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Ker-rai’s rehab complete Hunter Water and Newcastle City Council can be proud of the recent rehabilitation of Lambton Ker-rai. “Lambton Ker-rai is both a functioning stormwater channel and a creek, two things that don’t always work well together.” said Nick Kaiser from Hunter Water. “When reeds grow along the creek it allows a habitat to form, but it also inhibits drainage and leads to flooding. Clearing a creek may be great for allowing water to move quickly, but is bad for the local ecology. “The revitalisation of Lambton Ker-rai finds the happy medium of nurturing a vibrant ecosystem in the middle of suburbia, and at the same time allowing the creek to drain away after heavy rain. As a Lambton resident I’ve seen the results first hand. The constant flooding of the northern end of the creek is now a thing of the past.” Nick added. Newcastle City Council managed the Ker-rai rehabilitation project on behalf of Hunter Water and has also been busy revitalising the park more generally over recent months by completing the missing link of the shared pathway around the park as well as installing new playground equipment. Residents are invited to join Council and Hunter Water to celebrate the completion of the Ker-rai’s rehabilitation at Lambton Park Rotunda from 1011am on Tuesday 15th March.

The rehabilitation of Lambton Ker-rai by Hunter Water and Newcastle City Council required a happy medium between functioning stormwater drainage and a vibrant suburban ecosystem

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Jacob digs up, rakes over past for us all to see CONTACT DETAILS All advertising, community news, editorial and distribution enquiries should be directed to: Email: Phone: 0455 210 000 Mail: PO Box 130, Lambton NSW 2299 Publisher and proprietor: Mark Brooker ABN 48 260 331 896

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Above: 14 year old Jacob Ure in Lambton Park with one of his metal detecting finds. Opposite page: a very small sample of Jacob’s finds, including a bread token from the Depression.

When Jacob Ure stumbled upon a piece of World War II ammunition at a Newcastle beach a little over two years ago a passion for relic hunting was ignited. Since then Jacob has progressed through three metal detectors, uncovered a huge collection of artefects and keepsakes from years gone by, and earned himself the respect and admiration of the metal detecting fraternity across Australia. Not surprisingly, given their settlement more than 150 years ago, Lambton and New Lambton areas have revealed more than their share of treasured relics for Jacob. “I’ve found coins and bottles, horsehoes and iron buckles from bridles dating back to the 1860s. Probably my favourite find from the local area is a silver choir medal

from 1913 with the inscription “MPS” on it. It is numbered 102 of only 120, so it’s very rare. I found it when I was detecting around Carnley Ave area.” Another interesting find was the Newcastle Co-op Society Bakery token (pictured above) which

Jacob uncovered in Aldyth Street New Lambton. You can follow Jacob’s detecting exploits at his ‘Digging Australia’ Facebook page, on Instagram @ Digging_Australia and even catch the weekly show on his ‘Digging Australia’ YouTube channel. Readers, advertisers and community groups are encouraged to contribute to Lambton Local with news items, community news events and any matter that may be of general interest to residents of the area. In contributing news items the contributor accepts that such information may or may not be published in print and/or online using websites and social media channels at the sole discretion of the publisher. No guarantee of publication is ever implied by this invitation to contribute. Except where otherwise noted, all information, photographs, text and images, contained within Lambton Local is subject to copyright. Such copyright material cannot be reproduced and distributed in whole or part without the prior written consent of the publisher. Page 2 > Lambton Local > March 2016

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New bike laws now in force

Losing locks for Leukaemia

Duayne Cook

Ten year old Keeley Smith of Lambton has worn long hair for pretty much her whole life. That will end on Sunday 13th March when her long locks are cut off in support of the Leukaemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave. “I want to donate my hair to make wigs for those who’ve lost theirs during Leukaemia treatment and raise money to help those who are suffering from blood cancer. I am also doing it in memory of the much-loved family members who we’ve lost to this terrible disease.” Keeley said. Everyday in Australia 34 people are given the devastating news that they have blood cancer, and they’ll turn to the Leukaemia Foundation for help. World’s Greatest Shave is the Leukaemia Foundation’s biggest annual fundraiser. Keeley’s original target was to raise $2000. Thanks to the fantastic support of her family, friends and the Lambton Public School community she raised over $1300 in the first couple of days and is now close to beating her target. You can help Keeley make the most of this very hairy sacrifice by sponsoring her at http:// and searching for her fundraising page.

From 1st March drivers must allow a minimum distance of 1 metre between their vehicle and a bike when passing at 60km/h

New rules introduced on 1st March will help drivers and bicycle riders share the road more safely.On average, 11 bicycle riders are killed and 1500 seriously injured in NSW each year. Drivers must now allow a distance of at least 1 metre when passing a cyclist where the speed limit is 60km/h or less. Where the speed limit is more than 60km/h a distance of 1.5 metre is required. If drivers cannot pass a bicycle rider safely, they should slow down and wait until it is safe to pass the rider, leaving the minimum distance. A fine of $319 and a two demerit point penalty will apply to drivers caught not adhering to this rule.


Your Local Electrician





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Safe, friendly, tidy and on time PH: 0467 682 017

In other changes all bicycle riders aged 18 and over must now carry photo identification. Police will be able to ask for identification if they believe a bicycle rider has broken the road rules. Cyclists have 12 months to adjust to this new law. A fine of $106 will apply from 1st March 2017. Fines for a number of cycling offences, including ‘Riding dangerously’ and ‘Not stopping at a pedestrian crossing’ have been increased from $71 to $425, bringing them in line with similar high risk behaviours by motorists. For more information on the new rules applying to cyclists and motorists go to http://roadsafety.




