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n December we celebrated Finland’s 100 years of

from the ones students had hundred years ago. But like KY

independence. Our student organization was a first grad-

itself, also its members have kept their status and influence in

er when Finland became independent, as it celebrates

the community all these years. We are an important market to

already its 107th birthday this year. A lot has changed

recruiters with the ability to further develop both the field of

during the decades, but the true meaning of KY has stayed the same.

business and our 100-year-old country. As you are browsing through this catalogue in hopes of

We have constantly developed new ways to fill our

finding the true career match for you, I want you to remember

members’ wishes and to make an impact to the social

your personal worth and value. But even if you do reach your

environment in which we function in. For example, this

ultimate career goal, never stop developing yourself. Even

catalogue was founded several years ago to help business

though Albert Einstein once was a tech student, he did say some

students launch their dream careers and companies to

wise words. Finland has come a long way since the early days

encounter with their potential future employees.

of independence and KY has been challenged and changed in

This year we have collected inspiring career stories and

multiple occasions during the years. Take note from the three

general information from different companies for you, to help

old ones and further evolve your skills and knowledge all your

you reach the career path of your choice. I think it is safe to

(hopefully hundred) years to come.

assume that the careers we nowadays dream of, differ a lot

Aura Hemminki Sales Coordinator, KY 2017-2018


Yo u are ho ld i n g KY’s Ca re e r Ca ta lo g u e 2018 i n yo u r hand s. To th is re l ea se we h ave co ll e c te d co m p a n ies that want to re c r u it b u s i n ess stu d e n ts — in ot h e r wo rd s, co m p a n i es t h a t wa n t to re c r u i t yo u . O n eve r y s p rea d of t h is Ca re e r Ca ta l o g u e t h e re i s a p rese nta t i o n of a n in te rest i n g co m p a ny. O n t h e l ef t p ag e yo u w i ll fi n d a b r i ef i n t ro d u c t io n of t h e co mp any an d its e m p loy m e n t o p p o r tu n it i es. O n t h e ri g ht p ag e a cu r re n t e m p l oye e says a few wo rd s ab o ut the i r ex p e r ie n ces a n d ca re e r in t h e co m p a ny. E n j oy yo u r rea d !






Accenture is a leading professional services company, with capabilities in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations. We develop and implement technology solutions to improve our clients’ productivity and efficiency.


APPLICATION PERIOD Continuous recruitment

Our strategy consultants identify and solve complex business problems, efficiently. Acting as trusted advisors for the top management of our


clients, we help many of the world’s largest companies across industries

Continuous recruitment

design growth strategies and find opportunities to operate more

to transform the way they operate. As a strategy analyst or consultant, you will participate in the following types of work, and later in your career focus on selected ones of them: •

Organic growth and innovation strategies

Mergers & acquisitions and divestments – target screening, due diligence, and post-merger integration

Strategic cost reduction and operational efficiency






Soon to be a graduate or a recent graduate



performance management •


Growth strategy and development of marketing, sales & customer service

Sourcing and procurement strategy and transformation

Digital strategy and emerging business models

Lean process transformations and operating model development

Our clients’ expectations to you are high. You are expected to have: •

Master’s degree with excellent academic performance

Excellent skills in analytical problem solving

Ability to work independently and as a team member

Good understanding of at least one of the above mentioned areas

Ability to quickly learn and understand the client business issues

Excellent communication skills in English


We receive constant feedback and advice to support our career development. The atmosphere is encouraging and forward-striving. Stella Kallionpää M.Sc. (Marketing & CEMS MIM) Management Consulting Analyst, Accenture


y work is all about projects. I absorb myself

development. The atmosphere is encouraging and

into a client project that typically lasts

forward-striving. Project teams are changing regularly

something between a few weeks and half

but the colleagues inside my unit are permanent, and

a year. I have done, for example, a market

our team spirit is definitely something worth mentioning.

research on the growth prospects of virtual reality,

Problem solving and communication skills are

benchmarked company’s digital marketing activities and

especially useful in my job. Marketing is understanding

assessed the strategy of a NGO. Through the projects I

what creates value to the customer and is often linked

have gotten to work diversely with different professionals

to how the value is communicated. To me, consulting

at Accenture, such as Central European finance experts,


digital professionals with media agency background and

understanding and communicating value are core

technology researchers at San Francisco. Talented and

functions. Some of the useful skills I have learned at

proficient employees at Accenture are definitely one of

school, but also in my previous jobs and different student

the best sides of my work.

activities at KY. At KY the best thing was of course

essentially understanding


needs, so

I applied to Accenture because challenging myself

getting to know great people, but also learning practical

with diverse projects in a fast-paced environment

skills like project management. A can-do attitude present

intrigued me. I have always been interested in marketing,

in KY will help in the business world as the surprising

and during my master’s studies I started to feel a growing

bumps along the ride won’t shock.

interest towards strategy and project management.

To students pursuing their dream job, I recommend

What awoke my interest at Accenture was the division

talking with the employees inside the company. Writing

of the consulting unit into different fields. I’m especially

the application becomes easier when you know what

interested in technology, operator and media industries

the work practically includes. Most people are more

as they are constantly evolving and heavily affecting

than happy to tell about their jobs and can be easily

our everyday life. For instance, my Master’s thesis was

approached for example through LinkedIn. To me, one

about consumers’ relationship with their smartphones. I

of the most important cornerstones in job search is

researched how young adults talk about the phones and

knowing yourself. What things are especially important

themselves as the users.

to you concerning for example the job and the work

In addition to interesting customers and competent

community? What are the things you are not willing

colleagues, Accenture is a great place to work because of

to compromise? Also, don’t cling too much on your

the international working atmosphere and possibilities

own expectations for example when it comes to the

to both challenge and improve myself. We receive

compatibility of your study background and the job. If

constant feedback and advice to support our career

you don’t apply, you won’t get in.


Are you passionate about driving change and creating impact? If you are ready to kick start your career with a bold move, the Future Fifteen Graduate Programme at Arla Foods is the right opportunity for you!

CREATING THE FUTURE OF DAIRY During the F15® Graduate Programme, you will find yourself in three jobs within different business groups and functional areas. You enter at least one international position in one of Arla’s subsidiaries e.g. in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, UK, Germany, Poland, Argentina, USA, China

APPLICATION PERIOD For the Future Fifteen Graduate Programme annually between November 15th and January 8th

or Dubai. Each rotation lasts 8 months.


Although you have a degree within a specific field e.g. finance,

technology or marketing, we will challenge you to assume a position

or engage with our current graduates

within a different field to make you gain a broad experience of Arla

on our blog:

before you set your mind on a specific career.

Throughout the F15® Graduate Programme, you will be coached by a personal sponsor who will guide you on your Personal Development Plan and help you build strong networks with colleagues and decision makers. To join the Future Fifteen Graduate Programme, you will need to be a recent graduate with a university degree, have an inquisitive mind and the commitment to make a difference. We are looking for globally minded innovators from diverse backgrounds, who love and believe in our values just as much as we do.


We are privileged as a company to work with these young talents that feel passionate about developing themselves and developing our business. Maija Tantere Head of HR Finland, Arla oy


here has been three Finnish graduates in the

can expect to be offered a promising role within Arla,

Future Fifteen Programme and one Finnish

from which they can further develop their career based on

graduate in the Production Management

their skills and results. Eg. Alex who worked in Business



Development role in Finland, currently runs Arla Foods

programmes have also brought young talents to Finland

Premium Business unit in Denmark with responsibility

eg. from Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands

over the brand Arla Unika. Other former candidate Päivi

and Poland. Both graduate programmes truly embrace

accepted a permanent position as Senior Manager for

a global mindset, which is the key factor needed in

Lurpak in our headquarters in Viby, Denmark after her

working with Arla.

rotations in Finland, Denmark and Germany.



