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Zeehaven IJmuiden N.V. Port Handbook 2013-15



Big enough to cope, small enough to care


Vision for the future


Unique port with a clear vision


Location IJmuiden


Prudent investment pays big dividends

Zeehaven IJmuiden N.V. Port Handbook 2013-15


Perfect base for wind farm projects

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Key players in offshore industry


Leading maritime services supplier in region


Expert delivery of offshore logistics services


Location provides key advantages for cruise lines


IJmuiden companies find strength in numbers

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Ferry service carries record traffic volumes


Frozen fish is major business for IJmuiden


A local partner for offshore wind energy

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Location is major asset for IJmuiden’s operators


Shaping the future of offshore vessel design


Key location that shaped history of town and port


New barge terminal will boost frozen fish traffic

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Key advantages behind fish auction growth


Waterfront location is key asset for steel works

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Peterson SBS Advert

Big enough to cope, small enough to care Our new port handbook is published at a time of great opportunity for the Port of IJmuiden. Over the last few years we have implemented a strategic development programme to position the port to attract new business to the area.

Since 2011 we have opened a new container terminal for handling reefer containers to serve our frozen fish handling companies and have built a new cruise terminal in the IJmond Harbour to cope with the dramatic

As a direct result of these developments, IJmuiden is

rise in cruise ship calls. Our ferry

experiencing dynamic growth across a range of sectors.

services have also reached record

Even at a time of restructuring and decline at many

figures in 2011 and 2012.

ports, we have expanded several facilities and laid the foundations for future development in other areas.

Smart choice IJmuiden offers an excellent


location for all these activities.

The clear indication that our strategy is working is the

Lock-free access to the North Sea

number of high-profile companies that have moved into

combined with congestion-free

the port areas in recent years, and we are proud to be

access to the national highway

associated with these organisations.

network and Schiphol Airport in particular all make IJmuiden a smart

While fishing remains a mainstay of the port, we are

choice for those doing business in

increasingly being seen as a service centre for the

the region and requiring access to

offshore oil and gas industries and a base port for the

the sea.

offshore wind farm industry. This positive climate of investment comes on the back of extensive redevelopment of several port areas as we build for the future. A lot has changed in the Port of IJmuiden in recent years, but our commitment to our customers has not. We still aim to focus on the demands of our clients and exceed their expectations. We hope to welcome you to the Port of IJmuiden.

Peter H.L.M. van de Meerakker Chief executive Zeehaven IJmuiden N.V.

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Vision for the future The Port of IJmuiden is the Netherlands’ premier fishing port as well as the maritime gateway to the Amsterdam North Sea Canal Port Area and home to important industries such as the impressive Tata steelworks. Companies working in the fishing industry, cold storage, shortsea trades, offshore business and ferry and cruise shipping all play a leading role in their markets.

Promising future Together, the port and local authorities have successfully created new sites and infrastructure and invite companies to invest in a promising future. In 2011 Velsen/IJmuiden made a vision for 2025. It is a vision with a prospect of a vital community dedicated to the region and determined to look forward to the future. The vision is rooted in past and present. Prominent Velsen-based businesses and their R&D developments are

maritime ecological research. In

investing heavily in innovation and knowledge develop-

many fields IJmuiden is working

ment projects.

closely together with the Municipality of Amsterdam.

Velsen’s pillars are tuned towards innovation in the field of wind energy, water energy, sustainability and also

Enhance Together with the management of Zeehaven IJmuiden N.V., the Municipality of Velsen aims to enhance the quality of the business community of the Port of IJmuiden. The municipality takes its responsibility seriously in promoting the local economy and in serving the investing companies. I wish you a warm welcome in Velsen/IJmuiden.

F.M. Weerwind Mayor of Velsen

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Unique port with a clear vision Located on the North Sea coast outside the entrance to the North Sea Canal that leads to Amsterdam, the Port of IJmuiden oers unique advantages to its wide range of users.

IJmuiden is now one of the most dynamic and thriving ports in the Netherlands. Diversification has been the key, combined with prudent investment and ambitious

Its uniqueness begins with IJmuiden being the only


privately owned and operated port in the Netherlands. This gives it a combination of power and flexibility as

The port has three main harbours.

it strives to provide its customers with strategic and

The Haringhaven is the main base

competitive services.

for fishing vessels, the Vissershaven handles the general cargoes, while

The port is owned by Zeehaven IJmuiden N.V., a private

the newest harbour, the IJmond

company owned 72 per cent by local companies and 28

Harbour, handles a range of

per cent by local and provincial government. Operating

offshore vessels as well as housing

out of offices at the entrance to the Vissershaven,

the port’s new cruise terminal.

the port company has a very progressive attitude to expanding its business base and has transformed

In addition, there is a ferry and

IJmuiden from a port that initially depended almost

cruise terminal at the head of the

solely on the fishing industry to one with a broad

Vissershaven and a large marina for

portfolio covering the offshore oil and gas industry, wind

pleasure yachts, the Seaport Marina, at

farm construction, ferry services and the cruise sector.

the entrance to the harbour complex. Opposite the port, the north shore is dominated by the giant Tata Steel complex, which has its own quays for incoming raw materials and outgoing finished steel products. Meanwhile, the impressive lock gates of the North Sea Canal offer access to hinterland destinations including Amsterdam.

Growth Development of the port really took off after the opening of the IJmond Harbour in 2005. This allowed the port company to widen its scope of activities and begin to attract companies involved in the wind farm construction sector. Already, the port


Z E E H AV E N I J M U I D E N N .V.

has played a key role in the construction of two offshore wind farms, with many of the blades and turbines being assembled on shore ready for transport to the wind farm.

Growing demand In 2012 the turning circle in the IJmond Harbour was widened from 220 to 295 metres, leaving the way clear for the construction of the new Felison Cruise Terminal at the head of the harbour –a clear sign of the growing demand from cruise ship operators for facilities to allow them to call IJmuiden. Berthing outside the North Sea Canal offers

Another recent development

Zeehaven IJmuiden N.V. has also

many advantages to cruise ship

was the opening of a new reefer

been redeveloping older and less

operators and the growth in cruise

handling terminal to serve the

productive parts of the port. It has

calls is being exploited by Zeehaven

frozen fish industry in the Midden-

created two small business parks

IJmuiden N.V. to enhance its profile.

haven area, part of a far-reaching

and is looking to restructure other

strategy to transform the area

waterside facilities to provide

into a modern distribution centre.

investment space and opportunities

Meanwhile, the fish auction, owned

for a range of businesses.

by Zeehaven IJmuiden N.V., is going from strength to strength, having

Many years ago, the Port of

been placed on the internet in 2008.

IJmuiden set a course that has steered it through the uncertain


economic conditions of recent years. It has prepared itself for future

As a ferry port, IJmuiden has key

challenges and changing market

advantages that have allowed

conditions by offering a diverse

operator DFDS Seaways to upgrade

and flexible range of services across

its service. The company carried a

a broad range of sectors and by

record number of passengers on

putting the customer first.

its IJmuiden to Newcastle route in each of the years from 2009 to 2012. It also works in partnership with tourism organisations in the UK and the Netherlands to ensure the continued success of this route.

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Location IJmuiden



Paal 55









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500 metres

Z E E H AV E N I J M U I D E N N .V.


ond EH





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Felison Cruise Terminal


Seaport Marina



Ro-ro Berth






Area under development


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Parlevliet van der Plas







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Helling ship repair


























ert IJmuiden NV h



Restaurant “IJmond”

















Kloosterboer OF



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Felison Terminal












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Municipality of Velsen

Together we’ll make your business grow When it comes to doing business in the Port of IJmuiden, customers and investors will find a strong and willing partner in the Municipality of Velsen.

IJmuiden is the Netherlands’ premier port for fishing and offshore wind energy and is also the maritime gateway to the Amsterdam North

The Port of IJmuiden is wholly contained within the

Sea Canal Port Area.

Municipality of Velsen (Gemeente Velsen in Dutch), which covers about 53 sq km and has a population of about 68,000.



Prime location IJmuiden’s prime location, on the seaward side of the locks, with

The municipality is located in the Province of North-

open access to the North Sea, offers

Holland and embraces the towns and villages of IJmuiden,

huge entrepreneurial scope for

Driehuis, Santpoort-Noord, Santpoort-Zuid, Velsen-Noord,

commercial shipping of all kinds

Velsen-Zuid and Velserbroek.

including fishing vessels (cutters and

Z E E H AV E N I J M U I D E N N .V.


trawlers), reeferships, ferries, cruise ships and offshore supply vessels. IJmuiden is home to a cluster of top-notch companies operating in the fisheries industry, cold storage, shortsea trades, the offshore sector, ferry services and the cruise industry. These companies have invested in new port structures and buildings as well as generating many jobs for skilled people. All these activities are supported by efficient and customerfriendly port services. On the north side of the canal lies

Breman Machinery and the new

The key objectives of the munici-

Velsen-Noord, where the giant steel

Felison Cruise Terminal becoming

pality are to promote the local

plant of Tata Steel IJmuiden (formerly

key players in IJmuiden.

economy, to encourage business investment and to serve the interests

Koninklijke Hoogovens) is located. In recent years Tata has evolved into

Another point of pride for IJmuiden

of companies that invest in the

one of the most modern steel plants

in terms of economic develop-

port area. Key facilities in the port

in the world, carving out a profitable

ment is its role as a ‘wind energy

area have been refurbished and

role in niche markets.

port’ for the Netherlands. The two

restructured in cooperation with the

wind farms in the Dutch area of

Province of North-Holland and the

the North Sea were assembled and

Ministries of Public Transport and

installed from the IJmond Harbour

Economic Affairs. The Municipality of

in IJmuiden.

Velsen will carry out further restruc-

New investment

turing work as and when required.

Zeehaven IJmuiden N.V. prides itself on an energetic approach to business that continues to attract new investment,

Promoting the local economy and

trade and traffic. Together, the port

serving the investor companies

and local authorities have successfully

are matters of the first importance

created new sites and infrastructure

for the Municipality of Velsen as it

and they invite companies to invest in

continues to work together with the

a promising future.

management of Zeehaven IJmuiden N.V. to uphold and enhance the

This approach has led to new

quality of the business community in

investors such as Airborne, Allseas,

the Port of IJmuiden.

