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Rand Paul: Obama’s Rhetoric Could Turn ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Violent Paul Joseph Watson Prison Friday, October 7, 2011 Senator tells Judge Napolitano demonstrators remind him of “Paris mob” During a Fox Business interview with Judge Andrew Napolitano, Senator Rand Paul warned that Barack Obama’s implicit support for the grievances of the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protesters could provoke them to turn into a violent mob.Scaling the heights of hypocrisy once again, Barack Obama – whose 2008 campaign was funded by Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Citigroup, and Morgan Stanley – sympathized with the OWS protesters yesterday while grandstanding as the man to bring Wall Street back in line, despite the fact that his own cabinet is full of former Wall Street executives and he is even more reliant on Wall Street for his 2012 presidential run. “He’s almost saying, I support them, I’d be out there with them,” Napolitano remarked in reference to Obama’s speech yesterday. “As far as this Occupy Wall Street movement goes, you know I see it sort of like a Paris mob,” Paul told Napolitano. “I see the president’s rhetoric of envy inflaming the public.” “I see this enflaming this Paris mob that I hope ultimately doesn’t result in lawlessness where they say ‘gosh those nice iPads through the window should be mine and why don’t I throw a brick through the window to get them because rich people don’t deserve to have them when I can’t have one,” said Paul. Napolitano pointed out that the protesters, besides calls to raise taxes which is nothing more than an Obama administration talking point and would only serve to cripple the middle class, do have legitimate grievances and that a proportion of them are End the Fed advocates. The Kentucky Senator highlighted the hypocrisy of some of the protesters vowing not to work for a corporation while carrying around expensive consumer products.“They’re on their iPhone made by Apple incorporated, they’re wearing designer jeans

their parents bought for them, that’s the kind of stuff I’m annoyed with when they say corporations are evil – corporations are businesses.” Paul then added that he does agree with the protesters in their opposition to taxpayers being forced to pick up the tab for banker bailouts. The Senator has vehemently supported efforts by his father Ron Paul to audit the Federal Reserve and has spoken at End the Fed rallies. While the riots that hit Paris and other metropolitan areas of France last year were driven by genuine grievances against the state for raising the age of retirement and other harsh austerity cuts even as European banks received trillions in bailout funds, the demonstrations were quickly discredited when black-hooded anarchists joined in and started smashing up private property. In addition, as we documented at the time, although many sought to mischaracterize the London riots as the spearhead of a new revolution, the event quickly fizzled out with the participants having targeted their rage not against political or banking institutions, but against outlets of JD Sports and Apple stores. The entire episode was exploited by petty criminal opportunists to loot high-end consumer goods. That’s why it’s important the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ demonstrators don’t allow their movement to be hijacked by self-proclaimed anarchists who are actually Marxists, and the deluge of Obama campaign fronts who have attempted to infiltrate and misdirect the protests – with prime amongst them.

In Defense of Civil Liberties with Danny Panzella October 7, 2011 Alex talks with Danny Panzella, who is a candidate for the New York State Assembly, about taking action in defense of our civil liberties under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. “Mr. Panzella is a true conservative both fiscally and morally, and he is not afraid to stand behind his beliefs… the Constitution Party of New York happily endorses Mr. Panzella in his quest to represent his district in the NY Assembly” - Bernie Sengstock, Executive Director, Constitution Party of NY In Defense of Civil Liberties with Danny Panzella video below Hijacks ‘Occupy’ To Push Obama Tax Agenda Paul Joseph Watson Prison Friday, October 7, 2011 Soros-funded outfit wants to turn OWS protesters into Obama campaign re-election tool George Soros-funded Obama campaign front group is actively attempting to hijack the growing Occupy Wall Street movement in a bid to push the Obama administration’s tax agenda, and is now clearly trying to steer the narrative of the protests to ostracize End the Fed advocates and anyone opposing tax hikes for the middle class. is a lobbying organization that routinely backs Democratic candidates. The group aggressively supported Barack Obama’s 2008 election campaign and is now “Perhaps the lead

lobby organization for his policies….apart from Obama’s own Organizing for America,” reports Source Watch. It received the largest “soft money” contribution in American history when George Soros donated $5 million dollars to the group in 2003. The fact that Soros, a Wall Street billionaire criminally charged with insider trading, and, a front group for the Wall Street-financed Obama administration, are now joining forces to voice their “support” for an anti-Wall Street movement, should set alarm bells ringing. A posting on the website today represents a brazen bid to drown out a minority of voices amidst the ‘Occupy’ demonstrators who are trying to educate leftists that it is the Federal Reserve, and the ceaseless money printing policies given the green light by the Obama administration, the latest incarnation of which is Obama’s “Jobs Plan,” that represent the root cause of America’s economic decline. The image shows a group of protesters demonstrating against income tax hikes for the middle class under the headline “Some Protests Make Absolute Sense. Then There Are The Others.” Added to the image is text that claims all of the public infrastructure shown in the photo was paid for with income tax funds. “Taxes paid for their protest scenery. Let’s enjoy the irony,” states the text below. Of course, the message conveyed by the image, that failing to increase income taxes would lead to further decay of America’s public infrastructure, is a complete falsehood. Roads, traffic lights, power cables, phone lines and traffic signs were all easily financed prior to 1913, before any form of income tax even existed, never mind when the rates were far lower. The U.S. government’s own 1984 investigation found that “All individual income tax revenues are gone before one nickel is spent on the services which taxpayers expect from their government.” In addition, the report noted how, “Any meaningful increases in taxes from personal income would have to come from lower and middle income families, as 90% of all personal taxable income is generated below the taxable income level of $35,000.”This is precisely why Obama’s new tax plan, known colloquially as the “Buffett tax rule,” advocated by and many of the ‘Occupy’ protesters, will do nothing to touch the super rich or Wall Street, and will instead merely further bankrupt the middle class. A Wall Street Journal analysis of the “Buffett tax rule” documented how the plan would barely effect billionaires like Buffett, and instead would place the burden on middle class America.

“Roughly 90% of the tax filers who would pay more under Mr. Obama’s plan aren’t millionaires, and 99.99% aren’t billionaires,” pointed out the WSJ analysis. It’s interesting to note that a pop up banner which appeared on’s website which formerly read, “I stand with Warren Buffett” now states, “I stand with the Wall Street protesters.” The Soros-funded outfit has clearly jumped on the ‘Occupy’ bandwagon in an attempt to co-opt the message and turn the hordes of young activists marching in the streets of New York, Washington and elsewhere into a Barack Obama re-election army. It seems to be working – the website which has emerged as an official clearinghouse for OWS information earlier this week announced that it “stands in solidarity” with not only, but also SEIU (Service Employees International Union), a group that spent $28 million dollars supporting Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, making it the “organization that spent the most to help Barack Obama get elected president.” The website also publicized its support for AFL-CIO, which has also announced that it will likely back Wall Street puppet Obama in 2012. Obama himself later followed up by expressing sympathy with the “frustrations” of ‘Occupy’ activists. Occupy Wall Street demonstrators need to resist efforts by their emerging leadership to form an alliance a group that is nothing less than a campaign arm of the Wall Street-funded Obama administration. is a George Soros-bankrolled political lobby that cares only about resurrecting the election hopes of Barack Obama, a motivation shared with the very Wall Street entities that are once again behind his campaign in 2012. Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a regular fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show.

Rand Paul: Obama’s Rhetoric Could Turn ‘Occupy Wall Street’Violent  

Senator tells Judge Napolitano demonstrators remind him of “Paris mob” During a Fox Business interview with Judge Andrew Napolitano, Senator...