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Finishing the Future Leaders Campaign Strong

Nick Ludwig – One Brother’s Story By the Numbers Meet the New Board Members

On the Cover The Future Leaders Campaign impacts the lives of Lambda Chi Alpha undergraduates.

FROM t he Dear Brothers and Friends, Greetings from Indianapolis. With the fall semester well underway, our 194 chapters and colonies are busy planning and executing their new member recruitment programs. This year, to assist our chapters with their marketing efforts, the Professional Staff in Indianapolis has created a campaign called “I’m a Lambda Chi because…” Obviously, this statement has many good answers. The following are a few important ones along with my reasons why they are so relevant to any brother’s Lambda Chi Alpha journey – past, present or future. 1. I’m a Lambda Chi because I needed a home away from home. This is especially important today as parents seek some assurance that their son is safe and surrounded by a group of friends who will help him have fun and navigate through college. Whether it’s a philanthropy project, studying for exams, playing intramurals, or socializing, we want our new members to feel like they can relax and be themselves from the minute they join. 2. I’m a Lambda Chi because nothing in the world can compare to the feeling of being surrounded by likeminded brothers. From the beginning of membership, Lambda Chi Alpha treats associate members inclusively as equals. They have nearly all of the rights and privileges of initiated brothers. We have a zero tolerance policy for hazing and associate members are assigned a qualified big brother to help them grow and develop as young men and leaders on their


campus. We strive to make better men and we want new members who are seeking that, too.

3. I’m a Lambda Chi because they held me accountable for my actions. As we know, no one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. However, accountability has always been a cornerstone of being a member of Lambda Chi Alpha. It also shapes and defines the overall success of each of our chapters. How each member of a chapter holds each other accountable is a critical part of building character and leadership skills. This is a tremendous life lesson that Lambda Chi Alpha teaches to each member. 4. I’m a Lambda Chi because it’s my legacy. Each of us leave a legacy at the chapter level after we graduate. Some of us are even fortunate enough to have the opportunity to serve in an alumni capacity at some point after we graduate. But leaving a legacy to me has a much broader meaning. Your true legacy is made up of much more than your undergraduate days. Your Lambda Chi Alpha legacy is made up of the positive impact you make on your family, your friends, your job, and your community. 5. I’m a Lambda Chi because helping others is important to me. This is one of the most important life lessons Lambda Chi Alpha can teach. Our new national partnership with Feeding America will be a great vehicle for our young men to make a difference in the lives of countless individuals who don’t have enough food to eat.

6. I’m a Lambda Chi because I’m stronger on a team than as an individual. Any successful chapter can attest to this answer. The whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. Each member of the chapter has a role to play and members rely on my each other to work together as a team. If you recruit the right people then the operations are healthy and successful. This is a great life lesson that you receive from being a member of Lambda Chi Alpha. 7. I’m a Lambda Chi because I wanted the time of my life. This answer speaks for itself. None of us want our Lambda Chi Alpha journey to end. Our experiences as an undergraduate brother define us and bind us together as we are ever-striving to attain the ideal of perfect brotherly love. I’m looking forward to continuing my travels across North America this fall to discover how our chapters are marketing Lambda Chi Alpha on their campuses as they recruit new members into our bond of brotherhood. Sincerely yours in ZAX,

William T. Farkas Chief Executive Officer Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity


a Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity Educational Foundation Publication

Table of Contents


2013 Stead Leadership Seminar Foundation funds helped support the annual conference

04 Snapshots of Lambda Chi Alpha 06 Chairman’s Annual Report 08 I Give 20 New Board Members 22 Charter Circle Members 24 Donor Listing Future Leaders Campaign

27 By The Numbers 28 Chapter News 32 The Lamp

One Brother’s Story

Back Cover

Undergraduate brothers from the Great Lakes Conclave celebrate during the Purple, Green, and Gold Banquet at this year’s Stead Leadership Seminar after they found out they won the Conclave Cup.

SAVE-THE-DATE! Alumni brother reception schedule

The Purple, Green & Gold Credits CEO Fraternity Bill Farkas (Butler 1988) | CEO Educational Foundation Mark Bauer (Cal State-Fullerton 1979) | Editor: Tad Lichtenauer (Denison 1987) Co-Editor: Andrew Talevich (Washington State 2011) | Researcher: Jon Williamson (Maryland 1965) | Photographer: Walt Moser (Central Missouri 1968) Copyright © 2013 Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. All rights reserved.

snapshotsoflambdachialpha From Stead Leadership Seminar to travels abroad to graduation ceremonies, undergraduate and alumni brothers are displaying their Lambda Chi Alpha pride.


Exemplifying our Ritual The 2013 International Ritual Team poses together after performing Lambda Chi Alpha’s Initiation Ritual at the Stead Leadership Seminar on Friday, July 26. Every year, undergraduate brothers on IRT start to prepare for the Ritual up to three months before the conference.


State of Hypnotism Attendees of the 2013 Stead Leadership Seminar engage in a hypnotism exercise led by Robert Hackenson, founder of Dynamic Influence. Hackenson led a presentation about social media safety. His presentation included skit hypnotism, illusions, and important lessons.


Conclave Competitions

T h e Pur p l e , Gr e e n & Gold

F ALL 2 01 3

Showing ZAX Bryan Kubel (Ball State) flashes the

Brothers compete in a game of

Lambda Chi Alpha hand symbol

beach tennis, part of the Lambda

while on a family vacation at

Chi Alpha Olympics, an event

Daytona Beach over the summer.

during Stead Leadership Seminar,

Alumni and undergraduates were

where Conclaves competed

encouraged to share their travel

against each other. The Great

photos over Lambda Chi Alpha’s

Lakes Conclave won the

Twitter account,

Conclave Cup during the


Lambda Chi Alpha Olympics. 4



A Winning Shot Dakota Hoover (Northwestern State) won the Lambda Chi Alpha Instagram photo contest with this candid shot and received a free trip to Stead Leadership Seminar. Lambda Chi Alpha’s Instagram page


Taking the Next Step Kevan Guerin (Lycoming 2013)

has several more brotherhood photos at

and Erik Book (Lycoming 2013)

prepare for graduation. More than 2,000 brothers graduated from their respective campuses this spring.


Dedicated Volunteers Staff members, Master Stewards, and fraternity and sorority specialists stand in front of Lambda Chi Alpha International Headquarters after the Master Steward Summit in June. These dedicated volunteers facilitated educational programs for Lambda Chi Alpha undergraduates during Stead Leadership Seminar.


A Lifetime of True Brotherhood Jeff Steele (Washington), Bobby Mullins (Tennessee), Stan Sewell (Oklahoma City), and Walt Moser (Central Missouri) stand together during the Stead Leadership Seminar. Each of these men has served Lambda Chi Alpha as dedicated alumni.

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chairman’sannualreport any subheadin

Mark Hoag

Michigan State

By: Mark Bauer (Cal State – Fullerton)

Back on Saturday, July 27, I, and the other alumni brothers who serve on our foundation board, participated in “True Leader” workshops with our collegiate members at the Stead Leadership Seminar at the University of Memphis. I wish you could have shared the experience! The brothers were eager to learn, mature, and totally participated…even at 8:30 a.m. The facilitators were well prepared and excellent. Some facilitators were alumni; some fraternity staff; others were student affairs professionals from higher education. It was uplifting and exciting to be a part of this. For now, however, I have some data to share in my chairman’s report to you.

