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Here’s an idea

There’s a phrase in politics, controversially coined by UK Labour Party spin doctor Jo Moore in the wake of the September 11 attacks, that you can have a “good day to bury bad news”.

Queenstown Lakes District Council seems to have taken that to heart last week. Sandwiched between the end of the election, with the much-loved former mayor Jim Boult enjoying a well-earned holiday, and the confirmation of new mayor Glyn Lewers, they went to town, dropping a few bombs on their social media channels.

The CBD end of Gorge Road, that main route into town for a significant number of residents, will be closed, from pretty much now until mid-next year. And that’s if it all goes to plan. There’ll be a detour, along the tight Robins Road, past the rows of parked cars, past Queenstown Primary School and the fire station, into already congested Camp St. This is to accommodate the new ‘arterial road’ junction with Henry St.

Then, a day later, bombs away again with news that plans for a $4m community centre in the former Walker family home on Ladies Mile were effectively dead-in-the-water, because toxic mould had been discovered behind the cladding.

Even the good news, a new carpark for downtown Queenstown, turned out to be bad news. The 130-space carpark was announced in two sentences and a picture on Facebook. No press release, no fanfare, no ribbon cutting, despite two years of complaints by CBD businesses and commuters. When pressed, the post was amended to include the price: a whopping $3 per hour. That’s $120 a week for your average worker, in the middle of a costof-living crisis.

The carpark, which could net the council an extra $1m+ a year, largely from commuter ratepayers, is on Hay Street, near Lakeview. QLDC has gone $12m overbudget on Lakeview, clearing the site of asbestos. The carparking charges will pay back some of that over the years, but it feels like the residents are being charged twice. Once for the overspend, and again for the parking.

I think there are good people at the council, doing a difficult job, but they could throw us a bone once in a while. CBD businesses, residents and commuters have endured years of disruption, with more to come, thanks to the streetscape and arterial route projects. Certainly, there are wider reasons, supply chains etc. but some of it is likely down to poor planning. How about making all council carparking downtown free for residents? We could have a card. A ‘thank you for bearing with us’ from the council. Then, when the bus service is fit-for-purpose, hike them up again, fine. With a new council and mayor coming in, it’s time for some positivity. Clean slate and all that. So, now the bad news is out of the way, give us something to show you mean business.

Happy Birthday TSS Earnslaw! The Lady of the Lake celebrates her 110th anniversary this week. Front row, Sannah Kingi (host), Ashley Baldock (host), Xiaoman Aris Lai (F&B team leader). Back row, Maurise Jackson (engineer), Jonathon Holmes-Welsh (stoker), Stephen England-Hall (CEO), Brad Simmons (deck hand), and Ryan Hodges (skipper).
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TSS Earnslaw celebrates 110 years with a look to the future

TSS Earnslaw celebrates its 110th anniversary this week and owner RealNZ has confirmed its commitment to more sustainable steampower.

The historic steamship has a place in the hearts of most Queenstowners and many tourists, but its coal-fired boilers mean it’s also one of the biggest single polluters in the town.

Otago Regional Council’s first Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventory estimated the Lady of the Lake pumped out 4076 tonnes of ‘carbon dioxide-equivalent’ between July 2018 and June 2019. That’s one percent of all local transport emissions. This time last year, RealNZ announced a project to investigate decarbonisation options for the TSS Earnslaw, with the boilers also 110 years old, and needing to be replaced in the coming years.

The commitment is to keep the Earnslaw as a steam-powered ship, retaining the twin-screw steamer classification (TSS), but change the fuel source that creates that steam to a more sustainable option.

The project team has narrowed the options down to three potential solutions; wood pellets, biofuel (diesel or gas) and hydrogen. While there is an established supply chain for wood pellets in New Zealand, there is currently no commercially established supply chain options for biofuels or hydrogen. But this is expected to change in the future, so all three options remain under consideration.

RealNZ CEO, Stephen England-Hall says once the company has settled on an alternative fuel type, its engineering team will begin working through the detail of the preferred solution and timing for when this will occur.

“We’re incredibly excited to have three alternative fuel solutions for the Lady of the Lake,” England-Hall says.

“But this is where much of the real work begins, especially when it comes to the confidence of supply of these cleaner fuel sources in New Zealand. “Our team is having some frank conversations with various stakeholders –these are solutions that we must work on together as a region and a country so we can all move towards a more sustainable future.”

The oldest passenger-carrying coal-fired steamship in the Southern Hemisphere, the TSS Earnslaw was launched in the same year as the RMS Titanic. Three of four times a day, depending on the season, it takes passengers from Steamer Wharf in downtown Queenstown over the Walter Peak farm, a 45-min trip each way.

Celebrations for the TSS Earnslaw’s birthday will be held this week, 17-23 of October. For every guest who chooses to sail during her birthday week, RealNZ are planting a native tree at Walter Peak.

A special morning tea sailing for some of the TSS Earnslaw’s biggest supporters will be held on the Tuesday, 18 October, 110 years exactly after her first sailing.


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TSS Earnslaw. Photo: Stephen Crowley / Unsplash

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Huge blow for community centre plans

Toxic mould has been found in the old Walker property on Ladies Mile, scuppering plans to convert it into a community centre.

Queenstown Lakes District Council splashed $13.8 million on buying 516 Ladies Mile back in 2019.

The council was mainly interested in the 14.6ha of land which surrounds the home, a key site in the wider development of Ladies Mile.

But over the last few years, it has investigated renovating the property itself, creating a community centre while it waits for larger plans to play out.

Councillors approved a $3.66m budget to retrofit the building and hundreds of people attended an open day back in March, suggesting ideas.

However, QLDC Sport and Recreation Manager Simon Battrick now says a detailed assessment of the building has revealed previously unknown issues.

Toxic mould had been uncovered behind the building’s cladding which would require its replacement along with all windows and interior framing panels.

“This would add a significant remediation cost over and above the $3.66m budget allocated by Councillors in February to retrofit the existing building and create an interim community centre while we developed plans for a brand-new multi-purpose facility,” he said.

Two options will now go before the incoming council for its consideration.

They can approve one or more temporary buildings like the one used recently as a short-term community centre for the Luggate community, or bring forward plans for the new build as part of the Council’s next Long-Term Plan.

The interim community centre was to serve the nearby communities of Lake Hayes Estate and Shotover Country, where 1800 homes have been built in recent decades, as well as residents of Queenstown Country Club retirement village.

“But after engaging an architect during the design stage, we discovered issues with the cladding which would not otherwise have been apparent until that point,” Battrick says.

“Having got this far I naturally share the disappointment of the local community on this temporary setback but I’m also excited by the site’s future potential. There was always going to be an element of compromise and building code compliance challenges in repurposing a family home to a community facility that could meet diverse local needs.

“While the potential reuse of the existing building had been exciting the risk of overinvesting in a poorly performing structure is too great. If pursued, it would leave those communities worse off in the long run. We will continue to work closely with local groups including the Lake Hayes and Shotover Community Association on the next steps.”



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Ski fields rely on snow-making tech

South Island ski field operators are increasingly looking to rely on snow-making technology to keep runs open as the climate changes and snowfall is less reliable.

Further north, Ruapehu Alpine Lifts, which operates the Whakapapa and Tūroa ski fields, has gone into voluntary administration due to significant financial problems.

It followed three seasons of poor snow and Covid-19 restrictions.

Mt Ruapehu has been grappling with its worst snow season in decades, but down in the South Island, it has been a different story with a heavy snow dump at the start of the season.

Cardrona and Treble Cone Experiences general manager

Laura Hedley said it was gutting to hear what was happening up north.

“Any of us could have a season like RAL did this year. We just need to keep up with whatever we can do to invest in trying to make it as certain as we can.”

Changing weather has seen them invest in snow-making to ensure more reliable coverage - and take some of the stress out of the wait for snow, she said.

“Definitely nerve-wracking when you’re in May and you’re looking at the weather patterns coming through and you’re hoping you’ve got staff lined up to start.”

It had been working with climate models to look at where the snowline was and where it was going, she said.

Cardrona’s base sits at 1670m while Treble Cone’s is about 400m lower.

“Treble Cone does sit a little bit lower and we’ll just keep watching that and keep looking at what we need to do. We’ve invested really heavily into the snow making at Treble Cone to make that more reliable and the power up there.

“That’s our plan at the moment, it’s just to keep looking at technology that we can do because we know everybody likes to come skiing and we still want to be able to do it ourselves.”

NIWA hydrological forecasting scientist Jono Conway said the big rain dumps in the South Island coincided with colder temperatures this year, causing record snowfall.

“You go on the flipside, where you’re in the warm part of these weather systems, that’s really warm and wet, and you’re just getting dumped with rain.

“Those extremes make it really hard and potentially make the future variability more uncertain or more unpredictable.”

Climate change was expected to have a significant impact on natural snow over the next couple of decades, he said.

“If we just think about that mid-century timeframe where we’ve got a 1.5 degrees of warming and a moderate increase in precipitation, that elevation that we’re expecting natural snow - to have like 90 days snow cover - we’re expecting that to move up by 200m in elevation by the mid-century.”

NZSki operates Coronet Peak and the Remarkables near Queenstown, and Mt Hutt in Canterbury.

Its chief executive Paul Anderson said it had invested in snow-making on all three mountains to give visitors more certainty they would open on time and stay open for the season.

It is not a totally reliable solution.

“But that doesn’t happen every year,” he said. “Some years we are a little late opening and there’s been one year in the last 10 where we had to close Coronet Peak for 10 days during the season because you need to get the right temperatures to make snow as well.”

Forming ski trails and snow fencing - which forces windblown snow to accumulate where it is needed - also helped to ensure snow coverage, he said.

“There is a lot of variation in the weather and we’ve got to be ready for poor years, and sometimes those years can run together which makes it really tough.

“In the ski industry, you have to be pretty resilient and have some good strength in the way your company’s set up to be able to weather those storms.”

But he said he was still confident. NZSki had added new chairlifts to all of their skifields and was looking to expand The Remarkables field into a nearby basin, The Doolans.

“We believe there is a future up there for skiing.”

Many of the ski fields have also diversified and offer activities on the mountain before the snow arrives.

gun in
action NZSki chief executive Paul Anderson
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AJ Hacket

M ulturalFesti

Winds of change across the south

Glyn Lewers is confirmed as Queenstown Lakes District’s next mayor, with the final results showing he won by 586 votes.

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Lewers will serve around the council table with Matt Wong, Esther Whitehead, Gavin Bartlett and Niki Gladding (all QueenstownWhakatipu Ward), Quentin Smith, Barry Bruce, Lyal Cocks and Cody Tucker (all Wānaka-Upper Clutha Ward), and Craig Ferguson, Lisa Guy and Neeta Shetty (all Arrowtown-Kawarau Ward).


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The final results of the 2022 Queenstown Lakes District Council elections were announced on Thursday, 13 October.

There was no change to the outcome of either the interim progress results, announced on Saturday, 8 October, or the preliminary results published the following day.

Lewers received 4,382 votes ahead of challengers Jon Mitchell (3,796 votes), Olivia Wensley (2,531 votes), Al Angus (821 votes), Neeta Shetty (541 votes) and Daniel Shand (201 votes). He replaces mayor Jim Boult, who stood down after two terms.

The final voter return was 43.05%, being 12,092 votes, not including special votes.

Elsewhere across the lower South Island there was change aplenty, with incumbents ousted from their positions.

In Gore District, 23-year-old tech entrepreneur Ben Bell is set to become the youngest mayor in New Zealand’s history, after beating Tracy Hicks by just 8 votes.

Hicks, 70, has been mayor for 18 years. Bell received 2,371 votes, just 8 votes ahead of Hicks on 3,363.

Bell thanked voters and said he has a clear 100-day plan for the district. “As I said on the campaign trail, I want the community to have a clear voice and for us as a Council to get back to basics, those being recycling, rural roads and infrastructure.

“I wish Mr Hicks all the best going forward. Eighteen years is a great legacy to be remembered for.”

Southland District Council, like Gore, was also a close-run race, with Lumsden business man Rob Scott beating Southland farmer Geoffrey Young.

Incumbent mayor Gary Tong was six votes behind Young.

Voters and candidates in both districts had to wait until Thursday for the results. They followed more clear-cut results elsewhere.

In Invercargill, New Zealand’s longest serving mayor, Sir Tim Shadbolt, was beaten to the chains by his deputy mayor Nobby Clark. Sir Tim also stood for a councillor seat, but didn’t manage to get one, following a contentious last term as mayor.

Incumbent Aaron Hawkins was defeated in Dunedin, with Jules Radich taking the chains.

But the brothers Cadogan both kept their seats without any troubles. Tim Cadogan was re-elected as mayor of Central Otago, with no challengers, while Bryan Cadogan remains mayor of Clutha South.

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- Queenstown Centre
Queenstown Southern Discoveries
Aotea Gift iFLY Asian Mart Queenstown Biofeed Organic Plant Food Cody's Restaurant Cutting Edge Hair Design Dini Photography Erik’s Fish and Chips Future Hospitality Group Fergburger Megaworld Mooch Tea Gaeden Zenkuro Any feedback for the event? Scan and share...


A highly-anticipated cricket tournament will take place in Queenstown this weekend. The first Queenstown Lakes Subcontinental Community Cricket Festival will bring together the Indian, Sri Lankan and Nepalese communities within Queenstown and the surrounds as they battle it out on the cricket pitch. The event aims to improve mental and physical health within the community – all are welcome and encouraged to come along to watch the action and get involved.

