Freedom of  Speech

Freedom of Speech

Earth , United States

I am a concerned American watching my country and the world going into a prison planet system. I woke up four years ago, and I was shocked to find out who these elite bankers are that control the world and what they've been doing in secret what i learned shocked me and now my soul purpose is to inform humanity.and now I em awake, and I know what's going on and why society is the way it is and why the world is the way it is I woke up thanks to Alex Jones David icke Ron Paul max igan Michael Tsarion, and their documentary's what i really want to see is complete freedom no strings attached no limits put on human kind a chance to be free the way we were meant to be. No more wars no more hunger no more mistreating your fellow human being, we all are on this planet together floating in space, we are all we've got. WE NEED TO AUDIT THE FEDERAL RESERVE THEN END THE FEDERAL RESERVE.THANK YOU VOTE RON PAUL 2012