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September 2015 - - Issue #8

100 YEARS OF THE CROSS&CRESCENT By: Mike Raymond (Miami-OH)



05-08 NEW CEO TAKES REINS OF FOUNDATION By: Kyle Jones (Montevallo)




CHAPTER NEWS By: Tad Lichtenauer (Denison)






September 2015 - - Issue #8

staff list Publisher: Bill Farkas

FROM THE EDITOR Kyle Jones Associate Director of Communications & Digital Publishing (317) 803-7321

Editor: Kyle Jones Managing Editor: Tad Lichtenauer Digital Marketing Manager: Jimmy Long Contributors: Mike Raymond Layout & Design: Fuel VM



I S S U E Podcast, a forum for information, insight and even a bit of entertainment. The first episode features an update from Director of Chapter Services Nick Zuniga and an engaging interview with CEO Bill Farkas.

So you can imagine my excitement to be at the helm of such a storied institution of our fraternity, that is now celebrating 100 years of publication.

We’ve got plans to expand even further into video content and to bring you relevant lifestyle features and information to your attention.

It’s a major feat for anything to reach 100 years, especially a fraternity magazine; for example, “Hallmark Magazine” only made it four years.

But for now, we start this issue by celebrating the last 100 years, Mike Raymond gives a look at the history of the C&C while former editors Ernest Vargo and Tad Lichtenauer share some insight into their time as editor.

After taking over C&C duties for Tad Lichtenauer at the beginning of this year, I felt a real weight and responsibility, as well as amazement at the fact he would trust me with such an important and significant staple of the fraternity. I didn’t want to mess it up.

Fraternity 11711 N Pennsylvania St. Suite 250 Carmel, IN 46032 (317)872-8000

For myself, the answer to those questions is something that is inherently a part of the C&C’s history, adaptation. Innovation. This publication is no longer a quarterly or monthly ‘newsletter.’ As a brand it is a mouthpiece and adovocate for the fraternity and our brotherhood, and it’s mission should not be limited to just these pages but to survive another 100 years it’s reach must extend to how a modern audience consumes it’s media. That’s why we’re proud to announce, with the release of this issue also premieres the first episode of the C&C

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I openly admit that, when it comes to things like this, and what I mean by this is, publications, or really anything to do with print, it’s history or process; I’m kind of a real nerd about it.

So I still stand by my initial mission statement and philosophy of, ‘How do we take this to the next level? What is the future of the Cross & Crescent?’

Lambda Chi Alpha


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We welcome new President and CEO of the Educational Foundation Josh Lodolo to headquarters and we round out with Chapter News.

2015 July

Thank you to all of those over the years that have made the Cross & Crescent and this great fraternity what it is. What remains the most important is you, our audience, and our brothers.

2015 May

To the next 100.

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Editor, Cross & Crescent Magazine

Cross & Crescent Magazine est. 1915


September 2015 - - Issue #8

Episode 1: Bill Farkas Director of Chapter Services Nick Zuniga gives an update on the fall e-guide and Bill Farkas joins us for casual chat.

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September 2015 - - Issue #8

100 1915 EST

100 YEARS OF THE CROSS&CRESCENT The story of the Cross & Crescent magazine is well documented in the various publications of the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. Articles about its origin can be found in the Expositor (1929); in various issues of the magazine (1940, 1965 and 1995); and in the two history books produced by our fraternity. The magazine has contributed much to the rich traditions of Lambda Chi Alpha. It’s story is closely intertwined with the stories of our most important fraternal leaders. by Mike Raymond (Miami-OH 1967)



September 2015 - - Issue #8


Here we will present the magazine’s history, it’s influence and some information that will contribute to celebrating our appreciation of the role that the Cross & Crescent has played in the growth and development of our fraternity. Our 2015 history book establishes the key role that the Cross & Crescent played in communicating information about initiations, marriages, deaths, war service, alumni activities, and more to our members. Other matters of general interest, such as cartoons, photographs of chapter houses, athletic accomplishments, columns by our executive leaders, and even recommended books for the chapter library appeared in the magazine. In 1970 the magazine shifted focus from “a journal of record” to an “education and features” publication. Of course, the most significant change in the magazine’s format occurred in 2005 when it shifted from a printed product to an online enterprise. What follows is a brief survey of the interesting history of the Cross & Crescent magazine through its various incarnations and formats.

THE PURPLE, GREEN, AND GOLD – It was apparent to our early leaders that a publication was needed to bind our individual Zetas into a strong national organization. They sought closer fraternal relationships and greater national stability. That was very progressive thinking for a group of young men who were inexperienced but enthusiastic in their efforts to craft a new magazine. John E. Mason, Albert Cross, Warren A. Cole, and other leaders spent a great amount of time


