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December 2013 issue no. 01


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Message from the Managing Director 2013 will go down as a year where we at Lafarge Gypsum experienced significant growth in terms of business process optimisation, increasing our market footprint and being a leading ceilings and partitioning plasterboard solutions provider. Many of you will be aware of Lafarge’s recent brand repositioning launched in the first quarter of this year, ‘Building better cities’ which reflects our commitment to be a major contributor, together with our partners, to solutions for enhanced urban environments: sustainable cities and rural developments . Our key priority is to always ensure that our actions impact on improving customer satisfaction and reducing production costs in order to offer more competitive solutions to our customers. Whilst we have operated within an industry facing low market growth, we have focused our efforts on implementing programmes that drive cost savings, quality improvement and improved customer services. The SABS tested Lafarge Master Grid launch in the first quarter was a result of a response to deliver an innovative, efficient, quality grid system to our customers. Jean-Paul Croze


Lafarge Gypsum also became the first plasterboard manufacturing company in South Africa to receive the SANS 266 SABS mark certification for our Plasterboard range. This, together with the renewal of the Ecospecifier listing on all our products and the 10 year systems warranty listing

is part of our promise and offer to our customers of delivering products and services that assist in meeting the building industry regulatory requirements. We have also increased our footprint into new markets within the African continent, a key priority region in terms of future growth. This year also saw us moving our Lafarge Access Flooring product offering over to Pentafloor. This included all Lafarge Access Flooring product line staff who are now employed by Pentafloor. This leaves us in a good position to focus on our core product and solution offers for the ceilings and partitions market. All staff at Lafarge Gypsum have shown commitment and contributed to our success during the past year. Thank you for all your efforts, they are acknowledged and appreciated. I would like to thank all our customers for your most valued support during the past year. What a great year it has been! We appreciate your continued and on-going support, and look forward to working together with you for a successful 2014. My best regards Jean-Paul Croze Managing Director Lafarge Gypsum


Message from

OUR she Manager

At home, at work, make the link. This was the key driver for the 2013 H&S Month campaign. This year’s Health and Safety campaign encouraged employees to build on their established good practices and to extend them to either home or work. We wanted to generate conditions that will enable an interdependent culture which meant that each person taking care of both their personal health and safety and that of their colleagues. The campaign kicked of at all our operations on the 20th of May and extended over a 5 week period that ended on the 30th of June, with the last week dedicated to the consolidation, judging of best stories entered into Group competition, a ceremony to award campaign participation by all staff and the competition close. Each week was dedicated to a particular theme; Week 1 - Health, Week 2 - Safety, Week 3 - Surroundings and Environment, Week 4 - People, where staff were expected to prepare and submit a poster related to that week’s theme for the Group competition, where different certificates according to individual poster submissions were awarded.

chad rose My story Headwear





Always ensure to wear a helmet when driving a motorcycle or bicycle.

Always dress according to PPE regulations so wear the proper hard hats.

A fully stock first aid box should be available at the branch with the first aiders names on the box

On the road and at home you should have a fist aid box available in case of emergencies

At home we have non slip mates in our bath and outside the shower.


Home Always make sure your vehicle tyres are in good condition

Work Truck tyres should be inspected regularly


I always isolated and lock out the machines before I do fault finding and repairs

I always isolate my electrical appliances at home before cleaning them.

At work we have non slip mates outside the showers.

My Story


AT home its safe to have an ice cold beer

Flu Vaccines

At work its safe to have an ice cold coke

AT WORK We are given Flu Vaccine to prevent and fight viruses causing flu.

AT HOME We are given Flu Vaccine to prevent and fight viruses causing flu at the clinic or chemist


Getting involved in recycling for a good cause

Having clearly marked bins for recycling at work

Health Ingestion Hazards.

At work we have wash basin facilities in the canteen area to ensure we wash our hands before eating as we use chemicals.

At home we wash our hands with a disinfectant soap to kill germs before and after eating


Teach our kids the importance of traffic signs from an early age.

Encourage each other at work to be aware of all our warning and information signs

Campaign Objectives: 1. To let people know that H&S is their no. 1 priority 2. To increase awareness of H&S at home and at work 3. Encourage everybody to identify what they are doing well in Health & Safety and find ways to extend these good practices 4. Generate an interdependent culture 5. To celebrate individual involvement Different communication tools were distributed in support of the campaign, which saw a great deal of participation and response from our employees. Each weekly theme brought everyone great excitement and competitiveness with each staff member aiming for the “Master” certificate Lafarge Gypsum saw the Alrode debtors department walk away with a few “Masters” title certificates with the branches and plants staff hot on the heels of the claim of the “Beginners”, “Professional” and “Advanced” certificates.