The purpose of the programme is to develop

A sense of entrepreneurship is something you

future leaders, who can ensure the continuing good

need to have, if you want to work in our company. We

growth for Arla for the years to come. The training, case

constantly pursue growth and are all passionate about

studies, projects and rotations enhance the candidates’

generating value. We have the ultimate combination of

performance and skills to boost their professional

a performance driven and collaborative culture, where

and personal development within business strategy,

we strive to work together to achieve more. If you are

organisational understanding, project management and

up for a challenge and want to make an impact, Arla is

leadership behaviour. All these taught skills prepare the

offering great opportunities to work with true ambition -

candidates for the move to a challenging permanent role

whatever or wherever it may be.

in Arla’s global business at the end of the programme. Candidates who complete the program successfully


aTalent specializes in the recruitment and professional development of young talents. We have a strong ideological background; we believe that young professionals have the skills, the ideas and the power to change the world. This is why aTalent helps young talents within business and technology and companies to connect.

aTalent is constantly looking for enthusiastic and ambitious new talents, who share our passion for recruiting young professionals. In return we


offer our employees the best possible working conditions. Do you want

We are always looking for top talents,

to help young talents and companies connect with us?

so leave us an open application at:


Our doors are always open for people interested in consultative sales!


Do you steer clear from hierarchy and firmly established practices? Are

You can also contact our personnel

you rather a creative innovator? We may have a job for you! Work at

regarding job opportunities through

aTalent is consultative sales, so preferably you are sharp and have the


courage to immerse yourself into different industries and eagerness to

About sales positions, contact

understand companies’ needs.

Jesse Kinnunen

INTERESTED IN RECRUITMENT? Proactivity, self-initiative and an enthusiastic attitude characterize our recruitment team. Whether you work as an intern or a recruitment manager, you will be given responsibilities and challenges. The diversity of our clients will provide you with a thorough understanding of the business world. Our way of working is always customer-oriented, so courage and the ability to learn new and challenge yourself is crucial.

( and about recruiting positions, contact Outi Mäkinen (!


The best thing you can do for yourself and your future career is to develop new, unique skills also outside your studies. Alpo Panula B.Sc. (Finance) CFO, aTalent


hree years ago I decided to further develop my

in my current job position I need knowledge also from

sales skills and almost accidentally found my

recruiting, accounting, corporate finance and strategy.

way to aTalent. I had some previously gained

My studies gave me a good base to start with, but for

experience from sales work, which had taught

example learned more about internal accounting from

me especially how to develop my tolerance towards

my CFO predecessor than any university course could

disappointments. Luckily this time I didn’t have to make

have ever taught me. I’ve been constantly surrounded by

use of these learned skills, because in 2014 I landed a

smart and hardworking people, and my co-workers keep

job as aTalent’s Sales Coordinator.

me on my toes. This is a great privilege, because you

During my years in aTalent the company has

spend the most of your waking hours in your workplace

grown rapidly, but has still managed to maintain the

and with these kind of colleagues it’s a pleasure. In

same relaxed, but efficient working atmosphere. The

addition to working with these amazing people, we also

employees are encouraged to develop new ideas

arrange great events together, such as an over-night

and challenge existing procedures, and we believe

Christmas party held each year in a new, secret location.

in achieving the best results by working clever and

When I joined aTalent I never expected to grow and

agile. aTalent has offered me a great environment for

develop with the company this much. For the students

personal growth and development, and this has made

starting their career or perhaps looking for something

me want to stay in the company. I started with the title

new, I want to say that your career path seldom goes

of Sales Coordinator, but quickly moved first to customer

as planned. Remember to keep an open mind to all the

management and in 2015 to financial services. Since the

opportunities coming your way. The best thing you can

beginning of 2017, I’ve worked full-time as the Chief

do for yourself and your future career is to develop new,

Financial Officer, manager of the IT team and a member

unique skills also outside your studies, which makes you

of the Executive Board, pausing my studies both at Aalto

stand out from the crowd. aTalent is a great example

University School of Business and University of Helsinki,

of a company looking constantly new opportunities to

where I’ve studied Computer Science.

function and it’s paying off. The best thing you can do for

There are no ordinary work days for me, even though some general tasks stay the same. I started in the company with an aim to know more about sales work, but

yourself and your future career is to develop new, unique skills also outside your studies.


August Associates are the leading local strategy consultants in Finland. Founded in 2001 we are a firm of 25 capable professionals committed to helping companies rise above the crowd and surpass their targets. Deep customer relationships are at the heart of delivering relevant strategic counsel that is a perfect fit for the organization and their business. Combining experience with non-conformist thinking we go beyond the commonplace, providing solutions that Brave The Future. Find out more at

INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITIES Strategy consulting is a fascinating career opportunity for people who are intrigued by solving complex business problem faced by senior management of large companies. August offers a unique combination of intellectual and entrepreneurial challenge, membership in an extraordinary community and opportunity to enjoy good quality of life. Each year, we are looking for talented and motivated people with an

INTERNSHIP APPLICATION PERIOD During fall (typically SeptemberOctober)

WHO ARE WE LOOKING FOR 3rd-5th year students

edge to join our dynamic team. For students we offer the opportunity


to experience consulting through internships that last 2-3 months.

2-3 months during winter, spring or fall

Typically our interns are at least 3rd year students who have demonstrated high performance in studies, work or other fields of life


and are seeking experience in strategy consulting. As individuals they

tend to be intellectually curious, entrepreneurially driven, and results oriented. And compassionate too, the kind of people you’d want to have as your colleague. As an intern you get to experience what strategy consulting is like at August. Your job description, role and responsibilities are comparable to that of our full time Analysts. You are a fully-fledged and valued member of our community, taking part in real life client engagements from Day 1 under guidance of experienced consultants. An internship also serves as a potential stepping stone to a full time position at August after graduation.


At August, I feel that I can be the best version of myself.

Annika Nieminen M.Sc. (Finance) Analyst, August


n my 3rd year of study, following a discussion with a

August encourages and supports personal develop-

consultant from August, I felt encouraged to apply for

ment, which is another reason this company felt like the

an internship. What caught my attention and piqued

right fit for me. I was looking for a place where I can

my curiosity was the entrepreneurial attitude that I

build a longer career and August had a clear career path.

sensed, coupled with the idea of achieving best results

Everyone has a mentor here and you get to work side by

through teamwork and by encouraging independent

side with very experienced colleagues, which nicely sup-

thinking. After landing the internship, I found myself

ports one’s career development. The more you learn, the

working in a company with a unique culture, where

more challenges and responsibility you get.

people truly care about each other and where leaving

Working at August has been rewarding. I have

your comfort zone feels secure. At the end of my

been positively surprised by how diverse and complex

internship, it was an easy decision for me to accept the

problems I’ve been exposed to from day one, how many

offer for a full-time position after graduation. At August,

different industries I’ve come across in one year and how

I feel that I can be the best version of myself.

senior representatives of clients’ organizations (even

Before going into consulting, I worked as a dancer

CEOs) I’ve had a chance to work with. These factors make

at the Finnish National Ballet for more than 10 years.

my job truly fascinating and enable fast-paced learning.

