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Board of Trustees STEPHEN HARKER, PRESIDENT Clubs throughout the United States have been significantly impacted by the extreme downturn in the economy over the past fifteen months. Your Club Leadership went in to a “caution mode” during the last quarter of 2008 and continued in that mode throughout 2009. Working with the Board of Governors, Finance Committee and Management Team, your Board of Trustees strived to find that near perfect compromise position of maximizing the experience for our Members while at the same time minimizing the chances of damaging the Club’s very favorable financial position. The contingency plan that was developed put some capital enhancements and major maintenance items on hold until the Club saw where the membership levels and revenue streams were headed for 2009. Fortunately, unlike many other Clubs, the Lake Naomi Club has not seen a tremendous membership dropout rate and thus in the end was able to complete the majority of projects and still end the year in a positive financial position. One of the items that has been identified that has assisted the Club in preserving membership is the Logan Steele Community Center. Since the Community Center opened in May of 2007, it has totally changed the usage patterns of Members. Long considered a three to five month Club, the opening of the Community Center addressed any concerns that Lake Naomi-Timber Trails was truly a Club for all seasons. Members of the Lake Naomi Club have long realized that Lake Naomi – Timber Trails is a true gem. During 2009 the Club Leaders Forum made it official and told the entire country by naming Lake Naomi – Timber Trails a Platinum Residential Community Club. This designation is based on a nationwide survey and is the Club equivalent of the Mobil Five Star ratings. Each Member, Team Member and Committee/Board Member can be proud of this unique accomplishment. In order to retain the honor of being a Platinum Residential Community and Club, Lake Naomi – Timber Trails can never rest. We must always be planning for the future. Fortunately as we approach 2010 the Club’s Strategic Planning and Long Range Planning Committees are in high gear and actively planning for a wonderful future for our great Club.

BOARD OF GOVERNORS BOB WISNIEWSKI – CHAIR As you read through “2009 Year in Review”, Lake Naomi Club’s equivalent of an Annual Report, I encourage you to pay close attention to the reports submitted by Chairs of the various Business and Community Committees. The information they present is quite detailed and provides a good understanding of how active our community is and why our Club continues to operate effectively even in today’s more difficult times. Reflecting on the accomplishments of 2009, there are a couple of things that stand out in my mind. One was the continued support of our Members. As we developed the 2009 annual budget, there was a major concern involving membership levels and associated revenue generation. We addressed this issue by using conservative estimates and preparing contingency plans. And in spite of an economy that appeared to worsen as the year progressed, we retained essentially the same number of Members in 2009 as we had in 2008, which was a record year for membership. Because of this, the Club was able to

function normally and offer our traditionally high level of programs and services while at the same time achieving a relatively impressive budgetary surplus. A committed and involved Membership was also a primary reason Lake Naomi Club was identified by Club Leaders Forum as a Platinum Club of America, the only residential community in the Northeast to be so recognized. By now, you have seen and heard much about this prestigious “award” and why our Club was selected. . . key characteristics of a 5 star club range from culture and tradition and facilities and staff to governance and finance. But considered equally important in this mix is “Quality of Membership”, which signifies that no club can be great without great members, and here at Lake Naomi-Timber Trials we believe we have the best. While economic uncertainty still exists, we remain confident that strong Member support will allow us to meet such challenges and maintain our status as one of America’s premier private clubs. Finally, as I step down as BOG Chair, I want to once again thank the approximately 200 Members that contribute their leadership, time and energy to Committee work and our governance system. Also, I extend congratulations and best wishes to incoming BOG Chair Joyce McLaine and the new Executive team.

FINANCE COMMITTEE ELLEN NATHAN – CHAIR It is my pleasure to report that the Lake Naomi Club continues to be in good financial condition. 2009 was a difficult year for the economy and many feared the effect this would have on Lake Naomi Club. Nevertheless, we were able to end the year with a $262,000 surplus. We congratulate Management on strong cost cutting measures which enabled us to counter reductions in revenue. Our operating revenue for 2009 was just short of $6.8 million, although we had budgeted for a little over $6.9 million. The majority of our revenue comes from membership dues and fees, and in 2009 our membership was 1589, down slightly from 2008’s 1596 (the Committee had feared the drop-off would be larger). Temporary Memberships generated $230,000 in revenue, $30,000 short of budget, and the Community Center guest fees reached $47,000, about what we had anticipated. The Community Center continues to be a strong source of revenue and membership satisfaction. Club members report they are pleased with the food and service at the restaurant. However, revenue was $100,000 below budget. Various committees are studying ways to bring more members and revenue to the restaurant. The Club’s consolidated balance sheet at year-end remained strong. We had cash in the bank and total assets in excess of $16.0 million, including over $700,000 in the Contingency fund at year end. The Pocono Pines Community Association (PPCA), the Timber Trails Community Association (TTCA), and the 940 Sewage Association contributed approximately $866,000 to the operation of Lake Naomi Club in 2009. Additionally, the PPCA and TTCA contributed $715,000 to fund the Club’s Capital Reserves. The Club is grateful for the continuing support of these three organizations. At year end the Finance Committee was pleased with the results for 2009, but we continue to carefully monitor revenue and expenses as 2010 progresses due to our concern

about the possible effects that unemployment and financial uncertainty may have on the Club’s fiscal stability. I would like to thank all members of the Finance Committee for their hard work and dedication, along with a special “thank you” for the support of the BOG, BOT, and Management.

