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Summer 2014

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President’s Message Summer 2014


ummer is a great time to ease into college, get ahead or transfer credits back to your university. Our flexible classes include a three-week intersession option or a nineweek summer term, plus online and in-person classes. With this variety, you can easily maintain a summer job or keep up with your family’s schedule, while leaving some time for fun in the sun.

Full Circle is published each semester for the students and residents of Lake Land College District #517 by Communications and Creative Services at Lake Land College, 5001 Lake Land Blvd., Mattoon, IL 61938. This magazine will introduce you to Lake Land College and provide you with resources to get started or continue your education with us. For inquiries, please contact Communications and Creative Services at 217-235-5408. On the cover is Katie Weber of Palmer who studies chemistry at Lake Land College, in preparation for transfer to a four-year university in veterinary medicine. See pages 12-13 for more information on the LLC Chemistry Department!

More than 20,000 students choose Lake Land College each year to help them advance in their lives, careers or educational goals. Lake Land College is a nationally recognized institution offering more than 140 degrees and certificates that get you ready to transfer or enter the workforce.

area. Or on page 12-13, learn how Lake Land College students experience state-of-the-art chemistry education in both transfer ready and workforce ready programs. Whether your goal is pursuing a degree, taking a class or participating in a community activity, you will find our dedicated and friendly faculty and staff eager to serve you partner with you in your pathway to success. We invite you to visit us online or in person on campus to see how many opportunities there are to help you engage your mind and change your life through the power of learning. We’d like to get to know you and hope you’ll consider becoming part of the Lake Land College family.

We know that focusing on a career path can sometimes be challenging. That’s why in this edition of the Full Circle, we are offering you a survey to help you link your talents and interests to our Lake Land College programs. I encourage you to take the Career Cluster Quiz on page 6-7, to begin identifying a career area based on your interests and personality. You can then determine which programs are available to study at Lake Land College in that

Dr. Josh Bullock, President

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From associate degree to international businessman....................................................... 4-5

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Attend a One Stop to Registration Open House • Tuesday, May 6, 2014 • Degree- or certificate-seeking students complete orientation with placement testing at 3:30 p.m. Check in at 3:15 p.m • Walk-in counseling available until 7 p.m.

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Lake Land College partners with area organizations to enhance career readiness for booming manufacturing sector


ade in America” is making a comeback, especially throughout east central Illinois and to help foster the growing sector’s strength in the region, Lake Land College is partnering with local school districts, industry leaders and community organizations. “We’re facing a turning point in the manufacturing sector throughout the region,” said Jim Hull, vice president for academic services at Lake Land. “We need to work together to ensure that the employee pool has the necessary skills to assume the positions that come open as manufacturing continues to regain strength in our area.” Recently, the college partnered with North American Lighting (NAL) in Paris, Ill., to offer an eight-week Fast Track Tech program that placed graduates of the program into entry-level technician positions at NAL. All 15 students in the cohort completed their requirements with excellent grades and were then hired by NAL.

“The venture with NAL was successful, but in meeting with other industry leaders, we’re expanding our partnerships to incorporate high schools to start training students earlier,” said Hull. To that end, the college has been working with area high schools in order to increase vocational education opportunities for students. For instance by partnering with Lake Land, both Marshall and Effingham high schools will use Amatrol Training Modules in dual credit courses beginning in the fall of 2014, which will offer students advanced manufacturing skills training that is needed to excel in manufacturing careers. The college is also partnering with Altamont High School in order to bring advanced manufacturing technologies into the high school setting. “The partnership with Lake Land utilizing the Amatrol Training Modules will enrich our current high school program and provide certificated programming for our juniors and seniors who choose

to participate in this type of program,” said Jeff Fritchtnitch, superintendent of the Altamont Community Unit School District. “It is exciting to be a part of a prototype program knowing that there are significant benefits for students who typically have to go find this type of training after high school.” According to Mark Doan, superintendent of Effingham Community Unit School District, Effingham High School is undergoing curriculum changes for its dual credit vocational classes so that students are prepared to either enter the workforce upon high school graduation or continue to pursue a degree in the manufacturing industry. “We’re looking to expand dual credit vocational training,” explained Doan. “Having this experience early in one’s educational career gives students an edge when looking for work after graduation or if they move on to studying the manufacturing sector in college.”

For more information about specialized training or partnering with Lake Land College, contact the Office of Academic Services at (217) 234-5220.

Experience all that the Lake Land College Technology Division has to offer! Join us for a Technology Division Open House

Experience the premiere technology available through Lake Land College’s Technology Division!

Explore with us and discover a career for you!

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Climb a wind turbine Take a ride in a drag car Explore plasma cutting and welding technology Check out 3D design and printing technology Learn about electronics Investigate robotics and mechanical technology Consider concrete

Four lucky participants will earn a three-credit-hour tuition waiver!


FULL circle • Summer 2014

Friday, April 11 from 2 – 4 p.m. Saturday, April 12 from 10 a.m. until noon At Lake Land College’s West Building

From associate degree to international successful career with North American Lighting


ffingham native Greg Conrad never anticipated he would one day be president and chief operating officer of the largest non-affiliated automobile lighting supplier in North America. In fact, he was with his company, North American Lighting, for nearly 30 years before that opportunity presented itself. But, according to Conrad, a combination of patience and loyalty is what is needed for getting into and excelling in the business world. “I started here in 1980 as the inventory control manager and worked many years in many different capacities before I was offered the position of president and COO in 2008,” explained Conrad. “In a way, the company and I grew up side-by-side and I think my dedication and hard work has paid off.” Conrad studied business in college. According to him, his family urged him to earn

Greg Conrad, president and COO of North American Lighting is a member of the Lake Land College class of 1969.

