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What Bunny Guide? You’re holding the ultimate guide to survive as an exchange student here in Turku School of Economics. Between these covers, you’ll find important information about studying and living in Turku, as well as an introduction to the colourful student life and opportunities Turun KY, the Association of Economics Students in Turku, provides to you. Take your time studying these pages to prepare yourself for one of the most amazing adventures of your life, to kick start your exchange in the greatest way possible and to get the best out of your time here. You'll also find a solution to some mind troubling questions about Finland, student culture in general and TSE... Like why you should get used to the nickname *bunny*. Welcome to Turku and see you around!

Linda Hotti Communications coordinator Committee for International Affairs - TuKY

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What Bunny Guide? WHAT IS TURUN KY?

The story behind TuKY and 'bunnies' FAQ

"What is the thing with overalls?" DON'T GET LOST IN TURKU



Something for everyone PIKKULASKIAINEN

The biggest student party in Turku! KYLISTE

Our very own magazine CLUBS

Whats your passion? SPORTS TEAMS


Business and pleasure


Urban dictionary OUR PROPERTIES

Where the magic happens



From the chairman of the board


ou are just about to start an amazing

in Turku) arranges altogether over 300 events

that after this period of time you

like to try something new? Would you like to join

journey here at Turku School of Eco-

nomics, or TSE. I am absolutely sure

spend here, you will gain many unforgettable memories, whether it will be 6 months, 12

months or maybe ever more if Finland happens to steal your heart! This is what we are here for,

to make sure that you enjoy your time here as much as possible, and that you get high quality education here in TSE.

Turun KY (Association of Economics students

yearly and meets with the staff of TSE weekly. Do

you have old, dear hobbies or perhaps you would a soccer team? How about take part in planning

and arranging student events? Try new wines or

beers? Meet Finnish students at a sitz party? To know what the h*** is a sitz party? Or perhaps try a totally new sport every month? Or just get to know Finnish people and our culture?

We at Turun KY make all this, and much much

more possible! You are supposed to feel excited and a little confused trying to understand all of

this and getting to know all the possibilities here,

but don’t worry! We have tutors, 11 members of the board of Turun KY and many more active

students here waiting for you and your questi-

ons about Turku, studying and all the other acti-

vities! Please come open minded to all the events

that interest you, and if you are unsure whether it is OK to participate, just send us e-mail or come and ask! Now relax, smile and face your bunny ears to Turku! One last time, do not hesi-

tate to contact us. Good luck to your studies and welcome to Turku! See you soon, new bunny!

Chairman of the board Paula Peltomaa



Greetings from the Executive Director Hi you! A warm welcome to Turku School of Economics. We at The Association of Economics students in Turku are thrilled to have you here.

Our very own student association, commonly

known as TuKY is founded to monitor and ensure

the well-being of the student body of our school.

certainly love this town. Go check our new website and learn more. See you around!

Once again – welcome (or how we say it in Finnish, TERVETULOA!)

And of course to offer the best student events you’ll attend to while studying here in Turku!

TuKY (The Association of Economics Students

in Turku) is an association with traditional roots all the way from 1950. We have our office located at the heart of TSE, right next to the student

lunch place Monttu. You can come over during office hours with any issue or problem – we will

solve it together. The office is also my work place

and the spot where you can rent a locker from the hall or buy your royal blue student overalls,

which are the pride and glory of every TuKY student. Renting a locker costs 20 €, from which you

will get 10 € back when returning the key. Please bring cash with you if possible.

I hope with all my heart that you will spend

an unforgettable time here with us at TSE and Turku. I truly believe you have made an excellent

choice by picking Turku for your studying city – I

Executive Director Maria Tyynelä



What is Turun KY?


urun KY or TuKY, originally called the Association of

land and it has been serving alcoholic beverages continuously

when a group of students gathered together to discuss star-

student association bought a detached house located in Par-

Economics Students in Turku (Turun kauppakorkea-

koulun ylioppilaskunta), was founded on 12.10.1950

ting up a student association. The symbol for the student as-

sociation and the current institution is compounded of the snake wand of Mercury, the god of merchandise,

and a gothic A-letter in the escutcheon of Turku

city. Turun KY got its own flag in 1953 and a symbol for graduation cap in 1966. The students of Turku School of Economics still use these same symbols, which differ from the symbols of University of Turku.