Growth of The Foundation The assets of the Educational Foundation have reached $7.5 million. And, this is rising, and should increase by perhaps $1.5 million or more in the next year. Nine years ago this number was just over $2 million. Just since 2009, our assets have risen dramatically. Undoubtedly, the fact that you are reading this means you are likely part of the group of men who have largely made this happen, so thank you!

A Good Year The 2012-2013 year was a strong one for the Educational Foundation. In fact, on the revenue side, it was the strongest ever:

Revenue (unaudited)

Cash and annual gifts

Campaign (includes pledges)

$ 721,000

Restricted Funds (mentoring and chapters)

$ 255,000

Total Revenues

$ 1,996,000

$ 2,972,000


Administrative Expenses

$ 296,000

Campaign and Fundraising

$ 606,000

Educational Programs, Scholarships and Grants

$ 966,000

Total Expenditures

$ 1,828,000

The excess of revenues over expenditures is what goes toward building our permanent endowment.


T h e Pur p l e , Gr e e n & Gold

F ALL 2 01 3

A Big 25 Year Number While growing the asset base, our foundation has made a great annual difference in the programs of Lambda Chi Alpha. Recently, I learned that over the last 25 years the foundation has granted and gifted $8 million to Lambda Chi Alpha brothers, chapters, and the general fraternity. And, it has only been since 2005 that the foundation has annually and consistently made such grants and gifts in totals above $400,000! Obviously, all of us as alumni brothers have been stepping up our game. Again, you have been part of that charitable success, so thank you!

Investing in Future Leaders Campaign I am very pleased to share that at the time of writing this article (August) our total for this campaign now stands north of $17.5 million in gifts and pledges. We are seeking to reach $20 million by June 2014. I am impressed that we have now had four alumni brothers make gifts to this campaign of $1 million or more. Additionally, we have had 31 men commit $100,000 or more to this effort. History shows that back in the 1980s, we had a few alumni give as much as $50,000.

In the 1990s, some made generous gifts of $100,000. This is all a picture of momentum, and we are looking good! So… thank you!

The Brothers’ Faces At the final banquet on Saturday night at the Stead Leadership Seminar in July, it was my privilege, on behalf of thousands of donors, like you, to present a check to the fraternity for $580,000. To this, the active undergraduate brothers responded with a standing ovation. I wish you could have stood where I stood to see their faces and appreciation. And, we hope and plan to be able to write another big check to Lambda Chi Alpha later during this current year. The 2012-13 year was a strong one for Lambda Chi Alpha by all accounts. In the years ahead, our foundation will seek to move more boldly to become recognized for all it does, not solely for what it is. We will do this standing not on money, but on the bedrock of our core values that we all share. My hope and expectation is that you will continue to be part of this momentum as we lean into the future.

This is all a picture of momentum, and we are looking good! So…thank you!

F ALL 2 0 1 3


igive I give because…

“Of what Lambda Chi Alpha has given me and to ensure that it can give to future brothers. It has built and shaped me to be the man I am today, and Lambda Chi Alpha is too big a part of my life to not help protect its future.”

Scott Eggers Wabash

So I can grow as a leader of character… “Lambda Chi has given me a set of values and ideals that serve as a foundation to guide by life, a family of brothers to support me during trying times and to celebrate triumphs with, and a way to give back to the world, whether through stewardship to the fraternity or service in philanthropies…It has enriched my life, and given me the tools to be a man of sterling character.” Giovanni DiCristina WPI 8

T h e Pur p l e , Gr e e n & Gold

F ALL 2 01 3

I give because…

“I believe in the future of Lambda Chi Alpha and the role our fraternity plays in building tomorrow’s leaders. The programming that is offered today truly helps prepares our brothers to be shining examples of what leadership means in today’s world.”

Jared Hanson Maine

So I can be a servant leader…

“Being a leader and officer within my colony I have learned so many important life lessons that you just can’t get inside a classroom. Lambda Chi alpha has taught me how to organize events, complete transactions, give back to my community, and to be a better leader. Starting a colony from scratch allows you to decide how your fraternity will be known. It allows you to decide what kind of reputation you will have, and to take a blank slate and mold it into something great. It is for this reason that I try to be the best I can be no matter where I am—whether it’s inside the classroom, in the dormitories or walking around town in my letters. I always know that I am a part of something special and will do what I can to continue to be a leader on campus and in life.”

Ryan Pratt Drexel F ALL 2 0 1 3


I give because…

“Lambda Chi Alpha supported me with a family, purpose and set of achievable goals during my college years that became the platform from which I launched a successful, fulfilling career and life.”

Michael S. Byington Tennessee – Chattanooga

So I can be a scholar…

“Lambda Chi alpha has placed a stamp on my life that will forever remain there. They have reinforced the ethics and morals I was raised with and have pushed me to do well in my school work and to get involved around campus. With their help and motivation, I became an orientation leader on campus, made the dean’s list, and was elected treasurer. Overall, my brothers have taught me the true meaning of brotherhood and have always been there for me when I needed them most. I can honestly say that becoming a brother of Lambda Chi Alpha has been one of the, if not the best, choices in my life. I will forever be grateful for everything the Fraternity has taught me, encouraged me to do, and for teaching me to be a true brother.”

Cody Moore Embry-Riddle Aeronautical 10

T h e Pur p l e , Gr e e n & Gold

F ALL 2 01 3

I give because…

“The values that Lambda Chi Alpha has instilled in me have truly made a difference in the decisions I have made in life. Being part of a values based institution has helped me lead others in my career and make the ethical decisions that can sometimes be hard. I am confident that the time, talent, and treasure I give to Lambda Chi Alpha help steward the great values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Service & Stewardship, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage.”

Criswell Fiordalis Denver

So I can learn Lambda Chi Alpha’s Values… “Lambda Chi Alpha has enhanced my college career through both moral and social development. I was a man before, but since becoming a member of the Lambda Chi Alpha brotherhood, I have found new meaning, and increased maturity, and responsibility in being a man. One of the rewards Lambda Chi Alpha has given me is the opportunity to grow and better myself through the fraternity’s Seven Core Values. Applying these values, Lambda Chi Alpha has given me an edge among all other men. This shows in both academics, social life, and even later in the professional world.”

Zach Rankin University of South Carolina F ALL 2 0 1 3


2013 Lambda Chi Alpha

Stead Leadership Seminar


T h e Pur p l e , Gr e e n & Gold

F ALL 2 01 3

From July 25 - 28, 2013, the University of Memphis was host to nearly 650 undergraduate and alumni brothers for Lambda Chi Alpha’s Stead Leadership Seminar. The conference included three banquet celebrations, hours of educational programming, and the Lambda Chi Alpha Olympics, an event where Conclaves competed against each other in various games. Numerous chapters were also recognized throughout the conference for their excellence in chapter operations (see chapter awards).

The 2013 Stead Leadership Seminar concluded Saturday evening with the Purple, Green & Gold Banquet. During the meal, Mark Hoag (Michigan State), chairman of the Educational Foundation Board of Directors presented an oversized check to Drew Hunter (Denver), chairman of the Fraternity Board of Directors. The check highlighted the $580,000.00 that the Educational Foundation has granted to the Fraternity this year for undergraduate educational and leadership initiatives. Mike Odell (Denver), President & CEO of Pep Boys, and Director on the Educational Foundation Board of Directors concluded the Purple, Green & Gold Banquet with a keynote address. He spoke to the attendees about the advantages of giving time, talent, and treasure back to the Fraternity and the lessons he has learned from being an undergraduate and alumnus of Lambda Chi Alpha. F ALL 2 0 1 3


2013 Stead Leadership Seminar Chapter Awards Nearly 50 chapters were recognized for their excellence in areas such as recruitment, philanthropy, communications, harm reduction, alumni affairs, and academics. Below are the awards that were presented during this year’s Stead Leadership Seminar. Grand High Alpha Award

Website Development

The Grand High Alpha recognizes chapters that have maintained a superior level of operations for at least three consecutive years. These chapters have displayed excellence in areas including, but not limited to, academics, campus involvement, recruitment, philanthropy, campus and community relations, communication, and risk management.