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Prudent investment pays big dividends Prudent investment by Zeehaven IJmuiden N.V. over the past decade has positioned the Port of IJmuiden to become a leading player in the maritime and offshore sectors of the Dutch North Sea region. The principal investment began in 2005 with the development of the IJmond Harbour, with first-rate waterfront facilities and extensive areas of land for development. This was the start of an exciting new time for the wind farm construction industry. The new harbour also created new opportunities in other sectors. And, combined with improvements to the port’s access for shipping, it paved the way for construc-

was the construction of 480 metres

tion of a new cruise terminal, opened in 2012.

of new state-of-the-art quay next to the construction of a new terminal

The previous turning circle limited the length of vessels

to handle reefer containers. Both

entering the harbour to 220 metres. Dredging works were

were completed in July 2011 and

completed in 2011, allowing vessels of up to 295 metres

both will be an important asset for

length to enter the IJmond Harbour. This meant that larger

the port’s frozen fish industry.

cruise ships could now berth on either side of the harbour and the new Felison Cruise Terminal soon followed. Development of the IJmond Harbour is continuing to


take place, with several major companies setting up

Security issues play a key role in

operations there and more land available.

the daily operations of the Port of IJmuiden. Although it handles relatively low volumes of general

Middenhaven area

cargo, the port’s involvement in the

In 2010 plans were also put in place to further develop

means that Zeehaven IJmuiden N.V.

the Middenhaven area of the port. In addition to resur-

must ensure that adequate security

facing and restructuring of large areas, the main project

measures are in place.

offshore, cruise and ferry sectors

Accordingly, in 2010 the port company put a lot of work and investment into the port’s International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) certification and recertification of the quays in order to continue to meet international safety standards. This ensures that port users and customers continue to have confidence in this aspect of its operations.


Z E E H AV E N I J M U I D E N N .V.

Perfect base for wind farm projects With its long and fruitful history as a support and supply services base for the oshore oil and gas industry, it was a natural progression for IJmuiden to become involved in the oshore wind farm sector as well following the opening of the IJmond Harbour in 2005. Since then, the harbour has been used for two major wind farm projects, in 2006 and 2008, with materials and equipment being stockpiled, assembled, loaded and shipped to offshore sites using local expertise and handling equipment. The success of these ventures has helped the port build a reputation for smooth and seamless operations that is expected to attract similar projects in the coming years.

and construction of turbine and tower components.


With a long history of offshore

The deepwater IJmond Harbour is easily accessible

region provides a key advantage,

24 hours a day from the open sea and has built a

with many support activities being

good reputation as a base for offshore services. The

carried out by local companies.

support and technical expertise, the

harbour has 650 metres of quay with 11.0 metres depth alongside. There are plenty of landside areas for storage

Wind parks In addition, once the wind parks have been built, they require regular maintenance and support. They also need to be serviced by special vessels of a very different type from those normally used in the North Sea oil and gas industries. The IJmond Harbour is ideally suited to this activity. About 60,000 square metres of open storage has been reserved at the IJmond Harbour for wind farm-related activities. The quay is designed to withstand loads of between 16.5 and 23.5 tonnes per square metre depending on the position. Two specially reinforced

P O R T H A N D B O O K 2 013 -15


concrete platforms, each measuring about 15 metres by 12 metres, are used for loading wind turbines.

Outlook The Dutch government has ambitions to install 950 MW of wind turbine power in the short term with a further 6,000 MW in the long term by 2020. The Vestas consortium of turbine manufacturers and the civil engineering company Ballast Nedam won the concession for Offshore Windpark Egmond aan Zee, which was completed in December 2006. The towers and other components for 36 wind turbines of 3 MW each were assembled onshore at the IJmond Harbour and shipped to the wind park, 15 km off Egmond aan

offshore – was the Princess Amalia

Zee, just north of IJmuiden.

Wind Farm. With 60 turbines of 2 MW each, this farm is located in block Q7

The second offshore wind farm in

of the Dutch continental shelf, 23 km

the Dutch sector of the North Sea

from IJmuiden. It was completed in

– and the first in the world to be

June 2008 by Eneco. Marine engi-

located more than 12 miles (19.3 km)

neering was carried out by the Dutch company Van Oord with turbines supplied by Vestas.

Promising The Port of IJmuiden sees this as a promising market, based on its positive experience in dealing with this kind of assembly and construction project. There are also many opportunities in the UK sector of the North Sea. The higher costs resulting from longer distances from IJmuiden would be offset by the lower up-front port costs and the efficiency gains already made in IJmuiden. The next expected large project was heralded in May 2012 when the preferred contractors were


Z E E H AV E N I J M U I D E N N .V.

announced for the Eneco Luchter-

and storage areas, warehousing,

active in the port and in the wider

duinen Wind Farm – formerly

load-out and maintenance of wind

region. There is a superior logistics

known as offshore wind farm Q10

farm components.

infrastructure including reinforced quays, buildings, cranes, large storage

– 23 km off Noordwijk, just south of IJmuiden. Van Oord has been

The fully fenced site has 24-hour

areas and intermodal facilities,

offered the €250 million contract

security and lighting is in place to

which result in lower inbound and

for this project.

allow operations to continue round

outbound transport costs.

the clock. These favourable conditions offer

As the closest port to the new wind farm, IJmuiden hopes to attract a

The first offshore supply base to

many opportunities and a solid

significant portion of the storage,

locate in the IJmond Harbour was

foundation for further expansion

construction and logistics operations

Maritime Service Centre IJmond

and development of the industry.

that will be needed. The wind

(MSCIJ), with over 2,000 square

farm will consist of 43 Vestas V112

metres of warehousing and office

wind turbines with a rated output

space to meet the requirements of

of 129 MW and work is expected

these energy projects.

to commence in July 2014 for completion in the autumn of 2015.

In addition, Vestas Maintenance has established an Offshore Maintenance Centre in IJmuiden to carry

Best location

out daily maintenance work on the North Sea wind farms.

The IJmond Harbour is well equipped for the assembly and

The Port of IJmuiden has a strong

transport of offshore wind turbines.

market position thanks to its

The site is ideal for loading and

favourable geographic location and

unloading, moving between quay

the commercial clusters that are

P O R T H A N D B O O K 2 013 -15


Key players in offshore industry Serving the offshore industry has been an important business activity for the Port of IJmuiden since the late 1960s. Its ideal location, combined with deepwater facilities and plenty of space onshore for assembly and stockpiling, has attracted a range of leading companies to take up residence in the port.

open sea, it is perfectly placed for offshore-related activities. Since then, many of the industry’s leading companies, as well as local service companies, have used the IJmond Harbour for offshore support activities because of its

A key factor in the development of IJmuiden’s offshore

ideal location.

support sector was the opening of IJmond Harbour


in 2005. Combining extensive deepwater berths with

The harbour authority has always

plenty of development space and easy access to the

guaranteed 24-hour berthing for

Z E E H AV E N I J M U I D E N N .V.

supply vessels. This, combined with

(MSCIJ) which was established by

ready access to harbour facilities,

six companies in 2001 to attract

has led to a cluster of service and

more offshore-related activities to

supply companies within the port.

IJmuiden. In 2009 MSCIJ entered a joint


venture with the ASCO Group Ltd

The first company to take advantage

(Logistics) BV. The ASCO Group is

of the opportunities offered by the

a major logistics specialist in the

opening of the IJmond Harbour was

oil and gas sector with operations

Maritime Service Centre IJmond


under the name of ASCO Holland

major boost for the port’s offshore ASCO Holland operates two

industry, focusing attention on its

warehouses in the IJmond Harbour

growing and capable facilities and

as well as facilities elsewhere in the


port. It has a total of over 10,000 square metres available for storage

Another major player that has

of supplies for oil platforms. ASCO

begun operations in IJmuiden is

Holland also shares a 100 metre

the Allseas Group, which will use

quay with other companies such

the port as a base for some of its

as the industrial minerals producer

activities. The company has rented

Cebo Holland BV. Eventually, ASCO

about 15,000 square metres of

Holland plans to centralise all its

premises in the IJmond Harbour to

activities in the IJmond Harbour.

support its offshore activities and for the production of parts for some


of its pipe-laying vessels.

One of the projects undertaken

As global leaders in offshore

by ASCO Holland is to supply

pipeline installation and subsea

wells close to Great Yarmouth,

construction, Airborne, Allseas and

in the western North Sea, with

Breman Machinery are major assets

chemicals delivered to IJmuiden

for IJmuiden. The companies chose

by Cebo Holland for so-called ‘well

IJmuiden because of the ready avail-

stimulation’, a method of spraying

ability of manufacturing and office

liquid and sand at high pressure to

space as well as for its location and

unblock silted-up wells. The special-


ised well stimulation vessel will call IJmuiden during this project to take on supplies.


The decision to assign this pres-

Airborne Composites opened a new

tigious project to IJmuiden was a

factory at IJmond Harbour in 2012 to

P O R T H A N D B O O K 2 013 -15


make thermoplastic composite pipes

ample land for development and

for the oil industry. The company

expansion, sufficient quay space

has already won the prestigious JEC

and close proximity to Amsterdam.

Europe 2012 Innovation Award for

Once Airborne had ascertained that

this revolutionary technology.

all these requirements could be met by locating to IJmuiden, it took less

The pipes weigh much less than

than a year before the new facilities

traditional metal pipes, resulting

were ready.

in significant savings and allowing longer pipes to be installed. The

The new 10,000 square metre

pipe is fully bonded, with all layers

production site accommodates

melt-fused together to form one

two production lines and there are

solid laminate. It is solid and yet

high expectations for its continued

still spoolable. Airborne has an

success. Eight major oil companies

industrialised production process

have sponsored the development of

that allows it to manufacture

the riser systems, so for the foreseeable

a single piece of pipe several

future the spotlight will be on IJmuiden.

kilometres in length.



