2022 Big Gully Farm Bull Sale

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9th CED 2.7 BW 2.8 WW 53.2 YW 85.5 M 25.2 TM 51.8 MCE 1.7 SC 1.0 SCF 15.5 UDDR 1.24 TEAT 1.2 MPI 120 FMI 114 FAT 0.015 REA 0.39 MARB 0.10 MCW 90.7 Breed Averages AS OF NOVEMBER 1, 2022 annual bull sale 4:30PM MST, DECEMBER 8bid online at liveauctions.tv Directions
Hwy 21 Sale
12 miles north of Maidstone, on the west side of
Staff Auctioneer Ryan Dorran, 403-507-6483 Ringside Nate Marin, 306-869-7130
Day Phones
50 years serving ourvalued customers FOR MORE THAN CW 66.9
Lance Leachman 306-903-7299 Shari Leachman 306-903-7289
Insurance is recommended, but not required. Options can be suggested for those interested. Online Catalogue & VideosVideos and more information on the offering can be found on our newly-updated website at www.biggullyfarm.com Cattle were pictured Oct. 28 - Nov. 2.
Watch and bid online at liveauctions.tv. Contact Nicki Ross, 587-377-1580

Welcome! We would love to host you at our Big Gully Farm Bull Sale on Thursday, December 8. As always, the sale will take place at the farm, 12 miles north of Maidstone, Sask., beginning at 4:30 p.m. MST. Along with your family and friends, please join us for supper and drinks at this pre-Christmas event.

Our business’ viability is predicated on providing high-quality, sensibly-developed, maternally-built commercial bulls that offer strong value and profit potential. The feedback of commercial farmers and ranchers, coupled with the future direction of our business, are at the forefront of our decisions. At the foundation, we aim for our bulls to be sound structured, muscular, long, bold ribbed, docile, attractive and possess a favourable genomicallyenhanced EPD profile with increasing carcass merit values. More importantly, they should transmit to their crossbred daughters strong milking ability, udder quality, longevity, fertility, and the ability to efficiently maintain body condition on forage.

Currently there is a well deserved (though underwhelming) upswing in revenue. However, a contradiction exists concerning which breeding strategy can best capture that revenue, while mitigating intolerable input costs in trying to profit. Packers have a craving for heavier carcass weight, larger ribeye and higher marbling. This somewhat challenges the more moderately framed, lower input, forage developed breeding direction, with an eye on optimizing profit per acre vs. profit per cow, that many commercial operations are considering. Our thought is that

multiple breeds must be involved in a structured hybrid vigour system to optimize profitability. We believe F1, Hereford-influenced baldy females are an integral component of the commercial cowherd considering docility, efficiency, lifetime production and fertility contributions. Moreover, when mated to third-breed, terminal merit sires, those same baldy matrons can generate feeder progeny with premier payweight and end-product merit from maximum direct and maternal heterosis effects.

A real value-added revenue opportunity awaits so many commercial Angus and straightbred herds by simply opting to capitalize on crossbreeding and the subsequent gains in baldy calf growth rate, fertility, lifetime cow production, and female saleability. All these benefits come with very little, or potentially even less, cost involved. Arguably, Hereford bulls in general have a modest cost per cow serviced based on their typically reasonable purchase price, and coupled with their prolonged years of service due to structural correctness, practical development and manageable demeanour. Many customers wish they had more baldy females in their herd, but find selling those cattle as replacements or breds too easy and profitable to retain at the rate they would prefer.

Regarding the sale offering, each bull will be developed through till next spring, double vaccinated with Fusogard, yearlings ultrasounded for carcass merit by Shari, evaluated for breeding soundness, and delivered only when the buyer is ready for them. We don’t intend for you to find the absolute heaviest or fattest bulls at BGF – we simply aren’t comfortable, and

S0M 1M0 306-903-7299 / biggullyfarm@gmail.com /
EST. 1967 -

looking forward...

truthfully, can’t afford to develop them that aggressively. We prefer to utilize genomic-enhanced EPDs and associated contemporary group rankings as a barometer for performance selection decisions, rather than maximum individual weight. As a reference, when we ultrasound in the spring, yearling bulls will typically range from 0.15” to 0.33” of backfat on a hay and oat/protein supplement ration.

Unforeseen circumstances can potentially arise with semen testing and breeding, so as a precaution the bulls have been scrotal measured by our veterinarian to assure satisfactory development to this point. If a complication arises prior to or following delivery, we will address it as soon as possible by offering a replacement bull/BGF herd sire, or refunding your investment in full. We aim to avoid sale credit if possible. To show appreciation for those who invest in us, we offer a 2% repeat buyer discount, a 3% volume discount on two or more bulls and a $250 cull bull credit towards any bull purchased.

