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February 2016

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Historic landmark saved from damp The Lambton Mechanics Institute building in Elder Street Lambton is a locally listed heritage building. A Trust manages the building which is occupied by the Newcastle Family History Society and the Hunter Region MG Car Club. The Lambton Meals on Wheels also has a purpose built building at the rear of the site. The Trust Chairperson, Ron Robinson told Lambton Local “In 2013 the Trust was concerned about peeling paint inside the building, but was confident the roof was in good condition. Having engaged a heritage engineer we discovered the building had a number of serious problems contributing to the high moisture content in the masonry walls. These included unsealed parapets and worn flashing resulting in moisture coming down the walls and excessive layers of paint on the external walls which had prevented the building from breathing resulting in rising damp”. Continued page 2

David Amos (left), secretary and Ron Robinson chairperson of Lambton Mechanics Institute Trust outside the iconic Elder Street building

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Trust puts public funds to good use (continued from page 1)

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In 2014 the NSW Government provided $50,000 to enable the Trust to address the problems on the top of the parapets and the rectification was completed in early 2015. In August 2015 the NSW Government provided another $29,700 to enable the Trust to remove the paint on the lower portion of the external walls to alleviate the rising damp problem. This work is currently underway. Trust Secretary David Amos said “the Trust was very grateful to the State Government for providing the funding which will restore the structural integrity of the building”. “It is important that this iconic building survives for future generations”. He added.

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The intersection of Howe Street and Durham Road will have traffic lights installed after Newcastle Council was granted funds under the Federal Black Spot Funding Program. According to Council there were 27 motor vehicle accidents including 14 where injuries were sustained at the intersection in the period 2008 to 2013. The work, which is set to commence in March, will include the relocation of the nearby bus stops on both sides of the road, some realignment of the roadway and the closure of a westbound stretch of Howe Street. Residents in the immediate neigbourhood of the intersection received advice of the proposed changes in their letterboxes in late November 2015 with the opportunity to provide comment on the plans. Not all residents are happy with the changes. Janet Turner of Durham Rd has written to Council to express her concern about traffic lights being installed. Janet shared her letter with Lambton Local which appears on page 4-5.

Durham Rd residents Janet Turner and Harold Carter are pleased that improvements are slated for the Howe St and Durham Rd intersection but don’t believe traffic lights are the answer

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Blackspot gets green light on improvements

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Phone Leigh on 0422 320 731 Lambton Local > February 2016 > Page 3

Dear Lambton Local...

Dear Councillors and Members, I am writing as a concerned resident of Durham Rd, Lambton about the intersection of Durham Rd and Howe St. It is a sometimes very busy intersection and I have personally witnessed a number of minor accidents there. I believe the plan or solution by Council is to provide traffic lights in the hope of reducing accidents and congestion. I believe this will hinder and increase, rather than decrease the issues. It will also make parking and residential access an additional problem. I see the issues as: 1. Durham Rd is a somewhat narrow street. It has no centre line. It is already difficult to negotiate at the Howe St end with oncoming traffic and parked cars. 2. It provides access to the pool and park which are frequented by many of the community all year round. Eg. teams training, get fit classes. It also provides access to Lambton High School, Lambton shopping centre, Hunter Stadium, and is a thoroughfare to New Lambton and to the Charlestown Bypass and John

Hunter Hospital. When sporting and cultural events are held at the stadium, traffic takes some time to dissipate as it is. 3. When I first moved into my home, the section of the street alongside Lambton Park had no parking signs erected all the way along. Some vandals pushed down the sign closest to the Howe St intersection and the Council subsequently put in a sign that said parking was allowed. This further increased the difficulty of traversing along the street and reversing out of residential blocks. 4. We have already had two side door mirrors taken off by vehicles. 5. An increase in road rage because Durham Rd will become gridlocked at certain times. Locals will not be able to access their properties; people will not be able to exit the pool grounds; drivers will not be able to turn right or left from Karoola Road into Durham Road or cross the road; the Knights and Jets fans already have issues leaving the stadium. 6. A decrease in accessibility for emergency vehicles

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and essential services to the many elderly residents who live in Durham Road. Fire,police and ambulance vehicles use this route frequently and there would be increased noise from activating the sirens at the lights as well. 7. The danger of an increase in pedestrian accidents due to decreased visibility from queued vehicles, especially with the heavy patronage the pool receives in warmer weather and the younger children who train during cooler months at the park. 8. The added worry of trying to turn into our own home with cars queuing on the road and then having to reverse out to leave. It is difficult to do this now, however, with added congestion it will become much more worrisome for residents in close proximity to the new lights. 9. The residents directly affected and in close proximity to the proposed new lights have not been asked their opinions on this. According to reports we were asked. The elderly lady on the corner who sits in her sun room daily has not been asked. If we had been consulted she would know as she never moves from there and sits there with her carer. As you can see I am definitely not in favour of Council’s proposed plan to install traffic lights. I





PHONE: 4957 1174







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Podiatry Clinic • 92 Elder Street • Lambton • Phone 4952 6910 Page 4 > Lambton Local > February 2016

The busy intersection of Howe St, Durham Rd and Hobart Rd looks quiet here, but local residents know just how busy it can get at times


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believe it is a backward step and a dreadful waste of taxpayer’s money. I believe it will create further problems rather than have the desired effect. Perhaps considerations for a roundabout would be more practical and logical or making the street a one way street would solve the current issues. Yours sincerely Janet Turner - Durham Rd, Lambton

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Dear Lambton Local...

