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QUARTERLY Lafarge Gypsum Newsletter

May 2014 issue no. 02


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MESSAGE FROM our Managing Director Greetings everyone and a warm welcome to our first Quarterly newsletter of 2014! 2013 was a year of achievement for us. The changes we made at Lafarge Gypsum to streamline it and make it more efficient began to show positive results for the business. I am pleased to see this trend is continuing and we have had a good start to 2014. In spite of the fact that we expect low growth in the construction market, I am confident that we can do well and increase our sales volumes further. Added to this encouraging picture, we are starting to see extra business coming from our increased presence in African export markets.


Good results in business come from a skilled, hard working team effort which also applies to our Safety campaign. I remind employees that Safety is our No.1 priority and requires employees to use the company’s safety training in a disciplined and committed manner. Each one of you is responsible for your own safety and that of our colleagues, contractors and visitors on our sites. You should always assess risks before starting any job and be prepared to “Say No to unsafe acts”. This year, we will continue to optimise our business to make us more efficient and effective. One of the major changes underway is centralising our manufacturing on the Roodekop site. This involves moving the steel manufacturing plant from Alrode. Whatever changes we make, an important objective will always be to achieve customer satisfaction. By this, I mean more than merely delivering orders on the right day – we must


always do that. It means ensuring that everyone in Lafarge Gypsum consciously tries to contribute to giving our customers special service: the sort of service that you would like to receive when you buy something. Service that makes the customer want to only deal with Lafarge Gypsum and encourages them to recommend us to other buyers. Another change that we have made is to outsource our transport services to Imperial Logistics, who are experts in their field. This has resulted both in cost savings and a better delivery service to customers. While transportation costs have been reduced, it has not been possible to absorb all recent cost increases such as e-tolls, and it has been necessary to pass a small transport recovery fee onto the customer. Our capability of supplying complete high specification interior fitting solutions continues to win major contracts for us. One that is close to completion and showcases our healthcare sector offering is Phase 1 of the Springs Parkland Clinic. Quality Management and research into innovative product development remain important strengths of our business and will continue to differentiate Lafarge Gypsum in the marketplace. Let’s all work together to make 2014 a year of achievement that will make us proud! My regards

Jean-Paul Croze Managing Director Lafarge Gypsum



our SHE Manager



Lafarge Gypsum SHE Manager, Chad Rose, says that following the Roodekop Plasterboard Plant fatality in July 2013, key lessons were communicated to all employees and will continually be reinforced by senior management. Safety is our No.1 priority! Everyone must be clear on the importance of Safety and what measures to take to ensure their safety and that of colleagues. In line with this, we look at the key lessons from Roodekop’s tragic incident:

Lock Out, Tag Out, Try Out (LOTOTO) procedures must be strictly adhered to. No work is to be undertaken on moving machinery If you see somebody performing a job at risk, you must immediately stop them and stop the machine / equipment Risk assessments are to be carried out before starting any job. ‘Say No to unsafe acts’. This is an internal campaign that further reinforces and raises awareness about the importance of safety, as well as reminds and encourages all employees to refrain from commiting unsafe acts

Branch Safety Competition The Lafarge Gypsum Safety Department is in the process of training all Lafarge Gypsum branch managers on the upcoming Annual Safety Competition that was launched at the end of April 2014. The competition aims to decrease safety incidents within the branches by setting performance improvement targets for typical incidents, while raising awareness about the importance of safety and increasing the participation of branches in all safety activities. Each branch performance will be monitored and tracked on a monthly basis. The performances will be reviewed at the end of the year and the branch that has performed the best will be awarded a prize. Contractors’ Safety measures Lafarge Gypsum aims to increase not only our employees’ safety measures but also those of our contractors and suppliers. All contractors and suppliers that enter Lafarge Gypsum premises are issued with the necessary information and equipment required and briefed on all Lafarge Safety rules and regulations. Branches have also been trained on Contractor Safety Management (CSM) standards.