MANAGER’S REPORT JEFF EVANS, GENERAL MANAGER The Summer of 2008 was the busiest season in the Club’s history. Little did we know at the time that less than thirty days after Labor Day, the bottom would fall out of the economy of the United States. This put the Club in a real difficult situation. Should the Club plan for another banner year or should the Club retreat and bury its collective heads in the sand? The answer, of course, was neither. While some Clubs and Planned Communities lost their way as a result of the severe economic downturn, Lake Naomi – Timber Trails has continued to lead the way. Before 2008 even ended, Management was given the directive by the Board of Trustees to develop a “contingency plan” to cut and control expenses in order to avoid the Club digging a financial hole as a result of the economic downturn. Working with the Management Team, the Support Team, the Finance Committee and the BOG, a contingency plan was developed and implemented. The Club is so fortunate to not only have a great Staff Team, but also a tremendous team of over two hundred unpaid Volunteer Committee Members and Board Members. In the event the Club had to pay for the services provided by the Volunteers, annual dues would certainly double or triple. As the Club navigated its way though 2009, we found that the Members for the most part continued their memberships. They realized that while they might not be able to take a Hawaiian or European Vacation in 2009, for the cost of Club Membership, their entire family could utilize Lake Naomi – Timber Trails as a getaway and memory making location on weekends, during holiday periods and all Summer. As one Member put it, it costs me less for Club Membership for a year then it would to take my family to Disney World for a week. For many the Club proved to be one of the few predictable environments that remain in their chaotic lives. Next year, 2010, will be an important year for the Club. It will mark the final year of the multiple year General Manager transition. After thirty years as the Club’s Executive Vice President and General Manager and forty years of involvement with the Club, I plan to step down at the end of 2010. Fortunately, thanks to the leadership provided by the Board of Trustees, Robert Jones is ready to step in and take my place. After hearing transition disaster stories form professional colleagues in the region and around the country, it has been a wonderful experience to be involved in a transition where all parties are on the same page and have the same goals. My heart continues to be in the Club and while I will be stepping down as GM at the end of 2010, I am hoping to continue working with the Club in a lesser role. Stay tuned.

ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE MARIANNE HAJDUK - CHAIR The Activities Committee continued to provide programs and events that the Adult Membership welcomed and supported with enthusiastic participation. The annual events included the Murder Mystery, Show Production, Men's Luncheon, Ladies Luncheon, and Casino Night. Those attending the 1920's Murder Mystery Dinner Show in April proved it was cool to be there, and were presented with an evening of mystery, surprises and fun coupled with a blend of acting and comedy talent. The costumes of that particular era added to the enjoyment of the evening with everyone participating in the "Whodunit" interaction. A Gala Evening with The Three Tenors was presented on the decorated stage at the Logan Steele Community Center in May. Over two hundred attended and were treated to a celebration of a variety of music performed by national and international opera stars. To complete the evening, a special prix-fixed, pre-theatre menu was featured at the Clubhouse. In June, the Men's Luncheon was truly a winner as proclaimed by the many attending. One of our members, Tony Zanin and his son Tony J, an assistant basketball coach for the Chinese at the 2008 Summer Olympics, spoke about athletics on a college and professional level. It was a very interesting and informative afternoon while enjoying a tasty, hearty buffet. "The Honor of Your Presence" was an invitation to attend a "Here Comes the Bride" exceptional Ladies Luncheon featuring wedding gowns, twenty five years or older (1896), which were graciously contributed by members of our community. The entire July fashion show was carefully planned and detailed in all respects. A program, with a bit of history of each gown, either being modeled or displayed on a mannequin, original photos showing the gowns when they were first worn by the by-gone bride, wedding decorations complete with a spectacular wedding cake and a five course delicious luncheon. The event was successfully presented twice that day as a matinee and then again in the evening. The Wild West Casino Night held in November again proved to be a favorite event with a sold-out attendance. The friendly casino dealers never disappoint those attending with an evening of gaming for fun and prizes. A Western buffet and music for dancing and entertainment completed the evening. Watercolor and acrylic painting classes were taught by professional artists throughout the year to students of all skill levels. Barbara McCorkindale and Al Steinberg taught the watercolor classes and Steve Kreiger taught acrylic. The classes were well attended and at various times art shows were presented exhibiting the beautiful paintings completed by the students. The Activities Committee sponsored groups that meet weekly or monthly include Book Club, Bowling, Hiking, Bridge, Canasta, Pinochle, Mah Jongg, Lending Library, Square Dancing and Quilting. An introductory session for Quilting and a Beginners' Pinochle Class were also offered to members. There are many volunteer Members that give with their time and efforts in keeping these programs alive. The Committee continues to assist various local service projects such as Food Collection for the Needy, Knitting and Assembling Blankets to be given to nursing homes. The Tree of Mittens again was a nice focal point in the Community Center during the month

