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Bill Gates buys positive press spin on vaccines, GMOs PF Louis 1. Natural News February 3, 2012 RELATED: Bill Gates Pays Media to Portray Him As a Saint (NaturalNews) Aaron Dykes of Prison Planet recently gave an insightful TV news presentation analyzing The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s influence over the media to promote their “world health and agriculture” agendas while soft pedaling the downside of all they’re doing. Such items as “Gates using his money to save lives … etc” have been appearing in several news outlets, including ABC news (2). Meanwhile, items that question Gates’ “philanthropic” endeavors are muffled or marginalized. Those endeavors deal with vaccinations, sterilization, and GMOs. These are depopulation favorites. The Gates Foundation donated $1.5 million to ABC’s News Project “Be the change; Save a Life,” extolling the virtues of ensuring Africans don’t starve. The NY Times mentioned Gates as the principal private funding source and adviser for world food policy and agricultural development. Infowars Nightly News: Does Bill Gates Have a Conflict of Interest Problem? What’s really behind this media shell game An audience tittered respectfully as Bill Gates once announced how vaccination programs could help reduce the world population by 15%. Those with megabucks tend to be idolized in this culture. They have an edge with getting away with such statements and also lying publicly. (Video Source 1 & 5) While defending childhood vaccinations in a TV interview, Gates lied so obviously about Dr. Andrew Wakefield that he had trouble speaking for a couple of moments. (Video Source 3) Gates also promotes how GMOs will prove themselves in time,

even as thousands of Indian farmers commit suicide because they’re trapped by Monsanto terminator seeds’ low cotton yields and terrible financial terms. In addition, small farmers in other third world countries as well as in North America suffer negative consequences from Monsanto’s technology and mafia like policies. It’s no secret that Bill Gates has 500,000 shares of Monsanto stock, valued at $27 million. This is an investment, not a grant, that gives him some say with Monsanto. A French/German public TV alliance did a great documentary in English a few years ago called “The World According to Monsanto.” How come so few world leaders and mainstream journalists ignore this gem? (Video Source 4) Bill is shrewd enough to offer 78 grants at smaller amounts, $100,000 each, to cover as many depopulation tactics as possible. They include research for vaccine delivery mosquitoes to ultrasonic mechanisms for reducing human sperm counts (

Partners in crime The Gates Foundation is in step with the Rockefeller foundation. At the turn of the 20th century, the original Rockefeller, John D. and family, managed to create the allopathic medical system and Big Pharma dominance that have become today’s Medical Mafia for profit and power. They were also and still are depopulation eugenicists. Both foundations are financially linked with the evil Monsanto, Cargill (a large multinational food distributor), the Doomsday Seed Vault, AGRA (Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa), and GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccinations and Immunization). America’s Green Revolution was initially funded by the Rockefeller Foundation in the 1940s. It led to Big Ag’s mass monoculture farming that has depleted topsoil while demanding toxic pesticides and herbicides along with synthetic fertilizers that, in turn, help

provide fluoride poisons for public water supplies. All this farming and food distribution has fallen into fewer hands. Among them is Cargill. Control the food and you control the people. Of course, Cargill wants in on the action to exploit Africa with AGRA and Monsanto, the new “green revolution” group. Just in case these billionaires destroy the food chain for most of the world, they’ll have the Doomsday Seed Bank for their future farming needs. Along the way, Gates promoted and funded vaccinations that will assist the depopulation agenda through disease and infertility (5). Gates is now also partnered with Gardasil manufacturer Merck for research into creating infertility vaccines ( Sources for this article include: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) ALL MOVIES BELOW A MUST WATCH