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1 Body part injuries comparison between 2012 & 2013.


our Sales & Marketing Director 2013 was a morale boosting year: we saw everyone’s hard work on improving our offerings to customers begin to bear fruit with pleasing results, in spite of the ongoing sluggish growth in the residential and commercial markets – congratulations everyone! On this sound foundation, we are facing 2014 with tremendous confidence, knowing that we still have several performance improving projects in the pipeline. One of the key areas for expansion and growth is in exports, reflected in our appointment of an Export Sales representative. Lafarge Gypsum is in the process of opening a branch in Namibia and will confirm the opening date soon. Following the successful partnership ventures in Malawi with Lafarge’s cement business line, we are exploring similar collaborative ‘One Lafarge’ marketing approaches in Swaziland and Lesotho. An exciting sector in South Africa is Healthcare, which is the recipient of significant Government funding to upgrade hospital infrastructure. The

emphasis will be on greater speed of construction, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Considerable technical effort has gone into aligning our healthcare offering with these needs and we are well-positioned to reap the rewards. As you will read in this issue of Gypsum Quarterly, our partnership with the international Framecad Group is already producing significant results and is set to provide strong impetus for the establishment of Light Steel Frame construction in our country. A project that illustrates the value of the partnership is the Ekhombe Hospital Project, where Lafarge Gypsum supplied light steel frame building materials. We have the structures in place and a focused sales team to make the most of 2014’s business opportunities. Remember, we can each contribute to making customers feel that it is a pleasure doing business with Lafarge Gypsum, as the reliable and quality solution providers. This will be the key to our success.





our Human Resources Manager HR NEWS

Lafarge Gypsum’s HR Manager, Tumi Moselane updates employees on our Wellness programme and encourages them to take advantage of the company’s free, confidential, HIV testing service through our external medical service provider, Lifeworks.


Lafarge South Africa has had a successful employee healthcare programme in place for the past twelve years. Two years ago its focus shifted from its HIV/AIDS orientation to one of caring for the overall wellbeing of employees. Lafarge Gypsum now has 11 newly trained Wellness Educators who will be spreading the message of Wellness in the plant, factory, branches and offices. Their responsibility will be to share advice on healthy living, smart choices, as well as disseminating information about diseases such as TB, cancer and HIV/AIDS. Pamphlets, brochures are available and discussions are encouraged. All staff should keep an eye out for electronic communiques on wellness topics.


Your wellness educators will also help employees obtain professional help by referring them to local clinics, or ICAS for face-to-face or telephonic confidential counselling on any matters of concern, or Lifeworks for confidential testing and treatment of HIV. Below please find our Wellness Educators, see their pictures and contact your closest Wellness Educators within your area as and when required:

Berti Paulsen

Casper Ramoolla

Wynberg Tel: 011 444 8020

Gauteng Tel: 011 389 4591

Nelly Titus

Patrys Joerning Pretoria East Tel: 012 803 1772

Alrode Tel: 011 389 4500

Desiree Jack Roodekop Tel: 011 866 2333

Sonto Hlombe Roodekop Tel: 011 866 2333

Elizabeth Mogotsi Alrode Tel: 011 389 4500

Kgomotso Ntuli Roodekop Tel: 011 389 4500

Mampshe Mashaba Alrode Tel: 011 389 4500

Zandile Vilakazi Roodekop Tel: 011 866 2333


An important element of the Wellness Programme is to provide employees with the opportunity of being tested for HIV on an annual basis. For many years, Lafarge has provided employees with HIV Counselling and Testing (HCT*), through its partnership with the specialist medical service provider, Lifeworks. This year, the campaign ran from the 17 March-30 April at all Lafarge sites and offices nationally. The campaign theme was ‘Know your status – HIV, TB and you!’ Posters with dates and times of the testing were displayed at every site. Our aim is to achieve at least a 75% test rate. Partners of employees can arrange to have a free test by calling: Lifeworks toll-free number: 0860 50 55 55. Contractors on site can also have a free test but they will be referred to their local clinic for treatment. All Lafarge employees and their partners who test HIV+ can register for free, excellent treatment through Lifeworks. Let us all participate in this life changing programme! Results and counselling are totally confidential. *HCT was previously known as VCCT




