Lake Norman Woman December 2020

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B E T T E R M E … B E T T E R YO U … B E T T E R W O R L D

MIND body spirit By mixing the ingredients of attitude and action, we can change the flavor of our own lives. Learn to nur ture your body and soul to lead a more balanced life.


OUR ABILITY TO CHOOSE OUR THOUGHTS! I know you feel you can’t control it. The thoughts, feelings, emotions tumbling in your mind—like dirty rags in a washing machine… around and around and around. Perhaps your brain feels overwhelmed and it keeps you up at night. I bet your last few months have held a lot of sleepless nights, racing thoughts, and lack of focus. I bet you’ve lost weight, or gained weight, or don’t even recognize yourself. Maybe you feel like there’s nothing you can do to heal your pain, fix your wounds, and clear your mind. I’ve been there. I know how it feels. The anxiety you feel is your physiological response to stress. It’s your body and mind going into survival mode. Physiologically speaking, this is the way your body and mind try to protect you from danger. But when anxiety floods the mind with toxic thoughts and fear, you can go from survival mode to complete chaos. Here are a few tips to reduce your anxiety:

QUESTION YOUR THOUGHT PATTERN. Our thoughts cause our feelings and behaviors, not external things like events and environment. In response to stress, negative thought patterns can take root in your mind and distort your perception of reality. One way to regain your sense of calm is to challenge your fears and take back control of your thought patterns. Positive thoughts only!

COUNTERACT WORRY WITH PRESENCE. When we spend too much time outside of the present moment, we can get depressed and anxious … literally filled with fear. By focusing our attention on the present moment, we counteract rumination and worry. When you find a quiet space to think

and focus on the present, you come into an awareness of your emotions and create more adaptive reactions to stressful situations. You can train the brain to bring attention to the present moment so you can more clearly process through emotions.

DIRECT COMPASSIONATE THOUGHTS TOWARDS YOURSELF. Your worth is not determined by your ability to handle stress or your response to stressful situations; it comes from within. You are worthy because you say you’re say you’re worthy and say because you believe it. Make selfpraise familiar. Become a champion for yourself. When you notice feelings of anxiety, reassure yourself by saying reaffirming and true statements like, “I am strong. I am capable. I am enough.” w

Hilary Porta is the founder of R3 International, Inc. and is the Principal/CEO of H Porta Coaching based out of Mooresville with a satellite office in the UK. An international speaker and frequent contributor to numerous publications, Hilary works with everyone from professional athletes, to the military, to teens struggling with anxiety.






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