported by a chair, members of the ancient tribe flex at the knees and hips and sink into a squat with their body weight supported through their feet. These active rest postures require far more muscle activity than sitting in a chair so they keep your glute and abdominal muscles firing, burn fat, guard against deteriorating bone density and keep many life-threatening diseases at bay. Dr David Raichlen, lead author on the study, said: “Even though there were long periods of inactivity, one of the key differences we noticed is that


Paa Tanzania

Members of the ancient tribe flex at the knees and hips and sink into a squat with their body weight supported through their feet. the Hadza are often resting in postures

Best then to begin with taking squat

that require their muscles to maintain

breaks from your desk every hour. Try

light levels of activity – either in a

to build on the length of time you can

squat or kneeling.”

hold the posture by small increments

Squatting tips So what can desk-bound office work-

each day. Who knows, soon everyone in your office will be working in the Hadza way.

ers learn from this? Is there a way for them to get healthy the Hadza way?

Good squatting technique

Placing your laptop between your feet and squatting down to type at it is probably going to get you some seriously funny looks in the office

maintain beyond five minutes. The Hadza can comfortably sit in the squat position for hours, but for those long used to chairs even getting into the position and getting out of it might prove difficult.

1. Stand with feet a little wider than hip width, toes facing front. 2. Drive your hips back – bending at the knees and ankles and pressing your knees slightly open 3. Sit into a squat position while still keeping your heels and toes on the ground, chest up and shoulders back. 4. Start with a 20-30 second sit-andhold and look to improve on your time by 5-10 seconds each day. Once you get up to a solid 2-3 minutes without support, you can start experimenting with multiple sets, or more than one hold per day.

Credit: erichon / Shutterstock.com

of practise – almost impossible to

Credit: Katiekk / Shutterstock.com

and – unless you’ve had Hadza levels

If you are going to squat and stay down there for a while, you need to ensure your technique is on point otherwise you could be doing more harm than good.




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A chance to live the dream


Images courtesy of: Kilimanjaro Golf & Wildlife Estate (Kiligolf)

t’s fair to say that there’s nothing quite

US (especially in Florida and Arizona), the

interesting course that is fun to play. It

like it anywhere else in Tanzania. This

UAE and to a lesser extent in South Africa.

[offers] caddy-based golf on a ‘walkable’

then is the Kilimanjaro Golf & Wildlife

But across East Africa there is a very limited

course, so no need for buggies (carts).”

Estate (Kiligolf) and over time it has proved

selection of such golf-villa schemes. The

to be one of East Africa’s most exciting and

best known of these are Kenya’s fabulous

and clearly illustrated by Kiligolf being

enduring real estate developments.

Vipingo Ridge, just north of Mombasa,

chosen as the venue for the prestigious

and also the Great Rift Valley Lodge & Golf

2019 Tanzania Open Golf Championship,

of Mount Kilimanjaro, this was Tanzania’s

Resort near Naivasha. But Kiligolf is the

which attracted top players from across

first 18-hole championship golf course and

only one to include a compelling wildlife

Africa. In May, the course will also host the

one that offered the unique opportunity

dimension to what’s on offer.

2020 Diplomatic Golf Tournament.

Set against the magnificent backdrop

to build a dream villa alongside one of its

The quality of the course in undoubted

This former sisal estate has been

Fairways and fauna

converted into fertile greens and neatly

The golf course itself was originally

trimmed fairways surrounded by sheer

Usa River, Kiligolf is just 30-minutes from

designed by former Irish national coach

wilderness. It is home to a range of animals:

Kilimanjaro International Airport and a

David Jones, who won the Kenya Open

zebra, dik-dik, steenbok, wild boar, hyena,

similar distance from Arusha. Access to

shortly before retiring as a player in 1989.

black-backed jackal and baboons. While

the estate is by a well-maintained 6km

Now in his seventies, Jones also designed

birdies cannot be guaranteed for golfers

murram road, which leads off the A23

Vipingo Ridge and a handful of other

on the greens, Kiligolf is a haven for birdlife

Arusha-Moshi highway.