Did you know the Business Division at Lake Land College has more than 26 degree and certificate programs that lead to immediate employment or transfer to a four-year university? The college offers everything from accounting to management and marketing, among many other programs of study! To learn more about the Business Division at Lake Land, visit and look for the Academic Programs link.


a degree because at that time, there were few readily available jobs in the area. As a member of the Lake Land College class of 1969, Conrad enrolled at the college shortly after it opened for operation. According to him, he began his undergraduate career at Eastern Illinois University, but decided to dually enroll at Lake Land because it was more affordable and closer to home for him. “Lake Land looked a lot different when I was a student there,” said Conrad. “I took all of my classes in the armory in Mattoon and then transferred them to Eastern to complete my bachelor’s degree in business.”

one Lake Land alumnus enjoys

it has expanded its market share in the automotive lighting industry, opened a new corporate office in 2005, and is currently working toward adding 400,000 square feet of space and more than 500 jobs between its Muscle Shoals, Ala. and Paris, Ill. plants. “In a lot of ways having a multinational corporation nestled here in the cornfields of central Illinois isn’t very typical,” said Conrad. “Paris is not that big, so we have to be a good corporate

“I’m certainly a planner. I like to go and see and then make a decision. I like to be directly involved,” said Conrad. “Part of being involved is knowing the people you work with. I love bringing new people into our organization on every level, which is what the company needs in order to sustain the growth we’ve seen recently.” Looking back on his years in business, Conrad said the best piece of advice he can give a student pursuing a degree in business is to work hard and learn as much as possible.

And, remember, it’s not about where you start, it’s all about where you go. You don’t have to have a degree from Harvard to do the work I do, but you do have to be willing to work hard and stay dedicated.

Like many other students at Lake Land, Conrad held a part-time job, commuted to campus and was married. So taking classes at the college offered him the flexibility and convenience he needed during that time in his life. While Conrad has been with North American Lighting, the company has changed quite a lot. Since its inception,

citizen and continue to be the preferred manufacturer for automobile companies.” To that end, Conrad said that as president of the company, he is very involved with all levels of the corporation. He said he regularly goes to the plant to see employees and operations. He also frequently travels internationally to conduct business.

“Today, we need workers who have a diversified skillset. So going into a career, learn as many skills and tasks as possible,” said Conrad. “And, remember, it’s not about where you start, it’s all about where you go. You don’t have to have a degree from Harvard to do the work I do, but you do have to be willing to work hard and stay dedicated.”

FULL circle • Summer 2014


Learn what you like and find a career that matches! Find the Right Career for You! By participating in this short survey about your interests, Lake Land College can help you identify which career areas, also called career clusters, might be the best fit for you. Simply mark the boxes that apply to you and tally your results at the end to be on your way to a career you love!

Box 1

I like to  Learn how things grow and gardening  Make the best use of the earth’s natural resources  Protect the environment  Be outdoors in all kinds of weather  Operate machines and keep them in good repair

Box 2

I am  Self-reliant  A nature lover  Physically active  A planner A creative problem solver

I like to  Read and follow blueprints and/or instructions  Work with my hands

I am  Curious  Good at following

 Solve technical problems

 Good at paying

 Visit and learn from beautiful, historic, or

 Good at visualizing

 Follow logical, step-by-step procedures

 Patient and persistent

interesting buildings

Box 3 I like to  Use my imagination to communicate new information to others

 Perform creative, artistic activities or music in front of others

 Read and write  Use video and recording technology  Design brochures and posters

Box 4

I like to  Work with numbers and detailed information  Be the leader in a group  Make business contact with people  Work with computer programs  Plan my work and follow instructions without close supervision


attention to detail possibilities

I am  Trustworthy  Orderly  Self-confident  Logical

 Handle money with accuracy and reliability

 Methodical or efficient

to others

Box 7

I like to  Be involved in politics  Negotiate, defend, and debate ideas and topics  Plan ideas and work cooperatively with others  Perform a variety of duties that may change often  Travel and see things that are new to me

Box 8

I like to I am  Work under pressure  Creative and imaginative  Help sick people and animals  A good communicator  Respond quickly and calmly in emergencies  Curious about new  Work as a member of a team technology  Follow guidelines precisely and meet strict  Determined / tenacious standards of accuracy  Aware of the feelings and thoughts of others

I am  Organized  Practical and logical  Patient  Tactful  Responsible

Box 9

I am  A good communicator  Competitive  Service minded  Well organized  A problem solver

I am  Compassionate and caring

 Good at following directions

 Conscientious and careful  Patient  A good listener

I like to  Investigate new places and activities  Work with all ages and types of people  Organize activities in which other people enjoy

I am  Tactful  Self-motivated  A good team member

 Help people make up their minds  Communicate easily, tactfully, and courteously

 Outgoing  Slow to anger


Box 10

Box 5

I like to I am  Communicate with different types of people  Friendly  Help others with their homework or to learn new  A decision maker things

 Direct and plan activities for others  Handle several responsibilities at once  Help people overcome their challenges

Box 6

I like to  Work with numbers  Make predictions based on existing facts  Have a framework of rules by which to operate  Analyze financial information and interpret it

 Helpful  Innovative / Inquisitive  A good listener

I like to I am  Care about people, their needs, and their problems  A good communicator / good listener

 Participate in community services and/or

 Caring

 Listen to other people’s viewpoints  Help people be at their best  Make friends with different kinds of people

