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MURSU, WELCOME TO KY! Congratulations! You have just been admitted to pursue an academic degree in a top business school. But more importantly, you’re invited to start a new, exciting phase in your life. Many are called other names, but you are a mursu. Ever since the 1930s, the name mursu has been reserved for first-year students in Aalto University School of Business. Hold the title with dignity. there. Together with your tutor group, you will find each of your starting points in KY and Aalto BIZ. Going through the orientation and Mursujaiset, you will be making your first KY friends in no time.

KY is a community. We are nearly

4000 students and over 50 associations, working together to make our shared KY experience memorable. At KY, everyone finds their place. I encourage you to get out there and explore as many corners of our community as possible. This guide will help you.

KY looks after you. Together we are

strong – we represent all of our members’ interests within the School of Business, the broader Aalto community, and nationally together with Suomen Ekonomit. We make sure that our studies, social life, and Finnish society never stop improving.

KY offers opportunities. Your KY

To conclude, I have one more tip to share – remember to take care of your wellbeing. This can mean many things: keeping in touch with other friends, continuing a hobby or starting a new one, taking the time to relax, talking things through with friends or KY’s wellbeing tutors… University life can be eventful, but KY is a community designed for both highs and lows. We have gathered tips and resources to help you with your wellbeing throughout your studies.

journey is made by and made for you. Since 1911, KY has offered thousands of volunteers fun memories and valuable experiences from working together for our shared KY community. Also, we offer work and career opportunities through our long-lasting connections with some of the top employers in Finland. Make use of these possibilities.

Once again, warm congratulations! I hope you are eager to find your own path in KY – joining the community and grasping the opportunities that it offers. We are ready for you.

Dear mursu, you are in no rush. The new

Niko Ylä-Poikelus

On behalf of the whole KY community, I welcome you with open arms. I truly look forward to meeting you!

phase in life may seem grandiose and overwhelming: you are facing loads of information, constantly greeting new faces… We’ve all been


Chair of the Executive Board


TABLE OF CONTENTS WELCOME TO KY AND AALTO!.........................2

STUDIES.............................73 STUDYING IN AALTO BIZ............................75 INTERNATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES........79

WHAT IS KY?......................................................9


KY’S HISTORY IN A NUTSHELL................10


A KY YEAR........................................................14 EVENTS.............................................................16 WELLBEING / BEWELL...............................19


CODE OF CONDUCT......................................20


MURSU PASSPORT.......................................22



HELSINGIN EKONOMIT...............................94


SUOMEN EKONOMIT...................................96

AALTO COMMUNITY.....................................30

KY OFFICE..........................99

COME ALONG....................37

OPENING DOORS TO ESPILÄ................100


KY BOARD......................................................101


ACADEMIC AFFAIRS..................................104






CORPORATE RELATIONS........................110


KY FOUNDATION........................................112


KY BOARD......................................................114

SUBJECT CLUBS.............................................60


PROJECT COMMITTEES..............................64


KY ALUMNI.......................................................66


KYLTERI MAGAZINE......................................68

KY DICTIONARY..............117

REPRESENTATIVE COUNCIL.....................70



WELCOME TO KY AND AALTO Whether you are seeking new adventures or looking for friends, KY has many opportunities in store for you. From partying until dawn at a Kuntis or learning new skills to indulging in conversations with representatives from the top companies in Finland and trying out new sports, KY has it all. These events are just some of the highlights from all the events KY’s different associations offer throughout the year! 7



Our website with all the most recent updates, news and events.

For the years to come, Aalto University Business Students, or KY, will be the home and community to you and your fellow mursus. Founded in 1911, KY has ever since provided its members services and benefits, student advocacy and memorable experiences, as well as friendships that last a lifetime. KY exists solely for – and because of – its members. Many students choose to volunteer their time and know-how to help run, for example, KY’s associations, committees and project teams. Every degree student at Aalto University School of Business may join KY and the membership is free of charge. KY Foundation, for its part, was founded to support the students at Aalto University School of Business. The foundation distributes grants and subsidies, for example, to KY’s associations and individual projects. You can read more about KY Foundation on page 112. The following pages will introduce you to the different parts of KY - familiarize yourself with the organization to be able to make the most out of your time here. (Mursu, welcome to KY!)


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KY’S HISTORY IN A NUTSHELL 1910’s: KY’s first steps The Helsinki School of Economics Student Association (Kauppakorkeakoulun Oppilasyhdistys) was founded on October 7th, 1911 as a student association for the first Finnish-speaking university level business school. During its first years, the union had only around 70 members and limited financial resources. KY’s flag, student ribbon and emblem all date back to the start of the student union, and are still used to this day.


1920’s: Partying despite the prohibition In 1923, the name of the association was changed – Helsinki School of Economics Student Union (KY) was founded. The prohibition of alcohol created its own set of challenges for KY’s active cultural sector, but thanks to clever students, one did not have to merely sip lemonade at parties. In 1927, the student union received its first own space but the dream of an own building had started to develop in the students’ minds.

1930’s: KY Building in the horizon

1960’s: The decade of Finnfocus and television

Financing an own building was a long process. Several fundraisers were organized, with a raffle being the tip of the iceberg. At times the depression drove the entire construction project into a difficult situation but willpower, hard

The huge export trade show, Finnfocus, held in London in 1968 is the biggest event in KY history. KY rented M/S Finnpartner from Amer, and the ship sailed to London to promote Finland and Finnish companies internationally.

work and a pinch of luck finally led to success and construction planning began in 1939.

The project was a bold and risky investment, which ended up creating a lot of positive publicity. During the 60’s, KY was also active in the TV business: KY was a shareholder in Tesvisio, the company behind the first commercial TV channel in Finland. Student numbers increased quickly at the beginning of the 1960’s, leading to growing housing challenges. KY’s solution was to start building student housing on Ruusulankatu in Töölö and on Vaasankatu in Kallio.

1940’s: KY Building is completed During World War II, the school’s doors were open infrequently. Even though the war had slowed down the construction project, KY Building was finished in February 1940 and soon after, 42 lucky KY members got to move into the top floors. The war also wasn’t enough to cancel KY’s traditional events like Annual Ball, Mursujaiset and Wappu.

1950’s: To top off, smoke a Boston! After the war, it was time to focus on rebuilding the society and economy. KY made its first achievement in commercial entrepreneurship by founding the tobacco corporation Amer-Tupakka Oy in 1950, and thanks to cunning marketing, Amer’s Boston cigarettes quickly grew to be a widely popular brand. Also, activity in clubs started to show signs of life and KY’s sports club was in its golden age, KY often being unbeatable in academic leagues.


1970’s: Turning KY Building into office space Student union activities became more political in the 70’s. Political battles and, as a result, frequent changes in the KY Board depict the time at KY. A hot topic was the fate of the KY Building – should existing student housing be kept or should the building’s financial potential be better utilized? After a long debate, KY finally decided to change the building’s dormitory into office space.

1980’s: From pinstripes to overalls and politics to partying

2000’s: KY in the new millennium

dent union’s own restaurants; one of the most popular nightclubs of the time, KY-Exit, was located in the KY Building. The use of overalls became more common as student life came closer to what it is today.

offering kept on expanding when new apartment buildings were finished in Arabianranta in 2006 and on Arkadiankatu in 2009.

In the whirlwind of the casino economy, KY began to diversify its stock holdings and professionals were hired to lead KY-owned companies through the Ekomen Group.

Increasing the service level was a major focus The student union’s activity wasn’t as political point of the first decade in the new millennium. in the 1980’s as in the previous decades. In this spirit, KY created a fund for international exchange to support the students in their In the 1980s KY members partied in the stutraveling expenses. In addition, the apartment

KY was also active outside the student union, and the media diligently followed KY’s affairs. KY continued searching for its limits and offered financing for creating a new radio channel, Radio City.

1990’s: Emerging from depression The deep depression in Finland at the beginning of the decade severely affected KY. The Ekomen Group declared bankruptcy in 1992 and KY struggled with grave financial difficulties. To balance its finances, KY sold its stock holdings in Amer. The representative council’s meeting leading to the decision was followed by the national news.


2010’s: KY as an association

As Aalto University and Aalto University Student Union were founded, KY’s status as a student union was retracted. KY as an association started its operations on the first of January 2010, and during the first years, KY searched for its place in the new union and looked for new directions. KY Foundation began operating to provide financial support and other resources for students and associations. In 2015, after more than 100 years in Töölö and 75 years in the KY Building, KY expanded to Otaniemi and focused the majority of its activities on Otaniemi campus. To embrace the Aalto community in full, KY changed its official name to Aalto University Business Students in 2016.

2020’s: KY embraces the Aalto Community and Otaniemi After the multiple floors of the KY Building had been empty for years and the overall condition of the building had been declining, KY’s Representative Council and KY Foundation made the decision to sell the iconic building in 2020. The move to Otaniemi was even further solidified by this as well as the efforts towards building the Student Center in cooperation with Aalto University, AYY and Teknologföreningen. The building, which will offer common spaces to all students and volunteers of the community, is predicted to be finished in 2024.

Check the full KY Story at!


KY YEAR Whether you are seeking new adventures or looking for friends, KY has many opportunities in store for you! From partying until dawn at a Kuntis or learning new skills to indulging in conversations with representatives from the top companies in Finland and trying out new sports, KY has it all!


Club Lagoon

Summer Job Night

These events are just some of the highlights from all the events KY’s different associations offer throughout the year!



Last sitz party of the year









Jäänmurtajaiset & Kuntis Orientation Week Mursujaiset Info evenings Harkkasitsit




Autumn Hike Trainee Night


Honor’s Night III-Kierros Boston Night

Masters’ Night SILLIS?!?!? Around the World -sitsit Feel Good Week


Syksyn lauluilta KY-Sub’s trip to St. Petersburg Search for Volunteers Kaa(m)os


Aalto City Challenge


Have You Met Suvi? Afterworks


Annual Ball Brunch Vuosijuhlasitsit KY’s 111th Annual ball SILLIS?!!? Search for Tutors


Hukkaputki Wappu Sitz


KY Wappu

Feel Good Week Kevään lauluilta Spring Break


EVENTS The KY Year is filled with various types of events. There’s definitely something for everyone, whether you’re looking to improve your sushi wrapping skills or go bar hopping in Kontula. Remember to join the Telegram channel KY Events to stay up to date!

Orientation week and mursujaiset Orientation week is not only about adapting to the academic world, it’s also about getting to know KY and Aalto, our associations and what they have to offer. This includes events ranging from getting to know our community and Otaniemi through Otasuunnistus, Aalto Party and Aalto Amazing Race, to getting to know your fellow mursus at Jäänmurtajaiset, Mursujaiset, and Mursu Party or Meet Your Masters, if you are an incoming Master’s mursu. The whole Orientation week is filled with amazing events for you to meet new people in and gain a grasp of what being a student at Aalto University School of Business is all about. KY, as well as the orientation week, is not only about the boozy nights. To ensure this, KY’s Sports and Wellbeing Committee LiHy organizes a playful sports event, Mursu Championships, where tutor groups compete against each other. This is also one of the many places where you can get


to know KY’s sports associations. At Mursu Expo on orientation week’s Friday you will get a chance to learn more about KY’s clubs, subcommittees, committees, subject clubs and everything else KY has to offer. Get to know the actors beforehand by reading this Guide! The highlight of the fall, and your KY years, is Mursujaiset. The 24-hour experience is an academic baptism for all new BIZ students, but we won’t reveal too much beforehand! Save the date, 16.9. (and maybe the day after), because this is something you do not want to miss.

Autumn Festival The highlight of October, and the week you get to take your brand new overalls out for a stroll for the first time, is the Autumn Festival. The Festival begins with the traditional pub crawl III-Kierros which is followed by the glamorous, simultaneously held Boston Night and Masters’ Night. During the week KY also commemorates its’ volunteers during Honor’s Night. The week culminates in the legendary Sillis,

which truly is something extraordinary.

Feel Good Weeks

Even though feeling good should be a constant state of mind, we here at KY want to put extra emphasis on it during twice a year organised Feel Good Weeks. Mindfulness, cooking classes or exercise advice are just some of the opportunities during the weeks, and the program varies. These opportunities are planned to balance your life between studies, relieve stress and to give you inspiration to try out these activities during regular weeks too.

KY Week

The most amazing week of the year takes place in the early spring when it’s time to celebrate KY’s birthday! Next year, KY celebrates its amazing 111-year journey


with elegant festivities. The week kicks off with a Formal dressing and smooth party behaviour class, goes onto the Annual Ball sitsi party and Annual Ball Brunch followed by the comeback of Vuosijuhlakuntis, and ends on the highest of notes: the glorious Annual Ball. Of course the party doesn’t end there and the ever so adventurous Sillis makes sure we get to celebrate our beloved KY all day and all night.

Company excursions

KY organizes numerous excursions during the academic year. Make sure to join them as they are a great way to meet the company representatives in person and to ask them about the possibilities they have to offer. Excursions are a great way to make a good first impression on your future employer!

Kuntis parties

Kuntis parties are one of the highlights of the KY year. KY’s Kuntis parties bring together your fellow students and they are organised at Helsinki’s best night clubs. At Kuntis, you can enjoy student priced drinks, meet new people and listen to live music from some of the most exciting artists in Finland.

Lauluilta and sitsi parties

Lauluilta is a dinner party with long traditions. During these nights, traditional songs from KY’s own songbook, Kiljukaula, are sung and usually a three course dinner with wines and schnaps is enjoyed. A lauluilta is one of the best ways to get to know more about traditions and roots of KY, so be sure to check out Harkkalauluilta in the beginning of 2021!

At KY, sitsi culture lives strong as well. Like Lauluilta, sitsi parties are as well academic


dinner parties, but with their own traditions and manners. For instance, people usually wear overalls at sitsis, but dress a bit fancier to a lauluilta.

Pub crawls

Pub crawls are all about having fun in good company. They are typical student events where people from different cities and universities gather in one city to tour different pubs and bars with their friends. KY organises two pub crawls annually one in October during Autumn Festival and one in April. III-kierros takes place along the routes of trams number 2 and 3 and the legendary Hukkaputki introduces students to the metro tunnels of East Helsinki. Search for Hukkaputki or III-Kierros on KY’s YouTube to get a grasp of what’s to come. In addition, there are organised rides to various pub crawls around Finland.