We want to make it clear, if it means being able to build a relationship with you or earn consideration as a bull provider, we are more than willing to delay payment or spread purchase costs into 2023, realizing your feeder cattle may not be marketed by sale time. Another consideration if you cannot make the sale is to view/ participate online at www.liveauctions.tv. It is our 13th year utilizing their service with a platform, professionalism and integrity that we value. Please remember to register ahead of time; it is free, quick and easy to comprehend-just like any alternative.

In closing, we would love to host you and your family for the evening. If you have considered utilizing a Hereford bull, but not yet sampled one, we will do anything we can to make your initial experience with the breed a positive one. If we can provide you with more information, host you ahead of time or visit with you about the cattle, please make sure to contact us anytime.

Sincerely, Lance & Shari



VOLUME BUYER DISCOUNT Buy two or more bulls and receive 3% discount on each purchase.

REPEAT BUYER DISCOUNT Enjoy 2% off of your purchase if you’ve bought a bull in the past from Big Gully Farm.

DEFERRED PAYMENT PLAN Considering our sale falls early in the season, we are willing to individually work out a favourable payment plan with you when discussed prior to the sale. Deferring payment to 2023 is an option.

CULL BULL DISCOUNT When a sales receipt is provided from the sale of a cull bull during the summer or fall immediately (post-breeding) before the sale, $250 will be discounted from the purchase of your new sire. Only one discount can be applied per bull purchase. SALES RECEIPT MUST BE E-MAILED PRIOR TO SALE FOR DISCOUNT TO BE ELIGIBLE AND ISSUED.

The Power of Genomically-Enhanced EPDs

The Canadian Hereford Association has embraced the use of genom ics into their genetic evaluation by launching a first of its kind single step analysis that utilizes the marker effects of specific traits. Likewise, CHA is directly estimating accuracy values rather than approximating. The direct estimation of accuracy results in a more conservative value, but a more accurate value than previous methodologies. The CHA is producing the most reliable genetic evaluation that is supported by Whole Herd enrollment and genomics, which will give prospective buyers added confidence in purchasing young and unproven animals.

Buying animals that have a genetic profile incorporated into their Ex pected Progeny Difference offers many advantages that allow for quick er breed and herd improvement. Below is a table showing the average increase in accuracy when buying a young animal with a Genomic En hanced EPD versus an animal without a GE-EPD. Similarly, an effec tive progeny number increase is listed by the trait that shows how many progeny equate to a genomic enhancement of a young animal (e.g. year ling). That’s right, buying a young animal that has been genotyped is like having 2-17 progeny, depending on the trait. The proof gained on young, non-parent animals, through a genomic enhancement is valuable and greatly mitigates the risk and allows for more directed selection.

calving ease 0.09 17 birth weight 0.12 8 weaning weight 0.14 12 yearling weight 0.16 9 scrotal circ. 0.17 6 mature cow wt. 0.12 4 udder suspension 0.17 7 teat size 0.17 7 carcass weight 0.11 3 fat 0.08 2 ribeye area 0.07 2 marbling 0.10 3

NJW 133A 6589 MANIFEST 87G ET Sire of lots 4, 5, 6, 7, 11, 13, 18 MH FRONTIER 6147 GE EPD Sire of lots 2, 17 NJW 76S 27A LONG RANGE 203D ET GE EPD CHA Sire of lots 15, 16, 21, 25 reference SIRES NJW 160B 028X HISTORIC 81E ET GE EPD CHA Sire of lot 14 INNISFAIL WHR X651/723 4013 ET Sire of lots 1, 8 NJW 165A 88X COWCAMP 48F ET Sire of lot 20 CRR 27A MISSION 921 Sire of lot 24 CSC 701 BOLDER 901 Sire of lot 9 BOYD POWER SURGE 9024 GE EPD Sire of lots 10, 12 NJW 79Z Z311 ENDURE 173D ET Sire of lot 3 C 092X MILES 5001 ET Sire of lot 23 NJW 133A 6589 MANDATE 115G ET Sire of lots 19, 22 GE EPD GE EPD GE EPD GE EPD BIG-GULLY A191 WIDOW MAKER 61G Sire of lot 26

Uncharted 30K is a heavy weight, high performing individual that is long sided, smooth shouldered, and sound structured. Short marked with full pigment, you’ll also find him to be really big bodied and bold middled. His dam is stout with excellent center body dimension.