 Non-materialistic  Intuitive  Non-judgmental


Box 11

I like to  Work with computers

I am  Logical / analytical

 Reason clearly and logically to solve complex

 Detail oriented

 Read technical materials and diagrams and

 Persistent

 Play video games and figure out how they work  Concentrate for long periods without being

 Able to concentrate well  Precise and accurate


solve technical problems


Box 12

I like to  Work under pressure or in the face of danger  Make decisions based on observations  Be in positions of authority  Respect rules and regulations  Debate and win arguments

Box 13

I like to  Put things together  Perform activities that produce tangible results  Apply math to work out solutions  Use hand and power tools and operate equipment / machinery


I am  Adventurous  Dependable  Community-minded  Decisive  Optimistic

Box 14

I like to  Shop and go to the mall  Be in charge  Make displays and promote ideas  Give presentations and enjoy public speaking  Persuade people to buy products or to participate in activities

Box 15

I like to  Interpret formulas  Work in a laboratory  Figure out how things work and investigate new things

I am  Objective  Detail oriented  Inquisitive

 Experiment to find the best way to do something  Methodical  Pay attention to details and help things be  Mechanically inclined precise

Box 16

I am  Practical  Observant  Physically active  A step-by-step thinker

I am  Enthusiastic  Competitive  Creative  Self-motivated  Persuasive

I like to  Travel  Solve mechanical problems  Design efficient processes  Anticipate needs and prepare to meet them  Move things from one place to another

I am  Realistic  Mechanical  Coordinated  Observant  A planner

 Visualize objects in three dimensions from flat  Coordinated drawings

Now that you’ve taken the survey, tally your results!

How many boxes did you mark in:

Box 1: ____

Box 6: ____

Box 11: ____

Box 2: ____

Box 7: ____

Box 12: ____

Box 3: ____

Box 8: ____

Box 13: ____

Box 4: ____

Box 9: ____

Box 14: ____

Box 5: ____

Box 10: ____

Box 15: ____ Box 16: ____

The top three career clusters for me are:




Are you feeling lost or nervous about returning to school?

Don’t think twice! Determining your interests and finding what you want to do is one of the biggest challenges many adult students face. And, you’ve already done that by taking the Career Cluster Quiz, which takes you one step closer to the college education and career you’ve always wanted!


FULL circle • Summer 2014

Now, match your top results to the appropriate career clusters on page 8 and learn more about academic majors and career opportunities for you! Find options that lead directly to job opportunities (workforce ready) or transfer opportunities to fouryear institutions (transfer ready).



Production Manufacturing Production Process Development Maintenance, Installation & Repair Quality Assurance Logistics & Inventory Control Health, Safety & Environmental Assurance



Engineering & Technology Science & Math


• Building Construction Tech • Civil Engineering Tech • Civil Engineering Tech Co-op • Computer-Aided Design • Computer- Aided Drafting • HVAC • Residential Wiring

Start your career at Lake Land College:

Workforce Ready

• Automotive Technology • Automotive Mechanic • Commercial Driver Training

Transfer Ready

• Civil Engineering Technology/Advanced Technical Studies

Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security

Arts, A/V Technology & Communications

Correction Services s Audio & Video Technology & Film ion Emergency & Fire Mgmt. Services s i Printing Technology iv Security & Protective Services Journalism & Broadcasting sD s Law Enforcement Services e Telecommunications sin Legal Services Performing Arts Bu , Start your career at Lake Land College: Visual Arts ce en i Workforce Ready c Start your career at Lake Land College:



Workforce Ready

• Broadcast Announcing • Radio Broadcasting • Radio-TV Broadcasting • TV Field/Studio Production • Liberal Studies

Transfer Ready

• Art • English • Speech Communications • Liberal Arts

• Fire Science Tech • Paramedical Services

Transfer Ready

• Criminal Justice

Your interests

• Geospatial Technology



Food Products & Processing Plant Systems Animal Systems Power, Structural & Technical Systems Environmental Service Agribusiness

Start your career at Lake Land College:

FULL circle • Summer 2014

Some workforce ready programs include transfer options. Ask a counselor or advisor about transfer opportunities. 8

• Ag Power Technology • Agriculture Business • Agriculture Business & Supply • Agriculture Production & Management • Alternative Agriculture Production • Crop Production • Horticultural Production & Landscape • Horticulture • John Deere Tech • Livestock Production • Waste Water Operator • Water Plant Operator

Transfer Ready

• Agriculture • Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Health Allied Health, Business,

Workforce Ready


Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources

io Divis

• Biological Science • Chemistry • Conservation-Pre-Forestry • Conservation-Pre-Wildlife • Earth Science • Electronic Engineering Tech • Engineering • Environmental Science • Mathematics • Physics • Pre-Engineering




Transfer Ready

gy g o l o erin n ch ine e T ng &E

& th a ,M gy o l no ch e T

u Agric

Workforce Ready

Transportation Operations Logistics Planning & Mgmt Services Warehousing & Distribution Center Operations Facility & Mobile Equipt. Maintenance Transportation Systems/Infrastructure Planning, Management & Regulation Health, Safety & Environmental Management Sales & Services

cu Agri

Start your career at Lake Land College:

Design/Pre-Construction Construction Maintenance/Operations Start your career at Lake Land College:

Workforce Ready

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

Workforce Ready

Start your career at Lake Land College: • Advanced Automation & Control Technology • CNC Operator • CNC Programmer • Computer-Aided Design • Computer- Aided Drafting • Computer Integrated Manufacturing Technology • Electronic Control Technology • Electronic Systems Specialist • Industrial Maintenance • Instrumentation & Control Technology • Mechanical-Electrical Technology • Programmable Logic Controllers • Renewable Energy • Renewable Energy Management • Sustainable Energy • Welding Technology