Lafarge Gypsum Fatality

and “Say No to Unsafe Acts” Campaign In the 2nd quarter of this year Lafarge Gypsum experienced a fatality at the Roodekop Plasterboard plant in Johannesburg. All Lafarge South Africa employees were saddened and shocked by the accident and loss to the Lafarge family.

identified to improve the Safety culture in the plant.

A Lafarge SA Safety Campaign called “Say No to Unsafe Acts” was launched and continues to be rolled out, by Communications. The campaign aims to further reinforce and raise Condolences and support were extended awareness about the importance of safety and to the family and all necessary measures to to remind and encourage all employees to assist them in their time of great loss were refrain from unsafe acts. offered. Roodekop plant employees were offered post-traumatic stress counseling in There have been notable behavioural changes groups and those who were directly involved in amongst employees, who are now reporting the incident or were severely affected received more unsafe conditions to their superiors. further one-on-one counseling which assisted We believe that with the impact that the the employees in coping with the trauma. A campaign has made, employee empowerment Root Cause Analysis was conducted, where and visible leadership, the safety culture is a few key learnings and action plans were indeed changing for the better.




Our Human Resources Manager As Management we understand that the key to drive optimal levels of success and productivity, leaders need engaged and high performing employees across all levels of the business. It is for this reason that Lafarge South Africa is driving employee engagement as a vehicle to create open communication, transparency, fairness and address employee development. To this end, we saw a lot of internal appointments and promotions especially within the Sales department. Recently, a total of 14 promotions to Internal Sales, Sales Rep and Branch Manager positions and other areas of the business were processed, including 4 transfers between provinces. These moves address our goal to develop our employees to ensure they reach their career goals in line with our business needs. The result is a win-win situation.

Tumi Moselane

Going forward, performance management will be cascaded down to the Bargaining Unit level as a vehicle to drive high performance and address people development. This will provide an opportunity for employees to receive formal feedback on their performance, their potential and discuss their career aspirations with their managers by completing the Individual Development Plans (IDPs).

Wellness Day Over the past 12 years Lafarge South Africa has implemented a worldclass HIV & AIDS Programme, supported by a comprehensive strategy. At the beginning of 2013 we broadened the scope of our activities through a more encompassing focus on Wellness, which aligned with the national Department of Health Calendar and benchmarked against national and international practice. A comprehensive communications strategy was rolled out during 2013 centered on themes such as Be Condom Wise, Your Spouse can Test and Mental Health Awareness, through different communication channels such as e-mail teasers, memo’s, articles in the Living Lafarge and Ash Ditaba to deliver the messages for each theme and support from Wellness Educators and external specialist providers. We are now ready to start planning for the Wellness Day celebrations as a grand finale for 2013! The theme of 2013 Wellness Day campaign is “Let’s celebrate our improved wellness” The objectives of the campaign will be to celebrate employees’ improved wellness, highlight the opportunities where there is room for individual Wellness improvement, to continuously encourage better lifestyle choices and for employees to embrace and look after their health, to highlight the services of Wellness Educators and commemorate employees, friends, family members and colleagues who have passed on. These objectives will be achieved through a number of communication tools throughout the Lafarge South Africa. Each site will take part in numerous activities to embrace the range of 2013 Wellness themes holistically. On Wellness Day which will be celebrated on 28th November by Lafarge Gypsum, there will support from the Employees Assistance Programme (EAP) which is supported by ICAS – offering psychological counseling for various mental health illnesses such as stress, depression, loss of a loved one etc. Lifeworks will manage the testing and treatment of HIV infected employees. Employees will also be screened for the following: cholesterol, blood sugar level, blood pressure, eye screening and Body Mass Index (BMI). We urge employees to take this opportunity to be screened in all these areas to confirm their health status and to make the necessary adjustments to ensure their improved wellness.




the Sales & Marketing Director This is the first newsletter since I have taken over the role of Sales & Marketing Director at Lafarge Gypsum. I am sure I speak on behalf of most within this industry; the South African building environment has, over the past few years been characterised by slow economic growth. This has put cost and other pressures on manufactures and suppliers down the value chain to come up with more innovative ways of delivering value to endusers. It is a challenge that we have embraced as the Lafarge Gypsum team, and together we have worked over this year to align our efforts in ensuring that we offer ceiling and walling plasterboard solutions that contribute to the success of projects that you are involved in. We have invested in the development and launch of products and systems that meet industry standards and performance, which are available to our customers through the support of our teams and have been specified in various projects.

