Lancaster Farmland Trust 2020 Annual Report

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Lancaster Farmland Trust

Annual Report 2020

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To Our Supporters










Report, I believe you’ll find a silver lining to an otherwise bleak year.

grants – more than any other year in the previous decade, LFT found




videos to keep us connected. Likewise, we were able to reach beyond BLAIR


Commonwealth and the nation in our first-ever virtual annual dinner,


Back in 2019, when LFT began the silent phase of our Honoring the Promise



capital campaign, we planned for 2020 to be a year of face-to-face meetings




LFT Farms Preserved in 2020


^ ^



can honor its perpetual obligation to our farm families and community.




We did not plan for a global pandemic! Despite the pandemic, support for

Thank you for standing by our side and supporting our mission.



with our friends and supporters to stress the importance of preserving the 50 farms on our waiting list and the necessary investment to ensure LFT











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shelves ran bare. We sent information packets to farmers, made phone calls







Last year, besides preserving 15 farms and working on 13 environmental

Together; For the Land.



living and conducting business. Yet, when you read through our 2020 Annual

the borders of Lancaster County and connect with folks from across the




crisis confronted our world; each of us was forced to adapt to a new way of

to supporters, hosted webinars to help spread information, and shared


It can be hard to look back at 2020 and glean much positivity. An unforeseen

innovative ways to connect farmers and consumers when grocery store




the campaign was amazing, allowing us to reach 60 percent of the $7.5 million goal by the end of the year. Another remarkable contribution to the campaign was a $2 million matching grant from the Steinman Foundation - the largest gift LFT has ever received and the largest award ever by the



foundation. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who supported the campaign in 2020. When I see the accomplishments of our organization in 2020, I know it’s the





result of two things – an extremely dedicated staff and Board of Trustees, and an equally dedicated and supportive community. I can’t thank each of you enough for your unwavering support during such a challenging year. Our community stepped up when farmers needed them the most. I hope the stories and accomplishments within this report fill you with as much hope

Preservation Highlights CLEARFIELD

and pride as they do me. Thank you for being so supportive in 2020.




Jeff Swinehart Chief Operating Officer


NORTHUMBERLAND 15 farms; 893 acres preserved SNYDER in 2020



Our “PreserveJUNIATA & Conserve” grant program helped three farms complete a suite of conservation practices at the same time PERRY as preserving their land










12 farms preserved through our Honoring the Promise capital campaign CUMBERLAND

YORK Expanding our footprint ADAMSin Central PA with two farms preserved outside of Lancaster County

Two farms preserved jointly with the Lancaster County Agricultural Preserve Board (the County-administered program)





Farms on Preserved in 2020 five farms (281 acres) entirely donated – a total value of nearly $1 million ^ • LFTEasements


2020 continued

Water Quality & Stewardship Highlights 1.

Staff conducted nearly 500 farm visits in Paradise and Leacock Townships to garner farmer interest in conservation plan development and conservation practice implementation.


LFT served on the Lancaster and Cumberland County Countywide Action Plan teams to help each community create and implement plans to reduce water pollution locally and in the Chesapeake Bay.


LFT continued our dedication to environmental resource conservation by altering our preservation standards to require

The Zook farm, preserved in 2020, also received help in designing, engineering, and installing several environmental improvements - including a new underground manure storage pit, heifer barn, and rainwater infiltration area.

conservation plans and manure management plans for every farm we preserve.

Preserve + Conserve The Fisher farm in Colerain Township, preserved in July 2020.

Lancaster County farmers aren’t just preserving their land, they’re protecting waterways, too.

Last year, David Zook left the construction industry and returned

recently that we formally linked the conversations at the onset

home to care for the land his family has farmed for more than 60

of our relationships with farmers.

years. David left the farm as a young man to gain experience in the world; he didn’t feel called to return to his roots for several years. When his father, Melvin, retired two years ago and sold his herd of dairy cows, the idea to return to his home-farm manifested. “It just didn’t sit right with me,” David explained, “I had to come back and put cows in that barn.”