courses in Finland, Turkey and back home

with more than 200 species to be spotted.

manicured fairways. Laid out on a vast 1,040-acre estate in

These types of gated golf-themed developments are commonplace in the

in Ireland. Upon completion of the project, Jones said: “The result is a challenging,

On the estate, there are 360 plots and all surrounded by a mass of wild flora and www.precisionairtz.com



fauna. Kiligolf has attracted a wide range of residents to buy and build. They include investors from across East Africa and many expatriates who have lived for several years in the Arusha area. Buyers enjoy full access to the course through an annual charge that also covers services such as road maintenance and security as well as the convenience of purchasing land with all title deeds, administration and legal requirements completed. Every plot has access to water and electricity.

Short-term stay Buyers intending to construct three or four bedroomed villas get a one-acre plot, while those choosing a two-bedroomed villa can opt for a smaller “footprint” plot. Both come with a 99-year renewable lease. But you don’t have to buy a villa to enjoy Kiligolf. In fact, there is a range of tempting and often palatial properties for short-term rent – even a grand 10-bedroomed hotel (the Golf Safari House). For something more private, then there’s a six-bedroomed villa overlooking the fifth fairway which comes with its own staff or a collection of connected villas that allow parties up to 30 to be accommodated. On a somewhat smaller scale, there are pair of rather delightful cottages for rent. Even this pair come with their own staff. So, if you love golf (and even if you don’t) there can be few finer estates in East Africa in which to live the dream than this truly amazing development.

All caddies are employed from local villages. Using a caddie at Kiligolf is mandatory and helps provide income for local youths. Some caddies are also trained in silver service and work at the golf club during events.


Paa Tanzania

If you are a mad-keen golfer and also want to play elsewhere in the area, then try the nine-hole and very welcoming Arusha Gymkhana & Golf Club, which first opened in the 1940s and is located right in the heart of the city. It’s an unpretentious and a surprisingly tricky little course and well worth a visit.

Tanzania is to get a second championship course when 27 holes open at the five-star Blue Amber Zanzibar Resort. The Ernie Els-designed course boasts three loops of nine holes and 4km of ocean front frontage on Zanzibar’s north east coast and is currently under construction. The course is expected to open late this year.



No-nonsense talk with Sona

The Golden Nugget I am an avid journaller. I find that by regularly

And so, what my extensive distillation process

recording my stream of thoughts (and

has found, is that all I need to do to improve the

boy, there are many), I’m able to keep track

quality of my life, is simply to enjoy it, without

of reality. (Of course, I use the word reality

loosely as, arguably, there is no such thing. There is merely our own perception of events. But I digress) So as I write and ruminate, and I’ve had a

thinking about what anyone else thinks.

This sounds easier than it actually is – for two reasons. First, because of the two basic needs that we’re born with: one is for attachment and

good, hard look at “reality” from its multitude of

other is for authenticity. When we are growing

angles, I underline all the lightbulb moments I

up, we often compromise our authenticity, so

have and then, at a later date, transfer them to a

that we can securely attach to our caregivers

“super” journal.

(many of us even lose a part of ourselves in

Given I’ve been doing this a while, the number of these nuggets should have grown

doing so).

exponentially (you can see why my social life

Live joyfully

suffers). Strangely however, they have not.

But as we get older and more mature, we

Sona Parmar

Instead, I keep stumbling upon the same

decide that authenticity is more important –

nuggets in various disguises.

even if we are left by the very people who we

Clinical Nutritionist


want to be attached to. (I guess this comes

And as I analyse those further, it distils down

depended on whether we were part of a tribe.)

even more, to, what we can call the golden nugget. Before I share this, I’d like to tell you what

from a time when our safety and wellbeing Second, most of us don’t even know what we enjoy. We know what we should be doing, we know what we have to do, we know how to

happens when a person decides to become a

distract ourselves from what we don’t want

Buddhist renunciate. On choosing to embark

to feel or do, and we know what is pleas-

upon a life of austerity, only one instruction is

urable. True joy is different (pleasure

given: to make yourself happy.

slows us down; joy does not).