Keeley Smith is asking the community to sponsor her as she donates her long hair for the Leukaemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave


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Local historian author to lead Heritage Walk




Author Julie Keating will be leading the Lambton Heritage Walk again on 19th March

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It has been a year since the very popular ‘Lambton Heritage Walk’ was first published. To celebrate its birthday, Julie Keating is inviting interested community members to join her on Saturday 19th March for another fascinating stroll around our historic suburb. “A number of heritage walks were conducted last year. A lot of people came along each time. But some were disappointed to have missed out for various reasons, so I thought we should do it again. Julie said. “We might even add some extra points of interest that aren’t included on the original walk and map. For example, most people wouldn’t be aware that two of Lambton’s hotels were once joined by a tunnel. Or that Lambton once had a church where the services were conducted in Welsh.” she added. These questions and others will be answered on 19th. The walk will commence at 10am from Lambton Library at the corner of Elder and Morehead Streets. Copies of ‘Lambton Heritage Walk - a self-guided walking tour of a prosperous 19th century mining town’ are available on the day or from Lambton Library and a number of Elder Street businesses who sponsored its publication.














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Who has the lucky letterbox this month?



If the letterbox pictured above is yours, you’ve won a $30 open order from Jarrett’s Quality Meats in Elder Street Lambton. To claim your prize simply call in to the shop and show Bede or Cal some identification with the correct address on it. You had better hurry though, if the prize is not claimed by 8th March it will jackpot to $60 next month. The open order for February was won by the lucky residents of 26 Pearson Street, Lambton.

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down the alleyway next to Newcastle Perm



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SEASON 5 Mar - 19 Mar Wed, Fri, Sat - 8pm MATINEE Sun 6 Mar - 2pm Sat 12 Mar - 2pm


“Terrifying moral thriller” at Newcastle Theatre Co. Late one night in a remote beach house somewhere in Chile, a stranger calls. For a woman, his voice triggers a memory she has long tried to suppress. Years ago, she was blindfolded, abducted and held as a political prisoner and although she never saw her captors she did hear them. Newcastle Theatre Company’s second production for 2016, Death And The Maiden opens on Saturday 5th March at 90 De Vitre St Lambton (near the shopping centre car park). A total of nine evening and matinee performances will end on 19th March. Set in a time when democracy had been restored but when the nation is still struggling to heal wounds inflicted during the Pinochet regime, we learn that the woman’s husband, a prominent lawyer, has been asked to be part of a human rights commission to investigate the crimes of the military dictatorship. Who is this mysterious stranger? Is he the perpetrator of the horrific abuse the woman endured fifteen years ago? Will the truth commission answer these questions and heal her wounds or must she conduct her own investigation and find a way of dispensing her own justice?




d n o m ay 2 for 1


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“A terrifying moral thriller which combines brilliant theatricality with clear thought and fierce compassion” - Sunday Times. STUDENT RUSH: Wednesday nights. $18 Buy at the Door. Seats are available. 90 DeVitre St Lambton | Ph 4952 4958

Contact Ben Keating on

Bookings: Ph. 4952 4958 or online at

Page 10 > Lambton Local > March 2016

Today the play resonates even more chillingly as the world watches dictatorships crumble and retribution reign. In many ways this is a very simple play that an audience will find very accessible, if a little scary..... as most thrillers are! Death And The Maiden is a “terrifying moral thriller which combines brilliant theatricality with clear thought and fierce compassion”.....Sunday Times. A powerful cast of Wendy Ratcliffe as Paulina Salas, Michael Byrne as Dr. Roberto Miranda and Craig Barnes as Gerardo Escobar. To book tickets or for more information go to www. or phone the box office on 4952 4958. Lambton Local has a double pass to opening night 8pm on Saturday 5th March and the matinee at 2pm Sunday 6th March to giveaway to readers. To enter text your name, your preference for opening night or the matinee performance, and the name of one of the cast members to 0455 210 000 by Thursday 3rd March. Winners will be advised by phone and their names published next edition.

0407 068 395 Lic No. 204198C


Above: Wendy Ratcliffe as Paulina Salas and Michael Byrne as Dr Roberto Miranda in Newcastle Theatre Company’s production of ‘Death and the Maiden’ which opens Saturday 5th March. For a chance to win a double pass see story at left

tuesday BURGER night



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Toy library is child’s play

TR MEGA MEA 2 Seafood Trays 28 Meat Trays, PLUS Membership Draw1pm

rsday @ Raffles also held on Thu • Sunday @1pm • Saturday @ 4.30pm

The toy library became a place for all children to develop their sense of community, their feelings of responsibility and autonomy and promote the culture of sharing and exploring. This terrific little volunteerrun service has also gained interest from other movements such as those motivated to reduce waste. In 2015, with the support of an NDIA Community Inclusion Grant, $10,000 worth of high quality toys were purchased, designed for children with disabilities allowing the toy library to return to its roots and provide a truly inclusive service with educational toys for all children. A $15 annual membership fee funds insurance and new toy purchases and repairs. Members can borrow up to three toys for up to four weeks. Borrowing from the toy library helps to promote a child’s skill development through play, but also their autonomy and their sense of responsibility. It also affords families the opportunity to rotate toys depending on their child’s interest and age, and gives them the chance to “try before they buy”. It is an environmentally friendly and sustainable option for recycling toys.