BEWELL To many, these uni years are the most memorable times of our lives, full of new experiences, friends and rendezvous. However, in the midst of all the fun, we all face challenges and hardships sometimes. In recent years we have focused even more on our members’ individual wellbeing and aim to create an open and transparent environment, where everyone can share their ups and downs. To answer these needs we have created the BeWell project, which aims to make the discussion about difficult topics easier. Need someone to talk to? Want to discuss choosing your major? Want to know more about Aalto’s different health services? Check out our Wellbeing Tutors on and feel free to contact them at any time! The Wellbeing Tutors are here to offer our members’ peer support in similar experiences that we all go through during our time here at uni, and in life in general. You can also browse through different wellbeing-related themes on, where we have gathered important information on wellbeing services that are available for you. And don’t forget to attend the Sports and Wellbeing Committee LiHy’s various events such as our Wellbeing Weeks, Autumn Hike, and Mursu Championships to balance out your life with some exercise and wellbeing!


CODE OF CONDUCT KY is a community full of people from all walks

propriate comments or gestures about some-

of life. The people are our biggest asset in our everyday work because KY’s operations are based on our members working together. To ensure that everyone feels safe and welcome in our community, KY has a Code of Conduct that every KY member should read and follow. The Code of Conduct describes the principles and policies we follow and sets the guidelines for the kind of behavior we expect from each other.

one or their appearance and unsolicited suggestive communications in any format.

The Code of Conduct applies to all KY members, KY employees, attendees of KY’s events, partners of KY and all people who hold a position of trust at KY or in an association operating under KY. The principles described in it should be followed in all kinds of interactions between members of our community, whether those are carried out live or remotely. Events are an integral part of KY and thus our Code of Conduct is especially important when it comes to them. Our goal is to create events where everyone feels safe and welcome to participate. All our events are dedicated to providing harassment-free conditions for everyone regardless of their gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race, ethnicity or religion. KY has zero tolerance for all kinds of harassment and inappropriate conduct or behavior. This includes, for example, all kinds of violence, unwelcome touching, inap-


Above all we want you all to feel safe and have fun in all of our events.

Here are some tips on how to conduct yourself in our events to ensure a good and safe experience for everyone: 1. Make yourself visible when approaching someone new. You don’t need to take anyone by surprise. 2. Ask for consent. May I join you? May I get 3.

4. 5. 6.

you a drink? Avoid following or staring at someone forever as it may make them uncomfortable. Give people their own personal space. Avoid filming people without their permission. Don’t flirt with someone who needs care. Helping someone who is having a difficult time is not an open door to flirt with them and if someone is having a hard time communicating or can’t take care of themselves, they can’t consent to sexual interactions.

If you spot a situation that seems to go against our Code of Conduct or where intervention could be needed, here are some ways you as a bystander can help: •

Delegate the situation to a bouncer or the event organizer or have them assist you in breaking up the situation. Directly confront the situation if you feel safe to do so. Ask if everything is okay or if help is needed and help the person getting harrassed exit the situation. Create a distraction by, for example, pretending you’re a friend of the person getting harrassed and create an opportunity for them to leave the scene. Document the situation, since filming or writing down what’s happening can be useful later on. If none of these help, wait the situation out and check on the person when the situation itself has passed.


MURSUPASSPORT KY can be a difficult community to navigate

During this autumn, you will become familiar

through at first. There are a ton of clubs, committees, subcommittees, subject clubs, and other organizations wanting to get to know all of you new mursus. To make life a bit easier for you, we have renewed our Mursu Passport!

with KY’s rich, 110 year-old culture, traditions and different actors related to KY. The purpose of the passport is to encourage you to try different activities and get to know the wide array of possibilities KY offers. Ask your tutor, or any older KY member for more information!

Once your KY membership application is accepted, you’ll be able to sign in to your personal digital Mursu Passport. The passport has loads of different tasks for a young mursu to do; visiting the KY Office Espilä, going to an info evening, taking a moment to organize your personal calendar or taking part in LiHy’s Mursu Championships! Completing tasks earns you points, and you can track your progress in real time on the website. The more points you gain, the more prizes you are entitled to! One of the prizes is the invaluable KY Cockade, which you can attach to your graduation cap and be recognized as a true Kylteri. The mursu passport gives you a lot of information about Orientation week, the KY organization and the various associations operating either directly or indirectly under KY. The first tasks in the Mursu Passport begin as early as the first days of Orientation Week, so be sure to read through the tasks and participate in everything you find even remotely interesting! You’ll be surprised by the amount of fun activities to collect!



PROBBA In the realm of student organizations, Probba

with English even during free time to create an

is somewhat of an oddball. Located in the center of Mikkeli, Probba represents the Aalto University Mikkeli Campus and all its students. As home to only one program, the Probba community consists of only international business students. During the founding of the Mikkeli campus, the program was called a BBA program but was later changed to BScBA. However, Probba members are still proudly called Babas in tandem with the roots of our program’s name.

inclusive atmosphere.

The community of Babas is a tight bunch, as only around 80 new students start their studies in the program every year. The studies last for 3 years and include an exchange semester during the last year. The community in Mikkeli embraces its diversity in spades as around every third of its member is a foreign student. This melting pot of different cultures and lively students has found a soft spot in the hearts of Babas. The daily life of Babas revolves around the intense 3-week long courses which are taught by top professors from all over the world. As the program is taught in English, many of the professors are from foreign top universities and come to Mikkeli to provide close-quarters education to the few select students at the campus. In the tight world of people from various backgrounds, many Babas opt for sticking


In the midst of the intensive studies, the Probba community boasts a plethora of student clubs, which offer a wide range of activities and events to lighten up the lives of Babas. While at first glance one could assume the contrary, Mikkeli and its lively students are known for always having something going on: whether it be students cheering their football team to victory, board game enthusiasts competing in wits and vigor, or culinary maestros honing their newest delicacies. Some hotspots of Babas are known to be Pankalampi beach with its beach volley courts and warm summer days, the scenic Naisvuori as a place to glance over the city while enjoying past time with friends, and the bars of Mikkeli where Babas can be found seizing the dance floor and living their lives to the fullest. On top of being the head of the student community in Mikkeli, Probba has a unique stance as a coordinator of academic life on the campus. Together with the staff, Probba promotes the perspective of the students to create a healthy and effective educational environment for the students, professors, and staff alike. While many of the students will only stay in Mikkeli for a few years, the impact of the time spent learning from friends and the program alike stays for a lifetime.

The tight-knit community of Probba is a lasting one. A fitting nickname of current and old Babas is the Mikkeli Mafia, as students from Mikkeli tend to have a tight connection to many Alumni in their work-life. The shared history of Babas acts as glue and opens many doors and possibilities worldwide. As the Babas in Mikkeli are preparing to welcome our next generation of students, we are looking forward to meeting you with open arms. To have an early sneak peek at what is happening in Mikkeli, be sure to follow our Instagram @probbary and Snapchat @ probba89. For more information on what and who is behind Probba ry, visit our webpage at Hoping to see you soon!


AALTO UNIVERSITY STUDENT UNION - AYY GREETINGS FROM THE STUDENT UNION! Welcome to Aalto University and its student union, AYY! Here at the Student Union we aim to ensure that you can truly experience the best student’s life in the world here at Aalto. Our wish is that every student feels good and safe in our student community, and that every one of us receives all the help and support they need for the entire duration of their studies. You are stepping into a world of endless opportunities. We urge you to be curious, innovate, to learn and most of all to enjoy your time at Aalto. Don’t be afraid, even though finding your own passion and place in the world might seem like a big task. We are here to support you in all of your problems. See you around! Matias Saikku Board Member (Community, Volunteers, New Students), Board Angel of KY


What is AYY?


As a student of Aalto, Aalto University Student Union, AYY, is your student union. AYY brings together about 14,000 students of arts, design, business and technology. We work to ensure the well-being of all our members and we want to develop teaching at Aalto and the best student life in the world. As a member of AYY, you are entitled to numerous student union services and student benefits both locally and throughout Finland. AYY offers several services for its members, such as affordable student housing, rental facilities, and advocacy. As a student of Aalto, you can also participate in activities and events organised by AYY and over 200 associations within the Student Union.

Communication channels You can find comprehensive information about all AYY’s services and opportunities at We compile all current information concerning students in the weekly newsletter published by email on Mondays.

More than 15,000 members Approximately 200 organisations and associations Approximately 2,600 student apartments Nearly 50 employees

10 full-time board members Approximately 400 volunteers

INSTAGRAM @ayy_fi @ayyhousing FACEBOOK Aalto-yliopiston ylioppilaskunta AYY AYY Housing TWITTER @AYY_FI YOUTUBE Student Union AYY LINKEDIN Aalto University Student Union AYY



and policies of the Student Union. The next

Student housing

the autumn.

Representative Council elections will be held in

AYY owns approximately 2,600 affordable student apartments in Helsinki and Espoo and offers a home for over 3,200 residents. All degree and exchange students who are members of AYY have the right to apply for AYY’s housing. You can apply for housing as soon as your admission is confirmed by the university. First-year students and students moving from outside the Helsinki metropolitan area are given priority in the allocation of housing. Firstyear students receive an additional score when they apply for AYY’s shared apartment queues. To receive the score, students must apply for housing no later than in July or December, de-

Student culture Volunteering, association activities and diverse events are an essential part of Aalto student culture and the Aalto community. The highlights of the year include Wappu events, anniversaries, Shrovetide celebrations and many other events starting right from the orientation week. In addition to the Student Union, events are organised by volunteers who work in sections and committees. AYY has six sections: Aava Community Section, Campus Section, Teekkari

pending on when their studies begin.

Section, Museum Section, New Students Sec-

You can browse and search for AYY’s housing

commonly known as EduJory). The call for vol-

tion and Advocacy Management Group (more

through the Domo system: As a student, you can also apply for housing from the the Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region (HOAS).

unteers will open in late autumn. Information on the call will be published in AYY’s communication channels. In addition, AYY has more than 200 associations that organise activities in the fields of

Advocacy and interest representation You can take advantage of AYY’s advocacy services if your exam results are late or you may get in touch with a harassment contact person if you encounter harassment. As a member of AYY, you can apply for administration as a student representative and influence the deci-

sports, music, games, and other hobbies. New students are always welcome to join association activities, and AYY offers help, support, and advice for the establishment of associations and their activities. Keep an open mind for different opportunities and get to know the

sions made at the university.

associations in upcoming events!

AYY’s highest decision-making body is the

AYY’s renewed museum will open in the au-

Representative Council, which is elected by vote. In the elections, all AYY members can vote and run as candidates. Members of the Representative Council decide on the goals


tumn after a renovation and a brand reform. In the museum, you can get to know the history of student cultures.

Rental facilities In addition to housing, AYY has numerous saunas, event venues and recreational facilities that members can rent. Some facilities are free of charge. AYY also rents a van and a trailer. Scholarships and project grants You can apply for a project grant from AYY or the TTE-Fund for a project organised by a group of friends or an association. You can also apply for scholarships awarded by AYY.

Student benefits You will receive a digital or plastic student card to prove your student status (card delivered by Frank). By showing your student status, you are entitled to hundreds of benefits from August 1st onwards, including Kela, Matkahuolto and VR, as well as to student lunch discount in student restaurants. You are also entitled to student discount in public transport in the metropolitan area if you live in the HSL area and have updated your student status in your travel card


at the HSL service point or you can verify your student status in the HSL app and utilize the student discount there. You can find the list of all benefits and discounts available with the student card on Frank’s website at The digital student card Frank App is an official student ID, which you can download and activate starting on 1 Aug once you have enrolled for attendance at the university and paid AYY’s membership fee (service break on 31 July-8 Aug, during which it is not possible to enrol or pay the membership fee). You can check the prices of other card options on Frank’s website. You can also add an ISIC license to both digital and plastic student cards. More information on different student cards can be found on Frank’s website at Once you have received the plastic student card, please remember to pick up the academic year tag for your card from AYY’s service point!


Fyysikkokilta The Guild of Physics (aka Fyysikkokilta, FK) is a subject association founded in 1947. It gathers under one roof all Engineering Physics and Mathematics students as well as Quantum Technology students in Aalto. Each guild member specializes in either physics, mathematics or systems sciences, unless they study Quantum Tech. The guild’s overalls are natural white. In order to get the right shade, fuksis dye their overalls with tea.


Arkkitehtikilta The Aalto University Guild of Architecture is a student organization especially for students of architecture, landscape architecture and interior architecture. It functions under the student union, AYY. The Guild was founded in 1908. However, it is rather known for its creative mindset than conservative traditions. Among the most important missions of the Guild are advocating the students interest and organizing a myriad of events from sports events to theatre visits and wine and cheese evenings to sitsi parties. You can recognise our members from broken white overalls at Wappu, and during other times from dark clothes or striped shirts.


Athene, Guild of Information Networks, was founded by its students in 1999. Despite its small size and young age, it is full of cheerful students. Athene’s overalls are a forest green or “Athene green”. The overalls’ left sleeve, collars and back pockets are black as a tribute to when Athene separated from the Computer Science Guild in 2003. The eye of Athene is the official logo which can be spotted from the overalls.

Inkubio Inkubio is the guild for bioinformation technology students in Aalto University. You may recognise inkubites from red-brown overalls with self-made cow patches. The atmosphere in our guild is warm and all new members are welcomed.

Our important values are ecology, tolerance and community. The guild arranges all kinds of activities for its members in the areas of culture, sports, working life and, also, partying. Last year we arranged a whopping 103 events. A good place to bump into inkubites is in our guild room which is like another home for many of us.

Kemistikilta The history of the Chemistry Guild begins in 1891, making it the oldest guild in Aalto University. The Guild’s symbol is a white neon atom. The Chemistry Guild brings together students interested in chemistry, biochemistry and process engineering.


The easiest way to find members of the Guild is to visit the guild room, where you’ll also find our traditional games: corona, marjapussi and pärkänheitto. You may also come across our Guild magazine, Tisle.

KIK The Guild of Mechanical Engineers, Koneinsinöörikilta or KIK, is a student organization for mechanical and structural engineering students in Aalto University School of Engineering. KIK organizes a large number of events, excursions and parties, takes care of new students, offers services and takes care of students’ interests towards the departments and faculty.

You’ll recognise us from our dope pink overalls, same coloured crawler tractor mascot Tela-Vera and joyful, loud ”Yy, kaa, KO, NE!” shouts. Read more about KIK at

vises members’ rights. You can recognize the guild members from matte black overalls with fuchsia red left sleeves.


The Association of Process Engineering Students (Prosessiteekkarit or PT) is a university association founded in 2012 that receives the freshmen starting their studies in the Chemical Engineering bachelor’s programme including the new English bachelor’s programme.

The Guild of Surveying Engineers is known as the most family-like guild in Otaniemi. It was established in 1901, which makes it the oldest student guild in Finland to still receive new students every year. The guild is especially for students in the degree programs of Built Environment, Real Estate Economics, Spatial Planning and Transportation Engineering, Urban Mobility and Urban Studies and Planning. The guild educates its new students about teekkari life, arranges fun activities and super-


The PT overalls are blue with red, blue, and yellow stripes decorating the sleeves and legs to represent the school’s old guilds, which used to accept freshmen. The PT logo, a Bourdon tube pressure gauge, can be found on the back of the overalls.