Dedication, the ability to adapt to new situations quickly

When applying for a job, it’s important to be

and good people skills – qualities that are all required

convincing - be honest about what you want, what

in dancer’s job – have proven useful in consulting. On

you’re good at and what things you could still improve.

the other hand, my studies in finance and economics

Remember that concrete examples give the best insight

have helped me develop an analytical mindset and

of your skills. It also pays off to practice the interview

improved my problem-solving skills. Perhaps even more

situation with a friend - this way you will be better

importantly, the education taught me how to keep on

prepared. Go ahead, brave the future!



The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is a global management consulting firm, the world’s leading advisor on business strategy and the market leader in Finland. We partner with clients in all sectors to identify their highest-value opportunities, address their most critical challenges and fundamentally transform their business trajectories.

FULL-TIME POSITIONS If you are in your final year of study for your master’s degree, you can apply for the position of Associate at when close to graduation.

APPLICATION PERIOD For the internship program around October 2018



The application deadline for the internship program is around October


Students with outstanding academic

2018. (The exact date will be published on the BCG website in late summer 2018.) We are looking for students with outstanding academic records, great analytical and interpersonal skills, intellectual curiosity and strong ambition. Join our team as a Visiting Associate and get to know strategy consulting at its best. You will be fully involved in international, transformational, leading-edge client work and will help leaders in business change the rules of the game, not just play better. The internship program offers you: •

Two to three months of work experience on a real consulting project

Flexible beginning and end dates, including the option to join us in the spring or fall as well as the summer

Complete integration into one of our project teams based in Helsinki or in one of our other European offices

Training sessions on essential consulting skills

Social activities for team building and networking

MORE INFORMATION Contact recruiting team at 09-8568 6002, or visit



Yet, it was not until the internship I realized a career in consulting could be something for me.

Elina Eskola M.Sc. (Finance) Associate, BCG


s many of my colleagues, I landed a full-

Still, for me, the best thing about BCG are the people.

time position at BCG through an internship.

My co-workers come from various backgrounds and have

Throughout my studies at Aalto University

different aspirations but share a relentless drive for

School of Business, I had participated in many

insight and development. No matter what challenges

BCG-organized events and enjoyed interacting with the

you encounter, it is great knowing you have friends to

people there a lot. Yet, it was not until the internship

turn to and ask for advice. Of course, we also make sure

I realized a career in consulting could be something

to have fun together, be it in a relaxed Friday gathering,

for me. As a third-year finance student preparing for an

bowling tournament or formal Christmas gala.

interview at BCG, I remember thinking hard at what the

My top-three tips for applying for a consulting

job would be like. Looking back, doing the internship was

internship or a full-time position are: 1) Get to know

the best way to find out.

the company and especially the people there. Active

Right from the start, you get to work on real client

participation in the recruiting events for example

cases. And, regardless of your tenure, you are considered

BCG organizes provides a valuable opportunity not

as an integral part of the team. One of my greatest BCG

only for us but for you to test your fit at the company.

memories so far dates back to my internship. Together

2) Work together with your peers when practicing for the

with my colleagues, I was in a conference room with

interviews. You learn so much by helping out others and

the client management talking about an analysis I, an

have fun in the meanwhile. 3) Don’t wait until you feel

intern with three weeks of experience, had done. Funnily

ready to apply. Consulting is truly a learn-by-doing type

enough, it felt only natural showcasing my work and

of profession, and there will hardly be just another day at

taking ownership of it. Overall, it is pretty cool to open

the office. The range of possible project types, clients and

up a major news site and realize that you have been

industries is immense. For me, this is what keeps going

involved in making an industry-shaping merger come true

to work so exciting week in week out.

or turning around a global stock-listed company.


We are the strategy and transformation consulting brand of Capgemini Group. With a global team of 4000 consultants we bring the know-how and expertise to advise leading organizations and governments on how to accelerate their innovation and master the digital economy.



Capgemini Consulting Sweden-Finland has offices in four locations:

Summer intern: fall

Espoo, Gothenburg, MalmĂś and Stockholm. Together the four offices

Open applications

Graduate: fall and spring

operate as one team. Graduates in all four locations join Capgemini Consulting as Consultants. As a Consultant, you will be an important team player in our strategic transformation projects. We work with leading organizations and governments all the way from strategy design to implementation, giving you the unique opportunity to have an impact on the full transformation process. Consultants first work on projects across industries and capability

WHO ARE WE LOOKING FOR Master’s students with one or two semesters until graduation

INTERNSHIP PERIOD 8 weeks beginning in June and ending in August with four weeks of summer holiday in July

units to build a solid foundation of consulting skills and knowledge, before specializing in your areas of interest and expertise. You will


have the opportunity to grow and learn in a dynamic environment,

and continuously develop as a professional: on projects, at our global universities, in local trainings and together with your dedicated counsellor, to ultimately build a rewarding career. We recruit Graduates with both Business and Engineering backgrounds. We encourage students to apply up to a year before graduation as starting dates can be negotiated. If there are no open positions, you can always send us an open application via our Careers website. We also recruit Summer Interns each year during the preceding fall semester. To learn more about Capgemini Consulting Sweden-Finland and our career opportunities go to:


To enjoy working as a management consultant you need to feel comfortable outside your comfort zone. Satu Toivakka M.Sc. (Accounting) Management Consultant, Capgemini Consulting


graduated from Aalto University School of Business

As a consultant you work as part of a team and I

majoring in Accounting. Additionally, I obtained an

think that our great, skilled team that has a lot of fun

MSc degree from CEMS Master’s in International

together is our biggest asset. We have plenty of local

Management and during the last year of my studies

and global after works, ski trips and parties that make

I decided that I want to pursue a career in management

sure we also remember to relax and have fun. You truly

consulting. I wanted to join a global company that would

feel that the company promotes work-life balance

offer possibilities to work in international engagements

which can be achieved by emphasizing the importance

and enable me to learn from new foreign markets,

of good personal time management, multitasking skills

cultures and businesses. Capgemini Consulting seemed

and collaboration. Our Finnish team is rather small but

like a place where you get to be at the forefront of

backed up by the structure of large global company.

digitalization and gain insights from newest research

We get the perks of a small, agile and close local team

and leading practices.

with low hierarchy, but also great international training

What I really appreciate at Capgemini Consulting is that already at the very beginning of your career you are

and project opportunities by being part of the global Capgemini Consulting family.

expected to contribute in client projects and bring out

I would say that a good way to find your dream job is

your own ideas. Both the support of the talented team

to think and detail out what you want to do and achieve

and the global training curriculum prepare you well for

in long term in your life and what kind of capabilities will

this. This makes the learning curve extremely steep;

bring you closer to that. Be open to new opportunities

the exposure to client work from the very beginning

as something unexpected might actually turn out to be

and the great personal development and mentoring

the right thing for you. Learning is extremely rapid at the

system guarantee that each individual has the chance

beginning of your career, therefore selecting a job that

to discover their full potential. To enjoy working as a

you truly find interesting and that enables you to build

management consultant you need to feel comfortable

the capabilities and competence you want in long term

outside your comfort zone. Part of the work is to be

is important. Once you’ve considered these things it is

challenged continuously and to be able to bring clarity

much easier to justify to yourself and to the company

in complex, fast-changing business environments. As we

you’re applying to why you want to join in and why you

work in close collaboration with our clients in a trusted

would be the perfect candidate for them.

advisory role, strong people skills are of the essence.


EY is a global leader in professional services offering diverse career opportunities in assurance, advisory, tax, law and transactions. We are the most attractive employer in our field among Nordic business students bringing together 250,000 people in over 150 countries.

WANTED: BUILDERS OF A BETTER WORKING WORLD At EY, you can make your mark on the world around you. We develop outstanding professionals who deliver insights and quality services that support businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups. By doing so, we build a better working world for our people, clients and communities.