our Logistics Manager

Alrode transport fleet outsourced “We carried out an intensive investigation into how the efficiency of our logistics could be improved and how we could provide the best service to customers,” says our Logistics Manager, Richard Nancarrow. “The outcome was a decision to concentrate on our core business and arrange for our transport to be handled by the highly experienced organisation, Imperial Logistics.” The scheme was put into effect on 2 January 2014 with Imperial Logistics taking over management of all Alrode fleet vehicles. In addition, all Alrode transport department employees (drivers and assistants) became permanent employees of Imperial Logistics. All stock transfers and customer deliveries from both the Alrode and Roodekop plants will now be handled by Imperial Logistics. RICHARD NANCARROW

New transport charge It has become necessary for us to introduce a Transport Recovery Fee with effect from 1 March. This arises from general cost inflation and the recently imposed e-toll charges in Gauteng and Lafarge Gypsum needed to recover a small portion of these extra transport costs. We have tried to keep these to a minimum.



our Production


In October 2013 Lafarge Gypsum began a project to centralise and optimise all Lafarge Gypsum manufacturing operations by moving the Alrode Steel Plant to the Berry Street premises in Roodekop. Through modifying and improving some equipment, the newly relocated steel manufacturing facility will house fewer machines while achieving the same operational scope and expected output. All steel finished goods will be stored at the Roodekop Plant facility, together with all board products. Berry Streets’ two existing warehouses have been upgraded to offices, evolutions houses and eating facilities for employees. Floors and aesthetics have been finished and completion of the project is scheduled for the end of June this year. CHRISTO NEWMAN Roodekop Sales Branch closure The Lafarge Gypsum Roodekop Sales Branch on 2 Setchell Road closed on 28 March for collection orders. The branch will still process delivery orders and customers can also contact the current sales team for help with processing these delivery orders. Customers are advised that collection orders will continue to be processed in all Lafarge Gypsum branches nationally. Below please find all of our Gauteng branches that can still be contacted for collection and delivery of orders: • • • • •

East Rand Branch – 011 826 1707 – Riana van Staden Troyville Branch – 011 402 4747 – Aleacia Williams Wynberg Branch – 011 444 8020 – Ronald Moffet Pretoria Central Branch – 012 325 2408 – Sonja Francis Pretoria East Branch – 012 803 1772 – Patrys Joerning

Below are some photos of the 2 revamped and upgraded warehouses in Berry Street, Roodekop. As of June 2014 this will be the new home of the Lafarge Gypsum Steel Manufacturing operations.



BUILDING BETTER CITIES quality products and services

starts with innovative

At the recent annual gala customer function, Lafarge Gypsum customers were thanked for their business and introduced to the exciting Gypsum interior fitting solutions being launched during 2014. Lafarge Country CEO, Thierry Legrand, and Lafarge Gypsum’s MD, Jean-Paul Croze, explained the Group’s ambition, ‘Building better cities’, as well as Lafarge’s commitment to working with customers and stakeholders to develop cost-effective and sustainable solutions in a highly competitive market.

“This is especially important in a time of cheap imports coming into the local market.”

“With the global trend to urbanisation, more and more people need decent housing, more durable homes and more beautiful, sustainable surroundings in which to bring up their families.” Jean-Paul said. “It is both a challenge and a wonderful opportunity for Gypsum and its customers to be part of this process.” As the first in its industry in South Africa to be listed with ecospecifier, Lafarge Gypsum will be at the forefront of ensuring the sustainable development of new homes.

