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I s s u e 10 • A c o m m u n i t y n e w s p a p e r f o r L a m b t o n & N o r t h L a m b t o n • F R E E

Balance in by-election A poll to elect just one new councillor in just one of Newcastle’s four wards may at look like a sideshow compared to the main ring entertainment of brown paper bags, ICAC appearances and high profile resignations of 2014. But the reality is the Ward 3 by-election, on Saturday 21st February, may well determine the complexion of Newcastle City Council from here until September 2016 when the next full council election is held. The by-election will fill the vacancy on council created by Nuatali Nelme’s election as lord mayor in November. If Labor or the Greens are successful in Ward 3 the lord mayor will have cemented the power shift that came with her election. Alternatively, if Ward 3 electors decide on one of the three independents on the ballot paper,

the lord mayor may need to negotiate with one or more of the non-aligned councillors to get her agenda passed. Ward 3 broadly includes the area bounded by Lambton, North Lambton, New Lambton, Jesmond, Waratah and Kotara. To help local residents make an

informed decision on polling day, Lambton Local spoke to each of the five candidates and invited them to tell us about themselves, their reasons for seeking election, what they stand for and what they would hope to achieve if elected. These profiles can be found on pages 4-8 of this edition.

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By-election details

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More than a dozen polling places across Ward 3 will be in operation for the by-election on Saturday 21st February. In Lambton area the polling places will be the usual venues of Lambton High School, St John the Baptist Anglican Church Hall on Morehead St and Callaghan College Jesmond Senior Campus on Janet Street. These will be open from 8am to 6pm on Saturday 21st February. If you will unable to vote on polling day you can do a pre-poll vote at the office of the Returning Officer at 88 Park Avenue Kotara (opposite entrance to Westfield). Pre-poll voting will be available during office hours from Monday 9th to Friday 20th February. More information on the by-election can be found at newcastle_ward3_by-election_21_february_2015 If you are enrolled to vote but fail to do so you can expect to receive a $55 fine in the mail. Now if that sounds ok to you, Lambton Local suggests you should instead: 1. Go along to a polling place, 2. Buy a cake or sausage sizzle in support of one of our fantastic community groups, 3. Get your name marked off the roll. You will be supporting your community and saving yourself money! Readers, advertisers and community groups are encouraged to contribute to Lambton Local with news items, community news events and any matter that may be of general interest to residents of the area. In contributing news items the contributor accepts that such information may or may not be published in print and/or online using websites and social media channels at the sole discretion of the publisher. No guarantee of publication is ever implied by this invitation to contribute. Except where otherwise noted, all information, photographs, text and images, contained within Lambton Local is subject to copyright. Such copyright material cannot be reproduced and distributed in whole or part without the prior written consent of the publisher. Page 2 > Lambton Local > February 2015






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Questions to be put to Ward 3 hopefuls at candidates forum With the potential to shift the power balance in Newcastle Council for the remainder of the current term, this month’s by-election in Ward 3 is being watched closely by many. A candidates forum, allowing an opportunity to hear from the candidates for the vacant councillor’s seat and pose questions to them, has been organised for the week of the poll. The candidates forum, hosted by Lambton Residents Group will be held at Lambton Bowling Club starting at 5.45pm on Monday 16th February.

Don Herron, a member of Lambton Residents Group, will chair the Ward 3 Candidates Forum to be held at Lambton Bowling Club on the evening of Monday 16th February. Don has extensive professional experience in facilitation of events such as this.

The event will be facilitated by Don Herron. Don has facilitated numerous events for a range of organisations during his professional career. He has been a Lambton resident for more than 20 years and is a keen observer of politics. “We encourage the electors from all over Ward 3 to come along and ask the candidates questions relevant to their candidacy” Don said. “Of course Ward 3 isn’t just the Lambton area but takes in Kotara, New Lambton, Jesmond and

Waratah also. We are inviting anyone and everyone from across the Ward with an interest in being better informed about their voting choice to come along.” “We’ll offer each of the five candidates an opportunity to put their case for election to the audience but also we’re keen to have questions put to the candidates.” Don said. “We anticipate that a variety of questions on a range of issues will be posed to the candidates so in the interest of time-management we are asking people to email their proposed questions before the event. Priority on the evening will be given to those in attendance who’ve sent questions in ahead of time” he added. “Following this, and only if time allows, questions will be taken from the floor.” You can email your proposed questions to or mail to Candidates Forum c/- PO Box 130 Lambton 2299 by no later than Thursday 12th February.