APPLICATION PERIOD For EY Experience Trainee Program in spring and fall, for other positions around the year

We tackle the most stimulating assignments the business can offer in


high-performing teams. Our projects, clients and colleagues come from

3rd −5th year students, recent

around the world, from every industry. Diversity makes us strong, so we

graduates and experienced

value everybody at EY, from trainee to partner. We remember to have


fun, too − and each other’s backs. The EY Experience Trainee Program shows you the ropes of working in professional services. Our trainees gain valuable hands-on experience and develop both professional and personal competencies in a supportive environment. Last year, we hired over 100 trainees in Finland and nearly all of them stayed with us. See for more details about the program. Interested in a clear career path that leads to success? We continuously recruit inspired, analytical and team-spirited individuals. We would love to hear from you – reach out to us via email, on social media or come chat with us at different student and recruitment events. See you soon in the hallways of EY! We guarantee you: the exceptional relationships and experiences you gain with us will last you a lifetime.

INTERNSHIP PERIOD 3−9 months, beginning in fall or spring

FOR MORE INFORMATION Web: E-mail: Facebook: EY Careers (FI) Instagram: @eyficareers



We are constantly learning new things which truly is one of the greatest aspects of this job.

Saija Narinen M.Sc. (Accounting) Consultant, Financial Accounting Advisory Services, EY


joined EY in January 2016 as an assurance trainee

own core focuses working towards the same goal:

via the EY Experience Trainee Program. The main

assisting and supporting companies in their financial

reason why I decided to apply for a job at EY was my

processes. My team focuses on assisting clients with

very positive image of the company as an employer.

IFRS issues and external financial reporting, for example

During my studies at Aalto University I had attended

by organizing trainings and workshops in which we

several excursions arranged by EY and I had got to know

dig into to the individual needs of the client. As there

an EY employee, learning more about the company along

rarely are straightforward answers to the problems our

the way. At the time of applying, I was also attending an

clients are facing, we get to challenge ourselves every

interesting course organized by EY at Aalto. Performing

day and use our creativity in providing the solution.

well on this course worked to my advantage during the

Analytical mindset and a positive, enthusiastic attitude

recruitment process.

are extremely important in my job.

The EY Experience Trainee Program is a great way

Against some expectations, EY isn’t just filled with

for students, especially for the ones nearing graduation,

consultants in their fancy suits and ties but young,

to kick-start their careers in a Big Four firm. After my

amiable people who are passionate about what they do

traineeship ended, I was offered a permanent position

and work for. What I love most is our great team spirit

as an assurance associate. EY invests a lot in their new

and my awesome colleagues. Everyone is always ready to

employees for example by arranging different events

help and contemplate challenging things together, and

and a traditional Nordic-level induction week in Spain.

this extends beyond work matters - we also spend a lot

Additional trainings are organized year-round - we are

of time together outside office hours.

constantly learning new things which truly is one of

I recommend all students to take advantage of

the greatest aspects of this job. As a huge professional

different recruitment events throughout their studies.

services firm, EY offers a clear career path for its

At such events you can chat with the company

employees and progressing on that path is encouraged.

representatives and familiarize yourself with the

Everybody has a personal counselor who supports both

companies and their culture, while also showing your

their professional and personal development.

own interest. Goals are achieved together, so teamwork

At EY, I get to work with local and global professionals

skills are essential. Knowing your strengths and points

and learn from the best in their fields. Transitions in-

for improvement is also important, so you can highlight

house are also possible. Last summer I transferred from

the former and learn to combat the latter. This comes in

assurance to our Financial Accounting Advisory Services

handy when discussing with recruiters, too. Lastly, a good

(FAAS) team. In FAAS we have several teams with their

attitude will take you a long way!


Finnair is specialized in flying between Europe and Asia via Helsinki. Finnair’s strategy is based on the growing markets in Asia, the fastest connections between Europe and Asia, high-quality service, and cost-efficient, punctual operations. Founded in 1923, Finnair is one of the world’s oldest continuously operating airlines. It is a member of oneworld, the leading airline alliance for quality-conscious business travelers.


MORE INFORMATION Facebook: Finnair

Through the tough economic conditions, we have established ourselves

Instagram: feelfinnair

as a winner in the new economy. Our intercontinental expansion

Twitter: finnair

continues to new destinations and now we are in the middle of our

LinkedIn: Finnair

biggest growth in the history with nearly 6000 of us, from 45 countries. We are dedicated to growth and transforming itself, which shows in the people we are recruiting: we are not only recruiting pilots and flight attendants; we are also recruiting software developers to improve our digital services and several other professionals to various challenging positions. We are always keeping our eye out for motivated and dedicated professionals to join our team!

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES FOR YOUNG PROFESSIONALS We are continuously looking for academic young professionals to various managerial and expert roles in aviation business. With us, a young professional could work in several different positions such as; network planning, revenue management & pricing, digital product development, marketing, customer research, treasury operations, project management or business controlling. Due to our massive growth, we need several young professionals to join Finnair within the near future. There are dozens of Interns whom start working with us in 2018. In addition, there will be several open positions during 2018 in different units, so please follow closely our all opportunities at to join us and develop yourself in an innovative, inspiring and challenging environment here at Finnair.


And it’s not just me, it feels like everyone here is proud to work for Finnair.

Siri Takanen B.Sc. (Corporate Management) Talent Acquisition Trainee, Finnair


n the beginning of this year I was actively looking

because Finnair is currently growing with fast phase,

for an internship and Finnair got my attention due to

I’ve got to challenge myself and learn a lot from the big

the company’s unique industry and the well-known

interview rounds we’ve had for the new recruited flight

and appreciated brand. I sent my application in the

attendants. The different job tasks make my days diverse

summer and have been working for Finnair as a Talent

and interesting while I always have to be on top of even

Acquisition Trainee for a few months now. After working

the smallest details.

for a start-up, I was a bit afraid of the bureaucracy level

In addition to the versatile work days, the supportive

a big company might have, but Finnair turned out to

atmosphere in Finnair is another key factor what makes

have a more modern and relaxed atmosphere than I first

me enjoy my job. I quickly achieved the trust and


appreciation of my team and have since been given more

I’m currently finishing my studies at Hanken School of Economics with Corporate Management and

and more responsibility. And it’s not just me, it feels like everyone here is proud to work for Finnair.

Organization being my major. Alongside my studies I

My studies taught me good basics from example the

worked for 1,5 years as an administrator assistant for a

effects of work culture, motivation and management, but

startup that specializes in gene technology. During my

I’ve also learned a lot from working. For the students still

time there I learned to think on my feet and manage

looking for the opportunity to launch their dream career,

several things at the same time. These skills have turned

I want to say that don’t give up. You learn from every

out to be helpful in my current job at Finnair.

experience, even from a failed job search process. Your

I’m working as a trainee in a recruiting team and

studies give you a good base, but remember to make use

during my ordinary work day I answer applicants’

of all your experiences and to believe in yourself. With

questions, invite them to interviews and post information

these key factors you will land a job you can be proud

of the search in different channels. A part of my job

of day in, day out.

description is also to take part in the interviews, and


Hobby horsing around the office? Staring competition against Han Solo? Whiskey tasting on a Friday afternoon? Yea, we like horsing around (pun intended), but we also know our shit. Check out the corporate mode below or drop by the office.