Architecture & Construction

Health Sciences Transfer Ready


• Clinical Lab Science • Pre-Chiropractic • Pre-Dentistry • Pre-Medicine • Pre-Nursing • Pre-Pharmacy • Pre-Physical Therapy

Diagnostic Services Support Services Health Informatics Therapeutic Services Biotechnology Research & Development

Information Technology


Network Systems Information Support & Services Web & Digital Communications Programming & Software Development


Start your career at Lake Land College:

Workforce Ready

• Accounting

Government & Public Administration Governance National Security Foreign Service Planning Revenue & Taxation Regulation Public Management & Administration

• Accounting • Administrative Assistant-Executive • Administrative Assistant-Legal • Administrative Assistant- Medical • Entrepreneurship • Business Ownership • E-Commerce Marketing • Marketing • Management • Professional Sales • Office Assistant/Receptionist • Office Management • Office Technology Skills- General, Medical and MOS

Transfer Ready

• Business Administration


Start your career at Lake Land College:

Transfer Ready

• History • Political Science


duca tion, Busi ness Divis ions

Con Family sum & Soci e r al Sc Scie ienc nce e&E

• Associate Degree in Nursing • Basic Nurse Assisting Program • Dental Hygiene • Emergency Medical Services • Health Information & Medical Coding Online • Medical Coding Specialist Online Certificate • Medical Transcriptionist • Physical Therapist Assistant • Practical Nursing • Massage Therapy

Workforce Ready


Your career

Start your career at Lake Land College:

Workforce Ready

• E-Commerce Marketing • Marketing • Professional Sales

Transfer Ready

Education & Training


• Business Administration

Administration & Administrative Support Professional Support Services Teaching/Training Start your career at Lake Land College:

Workforce Ready

• Paraprofessional Education Teacher’s Aide

Human Services

Transfer Ready

Marketing/Management Professional Sales Merchandising Marketing Communications Marketing Research

• Business Education • Early Childhood Education • Elementary Education • Health Education • Mathematics Education • Physical Education • Science Education • Secondary Education (Biology Specialization) • Secondary Education (Chemistry Specialization) • Secondary Education (Physics Specialization) • Special Education


Early Childhood Development & Services Counseling & Mental Health Services Family & Community Services Personal Care Services Consumer Services

Hospitality & Tourism


Restaurants & Food/Beverage Services Lodging Travel & Tourism Recreation, Amusements & Attractions Start your career at Lake Land College:

Transfer Ready • Recreation

Start your career at Lake Land College:

Workforce Ready

• Child and Family Services • Cosmetology • Cosmetology- Nail Technology • Cosmetology Teacher • Dental Hygiene • Early Childhood Care & Education • Esthetics • Human Services • Massage Therapy • Nanny Child Care Provider

Transfer Ready

• Psychology 9 • Recreation • Sociology/ Social Work

FULL circle • Summer 2014

Start your career at Lake Land College:

Start your career at Lake Land College:


Math & Science Divisions

Workforce Ready

Start your career at Lake Land College:

• Business Administration • Economics

Bu sin Ed uc & C ess ati , on om Ma Di vis pu rke ion s ter tin s g

General Management Business Information Management Human Resources Management Operations Management Administrative Support


Transfer Ready

Bu sin es s, T ec hn olo gy ,


Securities & Investments Banking Services Business Finance Accounting Insurance

Workforce Ready

• Computer Applications Specialist • Computer Technician • Computer Troubleshooting • Desktop Publishing Graphic Design • Electronic Communication Technician • IT-Computer Applications • IT-Computer Game Development • IT- Digital Media Specialist • IT-Network Administration • IT-Programming • IT-Web Technology


Business, Management & Administration


Emily Hartke

Chair of Counseling and Judicial Affairs Advisement (217) 234-5430

Bryan Burrell

Academic Counselor for the Technology Division (217) 234-5379

Jordan Hicks

Academic Counselor/ Coordinator of Student Accommodations (217) 234-5259

Heather Nohren

Jennifer Melton

Krista Burrell

Andrea Bright

Academic Counselor for the Business and Agriculture Divisions (217) 234-5256

Academic Counselor for the Allied Health and Math/ Science Divisions (217) 234-5042

Academic Counselor for the Humanities and Communication Division (217) 234-5251

Academic Counselor for the Social Science and Education Division (217) 234-5391

Lisa Leisch

Administrative Assistant to Counseling Services (217) 234-5232

FULL circle • Summer 2014

I would have never thought I would go back to school, but in just a few short weeks at Lake Land, I fit right in. I came to Lake Land for my welding technology degree after being laid off. Earning college credentials will help me stand out in the job market. Larry Butler, Mattoon


Invest in your future with Lake Land College! Worried about how to pay for college? Don’t be! Lake Land College is here to help! If you’re serious about attending college but need financial assistance, there are many opportunities to financially support you as you pursue your academic goals. To start this process, ALL students requesting financial aid must complete the 2014 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as early as possible.

A Summer 2014 Financial Aid Request form must be submitted by May 1, 2014 to the Lake Land College Financial Aid Office. This is available on the Financial Aid Web site, While you’re at it, gear up for the 2014-2015 academic year and fill out your 2014-2015 FAFSA!! More details on these options are available at

Did you know?

