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Committed to making a difference We are helping to conserve our rhino heritage Lafarge South Africa was a major donor towards the creation of the world’s first dedicated non-commercial baby rhino orphanage in 2012. The visionary wildlife centre, developed at Legend Golf & Safari Resort in Limpopo Province, is caring for baby rhinos that have been injured and are parentless as a result of South Africa’s devastating poaching epidemic. Lafarge, the world leader in cement, has for many years also been an industry leader in sustainable development. “As a caring company, we could not stand by and do nothing as years of successful conservation in South Africa are systematically and brutally destroyed.” says Maria Sazeides, our National Sales & Marketing Manager – Cement.

South Africa

is home to over ninety per cent of the planet’s population of rhinos.

Lafarge is proud to be playing a meaningful role in helping to preserve our unique heritage.

Guiding the team and working with them is the internationally renowned rhino rearing and rehabilitation expert, Karen Trendler, of the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) Rhino Response Project. “While we hope that poaching will be brought under control, hope was not enough. There was a need for decisive action,” commented Karen. “A third of the rhinos that are being slaughtered are either pregnant cows or mothers with calves. We felt that providing a specialised care centre to heal and nurture the orphans would be an effective intervention.”

Building a better future

Lafarge pledged ongoing support for the orphanage to help meet the running costs of the facility, which range from shelters and expensive security fencing, to simple basics such as tables, chairs and shelving, and to the high cost consumable necessities such as medicines and vast volumes of milk. One support project is linked to our well-known flagship cement brand, Buildcrete - one of the most versatile and environmentally-friendly cements on the market. The Buildcrete bags now carry the rhino orphanage logo and part of the proceeds from every bag sold is being donated to the orphanage. We felt that you as our cement customers would identify strongly with our ongoing support for the baby rhino orphanage.

Rhino Run

August 2013 saw the company’s enthusiastic participation in the month-long fundraising New Holland Rhino Run and sponsorship of the event’s final gala dinner. The Rhino Run initiative began in Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront, and centred around a New Holland tractor being driven for 36 days to the Resort at Entabeni, a distance of almost 3 000 km. By the time the Rhino Run party reached its final destination, they had passed through 27 towns. A variety of functions were held along the way to raise funds for the Orphanage and create awareness of the facts regarding the devastating effect that the cruel poaching activity is having on our wonderful wildlife heritage. In parallel with the tractor run, cyclists were challenged to participate and arrange sponsorship for the distance they covered to add to the fundraising. On various sections of the route Lafarge cycling devotees accompanied Ferdinand Rabie and the New Holland team, the well-known celebrity and totally committed conservationist. The Rhino Run concluded with a golf day at the Resort, followed by a gala dinner sponsored by Lafarge South Africa on 5 September. A highlight of the evening was Ferdinand Rabie’s hugely entertaining and successful auction of exclusive rhino pictures and wine, which raised further funds for the Orphanage.

Support for a dedicated team

We admire the commitment of the Centre’s Director Arrie van Deventer and his team, in building this orphanage to mitigate the impact of poaching on the rhino population.

The challenge continues

As a step forward in the struggle to conserve our valuable rhino heritage, the Rhino Orphanage is a significant investment for future generations. Lafarge South Africa is privileged to be able to help.

Skill and love:

the miracle ingredients Karen Trendler of the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) Rhino Response Project leads the team at the Rhino Orphanage in providing specialised care to heal and nurture the deeply traumatised and often horribly injured baby rhinos. A wildlife and conservation specialist, Karen has 26 years experience in wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and crisis management. These marvellous animals need nursing and love as youngsters to the extent that Karen often becomes a surrogate mum. The effectiveness of her skilled care and dedication produced an almost miraculous recovery for orphan Ntombi, who had near fatal head injuries that penetrated the sinus cavities. Ntombi has healed and is well on the way to being rehabilitated into the wild.

A great success story for the Rhino Orphanage: Ntombi was nursed back to health after near fatal injuries.

World-renowned rhino expert, Karen Trendler, often becomes a surrogate mum to the orphaned baby rhinos. Here she is feeding one of her orphans.


Supporting the Rhino Run In line with Lafarge South Africa’s pledge of ongoing support for the Rhino Orphanage, we were enthusiastic participants in the New Holland Rhino Run and sponsors of the event’s final gala dinner. The Rhino Run initiative began in Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront on 31 July and featured a New Holland tractor being driven for 36 days towing lifelike sculptures of a mother and her baby rhino. The destination was the Legend Resort at Entabeni in Limpopo, a distance of almost 3 000 km. Along the route, the Rhino Run party held various fundraising and conservations awareness functions in each town they passed through.

Wheeling in the kilometres for the orphans

In parallel with the tractor run, cyclists were challenged to participate along the route and arrange sponsorship for the distance they cover to add to the fundraising. Lafarge’s Johan Leech, Area Sales Manager Southern Region, represented the company at the launch event in Cape Town. He then joined a team of cyclists on the first stage, Cape Town to Paarl, as well as on certain stages through the Free State section of the route. The team accompanied well-known celebrity, Ferdinand Rabie and on sections of the route they were joined by our Bruce Tucker, Sales Consultant – Gauteng Resellers and Robyn Braidwood, wife of Northern Region Area Manager, Bruce Braidwood. Johan Leech also cycled the final stage from Mokopane to the Resort at Entabeni.