Mr. Zook’s 77-acre dairy farm suffered from outdated manure storage areas and a topography that escalated erosion into the stream in the pasture below the barnyard area. With the help of a local agricultural engineering firm – TeamAg Inc. – the Zook farm received a new underground manure storage unit, with an above-ground heifer barn. The barnyard was also reconfigured

When the father and son contacted Lancaster Farmland Trust

to catch and contain runoff, allowing it to filter into the ground

about preserving the family farm, the initial conversation

before making its way to the stream.

showed the family’s deep thoughtfulness about the land and the community’s best interests. They understood the implications of preserving their land in perpetuity. They shared their hopes to improve their farm’s environmental footprint and lessen its impact on the small creek running through the farm. Naturally, LFT offered to help the family on both fronts. Thanks to a first-of-its-kind grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Lancaster Farmland Trust helped three

While other lands may be at risk of being sold and developed, losing the conservation investment, conservation practices on preserved farmland will always remain in place since the land will remain a farm forever. That was good news for Mr. Zook, who is now the owner of a preserved farm that works in unison with the environment.

farmers preserve their farms and protect local waterways.

Scan the QR code to watch the

Though these two converging efforts have been part of our

Zook farm’s story on YouTube.

organization’s mission for more than a decade, it wasn’t until


Special Thanks to our generous supporters A

in 2020.

$250,000 +

$10,000 - $19,999

County of Lancaster

Friends of Preservation

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

Dara and JP Bachman

The Steinman Foundation

Caernarvon Township Carol L. Anderson Estate

$100,000 - $249,999

Chester County Solid Waste Authority

Friend of Preservation

Dr. Robert and Carol Falk

The Campbell Foundation

Bernice Gerhart

Commonwealth Financing Authority The Shaw Family Foundation

The Robert and Lori Good Charitable Fund,

$50,000 - $99,999

Dan and Caroline Herr

Friend of Preservation

Johnson Charitable Gift Fund

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,

Jeff and Kathy Kirk Karen and George Martynick

J. Michael Flanagan

Mike and Wendy Melhorn

Don and Marilyn Hess

Nest Egg Foundation

Carol Elizabeth Ware

Drs. Robert and Margarita Shultz

Don White

Turkey Hill Dairy, Inc. The Wenger Group

$20,000 - $49,999

Willis and Elsie Shenk Foundation

Friend of Preservation

PNC Marian Roy Ernest Schreiber Beverly R. Steinman Jeff and Anne Marie Swinehart Christ and Susie Taylor TeamAg Inc.

Jeb and Karly Musser

Katie Johnson

Jim and Janet Myer


M. Diane Koken and John Herr

Network for Good

East Nottingham Township

Stephen and Bonnie Kraybill

Peter and Betsy Olmsted

Barrie and Jean Edwards

Jim and Alice Lafferty

Nancy E. Parker

Drs. Justin and Laura Fisher

LNP Media Group

Sid and Marcy Paskowitz

Dwight Forry

Lancaster Farming, Inc.

Michael and Jana’ Peachey

Fulton Bank

Susan Landis

Susan Petrie

Kelli, Herlie, Olivia & Catherine Funk Velez

Richard and Lynda Levengood

Powl’s Feed Service, Inc.

Gene and Karen Garber

Ken and Lisa Lewis

Dorothy Kreider Reed

Julianna Geer

Laurie Little

Irwin and Susan Richman

John and Debbie Golna

Longenecker’s Hatchery

Benjamin and Lisa Riggs

Goodville Mutual Casuality Company

Linda and Brian Lownsbery

Risser’s Poultry, Inc.