Send your letters to PO Box 130 Lambton or email:

Lambton Local received these letters from readers I am writing to express a concept for what I think regarding the call for Expressions of Interest for should be the future for the Baby Health Centre on Elder Street. reuse of the Memorial Baby Health Centre (below) In a nutshell, I would love to see this historic building be utilised and transformed in a Cafe/Gallery, at the same time maintaining its historic heritage. A centralised community hub so to speak, where people can come and enjoy some local art exhibitions (photography, paintings etc). If this concept was to come to fruition, ultimatley the space would hold exhibitions showcasing some local talented artists. Workshops could potentially be run out of this space. The gallery idea would simply be an extension on what would be the perfect location for a cafe. With a north facing aspect the mid morning sun covers this area and the surrounding gardens, making for the My name is Beau Mackintosh and I am a 30 year old perfect place for a morning coffee and breaky. Lambton local and have been for the past 25 years. I I would love the opportunity to talk further and in am very passionate about the area and have grown up more depth about this concept should the opportunity watching Lambton develop into a strong community arise. minded and family oriented, peaceful suburb. Beau Mackintosh - Morehead Street Lambton

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Page 6 > Lambton Local > February 2016

(*Item #013)

Consultant dentist to the Newcastle Jets

Duayne Cook Your Local Electrician

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Dr Andrew P. Johnso n B.D.S (UNI.SYD) Coralie Rush Denta l Hygienist (UNI.QLD )

6/71 Regent Street, New Lambton Telephone: 4957 4830 • Email: UPSTAIRS TO THE NEXT LEVEL OF DENTAL CARE

I have requested that the former Baby Health Centre be used as the Lambton Community Centre. I asked that the Newcastle City Council fund - (a) Building Insurance and (b) Contents insurance. With the Building Insurance with the NRMA comes a $10,000,000 Public Liability Insurance. I suggested that the cleaning and reception staff be people working for the dole. A Labor Councillor has taken up the matter on my behalf. The Councillor has advised me that a number of small community groups are interested in the building. $20 an hour is beyond small community groups, this is a Newcastle City Council rate. I suggested that small groups pay a $100 bond, and after that the use to small groups is free. John Murphy - University Drive, North Lambton

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Dog owners already know this stuff...right?


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If you own a dog there are a few simple things you need to know to keep your neighbours and your dog safe. Being a responsible dog owner is easy really. Here are six things you can do to ensure you are a responsible pet owner: • Make sure your dog can be identified with a collar, tag and microchip. • Make sure your dog is registered with Council so it can be identified if it becomes lost. • Keep your dog in your yard. • Consider desexing your pet. • Always keep your dog on a leash in public unless in a recognised Off Leash Area. In our local area there are a number of Off Leash Areas, including Acacia Ave Reserve North Lambton and Michael Street Reserve Lambton. It’s worth noting here that no part of Lambton Park is a designated Off Leash Area. • Always clean up after your pet.

City of Newcastle has produced a brochure showing maps of each of the 17 Off Leash Areas in Newcastle area where and when your dog can roam free (under your effective control...of course)

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Page 8 > Lambton Local > February 2016

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There’s plenty more information and tips on how to be a responsible pet owner at the Newcastle Council website Residents/pets-and-animals/




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Get the good oil on wellness

Local mum and Wellness Advocate, Caz Wiseman, invites anyone with an interest in improving their physical and emotional health and well-being to join her for a series of free monthly workshops on the many uses and benefits of essential oils. “Having run workshops in Sydney and Melbourne previously I thought it was time to bring them to my own neighbourhood and New Lambton Community will be the venue.” Caz told Lambton Local. The first event in the series, to be held on Sunday 7th February is titled ‘Essential Oils, Love and Chocolate’. Yes, that’s right, amongst other things we are going to talk about chocolate.” she said. “My main focus is to empower people to look after their health by understanding the benefits of natural health remedies, and in particular, pure therapeutic essential oils. I love educating people through my hands-on workshops. Perhaps the best part is we get to treat on some amazing chocolate recipes that are infused with essential oils too.” Caz added. In coming months Caz will be holding further workshops at New Lambton Community Centre including ‘Essential Oils: Thrive and Eat Plant’ on Sunday 6th March and ‘Essential Oils: The Greenliving Goddess’on Saturday 30th April. For more information or to read about Caz’s journey and to reserve your spot at these free events go to http://mynaturoils.earths-gift. com/ or search New Lambton events at


Wellness advocate Caz Wiseman wants to meet with you and talk about chocolate (and other important topics) at her workshop titled ‘Essential Oils, Love & Chocolate’.

Essential Oils, Love & Chocolate FREE WORKSHOP

Sunday 7th February 2.30 - 4pm at New Lambton Community Centre, Alma Rd New Lambton All new attendees will receive a free wild orange oil just for coming along... but you must RSVP as limited places. To reserve your seat go to or search New Lambton events at

You’ll find out plenty more information about Caz Wiseman and her journey with Essential Oils and other upcoming workshops

Page 10 > Lambton Local > February 2016

Lambton Local > February 2016 > Page 11

Local optometrist achieves 5 Star recognition Greg Corbett and his team at Eyecare Plus have recently been accredited for Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value at their Cromwell Street New Lambton and Maitland Road, Mayfield practices. In fact they achieved the highest possible distinction: The 5 Star National Accreditation level. Greg said “It is a great honour to receive the 5 Star Eyecare Plus Accreditation. Every two years we are evaluated on more than 110 key criteria which determine how effectively we deliver excellence in eyecare and eyewear to our patients. We have maintained our 5 Star accreditation over 4 years now, which is particularly pleasing.” “Amongst others, these criteria require our practice to meet standards for diagnostic equipment, staff training, patient service as well as the quality and good value of the products that we offer.” Greg added.