Our technical team has been expanded to improve customer support and we have had on offer, mobile technical support on projects ranging within various segments of the plasterboard market. This year we expanded into Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia Swaziland, Lesotho and Malawi. These are markets we have not had any presence in previously and we have managed to get specified on some of the major projects within these countries. Well done to all involved! As we move on to 2014 I would like to thank you for your support and hope that we will continue to collaborate and work together to bring to the market solutions that contribute to Building better cities. My best regards

Jacques Gouws

Jacques Gouws Sales & Marketing Director Lafarge Gypsum

Building better cities,

the global Lafarge brand positioning

2013 continues to be an exciting year for the Lafarge brand after the new positioning that aligns with the world trend towards urbanisation. On 11 April 2013, the entire Lafarge global network launched the new brand signature “Building better cities”, which positioned Lafarge as a solution provider with a clear sense of purpose. The Group has addressed one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century: a new urban landscape with more and more people migrating to cities, requiring the associated infrastructure of housing, hospitals, schools and offices, together with infrastructure to connect and service cities such as

roads, airports, water and power utilities. While cities will dominate future construction needs, water and mobility infrastructure will be a major feature of South Africa’s rural development. WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE BRAND TO THE CUSTOMER? A strong brand creates trust and credibility. The brand encapsulates the expectations a customer may have of our products and services. It represents a promise that we can be relied on to provide innovative solutions for more efficient housing in cities, more compact cities, more durable cities, better connected cities and beautiful cities.

Lafarge Gypsum available from PentaFloor For your information, please note that the Lafarge Access Flooring product line will now be available from PentaFloor, Access Flooring company in South Africa. Our Lafarge Access Flooring product line colleagues are now employed by Pentafloor.

Contact Person: Bianca Shakinovsky, Tel: 011 440 6759 | Website: • Physical Address: No. 16 4th Street | Wynberg



Sales ConferencE 2013 This year saw the first combined sales, technical and marketing conference which was held at the Emerald Resort & Casino on 6 February 2013 under the leadership of Jacques Gouws, Marketing and Sales Director. The conference began by top leadership focusing the teams on communicating highlights and BU objectives for the year 2013. In line with driving a performance culture driven sales force, Linda de Beer and Marvin Moodie were recognised and a sales incentive programme was launched to incentivise all sales and branch teams to ensure we deliver results and satisfy our customers.

Ian Thomas, the motivational speaker, wrapped up the events with a session on their behaviour and teamwork within a pride of lions and how human beings in organisations can learn from that to gain significant achievements through working together . This has yielded positive results for both business and customers as all teams work together on solutions that are focused on assisting customers to be able to achieve value in their projects and business.

Lafarge Master GridTM,

revolutionising grid systems performance After a successful market launch in March this year, the market has confidently taken up the new Lafarge Master GridTM Ceiling grid system. The product was introduced to deliver six key performance benefits added strength, versatility and flexibility, rigidity and stability, quality standards, an improved clipping mechanism and fire safety.

Jacques Gouws - Sales and Marketing Director elaborating on the Lafarge Master Grid.

The specification and extensive use of this new product in major projects across South Africa and beyond our borders is testament that customer needs of performance, durability and ease of installation are being met. Both the lay-in suspended ceiling and flush plastered ceiling systems have been installed in projects spanning different segments. Some of the projects using the innovative ceiling grid system include: Commercial / Hotel • Cascades Hotel - Umhlanga • Audi showroom - Bloemfontein • Nissan showroom - Nelspruit • Toyota showroom – Malawi • Eskom - Johannesburg Retail • Tebatse Crossing – Groblesdal • Cresta Centre – Botswana • AUS valley shopping centre – Namibia • Westville Mall - Ghana

Healthcare • Life Springs Parkland Clinic – Springs • College of Nursing – Malawi • De Aar Hospital – Northern Cape • Medical Science Building - Pretoria Institutional/education • Dept of Education – Bochum, NP • University of Botswana – Botswana • Standard Bank – Malawi • Reserve Bank - Mozambique • Absa Towers - Johannesburg Residential • Sandalwood Estate - Johannesburg

A & E Ceilings customers Merwyn Wessels on the left, Lafarge Gypsum Cape Town Brent Louw Technical Advisor and Ellemar Lategan at the Lafarge Master Grid Cape Town launch.

