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#58 TALVI / WINTER 2020

© Taiteilijat / Artists

Toimitus ja julkaisija / Editorial & publisher Kutikuti Painos / Print-run 5 000

ISSN 1796-587X

Päätoimittaja / Editor-in-chief Esko Heikkilä

Kirjapaino / Printer Printall AS


Taitto / Layout Benjamin Bergman

Mainosmyynti / Ad sales kutimagazine@gmail.com

Tässä numerossa / In this issue Terhi Ekebom (FI), Eeva Meltio (FI), Jenna Oldén (FI), Hannele Richert (FI), Katja Ronkanen (FI), Aino Sutinen (FI) Kansi / Cover Sanna Hukkanen (FI) Kuti-lehteä julkaiseva Kutikuti ry on vuonna 2005 perustettu nykysarjakuvaan erikoistunut yleishyödyllinen ja taiteilijavetoinen yhdistys. Voit tilata Kuti-lehden myös kotiisi. Suomeen neljä numeroa sisältävän vuositilauksen hinta on 14 euroa, ulkomaille 22 euroa. Teet tilauksen kätevimmin kotisivuillamme osoitteessa www.kutikuti.com. Kuti-lehden seuraava numero ilmestyy maaliskuussa 2021.

Kuti magazine is edited and published by Kutikuti, a nonprofit and artist-driven comics association. You can also subscribe to Kuti. The subscription fee is 14 euros for one year (four issues). Abroad, the subscription costs 22 euros per year. All issues feature translations in English. The best way to subscribe is to visit our website at www.kutikuti.com. The next issue will be out in March 2021.

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Löydä Sanni Wessman & Suomen ykköskuvittajat: www.napa-agency.fi

© Sanni Wess


Piirros: Emmi Nieminen

Eeva Meltio

Jenna Oldén 1 So I said that I can make 5-10 pages of something new tho… Any ideas? / Hmm… Make something about science 2 In fact I’ve just drawn about black holes a bit. Isn’t it just like a really dense object? / No, it’s just a hole. 3 But where would the condensing object just disappear? I think it exists somewhere. / It doesn’t really work like that… / And then there’s the entanglement. There’s two equivalent black holes, right, and between them is the entanglement, and then there would be SOMETHING where the two equivalent dense objects would be… 4 That’d be cool… And then they’d kind of like pop out through each other, and what would then happen? 5 Nnaahh… The entanglement would happen at the mouth of the black hole. But did you know that information never disappears?

1 Huh? / The information of matter. 2 How long is this place open? / Until morning. I don’t care about the regulations anymore 3 Yeah, it’s really weird. But somehow there’s information stored at the edge of the black hole... / So if I went into a black hole, my matter would disappear, but my information would get stuck at the edge? / You’d leave a blueprint of sorts, yeah. 4 Time is truly an emergent phenomenon for “internal” observers, but absent for observers outside of the universe.

What does the world look like without time? Does the external observer see everything at the same time? Can god time travel?

1 I wonder how idleness relates to making science? The way I see it, people come up with things when they let their mind wander. 2 Well, these guys were just unbelievable geniuses. / Mm… 3 I’ve got reservations about the whole ‘genius’ thing... Like yeah ok, but they’ve just thought a shit-ton of really weird things. / Yeah, yeah… 4 (And like all of these acknowledged geniuses are white men… But I’m too tired to expand this conversation there…) 5 I wanna get into that pussy.

Trauma is like cocooned time… A part of one’s self is stuck looping in the cocoon, even though new layers of time emerge constantly… Maybe one can chip away at the cocoon, one particle at a time

1 … So we know the first four, but what would the other seven dimensions be? 2 They’d be something so small we can’t really observe them. 3 Weird. I thought they’d be expansive. ‘Cause the point, the line, space and time all expand from the previous… 4 It’s a matter of perspective.

I’d like to think that I’m at a sort of crossing point in time, where my past, present and future selves are passing through each other. But it hardly means anything important, because I guess everything’s constantly at that crossing point.

1 No, everything’s entangled all the time. / Huh!? You mean WE’RE entangled right now? / Yeah 2 (Fucking oneness)

1 ”Esittele itsesi.” / Moi, okei, tuota – Olen graafinen suunnittelija ja kuvittaja, – öh – Minä – tuota – valmistuin yliopistosta vuonna 2015. 2 Mi-mi-minä työskentelen harjoittelijana yhdessä Suomen suurimmassa viestintätoimistossa. Se on ollut minulle hyvä mahdollisuus haastaa itseni. Olen oppinut todella paljon. 3 Minulla on ollut mahdollisuus hyödyntää luovuuttani asiakkaiden yritysten ja kestävän viestinnän kehittämisessä. Minulla on ollut loistava näköalapaikka alalla auttaessani Suomen suurimpia yrityksiä. 4 Minulle on ollut suuri kunnia olla osana edelläkävijöitä ratkomassa maailmanlaajuisia ongelmia ja kehittää kestävää kehitystä. 5 Minulla on upea ura. Jonain päivänä minusta tulee jotain. Me kasvamme. Meidän tehtävällä on merkitys.