Above: Optometrist Greg Corbett proudly holds the 5 Star National Accreditation award his Eyecare Plus practices at New Lambton and Mayfield recently received. Greg is flanked by Eyecare Plus New Lambton staff members Wendy Corbett (left) and Kylie Andrean (right)



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Alder Park has your function needs covered

“You know that Bowling Club you drive by all the time on Bridges Road at New Lambton? Yes, Alder Park Bowling Club...that’s the one. Step inside and you might be surprised by what you find.” That’s according to Club Directors Katey Hughes and Phil Roberts, who recently spoke with Lambton Local. With well over 50 years of trading under its belt Alder Park Bowling Club knows a thing or too about delivering value and service for your next function. “Functions are one of our specialties” said Katey, who serves as the Club’s publicity officer. “We’ve recently completed covering the outdoor barbecue area. With its own entrance from the synthetic bowling green into our smaller function room, it’s now a really versatile function space, ideal for less formal occasions like birthdays, family celebrations, sports clubs fundraisers or staff social events. You can self-cater, operate the barbecue or order from the Club’s caterers, it’s entirely up to you. Add a few ends of barefoot bowls on one of the best synthetic greens in Newcastle and your event is complete” she said. “Our larger auditorium seats 140 plus guests and is ideal for fully-catered events like weddings, business seminars and club presentation evenings” Katey added.



Page 14 > Lambton Local > February 2016


Dr Monica Armillei joined Dr Suraj Gandha’s practice from Adamstown in September, 2014. After Dr Gandha’s retirement late 2015 and the renovations were completed to the building, the books were finally reopened after being closed to new families for 20 years. Our two new experienced doctors are now available to see new patients by appointment. We aim to continue with the caring family medicine practiced here for 60 years. Our Practice: Kelly, our Practice Manager, Cheryl and Deb, our reception staff, Rachael, our Practice Nurse, specialising in wound care and childhood immunisation. Our staff are committed to providing you with excellent care. Please contact them if you have any questions. Our Services: ✦ General medicine ✦ Check-ups ✦ Family Planning and PAP smears ✦ Pregnancy Tests ✦ Vaccination: children, travel, influenza ✦ Minor Surgery and Wound Care ✦ Chronic Disease Management Plans ✦ Mole & Sunspot Removal ✦ Liquid Nitrogen Freezing Therapy for sunspots or warts ✦ Nutritional Advice ✦ INR and blood glucose checks ✦ Workers Compensation ✦ ECGs Welcome Dr Jafrin Mannan and Dr Geoff Fowler Dr Mannan has moved from Sydney after 4 years at Carnes Hill Medical Centre. She is experienced in general practice, especially children, elderly, shared obstetrics care, gynaecology, skin cancer checks and chronic disease management. She is working Thursday and Friday and there is currently no waiting time for appointments. Dr Fowler moved to Newcastle from the Central Coast and has been working Monday and Wednesday for 3 months now. He is very experienced with general practice diagnosis & investigations of concerning symptoms. He is particularly interested in assisting sick children and skin cancer checks and removals. Fees and Billing: CMC bulk bills children, pensioners and health care card holders. Consultation fees are displayed in the surgery. Please discuss any payment concerns you have with the staff. Appointments are 15 minutes long. Please let the staff know if you need longer appointments, e.g. Centrelink forms, driver’s medical forms or pap smears.

MEN’S – Wednesday & Friday MIXED – Saturday FREE COACHING AVAILABLE

132 Bridges Rd, New Lambton PHONE: 4952 5503



The newly covered outdoor barbecue area (above), adjacent to the function room at Alder Park Bowling Club, is ideal for your next small group or family event

• DR MONICA ARMILLEI • DR GEOFF FOWLER • DR JAFRIN MANNAN • 16 Cromwell Street, New Lambton • Phone: 4957 4446 Open Monday - Friday from 9am

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The Big


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Last month’s mystery photo (left) Question 7 was the mobile phone tower at the Where would you find the view corner of Lambton Bowling Club’s below? grounds. This month’s quiz questions are below. You’ll find most of the answers within the pages of Lambton Local... Question 1 Where in Lambton Park can you allow a dog off its leash? Question 2 What is the Tuesday night special at Lambton Park Hotel? Question 3 Who is performing at Lizotte’s on 27th February? Question 4 Where would you find what remains of the ‘Mosquito Pit’? Send your answers in an email to Question 5 with At which intersection will traffic ‘Big Quiz’ in the subject line or post lights soon be installed? them to PO Box 130, Lambton 2299 Question 6 by 12th February for your chance What flavour Pringles are on to win the $40 Lambton Grocer special this month at Lambton voucher Grocer?