Martin Mzumara - Mass Architect and Urban Designers at the Monte Casion Lafarge Master Grid launch.

Medical Science Building Pretoria



Lafarge SANS 266 SABS

Mark certification: Better products, better cities In a move that will gain the appreciation of architects, developers and interior designers, Lafarge Gypsum has announced the SANS 266 certification of its successful Gypsum Plasterboard range. The right to carry the SABS stamp of approval came after months of collaboration between the technical department and Roodekop production teams. Says Lafarge Gypsum’s Managing Director Jean-Paul Croze: “The SANS 266 SABS Mark is a product certification by an Independent SANAS accredited body certifying that all products supplied will comply with all the requirements of the product specification: SANS 266: South African National Standards: Plasterboards.

All Lafarge Plasterboard now carries the SANS 266 SABS Mark.

“This serves as a guarantee that the products meet the minimum standards of SANS 266, because no mark scheme can be issued without a proven company quality system, Croze says. Rigorous testing saw the boards classified into one of three classes: Wall or Base Plasterboards, Moisture Resistant Plasterboards and Fire Rated Plasterboards. Lafarge South Africa’s Gypsum Division is the first plasterboard manufacturing company in South Africa to be awarded the SABS Mark under specification SANS 266. Croze emphasises that Lafarge’s commitment to quality sees efforts to ensure compliance backed by a 10-year service warranty. Lafarge is also environmentally sensitive and focussed on providing products that are safe to environment and communities. It is Lafarge’s ambition to contribute towards Building better cities, instilling a sense of pride and place.

Lafarge renews

Eco-Specifier Premium listing on all products

In 2011, Lafarge Gypsum was the first plasterboard manufacturing company in South Africa, to enlist their full range of product with Ecospecifier and have now renewed the listing for another year. Over the years, Lafarge has remained dedicated to its commitment to environmental leadership and we are constantly improving the ecoperformance of our products through many ways. By implementing active environmental programmes designed to monitor and manage environmental matters, Lafarge ensures that its businesses operate in a safe and environmentally protective manner.

As a result, Lafarge has made advancements in environmental preservation and our operations have become cleaner and greener. The company remains the first plasterboard manufacturer to have been awarded the Ecospecifier green labels for all its plasterboards, compounds, vinyl ceiling tiles and steel products. This denotes the fact that the use of Lafarge Gypsum products enhances ratings for ‘green buildings’. Lafarge ECOSPECIFIER Certified products are tested and certified as low-emitting interior building materials that meet relevant regulatory and industry emission standards. These were conducted by Ecospecifier to help specifiers, designers, architects, builders, consumers and other end-users find and easily identify products that meet the most stringent indoor air quality guidelines for use in “green” buildings.

SASFA Training Course

comes to Lafarge Gypsum Training Centre Lafarge Gypsum recently hosted a successful 6-day SASFA training course on light steel frame building at the Roodekop training facilities in Roodekop. Supported by SASFA members, the course has gained great popularity since its inception in 2009 as a growing number of building contractors, developers, architects and engineers aim to become more knowledgeable about LSFB.

The group hard at work writing one of the two tests as part of the course.

The 4-day course was split into two sections: Steel frame Components and Erection that covered the steel making process, properties of coated steel sheet, foundations, the manufacturing of light steel frames and trusses to name a few. Complimented by the Internal Lining and Insulation section that outlines the manufacturing and benefits of Glasswool insulation, acoustic, energy efficiency, environmental issues, storage and handling of Glasswool, tools and installation methodology. The course closed with the incorporation of plasterboard covering properties and vapour permeable membrane components within fibre cement. The course was presented theoretically and practically, with two written tests towards the end of the course to confirm that the subject matter was well understood. The 21 students that attended the course were mainly from Gauteng and had general building industry experience. Most had qualifications ranging from technical diplomas, architectural draughting and engineers. All the students that attended the course passed and received a SASFA certificate.

The student group in front of the structure they erected.




Supplier Days

The partnership between Lafarge Gypsum and several retail groups such as BUCO, Build It and Essential Hardware, grew to new heights as Lafarge Gypsum participated in supplier activities such as Supplier Days, Golf Days and store openings throughout the course of 2013 in all Regional areas where Lafarge Gypsum products were stocked.

Gypsum an opportunity to promote and reinforce the Lafarge Gypsum brand and products by means of exhibition stands in prime positions.

These Supplier Days attracted most of Essential Hardware Store managers/ members and some Head Office staff within a region and gave Lafarge

Lafarge aims to satisfy and strengthen all customer relationships through constant and excellent customer service even beyond the call of duty.