of December displaying an array of donated hats, mittens and scarves which benefited the foster children of Monroe County. The Logan Steele Community Center continually proves to be a great place for our members to get together and enjoy the many activities presented there. Mid-Year, the Committee welcomed Kelly Swingle, Community Center Manager who will assist with the various events and special projects offered to our adult membership. She assumed the position previously held by Kate Brown, after her resignation from the Lake Naomi Club to relocate closer to her family in Cape May, NJ. Also at mid-year a member of the Activities Committee, Carol Kehler stepped into the newly created role of vice-chair of the Committee. It was indeed a busy and successful year for the energetic members of the Activities Committee that strive to continually present programs that will be enjoyed and supported by our adult community. The past year holds many pleasant memories for members of the Activities Committee and the adult members of the Lake Naomi Club that participated in the various activities. Together they all share a vision for continued success in future endeavors under the guidance and leadership of the new chair, Carol Kehler and new vice-chair, Linda Pardini.

AQUATICS COMMITTEE JOHN COUGHLIN, CHAIR The 2009 summer season provided a great opportunity for the Membership to enjoy the outdoor aquatic facilities once again. The pools saw an increase in usage that was evenly distributed among both outdoor facilities and the brand new indoor facility. The Aquatic Staff showed their hard work and dedication to creating a safe and enjoyable atmosphere around the aquatic areas. Frank Dekmar, with the help of Steven Koines, did an excellent job to help make these facilities run smoothly. The Aquatics activities at the Lake Naomi Club facilities keep getting better and better. These activities offer something for everyone; from Story Time at Timber Trails Pool and Lake Naomi Pool where everyday, children were off on adventures to Never Never Land with Peter Pan to Back to School with the Berenstein Bears. The fun continued for the young ones with Coloring Contests at Lake Naomi Pool where selected artwork was proudly displayed in one of our showcases. Two Youth Auctions had children earning Lake Naomi Funny Money, twice during the summer, by completing a variety of fun activities from a scavenger hunt to reverse bingo and then bidding on many games, toys and pool fun items. Youth Volleyball pick up matches every Tuesday were competitive but still had the Lake Naomi spirit of fun. With all of this planned and supervised fun for the children of Lake Naomi-Timber Trails, be assured the adults were certainly not forgotten. Shallow Water and Deep Water Aerobics at Lake Naomi Pool started each morning with energy and enthusiasm by its participants. The second Saturday of July, adult members joined our staff for what was another memorable Lake Naomi Pool Luau. The two family Saturday full day events, The Big Splash and the Wet and Wild Western Day, had participants kayaking into the lake, riding a pony, offering Children Bocci Ball Tournaments, a variety of water relays and activities concluding with the traditional Big

Splash Contest and a Chili Taste-off. All the while the Club created a beautiful buffet of appropriate and theme based foods while the Tike Bar took care of poolside refreshments. Summer 2009 offered not only the natural beauty of Lake Naomi pools and beaches; but also, with fun and safety always a priority, every member and guest had an opportunity to create their own Lake Naomi Summer Memories. The Lake Naomi Swim Team enjoyed another successful year with over 100 participants. Swim Team Director Jenn Kasper and Coaches Lauren Travis, Robert Roche, Nick Pirrocco and Talli Knorr did a fantastic job. This year’s team boasted a 5-1 record. Their schedule was condensed allowing Swim Team Members to have an enjoyable season of practice, meets and special events. A congratulations also goes out to the 2009 Lake Naomi Lifeguards, the team took Gold for the third year in a row at the Lifeguard Olympics Championship. The season concluded with an awards ceremony and pizza at the Community Center. A special thanks to all of those volunteer parents who made the year successful. The Aquatics Committee continues to monitor the aquatic facility in the Community Center that compliments the two outdoor facilities in its third year. The indoor facility aided in creating a terrific venue for the Club’s Swimming Instruction program that was lead by Melissa Altemose. The indoor facility also allowed for swimming during those chilly summer mornings and during inclement weather. The addition of the outdoor patio at the Community Center showed to be a great enhancement. Many Members took advantage of the patio through October 31st. The Aquatics Committee is excited to see the year-round usage of the Community Center.

ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW MICHAEL CHRISTIAN, CHAIR 2009 was another busy year for the ARC. In its 23rd year since receiving the responsibility for enforcing the Deed Restrictions and the Architectural Standards and Requirements, the ARC continues its diligence in preserving and enhancing the Lake Naomi – Timber Trails Community. The ARC saw further decline in new home construction; however additions and garages permits remained steady. New decks decreased after the surge of them over the past four years while landscaping and roof replacement increased significantly. Tree removal, which included many dead or severely damaged trees, increased due to ice/snow damage in the winter of 2008. The permit numbers were as follows: Type of Construction Homes Additions Garages Decks/Porches Landscaping/tree removals Roof Replacement Painting/Siding Docks/Beaches Total 2009 – 481

2009 5 30 4 19 266 74 75 8

2008 14 32 6 27 227 42 82 4

2007 20 28 3 28 241 56 87 2

2006 25 26 8 32 214 71 96 23

2005 38 30 5 17 139 90 68 15

2004 51 35 7 20 206 80 65 8

2003 34 36 8 27 197 85 69 9

Mike Christian marked his second year as ARC Chair and would like to extend his thanks and appreciation to ARC Members Nancy Dressel, Jim Druecker, Joan Drum, John Marshall, Andy Montano, Dennis Sansiveri, Gene Schneider and Jim Stuckey for their hard work and dedication. The ARC also extends thanks to Members of Lake Naomi – Timber Trails for their continued support as they continue to preserve, protect and enhance Lake Naomi – Timber Trails in 2010.

COMMUNITY CENTER COMMITTEE WAYNE KING, CHAIR The Community Center Committee met several times in 2009. The following is a summary of events and activities that took place this year. Fitness – Group exercise classes were continued and well attended. Kelly Swingle became the CC Fitness Coordinator and designed new programs to encourage fitness center usage. These programs were New Year New You Club, Tennercise, GolfFit, and LNC Spring Training. Personal Training also continued with Kelly as the trainer along with two fitness subcontractors who also taught some classes. The biggest challenge was the loss of several cardio theater TV monitors that have since been replaced. Camp – Kids Klub, Afternoon Klub and Kub Klub continued successfully with a high number of participants. Events & Activities – Many successful events took place in the community center. These include holiday events (Martin Luther King Weekend, Presidents Weekend, Easter Egg Hunt, Memorial Day Celebration, Halloween Party, New Year’s Eve Party), Teen and Preteen events, Carnival Cookout, Family Movie Night, Three Tenors. The community center also hosted painting classes, card nights and mah jongg. PMAC – The Pocono Mountain Arts Council continued to display a rotating art gallery. Challenges – Multi-purpose room floor water problem. This matter is being addressed by Management and the Board of Trustees.

GOLF COMMITTEE JOE VARACALLI, CHAIR This year the golf course opened in early April due to some fantastic weather. The course was in excellent condition throughout the season, thanks to Golf Superintendent Todd Moyer and his crew. Work was completed on the new irrigation system in late April. There was minimum interruption of play to the Golf Membership during this process. The Golf committee would like to thank all Golf Members for their patience during the instillation. The Golf Committee met every month from April thru November to discuss golf business and tournaments. Items on the 2009 agenda included requesting and receiving approval for a new bathroom facility by the number five tee and approval of funds for continuing the engineering study for the Pro Shop modifications.

The Committee was excited to see Members continuing their support for all events and tournaments. The Bloody Mary tournaments were again sold out due to the terrific food provided by Chef Will and the Clubhouse Team. Many thanks to the Chairperson Eileen Chimerine and Marjorie Seger along with their team for a successful Breast Cancer Rally. They raised over $35,000. The funds are used to provide life saving services to women in the local Pocono Community. Golf Pro Bob Millard did a great job with the kids programs as well as his teaching lessons. The entire golf staff did a great job this season and the return of Carol Kudlick to the Golf Center was a special joy.

HOUSE COMMITTEE MARY DUFF, CHAIR I am delighted to share news of the splendid year the Clubhouse experienced in 2009. Peter and Helga Koryttko along with Chef Will worked their magic throughout the year incorporating many new ideas to keep dining and celebrating at the Clubhouse an always enjoyable experience. The Clubhouse Committee sponsored events started off the year with a romantic Valentine’s dinner and dancing into the night with music by the Fancy Dancer band. In March, Chef Will along with his staff prepared a fabulous Irish meal for the sold out St. Patrick’s event. The dance floor was always full thanks to the Philadelphia band McQue and Co. Some of the special brunches included Easter, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Members satisfied their hunger, enjoying time with family while taking in the beautiful sights of Lake Naomi from the windows on the water. The Welcome Back Party kicked off the 2009 summer in June and helped members get reacquainted with friends and staff of various amenities. Crowd pleasers like the Pasta Buffet and Seafood Buffet continued throughout the summer months. Dinner for Two and Sushi Night along with a variety of other themed dinners were added and members responded favorably to these new offerings. Sunset on Lake Naomi was the perfect setting to eat, drink and dance the night away as we wrapped up a memorable summer in style. Also in September, the second Oktoberfest held at Lake Naomi was just as popular as the first. Peter was decked out in his lederhosen and made sure everyone had a wonderful time. The Halloween Party delivered fun and interesting culinary surprises along with laughs and giggles at the creative costumes. Breakfast with Santa included Mrs. Claus on both days and left ear to ear smiles on the faces of members and guests of all ages. As the Fall faded and Winter approached, the Club prepared for the Holiday Gala that warmed the hearts of all that attended this wonderful evening of delicious food and dancing. The year came to a close with a ‘trip’ to Paris as Chef Will and his culinary crew prepared a fine French Cuisine served by waiters and waitresses adorned in French attire on New Year’s Eve. An amazing night to end a wonderful year at the Clubhouse and ring in a new year! Many thanks to all that make the events successful. The House Committee members should be proud of their contributions in 2009. See you at the Clubhouse!