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Lambton then, Lambton now The “Mosquito Pit”

In my first article one year ago I noted there were few visible remains of the Lambton colliery, the industry that gave birth and growth to our town. Since then I have discovered a few more fragments of mining activity in the bushland around Lambton. But these are minor compared to what Newcastle Council found when carrying out renovations to the Carnley Avenue area of Blackbutt Reserve in late 2014, when an old 62 metre deep mine shaft was uncovered. This shaft was the “Mosquito Pit” of the Scottish Australian Mining Company, whose 1840 acre lease stretched from Lambton in the north, down to Kotara South. The shaft, also known as “Centre Pit”, was sunk in 1878 and originally used to draw coal to the surface by a rope and capstan system powered by horse. Later the shaft was used for the vital function of ventilation, to expel stale air and poisonous gases from the mine workings, and to draw in fresh air. Before electric fans were introduced in 1922 the mine

by Lachlan Wetherall

was ventilated by thermal means. By operating a furnace at the bottom of the pit, the hot exhaust fumes rose to the top of the upcast shaft, and drew cool fresh air from other downcast shafts into the mine. The 1890 Ralph Snowball photo (on opposite page) shows the furnace fumes rising from a circular chimney stack, whose brickwork continued below the surface down the first 11 metres of the deep shaft. It was this upcast shaft (see photo below) that was uncovered during the 2014 renovations. Although Mosquito Pit contributed greatly to safety in the mine, it had an inauspicious beginning. In October 1878 two men, Mr Robert Brown and the assistant colliery manager Mr Thomas Seymour, died in the recently dug shaft succumbing to poisonous gases, tragically falling victim to the very problem that the ventilation system went on to solve. You can view these photos and more details at





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0407 068 395 Lic No. 204198C

Page 18 > Lambton Local > February 2016

Uni Students can join for just $3 a year and enjoy drinks and meals at Club prices!

FREE FUNCTION ROOM HIRE for Weddings, Birthdays, Presentation Nights, Trivia Nights Opposite page: Ralph Snowball’s 1890 photograph of the Scottish Australian Mining Company’s ‘Mosquito Pit’. Reproduced with permission of University of Newcastle Cultural Collections. Above: the upcast shaft as revealed in late 2014 when Council carried out renovation works at Blackbutt Reserve. Photo courtesy of ABC Newcastle - Nick Gerber

Check out our brand new website at The Club now has FREE Wi-Fi for members and Guests Like us on Facebook @ WATER BOARD BOWLING CLUB and look for the Club Logo

Don’t miss Wednesday Nights

SCHNITZEL CHIPS & SALAD for only $7 • Available 5.30 to 7.30pm


40 Meat trays each raffle plus Members draw Tix on sale 4.30pm

LADIES BOWL: Wednesdays 9.30am, visitors and new players are welcome MENS BOWLS GALAS: Fridays 9:30am, Tuesday & Saturdays 1:00pm. Free Sausage BBQ 3rd Saturday each Month

• 2 Compton Street, North Lambton • Ph 4957 2155 • • • •

Lambton Local > February 2016 > Page 19

Head lice advice from your local pharmacy

with Danielle Miller Pharmacist from

Elder Street Pharmacy

With the silly season behind us and the kids returning back to school, we’re here to help answer a few of your questions about that pesky playground friend, head lice! Although they are irritating, head lice are not dangerous. However, if you find lice or eggs in your or your children’s hair, it is better to treat sooner rather than later to minimise any scalp or skin irritation. Their favourite hiding places are behind the ears and at the back of the neck. The female lice lay their eggs close to the scalp, where they remain firmly stuck to the base of the hair shaft until they hatch about a week later. This is why effective treatment is so important to break the cycle. There are two preferred methods of treatment for head lice, the

“mechanical” method and the “chemical” method. The mechanical method involves applying regular conditioner to dry, tangle-free hair and then combing through with a fine tooth comb. The conditioner will stun the lice, which will allow them to be removed with the combing process. The chemical method involves a similar process of applying a treatment and using a fine tooth comb, however may vary depending on the manufacture instructions of the treatment used. There are many different forms of chemical treatments available, so discussing your needs with pharmacy staff will help find the best treatment for your family.

“All truly

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Come in and see Cathy and the team at Footcare Plus New Lambton to get your “greatest thoughts” happening... You don’t need a doctor’s referral. Simply phone our clinic for an appointment, often same day. After hours appointments available.

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Page 20 > Lambton Local > February 2016

Lambton Local > February 2016 > Page 21

Watch your child soar! ➤ Making maths FUN and EASY ➤ Using advanced techniques in accelerated learning ➤ Fun exercises that are proven to increase self confidence at school work and socially ➤ Improve grades significantly

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3-5 Alma Rd New Lambton Page 22 > Lambton Local > February 2016

Business owners: turn your rent into Super nest egg.... by Gary Croese B.Bus (Acc.), CPA, FPS. Principal of GC Accountants

by Mick Leahy of BOOST EDUCATION

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Help your child to school success

The greatest thing that any parent can do to help their child succeed at school is to help reduce the fear or stress that the child experiences around education. A very important way that you can do this is to be aware of the language that you use when you are talking about school. Lots of parents, (and the vast majority of teachers), tell their child things like..... school is very important!!! and that doing well in school can set you up for life, and consequently, not doing well will lead to an unsuccessful life. Although they mean well, statements like these lead to fear of failure, stress and worry in the child. Fear reduces our ability to learn. A much better approach is to focus on school being interesting and a place of discovery. This allows your child to learn with no fear.....and when the brain has no fear, it learns at its greatest capacity. So, make a habit of asking what new thing they found out about today, and then talk about what they learned in an expansive way that tells your child that there is no fear here. It’s all just interesting and exciting. It is a scientific fact that fear and stress reduce the brain’s ability to learn. It is very tempting to use fear as a motivator. Nearly all of us experienced a parent or a teacher using fear of negative consequences as a motivator. It may seem like it works, but conditions of no fear work much better. That is a neurological fact. Next month we’ll look at ...Accelerated Learning The Simple Facts.