Food, Inc. Food Matters EndGame Blue Print to Global Enslavement

HPV Vaccine Victim’s Advocacy Group Sends Open Letter to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius Curt Linderman Sr. February 3, 2012 As of Dec. 2011, there have been 24,610 documented adverse reactions associated with the HPV vaccines, 3,269 have been serious. Given the fact that data from the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) database and the National Vaccine Information Center claim that less than 10% of adverse reactions are actually reported, these numbers could be far more frightening. Sane Vax, an HPV vaccine victim’s advocacy group ( 1. recently sent an open letter to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius (1). In this letter and subsequent articles pertaining to HPV Vaccine injuries, it is explained that all drugs given a “fast track” or accelerated approval process through the Food and Drug Administration, are required to verify and prove the fast tracked drug is actually effective and safe through post marketing studies (2). Gardacil was one of those “fast tracked” drugs, despite the fact that I can’t seem to remember the epidemic of young women dropping in the streets, succumbing to cervical cancer. There was no reason to fast track such a vaccine. This kind of tactic should only be available for epidemic and pandemic viruses. A recently published, and industry sponsored, study (3) conducted on 12,852 young women seems to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that HPV vaccines are not working and even seem to be causing cancers! Gardacil and Cervarix, the two HPV vaccines manufactured at this time, only vaccinate for a small number of the human papillomavirus strains and in this study, suggest that HPV vaccination was found to reduce HPV-16 infections by a mere 0.6% in vaccinated vs. unvaccinated women. Sane Vax states that, in the very same study, 2.6% to 6.2% more HPV vaccinated young women experienced other high risk (carcinogenic) HPV infections than

unvaccinated women! When one considers the drastic numbers of adverse reactions, the lack of proof that any post marketing studies are showing success for the vaccines and the outcry from parents regarding draconian measures from governments to force girls (and now boys) to get vaccinated, Secretary Sebellius, the HHS and the FDA should immediately stop the HPV vaccine recommendations and forcibly remove the product from the market. Why on earth would they continue to mandate these vaccines to our young girls and boys, given the facts that you, the reader, have available now? Given the PAP smears and other gynecological efforts made available to girls around the western world, this vaccine will end up being a nightmare. These girls, believing that the FDA and Secretary Sebellius have done their homework and the vaccine is both safe and effective, will believe they are protected and be less likely to go to the doctor for their checkups. This alone will cost numerous lives. Add to this, the evidence from this most recent study that vaccinated girls are getting more cancers, and you have a recipe for disaster. I believe that there is also a far more nefarious agenda here. Could the HPV vaccine be a distinct and deliberate operation to control the population? While I might not be among the majority of Americans, I am certain that this is precisely the case. Many might agree but are too afraid to step so far into the reality of what our government is capable of. There are no studies available regarding the long term adverse effects of this vaccine (as is the case with all vaccines) but if you were to seek the best way to “control” the population, wouldn’t targeting young women just before they become reproducers be the optimum strategy? Just visiting the Sane Vax site and reading the countless number of victim’s reports (many of these written by the mothers of the HPV vaccine victims simply because these girls are either too sick to write or dead), will be the first step to the realization that there is something amiss regarding the HPV vaccine. While I certainly hope that Secretary Sebellius will respond to this letter, I will not be holding my breath. 1. 2. 3. Flu and its Vaccine: What's coming through that needle?

Help stop former Monsanto VP from attaining top position at the FDA S. D. Wells 1. Natural News February 3, 2012

(NaturalNews) The one man who may be responsible for more food related illnesses and deaths than anyone in history, Michael R. Taylor, has just been promoted from US Food Safety Czar to Senior Advisor to the Commissioner of the FDA, a position which would enable the giant biotech company Monsanto to silently and legally feed cancer causing vegetables to every living person who is not 100% strictly organic. President Obama has appointed the former Monsanto Vice President and lobbyist Michael R. Taylor to the throne. This is the same man who was Food Safety Czar for the FDA when Genetically Modified Organisms were allowed into the US food supply without undergoing a single test to determine their safety or risks. This is like putting a terrorist in charge of the world’s food supply. What will the cancer numbers look like in 2016? ( The GMO nightmare all started with the Dan Quayle led FDA/GMO marriage. Under George Bush Senior’s Administration from 1989 to 1993, Dan Quayle single-handedly catapulted GMO’s into existence through FDA’s anti-consumer right-to-know policy, which stated that GMO foods did not have to be labeled or safety tested. Yes, you read that correctly: There is no safety testing required whatsoever to take some Agent Orange pesticide and genetically mutate the seeds of vegetables in a chemical laboratory so that nothing on planet earth will eat the plant