Puunjalostajakilta The Forest Products guild (PJK) was founded in 1945 and it’s the Guild for the students interested in more traditional forest based industries, such as paper, cellulose and mechanical wood engineering, and also newer bioproducts, such as bioplastics. You may recognize the Guild members from a yellow sleeve on our blue overalls. If you wish to meet Guild members you can visit our guild room for a game or two.

Rakennusinsinöörikilta The Guild of Civil Engineers (IK) gathers all students of energy, environmental and computational engineering under one roof, acting as a student association and looking after the students’ interests. The Guild plans and organizes cultural benefits, sports activities and a wide variety of parties. The Guild also organizes lots of events for the university freshmen. The Guild handles much of the informing of its members on topical things and events, handles relations between different faculties, guilds and the corporate world, affecting academic matters as well as day-to-day activities.

Sähköinsinöörikilta Aalto University’s Guild of Electrical Engineering is an association of electrical engineering students in Aalto University. The guild was founded in 1921 and it has now more than 500 members who are studying electrical engineering or are otherwise interested in the guild.


The purpose of the guild is to serve the interests of its members at Aalto University and at the School of Electrical Engineering (ELEC). The guild also takes care of the well-being of its members, promotes professional skills and maintains teekkari spirit.

Teknologföreningen Teknologföreningen is a Swedish-speaking student nation at Aalto University with over 800 members from different branches of Aalto. The official language is Swedish, but we welcome everybody that has an interest in learning Swedish as well. TF has increased cooperation with KY and is a part of the Student Centre Project together with KY and AYY. By joining TF, you can join our activities and events, get your own key to our building and use our member facilities such as saunas. Our tutors and the Phuxivator (Fuksi Captain) are here to help you and to make sure that everybody feels welcome at TF. Questions? Ask me anything! Phuxivator: Malena Österman 040 9524869 TG: @phuxivator

Tietokilta Tietokilta ry (Computer Science Guild) is the guild for computer science students. It is one of the biggest guilds with over 100 Finnish fuksis and over 200 international fuksis each year.

Main purposes of Tietokilta are to do advocacy both at the university and student union level, do corporate cooperation and organize free time activities for our members. These activities can vary from cooking evenings to trips abroad. The easiest way to get to know our guild is to visit our guild room at the Computer Science building (when it is possible).

Vuorimieskilta Vuorimieskilta is a subject organization for students of Materials Science and Technology, founded in 1947. The Guild organizes a wide variety of recreational events, helps develop the degree program, and builds a close community among students. Although Vuorimieskilta is one of the smallest in Otaniemi, we are known in the Aalto community as a unique, loud and visible guild. For many members of the guild, this small community has brought lots of memorable moments and close friends. As volunteers, we are very active and things are always done with smiles on our faces.



COME ALONG New friends, skills and experiences. Hard work and rewarding results. Wappu festivities in overalls, the Annual Ball in an evening gown or a tailcoat. Taking part in KY activities grants you opportunities like these and much more! Looking back at your student years, you’ll surely prefer remembering not only auditoriums and lectures at Aalto BIZ, but also the hands-on experience and lifelong friendships gained while studying. Diverse activities are at the heart of KY. Without various sorts of activities arranged by KY’s volunteers, there would be no KY at all – and without newcomers like you, KY would have no future. Next, you’ll be introduced to our associations and possibilities in volunteering that we have to offer so turn the page and come along!




SUB KY-Sub, KY’s International Subcommittee, is the youngest and liveliest subcommittee on a mission to integrate exchange and international students into the Finnish student culture. Our all-inclusive events range from crazy theme parties (St. Patrick’s Party, Around the World sitsis) to more laidback hangouts (Welcome & Farewell evenings, sewing overall badges), but we also have events aimed at specific groups of students, such as the memorable Lapland and St. Petersburg trips for exchange students, and the wild Mursulaiva for all mursus! Whether you are aiming to build an international career and want to improve your personal skills, or simply wish to meet new people and have friends all over the world, KY-Sub is the place to be!


By joining Sub, you’ll become a part of an ever-growing and loving family, which provides you support and connections all over the world, long-lasting and close relationships, and a bunch of incredible memories along with many internal events. For more information, either ask a Sub member (you can recognize us from the flag ribbon on the side of our overalls), or check out our Facebook page @KYSub & Instagram @ky_sub!

KUJ KUJ, more formally Kulttuurijaosto, is the Cultural Subcommittee of KY. For decades, KUJ has ensured that the students of KY get their fair share of parties and events – and will continue to do so for many years to come. The most visible events KUJ arranges include parties like Sillis, Club Lagoon (the largest student club party in Helsinki) and KY’s official entrance exam party. In September, KUJ will welcome you to the student community at Mursujaiset, a 24hour ordeal for new students, for which you should already brace yourself. You can spot members of KUJ by the fur collars on their overalls. KUJ forms a tight-knit community, and former members of the board are often active even years after graduation. As a member of KUJ, you become a part of something much larger than just student life – you’ll find yourself at the heart of student culture. The door is open once and only once, so mursu, choose wisely. You can find more information at, or by following KUJ on Facebook @KUJry.


NESU NESU-KY, the Association of Nordic Economic Students’ Union at KY, is the largest of the three subcommittees at KY. Our main responsibility is preserving KY’s sitsi-culture, and our first sitsi party of the semester – Harkkasitsit – is something you don’t want to miss! Our event portfolio also includes career events held in cooperation with future employers, as well as many exclusive events for our members. You might have also heard of our legendary Wappu Terrace! Each fall we warmly welcome tens of mursus to join us. You can recognize our members from the NESU-letters and names that embellish our overalls. Once you join NESU-KY, you become part of a tight community that grants you unforgettable experiences for the rest of your studies. Our active alumni are also a frequent sight at our events. If you want to make the most of your first year at university, NESU is the place to be! For more information, check out our Facebook page

@NESUKY or Instagram @nesu_ky



CORE CORE helps you decide what you want to be when you grow up. We make sure that KY members know about all the available career


opportunities and help you reach the best of them. As our name CORE suggests, we manage KY’s corporate relations. We serve our partnering companies and help them reach KY’s talented members. The most visible part of CORE’s work are our career focused events and excursions, most of which are also open for Mursus! Being a part of CORE is incredibly beneficial for its members. Each member manages the partnership of at least one partner of KY. This develops the members’ business communications and organizational skills, and gives them professional contacts from a desired company. In addition, CORE’s members get to polish their negotiation skills by looking for new partners and benefits. Come to our events and take a leap in your career!

wellbeing to tips on useful software available to the Aalto community, so be sure to stay tuned.

KOVA KY’s Academic Affairs Committee, KOVA, defends students’ interests, takes part in academic discussion and upholds cooperation with Aalto BIZ. We aim to improve studies and to ensure that your daily life as an Aalto BIZ student runs smoothly. For example, KOVA maintains the KY’s studies page ( which helps you navigate through your degree. While you are there, be sure to check out the Fringe Study Guide where you’ll find honest thoughts of our courses. When you advance in your studies, please revisit to leave a review. KOVA regularly shares study tips on KY’ Instagram ranging from advice on


The committee also organizes events, like Proffa-lauluilta, where students have the opportunity to let loose with professors. Besides campaigning for better studies, KOVA oversees selecting and awarding the Teacher of the Year to celebrate the success of our professors. In addition, an essential part of their work is to conduct surveys to guarantee student wellbeing and high-quality education.

KUVA As you may have noticed, KY’s calendar is full of different events and activities. Their purpose is to bring students together, build our community stronger and offer unforgettable moments for all KY members. Many of these amazing events ranging from pub crawls to lauluilta dinners and the Wappu Parade are organised by KY’s Cultural Committee, KUVA. KUVA’s mission is to uphold and advance KY’s culture, and to do so in great company and spirit. KUVA truly is in the heart of KY spirit, and all of its 17 members get to enjoy the best parts of culture. With teamwork and a great group of friends, KUVA organises all of these events for all KY members, whilst living the dream student life.


LiHy Need some balance in your life alongside all the partying and studying? The Sports and Wellbeing Committee LiHy is here to help! To build a stronger KY community, LiHy organizes a wide range of events to support students’ physical and mental wellbeing. Be it remotely or live, LiHy is here to make you feel better and make your student life more balanced. Our events vary from a puppy coffee break, a remote cake buffet, to a multidisciplinary biking adventure, or a hiking trip to beautiful Lapland. The 14 members of the most energetic Committee of KY can be recognized from their sporty and vibrant orange-striped adidas jackets and socks. LiHy’s goal is to provide students with unforgettable memories - and of course, to have fun at the same time!


MC Who said living your student life to the fullest ends once you start working on your master’s degree? Masters’ Committee is here to help our beloved master’s students in making the most of the last two (or more) study years! MC organizes events where every master’s student can come relax and network with people across all different majors. Whether it’s a casual hangout, an excursion, or a sparkling gala, there’s always something interesting to do, and new people to meet. The committee members are both experienced KY actives who are up for one more year, as well as fresh faces who are still interested in volunteering during the later stages of their studies. Maybe this is your next master’s year, who knows? We hope to see many of you in our upcoming autumn events, so stay alert. Let’s have an unforgettable time together!


TC It is very likely that your first touch to KY and the School of Business has been your very own tutor. Tutor Committee, TC, recruits and trains all the new tutors that will lead you to the world of Aalto, academia, KY and memorable student life. The main goal for TC is to assure that all the tutors are top-notch and can create a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for the new students, while having a great time too. TC organizes all the tutor events such as Tutor Cottage and helps to create an unforgettable journey for the tutors. TC consists of the Tutor Coordinator, eight committee members and the KY Board’s new


students representative. Committee members are either responsible for Bachelor’s, Exchange or Master’s tutors and while supporting them, they learn valuable project and team management skills. TC is always ready and eager to help if you have any questions about tutoring!


Beverages Aalto Cocktail

Viinikerho Baccus

Aalto Cocktail is an interdisciplinary club devoted to cocktails and cocktail culture. Its ambition is to bring something more tasty and stylish to the student culture of Aalto. Aalto Cocktail arranges various cocktail-related events and parties throughout the year, offers bartending services and helps its members to put together better drinks. If you’re interested in cocktails, bartending or just want to know what kind of people would rather have a Gin & Tonic than a beer at a party, come and say hi! Aalto Cocktail will be present at most mursu events in the fall, and is always looking for new members and would- be bartenders to join our ranks. You can also find out more at, Instagram or Facebook @aaltococktail.

Baccus is a wine club first founded already in the late 1980’s. The mission of Baccus is to promote wine culture and wine knowledge among Aalto students. In order to do this Baccus arranges several wine tastings and other wine related events throughout the academic year – Mursu Tasting, the three-week wine school and the annual champagne tasting ‘Sparkling Night’, to mention a few. Baccus holds events both for wine newbies and for more experienced wine enthusiasts. The aim is to share the knowledge in a relaxed setting. You can learn more about Baccus at or Facebook and Instagram @ viinikerhobaccus.



KYllä Oluelle

WhisKY spreads knowledge and the joys of whisky throughout Aalto University. Most of the time the club arranges intimate, chill and laid back tastings, where quality comes first but pricing stays reasonable. Some of the tastings come also with some extra spice, such as an option to enjoy the sauna or a cocktail bar. The finishing tastings of the semesters in the spring and winter also have something special in them in terms of specific, more unknown whiskies that are extremely hard to find! You can find the club on Facebook and Instagram @viskikerhowhisky

KYllä Oluelle is a fresh and new beer society founded in late 2014. Our vision is to knock off the idea that beer is just the one euro cans you can find at your local supermarket. To chase this dream, we organize themed beer tastings, parties and other events – you may have seen our latest project, ‘Otaniemi Pale Ale’, this past spring’s Annual Ball Week on the streets of Helsinki and Otaniemi. To learn more about what we come up with next and how you can join in on the fun, keep an eye on our social media pages! You’ll find us on Facebook and on Instagram @oluelle.


Music aKYstic

of today (e.g. Pharrell Williams, Bruno Mars).

Akystic is a unique cover band group consisting mostly of students and alumni of KY. We cover a large variety of different genres and styles ranging from acoustic pieces to the newest pop tracks, without forgetting the evergreen rock’n’roll hits. Our members possess broad experience and knowledge in music, each having years of performing experience. We do numerous gigs yearly, varying from small acoustic duos to student parties with an audience of hundreds, or even thousands of participants.

You can listen to our albums on Spotify and find us on social media simply by searching for “Boston Promenade”.

We hold our auditions every autumn. If you love music and performing, make sure you don’t miss out on this chance to be a part of this amazing group. Check out our website akystic. com for more info and follow us on Facebook and Instagram @akysticmusic

Boston Promenade KY’s very own Boston Promenade is one of the best-known big bands in all of Finland – and oldest, established in 1964. Most of our 26 musicians are either students or alumni from the School of Business or other students from the Helsinki region. One of the advantages of Boston Promenade is that the repertoire is very broad and flexible. We mostly start off with entertaining jazz (e.g. Frank Sinatra) and as the evening develops, so does the music. The people in the audience turn from being listening observers into dancing party-animals, while the band plays classics (e.g. Tom Jones, Stevie Wonder) to the pop and rock music


Do you play an instrument? Familiar with audio mixing? Join our mailing list by contacting us at to be the first to know about future openings! We’re also always looking for stand-in players.

KYL We are looking for men who can sing. As the oldest and most prestigious of KY’s clubs, KYL has changed the notion of what male choir singing is about. With us, your vocal chords will produce music ranging from Sibelius to Katy Perry while performing in top concert halls from Japan to Iceland and nightclubs at Mummotunneli or wherever duty calls. KYL (“Kauppakorkeakoulun Ylioppilaskunnan Laulajat”) is one of Finland’s top male choirs. We have won international competitions and published critically acclaimed albums. We are more interested in a good attitude than a broad musical background. Do notice, however, that KYL operates and sings in Finnish, so willingness to learn the language is a must! We can offer you singing instruction, an appreciation of classical and not-so-classical music, trips to the stages of the world, but most importantly, a lifelong brotherhood. Find more information at and follow @kylchoir on Facebook and Instagram!