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Family & Sports Dentists

Qualified Electrician and Handyman ✹ Smoke alarms ✹ LED Lighting (new & conversions) ✹ Additional Power Points ✹ Test and Tagging ✹ Fault Finding & Repairs ✹ Safety Switches ✹ Gardening & Mowing ✹ Pressure Cleaning ✹ Rubbish Removal ✹ Cleaning Gutters ✹ Gates & Fences ✹ Cobweb Removal ✹ Flyscreens

Initial tion consulta r o te a b e r nt* le a equiv



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Braces thodontics to avoid ★ Non Extraction Or Braces Techniques to avoid ★ Jaw Development ent ★ Snoring Assessm Dr Andrew P. Johnso n B.D.S (UNI.SYD) Coralie Rush Denta l Hygienist (UNI.QLD )


PHONE: 0421 88 55 60



With the popular Jim for a great night out! sta 7pm rt • Come on in

But how can you get involved? There are a few ways you can get involved with this wonderful local service: Become a member and join the crowds of happy families visiting the toy library each year. The toy library is run entirely by volunteers, and like any volunteer organisation is always looking for help. Donations of good quality toy are always welcome. Bring them along on Saturday mornings and the volunteers will be happy to help you. For further information you can like the Newcastle and Hunter Toy Library page on Facebook or email:

Consultant dentist to the Newcastle Jets

6/71 Regent Street, New Lambton Telephone: 4957 4830 • Email: UPSTAIRS TO THE NEXT LEVEL OF DENTAL CARE

(*Item #013)


Every Saturday morning local children aged 0 to 8 years and a group of dedicated volunteers, assisted with caffeine donated by Chaddies of Regent Street, open the doors to the Newcastle Toy Library in the basement of New Lambton Library. In this space, children find puzzles, games, walkers, musical instruments, dress-ups, doctors sets, construction sets, train sets, farms, ride-ons, bikes, scooters and more. Little do the children know that each toy has been carefully selected by the Toy Library committee to promote their social, cognitive, and motor development. Through play, children learn and grow, and the Newcastle Toy Library gives them the tools of their trade. Newcastle Toy Library was opened in 1975 by Lord Mayor Joy Cummings, with a donation of 30 toys. Back then the toy library had a vision to provide educational and stimulating toys for children with disabilities, including children who were temporarily hospitalised and had travelled without their usual toys. Over time the toy library became a service for all children, providing educational toys for children from birth to eight years and relying primarily on toy donations and occasional grants.

Lambton Local > March 2016 > Page 13

Hands-on with essential oils

Above: Local mum and wellness advocate, Caz Wiseman invites you to her March workshop, ‘Essential Oils, Thrive & Eat Plant’ at New Lambton Community Centre

Local Wellness Advocate, Caz Wiseman, invites anyone with an interest in maintaining or improving their family’s physical and emotional health and well-being to join like-minded locals for the next instalment in her series of monthly essential oils workshops. “This month’s workshop, ‘Essential Oils, Thrive and Eat Plant’ is a hands-on cooking masterclass using essential oils and healthy recipes” Caz told Lambton Local. “It will be held on Sunday 6th March from 2.30-4.30pm. Participants will enjoy 6-8 courses of the tastiest, healthiest treats that they’ve prepared themselves. We will have some raw food, vegan, paleo, gluten and dairy free choices as well. Just to cover food costs I have an entry charge of $25 for the workshop. Numbers are strictly limited, so an RSVP is a must” she added. “I just love educating people through my hands-on workshops. The first event I held at New Lambton Community Centre in early February was a great success.” Caz said. The April workshop, ‘Essential Oils: The Green-living Goddess’, will be on Saturday 30th April. For more information or to read about Caz’s journey and to reserve your spot at upcoming events go to http://mynaturoils. or search Newcastle Essential Oils events at

Essential Oils, Thrive & Eat Plant HANDS-ON WORKSHOP Sunday 6th March 2.30 - 4.30pm at New Lambton Community Centre, Alma Rd New Lambton

A cooking masterclass using essential oils and healthy recipes including some raw food, vegan and gluten free options. We will enjoy 6-8 courses of the tastiest, most healthy treats. Entry $25 covers food cost. Bring a friend. Places are limited so RSVP is a must. To reserve your seat go to or search search Newcastle Essential Oils events at

Hit the




Night K I D S EAT F R E E






music Saturday Nights & Sunday Arvos Check out our…

15 bbq ribs HALF RACK

steak NIGHT Plus T R I V I A



Page 14 > Lambton Local > March 2016





You’ll find out plenty more information about Caz Wiseman and her journey with Essential Oils and other upcoming workshops




• 46 DICKSON STREET, LAMBTON • WWW.THEMARKHOTEL.COM.AU • • PHONE: 4957 1494 • Lambton Local > March 2016 > Page 15

The Big

Last month’s mystery photo (below left) was the new shared pathway running from the Elder St and Karoola Rd corner to the footbridge in the park.. This month’s quiz questions are below. You’ll find most of the answers within the pages of Lambton Local... Question 1 What is the minimum distance a driver must allow if passing a bicycle at more than 60km/h? Question 2 Which two organisations worked together to rehabilitate Lambton Ker-rai that flows through Lambton Park? Question 3 What target has Keeley Smith set herself for Leukaemia Foundation fundraising? Question 4 Who was shot dead at ‘Hollywood’ in 1951? Question 5 How many performances will


Alex Alderton of Robinson Ave Lambton was the winner of last month’s Big Quiz. Congratulations Alex, your $40 Lambton Grocer voucher has been posted to you.



there be of Death and the Maiden at Newcastle Theatre Company? Question 6 What colour jelly beans are on special at Lambton Grocer this month? Question 7 When will author Julie Keating be leading the next Lambton Heritage Walk? Question 8 Where would you find the sign pictured below?

Send your answers in an email to with ‘Big Quiz’ in the subject line or post them to PO Box 130, Lambton 2299 by 15th March for your chance to win the $40 Lambton Grocer voucher


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NB: Our Open Day is postponed so that we can finish our renovations – watch this space!