Business Owners! Why pay rent to a landlord when your business could be paying it into your super? Use the same strategies as the super-rich and free yourself from the trap of being a business tenant. You can own your business premises, with your rent paying off the mortgage. And the best bit …. the rent you are currently paying goes straight into your super. thus building your wealth. With changes in legislation, you can use the money in your super, set up a selfmanaged super fund and borrow the money you need to buy the building. Now, with the help of GC Accountants, it’s available to small business owners like you. Own your business premises and let your rent build a nest egg for you. The rent your business pays will

now be working for you, paying off the mortgage and creating a second valuable business asset. An asset that will provide a passive income even after you have retired and sold off your business. Long term security for you and your business. Now you are the landlord, there are no more worries about what happens at the end of the lease or large rent increases. Any improvements made to your building add to its value. Take control of your money and get your super working for you now. Your super is an asset that can be leveraged to grow. Most people just let their super drift, slowly accumulating. You can take control of it and look to grow it faster. Enjoy TAX FREE rental income in your retirement If you keep the business property into your retirement, any rental income will be tax free. And when you do come to sell it there will be No Capital Gains Tax. It’s simple There are just three things to sort out: do you have enough money in super? Does your rent cover your mortgage? Can you borrow the money? GC Accountants can fix all that for you.


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88 Elder St, Lambton Phone: 4956 1640

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Over 40% of Australia’s pets are overweight and at high risk of health problems like diabetes mellitus, heart disease, breathing difficulties and skin problems.




with Dr Lauren Alexander Greencross Vets, Lambton

Meet our new Vet



FOR YOUR PET! GX353 Conditions apply, contact Greencross Vets Lambton on 4957 8960 for more information.

Greencross Vets Lambton

124-126 Elder Street, Lambton NSW 2299

Tel 4957 8960

YOUR VISION OUR FOCUS Eyecare Plus New Lambton specialise in comprehensive eye examinations, prescription sunglasses, spectacle frames, contact lenses and eye health care for the whole family.

Our focus is to provide the very best in personalised professional eye care to you in a friendly helpful environment. Combnined with the latest technology, quality frames and latest lens and contact lens designs. OPEN MONDAY TO SATURDAY

2 Cromwell St, New Lambton PHONE: 4952 3341 All major health funds Page 24 > Lambton Local > February 2016

At Greencross Vet Lambton we welcome our new Veterinary Director Dr Lauren Alexander. Lauren has been practising for over six years and although originally from Melbourne, Lauren graduated from sunny Perth. In 2012 Lauren made the move East to the Newcastle region whilst continuing her practices and specialising in small animal medicine. Lauren’s professional interests are medicine, feline medicine and preventative health. Personally, Lauren has other passions such as the beach, boating, camping and curling up with a good book. At home Lauren has a cattle dog named Mira, a cat named Jax and cockatiel named Rocky. Most recently Lauren has been the Veterinary Director at Greencross Vet Rutherford however has relocated to Greencross Vet Lambton to take over from Dr Tessa Jongejans. Whilst welcoming Dr Lauren the clinic has also said a sad farewell to its much loved staff member, Dr Tessa! Tessa recently relocated to one of the Greencross Sydney clinics due to her partner’s change in career. A personal note from Dr Tessa below: “I want to thank all the clients and their pets for the lovely time I’ve had at Greencross Vets Lambton. I will be sad to leave the great team at Lambton, but I will leave you all in the very capable hands of Dr Lauren Alexander who I’ve worked with within Greencross for the past three years. She is a great asset to have in Lambton and I’m sure she will be welcomed with open arms. Luckily I will be able to stay in touch from afar as I will stay with Greencross and take up the position of Veterinary Director in the Mortdale clinic. Thank you so much for the last three years and hopefully we will cross paths in the future.” Greencross Vet Lambton will continue to provide you and your pets with the highest standards of care.

Wills and other documents by

Chris Hill-Smith of Appleton Law, Lambton

Generally everyone over the age of 18 should have a will but as we get older there are other documents which we should consider having prepared. That is because the older we get, losing the capacity to make important decisions relating to our finances, health and lifestyle becomes much more of a possibility. Powers of Attorney, Enduring Guardianships and Advanced Health Care Directives provide mechanisms whereby trusted persons can be given the ability to make important decisions for the donor of the powers when the donor is no longer able to do so. A Power of Attorney is a legal document by which the donor (the person making the document) gives the attorney the authority to act in place of the donor in making important financial decisions and in dealing with the property of the donor. General Powers of Attorney can be used in a variety of situations, such as when the donor is going overseas for a period of time and wishes for someone to act for them in a particular transaction. A general Power of Attorney ceases to have effect as soon as the donor loses mental capacity. An Enduring Power of Attorney continues to be effective after the donor loses mental capacity and therefore the attorney can continue to make important financial and property decisions for the donor when the donor is unable to because they have lost capacity. If a person loses capacity without having made an Enduring Power of Attorney then an application would have to be made to the Guardianship Tribunal to have a financial manager appointed to manage your affairs.