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NOTE: * The Timber Trails Community Association, composed of all Timber Trails Property Owners, contracts with the Lake Naomi Club to provide management and administrative services, gatehouse staffing and maintenance of its physical plant. ** The 940 Sewage Association composed of all Property owners participating in its common fluid disposal systems, contracts with the Lake Naomi Club to provide management and administrative services and maintenance and operations of its physical plant. *** The Pocono Pines Community Association, composed of most Lake Naomi Property Owners, contracts with the Lake Naomi Club to provide management and administrative services, security staffing and maintenance services.

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LAKES COMMITTEE RICK HAWLEY, CHAIR 2009 was another successful year for sporting and fishing activities on our lakes and streams. Water levels remained fairly constant and the club continued to do an excellent job maintaining the water quality of our lakes and in controlling the weed growth in Lake Naomi. On the negative side, a new invasive weed was discovered in the lake, but management was very proactive in controlling its growth and will continue to monitor its potential impact, long term. The events sponsored by the Lakes Committee were a great success. The Bass Tournament, the Kids Fishing Clinics and Tournaments and the annual Kayak Nature tour continue to attract new participants. The “Kids Fishing Club” was expanded and will again be part of the Lakes Committee programs in 2010. It’s a unique opportunity for those club members who do not have their own watercraft to enjoy the lake and learn the proper methods of fishing and water safety. The Lakes Committee continued with the fish stocking program, as game and bait fish were stocked in Lake Naomi. There were additional bait fish stockings in some of our smaller lakes and we continue to monitor their fish capacity and long term potential. The annual Spring and Fall Trout stockings were held as scheduled. They now have become regular family events, with some of the participants not much bigger than the fish they are stocking. The committee continues to work with club management on creating fishing access spots. We now have two access areas that are attractive and blend in well with the environment. This Fall, the old dock by the Administrative Office was replaced with a new boulder wall, which not only is functional, but much safer and attractive than the old docking platform. Future projects in the pipeline are creating our own bathymetric contour maps of the lake. By utilizing the club’s new electric powered pontoon boat, we will now have the ability to monitor and update our own data with new GPS technology. Studies that were previously very expensive can now be done with minimal cost. The Ranger patrols continue to do an excellent job of enforcing our club policies and state rules, and water and fishing violations were minimal. I would like to thank the committee members who have donated their time in support of the activities and lake enhancement projects developed by the Lakes Committee.

LONG RANGE PLANNING COMMITTEE DON CAMPBELL, CHAIR With the Logan Steele Community Center Project successfully completed, the Long Range Planning Committee set out to update the balance of the Long Range Facilities Plan. What the challenging economy has clearly demonstrated is that the Clubs and Planned Communities that are successful are those that continually reinvest in their facilities, programs and services for their Members. Through the process of updating the Long Range Facilities Plan, which consists of many varied projects, six major projects have become evident. The projects are as follows:

1. The Golf Center needs to be totally updated and renovated in order to make that facility more accessible and more functional. 2. Renovation of the Beach level of the Lake Naomi Clubhouse in order to substantially improve the café kitchen and create a family friendly dinning venue, as well as exploring the possibility of a new game room in the former fitness center. 3. Facilities need to be added to make the Timber Trails Pool more kid and family friendly. Facilities under consideration are a wading pool, kids spray park, large slide feature, playground and improved parking. 4. Reworking the Timber Trails Clubhouse in order to make the facility more useable. Included would be a new entrance with handicap accessibility, an HVAC System and reconfiguration of the ground level in order to better utilize the available space. 5. Expand the aerobic and fitness center areas at the Community Center. Also look at expanding the locker room facilities and completing the outdoor sports area. 6. Resolve the parking shortage at the Lake Naomi Clubhouse in order for the Club to consider the expansion of the Lake Naomi Clubhouse. The Committee will certainly keep the Membership informed as this and all projects move forward. An Ad-Hoc Committee of the Long Range Planning Committee has been working on the development of a formal Strategic Plan for the Club. Members can expect to hear much more about the Club’s drafting of a Strategic Plan as the Club moves into 2010.