The Supplier Days were packed with networking, socialising and exchange of market knowledge.

Simon Jansen at the Lafarge stand during the Eastern Cape leg of the Supplier Days.

Simon Jansen and Candice Marais at the Lafarge stand which was frequented by Essential Hardware Store Managers who enquired about Lafarge Gypsum products.

Bloemfontein Lafarge Readymix and Lafarge Gypsum staff at a joint customer Golf Day.

Candice Marais, Lafarge Gypsum PE sales rep at a Buco Golf Day with a Buco customer.

SA Timber Golf Day.

Built It Hamilton Store Opening.

Zuretha Erasmus, Lafarge Gypsum Bloemfontein rep at the Retnev Golf Day.

Built It Amandla KZN Cruise.

Store managers at theSA Timber Golfday.



Lafarge IN Swaziland International Trade Fair 2013

Lafarge recently partnered with its Swaziland distributor Njengabantfu to showcase Lafarge Gypsum and Lafarge Cement products at the annual Swaziland International Trade Fair which was held in Manzini, Swaziland. The Swaziland Trade Fair (STIF) 2013 themed “Trade and Invest in SwazilandAfrica’s New Promise” saw a range of local and foreign exhibitors participate in the 12 day trade fair which was open to the public. The trade fair was officially opened by his Majesty King Mswati III on 30 August who visited the Lafarge stand and continued to engage with Lafarge and Njengabantfu staff on the importance of international support and visibility to the Swaziland economy. With Swaziland celebrating its Independence day on Friday the 6th of September, the trade fair was swamped with local and foreign visitors who were treated to drag racing, live performance and motor cycle freestyling. The trade fair came to a close on Monday 9 September where the Lafarge stand was awarded 2nd place for the Swaziland Trade Fair (STIF) 2013 Stand Excellence Foreign Company.

Lafarge Gypsum’s Potiphar Esau addresses His Majesty King Mswati III at the Swaziland Annual Trade Fair.

Lafarge Excels

as Sponsors of the Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) and Continued Professional Development Seminar in Malawi Lafarge recently sponsored the Malawi Institute of Architects (MIA) Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) and Continued Professional Development in conjunction with the Surveyors Institute of Malawi (SIM) at the Mongochi Sand and Sun Resort. The event took place over 6 and 7 September 2013. Lafarge was represented by two of its products, Lafarge Gypsum and Lafarge Cement, both having a strong presence in Malawi.

Lafarge Gypsum and Lafarge Cement sponsored the EGM of the Malawi Institute for Architects: (l to r) Potiphar Esau (Gypsum), Elias Imaan (Cement) and Clarence Kachipanda (Gypsum).

The EGM seminar saw Lafarge building its partnership with the Malawi Institute of Architects (MIA) and reinforcing Lafarge’s new brand signature, ‘Building better cities’ which pledges its commitment as a major contributor. Together with their partners, they offer solutions for enhanced urban environments, sustainable cities and rural development that gives all inhabitants a sense of pride by focusing on solutions that build better cities. The theme of the MIA/SIM seminar was ‘Revolutionising urban planning – an architect and quantity surveyors perspective’, in tune with Lafarge’s recent repositioning of its global master brand which reflects the huge shift to urbanisation taking place throughout the world. Lafarge was the main sponsor of all media platforms that were put in place in preparation of the EGM and enjoyed national media coverage on MBC television and MBC radio, as well as advertising in The Nation newspaper and branding throughout the 2-day seminar. Lafarge has partnered with local Malawi architects and interior designers to help bring the vision of sustainable development to reality in Malawi by providing reliable international quality products and solutions that contribute to durable, efficient construction.

Clarence Kachipande, Potiphar Esau & Elias Imaan from Lafarge during the EGM Continued Development Seminar & other delegates.


at Facim exhibition in Mozambique

Lafarge Gypsum Mozambique staff at Mozambique Exhibition.

Lafarge Gypsum stand at the Mozambique Exhibition.



From Jozi to the Cape:

Lafarge Interior Ceilings & Partitioning Solutions for More Beautiful and More Durable Cities

Lafarge Gypsum offers a wide range of ceilings and partitioning solutions by working very closely with the built environment professionals to put together custom made interior solutions that deliver to expected thermal, acoustic and fire-rated requirements.

Portside Project – Cape Town.