Arasan NZ Trust has joined with Welcoming Communities QLDC, and local community representatives to pull this event together. Arasan strives to connect ethnic communities in Aotearoa and aims to facilitate friendship, understanding and harmony between communities. Chairman, Dr. Lux Selvanesan got in touch with the council here to propose the idea. The local South Asian community was soon included and discussion was had over what was wanted in the area.

“We started co-designing and finding out what the community needed, and they were saying that they’ve got a big population that really enjoys the sport of cricket. So, we decided to have a cricket game – we thought we’d put one team together from Queenstown Lakes and then we have a cricket team, the Arasan Super Kings, under our health and wellbeing focus. Our team is made up of different individuals from various parts of the South Island who come together as a team. We will come down to Queenstown and we wanted to play the Queenstown team and have a bit of a family and cultural gathering, but when we started talking each community wanted their own team. The one-afternoon event became a two-day event. On Saturday evening at 6 o’clock we’re going to have the cultural community event at Queenstown Memorial Centre. We’ll have performances and activities to bring the communities together and build connections,” says Lux. Each of the three communities are excited to welcome the tournament and have it continue for years to come. They each shared the same sentiment –that everyone is welcome to come along, not just to the cricket but to the community night as well, and come and learn a little more about South Asian culture.

Hari Sapkota, the president of the Queenstown Nepalese Society, is excited at the prospect of the communities bonding, and for the cultural performances that will happen. The team of 11 has been practicing around five days a week. “This is a really good thing for us because we’re all playing and all from different communities – Nepalese, Sri Lankan and Indian. This will help us to bond and to know each other. We are also doing cultural events including concert performances. Some of the members from our Nepalese community will do one or two songs,” says Hari.

The Sri Lankan team has 11 players with four living in Queenstown and the rest coming from nearby towns including Invercargill. Kevin Peiris is a representative of the Sri Lankan Association Queenstown. He says “We will try to do our best, but the main reason that we’re doing this is to try and bring the community together. Not just the Sri Lankans, but all the subcontinental community, and just to bring awareness to mental wellbeing and their health. It’s also just to enjoy the sport, because subcontinental communities love cricket – it brings a lot of people together. We’ll also be exchanging culture and sharing food.”

The Subcontinental Community Cricket Festival will take place from 8am on Saturday 22 October at Queenstown Events Centre Field 2, with the prize giving at 12:30pm on Sunday 23 October. The subcontinental communities would love to welcome anyone from Queenstown and the surrounds to watch the cricket, the cultural performances, and share in some traditional food. More information can be found by scanning the QR code, or looking up any of the communities mentioned on Facebook.


The NZ Sotheby’s International Realty Queenstown Marathon is looking for volunteers to join the Skyline volunteer crew. For more info & to sign-up, head online: queenstown-marathon.co.nz/contact-us/


the stunning sounds of chamber music with international artists, free events, and interlinked programmes in Wanaka, Cromwell, and Queenstown. Visit worldsedgefestival.com for more info.


Tit bitsTit bits

Amazon to invest over €1 billion to boost electric vehicle fleet and ‘micromobility hubs’ in Europe

Amazon plans to invest more than €1 billion over the next five years to roll out thousands more electric vans, trucks and cargo bikes across Europe as part of efforts to slash its carbon emissions.

The company said the investment would help its electric van fleet in Europe more than triple from 3,000 vehicles to more than 10,000 by 2025. Amazon also aims to double the number of cities where it has socalled “micromobility hubs” enabling parcel deliveries on cargo bikes and on foot. It currently has such hubs in 20 European cities including London. Amazon aims to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2040 - 10 years ahead of the target set by the Paris Agreement.

Euro News

Murder She Wrote star Angela Lansbury dies at 96

The three-time Oscar nominee had a career spanning eight decades, across film, theatre and television.

Born in 1925, she was one of the last surviving stars of the Golden Age of Hollywood cinema.

Dame Angela died in her sleep just five days before her 97th birthday, according to a family statement.


Harvey Weinstein Trial

Jury selection began last week in Los Angeles in the sexual assault trial of former film producer Harvey Weinstein, who is already serving more than two decades in prison for a 2020 rape conviction in New York. The latest criminal charges of rape and sexual assault are based on accusations from five women who say Weinstein assaulted them in separate incidents between 2004-13. If convicted, 70-year-old Weinstein faces life in prison in California.

Jennifer Siebel Newsom, wife of California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D), is among the five women who are set to testify.

LA Times

Hurricane Ian may have caused $67 billion in damage, a top 5 U.S. storm

Hurricane Ian likely caused $US53 billion to $US74 billion in insured losses from Florida to the Carolinas, with a “best estimate” of $67 billion. These preliminary damage totals would make Hurricane Ian the costliest storm in Florida history and second nationally to Hurricane Katrina when adjusted for inflation. The storm devastated densely populated areas of southwest Florida and killed at least 92 people in Florida alone.

Tanzania urges UN nations to back Burundi repatriations

Tanzania is seeking assistance from the international community and humanitarian agencies to repatriate more than 120,000 Burundian refugees. They currently live in two camps in western Tanzania’s Kigoma region near the Burundi border.

Speaking at a UN refugee agency meeting in Switzerland last week, Tanzania’s internal affairs minister Hamad Masauni said Burundi needed support to encourage and facilitate voluntary repatriation. In 2006 and 2007, Tanzania granted citizenship to 160,000 Burundian refugees.

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Monthly Column

Schools are back, and I hope you and your family made the most of the mixture of sunny days with some snow in the mix. Local elections are behind us too, and congratulations to Glen Lewers, the new Queenstown-Lakes Mayor and all other local councillors on your successful election. I look forward to working with you all for the benefit of our region and its communities.

The recent immigration announcements around the Skilled Migrant Category visa re-opening, will be welcome news for many businesses. But for some, this did not come soon enough. New Zealand has been in a global battle with other countries for workers as we face the worst labour shortage in 50 years across multiple vital sectors. Many hospitality businesses close their doors for two days or more a week to give their staff a rest and reduce their hours on the days they are open.

These immigration changes should have occurred months ago. I have persistently been advocating for immigration rules to be changed to allow workers to come into the country sooner. My efforts include writing several times to the Ministers responsible for Tourism and Immigration, highlighting the issue through the media, and arranging a meeting with local industry leaders and small business owners in Queenstown joined by Erica Stanford MP, Shadow Spokesperson for Immigration.

I remain concerned about Immigration NZ’s ability to process visas in an acceptable timeframe and time will tell if these late changes will have any meaningful impact on businesses’ immediate worker needs too.

In other news, I enjoyed my skydive with ex-Mayor Jim Boult and Queenstown Salvation Army’s Andrew Wilson as part of the “Peeps not Sheeps” campaign recently to highlight the plight of sectors in our communities disadvantaged by the Government’s outdated Accommodation Supplement subsidy rules.

A petition has been established for the Government to amend legislation that will rezone eligibility for the subsidy and reflect the most recent population statistics. The area’s current zoning is based on 1992 boundaries. Our district has changed significantly since then, leaving hundreds of Queenstown residents with issues applying for the subsidy because their homes are still classed as farmland.

At a time of rising living costs, it is simply not acceptable that people who need financial assistance are unable to get it because of 30-year-old data. The petition can be signed at https://www.parliament.nz/en/petitions/sign/PET_126092.

I also caught up with the crew at Garston Hops, who produce hops for craft beers made by Altitude Brewing in Queenstown. As the only commercial hop growers growing some of the world’s southernmost hops at a latitude 45°S, they say the growing conditions are ideal for the crop. It is also an excellent multi-use crop, as sheep can graze under the hops for nine months of the year. This is a wonderful example of the constant spirit of innovation that characterises New Zealand’s farmers, and we should do all we can to support them.





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SHOES UNLIMITED - LABOUR WEEKEND SUPER SPECIALS start on Friday - pop in to our beautiful store in the Queenstown Central shopping centre, open 7 days.

AWE FESTIVAL IS ON NOW. EXPERIENCE THE stunning sounds of chamber music with international artists, free events, and interlinked programmes in Wanaka, Cromwell, and Queenstown. Visit worldsedgefestival.com for more info.

THE ANNUAL SPRING FLING MINI FAIR WILL take place on the 5th of November from 10:00am until 2:00pm, in the car park at St Margaret’s Presbyterian Church, Ross Street, Frankton. The markets selling plants, second-hand books, garage sale items and much much more, along with games for children, Brazilian style BBQ, homemade cakes, Korean food and coffee.

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QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “YOU GAIN STRENGTH, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.” - Eleanor Roosevelt

QUEENSTOWN CLOTHES SWAP IS ON NEXT WEEKEND in celebration of Recycling Week. Saturday, 22 October between 10.30am - 1.00pm at Queenstown Library, 10 Gorge Road.

OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD - LAST WEEK! FILL a shoebox with gifts for a child in poverty in the Pacific. Include $10 for transportation. Return boxes by Friday 21st Oct, to Fresh Choice, Salvation Army Family Store or Orphans Aid shop by BP. Or contact Sharon 0276427575 Thank you!

WE HAVE PLENTY SHREDDED HORSE POO AND horse poo to give away. We can help loading with the tractor if you want a truck or trailer full. We are located in Arrow Junction. Text 02102412505

KITESURFERS, WINDSURFERS AND WING FOILERS. LOCAL CLUB AGM/Social. Wed 26th Oct. 7pm. Cargo Brewery. Potential members welcome. Info Sue 02764085969 :)


Fill a shoebox with gifts (new only) for a child in poverty in the Pacific and change a life! Items to wear, love, play with, for school and hygiene. Also $10 for transportation. Boxes/ info available at The Salvation Army Family Store in Gorge Road and the Orphan’s Aid shop near BP, Frankton. Please return Boxes by October 21st. Contact Sharon Hargest 0276427575


LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN Page 13 GORGE ROAD / FIVE MILE / MILLBROOK 03 442 8190 WWW.QUEENSTOWNHEALTH.COM BOOK ONLINE! PHYSIOTHERAPY CAN HELP WITH... - SPORTS / MUSCULOSKELETAL INJURIES - POST OP REHAB - HAND THERAPY - PREGNANCY - WORK PLACE ASSESSMENTS - MANUAL HANDLING ASSESSMENTS - CONCUSSION QUEENSTO WN HEALTH Physiotherapy How to advertise Ph: 03 409 2800 Email: info@qmg.co.nz Place your ad online: www.lwb.co.nz Advertising Deadlines Display Advertising: 12pm Friday Situations Vacant: 12pm Friday Queenstown Media Group 2nd Floor, The Mountaineer Building Cnr Beach and Rees Street PO Box 1546, Queenstown 9300
the team David Gibbs General Manager Kendalle McLeod Finance Catherine Mercer Account Manager 027 777 2785 | cat@qmg.co.nz Kylee De Suza Account Manager 021 044 2968 | kylee@qmg.co.nz Ana Paula Salvi Graphic Designer Patricia W. Becker Graphic Designer Paul Taylor Editor/Journalist Sue Fea Journalist Bethany Rogers Contributor Lauren Prebble Contributor Jay Cassells Contributor

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Major road closure until mid-2023

Queenstowners are set for more disruption downtown with a key section of road to close until mid-2023.

Gorge Road, between Henry Street and Weaver St, will be closed from 25 October through until 15 June next year.

Contractors are building a new junction at Gorge Rd and Henry St, which is directly out in front of QLDC’s own building, as part of the Queenstown Town Centre Arterial Road.

“Initial work will involve digging deep trenches to upgrade underground services, before the road is then rebuilt, creating a new intersection that includes safe crossing points for pedestrians,” council infrastructure boss Peter Hansby says.

A detour will be in place via Robins Road and Memorial Street for vehicles heading to and from Queenstown’s town centre.

But pedestrian access will be maintained through the worksite along Gorge Road, in addition to access for residents and business owners.

Hansby acknowledged the closure is likely to cause additional disruption, especially during peak travel times, but says by starting now, the upgraded intersection would be “largely complete” before next year’s busy ski season.

He suggests people allow more time for journeys, car pool and check Google Maps before leaving home.

The news will likely be met by exasperated groans from Queenstown’s commuters and business community, who’ve had 18 months of disruption from streetscape works, following the hit from the pandemic.

“We know these disruptions can be challenging and we’re grateful for the support, patience, and open dialogue so far. The construction underway in Queenstown’s town centre is significant but it won’t last forever. Overall, the programme is ahead of schedule and will be worth it.”

Hansby says an increase in the number of vehicles travelling past Queenstown Primary School and the Queenstown Fire Station is expected.

“Please take care if using the detour via Robins Road and Memorial Street –slow down, stay alert, and follow all signage in place.”

The works, by Kā Huanui a Tāhuna (the alliance between council and Waka Kotahi), mean there will be a temporary loss of parking along Gorge Road, but there is some good news.

Some 130 new spaces are available at the newly opened Lakeview carpark off Hay Street, at $3 per hour, and he hoped a temporary carpark off Stanley Street would be complete by Christmas.

The section of Gorge Road will reopen over marathon weekend (1820 November) and the Christmas-New Year period (24 December until 8 January).

Other works as part of the Queenstown Town Centre Arterial Road (Stage 1) continue on Frankton Road, Melbourne Street, and Beetham Street.

For more info, visit the council website.

LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN Page 15 RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL PROPERTYMANAGEMENT IN PARTNERSHIP WITH If you have an investment property - contact us today! The Accommodation Centre | 03 442 7777 | reception@tacc.nz We service the wider Central Otago area! Queenstown, Arrowtown, Wanaka and Cromwell Queenstown based and across wider Central Otago Longest serving PM company in QT / Central Otago High level of experience and expertise Personal points of contact: • Wanaka / Cromwell: Melanie Moore • Queenstown / Arrowtown: Nathan Gee / Chloe Holliday • Interviewing and carefully checking potential tenants –strict screening process • Managing applications and bond lodgements and refunds • Thorough and regular property inspections • Positive and regular interaction with tenants including regular tenant surveys • Managing your tenancy risks including regular updates on tenancy law and regulations changes


Catalyst Trust has announced two impressive visitors dropping in for discussions on space science.