HETERO POLLED | LLH 30K | JANUARY 19, 2022 BIG-GULLY 4013 UNCHARTED 30K1 INNISFAIL WHR X651/723 4013 ET PCL MISS JADE 8Y 30C NJW 73S W18 HOMEGROWN 8Y ETEFBEEF TFL U208 TESTED X651 PCL MISS JADE 916 ET 55YINNISFAIL P230 T723 BW 94lb CED -0.7 BW 5.2 WW 70 YW 112 M 29 TM 64 MCE 0 SC 1.3 SCF 18 UDDR 1.3 TEAT 1.3 MPI 137 FMI 199 FAT 0.047 REA 0.42 MARB 0.37 MCW 99 CW 75 G E E P D
8 G E E P D G E E P D G E E P D BW 96lb CED -3.6 BW 3.9 WW 69 YW 108 M 30 TM 65 MCE -0.9 SC 1 SCF 20 UDDR 1.1 TEAT 1.1 MPI 140 FMI 134 FAT 0.027 REA 0.66 MARB 0.12 MCW 100 CW 82 -Attractive and straight in lines -Big top, stout hipped, wide based -Full pigment and dark colored -Full brother to last year’s high seller to MJT Cattle Co. HOMO POLLED | LLH 46K | JANUARY 26, 2022 BIG-GULLY 173D EXONERATED 46K 3 NJW 79Z Z311 ENDURE 173D ET PCL JADE 106A 46C MHPH 521X ACTION 106ACF BENNET ENCORE Z311 ET PCL JADE 57T 31YBW 91H 100W RITA 79Z ET BW 89lb CED 3 BW 3.9 WW 52 YW 88 M 29 TM 56 MCE 6.9 SC 1.2 SCF 16 UDDR 1.3 TEAT 1.3 MPI 137 FMI 100 FAT 0.027 REA 0.27 MARB -0.01 MCW 100 CW 59 HORNED | LLH 35K | JANUARY 22, 2022 BIG-GULLY 6147 ALLEGATION 35K 2 MH FRONTIER 6147 BIG-GULLY 102 DREAMY 53C WCC/CC 1009 GREAT DIVIDE 102MH 9067 DOMINO 2249 BIG-GULLY 47R STAN’S BELLE 53TMH MISS CHATEAU 908 -Big bodied, bold ribbed, muscular -Hairy and short marked -Level topped and deep flanked -Dam is stout, attractive and milks well BW 67lb CED 8.5 BW 1.7 WW 61 YW 92 M 28 TM 59 MCE 6.4 SC 1.2 SCF 22 UDDR 1.4 TEAT 1.4 MPI 177 FMI 115 FAT 0.037 REA 0.45 MARB 0.07 MCW 106 CW 76 HETERO POLLED | LLH 61K | JANUARY 27, 2022 (TWIN) BIG-GULLY 87G MANIFEST 61K 4 NJW 133A 6589 MANIFEST 87G ET PCL SANDY 25Z 61C PCL ZIRCON 719T 25Z/S MANDATE 66589 ET PCL SANDY 916 1ABW NJW 76S 8Y HOMESPUN 133A -Attractively built and sound structured -Red eyed and short marked -Favourable multi-trait profile -Strong maternal merit
9 BW 74lb CED 6.1 BW 2.7 WW 64 YW 97 M 28 TM 60 MCE 5.2 SC 1.2 SCF 22 UDDR 1.4 TEAT 1.4 MPI 173 FMI 118 FAT 0.037 REA 0.45 MARB 0.05 MCW 106 CW 76 -Smooth fronted, long sided -Dark red with full pigment -Long and flexible stride -Dam is
Phantom Creek HOMO POLLED | LLH 62K | JANUARY 27, 2022 (TWIN) BIG-GULLY 87G MANIFEST 62K 5 NJW 133A 6589 MANIFEST 87G ET PCL SANDY 25Z 61C PCL ZIRCON 719T 25Z/S MANDATE 66589 ET PCL SANDY 916 1ABW NJW 76S 8Y HOMESPUN 133A BW 89lb CED -0.1 BW 2.7 WW 63 YW 101 M 27 TM 58 MCE 2.1 SC 1.5 SCF 21 UDDR 1.5 TEAT 1.5 MPI 150 FMI 118 FAT 0.057 REA 0.4 MARB 0.09 MCW 122 CW 72 HETERO POLLED | LLH 79K | JANUARY 26, 2022 BIG-GULLY 87G ACQUITAL 79K 6 NJW 133A 6589 MANIFEST 87G ET PCL LADY LUCK 118U 79C MHPH 1012 UMPIRE 118U/S MANDATE 66589 ET PCL LADY LUCK 36N 20TBW NJW 76S 8Y HOMESPUN 133A -Extra body length and scale -Mobile