In the end of the 1950s began the tradition of

calling the freshmen students of TSE 'bunnies' (puput). In the fall of 1953 the student associati-

since the 1950s.

After a few decades of fundraising and saving money, the

kinkatu 6 in 1984. The original Parkki was deconstructed in

the beginning of 2000s because of its poor shape. The new Parkki was finally completed in 2006.

Turku School of Economics and University of

Turku have had a couple discussions about mer-

ging over the years. The final fusion took place

in the end of 2010, at which time the student associations of TSE and UTU also merged. It was

named the Student Union of University of Turku (TYY).

After this, Turun KY has continued its activity

as an association called Turun kauppatieteiden

on got a permission to use a 30m2 cellar room inside a school

ylioppilaat ry, even though its most important mission is still

cated to Rehtorinpellonkatu when TSE moved to its current

ciations because of our long-standing traditions and our team

building in Aurakatu. The room was named Monttu (pit hole) because of its little deserted appearance. Monttu was relo-

location in 1959. Monttu is one of the oldest nightclubs in Fin-

to focus on the well-being and promotion of interests of its

members. Nevertheless, we separate from other student assospirit, which has evolved over the decades to its current glory.

FAQ - FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS do I get started with school? Where 1. How can I get help if needed?

The orientation day gets you started with everyt-

hing. Every exchange student is placed in a group with a tutor that helps with everything. Please, feel

free to ask anything from the tutors since they are here just for you. And of course you can always ask help from anyone around you!

2.How do I register for courses and exams?

The first registration occurs at the Student Affairs

Office (opintotoimisto). After that you will register for courses and exams at As you register for courses you should be aware when the registration begins since some courses (mostly

languages) fill up quickly. Some of the exams are completed at a computer classroom and registra-

tion for these exams occurs at The registration for exams should be done one week

before the exam. If you somehow forget to register, contact the teacher if he/she’ll still allow you to do the exam. At you ́ll also find your grades for completed studies.


Are there any other websites that I should be aware of?

You will receive a username and a password for

nettiopsu and other websites that are linked to our school. Username and password are the same on each site. Another mentionable site is mail.utu.

fi which is the official e-mail of the university – use it to contact the teachers. You should join mailing

lists to receive information about events. The most important ones are and CIA-TuKY@ Every event is also published on Facebook.

It’s also worth joining ESN Turku. Every event of our school is found on




find university’s libraries all over campus, the


have separate cards for both. You can get them

ferry to Tallinn or a train to St. Petersburg. One

Where are the school books sold?

Good thing about university is that you usual-

ly don ́t need to buy any books because most of them can be borrowed from a library. You can

closest one located in TSE. There’s also a public

library in the center. Unfortunately you need to

by asking from the reception of the library. Also summaries of some courses are sold at Wanha Narikka for student friendly prices.

5.What if I get ill?

There's students’ health care at Kirkkotie 13.

It's called YTHS and it ́s the most affordable option for students. Usually, there’s no need for a certificate of illness, but a few classes require

attendace so contact your teacher in case your absence limits are crossed.

Turku is a very nice place but of course there is much more to see. From Turku it ́s easy to take a cruise to Stockholm and at the same time you

́ll see the archipelago of Turku. You surely want to see the capital of Finland, Helsinki, and during the same trip it would be easy to take a

must thing to experiment is to go to Lapland in

the wintertime. The weather is freezing but the

northern lights and ski centers make it worth it. Santa Claus also lives there.


What should I know about Finnish people?