In Gauteng, the luxury 5 Star Apartment & Hotel Development - Sandton Skye, a 34900m2, 15 storey, 192 apartment building at the heart of Sandton, is fitted with Lafarge Fire-rated walling and flush plastered ceiling solutions. The system used in the bathrooms incorporates the use of a combination of Lafarge Moisture Check and Lafarge Fire Check plasterboards to provide performance specific demising wall partitions that deliver both required water and fire resistance properties. In Cape Town, not only will the R1.6 billion Portside building be the mother City’s tallest building with

32 floors and 52,000 m2 of office space, but this architectural interpolation has also achieved a 5-Star Green Rating from the GBCSA. Lafarge Gypsum, a proud partner in this development, is supplying all the firerated perimeter walls. We have managed to offer a more cost effective solution, whilst still meeting the required fire and acoustic ratings. Supply of Lafarge Fire Check Plasterboards and Super Studs started in January 2013 and the project is to be completed in March 2014. The Lafarge sales and technical teams involved in these projects work very closely with the building teams to ensure that the products are installed according to specification, thus guaranteeing our customers a 10 year warranty as indicated in the Lafarge 10 year systems warranty. We, at Lafarge, are proud of our contribution to building more durable and more beautiful cities.

Finesse® Demountable

Partition System: Change at less cost The Lafarge Finesse Demountable Partition System offers exceptional freedom for architects and designers planning optimal work space in offices by ensuring the most efficient use of floor space. Wessel Grobelaar, Project Co-Ordinator at TSA Management, says the Lafarge Finesse system is making a huge positive difference for contractors at TSA’s projects in Centurion, which include 32 buildings in the Cambridge Office Park and a further 16 at Berkley Office Park. “We have found the Finesse partition system extremely easy to build and break down again when changes are required,” Grobelaar says, adding that the initial financial outlay for the system pays off in the long run.

TSA Management made use of the Lafarge Finesse Demountable System in 32 buildings within Cambridge Office Park, Centurion.

Developed to accommodate the requirements of the most technologically advanced office environment, the Lafarge Finesse® Demountable Partition System ensures that all electrical, data and communication cables can be placed within the cavities provided by the framework; in the power skirting situated at the base of the partitions; or at a preferred height within the system. Grobelaar concurs, adding: “It’s a great system – works well for us, user friendly, looks great on the eye, perfect for offices.” The Lafarge Demountable System makes installation and break down easier for all sites.

Protea Project

Manor Hotel

In the suburb of Hatfield, Pretoria, the Protea Hotel Manor provides a ThreeStar stay for guests and business people making use of its 102 rooms in 3,500m2 space. During work on the building, drywall partitioning and ceiling specialists, DNJ Projects, used 12mm and 9mm Lafarge Gypsum plasterboards and complementary grid and finishing material in the renovation of the hotel’s interior. DNJ Projects Director, Jose Menezes, says the choice of product was based not only on architect specification, but on convenience, ease of use and customer service his company receives from Lafarge. “We have a good relationship with Lafarge Gypsum and enjoy both excellent service and high quality products,” Menezes says: “The ‘green’ aspect of the Lafarge range appeals to our company and to our clients, many of whom favour products that are safe and environmentally friendly.” PAGE 10 | GYPSUM NEWSLETTER | 2013

12mm and 9mm Lafarge Gypsum plasterboard was used for the renovation of the Protea Manor Hotel in Hatfield, Tshwane.


Customer Service Week 2013

The annual Lafarge customer service week, was celebrated between 14-18 October, with the theme – “Think Service”! Our customers are important to us and their success is central to everything that we do. The week was filled with fun activities which were meant to stretch our employees in thinking of different ways that we can serve and improve our relationship with customers.

Think Service! Think Lafarge!

Lafarge Gypsum branches

Lafarge Gypsum has a network of 13 branches in major centers throughout South Africa. These are strategically positioned to be able to offer our customers a quick turnaround time, highly valuable for customers who with multiple job sites throughout South Africa. We also understand that some contractors will often have jobs in various locations around South Africa which might require delivery of products directly to site and our branch logistics are set up to be able to offer that support. This year our focus has been on streamlining all processes within our branches to ensure that we improve on service, ensuring that deliverables are timeous, improving supply chain issues. Great success was achieved with stock management as evidenced in our 2013 Stock Count of each branch. We are also able to offer localised support to customers for all queries. For further information or to locate a nearest branch, do not hesitate to contact us 011 3894500 or www.lafarge.

Sport - The last day of the customer week was “Think Lafarge, Think Team” where all staff dressed up in their favourite sporting team gear.