First up, Catalyst is hosting distinguished astrophysicist, Professor Brian Boyle, followed a week later by Dr Shannon Walker, an active service NASA astronaut and space physicist who has spent just short of a year living in Earth orbit on the International Space Station.

Catalyst Trust’s AJ Mason tells us what to expect (see below).

Shining Lights in the Darkness

Renowned cosmologist Carl Sagan described science as a “candle in the dark”.

Catalyst will be joined by distinguished astrophysicist, Professor Brian Boyle, who will discuss literal and figurative light and dark in the cosmos, and how discoveries in the fields of astronomy, astrophysics, and cosmology - such as dark energy and the expansion of the universe - are continuing to shine more light on the universe and our understanding of it.

Professor Boyle is a Scottish astrophysicist whose primary research interests are in the fields of quasars, active galaxies, and cosmology. He was a member of the Supernova Cosmology Project team whose discovery of the accelerating Universe and Dark Energy was recognised with the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2011.

With a research career based in Australia since 1996, he was involved in science-direction setting in Australia for over 15 years and played a major part both nationally and internationally in the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) program - a project to build the world’s largest cm-wavelength radio telescope - as both CSIRO SKA Director and Project Director for the Australia–New Zealand SKA bid. He was awarded the Centenary Medal for services to Australian Astronomy in 2003 and elected as a fellow of the Australian Academy of Science in 2006.

Brian Boyle’s Free Public Talk is at 6pm, Tuesday 25 October The Rees Hotel and Luxury Apartments, 377 Frankton Road Register via Eventbrite: https://bit.ly/3CG2ITx or scan the QR code

Long Haul in Space: Pushing New Frontiers

Dr Shannon Walker is an active service NASA astronaut and space physicist who has spent just short of a year (330 days) living in Earth orbit on the International Space Station. In 2010 she piloted the Soyuz spacecraft that took her and her crew to the ISS where she served as a Flight Engineer for the next six months. In 2020, she was mission specialist aboard the /Resilience/ for the first operational crewed flight of SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft to the ISS, where on arrival she became ISS flight engineer and Space Station Commander for another six months. Soon after her return from orbit in May of last year, she started training the next generation, becoming the supervisor for the 2021 class of astronauts.

We are excited to have Dr Walker join us to discuss current and next steps in humanity’s long arc toward the stars. It is a time of new frontiers in space: A next generation of lunar astronauts are now returning humanity to the moon, through NASA’s Artemis program; a next generation of spacecraft, space probes, and satellites are opening up space for new frontiers of exploration and discovery, while creating more opportunities for more people than ever before to have space-based careers. Our next generation - today’s students - will be the astronauts who land on Mars within twenty years.

Dr Walker holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Physics, as well as Master of Science and a Doctorate of Philosophy degrees in Space Physics, all from Rice University in Houston. She began her professional career with the Rockwell Space Operations Company at the Johnson Space Center in 1987 as a Robotics Flight Controller for the Space Shuttle Program, and was first selected by NASA to be an astronaut in 2004.

Shannon Walker’s Free Public Talk is at 12 noon, Tuesday 1 November at the Queenstown Memorial Centre

Please register via Eventbrite https://bit.ly/3CYS4c6 or scan the QR code

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DOC stats show Covid impact

(-85%) and Tongariro Alpine Crossing (-79%).

Locally, Arrowtown Chinese Settlement saw a significant decline, losing 64% of its annual visitor activity since 2018/19. That caused it to drop below Bannockburn Sluicings (Central Otago) as the most visited Tohu Whenua site (on public conservation land).

The sluicings was a filming location for The Power of the Dog and a spike in visitor activity was observed there in April, following the Academy Awards. Otago Central Rail Trail also experienced significant decline. However, even with Covid-19 disruptions, there was high demand for Great Walks. Overall, there was only a 21% drop in walkers.

Around 72,700 people stayed overnight at Great Walk huts and campsites over the 12-month period and 96% were domestic.

Great Walk hut occupancy rates were an average of 46%, busiest during December, January and April.

The Milford Track was at full capacity during the Great Walks season. Routeburn was also popular, with 11,070 overnight stays, about 80% of its capacity.

Milford Sound / Piopiotahi visitor numbers were down 86% between July 2021 and July 2022 compared to pre-pandemic levels, according to the latest figures from the Department of Conservation.

DOC’s annual 2021/22 visitor insights report looks at survey, activity counter and bookings data.

It provides a snapshot of where people went across conservation areas, who is visiting and the quality of their experience. It also provides a regional breakdown of findings.

“The report shows a stark decline in visitation to some of New Zealand’s most famous natural landmarks compared to pre-pandemic levels,” DOC Heritage and Visitor Director Tim Bamford says.

“While we know prior to the pandemic, high visitor numbers were putting pressure on some popular places, it’s sobering to see these figures and their impact on nearby communities.”

Other big declines included Roys Peak Track, Wānaka, and Franz Josef Glacier, both down 83%, as well as Punakaiki Pancake Rocks and Blowholes

But the Abel Tasman Coastal Track remained the busiest. It has by far the most accommodation spaces available – and double the amount of people who stayed at other Great Walks.

Approximately 164,000 people camped at bookable DOC campsites (down 3% on the previous year).

Bamford expects international visitors to return this summer, but not at prepandemic levels.

The report also contains a new section on the impacts of climate change on conservation areas and visitor facilities across Aotearoa.

Bamford acknowledges DOC is seeing the impacts of climate change in all aspects of its work and expects this to continue.

“The reality of climate change is it will mean more closures and costs across DOC’s recreation network. Repairs can take time as we explore long-term solutions for damaged sites that will stand up to future climate-related events.”

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Councillors elected for the Otago Regional Council (ORC) this month will be sworn in at their inaugural meeting in just over a week (October 26).

Gary Kelliher received the most votes (9,885) for the Dunstan regional constituency, followed by Alexa Forbes (9,874) and Michael Laws (9,517).

Candidates Tony Lepper and Mike Barker were unsuccessful, with 9,496 and 6,283 votes respectively.

The next full council meeting is set for November 9.

ORC interim chief executive Dr Pim Borren said the next three years have “many challenges ahead”. Pim said the heavy workload will include “the setting of critical policies and rules to protect Otago’s water, land and air, ongoing environmental monitoring to better inform decision-making, and also in responding to numerous types of environmental incidents”.

Along with the councillors’ role in governance, strategy, oversight, partnership with mana whenua, and engaging with Otago’s communities, he said, they are facing “unprecedented reform at government level”.

The 2022-2025 triennium will see the release of the government’s Future for Local Government Reform report, plus more Resource Management Act reform.

“While we need to continue with a business-as-usual approach, ORC has to remain agile to the changing legislation and priorities which will unfold,” Pim said.

SuziQ’s Garden, opens this Labour weekend

For the season of Real Christmas Trees, Peony Blooms, and Lavender product (Peony Blooms available from the 1st November).

Open from 8am till 6pm daily till the 24th of December. No dogs or public facilities. Enquires welcome. Phone Suzi on 022 414 2301

42D Gladmsuir Rd, Queensberry, SH6 Half way between Cromwell and Wanaka Follow our Tree and Flower Farm Signs

LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN Page 18 Highland Real Estate Group Ltd Licensed Agent REAA 2008 03 441 0777 FOR A RENTAL? SCAN QR CODE TO VIEW OUR LATEST LISTINGS! Looking Queenstown P 03 441 0777 E rentals.queenstown@harcourts.co.nz Queenstown Trails Trust AGM NOTICE Wednesday October 26, 2022 - 5.30pm Liger Academy, 34 Grant Road, Five Mile, Frankton, Queenstown ALL WELCOME! RSVP to: info@queenstowntrail.org.nz Successful ORC councillors face heavy workload
Gary Kelliher was the top polling candidate for the Dunstan regional constituency. Photo: Shannon Thomson ORC chief executive Pim Borren said the new three years will have a heavy workload for councillors


Impact100 has been making a big, well impact, in the region since 2020 and is one of the Wakatipu Community Foundation initiatives.

Impact100 is a very simple concept where one hundred women each donate $1000. Once they have that money collected, groups in the community are invited to apply for the whole amount, a whopping $100,000 with each of the four runners up receiving a $5000 grant. The applications are considered, and the finalists present their projects, showing how they will use

Turn Up The Music Charitable Trust wants to instill the love and joy of music in every pre-school centre in the Wakatipu Basin from February next year.

A successful pilot programme for the proposed GO.MUSIC concept has already introduced hundreds of local pre-schoolers to the delight of music.

The trust, formed in 2019, now wants to extend the programme to every local child under five, by providing free music lessons at the almost 40 early childhood centres around the basin for the next three years. Turn Up The Music was recently named among the five finalists that applied for Impact100 Wakatipu’s $148,000 grant from its supporters. The winners will be announced on October 27 once the supporters have voted for their preferred choice. Each of the runner-ups will receive $5000 coming from this years $168,000 funding pool.

“If we’re successful the funding would ensure the programme could run in every centre for three years,” says Mary. “We’re sure that from then on the Ministry of Education, and other funders would support this initiative, once they’ve seen the outcomes.” Early childhood teachers would observe and document the outcomes, which Mary says have been proven, both nationally and internationally, time and time again.

the money, who will benefit from this new project, and why their idea will make the biggest positive impact in the community.

Over the last 2 years, $320,000 has been raised through Impact100 and donated to local organisations. The 2022 winner will be announced at a dinner on October 27th.

The inaugural $100,000 Grant Winner in 2020 was Living Options. In 2021 the grant went to Pivotal Point Charitable Trust.


The final five for 2022 are:

• The Youth Search and Rescue Trust

• Life Education Trust Heartland Otago Southland

• Turn Up the Music Trust

• The Order of St John Wakatipu Area Committee

• Te Atamira Whakatipu Community Trust

This is the second of three weeks where we present each finalist organisation and how they would make use of the $100,000 grant.

Turn Up The Music already has UK-trained, early childhood, primary school and violin teacher, Erica Hastie, contracted to run the pilot. Erica would work full-time rolling out GO.MUSIC to local early childhood centres, including Playcentres, Kindergartens and Educare facilities. Erica would lead weekly music sessions in each centre, observing alongside teachers and also take workshops for teachers, and parents who want to join in. “The early childhood teachers here are very excited to be part of the programme,” says Mary. The workshops will offer teachers simple techniques that work well with children and are especially useful for teachers with no musical background.

“Music changes lives. The benefits are wellestablished and profound,” says Mary, who’s been at the forefront of early childhood education for more than 30 years as a former kindergarten teacher and award-winning children’s television producer. “It’s fun, joyful and engaging for children, providing skills that foster creativity, strong memory and adaptability.”

“We kicked off PLAY.MUSIC in primary schools a few years ago and we’ve seen incredible results,” she says. Despite being an unsuccessful finalist in a previous round of Impact100 funding, Mary says the trust managed to make the PLAY.MUSIC programme happen in a couple of local schools. It was then taken up by Auckland-based Youthtown, which runs programmes that benefit youth.

“Music is joyful and children need the uplifting joy of music,” says Mary. “Children have been very anxious over the last few years and music is not only fun, it adds to learning. For instance, holding a beat has a strong maths underpinning, music supports children to focus and rhythmic body movement engages and connects the brain. Early reading skills are also heightened through learning new words through song.” These all help in readiness for school, she says.

Wakatipu parents and families have had a tough time and children pick up on that vibe, says Mary.

“Some local children, if they’re two or three, have never been in a situation without people wearing masks until recently and faces are important for babies’ brains.”

Music is socially and emotionally stimulating.

“They often have to share and move together, while also having an opportunity to let out what they haven’t been able to,” says Mary. “It assists with all brain connection and engagement. Kids need to have fun and laugh again.” Mary says the experience of music from an early age stays with youngsters forever. “Any early childhood teacher will say that the impact of Covid was very hard on children, emotionally, physically, intellectually, even spiritually, as it affects their free spirit and well-being,” she says.

“We already offer subsidies and scholarships to primary school aged children and we want to broaden that primary age base to give younger children a solid base in music too. If you build a really solid base very young it will benefit the children all the way through their lives.”

Personally, Mary always taught music during her kindergarten teaching career. It was a huge part of the curriculum back then, but for whatever reason it’s not been as much of a priority for resources and funding, she says. During her 25 years producing successful children’s television shows, including the Suzy Cato preschool series, and more recently, Tiki Tour and Code Fun, music has been key. “I’ve probably produced 17 early childhood shows in 30 years and there’s always been a strong focus on music,” she says. “I’m extremely passionate about GO.MUSIC and the enormous impact it would make on the young children and families in the Wakatipu”.

Erica Hastie creating fun for local pre-schoolers through music Erica Hastie shares some fun and laughter with local pre-schoolers during a music session



2022 has been incredibly stressful for many team who have gone over and above to keep your business functioning.

That’s despite being sick, short handed and taking on more shifts. This year more than any other this is an opportunity to celebrate your wonderful team and say thank you for everything.