1 Minä kehitän tulevaisuutta, että edelläkävijät voisivat syrjäyttää maailmanlaajuisia ongelmia, tehdä oivalluksista kestävää kehitystä ja mahdollisuuksista kansainvälisiä organisaatioita. 2 Tulevaisuuteni on kirkas. Hetki on minun. Minä konsultoin teollisuuden jättejä. 3 Minä olen verkosto! 4 Minulla on käyntikortteja!!!!!!!!

Katja Ronkanen: Suuret odotukset

Terhi Ekebom: Luonnoskirja / Sketchbook Jun-Nov 2020

Aino Sutinen: Marriage counselling, part one (All cases are direct quotes from 1950’s marriage counselling training documents.) 1 Do you feel nervousness… relax… (medicine advert from the 1959 Kotiliesi housewives’ magazine) / ca. 45 to 50 year old Mrs. E. / 2 The wife explained that she can only think of living if her husband agrees to separate, otherwise she will / become mad. 3 She carried a document signed by neighbours in the corridor, proving that the spouses had argued with physical violence. 4. The wife also said that the husband had never showed affection. 4 The husband told that he is an ex-policeman and had only married because / that is customary after a long period of courting. 5 He proclaimed that the wife / would regulary lose her nerve. 6 The man was also nervous, shattering and crying.

1 Here the advisor saw fit to point out the dire consequences divorce has on children ‌ asking politely whether the wife would consider / her own feelings more important than her children and their future. 2 The advisor also discreetly suggested that the menopause has an effect on some, perhaps on Madam also? 3 The man was willing to even try showing deeds of love / without sexual requirements. 4 Both spouses were quite eccentric in the eyes of the advisor, but without mentioning that out loud she suggested / the possibility of psychiatric help. 5 Tranquilisers made the wife calm down considerably. 6 She is showing clear signs of a positive spirit, which is slowly taking hold on her.

Marriage counselling, part two 1 Mrs. K, ca. 40 years, insurance company accountant, married ca. 5 years. / One child, imbecile, ca. 4 years. (fridge advert from the 1953 Kotiliesi magazine) 2 The husband and his acquintances blamed the wife on the misfortune, as / birth defects are caused by the mother. 3 Mrs. K. had heard … that the man’s housekeeper was practically also his lover. 4 According to the wife, Miss X was quite ugly and untidy, but brisk and widely known to be skilful in “love”. 5 This summer Mrs. K. had, following the departure of her father, agreed to move in with her husband, but only on the condition that X will finally leave the stage. 6 The advisor, in a letter, pointed to the wife’s willingness to settle the matters, also pointing to the husband how important it would be not to have to go into / possibly very unpleasant divorce proceedings. 7 There was never a reply to that letter.

Marriage counselling, part three 1 In a bad mood‌ (toothpaste advert from the 1938 Kotiliesi magazine) 2 The husband was hot-tempered and violent by character, especially after he had had a drink‌ 3 ‌demanding that the wife obey, even dictating her dress, when he was that mood. 4 As the advisor was about to depart to her villa, she took Mrs. V. and her daughter along. 5 It is wrong to assume that a husband may do as he pleased with his wife, as long as we have laws on the matter. 6 During the conversation the man slowly broke down and confessed, as if by accident / that he misses his child. 7 While they were away, the home was cleaned and flowers laid on the table. The husband seemed content, even happy / as he had received his family back home. (Part of the social history Population, Sex and History research project PopSexHistory.)

Hannele Richert

Squirrel in decay

1 Hey… HEY! / Well hello. 2 Could you just fucking look me in the eye when I’m talking to you? / I’m fine like this, thanks. 3 Can you see where she’s looking, in which direction? / Who cares, let’s go. 4 A-ha, a-ha! 5 FUCK! I hate you. 6 FUCK you. / My pleasure.

Nnnow, let’s celebrate

If only I could have been there too

Culture and entertainment 1 From the recipe archives / “I wish I was never born” – 35 months or according to taste 2 The dead / Squirrel / I got life 3 Social games / We are in this together / 2 – ∞ players 4 Movies / The FX parade (Ånsa Ikonen and Mårta Tikkanen) / Keep your roses

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