An Enduring Guardianship is a legal document by which you appoint a trusted person to make decisions for you relating to your lifestyle, health and medical treatments. That can be decisions such as where you live, what health care and treatments you receive and what personal services you receive. An Enduring Guardianship only takes effect when you are unable to make your own decisions through lack of a mental capacity to do so. An Advanced Health Car Directive is a document by which you comprehensively set out your wishes in relation to medical treatment and other related issues if you are unable to inform your medical practitioners directly because of incapacity. These documents are often called “living wills” and are important when you wish to set out in detail what treatments you wish and do not wish to have carried out. Of course, all of these documents can only be prepared while you have capacity. Disclaimer: The content of this article is provided for information purposes only. The contents do not constitute legal advice and should not be used as such. Formal legal advice should be sought in particular matters.

A new solicitor in Elder

St, Lambton

ing areas of law: We focus on the follow Powers of Attorney ■ Wills and Estates ■ es ■ Family Provision put Dis l ■ Probate ■ Wil law and We also offer criminal ing services. residential conveyanc le at our office Appointments availab . or we can come to you Hill-Smith ris Ch Principal solicitor, al practice leg of rs yea ny ma has forward experience, and looks to assisting you.

ton 122 Elder Street Lamb 113 700 ph: 4956 1902 or 0422 email: admin@appleton web: www.appletonlaw

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Successful people have but one secret Group Outdoor Personal Training LAMBTON PARK

By Anne-Marie Adams, owner/ personal trainer at Inspirational Group & Fitness Training

All ages and fitness levels welcome Fun social environment Boxing for Fitness, Cardio/Toning and Tone Ball sessions available

Contact Anne-Marie today to organise your FREE trial session on 0421 958 671 or email Find us on Facebook

Quality women’s footwear from Latest styles now in store!


PHONE: 4957 1606 Page 26 > Lambton Local > February 2016

I was listening to the radio the other day and they were asking people to call in to tell their stories about how quickly they had failed at their New Year’s Resolutions. Listening to how many people failed within the first day made me wonder. Did they plan to try again or have they given up on it all together? Last month I wrote about how to plan to make your New Year’s Resolution stick. This month I wanted to talk about what happens when something goes wrong. So many times in life we set a goal and when something goes wrong we tend to just give up on it. We ate that slice of cake so let’s give up on the new diet or had a stressful day and smoked that cigarette or even had a huge bill come in so I just give up trying to pay down debt.’This is due to perfectionism and so many of use suffer from it. Yes I know what you are thinking. “Isn’t perfectionism a good thing?” It can be, in small doses, but when you want everything too perfect it can stop you achieving what you want out of life. Life is not perfect but many of us are striving for it to be so. This is why when we have that piece of cake, another cigarette or get that huge bill we give up…..because we have felt we have failed at being perfect. The good news though is that you can still achieve what you want you just have to give yourself a break. If something goes wrong figure out what it was, learn from it and try again tomorrow. Every successful person, whether it be a famous person or the person next door who has achieved something you think is extraordinary will tell you they have failed at certain points in their journey. The difference is they learnt from the experience, tried again and became successful. So if that New Year’s Resolution hasn’t happened, let’s try again. You only get one life and it is time you achieve what you want out of it. So until next time, love life, dream big and become the inspiration Anne-Marie

Mind matters by Dr Stuart Edser PhD. MAPS. MCCOUNP. MASCH. Principal Psychologist at Newcastle Psychology & Health

Three somethings

After thirty years in psychiatric practice in the United States, Gordon Livingstone concluded that there were three things that tend to be present in the lives of people who are happy. I agree with him, from my own counselling experience. When you’ve got these three boxes ticked, you have a better chance to live a life that is enriching, fulfilling and satisfying. 1. Something To Do This one focuses on the need in us to participate in meaningful activity. Boredom is a happiness killer. Drudgery or no activity at all tends to open the gateway to negative feelings and even depression. We need meaningful activity to function well. Whether at work or leisure or both, meaningful activity is a must. Life is for living, not for analysing or watching from the grandstand. 2. Something To Love This one focuses on our relationships. Humans are social creatures. We are happier when our relationships are healthy, close, equal, reciprocal, energised and satisfying. Even introverts need good relationships. We need others in our lives and we need to love/like/care for others: our partners, our families, our friends, even our pets. This energy gives us something back that is essential for happy living. 3. Something To Look Forward To As humans, we have the ability to anticipate the future in a good way. Looking forward to events, activities, meetings can enrich our lives by helping us to see that life is for living. It’s a great feeling to look forward to something. Looking forward can be just as good as the ‘something’ itself. Anticipating a positive event or catch-up is an important thing to stay happy as it helps us create potentialities and gives us a sense of a happy future. - Stuart Edser

• Counselling • Psychotherapy • Hypnotherapy • Education Expert care for all of life’s challenges, including: depression – relationships – sexual problems LGBT issues – illness – grief – smoking cessation including the dedicated NPH Anxiety Clinic

Stuart Edser


Counselling Psychologist

T: 4952 9777 E: W: A: 20 Kendall Street Lambton

Medicare Rebates available through GP


Please note the following deadlines will apply to the March 2016 edition of Lambton Local > Advertising bookings close Mon 15 February > Advertising copy & layout must be finalised by Tue 16 February

> Classifieds bookings close Fri 12 February

> Contributions of news and community group information must be received by Wed 17 February

The March edition will be distributed to letterboxes from 26 to 29 February. Current and past editions of Lambton Local are available to read online anytime at

Email: with any enquiries or phone 0455 210 000.

