LCM | June 2022 | The Summer Issue

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Another World Paradise-based B&D Builders has made a name for itself where barns are concerned. Whether it’s adaptive reuse, restoration projects or new builds, B&D’s barns are extraordinary. Since its launch in 2000, the company has expanded its focus to include equestrian centers, event venues, party barns commercial projects and custom homes.





urn south off Route 30 in Paradise, and the landscape immediately transitions into farmland and countryside. That’s where B&D Builders makes its home. The company’s office building is stunning and could conceivably qualify as a museum dedicated to timehonored building techniques and materials. “When we built it, we thought it would be a good idea to show clients our capabilities,” says co-owner, Daniel Glick. The company’s reception area is furnished with comfortable chairs and a table that is topped with glossy magazines that provide a glimpse into another world – the equestrian life – that entails its own unique lifestyle. The barns, arenas and other horse-related buildings B&D creates for clients are beyond beautiful. I must admit, until this story was pitched

to me by Alpha Dog Advertising, a marketing agency in Lancaster, I was not familiar with B&D Builders. As is often the case, we are unaware of or don’t appreciate what we have right in our own backyard. Ashley Kendrick Kennedy, our graphic designer, and I found ourselves salivating over the pictures we were seeing of one of the company’s projects and decided to move things around to include it in this month’s issue. We also oohed and aahed over the photos on the company’s website. Curiously, no photos of Daniel or his business partner, Ben Esh, appear on it. Glick, Esh … Could they be Amish, I wondered? As I sat and leafed through the glossy pub, Equestrian Living, a man appeared. “You must be Suzanne,” he said. “I’m Daniel.” He led me into a conference room that demonstrates the company’s abilities.