These pipes can be used in various

IJmuiden has a large cluster of

region that often cannot align

applications including service pipes,

offshore-related companies

themselves with the supply pool

in the borehole and in riser systems

involved in the servicing and supply

organised by larger operators.

used to transport oil from seabed to

of platforms and other installations.


independent oil companies in the

One such company is Peterson SBS While some of the larger offshore

IJmuiden BV, a subsidiary of the

Airborne spent a lot of time seeking

supply operations have moved to

Peterson SBS Group, which operates

out the ideal location for its new

Den Helder, IJmuiden has positioned

15 supply vessels of varying sizes,

venture. Its requirements included

itself to take advantage of the small

serving the offshore sector in the southern North Sea out of the harbour of Den Helder.

Clusters In addition, there are clusters of smaller service and supply companies that work together to provide a full range of services to the offshore sector – a kind of one-stop shop, but with each company in the cluster acting as an independent operator. As well as ASCO Holland, the informally named IJmuiden Port Services group is another example of this type of operation. This group is able to offer a wide range of services, from electronics to engineering and from logistics to towage.


Z E E H AV E N I J M U I D E N N .V.

Leading maritime services supplier in region Established in 1876, the same year as the opening of the North Sea Canal, the services company KVSA van Halverhout & Zwart en Zurm端hlen BV has been an integral part of the maritime community in the IJmuiden region ever since. KVSA (short for Koninklijke Verenigde Scheeps Agenturen or Royal United Ship Agencies) is involved in virtually all areas of the Port of IJmuiden, operating both of the cruise terminals and the ferry terminal as well as providing a range of maritime services that include agency, Customs clearance, forwarding and stevedoring. The company has separate divisions to deal with logistics and telecommunications. The company also publishes the KVSA Guide, an invaluable source of maritime information for the area, which can be found online at


As well as providing office space for

planning applications, such as for

various maritime-related companies,

the linesmen planning system

the Felison Terminal now contains

showing vessel arrivals and crew

the head offices of KVSA.

requirements. Because of the huge volume of data available to the

KVSA and operates the two passenger terminals in IJmuiden. The stylishly designed Felison Terminal,

The Felison Cruise Terminal, located

company, KVSA plans to develop

located by the North Sea Canal, handles cruise ships and

in the IJmond Harbour, began

these services further.

the ferry services of DFDS Seaways.

operations in 2012. The reputation of KVSA for


delivering a top quality service earned it the Royal prefix in 1976

Over the years, KVSA has diversified

and this was renewed for a further

its activities in the port and now

25 years in 2011.

carries out an impressive range of duties including port agency; loading operations for cruise ships; cargo tallying and security; and vessel reporting. KVSA is agent for about 1,000 vessels calling at IJmuiden and nearby maritime facilities each year. More and more, too, the company is becoming involved in web

P O R T H A N D B O O K 2 013 -15


Expert delivery of offshore logistics services Peterson SBS is an integrated logistics service provider to many of the world’s leading players in the oil and gas industry. For the southern North Sea the company manages a fleet of 15 supply vessels, ranging in size from 2,000 grt to 3,000 grt, which serve the SNS Pool consisting of nine oil companies. The pool allows each vessel to supply a number of offshore structures in one operation, thus leading to significant cost savings for the oil company. Peterson SBS operates 25,000 square metres of storage

part of a worldwide group with over

facilities in the IJmond Harbour alongside a 220 metre

3,000 employees in 62 countries.

quay which it shares with two other parties. This base deals with over 500 vessel movements a year, while the

From strategic locations around the

group handles about 5,000 movements in the Nether-

globe, the company offers integrated

lands as a whole.

logistics services with offices and supply bases in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, India and Brazil. In

Supply service

addition to bases in IJmuiden, Den

While the company’s main base in the region is Den

Helder, Aberdeen, Great Yarmouth,

Helder, it also has operations in IJmuiden. From its

Heysham and Lerwick, the company

premises in the IJmond Harbour, the company operates

has an agency office in the port of

an offshore supply service, handling the delivery of

Amsterdam. The company is also

items to drilling rigs and production platforms.

involved in recruitment of offshore personnel and large-scale transport

As well as supplying platforms, Peterson SBS is one of

operations, as well as branching out

the largest agencies in the northern Netherlands for

into supply and maintenance services

Customs, vessel clearance and ship agency services. It is

in the wind energy sector. Quality services are integral to the operations of Peterson SBS. As well as renewed ISO 14000, ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications, the company was awarded the international Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) certificate in 2012. AEO certification means that the company complies with strict rules on safety and process requirements. This gives it a significant advantage in terms of international trading.

P O R T H A N D B O O K 2 013 -15


Location provides key advantages for cruise lines A significant rise in the number of cruise ship calls in recent years is a clear sign of the special advantages offered by the Port of IJmuiden. The port has expanded its facilities to handle this growing demand, with a purpose-built new terminal opened in 2012. The port welcomed 44 cruise ship calls in 2012 and about 50 calls have already been booked for the 2013 season.

open sea for passengers en route to Amsterdam. This key advantage saves up to six hours’ steaming time for vessels that choose to berth in IJmuiden rather than transiting the lock and venturing up the canal.


These figures have doubled in just two years, with more

Amsterdam – just 30 minutes by

increases forecast in the years ahead. In the cruise sector,

coach from either of the port’s two

IJmuiden seems to be getting everything right.

cruise terminals – is the biggest draw for passengers arriving in


Located in front of the lock gates at the North Sea Canal

IJmuiden. The cultural and historical

entrance, IJmuiden’s cruise facilities are the closest to the

attractions of the Dutch capital can

Z E E H AV E N I J M U I D E N N .V.

also be reached by way of a fast

• Felison Terminal, located just

hydrofoil service from IJmuiden to

before the entrance to the North

the centre of Amsterdam.

Sea Canal, can receive vessels up to 215 metres in length with 7.5 metres

IJmuiden now has two cruise

draught alongside. Cruise ships

terminals: the existing one at

berth on the north side of this dual-

the landmark Felison Terminal,

purpose terminal, while DFDS ferries

directly alongside the canal, and

berth on the south side.

a new terminal, the Felison Cruise Terminal, located at the head of IJmond Harbour.

Modern • Felison Cruise Terminal, located

Both are owned and operated by

in IJmond Harbour, has two berths

KVSA, the port’s principal maritime

for vessels up to 295 metres in


length and 10.0 metres draught. The two-storey terminal covers an area of 1,000 square metres and provides a full range of modern amenities. It can handle up to 2,000 passengers at a time.

IJmuiden has ample space for tour buses and parking. A full range of

The operator, KVSA, has earned a

husbandry services is also available

reputation for smooth and efficient

including provisions and bunkering.

handling of cruise ships and passengers, providing a top quality

IJmuiden offers ready access to

service in terms of logistics and

the transport networks of the

passenger transport. KVSA is able to

region with very little congestion.

fulfil the requirements of operators

Moreover, Amsterdam Schiphol

and passengers thanks to its large

International Airport is less than

operational capacity and wide

30 minutes from the seaport – a

experience of the market and of the

key consideration for homeporting

local area.



Attractive For cruise passengers who do not

Besides the obvious advantage of

wish to travel to the Dutch capital,

providing more time in Amsterdam

IJmuiden has plenty to offer. This

for passengers, berthing in

is an ideal place to relax and enjoy

IJmuiden offers a significant cost

a lazy afternoon by the water,

saving for cruise lines, with shorter

while sampling the excellent local

steaming times, no lock and less

seafood and attractive bars and

fuel consumption.


P O R T H A N D B O O K 2 013 -15


The local area can easily be explored by foot or local transport. Bicycles are available for hire. Popular destinations include the large yacht marina, the bustling town centre, the wonderful beaches and Fort Island, located in the middle of the canal. The north shore is also a fast-developing area for surfers.

New terminal The new Felison Cruise Terminal was opened on 4 May 2012 at the head of IJmond Harbour. Owned and operated by KVSA, it has effectively doubled the port’s passenger handling capacity. As a result of dredging work in the

in January 2012 so as to open in

With the new terminal up and

time for the new season.

running, KVSA is forecasting a doubling in the number of cruise

harbour entrance in April 2011 it is now possible for vessels of up to 10.0 metres draught to enter the


ship calls in the years ahead. From being able to handle one cruise ship

harbour basin. The new steel-

The new terminal can handle two

at a time, it has moved swiftly to

framed terminal was built in just

cruise ships simultaneously. The

being able to handle three vessels.

four months, underlining the close

Volendam and Monnickendam

cooperation between the Munici-

quays in the IJmond Harbour are

The terminal is a multipurpose

pality of Velsen and Zeehaven

both 150 metres longer than the

building that can also host functions

IJmuiden. N.V. Construction began

existing cruise wharf.

for up to 1,500 guests.

Home port Investment in the new terminal came after a decision by MSC Cruises to use IJmuiden as a home port for its two vessels ‘MSC Opera’ and ‘MSC Lirica’.

Opportunities IJmuiden offers excellent opportunities for homeporting. The new terminal has ample space to handle air transfers, coaches and car parking. It also benefits from all the facilities and services of a full working port. Moreover, it now has the ability to handle three cruise vessels at the same time.

P O R T H A N D B O O K 2 013 -15


IJmuiden companies find strength in numbers A group of 16 service companies in IJmuiden have pooled their wide range of expertise to provide a one-stop shop for the shipping and offshore industries.

While some have their head offices

measurement; clearance of debris

in other places, all have offices in or

and unexploded ordnance.

The group consists of:

power drives and control systems.

Loosely called IJmuiden Offshore Services, this informal

Wesco IJmuiden Appartenbouw BV:

Based in three locations in the

group offers a diverse range of services provided by

Design, engineering, manufac-

Netherlands and two in Belgium plus

companies in the IJmuiden port area. All are located

ture, repair and servicing of steel

a piping shop in Yerseke specialising

close together and within easy reach of harbour areas,

structures and mechanical installa-

in maritime and offshore piping. A

providing a cluster of expertise in everything from

tions such as dredging components,

subsidiary, HydrauRent, offers hydraulic

hydraulics to towage, from waste handling to diving

lifting beams, winches and other

aggregates and winches for hire.

services and from steel fabrication to electrical and

deck equipment. Demobilisation,

electronic installations.

mobilisation and positioning of

Radio Holland/Imtech Marine:

offshore vessels and pontoons.