Let’s look at that again. They’re not told to serve, to save the planet, to turn vegetarian or find the meaning of life; they’re told to make themselves happy

But the good news is that once we have this, all we need to do is have the courage to live joyfully and unashamedly. It’s the whole

- something that, on the face of it,

reason that we are these

looks inherently selfish.

spiritual beings having a

But as the Buddha knew, and I now know, it’s not selfish at all: when you are at peace with yourself, it radiates out all around you and creates an energy field that literally transforms your life.


Paa Tanzania

human experience.

Paa has a new columnist. Sona Parmar is a Nairobibased clinical nutritionist certified by the Nutrition Therapy Council. In each issue the mum-of-three will take a wry look at the human condition inspired by events in her own life. To find out more about her work, visit nutritionbysona.com and instagram.com/ inspirationbysona

Paa Royal Benefits

Benefits that will make you feel like royalty Precision Air is always looking to give its customers an exclusive and memorable service experience; and the Paa Royal benefits programme is part of that mission. The membership categories* are as follows:

Jade Member benefits

Silver Member benefits

Upon enrolment, members will be given their unique Paa Royal number, which they must always show whenever they buy tickets as well as during check-in at the airport. After flying three times or more, members will be given a Jade membership card. With the card, they will be recognised as members of the Paa Royal Programme.

After attaining Silver membership level, the member will be issued with a Silver membership card which he (or she) must show at all Precision Air point of sales in order to receive the recognition that he deserves. Should a member book online by logging into Paa Royal Pages, he will automatically receive points earned to his account.

Other benefits of Jade membership:

Members will be entitled to special treatment and priority treatment whenever they travel.

• Priority membership baggage tags to ensure tagged bags will be handled with special care and delivered first on the conveyor belt at the passenger’s arrival destination • An opportunity to get a free ticket within the Precision Air’s network after accumulating enough points in their account. *Please note that, in each membership category, if a member is unable to maintain the required number of flights in a year, he or she will be downgraded to their tier level achieved in that current year.

Other benefits of Silver membership: • Free 5 kg baggage every time member travels on a PW operated flight • Priority membership baggage tags to ensure tagged bags will be handled with special care and delivered first on the conveyor belt at member’s arrival destination • Opportunity to obtain a free ticket within the Precision Air network after accumulating enough points in your account • Priority telephone reservation in those times when you want to make your reservation and cannot visit our office or travel agent. Booking is a call away through our Paa Royal helpdesk line.

Gold Member benefits

Tanzanite Member benefits

After attaining the Gold membership, members will begin to experience royal and exclusive treatment whenever they fly. Members will be opened up to a new world of opportunities and experiences and, of course, receive more rewards. Should a member book online by logging into Paa Royal Pages, he (or she) would automatically receive points earned to his account. Other benefits of Gold: • Free 10 kg baggage every time member travels on a PW operated flight

When members reach Tanzanite member they attain ultimate royalty. We will always strive to give these royal members an exclusive and memorable flight experience. At this level, members will already be used to royal treatment; royalty will be their way of life. Other benefits of Tanzanite: • Free 15 kg excess baggage every time the member travels on a PW-operated flight • Opportunity to obtain a free ticket within the Precision Air network after accumulating enough points in your account

• Priority membership baggage tags to ensure tagged bags will be handled with special care and delivered first on the conveyor belt at member’s arrival destination

• Confirmation on any flight if a member is prepared to pay Y class fare, regardless of the flight booking status • Priority waitlist/airport standby whenever you want to travel and your selected flight is full

• Opportunity to obtain a free ticket within the Precision Air network after accumulating enough points in your account

• Priority telephone reservation at times when you want to make your reservation and cannot visit our office or travel agent. Booking is a call away through our Paa Royal helpdesk line.

• Priority telephone reservation at times when you want to make your reservation and cannot visit our office or travel agent. Booking is a call away through our Paa Royal helpdesk line • Priority waitlist/airport standby each time you want to travel and your selected flight is full.