Did you know that tuition and fees for an entire academic year at Lake Land for a full-time student is only $3,400? This is about ¼ of the total cost of four-year universities in Illinois. Also Lake Land’s textbook rental system saves students about $1,700 annually!

After submitting your FAFSA, explore the following options to help you reach your academic and career goals. The following financial aid options do not require payback or reimbursement: 1. Federal or state financial aid grants like the Pell Grant 2. Lake Land College Foundation Scholarships (visit 3. Third-party scholarships (maybe you know a community organization like the Kiwanis Club)

Those who do not qualify for state, federal or local scholarship options can explore: 1. Paying the bill in-full by the due date 2. Signing up for the Nelnet tuition payment plan! LLC offers the Nelnet payment plan that allows students to spread their tuition payments out over the semester as opposed to paying their bill in full at one time. Advantages include easy online enrollment, flexible payment options and no interest!

Good Chemistry: Lake Land chem students find


rom atoms and elements to aqueous reactions and molecular geometry, topics covered in the Lake Land College Chemistry Department sound technical, but for students studying chemistry, this is just another day in the lab. According to chemistry instructor Greg Capitosti, Lake Land is a top choice for many students who pursue an associate or bachelor’s degree in chemistry or related fields because it offers equipment and resources that few other institutions can, especially for first and second year students. “A unique aspect of our department is giving our students access to state-of-the-art equipment that few other undergraduates have the opportunity to experience,” explained Capitosti. Specifically, Lake Land chemistry students conduct experiments with equipment like a nuclear magnetic resonance instrument and a microwave reactor, to name a few. These tools not only enhance their lab experiments, but prepare students to succeed once they graduate or transfer to a four-year institution.

“When I talk to alumni who first came to Lake Land and then transfer to a four-year school, they almost all talk about how they are exceling well above the other students in their class,” said Capitosti. “They are more prepared than native students at the same institution and often take on leadership roles, helping other students conduct experiments and lab work.” Perhaps part of that success can be contributed to the fact that all three chemistry instructors at Lake Land hold a doctorate degree in chemistry, and the department is looking to adapt its coursework to be more research based in order for Lake Land students to get their research published. “Giving undergraduate students the opportunity to publish their work is rare, and we’re working hard to facilitate that process for them,” said Iffat Ali, chemistry instructor. According to Ali, chemistry is a diverse field and having a background in chemical sciences serves many career choices. “Having knowledge of chemistry is important in any field because understanding chemistry is understanding the world around us and how it is made,” she said.

Name: Alison Dougherty Hometown: Effingham, Illinois Major: Chemistry What do you like about studying chemistry at Lake Land College? I think the education I’ve received so far at Lake Land is preparing me excellently to transfer. I have no doubt I am getting an exceptional education. I have friends at other schools who are studying chemistry and they aren’t getting the experience I’m getting while here at Lake Land. We train on state-of-the-art equipment that most other colleges and universities don’t have access to. This is a unique experience that I’m very grateful for. I also really respect my instructors and am thankful for their guidance.

FULL circle • Summer 2014

What are your career aspirations? I hope to transfer to the University of Illinois at UrbanaChampaign and am interested in exploring forensics. However, teaching has always interested me, too.


the right education and





Name: Katie Weber Hometown: Palmer, Illinois Major: Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Why did you choose to attend Lake Land College? I first came to Lake Land directly after high school on a basketball scholarship. After two years here, I transferred and completed my bachelor’s degree in environmental sciences. However, after working in the field for a while, I realized I was not happy with the major I chose. So, I’m back, pursuing a degree in pre-vet med. I came to Lake Land because I’m comfortable here and know the education I receive here will help me excel in the veterinary medicine field. The instructors are very helpful and the chemistry scholarship available through the Lake Land Foundation has made it possible for me to come back to school to earn the degree I really want.

What are your career plans? I would like to transfer to Colorado State University after finishing here in order to become a large animal or livestock vet.

Name: Kelli Utz Hometown: Effingham, Illinois Major: Pre-Medicine Why did you choose to study at Lake Land? For me and my family, Lake Land is an affordable, practical option. My sisters also went here, so my parents are a little bias about Lake Land and know it’s a great school. It is also nice to stay close to home with family and friends nearby. Moving far away and not knowing anyone, plus starting my college education, would have been a stressful situation.

What are your career aspirations?

Hometown: Neoga, Illinois Major: Pre-Pharmacy What is something that sticks out to you about your education at Lake Land College? I like how my instructors focus on critical thinking skills and practical applications of our coursework rather than just focusing on memorization. I really like how Dr. Capitosti is very interactive in class. He is excellent at explaining the material in depth.

What are your career aspirations? I would like to transfer to Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville in order to earn my bachelor’s in pharmacology. I’ve thought about one day owning by own business, too, but to start, I’d like to work in a pharmacy setting.

To learn more about the Chemistry Department at Lake Land, check out the stories of four students pursuing degrees and careers related to the chemical sciences. Or, visit:

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I’m undecided on where I’d like to transfer, but I’ve been thinking about St. Louis University in order to complete my degree in chemistry or biology and then move on to med school. I’ve also always enjoyed working with children, so pediatrics interests me.

Name: Bailey Dow

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• Educational pathways to degree completion

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In Illinois, those who hold an associate degree earn, on average, $10,000 more annually than those with a high school diploma alone. Those with a high school diploma or GED earn $143 more per week than those who don’t complete high school.