The Website Development Award recognizes chapters with outstanding advances in the use of computer technology, layout, content management, computer graphics, and website design.

• Wabash (Alpha-Kappa)

• Southeast Missouri State (Delta-Phi)

• California State - Northridge (Beta-Rho)

• California Polytechnic State (Phi-Sigma)

Dirghalli Scholastic Programming Award

• California - Los Angeles (Epsilon-Sigma)

Phoenix Award This Phoenix award is presented to chapters who have made unusually positive strides in overall chapter operations for at least three consecutive years, taking into consideration improved membership size, depth of programming, and risk-free operations.

The Rev. S. George Dirghalli Scholastic Programming Award recognizes chapters that have developed an outstanding program resulting in superior academic achievement of its members. • Drexel (Epsilon-Kappa), • Southeast Missouri State (Delta-Phi) • Memphis (Zeta-Theta)

• Southern Indiana (Phi-Xi)

Lewis A. Plourd Award

• South Dakota (Alpha-Gamma) • Iowa (Iota-Chi)

The Lewis A. Plourd Fraternity Education Award is presented annually to chapters whose fraternity education programs truly exemplify excellence.

The Tozier Brown Public Affairs Awards

• Drexel (Epsilon-Kappa)

This award recognizes chapters with the most outstanding programs of community service and philanthropic activities. This award is named for one of Lambda Chi Alpha’s great leaders and community servants, and the Tozier Brown Award for Public Affairs is broken into two categories.

• Southeast Missouri State (Delta-Phi)

Tozier Brown Public Affairs Program

The Bruce Hunter McIntosh Standards for Chapter Excellence Award recognizes chapters who effectively use the Standards for Chapter Excellence Program to continuously improve their fraternal experience.

• Memphis (Zeta-Theta) • Elmhurst (Pi-Zeta) Tozier Brown Public Affairs Project • Missouri Science & Technology (Alpha-Delta) T h e Pur p l e , Gr e e n & Gold

• Memphis (Zeta-Theta)

Bruce McIntosh Standards for Chapter Excellence Award

• California Polytechnic (Phi-Sigma)

• California- Los Angeles (Epsilon-Sigma)


• California - Los Angeles (Epsilon-Sigma)

F ALL 2 01 3

• Kettering A (Lambda-Epsilon A) • Southeast Missouri State (Delta-Phi)

Warren A. Cole Recruitment Program Award The Warren Albert Cole Recruitment Program Award recognizes chapters that have developed and implemented well organized and effective recruitment programs.


James R. Favor Harm Reduction Education Award

• Drexel (Epsilon-Kappa)

This award recognizes excellence in harm reduction educational programming that have been developed within a chapter.

• Wabash (Alpha-Kappa)

• Southeast Missouri State (Delta-Phi)

• Worcester Polytechnic (Pi)

Academic Achievement Award

Alumni Affairs Program This award recognizes alumni programming, either within the chapter or within the alumni organization, in regards to mentoring, fundraising, social programming, and chapter programming.

This award recognizes chapters that have achieved academic excellence on their campus and who have one of the highest grade point averages. Spring 2013 • Elmhurst (Pi-Zeta)

• Richmond (Alpha-Chi)

• Hanover (Theta-Zeta)

• Wabash (Alpha-Kappa)

• Louisiana State (Upsilon)

North American Food Drive Award

• Montevallo (Sigma-Epsilon)

The North American Food Drive Award recognizes chapters that have collected nonperishable food items for their local food pantry.

• Wake Forest (Theta-Tau) Fall 2012 • California - Los Angeles (Epsilon-Sigma)

• Worcester Polytechnic (Pi)

• Coe (Zeta-Alpha)

• South Dakota (Alpha-Gamma)

• Colorado State - Pueblo (Delta-Omega)

Joseph Charles Mentor Leadership ProgramAlumni Participation

• Hanover (Theta-Zeta)

This award recognizes the alumni who have the highest amount of participation in this mentoring program. • Idaho (Epsilon-Gamma)

The men of the UCLA Chapter of Epsilon-Sigma Zeta stand with their awards after the Purple, Green, and Gold Banquet

• Kutztown (Sigma-Gamma) • Montevallo (Sigma-Epsilon) • North Carolina - Wilmington (Delta-Sigma) • Southern Indiana (Phi-Xi)

The men of Phi-Sigma Zeta at Cal Poly received Lambda Chi Alpha’s top award, the Grand High Alpha Award.

F ALL 2 0 1 3


steadleadershipseminar Membership Recruitment Award

Campus Involvement Award

This award recognizes chapters with outstanding success in recruitment and retention. This award includes chapters/colonies that had a 100% initiation ratio of associate members.

This award recognizes chapters who have at least 80% of their members extensively involved in extracurricular activities. • American (Colony 295)

• American (Colony 295)

• Maine (Beta)

• Boise State (Colony 297)

• Pennsylvania (Epsilon)

• Culver-Stockton (Kappa-Mu)

• Washington & Lee (Gamma-Phi)

• Elon (Delta-Pi)

• California- Los Angeles (Epsilon-Sigma)

• Georgia (Nu)

• Culver-Stockton (Kappa-Mu)

• Kettering-A (Lambda-Epsilon A) • Maryland-Baltimore County (Phi-Delta)

Give10 Scholarships

• St. Louis College of Pharmacy (Pi-Lambda)

This year the Foundation also implemented a threeday giving campaign over the course of the conference. Undergraduates donated a total of $1,290. An anonymous donor also matched the gift to bring the total up to $3,870. The chapters who donated the most, shared Give10 information over social media, and signed up for MyLCA accounts were recipients of partial scholarships for next year’s General Assembly in Miami.

• Washington (Alpha-Psi)

• Auburn University – Montgomery

• William Jewell (Epsilon-Nu)

• Drexel University

• Worcester Polytechnic (Pi)

• Franklin College

• Michigan (Sigma) • Michigan State (Gamma-Omicron) • San Diego (Delta-Kappa) • Spring Hill (Delta-Delta) • St. Joseph (Phi-Lambda)

• Florida Institute of Technology • University of Iowa • Louisiana – Lafayette • Michigan Technological University • University of South Dakota • University of Toronto • University of Wisconsin - Whitewater

The men from Southern Indiana University, Phi-Xi Colony, stand with the Phoenix Award.


T h e Pur p l e , Gr e e n & Gold

F ALL 2 01 3

Order of Achievement Every year, alumni who have achieved professional merit in areas such as science, business, politics, or education are awarded with Lambda Chi Alpha’s Order of Achievement. Previous recipients include U.S Supreme Court Justice Harry A. Blackmun, World War II Pilot Lieutenant General Jimmy Doolittle, and ESPN Founder Bill Rasmussen. This year the honor was presented to Larry Goodpaster, Bishop of the United Methodist Church and Dr. E. Bruce Heilman, Chancellor of the University of Richmond.