FUTURICE - A NEW BREED OF INNOVATION CONSULTANCY Futurice is a new breed of innovation consultancy that has digital values at its core. We are experts in a domain ranging from software development and design to modern management consultancy services. We are an international company with offices in London, Stockholm, Berlin, Munich, Helsinki and Tampere, and people from over 30 different nationalities. In an increasingly fast-paced world where “strategy is execution”,

BUILDERS Developing, scaling and operating digital services

INNOVATORS Discovering and designing new digital services

Futurice Advisory is a team of strategic thinkers with a strong emphasis


towards action. We work with our clients every step of the way on their

Creating a culture that makes

digital journey – from initial analyses of the organisation’s current state

innovation happen

and capabilities to co-creating a strategy that enables them to prosper in a rapidly changing business environment with dynamic value chains


and disruptive business models. We lead engagements, solve complex

Take a peek into the everyday life

problems, and foster innovative thinking.

of our consultants:

Futurice offers an award-winning work environment, a wide variety of exciting projects and, best of all, colleagues that are as talented as they are inspiring. At Futurice you get to be your own CEO and co-create the next wave of digitalisation by working within the holy trinity of business, tech and design. Learn more about Futurice and the themes we are most excited about at the moment: and about our current open positions:

#workingatfuturice #realftrc



We believe that everyone is reasonable and makes good decisions as long as information is sufficiently available. Krista Naumanen M.Sc. (Information & Service Management) Business Designer, Futurice Advisory


had never really seen myself working as a

activities, culture and ways to work in the best way

consultant. It all started by coincidence, when I had a

possible. Absorbing new things quickly and having both

conversation with a social psychology lecturer, who

excellent social skills and a good tolerance for stress

happened to work at Futurice. I ended up doing my

come especially handy in my job. Most importantly, a big

thesis as a project work there and long story short, I have

dose of initiative is needed.

been working there as a full-time employee since spring

At Futurice, each employee is trusted right from

2017. Now, being able to show up at work either casually

the beginning. We believe that everyone is reasonable

wearing sneakers and a hoodie or businesslike ankle

and makes good decisions as long as information is

shoes and a blazer, I know I made the right turn.

sufficiently available. It also helps, that decisions are

The organisational culture at Futurice is very

made based on our own 3x2 decision model, which

anthropocentric – individuals are both free and

means that the things you have to take into consideration

responsible for their own actions. Decisions are made

are clients, employees and the company figures now and

from a truly humane perspective and developing the

in the future. Being trusted makes people want to act

skillsets of employees come as a priority. Futurice has a

in the best way they can. Eliminating micromanagement

very self-directed culture, which means that in addition

and suspicions relaxes the working environment, which

to handling my job tasks, I am responsible for steering my

gives more time to focus on developing the right things.

own direction and career. Of course, we have supporting

I believe everyone has a factor that pushes them

functions such as mentoring that helps us finding our

forward and the things that we choose to do usually

own paths inside the company, but responsibility is held

wheel around that motivating factor. Knowing what

by individuals.

motivates you, makes you more genuine and appealing

Before starting at Futurice, I have worked in a few

as a job applicant. This is why it’s useful to recognize that

different summer job positions at Nestle Finland and

special factor that distinguishes you. Secondly, diligence

worked on projects linked to service design and software

is almost always rewarded. Work on your self-knowledge,

development. My previous experiences help me during

cultivate your skillset and get to know the company you

the challenging projects I now encounter. The outcome is,

want a job in. Mass applications rarely bear fruit and

however, extremely rewarding since we get to genuinely

even if they do, you will not likely end up in a company

help our client companies in developing digital business

that suits and motivates you in the right way.


Grant Thornton is a leading business adviser that helps dynamic organisations to unlock their potential for growth. Our brand is respected globally, as one of the major global accounting organisations recognised by capital markets, regulators and international standards setting bodies.

THE GRANT THORNTON DIFFERENCE With our unique culture and opportunities, our organisation is a place where you can grow. Wherever you are in your career, we help you to make a difference every day.

WHO ARE WE LOOKING FOR 3rd to 5th year student or recent graduate

Grant Thornton offers you more than just a traineeship. We offer you


a dynamic environment, challenging work as well as exposure to a

August 2018

wide range of audit, tax and advisory services. You’ll also benefit from a meaningful training experience, a range of social activities and the


opportunity to shape your career – because you are more than just a

7 months, beginning in October


4 months, beginning in January

Our culture is far from the ‘grey suit’ stereotype. Grant Thornton has a


distinct people-centred culture. This culture is based on our recognition of the individuality, dynamic nature and value of each and every person with whom we interact. This includes you; every member of our team – irrespective of title or job description. We’re big enough to provide exciting opportunities and small enough to support your personal growth. Linkedin: Grant Thornton Finland Instagram: Grant Thornton Finland


It’s a learning process, that doesn’t end – I can’t remember a day when I didn’t learn something new.

Satu Peltonen M.Sc. (Accounting) Partner, Grant Thornton


lready during my studies, I had a clear

factor here. My theoretical studies prepared me to utilize

vision - I wanted to become an auditor. After

the knowledge I have of the basics of accounting and its

graduating from Aalto University School of

regulations, but most of my current know-how and skills

Business in 2008, I sent an application to

I have learned on the job. Also, previous experience from

Grant Thornton, which wasn’t familiar to me. When I was

the business life have left me an active style of working.

interviewed at Grant Thornton, I realized that this could

Although auditing is regulated, I get to influence my own

be an interesting, international company for me.

job description and bring out my areas of interest. It’s

Before starting at Grant Thornton I had summer

a learning process, that doesn’t end – I can’t remember

jobs doing tasks related to financial administration.

a day when I didn’t learn something new. The clients

Those helped me understand the financial processes of

can ask anything, so good problem solving skills are

organisations, which has been a huge advantage in my

important. Also, my job requires being analytical and

current position. My work is extremely versatile since

able to understand the risks. Although auditing is often

each project and client is different. We have a relaxed

seen as a profession that needs precision, what’s even

working atmosphere - people truly enjoy working here

more important is to understand the big picture.

and the hierarchy is low. You can chat with just anyone

When making your future career plans, you should

and when something feels challenging, there are always

think what truly motivates you. If you apply for a job you’re

people to help. As part of my job I also guide the younger

not so excited about, it will show through. Pretending

employees in our organization.

something you’re not doesn’t pay off, because you will

At Grant Thornton, you get great opportunities for

most likely not enjoy working in a company where you

career development. How high and how fast you want

can’t be yourself. Basic skills can be learned at school,

to build up, depends on your own willingness and

but what counts most is a good attitude and willingness

enthusiasm. Investing in your own learning is a key

to learn.


Hartwall is the growing leader in the Finnish beverage industry. We manufacture the drinks the Finns love to live and celebrate with. Without Hartwall, Finland would be a drier place to live. Our best-known brands are Hartwall Jaffa, Hartwall Novelle, Lapin Kulta, Karjala and Hartwall Original Long Drink. We are also a strategic partner of the Heineken and Pepsi brands in Finland.

THIRST FOR TALENT We are a community of passionate beverage industry professionals who encourage each other to exceed expectations. We are enthusiastic about building the brands the Finns love and winning together. We are proud of our history and our brand stories. We are constantly looking for positive and innovative new talents, who are ready to challenge themselves and inspire other people. We offer you a unique opportunity to work in a strong brand house with beloved products. Join our energetic and passionate team!

MORE INFORMATION LinkedIn: Hartwall Facebook: Hartwall Twitter: Hartwall Instagram: hartwall1836


Whether I’m executing a Novelle mocktail bar for Flow Festival or developing new product concepts, this job excites me in a new way every day. Aapeli Helkkula M.Sc. (Marketing) Brand Management Trainee, Hartwall


fter finishing my bachelor’s degree majoring

2018 I will take on new responsibilities as Junior Brand

in Business and Administration at Aalto

Manager for beer brands Heineken and Sol, which is

University Mikkeli campus, I explored the

super exciting.