JETSPRINT BOATING ULTIMATE OFF-ROADING CLAYBIRD SHOOTING EPICCHRISTMASPARTIES! COMBOPACKAGESAVAILABLE FOODANDDRINKADD-ONSAVAILABLE TobookyourEPICChristmasParty,contact FleurCasey:fleur@oxbow.co.nz/021759691 PRICESSTARTFROM$139PP OXBOW.CO.NZ@OXBOWADVENTUREC0 Old time pub or church in a mountain valley? Rustic charm or scenic landscape? Cozy wood fire or spacious beer garden? Award-winning craft beer or the region's best wines? Small intimate gathering or full on party? Volleyball, cricket, petanque or football? Mouth-watering food or...mouth-watering food? Live music? Rainy weather contingency? Drink packages tailored to your group? The best Christmas party anywhere ? hello@cargobrewery.co.nz functions Christmas The Christmas party is something the whole team can look forward to. Get in early and grab your party venue and timeslot with some of these terrific companies. Bookings will go fast as many venues have limited capacity this year. Book now!!


A night of inspirational women and sharing stories

After much success in the North Island, Women on Top will be coming to Tāhuna this November. The event, which celebrates wāhine, will be held at Yonder and raising money for Central Lakes Family Services. It’s a night of inspiring women, discussion, Q&As and story sharing – all are welcome.

Lisa Rooney of Blabla events has successfully been running these nights in the North Island for around two years. The idea of bringing it down to the South Island, and Queenstown, was sparked when local Cuillin Hearty of CUR8 Events got in touch with Lisa. “Every event that we’ve done up here has sold out – usually around 200 people – at Yonder, we’re going a little smaller, just for the first one. It’s a specially curated event to bring people of all walks of like together,” says Lisa. They work to keep the event affordable to allow access for everyone, and the night will celebrate women in minorities, too.

Host for the evening will be Rachel Taane, a social worker at the Women’s Refuge in Tauranga. Rachel will also run a mid-event education session on how friends and whānau can support someone who is suffering physical, emotional, or mental harm. “We always try to put that education side of things in, as well as making it a fun night. Rachel will be talking about how to support a loved one or friend that may be experiencing any kind of verbal or domestic abuse.”

Speakers on the night include Jo Cummins, the co-founder of Girls Get Off, who are currently crushing taboos and paving the way for normalising sex and healthy conversations about sex. Sophie Piearcey will also join, she’s a photographer, creative blog writer, and ambassador/ creator for brands including GoPro, Fujifilm NZ, and Jayco. Her mission is first and foremost to live a happy, adventurous and creative lifestyle. Cofounders of Check In NZ, Karmela and Maria Rapata, who have made it their mission to connect and grow with the people of the region with a focus on manaakitanga, which refers to showing respect, generosity and care for others through hospitality, kindness and support.

Working at Valli Wine in Gibston Valley, Jen Parr will take part in a Q&A – she’s the only person to be nominated for New Zealand Winemaker of the Year two years in a row, and took out the title in 2020. She left a life in financial software and sales before ending up in New Zealand, and has since received countless medals and trophies globally for her wine. Jane Guy will take the stage, too. The Queenstown Life podcaster and blogger, and co-owner of Jen & Jane’s Excellent Adventure has worked in family and sexual violence for 20 years. Her podcast shines a light on inspirational women, and her business supports women to strengthen their relationships with money, boundaries, and the CEO space.

“In Rachel’s words, our Kaupapa is women share stories of survival, success, challenges, heartbreak, recovery, business, motherhood, choosing not to be a mother, art, food, music, social justice, love, selfworth, self-love, change, and whatever else they feel fits – but it’s real, and that’s what we support,” says Lisa.

Women on Top will take place at Yonder on Friday the 11th of November. A raffle and auction will be held to raise funds for Central Lakes Family Services. Tickets can be found by scanning the QR code or going to @blablaevents on Instagram.

Women on Top evening will be hosted by Rachel Taane

Queenstown’s newest restaurant, ORO at The Carlin, elevates traditional NZ fine dining with delightfully surprising, innovative cuisine.

Savour the creative menu produced by our two chefs with Michelin Star experience –award-winning executive chef Thomas Barta and talented head chef Yann Robert.

Enjoy the freshest seafood Queenstown has to o er while taking in the stunning lake views.

10% locals’ discount for weekday dining

Oro Restaurant at The Carlin Boutique Hotel, 43 Hallenstein St

Open seven days a week, for breakfast and dinner. Valet parking available.

LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN Page 23 • Health Monitoring – on site • Pre-employment health assessments • Drug testing, we have a mobile unit • Respirator / P95 mask Fit Testing • Workplace Healthy Heart, Cardiac Risk Assessment, programme • Ergonomic Assessments 18 Glenda Drive, 03 442 3682 / 027 442 3682 www.engagesafety.co.nz COVID RESPONSE • VACCINATIONS • SWABBING • FIT 2 FLY supervised RATs and PCA TESTS HEALTH AND SAFETY PLANS and AUDITS QUEENSTOWN FIRST AID NZQA unit standards 6400, 6401, 6402
Where art and cuisine meet




Art Class

Life drawing sessions at Te Atamira

A five-week course gets underway this Wednesday with tutored and untutored life drawing classes that’s open to all levels. Drawing a human figure from life is always a challenge as well as fascinating. This course will introduce and reinforce an understanding of the fundamental components of life drawing. Don’t worry if this is your first time and you are terrified - you are in the right place. The Introductory Tutored Life Drawing Classes run weekly on a Wednesday between 6pm and 8pm from the 19th October through to the 16th November.

Te Atamira Members $165.00 / Non-Members $185.00. Book at Humanitix.com

When: Wednesday, 19 October, between 6pm and 8pm

Where: Te Atamira, Building 11, Dart House, Remarkables Park Town Centre, Hawthorne Drive

Book Club

Queenstown Library Book Club

Queenstown Library Book Club meet once a month exploring different topics and genres. The group have been meeting for over a year and love new members! Each reader chooses an individual item around the monthly theme to discuss and share a brief review with the group (no spoilers!).

Request to join the groups Facebook page to stay up to date with the latest theme and reading recommendations.

When: Thursday, 20 October, at 5:30pm

Where: Queenstown Library, 10 Gorge Road This is a free event


Green Drinks: the future of transport in Queenstown

As part of Biketober, this month’s Green Drinks is an evening of sustainable transport discussions with Simon Telfer from Wānaka Active Transport & Bike Wānaka, and Hannah Ballantyne from The Lightfoot Initiative. This will be an interview style format with questions from the room so bring your questions along to find out more about what is happening around the urban and active transport in the region.

When: Thursday, 20 October, 7pm - 9pm

Where: Smiths Craft Beer House, 53 Shotover Street


Brendhan Lovegrove

Kiwi comedy legend Brendhan Lovegrove is coming to Searchlight Brewery on Friday. His intense physical presence combined with a masterful delivery and top shelf material continues to delight audiences. He’s rarely down south so don’t miss this opportunity to watch a legend of NZ comedy in action.

When: Friday, 21 October, 7pm

Where: Searchlight Brewery, 12 Industrial Place

Cricket Queenstown Lakes Subcontinental Community Cricket Festival

The first Subcontinental Community Cricket Festival will be held this weekend. The tournament games are being played 22 & 23 October, to be followed by celebrations and a community gathering at the Memorial Centre?

The schedule is: 22 October:

8am - Opening Ceremony & Draw - Queenstown Events Centre Field 2

9am - 1st round games - Millbrook & Queenstown Event Centre Field 2

1pm - 2nd round games - Millbrook & Queenstown Event Centre Field 2

6pm - Community Gathering - Queenstown Memorial Centre

23 October:

9am Finals toss - Queenstown Events Centre Field 2 12:30pm Prize giving - Queenstown Events Centre Field 2

For more information see Community Notes on page 26

E-Bike Festival


New Zealand’s First E-Bike Festival is being held in Arrowtown over Labour Weekend.

There is a festival hub with the bike and equipment sellers, food stalls, and fun activities. There are also six trail ride options to choose from, everything from Awake with the Birds, Tour de Gourmet to Ginology and for those who want to stretch themselves, there’s Ride to the Sky and the Hop Trail.

You don’t need to be a super experienced or a fit rider for most of the trails, just bring your sense of fun and adventure.

When: Saturday and Sunday, 22 and 23 October

Where: The Festival Village hub is at Butler’s Green in Arrowtown


The Queenstown Art Show 2022

View and buy original art by New Zealand artists at the South Island’s newest art sales event! Artworks are priced from $20 to $10,000. There are artist demonstrations and you can meet the artists! All the art works are for sale. Once purchased, you can take your artwork home with you to enjoy!

When: Saturday and Sunday, 22 and 23 October, 10am - 4pm

Where: Queenstown Events Centre, Joe O’Connell Drive, Frankton

Clothes Swap

Queenstown Library clothes swap

It’s spring-cleaning time and in celebration of the long weekend there is a clothes swap at Queenstown Library. Bring along pre-loved items and trade them in for another gently-used addition to your wardrobe. Annabel Emery, sustainable stylist, creative, and buyer for The Walk In Wardrobe will be on hand for any queries and to give a talk.

10am is the final drop off followed by morning tea and Annabel’s talk at 11am. 11.30am - 1.00pm Clothes swap.

When: Saturday, 22 October, between 10am and 1pm

Where: Queenstown Library, 10 Gorge Road


The Sampler - Show Me Shorts Film Festival

Enjoy a variety of highlights from this year’s Show Me Shorts Film Festival. These are some of the most cinematic short films to make you laugh, gasp or think more deeply about our world and the people in it. It’s all about connections. Sometimes things go haywire, while at other times everything is in sync! Sit back and enjoy the ride with fast cars, fast humans, whimsical romance, family misunderstandings, competitive dads, and a practical joke gone awry. There are 8 short films with a total length of 112 mins.

When: Sunday, 23 October, 5.30pm to 7.30pm

Where: Dorothy Browns Cinema, Arrowtown

Event Wao Summit

The Wao Summit is a six-day annual event held in Wānaka and Queenstown. It inspires, educates and enables our transition as a community and a nation to a healthy, thriving, diverse, low carbon community.

Celebrating five years, the Wao Summit is a 360 degree approach to creating and fostering tangible, social and environmental change at every level. Here is a sample of events being held in Queenstown

Food for Thought - Creating Resilient Food Systems. Hear about food resilience from the rise of localism, to Aotearoa’s place in the global food system, to what we can learn from matauranga Māori.

When: Tuesday, 25 October, 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Where: Te Atamira

Sustainable Communities Bus Tour Queenstown - This guided day bus tour will stop at a number of locations around Queenstown, visiting people and places who make this town a thriving, sustainable community.

When: Friday, 28 October, between 9am - 4:30pm

Living Within Our Limits - Green Growth vs Degrowth. Infinite growth on a planet with finite resources was always geared up to hit the wall at some point. But where to next?

When: Friday, 28 October, 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Where: Te Atamira

Tickets are on sale at wao.co.nz/gettickets2022


Nigel Latta - Parenting in today’s environment

Nigel Latta is one of Aotearoa’s most respected voices in the fields of psychology and parenting, and with his legendary style, he will speak with encouragement, and share his advice on parenting in today’s environment. Latta is a New Zealand psychologist, documentary producer and author. He is also the host of the television show Beyond The Darklands.

When: Wednesday, 26 October, 7:30pm - 9pm. Doors open at 7pm.

Where: Shotover Primary School Community Hall, Stalker Road, Shotover Country, Queenstown Tickets are available at Eventfinda


Queenstown Trails AGM

Get an overview of trail projects and achievements from the last year at this year’s Queenstown Trails AGM.

Everyone is welcome – but they’d love you to RSVP to info@queenstowntrail.org.nz

When: Wednesday, 26 October, 5.30pm

Where: Liger Academy, 34 Grant Road, Frankton

If you would like your show, event, exhibition or meeting promoted in Goings On drop me a line at davidgibbs@qmg.co.nz with the details.

Sign the petition to properly classify


LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN Page 25 TICKETSONSALENOW. Festivalfor Sustainability 30+talks,workshops,films, tours,freecommunityevents Getticketsfrom www.wao.co.nz e c o y e e s 25-30OCTOBER2022|WANAKA&QUEENSTOWN
land Under current Work and Income regulations, over 700 people living in Queenstown aren’t receiving a fair accommodation supplement because their urban homes are still classified as ‘rural’. Crazy aye? Sign and share the petition to government and help out a neighbour, a workmate or a friend. #peepsnotsheeps Rezone Accommodation Supplement eligibility for Queenstown residents


Subcontinental Community Cricket Festival

The Subcontinental Community Cricket Festival is sure to be a hit with both sports fans and the wider Queenstown Lakes community this weekend. Come along to cheer for our local Indian, Ski Lankan and Nepalese teams including the Arasan Super Kings, Queenstown Indian Community (QIC) Rangers, Nepali Gurkhas and Sri Lankan Lions as they compete for the first Subcontinental Community Cricket Festival

A great day out for the family with cricket fun for the kids, cultural performances and South Asian cuisine.

An opening ceremony kicks off the day at the Queenstown Events Centre (QEC) from 8.00am on Saturday 22 October. Roll up to Field 2 at the Event Centre or head to Millbrook and see the first round of games from 9.00am. The second round commences at 1pm at both Millbrook and the Event Centre with a community get together at the Memorial Centre from 6pm. The finals will be played at QEC from 9.00am on Sunday followed by prizegiving celebrations.

Arasan NZ Trust, an organisation that strives to connect ethnic communities to facilitate friendship and understanding in Aotearoa New Zealand (arasan.org.nz), is hosting the games in collaboration with Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC) Welcoming Communities and our Indian, Sri Lankan and Nepalese communities.

QLDC Welcoming Communities plays an integral role in providing a platform to engage with newcomer groups, helping them leverage initiatives that foster a welcoming and inclusive community.