Specialising in the supply, installation,

near the harbour area of IJmuiden. Hydrauvision: Specialist in hydraulic

integration and servicing of maritime

Other companies offer related non-engineering services including surveys and supply of hydrographic and

Wals Diving & Marine Service:

electronics. The company employs

navigation equipment.

Complete range of diving services

about 1,000 people worldwide in

for construction and inspection,

over 60 branches; offers a 24-hour

In fact, the firms involved in this innovative venture can

maintenance and repair activities.

on-location service; and has clients in

provide virtually any service that may be required by

Services include subsea inspec-

all maritime sectors.

customers in the offshore and maritime sectors.

tions by diver or remotely operated vehicle (ROV); wet welding and

Schot Verticaal Transport BV: Part of

As yet there is no formal association, but companies in

cutting; underwater inspection in

the Schot-Alkmaar Group, this crane

the group have a mutual cooperation agreement to share

lieu of drydocking (UWILD); non-

hire company has a wide range of

business leads and work together on major projects.

destructive testing (NDT); cathodic

mobile cranes from 30 to 750 tonnes and mobile tower cranes from 33 to 60 metres for any lifting job. Entire projects can be organised by the company. EPMC Europe: A multifaceted company specialising in repair, inspection, maintenance, modification and delivery of on- and offshore cranes, drilling platforms and steel constructions such as monopiles and jackets for offshore wind farms; and maintenance and repair of lifting devices, operating systems, electrical, mechanical and hydraulic installations. All this is brand-independent. Klinkenberg: Supply and production of steel cables and associated lifting


Z E E H AV E N I J M U I D E N N .V.

and towing equipment for onshore

Control Union Testing &

and offshore customers; manufac-

Inspection BV: A member of the

ture of nets for various purposes;

Control Union World Group, this

and supply of ropes. Also active in

company offers the following

the manufacture and testing of steel

services: inspection and survey of

cables, hoisting and lifting equipment

lifting equipment; non-destructive

and magnetic pulse inspections. The

testing; hull and structural NDT

company offers hand chain hoists,

(class); and online certification

beam clamps and trolleys for hire.


LBR Engine Services: Maintenance,

Bek & Verburg: The firm has

overhaul and repair of marine diesel

over half a century of experience

engines. Repair and maintenance of

in collecting and handling all

natural gas engines for farmers and

kinds of shipping waste in Dutch

the energy market. Vessels can be

ports. Services include damaged

accommodated directly in front of

cargo solutions; and treatment

the workshop, located alongside a

of industrial/hazardous and all

Its core business includes

deepwater berth.

offshore-related waste.

insurance work, valuations, charter inspections, warranty surveys of

De Vilder en Wijnands

Iskes Towage & Salvage: Active

offshore equipment, wind farms

Elektrotechniek BV: Electrical

in harbour and offshore towage,

and energy plants.

engineering firm with 50 years’

salvage and other marine services.

experience. Provides support

Iskes provides assistance for all

Nautikaris BV: Supplier of hydro-

services for both onshore and

types of vessels in the IJmuiden

graphic and oceanographic

offshore companies. The firm

and Amsterdam port area with its

systems, acoustic imaging services

holds an extensive stock from

fleet of eight modern azimuthing

and systems, GPS positioning

international suppliers.

tugs, ranging from 10 to 85 tonnes

equipment, underwater connectors,

bollard pull. Iskes also handles

rugged datacollectors, marine

Amsterdam Bunker Company (ABC):

towage and positioning of rigs and

LED navigation lights and wireless

Based in IJmuiden, this young

installation and maintenance of

smalband radiotelemetry networks.

enterprise specialises in fuels,

offshore wind farms.

Its customers rely on the high quality of its products combined

lubricants and cleaning products. Employees of ABC have years of

Marpol Services: Mineral oil and

with ease of use and aflexible and

experience in the shipping industry,

waste management sectors

professional support team.

allowing the company to provide

including ship’s waste collection

its customers with a top quality

using a range of barges and trucks;

service. The company is also able to

cleaning of bunker tanks, cargo

offer competitive prices thanks to its

holds and engine rooms; remedial

modest size and the many contacts

clean-up; and oil spill response.

it has established over the years. ABC is known for its flexible way

Eelsing Expertises & Taxaties:

of working, making it possible to

Dynamic firm of marine surveyors

supply both local and international

specialising in technical damage


assessment, valuations and advice.

P O R T H A N D B O O K 2 013 -15


Ferry service carries record traffic volumes Ferry services from IJmuiden date back to the early 1990s when the port began to diversify its activities away from the fishing industry.

DFDS Seaways route to Newcastle in

The location of IJmuiden is ideal for ferry services and

DFDS Seaways

the port has excellent facilities for handling passengers,

north-east England.

freight and other vehicles too. The port not only provides

DFDS Seaways has been operating

access to one of the closest links between the Netherlands

between IJmuiden and Newcastle

and north-east England, but allows ferry operations to

since the mid 1990s. Initially, there

take place outside the North Sea Canal lock gates. In the

was just one call per week, but

Netherlands, it offers direct access to the national highway

DFDS Seaways has responded to

network. The A9 and A22 main roads are just a few

demand, introducing larger vessels

kilometres from the port, offering quick and congestion-

and, now, daily calls. The number

free access to the Amsterdam region and the northern

of passengers has been growing

Netherlands as well as to the German hinterland.

year on year since 2008. In fact, the service is so popular that in 2011 the company carried a record 560,000-


plus passengers.

A number of ferry operators have used IJmuiden over the years. Today, however, the sole ferry service is the

The DFDS Seaways service departs IJmuiden each day at 17.30 and arrives in Newcastle at 09.00 local time the following day. In the opposite direction, the ship sails from Newcastle at 17.00 arriving in IJmuiden at 09.30.

Sisterships Since 2006 the ferry service has been provided by two 31,000 grt sisterships, now called the ‘King Seaways’ and ‘Princess Seaways’. Both vessels were fully renovated and modernised in 2006 and provide more capacity than earlier vessels on this route. Both vessels were also rebranded and renamed at the beginning of 2011. The ‘King Seaways’ has a capacity of 1,534 passengers and 600 cars, while


Z E E H AV E N I J M U I D E N N .V.

the ‘Princess Seaways’ carries 1,364 passengers and 580 cars. On board each vessel, passengers can enjoy a wide range of restaurants, shops, bars, cafés, cinemas and even a discotheque with live entertainment.

Growth The DFDS Seaways vessels provide both freight and passenger services, but it is the leisure segment that is experiencing the highest growth figures, especially with Dutch and German visitors to the UK. DFDS Seaways has set up a strategic partnership with Visit Britain to encourage

Although the DFDS Seaways service

IJmuiden N.V. and KVSA to continue

more people to visit the north-east of

is geared to the leisure market,

its commitment its quest for a

England through IJmuiden.

freight traffic is a key element. The

second ferry operator to provide a

ferry service provides ready access to

link to the south-east of England,

One of the growth areas is the intro-

markets in the north of England and

perhaps in the London area.

duction of themed breaks during

Scotland and truck drivers benefit

the off-peak season. These include

from the high standard of accommo-

art, culture and shopping trips,

dation and service on the two vessels.

Ideal gateway

while football-based excursions

IJmuiden is an ideal Continental

to Newcastle, Middlesbrough and

gateway for northern UK markets


that are hard to access otherwise

families are travelling with their cars

There is a selection of berths only a

hold-ups on England’s highway

to Europe, many with caravans.

short distance inside the harbour wall.

network. For traffic coming from

Quay No 2 by the Felison Terminal in

the north of England, IJmuiden

the Vissershaven is 200 metres long

offers the most direct route to the

with 6.5 metres depth alongside and

Amsterdam region, the northern

is used by the DFDS Seaways service.

Netherlands and parts of Germany.

Sunderland are especially popular. In the opposite direction, more

because it avoids many of the

Another dedicated ro-ro berth is available inside the IJmond Harbour.

A second crossing from further south

This quay is 300 metres in length with

in the UK would offer huge advantages

10.0 metres depth alongside.

to business and tourists travelling to and from the IJmuiden-Amsterdam

The success of the DFDS Seaways

region, removing many cars and trucks

service has encouraged Zeehaven

from roads in the south of the region.

P O R T H A N D B O O K 2 013 -15


Frozen fish is major business for IJmuiden IJmuiden is one of Europe’s most important centres for the landing and distribution of frozen fish, with a range of spacious quayside cold stores and related facilities.

The main species landed are argentines, blue whiting, cod, herring, horse mackerel, mackerel, pilchard, red fish, saithe, sardinella and sprat. Large volumes are re-exported by sea

IJmuiden’s fishing industry continues to play a vital role in

in reefer vessels or containers.

the day-to-day operations of the port and in the health of the local economy.



The two largest companies dealing with frozen fish

The fish is sorted and frozen on board

in IJmuiden are Cornelis Vrolijks Visserijmaatschappij

the vessels before being packed into

BV and Parlevliet & Van der Plas BV. Both companies

20 to 23 kg polythene bags. Each block

operate large facilities in the Haringhaven where frozen

is packed into a carton and stowed on

fish can be landed and stored or sent on its way with a

pallets ready for discharge in IJmuiden

minimum of delay.

and then for export worldwide.

Z E E H AV E N I J M U I D E N N .V.

The region’s excellent transport

companies in IJmuiden, supplying

for human consumption. Pelagic

network allows for fast and efficient

whole round sea-frozen pelagic fish

fish provides the cheapest form

onshipment. The national highway

to millions of customers worldwide.

of protein for countries such as Nigeria, Ghana and Ivory Coast

network is only a short distance away, offering ready access to Amsterdam

At its extensive premises alongside

and exports to these markets are

and other centres of population as

the Haringhaven, the company

increasing. In Nigeria, the company

well as to Schiphol Airport for urgent,

lands its catch as well as operating

operates a nationwide chain of cold

high-value shipments.