The Cross & Crescent is celebrating 100 years of chronicling our great fraternity’s news about chapters, innovative programs and celebrating the achievements of our brothers. It is a true reflection of Lambda Chi Alpha from it’s infancy to today’s fraternity with more than 10,000 active brothers on more than 190 campuses. Reflecting back on my time as editor of the Cross & Crescent, from 1987-1992, it was one of the most satisfying opportunities of my professional career. The undergraduate members were inspiring in their commitment and leadership. I also met NBA coaches, Larry Brown, college coaches, Rick Pitino, astronauts, CEOs of major corporations, television and movie stars, but most importantly brothers who cared dearly about Lambda Chi Alpha. There were High Pis who worked tirelessly to enable active brothers to have an outstanding fraternal experience and grow as

leaders. Members of the Grand High Zeta, Student Advisory Committee, donors and other volunteers who certainly were not giving of their time for the pay or glory, but were deeply committed to our brotherly values that bond us all together. And there was the ability to provide provocative articles about hazing, alcohol abuse and many of the challenges that faced college students. Lambda Chi Alpha has been fortunate to have some of the greatest leaders in the fraternity world. When thinking back on 100 years of the C&C, the publication is also a reflection of the fraternity’s executive leadership. I had the good fortune to work for George Spasyk, who served our fraternity and the interfraternity all of his adult life. He had the vision to eliminate the horrors of hazing in 1972! He was always willing to take on the tough issues and challenge us to be our best; status quo was not an option. His thoughts were reflected beautifully in each issue of the C&C while he was the CEO. George’s unassuming way and genuine love for the fraternity was so evident in his column Reflections On: Perspicacity, Perpetuity and Procrastination; Aristotle, Plato, Socrates and You; Opportunities Lost; Tough Brotherhood and literally hundreds of others. This was pretty heady stuff written with thoughtfulness and compassion. Thank


you, George. We all owe you our gratitude. You are a true leader and icon of Lambda Chi Alpha. The fraternity world is grateful for all you have done and continue to do to make certain the fraternal experience continues to thrive and is a complement to our institutions of higher learning. Congratulations to the Cross & Crescent on its centennial. There is no doubt that as our fraternity continues to evolve and flourish in providing young men with the leadership skills to change the world, the C&C will continue to document those achievements, challenge us all to be better fraternity men and capture the history of the time.

In ZAX, Ernest Vargo II Director, Grand High Zeta Gamma Alpha 1073, The University of Akron Former Editor of the Cross & Crescent 1987-1992


September 2015 - - Issue #8

planning for this new magazine, gathering information, and thinking about an appropriate name for its masthead. It was originally decided to name the magazine the Pi Gamma Gamma after our official colors. However, Mason thought that “Purple, Green and Gold” would be a better choice. His suggestion was accepted by the group and the name was applied to the new magazine. The George Banta Publishing Company, a major provider of fraternity and sorority products, printed the first edition of the magazine dated January, 1914. The first issue of the Purple, Green, and Gold was labeled the “Omicron number” because it featured an article about our Cornell Zeta. Its content was typical of the fraternity magazines of its day. The magazine contained fifty-six pages of various items such as a communication from the Grand High Alpha, chapter letters, alumni notes, interfraternity activities, a poem by Ray H. Ferris, and special subject articles. Future volumes of the Purple, Green, and Gold contained engraved illustrations of our insignia, articles on ritual, badges, and forms, and copies of our earliest fraternal songs. Jack Mason was the first editor of the magazine and served in this capacity until he enlisted in the military to serve in World War I. During the war, Warren Cole assumed the job of editing the Purple, Green, and Gold. Bruce H. McIntosh was the next editorial chief of the Purple, Green, and Gold having been elected to that position in 1918. McIntosh spent two years in this position and was succeeded by the legendary Linn C. Lightner in November, 1920. Lightner was a newspaper man and had a well-defined notion of what the Purple, Green, and Gold should look like and contain. He began a transformation of the magazine by buying better paper and by using new type styles and page layouts. He also experimented with the magazine’s content by adding new features such as the annual football review. Starting with Volume XIII, Lightner incorporated a series of specially designed covers that included, for the most part, places and monuments, associated with the traditions of Lambda Chi Alpha’s mythical history.


Mason, as a member of our Fraternity’s Publication Board, not only suggested that we have a second esoteric magazine but also gave it the name of Cross & Crescent. Jack Mason has the unique distinction, among many, of naming both of our early magazines. Our most recent history book has this to say about the early years of the Cross & Crescent magazine: “The first publication to bear the title Cross & Crescent was published in January, 1915, one year after the establishment of The Purple, Green, and Gold magazine.




September 2015 - - Issue #8

The Purple, Green, and Gold was our public magazine, the Cross & Crescent was dubbed ‘The Official Esoteric Periodical’ and was reserved for brothers in good standing. Though considered a secret magazine the Cross & Crescent rarely mentioned anything about our Ritual or even sensitive internal business. It would be more accurate to label the magazine a ‘private’ publication. The earliest editions of the Cross & Crescent were small, plain and lacked decoration. The early editions of the Cross & Crescent did not attract much interest among the members of our fraternity. The content of the magazine was very similar to that of the Purple, Green, and Gold. Even though the magazine was published until October of 1931, it never seemed to realize its potential as an important internal communications medium. After all, how important is our official whistle that it should be kept a secret from the rest of the world?


During its long history, the Cross & Crescent has featured many popular topics in its vast lineup of articles and features. One of the most popular topics was the work of Chester Gould (Oklahoma State 1921), creator of the Dick Tracy newspaper comic, which made ten appearances in the magazine beginning in December, 1926. During World War II the Cross & Crescent focused attention on the war effort and Lambda Chi Alpha’s contribution to that effort. Many stories were posted about

the heroic efforts of great Lambda Chis like Medal of Honor recipients Jimmy Doolittle (pictured below, left) and Gregory “Pappy” Boyington (pictured below, right) and on lessor known but no less heroic brothers who served in our

Boyington Doolittle

armed forces. A sampling of article titles from past issues of the Cross & Crescent is an effective means of demonstrating the breadth and diversity of topics that have appeared in its pages over the past 100 years. Here are a few of the article titles found in the pages of the Cross & Crescent: “Sigma Delta Chi’s new president a Lambda Chi” (July 1932); “Canadian Lambda Chi participates in war effort” (December 1938); “Fabulous deeds with ‘Flying Tigers’ over Burma” (November/December 1940); “Two Georgia Lambda Chis star in Rose Bowl” (July 1942); “Only house with a television set” (February/ March 1950); “Facing up to…drugs” (February 1968); “Thoughts on initiation” (November 1970); “Alaska-




