Honoring the Promise Capital Campaign - Final Report

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Honoring the Promise Campaign Impact Report

From the Campaign Leadership Lancaster County is a special place. We are blessed with beautiful views, access to fresh foods, a strong economy, and an extraordinary quality of life. These blessings are made possible by the hard work of our farming community and the land they work day in and day out. Our agricultural heritage has shaped us in ways we can’t count – and it’s our responsibility to protect it and pass it on to future generations. For these reasons, we are proud to have served as the Honorary Co-Chairs of Lancaster Farmland Trust’s Honoring the Promise capital campaign. At its start – more than three years ago – we set an ambitious goal. Alongside our committed community, we envisioned preserving an additional 50 farms and 4,000 acres of farmland – permanently protecting every farm on Lancaster Farmland Trust’s waiting list. We also set a goal to invest in the long-term care of these easements through the Amos Funk Land Stewardship Fund.

Beverly R. Steinman

While our sights were set high, we couldn’t have anticipated the resounding response from our community. Your generosity helped us raise more than $8.4 million, exceeding our goal and expanding the presence of LFT’s mission in our community. Your generous support of the Honoring the Promise campaign has made an imprint on our community – one that will leave a lasting legacy for future generations. It’s hard to imagine what our community might look like in years to come, but because of your commitment, we know our foundation of rich, productive farmland will remain.

F. Barry Shaw

From the President & CEO Our community has always inspired me: farmers who carry out the essential work of producing our food, donors who are passionate about farmland preservation and agriculture and are always willing to meet the need, and community leaders who step up to make change happen. That commitment was especially true over the past three years. Throughout our Honoring the Promise capital campaign, every corner of our community rallied to support this initiative. We are grateful that you saw the vision and understood the need. You were the keystone for our Honoring the Promise campaign. You have made this campaign a success! Thanks to the benevolent response of our donors, we raised 112% of our goal and are currently preserving 62 farms on our waiting list. The results of the campaign are a tremendous accomplishment! We came to the community, and you helped us exceed our goal: over $8.4 million raised from more than 500 donors. We saw a resurgence of giving and an increase in active donors. The generous matching grant of $2 million from The Steinman Foundation was a catalyst for support as the community joined together to help us preserve more acres of farmland at once than we ever have before. We were met with overwhelming enthusiasm and were reminded how vital farmland preservation is to our entire community. The Honoring the Promise campaign has propelled our mission forward, ensuring that the rich, productive farmland of Lancaster County is protected forever. Sixty-two farms, 4,040 acres of land, and 93,668 feet of stream frontage are now permanently preserved. What a remarkable legacy we are leaving for future generations. I’m grateful that you joined us in making the campaign a reality. Because of you, we have fulfilled the promise!

Jeff Swinehart “The Honoring the Promise campaign has been a remarkable success. A huge part of this accomplishment was due to the leadership of Lancaster Farmland Trust’s former Executive Director, Karen Martynick. She retired in December 2021, but her legacy lives on in the farmland that was protected during her tenure and the impact that is the result from your generous contributions to the Honoring the Promise campaign. In her 17 years as the leader of Lancaster Farmland Trust, her commitment and passion for protecting our precious farmland and natural resources has shaped the future of our community by providing generations to come with the opportunity to enjoy our farmland and the extraordinary quality of life it provides, just as we do today.”

Campaign Steering Committee Beverly “Peggy” Steinman, Honorary Co-Chair Barry Shaw, Honorary Co-Chair

Don Hess Ted Bowers Dave Breniser John Cox

Carol Falk Dennis Grimm Jeff Kirk Bob Krasne

Caroline Morton Larry Shirk Bob Shoemaker Bill and Phyllis Whitesell

“We supported the Honoring the Promise capital campaign because nothing is as critical as saving our beautiful farmland for what it produces and for current and future generations to enjoy. Once farmland is developed, nothing can bring it back.” Don & Marilyn Hess

Board of Trustees Don Hess, Chair Jeff Kirk, Vice Chair Kenneth S. Lewis, Treasurer Emily Bell, Secretary

Julie Bard-Ziegler Emanuel Beiler Sam Clement Melissa Falk

Kendra Gottshall Nate Hoover Lisa Horn Benjamin F. Riggs, Jr.

