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July 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #6


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NEW STEAD PROGRAMING By: Eliah McCutchen (Montevallo)







FRIENDS OF BRYAN By: Kyle Jones (Montevalo)

CHOPPERS ABROAD Stead 2015, Sex Signals, Phired Up, Lost Brother Initiative, Sons of Ben, #WillPower, History Book, IHQ 20Q, On The Web, Intern Blog. July 2015 - lambdachi.org- Issue #6



22 CHAPTER NEWS By: Tad Lichtenauer (Denison)



July 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #6

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FROM THE EDITOR Kyle Jones Associate Director of Communications & Digital Publishing (317) 803-7321 kjones@lambdachi.org

Publisher: Bill Farkas Editor: Kyle Jones Managing Editor: Tad Lichtenauer Digital Marketing Manager: Jimmy Long Copy-editors: Jono Wren Bob McLaughlin Mike Raymond Interns: Evan Ziebell Eliah McCutchen Layout & Design: Fuel VM Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity 11711 N Pennsylvania St. Suite 250Carmel, IN 46032 (317)872-8000




Here at IHQ, staff has been busy preparing for the 2015 Stead Leadership Seminar, which takes place on July 23-25 at Iowa State University in beautiful Ames, Iowa. We’ve been hard at work putting together a premiere education experience for our undergraduates and alumni volunteers and we all look forward to seeing you there. Speaking of Stead, this year the seminar offers two new educational programs that have been gaining notoriety across the country, Sex Signals and Phired Up. Our intern Eliah McCutchen has more on what you can expect later this month.

the sun, road trips and music. We’ve put together a list of brothers putting their musical talents to use and pursuing their dream. Your new summertime cookout playlist is in this issue, LCA:Music. Lastly, speaking of road trips, we’ve got brothers checking in from all over the world as part of our Choppers Abroad photo feature. That’s all for now, but we’ve still got big things to unveil in the following months and we’re very excited to share them with you. Until then, we’ll see you at Stead and as always, send us your stories, photos and suggestions.

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Stay safe and God bless America.

2015 June


2015 May

The Lost Brother Initiative launched just over a month ago and is already reconnecting brothers and bringing them closer to the general fraternity, in this issue you can find more on just how that process works and where to update your own, or a brother’s information. While you’re there, check out our brand new history book “Our Story: A History of the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity” and make your order now while supplies last.

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Summer is in full swing, and even though school is no longer in session, things don’t stop for Lambda Chi Alpha and our members.

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Our feature story this month comes out of Philadelphia, where only a few years ago an intrepid brother named Bryan James brought Major League Soccer to his own background, with a little help from his friends and the lessons learned as an undergrad, the Sons of Ben are still a staple of the Philly sports community. To wrap up, as it is summertime, that means fun in


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July2015 2015- lambdachi.org - lambdachi.org- Issue - Issue#6#6 July


Each year, chapter delegates attending the Stead Leadership Seminar learn valuable information about Lambda Chi Alpha and on becoming a leader in their chapter and community. By: Eliah McCutchen (Montevallo)



July 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #6



This year, Stead welcomes two special programs to the annual conference; Phired Up Recruitment, and Sex Signals. Each program will be hosting sessions containing information beneficial at both the chapter level and on campus. Sex Signals raises awareness on one of the biggest problems facing college campuses today: sexual assault. Using humor, improvisation and audience interaction, Sex Signals takes a look at the issues involving dating, sex and consent. As their description states, Sex Signals challenges audiences that have mislabeled coercive behavior as seduction, and reexamines a culture that too often holds victims of rape responsible for their own vulnerability. The Sex Signals program addresses common rape myths and reaches out to students who may have mislabeled coercion as consent. The hope is that by realizing the brutal impact of rape they will change their behavior to that of seeking consensual intimacy. With the help of two actors, the audience partakes in situations that could lead to sexual assault. Improvised scenes show the audience how they can intervene when someone else is in a vulnerable situation as well as express their feelings and intentions to a sexual partner. The program expresses that by keeping the conversation open and accessible, the show is able to take on misunderstandings surrounding sexual assault. Sex Signals has given over 3,000 performances for students, companies, and military personnel and reports that 90 percent of colleges are interested in having the program return to their campus. Catharsis Productions Marketing and Communications Coordinator Maura Kinney says that while it is difficult to measure something like culture change, they “see an agreement across the board in the importance of bystander intervention and enthusiastic consent, and a commitment to helping.” “Sex Signals offers an interactive and engaging way to address sexual misconduct and social miscues in all environments,” said Joshua Womack, education curriculum specialist at Lambda Chi Alpha International

Headquarters.“This issue has been prevalent on campuses and in communities during the previous years, so we want to ensure our men are equipped to acknowledge it intelligently and empathetically, as well as possess the abilities to prevent sexual misconduct.” The second special program offered at Stead, Phired Up Productions, will be presented by the company’s training director, Vincent Fabra, a member of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity and a Southern Mississippi graduate. Phired Up, a leading educator on fraternity recruitment, focuses on teaching the skills needed for growth within their chapters; such as the ability to shake hands, hold conversations, communicate the value of their experience and build relationships. Once that skill is achieved, Phired Up stresses the importance of implementing a system called Dynamic Recruitment. Dynamic Recruitment is a year-long approach focusing on refining relationships and conversational skills to improve chapters growth and recruitment overall. “Our best days are ahead of us,” Fabra says, “and in order for us to achieve that, we have to bring the right type of people into our organizations the right way.” “Phired Up Productions has reinvigorated and inspired the Greek community by refining the skills to recruit individually and the system to succeed continuously,” added Womack. “Not only will the social training develop our men, but the Phired Up recruitment system will set attainable goals for our men to achieve term after term, year after year.” Sex Signals and Phired Up Recruitment will have two sessions taking place from 9:30 - 11:30 a.m. and from 12:45 -2:45 p.m. Attendees of Stead Leadership Conference will alternate between the programs before and after lunch on Saturday, July 25.