KYN Female choir KYN, established in 1981, is a bright and versatile female voice choir. Members are either students or young women working in different fields. KYN has always made music with ambition, passion and a creative angle. KYN’s musical strength lies in its expressiveness, rhythmic competence and unique repertoire. KYN has played a pioneering role in combining a choir with a jazz band and cooperating with professional musicians. In February 2017 in the Grand Prix of Nations Berlin KYN won the Grand Prix in category Mixed, Female and Male Choirs and received a gold medal and a special prize for outstanding


stage performance in Folklore category. KYN was ranked number 6 in INTERKULTUR ‘s list of female choirs. This year KYN is celebrating its 40th anniversary. The year will reach its highest point on May 22nd 2022 in the 40th anniversary concert, Laulan! Follow our journey on Facebook and Instagram @kynchoir and you’ll also get information about our next auditions!

Sports Adventures A!dventures brings adventure sports more accessible to students. We do everything outdoors, from multisport and ice climbing to just heading outdoors to enjoy camping and hiking. Some of our highlight events include tryouts for kayaking and orienteering and our annual main event is Wappu in the Woods: One day and one night camping in the woods, good company, and tasty food just before Wappu. We also participate in various sporting events, such as trail marathons and the Jukola relay, and collaborate with other Aalto sports clubs to organize trips and events like Aalto City Challenge. You are also welcomed to join our After Work events, which include activities such as paddling, bouldering, and jogging. Whether you are a couch potato or an experienced marathoner, as long as you are into any outdoor activity, don’t hesitate to get in touch! Follow us on Facebook (@AaltoAdventures) and Instagram (@aaltoadventures) to keep in touch and hear about upcoming events! For more information, check our website

EnerKY EnerKY is a club that organizes low threshold sports events and tryouts for KY members. These low-effort and low-cost events are held to inspire business students to try new ways of exercising and having fun in a great company: past events have included e.g. twerking, bouldering and beach volley! This club isn’t only for top-level athletes but for anyone who wants to enjoy the spirit of this energetic and inventive group or create their


fellow students opportunities to move. Like us on Facebook @enerkysportstutors and Instagram @enerkyofficial to stay updated! Are you ready to feel the enerKY?

FBC-KY FBC-KY, also known as ‘The Snakes’, is Aalto University’s floorball club for business students. During its five-year history the club has succeeded in winning a couple of prizes already, Finnish university championships in 2014 and 2015, and bronze in 2017 and 2018, being the highest achievements. The team practices weekly and all KY members are welcome to participate. In addition, the team attends several floorball leagues and tournaments during the year. Some team members have played floorball for their entire youth and others have only started playing in the university, so whatever your skills are, you will fit in. If you wish to be a part of the team, come to the open practices in the fall! In case you can’t make it, just send FBC-KY ( an email or message the club on Facebook. You can find more information about the club on Facebook @floorballclubky and Instagram @fbc_ky, so go give us a follow!

KY-Sail KY-Sail is a sailing club of Aalto University School of Business. Our mission is to spread the sailing culture in its all forms by organizing various sailing related activities among Aalto students and we have gained quite a legendary reputation during the years.

We are most known for our annual sailing trip to the Mediterranean, which is a two-week shebang with about 80 students. In addition, we host the world’s biggest and most memorable crayfish party of the year. To end the academic year with style we organize a Summer Cruise, a big galeas (boat) party outside Helsinki. We also host sailing days that offer opportunities to learn the basics of our beloved sport. Our events are open to all students, no matter what your sailing experience is! To find more about us check our Instagram @kysail, Facebook page and our website


KY-Slice FORE! Golf is a very popular sport in the business world and with its 30 years of history, KY’s very own golf club KY-Slice is one of the most traditional clubs KY has to offer. The club’s goal is to provide opportunities to play golf at student-friendly prices. KY-Slice arranges various events throughout the year, from Green Card courses for beginners to KY Championships for more experienced players. Although golf is what brings the club members together, don’t take it too seriously – the main purpose of events is to have fun and meet new friends. KY-Slice’s events are open for all Aalto University students. For more information about the activities, come to the info evening next fall, and check us out on Instagram and Facebook @ kyslice1984!

Hernesaaren Näädät Hernesaaren Näädät is the most successful collegiate ice hockey organization in Finland. Being one of the school’s most traditional sports clubs, Näädät promises you lifelong friends, spectacular hockey-events, and the best company in Aalto BIZ! The organization has just moved away from the original Hernesaari hockey rink and has stepped up to become an even bigger and better organization. Nowadays we play our home games in a brand new arena in Kaarela. The organization’s major-league team competes in division 3 of the Finnish Ice-Hockey Association and represents the school in various events and tournaments all over the world. For example, in the year 2019 we placed 3rd in the International Collegiate Ice Hockey Championship in Beijing, organized a four-team hockey tournament in the Helsinki area, and played two friendly matches


in the Czech Republic. On top of that we got The Phenomenon of the Year award from our beloved KY! Whatever your hockey-background, we encourage all hockey-enthusiasts to participate in our events! For more info, visit @naadathockey on Facebook and Instagram, or email office@

KY-Ski KY-Ski is the legendary (after)skiing club of KY that organizes the biggest parties, craziest trips and coolest events in the university. KY-Ski was established in 1975. Our top events include the annual surfing trip, a skiing trip to the alps and of course the Mursus absolute go-to event of the year, Kaamos, where we take the Mörköjuna to Lapland... Our events are very popular among other university students, too, so

they are also a great place to get to know new people. We will be actively attending the orientation week so come find us and take a sip of the legendary minttukaakao. If you would like to join our board for the ride of your life, attend our info evening party, where we will choose approximately 6 new members. KY-Ski events are something you can only understand by participating, so you know where to head next! Excited? You can find information about our upcoming events and some other great stuff from our Facebook page KY-Ski and Instagram @kyski1975

KYppendales KYppendales is KY’s own performing dance group. Our members all have different kinds of dance backgrounds, from contemporary and show dance to cheerleading and street styles. We train twice a week and practice dance technique and choreographies for our shows. We perform regularly at different student events and parties, such as annual balls and the beer rallies such as III-Kierros and Hukkaputki, but are also available for bigger shows and corporate events. Occasionally, KYppendales organizes bigger projects like dance productions or videos. KYppendales also hosts open training sessions regularly – and anyone is welcome to join! We recruit more performers periodically, too. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram @kyppendales!

KYssi KYssi is KY’s own tennis, badminton, squash, and table tennis club that organizes the wildest tournaments (and afterparties) for students. Our mission is to spread the joy of racket sports by bringing people together in a fun and relaxed setting. Our flagship event is the infamous KYssi


OPEN, an all-inclusive tennis tournament with a costume contest, so you can serve your best looks! KYssi’s events are for everyone. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just looking to have a good time, we would love for you to participate. Our events are a great place to get to know people, learn some new skills and make the most of your student life. Sounds like a grand slam? Come to our info night to hear more and apply for our board. To stay updated, check out our Facebook page @ KYssi4Lyfe and follow us on Instagram @kyssiofficial. Catch you soon!

KY Kori KY-Kori was founded in 1977 and is the business students’ traditional basketball team. Currently the team competes in the men’s southern third division, adding up to roughly twenty games per season. To do well, the team practices regularly 1–2 times per week during the season usually on Mondays and Thursdays. During summer, the team practices once a week at Meilahti sports park. As counterbalance, the club occasionally organizes relaxed events off the court as well. Some of our team members are alumni of KY so you have a great chance to discuss studies and their work careers. KY-Kori welcomes potential players to try-out their skills at practice events! Exchange students are also warmly welcomed to get a taste of Finnishbasketball culture. Please contact for more details. You can find us on Facebook https://

Other Aalto Debating Society There are many competing ideas in the world and when ideas clash, that’s a debate. Debates are what Aalto Debating Society (ADS) is all about. We practice critical argument - with each other to delve into contentious topics in a positive way. ADS promotes the skills of persuasive argumentation and public speaking. To foster these skills, we organize weekly practice debates and workshops. By joining ADS, you are joining a global community that you’ll meet and get to know. Our speakers regularly compete in international debate tournaments online, across Europe and even across the world! Aside from all that, we are a vibrant community that promises interesting conversation. Come for the debating and stay for the lifelong friends. You can drop by any of our weekly training sessions, no prior experience necessary and free of charge. We’ll show you how it all works. You can find out more on our website, https://

Aalto Investment Club Aalto Investment Club is a student association that creates investing related events and online content. In our events you get to have insightful discussions about investments, saving methods and global trends while enjoying some delicious food. Participation does not require prior knowledge of investing, as we aim to simplify complex investment terminology into something anyone would understand. Both our events and blogs feature some of Finland’s most recognizable investors who want to help you start your investment journey. By joining our mailing list, you also


get access to some investing related benefits. For anyone interested in learning more about investing or joining our mailing list, visit our page at and check out our Instagram @aaltoinvestment and Facebook @aaltoinvestmentclub.

BREKY Goood morning! We are BREKY, and we are here to make mornings great! We organize different brunch and breakfast events (well, because mornings are so very important). We also do different things together, like test breakfast foods, explore different brunch places and communicate with other wellbeing or hobby related clubs at KY (we love to do co-organizing and get to know people from different majors and interests). The one thing that we all have in common is the drive to make an impact on wellbeing, mornings & brunches of KY students. Our biggest event so far is the Annual Ball Brunch that we organized with KY-Sub and oh what a morning we had! Mursu: We are looking for new members to join in the autumn, so make sure you follow our story on Instagram @ breky.ry & Facebook @BREKY and get to know us better.

KY-Beppo Heittäkää! KY-Beppo is one of the youngest clubs in KY and the very own beer pong club of KY. The mission of KY-Beppo is to bring the joy of the most famous game in the university world to every business student. We arrange tournaments and other events related to beer pong.

Our events are open for anyone and they are a fun and easy way to enjoy your time with friends, but also meet new people along the way. You are welcome to join our events and show your best trickshots! More information about us and our events can be found on Facebook @KyBeppo, TikTok @kybeppo and Instagram @ky_beppo.

KY-Speksi KY-Speksi is an interactive musical comedy, created by the students of the Aalto University School of Business, although students from other disciplines are warmly welcome as well. This ambitious yet playful production combines music, dancing and out-of-this-world performances – not forgetting the mind-blowing storyline. What makes a Speksi a Speksi is that at any part of the play, you can yell “Omstart” to see a part of the scene re-played through improvising. For example, ‘Omstart, Rock your day!’ gives the audience the pleasure of seeing the part replayed in a highly motivated fashion.


In KY-Speksi you get to show your skills – or try new ones - either on stage, behind the curtains or in various production teams. Application time for next year’s production starts early in the fall. Please note that the actual play is in Finnish. To get to know more and stay posted, visit our website at and follow us on Facebook and Instagram (@kyspeksi) or email us at

KY-mppi KY-mppi is the aviation club of KY. We organize a wide variety of events from skydiving to cultural events, big and small. The annual Kymppisuora, a pub crawl during KY’s Wappu and Uusi Nousu twice a year after Boston Night and KY’s Annual Ball are traditional events organized by KY-mppi. Other events from the past include wine tasting, movie nights, sitsis and cottage trips, often done in collaboration with other student organizations. In KY-mppi, you decide what activities and events

you organize and with us, not even the sky is a limit. We take new members under our wings all year around and everyone interested is welcome to join. Aim high!


KY-Vegas is a card game club for the students of Aalto University. Formed only recently at the end of 2017 by a large group of first-year business students, KY-Vegas promotes a relaxed environment and atmosphere from beginner players to experienced card enthusiasts alike. Even if you are not a card game player yourself, everybody is welcome to join us in our events even to just socialize and enjoy good company! Check our Facebook page @kyvegasofficial and stay tuned for our events!

Luova Aalto

Luova Aalto is a community bringing together both Aalto and other students interested in creativity. We share Aalto University’s mission of


an innovative society that is based on strong cooperation and courage to create something new. Our mission is to build bridges between art, business, and technology students. Our actions are guided by our values: courage, curiosity, openness, and of course, creativity. We organize events, workshops and excursions – anything that shares the knowledge of creativity and contributes to the learning within that area. In addition, we collect and share knowledge about creativity and work together with other associations. Check our website at and social media channels @luovaaalto!

Aalto Sustainability Club The Aalto Sustainability Club (ASC) is a vibrant community of students that are enthusiastic about sustainability. We organize events such as company excursions, panel discussions, company presentations & Q&A’s and movie nights. Our

aim is to connect you with like-minded people as well as interesting organizations and companies. We encourage multidisciplinarity and welcome students from all disciplines with a passion for sustainability to join us. Get to know us on Facebook (@AaltoSustainabilityClub) or Instagram (@aaltosc), or via our website ( If you have any questions, ideas for events, want to become a part of ASC, or just want to have a chat, feel free to send us a message in our channels or at

Women’s Career Society Established in 2019 by four ambitious business students at Hanken School of Economics, Women’s Career Society (WCS) works as a network for female business students looking for inspiration and support for their careers. WCS is an association for both Aalto University and Hanken School of Economics students despite the subject of major or year of studies.