that grows from the ground except for all the humans who have no idea what happened. Michael Taylor is part of a revolving door at the FDA, where Monsanto Execs just come and go as they please. First, Michael R. Taylor was an assistant to the FDA commissioner. Then he left to work for a law firm in the 1980's to help gain FDA approval of Monsanto’s artificial growth hormone (rGBH), which is directly linked to cancer. Then he became deputy commissioner of the FDA in 1991, and was later re-appointed to the FDA in 2009 by Obama. He is the food villain who tried his best to keep this “malignant milk of the turn of the century” from being labeled. Michael Taylor is the epitome of everything Monsanto represents. Taylor is like a vehicle for Monsanto’s patenting of seeds and global domination of farming. He implements the government’s “favorable” agricultural biotech policies because it’s much more of a financially sure shot to use RoundUp in food than to farm organically and ethically. If the investments aren’t paying enough at the corporation, Execs just switch over to Federal Regulations and write some new Legislation based on “tainted research”, which allows them to pile more toxins on the American public and bankroll off it when they flip back to the corporate side. MUST SEE FILM

The World According to Monsanto

The 4-headed Administration of thieves This marks the pinnacle so far of a long ascent of evil profiteering and corporate executives making it to the top. It’s like one big 4-headed company of thieves: The FDA, EPA, Supreme Court, and Monsanto’s Board of Executives, and these organization hoppers include Clarence Thomas, Michael R. Taylor, Ann Veneman, and Linda Fisher, who conveniently bounce back and forth between positions at Monsanto and the EPA. Here are just a few examples in case you didn’t know: Prior to being the Supreme Court Judge who put G.W. Bush in office, Clarence Thomas was Monsanto’s lawyer. The U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, Anne Veneman, was on the Board of Directors of Monsanto’s Calgene Corporation. The U.S. Secretary of Health, Tommy Thompson, received $50,000 in donations from Monsanto during his winning campaign for Wisconsin’s governor. The two congressmen receiving the most donations from Monsanto during the last election were

Larry Combest, Chairman of the House Agricultural Committee, and Attorney General John Ashcroft. The prior Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, was on the Board of Directors of Monsanto’s Searle Pharmaceuticals. Monsanto has the money to win in court and/or settle with anyone who opposes them. Monsanto has been sued and has settled multiple times for damaging the health of its employees and residents near its Superfund sites through pollution and poisoning. A report released in June 2011 linked glyphosate (RoundUp) to birth defects in frog and chicken embryos at dilutions much lower than those used in typical agricultural spraying (including home gardens). (

Silent Anti-Nutritional Terrorism FDA scientists once contended that genetic modification of the food supply is the “single most radical and potentially dangerous threat to public health.” In addition to producing GMO foods, Monsanto pushes dozens of other toxic products such as aspartame, bovine growth hormone, Agent Orange, Dioxin, DDT, and Roundup – all of which cause birth defects and deformities. Constitutional checks and balances are gone for the most part in the United States, especially when it comes to writing ethical policies regarding the environment, food, medicine and drinking water. The FDA and Corporations should not bleed over into one another, and the whole concept of lobbying is just a glorified form of “legal bribery.” Monsanto conveniently tramples on antitrust violations, which the Justice Department has supposedly been investigating for years. The Supreme Court of France found Monsanto guilty of falsely advertising Roundup as “biodegradable” and “environmentally friendly.” The New York State Attorney General sued Monsanto and won in 1997 for claiming RoundUp was, “safer than table salt and “practically non-toxic” to mammals, birds, and fish. More than enough scientific research reveals glyphosate, the active ingredient in RoundUp, is “acutely toxic to fish and birds and can kill beneficial insects and soil organisms that maintain ecological balance.” On two other occasions, the EPA has caught scientists deliberately falsifying test results at research laboratories hired by Monsanto to study glyphosate. This is not just another case of a ruthless tyrant trying to become the CEO of some big company, this could be end of organic food as we know it. If Taylor takes the