QLDC Welcoming Communities Coordinator Silvia Dancose is delighted to be involved with the Cricket Festival and is hopeful it’s the first of many to come.

Silvia shares the importance of enabling people from other nationalities to feel their culture is respected and valued by the wider community.

“When newcomer groups come together to play sports or celebrate their culture, they take pride in sharing and being part of a culturally rich and vibrant community. Events like this help create higher levels of trust and understanding between newcomers and existing residents as they create opportunities to learn about each other’s cultures”, she said.

Welcoming Communities – Te Waharoa ki ngā Hapori supports local councils and their communities to create welcoming and inclusive environments for newcomers. It involves local residents in developing, delivering and participating in welcoming activities. This approach creates communities where everyone can belong, participate, contribute and thrive. It also helps increase social engagement, build social connections and grow social inclusion. This generates economic, social, civic and cultural benefits for the community.

“The Subcontinental Community Cricket Festival promises to showcase a mixture of cultures sharing the sports field. This event really expresses our principles of championing thriving people, opportunities for all and pride in sharing our places.”

New Hay Street Carpark open

The new carpark off Hay Street near Lakeview is now open, providing 130 parking spaces which are just a short walk from Queenstown’s town centre.

There is a $3 per hour rate associated with the park. The Boundary Street carpark remains open with access remaining via the northern side of Gorge Road even when the partial closure of Gorge Road comes into effect.

Skippers Bridge Repair work

Repairs are scheduled on Skippers Bridge from Tuesday 18 October - with most work being conducted underneath the bridge. Work will be underway from 8.00am to 5.00pm each day and is expected to take approximately six weeks to complete. If you plan to cross the bridge during this time, please expect short delays of 10-15 minutes to your trip.

The bridge will remain fully open outside of the scheduled work hours.

Operation Christmas Child

Queenstown will once again bring smiles to the faces of poorer children in Cambodia, Papua New Guinea and Fiji - one shoebox-full of gifts at a time. October marks the annual national shoebox collection for Operation Christmas Child, a project run by international Christian organisation Samaritan’s Purse. Simply fill a showbox with gifts [new please] and change a life. They’d really appreciate $10 to go towards transportation. Boxes are available and can be dropped at Salvation Army in Gorge Road and the Orphans Aid Shop near BP in Frankton. If you have any questions give Sharon a call on 027 642 7575

This is the last week to donate with returned boxes required by Friday, 21 October.

The Cancer Society Hollywood Glamour Ball

The Cancer Society

Glamour Ball is a local favourite and with all the money raised going to provides vital support to people affected by all types of cancer, it’s a night that makes an incredible difference as a major fund raiser for the local Cancer Society branch. It also funds cancer awareness campaigns and essential research. The Cancer Society’s support is more crucial than ever now as the Society increasingly is seeing increasing demand. Walk the red carpet and have your photo taken on arrival, be served canapes and refreshments, and peruse the silent auction before heading into the hall and enjoy a superb three-course meal with complimentary refreshments and a fabulous evening of entertainment. The evening will be billed with Variety Artist Club’s Top Artist for 2022, Johnathan Usher as your MC for the night. Cancer Society Event and Community Campaigns Co-ordinator Nicole Rushbrook says it will be a memorable night. “There will be more than just a traditional ball and dinner – it’s going to be an evening bursting at the seams with divine food and amazing entertainment with an incredible line-up of local talent.”

Tickets are on sale NOW and the Cancer Society will look forward to welcoming guests on the red carpet for a night of Hollywood glamour. Individual tickets are $195, with a table of 10 is $1950.Tickets are available at https://shop-cansoc.org.nz/

The Naylor Love & Cancer Society Hollywood Glamour Ball is on at 6:30 pm on Saturday, 12 November at the Queenstown Memorial Centre.

Gorge Road between Weaver Street and Stanley Street to close

Construction of the western end of the Queenstown Town Centre Arterial Road (Stage 1) is set to begin after Labour Weekend, with work getting underway on the intersection where Gorge Road and Henry Street meet.

The stretch of Gorge Road between Weaver Street and Stanley Street will be closed after Labour weekend, from Tuesday 25th October through to mid-2023, as the Kā Huanui a Tāhuna crew works to create a new layout at the intersection.

The initial work will involve digging deep trenches to upgrade underground services, before the road is then rebuilt. A detour will be in place via Robins Road and Memorial Street for vehicles heading to and from Queenstown’s town centre. Pedestrian access will be maintained through the worksite along Gorge Road, in addition to access for residents and business owners.

An increase in the number of vehicles travelling past Queenstown Primary School and the Queenstown Fire Station is expected over this period.

Ziptrek Ecotours to Bring Unique Mindfulness Event to the trees

Ziptrek Ecotours, is launching of a unique mindfulness event in the trees – to be held on Saturday 29 October. Extending on the Mental Health Awareness Week theme of ‘Reconnect – with the people and places that lift you up’, the Guided Mindfulness x Ziplining Experience event is designed to help locals tune into their wellbeing and reconnect with nature –while also enjoying some ziplining fun!

Led by expert facilitators, the two-hour experience includes a 30-minute guided treehouse meditation and stretch, two fun ziplines and an (optional) thrilling 21m Kererū drop experience.

Tickets cost $60pp (gondola tickets to be purchased separately) with $15 from every ticket sold donated to local mental health trust, headlight.

For more information and tickets scan the QR code or visit humanitix.com

The library is running Digital Help drop-ins sessions

Do you need a helping hand with your digital devices? The library can potentially help with digital help available. While not tech experts, just a bunch of friendly librarians, the team have some good IT skills. Sessions are free.

To make an appointment just pop into the Queenstown Library, give them a call, or email and arrange an appointment. They may ask a few questions about your issue, so you get the most out of your private session.

What do I need to bring? Bring your digital device and your questions. Where are the sessions held? The sessions are held at Queenstown Library by appointment. Email: queenstown.library@qldc.govt.nz

Community News

Tuesday $10 Food specials every day

Wednesday Ladies night $10 pornstar martini’s Brett Walker 8pm

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Every Day from 3pm-8pm Free Bar Snacks

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Wednesday FREE Pizza Night

Wednesday Open Mic Night from 9.30pm

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Sunday Electric Rush Day Party 3pm

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday Nightly House DJ’s from 8pm-4am

Sunday Karaoke from 9pm – 1am with FREE spicy chicken wings from 8pm-12am.

Friday Live music from 9.30pm

Saturday DJ MAD from 9.30pm

Wing Wednesday 20c wings Thursday 1/2 price fajitas Taco Tuesday $3 tacos

Tuesday $12 Classic Pizzas

All Day

Wednesday Quiz Night @7pm. Email info@lokalqt. co.nz to register your team

Happy Hour from 4pm – 7pm, with drinks from $7 Available WednesdaySunday

FREE Pool and Shuffle Board Game. FREE Bull Riding. Or just relax and enjoy a night out at Cowboys.

Sunday DJ MAD from 9.30pm

Monday Free Chicken Wings* *T’s & C’s apply

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Sunday $25 Sunday Roast now from 12pm to late Bookings highly recommended! 03 442 5444

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Friday John and Jamie live from 9pm!

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Monday and Tuesday CLOSED Open 4pm8:30pm WednesdaySunday 47 Camp Street misslucys.co.nz

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Bavarian Fest Everyday! 2 hours beverage package

all-you-can-meat $89 only

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Live sky sports every day!

Thursday Open Mic Night 8pm


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Friday DJ Mad 9pm

13 Taps of local and NZ craft beer and cider!

Friday Emerson’s Reverb Launch, 5pm Harmony & Rhythm, 9pm

DJ Charlie 10-4am



Saturday Bad Habit 9pm

Full food menu available

Wed-Fri 2-8pm & Sat-Sun 12-8pm

Saturday Stubacca: UK Garage 9pm

10-4am Thursday

M Lf Soy



A 60s baby, growing up in Levin in the Horowhenua, Kate Pirovano reckons she was the family ‘sports edition’, arriving well after two brothers.

“I was horse crazy, a bit of a tomboy so Mum sent me to boarding school in New Plymouth for two years to teach me how to be a lady,” grins Kate.

The family budget didn’t allow for a horse float so Kate, aged 11, biked 6.4kms on her gold Raleigh 20 bicycle, saddle across the handle bars and bridle over her shoulder, to the family block of land. She’d then ride kilometres more to Pony Club events.

While she nailed a local 100m freestyle record, aged nine, which stood for more than 20 years, Kate wagged school sports day. “I hated it.”

In her 30s she got into competitive mountain biking and multisport, and worked part-time as a life guard at the local pool. It was all good training to support her bid to get into the police. Kate’s scored 11 Australasian Police and Emergency Services Games golds and 10 silvers, placings in Police national mountain biking and cross country championships, run a marathon, and clocked firsts and placings in two major mountain biking events locally, including the Motatapu.

Unfortunately, it was the sad loss of her mother back when Kate was just 28 that sparked a desire for a life that “made a difference”. “I was a single mum with an eight-year-old daughter and I had an epiphany.”

An eyesight issue delayed her acceptance into NZ Police College, until revolutionary new corrective laser surgery was accepted by a very strict police regime. In the meantime the recruiting officer asked her to run the town’s first Victim Support Group. She worked out of the Levin Police Station for three years – the first eight months as a volunteer before full-time. “The whole time I was teaching Aquacise and getting fit.”

In 1996, aged 33, Kate headed off to five months police training at Porirua. After four years frontline policing in Palmerston North she spent two years community policing in a challenging suburb. “We had Mongrel Mob and Black Power all living right by the police station.”

On one occasion, just after a local gang murder, Kate spotted a young offender breaking his bail conditions. “He had a wee backpack on and I ended up grabbing that and swinging around with him as he tried to make off until back-up arrived,” she recalls. “He had an axe in his backpack and was after retribution so that was a crisis averted.”

“As a community cop you try to work with these young offenders. An alternative education programme kicked in while I was there and I started to play basketball with them and visit the school to build up that trust and confidence.”

Kate set up one of New Zealand’s first volunteer community policing groups in Palmerston North.

She was the only female on a large police and Armed Offenders Squad team that did a big raid in Otaki on a gang pad in the early hours. “We were sitting waiting to drive down – 25 or 30 of us, and an Aussie documentary about breasts came on TV. I wasn’t sure where to look,” she grins. As with any large organisation inclusiveness has been

“a work in progress,” she says. “But we’re getting there.”

“I always felt I had to do five times the work to be as good as the guys as I lacked that extra strength. I’d get a bit dogged about it and think, ‘I have to solve this’.”

After two years in Auckland from 2002 on the America’s Cup and Auckland inquiries team, Kate discovered Alexandra and fell in love with the south. A job arose with Queenstown Police in 2004 and by 2005 Kate was promoted to sergeant – one of the resort’s first two female sergeants. She became renowned among Queenstown’s late night party fraternity for her strict, no nonsense approach to the excessive alcohol abuse police constantly witnessed. One night windows in the downtown Seniors Citizen’s Rooms were smashed. The offender drove off in a vehicle registered to a local company. “I rang the boss, who gave me the employee’s number. He was really angry,” says Kate. “The kid was really drunk so I pretended to be a friend, phoned and said, ‘Hey mate, meet ya at Red Rock for a drink!’ When he arrived it was, ‘Gidday mate. You’re under arrest. It was the easiest arrest I’d ever done,” she grins.

She worked some stressful late shifts searching for intoxicated young girls reported missing by friends. “These drunk teen girls on holiday all said ‘Queenstown’s a safe place’. It is until one person decides it’s not and you’re in his path,” says Kate.

Assisting a North Island woman victim of domestic abuse and supporting her through the court process to freedom - the perpetrator incarcerated, was extremely rewarding. “Just the relief on her face, like a cloud had lifted. She became a different woman.”

Kate is firmly against legalising cannabis. “Working up north the guys told me they all got started on cannabis then progressed to harder drugs.” She’s also been a strong advocate for educating tourist drivers about our road rules. Kate worked hard during her time policing at Queenstown Airport, with help from a friend at Customs, to trial an IT kiosk solution with funding from the AA (Automobile Association).

Part of the 75th Women in Policing Relay in 2016 locally, Kate, who retired in 2020, and her horse, Slide, are still a colourful addition to local parades, from Anzac Day to Winter Festival. “Horses had a police role to play in the early days and it’s my passion so I still love to do it now.”

Kate, starting out in the police force in Palmerston North in 1997 Kate having a bit of fun, pretending to use a laser for speed enforcement, from her horse, Slide, after an Armistice
ceremony in Arrowtown
in November, 2020.
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Let’s talk Composting

This is a great time of year to review what you are doing at home with all your food scraps and compostables.

First up, what can be composted? Pretty much anything that isn’t synthetic. Food scraps, meat, fish, bones, wool, hair, paper, cardboard, leaves and so on.

The size of your piece of dirt should influence the types of systems you are using. If you’re on more than an acre then you’re looking at a combination of systems such as chicken composting and hot/cold compost 3 bay systems built out of wooden pallets.

If you’re on an old school ¼ acre you may still go for the chickens and the wooden composting bays, possibly a couple of large plastic dalek type composters.

Those in the 300-700sq metre category will be looking at 1-2 compost bays or the plastic dalek composters. You can also starting to look at worm farms and bokashi buckets.

Tiny homes - it really depend on the size block you have set up.

If you live in an apartment, a closed worm farm like a ‘Can of worms’ or the ‘Hungry bin’ worm farm can work if you have a utility space. Yes, worms can live happily indoors and won’t smell your house out if looked after correctly.