An important event in 2014 is the launch of Lafarge Gypsum’s Healthcare Specification Manual in response to the tremendous opportunities presented by the government’s planned investment to upgrade this sector. The audience was told that the company’s solutions for other sectors would follow later this year.

Reviewing 2013, a key event was the highly successful launch of the Lafarge Master Grid that offers a step change in performance, durability and ease of installation and the start in the Light Steel Frame market, where we have gained experience that will see a full offering available in all our branches soon. Another important achievement was becoming the first company in South Africa to carry the SANS 266 SABS Mark for all Lafarge plasterboard products. “This independent SANS accredited product certification offers developers, architects and designers peace of mind,” commented Jean-Paul.

He described Lafarge’s supply of a wide range of products in 2013 to two prestigious projects that are proud additions to our cities: the 5-Star Sandton Skye apartment and hotel development, and the Portside skyscraper development in Cape Town.

As part of the company’s operational efficiency and customer service campaign, Lafarge Gypsum had contracted its logistics to Imperial Transport and relocated the Alrode steel production facilities to the Roodekop plasterboard site. Jean-Paul said that the company’s overall retail market supply saw further growth in 2013, and also there was increasing export activity to neighbouring countries. “As you can see, we are moving fast to better support you by implementing daily improvements to offer better service and better quality, the cornerstones of Building better cities.”

AgAINsT ThIs bACkgROUND, sPeCIFIeRs AND INsTAlleRs mAy be AssUReD OF The INTegRITy OF lAFARge sysTems WheN INsTAlleD exACTly TO lAFARge sPeCIFICATION. Jean-Paul Croze, Lafarge Gypsum Managing Director welcomes customers, media and Lafarge staff that attended the 2014 customer event.

Thierry Legrand, Lafarge Country CEO thanked customers and the media for their attendance and support of Lafarge over the years.

From left to right: Thierry Legrand (Lafarge Country CEO), Ernest Skene fom Ultra Ceilings, At the back: Jacques Gouws (Lafarge Gypsum Sales & Marketing Director), Malcolm Cherry from Ultra Ceilings, Fortune Nxumalo from Njegebantfu Investments and Jean-Paul Croze (Lafarge Gypsum Managing Director) had an opportunity to meet and network at the 2014 customer event.

HEALTHCARE SPECIFICATION manual launched gypsum

The Healthcare Sector Specification Manual

In line with the upgrading of South Africa’s healthcare system, there is a strong focus on sourcing and reviewing material requirements for health sector buildings. The emphasis will be on greater speed of construction, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. At Lafarge Gypsum, we have committed an enormous effort into being well prepared and we have released a comprehensive specification manual on plasterboard building solutions. The manual gives an overview of a range of interior applications, including: • Acoustics and Fire Protection – we offer a variety of different plasterboard specification options that achieve acoustic insulation standards up to 58dB and fire resistance up to 120 minutes • Other systems address Infection Control, Wet Areas, Impact Resistance, Attachment Support, Maintenance and Cleaning, as well as X-Ray Management in hospitals “Wherever our products are used, Lafarge understands that every product we manufacture is ultimately about people,” says our MD, Jean-Paul Croze. “Their safety and comfort play a huge part in our dedication to meeting and generally exceeding technical standards.”




the 2014 Gypsum Sales Conference

The annual five day Gypsum Sales Conference began on 17 February with a three day sales training course for all Sales and Marketing staff at the Roodekop Training Centre. The first session was a Light Steel Frame (LSF) Framecad presentation by Andre Schlunz (Framecad’s Sub-Saharan Sales Manager), which concluded with a talk by Annemarie Robertson (Gypsum Technical Manager). The delegates were then given practical training in LSF technology, followed by theoretical and practical training on Partitions, Brandered Ceilings and Suspended Ceilings. The final two days of the Conference were held at Sunwa River Lodge in Parys. Marketing & Sales Director, Jacques Gouws, set out the overall Gypsum business objectives for 2014, reviewed 2013, and spelt out the contribution that sales would make in achieving the objectives. A number of presentations were made by senior sales managers, as well as various sales, technical and marketing staff members who play a crucial role in the sales performance.