Finns do like to keep their own space especially in public places and there isn’t much small talk,

so don ́t be surprised if your neighbour or the person who sits next to you on a bus doesn’t necessarily talk to you. Finns are generally

known as honest people so if you set up a mee-

Are there any discounts for students?

ting with a Finn at 10 o'́clock, they’ll be there at

Yes, and many of them. On you’ll find

direct with some expressions. Of course these


them all as well as some events and lunch lists.

The most important discounts are lunch discount (for 2,60€) and public transportation discounts (get your student bus pass at Aurakatu 5). Discounts for students are granted in many

places so student card is worth carrying around.


Where do students get together?

It depends on what you are planning to do. At our school Merca is the place to hang out and

chat with people. Parkki is our detached house near school and almost every event takes place there. Turku is a very compact city and as more

than 20% of its people are students, you can

see them everywhere. One of the best places to

hang out is the side of Aura-river and the riverboats and coffee shops next to it especially in


Which places should I visit during my time in Finland?

the summertime.


10 at the latest. Also, this honesty shows usu-

ally in the way we talk so Finns can be kind of

are just generalizations, most of us are socially just fine and it ́s totally worth it to get to know as many people as you can.

10. What is the thing with overalls?

Only the best thing at University. Every faculty

has its own color and also there are differen-

ces in colors between cities. So you can always recognize who are from the same school as

you and that ́s also a great way to start a con-

versation. We also collect these badges from almost every event we attend so you can com-

pare them with others and see who have been at the same events as you. Special thing about

the overalls is that people really wear them and they are supposed to be worn at every event

that has participants from other faculties as

well. Overalls are also something to have as a souvenir.

DON'T GET LOST IN TURKU 1. Rehtorinpellonkatu 3 - Turku School of Economics / Turun Kauppakorkeakoulu 2. Parkinkatu 6 - Parkki lonkatu 4 – Student Restaurants Assarin Ullakko + Brygge and the 3. Rehtorinpel office of the Student Association of University of Turku 4. Yliopistonmäki - the Office of University of Turku 5. Assistentinkatu 5 – Student restaurant Macciavelli (at Educarium) 6. Student Village / YO-Kylä 7. Tuomiokirkonkatu 1 - Turun Tuomiokirkko (the big church) 8. Linnankatu 2 – Public library 9. Eerikinkatu - Turku Market Square / Turun Kauppatori 10. Ratapihankatu 37 - Train station 11. Aninkaistenkatu 20 – Bus station



Tutor gallery Tutors are here just for you! In this gallery, you’ll find all the tutors for exchange students – their main goal is to make your stay in TSE one of the best times of your life. From the very beginning, they’ll help you with anything that comes to your mind. Don’t hesitate to ask!

Elena Palomo

Ella Iivanainen


Annika Kiiski

Ella Miettinen

Charlotte Minogue

Hanna Teikari


Heidi Malin

Kristiina Palviainen

Mónica Seppänen

Henri Zhang

Laura Väyrynen

Sara Gratschev

Idamaria Laine

Maria Helin

Sara Erkinharju

Jaakko Monthan

Minna Goyal

Stiina Laine

Katharina Schmidt

Miro Ovaska

Tuomas Leinonen KYliste.


Kylteri-Finnish-English After work = on Thursdays from 3pm to 6pm at bar Monttu Haalarit = overalls Kippis! = Cheers! Kylteri = an economics student Merca = a place to hang around at TSE (first floor) Mitä kuuluu?/ Miten menee? = What’s up? Moi! = Hi! Monttu = student restaurant at TSE OPM = bring your own drinks (BYOB) Parkki = the place to be, our party spot Peiskä = party cruise Pmpj = christmas party, dresscode smart/cocktail dress Pupu = ‘bunny’ = first year student Rusakko = 'rabbit' = older student Sitsit = known as table party or dinner party Tenttiakvaario = ‘exam aquarium’ = computer class where you can do exams whenever you like TUKKK/TSE = Turun Kauppakorkeakoulu = Turku School of Economics TuKY = Association of Turku School of Economics students Wanha Narikka = our very own shop where you can buy studying supplies and other goods (second floor at TSE) Vappu = the most important party festival (the First of May) Vujut = anniversary party YTHS = student health care

The board of TuKY

our properties Where the magic happens Over 30-year-old Parkki is TuKY’s very own club house just a minute away from the

TSE (Parkinkatu 6). All sorts of parties and events are held at Parkki all year around. Even though the detached house is also rented for private events, it is mostly used by the students of TSE. Every club from our school can freely book Parkki for their events

and it is free for them. I bet you are going to spend many nights in this building during

your exchange – either partying all night downstairs or enjoying good company and sauna upstairs.