60,000 tonnes of cold storage.

stores to move the frozen fish to the hinterland.

In conjunction with partners in

Cornelis Vrolijk

France and the UK, Cornelis Vrolijk

Cornelis Vrolijk’s Visserijmaat-

operating in European and West

schappij BV (www.cornelisvrolijk.

African waters. The company is a

Originally, the company’s trawlers

eu) is one of the largest fishery

wholly owned subsidiary of Cornelis

operated only in the North Sea, but

Vrolijk Holding.

after expanding further afield, it

owns seven pelagic freezer trawlers

Green ships

introduced larger vessels capable of The fleet specialises in catching

longer voyages.

and freezing pelagic species such as blue whiting, herring, horse

Environmental responsibility is

mackerel, mackerel and sardinella.

a high priority for the industry.

Trawlers are equipped with the

Pelagic fishing has the lowest

latest on-board chilling, freezing

carbon footprint of any source of

and storage equipment to ensure

animal protein. In addition, the

delivery of quality sea-frozen

larger vessels allow more time at sea

products all year round.

and a larger catch for less expenditure of energy. About 60 per cent of

Modern facilities

the space in each vessel is used for sorting and storage of fish.

The company has modern cold storage facilities in IJmuiden and is able to export fish by truck or


in containers through its logistics

Both Cornelis Vrolijk and Parlevliet

network to markets in eastern

& Van der Plas are members of the

Europe, Asia, Africa and South

Pelagic Freezer-trawler Associa-


tion (PFA), which aims to maintain a sustainable fishing industry now

More than 4,000 reefer containers

and in the future. Its members

are packed by Cornelis Vrolijk each

are committed to prevention of

year with frozen pelagic fish for

overfishing, greater regional coop-

export via the port’s new frozen

eration and the safeguarding of fish

fish terminal. Over 70 per cent of

stocks and marine ecosystems for

this traffic is destined for Africa

future generations.

P O R T H A N D B O O K 2 013 -15


A local partner for offshore energy sector Amsterdam Ymuiden Offshore Port (AYOP) is an alliance of port- and offshore-related industries and regional authorities in the Amsterdam and IJmuiden area. AYOP – a subsidiary of Amsterdam Seaports (AmPorts) – has developed into a significant organisation with a list

and skills that have transformed the Amsterdam-IJmuiden region into a centre for offshore wind energy in the Netherlands.

Wind farms

of partners that includes not only many offshore wind

The Amsterdam-IJmuiden area is

industries but also various government institutions.

strategically located close to existing

This has led to short lines of communication between

wind farms off the Dutch coast.

the business community and the government, allowing

The area is capable of serving these

these parties to respond swiftly and effectively to new

offshore wind projects in the fields

and ongoing developments.

of construction, development, engineering, logistics, repairs and storage.


The region’s ports are conven-

In addition to the ports of IJmuiden and Amsterdam and

iently located in relation to the

the municipality of Velsen, the group embraces leading

main shipping routes as well as

companies in a range of sectors including construction,

providing ready access to a vast

environmental issues, fabrication, insurance, logistics,

hinterland by road, rail and inland

offshore supply, shiprepair, surveying and towage as

waterway. Moreover, Amsterdam

well as an industrial estate.

Schiphol Airport is only a 20-minute drive away, so that executives and

Between them, the companies and organisations repre-

personnel, as well as urgent cargo

sented by AYOP offer a comprehensive range of facilities

and emergency supplies, can be brought in quickly.

Efficiency In short, this region has all the right facilities in place to serve the maritime sector with a maximum of speed and efficiency. AYOP offers a platform for networking events, receptions and information meetings. It organises joint stands at different national and international exhibitions and during special projects. Its main objective is to inform and provide promotional support for the region’s offshore industries.

P O R T H A N D B O O K 2 013 -15


Location is major asset for IJmuiden’s operators IJmuiden’s location at the entrance to the North Sea Canal is arguably one of the port’s most important assets. It serves a vast European hinterland with a range of excellent connections by road, rail and inland waterway.

a key factor in the port company’s

Close proximity to Amsterdam was also a chief factor

North Sea Canal

in its growth into a thriving port community. From a

decision to provide specialist facilities and services for this growing industry.

small fishing port, IJmuiden has grown into a multipur-

A significant proportion of

pose port with a strong influence on the economic and

IJmuiden’s hinterland cargo traffic

transport infrastructure of the region.

is carried on inland waterways, the main route being the North Sea

Thanks to its advantageous location on the North Coast,

Canal linking the North Sea with

outside the lock gates to the North Sea Canal, the port

Amsterdam and the IJsselmeer.

offers quick and easy access for vessels and maritime companies of all kinds in a range of sectors. IJmuiden is

Before the North Sea Canal opened

also the closest port to many of the offshore wind farms,

in 1876 the area that now includes the town of IJmuiden was sparsely populated. The only routes for inland maritime trade were via Den Helder to the north and Rotterdam to the south. The North Sea Canal revolutionised the way trade was conducted in the Netherlands. The entrance to the canal was initially used by fishing vessels plying their trade in the North Sea. This traffic attracted traders and led to more fishing vessels and further growth. Gradually, the maritime and fishing community that was to become the Port of IJmuiden began to evolve.

Connections The port’s lock-free status means that the flow of cargo, from ferry traffic and fish to offshore supplies and spare parts, can be handled


Z E E H AV E N I J M U I D E N N .V.

quickly and efficiently. The A9 and

fifth-largest for passengers, is less

built to handle this traffic. The port

A22 main roads give ready access to

than 25 minutes away.

is equipped to deal with shuttle barges carrying reefer containers to

the national highway network just a few kilometres from the port area.

Hub Trucks can reach Amsterdam in less

There are good rail connections,

and from Amsterdam, Antwerp and

too, with direct links to the port’s

Rotterdam. This convenient service

ferry terminal as well as to Beverwijk

helps the port’s fishing community

and the Tata Steel plant on the

to stay competitive.

north shore. During its relatively short history,

than 30 minutes, while Schiphol International Airport, Europe’s

Ongoing investment in the area,

the port has achieved a strong

third-largest air hub for cargo and

especially around Amsterdam, has

market position thanks to its

also led to improved connection

excellent geographical location and

times and reduced congestion. A

to the commercial clusters that have

new tunnel under the North Sea

grown in the area.

Canal and a new motorway are both due to open in late 2012.

Traffic continues to grow in the cruise, fishing and offshore sectors and the port has also developed


first-rate facilities for handling high

Barge services are increasing,

Zeehaven IJmuiden N.V. is keen to

too, especially for the shipment

develop further.

volume ferry services – a sector that

of frozen fish by container, and a new terminal has been purpose-

P O R T H A N D B O O K 2 013 -15


Shaping the future of oshore vessel design The IJmuiden-based company Offshore Ship Designers (OSD) offers a wealth of expertise in naval architecture and marine engineering, including some revolutionary new thinking on tug design.

independent company. Once the designs are produced, the vessels can be built anywhere in the world and adapted for whatever engine and thrusters manufacturer the customer chooses.

The company produces an innovative range of Azistern tugs that benefit from over 50 years of experience in offshore support vessel (OSV) and tug design using state-of-the-art engineering tools. The latest vessels


are optimised in all aspects to produce more efficient,

OSD offers a diverse range of skills to

cost-effective hull shapes, combined with hybrid

the shipping and offshore industries.

propulsion systems.

Its experienced workforce can perform every type of task, from feasibility studies to detailed designs


for vessels of all types, especially for

The hull shapes have been optimised to reduce drag,

the offshore oil and gas industries

resulting in lower emissions and a reduction in fuel

and for harbour towage.

consumption of up to seven per cent. Combined with the company’s diesel-electric-drive Green Tug

Its vessel designs include anchor

propulsion systems, further efficiency can be achieved.

handlers, standby safety vessels, field support vessels, tanker assist

All OSD designs can be adapted and customised to suit

and survey vessels, platform

any customer for any operation worldwide. OSD is an

supply vessels, remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs), tugs and harbour craft, dredgers, ferries and yachts.

Design teams OSD has design teams at its head office in IJmuiden; at Dundee, Appledore and York in the UK; in Shanghai in China; and at its newest office, opened in 2009, in Singapore. With a pool of more than 75 professional naval architects and marine engineers, the company is able to deliver cost-effective, independent, high quality designs to clients worldwide.

P O R T H A N D B O O K 2 013 -15


Key location that shaped history of town and port IJmuiden has a relatively short history as a town and a port, having been created only in 1876 after the opening of the North Sea Canal. The name IJmuiden simply means ‘mouth of the IJ’. The North Sea Canal links the North Sea with the IJ Bay, the body of water where Amsterdam is located.

Operations Port operations were managed by the governmentowned Staatsvissershavenbedrijf (Fishing Port Authority) until 1989 when the port was sold to the private company Zeehaven IJmuiden N.V.. Local

present form. Two harbours were

companies own 72 per cent of the shares, with 28 per

developed, the Vissershaven for

cent owned by the local and provincial governments.

general shipping and the Haring-

Zeehaven IJmuiden N.V. is the only independent port in

haven for the fishing fleet.

the Netherlands. The long-held dream of creating While the port was developed to serve the huge fishing

additional harbour facilities was

industry in the town, it received a further boost in 1918

realised in 2005 with the opening

when the Koninklijke Nederlandsche Hoogovens en

of IJmuiden’s third purpose-built

Staalfabrieken plant – today owned by Tata Steel – was

harbour, the IJmond Harbour,

established on the opposite bank.

which is now the main focus of ongoing development in the port.

After the Second World War the town was largely rebuilt

The IJmond Harbour has a range of

following German occupation and began to take on its

uses including offshore servicing and supply, wind farm projects and cruise ship calls.