July 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #6


RECONNECTING OUR BROTHERHOOD, IHQ UNVEILS LOST BROTHER INITIATIVE Launched in late May, the Lambda Chi Alpha Lost Brother Initiative is a tool to reconnect brothers to their home zeta and to the greater fraternity. B y : Ky l e J o n e s ( M o n t e v a l l o )

The easy-to-use system allows brothers to update their own basic information, or to provide it for fellow brothers between and within the zetas. “Our membership database is a living, breathing reflection of who we are as an organization,” said Tad Lichtenauer, director of communications and IT, “It is important to our continued success to keep our membership information updated and expanding.” Professional staff is always prepared and available to help members find information about their lost brothers, but to do that our records must be as accurate as possible. “As a brotherhood, we need to make every effort to ensure our database is as accurate as possible. No brother deserves to be listed as ‘lost’,” Lichtenauer added. Through this new initiative and with the help of our collective brothers this process will become more effective and authentic. Planning events such as chapter reunions and the organization of alumni associations will become increasingly easier and much more reliable for staff members and the greater brotherhood. “To that end, the Lost Brother Initiative is our newest attempt to aid our members in identifying and reconnecting our missing brothers. We are excited about the initial results from this tool and hope our members will take


some time to review their chapter’s listing,” said Lichtenauer. To update your own information or to submit it on behalf of another brother, please visit www. lambda-chi-alpha.org/lost-brother/


July 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue 6



July 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #6


HOLLOW LIGHT Brothers in the band: Dakota Hoover Delta-Beta 486 (Northeastern State)

Summer time has become synonymous with the music festival, from Coachella to Bonnaroo to Lollapalooza, fans across the country flock to small towns and outdoor venues across the country to catch the hottest acts of the year. It’s well known that brothers like Kenny Chesney (East Tennessee State) and Charles Kelley (Georgia) of Lady Antebellum represent Lambda Chi Alpha on the musical front, but there are so many more brothers out there following their dreams. Here’s our own own line up for the summer season, show your brothers some love and turn it up to 11. This is LCA:Music.


Formed in: Tahlequah, Okla. Sounds like: Iron & Wine, The Civil Wars, Indie Where to listen: www.soundcloud.com/hollowlight About your LCA experience and influence: Lambda Chi really helped to push me out of my comfort zone and strive to perform outside of my apartment and go to our university’s open mic nights, as well as Greek Week talent shows. Without LCA I doubt I would have made the connections I have with others in the Greek community that also share my passion for music. Both of my little brother’s also play, although we don’t share the same interest in genre, we still love to play music and share ideas. It’s truly been a blessing. Additional comments from the artist: If you like what you’ve heard make sure to follow me, or


drop a comment on a track on my Soundcloud. I’ll be uploading some more tracks this summer. Thanks!

Brothers in the band: Ian Reitz, Delta-Phi 457 (Southeast Missouri State)

Formed: 2014 Sounds like: Lo-fi indie pop Where to listen: americanwrestlers. bandcamp.com. Also on Spotify.

Additional comments from the artist: We are currently on tour in

the northeast and our booking agency is planning a full U.S/ UK tour for the fall. As I write this email in a hotel in Maine we just got done playing Northside Festival in Brooklyn, opening a sold out show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, and doing a street show in Brooklyn for Urban Outfitters. We are signed to Fat Possum records, whose roster boasts such acts as Iggy Pop and Modest Mouse.

MATTHEW LUCAS Brothers in the band: Matthew Lucas, Lambda-Tau 580 (Western Michigan)

Formed: 2011 Sounds Like: Flosstradamus, RL GRIME Where to Listen: www.soundcloud.com/officialmatthewlucas About your LCA experience and influence: My Lambda Chi

experience has been unforgettable. I’ve met a bunch of people, and I’ve found my brothers for life who I will cherish memories with for life. I’ve helped people in need through this chapter, and have supported other fraternities and sororities and built closer relationships within Greek Life. I’ve also received a lot of support from my brothers for my passion in my music. Couldn’t have a better group of people to support me.


July 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #6

DJ TONEZ Brothers in the band:

Michael Tonart, IotaBeta 875 (Lycoming)

Formed (Where/When): Williamsport, Penn. 2010

Sounds like:

I’m an Open Format DJ “Open Format literally means being open to any and all formats of music. An Open Format DJ will play what seems like a random selection of songs from different genres and eras and blend them together in a cohesive way that sound great and keep the dancers on the dance-floor interested”

Where to listen:

Instagram @ ImDJTonez


KILO AND THE DEW Brothers in the band: Daniel Rivera Zeta-Epsilon 775, Jason Daw Zeta-Epsilon 824 (Texas-El Paso)

Formed (Where/When): El Paso, Texas 2013

Sounds like: We take musical inspiration from many current and former musicians/bands including Passion Pit and Twenty One Pilots.