Delegates were treated to a fascinating motivational talk by Vanessa Goosen who reflected on her life’s journey but, most importantly, her experience in Bangkok. She was incarcerated in Lard Yao women’s prison in Bangkok for 16 years, six months and 16 days! Her story captured the essence of the power that every individual possesses, enabling each of us to make a difference. The delegates were joined by a number of EXCO members for the final event of the highly successful conference: a James Bond themed gala dinner. After the presentation of the 2013 awards and certificates for top performing staff, the sales incentive campaign was relaunched and everyone was then able to relax and enjoy an excellent dinner and dancing. The • • •

following were some of the awards and prize winners of the evening: 2013 Branch of the year - Pretoria Central and East Rand 2013 Sales Representative of the year - Gerhard Mey 2013 Regional Sales Manager of the year - Wayne Mulder




The market is currently driving towards alternative building methodologies due to the new energy efficiency building code, and for that reason Lafarge Gypsum has partnered with FRAMECAD, a New Zealand-based world leader in engineering software development.

Jacques Gouws, Gypsum Sales & Marketing Director with Framecad’s Sales Manager, Andre Schlunz.

FRAMECAD is a roll forming equipment manufacturer and steel frame building materials supplier. Ideally suited for the light steel frame construction, this partnership will ensure the market the availability of alternative building materials such as steel frame

profiles, fibre cement products, fixings, accessories as well as interior gypsum-based solutions. The FRAMECAD system is the fastest way there is to design and build strong, durable steel-frame buildings easily and efficiently. The system is incredibly versatile and ideal for everything from low or mid-rise residential applications to large-scale commercial, military or industrial projects and the light steel frame components can be quickly and accurately manufactured and assembled.


hosts SASFA training course for builders of light steel frame buildings Lafarge Gypsum recently hosted a successful SASFA 6-day training course on light steel frame building from the 24 – 29 March 2014 at our Roodekop training facilities in Germiston. The course was structured around making sure that each attendee was involved in the erection of a steel structure, and fixing cladding, insulations and lining boards. The programme, amongst other things, the following: Steel Framing; Introduction to LSFB (Light Steel Frame Building), terminology, the properties of steel, set out and handling of frames. External Cladding; Properties, handling and fixing of some standard cladding materials which was presented by Everite, Internal lining, Ceilings and Insulation; Properties, handling and fixing of some standard lining materials presented by Lafarge Gypsum.

The attendees were mainly from Gauteng and had general building industry experience mostly with qualifications ranging from a technical diploma, architectural draughting and a few qualified engineers. All students on the course passed and received a SASFA certificate of successful completion of the course.

Attendees who were at the SASFA training course for builders of light steel frame buildings look on as a lecturer shows them some of the product materials that were mentioned in the theoretical class before they began the practical portion of the assembling of a light steel frame structure.

A completed light steel frame structure by attendees of the training course.

Attendees wrote a test to confirm that content over the 6 days was well understood.



Port Alfred Golf Day

Reflecting our long-standing relationship with BUCO, Lafarge Gypsum sponsored a 4-ball at the Golf Day hosted by BUCO Port Alfred on 31 January. The event was an excellent beginning to a year showing good growth potential with BUCO. Attended by over 100 BUCO store managers and suppliers, it was a most enjoyable day’s golf as well as a good opportunity to network with potential customers and promote the Lafarge Gypsum brand and products. The golf day culminated in a BUCO Eastern Cape ‘Win a Bakkie’ draw that saw two lucky participants each walk away with a bakkie! Thanks to Geraldine Avis from BUCO for assisting in the planning of the event! Candice Marais (Lafarge Gypsum PE Representative) and Simone Jansen (Lafarge Gypsum PE Internal Sales) man the Lafarge Gyspum T-box as participants enoy a day on the green while networking with suppliers that attended.