motion -Smooth
-Dam is
scale with high quality udder BW 83lb CED 7.5 BW 0.8 WW 58 YW 89 M 26 TM 55 MCE 5.8 SC 1.3 SCF 21 UDDR 1.4 TEAT 1.4 MPI 172 FMI 127 FAT 0.047 REA 0.36 MARB 0.11 MCW 77 CW 72 -Excellent structure and balance -Full pigment and dark color -High calving ease and modest birthweight -Dam is moderate, productive with a quality udder HETERO POLLED | LLH 93K | JANUARY 25, 2022 BIG-GULLY 87G MANIFEST 93K 7 NJW 133A 6589 MANIFEST 87G ET PCL PRECIOUS LADY 25Z 93C PCL ZIRCON 719T 25Z/S MANDATE 66589 ET PCL PRECIOUS LADY 118U 121ABW NJW 76S 8Y HOMESPUN 133A G E E P D G E E P D G E E P D
best from
shoulder design, yet big middled
a bit bigger in
10 BW 106lb CED -6 BW 6.9 WW 79 YW 126 M 27 TM 66 MCE -1.4 SC 1.8 SCF 15 UDDR 1.4 TEAT 1.3 MPI 119 FMI 240 FAT 0.037 REA 0.44 MARB 0.43 MCW 99 CW 75 -Heaviest muscled calf -Bold, deep ribcage and stout boned -Well developed scrotal -Dam is intermediate framed and powerful HOMO POLLED | LLH 99K | JANUARY 24, 2022 BIG-GULLY 4013 FREEDOM 99K 8 INNISFAIL WHR X651/723 4013 ET PCL A191 REAL LADY 9D SHF ALL STAR 42X A191EFBEEF TFL U208 TESTED X651 PCL REAL LADY 118U ET 67BINNISFAIL P230 T723 BW 65lb CED 12.4 BW -0.8 WW 54 YW 89 M 34 TM 61 MCE 7.5 SC 1 SCF 20 UDDR 1.3 TEAT 1.4 MPI 179 FMI 155 FAT 0.037 REA 0.26 MARB 0.16 MCW 88 CW 59 HOMO POLLED | LLH 100K | JANUARY 21, 2022 BIG-GULLY 901 CAPTIVITY 100K 9 CSC 701 BOLDER 901 BIG-GULLY 15B SHARON 100H WLB MR. CANADA 10Z 15BTH 22R 16S LAMBEAU 17Y PCL SHARON 49Y 100BCSC 502 LADY DEW 701 -Full pigment and dark color -Deep sided, attractive -Muscular and high volume for calving ease option -First calf dam has extra length, quality udder G E E P D G E E P D G E E P D BW 91lb CED 0.2 BW 4.8 WW 69 YW 110 M 26 TM 60 MCE 2.7 SC 1 SCF 16 UDDR 1.4 TEAT 1.4 MPI 134 FMI 122 FAT 0.007 REA 0.44 MARB -0.11 MCW 88 CW 70 -Engaging profile with added extension -Deep ribbed and wide pinned -Agile and long striding -Dam is angular and long with a level, correct udder HETERO POLLED | LLH 157K | MARCH 8, 2022 BIG-GULLY 9024 SURGE 157K 10 BOYD POWER SURGE 9024 PCL GOLD BOUNTY 118U 157C MHPH 101S UMPIRE 118UBOYD 31Z BLUEPRINT 6153 BIG-GULLY 611 GOLD BOUNTY 681WTH 329 358C LANA 76E
11 BW 84lb CED 6.7 BW 0.9 WW 62 YW 91 M 35 TM 66 MCE 5.5 SC 1.6 SCF 19 UDDR 1.3 TEAT 1.3 MPI 161 FMI 126 FAT 0.047 REA 0.35 MARB 0.23 MCW 101 CW 74 HETERO POLLED | LLH 271K | JANUARY 22, 2022 BIG-GULLY 87G MANIFEST 271K 11 NJW 133A 6589 MANIFEST 87G ET BIG-GULLY 2011 TIFFANY 271B C 88X RIBEYE 2011/S MANDATE 66589 ET BIG-GULLY 611 GOLD BOUNTY 217WBW NJW 76S 8Y HOMESPUN 133A -Sound structured, complete -Extra body length and respectable performance -Strong maternal capability -Dam is