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upcoming Council Ward 3 2. election. “The people of Ward 3 deserve 3. independent representation from a local person who listens and has integrity,” she said. “I strongly support independence in local Council, not party politics. 4.

Kath Elliott Kath Elliott has lived in Newcastle for almost 30 years. She has raised two daughters in New Lambton and is the proud grandmother of four. She is standing for election in the

I believe hard working ratepayers want their representatives to listen to them and make sensible decisions based on what is best for Ward 3 and the whole city, not what is best for some party officials in Sydney. If elected, my first job will be to reduce the size of the massive 46.9% rate rise. I will fight for: 1.

Stopping the recent 46.9% rate rise

Protecting and enhancing parks and green spaces A green rail corridor with cafes, community gardens, cycleways, playgrounds, and small businesses such as bike hire Support for sporting fields, community facilities and libraries 5. Improved network of cycleways 6. NSW Government to deliver on its light rail promise 7. Improved parking options across the city 8. The redevelopment of the Newcastle Region Art Gallery 9. More accessible childcare 10. Sensitive and sensible urban renewal 11. Cleaning up graffiti in Blackbutt Reserve

Independent to roll back rate rise

“Why ask for community views if you were going to ram though the highest rate rise anyway? “ “It is clear that asking the community was a charade – Labor and the Greens were always going to ask for the most money from ratepayers to fund their pet projects. The last thing we want to see is wasteful spending. “That really is disrespectful to people who gave their feedback on the level of the rate rise. “This huge rate rise will make a real difference to hardworking families. Ward Three is a family friendly ward, where people work hard to raise and educate their kids. The highest rate rise is not something they should expect from Labor, who says it represents workers,” she said. Ms Elliott said that her independence meant that she did not have to follow party policies. “I will make decisions after speaking with the people, without the restrictions from party power brokers,’ she said. If elected, Kath will fight to reduce the rates to a sustainable level.

Kath Elliott, pictured above, independent candidate in Council’s Ward 3 by election, has come out early in the campaign to announce her intention to stop the 46.9% rate rise voted recently by Labor and the Greens. Ms Elliott said she was concerned that Labor Lord Mayor Nuatali Nelmes ignored the feedback from the community consultation program and used her casting vote to seek the highest rate rise of 46.9%. “That is what people should expect, “ she said. Authorised by Kath Elliott 1/135 Denison Street Hamilton 2303

Page 4 > Lambton Local > February 2015


Declan Clausen

I’m a born and raised Novocastrian who attended New Lambton Public School and Lambton High School, where I was School Captain. I have had a long involvement in our community. While at high school I championed the protection of the Lambton Ker-rai Creek (which runs through Lambton Park), and worked with local businesses on improving energy efficiency, waste management and recycling. Since leaving High School I have attended the University of Newcastle studying an engineering degree. I am presently in my honours year of this study. I have been very fortunate to have combined my degree with very extensive work experience at Hunter Water, where I now hold a permanent position. In 2013 I was honoured to be named Newcastle’s Young Citizen of the Year, and in 2014 was named the University of Newcastle WiL Student of the Year. Why I’m standing for Ward 3 I’m passionate about our City’s future. I’m running for Council to help restore trust in local government after the scandals we have seen in recent time. We need Councillors who will work hard to renew people’s pride in our City. I have developed a deep understanding of our local area, and wish to be an advocate for our community. I am passionate about protecting our local parks, pools and libraries, about expanding youth and cultural services, and about developing a financially sustainable Council. I’m a ratepayer too, my partner and I just purchased our first house, so I appreciate the need for sound financial decision making. I want to see a financially responsible Council, which uses ratepayer’s money wisely in the interest of improving our community.


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Allan Warren

I would like to introduce myself. Raised in Mayfield, I have a strong connection with the area. My father’s family home was where Wests now stands in New Lambton and my junior cricket teams home ground was in the fields behind Lambton High School across the road from Hunter Stadium. I now live in New Lambton not too far from my old cricket oval where my wife and I are raising three young boys.