Monttu is the place where you are going to spend the most memorable moments of

your stay in the TSE. It is not only a school restaurant but also our very own bar where

some of the biggest parties are thrown. This bar on the ground floor of our school helps you when you get thirsty and offers you student price beverages in every party – but remember to bring some cash with you since the bar doesn’t accept your parents’ credit card or other payment options. There are going to be parties all year around so remember to show up! We have the best mood and colour lights!



Committees TuKY's committees make sure that all the sectors of student life – sports, well-being, culture, sitz traditions, partying and, of course, internationality – are taken care of, cherished and improved in our association. You'll most likely spend loads of time attending the committees events and see their handprints all around without even necessarily realizing it.


cia Crossing borders, breaking barriers


ommittee for International Affairs aka. CIA

will be able to attend interesting lectures and learn

of Economics. We organize events that aim to

properly with an ending party called Hustle! The night

TuKY is an association that makes sure the

international vibe stays good in Turku School

bring together people from all around the world and

encourage students to step out of their comfort zones to experience new things and build networks beyond

borders. Besides awesome events we take care of in-

ternational students in our school. We lobby on behalf of international students and make sure the English courses in TSE are accessible and high quality. We also

work closely with international tutors and many other

organizations that have similar objectives. Everyone is welcome to join our colourful and inspiring group by

attending events, coming to us for help and following

us on social media! Autumn 2016 is full of surprises. For example, we are hosting an English speaking sitz party, a crazy cottage weekend and a Christmas party

with loads of good food. The main event of the year is

about international companies and their job opportu-

nities for Economics students. The week will be closed will be filled with cocktail dresses, fancy drinks and

good company. CIA TuKY will be organizing their first event called Bunny Blowout on 14.9.2016. Be there to hear more about us and our upcoming events as well as have an awesome party with other international

students and brand new Finnish students. Everyone

will be new to the school so it’s a great place to find new friends! All questions, concerns and comments are welcome. If you don’t know where to look for help please contact CIA TuKY via the contact information provided below and we will direct you to the right

place. Welcome to Turku and we will see you in our events!

however the international week. During the week you

Minna Goyal Chairman of the board

Committee for International Affairs – Turun KY CIA_TuKY




Ulkkis You can always retake exams, but you can't relive a PARTY!


lkoasiainjaosto better known as Ulkkis is the heart of student life in Turku. Ulkkis

is actively organizing the greatest events and parties all year round to make your

student life the most amazing time of your life. Ulkkis is here to create this era of your studies as mindblowing and epic as it is ever possible to be. The events

of Ulkkis vary from intimate smaller parties to par-

ties of hundreds of students. Our events go on year round and we make sure that there’s a steady flow

of some party fever during the semester. Don’t hesi-

tate to come along and make memories you’ll never forget!

Kristian Raitio Vapaa-ajan vastaava 16



nesu Sitz please!


elcome to Finland, the country of traditional student culture. The roots of our student culture go back

many centuries and something cal-

led sitzparties are an essential part of it. NESU-TuKY

(Nordiska Ekonomie Studerandes Union) organizes these legendary sitzparties here in Turku! Shortly

explained, sitzparty is a tableparty. Students gather

together dressed in their overalls and sit around long tables. The party itself then has a specific programme which includes singing (not only in Finnish but also

in English and other Nordic languages), games, socialising and eating a three course meal. Sitzparty is a

perfect way to make new friends and get to know the

heart of Finnish student culture! Join our e-mailing

list and follow us on Facebook (NESU-TuKY) for further information. Helan gĂĽr!

