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│CONTENTS │ Statement │ │ Sketch │ │ Architecture │ │ Concept │ │ Photography │ │ Paint │ │ Sources

PERSON│ C: 917|455|1927 E: ID: 000812820 A: 46-31 66th St 11377 A piece of art is a story without words and the following slides are a collection of stories I have either captured or imaged in my preparation for the next leg of my educational career.

SKETCH│ │ Self Portrait │ │ New Acadia │ │ Democracy

Self Portrait Pencil 2013

New Acadia Pencil 2013

Democracy Pencil 2013

│ Palladian Estate │ │ Cathedral │ │ Neo-Revivalist House │ │ Queen Anne Mansion


PALLADIAN ESTATE I drew my inspiration for this work from Palladio’s Villa Rotunda.

PALLADIAN ESTATE I included a recessed portico on both sides of the structure. I chose not to include an ocular window and chimneys in this rendering to offer options. The rear elevation includes a portico with four Corinthian columns.

Below is a sketch of the floor-plan for my project, contrasting with the layout of Villa Rotunda.

CONCRETE CATHEDRAL Awe-inspiring scale is imperative to any sacred space. This cathedral takes the elements from classical architecture, the massive central dome and extensive nave hearken to an era of grand monuments. The simplicity of the structure is purposeful to direct the focus to the sheer scale of the structure.

NEO-REVIVALIST HOUSE This house takes from Georgian and modern strands. Constructed in concrete, the house is meant to reconcile the timelessness of historic architecture while blending with modernist flare.

NEO-REVIVALIST HOUSE Upon entering the house one is greeted into a massive great hall which spans the house. There are four bedrooms –including a large master suite- on the ground floor. However, the study and formal dining room can double as additional bedrooms.

Levels: Bedrooms: Bathrooms: Square Ft:

2 4-6 2ž Approx 4,000

Main Level Ground Floor

QUEEN ANNE MANSION This piece was intended as a gift. I did not plan the layout when designing the faรงade and instead focused on creating a more whimsical design. (8.5x11)

│ Welcome Center │ │ Farm House │ │ Tropical Resort

CONCEPT│ The following slides are intended to exhibit my creative process and not the finished project.

GRAND TETON NATIONAL PARK WELCOME CENTER This project is an attempt to show the creative process. My goal was to design a visitor center for Grand Teton National Park. I wanted to mimic the form of the mountains in the distance. The southern and northern elevations act as artificial hills. They are landscaped with indigenous flora.


South Elevation

FARM HOUSE/URBAN FARM Through this project I attempted to create a living space that blurs the line between the urban and rural environment. I conceived the house to take up limited space while maintaining a close connection to nature by offering greenery in the narrow spaces bordering the neighboring structures. The thin windows allow for plenty of natural light while focusing on the green space as opposed to the neighboring wall. The second floor is designated for a small-scale urban farm, nearly mirroring the ground level’s layout, it is large enough to provide plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables for the homeowner.

Levels: Bedrooms: Bathrooms: Square Ft:

1½ (Rooftop Garden) 3-4 2¾ Approx 2,000 (Excluding Rooftop Garden)

TROPICAL RESORT This project was intended to embrace its environment. The structure’s roof is a continuation of the surrounding landscape including a water feature and lush landscaping. The large arch in the structure frames the landscape beyond for the arriving guest. It also serves a practical purpose since it divides the condominiums from the hotel section of the resort. The large platform near the bottom of the arch holds a large communal space for guests.

PHOTO│ │ Objects │ │ Nature │ │ Landscape │ │ Architecture

Leaves 2009

Nature in Hand 2009

Time 2009

Silence 2009

Sunset Anzio, Italy 2006

Crater Lake Oregon 2012

Red Wood Eureka, California 2011

Oak Alley Vacherie, Louisiana 2010

Daydream Anzio, Italy 2007

Tiber River Rome, Italy 2006

O’Lana Hudson, New York 2012

Lyndhurst Castle Tarrytown, New York 2012

National Museum Dublin, Ireland 2007

Greenwood St. Francisville, Louisiana 2012

St. Peter’s Basilica The Vatican 2006

Customs House Boston, Massachusetts 2010


│ Swamplands │ │ Navajo │ │ First Congregational │ │ Plantation

Swamplands Oil 2010

Navajo Oil 2009

First Congregational Connecticut 2009

Plantation Oil 2008

INSPIRATION SOURCES│ Palladian Rendering (Slide 5)| [1570] | 1 print | Palladio, Andrea, 1508-1580. Illus. in NA2515 .P25 1570 (Rosenwald Coll) [Rare Book RR] | LC-USZ62-110283 (b&w film copy neg.) ( Drayton Hall (Slide 5)| 4 x 5 in. HABS SC,10-CHAR.V,8--7 | HABS SC,10-CHAR.V,8--7 ( ) Stanton Hall (Slide 6)| 5 x 7 in. HABS MISS,1-NATCH,21--1 | HABS MISS,1-NATCH,21--1 ( ) Penn Station (Slide 6)| c1920. |U.S. GEOG FILE - New York--New York City--Railroad Stations | LC-USZ62-74598 (b&w film copy neg.) ( ) Stained Glass Window (Slide 7)| [between 1950 and 1990] | 1 drawing | J. & R. Lamb Studios LAMB, no. 1243 (A size) [P&P] ( ) Concrete Church (Slide 7)| Christian Beirle González | ( Swag (Slide 8)| 2000 | 5 x 7 in. | Boucher, Jack E. HABS DC,GEO,37--9 | HABS DC,GEO,37--9 ( Hoover Dam (Slide 8)| 2005 | 5 x 7 | Boucher, Jack E. HABS DC-349-S-6 | HABS DC-349-S-6 ( ) Round Window (Slide 8)| 5 x 7 HAER NV-27-3 | HAER NV-27-3 ( Concrete Structure (slide 8)| Historic American Buildings Survey HABS VA,7-ARL,15- ( )

KW Strouse Portfolio 2013  
KW Strouse Portfolio 2013  

First attempt at a design portfolio.