I am disappointed with the current political trends in Newcastle of lies and corruption and feel it’s time someone stood up and helped get Newcastle back on track. My main 3 focuses are: 1. Community friendly services - such as fenced and shaded activity areas in parks to allow children to play regardless of the elements and in a safe environment. Also invest in city cycle program like Brisbane to reduce congestion, attract visitors and promote a healthy life style. 2. World class events/attractions – Newcastle must be a destination location and we must fight to attract national and international visitors and businesses. Why don’t we have major sporting event like the Gold Coast and why can’t we have our CBD bursting with production? Our current situation is simply not good enough. 3. Freeze all rate rises – I am calling for accountability and set KPIs that have been reviewed by an independent auditor. KPIs must cover acceptable service levels. Reducing red tape to a minimum and seeking new streams of revenue that doesn’t rely on the Newcastle community footing the bill. People of Ward 3, I will fight for you and for a better future for our children and our city, please feel free to get in contact and vote for a true local independent.

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Nevenka Bareham

I have worked as a Social Worker for over 30 years mainly in aged care, disability and rehabilitation. I have good communication skills, am approachable, a good listener and advocate as these are skills needed in my work on a daily basis. I have a good understanding of people and the issues they face while living with a disability or health condition that effects their ability to participate fully and equally in our community. I will bring these skills to the role of Councillor. I have developed good organisational skills and the ability to communicate at different levels, I understand systems and how they work, and how to work within constraints of an organisation and a budget. I have raised my family in North Lambton over more than 25 years, married with two adult daughters. Between them they attended Jesmond Community Preschool, Waratah West Primary and Lambton High. I have had a long association with Waratah Leagues Netball club, been an active community member, acting in roles such as Secretary, Treasurer and President of committees and active in my professional association, the Australian Association of Social Work. I have been active in the Newcastle Greens for over 20 years. My main policy areas are about social connectedness, having more community forums and inviting public comment into council discussions and decisions; improving access for people who are aged or have a disability by improving footpaths and providing more recreational options; more cycleways separated from traffic; supporting retention of council owned services in preference to privatisation thus keeping costs as low as possible; fostering local shopping strips to protect local business and jobs; and protecting green spaces to maintain biodiversity and keep parks for recreation. Contact me at:



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Arjay Martin

This by-election presents a unique opportunity for positive change. The positions for all other Councillors, including that of Mayor, have already been determined. The Council is split between 6 on the ‘Left’, 6 on the ‘Right’, so it makes no logical sense to vote for someone bound to either side. Two of the candidates are bound to Party policies; sure, they vote for the good ones, but also the harmful ones that impoverish us and our families. Why should our representatives only represent their ‘special interest groups’? I say that they should represent us all. Isn’t it a wiser decision to vote for a Councillor in the ‘centre’? Someone intelligent, with energy and experience in both council and ‘real life’? Someone to hold the balance of power who is free to support wise policies, and block the foolish - no matter who the

author? I attended Kotara High, studied Law, Economics, Science and Business at University of Newcastle, and have further qualifications from Newcastle TAFE. I have 8 years of combined Board level experience in each of Lake Macquarie City Council’s Community Advisory Group and The Place: Charlestown Youth & Community Centre. Lake Macquarie City Council is a more efficient than Newcastle Council in many measures, yet both have many problems due to incompetence and ‘Party politics’. I am against massive waste and massive rate rises, with accompanying reduction in services. We should prioritise projects and do those with most Bang for Buck. Vote for Balance, Vote for Representation, Vote for Arjay.

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Local Listening Lo oc l & L ten VOTE 1

Kath Elliott Your Independent, Ward 3

Kath Elliott for Ward 3

Authorised by Kath Elliott 1/135 Denison St Hamilton 2303

Lambton Local > February 2015 > Page 9

RMS about-face wrong says long-term local

Dear Lambton Local

I would like to comment on the front page article of Lambton Local in December. I don’t know how long Mr and Mrs Hopes have been in the area, but as a resident of Karoola Road for 40 years I have seen fatal accidents on the corners of Newcastle and Lloyd Roads and at Karoola Road and Elder Street. I was welcoming a return to the way it was in years gone by, when the right turn from Newcastle Road into Morehead Street was allowed. This would have taken some of the current traffic from Karoola Road. My daughter was almost killed in Karoola Road back in 1977 crossing from the park with her older cousins. The right turn at Morehead would have spread the traffic across the three intersections on Newcastle Road. People wanting to go to the shops would have turned at main traffic lights at Croudace Street. Those people wanting to visit the park could take the lights at Morehead and swimming pool traffic would utilise the Lloyd Road exit. We welcome traffic lights on Newcastle and Lloyd (continued page 11)

