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#61 SYKSY / AUTUMN 2021

© Taiteilijat / Artists

Toimitus ja julkaisija / Editorial & publisher Kutikuti Painos / Print-run 5 000

ISSN 1796-587X

Päätoimittaja / Editor-in-chief Hannele Richert

Kirjapaino / Printer Printall AS

www.kutikuti.com Taitto / Layout Esko Heikkilä

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Tässä numerossa / In this issue Ulyana Agban (RU), Stefan Hahn (DE), Andy Leuenberger (SW/DE), Barbora Müllerová (CZ), Niko-Petteri Niva (FI), Anastasia Titova (RU), Yi Wen (TW), Wommol (NL) Kansi / Cover Anastasia Titova Kuti-lehteä julkaiseva Kutikuti ry on vuonna 2005 perustettu nykysarjakuvaan erikoistunut yleishyödyllinen ja taiteilijavetoinen yhdistys. Voit tilata Kuti-lehden myös kotiisi. Suomeen neljä numeroa sisältävän vuositilauksen hinta on 14 euroa, ulkomaille 22 euroa. Teet tilauksen kätevimmin kotisivuillamme osoitteessa www.kutikuti.com. Kuti-lehden seuraava numero ilmestyy joulukuussa 2021.

Kuti magazine is edited and published by Kutikuti, a nonprofit and artist-driven comics association. You can also subscribe to Kuti. The subscription fee is 14 euros for one year (four issues). Abroad, the subscription costs 22 euros per year. All issues feature translations in English. The best way to subscribe is to visit our website at www.kutikuti.com. The next issue will be out in December 2021.

Barbora Müllerová: Fata Morgana or The Great drought For many, many days we wandered through an impenetrable forest

1 Branches of wild laurels and huge twisted heaths pricked could water behind out necks. 2 We climbed the tops of steep mountains rising to the sky like spikes of needles… 3 …with expectation… 4 …whether the milky fogs would tear to allow us to see the ocean.

1 When it finally happened… 2 …a green sea of trees laid at our feet… 3 …and beneath it, another wild sea of waves roaring against the cliffs. 4 We felt the whole world at our feet.

Agban Ulyana: Pigeons

Niko-Petteri Niva: Kanala / Chicken house

Andy Leuenberger: Seeing is believing

Stefan Hahn: Ten things you don’t know about birds Boring I’d rather watch a movie.

The crow likes to take a bath in anthills The formic acid of the ants drives away the parasites from the feathers

When ants feel threatened they defend themselves with formic acid You can smell it when you carefully pull a hankerchief over an anthill.

But the crows also have another method to clean their plumage — a fatefull method! Like formic acid smoke drives away vermin That’s why crows also collect burning branches and smoking cigarettes

They bring them into their nests [a burning branch from a forest fire]

I’m happy I have a turtle instead of a crow!

Wommol: Pinokkio ja lehmä / Pinocchio and cow 1 Pinocchio was sad, 2 because every drinking straw was made of plastic.– They’re all made of plastic. 3 – Oh! If there was only an alternative for plastic straws.. 4 ..only that would cure my sadness! 5 Pinocchio decided to make a plan. – I have to make a plan.. 6 And went to sit in a corner.. ..waiting for a good idea. 7 Meanwhile, a cow heard everything Pinocchio had just said. – I’m a cow.. ..and I’ve heard everything. 8 She decided to make a plan herself. 9 A plan full of romance and intrigue.

1 With her plan ready, she rang Pinocchio’s doorbell. 2 Pinocchio was ’happily’ surprised.– I’m ’happily’ surprised... 3 ...and after a while, decided to read it. 4 COW’S PLAN — for a plastic drinking straw alternative. 1 Ask cow on a date 2 get intimate with cow 3 become happy with cow 4 think about having children

5 Get children together 6 Raise said children 7 Wait for them to grow up 8 Ask them for a favor 9 Ask them to lie. Alot. – Lie – Lie – Lie 10 And hopefully the Pinocchio-genes will ensure that something will grow when they lie —

1 11 – Lie – Lie – Lie — And hopefully it will be their udders. 12 Connect the udders through the land. 13 Install a udder-connection at the consumer. 14 Milk-drinkers now have a succesful alternative for plastic straws. 2 Pinocchio was appalled after reading cow’s plan.– I. Am. Appalled. 3 Meanwhile the cow circled Pinocchio’s house for days.. – Moo? ..waiting for a response. 4 A response that — despite Pinocchio’s wish for a plastic straw alternative — cow would never get.

Yi Wen: Pienet ihmiset / Little people

Anastasia Titova: Metsän peto / Forest beast Kotimetsä on paras paikka olla / Home forest is the best place to be