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The Gramophone Speakers

The Gramophone Speakers Aesthesis proudly presents The Gramophone Speakers a groundbreaking and unrivalled loudspeaker system and the ultimate in form and function. In most high-quality audio/video products, form follows function, but in the case of The Gramophone Speakers, form and function are intertwined, arising together during four years of development. Standing 1.2 metres tall, this handcrafted, carbon-fiber speaker makes a bold design statement while offering impressive specs. The speakers’ single, custom-designed coaxial driver consists of a 1-inch dome tweeter at the center of a 6.5-inch woofer, which allows the entire frequency range to emanate from an apparent point source while minimizing any phase anomalies. The full range driver which is sourced from Norwegian audio specialists SEAS sits at the mouth of a specially curved horn that enhances the higher frequencies while the volume behind the driver is shaped to provide a reflection-damping waveguide with a slitshaped port near the base, which boosts the lower frequencies. The Gramophone Speaker is the only speaker in the world to combine horn and waveguide loading in a bass-reflex enclosure, resulting in a frequency response from 37 Hz to 20 kHz with a tolerance of ¹3dB and a sensitivity of >97 dB/W/m. That means

it will deliver an exceptionally honest reproduction of the sound and play plenty loud with only 80W of continuous amplifier power. The extraordinary high requirements on finish and tolerance demands that everything from making of the parts to coating and assembling is handmade. The intricate shape and sophisticated characteristics of The Gramophone Speakers, which in its turn are a prerequisite for the performance of the speakers, have required the best talent there are in their respective areas. We commissioned several companies to collaborate with us on the development of The Gramophone speakers, including Eker Design, Carbocomp and Ergonomidesign, all of which are also involved with the Swedish super sports car manufacturer Koenigsegg. The attention to detail has been immaculate - from the overall sound quality right down to each and every component. For ordering inquiries and ordering please visit our website at:

Description: Drive unit: Frequency range: Frequency response: Short term power handling: Long term power handling: Impedance: Sensitivity: Connections: Magnetic shielded: Dimensions (H x W x D): Weight:

2-way horn and tube-loaded coaxial loudspeaker system in a bass reflex enclosure 6,5 in polypropylene woofer 1 in fabric dome tweeter 30 - 25,000 Hz 37-20,000 Hz (+/- 3 dB tolerance) 220W 80W 8 Ohm > 97 dB/W/m Banana plug Yes 121 x 40 x 30 cm 20 kg

Designers: Edition: Finish: Color:

John Grieves, Jonas Dolk, Erik Wahlin and Bjรถrn Gunnarsson A numbered, limited series of a 100 pairs Coated carbon-fibre and brushed stainless steel High gloss black (Any color available upon request)

Photograph: Maria Fredriksson

contact +46 (0)240 564330

The Gramophone  

The Gramophone is an exclusive Hi-Fi speaker and our first own product. It has been developed by a handpicked team of world-class engineers,...

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