Page 10 > Lambton Local > February 2015

Allowing the right turn from Newcastle Road into Morehead Street would have eased things on other local intersections, like this one at Karoola Road and Elder Street says long-term resident Leonie Alexander

Roads. And see no benefit in disallowing the right turn out of Lloyd Road onto the main road. Spend a day sitting out front of our home in Karoola Road and you will have a taste of traffic! I have seen both times, back when right turn at Morehead was possible and now with no right turn and know which situation I would prefer. I thought RMS (Roads & Marine Services) had finally came to their senses but appear to have caved to residents that don’t want traffic in their street. Slow the traffic down even further with four-way pedestrian crossing at Morehead. We have a constant stream of traffic in our street and it’s only a 50km zone and kids play soccer and cricket and walk home from the pool . It would have been nice to see some of the traffic taken away. Well that’s all I have to say. Leonie Alexander – Karoola Road, Lambton

Dear Lambton Local...

Letters are always welcome. If you’d like to share your views send them to us. You can email or the old-fashioned way to PO Box 130, Lambton 2299. Include your contact phone number in case clarification or verification is necessary.



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New mural brightens old Jesmond

Above: the newly completed mural on the old grandstand at Jesmond Park can be seen as you walk or drive by the park

A new mural depicting a bushland setting has been completed on the old grandstand at Jesmond Park, which has been regularly targeted for graffiti vandalism. Commissioned by The City of Newcastle, the mural is painted on two sides of the grandstand and depicts a natural setting including birdlife and park flowers. Council Graffiti Team Leader Mark Lowe said the mural looks fantastic and will help deter future graffiti. He noted that the park is frequently used for weddings and that the camouflaged wall will make a much nicer backdrop for events and photos. “I am very happy with how this mural has turned out,” he said. “We wanted to make the building blend in with the tree line of the park with a splash of colour and be a feature of the park but not stand out too much.” Council hired mural artist Rebecca Murray, who also recently completed a mural for Council at Kotara Park, said she wanted the mural to disguise the grandstand wall as much as





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Park grandstand

possible, rather than making it stand out. “I wanted to keep it botanical and vibrant to blend in with the surrounds, so I included roses from the garden and trees from the park,” she said. “I added birdlife, a wombat and a kangaroo to help people connect with the art, and I also like to hide little creatures like ladybirds and butterflies in my artwork for children to discover.” Both Council and the artist have received numerous positive comments on the new mural. “People are saying that the art really suits the park and looks awesome,” said Mark Lowe. “We have received a number of compliments, and Rebecca has done a terrific job.” Right: Mural artist Rebecca Murray wanted to use a botanical theme including roses and trees from Jesmond Park, but at the same time she was looking for a design that would disguise it rather than make it stand out

Parks, playgrounds and pools a priority neighbourhoods. They need to be protected and maintained to provide valuable green space for people to enjoy. “Ward 3 also has iconic parks such as Blackbutt Reserve, Jesmond Park, Lambton Park and Braye Park. “Some of these parks, such as Lambton Park, have suffered with recent service cuts and I am keen to talk with local communities to see what partnerships can be developed with Council to ensure that they are maintained and enhanced for local people to enjoy.” Ms Elliott, a keen swimmer, also wants to ensure that suburban pools are accessible and affordable to communities. “The local pool is a great place for families and young people to have enormous fun and exercise. Inland pools offer a wonderful respite on hot summer days and we mustn’t lose site of the fact that it’s not always possible for people in suburbs to get to the beach. “Council needs to provide accessibility to water play for kids, and this might mean we review how to get the best use from pools,” she said. “I will fight for a sensible and affordable plan to partner with communities to get the best possible use from our parks,

Independent candidate for Ward 3 in the Newcastle City Council byelection, Kath Elliott, has announced her policy is to prioritise the maintenance and enhancement of suburban parks, playgrounds and pools. Ms Elliott said that parks and playgrounds are vitally important to suburban communities. “There are a number of beautiful parks in Ward 3, as well as small “pocket parks” that are great recreational spaces in our playgrounds and pools.”