Where to listen: www.kiloandthedewmusic.com About your LCA experience and influence:

We have put out one EP and a full length album. We have also performed at a few local festivals in El Paso and have toured in Arizona, California, Nevada, Colorado, and Texas. Jason will also be participating on the IRT team this year at the Stead Leadership Conference. Lambda Chi Alpha has always been pivotal to the success that we have had. Our brothers here in El Paso support us unconditionally and we’d love for our story to be shared throughout all Zetas.


Contact Info:


KENNY GEORGE BAND Brothers in the band: Kenny


George, Sigma-Epsilon 414 (Montevallo)

Formed: 2007 Sounds like: Alternative Country/Folk Rock

Where to listen: www.kennygeorgeband. Photo: PD Photography


July 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #6


Photo:Ngaio Nobumoto

Michael Messina, SigmaEpsilon 468. James Vance, Sigma-Epsilon 483. John Nicholson, Sigma-Epsilon 471, and Chris Estes, SigmaEpsilon 446 (Montevallo

Formed (Where/When): We formed in Montevallo, Ala. in 2008. Sounds like: The Strokes, Modest Mouse, The Killers Where to listen: giantsandtoys.bandcamp.com. Also on Spotify. About your LCA experience and influence:

I started Giants and Toys in high school with my best friend Jack Kish and Justin Lathem. Side note, Justin ended up becoming a brother in college but parted ways with the band freshman year. When I joined Lambda Chi a lot of the brothers used to jam out in the chapter room. We ended up getting too loud for that so we would end up practicing at brother’s houses who lived off campus. I also played guitar in a short-lived all-brother ska band under the name Hey Man! Giants and Toys needed more members in the band so I asked Chris, Vance, and brother Jake Finn to join. We all shared a love for music, but I also feel that the brotherly connection we had through Lambda Chi aided the band— we were a bunch of guys who loved each other and played gritty pop-rock.

Additional comments from the artist:

I encourage my brothers to support local music around the campus, city, and state where they live. I know y’all like to throw parties, so get a good local band to play original music for your next event. Not only is that much cooler than a run of the mill cover band, but it supports your community as well.


SANSONE Brothers in the band: Michael Petillo, Pi-Zeta 157 (Elmhurst)

Sounds like: Conscious Rap Where to listen: soundcloud.com/sansoneofficial. About your LCA experience and influence: When I was growing up I had a half brother and sister who were much older but not in my life, I was practically an only child. A huge aspect I was looking for in life was brotherhood, instantly when I went through recruitment with Lambda Chi, I really felt close to them and felt that brotherhood. When I told them my story it provided a great support system and it was like another family. SUNBATHERS

Brothers in the band: Shohsei Oda, Alpha-Chi 1298 (Richmond) on drums.

Formed (Where/When):

Sunbathers formed in the fall of 2013 in the H Street neighborhood of Washington, D.C.

Sounds like: The Strokes, Radiohead, Arctic Monkeys, Foals, Daft Punk Where to listen: www.facebook.com/sunbathersband, soundcloud.com/sunbathersband. Also on Spotify.

About your LCA experience and influence:

I rushed Lambda Chi my freshmen year at U of R and served as High Delta during my sophomore year. My chapter was my home away from home and my brothers were my closest friends. Even today, being two years out of school, I hang out with many of those friends every week and they always express their support by coming to my band’s shows. My band went down to Richmond to play a gig at the chapter last fall and of course broke out Magic Carpet Ride. Through Lambda Chi I was provided invaluable opportunities to lead, challenge myself, and most importantly, make lasting and meaningful friendships. The bond of brotherhood is a strong one and one I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Additional comments from the artist:

Fun fact: one of my chapter brothers is a DJ who goes by Yites and he produced an EDM remix of one of my band’s songs. Check out “Summer In The City (Yites Remix)” on SoundCloud and Spotify. Also check out Yites on Facebook!

JuLY2015 2015- lambdachi.org - lambdachi.org- Issue - Issue#6#6 July


When Major League Soccer kicked off in early 1996, Philadelphia was notably absent from the league’s inaugural ten teams. B y : Ky l e J o n e s ( M o n t e v a l l o )


10 10


July 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #6



Despite Philadelphia being one of the ten largest metropolitan areas in the country and a top-five media market, Major League Soccer would not come to the “City of Brotherly Love” for another 12 years. It wasn’t until 2007, with the creation of the Sons of Ben supporters group, that Bryan James (Elon 1995), Andrew Dillon and David Flagler would begin advocating for Major League Soccer to award Philadelphia an expansion team. “When the league started and Philly didn’t get a team in that initial round, we were confused,” said James. “It took until I moved back to the area and had children of my own. I said, ‘You know, we need a team here.’ So we did what Philly fans do best, and that’s be loud. From there the supporters group without a team came to life.” With only three members and a dream, the Sons of Ben, named for Benjamin Franklin, formed in January 2007 with a goal of 100 members. By May the group had over 500, which quickly doubled to 1,000 by the end of June. The growing popularity and absurdity of the supporters group with no team saw them featured in Sports Illustrated, and by early 2008, a little over a year after its formation, the Sons of Ben were 3,000 strong. After heading to Baltimore for the 2008 MLS SuperDraft and being featured on ESPN, the Sons of Ben’s dream was coming to fruition, and only a few weeks later it was announced that Philadelphia would be added as the league’s sixteenth team. And that was it. In little over a year, James and his fellow co-founders had shaken things