Dynamic Over the years, Zeehaven IJmuiden N.V. has transformed the small-scale fishing harbour into one of the most dynamic and thriving ports in the Netherlands. Diversification has been the key. Today the port offers first-rate facilities in key areas such as cruise and ferry services, frozen fish handling, wind farm support activities and the offshore sector.

P O R T H A N D B O O K 2 013 -15


New barge terminal will boost frozen fish traffic The opening of a new dedicated terminal in the Haringhaven is expected to produce a dramatic rise in the amount of frozen fish being transported in containers. The new terminal, which entered service in July 2011, is operated by Container Stevedoring Ymuiden (CSY), a joint venture by Zeehaven IJmuiden N.V. and the Amsterdam-based Ter Haak Group. The terminal allows Ter Haak’s Barge Company Amsterdam (BCA) to operate scheduled container shuttle services to hub ports using new barge-handling reach

and transhipped by barge,

stackers. On the same terminal, Ter Haak’s Container

with daily services to deepsea

Company Amsterdam (CCA) plans to develop extended

terminals in Amsterdam, Antwerp

reefer services and offshore activities such as a base for

and Rotterdam, for onshipment

containerised supplies for the oil and gas industry.

worldwide. In 2009 nearly 2,500 containers


were carried by barge from

With a quay length of 480 metres and 9,600 square

soared to over 5,000 containers.

metres of storage and handling areas, CSY is a major asset

In the next few years, the Ter Haak

for the Port of IJmuiden as it seeks to become a European

Group expects this traffic to exceed

centre for the distribution of frozen fish. There are also

10,000 containers a year. IJmuiden

150 reefer points alongside the 30 metre wide quay.

exports a range of pelagic fish to

IJmuiden. By 2011 this figure had

over 30 countries including China, The fish is discharged from trawlers to cold stores on

Egypt, Japan, Nigeria and Poland.

the quayside. It is then placed in reefer containers Ever-larger volumes of frozen fish are being shipped in containers, while more and more deep-frozen fish is being delivered to IJmuiden in containers. At the same time, new logistics concepts are being investigated to further expand the potential of the terminal. CSY will play a significant role in the transhipment of frozen fish in the future. The new facilities have been built to speed up the process of supply and transport of these containers.


Z E E H AV E N I J M U I D E N N .V.

Key advantages behind fish auction growth The favourable location of IJmuiden in relation to the fishing grounds is a chief reason behind the growth in sales enjoyed by the fish auction, Hollandse Visveiling IJmuiden BV (HVIJ), a wholly owned subsidiary of Zeehaven IJmuiden N.V.. HVIJ aims to provide ‘value over volume’, which seems to be a recipe for success at a time when landings at all Dutch fishing harbours are down as a result of European Union quota restrictions. While volumes have, in fact, increased in recent years, IJmuiden’s market share has also increased by up to 10 per cent per year, helped by the decision in 2008 to

Auction statistics 2010 Sole Plaice Other Total

Kg (x 1,000) 1,999 6,482 5,559 14,040

€ (x 1,000) 23,886 8,202 15,777 47,865

2011 Sole Plaice Other Total

Kg (x 1,000) 1,918 6,259 5,060 13,237

€ (x 1,000) 22,387 8,766 16,901 48,054

2012 Sole Plaice Other Total

Kg (x 1,000) 2,165 7,682 5,167 15,014

€ (x 1,000) 22,322 10,880 16,141 49,343

move the auction online – at In 2012 IJmuiden had nearly a 20 per cent share of the Dutch market. Other species sold on the daily The IJmuiden fleet consists of about 30 bottom trawling

auction include bass, brill, gurnard,

and twin-rig vessels. There is also a growing number of

haddock, monkfish, mullet lobster

coastal fishing vessels, while Danish vessels land sole

and squid.

and cod in the summer. The largest single species, by value, sold at auction is sole, accounting for almost half of all sales. Together


with cod, dab, plaice and turbot, these five species

The Pefa internet auction system,

represent 85 per cent of all fish sold at the auction.

introduced in 1998, is now the largest fresh fish auction in Europe. HVIJ has used it since 2008 and Zeehaven IJmuiden N.V. is one of its owners. Buyers can bid at multiple auctions simultaneously without moving from their office. This reduces the need for traders and produces better prices for the local fishing communities. The system provides details including time of catch, location and fishing method. Information on price trends and fluctuations in supply can also be accessed.

P O R T H A N D B O O K 2 013 -15


Waterfront location is key asset for steel works Tata Steel in IJmuiden manufactures hot rolled, cold rolled and metallic coated steel for many industries in Europe and beyond. Formerly known as Koninklijke Hoogovens, the IJmuiden Steel Works was established in 1918 on the north bank of the harbour mouth. This location gives the IJmuiden plant a key advantage because Tata Steel is able to receive raw materials such as iron ore and coal directly on its premises.

Deepsea Bulk carriers of up to 200,000 dwt capacity can be accommodated at the plant’s deepsea quays, while

Tata Steel has an annual output

products from the steel works are shipped from its

of about 7 million tonnes of steel

general cargo quay or all-weather terminal for transport

products. The company employs

by inland waterway or rail to the hinterland.

about 9,000 people at its facilities, which cover 750 hectares.

Second largest The European operations of Tata Steel comprise Europe’s secondlargest steel producer. With its main steelmaking operations in the UK and Netherlands, the company supplies steel and related services to the construction, automotive, packaging, lifting and excavating, energy and power, aerospace and other key markets worldwide. The combined Tata Steel group is one of the world’s largest steel producers, with an aggregate crude steel capacity of more than 28 million tonnes and some 80,000 employees across four continents.

P O R T H A N D B O O K 2 013 -15


Investing in confidence and capacity The dynamic climate of investment now being enjoyed by IJmuiden is due in no small measure to the redevelopment and restructuring work that has been carried out in many under-used areas of the port and town.

Principally, this has involved reviewing how certain areas of the port are used as well as relocating some companies. For example, businesses in quayside locations that do not make use of them

As a result of this ongoing programme of investment,

will be encouraged to find more

companies looking to move to IJmuiden or to relocate

suitable premises, while others will

within the region will find more opportunities than

be relocated to quayside premises.

ever before.

Restructuring Changes


The biggest port development

Zeehaven IJmuiden N.V. has brought about a number

recently has been the restructuring

of changes to the maritime and industrial development

and renewal of the Middenhaven

process in the area, in order to redevelop old or unused

area, the oldest part of IJmuiden, used

areas, to increase efficiency and to attract new investment.

as a distribution centre for frozen fish.

Z E E H AV E N I J M U I D E N N .V.

A new reefer container terminal has

Other infrastructure projects include

been opened in the Middenhaven

the beautification and resurfacing

and the offshore company Breman

of the main visitor and tourist route

Machinery has located here. Develop-

through IJmuiden, the Kromhout-

ment will continue with new paving

straat. This project will be completed

and new infrastructure to improve the

by the end of 2012 and follows the

operational efficiency of the zone.

opening of the new cruise terminal earlier in the year. It is part of an ongoing programme to develop new


infrastructure to separate port traffic

The restructuring of the Midden-

from tourism traffic.

haven will further increase its potential as an important base

Further projects in the pipeline

for the commercial refrigeration

include the renewal of harbour area

and freezing services sector, and

near the Felison Terminal and the

will strengthen the internationally

development of restaurants and

competitive position of IJmuiden.

tourist attractions as well as new

occupancy, there are still large areas

holiday apartments and leisure

available for development.

services near the marina. Other development and renovation works are widespread, with new

New business

construction projects and building

Within IJmuiden, two small business

and port areas.

work apparent throughout the town

parks have been built at Blokkenterrein and at Spoorwegdriehoek, now renamed IJmuider Delta. While


the Blokkenterren is already fully

Over the past decade IJmuiden has

occupied, space for development is

been given a substantial facelift

still available at IJmuider Delta.

and is now more able than ever to face the future with confidence and

Some of the new companies in

capability. This has ultimately led

IJmuiden have established premises

to development projects aimed at

around the IJmond Harbour, which

ensuring the long-term prosperity

is used for offshore and wind farm-

of the town’s maritime and

related projects as well as housing

commercial communities.

the Felison Cruise Terminal. Zeehaven IJmuiden’s positive

Land available

outlook and ambitious strategic plan, combined with its development

The IJmond Harbour has made

partners and local organisations,

large tracts of land available for

all helps to ensure that the region’s

port-related developments; and

maritime and commercial sector

while Zeehaven IJmuiden N.V.

remains competitive and flexible

is encouraged by the take-up in

enough to cope with changing trends.

P O R T H A N D B O O K 2 013 -15


First-rate support services for ships Shipowners are provided with first-rate services in and around the Port of IJmuiden and the North Sea Canal by a range of experienced companies with a wealth of local knowledge.

jet-driven pilot launches and a helicopter at its disposal in Amsterdam-IJmond. Pilotage is normally compulsory

More than 14,000 vessels transit the lock gates or call

in the Amsterdam-IJmond area for

at the port each year. Shipowners and operators have

vessels over 75 metres in length and

come to rely on the diverse range of excellent support

for vessels carrying hazardous cargo

services provided by the local maritime community.

such as liquefied gas. Amsterdam-IJmond is one of four


regions of Nederlands Loodswezen

The Dutch pilotage organisation Nederlands

mond and Scheldemonden.

along with Noord, Rotterdam-Rijn-

Loodswezen has a regional office in IJmuiden. Loodswezen District Amsterdam-IJmond provides sea and canal pilotage services in the Amsterdam-IJmuiden area as well as in the port of Den Helder.

Boatmen services Coรถperatieve Vereniging van Vletterlieden (CVV) was formed as

Each year, the pilots of Amsterdam-IJmond deal with

a cooperative in 1945 to provide

more than 13,000 vessels. The organisation has two

boatmen and mooring services for ships using the ports of IJmuiden and Beverwijk and for vessels in transit through the North Sea Canal locks. The cooperative employs 58 people and operates several motor launches and winch trucks. Most of the people who work for CVV are shareholders. All employees have equal status with no one person in charge, although a board of directors is elected. In addition to its mooring activities, CVV supplies crews for maritime objects under tow and offers the use of its launches to combat oil spills by towing booms into place. CVV also provides tender services to vessels at the anchorage off IJmuiden and for offshore wind farm support.