Get started today! Call 217-235-0361 for more information about Adult Education programs at Lake Land College. 14

Earn your associate degree in Criminal Justice entirely at the Kluthe Center in Effingham Aspects of this new opportunity include:

• A cohort model – attend classes with the same students each class to help facilitate learning;

• A convenient schedule of classes – four days a week, typically between the hours of 9a.m. – 3p.m.;

• Complete a degree in four semesters (2 years);

• Criminal justice-focused learning in all classes to help students stay engaged in the learning process;

• Personal academic advisement every semester.

For more information, contact Dustin Heuerman, criminal justice instructor, at (217) 234-5310 or

Experience the broadcast world just like the pros do! Take advantage of an opportunity to develop radio and television skills at an award-winning station for employment in the broadcasting field.

Enroll in the Radio/TV Program today! Contact Greg Powers- Radio/TV Program Director and WLKL Station Manager at 234-5335, or online at

What is Office Technology? A career in an office setting where you will need skills in:

• Computer software and equipment; • Communication; For more information, please visit • Customer service; and or contact: • Multi-tasking and notetaking Kathleen Daugherty

You will receive training using state-of-the-art technology and office equipment. Many office technology degree and certificate programs are available in the medical, legal and executive fields.

Coordinator Office Technology Medical Programs

(217) 234-5355

Lisa Jobe Office Technology Coordinator

(217) 234-5356


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Information for All College numbers except those listed below ...................................... 2 34-LAKE (5253) Accounting/Tuition & Fees Payment ................ 234-5214 Admissions Office ..................................................... 234-5434 Graduation .............................................................. 234-5028 Records ..................................................................... 234-5311 Registration ............................................................. 234-5434 Adult Education ......................................................... 235-0361 Bookstore/Textbooks ............................................. 234-5420 Career Services .......................................................... 234-5288 Center for Technology & Professional Development Online Help Desk ......................... 234-5439 Online Proctoring ................................................. 234-5459 Child Care Lab ........................................................... 234-5295 Community & Professional Programs Traffic Safety, CE and Continuing Professional Development, Continuing EdVentures, Community Learning, and Summer College for Youth ..................... 234-5219 Cosmetology Clinic .................................................. 234-5300 Counseling Services ................................................. 234-5232 Special Accommodations ................................ 234-5259 TTV (Hearing Impaired) Contact: Dental Clinic ............................................................... 234-5249 Dual Credit .................................................................. 234-5044 Financial Aid-Veteran Services. ......................... 234-5231 Educational Loans ................................................ 234-5241 Veteran Services ................................................... 234-5255 Honors Program ....................................................... 234-5226 Learning Assistance Centers ................................ 234-5287 Testing ...................................................................... 234-5301 Tutoring .................................................................... 234-5366 Library Reference Desk .......................................... 234-5440 Off-Campus Locations .......................................... 234-5043 Police Department ................................................... 234-5432 Student Activities/Student Life/ Student Publications .............................................. 234-5277 PCCS .............................................................................. 234-5372 Trio SSS …..................................................................... 234-5456


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Eastern Region Center 224 South 6th Street, Marshall ........................ 826-8490 Kluthe Center for Higher Education and Technology 1204 Network Centre, Effingham .................... 540-3555 Correctional Educational Department ............. 540-3518 Massage Therapy ............................................ 540-3535 Physical Therapist Assistant Program .............. 540-3535 Mattoon Area Adult Education Center 1617 Lake Land Blvd ....................................... 235-0361 Workforce Development Center / IETC 305 Richmond Ave. East, Mattoon 235-2222 Center for Business and Industry ext. 8258 Truck Driver Training ext. 8260 Western Region Center 600 E. First Street, Pana 562-5000

2 Begin Internet registration for continuing and readmit degree/certificate students for summer term 7 Begin in-person registration for continuing and readmit degree/certificate students for summer term 7 Begin Internet, in-person or by-phone registration for continuing and readmit non-degree students for summer term 21 Begin orientation and registration for new summer degree/certificate students 21 Begin Internet, in-person or by phone registration for new summer non-degree students


6 7 9 19 19 20 20 26

One Stop to Registration Open House: Marshall and campus One Stop to Registration Open House: Effingham and Pana Mailing of student bills for summer term; does not reflect Financial Aid data. Last day to register for Intersession classes Textbook pick-up for Intersession classes Last day to drop an Intersession class without incurring a bill First day of Intersession classes Memorial Day: College Closed

4 4 5 5 5 5 5 9 9 9 & 10 9 - 12 16

Last day for withdrawal from Intersession Textbook pick-up for summer term; Bookstore 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Financial Aid applied to student accounts for summer term Last day of classes for Intersession Textbook return deadline for Intersession Registration Extended Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. Register by this date for summer term! Textbook pick-up for summer term; Bookstore 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. First day of classes for summer term Second preparation and mailing of student bills for summer term; will not reflect Financial Aid Late placement and registration 8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. on campus Textbook pick-up for summer term; Bookstore 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Last day for refund or to incur no bill for summer term

Mid-Term for summer classes Tuition and fees due for summer term Independence Day: College Closed Last day for student withdrawal from summer term Last day of summer classes Last day to file Intent to Graduate for summer term



3 3 4 24 31 31


4 & 5 6 6 13

Final Exams for summer term Summer semester closes; grades due at noon Last day to return textbooks for summer term without penalty; by 5:00 p.m. Last day to return textbooks for summer term with penalty; by 5:00 p.m.

Lake Land College is open Monday through Thursday only May 19, 2014 through August 15, 2014

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the Get Started page. Call: (217) 234-5354 to request a paper copy of the Intent to Enroll. In Person: Complete the Intent to Enroll in the Student Services wing of the Luther Student Center.

