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t n e id s e r P e h From t Welcome to Lake Land College! As a community college in the Midwest, we offer you the perfect opportunity to transition to life in the United States. You will join students from around the world, including countries in Asia, Europe, South America, Africa and the Middle East. We value our international students and look forward to welcoming you to our campus. You can begin working towards your bachelor’s degree at Lake Land College by enrolling in one of our many transfer programs. After graduation, you can transfer to a 4-year college or university within the U.S. to complete your degree. Our beautiful campus is home to a variety of campus buildings, computer labs, dining services, and other facilities designed to create the total college experience for you. Our outstanding faculty will get to know you by name and will help you reach your goals. Outside of the classroom, our International Office staff helps students with housing, transportation, and other student needs. Lake Land College and the Mattoon community are great places to live, learn and experience the United States. Why don’t you take a moment to learn more about the wonderful opportunities waiting for you at Lake Land College? Please feel free to contact our International Studies Program with your questions! Sincerely,

Scott Lensink President Lake Land College

us p m a C r u o t u Abo The 308-acre campus hosts nine major buildings plus six supportive buildings, a recently renovated library and resource center, a SubwayŠ restaurant, two campus ponds, a 160-acre agriculture land laboratory, numerous computer and science labs, a radio/TV lab, a cosmetology clinic and a dental clinic, and even a Frisbee golf course for you to enjoy. Our safe and friendly campus will make you feel comfortable while you are away from home.

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Police Department

West Building John Deere Building Luther Student Center VoTech Building Northwest Building Field House

Webb Hall Neal Hall

Northeast Building

n io t a c u d E n a ic r Start your Ame with Us! Lake Land College is a public community college located in Mattoon, Illinois, U.S.A. Beginning at a community college is a smart way to start your studies, as tuition is on average less than half of a public university. Our small class sizes also give you the individualized attention from faculty that you deserve. Understanding the Community College system After two years of full-time study in a degree program, community college students earn what is called an Associate degree. Certain Associate degrees qualify students to begin working in their field immediately (Associate of Applied Science, or AAS, degrees). The majority of Lake Land College’s degrees, however, are known as transfer degrees and they prepare students be accepted to a university to complete a Bachelor’s degree. Students pursuing a transfer Associate degree, called an Associate of Arts (AA) or an Associate of Science (AS), take required general education courses as well as courses from a chosen major. With the help of an academic advisor and careful planning, courses taken at Lake Land College will transfer to a university, and the student can begin at a university as a third-year student. This is sometimes called the “2 + 2” approach to earning a four-year degree – two years at community college and two years at a university. This is a very economical way to earn a bachelor’s degree, and it also gives you the opportunity to have two different American college experiences.

Top 5 Transfer Universities 1. Eastern Illinois University 2. Southern Illinois University- Carbondale 3. Southern Illinois University- Edwardsville

4. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 5. Indiana State University

In addition to public universities within the state of Illinois, Lake Land College graduates have also transferred to the following universities: Bethel University (McKenzie, TN) Columbia College (Rolla, MO) North Park University (Chicago, IL) Rose-Hulman Technical Institute (Terre Haute, IN) St. John’s University (Queens, NY) Southeast Missouri State University (Cape Gireadau, MO) University of Alabama at Birmingham University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa University of Hawaii at Hilo University of Minnesota-Twin Cities University of Northwestern Ohio (Lima, OH) The Ohio State University (Columbus, OH) Is my transfer to university guaranteed?

LLC has been ranked in the top 10% of all community colleges in the U.S. for two years running!

Community colleges and universities have a rich history of working together, to ensure that students can transfer easily to university after completing an Associate degree. In Illinois, a formal agreement called the Illinois Articulation Initiative ( helps guarantee the smooth transfer of Lake Land College course credits to nearly 100 colleges and universities in Illinois. The term “articulation” means that certain courses at Lake Land College are equal to courses offered at four-year colleges and universities.