Iina Lappalainen NESU-vastaava KYliste.



KY-Sport Get thirsty!


Y-Sport, the official sports society of TuKY,

has deep roots in keeping TSE’s students in shape as well as organizing the best

(more or less sports-like) events and par-

ties throughout the school year. A few examples of our

mind-blowing spectacles are the Academic Beer Pong Championships, a hiking trip to Lapland, a football

trip to Germany and the KYlumpic games. We have a strong presence in the life of students through week-

ly jogs and indoor ball game sessions. We also have a girls only session for those who are uncomfortable handling balls with lads. We look forward to seeing you in Turku. Vamos!

Henri Mäkivirta Liikuntavastaava 18



Edunvalvontajaosto #whatEVAh


oard games, casual hangouts and movie nights – this is what Edunvalvontajaosto, usually known as EVA, is all about. Edunval-

vontajaosto is our very own committee of

welfare and our mission is to help students relax and feel good between all the partying and assignment deadlines. Edunvalvontajaosto offers a wide range of wellness theme events and activities throughout the year. For instance, every autumn we offer you a chance to get away from the city life for one night and experience

the true Finnish summer cottage experience. Above all we’re all about having a good time and getting to know new people. So please come and join us!

Inka Helaniemi

Oula Huttunen KYliste.



Kulttis No culture can live if it attempts to be exclusive


ulttis is the cultural committee of TuKY.

“Culture” is a pretty wide concept. Finnish culture, local culture, student culture. We

have been given the freedom to explore

culture from every angle. You will be able to join us for example in movie nights, gigs, theatre shows or circus

activities. Isn’t it more fun to enjoy your regular G&T in one of the most elegant clubs in Turku than in a crib (when the G&T might also be switched to a dupe)?

Culture, oh yes. Next year Kulttis will continue to spoil you with “what to do”-recommendations, excursions and parties. You sure want to keep up with the K.

Eveliina Mauno Kulttuurivastaava 20




inland’s second biggest student party PIKKULASKIAINEN is organized in Turku in Februa-

ry 2017! Thousands of students from different universities attend this 3-part event to have the

time of their lives. Consisting of a sledging competition and fun activities in Puolalanpuisto, a pub crawl in more

than 20 bars and finally the mind-blowing after party, Pik-

kulaskiainen is THE event you don’t want to miss during your stay in Finland!

Ann-Sofie Leimu and Salla Maijala Producers KYliste.



re you interested in writing, photography, illustration or editing? Join us!

KYliste is Turun KY's own print publication. This magazine you are reading is one of our issues and the very first KYliste published in English. Our editorial staff consists of students and is always ready to welcome new editors. We warmly welcome exchange students to join us too. Our first meeting is just around the corner, so follow us on social media to know where to be and when!

kyliste @KYliste KYliste

Ida Haapanen AD Henna Kainulainen Editor in Chief



What's your passion?

Here at Turun KY, we have plenty of options to choose from when you’re trying to decide your free-time activities. Fancy joining a club or are you just interested in attending some interesting events? Our clubs, subject organizations and sports teams, which are independent societies under TuKY’s name, offer something for everyone. Whether your secret (or public) talent is singing, cooking, some kind of sports or perhaps drinking wine, we have it all - and even more! You can continue your beloved hobby here, try a new one, or just visit different occasions and get together with people with the same passion.




urun Akateeminen Wiiniklubi is an

open student association that provides wine tastings and new wine experiences for everyone in a casual

atmosphere. You don’t have to be a sommelier to join us in the wine tastings. All that is required is passion for wines and the ability to have fun.



re you interested in personal wealth manage-

ment, financial markets or investing? If you said yes, then KY-Kasino (Association of Academic Investors in Turku) is just the perfect

society for you. It is easy to participate in our activities,

just attend our weekly coffee sessions every Wednesday. To get more information, check out our Facebook page.





re you the Masterchef of your own life or Gordon Ramsay in the making? Great! KY-Gourmet is the organization for students who enjoy

good food and company. We don’t take oursel-

ves too seriously, so we welcome both microwave masters and gourmet chefs. Stay tuned for yummy events!