September 2015 - - Issue #8

Journey through an artic wilderness” (March 1980); “Smoots” (2005); “The Lofgrens” (June 2012); “The Light of Lambda Chi Alpha – Remembering Joseph Chavez” (September 2013); and “Nu and Omega Zetas celebrate 100 years of brotherhood” (June 2015). What an amazing array of articles. And these articles are just a sample of the thousands of articles that make up the legacy of this successful magazine’s first 100 years. Another outstanding feature of the Cross & Crescent magazine was the regular columns provided by our fraternity’s executive leaders. All of our recent leaders have written for the magazine. Duke Flad wrote his “Comments,” George Spasyk contributed “Reflections,” Tom Helmbock provided “Insights,” and Bill Farkas crafted his column “From the Desk” for the Cross & Crescent. Undoubtedly, the most influential and transformational columns were written by George Spasyk in his Reflections column in 1972. In this column he soundly condemned pledging and hazing and introduced the associate member program. His message, and our subsequent efforts to eliminate pledging and hazing, influenced the fraternity world and moved Lambda Chi to the next level of sound fraternal practices. His column helped to transform Lambda Chi Alpha from just another college fraternity to a fraternity of true brothers. That is representative of the power of the Cross & Crescent magazine.

THE CROSS & CRESCENT MOVES ONLINE – In the November, 2005 issue of the Cross & Crescent, Bill Farkas, executive vice-president, and Jason Pierce, editor, wrote an article concerning the transformation of the magazine from a print medium to an online publication. They wrote that the move was based on the financial aspects of printing a magazine. At the time the cost of printing the Cross & Crescent was about $250,000 a year. The General Fraternity had an annual budget of about $3.1 million. The organization was in near financial collapse. One way to save money for the fraternity was to move the magazine to various online platforms. Essentially, this change in


Congratulations to the Cross & Crescent celebrating 100 years. I was fortunate enough to serve as the editor from 2008-2014. My tenure as editor came while working for our current CEO, Bill Farkas. One of Bill’s many great qualities is his hands-off management style. As he says, “Hire good people and trust them to do their job.” That’s what I tried to do with the magazine for the seven years I served as the editor. At the beginning of this year, I decided that our newest associate director of communications, Kyle Jones, should become the next editor. Kyle has the enthusiasm, background, skills and vision to help guide the evolution of the magazine. He is a unique mix of a journalist, editor, designer and publisher. He understands today’s ever-changing world of technology and how to deliver quality content to our readers through different mediums. I am very impressed with his leadership and stewardship of such an important communication tool for our organization. Additionally, there are eight other Lambda Chis who I need

to pay tribute for helping me tremendously during my time as editor. The first is a volunteer, Jeff Reisdorfer (WisconsinWhitewater). Jeff was the guy who saw an opportunity to improve our online cover designs and he created some truly amazing works of art that we used in 2008 for our rebranding. Jeff’s vision sparked a future direction that we’ve embraced ever since. The second person to recognize is Thomas “TR” Roberts (Edinboro). TR served as an intern and then on staff as an associate director of communications. He followed Jeff’s lead and continued to overhaul the online design and to also create some amazing covers of his own. The third person to thank is Chris Barrick (Butler). Chris also served as an associate director of communications and was a workhorse behind the scenes that “got it” when it came to pushing the magazine out digitally and making it a high-quality product. The fourth person to highlight is another volunteer and unfortunately now deceased brother, Jon Williamson (Maryland). Jon’s exhaustive research and chapter profiles contributed immeasurably to the magazine and to our organization. The fifth person to note is volunteer, Walt Moser (Central Missouri). If you see a great photo in the publication, you can probably assume that Walt took that photo. Walt dedicates his time and talent and takes hundreds of photos each year at our summer conferences and we use them year-round. The sixth person to mention is another volunteer, Mike Raymond (Miami-OH). Mike is a Lambda Chi and Greek historian who has researched and


written many, many historical articles for the Cross & Crescent. In addition, he’s also written and published an updated Lambda Chi Alpha history book. Mike has preserved many historical moments for our organization to ensure future generations have quality, documented information to reference. The last two brothers to thank are also both volunteers, Bob McLaughlin (Purdue) and Jono Hren (Florida Tech). Bob and Jono helped me immeasurably during my tenure with the quality of the product we published. Every month they would proof, question and debate the content and grammar of each issue to make sure it was the best product it could be for our readers. At the International Headquarters, I often look at and admire the early editions of the Cross & Crescent and imagine how challenging it must have been to write, typeset, print, and distribute the magazine back in the early to mid-1900s. One hundred years later the magazine stills represents the DNA of our collective brotherhood and as the primary vehicle for sharing the news and stories of our amazing organization. Here’s to the next 100!