MEMBERSHIP/MARKETING COMMITTEE BILL GAMBLE, CHAIR Our community has not been immune to the economic problems facing the country. But we have fared better than most with Membership levels nearly as high as 2008. Membership at the end of 2009 was 1586, just 10 fewer than 2008. In 2007 the Club had 1550 Members. We were delighted to learn in May that our Club had been selected as a Platinum Club of America and the Committee immediately began seeking opportunities to spread this message. Indeed, an article in The Pocono Record pointed out that “the club, one of 35 selected for the list, was the only one from the northeastern United States. It was rated No. 24 in that inducted group and 144th overall, based on the criteria of history of excellence, quality of membership, quality of governance, tradition and heritage, condition of facilities and the caliber of professional club management and staff.” Posters and banners in the community will draw attention to this award and visitors to local real estate agencies in 2010 will see framed posters noting this prestigious award. We improved our visibility to residents of the Philadelphia, South New Jersey and Jersey shore areas by signing a three-month contract with Comcast, their cable provider. The Lake Naomi Club’s three-minute video is featured in the Video On Demand Searchlight section. In the first three weeks 918 unique visitors watched the Club’s video. For Members who have Comcast Cable in this area visit channel 888 and see the Club’s video in the Travel and Leisure section.

In July, a camera crew from TravelNation visited our facilities shooting footage for a three-minute segment about Lake Naomi Club that was scheduled to be broadcast in the spring of 2010. Additional broadcasts were to be scheduled on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC. The raw footage can be used to produce a new DVD about our Club. Even as we continued to shift our focus to electronic media to attract new homeowners and Members we also took advantage of two new print opportunities enabling us to market our Platinum Club of America award. The first was a full page ad in the new magazine “What’s Good” published for residents of Staten Island, a key market for our Club. The second was a back cover ad in the new “Jfbb”, a magazine published for Jack Frost/Big Boulder skiers. Both ads invited readers to Check Out the Only Five Star Platinum Community in the Northeast . The ski area’s website provided a link to our website by clicking on the “jfbb” magazine cover. The Membership/Marketing Committee is proud to announce that the Lake Naomi Club is listed as the first Great Getaways in the May 2009 Edition of the Main Line Today Magazine article, “5 Great Getaways” by Marilyn Odesser-Torpey. Lake Naomi Club is listed before Niagara Falls! Ms. Odesser-Torpey writes, “Lake Naomi Club, Pennsylvania is nicknamed “The Other Hamptons.” This Pocono Mountain resort community is private. But homes are available for rent, along with the opportunity to purchase a temporary membership…” She visited the Club in late September where she met with several Club Members and Team Members. Her visit was greatly appreciated and her article is wonderful. Thanks to all who were involved. To see the article online go to or visit the What’s Happening Section of for a direct link. Check out the amazing pictures to see if you recognize anyone. Committee Members attended both New Member orientation programs and under the leadership of former Committee Chair Joyce McLaine, the Committee continued to focus on making New Members welcome through our Ambassador Program. With the current state of the economy the Membership/Marketing Committee is dedicated to using your marketing dollars in unique and cost effective venues to help attract new Members and Temporary Members to Lake Naomi and Timber Trails. I am very grateful for the work this Committee has done throughout the year. My thanks to Committee Members Marie Badaracco, George Bishop, Robert Bossuyt, Beth Craighead, Peter Friedman, Carolyn Kopchains, Robert McAndrews, Cathy McIntyre, Judi Rarig and Brian Snyder for their innovative ideas, hard work, and dedication.

RECREATION COMMITTEE MARIA BEERMAN & ELLEN WEIMAN, CO-CHAIRS The Recreation Committee experienced another great year in 2009. For the fourth year in a row, day camp attendance reached all time highs and night recreation was much more manageable and controlled. The Logan Steele Community Center was a continued added benefit as a home base to all of the popular recreation programs.

Kids Klub, Afternoon Klub and Kub Klub all continued to flourish in 2009 as evident by constant activity at the Community Center, inside and out. Kids Klub is still the overwhelming favorite for the majority to attend only the morning. Afternoon Klub campers who stayed over from morning were welcomed this year by some fabulous lunches to keep their energy high for the remainder of the day. Kub Klub is providing a great introduction as more and more three year olds are getting a year of experience before joining the big kids in Kids Klub. Kids Klub in 2009 was able to expand out of the overflowing activity rooms as the Owaissa Building was home base to the two oldest groups. The Owaissa Building was an old camp building donated by a local family wishing to preserve its history. The Club plans on making it a nature building of sorts with endless possibilities for the campers who will inhabit it. A new garden was planted throughout the summer of 2009 with great plans for expansions and additions on the outside the Owaissa Building. The Recreation Committee has found that Night Recreation was grouped better in 2009, where middle school children were grouped together (grades 3, 4, 5), junior high children were grouped together (grades 6, 7, 8) and high school children were together (grades 9 and above). Saturday night dances and trips all continue to be popular and highly attended by teens and pre-teens alike. Tuesday Night Barbecues at Club Beach also continued to be highly attended by Members and will continue strong in 2010 as the Clubhouse staff has promised great new menu items for the upcoming summer. All of the Recreation Committee sponsored programs and special events of 2009 were well attended and plan to continue in 2010. Family Ceramics filled the pavilion each week with members eager to paint pieces for themselves or to give as gifts. Member-led activities such as Sunday morning softball flourished in 2009 encouraging the addition of kids’ soccer on Saturday Mornings. These programs look like they will continue to grow with each passing summer. Overall the Recreation Committee is happy with a great year in 2009 and looks forward to new adventures in 2010!