126 Lambton Rd, Broadmeadow • 4952 8809 • Enter from Perth Rd (rear of Rovert Lighting) • Follow us on Page 16 > Lambton Local > March 2016

8 Varieties

3 Varieties

114 Elder Street, Lambton • PHONE: 4956 3657 Trading hours: Mon - Fri: 7am - 7pm Sat: 7am - 4pm Sun: 8am - 4pm Special available Tuesday 1st to Sunday 13th March or while stocks last

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Lambton then, Lambton now At home in “Hollywood”

The Great Depression of the 1930s saw the rise of many shanty towns across Australia, where unemployed men and their families eked out a makeshift existence. Lambton had such a camp at its boundary with Wallsend, near Jesmond Park. Called “Hollywood”, a sarcastic reference to its far from glamorous state, it was also known by the unflattering name of “Doggyville”. Up to 40 families lived there in huts of varying quality. For example, a family of six lived in the home pictured at right. The Newcastle Sun reported in 1941 “They had moved into their home of two rooms, of bags and galvanised iron, when the eldest boy, now nine years old, was a tiny baby.” A combination of idleness and poverty meant that there was an unsavoury side to the settlement. A regular at the illegal two-up ring in the bush nearby was former boxing champion turned loan shark, John “Slack” Maher, who in July 1951 was shot dead and his body thrown down a disused mine shaft. His brother Michael was soon arrested and tried for

Home-style meals eat in or takeaway starting from only $


by Lachlan Wetherall

the murder, but acquitted by the jury in the face of conflicting and uncertain evidence from witnesses. Despite these dark moments, many children were raised in “Hollywood” and considered their upbringing as normal, and have fond memories of the fun they had there. The camp persisted long after the Great Depression had ended and was variously tolerated, ignored, or despised. Eventually concern over the living conditions, and the arrival of new social housing alternatives resulted in the eviction of residents in 1958 and demolition of the settlement in 1959. A few rusted and broken fragments of dwellings remain in the bush today, but when the final stage of the Inner City Bypass is constructed (starting in 2017) the site of “Hollywood” will be erased. It will remain only in a few photographs, newspaper stories, and the memories of those who once named “Hollywood” as their home. You can view these photos and more details at: Opposite page: an image from ‘The Newcastle Sun’ of 24th January 1941. This two-room dwelling, made of bags and galvanised iron, had been home to a family of six for nine years when this photograph was taken. Below: a few rusted fragments are all that remains of “Hollywood” near Jesmond Park today.

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Call Michelle Thomas • PHONE: 4957 7055 9 Alma Road, New Lambton • EMAIL: • WEB: Lambton Local > March 2016 > Page 19

Mind matters • Counselling • Psychotherapy • Hypnotherapy • Education Expert care for all of life’s challenges, including: depression – relationships – sexual problems LGBT issues – illness – grief – smoking cessation including the dedicated NPH Anxiety Clinic

Stuart Edser


Counselling Psychologist

T: 4952 9777 E: W: A: 20 Kendall Street Lambton

Medicare Rebates available through GP

Duayne Cook Your Local Electrician

ANYTHING ELECTRICAL! Safe, friendly, tidy and on time PH: 0467 682 017 Lic #: 94942C

Page 20 > Lambton Local > March 2016

by Dr Stuart Edser PhD. MAPS. MCCOUNP. MASCH. Principal Psychologist at Newcastle Psychology & Health


We’ve just had Valentine’s Day; the day we’re supposed to show appreciation to our partners with chocolates and roses and dinner out. It’s a nice idea, but we shouldn’t get complacent after the last chocolate has been eaten and think, “Well that’s all I have to do for another year”. Relationships are complex. They have to be, because we are complex creatures. Perhaps the greatest challenge in being in a relationship is the way we deal with disagreement. Therapists now acknowledge that disagreement between partners is a normal part of relationship life. It is not necessarily a sign that things are bad. We agree now that you cannot love someone and be in a constant state of agreement where both of you are in perfect sync with each other at all times. With different childhoods, families, education, adolescent relationships, personalities, coping styles, libidos, strengths and weaknesses to name just a few differences, it is inevitable that we will ‘sandpaper’ each other occasionally. It is how we disagree that becomes important. We can disagree either constructively or destructively. Obviously, it is best to aim for disagreements that are constructive, where we actually resolve the issue that is before us, instead of taking cheap shots or shutting down or lashing out. Destructive disagreements pull us apart and cause emotional disconnection. We should aim to avoid that as much as possible as a relationship cannot be continually taxed in such a way without profound consequences. One positive thing about Valentine’s Day is that it reminds us to put some energy into our relationships and not to take them for granted. But if we truly value our relationships, I think we need to do better than just once a year. - Stuart Edser

Want to fun run? By Anne-Marie Adams, owner/ personal trainer at Inspirational Group & Fitness Training I always find a fun run is a great goal to focus on and helps keep people motivated. Best of all you don’t have to be super fit to go in one. Fun runs you can run or walk as well as do different kilometres based on your fitness level. The Hunter has some amazing runs that take in some of the great scenery we have on offer. Some of these include NewRun (Hill2Harbour), Winery Running Festival, Lake Macquarie running festival, Run Newcastle (Google the names for more information) For many people who have never done a fun run before it can be hard to know where to start so I have put together some simple action steps for you……… 1. Sign up – This takes you from the mindset of ‘I would like to do a fun run’ to ‘I am GOING to do it’. Plus if you sign up early enough there are early bird offers so you can save money on your entry fee. 2. Get a good pair of running shoes – VERY IMPORTANT. If you don’t have a good pair of running shoes you can do a lot of damage to your feet as well cause a lot of injuries to the rest of your body. Go and get professionally fitted. You are probably looking at $150 to $300 for a decent pair. I know that can seem like a lot but it is well worth it to avoid injuries (as well as the medical bills that injuries bring with them). 3. Get yourself a buddy – see if you can get someone to enter the fun run with you. That way you will have someone to train with as well as someone to motivate you when you don’t feel like training (and vice versa). Plus on the day of the run you can run with and then celebrate with them when you both have finished. 4. Most of all have fun with it (remember they are called ‘fun’ runs). The atmosphere is always great and there is nothing like that feeling when you cross that finish line knowing you have achieved the goal you set for yourself. So until next time, love life, dream big and become the inspiration Anne-Marie