If you have an indoor plant collection or balcony green paradise, your plants will happily gobble up all the worm castings you produce. Bokashi buckets also work well in an apartment setting, here though you need to link up with a keen gardener who’s willing to take your buckets and bury the contents in their garden.

Any gardener familiar with bokashi buckets and the amazing benefits it has on gardens and plants will jump at the opportunity to take your Bokashi buckets.

Not all of us have that gardening nut as a friend, this is where an app/ website like ‘Sharewaste.org.nz’ comes into its own. On these site you can connect with composting and chicken fanciers who are happy to take your food scraps on a regular basis. Bokashi the food scraps and you will lessen the number of visits needed.

Now all these systems chicken composting, 1-3+ compost bay system, bokashi and worm farms are not exclusive to your property size. I live on a large lifestyle block and use chickens, worm farms, compost bays (9 of them), and bokashi from time to time. Ok so maybe you’re not as enthusiastic as we are.

What I’m getting at here is that you don’t have to limit yourself to one system. A combination of systems can really compliment the other. We love our worm farms and our chickens so we share the load between them. Items that the worms don’t like such as citrus and onion skins go to the chickens. (In truth chickens don’t care for them much either.

Except in a deep litter chicken composting system those items can break down slowly.)

So which system might be right for you?

If you are a keen vegetable gardener any duo combination of bay system, worms and bokashi buckets will work. The biggest nutrient fertiliser bang for your buck and your time has to be the bokashi bucket system

Aspiring gardeners should check out an ‘in-ground’ worm farm system. Make your own cheaply (get along to a Dr Compost workshops later this month and we can show you how). There are also commercial models like the ‘Subpod’ but steer clear of the small diameter tube like models as they aren’t that effective and don’t take many food scraps.

‘Really just not a gardener!!’ Check out the sharewaste.org.nz and drop your foodscraps to somebody who wants them..

Happy gardening and composting. Ps keep an eye out for workshops later this month.


Compost project

to reduce organic waste

to landfill.

Dr Compost aka Ben Elms is a permaculture and gardening expert who’s been operating in the unusual Central Otago climate for over
by QLDC and delivered by Wanaka Wastebusters, the
Got a question? Check out @drcompost on Facebook or benelms.com @dr_compost | @doctorcompost | benelms.com


Join aninternationalteamona mission tobring realfun tolife. skyline.co.nz/careers See our jobs: Join us and deliver real fun to the world. We’re looking for: PhotoSales Food & Beverage Attendants BarAttendants Guest Service Host Gondola Operator Accounts Administrator Come for a season, Stay for
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New Venue New Opportunities


an opening

Outdoor Cleaner Operator

Love driving, love being in the outdoors, like to move around all day and not be working in a fishbowl? Then come and join us. We currently have two super cool vacancies for facilities operators at our Queenstown Branch.

So, what does a facilities operator do you ask? Well for starters you get to work across some of the most spectacular scenery NZ has to offer. This could be working in Gibbston one day, Arrowtown the next, or on the Lake front at Frankton or Queenstown. What’s the catch? We need you to clean the public toilets, BBQ’s, Bus stops and drinking fountains. Pretty simple really. Most days can be plain sailing, others you just roll your sleeves up and get on with the job. Housekeeping is no better at least with us you’re free to enjoy the outdoors.

We supply all your uniform, PPE, and other goodies after a hard day’s work. The lake is a great stop for lunch in a hot summer’s day (and a swim if your keen). Split shifts are available, you can work the weekend and have weekdays off, or verse visa, we’re a flexible bunch. Most get to take a vehicle home, so there’s savings


LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN | 18th October 2022 - 25th October 2022 SITUATIONS VACANTPh: 03 409 2800 | info@qmg.co.nz | jobfix.co.nz Page 37
Hospitality Group’s latest venue requires staff to be part of
team in a bar located within the heart of central Queenstown. We are looking for dynamic and energetic hospitality professionals to be a part of a venue from the very beginning. The venue will be offering top notch coffees, showcasing Central Otago wines and crafting unique cocktails. Coming soon, this space will be a key part of a brand new development. Positions required: Duty Managers Head Barista Baristas Head Bartender Bartenders What we offer: Highly competitive renumeration. Excellent training, promotion and professional development opportunities. Staff Benefits. Sponsorship available for eligible candidates. Send your CV to gethin@wolfgroup.nz
Looking for a energetic and hard working staffs at Busy Asian Fusion restaurant in the heart of Queentown. Sous Chef Chef de Partie Demi Chef Kitchen Hand White and Wong’s Queenstown www.goodgroup.co.nz l www.whiteandwongs.co.nz benjamin.moon@whiteandwongs.co.nz
on getting to and from work –
Interested (well you should be!!) please email Rebecca at rebecca@rs.kiwi.nz or call 021 743 185 FOR YOUR JOB VACANCY FIND THE PERFECT CANDIDATE Advertise your job vacancy Upload online at jobfix.co.nz


Great careers start right here!

We seek exceptional people to deliver an authentic five-star experience to our guests. You will be part of a high-energy, supportive and rewarding work environment.

At heart, we are a vibrant community where employees are fully supported and everyone works closely together to achieve the best for guests and each other.

Millbrook Resort is a completely unique place to work and as an employee, you play a key role in contributing to the ongoing success of this beautiful resort.


Housekeeping Superstars, full-time or part-time, $26 P/H.

If you are keen to deliver a high standard, hospitality is your passion, and you want to be rewarded for your efforts, we would like to hear from you.

Houseman Extraordinaire, full-time $26 P/H.

This is a supportive role for our housekeeping team, including some light maintenance work within the villas. This role has variety, from stripping departing villas ahead of the housekeeping team, cleaning outside patios, windows, BBQs, and upholstery when required, and even delivering guest grocery orders. We have a golf buggy for getting around the property, so safely, every day can be as fun as you make it. You are the one the team depends on as you become the overall helping hand around the villas.

We are a supportive, no-stress, happy team offering excellent pay rates, paid breaks, ongoing loyalty bonuses, and complimentary machine coffee in the staffroom with biscuits, chocolate, and fresh fruit, all in a property you will be proud to be a part of.

Ongoing loyalty bonuses of $1,000 for full-time & $500 for part-time positions.

Applicants must be able to work in New Zealand legally.


Our people are our greatest assets, and we love rewarding hard-working team members. At Millbrook, we encourage learning and professional development. When you join the Millbrook family you will also enjoy: Discounted golf, restaurants and spa treatments; Friends & family hotel rates; Discounted gym membership; Onsite car parking; Complimentary sta meals; Daily travel allowance for team members

live more than 25k from the resort; and regular wellbeing workshop.

your Millbrook journey today and apply!

must have a valid NZ Work Visa to apply.

Applications to admin@platinumqueenstown.co.nz

Seasonal Lodge Staff Required

better place to work

summer than in Southern Fiordland!

The Humpridge Track comprises of a 3day 2night adventure - 62km and two Lodges, adding some luxury to the usual NZ walking track. We engage with a wide range of walkers and offer three quite different packages catering to their respective tramping needs. We are recruiting the following;

Lodge Leads • 2ICs

Want to learn more? Visit our staff vacancies page on our website www.humpridgetrack.co.nz/pages/staff-vacancies/

at walk@humpridgetrack.co.nz

LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN | 18th October 2022 - 25th October 2022 SITUATIONS VACANT Page 38
www.mymillbrook.co.nz You
Scan the QR code to find out why our
love coming to work each day. QUEENSTOWN | NEW ZEALAND
Platinum Queenstown Luxury Villas is a 36-three-bedroom 5-star apartment property located on Fernhill; seeking applications for the following positions
Seasonal Fixed Term Positions (2022/23 Summer Season) What
Or contact Emily by email

McDonald’s Restaurants Queenstown are looking for full-time & part-time staff for our restaurants in Frankton and Camp Street for the positions of:


•LATE NIGHT STAFF (kitchen or service)

$25 an hour – Sponsorship Available. We are Accredited with Job Tokens ready to go. Daytime Kitchen, Service, & Cleaning roles also available.

To apply, please send your CV to: hr.mcds.qtown@gmail.com or scan the QR code and apply online


We require an experienced Plasterboard

Stopper & Fixer for a wide range of interior housing projects in the Queenstown area.

This is a long-term position and you will need to have the following attributes;

•Have relevant trade experience;

•Be competent, disciplined and hardworking;

•Have your own hand tools and transport

If you would like to join the team then please contact Tom on 0204114209 or express your interest by emailing a cover letter and CV to showstoppersinteriors@homail.com.



Print Central is a Queenstown based company which has been in the printing business for over 20 years. Now that business is picking up we’re looking for new talent to join our great team.

We’re looking for someone who always dots their i’s and crosses their t’s. Someone who doesn’t have a “she’ll be right attitude”. Someone who does give a sh/t and has motivation to learn on the job!

If you are interested in working in an award winning team full of creative, clever people but are afraid you don’t have the right skills, don’t be put off. We’re looking for the right personal attributes to fit our team, not the right technical experience.

Maybe you want to start a new career pathway? Maybe you’re returning to work after leave? Maybe you want to move to Queenstown? We don’t mind your reasons, but your commitment is important to us and we’d like to invest in you.

Customer Services Role


•An authentic interest in sales, print and design.

• Warmth, curiosity, patience, ability to engage and form relationships.

• Ability to work to deadlines and manage workflows.


• Experience in printing - offset, digital, signage & labels.

If this sounds like a fit for you, please apply with a cover letter


Clerical & Sales Assistant

The Eye in The Sky is an Aviation Certified Cockpit Video, Audio and Flight Data Recorder manufactured in New Zealand for use in aircraft. We are needing an energetic person to join us, with more than a “can do” attitude

Based in Frankton, Queenstown this clerical role has exciting and varied tasks working across dispatch, sales & marketing and customer support with the opportunity of growth to a more senior level.

Tasks & Responsibilities

Customer service Database entries

Phone Enquiries & Follow up

testing & dispatch

Stock Control


accounts receivable

You must be proficient with IT & electronics with strong admin & reporting skills.

A manufacturing background is beneficial and excellent spoken & written English skills a must.

Sales are to national and international helicopter companies and ideally the successful applicant would have a technical understanding or passion for aviation.

This is a full time position with glide time acceptable to suit the right candidate and clients international time zones.

This is a not-for-profit organisation, with all proceeds of this aviation safety device to the James PG Foundation. You need to have the right to live & work in New Zealand

Please contact louisa@eyeinthesky.co.nz

LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN | 18th October 2022 - 25th October 2022 SITUATIONS VACANTPh: 03 409 2800 | info@qmg.co.nz | jobfix.co.nz Page 39
and CV to: Graeme Hastie, Managing Director graeme@printcentral.co.nz 021 949 946
before 30 October 2022

Is currently seeking CHEFS

Starts at $25 ph GENERAL MANAGER

Starts at 60k


Starts at $25 ph

If you're interested in joining one of Queenstown's iconic restaurants and bars email your CV to chris@smithscraftbeer.co.nz or apply in person.

Valid working visa required.

Queenstown’s hottest 5 star luxury hotel and home to industry leading F&B outlets – Bazaar Restaurant & Reds Bar.


From $25/hour

Email: kim_haynes@evt.com


From $27.76/hour

Email: ryan_henley@evt.com


From $24.15/hour

Email: amy_ribera@evt.com


From $24.15/hour

Email: anthony_harper@evt.com

Counter Sales Role

Redpaths Queenstown is looking for an energetic, enthusiastic team member with great communication skills to work with our fantastic customer base and to fit in with our branch team.

R Redpath Ltd is well established as one of the largest and leading independent South Island Electrical Wholesalers. We have fulltime position 40hrs per week on offer, with duties ranging from counter sales, inwards goods and delivery driving. No experience necessary, you just need to have a good working attitude and full training is provided. Applicants must have full time residency and a NZ drivers license. We offer a competitive salary above minimum wage, accompanied with medical cover and your Birthday off. So if you are up for the challenge and keen to join a fun team and carve a career path within the company and trade industry, please email your CV with a covering letter to the Branch Manager: michelle.king@redpaths.co.nz


Sous Chef

Seeking committed and reliable professionals

join our busy kitchen in preparation for the busiest time of the year.

you have Full Time availability and any of these roles are of your interest, please apply sending your cover letter and CV to warwick.taylor@goodgroup.co.nz



Work opportunities available.

Variety of roles, flexible hours

a stunning location!.

Full training provided.

more information contact manager@arrowtowngolf. co.nz

LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN | 18th October 2022 - 25th October 2022 SITUATIONS VACANTPh: 03 409 2800 | info@qmg.co.nz | jobfix.co.nz Page 40
Contact: Lili Taylor – 027 250 7692 Lili.taylor@nz.issworld.com
Applicants must have legal right to work in NZ. Henry's Wakatipu
SALES ASSISTANT / DUTY MANAGER Henry’s at Frankton are looking for a Retail Sales Assistant/Duty Manager to join their team. Preference will be given to someone with experience in the Liquor industry. Please email your CV to wakatipu@henrysbws-si.co.nz Come and join our fun team of Cleaning, Maintenance and Quality Control experts! •Full and part time positions available! •Management position available •Great pay rates •Awesome team •Work / Life balance •Training and transport provided •Accredited Employer Email slithytoves33@gmail.com 2490930
Our teams are producing work of the highest standards. Our work ethos is amazing. We o er: Training for the right candidate We o er: Apprenticeships We o er: Transport We o er: Good wages No CV required! If you are t, hardworking, reliable, and want an opportunity to work with a great team, email us: otago xers@xtra.co.nz

Skilled and Unskilled Labourers

for casual, temporary or long term work??

Chef de Partie Kitchen Porter

Seeking committed and reliable professionals to join our busy kitchen in preparation for the busiest time of the year.