SAILING COMMITTEE RICH DAGGETT, COMMODORE The 2009 Sailing season actually began in the meeting room with some changes to the Leisure Service Guide that include updates to the perpetual trophies and clarifications on boating rules. Memorial Day then saw the traditional opening of the Sailing season with boat launching on Saturday and Races on Sunday followed by the LNCSA Family Dinner. The highlight of the evening was the awarding of the United States Sailing Association Sportsmanship Award which was awarded to Harry Bacon. The continued interest in the Junior Instructional Program presented a special challenge at registration this year with over 100 sailors enrolled. With some creative class juggling all were able to be accommodated. The “A” Fleet races were run in conjunction with the weekend series races. The annual traditional conclusion of the Junior program, The Junior Regatta, also presented a welcomed challenge as we handled more than 30 sailors signing up for the event. Using a lottery system captains and boats were matched with the sailing staff, parents and LNCSA members lending a hand to get everyone on the water in time. Saturday night was the “Tail Gate” party for the junior sailors and their families which included the sunset

Kayak Races. The weekend was concluded with the End of Season Celebration and pizza party where the following were awarded: Junior Regatta 1st place – Dan Steinmetz, 2nd place – Christian Neuman, 3rd place – Brett Maute A Fleet: 1st Place – Mike Trabold, 2nd Place – Matt Trabold, 3rd Place – Dan Steinmetz B Fleet: 1st Place (tie)– Rebecca Gardner & Annelies McCann with Alexandra Kraczyk 2nd Place – Maggie Friel, 3rd Place – Connor Gallagher Matt Trabold – Owaissa Cup: Awarded to the Junior with the best score for the summer. Rebecca Gardner – Sunfish Sportsman Trophy: Awarded to the Junior deemed to be “the best sport”. Travis Strominger – Pine Tree Camp Trophy: Awarded to the Junior showing the best progress. Mike Trabold - The Thomas Cup: Awarded for special efforts to help others. Junior sailing opportunities continued the following Sunday with the 2nd Annual “Under 21 Regatta” where 13 boats participated. A special thanks to the Laser Boat owners who made their boats available and the Spencer Family who donated the permanent trophy. Duster Nationals were again run at Lake Naomi followed by the Open Laser Regatta, Open Sunfish Regatta and Labor Day Regatta. Labor Day weekend included the “End of Season” reception at the Clubhouse with the presentation of awards for all fleets including Not Ready for Prime Time. We also saw the official beginning of the RC Laser Fleet #9 that included the first Winter Sailing Season at the LSCC on Sunday Mornings at 8:00AM. The outdoor season continued during the summer on Thursdays and Sunday afternoons at the Administrative Office lake access. Unfortunately 2009 included the passing of some of the Lake’s long time supporters; Margaret Persons, Kent & Helen Roberts and Meg Whitney. They all played important roles in Lake Naomi Sailing. They will all be missed by many and their contributions will never be forgotten. The support of Meredith Sensenig, Harry Bacon, Dave Lawrence and the Instructors and Safety Boat Operators is greatly acknowledged. Without them we would not be able to enjoy this great asset of the Lake Naomi Club. We urge you to come out and get your feet wet participating in a great lifetime sport.

TENNIS COMMITTEE JEANNE CHRISTIAN & SARA CLARKSON, CO-CHAIRS 2009 was a year of both familiar and brand new activities for our Lake Naomi – Timber Trails tennis community. The summer season was highlighted by sustained involvement in McKee Tennis and Club Tennis activities. Overall tennis memberships remained steady (down by one) and Gold Memberships were up (by 3). This is especially encouraging given today’s economy. McKee Tennis enjoyed a very positive start with classes filling up early in the season. Participation in programs for Juniors and Teens continued to increase and it was evident that the enthusiasm among our young Tennis Members continues to build.