Together with students we want to help close the gender gap in specialist and leadership positions and we aim to unite, empower and inspire talented individuals. We strongly believe that inspiration, understanding and role models are crucial factors in creating more equal businesses. WCS organizes events individually and together with corporate partners. With inspirational topics, we create a fun and interactive environment for students to expand their networks. The events range from workshops and afterworks to panel discussions. In addition to this, we bring out role models and inspiring career stories through our various channels. Stay tuned to hear more about our upcoming events! Find us on social media @womenscareersociety or visit our website


IDBM Klubi IDBM Klubi is more than a subject club – we’re a student driven community of business, design and technology professionals with diverse cultural backgrounds. Our network consists of more than 600 students, graduates and friends of the International Design Business Management (IDBM) master’s program, living and working all over the world. We are thinkers and doers united by an innovation-driven mindset and passion for meaningful impact. By cross-


ing the boundaries between disciplines IDBMers integrate multiple perspectives and approaches to create long-lasting value. The events we organise include monthly afterworks, the annual Christmas party and IDBM Impact-the key event of the year. IDBM Impact gala showcases the result of the IDBM Industry Project (15 ECTS). During the six month long course, teams of IDBM students tackle real-life cases for client companies. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @idbmklubi to keep up to date. For more information on the IDBM master’s program visit

Jury Jury is a subject club for business students, established in 2003. The club brings together business law students, aiming to protect its members’ interests and study opportunities as well as improve relations to future employers. With our partners, we will offer you a great selection of events. For example excursions, career info evenings, afterworks, special events for mursus and much more. Also, all Aalto students are welcome to our events! Check out our Facebook page @juryainejarjesto for more information. There you will also find a link for joining the club. Follow us also on Instagram and LinkedIn @jurybiz. If you have any questions, you can contact us via email:

KY Accounting KY Accounting is the subject club for accounting students, operating as a link between students and three important groups – the faculty, the corporate world, and other students with like-minded interests. Firstly, we actively promote accounting students’ interests towards the faculty. Secondly, we work in close co-operation with the corporate world, offering students connections to interesting employers. Thirdly, we bring accounting students together by organizing relaxed events that enable networking with future professionals. The activities include, for example, corporate excursions, career nights, and a yearly study trip. All of these are done by the board selected in the annual meeting in December. Want to hear more of us and what we do? Check our Facebook page and Instagram @kyaccounting, see our website or sign up to our mailing list to get notified of job offers for accounting students by sending an email to

CEMS Club Helsinki CEMS is a global alliance of the world’s elite business schools, leading multinational companies and NGOs that together offer the CEMS Master in International Management (MIM). The CEMS MIM itself is a top-ranked and globally prestigious degree. CEMS Club Helsinki is the student organization of CEMS at Aalto University School of Business. We host social, alumni, and corporate events - some of these open to all students. The objective of CEMS Club Helsinki is to ensure that both Finnish and international CEMS students at Aalto University maximize their CEMS experience and to help its members create and maintain an exceptional network. For more information check out: cemsclub-

61 Like our FB page to get notified on upcoming events: https://www.facebook. com/CEMSClubHelsinki/. Follow us on Instagram: @cemsclubhelsinki. Learn more about applying to CEMS at Aalto: Learn more about CEMS: cems. org/about

Aalto Management & International Business (MIB) Aalto Management and International Business, in short MIB, is the subject club of all management students interested in management. MIB covers topics ranging from strategy and international business to human resource management, communication, and sustainability. The purpose of the subject club is to promote the interests of our student members, advance the cooperation between the students and the Department of Management Studies and support the professional development of the students who are interested in the subject of Management and International Business. MIB organizes various activities for its members, aiming to connect them with the Department of Managements Studies faculty, potential employers , and like-minded students. The activities include company visits, training sessions, and social gatherings. To find out more, follow us on Facebook and Instagram @aaltomib and check out our website

Aalto Marketing Society Aalto Marketing Society (AMS) is the association of marketing students at Aalto University School of Business. We represent all students

who study marketing as their major both on bachelor and master’s levels as well as people, who are just genuinely interested in all things related to marketing. As the name suggests, we are an ecosystem of marketing enthusiasts: AMS brings together students, alumni, companies and faculty members. Annually we arrange dozens of events ranging from company case competitions, career evenings and training workshops to afterwork sessions, parties and study trips. As the voice of the marketing students, we participate actively in developing and improving the marketing studies at Aalto University School of Business. All in all, we are an active, friendly and open community of both future marketing professionals and people who are interested in marketing. Read more about us from our website: and follow us on Instagram @aaltomarketingsociety and Facebook @aaltomarketing.

Aalto Economics Aalto Economics is the subject club of students in Aalto University School of Business who are majoring in, or generally interested in, economics. Our goals are to maintain a good and interactive relationship between the economics students and the Department of Economics, promote economics students and their great abilities to potential employers, inform students about job opportunities and organize social events for our members and all other economics-minded people (Mursus are warmly welcome too!). Throughout the year we organize several events varying from our casual monthly Beerconomics to company excursions, career events and study trips abroad. We also have a close relationship with KTTO ry, the subject club of the economics students in the University of Helsinki and we organize many events in collaboration with them.


If you want to learn more about us, be sure to visit our website and follow our Facebook-page @aaltoeconomics. In the website you can also join our mailing list, where you can get information about job opportunities and events organized by Aalto Economics.

Aalto Finance Aalto Finance is a subject club for students interested in finance at Aalto University School of Business. We bring together the young talents and the leading companies. Together we realize mutual benefits and lasting relationships. Our goal is also to maintain and further develop the student-faculty relations. We create value for all of our four key stakeholders: the students, our partner firms, the faculty and the alumni. Consequently, we organize a wide range of events to help our partners find unique ways to interact with our student body. To find out more and to stay up-todate, we encourage you to like us on Facebook @Aalto.Finance, join our mailing list at https://, and check out our website at

Aalto ISM Aalto ISM is the subject club for Information and Service Management students, as well as anyone interested in the intersection of business and technology. The main purpose of Aalto ISM is the students, and the subject club is constantly representing the interests of ISM students to the faculty. Joining Aalto ISM allows you to tap into the active social network and receive professional opportunities especially in the fields of business analytics, information systems science, and supply chain management. Aalto

ISM organises exciting events ranging from excursions at top technology and consulting companies to social events such as after exams and dinners. The highlight of the year is the yearly study trip – an exciting opportunity to travel, make new friends and memories as well as develop your business skills. For more information on Aalto ISM, visit, subscribe to the newsletter, and follow Aalto ISM on Facebook ( aaltoismry) and Instagram (@aaltoism).



Annual Ball Committee KY’s Annual ball is the single most glamorous event of the year and the highlight of the Annual Ball week held between the end of February and the beginning of March. The traditional event cherishes KY’s centennial history and celebrates our strong community. In 2021 the Annual Ball was held remotely because of the pandemic situation. This did not deter the celebrations for KY’s 110 year long history but allowed for a new, creative take on the celebrations, allowing KY’s associations and members to commemorate the


KY Spirit together and apart. Participants got into the spirit with cocktails and a traditional three course meal to simulate the traditional program of the evening. The Annual ball is organized by the Annual Ball Committee chosen during the autumn, usually around October. The committee is open for everyone regardless of their academic year or KY background. Usually the committee consists of 7-9 members who all have different responsibilities, including one chair. Responsibilities include for example catering, programm, invitations, corporate relations and communications. Even though the Annual Ball is hands down the most traditional event of the year, each committee can add enough personal touch to make it look like their own!

TEKNISTÄ :D TEKNISTÄ :D is KY’s technical background engine. Nothing works without technology nowadays, and that is why TEKNISTÄ :D exists. The project team is responsible for keeping KY’s hardware and software environments in check; be it an audio-visual installation, website, network environment, building automation or anything else that needs to be fiddled with. Whenever you use the internet at KY premises, see moving pictures or hear music, TEKNISTÄ :D is behind them. TEKNISTÄ :D does things with a can-do attitude, good team spirit, and a healthy dose of low-quality humor!



member of this community will last a lifetime.


You can leave the student circles once you


graduate, but KY will always be there for you.


We bring together former active members of


KY to strengthen the legacy of this community


and make sure there are ways to have some


throwbacks to days when we were young, wild


and free.



Alumni, you can contact us via email (alumni@

If you have any questions regarding KY or our Facebook page (KY Alumni). Every At the moment graduation can be something

once in a while you might spot us at events as

really hard to even imagine. You just got ac-


cepted to Aalto and all adventures of student

life still lie ahead of you! However, we at KY

munity has to offer. What is the mark that you

Alumni want to say hi and give some advice.

will leave on KY? We cannot wait to see!

Your time at KY is unique and you can only experience it once. Cherish all those moments and do not worry about what the future holds. Most likely many quite awesome things, based on what we have seen.

For us KY offered nights we may not

always remember so clearly, but they were spent with a bunch of people we will never forget. The people around you are just as lost and confused as you are right now. Eventually, these people will become your best friends, your partners and at least people with whom you will share some of the best moments in your life. Been there, done that!

KY Alumni wants to show that being a


Now, go and explore what this com-



student journalism since 1999. From the very beginning, KY’s own student magazine has provided its readers with journalism covering topics ranging from student life and alumni stories to societal phenomena and culture. Over the past year, Kylteri has for example discussed students’ wellbeing during the pandemic, inclusivity in work life, the water market and the impact of social media on both culture and the economy. During the past couple of years Kylteri

has shifted its focus from print magazines to online and social media articles. Last spring we started a web page renewal and now we have a fresh new web magazine for you to enjoy. However, print is not dead; Kylteri currently publishes two print magazines each year, one in the spring and one in the autumn.

Do you know your way with words or know how to take a perfect shot? Or have you ever dreamed of working in the field of media and communications? Kylteri is always looking for

Kylteri has been keeping up the traditions of

Would you like to join Kylteri?

Kylteri’s editorial staff consists of the

Editor-in-Chief, KY’s Art Director, the subeditor and a group of assisting writers and other contributors. New writers are recruited at the beginning of each semester.


new assisting writers, photographers and illustrators who want to learn more about magazine making or maybe even get a kickstart for their career in the field of media.

Whether you are a complete newbie

or have more experience, all helping hands and new ideas are always welcome. Note that fluency in written Finnish is recommended since the language of the print magazine is Finnish but we also publish online articles in English on our new webpage. All Kylteri’s contributors are also compensated for their work.

If you are willing to take part in the

making of this magnificent magazine, feel free to contact Kylteri’s Editor-in-Chief, Jutta Sibakov ( To find out more and stay informed, follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @kylteri and check out our webpage


hours go into preparation, discussion and planning


as well. In the meetings, the Council also operates


fully in English! In 2021, the Representative Council


premises, brand, as well as established a task force for the upcoming strategy update of KY, to name a

The Representative Council consists of KY members who are eager to have an influence on the actions of KY and the future of our dear community. Whereas the KY office takes care of our daily operations and development at KY, the Representative Council sets the broader frame to guide said operations. The Council determines what KY is, what it stands for and what KY actually does today and years to come. The Council operates at the very heart of KY, which makes it a great viewpoint to all that’s happening in our community.

has discussed and made decisions about our future

The Representative Council operates

through meetings, which are held approximate-

few. The Representative Council is elected every two years: the next Council elections will be held in this fall 2021, concurrently with the elections of the Representative Council of our student union, AYY. The current Representative Council was elected in 2019 and it consists of 21 members and 42 deputy members from both Otaniemi and Mikkeli. For this year’s elections, the maximum number of deputy members has been increased to 200 members!

This seems interesting! How can I jump aboard?

ly once a month. During the pandemic, meetings have been held remotely, otherwise they would be

Come and attend a Representative Council meeting

held in KY’s premises in Otaniemi. When possible,

- all KY members are welcome! You should also keep

the Council tries to organize afterworks and other

an eye for upcoming meetings and previous deci-

leisure events to balance the serious work of the

sions on and KY’s social media. Have a chat with

Council members and to get them acquainted with

a current Council member to make sure your voice is

each other.

heard. They’re there to represent all KY members -

The actual decisions of the Representative Coun-

and that includes you!

cil are made in the meetings, but ultimately they are only the culmination of council work - a lot of





This fall both KY and our Student Union

The nomination for candidates will be

AYY are choosing new repco members,

open in September. You can run as a

meaning that there will be two elec-

member of an electoral alliance, where

tions. As the representative council

you can learn from more experienced

should reflect all KY’s and AYY’s mem-

repco members and get to know new

bers, it is important that all aspects of

people. The electoral alliance for busi-

the community are represented. This

ness students is called Kylterirengas.

means that as a new student you are encouraged to run in the elections as

Whether you run in the election or not,

well as you are not required to be ac-

the most important thing to do is to

tively involved in the student commu-

vote. The voting will be open in the turn

nity to do your job well.

of October and November.

STUDIES University studies combine freedom and responsibility. Freedom means you can build a timetable of your own, work while studying and concentrate on the courses you find the most interesting. On the other hand, you have to be able to plan your own course combinations and to take the responsibility for your choices. Nonetheless, studying should not be too stressful. When problems occur or any questions arise, you can always trust to find help from the university, your student union AYY or KY. Turn the page to learn more about your future studies! 73


STUDYING IN AALTO BIZ Studying in a university is quite different from your past studies: no strict curriculum exists, unless you’ve created one for yourself. Now you have the freedom to choose which courses to attend and how to build your individual timetable! This freedom comes with great responsibility – you have to make sure that you complete all the courses needed for your degree.

The time it takes to finish your degree

doesn’t depend only on your studying methods and planning, but also your individual life situation. The usual target time for finishing both your Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees is five years, but changes in your life situation may swing it either way. Working, taking off on an international exchange or starting a family, for example, may slow your studies down. On the other hand, clear scheduling and a goal-oriented attitude could speed up your graduation.

Studying in the School of Business You study in Aalto BIZ (Aalto University School of Business), which is a part of Aalto University. Aalto University was formed in 2010 when three self-governing universities – Helsinki School of Economics, Helsinki University of Technology and the University of Art and Design Helsinki – merged into one. Today, the university consists of six relatively autonomous schools.

You’re free to attend courses, or even

complete your minor studies, in any of the schools of the university. To make it easier, there are several multidisciplinary programmes available.

In addition, Aalto University is continuous-

ly striving to improve collaboration between the schools. It is also possible to include an internship in both the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, for 6 ECTS each. This is a great way to get to know working life!

Studying methods used and required

during your studies vary between courses and teachers. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the teachers won’t give you readymade answers but rather a broad toolkit to use to solve the problems presented to you. Uni-


versity studies aim to teach you problem solving

guide will become more useful with each giv-

skills and give you new points of view to per-

en review. Once you have completed a course,

haps already familiar topics.

please fill in your own review to expand the database! The Fringe Study Guide is located in

In addition to lectures, most courses include

the Studies section of, where you can find

assignments, teaching in small groups or ex-

other important information as well.

ercise sessions. Teamwork and case presenta-

Check for more!

tions are both very common ways to learn and work and they will accustom you to working methods you’ll likely be using in your future career. Most courses end in an exam, but in many courses the exam isn’t the only point of evaluation – cases and assignments may have a huge weight on your final grade as well.

Go to Questions? Answers! when in need of basic informa-

At the beginning of your studies, your tutor will

also the electronic study guide.

tion about your studies. Here you will find

explain everything you need to know about your future studies and student life. Remem- to build your personal

ber that you can also always ask your pro-

study plan HOPS and to see information on

fessor if you have any questions in mind. The

courses and to enroll on courses and exams.

professors can be contacted via email or faceto-face during their weekly reception hours – to find all the course ma-

just remember to check the times beforehand!


More often than not, the professors are quick to answer your questions.

Learning Services office if you want to talk

more profoundly about your studies. You

Alongside the official study guide

and course-specific webpages, empirical in-

can also contact Learning Services by email,

formation and your fellow students’ takes on

courses can be found on the student-operated Fringe Study Guide. The guide is available at

KY’s Fringe Study Guide when searching re-, and it can be updated by anyone – the

views on courses by your fellow students.