Gary Graybill

Lyet Family Trust

Catherine Ruhling

Claudia Hakala

Pamela Lyons-Neville

John and Joyce Saeger

Howard W. Hall

Drs. Timothy Martin and Christine Janouschek

Gary and Christina Seldomridge

Coleman and Jean Harris

Virginia May

Norman and Rose Sharp

Dr. Constance D. Harsh

Wilson and Lisa McElhinny

Cliff and Michelle Shedd

Wade and Elizabeth Heath

Mike and Patty McKonly

Bob and Felicia Shoemaker

Bob and Pat Hershock

MidAtlantic Farm Credit

Robert A. Siever

Amanda and Craig Hickle

Darin Miller

Simon Lever LLP

Carrie Nunan Hill

Dave and Kay Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Smith

William N. Hoffman

Bonita Miller

Mr. and Mrs. R. Scott Smith

Holly Holden

Ken and Jan Montville

Angela Spickler

Charles and Sally Hoober

David and Gail Morris

Lucille G. Steele

Iron Rock Consulting, Inc.

Dr. Holmes and Mrs. Caroline Morton

Judith A. Stitley

$1,000 - $4,999 Friend of Preservation Acuity Advisors and CPAs Rick and Michelle Atwater Seth Bair and Radhika Shroff Chris and Nancy Barton Amy Baumann and Seth Katz Stephen and Karen Baumann Beiler-Campbell Realtors Emily and Gabe Bell Matthew Bennett Marilyn and Fred Berger

Barshinger Family Foundation

$5,000 - $9,999

Chesapeake Bay Trust

Friend of Preservation

Forrest and Kay Collier

Friend of Preservation

Conservation Foundation of Lancaster County

N. Alan and Sally Bair

Environmental Defense Fund

Benevity Community Impact Fund

Ferree Foundation

Anne Bennett

Harvey E. Hoover Jr.

David Breniser and Pamela Minnick

Lancaster County Community Foundation

Peter and Millicent Christie

Mary B. Landis Estate

East Earl Township

Paul and Gail Metzger

Dennis and Betty Jo Grimm

Nadine and John Simms

Robert and Hale Krasne

Dr. Melvyn G. and Mrs. Martha Wenger

Mardel Mellinger


David Hendel and Kathleen O’Hara

James and Virginia Jones Foundation

William and Sylvia DeLong

a Donor Advised Fund of The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust

Department of Agriculture

Mel and Marilyn Nissley

John and Catherine Cox

Denotes Heirloom Circle members (25+ years of continuous giving)

Herman and Jeanette Bontrager Ted and Jan Bowers Laura Brenner Paul and Evelyn Brubaker Bucher Associates Dr. Sandra Bush Alice I. Childs Samuel Clement and Louise Babikow Richard and Sandra Cobes Conestoga Animal Hospital George and Karen Cook Corteva Agriscience Denotes Land Stewards (monthly givers)

Honoring the Promise Campaign Contributors

Denotes Amos Funk Legacy Society members (planned giving)


Marvin Stouffer and Linda Sadler Stouffer

Dr. Robert and Ruth Justice

Elaine and Mike Brenner

PennAg Industries Association

Dave and Paulie Bird

Andy and Amy Bradford

Daniel S. Sweigart

Kim and Mark Kondracki

Brubaker Farms

Linda Rengier

Raymond and Carol Blake

Virginia Brady

Thomas A. and Georgina T. Russo

Drs. Keith and Barbara Kuhlengel

Bruce Butterworth

M. Christine and William Rhyner

Robert and Reba Bolinger

Ken and Susan Brown

Brent and Yvonne Landis

Jacqueline Childs

Steven & Kimbell Risk

Tony and Jody Bonazzi

Curtis and Lois Brown

Nicholas and Dana Thomson

Family Foundation

Kathy and Tom Larkin

Murl and Sandra Clark

Ross Buehler Faulk & Company, LLP

Elizabeth Bonholtzer

Linda Hollingshead Bruce


Robert Lucking and Sara Marian Lucking

Jordan Clymer

Margaret Saunders

Mary Louise Boomsma

Mark and Dorothy Bruns

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Mark Martin and Amy Anderson

Joyce Collom

Valentina and Matthew Schade

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Univest Bank and Trust Co.