up enough to bring MLS to Philadelphia. Though for James, that wasn’t enough.“I said, ‘You know what, we need to do something more, and I wasn’t afraid to reach out.” After seeing what could be accomplished in just a year, James harkened back to his days as an undergrad. “I can still remember being a 20-year-old kid walking around neighborhoods with a brown grocery sack with my brothers while knocking on doors for can food donations,” he said. From the inception of the Sons of Ben, James drew inspiration and experience from his time as an undergrad at Elon University in North Carolina. As one of the first recruits of the newly chartered chapter, James and his brothers recognized the opportunity to forge their own identities on campus and define for themselves how the letters of Lambda Chi Alpha were represented. During his time as High Rho for Delta-Pi Zeta, James learned how to communicate and protect a brand and a message, citing that his fraternal experience rubbed off on how he approached serving as president for the Sons of Ben. “How do you act in letters?” became, “How is this organization presented to the outside world?” The stereotypes and threat of potential violent behavior that come with the hooliganism of Casual culture surrounding soccer support firms was anticipated, and a code of conduct for new members was put into place. “Like Lambda Chi Alpha, I didn’t want

Bryan and his wife Mary on the red carpet for the premiere of “Sons of Ben: The Movie.”

S​ ons of Ben presenting the 2008 Help Kick Hunger donation Sister Sandra Lyons of The Bernardine Center in Chester, Pennsylvania.


July 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #6

[Sons of Ben] to just be a social group,” he said. “I wanted it to display some sort of social responsibility.” “When you’re talking about building a stadium in a city like Chester, Pennsylvania, which has a lot of challenges, you have a great opportunity to give back to that community. “ Their focus quickly shifted from bringing a soccer team

greater organization as the Philadelphia Union emerged. “As a result of our efforts to be part of the community, we led the team to do the same,” he said. “I think that my fraternity experience, not only it being a lifetime of true brotherhood, but the fact that it makes you a leader even when you’re not really comfortable enough to be so, has been a major


back into semi-retirement, though he still advises the firm’s current president and attends events and matches as he can. “Everything I learned about being a leader I learned from Lambda Chi or the Sons of Ben, and those lessons have made me a more effective leader.” With the Philadelphia Union in its fifth season of

EVERY THING I LEARNED ABOUT BEING A LEADER I LEARNED FROM L AMBDA CHI to Philly, to figuring out how the group could make the area better and change lives. Modeling one of the first charity efforts, Help Kick Hunger, after Lambda Chi Alpha’s former North America Food Drive, James and crew became leaders in their organization and community, which then inspired and established a sense of service among the

influence,” added James. “Speaking in front of brothers, then alumni, doing all the things outside of your scope of knowledge and experience during that time as an undergrad become tools that will serve you the rest of your life.” After spending years as a pioneering leader and president of the supporter group, James has stepped

MLS play, the Sons of Ben are still going strong and are now the subject of a new awardwinning documentary “Sons of Ben: The Movie” which premiered in Philadelphia on June 10. For more information on the Sons of Ben visit www. sonsofben.com, and to learn more about the film visit


From his time as an undergrad to his professional life, James has lived by his Lambda Chi principles and his work with the Sons of Ben has shown just that.

July 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #6



FINDING THE #WILLPOWER Marietta brother raises awareness to fight son’s incurable disease. By: Eliah McCutchen (Montevallo)


Brother Tim Byers (Marietta) and his wife could tell there was something wrong with their son, Will, after a doctor had misdiagnosed Will with having autism. Soon after, Tim’s wife, Valerie, saw a news story about a little girl named Eliza with a rare disease called Sanfilippo syndrome. The Byers immediately recognized the symptoms in their son. Will was diagnosed with Type B Sanfilippo syndrome, an extremely rare disease that affects only 1 in 200,000 children. Currently, there is no cure. Sanfilippo syndrome is a progressive disease that starts to shut down the brain and central nervous system. The disease is fatal. Children will begin to lose the ability to talk, walk and eat and generally do not live past their early to mid-teens. A genetic disease, Sanfilippo syndrome is passed down when both parents possess the gene. The Byers also have a 19-month old daughter named Samantha. There is a twenty-five percent chance Samantha will also be diagnosed with Sanfilippo. Since the disease is so rare, research is very limited. The Byers hope that informing people of the disease and telling their story will bring awareness to the cause. A fundraising page was created for Will at the time of the diagnosis. Within three days of its startup the Byers’ $25,000 goal was met, however the family does not want to stop there. The Byers started the “5 for 5” campaign in honor of Will’s fifth birthday on June 11. The campaign, which benefits Cure Sanfilippo Foundation, challenges people to donate amounts of money ending in the number five in

Type B Sanfilippo syndrome is an extremely rare disease that affects only 1 in 200,000 children. Currently, there is no cure but brother Tim Byers and his family have not given up hope, as they continue to raise awareness and support for The Cure Sanfilippo Foundation.