B2B environment for a bit, but always felt a

In marketing we base our decisions into research

stronger attraction towards consumer marketing. That

and data. My master’s studies helped me to improve my

attraction then became my goal when completing my

understanding towards data collection methods and

studies at Aalto M.Sc. program in marketing. Eventually,

analyzing the information that I need in my everyday job.

Hartwall felt like the right fit due to its large selection of

Also, after having worked in smaller startups and B2B

excellent brands that are developed, tested and managed

companies, I had gained experience and understanding

right here in Finland. For me, it’s important that I can

in many fields of expertise and different roles. The

truly stand behind the products I’m representing.

working environment at Hartwall is diligent with not

I have been working at Hartwall for a year now and

much idle time so I have to be able to manage many

I find my work very diverse with limitless opportunities

projects simultaneously and co-operate with several

for self-actualization. During the year, I haven’t had any

people both inside and outside the organization. Thus,

identical workdays. Whether I’m executing a Novelle

excellent communication skills and being able to be

mocktail bar for Flow Festival or developing new product

systematic are essential at my job.

concepts, this job excites me in a new way every day. I get

The best thing you can do is to find something you

to push different projects forward, have meetings with

enjoy and invest in it. By focusing on your strengths,

our affiliates and compose brand new ideas together

building your own USP (unique selling point) and

with our team. Though Hartwall is a big company, we

showing that you’re willing to develop your skillset, you

get to determine many things independently instead

will stand out and land a job you genuinely like. After

of receiving ready layouts from the headquarters. One

my last interview at Hartwall, I sent the interviewers a

of the best things at Hartwall is that you can develop

presentation introducing the concept of a new brand

your expertise widely and not just in one division - for

extension I had come up with. Going the extra mile

example, it is possible to make a transfer between

might pay off, it sure guaranteed me my job.

different departments within the company. From January


Hilti employs 26,000 people in sales and engineering globally. We provide our leading-edge tools, software and services for the construction industry. We’re seeking high-performing people with the excellence and drive to take Hilti forward. Could you be one of them?



Are you ready to relocate internationally? Have you had excellent by 5.1.2018.

Send us your CV and application to

success in your studies? We are looking for people with excellent performance and good language skills, who are interested in sales, business and general management. A Hilti Outperformer is a goal driven team player with excellent analytical and communication skills. Hilti Outperformer is a 24 month development program in which you


graduate •

Genuine desire to learn and gain results

will carry out 2-4 projects in different countries. You will get full support and mentoring throughout the program which also includes training in

Final year student or a recent

Excellent team player with good communication skills

Proactive and responsible persona

a top business school in Europe.



Are you a sales oriented and proactive team player with passion to

develop yourself and others?

Open vacancies:

As a future talent, you will start your career and development in

Contact Human Resources:

sales. To be successful, you need to be goal oriented, determined and

have the ability to understand customer needs. You get an individual development plan, where the aim is for you to grow as a professional and become a successful talent in our organization.


I was first drawn to Hilti by the passion for people, which can be seen in everything we do.

Sanna Pitkänen M.Sc. (Management and International Business) Account Manager, Outperformer Trainee, Hilti


round this time last year, I was looking

when applying is not your personal background, but

for a challenging global position with

rather your curiosity and passion to learn and to develop.

opportunities for personal development,

No matter your background, the program is definitely

cross-functional experience and continuous

challenging and will take you outside your comfort zone,

learning. Wanting to build a career in global senior

but you will get all the training, support and coaching

management, I knew I was asking for a lot. Luckily, I came

needed to succeed.

across a job advertisement for Hilti and the Outperformer

I was first drawn to Hilti by the passion for people,

Global Management Trainee program. What sparked my

which can be seen in everything we do - be it the

interest was not only the position itself, but the fact that

amazing support that I get from my team daily, the

every time I told my friends all over the world that I was

immense resources used on training and development,

thinking of applying to Hilti, the response was “wow, I’ve

or the fact that people are encouraged to move between

heard it’s a great place to work!”.

roles and locations throughout their careers. What has

I started at Hilti in August 2017 and I’m currently

since surprised me the most, is the inspiring results-

doing my first rotation as an Account Manager in Finland

oriented culture. Us at Hilti share the passion to drive our

to gain hands-on experience and a deep insight into

business, and our customers, forward. To me, this means

our core business. After the first year in sales, I will

that every day is filled with teamwork, courage, drive and

further develop myself in challenging projects in several

commitment, and that every day I can learn something

countries, after which my career will continue abroad.

new and develop myself further.

My background is at Aalto University School of Business,

The Outperformer program is a fast-track global

where I’ve studied Management and International

management development program like no other. So, if

Business and a second degree in the CEMS MIM program.

you’re looking for a career in global senior management,

If your background is similar to mine, you might not have

look no further!

experience from the construction industry. What matters


A global Audit giant? Busy experts in suits? Or also fun colleagues and flexible careers at Töölönlahti and around Finland? And services from Audit to Consulting and from Taxation to Cyber Security. Experience yourself. For information on open positions, follow us on social media and visit:

IS YOUR GOAL TO SUCCEED? We are seeking for Trainees to join our Advisory, Audit & Assurance and Tax & Legal service areas!

APPLICATION PERIOD 15.1. – 31.1.2018

Do you have genuine interest towards our business, plus a curious,


flexible and active attitude? Do you want a comprehensive experience

3rd to 5th year MSc students and recent

combination about your interest areas?


As a Trainee you’ll participate in interesting assignments and projects


as a part of our team from day one. We offer you an attractive position in a respected professional firm, among great colleagues! You’ll get guidance, but also a proper amount of responsibility from the start. You will also benefit from our empowering and fun leisure activities.

2-6 months, beginning in fall 2018




3rd to 5th year MSc student or a recent graduate? Are you comfortable

LinkedIn: KPMG Finland

working under pressure and eager to learn new things? Do you have

Twitter: KPMG

strong analytical and Excel skills? Your experience in relevant field will

Instagram: kpmgfinland

also be an asset. We offer temporary full-time paid positions around Finland, for example in our superb office in Helsinki. The application period for the fall 2018 program opens in January. See the places first hand from social media! KPMG is a global network of professional firms providing Audit, Tax, Legal and Advisory services. We have 189,000 outstanding professionals working together to deliver value in 152 countries. In Finland, with 1000 experts in 23 locations, KPMG is one of the leading providers within our industry.

Facebook: kpmgfinland



Having a house full of experts from different fields with diverse study backgrounds sure is useful and most importantly, interesting. Tomi Parmanne M.Sc. (Finance) Assistant Manager, KPMG


hile working on my thesis, a job

in a big house enables that was it any kind of problem,



there usually is someone with know-how from that

KPMG was looking for a trainee for their

specific area. We also have access to a comprehensive



Corporate Finance team and knowing

set of data tools, but having a house full of experts from

about their comprehensive servicescape and global

different fields with diverse study backgrounds sure is

presence, I decided that graduation could wait a few

useful and most importantly, interesting. As a contrast to

months. After the trainee period ended, I finished my

work tasks, going to lunch with a group of people from

thesis and landed a permanent position at KPMG. The

our team is our everyday tradition. KPMG also has several

career path at KPMG covers many steps and in addition,

leisure clubs, like the successful soccer team I am a part

it’s possible to gravitate into other interesting tasks

of. In its entirety, the atmosphere at KPMG is supportive,

inside the building or even go on a commission abroad.

relaxed and professionally alert.