In ZAX, Tad Lichtenauer Gamma-Iota, Denison University Director of Communications, Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity Former Editor of the Cross & Crescent 2008-2014

September 2015 - - Issue #8

production was part of a cost-cutting effort to bring our fraternity back to a healthy financial condition. Jason Pearce had this to say about this transition to an online publication:“Transitioning the magazine from print to electronic distribution wasn’t easy. We understood it meant members without internet access would be alienated, donors might stop giving, and busy alumni might permanently lose touch with the fraternity. Originally, the printed magazine was replaced by four electronic formats: web, RSS, audiobook and email. Today, four formats remain with only the audiobook being abandoned. The Cross & Crescent remains a viable communications instrument. The new online format has allowed for more content and greater feedback form our members. For a number of years the electronic Cross & Crescent came out on the second day of each month of the year. The page count was larger than the previous quarterly magazine and members could respond to individual articles almost instantly. Statistical information about reader demographics and reader usage


information helped to improve the magazine. Today the publication schedule of the magazine varies a bit each year but the information provided increases in its diversity and volume. One hundred years of continuous publication is a milestone in the life of any magazine. Our fraternity has been fortunate to have great people who created and nurtured a great fraternity. The Cross & Crescent has played a major role in the story of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. May its story go on forever and ever.




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Cal. State - Northridge. Loyola Marymount UCLA USC Embry-Riddle Prescott San Diego UCSD

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Kettering A/B Wisconsin Whitewater

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Auburn Troy Florida


Embry-Riddle Stetson Rollins Univ. of Tampa


Florida Tech Florida Southern

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Miami (FL)

September 2015 - - Issue #8

NEW CEO TAKES REINS OF EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION Much like his predecessor, Josh Lodolo (Cal State – Northridge) began his career with Lambda Chi Alpha on the road working as an ELC, but now after six years of working in development and advancement at the University of Texas-Austin for the college of liberal arts, he steps into position as President and CEO of the Educational Foundation. B y : Ky l e J o n e s ( M o n t e v a l l o )




September 2015 - - Issue #8

Also hailing from southern California, the similarities are abound between the two, but Lodolo does make it known he is not Mark Bauer.



“I’m a very different person,” said Lodolo, “But keeping him around for awhile is one of the many reasons why I took this job.” “Mark used the three ‘T’s’ a lot: ‘Time, Talent and Teasure.’ I use the three ‘W’s’: Wealth, Wisdom and Work, and I mean that,” he said. “The foundation of course cares about people’s wealth and we want to generate the resources to secure the future forever but we must always care about people’s time, their work and their wisdom. The great little skillset that they’re going to bring to the table. That’s how I look to build on Mark’s good work.” Bauer, after 12 years as CEO, now takes a backseat to his former duties as president, shifting now to a position of executive of alumni outreach. “First of all I’m very excited to have Josh come on staff,” commented Bauer. “He’s going to do a great job for Lambda Chi Alpha and for the Educational Foundation.” “This is also going to give me an opportunity now to take on a broader roll across the fraternity and the foundation to focus on alumni, in every sense of the word.” He explained. “Alumni trying to get involved in more local area alumni groups and alumni that we’re trying to catch on to advise and assist chapters. So that’s a very important thing and a very high priority of the fraternity and if I can make a difference in that, and also get to continue to be involved with the people I’ve made a good relationship with I hope I can continue to make a unique difference.” Recently awarded the NICF William D. Jenkins Outstanding Foundation Professional Award, Bauer reflects on his time in the spotlight and how his contributions may have made an impact.

Mark Bauer, former CEO & President of the Lambda Chi Alpha Educational Foundation, has been selected by the North­ American Interfraternity Conference Foundation as this year’s recipient of the William D. Jenkins Outstanding Foundation Professional Award. Mark has 23 years of experience in professional development and non­profit management, including 17 years with Lambda Chi Alpha. His leadership of the Lambda Chi Alpha Educational foundation has been transformative in many ways.

He has engaged and mobilized the Foundation’s board of directors, creating committees for selfgovernance and self­ development that have led to diversification and leadership empowerment. Their sense of purpose and alignment with the fraternity’s mission has increased remarkably, all thanks to Bauer’s guidance and shared vision. Expandeding the reach of the foundation’s fundraising to constituent groups often considered too difficult to grasp. He established a young alumni committee to gain their advice on fundraising approaches that

would appeal to their cohort. He created the “Mason Circle” to instill in collegiate members that their fraternity is worth their philanthropic attention. Leading the foundation to tremendous financial success. He has been the designer, coach and primary staff support for several successful capital campaigns, including the recently­celebrated record­breaking $20 million “Investing in Future Leaders” campaign.

September 2015 - - Issue #8


Now left with big shoes to fill, Lodolo is positive and clear in his future for the Educational Foundation. “I’m getting to build on all the great things Mark has done and the staff has done, but I also get to be creative, I think we have a lot of resources and opportunities at our fingertips.” He continued, “We want to help everybody understand we’re here to help ‘you’ succeed. I look forward to going out, learning, finding pinpoints, finding opportunities, and creating partnerships. It’s not going to take a new “Its easy to have my time be defined by the money we’ve raised but its not really about the money, its about what has happened with Lambda Chi Alpha and certainly not all of that is my doing, you know Bill’s arrival made a big impact on the organization, as well as our other leadership such as the Grand High Zeta and the Board, but over the last 12 years certainly doing our two big campaigns comes to mind, our Call to Lead Campaign and the Future Leaders Campaign,” he said. “One of the ways I described the impact of that was that it has given Lambda Chi Alpha the confidence to do greater things because we ‘have.’ We can because we have. I think a lot of people don’t recognize that and I think we have more confidence as an organization because we can and have accomplished things.” As he passes the torch to Lodolo, it is evident in Bauer that the man has enjoyed his work over the years and cherished the ability to build close and personal relationships within our brotherhood. “There’s no doubt what I enjoyed the most is the incredible opportunity I’ve had through this job and there is no way that ‘Mark Bauer,’ ought to of been so fortunate, blessed, and privileged to meet the caliber of men that I have. Not just to meet them but to get to know them and be welcomed into their homes, offices and lives.”

invention, but leveraging existing relationships that we just haven’t had the bandwidth to really consider. I think the thing I’m going to bring in is how do we feel those gaps, how do we build a sustainable pipeline. How do we look at the 31,000 living donors and figure out a way to thank them and help them understand how their dollars are really making a difference. Renewing people and keeping them engaged.” For more on Josh Lodolo visit candc




September 2015 - - Issue #8

The beginning of a “Lifetime of True Brotherhood�

U. of Texas-Austin The 28 new associate members of the Alpha-Mu Zeta.

University of Tulsa Epsilon-Upsilon Zeta with their 19 new associate members.