July 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #6


honor of Will and others fighting Sanfilippo syndrome. According to Tim Byers, about 85 percent of the money raised has come from people the family knows. The rest was donated by people who have seen the campaign on Facebook, the news or the fundraising page. The Cure Sanfilippo Foundation has so far raised $1.8 million, which funds research in finding a cure for the disease. The Byers want to raise the rest of the $200,000 needed to start a gene therapy clinical trial for Sanfilippo syndrome this year. “Since this is such a rare disease, almost all of the advocacy starts with parent-run foundations,”said Tim Byers. To make a difference and change their son’s outcome, the family has raised almost $45,000 through their supporters. “So please, continue to be the heroes in our story and continue to share and educate people about Sanfilippo syndrome,” the family says on their fundraising page. “It is your WILL Power that is going to make the impossible possible!” To donate to the Byers’ cause, visit www.crowdrise.com/ WILLPowerMPS/fundraiser/timothybyers. For more information and to follow Will’s journey, visit his blog at everyeleventhwithlittlebuddy.


... THE FAMILY HAS RAISED ALMOST $45,000 THROUGH THEIR SUPPORTERS. Will and his family pose with Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt while raising awareness for Sanfilippo syndrome


July 2015 July- lambdachi.org 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #6- Issue #6

Choppers Abroad Bavarian Alps Brothers Earl and Robert Morris (Arkansas State) at the Bavarian Alps in Germany as part as an Honors WWII study abroad trip.

Sun Valley Brothers from the Alpha-Lambda Zeta at Oregon State University on a hiking and fishing trip in Sun Valley.

Undergraduate Interfraternity Brothers from across the country at the Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute 2015 Session 4, Kappa Rho. From left: Trey Vernaci (Millsaps College), Daniel Sanchez (Elmhurst College), intern Anthony Ciliberto (Millersville University), Tanner Fonseca (Arizona State University), LEAD Facilitator, Dan Hartmann (NIC), Joey Shin (Indiana University-Bloomington)

Honduras Brother David Olmos (University of Wisconsin-Whitewater) swimming with Simba the Jaguar in Honduras.


July 2015 July- lambdachi.org 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #6- Issue #6

Northsea Islands Brother Marvin Toepfer (Florida Tech) flying from northern Germany to the Northsea Islands.


China Brothers Andrew Beliveau and Zachary Gendreau (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) at West Lake in Hangzhou, China. Zachary and Andrew traveled to China in March as part of a graduate course on Chinese Business.

Ecuador Germany Brother Marcus Kammrath (Wabash College) recently traveled to T端bingen, Germany with alumni brother Greg Redding as his professor.

Brother Dave Hollingsworth (Vincennes University) at 17,200 feet on the Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador.


July 2015 July- lambdachi.org 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #6- Issue #6


Czech Republic Brothers Sam Soik, Max Scheiber, and Harvey Huang enjoyed a reception at the U.S. Ambassador’s house in Prague, Czech Republic before singing a send-off performance with their collegiate chorus for several foreign service officials.

Great Britain Brother Nick Bratvold with his dad and brother in Dover, England. Nick spent the past two weeks abroad traveling between London, Salisbury, Canterbury and Edinburgh

Central Europe Brothers Chance Majewski, Andrew Guess and Quincy Hall (Montevallo) traveled with their school’s concert choir to Central Europe. Here is a photo of Chance, Andrew and Quincy in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Germany Brother Cody Hartsburg (Alberta) at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.


July 2015 July- lambdachi.org 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #6- Issue #6


Italy Brother Dylan Bateman (Arkansas State) at the top of Mount Vesuvius in Italy.

England Brothers Joel Steyer (William Jewell College), Nick Raimondi (William Jewell College), and David Wildes (Mercer) are studying abroad at Regents Park College at Oxford University.

Kuwait Brother William Taylor (left) representing Lambda Chi Alpha while serving with the United States Army in Kuwait.

Northern Ireland Grand High Phi David Huffine and family at Giants Causeway on the Antrim Coast of Northern Ireland.


July 2015 July- lambdachi.org 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #6- Issue #6


Nicaragua Brothers Ben Burgess, Kevin Varghese, Nick Harrison, Jacob Switzer and Akash Patel (Alabama-Birmingham) on a medical mission trip to Nicaragua. They were able to set up a medical clinic and see over 1,250 people in three days, prescribe and fill needed medications in addition to being able to build two sanitary units for families this summer.

France Brother Billy Erickson from American University at the grave of composer FrĂŠdĂŠric Chopin in Paris, France.