If you have Full Time availability and any of these roles are of your interest, please apply sending your cover letter and CV to warwick.taylor@goodgroup.co.nz

Receptionist / Housekeeping

Southern Laughter Backpackers is re-opening! And we're looking for awesome people to join our new team.

The roles include a mixture of reception duties and housekeeping. No experience required, just a great attitude and the ability to provide exceptional customer service.

We have Full time, Part time and casual roles available.

Accommodation can be included.

Please email info@stayatsouthern.co.nz

Housekeepers Wanted

•Self motivated, able to work alone

• Efficient, able to work under pressure

•Experience preferred but not essential

• Staff required immediately and for busy summer period

• We are accredited employer & can offer visa sponsorship

•$26-$28 per hour depending on experience

Email your CV to operations@staysouth.com

Cafe Society is looking for Barista / Cafe Worker, Chef & Chef de Partie

Come to join the cafe society team. Day shift only hours, great pay in the modern cafe.

Send us your CV and a cover letter at: societymanager@xtra.co.nz

We look forward to hearing from you.

Hospitality Staff Wanted

Red Rock is seeking motivated individuals to join our small team for spring and summer due to some long serving staff moving onto pastures new. We are looking to fill the following positions with immediate starts available:

•Baristas & Bartenders

Cook / Chef

/ Chef


Full time and part time, and casual positions are available. Competitive hourly rates based on experience. You must have the right to work in NZ or hold a current working holiday visa. If you have experience in any of the above positions or are looking to learn, please forward your CV to bcb@outlook.co.nz or come into 48 Camp Street and speak with a manager.

We are now looking for staff for the busy summer season.

No nights, flexible, stable rosters and a great team are all part of the package! Positions available for:




Experience necessary for the positions.

Must hold a valid visa.

Pop in and see us or email your CV manager@theexchange.kiwi

LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN | 18th October 2022 - 25th October 2022 SITUATIONS VACANTPh: 03 409 2800 | info@qmg.co.nz | jobfix.co.nz Page 41 REQUIRED NOW!!!!!!
Queenstown Personnel and Labour Hire are looking for labourers for a variety of jobs around Queenstown with an immediate start. Contact Sharleen - 027 778 7377 or email sharleen@qtplabour.co.nz


A rare opportunity has popped up in Arrowtown to join a small chain of boutique fashion stores. We are seeking an E-Commerce Manager to manage the daily dispatch and operations of our fast-paced web store.

You will be driven by data to formulate content strategy and drive web sales within this role. You will have a keen eye for market trends, and spotting sales opportunity within data.

Not only this, you’ll be passionate about delivering excellent customer service, with time-sensitive dispatch being the key to keeping this busy webstore running smoothly.

A natural leader, you will manage a small team in the Arrowtown office. You will also take responsibility for the team and motivating them for personal and business success.

The key responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

• Oversee customer interaction, order fulfillment and returns to ensure a quality customer service experience.

• Provide an excellent customer experience by continuously improving website usability and ensuring exceptional customer service.

• Maintenance of 5 fashion webstores, including copy writing, product upload and creating a visually appealing and user-friendly experience.

• Be responsible for email marketing, Googly Analytics, and Google Ads, amongst other digital marketing/SEO platforms.

• Working closely with the Social Media team to ensuring the best and most effective content strategy is executed.

The role comes with:

• Great product! You will be working for leading fashion apparel stores specialising in a range of products

• Competitive staff discount

• The chance to work in a fashion position, without having to relocate. These opportunities are rare and highly sought after

•A Monday to Friday work week

As a successful candidate, you will have:

•2+ years experience in a similar role

•Prior experience within a fashion environment is preferred (but not essential)

• Exceptional computer literacy, across Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook, Facebook Business, Google Ads, Google Analytics etc.

•Experience with E-Commerce platforms such as Shopify

•Strong written and verbal communication skills, with a customer-focused approach

•Ideally, be available to start within the next 3-4 weeks

If this role appeals to you, please apply now, we know this one will get snapped up quickly.


To apply, or have a confidential conversation about this opportunity, contact Caroline at caroline@wallaceandgibbs.com

All Front of House positions: Restaurant Manager Assistant Restaurant Managers


Food Runners

Bar Tenders

Seeking hospitality professionals to join our busy restaurant.

$24 - $35 per hour

If you any of these roles are of interest to you, please drop your resume into the restaurant or email nicole.simister@botswanabutchery.co.nz


We are looking for someone to join our awesome team. You will need to have a general managers licence and be willing to work nights and weekends. There is heavy lifting involved. If you feel you are the right fit for the team please contact: Heather on (03) 4429801 or email remarkablespark@superliquor.co.nz or come into the store for a job application form.

Have you just finished school, wanting a change in career, or looking for a new and exciting role. Then come and talk to us about joining our team!

We are currently looking for long term Plasterboard Fixers, Plasterboard Stoppers, Steel stud Installers, Suspended Ceiling Installers, or Trainees for roles in Queenstown and the surrounding area.

You will need to have the following attributes:


Good communication skills, English verbal and written.

Attention to detail and able to follow Instructions. Be a competent, disciplined and hardworking Individual who is keen to learn. Work well in a team environment.

Plasterboard Fixers and Stoppers, Suspended Ceiling and Steel stud Installers

Have relevant trade experience.

Good communication skills, English verbal and written.

Attention to detail.

Work well in a team environment.

Must have own transport and tools.

We are an accredited business and can sponsor those with relevant experience.

If this sounds like a position that will motivate you, and you would like to join our team then please express your interest by emailing a cover letter and CV to info@bbinteriors.co.nz

LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN | 18th October 2022 - 25th October 2022 SITUATIONS VACANTPh: 03 409 2800 | info@qmg.co.nz | jobfix.co.nz Page 42
New Zealand Design
New Zealand Design

General Assistant

The Glenorchy Marketplace

Surrounded by spectacular mountain terrain, The Headwaters Eco Lodge, together with Mrs Woolly’s General Store, is just a 40 minute drive from Queenstown. We are hiring staff now for our busy summer season, October 2022 – March 2023.

The Opportunity

We are looking for a hospitality and retail professionals to work as General Assistants across our business which has a busy retail store, as well as accommodation and function facilities.

Are you someone who likes to change it up? We want to hear from you!

We have both full time and part time hours available for summer season contracts.

Well-appointed staff accommodation may be available in Glenorchy for the successful applicants.

About You

• Genuine passion for customer service

teamwork attitude

• Customer service experience is essential

Marketing and Projects co-ordinator

Are you a trail loving admin and marketing genius keen to help grow the Whakatipu Basin’s trail network?

The Position:

The Marketing and Projects co-ordinator will work alongside the CEO Mark ‘Willy’ Williams and Board of Trustees to keep the office humming. This role is a unique opportunity for someone passionate about trails in our district and includes marketing, fundraising and partnerships as well as special projects and admin duties. The role is permanent part-time, approx. 25hrs per week with flexibility as required.


• Marketing – Create content for QTT website and email newsletter; digital campaigns, ads and reporting; work with DQ and other local organisations, media and partners; manage image library; manage development of QTT website.

• Partnerships – manage QTT’s Official Partner Program including all communications; recruit new partners; invoicing and planning promotions.

• Fundraising – Plan and implement fundraising campaigns, donor liaison, database management and reporting.

• Special Projects could include – Research, trail surveys; funding and grants; trail signage; trail volunteers; event management.

• Admin – Board support; minute taking; presentation writing; database management; invoicing and debt collection.

Core Skills Needed:

• Genuinely enjoy the trail network – we don’t care if you ride, walk or run on the trails, we are just interested in your passion for them.

• Super organised with great communication skills and a passion for story-telling.

• Tech savvy, you’ll be competent using tools such as Facebook Business; Google Analytics; CRM management experience (we use Vega.Works); Silverstripe CMS or similar; be capable of creating graphics via Photoshop, Canva or similar; Xero.

• You’ll have a can-do attitude and be happy to work independently and take the lead regarding your own areas of responsibility.

About Us:

The vision of the Queenstown Trails Trust (QTT) is ‘’To create, nurture and maintain a worldclass recreational trail network that connects our communities, is sustainable, integrated, well utilised and highly regarded, that enhances the health, well-being and quality of life.”

Visit www.queenstowntrail.org.nz for more on what we do. If you love Queenstown’s tracks and trails as much as we dowe’d love to hear from you!

Send your CV and a cover note telling us why this is the job for you to mark.williams@queenstowntrail.org.nz by 28 Oct 2022.


• Excellent communicator with strong interpersonal

•Enthusiastic, self-motivated and

•Immaculate presentation and professional

• Ability to work a flexible roster,

holidays and evenings

•Legally able to work in New Zealand

Please email your CV and contact details

LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN | 18th October 2022 - 25th October 2022 SITUATIONS VACANTPh: 03 409 2800 | info@qmg.co.nz | jobfix.co.nz Page 43
“Count on Me” and
positive individual
grooming standards
including weekends, public
to jobs@theheadwaters.co.nz Advertise your job vacancy Upload online at jobfix.co.nz



Bike Mechanic Assistant / Driver (part time)

Escape by Cycle are Queenstown’s leading fully inclusive, Guided multi day cycle tour company offering tours on some of New Zealand’s leading cycle trails. We have a large fleet of E-bikes and non-bikes which require servicing weekly. With two departure days a week servicing is carried out twice weekly at our Kingston depot.

is a great way to gain entry into Nz’s adventure tourism market and has potential to evolve into other areas of the business for the right candidate.

By Cycle are seeking a part time Bike mechanic’s assistant that also has a clean

A P - licence



We envisage

LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN | 18th October 2022 - 25th October 2022 SITUATIONS VACANTPh: 03 409 2800 | info@qmg.co.nz | jobfix.co.nz Page 44
have a stellar opportunity for a driven individual to become part of New Zealand’s Most Trusted Real Estate Brand – as voted by Kiwi’s consecutively for 10 years running.
in Queenstown this role will be focussed on managing our long-standing Holiday Homes business. Our Holiday Homes business has been catering for national and international guests for over 15 years. Our brand has a reputation on delivering a second-to-none client experience and a strong following of repeat guests. The key responsibilities of this role are; • Managing our well-established boutique Holiday Homes portfolio with a focus on business development • Ensuring all parameters of the holiday homes business are maximised and ensuring the client experience is paramount • Ensuring all key drivers are met within the Holiday Homes team • Managing key relationship with customers, guests, clients, suppliers and portals Our ideal candidate will possess; • A ‘Can Do’ attitude • Exceptional interpersonal skills • Exemplary client experience skills • Digital marketing expertise All applicants must be a New Zealand resident or hold a valid work visa. You must also hold a current and clean driver’s license. If you think you have what it takes to take our Holiday Homes business to the next level, please send your CV and cover letter to : Annette@steapconsulting.co.nz HOLIDAY HOMES MANAGER – QUEENSTOWN CAREER Opportunity Highland Real Estate Group Ltd Licensed Agent REAA 2008 www.harcourtsotago.co.nz
drivers license to help with bike /van relocations.
endorsement would be desirable but not totally necessary to
right applicant.
up to 25 hrs per week initially. Previous
mechanical skills advantageous but not essential. Please send your application in the form of a C.V and tailored cover letter to operations@escapebycycle.com NEED NEW STAFF? ADVERTISE WHERE IT COUNTS!! We are Queenstown’s specialist recruitment solution, meeting the needs of Jobseekers and Employers in all lines of business. Between the Lakes Weekly and JobFix, we are your answer to better and easier staff recruitment, making sure employers and job seekers are connected. Proudly part of The Queenstown Media Group. FIND YOUR NEXT TEAM MEMBER TODAY Job placements start from $35 on JobFix & Lakes Weeklyfrom $84.70+GST Lakes Weekly ads also include 7 days on JobFix. Contact us on info@qmg.co.nz today.LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN Advertise your job vacancy jobfix.co.nz

The Opportunity

Shape Your Future With Us

We have incredible opportunities in a variety of roles with shifts and hours that will suit whatever you are looking for across our 3 Queenstown properties.



Front of House Manager

Mrs Woolly’s General Store

Mrs Woolly’s General Store is located in Glenorchy and carries a range of grocery items, has a wide selection of cabinet food and pies as well as great coffee and wine. Our store also has an interesting retail selection of books, cards, art, clothes and souvenirs.

We are looking for a Front of House Manager who can lead our team to ensure our customers have a memorable experience when visiting our store.

This requires the Manager to have experience in


•Customer Service


• Staff training


We are currently looking for reliable and motivated individuals to join our team:

A key performance indicator for this role is meeting revenue and profit targets.

About You


We are seeking an experienced professional to join our talented kitchen.


Duty Manager, Receptionist, Night Auditor / Porter, Porter, Reservations

Chef de Partie


Essential Requirements:

F&B Attendants, F&B Attendants, Kitchen Attendants

• At least 3 years’ experience in quality European style establishments


• Demonstrable ability to work under pressure

Sous, CDP, Apprentice Chef

• Excellent team spirit and passion for your job


• The role requires dedication in all aspects of our profession. At Sasso we use locally sourced, seasonal ingredients wherever possible.

Room Attendants, Laundry Attendants

F&B Attendant

The successful candidate will have previous experience in quality establishments, be passionate about great food and service, and be a reliable team member.

email your CV and covering letter to kitchen@sasso.co.nz



• Prefer you to reside in Glenorchy with practical knowledge of tourism and hospitality

• Must have knowledge of Deputy Time Management System and Vend Retail System

•Minimum 5 years Barista and Front of House experience

• Must be outgoing, friendly and love to interact with people of all cultures

Great working environment, plenty of hours, happy staff and customers, best view in the world and good pay and benefits.