Monday - Customer Week kicked of with the letter G for green “Think Service, Think Green” where all staff dressed up in a green coloured item of clothing.



CTU Vereening Student Day at Lafarge Training Centre Facilities

On the 3rd of October 2013 Lafarge Gypsum hosted the Light Steel Frame Building - LSFB to CTU Vereeniging 3rd year draughting students at the Roodekop Training Centre Facilities. The objective of the visit was to incorporate and display various elements on how a real drawing office operates, the process involved how the end product ties in to the design stage. They experienced the board manufacturing process, which SABS standards need to be considered when designing a building, and how theoretically and practically the actual product is installed. The idea of the visit was borne when Samantha van Eeden, our Lafarge Gypsum Technical services Assistant mentored a student on what the working environment entails. The student then advised her lecturer and classmates of the experience and Samantha was then approached by the principal to supply similar training to the rest of the class. The events of the day included the following: • Welcome and Safety talk by Jacques Gouws (Sales and Marketing Director) and Samantha van Eeden (Technical Services Assistant) • A presentation on steel frame draughting and process by Stephan Ellis (Draughts person and Jeanette Mathekga (Draughts person) • Plant tour by Jacques Verster (Roodekop Production Manager) • A presentation on opportunities and learnerships at Lafarge by Tshepiso Lekalakala (Alrode HR Manager) • A presentation on the SABS and National Standards by Samantha van Eeden • Steel frame pratical training by Samuel Dulungana (Technical Trainer) and Zeblon Ndimande (Trainer)

CTU Vereening Students outside the Roodekop Training Center all geared up for the Roodekop Plant tour and the days activities.

Lafarge was able to share valuable information and experience with the students who were very motivated and excited to learn about the various industry opportunities available and the different types of systems and materials that are offered in the building industry. The principal of CTU Vereeniging, Elsje Hadzigrigorio, said the following: “Thank you so much for the wonderful experience and I would like to extend a compliment to you and the team involved in our field trip. The students found it very stimulating, informative, interesting and well organised. It is still conversation today amongst the students.”

Samuel Dulungana (Technical Trainer) conducts the steel frame practical training with the aid of one of the CTU Vereening Students as the rest look on.

Lafarge Expands

Breakthrough Children’s centre Lafarge Gypsum recently expanded the children’s center located in Kathlehong which is close to the Lafarge Gypsum head office in Alrode. The center caters for early childhood development for children aged two to six years. This is part of Lafarge’s focus on providing solutions to help the sustainable development of Building better cities and to offer solutions to improve the lives of the people that reside in the areas that the company operates. Through having a strong presence in all its business lines, it is in a unique position to contribute to urban construction, while also helping to build better rural towns and villages. In 2012, a Christmas party for the children of the centre was hosted by Gypsum, where they were given gifts and much needed school uniforms. This center continues to be a safe refuge for children in surrounding primary schools within the community and acts as an after care center. A decision to expand the center to include another room which is around 60 m2 was taken by Lafarge Gypsum. The unit is currently being built using Steel Frame Housing and the finishes are done with Gypsum products, such as ceiling and dry wall partitioning. “We are here not only to produce products, but also to improve the lives of the children by working with the local community, and most importantly, to promote peace of mind for parents. Here they have a place to play and do homework,” said Lafarge Gypsum Managing Director, Jean-Paul Croze.



Staff movements Christo Newman From: Alrode Plant Manager To: Alrode and Roodekop Plant Manager Effective: 1 August 2013 Vernon Nelson From: Financial manager To: BU Financial Manager Effective: 1 June 2013 Tshepiso Lekalakala From: Lafarge Industries SAS H.O. as Regional HR Officer To: Alrode HR Manager Effective: 1 August 2013

Purchasing New Appointments Nthabi Mabotha Effective: 1 October Lynn Ponto Effective: 1 October

Promotions in Supply Chain Team Midzi Janhi From: Central Planner To: Central Planner and Continuous Improvement Effective: Recent Akkies Ledwaba From: Roodekop Receiving Supervisor To: Roodekop Loading Bay Supervisor Effective: Recent Thabo Moila From: Forklift Driver To: Roodekop Receiving Supervisor Effective: Recent

and promotions Promotions in the Sales and Marketing Department Amos Khoase From: General Worker To: Internal Sales Effective 01 February 2013

Ezekiel Chiloane From: Internal Sales To: Sales Representative Effective: 1 October 2013

Floyd Mbonane has been promoted from From: Internal Sales To: Export Sales Administrator, Effective: 01 March 2013