U. of Montevallo Sigma-Epsilon Zeta with their seven new associate members.


September 2015 - - Issue #8

Union University Lambda-Zeta Zeta brothers await their 28 new associate members.

Arkansas State Iota-Omicron Zeta with their 32 new associate members and the active brothers at Bid Day.

Missouri State Colony Sixteen new associate members join our thriving colony.

VCU The 2015 associate members of Pi-Tau Zeta at Virginia Commonweath University


September 2015 - - Issue #8

Chapter News The following are the submissions received for the month of September 2015. To submit chapter news, please email Undergraduate officers can also report updates on their chapter by logging on to Officer Portal and accessing the “Submit Chapter News” form. B y : Ta d L i c h t e n a u e r ( D e n i s o n )


Akron (Gamma-Alpha) Chapter News

During fall recruitment, the chapter added approximately 25 associate members. The chapter added a pool table to their game room. The chapter hosted a pig roast, thanks in part to donations from some alumni brothers.

Baldwin Wallace (Kappa-Phi) Chapter News

On Aug. 19, several chapter brothers participated in the Baldwin Wallace Fraternity-Sorority Community (FSC) Moving Company. This program exists to help freshmen move into their dorms and explore the campus. On Aug. 27, the entire chapter welcomed the incoming freshmen class with their 5th annual Chi Cowabunga Cookout.

Boston (Alpha) Chapter News

On Sept. 6, the brothers held a chapter retreat.

Photo of the month Purdue University “Lambda Chi Flying High” Brother SSgt. Stout of the 122nd Fighter Wing recently returned home from deployment after serving in Afghanistan and Kuwait.



September 2015 - - Issue #8

Butler (Alpha-Alpha) Chapter News

Chapter officers held their annual officer retreat.


California State - Northridge (Beta-Rho) Chapter News

Chapter brothers attended philanthropies hosted by the Alpha Chi Omega and Kappa Alpha Theta sororities.

Chapter members would like to congratulate chapter alumni brother Josh Lodolo who was selected as the new President and CEO of the Educational Foundation of Lambda Chi Alpha.

California Polytechnic (Phi-Sigma)

Cornell University (Omicron)


Chapter News

Chapter brothers Chang and Payne attended the 2015 Stead Leadership Conference, met many brothers from other chapters, brought back four awards, and gained knowledge and insights to share with the rest of the chapter members.

California State - Chico Colony (Phi-Chi Colony)


What is the name of your zeta and your number? Beta-Rho Zeta 459


Where are you originally from? Los Angeles – San Fernando Valley


When did you start at IHQ and in what position? Sept. 14 – Educational Foundation President and CEO


What is your favorite LCA memory as an undergrad? Chartering banquet – Ed Leonard presented our charter.

Chapter News

Chapter News

Over the summer, 14 chapter members helped three Boy Scouts start and finish their Eagle Scout projects.

Chapter members are excited about the reopening of Edgemoor, the renovated chapter house. The extensive, year-long $2.75 million renovation included an upgrade of the electrical, heating and plumbing infrastructure; a renovated and redesigned kitchen; a new, larger dining room; a new Electronic Learning Center (or media room); a new reading room with a balcony overlooking the back patio and Cascadilla Gorge; a new fitness center; and renovated bathrooms and seven new living quarters on the second and third floors.


September 2015 - - Issue #8

Denver (Alpha-Pi) Alumni News

Mike Koenig is the co-owner and founder of Studio Shed in Boulder, Colo. Started in 2008, the company has been featured recently in several prominent national magazines. Jeremy Weltman (2001) is a partner in the law firm of Kerstein, Coren & Lichtenstein LLP. He has been named to the Massachusetts Super Lawyers Rising Star list for the past two years.

Drexel (Epsilon-Kappa)

Western State University in St. Joseph, Mo. Drake earned first team All-Ohio Valley Conference honors last season with 93 catches for 1,321 yards and 12 touchdowns. He led the Football Championship Subdivision in receiving during the regular season earning second team All-American honors. Rodney Roosevelt, visiting associate professor of psychology, received a five-year, $50,000 grant from Lambda Chi Alpha for his Life Assessment and Motivation Project. Roosevelt said his project will center around “physiological or biological and social determinants of behavior,” specifically in regards to developing healthy behaviors and good choices among fraternal chapters.

Chapter News

The chapter received a donation in memory of alumni brother Frederick H. Egner (1966). He was extremely proud of his association with the Drexel chapter and was very involved in fraternity activities.


Your favorite memory as a staff member? Attending the chartering ceremony of UCSD – a colony I had the honor of starting.


Favorite piece of the Coat of Arms? Open motto: Naught Without Labor


Most played song as of recent? Whatever is streaming on Pandora’s “workout playlist”


Last thing you googled? Pandora’s workout playlist


What movie can you not resist watching if it’s on? The Sandlot.