Z E E H AV E N I J M U I D E N N .V.

All its services comply with NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2000 safety requirements and the company is VCA certified.

Bunkering Klaas de Boer has been providing independent bunkering and lubricant services for nearly a century. Established in 1914 as a service provider for the Dutch fishing fleet, the company is a well known and highly respected independent oil supplier in the ARA region. Klaas de Boer supplies a wide range of products to a range of vessels including bulk carriers, chemical tankers, cruise ships, dredgers, offshore supply vessels and trawlers. marine gasoil, and high and low With 14 owned barges and a

sulphur fuel oil between 30 and 380

comprehensive supply network,

cst. Klaas de Boer has good access

Klaas de Boer supplies lubricants,

to all major lubricant companies and stores a wide range of products. Through its lubricant warehouses, it is well equipped to deliver products at short notice. For bunker products, the company has direct access to quality refiners and all deliveries are accompanied by a quality certificate from the refiner. Klaas de Boer is widely represented in the Netherlands, with offices in Amsterdam, IJmuiden, Urk, Den Helder, Harlingen, Lauwersoog, Eemshaven and Delfzijl. Its services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and same-day delivery is usually possible thanks to short logistics chains.

P O R T H A N D B O O K 2 013 -15


Port details Accommodation


Zeehaven IJmuiden N.V. comprises three deepwater

Bunker barges from Oliehandel

harbours: the Vissershaven, the Haringhaven and the

Klaas de Boer supply various types

new IJmondhaven (IJmond Harbour). Total quay length

of fuel to vessels in the harbour

of the three harbours under the direct authority of

area. Klaas de Boer supplies gasoil

Zeehaven IJmuiden N.V. is 4,500 metres.

and lubricants 24 hours a day from three major oil companies. It oper-

The two older harbours have an average depth along-

ates barges of up to 1,000 tonnes

side of 9.0 metres, although most areas have been

capacity and can bunker vessels up

dredged to 10.00 metres. Depths in the IJmond Harbour

to 20 km off the Dutch coast. KBS

are 11.0 metres.

also offers a 24-hour service.



There is anchorage at the entrance to the channel for all

Mobile cranes are available from local

vessels able to navigate the approach to the North Sea

stevedores and specialist hire compa-

Canal. Anchorage for other vessels is available at a point

nies. Reefer Stevedoring operates

10 km out from the end of the breakwater.

three mobile cranes of up to 40 tonnes capacity. Two crane companies operate in the harbour area: Schot Kranen, with


six mobile cranes of 25 to 70 tonnes

Zeehaven IJmuiden N.V. has an open link with the North

lifting capacity, and Van Duyvenbode,

Sea. There is unrestricted 24-hour access to the harbour.

with one 30 tonne mobile crane and

The entrance is on the south bank of the entrance to the

three 40 tonne cranes.

34 km North Sea Canal, which has a maximum depth of 13.7 metres. The call sign via VHF Channel 69 is ‘Havendienst’. There are no delays for vessels.

Customs IJmuiden Customs carries out formalities for vessels destined for the port. The Customs office is open 24 hours a day. All vessels entering the European Union from the sea will be considered to be carrying non-EU goods unless EU status can be shown. This status can be proved using:  An invoice or transport form on which T2L appears accompanied by a signature. If the value of the goods is over €10,000 then the invoice or transport form has to be legalised by Customs at the vessel’s point of origin  A T2L document


Z E E H AV E N I J M U I D E N N .V.

 A manifest legalised by Customs in the harbour of departure  A document as mentioned in EU regulation No 2719/92  For vessels in a regular ferry service, and possessing a Regular Service licence, goods will be stated as EU goods unless accompanied by a T1 document  For vessels in possession of a Regular Service licence and a Simplified Procedures licence, the addition of a ‘C’ will show the EU status of the goods clearance can take place at the If the EU status cannot be shown by

Custom House or on board the

one of these articles, then the goods

vessel. The following forms must

are automatically T1 goods (non EU).

be shown: Benelux 20 plus tonning certificate, D38-provision list plus

Ships with cargo The manifest, along with document D11, must be presented to Customs

personal effects list, and VBS form.

Ships without cargo

24 hours before entering port.

Twenty-four hours after pre-

Veterinary or other goods subject

announcement before entering

to special control on board must

the harbour, loading of the vessel

reported at least 72 hours before

can begin at once. According to

entering port. If these documents

the agreement with the agent,

are delivered beforehand, and there

clearance formality will take place

is no reply from the authorities,

at the Customs House or on board

cargo can be discharged. According

the vessel. The same forms as under

to the agreement with the agent,

‘Ships with cargo’ must be shown. If manifests have not been delivered in advance, loading or discharging of goods may commence only after formalities have been completed.

Pilotage Pilotage is compulsory for seagoing vessels over 75 metres LOA. Some categories of vessels are exempt.

P O R T H A N D B O O K 2 013 -15


Six hours’ notice is required for inbound vessels and four hours for outbound vessels. It is important to report ETA changes to Pilot VTS IJmuiden. In bad weather, a helicopter service is available for bigger vessels and for deep-draught vessels in the IJ-channel. The pilot station offers a reporting service for masters who want to report their ETA berth to their agent. Pilots are ordered from the Pilot VTS IJmuiden ( or via VHF, Channel 07, 06 or 14. (Traffic Centre IJmuiden).

Radio VHF radio Channel 07 (for approach area west of Fairway buoy) and

vessels and more complex repairs

Kloosterboer, Parlevliet & van der

Channel 68 (fairway buoy to North

exist in the North Sea Canal region

Plas and Cornelis Vrolijk’s Visserij-

Sea locks). Channels 22 and 3 are

at Shipdock Amsterdam, which


used in the North Sea Canal itself.

can handle vessels up to 72,000

Call sign: ‘IJmuiden Port Control’ or

dwt, and at the smaller Oranjewerf

‘IJmuiden Haven’.

Scheepsreparatie, which can dock vessels up to 4,000 dwt.

Towage Several tugs are available from Iskes and Svitzer. All vessels over 4.75

Repairs Zeehaven IJmuiden N.V. has two


slipways for vessels up to 1,200 dwt

Cold storage is provided by local

within the port. Facilities for larger

companies including Vriesvemen

metres draught and 80 metres LOA must use a tug.

Water Fresh water is available in the Haringhaven, Vissershaven and IJmond Harbour.

Airport Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport is 20 km from IJmuiden. Schiphol offers regular domestic, European and worldwide connections for freight and passenger services.

P O R T H A N D B O O K 2 013 -15


Directory ABN AMRO

Corporate Clients Noord-West Postbus 283 1000 EA Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS Tel: +31 203 831738 Fax: 31 203830441

Airborne Oil & Gas B.V. PO Box 127 1970 AC IJmuiden Monnickendamkade 1 1976 EC IJmuiden Tel: +31(0)25 5763500 Fax +31(0)70 3017401 Email:

Amsterdam Bunker Company Loggerstraat 17 1976 CX IJmuiden Tel: +31 (0)255 820 227 Email:

Amsterdam Ports Association (AmPorts) Havengebouw De Ruijterkade 7 (13e etage) 1013 AA Amsterdam Tel: +31 (0)20 6273 706 Fax: +31 (0)20 6264 969 Email:

Allseas Fabrication BV

Montrealweg 140 Havennr. 4250 3197 KH Rotterdam-Botlek Tel: +31 (0)20 486 7640 Email:

Boon Transport BV

Strandweg 2, 1976 BS IJmuiden Tel: +31 (0)255 53 31 04 Fax: +31 (0)255 53 50 75 Email:

Breman Offshore BV

Leonardeskade 21 1975 DH IJmuiden Head Office: Sasdijk 20 PO Box 135 8280 AC Genemuiden Tel: +31 (0)38 3855373 Fax: +31 (0)38 3856528 Email: www.

CEBO Holland BV

Westerduinweg 1, 1976 BV IJmuiden PO Box 70, 1970 AB IJmuiden Tel: +31 (0)255 54 62 62 Fax: +31 (0)255 54 62 02

Central Mud Plant & Fluid Services BV (CMF)

Strandweg 4 1976 BS IJmuiden Tel: +31 (0)15 2681800

Wijkermeerweg 7, 1951 AH Velsen-Noord PO Box 20, 1950 AA Velsen-Noord Tel: +31 (0)251 22 91 01 Fax: +31 (0)251 22 14 33

Amsterdam Ymuiden Offshore Port (AYOP)

Container Company Amsterdam

Havengebouw, De Ruyterkade 7 1013 AA Amsterdam Tel: +31 (0)20 6273706 Fax: +31 (0)20 6264969 Email:

Bais Maritiem BV

Trawlerkade 106, 1976 CC IJmuiden Tel: +31 (0)255 51 38 39 Fax: +31 (0)255 51 20 95 Email:

Ballast Nedam Infra

PO Box 1339 3430 BM Nieuwegein Tel: +31 (0)30 285 33 33 Fax: +31 (0)30 285 48 75 Email:


Bek & Verburg

Z E E H AV E N I J M U I D E N N .V.