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Local & Live entertainment this month Local & Live entertainment this month Bar 121

Thu 4 Jam Night with Ty and Zane Fri 5

Bonny Wythes

Sat 6

The Shedmasters


Wed 10 Live N Local

Sat 13

Phase III

Fri 26

Fri 19


Sat 27 Daley Holiday

Thu 11 Macquarie College

Sat 20


Sun 28 Chris Unicomb

Fri 26


Fri 12 Coldplay & U2 Tribute Show

Lambton Park Hotel

Sat 13

Fri 12

Bobby C

Luna Grand

Thu 11 Jam Night with Ty and Zane

Fri 5

Dai Pritchard

Fri 12

Dai Pritchard

Sat 6

Dirty Mash

Sat 13


Sun 7

Grace Turner

Fri 12

Dane Fitzsimmons

Sat 13

The Hazels

Sun 14 The Big Bang Quartet


Daley Holliday

Fri 19

The Levymen

Fri 19

Jessica Cain

Sat 20

Bounce Trio

Sat 20

Phase III

Thu 18 Jam Night with Ty and Zane Fri 19

Ty Penshorn

Sat 20

Love That Hat

Sat 27

Rock Oz

Hotel Jesmond

Sun 14 Kristy Coote (Valentines lunch) Wed 17 Live N Local Fri 19

Bruce Mathiske

Chad Shuttleworth Duo

Fri 26

Dan Beazley

Sat 6

The Levymen

Sat 27

Groove Pump

Sun 28 Elwood Myre


Thu 25 Jam Night with Ty and Zane Fri 26

Rachel Rachel

Sat 27


Blackbutt Hotel Fri 5

Sam Russell

Sat 6

To be advised

Fri 12

Duncan Woods

Sun 7

Katrina Burgoyne

Fri 12

The Remedy

Sat 13

Phonic Duo

Sat 20

Deanna Rose

Sun 21 Russell Morris Tue 23 The Once

Wed 3

Live N Local

Wed 24 Australian Surf Movie Festival

Thu 4

8 Ball Aitken

Thu 25 Charlie Parr

Fri 5

Blus Brothers Rebooted

Fri 26

Sat 6

Daryl Braithwaite Trio

Sat 27 Eugene Hideaway Bridges

Sun 7 Daryl Braithwaite Trio (lunch)

Daly Holliday

Fri 19

Zane Penn Duo

Sat 6


Sat 20


Sun 7


Page 28 > Lambton Local > February 2016


Fri 26

Greg Bryce

Sat 27


A play by David Auburn Director John Wood Wed 3 Feb


Fri 5


Sat 6


Wests New Lambton

Sun 28 Love That Hat

Northumberland Hotel Fri 5

Jim Overend

The Starlight Room Wed 17 The Sun Records All- Stars Wed 24 The Animals & friends

The Mark Hotel Fri 5

The information on this page was correct at time of printing. Please check all details with the respective venues.

Sat 13

Soul & Cirque

Sun 14 Michael Mills

Sun 21 Holly Wilson


Sun 21 Hornet

Sun 21 Sam Evans Fri 5

Newcastle Theatre Co.

Fri 12

Mick Boogaard

Fri 19

Adam Gear

Fri 26

Michael Peter

Please note that some local live entertainment venues were unable to provide their line-up before Lambton Local went to print this month. Please check what’s coming up directly with these venues.

The information on this page was correct at time of printing. Please check all details with the respective venues. Lambton Local > February 2016 > Page 29

Local Community Group Notices

NEWCASTLE FAMILY HISTORY SOCIETY INC. was formed in 1983 and is dedicated to family history studies. The society welcomes visitors to their library in the Mechanics Institute Building at 68 Elder Street Lambton which is open each Thursday 1 pm 3.30 pm and Saturday 10.00am - 3.30 pm (except public holidays). The 1st meeting for 2016 will be held on Tuesday 2nd February at 7.30pm. Guest speaker, Mr Roland Bannister will speak on “The Potter Family and their house”. All members and interested visitors are welcome. For more information contact 49578296. MARCH STREET COMMUNITY GARDENS GROUP Are you interested in community gardening? The March Street Community Gardens Group at 16 March Street Kotara is looking for new members. Experienced gardeners or beginners are welcome. Please check out our website or contact Gwen Ph 49529655 or Diane Ph 49572843 ROTARY CLUB OF ADAMSTOWN-NEW LAMBTON INC. Our Rotary Club is always looking for new members with fresh new ideas for supporting the local community. We love to get involved in local community projects so contact us anytime if you have an interest in becoming involved or just wish to join us for a meeting or two. Contact us by searching Rotary Club of Adamstown New Lambton on Facebook or ring or message Sue on 0418 689 815 anytime.

LAMBTON RESIDENTS GROUP All residents of Lambton area are welcome to come along to our monthly meeting. You too can be a part of some exciting and worthwhile initiatives and projects for our local area. Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month (2nd February this month) commencing at 5.30pm at Lambton Bowling Club, Karoola Rd. No RSVP needed. If you would like more information you can email: or call Nicola on 0402 949 854. THE LADIES PROBUS CLUB OF NEW LAMBTON Our Probus Motto is “Friendship and fellowship”. Activities, which are voluntary and at participant’s own cost, include: Monthly meetings, birthday luncheons, day trips, theatre, walking, craft and canasta groups. Ph Margaret 4957 4311 or Nola 4952 3685 for further details. LOLLYPOP’S PLAYGROUP Every Wednesday of school term from 10am-12pm. Come and join our friendly, welcoming group for toys, games, stories and play. 0-5 year olds, parents, grandparents and carers welcome. Anglican Church Hall, 18 Morehead St, Lambton. Ph 4957 1073 for more details.