Bishop Larry Goodpaster

Dr. E. Bruce Heilman

Bishop Larry Goodpaster is an alumni brother from Theta-Eta Zeta at Millsaps College. Goodpaster was born April 23, 1948 in Memphis, Tennessee. He was initiated into Theta-Eta Zeta on February 2, 1967. After graduating from Millsaps College in 1970, Goodpaster earned a Master Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degrees from the Candler School of Theology in Atlanta, Georgia. He married his wife, Deborah, in September of 1971. In 1974, Goodpaster was ordained an elder in the Mississippi Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, and continued to serve in ministry throughout Mississippi.

Born and raised in rural Kentucky, Dr. E Bruce Heilman served as a Marine in the Pacific Campaign of World War II. His formal education was at Campbellsville Junior College, and subsequently, Vanderbilt University where he earned his Undergraduate, Masters and PhD. In 1972, he was honorary initiated at the Gamma-Upsilon chapter of North Carolina State University.

From 1996 to 2000, Goodpaster was appointed superintendent of the Tupelo District as well as senior pastor of the First United Methodist Church in Tupelo, Mississippi. His experience as an ordained minister includes his service for the United Methodist General Commission on religion and race. Goodpaster was part of the Board of Trustees for his alma mater, Millsaps College and was the chairperson of the Board of Trustees for Methodist Healthcare in Memphis, Tennessee. Goodpaster was elected bishop of the United Methodist church in 2000 and has served as president of the Council of Bishops – making him the leader of all United Methodism worldwide. Goodpaster speaks at various bible conferences and leadership summits in Mississippi, Alabama, and North Carolina. He is the author of a number of publications, including his books There’s Power in the Connection and Like a Breath of Fresh Air.

Heilman is highly respected in American higher education. His achievements and contributions have been repeatedly recognized, receiving about a dozen honorary degrees including an honorary professorship from Tantung Institute of Technology in the Republic of China. Heilman has served as president for several universities. From 1966 to 1971 Heilman was the college president of Meredith College. Under his leadership the institution became one of America’s largest and strongest women’s colleges, doubling enrollment and faculty salaries, upgrading campus facilities and completing new buildings with unprecedented private support and no long-term debt, substantial endowment and financial strengths. As president of the University of Richmond for 17 years, he led the transformation of what had been basically a small Baptist college that taught Virginians into a comprehensive university: with two successful capital campaigns and unprecedented private support. Endowments soared from $5 million to more than $500 million during his presidency and are now about $1.9 billion. The Jepson School of Leadership was created along with other training and educational programs for fundraising professionals. Since retiring from the presidency, he continues to serve as chancellor, keeping his tradition of long work days that begin with early morning breakfast meetings and end well into the evenings. He is a much sought after consultant and speaker. Additionally, Heilman is exemplary in citizenship and service to his community, assisting churches, community organizations, colleges and universities, and philanthropic foundations. He serves on corporate boards championing free enterprise and entrepreneurial opportunities.

From left to right: Grand High Phi Dave Huffine (North Carolina- Greensboro), Order of Achievement recipient Dr. E. Bruce Heilman (North Carolina State) and Board of Councilor John Kanipe (North Carolina State)

F ALL 2 0 1 3



David Stetter, Greek advisor at Southern Indiana University, was this year’s recipient of Lambda Chi Alpha’s Greek Advisor of the Year.

Tyler Tordsen (South Dakota) received the Cyril F. Duke Flad Award for his achievements as an undergraduate brother.

Greek Advisor of the Year

Cyril F. Duke Flad Award

David Stetter, the Greek Advisor of Southern Indiana University, received the Greek Advisor of the Year award. Stetter is originally from the northern Kentucky area and graduated from Northern Kentucky University with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and communication. While at Northern Kentucky, he became a founding father of his fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon and found his passion for student affairs. After graduating from Northern Kentucky, he attended Miami University in Oxford, Ohio where he received his Masters in Student Affairs in Higher Education. Stetter currently works at the University of Southern Indiana where he continues to dedicate his FPO career serving collegiate men and women in his role as the fraternity and sorority life program advisor. Stetter is a wonderful asset for the University of Southern Indiana campus and for our undergraduates who are enrolled there. Through Stetter’s stewardship and mentorship, our brothers and associate members have made wonderful strides in a positive direction and we are very excited to see what is in store for them in the future. The university’s Fraternity and Sorority Life is also continuing to improve each year and they owe a great deal to him for his service.

This year, the Duke Flad award committee selected brother Tyler Tordsen from Alpha-Gamma Zeta at the University of South Dakota as the 2013 award winner. Tordsen has served Alpha-Gamma Zeta as their High Alpha, High Beta, High Phi, High Kappa and High Rho. He also has served Lambda Chi on the international level as the 2012-2013 Student Advisory Committee representative for the Great Plains Conclave. Tordsen was named the University’s Outstanding Sophomore of the Year at the 2012 Greek Awards. He is a distinguished member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, the National Society of Leadership and Success, the FPO Mortar Board Honor Society, and the Order of Omega Greek Honor Society. Tordsen also served on Student Government Association, Interfraternal Council, the Residence Hall Government Association, and Political Science League. He is the former president of the Tiospaye Student Council, a Native American student association. During the 2013 South Dakota legislative session, Tordsen served as a Senate intern and was personally chosen by the Senate Majority Leader to assist him with daily legislative tasks. Tordsen’s success in this role resulted in him obtaining a summer internship with the South Dakota Governor’s office. During this year’s Stead Leadership Seminar, Tordsen also served on the International Ritual Team and was elected as the Council of President’s vice chairman or the Grand High Psi.


T h e Pur p l e , Gr e e n & Gold

F ALL 2 01 3

F ALL 2 0 1 3


newboardmembers any subheadin


Jeffrey B. Burgan, (Jeff) Rose-Hulman ‘77

Jeff is an attorney at Leydig Voit & Mayer, Ltd., focusing on intellectual property law. He received his law degree from Loyola University – New Orleans School of Law in 1989. Jeff has served on the Rose-Hulman Board of Trustees since 2008.

Donald E. Euston, (Don) Evansville ‘68

Don is Wealth management Advisor for Merrill Lynch & Company. He served in the U.S. Army in Vietnam. Don earned the Certified Investment Management Analyst designation at the Wharton School of Business.

Michael R. Odell, (Mike) Denver ‘85

Mike is President and CEO of Pep Boys. He formerly served as Executive Vice President and General Manager of Sears Retail & Specialty Stores. Mike received an MBA from Northwestern University – Kellogg School of Management.


T h e Pur p l e , Gr e e n & Gold

F ALL 2 01 3

Peter A.S. Pfeiffer, (Pete) Delaware ‘81

Pete is the Northeast Managing Business Development Director at McGladrey. He received an Executive Business degree from the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business and an MBA from Campbell University. Pete served as Captain in the US Army, 82nd Airborne, Special Forces.

Paul C. Troy Lehigh

Paul is partner at Kane, Pubh, Knoell, Troy & Kramer LLP, specializing in professional liability; commercial, auto and general liability; and medical malpractice litigation. He serves as the Chair of the House of Delegates of the Pennsylvania Bar Association. Paul was elected Vice President of the Pennsylvania Bar Institute.

Barry N. Williams San Marcos‘74

Barry is the Executive Vice President, First Victoria National Bank, New Braunfels, Texas. He presently serves his industry as Trustee of the Graduate School of Banking, as a board member of the American Bankers Association Community Banker’s council and as a board member of the Texas Association of Banker’s Services Company.