Group Outdoor Personal Training LAMBTON PARK, Morehead St REGENT ST PARK, cnr Regent St & Railway Rd, New Lambton All ages & fitness levels welcome Fun social environment Boxing for Fitness, Cardio/ Toning and Tone Ball sessions available

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up to



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Heartburn advice from your local pharmacy

with Danielle Miller Pharmacist from

Elder Street Pharmacy

Heartburn, Reflux, GORD. Whatever you want to call it, it’s pretty uncomfortable. Common symptoms include; the unpleasant burning sensation in the chest, an acidic taste in the throat, sudden production of saliva due to acid in the oesophagus, and regurgitation. This occurs when gastric acid escapes back up the oesophagus and can be uncomfortable and painful! If untreated, reflux can cause inflammation, ulcers and bleeding. Heartburn can also be common in pregnancy due to the growth of the baby pressing on the stomach, but usually stops once the baby is born. In many people symptoms can be managed through avoidance of food triggers, such as alcohol, caffeine, spicy foods, and large or

fatty meals; avoiding lying down soon after eating meals; quitting smoking; and losing weight if possible. Eating smaller, more frequent meals is also advised. If reflux is troublesome during the night, propping the head of the bed up can help by reducing pressure on the stomach whilst lying down. A check of your current medications can also be useful to see if any are contributing to the reflux. If avoiding food triggers, and fixing lifestyle factors doesn’t help to resolve the burning, there are medication options available, both over the counter and on prescription. So chat to your Doctor or Pharmacist about your symptoms and what we can do to help you with the burning!

When should you call a podiatrist? you notice changes in your skin on your feet or toenails

✔ ✔ you have foot pain ✔ you have heel pain ✔ you have diabetes

Call us TODAY on 4952 8178 to make your appointment • 2 Cromwell Street New Lambton • • • Like us at Footcare Plus Podiatry New Lambton on

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Testamentary capacity and making wills by

Chris Hill-Smith of Appleton Law, Lambton

Apart from the formal requirements, in order for a will to be valid, the person making the will must have the mental capacity necessary to make a will. One way a will can be challenged is to show that at the time a will was executed, the testator did not have capacity. Whether the person making the will had the necessary capacity is a legal test and not as you might expect a medical test. That is because a medical diagnosis, even of a significant mental illness does not necessarily prevent a person making a valid will, as long as it can be shown that they had the necessary capacity at the time they made their will. As we get older we tend to become slower, more feeble, susceptible to illness and often we become difficult and eccentric. However none of those things without more prevent a person making a perfectly valid will. So what is the test for capacity when making a will? The test comes from a very old English case which stated the principle that a person, in order to have sufficient capacity to make a will must have “sound mind, memory and understanding”. It is generally accepted that in order to be of ‘sound mind, memory and understanding’ a person: 1. should be aware of and appreciate that they are making a will and understand the effects of those actions; 2. should be aware of the general extent and value of their estate including their assets;

3. should know and appreciate the persons who might have a claim against their estate and the basis for any such claim; and 4. the decisions they make in relation to the making of the gifts in their will should not be affected by or influenced by insane delusions. It is often the case that a person, whilst suffering from mental or other health concerns, has ‘lucid moments’, that is, they have times when their judgement is affected by their illness and times when it is not. If it can be shown that at the time of the signing of their will, they satisfied the test and their reasoning was not adversely affected, their will is valid. Children are not able to make a will, unless they are married or contemplating marriage. In some circumstances a court may make a will for a child. For instance, if a child comes into a significant sum of money and the persons who would inherit from the child under the intestacy rules are not the persons who the child would wish to do so. Disclaimer: the content of this article is provided for information purposes only. The contents do not constitute legal advice and should not be used as such. Formal legal advice should be sought in particular matters.

A new solicitor in Elder

St, Lambton

ing areas of law: We focus on the follow Powers of Attorney ■ Wills and Estates ■ tes ■ Family Provision pu ■ Probate ■ Will Dis law and We also offer criminal services. ing anc vey con l ntia reside our office at le Appointments availab . you to e com or we can Hill-Smith Principal solicitor, Chris practice al leg has many years of ard forw ks loo and , nce experie to assisting you.

ton 122 Elder Street Lamb 113 700 ph: 4956 1902 or 0422 email: admin@appleton web: www.appletonlaw

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with Dr Lauren Alexander Greencross Vets, Lambton

Vaccinations for cats and dogs

YOUR VISION OUR FOCUS Eyecare Plus New Lambton specialise in comprehensive eye examinations, prescription sunglasses, spectacle frames, contact lenses and eye health care for the whole family.

Our focus is to provide the very best in personalised professional eye care to you in a friendly helpful environment. Combnined with the latest technology, quality frames and latest lens and contact lens designs. OPEN MONDAY TO SATURDAY

2 Cromwell St, New Lambton PHONE: 4952 3341 All major health funds Page 24 > Lambton Local > March 2016

I would like to start off by saying a big thank you to all of the wonderful staff and clients that have welcomed me so warmly to the Greencross Lambton team. This month I would like to talk about vaccinations. Vaccinations are an extremely important part of your pet’s healthcare program. They help to protect your pets from serious, costly and potentially fatal diseases. We normally give your puppy or kitten 3 vaccinations. Adult dogs then receive annual boosters. The annual boosters are also a good opportunity for the vet to give your pet a full health check, which can help detect any underlying issues early. For dogs, the vaccines cover: Parvovirus: an often fatal disease that causes depression, vomiting and bloody diarrhoea. Distemper: a viral disease that results in respiratory symptoms and seizures. Hepatitis: a liver disease that can cause fever, diarrhoea and sudden death. Canine Cough: a harsh hacking cough that whilst not usually fatal can lead to your dog feeling quite unwell. Cats receive vaccinations for: Feline enteritis: gastroenteritis that causes fever, depression, vomiting diarrhoea and possible birth defects. Feline respiratory diseases: also known as ‘cat flu’. Can cause sneezing, discharge from eyes and nose, fever, ulceration of the mouth and in-appetence. If your cat goes outside you should also talk to your vet about Feline AIDS and Feline Leukaemia Virus . It is also important to remember that your puppy or kitten is not fully covered against these diseases until they have had all of their booster vaccinations. It is best to wait until all 3 vaccinations have been done before starting to walk your puppy. If you have any questions about vaccinations or would like to enquire about socialising your puppy safely at our Puppy PreSchool, please contact our friendly staff at the clinic.

