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Even Defense Contractors Support Ron Paul For President Steve Watson February 21, 2012 Paul wants to freeze defense spending but has most support from those in the industry Much has been made of the fact that Ron Paul is the choice of the troops, having received more donations from active duty military personnel than all the other GOP candidates combined, as well as Obama. However, new figures also show that Ron Paul is favored among people who work in the defense sector. U.S. Federal Election Commission (FEC) contribution records analyzed by Defense News reveal that Paul received both the most contributions and the largest total amount of cash among Republican candidates from employees of the world’s top 100 defense companies. $177,413.39 was donated to to Paul’s campaign by defense employees in 2011, with a total of 824 individual contributions, meaning an average of $215.31 per person. That figure is the highest any GOP candidate received from defense workers at companies such as Boeing, Deloitte and Lockheed Martin. Although Mitt Romney’s total isn’t far off Paul’s, the figures show that the former Massachusetts Governor received just 198 contributions. Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum received just $27,310 and $8,185, respectively from defense workers. Defense news notes that the results are startling because, unlike the other candidates, Ron Paul has campaigned for a stemming defense spending. Loren Thompson, chief operating officer at the Lexington Institute believes that the findings speak more to the politics of those working in the defense industry. “There’s a strong libertarian streak among many in the sector,” he said. “Just because people work in the defense industry,

doesn’t mean that they always vote their economic interests.” The numbers could also indicate that those within the industry feel morally compelled to support the only candidate who advocates a humble foreign policy and a reduction in military activity around the world. Gary Howard, a spokesman for the Paul campaign, noted: “Those in the defense community, like other supporters, likely find that Dr. Paul’s common-sense foreign policy and the serious attention he pays to our nation’s number one security threat — our debt — are the most vital issues a presidential candidate must address.” During his campaign, Paul has been sure to make a firm distinction between his definition of defense spending and military spending. Defense spending, as Paul has explained during the debates, has to do with protecting the country itself and its citizens. Defense spending can be accomplished WITHOUT overseas military spending. They are two different kinds of expense. Ron Paul Smacks Down Fox Moderators on Military/Defense Spending! January 16, 2012

The FEC figures released this week also show that the Paul campaign raised $4.5 million in the month of January and is on track to exceed its Q4 fundraising of about $13.3 million. The campaign has $1.6 million in cash on hand, and the latest figures do not include last week’s money bomb that has so far raised another $2 million plus. “Naturally we’re pleased that our growing support base continues to generously support Ron Paul, so in turn he can spread his message of constitutionally-limited government, sound money, and a foreign policy that keep America safe,” said Ron Paul 2012 National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton.

Election 2012: Just One More Crafted Illusion? Rick Ackerman 1. Rick’s Picks February 21, 2012 [For well more than a year, the Mainstream Media have given us a steady flow of campaign bilge that, finally, has made the entire Republican field seem unappealing. Perhaps this was the Fourth Estate's goal all along. After all, it was a left-tilting press that conspired to help Obama win in 2008 by ignoring his complete lack of experience and extreme political views. This time, with the same goal in mind but using the opposite approach, the news media have picked off the GOP candidates one by one, turning them into shooting-gallery ducks as their ex-wives and mistresses, former employees and business associates and a sordid parade of other detractors testified against them. And all for what? Apparently, to ensure the still-likely nomination of Mitt Romney, a man whose candidacy excites no one. In the guest editorial below, Wayne Razzi, a Rick’s Picks forum regular who goes by the handle “Red Will Danaher,” explains how it came to pass that, in a time of national crisis, we are about to do no better in November than perpetuate the political status quo. Could things have turned out differently? Unfortunately not, concludes Wayne. It may take catastrophe, rather than mere crisis, to bring about real change. RA] Assume for a moment that you’ve been installed in the role of the maintenance manager of the Great American False-Choice Spectacle. Your prime directive would almost certainly be to keep hidden the fact that outcomes matter little. Thus, as we are repeatedly informed via popular media, you may strongly consider hiding the truth in plain sight, as there are few better places. And so, that seems to be the case now more than ever as the strategy is executed through the chain of command and control that expertly utilizes mass media. The elitist, crusading cowards in the media execute their marching orders with gusto. They seem to manage the