F ALL 2 0 1 3


chartercirclemembers 2012-2013 Annual Loyalty Fund

With sincere thanks, we recognize the following brothers and friends who made contributions of $1,000 or more to the 2012-2013 Annual Loyalty Fund, qualifying them as inaugural members of the Charter Circle: Larry Allen Murray State

Dr. Wiley Fall Curtis Texas Christian

Mark Hulit Richmond

Gerald Alley William Jewell

Lee Everett Davis Wabash

Jene Harley Jacoby Coe

Ogden O. Allsbrook, Jr. Wake Forest

B. James Dawson Evansville

James Robert Jones Oklahoma

Dr. Loren H. Amundson South Dakota

Stephen C. De Tommaso Arizona State

Charles W. Jones, III Sam Houston State

Alan Marshall Anderson Coe

Craig Kenton Denny, PhD Iowa State

John T. Kanipe, Jr. North Carolina State

Glenn Elwood Anderson, Jr. High Point

Michael F. Der Manouel, Jr. California State -

Tommy Nason Kellogg Drury

Robert E. Anderson, MD South Dakota David Harper Arland Butler Jeffrey Alan Arntson Oregon State John David Aufderhar Evansville William L. Bagnard Southern California Dale E. Baker Iowa Bradford H. Barrett Southern California Joseph Ernest Batson Texas - Austin Mark A. Bauer California State - Fullerton Gregg Douglas Behrens Iowa State James M. Bernal Tennessee - Knoxville Robert Christian Betzel Florida Tech Fritts Lewis Biesecker Wake Forest Thomas W. Boelk Wisconsin - Whitewater John L. Brechin, III Texas - Austin David N. R. Buck San Diego State Gregory Andrew Castanias Wabash Nicholas D. Chabraja Northwestern Malcolm Ross Chandler Wisconsin Joseph Thery Charles Culver-Stockton Lynn Chipperfield Drury Chad E. Cline Texas Christian Charles W. Cole, Jr. Michigan Alan Thomas Cooper Texas A&M Glenn Andrew Cox, Jr. Southern Methodist Samuel Harry Cox Texas Christian Richard Liston Craig Texas Christian Robert M. Curran Tulsa


T h e Pur p l e , Gr e e n & Gold

Fresno Colony

Rev. S. George Dirghalli Florida Keith D. Dixon Coe Joe L. Driver North Texas Richard P. Dulaney Arizona

Ryan Kelly California - Santa Barbara William R. Kennamer Alabama Dr. Peter R. Kensicki Cincinnati John Curtis Killinger Missouri Science and Technology

John Bernard Dunn Butler

Wayne Gill Klasing Bradley

Darren Stewart Dupriest Miami (FL)

Stephen N. Kline Ohio

Warren Eugene Dupwe Arkansas State

Joseph D. Klobucher Ferris State

William Thomas Farkas Butler

Robert A. Koch California - Berkeley

James M. Franklin, III Texas A&M - Kingsville

Karl John Krapek Kettering - B

Joe Gaglio California State - Fullerton

Gregory M. Lagana California - Santa Barbara

Walter W. Gardiner, III Drexel

E. Trice Laird Oklahoma

John Steven Gardner North Carolina - Charlotte

Robert C. Lambert Texas Tech Colony

Bo L. Gebbie Evansville

Thomas C. Larson California - Los Angeles

James D. Givens, Jr. Texas - El Paso

B. Thomas Lawson Appalachian State

John Harry Graham, IV Franklin & Marshall

Harry Q. H. Lee, II California State - Fresno Colony

Kenneth L. Greenman, Jr. Southern California

Dr. Edward F. Leonard, III William Jewell

Ted Richard Grossnickle Wabash

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Joseph A. Hayes California State - Fullerton

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Brian Lee Heckler Shippensburg

John William Marren California - Santa Barbara

Gary Wayne Hedge Cornell

Michael John Martinusen California State -

John Maron Hendricks Mississippi State Bobby Ray Hicks Alabama Mark Alden Hoag Michigan State J. Todd Hopkins Memphis David McNeely Huffine North Carolina Greensboro

F ALL 2 01 3

Fresno Colony

George McCauley California - Los Angeles George William McDaniel Iowa M. Fletcher McElreath Mercer Nathan Henry McLamb North Carolina State Alan Leonard McLaughlin Wabash

Vaughan Watkins McRae Southern Methodist

Frank Edward Ritchey California - Berkeley

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Herman Carl Meinders Oklahoma City

James Ralph Roberts Drury

Richard Verkler Illinois

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Kraig Richard Naasz Washington State

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Kerry Chistopher Neubrander Clemson

James R. Schrader Ball State University

Dr. Ralph V. Wilhelm, Jr. Cornell

Patrick Nevill Tennessee - Knoxville

Carl T. Schwab Iowa

Barry Neal Williams Texas State - San Marcos

Ronald A. Neville Drury

H. Dean Sellers Florida State

Jon Creighton Williamson Maryland - College Park

Michael Robert Odell Denver

Charles E. Singer, Jr. Evansville

Zeno Russell Windley, Jr. North Carolina State

Dr. Murphy M. Osborne, Jr. High Point

Adam B. Smith, DO Oklahoma

Darton Jones Zink Oklahoma State

Michael Lee Park Pennsylvania State

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David Thomas Zurliene Evansville

Phillip L. Parker Florida Atlantic

Michael Alan Smith Denver

Anonymous Gift

James C. Parry Lehigh

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Bank of America

Alan K. Pearson South Dakota

Jerre L. Stead Coe

Coca-Cola Foundation

Eston Lee Perry, Jr. Indiana State Colony

Dr. Jeffrey James Steele Washington


Peter A.S. Pfeiffer Delaware

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Johnson, Grossnickle & Associates

Keith A. Poling California - Santa Barbara

Jeffrey A. Stuerman Culver-Stockton

La Jolla Kiwanis Foundation

Byron Kent Radcliff Oklahoma State

Steven W. Swafford Kansas State

John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

Richard L. Ramsey Texas Christian

David Jeffrey Swift Texas A&M

Selby and Richard McRae Foundation

C. A. ‘Bo’ Reddic, IV Georgia Tech

Raymond Reid Thomas East Tennessee State

Hollie and Anna Oakley Foundation, Inc

James M. Reed Simpson

Paul Christopher Troy Lehigh

Scott H. Reikofski Northern Colorado

Robert L. Vanderwall Illinois

Charter Circle Membership Benefits Members of the Charter Circle receive special access to Lambda Chi Alpha leadership and information in the form of: • Special invitations to regional events • Limited access teleconferences, and • Exclusive emails and newsletters.

F ALL 2 013



Now is the time to invest in our future leaders and secure future

funding for Lambda Chi Alpha.

As Lambda Chi Alpha moves into its second century, it continues its legacy of excellence in reaching young men where they are and delivering a rich experience that will continue long after graduation. Focused on building key programs and endowing them for generations to come, Lambda Chi Alpha’s “Investing in Future Leaders Campaign” will bring brothers together to give back to their undergraduate brothers who are working to develop into strong leaders and men of character. The investment in future leaders of the world will secure the future of Lambda Chi Alpha by providing endowment funds for programs that will benefit undergraduates of today and tomorrow beyond their college years. Together, we can invest in a future of character and leadership for these young brothers, just as those that came before, invested in us.