Bob Shoemaker Christ Taylor Maureen Gimpel Maley Abner Stoltzfus Larry Shirk

The Campaign in Numbers 100% Staff and Board

From... 513 Donors

With Support From... 111


Active Donors


Reactivated Donors

New Donors


$8,414,813 Dollars Raised

States (and Scotland!)

With An...

$233,606 Per Month

Average Gift Of



& Largest Gift Of

$7,680 Per Day


$22,437,819 Total Dollars Leveraged $12,789,444 Easement Donations $1,233,562 Additional Funding $8,414,813 Campaign Dollars Raised

$7.5 Million Campaign Goal


Farms Protected Forever that’s


acres of land that have...

2,324 acres of prime soil

394 acres of forest

93,668 feet of stream frontage

$3.5 Million

Invested in the long-term stewardship of all preser ved farms

A Transformational Gift:

The Steinman Foundation Sets the Pace for the Honoring the Promise campaign “Having land is great, but it’s all for naught if you can’t sustain farming and farm families. And so, here we are today. We are so pleased and proud to be part of this story.”

The Steinman Foundation has long been among the most committed to improving the quality of life for Lancaster County residents. Its legacy is more than 70 years old. In 1951, brothers James Hale and John Frederick Steinman were business leaders in Lancaster County and wanted to give back to the community by promising a portion of the profits generated by the companies that now comprise Steinman Communications to the local nonprofit community. What were previously the James Hale and John Frederick Steinman Foundations were merged into The Steinman Foundation in 2014. In its history, The Steinman Foundation has become one of the most charitable benefactors in Lancaster County. For more than 30 years, the Steinman family has been ardent supporters of Lancaster Farmland Trust’s work to preserve and steward Lancaster County’s farmland. Since the organization’s inception, the Foundation and members of the Steinman family have made it known that protecting our county’s rich agricultural heritage is critical to the future of our community. “Through our multi-decade relationship with Lancaster Farmland Trust, we’ve learned a couple of things about farmland in Lancaster County. We’ve learned that it’s a national treasure. It’s something that needs to be preserved. In some ways, it feels like an endangered species. It’s under a lot of pressure. But imagine what that pressure would feel like in a decade or twenty years from now – it’s only going to get worse. This is the time to really address the need to preserve farmland,” said Shane Zimmerman, President of The Steinman Foundation. When Lancaster Farmland Trust launched its Honoring the Promise campaign in 2019, confidence in the success of the campaign was deeply rooted in a demonstrated commitment by community pillars like The Steinman Foundation. A $7.5 million goal was ambitious but achievable only with a foundation of crucial major gifts – contributions from a handful of community members that could help set the pace for the campaign.

The campaign started strong, with nearly $2 million in initial gifts during its silent phase from campaign ‘pacesetters,’ including board members, staff, and key major donors. These gifts got the campaign off to a solid start. It was then that The Steinman Foundation stepped in with a transformational gift – a $2 million matching gift. The challenge? Engage the Lancaster County community to match these dollars and push the campaign forward. “The partnership we’ve developed with Lancaster Farmland Trust gives us confidence that we’re not just preserving land, we’re also preserving a way of life. The Board of Directors said, ‘We’ve got to do this. This is really important and LFT is the right partner.’ From the Foundation’s perspective, we look to leverage dollars and pull multiple levers to get outcomes that go beyond just preserving land. When we look at this opportunity, we can continue to invest. We can preserve land. We also are keen on preserving agriculture and farming as a way of life. Having land is great, but it’s all for naught if you can’t sustain farming and farm families. And so, here we are today. We are so pleased and proud to be part of this story,” noted Shane Zimmerman. This transformational gift from The Steinman Foundation was the largest ever received by Lancaster Farmland Trust and the largest ever awarded to a nonprofit organization by the Foundation. Jeff Swinehart, President and CEO of LFT stated, “We are honored and humbled that The Steinman Foundation chose to make this organization-changing gift to Lancaster Farmland Trust’s Honoring the Promise campaign. Their gift transformed the trajectory of our campaign and made an important statement to the community about the value of farmland protection and stewardship in Lancaster County. Their gift helped us achieve the campaign’s goals and impacted the organization and our community in very real and meaningful ways. Future generations will thank them.”

Preserving Our Community Your gift to the Honoring the Promise campaign has helped us fulfill the promise we’ve made to the farmers on our waiting list – to help them preserve their land and livelihoods for the futures of their families and farming. Every checkmark on the map below is a farm preserved through the campaign. That’s 62 farms made up of 4,040 acres of valuable, productive farmland - protected forever because of you.