Authorised by Kath Elliott 1/135 Denison Street Hamilton 2303

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The Big


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This month’s quiz questions are below. You’ll find some answers in the pages of Lambton Local. Others will be found elsewhere... Question 1 How many candidates are standing in the Ward 3 Council by-election? Question 2 Name the prolific local photographer who captured iconic images of Lambton, and many other Hunter localities, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries? Question 3 How many players did the Lambton Jaffas have registered in the 2014 season? Question 4 Which business is located at 108 Elder Street Lambton? Question 5 What brand of water is on special this month Lambton Grocer? Question 6 Where would you find the memorial pictured at right?

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Jaffas roll on to season 2015

In late 1957, local Lambton figure Jack Kidd instigated the founding of Lambton Soccer Club. At that time the headmaster of Lambton Public School was a keen Rugby League supporter and wouldn’t allow competitive soccer to be played at the school. When the Club began, the league backline on a Friday afternoon formed the soccer forward line on a Saturday morning.

It wasn’t many years before common sense prevailed and soccer was introduced to the School. The first meetings of the Club were in the Lambton Tennis Club shed and initial registrations were accepted in the Rotunda, which doubled as change sheds with games played on the league ground site. Coaching classes were conducted by Jack Kidd and Arthur Roberts with assistance from others. Lambton Soccer Club was accepted into the Newcastle Junior Soccer Association structure in 1959. Rolling onto the modern day, and Lambton Jaffas Junior Football Club had 606 registered players in

season 2014 and consisting of 28 small-sided teams, 15 competition teams and 8 senior teams ranging in age groups from 5 to Over 35’s plus. If you would like to play in the 2015 season enquiries can be made on 4957 4963 or you can contact our Registrar on 0422 227 301.

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Lambton Public School’s 150th For his contribution to Lambton Public School’s 150th Celebrations on 11-13th September this year, former pupil Robert Watson has been working on a project to collect old photos. This started informally in 2009 when Robert organised a Reunion for his own year – the Class of 1966. After that, he decided to keep going, knowing that the Sesquicentenary was just over the horizon. So far Robert has 270 Class photos, the oldest dating to the 1910s. Most photos however are from the 1950s and 1960s, and through his network of over 800 ex-pupils and ex-teachers, he has been slowly putting names to the children’s faces. At the end of this year, scans of all the photos (and

Above: Lambton Public School Kindergarten class enjoying their Christmas party in 1960. This is just one of the 270 photos that former pupil Robert Watson has collected ahead of the School’s 150th celebrations in September. If you have class photos that you would like to share contact Robert at PO Box 120 Jesmond 2299 or email

the people’s names) will be donated to the Newcastle Family History Society in Elder Street, so that future generations of people will have this resource.

Show us your old photos of Lambton! As part of the 150th anniversary of Lambton Public School, the committee is producing a photo book, and are looking to scan old photos which have not seen the light of day for many decades. Parks, buildings, houses, backyards, streets, people, bands, cars, buses, trams, mines, trains, churches, celebrations, picnics we want them all! Check your attic for old photo albums, slides, movie reels, postcards, negatives or shoeboxes of old photos! This project is as much for the Lambton community as it is for the school. For more details please contact Robert Watson at PO Box 120, Jesmond 2299 or email Page 18 > Lambton Local > February 2015

The photo above of the Kindergarten class having their Christmas party in 1960 was kindly donated by the young teacher at the time, Miss Bunning.

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l gents Professionsasing hairdre *Established 1991*

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down the alleyway next to Newcastle Perm

Local muso to launch EP

Lambton musician Jesse Fildes is no stranger to the guitar, having played for more than ten years and shared the stage with many talented musicians. Fildes’ relentless passion for music is obvious, having played in covers bands, duos and tribute shows all across Newcastle and the Central Coast since the age of sixteen. He also founded and is the frontman for his own covers trio “Tres Hombres” which have been performing in pubs and clubs since 2012.



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After playing guitar for more than a decade in a variety of cover bands, Jesse Fiddes is venturing into original music with his EP “From the Top” to be released later this month.