Students may also transfer to a four-year college or university outside the state of Illinois, though these schools are not covered by the Illinois Articulation Initiative. Students wishing to transfer out-of-state will have to plan, with the help of a counselor, the courses they should take to meet the requirements of the out-of-state school.

g in d n e t t A f o t s Co Lake Land College’s total cost of tuition, textbooks, fees, supplies, medical insurance and living expenses is about $17,500 per academic year – significantly less than what expenses would be at a university. Estimated annual expenses for the 2012-13 academic year: Tuition and college fees (two semesters, total 24 credits, full academic year) $9,900 Living expenses (10 month apartment lease) $4,600 Health insurance (mandatory) $1,500 Other supplies, food costs, apartment furnishings $1,500 Total annual cost for Lake Land College


International students pay tuition at the out-of-state rate, which is $403.82 per credit hour. International students are not eligible for federal financial aid and should expect to pay this amount per year of study. Once enrolled at Lake Land College, international students would be eligible for scholarships available to all students through the Lake Land College Foundation.

e h t f o s e ic v r Se m a r g o r P s ie d u International St Lake Land Colleges cares for its international students and offers them many services: • An easy-to-understand application process • Airport pick-up assistance • A special international orientation prior to the start of a student’s first semester • Periodic specialized workshops on a variety of topics important to international students • Assistance with housing arrangements • Occasional social and cultural activities to help students understand American culture • Advice on university transfer options • Assistance with immigration application completion, including Optional Practical Training for job/internship opportunities • Immigration advisement

Location Lake Land College is located in Mattoon, Illinois, a small, mid-western town approximately three hours south of Chicago, Illinois. The location of Mattoon provides the best of both worlds. If offers a small-town atmosphere conducive to study, but it is only a short drive away from bigcity amenities. It is conveniently located only 15 minutes from Eastern Illinois University and 45 minutes from the University of Illinois at UrbanaChampaign. The Mattoon community is very warm and welcoming to Lake Land international students. Through our “Global Friends� program, international students are paired with local families to engage in culture sharing activities. This helps our students educate the community on their home country traditions as well as helps students learn about the American way of life. In a survey by, Lake Land College was voted the fourth safest campus nationwide, and the safest in the state of Illinois! Campus is monitored 24 hours a day by a staff of highly trained police officers. You can be sure that your time at Lake Land College will be safe and secure! Housing There are many local housing options available to Lake Land College students. The International Studies Program will help students locate and finalize housing prior to arrival. Though there is no on-campus housing, we will help you find the best housing for your needs.

? d e t r a t s t e g I How do Take the first step to your American education by completing our simple application process. • Submit International Student Intent to Enroll • Provide proof of high school/secondary school completion • Submit Financial Affidavit and corresponding bank statements • Provide a copy of Passport showing legal name • If applicable, provide results from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Scores required to begin regular classes are 61 ibt/500 pbt Detailed instructions and forms are available at:

When to apply? Our semesters are 16 weeks long. Classes begin in late August and early-January. The summer term is mid-June to mid-August. Application deadlines for students in need of an F-1 visa are July 15 for fall semester, November 15 for spring semester, and April 15 for our 8-week summer term. Students currently studying in the United States and wishing to transfer to Lake Land College are accepted on a rolling basis.

Intensive m a r g o r P e g a u g English Lan What if I don’t have a TOEFL score? No TOEFL, no problem! Lake Land College offers an Intensive English Language Program (IELP) for the nonnative speaker. The IELP offers beginning, intermediate, and advanced instruction in reading, writing, and speaking. Students at the beginning and intermediate levels will be enrolled full-time in the program. Advanced level students may be co-enrolled in a limited number of regular college courses. Students applying for admission to the IELP will be assigned to the appropriate level based on placement testing upon arrival. The IELP includes group classes along with individual instruction.

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Want to know what it’s really like at Lake Land? Read these testimonials from current Lake Land International Students! Go to viewbook and watch a twominute video about real LLC students, their experiences and advice. After the video, click the link to find out more about LLC. Fill out the short form and receive more information about Lake Land College!

Junsoo (Marvin) Lee Country: South Korea Major: Busines s Administration

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Scan this QR code on your smartphone & look for the Request More Information link. Complete the short form and we’ll send you more about Lake Land College!

Chiwaya Chi banda Country: Zam bia Major: Pre-Ph ysical Therapy

I kind of fr eaked out when I arrived to Mattoon! C o mpared with Hong Ko totally diffe ng, Mattoon is rent. No ta ll buildings, no busy tr affic, no c ro w streets. Aft er I stayed ded here longe and gettin r, g to know more people in Mattoon, I figured out that M attoon is a really nice place and good envir onment fo study. Peo r ple are nic e; they en talking, an joy d also love to smile.