Lambton High Notes by Mr Martin Rosser The new school year got off to a great start with Year 7 students involved in the Peer Support Program, Year 11 Crossroads and the whole school participating in the annual swimming carnival. In 2016 we have introduced two new school focus programs to meet our priorities for student learning and school improvement - Lambton Learning Ladder (L³) and Walkabout. They were created through staff learning teams, where teachers and school executive worked together using school data and current research to develop strategies and procedures to form these new school directions. The L³ program has been implemented in years 7 and 8 as a structured timetable period per cycle, to build a strong foundation in problem solving, collaboration and attitudes to learning. Classes are taught through a team teaching model, with two teachers allocated to each class at the same time, and engaged in a program based on inquiry-based learning. The students’ progress from modelled to guided, then independent tasks, with flexible learning opportunities created through the use of the open learning space. Walkabout is a collegial classroom observation program with a focus on student learning, where two teachers observe a snapshot of a lesson and provide feedback. It has been developed to align with the Australian Professional Teaching Standards and to support each teacher’s Performance and Development Plan. In addition, we will continue to consolidate focus programs in progress such as Quality Teaching Rounds, extended writing and ICT. By focusing on the priorities in our school plan we aim to make a real difference to student learning outcomes. Welcome to our new students and parents, and we look forward to a positive and productive year ahead. Martin Rosser - Principal

Where there is always something happening!

MEET & GREET Up for a fun social afternoon? Interested in playing bowls? Join us at our


Free sausage sizzle Bowls and Coaching available, no charge


RAFFLES FRIDAY NIGHT VARIETY RAFFLE @ 7pm pm SUNDAY ARVO MEGA GA MEAT RAFFLE @ 12pm m Members Draw Monday & Thursday from 5.30pm


FREE FUNCTION ROOM Large auditorium or intimate function room and undercover BBQ area with adjacent function room

(Self catering option available in smaller function areas)

TAB • KENO • FREE POOL 132 Bridges Rd, New Lambton PHONE: 4952 5503

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Interest rates still at all-time low Watch your child soar! ➤ Making maths FUN and EASY ➤ Using advanced techniques in accelerated learning ➤ Fun exercises that are proven to increase self confidence at school work and socially ➤ Improve grades significantly

PH: 0413 427 176

or email:



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> Classifieds bookings close Tue 15 March

> Contributions of news and community group information must be received by Wed 16 March

The April edition will be distributed to letterboxes from 31 March to 3 April Current and past editions of Lambton Local are available to read online anytime at

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by Mick Leahy of BOOST EDUCATION

Accelerated Learning

An easy way to explain the principles of accelerated learning is through an example. If I asked you to recite a minimum of 10,000 words in order by heart, you would find that daunting, wouldn’t you? Well, you have already done it. You have learnt all the words, to at least 100 songs...(that’s only 10 songs by 10 different artists). Most songs have 100 words each...multiplied by 100 songs = 10,000 words, (and you know heaps more than 100 songs). You learnt those words using the principles of Accelerated Learning. Let’s go through the main principles using the songs example. 1. You didn’t set out to learn 10,000 words. You were just having fun. 2. You didn’t try to learn all the songs in one day. 3. You knew that you were never ever going to sit an exam on the 10,000 words. 4. You split the task into small bits, ie, individual songs. 5. You had hooks that helped you remember some of the words. Hooks such as “What the song was about” and musical hooks. That is, the music helped you remember the words. 6. You listened to each song many times, but not all on one day. It might have only been once a week. So, you practiced each song, intermittantly over time. These six things allowed you to complete a seemingly impossible task (that is, to be able to recite over 10,000 words in perfect order) so easily that you didn’t even notice it. Every single one of those steps can be applied to any subject INCLUDING MATHS!! Following these steps makes any subject easy. A skilled educator will know how to make the subject fun, relaxed, non stressful, motivating and easy to practice, which allows the brain to perform seemingly impossible tasks with absolute ease.

by Gary Croese B.Bus (Acc.), CPA, FPS. Principal of GC Accountants

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) decided to keep the official cash rate on hold at 2.0 per cent in February during its first meeting for 2016. This decision was widely expected by analysts, following positive news about our economy. Improvements in employment figures, retail spending and business confidence, combined with an Aussie dollar at more acceptable levels, have relieved pressure on the RBA to lower interest rates in the first quarter of this year.

The RBA last cut rates in February and May last year, bringing the official cash rate to an all-time low. While further rate cuts have been predicted for 2016, it looks as though these are now unlikely to occur until mid-year. Despite the official cash rate being on hold, lenders have been making adjustments to home loan interest rates over recent months. If you already have a home loan, we recommend you get in touch to ensure you’re still getting the best rate available for you.

If you’re in the market to purchase a property in 2016, then now is a great time to talk to us about your plans so please give us a call today. GC Accountants Pty Ltd ABN 46108440768 are authorised representatives of Count Financial Limited ABN 19 001 974 625, AFSL 227232. Lending services are authorised by Finconnect (Australia) Pty Ltd, Australian Credit Licence No. 385888.