Edinboro (Beta-Delta)

The chapter won its first Tozier Brown Public Affairs Award that recognizes chapters with the most outstanding programs of community service and philanthropic activities. The chapter’s event was a “Spike and Strike” for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society on April 26. The event raised a more than $4,200 with 100 percent contributions from chapter members.


10. 10. Favorite sports

teams? Los Angeles Dodgers

11. Meet anyone alive or

dead, who do you pick? Abraham Lincoln

12. What super power

would you pick? Power to heal illnesses.

The chapter’s intramural volleyball team won the summer league with an undefeated record.

13. Dogs or cats? Dogs!

Mine is named Dodger.

Eastern Illinois (Phi-Alpha) Alumni News

Adam Drake was among two players added to the Kansas City Chiefs roster. Drake, who earlier this spring had tryouts with the New England Patriots and New Orleans Saints, joined the club at its training camp at Missouri

14. Biggest fear? Heights. 15. If you could live

Chapter News

Chapter members held a brotherhood event by attending at the Erie Seawolves baseball game.

anywhere where would it be? n/a

16. Favorite book? The Da

Vinci Code


September 2015 - - Issue #8

Embry-Riddle Prescott Colony Chapter News

The chapter added nine associate members during recruitment and plan to petition for chartering this semester.

Florida Southern (Epsilon-Xi)


17. Last meal—What are you

having? Pasta, meatballs, garlic bread.

Chapter News

18. What would you name

your autobiography? n/a

19. Most rewarding part of

your job? Helping others make an impact on our mission.

Eureka (Theta-Chi) Alumni News

20. What do you hope for

Bruce Darnall had three articles published by Athletes in Action, the sports ministry for Campus Crusade for Christ. The articles were about AJ Ellis, Los Angeles Dodgers; Dan Jennings, Chicago White Sox; and Zach Duke, Chicago White Sox. The articles tell about their life and their Christian faith.

the future of LCA? The world needs more Lambda Chis, so it is my hope we can provide a positive experience for all of those deserving young men.

Evansville (Iota-Mu) Chapter News

The chapter earned an award from the International Headquarters for 100 percent participation in extracurricular activities on campus.


Conor Huey-Burns, Jake Kahat, and Zach Grossman enjoyed the last few days of summer on the shores of Daytona Beach, Fla.

Georgia Tech Alumni News

Theodore “TJ” Capaldi (2014) was accepted as a seminarian for the Archdiocese of Atlanta. He currently lives in New Orleans for orientation at Notre Dame Seminary where he will begin formation for the Catholic priesthood. The coming years are intended to be continual process of deliberate growth and prayerful discernment.


September 2015 - - Issue #8

Indiana (Alpha-Omicron) Chapter News

Miami-OH (Zeta-Upsilon) Omega

Thomas L. Thrailkill (1952) died April 18, 2015. During his YMCA coaching career, he accumulated 72 state and national championships in sports ranging from gymnastics, basketball and swimming, to track and field, but he will be best remembered for building leadership and self-esteem in those he touched in his position of Blue Ridge Leaders’ School Director for 25 years.

Missouri State Colony (Beta-Psi Colony) Chapter News

INDIANAPOLIS (August 10, 2015) – The NorthAmerican Interfraternity Conference (NIC) announced today that President and CEO Peter Smithhisler will leave the organization on August 30, 2015 after eight years of leadership.

“Pete has served the NIC and the fraternal movement with great passion for advancing the ideals of all fraternities,” NIC Chairman Buddy Coté said. “His impact on the NIC and its members has been significant, and we owe him our gratitude and thanks for his tireless efforts.”

Indiana State (Iota-Epsilon) Omega

Jerry Patti died in 2015.

Iowa State (Alpha-Tau) Chapter News

NEWS: Smithhisler steps down as NIC President

Smithhisler joined the NIC staff in 1998 and served in a number of positions during his tenure, becoming President & CEO in 2007.

With the help of alumni donations, the chapter added an outdoor basketball court and bicycle training room.

On Sept. 3, the chapter held an Associate Member Ceremony for 11 new members.


During fall recruitment, the chapter added 17 associate members. Assuming all 17 are initiated, the chapter will have met all of the the chapter operating stabdards to petition for chartering.

During Smithhisler’s tenure as President & CEO, overall fraternity membership has grown by 22 percent, to nearly continued


September 2015 - - Issue #8

Missouri Western (Beta-Theta) Omega

Gary S. Porter died Jan. 25, 2014. He worked in advertising for the Ozark Senior Living Newspaper for several years.

New York (Theta-Upsilon) Chapter News

North Carolina State (Gamma-Upsilon) Alumni News

Bob Brantley was inducted into the U.S. Youth Soccer Hall of Fame Inductee in an administrator role. Brantley has served on the U.S. Youth Soccer Risk Management Committee since its inception. He was the U.S. Youth Soccer Region III (South) representative in the early 1990s before a risk management program even existed. The work of the committee came at a time when awareness was growing dramatically in society of the problems associated with child safety and of the extent to which organizations working with youth need to take steps to address the problems.

North Carolina - Wilmington (Delta-Sigma) Chapter News

During fall recruitment, the chapter added 14 associate members. On Sept. 13, chapter brothers are traveling to Coastal Carolina University to perform the Associate Member Ceremony for the new colony.