Germany Brother Trevor Halder of the Theta-Lambda Zeta at Simpson College is spending his summer studying abroad in Germany. Here is a photo of Trevor at the Brandenburg Gates in Berlin



July 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #6

INTERN BLOG: THE START OF A BUSY SUMMER Working in the office as an intern this summer has given me a completely different perspective of Lambda Chi Alpha headquarters. As interns we attend staff meetings, report to directors in our departments and complete a variety of projects. We’re fully immersed in the environment of the Lambda Chi Alpha Headquarters and are treated as if we were a Evan Ziebell (Ball State) full time employee on staff. Each of the seven interns are assigned to at least one supervisor from the department that they work in. Interns receive daily assignments and projects that challenge our skills in a meaningful way. This makes us feel like we are truly part of the team. As a whole, IHQ staff has been busy preparing for the Stead Leadership Seminar coming up on July 23-25 in Ames, Iowa. If you are attending the conference or staying at home, we encourage you to join the conversation and keep up with live updates by using the hashtag, #Stead2015 throughout social media. Here in the communications department we have been working heavily with graphic design and promotions for Lambda Chi, such as designing the T-shirt that will be given to participants at our summer conference, we also contributed pages to the Stead Event Guide. Among many responsibilities, the communications department gathers content for the monthly edition of the Cross and Crescent magazine. Each member of the communications team contributes various story ideas and

content for the “C&C.” As an intern, we’ve had the opportunity to copy edit and write stories for the magazine, as well as create promotional pieces to gather more stories from our undergraduate brothers. Over in chapter services we spoke with Matt Roy, associate director of chapter services, about the research and organization that his department has been working on this summer. Roy has been focused on the Consultant Development Program for our Educational Leadership Consultants (ELC). This program is an intensive 300 hours of training that takes place primarily during the months of June through August. Everything from chapter operations to public speaking is covered within the Consultant Development Program. In addition to this program, Roy has been completing a new ELC visit report for the fall semester. He also conducts research on expansion for new chapters of Lambda Chi Alpha. Associate Director of Expansion Chris Buck has been busy planning for two new colonies that will be chartered this fall at Coastal Carolina University and at the University of Tampa. He also researches possible expansions for Lambda Chi and


finds ways to support colonies throughout the year. The department of alumni involvement has been diligently working on a number of projects. Department director George Taylor expressed how important the undergraduate interns are to headquarters staff during the summer. “While most people may be on summer break from school, our experience here at Lambda Chi is just the opposite. We are definitely busy,” Taylor said. He also explained how delegating work to the interns allows them more time to plan for a busy school year. His intern, Jack Liska (Cincinnati), has been a helping hand to Taylor since joining staff a month ago. Liska has completed mailings to alumni, sent out information to new High Pis and collected information on current housing for Lambda Chi chapters. He says the most important thing he has learned from working here is that IHQ is a great resource to chapters. “Don’t ever be afraid to ask for help,” Liska said. “IHQ will almost always have the answer.” Josh Womack, education curriculum specialist, is working to complete a “Ritual Forgiveness Program” to ensure that 100 percent of chapters and colonies have a



July 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #6

WHILE MOST PEOPLE MAY BE ON SUMMER BREAK...,OUR EXPERIENCE HERE...IS JUST THE OPPOSITE ritual book. He is also working on updates to Officer Academy, a retreat guide, ritual education pieces, experiential learning guides and increased academic performance of chapters. Parker Butler, intern for the offices of harm reduction and education, has learned quite a lot during his short time working at Lambda Chi Alpha headquarters. Butler, a senior advertising major at Southeast Missouri State University, works on incident tracking and analysis. He also researches ways to help prevent these issues. Butler believes in the importance of forming a positive relationship with your the ELC assigned to your chapter. “I would say it’s helpful to get to know your ELC,” Butler said. “They are looking out for the best interest of the chapters.” Matt Bose (New Mexico State) serves as the executive office intern for the summer. Bose’s duties include revamping the Student Advisory Committee (SAC), forming parent resources, creating sample philanthropy events and revising the Lambda Chi undergraduate survey.

He said that many people have the misconception that IHQ is mostly about chapter services and not much more. “Often times, people don’t think about all the other departments that make up headquarters,” Bose said. “There’s so much more to this office than I never knew existed and it’s been great to learn about how Lambda Chi works from the inside.” Many brothers have been visiting headquarters as they travel through the region during summer. Want to see for yourself what it’s like at IHQ? You are more than welcome to stop by! Lambda Chi Alpha International Headquarters is open from 8 to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, walk-in visits are welcome. If you are coming with a large group of visitors, please call (317) 872-8000 in advance to schedule a full tour of the facility. That’s all for now, we look forward to seeing you all at Stead Leadership Seminar later this month!



Schlossnagle leads TCU to College World Series Brother Jim Schlossnagle led his TCU Horned Frogs to College World Series play for the second year in a row where they opened against Louisiana State University, beating the Tigers 10-3. TCU would then go on to face Vanderbilt where they would be eliminated from the tournament after losing three straight to the Commodores. Schlossnagle is in his twelve year as head coach of the Horned Frogs. Schlossnagle graduated magna cum laude from Elon University, where he pitched for the Fightin’ Christians’ 1989 NAIA World Series team and also began his coaching career in 1990 as a pitching coach.


July 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #6



FACEBOOK Brothers of the Epsilon-Kappa Zeta at Drexel University enjoy summer time at the local baseball diamond.

Elk City, Okla. police officer Robert Alex Cruz, of Pi Sigma Zeta at Southeastern Oklahoma State Reading reading to the kids. #HeMayHateMeForThis #ProtectAndServe


Brother Vee Basukala of Montevallo (Sigma-Epsilon Zeta) presenting his keynote speech at the annual national ABASE conference in Florida.