Fildes has now moved into the world of original music, with his debut EP “From the Top” scheduled for release in late February. “From the Top” is a showcase of not only his guitar prowess but his talents as a singer and songwriter. The selection of songs is an amalgamation of hard hitting rock tracks, funky riffs and soaring 80s style leads. “These songs all came from meaningful personal experiences, and I have tried to pay homage to the heroes that have influenced me as a musician” Jesse said. Fildes’ EP “From the Top” is scheduled to be released in late February and will be available online through his website at You can catch him and his band Tres Hombres live at Warners Bay Hotel on Saturday 21st February from 8:30pm.

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Lambton Local > February 2015 > Page 19

Lambton then, Lambton now

Then: Lambton colliery and Lambton township in 1900, looking north from Russell Rd, New Lambton. Photo by Ralph Snowball. University of Newcastle Cultural Collections. Reproduced with permission of University of Newcastle.

As a recently arrived resident of Lambton with an interest in local history, I was aware that Lambton had its beginnings as a coal mining township. But where was the colliery? What, if anything, remained of it? It was only on finding some old photos in the University of Newcastle Cultural Collections that I was able to answer these questions. The Ralph Snowball photo at left is from 1900 and looks north from Russell Rd in New Lambton. It shows the colliery buildings nestling in the gully between Lambton and New Lambton, with the colliery railway going down the slope towards Broadmeadow. Inspired by this and other photos in the University’s collection, I set myself the challenge during a two week Christmas break, of visiting the location of an historical

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by Lachlan Wetherall photograph each day, and as far as possible, replicating the original image. In the modern photo at right, the Lambton colliery has disappeared. After opening in 1862 it closed 74 years later in 1936 and then slowly faded away – buildings demolished, equipment removed, pits filled in, new streets laid out, housing erected, rail lines ripped up, and the final disappearing act in 1966 when the rail bridges over Howe St and Hobart Rd were torn down. The only visible evidence I could find of the colliery were shadowy remnants – the open space of Lewis oval, the slight dip in Hobart Rd and the funny little jink in Howe St where the railway bridges once were, a drain culvert at the western end of New Lambton Park, over which the railway once ran.

Now: Above is the current day view from the same vantage point as Ralph Snowball’s photo at left. No evidence of Lambton colliery, the enterprise which brought so much prosperity to the district in its early years, can be seen today.

In coming editions I’ll share some other “Then and Now”comparisons. As a newcomer to the area and its history, I’d welcome your feedback or further information. You can do that via

my website at www., where you can also view the photos in greater detail or contact me at lachlan.


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Mind matters by Dr Stuart Edser PhD. MAPS. MCCOUNP. MASCH. Principal Psychologist at Newcastle Psychology & Health

I am not a great one for New Year’s resolutions. Human change is rarely all of a sudden. For us, it takes time. The ‘ready set go’ feel of the resolutions feels a bit fake and for most people, they are quickly forgotten. However, I do think that the start of a new year is an opportunity to take a bit of a look at ourselves; do a quick stock-take as to how we’re going. Now that is a good thing. I do it every year myself. It’s best to undertake it in a systematic way, breaking it down into a few manageable areas of interest, eg., health, mental health, relationships, finances, sexuality, spirituality, exercise, food, connection with others, meaningful activity, leisure, work. You could ask yourself two simple questions of each: How did I travel in xxxxx in 2014? Is there anything I would like to change in xxxxx for 2015?

For those of you who are really organised, you can even draw up a grid with the list (or elements of it) along the top and the two questions down the side. You then just fill it in or as much of it as you can. Lasting change for human beings always happens over a few short steps. For example, ‘I want to quit smoking’ might be a change area for you. First, acknowledge the need. Secondly, get yourself into the ‘I am willing to do this’ headspace. Thirdly, prepare for quitting (get some professional help, do some reading, get your alternatives to smoking worked out) and finally, when you’re ready, choose a date and do it. Not all change is scary. In fact, some change is really, well, life-changing. Best wishes for 2015 - Stuart


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Stuart Edser


Counselling Psychologist

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By Anne-Marie Adams, owner/ personal trainer at Inspirational Group & Fitness Training

Feeling unmotivated?