Protected Forever The Nissley family preserved their two farms, one 97-acres and the other 100-acres, totaling 197-acres of newly preserved farmland! The Nissley farms are home to a chicken house and fields that grow corn, hay, and soybeans. The farm also uses a portion of land to pasture a pony. This farm family is dedicated to implementing conservation practices that steward and protect the farm’s valuable natural resources.

Protected Forever

The Fisher family preserved their 90-acre farm! This farm is home to a dairy operation with 55 cows and a few horses. The Fishers are committed to implementing conservation practices that steward this beautiful land that is now protected forever!

The Stoltzfus family preserved their 57-acre farm! The Stoltzfus farm became certified organic this year and is home to 12 heifers. The farm grows multiple cash crops like tobacco, hay, and corn. Like all of our newly preserved farms, this property will be managed by a conservation plan that helps the family implement critical best management practices on their land.

Protected Forever

David King: Protecting the Land “Thank you for what you are doing to make this possible. This work is essential.”

Lancaster Farmland Trust preserved the King farm in Elizabeth Township with the help of generous gifts to our Honoring the Promise campaign during Acres for Auction at our 2021 Together For the Land event. This farm has been in the King family since 1971. David King grew up on the farm and remembers milking cows and doing chores on this land. As he grew, his love for farming and Lancaster County farmland deepened. He hopes his children will say the same when they are his age. “Growing up here, I have watched the landscape change as more and more developments are built. My parents worked so hard to keep and maintain this land. I don’t want to throw it away. I want to do my part in protecting the beauty of our home.” A year ago, David King purchased the farm from his mother and quickly knew he wanted to preserve the land. The Amish farmer protected his land forever in the spring of 2022 with Lancaster Farmland Trust. “The land would be worth more if we didn’t preserve it because a developer could get a hold of it, but I want our farm to stay. I want to give my kids the chance to farm the land they grew up on.” David King sees preserving this land as a way to invest in his family’s future and protect the beautiful and viable land of Lancaster County. David King works as a salesman allowing him to travel throughout the northeast. Traveling gives him a unique perspective on the beauty of Lancaster County. “I travel, and I see how good the quality of soil is that we have here in Lancaster.

There are times when we can harvest double per acre compared to other regions. This land is too precious to give up to development.” The King family rents out much of their 73-acre farm. Their neighbors farm the land and alternate growing crops like corn and soybeans. Interestingly, the King family tends pigeons as a side business. They harvest about 700 pigeons a week at peak season and sell them to New York City and Philadelphia restaurants. It gives the family a chance to work together and keeps them busy while David King travels. Next door, David King’s brother’s farm is preserved through LFT. Collectively, these King family farms add to a patchwork of farmland protected forever. The preservation of these farms is a direct result of the support of the capital campaign. As David King pointed to his brother’s land, admiring the view, he reflected, “Thank you for what you are doing to make this possible. This work you are doing is essential.”

Scan the QR code to watch a video of David King’s preserved farm!

Executive Director Fund: A Lasting Legacy Leadership, passion and vision. These are just a few of the qualities embodied by Karen Martynick during her distinguished career in conservation and as Executive Director of Lancaster Farmland Trust. Her commitment to protecting our precious farmland and natural resources has shaped the future of our community in the most real and tangible way – by providing future generations with the opportunity to enjoy our farmland and the extraordinary quality of life it provides, just as we do today. Lancaster Farmland Trust established its Executive Director Fund as part of its Honoring the Promise campaign to honor her accomplishments and celebrate the imprint she has left on the organization. The fund, led by Chairs Bill and Phyllis Whitesell, was open to contributions from those that know Karen and value her work in the conservation field. Quickly surpassing an initial goal of $100,000, the fund raised nearly $220,000 from 20 generous donors. These funds will be used to preserve and steward the King farm in West Lampeter Township. Situated just north of the Lampeter-Strasburg High School, the 82-acre Amish-owned farm is home to a traditional dairy operation. If you drive by, you’ll see a beautiful, well-kept farm with a large garden and a variety of purple martin birdhouses. While Karen retired from LFT in December 2021, her legacy lives on through the land she helped protect, including the King Farm.