The two bakkies that the lucky participants got to walk away with at the end of the Golf Day.



Lafarge Gypsum was one of the main supplier sponsors of the DAWN (Distribution and Warehousing Network Limited) annual Golf Day on 25 March at the Germiston Golf Club. The event has become highly popular in the industry and is looked forward to by both suppliers and customers. It is an opportunity for DAWN to thank everyone for their continued support and provide an enjoyable day of relaxing entertainment.

From the left: Adrian Booysens (Residential Key Accounts Manager) on the right is Karin van der Nest (Sales Representative)and Ayanda Ndlovu (Junior Product Manager) on the right, dressed in their Grease themed attire at the Germiston Golf Course, where laughter, golf and networking was done with existing and potential customer golfers that attented.

Our Marketing & Sales Director, Jacques Gouws, was nominated as Lafarge Gypsum’s leading golfer and hosted a team of three customers for the day. We were also allocated a tee-box that, in keeping with the theme for the golf day of ‘The Dawn Oscars’, we decorated in tune with the well-known dance musical ‘Grease’.

Adrian Booysens (Residential Key Accounts Manager) on the far left networks with potential customers on a sunny day on the green.

With a total of 40 senior management golfers from the building and infrastructure sector, and each supplier tee-box manned by three or four employees, the Golf Day was a great opportunity for networking with existing clients and informal introductions to new contacts. It was also an occasion to showcase and reinforce the Lafarge brand and Lafarge Gypsum products.



Lafarge Gypsum solutions for Springs Parkland Clinic (Phase 1) As the country’s leading interior building materials supplier, Lafarge Gypsum provides a wide range of ceilings and partitioning solutions. With our Eco-Specifier listed and SANS 266 SABS mark product solutions, Lafarge Gypsum offers ‘green’ product solutions that also meet the specified thermal, acoustic and fire-rated requirements for constructing more compact, durable and beautiful cities. Scheduled for completion in April this year, the 8 000 square metre Phase 1 Springs Parkland Clinic project began in March 2013. We are providing

all interior products including Lafarge Master Grid suspended and plaster grid for ceilings, 1200 mm x 600 mm and 600 mm x 600 mm vinyl tiles, 9 mm and 12 mm plasterboard, Lafarge stud and track, together with Lafarge jointing and skimming plaster. Lafarge Gypsum is working closely with the installation contractor to ensure that our products are installed according to specification, which guarantees the client will have the benefit of the Lafarge 10-year systems warranty.




solution for Revolution House residential units Newtown in Johannesburg’s CBD has long been known for its cosmopolitan flair and bustles with galleries, art studios, offices, entertainment and retail spaces. The area now features residential complexes offering 24-hour security and spectacular city views. Residents share their building with ground floor retail, exhibition space and restaurants. A major LSF contractor well known for its high profile projects was contracted to do the construction of residential loft units for Revolution House. The Light Steel Frame (LSF) system and plasterboard solutions were the ideal choice of materials due to the flexibility of the system and speed of construction. A contractor assembled the LSF components supplied from our Alrode factory, while our Roodekop factory provided 800 square metres of 15 mm plasterboard together with 9 mm plasterboard for a 350 square metre section of the loft units. Director of the Southern African Light Steel Frame Association, John Barnard, says LSF building is definitely much more energy efficient than traditional construction methods – both with regard to ‘embodied energy’ of the materials and components, as well as ‘operational energy’, relating to heating and cooling of the building over its design life.



WOMEN: KNOW YOUR RIGHTS You have the right to say NO. If you do not consent to having sex with someone then it is RAPE. You have the right to report your rape to the police, and have your statement taken in private. You have the right to report your rape to any police station, even if that police station is not in the same area as where the crime was committed. You have the right to make a copy of your police statement, as well as a right to make a second statement if you remember things/events at a later stage. You have the right to know the HIV statues of your rapist. You have the right to medical assistance as well as ARV’s and PEPs (post exposure prophylaxis). You have the right to insist that a female police officer is present when making the statement and having evidence collected.