our most productive cows BW 74lb CED 5.3 BW 2.6 WW 58 YW 88 M 25 TM 53 MCE -5.4 SC 1.3 SCF 16 UDDR 1.4 TEAT 1.4 MPI 121 FMI 113 FAT -0.003 REA 0.35 MARB -0.01 MCW 85 CW 62 HETERO POLLED | LLH 636K | JANUARY 19, 2022 BIG-GULLY 9024 AFFIDAVIT 636K 12 BOYD POWER SURGE 9024 BIG-GULLY 5001 ROXY 633F C 092X MILES 5001 ETBOYD 31Z BLUEPRINT 6153 BIG-GULLY 517U DOMINIQUE 631ZTH 329 358C LANA 76E
G E E P D G E E P D G E E P D BW 79lb CED 7.2 BW 0.4 WW 53 YW 82 M 28 TM 55 MCE 6.5 SC 1.5 SCF 21 UDDR 1.3 TEAT 1.3 MPI 167 FMI 108 FAT 0.047 REA 0.21 MARB 0.21 MCW 101 CW 71 -Attractively
-Substantial power and shape, especially for 74 lbs at birth -Attractive design and presence -Exceptional ribcage depth and curvature -Strong cow family for udder design
built strong, level top -Long sided and smooth shouldered -Conservative birth weight and mating flexibility -Dam is a stout, attractive aged ‘47R’ daughter
12 BW 104lb CED -4.1 BW 5.2 WW 72 YW 113 M 34 TM 70 MCE 2.3 SC 1.5 SCF 17 UDDR 1.3 TEAT 1.3 MPI 132 FMI 112 FAT 0.037 REA 0.54 MARB -0.05 MCW 84 CW 74 HETERO POLLED | LLH 783K | MARCH 1, 2022 BIG-GULLY 203D EXEMPTION 783K 15 NJW 76S 27A LONG RANGE 203D ET BIG-GULLY 701A EMERALD 783E S7R R294 FAMOUS 701ANJW 135U 10Y HOMETOWN 27A BIG-GULLY 2011 EMERALD 785BNJW 55N STARDUST 76S -High performing, stout boned and rugged -Strong weight per day of age for younger bull -Long bodied, deep middled -Easy fleshing, big middled dam BW 91lb CED 3.3 BW 1.4 WW 56 YW 82 M 38 TM 66 MCE -5.3 SC 0.8 SCF 24 UDDR 1.4 TEAT 1.5 MPI 163 FMI 104 FAT 0.027 REA 0.74 MARB 0.17 MCW 61 CW 75 -Growthier appearing calf with good hair -Bold, deep ribcage with extra volume -‘Historic/Special Edition’ combo should transmit strong milk and udder design -First calf dam has an exceptional udder HETERO POLLED | LLH 714K | JANUARY 26, 2022 BIG-GULLY 81E HISTORIC 714K 14 NJW 160B 028X HISTORIC 81E ET BIG-GULLY 7348 TIFFANY 713H C SPECIAL EDITION 7348CHURCHILL SENSATION 028X BIG-GULLY 60C TIFFANY 712ENJW 73S 38W DAYDREAM 160B BW 86lb CED 2.2 BW 2.6 WW 56 YW 85 M 35 TM 63 MCE 4.5 SC 1.4 SCF 19 UDDR 1.3 TEAT 1.2 MPI 149 FMI 73 FAT 0.047 REA 0.34 MARB -0.03 MCW 62 CW 69 HETERO POLLED | LLH 785K | JANUARY 28, 2022 BIG-GULLY 203D LONG RANGE 785K 16 NJW 76S 27A LONG RANGE 203D ET BIG-GULLY 2011 EMERALD 785B C 88X RIBEYE 2011NJW 135U 10Y HOMETOWN 27A BIG-GULLY 517U HARLEY GAL 785ZNJW 55N STARDUST 76S -Larger statured, long sided -Powerful top, hip and stifle -Extra bone and masculinity -Moderate sized, heavy milking dam G E E P D G E E P D G E E P D