•Legally able to work in New Zealand

• Knowledge of other languages and cultures is beneficial

• Competent with basic first aid – CPR and standard first aid certifications are a plus

• The Headwaters will operate 7 days a week – the Front of House Manager will be required to work weekends, evenings and public holidays

To apply for these roles we require a 6 month minimum commitment and you must be legally entitled to work in NZ.

• Must maintain confidentiality of sensitive information

Must have current Duty Manager Certification

Please apply to 2 Rees St Queenstown, 442 5288 or dine@primerestaurant.co.nz

email your CV and contact details to

French bakery, patisserie and coffee is waiting for you in Remarkables park town centre. We are looking for :

Great new family French Bakery is opening soon in Remarkables park shopping centre. We can offer you the possibility to learn more about french bread and pâtisserie. You must be motivated, smily and friendly. You should have NZ residency or a valid NZ work visa. We have a lot of option available for you.

- Cashier/Barista (Serving customer, making coffee, cleaning,…) Full time or Part time. Experience preferred but not required, Starting wage $25.

Great new family French Bakery is opening soon in Remarkables park shopping centre. can offer you the possibility to learn more about french bread and pâtisserie. You must be motivated, smily and friendly. You should have NZ residency or a valid NZ work visa We have a lot of option available for you. are looking for cashiers, baristas, (assistant) bakers, (assistant) pastry chefs and everyone else who want to take part of this new adventure. Just let us know what you are capable of. email : marion@maboulangerie.co.nz to apply or for further information

We are looking for cashiers, baristas, (assistant) bakers, (assistant) pastry chefs and everyone else who want to take part of this new adventure. Just let us know what you are capable of. Email: marion@maboulangerie.co.nz to apply or for further information

Must be available to work on the week end, must have a right to work in NZ .

LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN | 18th October 2022 - 25th October 2022 SITUATIONS VACANTPh: 03 409 2800 | info@qmg.co.nz | jobfix.co.nz Page 45
•Sales •Ordering •Cash
•Barista •Food
jobs@theheadwaters.co.nz LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN 8th November - 14th November 2016 SITUATIONS VACANT. Ph 409 2800 - info@lwb.co.nz Page 31
Email : contact@maboulangerie.co.nz To apply or for further information FOR YOUR JOB VACANCY FIND THE PERFECT CANDIDATE
your job vacancy Upload online at jobfix.co.nz

Steak House is an authentic and premium steak house which makes no

unashamedly celebrating a love of


O ice Administrator

Are you looking for a Part-Time Role with flexible working hours?

A varied role where no 2 days are the same?

A great team to work with?

Well, we have the role for you!

David Reid Homes Queenstown is looking for a part-time Office Administrator to support

Sound like you? Then

enthusiastic staff member

to work


fast pace

must have current

Why work with us


to progress and work at other


of time to enjoy the mountains before work!


LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN | 18th October 2022 - 25th October 2022 SITUATIONS VACANTPh: 03 409 2800 | info@qmg.co.nz | jobfix.co.nz Page 46 HOUSEKEEPERS NEEDED FRIDAYS ONLY Ridge Resort 67 Goldfield Heights, Queenstown Queenstown Mews 10 Frankton Road, Queenstown No experience necessary. Great 2nd job opportunity to top up your hours and get some extra $’s. Hours approx. 9.00am – 3.00pm. Casual or Permanent. Email nicola.warren@classicholidays.co.nz “The
steak house to end all arguments”
apologies for
are looking for Food Runner
Kitchen Hand
in our
restaurant. Applicant
working visa or
eligible to work in New Zealand. Minimum 6 month commitment
• Chance
sites across the Nourish Group. •Training
development. • Daily staff meals. •Dining discount within the group. • Full support for visa applications from our in-house HR team. • Paid day off on your birthday. • Sign on benefits. • Monthly visits out to local wineries - explore our backyard! • Open for dinner only, so plenty
josephine@queenstownjsh.co.nz or 03 442 6263
please send your CV to matt.stewart@davidreidhomes.co.nz or call Matt on 022 0102 159.
their team of 20. Tasks include: • Reconciling accounts. • PA to the Director. • Maintaining Stock Levels. • Event Management. • Arranging Client Gifts. • Expenses. • H&S Administration. • General Administration and more! This role would best suit someone who is outgoing and can be the heart of the team. They need to have great communication skills, the ability to multitask and great time management. Experience in Xero, Buildertrend, Databuild, Lightyear and Microsoft Suite is an advantage but not a must. QUEENSTOWN NZ DUTY MANAGERS, BARTENDERS & IN-HOUSE SECURITY WANTED We are looking for Bartenders, Security and Duty Managers to work in our busy bar in Queenstown. You must have current working Visa and speak excellent English for all roles. The positions are on a roster that will vary from week to week. You must be able to work weekends and evenings. For the In-House Security position, you must have current COA. Duty Managers must have their LCQ and Managers Certi cate. Please send your CV to queenstowncowboys@gmail.comFOR YOUR JOB VACANCY FIND THE PERFECT CANDIDATE


Looking for STAFF?

Refrigeration Engineer


T Chill will offer:



This role

LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN | 18th October 2022 - 25th October 2022 SITUATIONS VACANTPh: 03 409 2800 | info@qmg.co.nz | jobfix.co.nz Page 47 Give yourself the chance to upskill and learn from one of the most recognisable names in the Hire industry. You don't need hire experience and, provided you have at least a Restricted Licence, we'll support you on all the training you need to carry out these roles. Just some of the benefits we offer: • Free staff hire from our General Hire division • Work-sponsored Endorsements & Licences • 4% employer Kiwisaver contribution • Discounted Southern Cross membership • You will be covered under the Group Life Insurance when you join us • Apprenticeships - Heavy Machinery, Small Plant & Electrical • Frontline Management Qualifications • Employee Referral Scheme - up to $3,000 For more information on these roles contact: Mel Webster (General Hire) - 027 439 9926 Tom Pedley (Vehicles) - 027 254 8508
- Vehicles & General Hire Customer/Yard/Service Person & Customer Service/Groomer WE WANT YOU! Email us at careers@hirepool.co.nz or visit our careers page to apply: hirepoolcareers.co.nz
is a proud, locally owned Queenstown company specialising in commercial refrigeration system solutions and air conditioning covering the design, project management, service and system analysis. M
• A
remuneration package based on experience; $45 to $50 per hour for the right candidate •Company vehicle •Phone, laptop and uniform •Be part of an easy going, small team •Variety of work This full time role will be based in the Queenstown Lakes District and servicing the wider area. You will
responsible for providing high-quality maintenance, repairs, installation and servicing of residential, commercial and industrial refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Responsibilities will include: • Installation of air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump systems •Service and preventative maintenance •Fault diagnosis •Perform breakdown repairs •Establishing and maintaining long-term client relationships •Participating in a variety of installation projects • On-call will be required, with competitive overtime and call out rates paid
will suit someone with the following background / experience / qualities: • Trade certificate in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (Level 4) • 8+ years experience in refrigeration servicing, installation and remedial repairs • VRV/VRF experience essential •Electrical Service Technician licence and a Full Driver’s licence •Excellent communication and customer service skills • A positive attitude and a proactive team player with the ability to work unsupervised • Solid practical understanding of maintaining a safe work environment Applicants for this position should have NZ residency or a valid NZ work visa. Phone enquiries: +64 27 487 7638 Email enquiries: matthewthomas@mtchill.com Job type: Full time; 40 hours per week
LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN | 18th October 2022 - 25th October 2022 SITUATIONS VACANTPh: 03 409 2800 | info@qmg.co.nz | jobfix.co.nz Page 48 Qualified Plumber/Drainlayer David Reid Homes Queenstown franchise extends from the Gibbston Valley through to Glenorchy and south to Te Anau. This franchise of David Reid Homes has been owned by the Mackenzies since 2010 and the focus has been on building high-end architecturally designed homes over this time. With business steadily increasing they are looking for a Qualified Plumber/Drainlayer to join their dynamic professional team. To be considered for this role you would need to: • Be able to work well unsupervised • Be a New Zealand Resident or have a visa to work in New Zealand What will we supply you with in return? • A Vehicle • Fuel • Monday to Friday hours • A great team • Competitive Remuneration based on experience Sound like you? Then please send your CV to matt.stewart@davidreidhomes.co.nz or call Matt on 022 0102 159. Advertise your job vacancy Upload online at jobfix.co.nz

Cafe / Restaurant Assistant required in Glenorchy.

$25 per hour. Minimum of 30hrs per week. Return travel from queenstown included. Previous experience preferred but not essential.




We are looking for fun and motivated people to join our team of car groomers. The role is non-customer facing, shifts are 8am to 5.30pm and transport from the city to the place of work in Frankton can be arranged if necessary.

Casual, Part Time and Full Time roles available, all you need is a full drivers licence and an eye for detail.

Estamos buscando personal para unirse a nuestro grupo de Car Groomers. Ingles no es necesario, puede aprender mientras trabajas.

Solo debes tener predisposicion, ojo para el detalle y licencia de conducir. Casual, tiempo parcial y tiempo completo

Apply via email in English or Spanish to luke.dennington@abgroup.co.nz


General Manager and Duty Mangers

We are look for energised and passionate Hospitality legends to lead our team, create growth and maintain our current customer offer. They will need to be organised, great with people, detail focused, with a great knowledge of all aspects of the Hospo industry.

packages for the right people.

Accounts & Administration Superstar

Pure Milford is the premier cruising experience in Piopiotahi / Milford Sound. Along with our sister brand JUCY cruise, we are very excited to welcome visitors back to Milford Sound to show them her beauty & wonder.

are looking for an accounts and administration superstar to take care of all our administration and accounts needs. The position is full time, and can be based in our Shotover Street office, work from home or a combination of the two.

You will be responsible for our debtors, creditors, bank reconciliation and all things administration, including executive assistance to our GM. Xero experience is a must.

Our team is small, fun, dynamic and inclusive. If you have the right skills, we would love to welcome you onboard. Be part of the magic of Pure Milford.

Please send applications to


LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN | 18th October 2022 - 25th October 2022 SITUATIONS VACANTPh: 03 409 2800 | info@qmg.co.nz | jobfix.co.nz Page 49 MAINTENANCE ASSISTANT The Ridge Resort is looking for a person to assist the Maintenance Manager on Friday changeover day servicing the units and grounds. The position can be permanent or casual starting at 8am and ideally working until 5pm. No experience necessary as training will be provided. Applications to nicola.warren@classicholidays.co.nz or 027 222 5579
Email qtownalehouse@xtra.co.nz
Queenstown R Come join our amazing team and have some fun! Enjoy the following perks when you work with us: - Great atmosphere and team mates - Daily staff meals - Free coffee - all day, every day - Competitive wage - Discounted accomodation in Frankton - Professional career path - Social outings - Flexible roster To apply visit: gasolinealley.joes.co.nz/careers/ or email your cv to birthes@joes.co.nz We’rE lOoKiNg fOr cAfE mAnAgEr dUtY mAnAgEr cHeFs - aLl lEvElS dUtY mAnAgEr kItChEn hAnD jOe’s fIvE mIlE jOe’s qUeEnStOwN
Team Devil!! Looking for a Prep Chef to join us on the dark side. Must have experience, Day shifts and good pay rate Call in and have a chat to Blair or send your C.V to devilburgerqtn@gmail.com FOR YOUR JOB VACANCY FIND THE PERFECT CANDIDATE

Reservation Specialist

Over The Top is a leading tourism operator that provides guests unforgettable experiences by helicopter with private access to the Out The Back Alpine Kitchen and Par 3 Golf hole in the mountains and specialising in high end excursions into Fiordland and throughout New Zealand.

Based on Queenstown airport you will take joint responsibility of our Over The Top helicopter excursion reception & reservations resulting in confirmations of sales, assistance in preparing the accounts whilst delivering outstanding customer care, maintaining contact with our precious clients, and building relationships with new.

We are needing a person with attention to detail to join us, with more than a “can do” attitude.

Tasks & Responsibilities:

Customer service

Quote and itinerary preparation

Booking confirmations and processing


Phone enquiries & follow up

Rate updates & digital promotions

Assist accounts receivable

You must have strong admin & reporting skills and be proficient with IT

A tourism background is beneficial and excellent spoken & written English skills a must.

This is full time position with flexibility to have mid-week days off.

You need to have the right to live & work in New Zealand

Please contact projects@flynz.co.nz before 30 October 2022

LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN | 18th October 2022 - 25th October 2022 SITUATIONS VACANTPh: 03 409 2800 | info@qmg.co.nz | jobfix.co.nz Page 50
"Your itinerary is limited only by your imagination"
Chefs Servers All rounders Cocktail Bartenders Duty Managers Site Manager Ice Bar Hosts Duty Managers Cocktail Bartenders Duty Managers Ice Bar Hosts Duty Managers To apply, please scan the QR code or visit future.co.nz Perks • Outstanding staff discounts across all our venues •Weekly performance bonuses • Team events - including powder days, weekly group fitness, BBQ’s, social sport teams and drinks together to celebrate wins • Real opportunity for learning, career development and growth • Subsidised gym membership at Industrial Fitness • Work with some of Queenstown’s best people •Flexibility to work across venues Winner! Excellence in People & Culture JOIN THE FAMILY
LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN | 18th October 2022 - 25th October 2022 SITUATIONS VACANTPh: 03 409 2800 | info@qmg.co.nz | jobfix.co.nz Page 51 FOR YOUR CAREER FIND THE PERFECT OPPORTUNITY .co.nz
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