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Wun Yan (Gloria) Yu Country: Hong Kong Major: Psychology

y d u t S f o s m a r g Pro College Transfer Programs Associate in Arts

Art-AA.ART Associate In Liberal Arts-AA.LAS Criminal Justice-AA.CJS English-AA.ENG History-AA.HIS Political Science-AA.PS Psychology-AA.PSY Social Science-AA.SS Sociology/Social Work-AA.SSW Speech-AA.SPCH Undecided-AA.UND

Associate in Science

Agriculture-AS.AGR Bioscience Non-Teaching-AS.BIOL Business Administration-AS.BA Business Education-AS.BE Chemistry-AS.CHEM Clinical Laboratory Science-AS.CLSC Comp. Math/Computer Science-AS.CMCS Conservation/Pre-Forestry-AS.CONSF Conservation/Pre-Wildlife-AS.CONSW Earth Science-AS.EASC Early Childhood Education-AS.ECHED Economics-AS.ECO Elementary Education-AS.ELED Environmental Science-AS.ENSC Geography-AS.GEO Health Education-AS.HEAED Mathematics-AS.MATH Mathematics Education-AS.MAED Other Major-AS.OTH Physical Education-AS.PHYED Physics-AS.PHYS Pre-Chiropractic-AS.PCHI Pre-Dental-AS.PDEN Pre-Engineering-AS.PENG Pre-Law-AS.PRLAW Pre-Medicine-AS.PMED Pre-Nursing-AS.PNUR Pre-Pharmacy-AS.PPHM

Pre-Physical Therapy-AS.PPTH Pre-Veterinary Medicine-AS.PVET Recreation-AS.REC Secondary Education-Biology-AS.SCED.BIO Secondary Education Chemistry-AS.SCED.CHM Secondary Education-Physics-AS.SCED.PHY Special Education-AS.SPED

Associate in Engineering Science

Associate In Engineering Science-AES.ENGR

Career Track Programs

Career programs that require additional admission criteria to be accepted into the specific program Associate Degree Nurse-Track-AAS.ADN.TRK Cosmetology - Track-CRT.COS.TRK Cosmetology Nail Tech-Track-NDP.NAIL Dental Hygiene - Track-AAS.DH.TRK Esthetics - Track-CRT.ESTH Massage Therapy-Track-CRT.MT.TRK Physical Therapist Assistant - Track-AAS.PTA.TRK Practical Nursing - Track-CRT.PN.TRK

Career Oriented Programs Associate in Applied Science

Accounting-AAS.ACC Administrative Assistant - Executive-AAS.AAEXE Administrative Assistant - Legal-AAS.AALEG Administrative Assistant - Medical-AAS.AAMED Ag Machinery Sales AAS.AGMS Ag Power Technology-AAS.AGPWR Ag Professional Custom Apps-AAS.AGPCA Agr Business & Supply-AAS.AGBUS Ag Production & Management-AAS.AGPRO Alternative Agriculture Production-AAS.ALAG Airframe & Powerplant Aviation Mechanic-AAS.APAM Automotive Technology-AAS.AUTO Building Construction Technology-AAS.BCT CET/Advanced Technical Studies-AAS.CETAT Child And Family Services-AAS.CFS Civil Engineering Technology - Coop-AAS.CETCO

Civil Engineering Technology-AAS.CET Computer Aided Design Technology-AAS.CAD Computer Integrated Manufact.Tech.-AAS.CIM Desktop Publishing Graphic Design-AAS.DPGD Early Childhood Care and Education-AAS.ECE Electronic Control Technology - AAS.ICS Electronics Engineering Technology-AAS.EET Electronics Systems Specialist-AAS.EETES Fire Science Technology-AAS.FST Health Info & Medical Coding -AAS.HIMC Horticulture-AAS.HRT Human Services - Criminal Justice-AAS.HSP.CRJ Human Services - Education-AAS.HSP.EDU Human Services - Health-AAS.HSP.HEA Human Services - Psychology-AAS.HSP.PSY Human Services - Sociology-AAS.HSP.SOC Information Technology- Computer Apps.-AAS.ITAPS - Network Admin.-AAS.ITNET - Programming-AAS.ITPRO - Web Tech-AAS.ITWEB Instrumentation & Control Technology-AAS.ICT John Deere Ag Tech-AAS.JDAT Management-AAS.MGT Marketing-AAS.MKTG Mechanical-Electrical Technology-AAS.MET Office Management-AAS.OFMGT Paramedical Services-AAS.PS Paraprofessional Educator-AAS.PRPRO Power Plant Mechanic-AAS.PPM Power Plant Technology-AAS.PPT Pre-Respiratory Care-AAS.PRC Radio-TV Broadcasting-AAS.RTV

For more information, contact: International Studies Program Lake Land College 5001 Lake Land Blvd. Mattoon, IL 61938 USA

International Viewbook 2012-14  

A quick look at Lake Land College

International Viewbook 2012-14  

A quick look at Lake Land College