1313 BW 81lb CED 7.1 BW 1.1 WW 63 YW 100 M 29 TM 61 MCE 6.8 SC 1.2 SCF 17 UDDR 1.3 TEAT 1.2 MPI 155 FMI 133 FAT 0.057 REA 0.62 MARB 0.27 MCW 114 CW 86 -Long sided, deep ribbed, extra growth -Attractive neck shoulder attachment and level design -Conservative birthweight for subsequent growth and volume -Strong cow family with strong carcass indicators HORNED | LLH 833K | JANUARY 29, 2022 BIG-GULLY 87G MANIFEST 833K 18 NJW 133A 6589 MANIFEST 87G ET BIG-GULLY V-9 LOIS LANE 831C SLDK VENDETTA V-9 ET/S MANDATE 66589 ET BIG-GULLY 2165 LOIS LANE 831ABW NJW 76S 8Y HOMESPUN 133A BW 76lb CED 6.7 BW 2.251 WW 51 YW 84 M 35 TM 60 MCE 7.3 SC 1.4 SCF 16 UDDR 1.4 TEAT 1.4 MPI 144 FMI 113 FAT 0.007 REA 0.44 MARB 0.03 MCW 97 CW 70 HORNED | LLH 817K | JANUARY 18, 2022 BIG-GULLY 6147 FRONTIER 817K 17 MH FRONTIER 6147 BIG-GULLY 549 LISA 815G CRR 109 WALK OFF 549MH 9067 DOMINO 2249 BIG-GULLY 2011 LISA 815BMH MISS CHATEAU 908 -Long sided with strong, level back -Conservative marked and full pigment -Agile and long striding -Dam is bold ribbed and easy fleshing - CHRIS GROSSER Opportunities don’t happen, YOU CREATE THEM . G E E P D G E E P D G E E P D
14 BW 78lb CED 13 BW -0.2 WW 45 YW 73 M 26 TM 48 MCE 10.3 SC 1.3 SCF 22 UDDR 1.5 TEAT 1.6 MPI 187 FMI 148 FAT 0.057 REA 0.3 MARB 0.43 MCW 79 CW 57 HORNED | LLH 166J | February 1, 2021 | C03093083 BIG-GULLY 115G GENUINE 166J19 NJW 133A 6589 MANDATE 115G ET BIG-GULLY 47R RITA 166B PDHR 20J STANMORE 47R/S MANDATE 66589 ET BIG-GULLY PURE GOLD LASS 166RBW NJW 76S 8Y HOMESPUN 133A
Genuine 166J offers exceptional calving ease, marbling and udder score EPDs. He expresses a deep, bold rib cage, and is sound and flexible on the move. His aged ‘47R’ dam still has a correct udder design.
15 G E E P D G E E P D BW 92lb CED 0 BW 5.5 WW 54 YW 90 M 35 TM 62 MCE 5.6 SC 1.3 SCF 15 UDDR 1.3 TEAT 1.3 MPI 131 FMI 155 FAT -0.023 REA 0.22 MARB 0.18 MCW 86 CW 60 -Big topped, stout upper hip and powerful stifle -Attractively built with strong, level top -Wide based and flexible on the move HORNED | LLH 54J | APRIL 3, 2021 | C03093080 BIG-GULLY 49F VALHALLA 54J 20 NJW 165A 88X COWCAMP 49F ET BIG-GULLY 6147 DREAMY 53G MH FRONTIER 6147NJW 98S R117 RIBEYE 88X ET BIG-GULLY 2011 DREAMY 53BNJW 137X 10Y FAITH 165A BW 90lb CED -3.6 BW 5 WW 62 YW 100 M 27 TM 58 MCE -2 SC 1.6 SCF 17 UDDR 1.2 TEAT 1.2 MPI 121 FMI 125 FAT 0.027 REA 0.32 MARB 0.1 MCW 126 CW 66 -Larger scaled and really long bodied -Dark colored and short marked -Dam is big middled and easily maintains condition HETERO POLLED/SCURRED | LLH 75J | JANUARY 27, 2021 | C03093081 BIG-GULLY 203D SOLIDARITY 75J 21 NJW 76S 27A LONG RANGE 203D ET PCL 425X JADE ET 75D TH 89T UNTAPPED 