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The Pillar of Strength award dinner this year was especially celebratory – clearly following the lead of our exuberant honorees, Hazel and Arnold Donald. They even carried their passion for helping the community all the way to the dance floor that evening, and we all followed! The funds we raised this year in their honor provide tremendous support to youth who are transitioning to adulthood. KEVIN DROLLINGER, CEO OF EPWORTH

Hazel and Arnold Donald

Chris and Cat Jones, Kevin Drollinger

Jo-Ann Digman, Reed Low, Ann Marr

Noemi and Michael Neidorff

Edwin and Lenore Pepper

Ida and Gerald Early

Marilyn and Sam Fox | SEPTEMBER 4, 2015


September 4, 2015  

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, At Home with Ken and Phyllis Langsdorf, Fall Fashion, Game On! Frank Cusumano, Tangential Thinker, At Work with...