• Priority membership baggage tags to ensure tagged bags will be handled with special care and delivered first on the conveyor belt at member’s destination.

• Silver,Gold and Tanzanite members also get discounts of up to 20 per cent when visiting GSM shopping malls Msasani and Pugu, Southern Sun Hotel, Akemi restaurant, East Point Restaurant and the Colosseum hotel and sports club - all in Dar es Salaam.

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For more details, email paaroyal@precisionairtz.com or call +255684202022



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Tel: +254 (0)786800640 +254 (0)20 3274297 / 82 / 90 Email: imusyoka@precisionairtz.com lilian.musyoka@kenya-airways.com



Welcome Aboard

Safety and well-being on board PASSENGER SAFETY Precision Air takes passenger safety very seriously. Aviation safety isn’t just the pilot’s or the cabin crew’s job – it takes all of us. It is easy for our natural sense of caution to be dulled in our modern environment, where things don’t go wrong very often. Whether in the air or on the ground, your life and the lives of your family members could some day be saved if you make it a point, in every situation, to create a mental plan of action in case of emergency. Here are some important tips to help you enjoy your travel experience with Precision Air – in flight and around the airport.

EXIT ROW SEAT A passenger who is allocated an emergency exit seat: A. Must be both willing and physically able to open the exit doors in an emergency B. Must completely understand the printed emergency evacuation techniques C. Must be 16 years old and above.

PAY ATTENTION TO PRE-FLIGHT BRIEFING Although the information seems repetitious, the locations of the closest emergency exits may be different depending on the aircraft that you fly on and the seat you are in.

CARRY ON BAGGAGE There are strict rules about what you can bring on board an aircraft. Because:

Carry-on bags must be small enough to fit under the seat in front of you or in the overhead bins. Please confirm with Precision Air rules before your travel to avoid delays. *Remember: All carry-on baggage must be left behind in an evacuation.

SAFETY ONBOARD Boarding and leaving an aircraft requires your full attention. As you move to and from the aircraft, you may be in a busy area with many other passengers and cargo, moving vehicles, other aircraft, slippery walkways and/or stairs.

RESPECT YOUR CREW AND FELLOW PASSENGERS Everyone has the right to safe and secure travel. That is why Precision Air employees and the aviation authority will not tolerate any behaviour that interferes with the flight or puts the safety of passengers and crew at risk.

SEATBELTS Seatbelts must be fastened during take-off, landing, during turbulence and any time the crew deem it necessary. Keeping the belt on when you are seated provides that extra protection you might need in case of emergency. If you are responsible for an infant or a child, you must first ensure that your own seatbelt is properly fastened, then secure the child and, if it is an infant, secure the child’s or the infant’s restraints.

A. Not all aircraft have space to store your carry-on baggage.

Important note: There are a number of events involving air turbulence that highlight the importance of keeping seatbelts fastened throughout the flight.

B. In an accident, baggage in the aisles makes it harder to get out of the aircraft quickly.

Though rare, in-flight turbulence is the leading cause of injuries to both passengers and crew.




Paa Tanzania

It’s a good idea to keep your seatbelt fastened even when the seatbelt signs are not on.

MEDICAL CONDITIONS AND PREGNANCIES If you have a medical condition and may need assistance during your travel, kindly ask the Precision Air offices or agents about procedures before your flight. If you are pregnant, you will need to fill a Precision Air medical form, to be signed by your doctor, to confirm that you are OK for travel. For further details, kindly ask while booking your ticket from our sales offices and/or customer services.

PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICES Use of portable electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, MP4 players, iPads, etc are not allowed during take-off, landing, taxiing, descent and climb. Precision Air prohibits the use of some electronic devices during flight because they emit signals that can interfere with the aircraft's instrumentation. Some of the items prohibited include cellphones, radios, remote-controlled games/toys, laser pointers, iPads or tablets that transmits frequencies, portable printers, walkie-talkies, scanners and laptops. These items need to be stowed away for these phases of the flight to avoid injuries in case of an emergency.

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Paa Tanzania – issue 98  

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