STEP THAT SHOULD BE TAKEN IF YOU ARE RAPED Do NOT shower or clean yourself; your body is the crime scene and by washing, you will be cleaning away any evidence. Go to you nearest Health Care Facility. Get the police to meet you at the Health Care Facility. Ask for a female officer if you feel more comfortable. Gather all you clothing, underwear and any other objects that the rapist may have touched - this is all evidence. The sooner the police find out, the sooner they are able to take action.


the Jes Foord Foundation

‘MAD’ or ‘Making a Difference’ is a project that evolved from Lafarge South Africa’s pilot Mentorship Programme initiated in 2013. Two groups were required to come up with a Corporate Social Investment (CSI) project that would contribute to the community at large. It had to cut across race, age and economic status, potentially affect everybody and be an ongoing significant social problem. The aim was to identify and research a project that Lafarge could support and raise awareness about internally and externally, as well as one that could continue after the Mentorship Programme came to an end. After extensive research by mentees and approval from the Lafarge Country EXCO, the Jes Foord Foundation was selected as the charity that best suited the criteria. The Jes Foord Foundation was established by Jes Foord, who was the victim of a brutal gang rape when she was 21. Her vision and mission is to create centers that will assist in reducing the debilitating effect that rape has on the lives of survivors and their families. Emotional support is provided through counselling at the Durbanbased offices, with the aim of empowering all those affected. Initiatives are also developed to educate and raise awareness in the community.

ARVs and PEPs must be accessed within 72 hours. Speak out about your rape, people cannot help you if you do not ask for help.


For assistance please contact The Jes Foord Foundation. The Jes Foord Foundation offers FREE counselling for you and your family so please get in touch.

Jes Foord Foundation Contact Details: Tel: 031 765 4559 / Fax: 031 765 4559 / Banking Details: Bank: Nedbank / Branch: Hillcrest / Branch Code: 133 826 / Account Number: 233 807 0488 / Type Of Account: Savings / Account Name: The Jes Foord Foundation

Now 26 years old, Jes is the face of the Foundation and gives educational and motivational talks to schools, community organisations and corporations. The Foundation also drives a Handbag Project which encourages the donation of handbags containing essential items for the victims. A powerful awareness programme is also driven by the NGO.

For more information please contact the Jes Foord Foundation: Tel: 031 765 4559 • Fax: 031 765 4559 • E-mail: • Website: PAGE 10 | GYPSUM NEWSLETTER | 2014



and promotions

Promotions in the Sales and Marketing Department Tamarind Boshoff From: Cape Town Sales Rep To: George Branch Manager Effective: 1 February John-Wayne Boshoff From: Polokwane Sales Rep To: Polokwane Branch Manager Effective: 1 February Gheta Gallon From: Wynberg Internal sales To: Gauteng Sales Rep Effective: 3 March 2014 Suzan Mafokoane From: Wynberg General Labourer To: Wynberg Internal Sales Effective: 1 March 2014

Janine Dyssel From: Cape Town Internal Sales To: Cape Town Sales Rep Effective: 1 March 2014 Bertrin Paulsen From: Wynberg Forklift Operator To: Wynberg Internal Sales Effective: 1 August 2013

New Appointments in Accounts Department Nico Schrader To: Account Payable Controller Effective: 1 Feb 2014 Precious Mkhize To: Bookkeeper Effective: 1 Dec 2014


Lafarge South Africa 18 Barium Street, Alrode Ext 7, 1450 Tel: 0861 GYPSUM or 011 389 4500 Fax: 011 864 6816

Gypsum Quarterly May 2014  

Lafarge Gypsum Quarterly May 2014.