LAMBTON SENIORS GROUP offering friendship and support for over 55’s. We meet at the Anglican Church Hall, Morehead St, Lambton every Thursday 9am for canasta or other card and board games, carpet bowls from 12.30. Monthly coach trips. Special occasion luncheons. Ph Des on 4952 6572 or Nola on 4952 3685 for further details. NEW LAMBTON WOMEN’S BOWLING CLUB Rain, hail or shine, our ladies get together for a game of bowls on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday on our undercover greens. We are situated on Tauranga Rd behind the Wests New Lambton car park. The cost is $6. Any bowls uniform is acceptable. Tuesday and Thursday start at 10.00am be there by 9.30 (phone Bev Ranclaud by 9.00am on 49351544 to book). Saturday start at 1.00pm be there by 12.30 (phone Bev by 10.00am on 49351544 to book or before Saturday on 49549421)

NEWCASTLE DIGGERS SWIMMING CLUB Our club swims every Sunday from 8am till 10am at Lambton Pool. The season goes from October until April. New swimmers welcome, all ages catered for. For further information contact Denis on 0414 721822.

Local Community Noticeboard

All groups and organisations are welcome to submit notices for publication. You can include general information about your group as well as the details of any upcoming events. Email your notice to or post to PO Box 130 Lambton 2299 by 15th of the month. Every effort is made to include all notices as submitted each month. Due to space limitations some notices may be edited or omitted.

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Local Community Classifieds...

Placing your Local Community Classified is easy! Email or post the details to PO 130 Lambton 2299 by 15th of the month. Be sure to include your name and contact details for clarification and/or verification.

FOR SALE FORD FAIRMONT 1997 automatic sedan, 209,000 km, 2 months rego XTV653, burgundy, new front tyres, cruise control, tow bar. $2500 Ph 0414 323 065 ITEMS FOR SALES 2 x single bed woollen underblankets $40. 100+ bar coasters, make an offer. 2 x Bird of Paradise plants in pots, free. Ph 4957 5668

LOST JEWELLERY Jewellery lost including 2 crystals, 1 angel with green stone, 1 pink dolphin, 1 short chain with black beads and 1 long chain. Reward offered. Please send replies to: 200 Bridges Rd New Lambton


INWARDS OUTWARDS PSYCHOLOGY & DIETETICS SERVICES 105a Regent Street, New Lambton. Call 0438 277 533 to make an appointment today!



JOE ARGANO PLUMBING Your local plumber. Prompt, relaible and excellent service. Ph 4957 5110 or 0415 683 624. Lic # L12067 KNITTING AND CROCHET CLASSES Special handmade leather craft and personalised orders. Phone 4929 7255 or 49575501 after 4pm

Over 50’s Free Yoga Taster Booking Required

PET PORTRAITS BY AWARD-WINNING ARTIST Have your pet immortalised or give as a memorable gift. Local artist. Phone Michelle 4956 4016

Details: ph Catherine on 0411358460

QUALIFIED MASSAGE THERAPIST Local, inhouse or outcalls. $70 for one hour’s relaxation. Please call Mark on 0408 409133 to arrange a suitable time. FOSTER CARERS REQUIRED Barnardos Australia are looking for foster carers for siblings 0-12 years, for a few weeks or several months. Training, 24 hour support & generous allowance provided. Call Amber 1800 663 441

FREE LOCAL CLASSIFIEDS (Private party only) Name ________________________________________________ Address _____________________________________________ Phone ______________________________________________ Email ________________________________________________ Write the wording of your advertisement below. Max. 25 words Ad Text: _______________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ Classification: _____________________________ Complete this form and post to: PO Box 130, Lambton 2299 We reserve the right to not publish advertising considered inappropriate or not in the spirit of the free classifieds offer. Private party ads only. For business advertising please email:


Wednesday 17th February 9.30am

New Lambton Community Centre

Stretch Strengthen Relax



Lawn & Garden Care

Specialising in the care & management of your lawn & garden Lawn Mowing Garden cleanup & presentation Regular maintenance hedging, pruning, trimming, weeding, mulching & more Garden design & creation food, ornamental & native gardens.

Phone or SMS us now for a free quote on 0410 566 104

TAI CHI FRIDAY 10.30am All Saints Parish Hall New Lambton

TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH Call Amanda: 0410 181498 Lambton Local > February 2016 > Page 31

Let Elder Street Pharmacy help you to start the new school year on the right foot! Whether it’s sunscreen or lice treatments, tissues for a runny nose or sweet treats for the lunch box…

…we’ve got all your Back to School needs covered. ELDER STREET PHARMACY 117 Elder St, Lambton Phone 4957 3630 Open: Mon to Fri 8.30am to 6pm • Sat 8.30am to 2pm

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Lambton Local - February 2016  

Lambton Local is the number one choice for local community news in Lambton and North Lambton (Newcastle, NSW). Lambton Local is letterbox de...

Lambton Local - February 2016  

Lambton Local is the number one choice for local community news in Lambton and North Lambton (Newcastle, NSW). Lambton Local is letterbox de...