position of Head of the FDA, have no doubts that keeping your own seeds to any eatable plant will soon be illegal. This will endanger all of humanity by “putting all of our eggs in one basket,” because GMO seeds die after one year of growth; therefore, if a Nuclear bomb wipes out their facilities and seed storages, we would have zero growth of food from that point on. That’s mass genocide. Plus, illnesses from GMO foods include changes in major organs, hormonal, immune, digestive, and reproductive systems.

Does FDA stand for “Food as Drugs for America?” Monsanto and GMO toxic bioengineering dominates the production of food through the DNA manipulation and mutation of seeds, and the unethical growing and breeding of animals, fish, and crops in the USA right now at 80% or higher: Cows, chickens, pigs, turkeys, “farm raised fish” (which means they’re all juiced up with hormones and antibiotics in an overcrowded lake), milk, corn, soybeans, alfalfa (as chem-feed for cows), canola, tobacco and cotton (to infect the skin since the skin is your largest organ). GMO should be called GDDO – “genetically diseased and dying” organisms. ( What will America and the rest of the world be like when food is 95 – 98% GMO? It’s not that far away if Taylor solidifies his FDA position. How high will that drive the price of organic food? This is more powerful than bombs. This is population control. Pfizer, the world’s largest pharmaceutical company now basically owns Monsanto … another big surprise, right? Combine that with FDA control over legislation and talk about the “evil tri-fecta!” Consumers are winning some battles, however. In the wake of mass consumer pressure, major retailers such as Safeway, Publix, Wal-Mart, and Kroger and even Starbucks banned products containing Monsanto’s rBGH milk. Vegetarians and vegans are on an accelerated upward population trend. The ratios have changed drastically since the anti-GMO movement began to snowball in the early 2000's, but this corporate co-op by the powers that be in Washington D.C. is a most dispiccable example of foxes guarding the chickens. Help prevent the food Czar from becoming FDA’s Senior Advisor. This petition already has over 60,000 signatures. We need 75,000 signatures. Sign the petition now.It’s not too late to prevent this latest atrocity to the future of food!

Here’s the link: ( There’s no time to waste! Sources for this article include

Alleged Breast Cancer-Abortion Link Cited As Komen Refuses Planned Parenthood Split Judson Berger 1. Fox News February 2, 2012 SEE UPDATE BELOW: Komen Split Called Off As the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation faces accusations that it split with Planned Parenthood over political pressure, at least a couple prolife groups are claiming the organization may have acted out of concern over an alleged link between abortion and breast cancer. The theory that induced abortion increases the risk of breast cancer has been studied for decades and is a controversial one — and one that is contested by major medical organizations. Komen for the Cure’s website states that despite debate over the subject, “research clearly shows no link between the two.” Komen asserted that position as recently as October 2011 in a brief document on the debate. >>>>READ FULL ARTICLE

Komen drops plan to cut Planned Parenthood grants Associated Press February 3, 2012 NEW YORK — The Susan G. Komen for the Cure breast-cancer charity on Friday abandoned plans to eliminate grants to Planned Parenthood. The startling decision came after three days of virulent criticism that resounded across the Internet, jeopardizing Komen’s iconic image. >>> 1. READ FULL ARTICLE

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Bill Gates buys positive press spin onvaccines, GMOs  
Bill Gates buys positive press spin onvaccines, GMOs  

Aaron Dykes of Prison Planet recently gave an insightful TV news presentation analyzing The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s influence ov...