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Q: Tell us a little about yourself. A: I am a model/actor and also titleholder for Mrs. Asia International India 2013. I have been a part of fashion industry for last 2-3 years, during which I have worked with topmost designers and participated in several beauty pageants at state, national and international level. Q: When did you get your first break? Can you share about your experience? A: I got my first break in modelling at Mrs. Rajasthan 2012. Where I was crowned as Mrs. Rajasthan 2012 first runners up. In March 2013, I participated in Mrs. India Asia International Held at Chennai and was crowned as one of the winners. In June 2013, I got the honor of representing India at Mrs. Asia 2013 held at Malaysia where I was adjudged as the top 5 talents of Asia. During my reign as Mrs. Asia India, I have had the proud opportunity of being a part of several modelling assignments and working with finest designers and photographers of the industry. I have also been privileged to associate with several fashion events as showstopper, celebrity judge and special guest.

Q: Where did you get your inspiration from? A: I look up to my loved ones and family as an inspiration. They have taught me the importance of discipline, determination and hard work in life in anything I do. Q: What are your current projects? A: I am an eye ambassador for eye donation project. I am being nominated as goodwill ambassador for NGO Pahal. I am also currently associated with NGOs Antardrishti and working for social and youth development. Q: Who is your favorite actor/ actress? A: Priyanka Chopra. And lately I admire Sunil Grover of Comedy Nights for his uniqueness in acting. Q: Tell us about your future plans. A: Currently, I am brushing up my acting skills and look forward to be a good artist in field of theatre and films.

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Quarter 3,4 2014 (Catalogue)


Quarter 3,4 2014 (Catalogue)