Monica Govender From: Internal Sales To: Branch Manager Effective: 1 September 2013

Zuretha Erasmus has been promoted From: Internal Sales person To: Sales Representative Effective: 01 June 2013

Bertie Paulson has been promoted From: General Worker To: Internal Sales Effective 1 October 2013

Reginah Kapembwa To: Branch Manager, Effective: 01 May 2013

Louise Venter From: Internal Sales To: Sales Representative Effective: 1 October 2013

Enoch Palinga has been promoted From: Truck Driver To: Sales Representative Effective: 01 July 2013 Armando Chilenge has been promoted From: Forklift Driver To: Truck Driver Effective: 01 July 2013 Roldao Muyanga has been promoted From: General Worker To: Forklift Driver Effective: 01 July 2013 Karin Van der Nest has been promoted From: Buyer To: Sales Representative Effective: 1 October 2013

Marvin Moodie From: Sales Representative To: Export Sales Representative Effective 1 October 2013 Elizabeth Mogotsi From: Receptionist To: Sales Administrator Effective: 1 July 2013 Ayanda Ndlovu From: Marketing and Communications Coordinator To: Junior Product Manager Effective: 1 October 2013

Simon Mbhele From: Alrode Receiving Clerk To: Roodekop Receiving Clerk Effective: Recent



Lafarge Gypsum

takes Soccer Honours at Lafarge Soccer Tournament Gypsum Alrode took home the Lafarge Soccer Tournament trophy on Saturday 26th October, their second win two years in a row, after a penalty shoot-out against Lichtenburg Cement. The annual sporting event, which attracted teams from several Lafarge sites, was off to an energetic opening with a Masters match amongst the over-35 male aspiring soccer players. In a nearby netball court, a friendly game of netball between the Lichtenburg Cement and Head Office netball teams raged on. The day kicked off after Desmond Maharaj, who officiated at the start of the day-long event, wished everyone a fair, well spent and well played day. The soccer matches saw several teams go head to head in a battle to secure a place in the semi-finals. Gypsum Roodekop took on Lichtenburg Cement while Gypsum Alrode and Kaalfontein Cement Depot fought it out to book a place in the finals. Lichtenburg Cement and Gypsum Alrode took the wins and moved into the finals. The final netball game was also between Lichtenburg Cement and Gypsum Alrode, but Lichtenburg Cement emerged victorious, taking the 2013 netball trophy by an amazing 17-1 win. And as the day’s proceedings wound down, Gypsum and Lichtenburg Cement battled it out for first place with a 0 – 0 draw result at the end of the 90 minutes which moved into penalties. The trophies of the day were presented by Felix Motsiri.

Congratulations to the Gypsum Alrode soccer team on winning the Lafarge Soccer trophy for the 2nd year in a row.



Heritage Day

Lafarge Gypsum Maintenance staff welcome spring with a braai, smile and overalls painted with bright colours and flowers.

Lafarge Gyspum staff commemorate Heritage Day by dressing up in their cultural attire and serving different cultural dishes.



Lafarge Gypsum admin staff welcome Spring with a white and a splash of floral theme on 6 September 2013.

Celebrating Women’s Day at Longmeadow head office: (l to r) Ms. Moloi, Charlene Lamb (Lafarge Country Communications), Ayanda Ndlovu (Gypsum), Phumi Makhanya (Lafarge Communications), Nonkqubela Mazwai (Chairperson of Lafarge Industries and Lafarge Mining South Africa), Madame Elisabeth Barbier (French Ambassador to South Africa), Natalie Lume (Lafarge Communications) and Natalie Johnson (Ash Resources).


Protea Manor Hotel 2013 | GYPSUM NEWSLETTER | PAGE 15

About Lafarge

Located in 64 countries with 65 000 employees, Lafarge is a world-leader in building materials, with top-ranking positions in its Cement, Gypsum, Aggregates & Concrete businesses. In 2012, the Group posted sales of 15,8 billion Euros. In South Africa, the company manufactures and supplies cement, aggregates, readymixed concrete, gypsum plasterboard and interior building fittings. Since 2010, the Lafarge Group has been part of the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index, the first global sustainability benchmark, in recognition of its sustainable development actions. With the world’s leading building materials research facility, Lafarge places innovation at the heart of its priorities, working for sustainable construction and architectural creativity. Products used in the construction of the Moses Mabhida stadium was supplied by Lafarge Gypsum, Concrete, Aggregates and Cement. Additional information is available on the website at

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Gypsum Quarterly  

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