@Jeremy Powers




With graduation officially over, the hardest goodbye goes to these 24 guys. 3.5 years ago I was lucky enough to recieve a bid from LCA and had no idea the others I recieved one with would become my best friends.

Brother Gabriel Gonzalez across the word making a difference in people’s lives, one leg at a time. #lambdachialpha #LCA #prosthetics

And just like that...It’s over

Had a great day welcoming new students to NMSU today at Student Orientation! #NMSU #LambdaChiAlpha #chops



July 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #6

Chapter News The following are the submissions received for the month of July 2015. To submit chapter news, please email editor@ lambdachi.org. Undergraduate officers can also report updates on their chapter by logging on to Officer Portal and accessing the “Submit Chapter News” form. B y : Ta d L i c h t e n a u e r ( D e n i s o n )


California Polytechnic (Phi-Sigma)

Chapter News

The chapter won its third consecutive IFC sports championship. Chapter members completed 1,500 hours of community service in the greater San Luis Obispo area. The chapter raised more than 600 pounds of food and $2,500 for a local food bank. The financial donations are equivalent to more than 24,000 pounds of food. Luke McDade, Chad Horn, and Alex Horncliff were elected to the IFC Executive Board.

Photo of the month University of Tulsa “From India with Love” Brother Justin Moore visiting the Taj Mahal.



July 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #6

Georgia (Nu)

Culver-Stockton (Kappa Mu) Omega

Axel Erik Fagurlund died May 4, 2015. He served in the U.S. Air Force from 1944 to 1946. Fugurland worked in sales with Johanson Manufacturing, retiring in January 1990 and living in Florida.

Chapter News

The chapter continues its long tradition of a St. Bernard mascot with the introduction of new puppy Luna this summer. The tradition began in 1968 and Luna becomes the seventh St. Bernard mascot for the brothers. Luna is pictured with retired mascot Mason.

Alumni News

John Trione’s company, Lake Geneva Balloon Co., made Fodor’s top 10 list for best U.S. hot air balloon rides.

your zeta and your number? Northern Colorado, Sigma-Omega 304

··Where are you originally from? Honolulu, Hawaii

··When did you start

Idaho (Epsilon-Gamma)

Thomas M. Pontius (1950) died June 9, 2015. During World War II he served in the 718th Armored Battalion in Alumni News the invasions of Okinawa and the Philippines. Pontius later John Cantele (1963) has retired as the pastor of Peace worked as a commodity broker until his retirement in 1985. Lutheran Church in Oxford, Miss. and has moved to Marshall, Mich.

Eastern Illinois (Phi-Alpha)


··What is the name of

DePauw (Xi) Omega


Indiana State (Iota-Epsilon) Omega

Gerald Kunkle (1950) died June 15, 2015. He played basketball at Indiana State University for legendary Coach

at IHQ and in what position? June 15, as the Director of Regional Alumni Development

··What is your favorite

LCA memory as an undergrad? Eating dinner before initiation. I remember thinking, ‘I’d like to do this for the next initiate class…’ I did end up making that meal the next semester and got the nickname Chef.



July 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #6

John Wooden. Kunkle was part of the NAIA National Basketball Championship team at Indiana State. He was a retired teacher, assistant principal, athletic director and basketball coach.


Northeastern State (Delta-Beta) CONTINUED FROM PAGE 24

··Your favorite memory as a staff member so far? Fellow staff member Kyle Jones taking me to see live local music here in Indianapolis.

Kansas State (Gamma-Xi)

··Favorite piece of the Coat

of Arms? The grip. I think it’s something that we should and could do on a regular basis when greeting brothers.

Alumni News

Brad Shirer and his wife, Sarah, were given the 2015 Distinguished Service Award by the Barton Community College Foundation. This award recognizes individuals who have shown genuine regard for, and have performed outstanding service to Barton Community College.

··Most played song as of

recent? Jack Johnson “Banana Pancakes”

··Last thing you googled?

Maryland-Baltimore County (Phi-Delta) Alumni News

Bad Decisions, owned by John Reusing (2004), was named one of best 2015 bars in America by Esquire Magazine.

Muhlenberg (Nu-Epsilon) Omega

Dr. Francis P. Donatelli, Jr. (1955) died May 4, 2015. After graduating from Temple Dental School, he served his internship and residency at Greenpoint Hospital in Brooklyn, New York. He began practicing oral surgery in Allentown, Pa., and then settled in Monroe County in 1963. He was the first oral surgeon in Monroe County and remained on staff at East Stroudsburg General Hospital (now Pocono Medical Center) until retiring in 1994.

Chapter News

At the Greek Week Awards, the chapter won Excellence in Campus Leadership, Excellence in Community Engagement, the Greek Cup for intramurals, and the Five Columns award being the outstanding fraternity of the year on campus. Individual member awards included Ryan Christie as the Top New Greek Member and Excellence in Scholastics. Matt Ozturk, Jake Jones, and Russell Kennedy were named four of the top five Greek males. Brother Jake Jones was named the Top Greek male.


Avis Car Rentals. Let the travel begin!

··What movie can you not resist watching if it’s on? Zoolander

··Favorite sports teams? Denver Broncos

··Meet anyone alive or dead, who do you pick? King Kamehameha I

··What super power would

you pick? Teleportation. I like traveling and the power of teleportation would sure save me some time.