YSS aka Musical Society for Economics' Students

is an association with a mission to bring together students who are interested in music. We aim to do

this by arranging all kinds of events related to mu-

sic, like excursions to concerts once a year (this year's excursion happens in the autumn, come join us!). Our past events

this year have included touring karaoke bars, cheering for our favorites in the Eurovision Song Contest and rocking out in our yearly main event, the Rocksitz party.

Participating in our activities doesn't require any musical

skills - all you need is an interest towards music and hanging out with awesome people in a relaxed atmosphere!



eer club Pintahiiva’s purpose is to advance and cherish the beer culture in

its most noble forms here at TuKY as well as in the Universe generally. The

club arranges excursions, lectures and presentation events focusing on beer.

Cantus Mercurialis


antus Mercurialis is a mixed student choir of the

Turku School of Economics. We are constantly looking for new singers, so if you are an exchange or a degree student looking for a choir to continue your

singing hobby in, you are very welcome to come and sing with us!

Our repertoir stretches from cheerful drinking songs and

pop music to more traditional music, folksongs and classical music. Our autumn season starts at 29th of August. We re-

hearse on Mondays at 18.15-20.30 at Mercatori, Turku School of Economics. See you! Find us on Facebook: Cantus Merculialis.



sports teams





Y-Hunks is TSE’s own basketball team which has been strengthened by students from ot-

her faculties. The team was founded in 2003 and has long traditions. Hunks has establis-

hed its place as one of the top teams in Turku area. Team

hooters is the new women's basketball team of TSE and we'll start our first season in the fall

playing women's 3rd division. We already have

a really nice group but there's always room for

more good players!

plays its home games at Educarium.

UTU Beaver U Hunters

TU Beaver Hunters is the American football team of the University

of Turku and Turku School of Economics. Beaver Hunters parti-

cipates in the Finnish Collage Football League and plays against other Universities in Finland.

You don’t have to have a background in American football or in other

sports to join the team. If you might be interested in playing football next season please come to the practice to check out if this is a sport for you! Contact: or Facebook: Utu Beaver Hunters



sports teams

SBS KY-Sport


BS KY-Sport is a floorball team of Turku School

of Economics that will start its second season in

the fourth division in October. Last season we had our first fan-trip, when a total of about 50

people cruised to Mariehamn in Åland to cheer the team to victory. For additional information, please contact Eero (!

FC KY-Sport ladies


C KY-Sport Ladies, also known as KY-Kannut, is a female soccer team that was founded in the fall of 2015. We practise once a week and aim to

compete in a league starting from spring 2017.

Our team consists of all types of players so everyone is

welcome - from beginners to more experienced players. Our main goal is to have fun whilst playing the game we love.

If you’re interested, please contact us and come join

our team!

FC KY-Sport


conomics students trying to be football players

since 2013. In the season of 2016 FC KY-Sport is fighting its way in the 5th division of Turku

towards a long-awaited promotion. If you have

a passion for the game and preferably a history in it too,

you just might be our next signing! We don’t take it too seriously but losing isn’t an option.



Y-Jets is the legendary ice hockey team of Tur-

ku School of Economics. The home of the team is Marli Arena in Kupittaa where the team

practices once a week and plays the games

during hockey season. KY-Jets has players from different

backgrounds so you don’t have to be the next Wayne Gretzky to join the team.

Contact: Chairman of the Board: Otto Rouhiainen

(, GM: Jami Lehtonen (



Subject organizations

The Subject Organizations make sure the teaching of their subject is constantly improved and that the supply of the courses is diverse. These organizations gather together people who share the same interests and arrange more relaxed events compared to lectures and lessons – for example excursions, sauna evenings and other occasions around the subject.

