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Markku Miettinen Maria Tani Riina Noro Otto Kasvio Elina Pekkala Niko Koivumäki Tomi Rosa Haikarainen Lype Juhani Rusanen

Karel Alanurm Julle Joni Myllymäki

Rosa Haikarainen Kuti-lehteä julkaiseva Kutikuti ry on vuonna 2005 perustettu nykysarjakuvaan erikoistunut yleishyödyllinen ja taiteilijavetoinen yhdistys. Voit tilata Kuti-lehden myös kotiisi. Suomeen neljä numeroa sisältävän vuositilauksen hinta on 14 euroa, ulkomaille 22 euroa. Teet tilauksen kätevimmin kotisivuillamme osoitteessa www.kutikuti.com. Kutin seuraava numero ilmestyy maaliskuussa 2022.

Kuti magazine is edited and published by Kutikuti, a nonprofit and artist-driven comics association. You can also subscribe to Kuti. The subscription fee is 14 euros for one year (four issues). Abroad, the subscription costs 22 euros per year. All issues feature translations in English. The best way to subscribe is to visit our website at www.kutikuti.com. The next issue will be out in March 2022.

Tämä numero on tehty yhteistyössä Autismisäätiön ja Aula-työkodin kanssa. This issue was made in collaboration with Autism Foundation Finland and Studio Aula.

Pääkirjoitus: Meidän maailma - manifesti / Editorial: Our World - Manifesto 1 Co_emdy. Blah. 2 In our world comics means pictures inside frames, doh. Our world blah. In our world comics are pictures and text. In our world comics is wide subject. It is getting wider or maybe not. In our world comics is breaking out genres more. 3 In our world comics means imagination and heroes. In our world comics is telling story. 7 Our comics tell of 8 general personal things 9 dystopias 10 crime stories 11 In our world we tell of what comes to mind 12 Well listen... Never mind then, I’m off to Japan. 13 Blah, wanted to tell something. Didn’t want to tell

Markku Miettinen

Maria Tani: Metamorphosis

Riina Noro: Ruutuaikavariantteja / Screen Time Variants Crab Vempula ponders / What variant / Umm... / Bullet sniper / Where am I? / See you at the marketplace / This navigator is broken / Finally outdoors! / Eek / Please don’t be a bright frosty night 6.2. / Umm.. I ran away -- that was?

1 Crab Vempula?? Winter wonderland? Safety fails / C-130 / Vance-Owen / Guppy fish I’m unemployed / New normal / Ilomantsi / Devil may care technology 1993 2 Crab Vempula and technology is a mess was the thermometer broken / Vempula saw Rose may l have an autograph / Pale or Savitaipale / Turn left and then turn right / It’s bullshit / Is my TV broken? / Well

Otto Kasvio: Suomi - Japani / Finland - Japan 1 Suomi Finland -> Finlandaro FIN 3 Letter / Writing / Pronunciation / 13:00 6 Comics

1 Nippon Japan <- Japani JPN 3 Spelling / Writing / Sound / 19:00 6 Manga

1 Suomi Finland -> Finlandaro FIN 4 Nieminen / Forename / Surname 5 Black belt!

1 Nippon Japan <- Japani JPN 4 Surname / Forename 5 Hai!

Karel Alanurm: Good Story 2 Meow! - I wonder if we have milk at home? 3 Would you like some milk, cat? 4 Where did you get that kitty from? - It came here all by itself. - So cute! 5 Did you bring any food? - No, I didn’t. You can get it from the store. I ain’t got any money. 6 A man sings. 7 Kitty, kitty! Come here! Shall we go out and play? 8 The end.

Deadjool 1 So what can I get you? 3 I’ll have the whole menu - What… - The whole menu!! 4 5 minutes later. - Aahh now my tummy’s full. 5 And my wallet’s empty! - Well we got some use for your money. 8 No. They’re staring at the amount of food you ate. - Hey are they staring at us because we’re strangers? 9 What in the world is that???!!!!

Mikael Kaaronen 1 One day Jonne and Veeti were playing a farming game. - Hey Veeti, how sick would it be to drive that forest machine to a McDonald’s Drive-Thru. :D - Quit your crazy! :D 2 I could place a EuroJackpot bet 3 1st prize! 1 Million €. - Blimey! 4 Tuned forest machine 400 000 €, 50 km/h. - That’d be sick :D 5 Next day. - What do you need it for if you don’t even own forest or have a business? 6 Hey, move that thing away from here! It’s a nuisance! It’s taking up way too much space! - Ok Karen, but I don’t really have any other place to put it. 7 Can you make it to the market square parking lot to hang? - Yeah, I can. - Guess what I bought yesterday. - What? - You’ll see soon :D 8 Hi! :D

1 What the heck is that?! Don’t tell me... - Yeah :D - What money did you buy that with? ;D - I won in EuroJackpot :D - For real?! 2 Do you remember when I joked about driving this thing to a McDonald’s Drive-Thru? - I do :D 3 It can seat two and it’s tuned. It goes up to 50 km/h. Standard is 25 km/h. - Oh golly :D 4 Then they drove to the McDonald’s Drive-Thru and the driver behind them was a bit upset about what he saw. - What is that? Come see! 5 Isn’t it illegal to drive that thing on public roads? - Normally yes, but this is registered as a tractor and it drives pretty nicely too :D - Well, I never :D 6 Veeti and Jonne got their meals ordered and went on their way cheerfully. :D 7 Later on Jonne started a forest management company and tuned his forest machine.