coverage of the race and the races within the race more skillfully with each successive production. This time around, it appeared that any one of more than a half-dozen Republican candidates wore the Leader’s Jersey with an inside track to the nomination during the early trials. Skeptics might note that the shelf life for each front-runner was limited and that most were eventually undone by gaffes and/or surprise revelations much in the same way that suspects become tripped up in those curiously popular procedural crime dramas. The thing is though, we need not worry about the skeptics, as they are but few, so let’s get back to the race because it’s the race that matters. A Dead Heat Odds greatly favor establishment candidate Mitt Romney to be installed as False Choice #2, much to the surprise of many, apparently. Almost as if by design, ole Mitt contrasts strongly when compared to the know-nothing, never-done-anything Community Organizer who was anointed as “This Is the Guy!” in 2008. Despite the alarming track-record of our lamentable incumbent, his appalling ignorance, arrogance and incompetence aside, the race to become the next Grand Puppet appears to be a dead-heat on paper, and that should almost guarantee a barn-burner come this November. Yes, it would appear that the big race will be decided by a nearly perfectly divided electorate yet again. Soon, perhaps, it may become fascinating to the passionate across the land that half of their fellow citizens very strongly agree with their viewpoints while the other half remains in strong opposition. Or maybe not. Intentionally lost in all this is what some of us like to call reality. We won’t hear much about reality or even the mention of anything of true significance, but we will hear phrases like “on his watch” and “what he inherited” and “broken promises.” Good luck to you, my friends, finding an in-depth, nonpoliticized discussion of substance. The arguments that things “really aren’t that bad” or have “never been better” with respect to the rather large group of college-educated Americans is one that I’ve encountered frequently at Rick’s Picks and several other places. As much as I try to respect opinions, I can’t fathom as to how genuine observers can possibly miss the epic and accelerating descent of the fortunes of the average American over the past fifty years. We now live in a society and world that are more dependent than ever before on the maintenance of crafted illusions, on mass

self-deception, and on the adding of electronic zeros to the ends of already unimaginably large sums. Yes, if you’re willing to evaluate things on the superficial plane with the aid of officially falsified statistics, it may be possible to arrive at other conclusions. However, simply compare and contrast the messages of not so long ago to those of today and it becomes impossible to not see how beaten-down the American psyche has become. Why Reagan Won A Wikipedia entry summarizes the principles Ronald Reagan championed to win the presidency in 1980: lower taxes to stimulate the economy; less government interference in people’s lives; states’ rights; a strong national defense; and, restoring the U.S. dollar to a gold standard. And what are the messages now? It seems to me that message is actually more appropriate, and it is this: “Jobs, jobs, jobs!” The Mainstream Media (MSM) have pounded that message into the heads of voters over the past few years, and any “man on the street” piece confirms it as long as the chosen participant isn’t a Tea Party member, a Ron Paul supporter or an anarchist. A little over thirty years ago, Americans longed to hear of increased freedom and greater opportunities as the preferred message. Now? They’re only too happy to be installed as cogs in a machine. Where will we be in thirty years? It’s difficult to forecast, but I don’t see how anyone can favor the current trend or extrapolate anything promising from today’s state of affairs in a conventional sense. I am encouraged only by the fact that there’s a small chance that this all might eventually end in a forced Reset. That concludes this installment, but in the great tradition of alternate titles pioneered by the Rocky & Bullwinkle show, join us next time for “Craving for Cogdom” or “Shooting for Sisyphus.”

New Ron Paul 2012 Ad Slams Santorum As “Fake” Steve Watson February 21, 2012 A new Ron Paul 2012 campaign ad has been released today that takes direct aim at GOP rival Rick Santorum’s voting record. Entitled simply “Fake”, the 30 second spot makes the case that it is a myth that Santorum is in any way a fiscal conservative. The concise ad crams in the facts that Santorum voted to raise the federal debt ceiling five times, voted to double the size of the Department of Education through No Child Left Behind, and voted for Medicare Part D — the biggest entitlement expansion since the ’60s. The ad also highlights the fact that Santorum voted to send foreign aid to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il and also endorsed sending billions in tax dollars to the corrupt regime in Egypt. Finally, the ad makes the point that Santorum also voted to give the abortion provider Planned Parenthood millions of dollars in funding. “Our new ad ‘Fake’ contains just a snippet of evidence against Rick Santorum being a fiscal conservative, but because these examples are so damning it makes the case convincingly,” said Ron Paul 2012 National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton. “Santorum touts his ‘conservative record’ all too often. It’s time that his real record makes its way into the national conversation we’re having about which Republican presidential candidate is the authentic, consistent conservative. That man is Ron Paul.” Benton added. The new ad is scheduled to air on broadcast and television in Michigan as part of the Ron Paul campaign’s major ad blitz set to hit next month’s ‘Super Tuesday’ states. Watch the ad below: Ron Paul Ad - Rick Santorum a Conservative?

Even Defense Contractors SupportRon Paul For President  

Much has been made of the fact that Ron Paul is the choice of the troops, having received more donations from active duty military personnel...

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