Bachelor’s degree Your university-level business studies will begin with the Bachelor’s degree. At Aalto BIZ, this lower university degree consists of common core and methodological studies, specialization and minor studies, language studies and elective studies. The Bachelor’s degree consists of 180 ECTS, which is equivalent to three years of studying, by recommen-

Master’s degree

dation. At the end of your first year of studies,

The Bachelor’s degree might be a stepping

you will be asked to pick a specialization area

stone into corporate life. However, you should

chosen from seven options: Accounting, In-

bear in mind that most employers, especially

formation & Service Management (ISM), Eco-

in Finland, prefer or even require their employ-

nomics, Finance, Management, Marketing

ees to have a Master’s degree to be able to

and Business Law. This area of specialization

acquire higher positions within the company.

will make up approximately one third of your

For this reason, it is not surprising that most

Bachelor’s degree studies and define the area

business students opt to continue their stud-

on which you will write your Bachelor’s thesis

ies until having finished both their Bachelor’s

– your first step into the world of research and

and Master’s degrees. Many choose to deepen

academic writing.

their knowledge in their Bachelor’s specialization area, but it is not uncommon to switch to an entirely different major, either. In addition to Aalto BIZ’s Master’s programmes, there are also interdisciplinary Aalto programmes to choose from.

The two-year Master’s degree is

worth 120 ECTS and it comprises advanced specialization studies, minor and elective studies and the pro gradu thesis. Pro gradu follows the same principles of academic writing as the Bachelor’s thesis, but it is notably broader. Some students choose to get more familiar with working life while wrapping up their studies – it is possible to conduct your pro gradu research as a commission project for an interesting company. That’s basically getting paid to com-


plete your studies!







As a tutor, you have three options to meet international students. The first option is to become an exchange tutor. The second possibility is to become a Master’s level tutor as the Master’s programmes in Aalto BIZ are open for international students as well. Finally, our new Economics Bachelor’s programme welcomes some international students yearly. Tutoring is

International opportunities

a great opportunity to guide new students into

KY is becoming more and more international

to help them in everyday life in Finland.

the world of KY and student culture, as well as

every year. We want to make sure all our members feel included, and, hence, our official communication language is English. INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE Every autumn and spring hundreds of students take a step into the unknown and spend a semester abroad in foreign universities. Aalto cooperates with some of the top universities in the world, and you can find potential exchange destinations from almost everywhere. The best thing is that Aalto supports every outgoing student with a 1500€ grant.

Since we are sending people abroad,

in return we welcome many exchange students to Finland every year. KY-Sub, the international subcommittee of KY, is responsible for ensuring that these students can experience the wonders of the Finnish student culture and learn what sisu is all about. More info of KYSub at page 39.



REPRESENTATIVE COUNCIL The highest decisive power in KY is held by the Representative Council. Also international students have the opportunity to run in the elections. The working language of the Representative Council is English and the RepCo has international members. If you want to participate in the most important decision making in KY and improve your language skills, make sure to run at the next elections!

when your studies begin.

Everyday life of a student It’s easier to enjoy student life when your dayto-day necessities are in order. This section aims to answer the practical questions about housing, income and health care. Fortunately, there is no need to worry. We students are pretty well taken care of – our student union AYY, the social security institution KELA and the Finnish Student Health Service YTHS, amongst others, are here to help us.

APPLYING FOR AYY’S HOUSING 1. Get to know the housing section on AYY’s website: 2. Carefully read through the application hakuinfo info:

3. Apply for AYY’s housing through Domo system: English sites are also available, just click the HOUSING

flag icon on the upper left corner.

AYY owns apartments that are rented out to

Questions concerning housing are addressed

students of Aalto University. However, AYY

to AYY’s Housing Office:

does not have adequate housing for all Aalto


University students, so you should also search


for an apartment through other channels.

Phone number: 050 520 9410

Address: Otakaari 11, 02150 Espoo

First-year students and students


moving from outside the metropolitan area have priority in the housing queue. You can


apply for housing as soon as you receive the


confirmation of your place of study. A so-called

Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki

freshman point is available for AYY’s shared

Region, HOAS, is the largest student housing

apartment queues. In order to receive the

provider in the metropolitan area:

freshman point, you must apply for housing no

Student nations of the University of Helsinki:

later than in July or December, depending on


member to check and ask if anything is unclear to you! More info can be found from into.aalto. fi (Student life Financial aid).

MONITOR YOUR INCOME If you work or get a summer job among studies and earn more than the income limits of student financial aid allows, you need to return STUDENT FINANCIAL AID

the extra financial aid on your own initiative

Student financial aid is a social benefit, which

or cancel the aid in advance for the number of

consists of three parts:

months necessary.

1. Study grant


2. Housing supplement (students in rental housing)

You should avoid using financial aid months

3. Student loan

unnecessarily, as you will not get back the

In order to receive student financial aid, you

months already used, even if you still have

must gain at least 5 ECTS per supported

studies left. Thus, do not use your financial aid

month. However, the minimum is 20 ECTS per

for a sick leave or a holiday! If your sick leave

academic year, regardless of the number of

is prolonged, you can apply for sickness allow-

months for which you receive student financial

ance. Find more information at

aid. In addition, since student financial aid is a


social benefit, the amount of your income has an effect on how many months of student financial aid you are entitled to during the year. Students who begin their academic studies for the first time in 2021 have 30 months of financial aid for completing the lower university degree. When students have completed their Bachelor’s degree and continue to the Master’s degree, they are entitled to 21 addition-

Health and wellbeing

al months of financial aid. However, a student


can use no more than 48 financial aid months

The Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS or

in total for completing both of the degrees.

YTHS in Finnish) takes care of university stu-

Further information at

dents’ health. You can always make an ap-

pointment with FSHS when you are in need of

In recent years, there have been many

changes to the student financial aid, so re-


health services.

Since the beginning of 2021, the stu-

dents entitled to FSHS services such as yourself have paid the healthcare fee, which is 35,80€ per semester, to Kela. The fee needs to be paid unprompted (you won’t be sent an invoice regarding it) twice a year and you can pay the fee at


If FSHS is closed or you cannot make

In case of any concerns or exhaustion, you can

an appointment, you can always use your own

turn to the students’ support centre Nyyti or

municipal health centre or emergency services.

the university pastors of Aalto. Further infor-

During your first year of studies, you

mation at and (Student life

will receive a request to participate in the elec-

-> Support for studying -> University chaplains

tronic health survey of FSHS (SÄTKY) which is

). With study-related challenges, you can turn

designed for reviewing the health of the first

to student affairs services at your school or

year students. It is very important that you re-

Aalto’s study psychologists, opintopsykolo-

spond to it. The survey will be sent to you via

the online service Self and the registration is needed. After responding to the survey, you will receive an invitation to visit a public health nurse and/or dental care if necessary.

INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOUR AND HARASSMENT You do not have to tolerate inappropriate behaviour. If you have witnessed harassment or experiFSHS HEALTH CENTRES IN THE METROPOL-

enced harassment yourself, you can contact


AYY’s trained harassment contact people Lauri

Otaniemi: Otakaari 12, Espoo

Jurvanen or Valisa Krairiksh at hairinta@ayy.

Töölö: Töölönkatu 37 A, Helsinki

fi for help and support. The service is strictly

You may use the services of any health centre,

confidential. You can also get in touch with the

also in other municipalities, if you wish to do

Manager of Academic Affairs of Aalto BIZ Pia


Lahti, KY Board member Helmi Nuortimo or your

Further information can be found at

own tutor.


status registered on their HSL travel card. The student discount is also granted to international exchange students residing temporarily within the HSL region. Further information on fares, the purchase of the travel card and the discount ticket application can be found at hsl. fi/liput-ja-hinnat.

More specific routes and schedules

are available on the timetables of transport companies or on the Journey Planner at, where you can easily find the current UNIVERSITY SPORT SERVICES – UNISPORT

timetables and routes of public transport.

UniSport offers Aalto University students inexpensive sports services and has sports facilities on the City Centre Campus of the


University of Helsinki as well as in Kumpula,


Meilahti, Otaniemi and Töölö. UniSport offers,

VR offers a student discount on long-distance

amongst other things, group exercise classes,

train journeys. Further information can be

ball games, gym and various courses. Further

found on VR’s website at The student dis-

information can be found at

counts of Matkahuolto can be found at You need to have your valid student card with you both on the train and the bus in order to be eligible for the student discount.

Student meal subsidy By presenting a valid student card or a receipt of a paid student union membership fee, you can get the student discount at student restaurants subsidized by Kela. Usually you


need to pay around 2,7-3€ for your lunch.

METROPOLITAN AREA A 45% discount is granted on seasonal tickets for students if they are registered within the HSL region (Espoo, Helsinki, Kauniainen, Kerava, Kirkkonummi, Vantaa) and have the student


KY Legal Advisor KY’s legal advisor Matti Marttunen assists students in legal matters in confidence. The legal advisor is on duty weekly. Specific duty hours and location will be announced at the beginning of the academic year at You can also reach the legal advisor via email at matti.

Different locations, one KY Since the spring of 2019, the business students at Aalto University have been at two campuses: Otaniemi and Mikkeli.

At the Otaniemi campus, Bachelor’s

students at the School of Business carry out their studies at the Undergraduate Centre on Otakaari 1, along with students of many other

Student card

Aalto disciplines.

Master’s students’ home is the new

As a student you get to enjoy various discounts

School of Business at Ekonominaukio 1.

and benefits – but in order to be eligible, you

need to prove your student status by show-

ness students during the day, go check out KY

ing a valid student card. After having paid the

Corner, abreak room located in the U-wing of

membership fee of your student union, you

the Undergraduate Centre. KY’s Office, Espilä,

may download the Frank App on Google Play

and event space Saha are both just a few min-

or AppStore to your phone to use your digital

utes away from the Undergraduate Centre and

student card. If you want to order the physical

right next to the new School of Business.

If you want to meet other Aalto busi-

card to show your student status, you will find the instructions at


Once your student card is ready, Frank will de-

Espilä is located at Konemiehentie 4, right

liver it to you at home. During the first weeks

opposite of KY’s event space Saha. Espilä is

of autumn, this may take a while as every new

where the KY Board, employees and staff of

student will be ordering their card simultane-

KY Foundation work at. Espilä has conference

ously. After receiving the card, get an updated

rooms available for reservation and common

year tag from AYY and the KY Sticker. Ask your

working space open to all KY members to use.

tutor about the temporary pick-up points or

Don’t hesitate to drop in for a cup of coffee (it’s

visit AYY’s office during the service hours. You

free for all KY members!) and say hi to the KY

can get the KY Sticker from the KY Office.

Board and employees!


When in need of KY-related assis-

tance, turn to the KY member service. They will

use, and it is available for KY’s volunteers’ reservations.

assist you in, for example, buying KY products, getting a KY sticker on your student card or going through the lost & found after a slightly longer and blurrier night. Member service can be reached during service hours by calling 040 353 8283, or by emailing at You can, of course, always come by and get the help you need in person. KY service hours at Espilä: Tuesday 15:00-17:00 Thursday 10:00-12:00 SAHA Saha is the event space and home to parties and KY activities in Otaniemi. Saha is located at Konemiehentie 1, right across the street from Espilä. The space is reserved entirely for KY’s


KY CORNER KY Corner is a break room for all business students, conveniently located on the first floor of the U-wing in the Undergraduate Centre. KY Corner is a natural place to meet and hang out with other business students during your school day or after the lectures. KY Corner is also known for Sports and Wellbeing Committee’s casual events such as the popular Cake Buffet organized twice a year and weekly Coffee Wednesdays when there is free coffee available. METALLIMIEHENKUJA This is KY’s newest party venue in Otaniemi located at Metallimiehenkuja 6. The space is newly renovated and available for KY’s volunteers’ reservations to ensure that KY can keep

the events going in Otaniemi too! MIKKELI The Aalto University School of Business, Mikkeli Campus is located in the city center of Mikkeli, in the Southern Savo region of Finland, and it offers the Bachelor’s degree programme in International Business (BScBA).

Probba ry, the student organization

of Aalto University School of Business, Mikkeli Campus, has their own premises at the campus. The office of Probba ry is located on the 3rd floor of the campus building (Lönnrotinkatu 5) and the Probba Lounge can be found in the basement of the building.


Entrepreneurship is not what you think

For us, entrepreneurship isn’t just about founding cool technology startups and rolling in money in Silicon Valley, but something much more. Entrepreneurship is a mindset and a tool that helps daring individuals to solve real, meaningful problems either as an entrepreneur or from inside an existing organisation. We don’t want you to become a tech-millionaire. We want you to save the world — and maybe become a millionaire while doing it. If that sounds like something you’d like to do, we can help.

Aalto Ventures Program is the entrepreneurship education program at Aalto University. Entrepreneurial courses open for all Aalto students AVP Startup minor for diving deep into the startup world Open events on all things entrepreneurship

Aalto Ventures Program

Aalto Ventures Program


As an Aalto BIZ student, you don’t have to wait for graduation to get in touch with working life. KY cooperates actively with several companies and future employers. We arrange, for example, excursions, career evenings and much more! Join the KY Career group in LinkedIn and turn the page and learn how to boost your career!




Clinics, and trainings to get useful career tips and job search skills from us and from employers and School’s alumni. All events can be found from JobTeaser

Search for jobs and internships from Aalto University’s job portal for students in JobTeaser – by checking the portal regularly you’ll get a good glance on companies and organizations who employ business students

Quotes from our Student Surveys:

“Overall great services, wish I found about Career Ser-

Get information on internship grants abroad and internship support in Finland Use Going Global & Highered portals for international job search

vices and its usefulness earlier” ”The voucher-opportunity enabled me to do an intern-

“Thank you, you have helped me a lot! You have

Read our career and job search related materials and news

ship in a Finnish Embassy. I am very grateful for this!” •

Follow our Instagram channel for regular Career Tips and Aalto BIZ Alumni Stories and

answered all my questions and messages timely,

news from employers

thank you” •

Our newsletter Aalto BIZ Monthly CareerMail

Career Services are based on long-term and diverse

comes once a month straight to your aalto

corporate relations and tight connections with our


students. Students’ opinions are very important

Give a permission in Sisu to use your contact

to us, and a yearly selected student council from

information for career and recruiting purposes

School of Business students is also sparring our ac-

to get invitations and messages from employ-



We help students w ​ ith job hunting a ​ nd career planning •

Aalto JobTeaser

Book an appointment with us to get personal


guidance e.g. for creating a good CV and cover

letter or get tips for job search or career planning •

Participate our versatile career events, CV



Dear Mursu,

Enjoy the student life ahead of you, I hope to see you in our events soon!

First of all, congratulations for getting into Aalto University School of Business! You are going to have an amazing time ahead of you. I can still remember like yesterday, when I opened the KY Guide myself, eagerly waiting for my studies to begin. As an Aalto BIZ and KY alumna, I would like to share a few tips I hope someone would have told me back then: •

Focus on your studies and study well. But remember to also have fun – a good balance is key! Participate in student organization activities you find interesting! Gaining new skills, networks and friendships doesn’t only happen inside the lecture halls. Study subjects you find genuinely interesting and start to consider different career options early on. Stay open minded, share experiences with others and above all remember, you will find your own career path eventually! Don’t stress about it too much.