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Call: (217) 234-5231 Online: Complete the FAFSA at Lake Land College’s school code is 007644. In Person: Attend a local or campus Financial Aid Night for assistance.

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To search for specific classes, scroll down, click on the “View a searchable class schedule/IRIS” link. You are now in IRIS. • To search for classes select the “Term” from the drop-down menu. • If you want to search for specific classes that meet at certain times or days, fill in the optional fields. You can also refine your search by choosing the subject or location you are interested in.

Summer 2014 Course Listings Agriculture AGR-041 Supervised Occupational Exp I AGR-042 Supervised Ocupational Exp II AGR-053 Integrated Pest Management AGR-086 Adjusting New and Used Mach AGR-094 Ag Machinery Air Conditioning AGR-120 Agriculture Economics Allied Health AHE-040 Basic Nurse Assisting AHE-041 Medical Terminology AHE-055 Math for Meds Anthropology ANT-200 General Anthropology Art ART-181 Intro to Film Appreciation ART-240 Art and Gender ART-250 Understanding Art Associate Degree Nursing ADN-051 Transition to ADN ADN-052 Nursing Process & Pharmacology ADN-061 Health Assessment Automotive Technology AUT-050 Engine Repair AUT-054 Heating and Air Conditioning I AUT-075 Supervised Occupational Exp Bio-Science BIO-050 Basic Anatomy & Physiology BIO-100 Bio Science I BIO-130 Environmental Science BIO-150 Biotechnology in Society BIO-160 Introduction to Genetics BIO-225 Human Ana/Phys I BIO-226 Human Ana/Phys II BIO-235 Microbiology Building Construction Tech BCT-078 Architectural S.O.E.

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Business BUS-081 Office Technology Internship BUS-082 Medical Transcript Internship BUS-083 Ofc Tech Internship-Medical BUS-085 Accounting Process BUS-090 Prin of Retailing BUS-091 Prin of Advertising BUS-092 Principles of Selling BUS-094 Business Math BUS-095 Fundamentals of Accounting BUS-113 Keyboarding BUS-115 Processing Info BUS-120 Business Career Development BUS-141 Business Communications BUS-142 Introduction to Business BUS-151 Financial Accounting BUS-152 Managerial Accounting BUS-200 Legal Environ/Business BUS-281 Business Statistics Chemistry CHM-111 CHM-120 CHM-121 CHM-150 CHM-151


Concepts of Chemistry Gen, Organic & Biochemistry I Gen, Organic & Biochemistry II General Chemistry I General Chemistry II

Civil Engineering Technology CET-060 Surveying I CET-062 Surveying II CET-065 Data Collection GIS Mapping CET-075 Supervised Occupational Exp CET-076 Supervised Occupational Exp CET-079 Supervised Occupational Exp

Computer Aided Drafting CAD-056 CAD I CAD-057 CAD II CAD-062 Introduction to Solidworks CAD-075 Supervised Occupational Exp Computer Information Systems CIS-060 Project Management CIS-069 Adv Animation and Modeling CIS-071 Introduction to Networking CIS-093 Access CIS-094 Excel CIS-099 Web Page Design CIS-101 Internet Systems/Applications CIS-160 Practical Software Application Computer Integrated Manuf CIM-060 CNC Machining Construction Occupation COC-054 Basic Carpentry I Continuing Education CNC-017 Dance Aerobics & Conditioning CNC-025 Experience Paris & London Tour Cosmetology COS-054 Cosmetology III COS-058 Cosmetology V COS-059 Cosmetology Clinic COS-060 Salon Management COS-077 Cosmetology Teacher II Dental Hygiene DHY-060 Dental Assisting DHY-081 Periodontology DHY-082 Dental Hygiene Seminar DHY-083 Clinic I Early Childhood Education ECE-102 Health/Safety/Nutri/Yng Child ECE-110 Child Behavior Management Earth Science ESC-102 Weather and Climate Economics ECO-231 Principles of Econ I (Macro) ECO-232 Prin Economics II (Micro) Education EDU-103 Teaching/Learning W/Technology EDU-190 Introduction/Special Education EDU-200 Educational Psychology EDU-210 Diversity/Schools & Societies Electronic Engineering Tech EET-052 Solid State Devices EET-053 A+ Technician Preparation EET-060 Computer Hardware EET-064 A+ Computer Essentials EET-068 Photovoltaic Systems EET-070 Photovoltaic Technician EET-074 Supervised Occupational Exp Emergency Medical Services EMS-011 CPR for Healthcare Providers EMS-016 BLS for Healthcare Providers EMS-038 Prehospital Registered Nurse EMS-050 Emergency Medical Tech-Basic EMS-057 Paramedical Services II EMT-012 Special Topics in EMS EMT-015 ENPC Provider Course EMT-020 BLS Instructor Course EMT-021 Medical & Legal Aspects EMS EMT-024 Ethics in Prehospital Care EMT-025 ACLS Provider Course

English ENG-005 Foundations in Composition ENG-007 Composition Skills ENG-110 Manual Comm-Deaf ENG-111 Advanced Signing ENG-120 Composition I ENG-121 Composition II English as a Second Language ESL-016 ESL-Entry Level III ESL-019 ESL-Intermediate Level III Esthetics EST-045 Esthetics V Foreign Language FLG-140 Elem Spanish I FLG-141 Elem Spanish II Geography GEO-140 World Geography Geospatial Information Systems GIS-095 Geospatial Tech Internship Health Education HED-102 Nutrition HED-178 Responding to Emergencies HED-200 Principles of Health HED-290 Disease Processes History HIS-153 HIS-155 HIS-156 HIS-250 HIS-252