Joseph Martina and Katrina Branting

Ray and Memory D’Agostino, Jr.

William and Sandy Schucker

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Clyde and Joanna Bullock

Dr. Gary and Maurine Van Dyke

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Linda Boyd

David and Anne Bushnell

Steven Walter

Robert Meckes

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Jan Skiles

Nicole Boyer

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Bill and Phyllis Whitesell

Mid Penn Bank

Kate Dixon and Dan Wilkinson

David and Elizabeth Smucker

Norma Boyer

Dr. Roddy and Joann Canosa

Whole Foods Market Community Giving Program

Mary Lee Nissley

Jennifer Ehlers

Paul Sperry

Steve Witmer

Dr. Harshadkumar & Mrs. Sudhaben Patel

EMM Sales & Service, Inc.

Jonathan and Marsha Stanley

Harriet York

Dr. Alan S. Peterson and Jacquelyn Johns

Joe and Sadie Esh

Dr. Robert and Joyce Stoltzfus

York Ag Products, Inc.

Daniel and Lorraine Phillips

Beth and Jay Gainer

Roger Stoner and Lynda Lueck-Stoner

Dr. George and Pat Zimmerman

Poppinga Family Fund

Scott and Beth Glassford

Strausser Surveying & Engineering, Inc.

Jonathan and Cecile Zorach

Lauren Pregmon Tetreault

Good’s Livestock, Inc.

Michael Taboga

Roger and Kandy Rohrer

James Greiner

Bonnie Tennis

$500 - $999

Susanne and Michael Schucker

Mark and Kelly Gutshall

Andrew and Lisa Terrell

Friend of Preservation

Forrest and Sandra Shenk

Perry and Gail Habecker

Tj Titcomb

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Rebecca Shepherd

Fred Hartman

Jack Treier

Timothy and Gretchen Appleby

Larry and Judi Shirk

Mark and Jennifer Hassel

Christopher Troiano

Nancy Arnold

Anne Simpson-Suplee

Joni Hauck

United Way of the Capital Region

Walter and Sara Augsburger

Scott Smith and Beverly Achey

Raymond Hayes

C. Michael Weaver

Jean Bauer

Henry and Linda Spire

Dianna and Mike Hendrick

Robert and Karen Weibel

Ken and Betty Bergey

Richard and Susan Stamm

Ken and Jane Hess

Willow Valley Communities

Bertz, Hess & Co., LLP

Dr. Guy L. Steucek and Dr. Helen L. Dunlap

John and Shirley Hoffer

Dustin and Katie Yoder

Blakinger Thomas, PC

United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania

Hoober, Inc.

Lester and Lois Young

Howard and Leona Brecht

Alicelynne Watson

Gordon and Carole Hoover

Brown Schultz Sheridan & Fritz (BSSF), CPAs

Dr. Amy J. Wenger

Hy-Line North America, LLC

$100 - $249

Kathleen Bucher

Nancy Wenger

Johnson & Johnson Foundation

William Aaron

Phil and Janet Calhoun

Robert and Deborah Wenger

Dr. Tim and Brenda Kauffman

Harvey Abrams

Paul and Hillary Carpenter

Donald Wert

Robert and Miriam Kerr

Ace Trucking, Inc.

Josele Cleary, Esq.

Rebecca Williams

Carolyn and Bob Kilgour

Nellie Ahl

Commonwealth Financial Associates, Ltd.

XF Enterprises, Inc.

Martin and Doris Klaver

Arthur Algeo

Concord House Real Estate

Billy Yoder

Peter and Amy Kovach

Paul and Susan Allen

Thomas L. Daniels and Amy Moreno

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Dr. Kenneth and Catherine Laird

Amazon Smile Foundation

Deer Country Farm & Lawn, Inc.