North Dakota (Epsilon-Zeta) Alumni News

Kaan Kucukoglu spent part of his summer traveling in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Andrew Lendway, Colin Guidinger, Tom Wade and Jeff Nelson joined the undergraduate members for a back-toschool work weekend and completed a number of physical projects at the chapter house. The Alumni Association’s summer fundraising push generated more than $14,000 for House Corporation repairs and paying off debt. Over 55 alumni brothers have registered for the chapter’s


Continued from page 21 400,000 undergraduate members, and Smithhisler has served as a prominent public spokesman for the 74-member NIC trade association. “Throughout my tenure, I’ve started every presentation or speech by reaffirming my belief in fraternity. I believe that fraternity can provide the premiere leadership experience on college campuses today. Working at the NIC and advancing the fraternal movement has been an opportunity of a lifetime, and I am humbled to have served. “ Smithhisler indicated that his plans are to begin his own not-for-profit consulting group. The NIC Board will announce its plans for executive leadership in the coming weeks. Founded in 1909, the North American Interfraternity Conference is the trade association representing 74 International and National Men’s fraternities. Through advocacy, collaboration, and education, the NIC works to ensure that fraternities can operate in an environment conducive to their success.


September 2015 - - Issue #8

big 50 years at 515 Harvard St. Homecoming Banquet that will be held on Oct. 10.

Ohio (Alpha-Omega) Alumni News

John Duggan (1989) was named manager of professional development for the American Counseling Association. The American Counseling Association (ACA) is a not-forprofit, professional and educational organization that is dedicated to the growth and enhancement of the counseling profession. Founded in 1952, ACA is the world’s largest association exclusively representing more than 56,000 counselors in various practice settings. As a former chapter president, Duggan also served as alumni advisor for the colony at Grand Valley State University.

Oklahoma (Gamma-Rho) Omegas

John N. Goodman (1967) died Aug. 31, 2015. An Eagle Scout at 13 years old, he attended the University of Oklahoma where he majored in economics, worked as a dorm counselor, was a member of the President’s Leadership Class and Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, he concurrently earned master’s and doctorate degrees from the University of Oklahoma. Goodman joined the Oklahoma City law firm of Conner, Little, and Conner in 1971, and opened his own practice in Oklahoma City in 1981, where he was still practicing at the time of his death. He was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the JAG Corps and was honorably discharged from the U.S. Army Reserve in 1978. Donald W. Henline (1966) died Sept. 5, 2015. He was commissioned an ensign in the U.S. Navy and served three years of active duty in Coronado, Calif. Following

active duty, Henline became a stock broker specializing in trading commodity futures for large ranches and several corporations. In 1976, he managed an agricultural business of 10,000 acres in Oklahoma and earned an MBA from the University of Central Oklahoma. Henline then went to work for the FDIC and was in charge of all owned oil and gas properties in the region. In 1991, he joined First National Bank of Bethany as a commercial lender. In 2004, he took early retirement and began to manage a familyowned oil and gas company in Oklahoma. Thomas E. Pafford (1949) died Sept. 2, 2015. He served in the U.S. Army. In 1974, Pafford formed Pafford & Associates, a manufacturers’ representative company through which he sold generators, switchgear and other heavy industrial equipment in the standby power industry.

Oklahoma State (Alpha-Eta) Chapter News

From Aug. 3 to Sept. 4, the chapter held its annual Watermelon Bust, raising more than 16,000 pounds of food. Thirteen sororities donate 100 cans as an entry fee to participate in a variety of games and activities.

Pittsburg State (Lambda Chi)

Chapter News

During fall recruitment, the chapter added 25 new associate


September 2015 - - Issue #8

members. The photo is a recent one of the chapter house.

Rollins (Theta-Gamma)

Purdue (Psi)

The chapter has its own chapter house. During fall recruitment, the chapter added three associate members.

Chapter News

Chapter News

SSgt. Stout returned home from deployment and is continuing his studies at Purdue University. He was deployed to Afghanistan and Kuwait with the 122nd Fighter Wing last October.

Sam Houston State (Sigma-Mu) Alumni News

Richmond (Alpha-Chi)

Chapter News The chapter earned the Dirghalli Scholastic Programing Award at the 2015 Stead Leadership Seminar. Connor Willmott (2018) and Cole Wenzel (2018) attended the conference.

On Sept. 12, alumni brothers hosted a reunion in New Braunfels, Texas. Several of the original chartering group from 1974 attended the event. Former Educational Foundation Board Member Charles Jones will be a keynote speaker at the Auto Finance Summit 2015 this October in Las Vegas.

Samford (Theta-Alpha) Chapter News

The chapter’s education foundation is accepting applications for the scholarship awards.

Chapter News


Chapter Vice President Tim Van Tuyle was elected president of Order of Omega, Lambda Nu Chapter. Order of Omega is a Greek Leadership Honor Society that prides itself on only admitting members they consider to be in the top three percent of Greek Life. This position will allow Van Tuyle to help foster the professional development of Greeks on campus and work closely with administration on the Greek Awards application process. He is the first male president to hold this office.


September 2015 - - Issue #8

Standards Chair Pete Greene was appointed the finance chair for Associated Students, the university’s student government organization. As chair, he will serve on the executive board for the student government organization. He will coordinate and chair the Finance Committee meetings and the weekly Budget Committee meetings. In addition, he will review and approve the budgeted financial expenditures of the Program Board and the centers funded by Associated Students and prepare monthly expense reports. Darren Hollak, also elected to Associated Students, will be working to set and monitor the budget for all student life related clubs, activities, and events for the 2015-2016 school year.