Looking back now, I’m so happy I decided to apply to Aalto University School of Business; through the studies, I’ve found my own career in the field of IT and consulting, and I am privileged to have a job I find truly interesting and rewarding.


Best regards, Essi Myllymäki M.Sc., Aalto University School of Business Consultant

Accenture is a leading global professional services company, providing a broad range of services and solutions in strategy and consulting, interactive tehcnology and operations “Across the globe, one thing is universally true of the people of Accenture: We care deeply about what we do and the impact we have with our clients and communities. It is personal to all of us” - Julie Sweet Chief Executive Officer At the heart of every great change is a great human.

Visit us at

aTalent Recruiting: KY’s own recruiting company

How can I benefit from aTalent? By subscribing to aTalent’s job alerts you will

aTalent Recruiting is a recruiting compa-

get notified about job opportunities in your

ny owned by Prodeko’s alumni association,

field of study, targeted directly to you based

Prodeko and KY which offers job opportuni-

on your interests and education. It is always a

ties for students and graduates in the fields of

good idea to subscribe even if you weren’t cur-

business, technology and IT. Our ambition is to

rently searching for a job. We also post about

provide the best possible career opportunities

the open positions regularly on social media,

and recruitment experience for young talents.

so it is highly recommended to follow our

That’s right, we are here for you Mursu!

Facebook page, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts and also KY Career & Monday Mail!

Only relevant job opportunities

At aTalent we care deeply about the profesFrom aTalent, you’ll only find relevant job op-

sional development of young talents. This is

portunities for academic students and gradu-

why we organize workshops and other training

ates. We offer positions in various companies

sessions in order to offer effective tools for job

in different industries, from small startups to

hunting. Close cooperation with different stu-

listed companies and have recruited employ-

dent organizations is also one of our main pri-

ees for companies such as Nordea, Hartwall

orities, which is why we are looking forward to

and Rovio. We offer part-time and full-time po-

meeting you in career related events!

sitions, summer jobs, traineeships and shorter projects. In addition we provide comprehensive feedback and support in any career related matter. Last year about 400 young champions landed their dream job with our help!


Read more and subscribe to our job alerts at

What is Helsingin Ekonomit? Helsingin Ekonomit, The Finnish Business

How can you as a business student benefit from Helsingin Ekonomit?

School Graduates Helsinki Section, originally

Events: As a business student, you are

founded in 1935 by former KY members, of-

welcome to attend any of the 150 events

fers you many opportunities to succeed. We

we organize every year. Events are relat-

add value to your student time by providing

ed mainly to professional skills, company visits

you a wide range of events and courses where

and wellbeing. Most of the events are

you can develop your skills and get inspired.

free for students. You may find a mentor

We also provide you a networking platform:

or meet your dream employer by taking

Helsingin Ekonomit has about 17 000 mem-

part. Check out our events at helsingine-

bers with whom you can discuss, brainstorm,!

spar and create meaningful relationships. Our

Ekonomi Summit: The event of the year is

members are business graduates from all over

Ekonomi Summit, which gathers together

Finland and abroad.

over 1000 business students and gradu-

Our main purpose is to support the

ates from all over the country. This year

professional and personal skills of our mem-

Ekonomi Summit is organized on Friday

bers and to act as a networking platform

8th of October. Mark your calendar and get

among business graduates and students.

your ticket at!

Helsingin Ekonomit has 17 clubs, each

Scholarships: Helsingin Ekonomit grants

of which focuses on a certain field of business,

scholarships every year for business stu-

e.g. finance, accounting, marketing, digitaliza-

dents. Application period for scholarships

tion, management and so on. The clubs col-

is during autumn. Follow our social media

laborate with KY’s subject clubs. Our 160 vol-

channels and stay tuned!

unteers create relevant content for business

Get involved: In addition to attending our

students and graduates by organizing events

events, you can also join one of our clubs

and doing various other activities.

or working committees. By joining a club


or working committee, you can network with business graduates, organize interesting events and have fun. Get to know our clubs and working committees at You are welcome to join anytime, just contact us.

We want you to succeed and to get

what you dream of already during your studies. The better you are, the better all the business students and graduates are! Get in touch!

Leena Karppinen M.Sc. Aalto University School of Business (2019) Community Relations Coordinator Helsingin Ekonomit ry



HELSINGIN EKONOMIT @heko1935 Helsingin Ekonomit helsinginekonomit

First of all, congratulations and welcome to Aalto University!

What do you gain by being a member of Suomen Ekonomit?

You are just about to start a new, exciting jour-

Legal advice. Our legal counselors are

ney towards your future and we at The Finnish

available every weekday between 9-12,

Business School Graduates are here to help

tel. +358 20693205. You can also make an

you achieve your full potential!

appointment in our booking calendar. Our

We want to walk along with you - from the

legal advisors can check your employment

beginning of your studies and throughout your

contracts and give advice to many other

whole working life.

work life related legal issues. •

Access to huge variety of webinars, work-

The Finnish Business School Graduates was

shops and group discussions related to

founded 1935 by former members of KY who

your career (for example: CV- and Linke-

wanted to spend more time together and sup-


port each other in their working life. Nowadays,

we are a central organization for graduates and students in Economics and Business Administration. There are more than 50 000 of us, including 13 student societies across Finland. Together we form a community of like-minded people with the same educational background. We warmly welcome you to join our community. When you sign up as a KY member, you automatically and free of charge become a student member. Our mission is to create a better working life for our members, but also to prepare and guide you along the way towards the career of your dreams.


Professional advice for salary determination and salary negotiations

Diverse local events and training organized by your student liaison (“Kylli”)

My name is Ida Nagy and I am your local Kylli, which means that I work as a student liaison for the organization in Aalto University. Therefore, I take care of most of the student related matters at Aalto. If you ever have any questions regarding the association or working life in general – or actually pretty much anything - just get in touch with me on Facebook, Instagram or send me an email or give me a call.

Ida Nagy Student Liaison The Finnish Business School Graduates ( tel. 044 918 8731 Facebook: Aallon Kylli



In the heart of KY, working at the KY Office, are four sectors: Academic Affairs, Communications, Community and Corporate Relations – all of which are managed by KY Board members and employees. Additionally, the KY Office is also home to the KY Foundation. This section of the KY Guide introduces you to the people who devote a huge part of their time to KY, running the organization’s daily routines. Turn the page to get to know them! 99

OPENING DOORS TO ESPILÄ Congratulations and welcome, new mursu.

across from Saha) offer a lot of different ser-

You have spectacular years ahead of you, and I hope that as you spend time at KY, you will learn new things about yourself and realize how versatility – yourself and others – is the key to everything. As I started as a mursu in 2017, I could not have imagined everything that I would experience at KY. Hundreds of interesting topics to learn in-class, a lot of new friends, different groups, and endless possibilities – sounds dreamy, and it truly is, as you understand that one person can be so many things. During your time at KY, you will learn to have different roles, handle different situations, and grow. You will do that with amazing people around you, who are all from different backgrounds and equipped with different skills. It is eye-opening

vices and overall, do our very best to help you enjoy, try, and make choices. As a few practical examples: whether it is getting your KY member sticker, buying KY merch, choosing where to volunteer – we got your back. Also, we make great coffee. KY Office consists of wonderful individuals: we have Coordinators, Producers, Directors, and of course, the whole KY Association Board. As an Executive Director, I am responsible of office administration and as such aim to make KY work like a charm. Come say hi, we are always up to listening to how we could benefit our members more! At some point in your mursu year, you might notice that you have learned a lot of things that you never knew you would be learning. Of course, we come to the Universi-

to understand how little you understand and then understand more with the help of people around you. Versatility and diversity are something that keep us moving forward. The versatility and diversity of our community can be seen in everything we do; reading this, you have probably gotten the first impression of some things that KY members can get involved with. KY works for and only because of its members, and because each of our members is an individual with different interests and motivations, we at KY Office must offer services accordingly. To help each of our members navigate in their student life, we at Espilä (an office space

ty to learn new things. Although, some of the most important life lessons happen outside the lecture halls. I want to give you one takeaway from my text: dare to challenge the norms and find new aspects of yourself! I promise it is worth it.


Heidi Riihimäki KY’s Executive Director



and the vice-chair in managing things at the


KY Office, and representing KY in various roles and positions. This year, Niko is also in charge of strategy work. Vice-chair of the Board Elina Rauvala takes care of Educational Affairs at KY. Elina is the right-hand person for Chair of the Board, stepping in whenever needed and having her own responsibilities in leading KY. She also supports our volunteers in KY committees, looks after KY’s finances, and helps our subject clubs in their ventures. The Board is here because of our passion for KY, and this includes meeting our members. Come greet us in Espilä, say hi when you see us around or send a message – we are happy to help and have a chat!

The KY Board is the face and voice of all members. The Board works full-time, which means you won’t be meeting members at many lectures. Board members spend their days in threefold ways: together as a board, representing KY, and each with their own duties. The Board runs the ongoing operations at KY and deals with various tasks. Some of them are more planned, like taking care of the finances and recruitments. Other duties are more emergent, like, COVID-19 restrictions, preparing a new strategy, and deciding on safe environment procedures. A large chunk of time is designated to representing KY. This includes speaking on behalf of members in Aalto University decision-making, participating in working groups with stakeholders, keeping in touch with our fellow business students in Finland and abroad, and more. In addition, each board member has two or more specific responsibilities. The following pages will present you with what each of our board members does on a regular basis. Chair of the Board Niko Ylä-Poikelus splits his time between leading the board, working together with the Executive Director



ACADEMIC AFFAIRS The Academic Affairs sector ensures that the

Affairs sector questions, ideas and feedback

voices of business students are heard regarding educational matters. But, what does that mean? The Board works full-time, which means you won’t be meeting members at many lectures. This year, there are three board members working in KY’s Academic Affairs sector: Mia Lundström, Jesse Haapanen and Elina Rauvala. We focus on improving education-related issues, for example by meeting with different stakeholders to discuss the students’ perspective. However, the work is not done solely by these three people. Academic Affairs Committee KOVA and subject clubs participate in student advocacy, as well. There are also other student representatives, called hallopeds, involved in decision-making at the

about studies. Our anonymous study feedback form is also a great way to share your opinions. This feedback form and more information about study-related issues can be found at It’s also possible for you to take a more active role in academic affairs! You can for example become a Course Buddy, who is a mursu that gathers feedback about first-year courses from other mursus and communicates them to the teacher. Course Buddies are recruited for each first-year course, so more information will be coming your way already in the first study period. It’s also possible for you to take a more active role in academic affairs! First-year students can also apply to the Academic Af-

School and the University. KY’s Academic Affairs sector also handles campus affairs which focus on developing the learning spaces on our two campuses in Otaniemi and Mikkeli.

fairs Committee KOVA, subject clubs, and even to be hallopeds. Application periods for these opportunities take place later in the fall. If you have anything on your mind, don’t hesitate to contact KY’s Academic Affairs sector. We are here to make sure you are heard!

How can you get involved as a fresh mursu? Your feedback is valuable from the very beginning of your studies. We want to emphasize the importance of answering course feedback forms, commenting on courses on Fringe Study Guide and sending us in KY’s Academic



COMMUNICATIONS What is happening next fall, where and when? If you are still not sure, there is no reason to worry - KY’s Communications sector is here to keep you informed about all the cool stuff that’s happening at KY. At KY there is a lot going on and the amount of information can sometimes feel overwhelming. KY’s communications sector coordinates our official channels, educates and helps volunteers about the use of the channels and communicates the most relevant information especially for business students ranging from upcoming events, studies and student benefits to career and volunteering opportunities. The communications sector is the biggest sector at the KY office, and our expertise ranges from communications to visuals and brand work, editing Kylteri magazine and IT. Board member Kiti Kainulainen and Communications Coordinator Petra Weiste are responsible for communicating everything that’s happening. Our AD Ruut Joensuu is responsible for all visuals at KY and her work ranges from campaign graphics to designing the layout of Kylteri magazine. AD works closely with the Editor-in-Chief of Kylteri Jutta Sibakov, who oversees everything concerning the student magazine. IT Coordinator Rasmus Räsänen is responsible for IT stuff, such as the website, maintaining IT at KY’s premises


and new projects regarding technology. We are happy to help with any questions that you might have! By following KY’s official communications channels, you will stay up-to-date about all that is happening at KY throughout the year!


COMMUNITY Every KY member is a part of our community, and we all partake in building it. KY’s community sector is the biggest and brightest consisting of culture, new students, student wellbeing and clubs. This sector is also responsible for supporting and thanking our volunteers including clubs, project teams, subcommittees and tutors.

Wellbeing Uni years are often described as the best years of our lives - and no wonder why! However, alongside all the fun, everyone faces struggles and challenges from time to time. Supporting the wellbeing of our members is a top priority for KY, and one of the main tasks of KY Board member Helmi Nuortimo and Association Coordinator Minni Koivumäki, together with KY’s very own Sports and Wellbeing Committee LiHy. In addition to LiHy, we also have the BeWell project, which aims to improve our members’ individual wellbeing. Besides feeling good, it is crucial that each of us feels safe and respected in our community. KY wants to provide a safe and equal environment for everyone, and has created a set of rules for the type of behavior we expect


in everyday KY life. Be sure to check out our renewed Code of Conduct on!

Culture KY is known for the best student experience in the world for every KY member. Our goal is that everyone feels welcome and appreciated in our community. We aim to create opportunities for every student to find something they’re interested in, and that everyone finds their own place in this huge community. KY is extremely proud of its wide array of volunteers and strong traditions, from our beloved Annual Ball week, Wappu and Autumn Festival and various Kuntis parties. The culture sector consists of the board member responsible for culture, Aleksi Huhtamäki, Culture Producer Onni Syvälahti, our beloved subcommittees Kulttuurijaosto, NESU-KY and KY-SUB, and last but not least, the Cultural Committee KUVA. As said before, our student culture would not be the same without our volunteers. Subcommittees and committees have over a hundred volunteers every year, and they play a huge part in our yearly traditions, and developing the student culture even further. Information about the different volunteer positions at KY is shared throughout the year, so stay tuned for anything that might interest you!

New Students


Warmly welcoming the new Bachelor’s, Master’s and Exchange students to KY and Aalto is a crucial part of building the KY community and passing the traditions on to the new generations of KY members. The sector ensures that your student life gets a smooth start by designating a trained tutor for you, organizing orientation week and cooperating with the School of Business. Being a mursu or an exchange student at KY is an experience of a lifetime that can’t be replicated anywhere else. KY takes a lot of pride in its mursu upbringing, upholding some of the oldest traditions in Finnish student culture. The sector is run by Aleksi Huhtamäki, KY Board member responsible for new students, and Meeri Gummerrus, the Tutor coordinator at the School of Business and chair of the Tutor Committee. The sector has the sole goal of ensuring that everyone’s start at the School of Business is as effortless as possible. This is done together with all KY members from KY Office members to association volunteers.