Bonnie M. Zehr

Lehman Insurance Agency, Inc

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Ryan and Sacha Dodson

Shane Zimmerman

Anne Lengacher

Diane Anderson

Theodor Liss

Dr. Marlene Arnold

Philip and Sharon Fullerton Levi and Susie Glick

$250 - $499

Jay and Nancy Jo Lutz

Paul and Barbara Aukamp

Gochenhauer Kennels

Paul Ace

Mildred McQueen

Patricia and Lew Ayers

Ed and Judy Goodhart

Aetna Foundation, Inc.

David Miller

Ramona Bachman

Marc and Crystal Hershey

American Dairy Association North East

J. Marlin Miller

Kevin and Lori Baer

S. Dale and Sadie High

The Clarence E Yingst Memorial Fund

Raymond Miller

Leona Barr

Marion Hogeland

Karen Arnold

Robert MIller

Dani Beam

William and Eleanor Honaman

Mary Ellen Bachman

Edward Motter

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Nathan and Jenny Hoover

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North Group Consultants

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Dale and Christine Johnson

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Chris Biemesderfer


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Dr. Richard and Carol Lockey

Linda Miller

Ellen and Carl Pike

Sue Loewenstein and Ernst P. Harting

Matthew Miller

Paul Porta

Michael Lombardi

Robert Minnich

Daryl E. Potteiger

Jeffrey Long

Valerie Jean Minnich

Jon and Mary Price

Becky and Larry Loose

Arthur and Lisa Moeller

Patricia Prunty

John T. and Laura Lynch

Cynthia Molkenthin

Stephen and Anita Ratcliffe

David A. Maher

Joshua P. Munn

Sarah Raub

Stanley and Carol Makofka

James A. Murray

Thomas Reber

Charles E. Malsan, Jr.

Susan Musselman

Doug Reesor

David March and Jacquelyn Brouwer

Lauren Musser

Stephen and Angie Renaldo

Clarence and Carla-Donna Martin

Ronald Musser

Wendell Ressler and Barbara Nimershiem Gail Richert Gideon and Malinda Riehl Charles L. Ritchey Jorge L. Rodriguez


Denotes Heirloom Circle members (25+ years of continuous giving)

Rhonda Rombach and Margaret Ann Mailey

Christopher and Sharon Sides

Robert and Nancy Thompson

Susan Wood

Brenda Ronco and Kevin Weir

Glenn I. Siegrist

Michael and Debra Tshudy

Tammy Work

Harriet and George Rosenstein

Thomas Simpson and Daniela Ciceri

Max and Kendra Tugendreich

Barbara Jo Work Hoover

Bruce and Debbie Ruoff

Timothy and Joan Marie Sipe

United Way of Lancaster County

Sandra Yeager

Jessica Schaffer

Eric Slaugh

Nathan Van Velson

Thomas and Mary Yohe

Rick Schaidle

Judith Spangler

Matt and Lisa Visco

YourCause, LLC

Edward and Helen Schmertz

Scott Standish

Roy Viskupic

Thomas and Barbara Zartman

Christine Schneider

Robert and Kathy Stanley

Andrew and Nancy Vogel

Richard Zbikowski

Charles Schroeder

Stauffers of Kissel Hill

Dave and Jeannie Walton

Duane Zentz

Fritz and Mary Schroeder, Jr.