Our gift to the Honoring the Promise Campaign was driven by our belief in LFT’s ability to accomplish what we really care about - preserving farmland and keeping it preserved. That’s also why we donated easements on our farm. We also believe LFT has the potential to play a major role in educating our community on regenerative farming practices that can help solve our environmental challenges – clean water, controlling carbon, global warming and protecting our food system. Dennis & Betty Jo Grimm

A Family Tradition: The Funk Family “I totally agree with the individual who said: ‘I am more interested in the kind of ancestor I will be as compared with the kind of ancestors I have had’.” -Amos Funk

More than 70 years ago, Amos Funk had a vision to stop the loss of precious Lancaster County farms to development and protect them for future generations. Since he and a group of other concerned citizens planted initial seeds of action, Lancaster County has preserved more than 33,920 acres of rich, productive agricultural land – more than any other county in the nation! Lancaster Farmland Trust has played a vital role in this success. If only he could see how his vision has impacted our community in so many tangible ways. The tradition of stewardship that Amos and his wife Esta gifted to the community has also passed down to several generations of the Funk family – some of whom have stayed here in Lancaster County and others who have settled throughout the country. Regardless of their scattered locales, they all believe that continuing this legacy is essential for the future of our community – and a fitting tribute to these family pillars. Three generations of the Funk family gathered in September 2020 to discuss how they could honor Amos and Esta through the Honoring the Promise capital campaign. Amos’ granddaughter Kelli Funk Velez noted, “We [Kelli, her sister Kathy and Kathy’s husband, Jeff] decided to talk with our family members because we knew it would be a wonderful tribute to Amos and Esta if we were to get involved. So we had a Zoom call with our relatives. They were excited about the idea. Overwhelmingly, everyone wanted to help find a farm and preserve it.”

Meanwhile, in Elizabethtown, Sam and Anna King, owners of a beautiful 115-acre farm, were waiting to preserve their land for future generations. In addition to cash crops, the farm is also home to a lively flock of sheep. After four years on the waiting list, the Kings were eager to move forward. “It’s nice that they [LFT] are preserving the farmland because it’s so sad to see it going to developments. The land is precious...” said Anna. Hearing of this need, the Funk family sprang into action and began a six-month fundraising campaign to help protect the King farm. Ultimately, three generations of Funk family members banded together to raise enough funds to help Sam and Anna preserve their farm and to ensure Amos and Esta’s legacy of land protection lives on. The family raised more than $91,000, which was matched dollar-for-dollar by the challenge grant from The Steinman Foundation. In July of 2021, the King farm was protected – forever! While they are no longer with us, Amos and Esta’s legacy lives on through the entire Funk family, through this generous gift, and through Lancaster Farmland Trust.

Scan the QR code to watch a video about The Funk Family Gift!

THE AMOS FUNK Legacy Society In honor of the “Father of Farmland Preservation,” Amos Funk, Lancaster Farmland Trust has established the Amos Funk Legacy Society. Legacy Society members have made a vital commitment to protecting our farmland for future generations by including Lancaster Farmland Trust in their estate plans.

Do you already have Lancaster Farmland Trust in your estate plans? Let us know so we can thank you and include you in special activities and mailings.

Create a lasting legacy by supporting the long-term stewardship of Lancaster County’s treasured farmland.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact us at 717-687-8484 or info@lancasterfarmlandtrust.org

“Our long-time friendship with Amos Funk and his vision for farmland preservation in Lancaster County prompted us to do what we can to help realize his goal.” Bill and Phyllis Whitesell

Our Sincere Thanks for Your Support Ferree Foundation High Foundation Next Generation Foundation

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Ressler Mill Foundation Shaw Family Foundation

The Steinman Foundation

Willis and Elsie Shenk Foundation Forrest and Kay Collier Bill and Sylvia DeLong J. Michael Flanagan, Esq. Lonzo Green Dennis and Betty Jo Grimm Lois Herr = Denotes Amos Funk Legacy Society members (planned giving)

Our Sincere Thanks for Your Support Don and Marilyn Hess William N. Hoffman Jim and Ginny Jones Katherine Funk Kirk and Jeff Kirk Wilson D. McElhinny Richard and Elaine Sauder Daniel S. Sweigart Walter K. and Alice M. Trumbauer Carol Ware Dr. Melvyn and Martha Wenger Don M. White Bill and Phyllis Whitesell Friends of Preservation = Denotes Amos Funk Legacy Society members (planned giving)

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