South Dakota (Alpha-Gamma)

Southern California (Zeta-Delta) Chapter News

In the university’s first football game, quarterback Cody Kessler completed 19 of 26 passes for 236 yards and four touchdowns. Together with starting center Max Tuerk and kicker Alex Wood, the three chapter brothers helped lead USC to a 55-6 win over visiting Arkansas State.

Spring Hill (Delta-Delta) Chapter News

On Sept. 12, the chapter held its fall semester philanthropy event, Watermelon Bash, raising thousands of pounds of food for local food banks. For the event, one of the chapter brothers created a “Snapchat Filter” that helped promote the event.

Chapter News

In August, the chapter held an Initiation Ritual Exemplification for six associate members. During fall recruitment, the chapter added 23 new associate members A new sports lounge was added to the chapter house over the summer, completed by alumni and active members.

South Florida Omega

Dr. Norman J. Castellano died July 13, 2015. He served as a board member of the Lambda Chi Alpha Alumni Association of Tampa Bay and mentored undergraduate brothers. Castellano earned Masters of Science degree in Animal Nutrition and completed his academia by obtaining his Doctorate of Dental Medicine. He was president of his class in the School of Dentistry at the University of Florida. He began a successful dental practice and became a team dentist for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Tennessee - Chattanooga (Zeta-Phi) Chapter News

During fall recruitment, the chapter added 25 new associates. Over the summer, Ryan Copeland served as a Global Wealth Invest Management intern at Merril Lynch in Nashville. Austin Lynch traveled to Haiti to help teens learn English as well as teach young adults work and business skills.

Tennessee - Knoxville (Epsilon-Omicron) Chapter News

During fall recruitment, the chapter added 58 new associate members. From Sept. 7 through Sept. 12, the chapter held its annual Watermelon Bust. Donated food and money benefitted Second Harvest.


September 2015 - - Issue #8

Chapter Advisor Pat McCabe and House Manager Falcon Belew installed new speakers inside and outside of the house, purchased new chairs for our chapter room, and added an “Exceptional E.O. Alumni” board in the front room.

Texas Christian (Iota-Pi)

Union (Lambda-Zeta) Chapter News

After receiving the Grand High Alpha Award at the 2015 Stead Leadership Seminar, the chapter is focused on new member recruitment to ensure their standards and operatinos remain high.

Chapter News

During fall recruitment, the chapter added 38 new associate members. Luke Benuska (2016) is a member of the varsity football team.

Alumni News

Mike Gill was hired to be the chief of staff for the DEA in Washington DC. Gill has had a successful career at the U.S. Attorney’s Office and served on the Alpha-Chi chapter’s alumni advisory board at the University of Richmond.

Troy (Sigma-Tau) Chapter News

During fall recruitment, the chapter added 31 associate members. During the summer, chapter President Pierce Godwin worked at J.H. Ranch located, in Etna, Cali. Chapter Vice President Tony Chavez worked as an impact orientation leader for the university. Associate members Hunter Womac and Sebastian Lee were selected for Freshman Forum. Garrett Bode was elected as IFC vice president of new member education.

Virginia Commonwealth (Pi-Tau) Chapter News

Chapter members attended a recruitment workshop hosted by Master Steward Larry Mathews. At the workshop brothers learned techniques to help them have a successful fall recruitment.

Virginia Tech (Sigma-Lambda) Chapter News

Chapter brothers held a brotherhood event in which they cleaned the chapter house to prepare for the fall semester.


September 2015 - - Issue #8

Washington (Alpha-Psi) Omega

Dr. John A. Wolf (1957) died May 30, 2015. He graduated from University of Washington School of Medicine in 1961 where he was named to Alpha Omega Alpha honor medical society. He completed an internship in surgery and his residency in urology at UW, Harborview and VA hospitals in Seattle. He served as chief resident at University of Washington, chief of urology at Seattle VA, president of St. Elizabeth Hospital in Yakima, president of Northwest Urologic Society and vice president of Yakima County Medical Society. He served University of Washington as clinical associate professor of urology, emeritus for life, Department of Urology where he also participated in the first successful kidney transplants and was instrumental in creating several educational and residency programs.

Western (Delta-Eta) Chapter News

During August, chapter members attended a Toronto Blue Jays baseball game and chapter officers held a camping retreat. Chapter members would like to thank the alumni brothers for their generous donations that helped replace ritual equipment.

Western Carolina (Beta-Zeta ) Chapter News

The chapter has an official house on campus to begin the fall semester.

William Jewell (Epsilon-Nu) Chapter News

Nicholas Raimondi (2016) and Joel Steyer (2016) spent the spring and summer exploring Europe after spending the previous academic year studying in Oxford, England. Both men are are a part of the Oxbridge Honors Program at William Jewell College

... JOINED EFFORTS WITH THE BORDER HOPE FOUNDATION TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE LIVES OF AN UNDERPRIVILEGED FAMILY... Michael Rawat, a physics and math major, joined efforts with the Border Hope Foundation to make a difference in the lives of an underprivileged family in Eagle Pass, Texas. Featured in the local newspaper, Rawat has developed a machine that makes bricks out of earth, water and mortar. Funded by a grant from William Jewell College, the machine creates a block that is more affordable for developing countries.

September 2015 - - Issue #8


September 2015 - - Issue #8


September 2015 - - Issue #8


September 2015 - - Issue #8


September 2015 - - Issue #8


September 2015 - - Issue #8


September 2015 - - Issue #8


September 2015 - - Issue #8


September 2015 Cross & Crescent  
September 2015 Cross & Crescent  

The Cross & Crescent for September 2015.