Thank you to all of our generous donors to the campaign! $100,000+


$5,000 – $99,000

Glenn E. “Chip” Anderson High Point

Wayne G. Klasing Bradley

Anonymous Gift

Gregg D. Behrens Iowa State

Karl J. Krapek Kettering

Dale E. Baker Iowa

Jack O. Bovender Duke

Robert McCulloch Michigan

Bradford H. Barrett Southern California

Lynn Chipperfield Drury

George McDaniel Iowa

Joseph E. Batson Texas – Austin

Clifford & Emily Dodds Iowa Wesleyan

Clarence Mickelson Trust South Dakota

Mark A. Bauer California St. – Fullerton

Johnny Douglas Western Kentucky

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Daniel Haight California – Santa Barbara

Kevin R. Vasquez Western Carolina

Frank W. Byrne, III Southern Methodist

Mark Hoag & Robin Kren Michigan State

Edward C. Wynne Florida State

Gregory A. Castanias Wabash

Jene & Mildred Jacoby Coe

Nick Chabraja Northwestern

Charles W. Jones Sam Houston State

Charles E. Chambers, Jr. Texas A&M

T h e Pur p l e , Gr e e n & Gold

F ALL 2 01 3

Campaign donors as of August 10, 2013

Malcolm R. Chandler Wisconsin

Tommy N. Kellogg Drury

Alan K. Pearson South Dakota

Joseph T. Charles Culver – Stockton

Jack R. Kelly Eastern Illinois

Peter A.S. Pfeiffer Delaware

Geoffrey Cleveland George Washington

Bruce Kern San Diego State

Kirk & Nancy Pond Arkansas

Chad E. Cline Texas Christian

John C. Killinger Missouri Science & Tech.

Michael W. Porreca Pittsburgh

Charles W. Cole, Jr. Michigan

Stephen N. Kline Ohio

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Glenn A. Cox, Jr. Southern Methodist

Joseph D. Klobucher Ferris State

Scott Reikofski Northern Colorado

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Brett Lantz California – Davis

Frank E. Ritchey California – Berkeley

Charles P. DeMaio Indiana State

Thomas C. Larson, California – Los Angeles

Matthew K. Rose Missouri – Columbia

Craig K. Denny, PhD Iowa State

John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

James R. Schrader Ball State

Michael Der Manouel, Jr. Cal State – Fresno

Michael R. Malter Widener

Ken Schultz Iowa State

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Carl T. Schwab Iowa

Rev. S. George Dirghalli Florida

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Scott Eggers Wabash

George McCauley UCLA

Delmer & Ethel Smith Estate Iowa Wesleyan

Walter Fall Louisiana Tech

Robert S. McDowell Butler

Martin L. Smith Valparaiso

William T. Farkas Butler

M. Fletcher McElreath Mercer

Steven W. Smith Millsaps

Max L. Fisher Bequest Tulsa

George McFerron Miami OH

William Starrett UNC-Chapel Hill

Bo Gebbie Evansville

Chester McKinney, Jr. Auburn

Jeffrey A. Stuerman Culver-Stockton

Paul Ginocchio & Family North Carolina State

Nathan McLamb North Carolina State

Fred W. Suggs, Jr. Kansas State

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Vaughan W. McRae Southern Methodist

David J. Swift Texas A&M

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Herman Meinders Oklahoma City

Wayne Arthur Tanguay Maine

Johnson, Grossnickle, & Assoc.

Christopher M. Meyer Akron

Frank Tennant Bequest UCLA

Eric Hakanson New Hampshire

Walter J. Moser Central Missouri

Paul C. Troy Lehigh

Jared Hanson Maine

Russell P. Nash California Polytechnic

Art Veyna California – Polytechnic

John R. Hauser Thiel

Frederick Nevin Missouri Science & Tech.

Thomas O. Wall Rensselaer

Brian L. Heckler Shippensburg

Francis X. Nutto Michigan

Ferris Way Elon

Bobby Ray Hicks Alabama

Michael R. & Nancy S. Odell Denver

Peter K. Wert Oklahoma

Mark G. Hulit Richmond

Dr. Murphy M. Osborne, Jr. High Point

Clint Wheelock Washington & Lee

James A. Hunter Denver

Pat L. Palmquist North Carolina – Charlotte

Hon. Keith White Central Florida

George Jones Alabama

Phillip L. Parker Florida Atlantic

Zeno R. Windley North Carolina State

James R. Jones Oklahoma

William C. Parrish Texas Christian

David T. Zurliene Evansville

John T. Kanipe, Jr. North Carolina State

James C. Parry Lehigh

F ALL 2 013



T h e Pur p l e , Gr e e n & Gold

F ALL 2 01 3



Undergraduate attendees at the 2013 Stead Leadership Seminar.

$580,000 Funds given to the Fraternity from the Foundation for educational initiatives at Stead Leadership Seminar.


Traveling Consultants and Expansion Managers on staff for fall 2013.


Lambda Chi Alpha is continuing to enrich the lives of young men across North America. These numbers give insight into the impact that the Fraternity and Foundation is having on a vast number of men.


Trained volunteers facilitated educational curriculum at Stead Leadership Seminar.


New Expansions

Hours of training provided to the Traveling Consultants over the summer. 2013-2014 Expansion Campuses Stetson University South Dakota State University Huntingdon College Missouri State University F ALL 2 013



By: Tad Lichtenauer (Denison)

Below is a selection of current chapter news released in recent issues of the Cross & Crescent magazine. Additional chapter news, alumni news and omegas can be found at

Alfred (Kappa-Sigma)

Arkansas State (Iota-Theta)

Mitch Feldman provides updates to alumni brothers through the alumni website at At the reunion in June 2013, more than 50 alumni brothers in attendance dedicated two benches and plaques in honor of their two former chapter houses.

Undergraduate and alumni brothers signed a Lambda Chi Alpha T-shirt and sent it to Executive Vice President Emeritus Geoerge Spasyk (Michigan 1949) thanking him for helping them start the chapter Arkansas State in 1959. He has visited the chapter many times, the last being in 2009 for the chapter’s 50th anniversary. In the photos of the brothers are: Caleb Garrett (social chairman), Rian Snell (chapter advisor), Carter Lee (alumni chairman), and Nathan Tripod (chapter president).

Auburn (Omicron) Rob Maruster spoke at Auburn University’s graduation. After graduating from Auburn, he spent 12 years with Delta Airlines and now currently serves as the chief operating officer at Jet Blue.

Auburn-Montgomery (Phi-Kappa) Appalachian State (Sigma-Upsilon) Bradley T. Adcock (1976) was reappointed by the governor to another four-year term on Appalachian State University’s Board of Trustees. Adcock is vice president for government affairs at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina and a former member of the UNC Board of Governors. He is vice chairman of the chancellor search committee at Appalachian and was a member of the director of athletics search committee in 2005. He was a member of the Athletic Facilities Enhancement Campaign Committee.


T h e Pur p l e , Gr e e n & Gold

F ALL 2 01 3

Jacob Nummy and his partner won the Carhartt Bassmaster College Series National Championship Saturday at Georgia’s Young Harris College.

Butler (Alpha-Alpha) Joshua Phelps (2013) joined Arland Communications as digital media project manager, working to enhance the firm’s capabilities in graphic design, video production, animation, photography, and web development. Agency President Dave Arland also is an alumni brother.

Denver (Alpha-Pi)

Edinboro (Beta-Delta)

Derik Maxon is an account executive at Saepio Technologies.

Dr William Henk, the dean of education at Marquette University, wrote about his return to Edinboro University after being away for 30 years.

Theron Guerra is a personal banker at FirstBank. Former House Director Sean Marier is an account supervisor at Bender/Helper Impact, Mac Randall is a manager of strategy at IMM. Michael Himelstein is a marketing intern at Arrow Electronics.

On August 2-3, 2013, the alumni association and undergraduates held a reunion weekend and golf outing. The outing, named the Crazy John Ernst Memorial Outing, a weekend that includes a clothing drive, food drive and a Boro Woman’s Service Drive for baby items.