··Dogs or cats?

The absolute and only answer to this question is dog.

··Biggest fear? N/A

··If you could live anywhere where would it be? Honolulu. I’d love to move


July 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #6

Northwestern (Alpha-Iota)

Pittsburg State (Lambda-Chi) Chapter News

The chapter’s kitchen was refurbished with new paint, appliance cleaning and new tile flooring. For the 16th year, Steve and Sue Pierce sponsored Pierce Stock 2015, a major summer brotherhood event that includes cookout, friends and family.

Alumni News

Brother Dennis Mullin, president/CEO of Steel Pipe and Supply Company, has been appointed to the Kansas State Board of Regents that oversees the University of Kansas.



back to the islands at some point but right now I’m having too much fun living on the mainland.

··Favorite book?

“River God” by Wilbur Smith. I read the book when I was younger and I remember the imagery being so vivid.

··Last meal—What are you

having? I’d like to eat at elBulli in Spain. They’re known for their molecular gastronomy style of cooking.

··What would you name your

Purdue (Psi) Omega

Chapter News

The chapter organized a Watermelon Bust with the support of Northwestern Dining and Campus Cooks, raising a total of $1,428.51 for the Greater Chicago Food Depository. The chapter also organized two trips to the food bank to volunteer. A total of 15 brothers participated.


Donald S. Powers (1947) died April 21, 2015, in Dyer, Indiana. He is remembered for his extensive contributions to his community that can only be briefly touched upon here. Born in Harrodsburg, Ky., in 1920, Powers graduated from Shortridge High School in Indianapolis and later received his Bachelor of Science degree in agriculture from Purdue University in 1947. He also received honorary doctorates from Calumet College of St. Joseph, Whiting, Ind., in 1985 and from Purdue University in 1992. Powers joined the U.S. Navy after the attack on Pearl Harbor, serving as a pilot with night fighter squadrons off various aircraft carriers in the Pacific Theatre during World War II. Discharged in 1946, Powers was recalled to duty for the Korean Conflict as a jet fighter pilot and as the skipper of the photo reconnaissance unit aboard the USS Kearsarge. He was discharged with the rank of lieutenant commander. It has been said that as a real estate developer Powers found much of Munster, a collection of truck farms and left it one of the most prosperous communities in northwest Indiana. In addition to residential development,

autobiography? N/A

·· Most rewarding part of

your job? Meeting passionate volunteers that want to help further and strengthen the brotherhood of Lambda Chi Alpha.

··What do you hope for the future of LCA? The unified vision that this is a lifelong brotherhood. Not just a college experience.


July 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #6

in 1973 he took part in the creation Community Hospital in Munster, named one of America’s 50 Best Hospitals seven years in a row. Powers helped develop Purdue University Calumet in Hammond and was appointed by the governor to its board of trustees in 1975. He became its president in 1980 and served a total of 15 years on the board. Powers also developed the Center for the Visual and Performing Arts in 1989, giving permanent homes to the Northwest Indiana Symphony Orchestra and South Shore Arts. Younger alumni from the area remember Donald Powers for his involvement with their youth groups and for being instrumental in steering them to our Lambda Chi chapter when they entered Purdue.

San Diego (Delta-Kappa)

Chapter News

The chapter won $1,000 in an Instagram contest. The photo was taken when a group of brothers traveled to Coyote Gulch in southwestern Utah for a camping trip during spring break. The photo was taken on the first night, prior to their descending into the gulch where the chapter members camped by the side of a dirt road. Access @ usdlambdachi on Instagram to see more photos.

Southeast Missouri State (Delta-Phi) Chapter News

The chapter participated with the rest of the Greek community in raising more than $21,000 to support charities as well as foundations that were developed in memory of three students who died during the past academic year. The chapter also helped in donating more than 34,000 pounds of canned goods to the local Salvation Army and 900 units of blood to the American Red Cross. Three of the brothers won personal awards: Brother Zachary Cox won the Community Service Award, Parker Butler won the Junior of Year Award, and Clay Dawson won the Unsung Hero Award. The Chapter also won the award for Outstanding Risk Management.

Truman State (Phi-Psi)

Chapter News

On April 25, 2015, the chapter hosted its annual Reach the Beach celebration in Kirksville, Missouri. At the event the Alumni Association and House Corporation each held elections,while an Alumni Advisory Board was created to mentor the undergraduate officers. Following the alumni meetings an Omega ceremony was held for 15 alumni brothers who have died in recent years.




July 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #6

Villanova (Beta-Iota)

Chapter News

Chapter News

Luke Hougo, Scott DiSciullo and Tyler Candee enjoyed visiting with founding chapter member John Constantine during the 2014 homecoming last fall.

The chapter hosted its annual Founders’ Day dinner with more than 80 brothers in attendance. Festivities included awards, remembrances, and great opportunities to socialize with alumni brothers.

Widener (Beta-Chi) Washington (Alpha-Psi)

Alumni News

On July 1, 2015, William Mea assumed the interim presidency of The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art. Cooper Union is a privately funded college located in New York City. Mea previously served as vice president for finance and administration.


July 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #6

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July 2015 Cross & Crescent  

The Cross & Crescent for July 2015.

July 2015 Cross & Crescent  

The Cross & Crescent for July 2015.