425X ETNJW 135U 10Y HOMETOWN 27A PCL JADE 57T 31YNJW 55N STARDUST 76S BW 77lb CED 8.3 BW 0.9 WW 57 YW 90 M 32 TM 60 MCE 3.1 SC 1.6 SCF 15 UDDR 1.4 TEAT 1.5 MPI 138 FMI 106 FAT 0.067 REA 0.31 MARB 0.11 MCW 117 CW 73 -MDC -Big, long, growthy -Long tracking and mobile -Smooth shouldered, straight in lines HORNED | LLH 223J | FEBRUARY 20, 2021 | C03093085 BIG-GULLY 115G UNDERPIN 223J 22 NJW 133A 6589 MANDATE 115G ET BIG-GULLY 549 EMILIE 123F CRR 109 WALK OFF 549/S MANDATE 66589 ET BIG-GULLY 4R’S REVOLT 123ZBW NJW 76S 8Y HOMESPUN 133A G E E P D
16 BW 64lb CED 3.9 BW 2.1 WW 60 YW 95 M 33 TM 64 MCE 7 SC 1.6 SCF 20 UDDR 1.3 TEAT 1.2 MPI 163 FMI 104 FAT 0.047 REA 0.42 MARB 0.08 MCW 87 CW 80 -Correct and attractive -Dark colored and sound striding -‘Long Range’ progeny are long, dark and should be great uddered -Dam is among one of our two oldest cows with extra scale and length HORNED | LLH 785J | January 14, 2021 (TWIN) | C03087312 BIG-GULLY 203D QUANTUM 785J 25 NJW 76S 27A LONG RANGE 203D ET BIG-GULLY 517U HARLEY GAL 785Z BIG-GULLY 611 BOUNTY 517UNJW 135U 10Y HOMETOWN 27A BIG-GULLY 408 ROYALTY 781WNJW 55N STARDUST 76S -Bold, deep ribcage -Powerful hip and stifle -Plenty of flex and reach on the move -Dam consistently passed on power and volume HORNED | LLH 270J | JANUARY 20, 2021 | C03093086 BIG-GULLY 5001 BUCKSHOT 270J 23 C 092X MILES 5001 ET BIG-GULLY 102 DENISE 270B WCC/CC 1009 GREAT DIVIDE 102C MILES MCKEE 2103 ET BIG-GULLY 47R STAN’S STAR 270WBF 743 BURLESQUE 092X ET BW 82lb CED 4.7 BW 2.5 WW 44 YW 66 M 26 TM 48 MCE 2.3 SC 1.1 SCF 12 UDDR 1.1 TEAT 1 MPI 112 FMI 117 FAT -0.063 REA 0.29 MARB 0.06 MCW 99 CW 55 G E E P D BW 85lb CED -4.4 BW 3.3 WW 61 YW 93 M 26 TM 57 MCE -1.8 SC 1.1 SCF 16 UDDR 1.3 TEAT 1.3 MPI 115 FMI 105 FAT 0.027 REA 0.39 MARB 0.15 MCW 100 CW 67 HORNED | LLH 278J | January 27, 2021 | C03087307 BIG-GULLY 921 ELUSIVE 278J 24 CRR 27A MISSION 921 BIG-GULLY 701A DIVA 278F S7R R294 FAMOUS 701ANJW 135U 10Y HOMETOWN 27A BIG-GULLY 2011 DIVA 78DCRR 028X KELLY 723 -Heavy muscled, stout hipped -Short marked and hairy -Extra bone and base width G E E P D G E E P D
17 BW 68lb CED 9.8 BW 0.4 WW 60 YW 86 M 38 TM 68 MCE 5.7 SC 1.4 SCF 20 UDDR 1.3 TEAT 1.3 MPI 175 FMI 136 FAT -0.013 REA 0.67 MARB 0.03 MCW 68 CW 84 HETERO POLLED/SCURRED | LLH 787J | March 10, 2021 | C03093079 BIG-GULLY 61G RESILIENCE 787J 26 BIG-GULLY A191 WIDOW MAKER 61G BIG-GULLY 549 EMERALD 784G CRR 109 WALK OFF 549SHF ALL STAR 42X A191 BIG-GULLY 2011 EMERALD 785BPCL SANDY 25Z 61C -Striking balance and strength of top -Deep middled and square hipped -Fully pigmented -First calf dam finished raising a premier heifer calf on second go G E E P D