Elina Pekkala: Fish Story A fish went on an adventure all alone / Fish / They went to a beach and I found a friend / Then they went to the hotel to rest / At nightfall they went to the disco to dance

They danced all night / They were tired / Then they went to sleep they were tired / Morning came they went to swim / They went to the city

Then they went to the forest to look at nature / They took a walk and they heard birds singing / Then they went to see some friends in the sea / When they saw a shark the friends fled / They hid into a bush underwater

Then they escaped and were saved / And they swam home

Niko Koivumäki: Ant 1 Hunger, now! 2 Move it. 3 Let’s go home.


Rosa Haikarainen

Julle: Ote sarjakuvaromaanista Safööri / excerpt from a graphic novel called The Chauffeur 1 An excerpt from a graphic novel called The Chauffeur, written and illustrated by Julle To be self-published, hopefully during the 2020’s 3 VAASANKATU (street name) 4 ADULTS ONLY

1 You have 10 minutes. After that you are on your own and I won’t save you, even if you are injured or get caught. Now go. 3 Buzz 4 The circus has left the town. Wrong address, you clown.

1 Pew! - Mamma mia! 2 Let’s go! 4 Do not disturb, game running

1 You may open with a pair of jacks. 2 I’ll raise with triple hearts. See and weep. - You’re tricking me! No way Jose! - Shut up, oilman. My name is not Jose, it’s Ruleth. And why would I trick you, I run the casino and the game was set by the mafia. 3 I’ll show you some oilmen… - And besides, Mr. Uletti won the game honestly. Not here. Gentlemen. 4 Come to papa, cash. - No way. The cash is ours. - I don’t think so, clown.

1 You’re not the only one to complicate the poker night. - Ain’t that right. 2 Calm down, everyone, or else my “Typewriter” will speak for me. - Ratatatata - Argh! 3 Ratatatata 4 Ratatatata - Argh!

1 Time to say goodbye to the cash and also to you journey on Earth, Mr. Letti - BLAM BLAM SPLAT 2 You are one minute late. 3 Who are you even? Being one minute late doesn’t entitle you to shoot my buddy. So what! - I am the Chauffeur. - BLAM BLAM 4 SPLAT - Argh!

1 And Mr. Letti will give his winnings, or else I will let Lupara speak for me. - Here you are, Mr. Chauffeur. 2 Thanx. 3 This is the police, everybody freeze! - In addition to the 4 dead bodies, I was also robbed. It took you some time to get here. And the guilty one just slid by you. 4 Well I’ll be… - SKREEK

Joni Myllymäki: Pizza Ninja 1 Once upon a time there was a pizza place run by ninjas. It was known for exquisite service and deliveries as fast as lightning. - So double pepperoni with chicken and… 2 We have an important order, the honor and future of the ninja clans depend on this. 3 I humbly take this task and swear not to fail it. 4 And the ninja set off 5 Oh no, a traffic jam! 6 A ninja surely finds his way! - Hey watch out, are you crazy?

1 Listen up, ninja boy, this is warrior area so pay the customs or else… 2 I don’t have time for this! 3 Ka-twack! Karatee-chop! Thud 5 Oh no, angry dogs 6 Hop 8 And so the ninja finally found his way… Knock knock 9 The pizza was supposed to arrive in 30 minutes. It’s been 31 minutes. 10 The end

Lype: Rupikonna & skorpioni / Toad & Scorpion 2 Scorpion: Hey frog- Toad: I am a toad. Scorpion: Umm… Toad, could you help me over the river? Toad: No, because it’s in your nature to sting me and we would drown. Scorpion: ?!

1 Scorpion: Hey, I am an emperor scorpion. My stinger’s venom is not as effective as the smaller ones’, they would sting you to death, and anyway I have these pincers. (Big meaty claws) Toad: So you’d pinch me to death? Scorpion: No! Toad: Bite me? 2 Scorpion: NO!!! Why does everyone assume we scorpions are evil!!! I am so tired of it!!! Is anyone else!?!? Same thing with spiders, snakes, bats, wolves, sharks and crocodiles!!!

2 Scorpion: ‘’Huffing & puffing’’ Toad: Better? Scorpion: … better…

1 Toad: Well, good day to you too…

2 Scorpion: Nature is incredible indeed… And mercilessly cruel.

Juhani Rusanen Howdy I’m speedy Juhani

Hi Hanna whaddaya say should we have a romantic lunch I know this nice restaurant called Beautiful Swan how does that sound - Yeah see ya soon honey - Oh Juhani that would be lovely let’s do it I love you - See you soon at the railway square yup bye

Restaurant Beautiful Swan. - So honey is it nice that I asked you out for dinner - Sure is honey

What a lovely night I love you it was a lovely night dear - Yes honey it was let’s continue at mine

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