Great response was received in regards to 2 new additions to Tennis in 2009. The McKee supplied Ball Machine and the new Sportswall made our new Training Courts a great addition for both Juniors and Adults looking for additional ways to enjoy tennis. The Tennis Committee was grateful to have completed this project as the Capital project list has been revised to a more conservative schedule. Club activities saw some lower numbers for some of the offered events, but we are encouraged by the increase of new Members participating. This is a trend we’ve observed for the past two years reflecting the ever-changing face of the Lake Naomi and Timber Trails communities. We welcome the enthusiasm of these new participants and will continue to alter and add events accordingly. Ladies Competitive Tennis, Generation Gap and Tournaments were either reintroduced or took on a new look this summer. Tournament draws were divided in to an A or B bracket versus the age divisions used in past years. We saw Members who had previously stayed away from tournament play joining this year. We hope this is an upward trend. Team work between the golf and tennis communities resulted in the addition to the Rally for the Cure Tennis Event which was hugely successful especially for it’s first year. Kara Derry and her staff under the effective leadership of Meredith Sensenig did an outstanding job manning the operations of our facilities, activities, reservations, court assignments, etc. The years of training are showing in more mature staff members who are able to make smart decisions. The dedicated staff are appreciated by all. Tennis at the Community Center continues to be a popular venue, especially during those inclement summer days and of course the colder months. The floor surface issues although a mystery to the contractor and all involved at this time, will surely be rectified as Management is continuing to search for a viable solution. We remain enthusiastic about all the activities provided at the tennis facilities and enjoy seeing all the new faces continuing to join the ranks of players of all ages and abilities.



New Members*

Total Members

Basic Members

Pool Members

Tennis Members

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* = This represents the number of total New Members for the year including resales. It is not “Net” New Members. T = Traditional C = Contemporary

Full Time Year Round Staff

Part Time Year Round Staff

Evans, Jeffrey

Ahrens-Day, Marie

Jones, Jr., Robert A. Allfather, William Altemose, Laura Brown, Kate Buskirk, Alice Bussman, Bill Celifarco, John Cornwell, Cheryl Doyle, Chris Ednie, Pat Freeman, Wendi French, Earl Fuller, Jim Fuller, Robbie Gamble, Chris Hall, Scott Heron, Sharon Lee Jaeger, Tom Keiper, Carolyn

Almedina, Robert Armstrong, Jacqueline Beser, Ronald Bird, Brian Blake, Marjorie Bohrman, Jesse Bray, Tara Burgos, Michael Cardo, Vincent Ciccone, Garry Comstock, Judy Dekmar, Frank Escobar, Julio Fluegel, Brianne Goin, Robert Guastella, Dustin Hickey, Margaret Johnson, Kristine Johnson, Robert Kelso, Melissa Knorr, Talli Kresge, Jason Labar, Scott Letts, Elizabeth Lord, Brian Maher, Eric Maisonave, Justin Maly, Brooke Maly, Shelby McKeown, Christine Micolo-Ednie, Maryann Muffley, Kasey Nancy, Judge Nuss, Jamie Osmulski, Kristina Peragallo, Stephen Pirrocco, Anthony Pirrocco, Nicholas Posselli, James Reilly, Jacqueline Sautter, Robert Shelkin, Dylan Shepperd, Paul Sierocinski, Richarg Simeone, Rosanne Spiker, Robin Stone, Kimberly Tomol, Brittany Watkins, William Wilson, Mary Kate

Kerrick, Stephanie Koryttko, Helga Koryttko, Peter Lamberton, John Mack, Shenequa Mecca, Robert Meeker, Deana Marie Miller, Amy Moore, Ann Morris, Jim Moyer, Todd Muzzy, BJ Nevil, Mary Ann O’Neill, Dorothy Perez, Adriana Roberts, Steven Rogan, Brian Santaniellio, Robert Sartoris, Karen Searles, Charles Seese, Craig Sensenig, Meredith Simonik, Pat Smith, Scott Swingle, Kelly

2009 BOARD OF TRUSTEES Stephen J. Harker - President P. Kenneth Brownstein - Vice President James B. Hyatt - Secretary Anna C. McAleer - Treasurer Connell McGill Brian Drum Robert S. Mills, Jr. 2009 BOARD OF GOVERNORS Bob Wisniewski - Chair Joyce McLaine - Vice Chair Diane Pratt - Secretary Laura Bacon Maria Beerman John Burgos Donald Campbell Jeanne Christian Sara Clarkson John Coughlin Richard Daggett Kathy DeMeo Mary Duff Albert Franzone William Gamble

Anne Geremia Marianne Hajduk Rick Hawley Jacquelyn Kelley Wayne King Bill Nathan Ellen Nathan Brian Snyder Joe Varacalli Ellen Weiman Peggy Witt

2010 BOARD OF TRUSTEES P. Kenneth Brownstein - President James B. Hyatt - Vice President Brian Drum - Secretary Robert S. Mills, Jr. - Treasurer Stephen J. Harker Anna C. McAleer Connell McGill 2010 BOARD OF GOVERNORS Joyce McLaine - Chair Brian Snyder - Vice Chair Diane Pratt - Secretary Laura Bacon Victor Barouh Maria Beerman Bill Cahill Donald Campbell Jeanne Christian Sara Clarkson John Coughlin Richard Daggett Kathy DeMeo Mary Duff Albert Franzone

Bill Gamble Mark Ierardi Carol Kehler Wayne King Bill Nathan Ellen Nathan Barry Trachtenberg Joe Varacalli Ellen Weiman

Bob Wisniewski Peggy Witt

Lake Naomi Club 2009 Year In Review  
Lake Naomi Club 2009 Year In Review  

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