The main focus of my job is in different valuation

I would advise students to apply for several interesting

projects, where the client needs an estimate of the

positions at once. In job interviews it is important

fair value of the company or business unit for different

to give a pleasant and professional appearance, but

purposes. I like working at the customer interface since

simultaneously avoid to be too keen for the position. By

it brings depth to the work while simultaneously getting

seeming too desperate you might accidentally lower your

to know interesting people and business activities. All in

bargaining power which will decrease your attractivity. In

all, I consider my job versatile and the right amount of

an ideal situation, the original setting of a job interview

challenging - time never moves too slow. Before applying

turns around and you get to inquire the interviewers why

to KPMG, I worked as a stock analyst, which prepared me

that particular company would be the best choice for

well by developing my capability to generate text and

you of all the companies there are. In your application,

to make analysis. Of course, my studies did this as well

emphasize what awakened your interest and show what

by teaching me teamwork skills and analytical thinking

added value you would bring to the company, without

thanks to numerous team projects. My job also requires

forgetting to point out some concrete examples. One of

creativity, effectivity and discretion.

the most important things is to come across genuinely

One of the biggest reasons I enjoy working at KPMG are the great co-workers in our team. In addition, working

interested of the field you’re applying a job at.


We were the first to introduce digital media monitoring, and now we’re the first to apply AI-driven media intelligence. With 50 offices globally, Meltwater consults more than 23,000 companies on how to use outside insights.

WE SEE UNTAPPED POTENTIAL - BOTH YOURS AND OURS Fifteen years into developing the world’s leading media intelligence platform, we’re still growing. If you’re as talented as we think you are, you’ll be a great fit. Here’s what we promise you. •

We hire regularly throughout the year. Apply for one of our current openings or send through an open application

You’ll work alongside exceptional people, who want above all to


succeed together. You’ll be inspired.


You’ll have opportunities for growth and travel, so dream big. Our offices in 27 countries are open to developing and sharing talents.


Questions? Contact: Mia Berglund, Talent Acquisition

You’ll work with the world’s leading technology, the result of

Manager - Finland | mia.berglund@

huge investments in R&D and brilliant thinking. Great ideas are | 0417549611

welcome here.

CAREER DEVELOPMENT AT MELTWATER We appreciate the desire to develop as a professional and our aim is to help you develop into a team leader within the first 12 to 18 months. During the last 10 years every key person in our business today has taken the same career development journey. At Meltwater you get ownership of your work, you get to make decisions independently while working in a supportive team with great colleagues. You become an expert in business development and the exponentially growing media intelligence industry, working closely with different sized businesses in different industry verticals.

WHAT WE’RE LOOKING FOR 3rd to 5th year students or recent graduates. You’ll fit in with us perfectly if you’re goal oriented, you’ve got leadership potential and you want to invest in your own development and success.

LIFE @ MELTWATER Find out more about us here: https:// FB: @MeltwaterGroup Twitter: @MeltwaterFIN Instagram: @meltwaterfin #lifeatmeltwater


The presence, energy and positive can-do attitude that was transmitted throughout the recruiting process, caught my attention. Now, looking back at the past five years, it’s been an amazing journey. Hillamari Lautala M.Sc. (Marketing) Managing Director, Client Acquisition, Meltwater


t the time I applied for a role with Meltwater,

Nevertheless, we are supportive when someone falls

I was working in marketing and longed for

through, challenges are merely an opportunity to learn

more solid evidence of the footprint of my

and develop. I believe that each individual influences

work. I found sales, with its direct influence on

our culture with their own input. In the end, there are

a company’s turnover, to be what I was looking for. I also

few things an individual can’t influence with their own

wanted to learn about influencing and leading people,

attitude and drive. This is one of the important things I

so I felt that a career at Meltwater would develop me

have learned and witnessed working at Meltwater.

as a person and a leader. Although I wasn’t particularly

Most of my work experience prior to Meltwater is

familiar with the company beforehand, I remember the

from marketing. Marketing background and genuine

group interview, getting excited about the company and

interest towards different businesses turned out to be

especially the people that worked there. The presence,

useful in sales meetings with clients - ability to share

energy and positive can-do attitude that was transmitted

thoughts and tips concerning their marketing-associated

throughout the recruiting process, caught my attention.

challenges. In my opinion, diverse knowledge and

Now, looking back at the past five years, it’s been an

consistent curiosity towards business life are directly

amazing journey. I have achieved things I couldn’t

linked to developing business acumen. In addition, my

imagine and gotten a significantly more comprehensive

past in competing in equestrian sports on national

picture of the Finnish business landscape, SaaS industry

level has been useful, it has taught me long term goal-

and a diverse understanding of my own strengths and

orientation, perseverance and high work ethic.

areas of development.

When looking for a role, it pays off to be proactive

The culture at Meltwater is unique. While striving for

and apply to companies that interest you, even though

our goals we do it with respect towards others and while

they wouldn’t have open positions at the moment. When

having fun. We get to experience both achievements

preparing your application, remember to emphasize why

and disappointments together. One of the best things in

you are interested in that particular company and how

my role is seeing the members of my team grow and

your background, experience and personality suits the

succeed. Every time we reach our goals, we do something

role you’re applying for.

fun to celebrate the team.


Metsä Group is a forerunner in bioeconomy utilising renewable wood from sustainably managed northern forests. We operate in international markets and focus on tissue and cooking papers, paperboard, pulp, wood products, and wood supply and forest services. Our strong wood and fibre expertise is concentrated in fields where we have a clear competitive advantage and a bright future.

FIND YOUR PATH AT METSÄ! Our values – responsible profitability, reliability, cooperation and renewal – guide our operations and everyday work, including responsible management practices. We believe that employees committed to our values are one of our success factors. Respect for others and humour brighten up the working day – we work in earnest, but not with a serious face. We value our employees and invest in their professional development, wellbeing and safety at work. In return, we expect every one of our

WHO WE ARE LOOKING FOR We are constantly looking for young talents. See more information about open positions on our website.

SUMMER JOBS Summer job positions are open for applications until Feb 2018.

employees to develop their work and to think about what they could do


better and how to work for our common goals, every day.

In addition to professionals in production, experts in fields such as financial administration, sustainability, logistics, procurement, HR, communications, law and ICT can find a career in Metsä Group in various locations in Finland and abroad. With us, you will have an opportunity to do interesting and meaningful work with our high-quality renewable-material products and services as part of a dependable working community that values cooperation.


Veera Kivivirta M.Sc. (Accounting) Business Controller, Metsä Wood

Olli-Pekka Terävä M.Sc. (Accounting) Reporting Analyst, Metsä Tissue


hen I was graduating from Aalto University School of Business in 2010, Metsä Group was just initiating a new trainee program, which seemed like

an interesting way to start working in a new company.


y career at Metsä Group started as a summer intern in the Group Services in 2013. I had always been interested in traditional trade, which in my opinion, Metsä Group presents.

Now that I’ve been working here for quite a while, I feel

It was an excellent opportunity to gain all-round

privileged to express myself as a finance professional

experience with plenty of know-how and perspective

and be a part of an international forest industry group. At

right at the beginning of my career at Metsä Group.

Metsä Group I have a chance to work with a great team

During my trainee time I also got to explore our mills

and the working environment is really encouraging.

and production thoroughly, which has turned out to be very useful for me throughout these years.