TV & AERIAL SERVICES Factory > Office > Home

A family-owned business servicing Newcastle for over 50 years

• TV aerial installation and service • TV sales and service • Service and repair to all brands of domestic and commercial TV, audio equipment and microwaves ovens om today!

t our showro

si Call us or vi

Established 1956

■ Tax & Rental Property Advice ■ Small Business Experts ■ Self Managed Super ■ Business Set-up and Advice ■ Negative Gearing & Capital Gains Specialists Visit our website for the complete range

88 Elder St, Lambton Phone: 4956 1640 Ph: 4952 3609 e:

3-5 Alma Rd New Lambton

GC Accountants Pty Ltd is a CPA Practice

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Local & Live entertainment this month Local & Live entertainment this month Bar 121

Thu 3 Jam Night with Ty and Zane Fri 4

Marissa Lee

Sat 5

The Years

Thu 10 Jam Night with Ty and Zane

Sat 19

Captain Risky

Sat 26


Hotel Jesmond

Overload Duo

Sat 5

Fully booked function

Sun 6

Colin Hay

Wed 9

Mia Dyson

Michael Mills

Sat 12


Fri 11

Bubble & Squeak

Sat 12


Sun 13 Mick Jones Fri 18


Sat 19

The Steves


Thu 24 Jam Night with Ty and Zane Sat 26


Thu 31 Jam Night with Ty and Zane

Blackbutt Hotel

Thu 10 Naomi Price Fri 11

Shane Nicholson

Sun 20 Todd Schmoo

Sat 12

Patrick James

Thu 24 Michael Mills

Sun 13 Lazy Sunday Lunch with The Rehab Brass Band

Sat 26

Sat 19

A Way Back To Then - Rachelle Schmidt Adnum and Dan Wilson In Concert

Sat 5 Sun 6

Bonny Wythes

Fri 4

Phonic Duo

Just Jace

Fri 18

A Way Back To Then - Rachelle Schmidt Adnum and Dan Wilson In Concert

Fri 4

Fri 11

Thu 17 Jam Night with Ty and Zane

Thu 3

The Levymen

Sun 27 Ryan Daley

Lambton Park Hotel

Thu 24 Jazz and Chilli Crab Night with Neilsen Gough Quartet Wed 30 Peter Rowan Bluegrass Band Thu 31 Taj Mahal

The Mark Hotel Fri 4

The Remedy

Sat 5


Sun 6


Sat 12

Grand Theft Audio

Sun 13 The Jungle Kings

Wed 16 Live N Local

Thu 17 The Sue & Mikey Show

Thu 17 Ben Lee

Sat 19

Fri 18

Sun 20 Hornet

Ben Lee

Mark Wells Trio

Newcastle Theatre Co.

Death and the Maiden A play by Ariel Dorfman Director Janet Nelson


Tue 22 Angamus

Fri 11


Thu 24 Angamus

2pm & 8pm

Tue 29 Angamus

Wed 16


Thu 31 Angamus

Fri 18


Sat 19


Sat 12

Northumberland Hotel Fri 4

Kieran Wicks

Fri 11

Brien McVernon

Fri 18

Aaron Hood

Sat 26 Moonlight Drive Duo

Sat 12

Crazy Old Maurice

Sun 27 Love That Hat

Fri 18


Fri 4

Snape Trilogy

Sat 19


Sat 5

Talk of the Town

Thu 24 TBA

Fri 11


Sat 26

Sat 12

Rubber Bullet

Fri 18

Mark Wells Duo

Sat 19

The Rattle

Fri 25


Sat 26


Fri 11


Sat 12

Phase III

Tue 1

Luka Bloom

Fri 18


Wed 2

Live N Local


Sun 20 Sunday Lunch with John Smith - Deaf Comedian Sun 20 Bobby Alu and the Palm Royal

The information on this page was correct at time of printing. Please check all details with the respective venues.

Thu 10 Angamus

Wed 9

Tom Buckley

Burlesque Idol


Thu 17 Angamus

Fri 11

Sat 19


Tue 8


Thu 24 The Years

Angel Gear

Thu 3

Sun 6

Dew Cats

Sat 5


Tue 15 Angamus

Sat 5

Tom Black Trio

Tue 1


Dai Pritchard

Daxton Monoghan

Piano Lounge

Sat 5

Fri 4

Fri 4

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Wed 23 Live N Local

Wests New Lambton Marble Bar

The Starlight Room Wed 2

Doug Parkinson Honours Joe Cocker

Tue 8

Belinda Carlisle & Pseudo Echo

Note that some local live entertainment venues were unable to provide their line-up before New Lambton Local went to print this month. Please check what’s coming up directly with those venues.

The information on this page was correct at time of printing. Please check all details with the respective venues. Lambton Local > March 2016 > Page 29

Local Community Group Notices NEWCASTLE FAMILY HISTORY SOCIETY INC. was formed in 1983 and is dedicated to family history studies. The society welcomes visitors to their library in the Mechanics Institute Building at 68 Elder Street Lambton which is open each Thursday 1 pm - 3.30 pm and Saturday 10.00am - 3.30 pm (except public holidays). The next monthly meeting will be held at 7.30pm Tuesday 1st March. Guest speaker will be Society member, Jane Ison. All members and interested visitors are welcome. For more information contact 49578296. MARCH STREET COMMUNITY GARDENS GROUP Are you interested in community gardening? The March Street Community Gardens Group at 16 March Street Kotara is looking for new members. Experienced gardeners or beginners are welcome. Please check out our website or contact Gwen Ph 49529655 or Diane Ph 49572843 LAMBTON-WARATAH SCOUT GROUP If you know a boy or girl who likes camping, canoeing, hiking, science, sports, cooking, singing, music, exploring, or any of dozens of worthwhile activities maybe they should give Scouting a go. Meeting nights are: Joeys 6-7 year olds Mondays 6.15-7.30pm, Cubs 8-10 yo Mondays 6.15 - 7.45pm, Scouts 11-15 yo Thursdays 6.308.30pm. Our hall is located at 8 Elder St, Lambton. For more info contact Glenn MacFadyen (Skip) on 0417 421 174