No matter what your best intentions are we all have bad days were we get off track with our diet and exercise. Yes even I, a personal trainer have days where I feel unmotivated. So what is the best way to counteract those days when exercise seems out of the question and that cake is looking sooooooo good that you could eat the whole thing? It’s time to get organised people……… Plan your meals Before going grocery shopping make a list of healthy meals and snacks for the week and make sure they are something you will look forward to eating. If it is already in the fridge or pantry you are more likely to eat it and that takeaway will seem like to much effort to go and get. Your freezer is your best friend Find healthy recipes that you can make big batches up of and freeze in portion size containers. Do this on the weekend when you have a bit more time and when you find yourself tried during the week you won’t have to cook…… just heat the meal in the microwave. Schedule in exercise Make an appointment with yourself to fit your exercise in… can’t help other people properly unless you take care of yourself first. Have your workout gear ready to go Once your workout gear is washed have a spot and put them there straight away. Have a spot for your shoes as well. There is nothing more demotivating than to planning to exercise and then not being able to find your joggers! Keep it interesting This applies to food and exercise. Variety is the spice of life so make sure you incorporate some variety into your food and exercises choices. The main thing is to make a plan and just get out there and do it. You can make all the excuses in the world but in the end you have just wasted your time making excuses and not gotten anywhere. So until next time…… Love life, dream big and become the inspiration Anne-Marie

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NTC’s new season commences soon

Lambton’s own Newcastle Theatre Company kicks off its 2015 season with Doubt - a parable written by John Patrick Shanley. Winner of the 2005 Pulitzer Prize for Drama and the Tony for Best New Play, Doubt is set during the 1960s at a Catholic school in the Bronx. The school’s long standing and deeply conservative principal, Sister Aloysius, has fears of misconduct by the recently appointed Father Flynn, a progressive and personable parish priest. With the young and naive Sister James by her side, Sister Aloysius seeks out the truth on whether Father Flynn has preyed on the school’s first African American student. How far do we go to confirm our suspicions when the power

of those higher up can limit our reach? Doubt is directed by NTC’s awardwinning and CONDA nominee John Wood assisted by local emerging playwright Sally Davies. The play has a fine cast of actors including the highly creative and talented Claire Williams (pictured at right) who has a long history in theatre and the creative arts having worked professionally with Hunter Valley Theatre Company, Freewheels, Tasmania Theatre Company and appearances in several NTC productions. The production opens on 8pm on Saturday 31st January and continues on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays until 14th February, with matinees on Sunday 1st and Saturday 7th February at 2pm.

Book online at www. or at the box office at 90 De Vitre Street Lambton.

Claire Williams, a cast member of Doubt-a parable


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Vet chat Dr Tessa Jongejans Greencross Vets, Lambton

Sign of heat stress in pets This is the time of year where we need to be mindful about the effects the hot weather can have on our pets. No matter how healthy you think your pet is. Dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, pets of all shapes, sizes and age can be affected by Heat Stress (or heat stroke). Heat Stress generally occurs when animals are confined or active in hot environments. Signs that your pet could be suffering from heat stress include: • Excessive panting • Bright red gums and tongue which turn to blue • Salivation (Drooling excessively) • Vomiting • Anxious pacing, uncoordinated, stumbling • Seizures or strange behaviour • Collapse • Coma Heat stress can affect animals within a very short timeframe of being exposed to heat and direct sun. How to avoid Heat stress for your pet: Modifying your exercise or walking routine should be considered in the warmer months. Early in the morning or late in the day are ideal. Ensure that you pet has adequate shade in their backyard and easy access to cool water at all times. Do not leave your dog in a vehicle - even when the windows are down dogs can still quickly overheat and lead to death. One study found that even on mild days the temperature inside the vehicle rises rapidly to dangerous levels. When the ambient temperature is 22°C the temperature inside a car can rise to over 47°C in 60 minutes. Please don’t risk it. Bring animals indoors on hot, humid days if the indoor environment is cooler for the animal (e.g. airconditioning, child-safe fans, open windows where possible and shade). If you suspect that your pet is suffering from heat stress, please contact Greencross Vets Lambton immediately on 4957 8960.