Ruijgoordweg 80 - Westpoort 7989 1047 HM Amsterdam Tel: +31 (0)206 11 56 56 Email:

Container Stevedoring Ymuiden Halkade 4 - 1976 DC IJmuiden PO Box 541 1970 AM IJmuiden Tel: +31 (0)206 11 66 88 Fax: +31 (0)202 01 18 82 Email:

Coöperative Vereniging van Vletterlieden WA (CVV) Zuidersluisweg 5, 1975 AK IJmuiden Postbus 152, 1970 AD IJmuiden Tel: +31 (0)255 51 17 96 Fax: +31 (0)255 53 77 37 Email:

Cornelis Vrolijk’s Visserij Maatschappij BV PO Box 54, 1970 AB IJmuiden Tel: +31 (0)255 53 25 34 Fax: +31 (0)255 52 21 34 Email:

Crown Van Gelder NV

Eendrachtsstraat 30 1951 AZ Velsen-Noord PO Box 30, 1950 AA Velsen-Noord Tel: +31 (0)251 26 22 33 Fax: +31 (0)251 21 18 94 Email:

De Branding Construction Company Ampèrestraat 23, PO Box 203 1970 AE IJmuiden, Holland Tel: +31 (0)255 51 09 43 Fax: +31 (0)255 52 32 14 Email:

De Vilder en Wijnands Loggerstraat 33b, IJmuiden Tel: +31 (0)255 511965

DFDS Seaways BV

Sluisplein 33, 1975 AG IJmuiden PO Box 548, 1970 BA IJmuiden Tel: +31 (0)255 54 66 66 Fax: +31 (0)255 54 66 55 Email:

Eelsing Expertises & Taxaties Tel: +31 (0)255 524322 Fax: +31 (0)255 524113 Email:

Felison Terminal

Sluisplein 34-65, 1975 AG IJmuiden Tel: +31 (0)255 54 54 54 Fax: +31 (0)255 54 54 26 Email:

Gemeente Katwijk

PO Box 589, 2220 AN Katwijk Tel: +31 (0)71 406 50 00 Fax: +31 (0)71 406 50 65 Email:

Gemeente Velsen

PO Box 465, 1970 AL IJmuiden Tel: +31 (0)255 56 72 00 Fax: +31 (0)255 56 77 62 Email:

Great Yarmouth Port Authority

20/21 South Quay, Great Yarmouth NR30 2RE, United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0)1493 33 55 00 Fax: +44 (0)1493 85 24 80 Email:

Holiday Inn IJmuiden

Seaport Beach Kennemerboulevard 250 1976 EG IJmuiden aan Zee Tel: +31 (0)255 56 69 99 Fax: +31 (0)255 56 69 00 Email:


Ampereweg 1a, 1976BE IJmuiden Tel: +31 (0)255 514 564 Email:

Hydroservice BV

Middenhavenstraat 46, 1976 CM IJmuiden PO Box 442, 1970 AK Ijmuiden Tel: +31 (0)255 51 45 64 Fax: +31 (0)255 53 20 65 Email:

Iskes Towage & Salvage

PO Box 230, 1970 AE IJmuiden Monnickendamkade 19 D/E, 1976 EC IJmuiden Tel: +31 (0)255 561 900 Fax: +31 (0)255 527 172

Kamer van Koophandel Amsterdam

Amsterdam, De Ruyterkade 5 1013 AA Amsterdam, PO Box 2852 1000 CW Amsterdam Tel: +31 (0)20 531 40 00 Fax: +31 (0)20 531 47 99 Email:

Klaas de Boer

Trawlerkade 58,1976 CB IJmuiden Tel: +31 255 820210 Email:


Koninklijke Nederlandse Redding Maatschappij (KNRM) PO Box 434, 1970 AK IJmuiden Tel: +31 (0)255 54 84 54 Fax: +31 (0)255 52 25 72 Email:


Sluisplein 55, 1975 AG IJmuiden PO Box 504, 1970 AM IJmuiden Tel: +31 (0)255 54 54 54 Fax: +31 (0)255 54 54 36 Email:

LBR Engine Services

Loggerstraat 37, 1976 CX IJmuiden Tel: +31 (0)255 511007 Fax: +31 (0)255 511148 Email:

Loodswezen BV regio Amsterdam-IJmond

Kanaaldijk 242, PO Box 11 1970 AA IJmuiden Tel: +31 (0)255 56 45 45 Fax: +31 (0)255 56 45 15 Email:

Lowland Marine & Offshore PO Box 3036 2130 KA Hoofddorp Tel: +31 (0)23 55 70 101 Fax: +31 (0)088 55 70 150 Email:

Maritime Service Center IJmond (MSCIJ) PO Box 148, 1970 AC IJmuiden Tel: +31 (0)255 53 32 50 Email:

Marpol Services BV

Trawlerkade 53 1976 CB IJmuiden The Netherlands Tel: +31 (0)255 52 50 51 Fax: +31 (0)255 54 05 08 Email:

Nautikaris BV

Loggerstraat 43,1976 CX IJmuiden Tel: +31 255 512737 or +31 6 53743338 Email:

Margadantstraat 36, 1976 DN, IJmuiden PO Box 110, 1970 AC, IJmuiden Tel: +31 255 820 000 Email:

Kloosterboer Group

Nebam BV

PO Box 278, 1970 AG IJmuiden Tel: +31 (0)88 55 499 00 Fax: +31 (0)88 55 499 20 Email:

P O R T H A N D B O O K 2 013 -15

PO Box 512, 1970 AM IJmuiden Tel: +31 (0)251 47 00 00 Fax: +31 (0)251 47 02 79 Email:


Offshore Ship Designers

Sluisplein 42, 1975 AG IJmuiden Tel: +31 (0)255 54 50 70 Fax: +31 (0)255 54 50 80 Email:

Oliehandel Klaas de Boer BV Trawlerkade 58, IJmuiden Tel: +31 (0)255 513 240 Email:

Oliehandel Schepers

Postbus 79 1970 AC IJmuiden Tel: 06 51892118 Fax: 0255-517734 Email:

Parlevliet & van der Plas BV Kotterkade 4, 1976 BX IJmuiden Tel: +31 (0)255 54 65 46 Fax: +31 (0)71 789 00 20 Email:

Peterson SBS IJmuiden BV

Westerduinweg 10, 1976 BV IJmuiden Tel: +31 (0)255 54 65 55 Fax: +31 (0)255 54 65 50 Email:

Peterson SBS Den Helder BV Paleiskade 41, 1781 AN Den Helder Tel: +31 (0)223 685 100 Fax: +31 (0)223 685135 Email:

Port of Amsterdam

Havengebouw, De Ruijterkade 7 1013 AA Amsterdam PO Box 19406, 1000 GK Amsterdam Tel: +31 (0)20 523 45 00 Fax: +31 (0)20 620 98 21 Email:

Province Noord-Holland PO Box 123, 2000 MD Haarlem Tel: +31 (0)23 514 31 43 Fax: +31 (0)23 514 40 40 Email:

Raadgevend Ingenieurs-bureau Lievense BV

PO Box 3199, 4800 DD Breda Tel: +31 (0)76 522 50 22 Fax: +31 (0)76 522 30 26 Email:


Radio Holland Netherlands Strandweg 6, 1976 BS IJmuiden Tel: +31 (0)255 54 58 00 Fax: +31 (0)25551 53 03 Email:

Restaurant & Hotel Augusta Oranjestraat 98, 1975 DD IJmuiden Tel: +31 (0)255 51 42 17 Fax: +31 (0)255 53 47 03 Email:

Restaurant IJmond

Seinpostweg 40, 1976 BT IJmuiden Tel: +31 (0)255 51 35 36 Fax: +31 (0)255 52 05 34 Email:

Rijkswaterstaat – North Sea Canal District Wetstraat 1, 1975 DM IJmuiden Tel: +31 (0)255 56 63 00 Fax: +31 (0)255 51 06 11 email:

Seaport Marina IJmuiden

Kennemerblv 540, 1976 EM IJmuiden Tel: +31 (0)255 56 03 00 Fax: +31 (0)255 56 03 01 Email:

Schot Verticaal Transport Strandweg 5, 1976 BS IJmuiden Tel: +31 (0)255 51 49 32 Fax: +31 (0)255 53 73 54

Sleepdienst B. Iskes & Zn PO Box 230 - 1970 AE IJmuiden Tel: +31 (0)255 51 01 82 Fax: +31 (0)255 52 71 72 Email:

Svitzer Amsterdam BV

Vestas Offshore The Netherlands BV Breskensstraat 2 1976 EX IJmuiden Tel: +31 (0)255 546000 Fax: +31 (0)255 546009 Email:

Wageningen Imares, vestiging IJmuiden (Nederlands Instituut voor Visserij Onderzoek) Haringkade 1, 1976 CP IJmuiden PO Box 68, 1970 AB IJmuiden Tel: +31 (0)317 48 09 00 Email: wageningenimares@wur.n

Wals Diving & Marine Service PO Box 140, 1970AC IJmuiden Tel: +31 (0)255 538184 Fax +31(0)255 526831

Wesco IJmuiden Apparatenbouw BV Loggerstraat 45 1976 CX IJmuiden Tel: +31 255 561100 Fax: +31 255 561110

Westcoasting (Shipbrokers) Trawlerkade 34a, 1976 CB IJmuiden Tel: +31 (0)255 53 40 66 Fax: +31 (0)255 51 78 45 Email:

Wintershall Noordzee BV Westerduinweg 10 1976 BV IJmuiden Tel: +31 (0)255 53 35 14 Fax: +31 (0)255 53 51 90

Ymuiden Stores Holland BV

Capriweg 28, 1044 AL Amsterdam Tel: +31 (0)255 562666 Fax: +31 (0)255 562700 Email:

Trawlerkade 44, 1976 CB IJmuiden PO Box 207, 1970 AE IJmuiden Tel: +31 (0)255 51 91 22 Fax: +31 (0)255 53 17 16 Email:

Tata Steel

Zeehaven IJmuiden N.V.

PO Box 10000, 1970 CA IJmuiden Tel: +31 (0)251 49 91 11 Fax: +31 (0)251 26 23 99

Van Oord Nederland - Regio IJmuiden

Halkade 4, PO Box 541 1970 AM IJmuiden Tel.: +31 (0)255 54 70 00 Fax.: +31 (0)255 54 70 60 Email:

Sluisplein 40, 1975 AG IJmuiden Tel: +31 (0)255 526366 Fax: +31 (0)255 526352 Email:

Z E E H AV E N I J M U I D E N N .V.

Halkade 4 Postbus 541 1970 AM IJMUIDEN Tel: +31 (0)255 547000 Email:

Zeehaven IJmuiden N.V. Port Handbook 2013-15  

Official port handbook of Zeehaven IJmuiden N.V. published by Land & Marine Publications Ltd.

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