Grand Finale: the Lafarge Gala Dinner

In addition to fund raising activities along the route, the Rhino Run included a golf day, followed by the Lafarge South Africa sponsored gala dinner on 5 September. A highlight of the dinner was an auction of exclusive rhino products with Ferdinand Rabie as the celebrity auctioneer. All funds are being directed to the Rhino Orphanage. Lafarge was proud to be playing a significant role in this well-conceived Rhino Run initiative with its wide range of fundraising activities and key educational messages.

Passionate about rhino conservation We ask the charismatic director of the world’s first Rhino Orphanage, Arrie van Deventer, about his passion for rhino conservation and his vision for the future: How did you come to be involved in the rhino orphanage, Arrie? Life leads a person down interesting paths. I used to be a history teacher but I was always passionate about conservation. For the last 15 years, I have been actively involved in working with endangered animals. With rhino poaching getting totally out of control, we felt something had to be done to help conserve these wonderful animals. How would you describe the first year at the orphanage? It has been heartbreakingly sad seeing so many traumatised and horrifically injured baby rhinos but it’s also been absolutely magic to witness the generosity of people and companies such as Lafarge. What do you feel you have achieved? The orphanage team has achieved a great deal in a relatively short space of time, guided and inspired by rhino rearing and rehabilitation expert Karen Trendler of the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT). We have already saved the lives of at least 20 baby rhinos. We are always trying to develop better ways of operating and are continually faced with the soaring running costs of items such as security, food, milk and medicines. Thanks to the overwhelming support we are now getting, we face the future with confidence.

Taking on the challenge to cycle sections of the Rhino Run route: (l to r) Johan Leech (Lafarge South Africa), Jacques du Plessis (New Holland), Vlam Basson (New Holland) and Ferdinand Rabie (KykNet and MNet presenter)

Some comments from our Lafarge cyclists: “Awesome experience for a good cause – I’m proud to have been part of it!” Johan Leech “It was a great ride with people passionate about the future of conservation in our wonderful country.” Bruce Tucker “Thank you Lafarge for allowing me this once in a lifetime opportunity to support this great initiative.” Robyn Braidwood

How long do you care for the baby rhinos? The number of orphans that we can handle varies considerably because one severely injured baby can involve the care team in round the clock nursing for quite some time. The rhinos will be kept for up to three years at the orphanage until they are ready to be moved to bigger and bigger camps with progressively less human contact. They will then be released back into the wild. To anticipate your next question: yes, it has been done successfully! Was the recent Rhino Run successful? The Rhino Run involved people who were passionate about conserving rhinos and they put their hearts and souls into the cause. They gave many weeks of their time and were away from their families to organise the event. The teams who participated in the Run then spent 5 weeks on the road. I accompanied the teams for 10 days, giving presentations on conservation in the mornings to school children and also talking at fund raising functions in the evenings. We had an amazing reception wherever we went. The youngsters were keen to learn: it’s important to get the conservation message across to them as they are the future for conservation. Most adults had little appreciation of the magnitude of the problem and were absolutely horrified to see the extent of the cruelty and mutilation to these animals. A wonderful outcome of the Run is that thousands of people are keen to help in any way they can with conservation efforts. The Golf Day and the Lafarge sponsored Gala Dinner were also hugely successful and the auction of rhino portraits and donated wine by celebrity Ferdinand Rabie exceeded all expectations. What is your vision for the orphanage? My vision is to sit outside and have nothing to do because there are no baby rhinos here – it would mean poaching had stopped and we would all be very happy to have an empty orphanage!

Every little helps!

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Join us in supporting the world’s first Rhino Orphanage, where a dedicated team is doing wonderful work saving the lives of traumatised and injured baby rhinos.



To obtain your sticker, please contact your local Lafarge Sales Consultant or Jeanne De Power at our Longmeadow head office: Email: Tel: 011 657 0000 Ext: 1042.





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Superior performance and environmentally-friendly While helping to conserve South Africa’s rhinos, our Buildcrete customers are also helping us ‘Build better cities’, which symbolises our commitment to contribute better solutions for more houses, more schools, hospitals and all the infrastructure that will create desirable places for our people to live in. Buildcrete is being used for: • • • • •


Housing in Mafikeng, North West Province Road stabilisation in Tembisa, Gauteng Road construction for the Rustenburg Rapid Transport network in North West Province The Mediclinic hospital in Kimberley, Free State Kasane Sewage Plant in northern Botswana

Buildcrete: the solution for challenging Botswana project Consultants for the Kasane Sewage Plant asked Lafarge Quality Department Southern Africa (QDSA) for help in developing a solution for high strength concrete in an aggressive environment. QDSA quickly carried out an assessment of the available aggregates in the remote location and recommended our Buildcrete CEM IV 32,5R, which is formulated with approximately 40% siliceous fly ash, as the ideal cement solution. Buildcrete has exceptional strength performance, contributes to durable concrete mixes and is a Sulphate Resisting cement. The main contractor conducted successful on site trials with QDSA’s recommended mix designs and awarded Lafarge South Africa the cement supply contract.

Lafarge South Africa 35 Westfield Road Longmeadow Business Estate Ext 11, Edenvale, 1609 Tel: 0860 LAFARG / 0860 523 274 or 0861 LAFARG / 0861 523 274 Main fax: 086 631 0006


Think Lafarge - Special Rhino Edition  

Think Lafarge Special Rhino Edition. Lafarge Cement, the leader in building materials. Building better cities.

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