Around 60 associations call KY home, and of these associations many are clubs. KY’s association coordinator Minni Koivumäki and the KY Board member responsible for clubs, Helmi Nuortimo, ensure that all clubs get as much support and guidance as they need. KY’s clubs offer almost everything you could imagine, and play a key role in producing KY’s culture. Anything from golf to wine tasting, skiing to debating... if you can come up with it, we most likely have a club for it! However, if you feel like something is missing, or you just have an amazing new idea you want to try out, you are more than welcome to either start a project or found a club of your own. Just contact Minni and she will respond to any questions you might come up with!


CORPORATE RELATIONS What do I want to do when I graduate? What companies offer summer jobs for business students? How will I land my first internship position? We are here to help you find answers to these questions and many more! Already as students, career is an integral part of our lives for most of us. Summer jobs and internships offer experience that is worth its weight in gold. Therefore, KY wants to help you boost your career! KY is dedicated to showing you the best career opportunities and helping you land your dream job. Every one of us pursues the best possible career. However, many of us don’t yet know what we want from our career or what paths we should choose to reach our goals. KY wants to help its members answer these puzzling questions. KY’s Corporate Relations sector consists of three members of the KY Office and KY’s Corporate Relations Committee CORE. The sector consists of board member Tuomas Takanen and corporate relations coordinators Peik Berg and Aino Hakkarainen. They are here to help you land your dream job! KY’s mission is to bring companies and students


together in a manner that benefits both. KY offers students a lot: firstly, students get to know what companies are the most interested in us. Secondly, students learn what companies are about beneath the surface. Thirdly, students can network with companies’ representatives and gain an advantage when applying for jobs. Companies, in turn, get to know and attract KY’s brightest talents. KY has many kinds of ways for companies to be involved in students’ lives. We especially emphasise face-to-face encounters between students and companies, which are facilitated during e.g. CORE’s events and excursions. Companies are also present on our dollar green overalls, social media and print media. In addition, the finest events of KY wouldn’t be possible without the support of our partners. Remember that it’s never too early to get hands-on experience on working life. Don’t forget to join the exclusive KY Career groups on Facebook and LinkedIn! This way, you will get an edge on your career by hearing about the best opportunities.


KY FOUNDATION KY Foundation helps students achieve their professional, studyrelated and extracurricular goals at the Aalto University School of Business. The purpose of the KY Foundation is to support, for example, the leisure activities, culture and sports events, internationality and study success of the business students at Aalto University. By providing financial support and other resources for students and associations, KY Foundation helps Aalto business students grow and aim higher.

Over 600 000 € of grants awarded annually KY Foundation offers yearly grants and subsidies to clubs and associations providing services or events to the community as well as groups of students with a good idea for a new project. This year, KY Foundation is prepared to give out 600 000 € in association and project grants! The latest information of current subsidies can be found at KY’s webpages and the grant portfolio is developed according to students’ needs. All application forms, subsidy requirements and news are also posted on the website


Free premises and legal services for business students KY Foundation provides students and KY’s associations with free space to operate and organize events in. On the Otaniemi campus, the KY Office “Espilä” and the party venue “Saha” stand on opposite sides of Konemiehentie, providing KY members and associations with space for different purposes. Whether organizing larger meetings, parties or chilling with coffee, these buildings provide business students with the space they need. What’s more, a new party space will open this fall on Metallimiehenkuja in Otaniemi. The venue that is yet to be named will replace the former party spaces in the historical KY Building to ensure that the KY students will have excellent facilities for their use also after the pandemic. In addition to free premises, KY Foundation provides Aalto business students with free legal services. The legal advisor Matti Marttunen is on call weekly and provides free counseling to all KY members and associations. The independent Kylteri magazine ( and page 69) is also published by the Foundation.

Student-led decision making Decision making and operation at KY Foundation is led by the Executive Board and its Chair Antti Perttula. The board consists of a student majority and specialist members of asset and real estate management, who make sure the Foundation’s possessions are governed in the best possible way. To keep the students’ best interest at heart, the Board is overseen by a Supervisory Council consisting of the KY Association’s representative council members (page 70). Day-to-day operations run through Managing Director Juho Paavola.


Executive Board of the KY Foundation Student members: Antti Perttula (Chair) Iiro Halinen Aura Hemminki Rasmus Mäkinen Rasmus Ylinen Niko Ylä-Poikelus (Chair of KY Association)

Specialist members: Harri Hiltunen (Vice Chair) Petri Ala-Härkönen Johanna Juujärvi Jani Nokkanen Ira van der Pals Kaisa Vikkula

KY BOARD Niko Ylä-Poikelus

Jesse Haapanen

Chair of the board

New Premises, Academic

040 414 3619

affairs, Elections,

050 593 8241

Elina Rauvala Vice Chair , Educational Affairs,

Tuomas Takanen

Subject Clubs, Volunteers,

Corporate relations,


Work and Career, Ownership

040 833 4872

steering, Temporary premises

045 114 0858

Helmi Nuortimo Sports and wellbeing,

Mia Lundström

Clubs, Sustaunability

Campus affairs,

044 023 7311

Master´s students,

Alumni, International affairs 041 480 1162

Aleksi Huhtamäki

Culture, New students, Digital KY 050 338 4212

Kiti Kainulainen Communications, Brand, Digital KY, Probba, Elections 050 435 9750


STAFF Heidi Riihimäki

Petra Weiste

Executive Director

Communications Coordinator

050 043 0546

040 353 8279

Olavi Nummisto

Minni Koivumäki

Administrative Assistant

Association Coordinator

045 124 2963

040 353 8285

Ruut Joensuu

Onni Syvälahti

Art Director

Culture Producer

040 353 8287

040 353 8276

Peik Berg

Meeri Gummerus

Corporate Relations Coordinator

Tutor Coordinator

040 353 8282

050 552 1936

Aino Hakkarainen Corporate Relations Coordinator 040 353 8282

Rasmus Räsänen IT Coordinator 040 353 8277



Matti Marttunen

Managing Director

Legal Advisor

0400 241 961

040 353 8280

Jutta Sibakov

Antti Perttula

Editor-in-Chief of Kylteri Magazine

Chair of the board

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KY DICTIONARY What do people mean when they’re talking about ‘kuntis’? Where can I find a place called ‘Espilä’? KY life is wonderful, but at times the colourful vocabulary can be confusing. To start things off a bit more smoothly we made you a little KY vocabulary. A28

A student dormitory located in Etu-Töölö on Arkadiankatu 28, right next to the old School of Business.

Aalto BIZ

The official abbreviation used of the Aalto University School of Business.

A Bloc

The mall at the heart of Otaniemi on top of one of the metro entrances. A Bloc has a number of restaurants, two supermarkets and Alko, for example.



KTK. An abbreviation used for Bachelor’s degree.

BIZ 3.0 / School of Business

The new School of Business in Otaniemi. The building is located in the epicenter of the Otaniemi campus, Ekonominaukio 1, right next to KY Office, Espilä.

Career Evening

Urailta. An evening including meeting company representatives, hearing about career opportunities and information about working life. Usually organized by a subject club.

A student caféteria in the Undergraduate Center (Otakaari 1) in Otaniemi. Also Alvarinaukio, the name of the main square in Otaniemi located next to the Undergraduate Centre.



Organisations functioning directly under KY and chaired by its board members. KY has six committees that organize diverse cultural and sports events, look after student advocacy and develop cooperation with our corporate partners.

Pub crawl.

ARTSilainen ARTS student.


Aalto University Student Union. The student union of all the students at Aalto University.


An association registered under KY. Clubs are self-governing, but supported by KY.



Dipoli is Aalto University’s main building. Dip-

oli offers the entire Aalto community and its stakeholders meeting places and work spaces as well as event and exhibition facilities. The building also houses several cafeterias and restaurants that are open to all.



Student association for tech students (each field has their own).

An apartment application system. Through Domo you can apply for AYY’s apartments. Check out


Master’s thesis, the dissertation for Master’s degree.



Student rep. A student representative in the administrative councils of the university.

Opintopiste. European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System. You will need 180 ECTS for Bachelor’s degree and 120 ECTS for Master’s degree.



Harald Herlin Learning Center

KY Office in Otaniemi located at Konemiehentie 4. The KY Board and employees work here.


Excursion. A trip to visit a company or an organization.

Executive Director

Toiminnanjohtaja. Formerly known as pääsihteeri, ‘Pässi’. The head of KY Office.

Hanken School of Economics. The Swedish-speaking business school is located next to the old main building of Aalto BIZ in Töölö.

In short Learning center or ‘oppimiskeskus’. Here you can find the library, cafeteria and spaces for both individual and group work.


An association for business school graduates in the Helsinki area. A regional association of the Finnish Business School Graduates (Suomen Ekonomit). Check more on page 94.


Extended reservation pass

Jatkoaikalupa. When you’re organizing an event in KY Premises and would like to continue even after 22 o’clock, you will need to ask for an extended reservation pass.

Fringe Study Guide

Varjo-opinto-opas. This informal online study guide reveals you the secrets WebOodi’s course descriptions don’t – when you’ve finished a course, add a description yourself to help the generations to come! Find Fringe Study Guide at


Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region. AYY and HOAS are the two key organizations offering housing for Aalto students.


A pub crawl by metro, arranged by KY’s Cultural Committee in April. Takes you both to Eastern and Western Helsinki.


An electronic portal through which you’ll find useful information about studies and services of the university. Check out Into at


KY Employees

A pub crawl by tram in October.


Jämeräntaival, one of the bigger roads in Otaniemi where lots of student housing and Smökki are located.


People employed by KY running the day-today operations at the KY Office. Consist of KY’s Art Director, IT Coordinator, Communications Coordinator, Sales Coordinator, Association Coordinator, Culture Producer, , Administrative Assistant, Corporate Relations Coordinators and Executive Director.

Bachelor’s thesis, the dissertation for Bachelor’s degree. Also used when referring to Bachelor’s students.



A pub crawl by tram 10, arranged by KY-mppi at the end of April. Part of KY Wappu.

KY’s very own song book. Used particularly at lauluilta parties.


KY:n toimisto. Abbreviation for KY Office.


KY Representative Council / KYE

Nickname for academic affairs. Derives from the word ‘koulutuspolitiikka’.

Also known as ‘edari’. KY’s ‘parliament’ and the highest decision-making body. Elections every two years, next time this autumn.


Derives from the word ‘kuntailta’. Kuntis is a party organized for KY members in a bar.

KY Corner

A break room for all business students, conveniently located on the first floor of the U-wing in the Undergraduate Centre.

KY’s own website at


A dinner party at which you sing, drink and dine in good company!


KTM. An abbreviation used for Master’s degree.

KY Executive Board / KYH KY Board.


KY Foundation

KY-säätiö. Founded to support the social, professional and intellectual goals of students in the Aalto University School of Business, as well as those related to studying and the student life. The foundation provides for example financial supports for students’ leisure activities and cultural and sports events.


Computer halls and other 24/7 study spaces in Otaniemi, on Sähkömiehentie 3. At all Aalto students’ disposal.

Member service employees

Palveluneuvojat. KY’s three member service employees help you with all the practical KY matters.


Mentorointi. The process of a graduate already in the working life helping students close to graduation to plan their careers and give other useful advice.


Metallimiehenkuja or MMK is one of KY’s party venues in Otaniemi, located at Metallimiehenkuja 6.

Monday Mail

A newsletter sent to KY members every Monday, gathering all KY activities of the week.



Home to UniSport in Otaniemi, Otaranta 6. Also used as an event space for bigger events.


The student organization of Aalto University School of Business, Mikkeli Campus. Probba is also part of KY. More information on page 24.


Also known as ‘Rantsu’. AYY’s rentable space at Jämeräntaival 7 that has two saunas, one small event space, a grill and an old-fashioned wooden bathing tub. You can also go swimming in the sea at the dock in front.


A first-year student at Aalto BIZ.

Mursu Championships

Mursumestaruuskisat. A playful sports event where tutor groups will compete against each other collecting points from different kinds of checkpoints.

Mursu Expo

AYY’s student dormitory in Taka-Töölö. The nickname derives from the address Ruusulankatu 5.


KY’s own event space on Konemiehentie 1, the home of parties and KY activities in Otaniemi.

Mursumessut. An event during the orientation week at which you’ll get tons of information about KY and its associations.


Mursu Party


Mursubileet. A welcome party organized especially for mursus at the beginning of the academic year.


24 hours dedicated to familiarize mursus with KY traditions.


Opintopiste, ECTS.

The Student Union of Hanken School of Economics.

Usually quite a wild party organized twice a year by KUJ. The location, performer and theme of the party are always a surprise. Wear your overalls topped off with your funniest hat!

Sitsi party

Sitsit. A party at which you sing, eat and drink. Close to a lauluilta, but with its own rules and traditions. Often organized by NESU-KY.



Servin Maijan tie, one of the bigger roads in Otaniemi where lots of student housing is located.

AYY’s event space at Otakaari 20.



Servin mökki. AYY’s event space where some of the bigger parties in Otaniemi are held.


Undergraduate Centre

Kandidaattikeskus, also known as ‘päälafka’. Most of all Bachelor’s level courses, projects and events take place here at Otakaari 1.

A student-run interactive musical. Many student associations have their own speksi, including KY.




Subject club


Jaosto. There are three subcommittees at KY: KUJ, KY-SUB and NESU-KY, each having a special function at KY.

Subject clubs represent the variety of subjects taught at Aalto University School of Business. Each study programme has a subject club organizing leisure time activities and maintaining good relations with the faculty.


The National Union of University Students in Finland. Abbreviation for Suomen ylioppilaskuntien liitto. AYY is a member of SYL.


One of the wings at the Undergraduate Centre, home to the facilities of Aalto BIZ.

AYY’s student dormitory located in Kallio district. The nickname derives from the address Vaasankatu 10.

Abbreviation for ‘vuosijuhla’. The Annual Ball, that celebrates KY’s birthday party where the dresscode is a tailcoat or a dark suit or an evening gown. The ball is held on the Saturday closest to Antti Chydenius’ birthday which is on February 26th.


Väre is the home to the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Väre is located right next to the School of Business.


Tech student.


Student Association TOKYO is a student organization which aims to bring together students of Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture as well as its former students, the alumni.


Sports services for university students on six campuses within the metropolitan area at an affordable price. More information at unisport. fi.


Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS). A health care service tailor-made for university students. You can use its services by paying the annual AYY membership fee.


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