James Tarras is a dealer services representative at Fjällräven North America. David McGowan is a director of global operations at Jeppesen. Ryan M. Laughlin is an intern at Axiom Consulting Partners. Jason Brown is managing director, partner at Hotchkis and Wiley Capital Management. Curtis Sullivan is a merchandise manager at Colorado Eagles Professional Hockey. Tyler Grubb is a design engineer at Colder Products Co. David Winter is an equity analyst intern at Geneva Investment Management. Barrett Corwin is a hotel brokerage analyst at Newmark Grubb Knight Frank. Gregory Rinsky is vice president - real estate, gaming, lodging and leisure investment banking at Deutsche Bank. Marc Perusse is a director at Cress Capital. Sam Wald is an agent at Artist Voice. Jacob Rothbaum is a franchise performance coach at Sky Zone Franchise Group. Brett McPherson is an acquisitions analyst at Integrated Asset Services. Brian Stormont is a financial planner at Insight Wealth Strategies. Cody Bohonnon is a business technology analyst intern at Deloitte. Robert Chodos is in real estate investment banking at Jones Lang LaSalle. Eric Palmer is a general supervisor by PCL Construction.

Eastern Illinois (Phi-Alpha) On June 14, 2013, Michael Skinner spent his last day in uniform, coinciding with the Army’s 238th birthday. He served for 32 years, five in the Illinois Army National Guard and 27 Years on active duty and over 21 years in Army Special Forces. He also is a former chapter president. Nick Kray is the Director of Football Operations for Yale.

Eureka (Theta-Chi) Bruce Darnall has written an article entitled, Catcher Lucroy Walks the Talk, about Milwaukee Brewer catcher Jonathan Lucroy. It was published on-line by Athletes in Action, the sports ministry for Campus Crusade for Christ. It tells about his life and his Christian faith.

Florida (Epsilon-Mu) Douglas W. Calder (EM 1506) was named Director of Strategic Development for the Vaccine & Gene Therapy Institute of Florida (VGTI). Douglas will be coordinating initiatives to support the development of new vaccines and immunotherapies to boost the immune response to cancer and infectious diseases. VGTI has over 100 employees conducting state-of-the-art research at its 100,000 square foot research facility, located on eight acres at the Tradition Center for Innovation in Port St. Lucie, Fla. For more information on VGTI, you can email Douglas at:

Florida Southern (Epsilon-Xi) U.S. Air Force Cpt. William M. Scruggs Jr. (retired), was one of 24 World War II veterans who received France’s Legion of Honor Medal at a ceremony at the International Motorsports Center, NASCAR’s office building. A D-Day veteran, he also has been awarded a purple heart and an air medal. Established by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1802, the medal is the most prestigious honor given by France for exceptional merit. Notable American recipients in the past include Thomas Edison, Dwight D. Eisenhower and Colin Powell. F ALL 2 0 1 3


chapternews Gettysburg (Theta-Pi)

Oklahoma (Gamma-Rho)

Pitcher Ryan Taylor was named to the NIC all-American baseball team.

Jon Hayes, MHA, CMPE, was selected as CEO of The Children’s Hospital at OU Medical Center, Oklahoma’s largest and most comprehensive pediatric hospital. Hayes comes to Children’s from The University of Oklahoma College of Medicine where he has served in various leadership positions involving Children’s healthcare since 2001.

Illinois (Chi) Tyler Prince (1989) works for Pricewaterhouse-Coopers U.S. in Chicago where he is a U.S. Oracle practice leader and principal, and oversees implementation of Oracle database technology.

Mercer (Zeta-Omega) Branden Ryan (2013) began his Peace Corps service in Tanzania in July 2013. He is currently finishing his teaching of English to secondary school students at Ngombezi Secondary School in Korogwe and will move to a new site in mid-September to teach for another two years.

North Carolina-Wilmington (Delta-Sigma) Former chapter President Robert Rideout (1995) is a major in the U.S. Army Reserves. He has have been activated and is currently serving as the command judge advocate for the U.S. Forces Garrison Command, 4th Infantry Division (4ID), Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan. This is his second combat deployment, having been previously deployed for 12 months to An Nasiriyah Iraq in 2003-2004. In his civilian capacity, he is a U.S. administrative law judge in Raleigh, North Carolina.


T h e Pur p l e , Gr e e n & Gold

F ALL 2 01 3

Oklahoma State (Alpha-Eta) During the summer, an Alumni Control Board was formed and they selected Michael Barr to be the new chapter president. Barr has since organized a variety of committees and workshops to help improve chapter operations, including a goal of recruiting 30 new quality young men.

Old Dominion (Sigma-Iota) Paul R. Holman (2007) was named a member of the 2013 Executive Council of New York Life Insurance Co. Members of the executive council are among the most successful of New York Life’s elite sales force of 12,250 licensed agents. Holman has been a New York Life agent since 2009, and is associated with New York Life’s Norfolk General Office in Norfolk, Virginia. He also currently serves as the chapter advisor to Sigma-Iota chapter at Old Dominion University.

Pittsburg State (Lambda-Chi) This summer, chapter brothers performed the following house repairs: Replaced all stair railings; added new spot lights on the monument sign with Fraternity name and coat of arms and flag pole in the front yard; replaced out door safety lights with brighter lights; repaired exterior stucco and painted the out side of the house; and replaced bulbs in badge on exterior of house with new LED bulbs. Pierce Stock 2013, the 16th annual gathering of chapter brothers and families was held in Louisberg, Kansas. Seven original founders were in attendance. Pete Cole was appointed manager of global finance for Nueterra Health of America.

Polytechnic (Theta-Upsilon)

Truman State (Phi-Psi)

Alumni brothers from the classes of the 1960s and 1970s gathered at Bella Luna Restaurant in Brooklyn, New York for one of their monthly social events.

Dan Hartmann (2007) competed in the Ironman 70.3 in Muncie, Indiana. He is pictured top left next to Chris Barrick (Butler 2005).

Purdue (Psi) Scott Rench (1988) was accompanied by his father, Nicholas W. Rench (1963), when he returned to the campus in March 2013 to receive the School of Technology Alumnus of the Year Award. He is also profiled in the current edition of Purdue Alumnus magazine, describing several awards he has received and patents he has secured in his work with Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.

Southeast Missouri State (Delta-Phi) Derrick Feldmann, CEO of Achieve, hosted The Millennial Impact Conference (MCON13) in Indianapolis on July 18, 2013. MCON13 brings together nonprofit professionals from across the country to learn how to engage the Millennials as volunteers, leaders and donors. Feldmann and a colleague have also written a book on the topic, Cause for Change: The Why and How of Nonprofit Millennial Engagement.

Southern California (Zeta-Delta) Scott Rench (1988) was accompanied by his father, Nicholas W. Rench (1963), when he returned to

St. Joseph’s (Phi-Lambda)

Wabash (Alpha-Kappa) Adrian Pynenberg (2008) was named to the all-decade team for the North Central Athletic Conference. He was a two-time Hank Critchfield Award recipient as the NCAC Outstanding Defensive Player of the Year (2006, 2007), was also named to the all-decade team as a linebacker. Pynenberg earned First Team All-NCAC honors from 2005-2007 and set the Wabash record for career tackles with 451, including a record-setting 73-1/2 tackles for loss. He owns the Wabash single-season mark with 168 stops in 2007 with 91 solo tackles. Pynenberg’s 26-1/2 tackles for losses in 2007 is also a Wabash single-season record. He earned All-America honors in 2005 (Honorable Mention), 2006 (Second Team) and 2007 (First Team) and was a 2007 Gagliardi Trophy finalist.