Timothy and Kristan Stengel

Ron and Bev Walton

Nancy Zimmerman and Cliff Clayton

Sue Seevers

Christ B. and Sadie Stoltzfoos

Anna Mae Weaver

Robert and Barbara Zook

Doug and Erin Sell

John K. Stoltzfus

John W. Weaver

Mary Elaine Zuck

Luke Senkowski

Samuel and Fannie Stoltzfus

Robert and Nancie Weaver

Laura Shaida

Steve Stroman

Mr. and Mrs. Nelson M. Weiler

Betsy Shipe

Betsy Swartz

Jane I. Wenger

Emily Shirk

Florence E. Talluto

Matthew Whitaker

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Shirk

Wendy and Nicol Taylor

Holly Williams

William and Catherine Shirk

Mike and Lauren Testa

Mildred Wimer

Debra Shufran

Anita R. Thallmayer

Beth Witmer

Zachary Shufran

Adam and Joan Thode

Robert Witmer

Denotes Land Stewards (monthly givers)

Honoring the Promise Campaign Contributors

Denotes Amos Funk Legacy Society members (planned giving)


Larry E. Heller

Martha Vanderpoel

William and Charlotte Petrarco

Cynthia and Bill Cline

Alan and Rebecca Zoellner

Kirke Weaver

Susan Wood

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hunsberger

Mr. and Mrs. Jon Williams

Gloria and Terry Degler

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Flora

Catherine & Michael Faccibene

Edith and David Heckel

Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Flora

Robert Johnson

Joanne Ellis

Daniel Zoellner

Benson and Julia McClarren

Mary Lou Broucht

Marian S. Ware and Marilyn Ware

Arlene Anderson

Luke L. Horst

Neal and Dottie Pedersen

Stanley and Carol Makofka

Mr. Thomas Allen Horst

Earl W. Young

Judith Spangler

Ruth Seitz Keller

Roy and Cathy Falcone

David and Jeannie Walton

Steven Haldeman

Elmer and Ada Zimmerman

Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Blakeslee

David G. Miller

Crystal and Dave Walker

Roger Stoner and Lynda Lueck-Stoner

Mrs. Bonita Miller

Robert Hershock

Don Miller

Charles Miller

Kevin Miller

In Kind


In Memory

Mr. Ronald Musser

Mary and Robert Patrick

Barnyard Boys

Aetna Foundation, Inc.

Marilyn Zwalley Ace

Rebecca and Larry Loose

Justine L. Porta

Barbara Beaudry

Amazon Smile Foundation

Mr. Paul E. Ace

Sarah Raub

Mr. Paul Porta

Emily and Gabe Bell

County of Lancaster

All our precious babies,

Mary J. Stauffer

Ruth J. Ritchey

Brubaker Connaughton Goss & Lucarelli

Johnson & Johnson Foundation

our beloved pets, up in heaven.

Mr. Paul Hessemer

M. Christine and William Rhyner

Central Market Standholder Association

The Steinman Foundation

Ms. Linda Ann Evans

Richard and Janice Vernon

Annelise Esperanza Silveira

Jeffrey and Paul II Aukamp

James and Sandra Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Abel Silveira