Page 30 > Lambton Local > March 2016

NEW LAMBTON WOMEN’S BOWLING CLUB Rain, hail or shine, our ladies get together for a game of bowls on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday on our undercover greens. We are situated on Tauranga Rd behind the Wests New Lambton car park. The cost is $6. Any bowls uniform is acceptable. Tuesday and Thursday start at 10.00am be there by 9.30 (phone Bev Ranclaud by 9.00am on 49351544 to book). Saturday start at 1.00pm be there by 12.30 (phone Bev by 10.00am on 49351544 to book or before Saturday on 49549421)

THE LADIES PROBUS CLUB OF NEW LAMBTON Our Probus Motto is “Friendship and fellowship”. Activities, which are voluntary and at participant’s own cost, include: Monthly meetings, birthday luncheons, day trips, theatre, walking, craft and canasta groups. Ph Margaret 4957 4311 or Nola 4952 3685 for further details. LOLLYPOP’S PLAYGROUP Every Wednesday of school term from 10am-12pm. Come and join our friendly, welcoming group for toys, games, stories and play. 0-5 year olds, parents, grandparents and carers welcome. Anglican Church Hall, 18 Morehead St, Lambton. Ph 4957 1073 for more details.

LAMBTON RESIDENTS GROUP All residents of Lambton area are welcome to come along to our monthly meeting. You too can be a part of some exciting and worthwhile initiatives and projects for our local area. Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month commencing at 5.30pm at Lambton Bowling Club, Karoola Rd. No RSVP needed. If you would like more information you can email: or call Nicola on 0402 949 854.

Local Community Classifieds...

Placing your Local Community Classified is easy! Email: or post the details to PO 130 Lambton 2299 by 15th of the month. Be sure to include your name and contact details for clarification and/or verification.

FOR SALE ARMCHAIRS Two Nick Scali Mavi Swivel armchairs on s/s base. Top quality leather, claret coloured, hardly used, no longer needed. $450 each or $800 the pair. Ph 0401 719 921 ITEMS FOR SALE Children’s Mongoose bike, small dinky, bike helmet and 2 plastic chairs – all bargains – call Laura on 4957 1625

NEWCASTLE DIGGERS SWIMMING CLUB Our club swims every Sunday from 8am till 10am at Lambton Pool. New swimmers welcome, all ages catered for. For further information contact Denis on 0414 721822.

NEST OF TABLES Dark timber – good condition $49 for the set - call 4957 1625

ROTARY CLUB OF ADAMSTOWN-NEW LAMBTON INC. Our Rotary Club is always looking for new members with fresh new ideas for supporting the local community. We love to get involved in local community projects so contact us anytime if you have an interest in becoming involved or just wish to join us for a meeting or two. Contact us by searching Rotary Club of Adamstown New Lambton on Facebook or ring or message Sue on 0418 689 815 anytime.

Local Community Noticeboard

All groups and organisations are welcome to submit notices for publication. Include general information about your group as well and details of upcoming events. Email your notice to or post it to PO Box 130, Lambton 2299 by 15th of the month. Every effort is made to include all notices as submitted. Some notices may be edited or omitted.

STANDARD LAMP Lovely Uplifter free standing standard lamp – has dimmer switches etc – modern design – only $55 Ph 4957 1625



FOSTER CARERS REQUIRED Barnardos Australia are looking for foster carers for siblings 0-12 years, for a few weeks or several months. Training, 24 hour support & generous allowance provided. Call Amber 1800 663 441


KNITTING AND CROCHET CLASSES Special handmade leather craft and personalised orders. Phone 4929 7255 or 49575501 after 4pm


LADIES WALKING GROUP Lambton Park, Tuesday and Thursday 7am Ph Debbie 0438 800 007 or Helen 0412 509 248

FRIDAY 10.30am All Saints Parish Hall New Lambton

Call Amanda: 0410 181498



PET PORTRAITS BY AWARD-WINNING ARTIST Have your pet immortalised or give as a memorable gift. Local artist. Phone Michelle 4956 4016

Specialising in the care & management of your lawn & garden

SATURDAY 12TH MARCH 9 Turner st, Lambton From 8.30am to 3pm Many items inc. power tools, records, vintage board games, bric-a-brac, many other items.

QUALIFIED MASSAGE THERAPIST Local, inhouse or outcalls. $70 for one hour’s relaxation. Please call Mark on 0408 409133 to arrange a suitable time.

Lawn Mowing Garden cleanup & presentation Regular maintenance hedging, pruning, trimming, weeding, mulching & more Garden design & creation food, ornamental & native gardens.

FREE LOCAL CLASSIFIEDS (Private party only) Name ________________________________________________ Address _____________________________________________ Phone ______________________________________________ Email ________________________________________________ Write the wording of your advertisement below. Max. 25 words Ad Text: _______________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ Classification: _____________________________ Complete this form and post to: PO Box 130, Lambton 2299. We reserve the right to not publish advertising considered inappropriate or not in the spirit of the free classifieds offer. Private party ads only. For business advertising please email:

Lawn & Garden Care

Phone or SMS us now for a free quote on 0410 566 104

LEARN TO MEDITATE For anyone over 15 Heartfulness, Relaxation & Meditation

Commencing 6th March 8.30am every Sunday @ New Lambton Community Centre, 14 Alma Road, New Lambton. Sessions are free of charge. For details ph 0416 193005 Lambton Local > March 2016 > Page 31

Let Elder Street Pharmacy help you SAVE money!



for PBS Subsidised Scripts Please ask our staff how we can help you get the best value for money. *Conditions apply


…Sox & Lox, fashion and quality at the best price

…TBX premium cosmetic accessories, introducing “the clique”

ELDER STREET PHARMACY 117 Elder St, Lambton Phone 4957 3630 Open: Mon to Fri 8.30am to 6pm • Sat 8.30am to 2pm

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