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Live @ Lambton this month - music & theatre Bar 121

Sun 15

Bruce Springsteen & John Mellencamp Revival

Thu 5

Jam night featuring Ty

Wed 18 Live N Local

Fri 6

David Owen

Sat 7

The Years

Thu 19 Guy Pearce & Darren Middleton

Thu 12 Jam night featuring Ty Fri 13

Karen O’Shea

Sat 14

The Leadbellies

Thu 19 Jam night featuring Ty

Fri 20

Ella Hoopper

Sat 21

Bruce Mathiske

Sun 22

Killer Queen

Wed 25 live N Local Fri 27

Beaten Bodies

Fri 20

Ty Penshorn

Sat 21

Saving June

Sat 28 Red Hot Chilli Peppers Show

Thu 26 Jam night featuring Ty

Newcastle Theatre Co.

Fri 27

Zane Penn

Sat 28

Oz Rock

Lambton Park Hotel Fri 6

Daniel Arvidson

Fri 13

Tom Buckley

Fri 20 Fri 27

Doubt - a parable Written by John Patrick Shanley Directed by John Wood Sat 31 Jan


Sun 1 Feb

2pm matinee

Bobby C

Wed 4


Paul Robert Burton

Fri 6



Sat 7 Wed 11


Live N Local

Fri 13


Thu 5

The Necks

Sat 14


Sat 7

Brian Kadd

Sun 8

Amber Lawrence

Wed 11 Live N Local Thur 12 Australian Surf Movie Festival Fri 13

Uncle Jed

Sat 14 Abby Dobson & Lara Goodridge

Daniel Arvidson

2pm matinee

Wed 4

Fri 6 Dave Faulkner & Brad Shepherd

Zane Penn

Northumberland Hotel Fri 6

Adam Gear

Sat 7


Fri 13


Sat 14


Fri 20

Kenny Jewell

Sat 21


Fri 27


Sat 28


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Bruce Mathiske

The information on this page was correct at time of printing. Please check all details with the respective venues.

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For sale

For sale


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Newcastle Family History Society Inc. The first meeting for 2015 will be held on Tuesday Feb 3rd 7.30 pm at the Lambton Mechanics Institute, 68 Elder St. Guest speaker is Mr. Ian Park speaking on “A day to remember- my memories of the Newcastle Earthquake” Enquiries please phone 4957 8296

Blower / vac Electric, Homelite brand, good condition $30. Ph 4957 1747 Brand new unwanted gifts Electric frypan $30, cutlery set $25, stainless steel paper holder $20. Ph 4957 1625 Daihatsu Applause

‘95 model, one owner, silver, very good condition, April 2015 rego. Auto, air, power steering, well maintained, 195000km. Rego RSY-710. $2,200 ono. Please call 0478 107793 after 5pm. (Photo for illustration only) FOOD WARMER Akai electric food warmer 3, bain marie style, brand new, unwanted gift $35. Ph 4960 1112 ‘Everyday Living’ Tuscan padded timber bar stools with backs x 4. Unused, reduced to $69 each. Ph 4960 1112 NATURAL HANDMADE CLEANING PRODUCTS Laundry washing aid, general purpose cleaning spray, dog wash and dog grooming spray. Please call 4952 2352 for information, orders & delivery.

various items Display case, W36cm, H68cm, D9cm. Filing Cabinet 3 draw. Janome electronic sewing machine with accessories. All items $50 each. Ph 0478 356 866

NOTICES Foster carers required Barnardos Australia, now in Newcastle. We are looking for foster carers for siblings 0-12 years, for a few weeks or up to several months. Training, 24 hour support and generous allowance provided. Please call Amber 1800 663 441 KnitTING and Crochet classes Special handmade leather craft and personalised orders. Phone 49297255 or 49575501 after 4pm Lambton residents group MeetING Be a part of the planning for some exciting and worthwhile initiatives and projects for our local area. Next monthly meeting will be Tuesday 10 February commencing at 5.30pm at Lambton Bowling Club, Karoola Rd. No RSVP required, but if you would like more info email: or call Nicola on 0402 949 854 All local residents are welcome to attend.

Newcastle Multiple Sclerosis Support Group First meeting for 2015 will be held at 10am on the 18th of February at Heaton-Birmingham Gardens Bowling Club Mordue Parade Jesmond. Contact Janelle 4982 6123 or Stephen 4952 7302 for further information.


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