History/Culture of Third World History of the U.S. I History of the U.S. II Western Civil to 1660 West Civil/1660-Present

Horticulture HRT-072 Herbaceous Landscape Plants II HRT-091 Supervised Occupational Exp I HRT-092 Supervised Occupational Exp II Human Services HSP-053 Work Experience Seminar I HSP-054 Field Experience I HSP-055 Work Experience Seminar II HSP-056 Field Experience II HSP-065 Intro to Substance Abuse HSP-103 Foundations of Human Services HSP-122 Social Welfare Humanities HUM-120 Myths and Legends HUM-150 Humanities Through the Arts Independent Study INS-099 Portfolio Develop INS-200 Internship/Cooperative Educ INS-299 Independent Study Information Technology Train ITT-040 IT Computer Apps Cert Int ITT-041 IT Computer Apps Degree Int ITT-042 IT Net Admin Cert Internship ITT-043 IT Net Admin Degree Int ITT-044 IT Programming Cert Int ITT-045 IT Programming Degree Int ITT-046 IT Web Technology Cert Int ITT-047 IT Web Technology Degree Int ITT-050 IT Game Dev Cert Internship ITT-064 Human Computer Interaction Lab Intensive English Language IEL-019 Beg English Non-Native Speaker IEL-021 Int English Non-Native Speaker IEL-023 Adv English Non-Native Speaker

View the complete listings online at Request a printed schedule online or via phone at 217-234-5434. John Deere Ag Tech JDA-041 John Deere SOE I JDA-072 JD Advanced Power Trains JDA-094 John Deere Air Cond Systems Law Enforce/Criminal Justice CJS-056 IL Concealed Carry Handgun CJS-150 Intro/Criminal Just CJS-152 Criminal Investigation I CJS-156 Criminal Law CJS-158 Juvenile Justice CJS-160 Criminal Evidence & Procedure CJS-166 Corrections Learning Assistance Center TUT-013 Basic Memory Dynamics TUT-023 Test Taking Strategies TUT-026 Relieving Computer Anxiety Literature LIT-130 Intro to Literature LIT-147 Introduction to Fiction Massage Therapy MAS-060 A & P for Massage Therapist II MAS-067 Pathology/Massage Therapist MAS-075 Massage Therapy III MAS-077 Massage Clinic I Mathematics MAT-005 Beginning Algebra MAT-006 Intermediate Algebra MAT-009 Geometry MAT-116 General Education Math MAT-118 Math for Elem Teachers I MAT-125 Statistics MAT-130 College Algebra MAT-132 Trigonometry MAT-140 Algebra With Trigonometry MAT-210 Finite Mathematics MAT-211 Math Analysis MAT-218 Math for Elem Teachers II MAT-241 Analytical Geom-Calc I Mechanical Electrical Tech MET-076 Supervised Occupational Exp

Physics PHY-115 Astronomy Political Science POS-160 American National Government POS-162 State/Local Govern Power Plant Technology PPT-075 Supervised Occupational Exp Practical Nursing PNC-054 Practical Nursing III PNC-055 Basic Pharmacology II Programmable Logic Controllers PLC-040 Fund of Instrumentation Psychology PSY-271 Intr/Psychology PSY-274 Child Development PSY-275 Psych of Maturity and Old Age PSY-277 Social Psychology PSY-278 Family Relations PSY-279 Human Dev/Life Span

Recreation REC-180 Leadership/Recreat Service Learning SLN-200 Community Service Social Science SOS-050 Human Relations Sociology SOC-280 Introduction to Sociology SOC-286 Racial and Ethnic Groups Speech SPE-111 Intro to Speech Communication SPE-200 Interpersonal Communication Strategies for Success SFS-101 Strategies for Success

Music MUS-150 Music in Amer History/Culture MUS-229 Understanding Music Philosophy PHI-232 World Religions PHI-270 Introduction to Philosophy PHI-280 Ethics

Welding WEL-047 Shielded Metal Arc Welding I WEL-048 Shielded Metal Arc Welding II WEL-057 Welding Fundamentals

Physical Therapist Assistant PTA-085 PTA Clinical Practicum III

April 21-25 – Adult Week Watch for exciting events in your communities and the launch of Bring a Friend to Campus day. New adult students who attend the events and register for courses are eligible for a tuition waiver for one class.

Taking all of your classes online? Save yourself a trip to campus and have your books shipped to you via UPS. To learn more, email or call (217) 234-5420. 19

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Physical Education PED-116 Golf PED-117 Advanced Golf PED-119 Karate PED-123 Karate II PED-143 Aerobics PED-172 Bsc Act Elem/Sec Child PED-209 Aerobic Fitness PED-210 P/F Aerobic Fitness PED-219 Karate III PED-223 Karate IV PED-224 Karate V PED-225 Karate VI PED-285 Fitness for Life

Join us for a tour of campus and an opportunity to learn more about how to get started at Lake Land College!

Reading RDG-007 Fundamentals of Reading RDG-009 Essentials in Reading RDG-050 Reading and Study Skills I

Technology TEC-040 Blueprint Reading/Industry I TEC-043 Industrial Safety TEC-045 Introduction to Drafting TEC-048 Applied Shop Computations TEC-050 Technical Math I TEC-054 Technical Math III TEC-055 Special Topics in Technology

Medical Coding Specialist MCS-040 Health Info for Professionals MCS-055 Principles of ICD-10-CMCoding MCS-080 Clinic-Med Coding Internship

June 19 – Campus Visit Day

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Full Circle Eastern Region SU14