Subject organizations



Leadership and Entrepreneurship



ysteemi is the subject organization for leader-

ship and entrepreneurship studies. The goal is to increase the knowledge of these subjects and

to inspire to study them. Systeemi offers many

activities such as seminars and excursions as well as more relaxed events to its members.


Information Systems Science


uKYData ry is a student association for anybody interested in information systems scien-

ce. TD provides interesting and fun activities


he word “Kartelli” is Finnish for a cartel – and although the local competition legislation

outlaws cartels, our business is completely le-

git! We represent the interests of Economics

students in TSE as well as organize social and academic events both here and abroad.

during the academic year, such as interdiscip-

linary student seminar Synergia, traditional lan-parties and excursios in Finland and abroad.

Join the events and meet fun people with same inte-

rests as you!




ince 1978 our mission has been to make the

club the most valuable resource for students

interested in the marketing industry through collaboration with our members, faculty, res-

pected brands and alumni network. Each year we host educational events such as M313 and more in-depth oncampus workshops.

Aktiiva Finance, Accounting and Business Law


ktiiva is the subject association of finance,

accounting and business law. Our main focus

is on monitoring our students’ interests by being in contact with the faculties of accoun-

ting and business law. We also organize excursions to

companies in Finland as well as a traditional excursion to Amsterdam.



Subject organizations



International Business

Supply Chain Management


KOY exists to make sure that students who

study international business are constantly

offered high-quality teaching and interesting courses. KKOY also has a lot to give even if you

are not studying international business studies as your major.

We organize intriguing excursions to different com-

panies in Finland and abroad. We also hold the biggest

recruiting fair in Turku in our very own TSE. KKOY wis-

hes everyone warmly welcome to Turku School of Economics, as well as to KKOY’s activities. See you!




olmas Osapuoli or 3P is a subject associati-

on for Supply Chain Management. Its main purpose is to oversee its majors' interests in

close collaboration with the faculty of Supply

Chain Management.

In addition, 3P arranges all sorts of events like sau-

na evenings, pre-Christmas parties and domestic excursions. You might also get to drive remote-controlled miniforklifts! One of the highlights of the year is always

3P's ecxursion abroad. Past destinations include Berlin, Amsterdam and Prague.

By participating in our activities you get to know

more about logistics studies, get information about work opportunities in the field of Supply Chain Management and get to participate in our amazing events!

Subject organizations



Y-Tricolore is an association for students who study French and/or are interested in French culture. We organize happenings, such as sitzs, excursions and movie nights, with a twi-

st of a French grip. We aim to develop French education at our school and improve our members’ French cultural knowledge. Bienvenue and come check us out.

Questions or ideas for KY-Tricolore? Don’t hesitate to

contact us by e-mail to or by contacting us via Facebook. Bisous!



Y-Hansa is an association for students studying

German or for students who are interested in the German culture. Our goal is to make sure that the quality of German courses in Turku

School of Economics is excellent and the courses are beneficial for the students studying business German. We also organize many events, which are related to the German language and culture. Our main event is the traditional Oktoberfest in the fall.

By joining our activities we guarantee that you will ex-

perience unforgettable moments with KY-Hansa. Bis bald!



Y-Perestroika is a student organization of Russian language and culture. Our main

focus is to improve the level of teaching of Russian language, as well as bringing Russian culture closer to the students.

Perestroika is actively involved in different student events and also plays a role

in creating ones itself. So far the most popular event has been the legendary annual excursion to Russia. If you’re interested in Russian culture or just like ice cold vodka, like us on Facebook and follow up what new and epic Perestroika comes up with next.




First Night's Party (Ekan Illan Bileet) 23.08. Hanging out Evening (Hengailuilta) 24.08. City Orienteering (KaupSu) 25.08. TuKY's Bunny Info (Pupuinfo) 29.08. Practise Sitz 01.09. Pupujaiset 08.09. Student Run 13.09. Bunny Blowout 13.09.

Bus Tour Party (Kiertoajelubileet) 15.09. TYY's Welcome Party 15.09.

COTTAGE WEEKEND! 30.09.-02.10. Academic Beerpong Championship 13.10.



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