Washington & Lee (Gamma-Phi) SGA President Steele Burrow (2013) was one of the speakers at graduation ceremonies. Lee Brett (2013) was commissioned as a second lieutenant into the U.S. Marine Corps. Alvin Thomas (2014) was elected president of the Alpha chapter of Omicron Delta Kappa service society.

Nicholas Paolizzi serves as the SGA president. Ian Klinger serves as The Hawk, the school’s mascot.

West Texas A&M (Iota-Xi) Ed Wright (1970) received the 2013 Distinguished Alumnus Award from the West Texas A&M University Alumni Association. Each year the WTAMU Alumni Association presents its Distinguished Alumnus Award to successful WTAMU graduates who contribute time and support to the University and to humanitarian causes. Wright was one of three recipients recognized at the University’s 50th annual Phoenix Banquet on June 8, 2013.

F ALL 2 0 1 3


By: Mark Bauer (Cal State-Fullerton)

On e B r ot her ’s Story A teaching from our Ritual, drawn from the words of our exemplar….

“No one lights a lamp and then covers it with a bowl or hides it under the bed. Instead, he puts it on a stand so that it can be seen by all who enter the house.” Luke 8:16

Back to the Start This is a continuation of a story I started in the winter of 2011 about a brother, one brother, from our chapter at Coe College, Iowa, Nick Ludwig. You have to read it all the way through, even if you recall it from that past issue of this magazine. “About a year ago, I received a phone call from a young brother, Nick Ludwig, the president of our chapter at Coe College in Iowa. “Mr. Bauer,” he said, “myself and four other brothers from the chapter want to go to the General Assembly this summer, but we cannot all afford the full cost. We have been told the educational foundation may have some extra money to help pay for us.”


T h e Pur p l e , Gr e e n & Gold

F ALL 2 01 3

“Of course, I told him we very much wished we had such money available, but all we had budgeted had already been given for leadership scholarships. Fortunately, however, I knew at that time there was at least one Coe alumni brother who would help us pay for Nick to attend. After getting a commitment to use $1,500 of an alumni brother’s money, I called Nick back and told him we would, indeed, be able to give five scholarships of $300 each. He thanked me profusely! “At the Assembly in Arizona in July, I met Nick and the other Coe brothers. They were dripping with enthusiasm for Lambda Chi Alpha. Collectively, they thanked me repeatedly. “I could not have been here without the money,” one brother said. “Now, turn the calendar pages with me to October (2010), when I attended the fall meeting of the Grand High Zeta, the International Board of Directors of our Fraternity. I knew that at each General Assembly, all of the High Alphas – the chapter presidents – met as our “Council of Presidents.” From the ranks of the COP, two student members are always elected to actually serve as members of the Grand High Zeta. What I noticed, was that Nick Ludwig was elected by his peers to be one of their representatives on the GHZ. “At our first break in the meeting, Nick approached me and, again, thanked me profusely, for the $300 we had given him in July. I told him he had already thanked me, but he said: “Not enough.” “You see,” Nick said, “If not for the money the alumni gave me I would not have been able to attend the Assembly. I would never have been elected by the COP to serve on the Grand High Zeta. And, I would not be at this meeting today with all of these amazing men, learning so much about the Fraternity and growing so much myself.” “I asked Nick to say this himself, so I could directly share this with you. He provided the following statement:

Thanks to the direct support of the undergraduate experience provided by the Educational Foundation, I was given the opportunity to attend the 2010 General Assembly at a reduced cost. Without this financial support, my visit to Phoenix would have been very unlikely – a real shame if I would have known the potential of my visit. Without my visit to Phoenix I wouldn’t be able to serve you as member of the Grand High Zeta today. I currently serve on the Grand High Zeta as an undergraduate representative through my role as the Vice-chairman of the Council of Presidents. I was elected to this position by my peers of High Alphas at the General Assembly in Phoenix. I cannot describe the thankfulness I feel to the mission of the Educational Foundation and the alumni who support this cause. My role on the Grand High Zeta serves as living proof that the alumni support of the Educational Foundation contributes a direct and substantial impact in the lives of Active Brothers. Thank you. (Nick Ludwig)

F ALL 2 0 1 3


Serving Lambda Chi Alpha In the spring of 2011, Nick Ludwig graduated from Coe and was hired as an Educational Leadership Consultant for Lambda Chi Alpha out of the International Headquarters. He served the Fraternity, with distinction, for two full years. This past May, Nick left the Fraternity staff and moved back to Iowa to begin his personal life and career pursuits. Before he left, I asked him to send me a statistical review of his two years traveling for Lambda Chi Alpha. His email to me follows:

Hey Mark, Here are some of the statistics of my travels: • Chapters/colonies encountered during my travels: 54 • Chapter/colony visits conducted (including conferences): 91 • Brothers encountered: approximately 2,700 • Days spent on a chapter visit: 348 • Miles driven and reimbursed: 21,580 miles • Colonies started: Florida Gulf Coast, American University, and Texas Tech University – Colony men recruited: 107 – Colony men initiated: 101 • Successful turnarounds: The chapter I’ve worked with that has had the most significant turnaround is the University of Southern Indiana. They don’t know this yet, but they’ll be one of the chapters receiving the Phoenix Award at the 2013 Stead Leadership Seminar. I can’t take credit for any of the work they’ve done, but I am proud to have had a strong working relationship with the members of the chapter, as they grew from 12 members in the Fall of 2011 to their current membership of approximately 35 today. I couldn’t be more proud to have served as an ELC. I’ll have a special place in my heart for Lambda Chi the rest of my life, through both my volunteering and charitable contributions. The scholarship I received in the summer of 2010 (for what I believe was $300) really helped catapult me to become a member of the staff and travel to all these chapters for the last 2 years. Without that scholarship, none of this would have been plausible. From the bottom of my heart – thank you for everything, Mark! In ZAX, Nick


T h e Pur p l e , Gr e e n & Gold

F ALL 2 01 3

I’ll Let You Decide Nick thanked me in his email. He was thankful in 2010 for one gift of $300 to allow him to attend the General Assembly. But he really could have been thanking YOU. Nick’s story is just that of one brother, but I ask you…

• Did Nick make a difference to Lambda Chi Alpha? • Did he help better any chapters? • Did he change the lives of any young men? • Do you see, in Nick, the value of the money you send, at least in part, to the Educational Foundation? • Do you think your financial gifts help better any chapters? • Do you think your gifts change the lives of young men? Indeed, let me ask you to have the last word: Has Nick Ludwig’s lamp been hidden from the Brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha or rather…”Instead, he puts it on a stand so that it can be

seen by all who enter the house?”

Finally, contemplate this….

Is Nick Ludwig’s story over?

Would you like to give to the annual fund? Visit the Foundation website at or call 317-803-7337.

F ALL 2 0 1 3


Alumni Reception Schedule SAVE-THE-DATE! Mark your calendar for the following alumni brother receptions. Invitations will be sent six weeks prior to the event date.

November 18

April 10

December 4

April 16

December 12

April 17

February 13

April TBD

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April 24

Philadelphia Alumni Reception

Cincinnati Alumni Reception

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March 22

Ft. Worth Alumni Dinner

Nashville Alumni Reception

Richmond Alumni Luncheon

Washington DC Alumni Luncheon

Houston Alumni Reception

New York Alumni Luncheon

Hartford Alumni Reception

Purple, Green, and Gold (Fall 2013)  

Purple, Green, and Gold (Fall 2013)

Purple, Green, and Gold (Fall 2013)  

Purple, Green, and Gold (Fall 2013)