My job tasks include for example weekly sales reporting, monthly data preparing and coordinating the

The job of a business controller often includes

budgeting process as a part of the Corporate Controlling

projects with very tight schedules. Luckily, during my

team. I have the freedom to develop my work by improving

studies I had already become good at prioritizing and

our reporting to produce more added value. This is why I

understanding the big picture. In addition, I had acquired

feel that my current job is both challenging and versatile.

wide experience from different financial administration

Earlier on I worked at a warehouse of a furniture retailer

and assistant controller tasks.

company. The job there taught me how to prioritize time

When you start looking for a job, focus on the

since scheduling an early morning job and studying was

positions that really interest you. Be patient - job hunting

unquestionably an interesting challenge. The theoretical

takes time. If you can’t find your dream job instantly,

base which I’m now applying in practise, I got from my

you’ll have plenty of opportunities to work later on

studies at Aalto University School of Business.

and your interests may change after graduation. Stay

Metsä Group offers great opportunities to advance

interested in constantly learning new things and your

your career. A good example of this is job rotation - I have

positive attitude will surely glow.

already had three different job titles and my future in the company is constantly shaping up. Since Metsä Group is global, working abroad is also an option.


Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential. That is what inspires us, drives our work and pushes us to challenge the status quo every day.

APPLY FOR OUR GRADUATE PROGRAM Do you want to work at the forefront of business and technology? We have a role for you. Our graduate program, Microsoft Academy of College Hires (MACH), offers you the opportunity to join Microsoft on a real, fulltime job role working on customer facing technologies in IT related and business-related sales positions.



Passion for technology

Business / IT / engineering related degrees

of graduation from a full time Bachelor’s or Master´s degree •

Sales Graduate: Are you passionate about consulting clients,

Eligibility to work in the country you are applying for & fluency in

handcrafting unique solutions for them and advising them how to change their business models with digital transformation? Microsoft

Pursuing or within one year

the local language •

For Technical Graduate positions,

Sales is a global technology leader that loves helping our customers

also business studies background

reach their highest business potential by accelerating organizational

is suitable if the student has

agility with connected technologies and solutions. Roles include

completed Information Technology

e.g. Account Manager, Licensing Sales Professional, Solution Sales


Professional, Sales Excellence Analyst, Business Development Manager, Business Manager Technical Graduate: If you enjoy working with clients and their technical department to anticipate problems, innovate technology and come up with new technical ideas then Microsoft Services is the place for you! You join a diverse team of technical experts who help our clients transform their lives and businesses through technology. We strive to earn the confidence, trust, and loyalty of our customers by helping them get the most from their technology investments through planning, deployment, and support services. Roles include e.g. Technical Account Manager, Service Delivery Manager, Technical & Functional Consultant, Associate Architect.

START DATES Technical Graduate: January/February 2018 or September/October 2018 Sales Graduate: January/February 2018 or September/October 2018



I’ve gotten lots of opportunities to challenge myself and my own learning skills, while the company around me has taken clear steps forward. Katri Mäntylä M.Sc. (Economics) Director, Enterprise Services, Microsoft


had the privilege to work with Microsoft’s products

every organisation on the planet to achieve more.

for many years in its partner companies before

Everyone working in Microsoft has to have an open

actually joining the company in 2016. I first started

attitude towards new things. The working days are never

in the IT-industry in 1999 after finishing my BBA, and

the same and since the atmosphere is very unrestricted,

since then I’ve completed a master’s degree in Turku

work is done regardless of time and place. Microsoft

School of Business and did MBA studies at the Henley

believes in the capabilities of its employees and wants

Business School. During my years in the industry, I got

to give them an opportunity to thrive and develop

inspired by Microsoft’s competitiveness and the will to

constantly, which gives us good opportunities to further

develop constantly, which can be seen in the everyday

develop our careers and to make use of our skills in

culture of the company.

different areas of business. We are expected to carry a

Since I had worked in a partner ecosystem, I already

lot of responsibility, but help is always available. As a big

knew the organization culture and was expecting an

and global organisation, Microsoft has a lot to offer and

ambitious working atmosphere when I joined the team.

career plans are made with superiors in order to help

The company managed still to surprise me with its low-

employees to reach their goals.

hierarchy approach towards the constant evolvement.

Microsoft is constantly looking for new employees,

I’ve gotten lots of opportunities to challenge myself and

so that is something to keep in mind. In general, it is

my own learning skills, while the company around me

advisable to maintain a good attitude when applying - an

has taken clear steps forward. Learning new things is our

open mind will take you far. Familiarize yourself with the

main principle, and we’ve changed our cultural attitude

position and come up with questions regarding it and the

accordingly from “know it all” to “learn it all”. In addition

company. Show your existing strengths and knowledge

to changing the company’s own aspect towards learning

in your application, but be also open for possible other

and evolving, we also help our customers to renew

opportunities we have to offer. Don’t give up even if

themselves with digital transformations. This crystallizes

you don’t get the position at first, keeping in touch and

our mission - we want to empower every person and

building networks might open the door later.


YOU ARE UNIQUE – YOUR SKILLS ARE UNIQUE Imagine you are surrounded by professionals of your field. You have the same educational background and you have worked with the same job title, have had same hobbies or positions of trust. However, when you look a little bit deeper you notice differences in your skills and abilities – even very profound differences. •

Your personalities are different, so you have regarded different aspects of experience important.

Your working styles are different, hence you have used different methods of learning and working.

You have worked in different organizations, with different people and thus learned interpersonal skills and tacit knowledge only these environments could provide.

You have been involved with different tasks and projects and different sides of the profession have been emphasized.

My customers often ask me how they can differentiate themselves from other professionals in the same field and how they could attract the attention of the recruiters. I answer with another question: When do you work with a smile on your face and get great results? My name is Arja Parpala and I work as a Career Coach at the Finnish Business School Graduates.



The main reason I love my job is genuinely helping my clients with their dreams and goals. I get inspired by their different situations and stories. Arja Parpala M.Sc. (Business Communication) Career Couch, The Finnish Business School Graduates


never actually applied for a job at the Finnish

of Economics have given a solid starting point and when

Business School Graduates. Having just sold my

it comes to education, one of the most important things

company to my business partner, I was thinking

I learned was broad business understanding. I have also

about the next step. Soon I ran into an acquaintance

taken professional coach and trainer trainings, which are

of mine, who worked as a development manager at the

linked with my current job. In addition, my work history

Finnish Business School Graduates. She asked my help

is very versatile after working in international marketing

to cover an absence, which by coincidence, led me to my

and communications at DHL, recruiting franchising

dream job. The main reason I love my job is genuinely

entrepreneurs for McDonalds, educating in a learning

helping my clients with their dreams and goals. I get

institution and being an entrepreneur myself.

inspired by their different situations and stories.

When applying for a job, you should use every method

When I entered the building in March 2010, I felt

and channel available. A good basic tool is a curriculum,

excited to work in an academic environment. Soon

that states clearly what you can offer to the employer

I found out that we have truly amazing people here

and what your goals are. One of the priorities in job

and I’m privileged to work with them. My days at work

hunting should be recognizing your own skills. Think

vary from phone calls and meetings with clients to

of yourself as a company with a value proposition and

development projects together with colleagues or

a service selection. What benefits will you offer for the

collaborates. In addition to personal coaching, I hold

employer? After that, utilize several channels to search

different workshops and lectures in universities. I have

for jobs. In addition to following job advertisements,

done the first webinars in our company, built the first

people often find jobs through their connections or by

online trainings and generated content on our website.

directly contacting the companies that interest them.

10 000 of our members use our services or participate in

Remember, that your dream job might be closer than you

our trainings on a yearly basis.

think. Share your dreams with your best friend and you

I need to keep my knowledge and skills up to date, constantly developing them. My studies at Helsinki School

might land a job through her connections - this is what happened to a young client of mine.

KY i s th e easiest and most effi ci en t ch annel to g et in touch w i th Fi n l a n d ’s leading b usiness students.


CONTACT Sales Coordinator Aura Hemminki 040 353 8282