Decades Dutch Gold Honey

In Honor

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Aukamp

Alice Plump

Christina B. Steve

Esbenshade’s Garden Center

JP & Dara Bachman

Nathaniel H. Berger

Mildred Wimer

Mr. Edward H. Steve

Fox Meadows Creamery

Ramona Bachman

Ms. Brenda Berger

Shirley Armentrout

Mr. Thomas D. Stouffer

Coleman and Jean Harris

Mr. John Cox

Thomas Carlin

Theodore C. Jackson

Mr. and Mrs. Bill and Phyllis Whitesell

Harvest Lane Farm Market

Dara & JP Bachman

Urbana Volunteer Fire Dept. & Rescue Squad

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Vogel III

Diane Hess

Max Dobles

John, Karen and Rachel Main

Mr. Edgar L. Grove

Carolyn and Bob Kilgour

Ami Chung

Mr. Bradley K. Childs

Stauffers of Kissel Hill

Lemon Street Market

Ken and Thelma Garber

Mrs. Alice I. Childs

Mary Ellen Bachman

Longwood Gardens

Julia and Chuck Powers

Charles Collom

Jesse and Esther Martin

Juliana Goodwin

Joyce Collom

Jeff Musser

Mr. and Mrs. Forrest F. Collier

Fred Daniel Daum


Coleman and Jean Harris

Mr. Daniel S. Sweigart

Jessie Rohner

Julia and Chuck Powers

Ellen Del Negro

Michael Christian Shaw Fine Art

Chester and Laura Haverstick

Mr. Luca Del Negro

The Spice & Tea Exchange of Lancaster

Patricia Haverstick

Sandi Dunsen / Martha Johnson

Lucille G. Steele

J. Robert Haverstick

Tina Johnson-Dunsen

Alyse Stone

Patricia Haverstick

Howard S. Eckhart

Stone On Stone

Jim & Pam Henderson

Mrs. Bonnie Eckhart

Thistle Finch Distillery

Robin Thomas

Loretta Flanagan

Thom’s Bread

Nicolette Mento

Julia Tremblay

Turkey Hill Dairy, Inc.

Debra Shufran

Stephen French

Dr. Gary and Maurine Van Dyke

Dr. Gary Van Dyke

Mrs. Rosemary French


Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Moeller

Dr. Mark H. Hassel

Wilbur Chocolate Retail Store

Fred and Martha VanderPoel

Dr. and Mrs. Mark Hassel

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hunsberger Mr. and Mrs. Raymond W. Blake Martha VanderPoel Ms. Linda Bruce Mel and Marty Wenger Ms. Nancy Wenger Merry Christmas!


Mrs. Stephanie J Carbone


A Special Thanks to Our Amos Funk Legacy Society Members

Amos Funk Legacy Society. Legacy Society members have made a vital commitment to protecting our

Financial Overview

farmland for future generations by including Lancaster Farmland Trust in their estate plans.

Audited Figures

In honor of the “Father of Farmland Preservation,” Amos Funk, Lancaster Farmland Trust established the


Society Members William N. Hoffman

Friend of Preservation

Carolyn and Robert Kilgour

Friend of Preservation

Katherine Funk Kirk and Jeff Kirk

Lancaster Farmland Trust in

Friend of Preservation

Fran Lajoie

your estate plans?

Friend of Preservation

Wilson D. McElhinny

Let us know so we can

N. Alan and Sally B. Bair

Kathy Penner

thank you and include you

Fred and Marilyn Berger

Marilyn Rowan

Marc and Connie Buckwalter

Joyce and John Saeger

Peter and Millicent Christie

Jane Sprecher

William and Sylvia DeLong

Luci Steele

Lonzo Green

Daniel S. Sweigart

David Hendel and

Bill and Phyllis Whitesell

in special activities and mailings.


2020 Revenue Friend of Preservation

Do you already have



Easement donations Contributions $2,318,674


Easement donations

Contributions $2,615,999 Grants $1,210,729 Events $143,729


Easement donations


Other $164,847 Grants

Kathleen O’Hara Lois Kathryn Herr

2020 Expenses Water quality projects

Easement acquisitions $846,716


Stewardship and outreach $719,455


Water quality Water quality projects projects $791,700 Fundraising

Stewardship and outreach

Fundraising $381,332

Easement acquisitions

Administration $129,892


Stewardship and outreach Easement acquisitions


*For audit purposes, easement donations are accounted for as revenue and an expense but not illustrated as an expense in this financial overview.


125 Lancaster Avenue Strasburg, PA 17579

In 2020, 90% of revenue was invested directly into programs to benefit your community; only 10% was spent on administrative and fundraising efforts.

THE AMOS FUNK Legacy Society In honor of the “Father of Farmland Preservation,” Amos Funk, Lancaster Farmland Trust has established the Amos Funk Legacy Society. Legacy Society members have made a vital commitment to protecting our farmland for future generations by including Lancaster Farmland Trust in their estate plans.

Do you already have Lancaster Farmland Trust in your estate plans? Create a lasting legacy by supporting the long-term stewardship of Lancaster County’s treasured farmland.

Let us know so we can thank you and include you in special activities and mailings. FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact us at 717-687-8484 or