Online Bidding


The sale will begin at 4:30 p.m. MST on December 8. Videos of the sale lots can be viewed at www.biggullyfarm.com HOW TO PARTICIPATE In order to participate in the auction online you will need to pre-register and obtain a buyer number. Go to the LiveAuctions.tv website, www.liveauctions. tv, and select Big Gully Farm Bull Sale (you may need to create a user name and password if this is your first time). After logging in select the link that says, “register for a buyer number.” This form requires you to fill out your bank’s name, city, state, phone number and a contact. You may register to bid after bidding has opened but please remember that authorization to bid is not instantaneous.

HOW THE AUCTION WORKS Once you have a username and have received a buyer number then you are ready to bid. You will see a screen that is unique to your user ID. There will be a list containing the sale lots. If you click on a lot, the video clip or photo will be displayed to

the right. The next bid, current price, proxy bid, and manual bid buttons will be displayed below the video area. This page will react to your bids by stating, “you are in” or “you are out.” No one else will be able to see your bid – that data is not accessible to the public. Each time you login, the auction screen will display your personal bidding information. Your auction screen is unique and private displaying your activity to only you. Remember that you must have the lot that you are bidding on selected. This is where it tells you if you are in or out. It is here where you can also see your proxy (automatic) bid settings as applicable.

WHAT IS A PROXY BID? With a proxy bid you can enter your maximum bid and then sit back and watch. When you enter a proxy bid amount the LiveAuctions system automatically bids on your behalf up to your maximum bid. If the lot closes out for less than your maximum, that’s all you’ll have to pay. This means that you don’t have to keep coming back to re-bid every

time another bid is placed. This makes it more convenient and less time consuming. It can also greatly assists those breeders that can’t be near a computer or are busy with other duties at the time of the final bidding. Your maximum amount is kept confidential from other bidders and the seller. Even though you can see this amount on your screen, no one else can. The LiveAuctions system compares your bid to those of the other registered bidders and the system automatically places bids on your behalf, using only as much of your bid as is necessary to maintain your high bid position. The system will bid only up to your maximum amount as necessary to maintain you as the high bidder. If another bidder has a higher maximum, you’ll be outbid and the system will tell you that “YOU’RE OUT.” But, if no other bidder has a higher maximum you win the final bid.

QUESTIONS/ASSISTANCE If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact Nicki Ross, 587-377-1580.

Terms & Conditions

TERMS OF SETTLEMENT: The terms of the sale are cash or cheque, payable at par. The right of property shall not pass until settlement is made. All settlements must be made with clerks of the sale before cattle will be released. Payment terms can be arranged if you discuss them with Lance prior to the sale. BIDS & DISPUTES: Every animal in the video sale will be sold to the highest bidder. In case of disputes, bidding will be re-opened between the parties involved. If no further bid is made the buyer will be the person from whom the auctioneer accepted the last bid. The auctioneer’s decision in such matters will be final.

PURCHASER’S RISK: Each animal becomes the risk of the purchaser as soon as sold. Animals will be cared for at the purchaser’s risk for a reasonable length of time.CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION: Each animal will carry papers issued by the Canadian Hereford Association. A certificate of registry duly transferred will be furnished to the buyer for

each animal immediately after payment has been made. LIABILITY: Although every precaution will be taken to protect the safety and comfort of buyers, the auctioneer or owners assume no responsibility in this matter and disclaim any liability, legal or otherwise, in the event of an accident or loss of property.

INSURANCE: We strongly recommend, but do not require that insurance is purchased for full value on each animal sold. Several insurance providers can be suggested if the buyer chooses this option. US FUNDS & EXPORT: Current exchange rates will be announced sale day. Big Gully Farm will do all the health testing and export papers required for shipment. We will deliver the cattle across the border and assist in further shipping arrangements from there. Cost is the responsibility of the buyer from that point on. ANNOUNCEMENTS: All announcements made from the auction block will take precedence over the printed matter in the catalogue. Buyers are therefore cautioned

to pay close attention to such disclosures. HEALTH: All animals in the sale have met all necessary health requirements. Calves are given Inforce 3, Once PMH, Toltrazuril and Vit. A/E & Selenium. At turnout, calves receive Bovi-Shield Gold One Shot, Tasvax 8 and Ivermectin. Two weeks prior to weaning, calves receive Bovi-Shield Gold FP5 and Ivermectin. Heifers and cows are vaccinated with BoviShield Gold FP5 and Tasvax 8 one month prior to breeding. Heifers receive Merck Guardian and booster prior to calving, while cows receive a single dose prior to calving. Bulls follow the same pre-breeding vaccination protocol with two doses of Fusogard as calves and a single dose as 2-year olds. All cattle receive Ivermectin twice per year. ABSENTEE BIDS: Bidders unable to attend the sale may phone their bids and instructions to the auctioneer, ringman or special representatives. Bids must be received in sufficient time prior to the sale.

learning AWARD

We have decided to alter the Big Gully Farm Beef Cattle Learning Award to more intimately give back to the families whose support we have been fortunate to receive through their bull acquisitions. Each bull buyer will receive two nominations to be made out in the name of a young cattle enthusiast aged 25 years or younger, who will then be eligible in a draw for three awards of $1,000 each.

Youth must use the award on beef cattle-related experience such as an AI course, workshop, 4-H/breeding animal purchse, animal science tuition, etc. Successful youth may only receive one award per year.

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