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WHY WE LOVE VISBY A cultural heritage – vibrant and impressive CHILDREN’S GOTLAND Enjoy fossil hideaways, hide-and-seek-friendly alleyways and Pippi Longstocking’s house FROM FARM TO FORK A culinary island with a focus on local ingredients

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On the cover: Surflogiet on Gotland’s west coast provides sunsets, delicious food, activities and opportunities for hanging out on the beach.


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Magasinet Gotland 2019 is a collaboration with Gotland tourism and is published once a year. The magazine is produ­ced by Kusinerna Kommunikation on behalf of Gotlands Förenade Besöksnäring.

Gotland’s hallmark is its unique landscape. But the island offers so much more! We guide you from north to south, through culture and attractions, swimming and accommodations...


Visby boasts cobblestones, high-class restaurants, cosy hotels, shopping and a rich culture. Join us on a journey through our beloved world heritage city, and get to know the experts’ best Visby tips!


Search for fossils or act in a childrens play? Experience an island full of exciting places and adventures. We give you five tips for fun activities to do with children!


Gotland is a culinary island with local produce at its centre. Read about seasonal specialities and get to know the organic chef of the year!


Some of the best known beaches are Tofta, Sudersand and Ljugarn. Partake in all they have to offer. You may just find a new favourite.


Activities, events, entertainment, culture and nature. Gotland is the place to be, any time of the year – let us guide you through the seasons!


WINDING ROADS ALONG THE ISLAND’S BEAUTIFUL COAST The Gotland landscape is fantastic. Perhaps it is the shifts that make it so exciting. From the wild, windblown north to the blooming, expansive south, framed by the sea and coast. Come visit an island full of contrasts!

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BEACH LIFE IN GOTLAND, FROM QUIET AND RELAXED TO ACTIVE AND VIBRANT. Sandy beach of Gotska Sandön, an extraordinary experience.

SUNRISE OR SUNSET? The 800 km coastline is home to well-known sandy beaches such as Sudersand and Tofta as well as hidden gems such as Hörte and Austre. The beaches are always alive. You choose whether to seek peace and quiet or excitement. Don’t miss the sunrises and sunsets, magical scenes that will take your breath away all year round!

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Discover Sweden’s largest island Gotland, the largest island in Sweden, is located about 100 kilometres off the mainland. Hundreds of millions of years ago, Gotland was located close to the equator, which shaped the island and gave it its very own singular landscape. Its fossil-rich limestone, weather and waves created a thoroughly unique landscape, characterised by its sea stacks. The sea stacks can be explored at any time of the year and you can also visit other historical attractions such as old church ruins and stone ships. At one time, Gotland was the

Hanseatic epicentre, with Visby as the capital of the Baltic area. Since 1995, the city has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Gotland is one of Sweden’s most popular tourist attractions, perhaps also because it is one of the sunniest places in the country. With its short distances, you can get around quickly to enjoy sun, swimming, unique nature and open landscapes, the beautiful coastline and an extensive number of activities. In addition, Gotland offer an exciting cultural heritage and history to discover as well as local produce and world-class food to enjoy.

island! Welcome to Gotland – a unique

HOW TO GET TO GOTLAND FERRY Ferries going between the mainland and Visby depart daily from Oskarshamn or Nynäshamn and take just over 3 hours. FLIGHTS There are daily flights from Arlanda Airport and Bromma Airport in Stockholm to take you to Visby. There are also flights from Malmö and Gothenburg, and in the summer there are flights from additional locations.

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GOOD TO KNOW CAR HIRES Once in Gotland, it is easy to travel by car. There are a number of car hire companies on the island. PUBLIC TRANSPORT Buses traverse almost the entire island. BIKING Gotland is the perfect place to experience nature from a bike. There are many bike hire companies to meet your different cycling needs. TOURIST OFFICE You will find the Tourist Office (Turistbyrån) at Donners plats in Visby. Here, you will receive personal service and any help you may need. PRIOR TO YOUR TRIP Before departing for Gotland, you can find extensive information on transportation, practical tips, guidebooks, etc. from the official tourist guide at


BOOK Y OU R STAY N OW: v i s by @ fi rs thotel s .s e + 46 498-23 23 00 SÜderväg 56A, 621 58 Visby

FINALLY BOOKABLE! First Hotel Visby is a brand new Hotel with unique design and a view of the ocean and sunset. First Hotel Visby is located 800m (0.5miles) from the cruise ship terminal / ferry terminal within close proximity to the Visby old town center that was named one of the best preserved mediaeval Hansa cities. You have everything you can wish for within close reach. Wisby Strand / Gotland Congress hall, Visby Old town centre, restaurants, beaches, playland, and one of the finest golf courses in Sweden; Visby GK. First Hotel Visby hosts a swimming pool, sauna, outdoor bar with an ocean view where you can relax and enjoy the atmosphere. Almost all of the 90 rooms have ocean and pool view. Many of our rooms have a kitchen and are suitable for up to four people. There are six handicap rooms and several rooms are equipped with connecting doors to fit up to seven people in one large room. The connected rooms have a kitchen and a balcony. First Hotel Visby has free indoor and outdoor WiFi.





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Sea stacks at Gamle Hamn.


IN GOTLAND, ALL THINGS BEAUTIFUL MELD WITH ALL THINGS SIMPLE. HERE, NATURE IS ALLOWED TO TAKE SPACE. IT IS DIFFICULT TO NOT BE CHARMED. Perhaps it is the contrasts that make the island so unique. Through the effects of wind and weather and its former location near the equator, Gotland has been enriched with spectacular nature that cannot be found anywhere else. The northern parts are wild and wind-beaten, with magnificent areas of sea stacks and blustery coastal stretches. In the west, you are greeted by bent dwarf pines and long stone beaches. Further south, winding roads will lead you through blooming meadows and open landscapes. All this mounted in the frame of the sea. 800 kilometres of unbroken horizon where fine sand beaches meet small hidden swimming alcoves and beautiful pebble beaches. For many, Gotland is a summer haven as this is when the island blossoms and offers beach experiences, green meadows and a pulsating Visby. For the island dwellers though, it is what they call the “fifth season� that is best. When tranquillity has finally returned after an intense peak season. Late summer warmth enables you to sun

yourself and swim at beaches now empty of people, then to meet with family and to enjoy a nice meal using local ingredients at one of the many sunny outdoor restaurants in and around Visby. There are just as many of the islanders who feel that autumn is the best time of year. The air is clearer, the sea is more expressive, and nature puts on a spectacular display of colour. This is when golf enthusiasts can enjoy beautiful courses in mild weather. The surfers gather where the waves are biggest and fishermen find calm bays to catch sea trout. Winter also has a lot to offer. Not least during Advent, when local Christmas markets spring up all over the island, often in dramatic environments. Visby, when blanketed in snow, gives a magical feel of Christmas. You almost have to pinch yourself when walking around this cultural heritage site on a December evening to remind yourself that you are in the 21st century. GOTLAND 2019 11


A world-class Gotland experience – year round! Regardless of whether you are seeking information and inspiration for your trip or if you need on-site assistance, Gotland’s official visitor’s guide and the staff of the Gotland Tourist Office will be there to help you! You will find the Tourist Office on Donners plats, close to Almedalen. Here, guests receive help and current tips on what is happening around Gotland, regardless of season. 12 GOTLAND 2019

The staff know what is going on in Gotland and will guide you to some of their favourite spots on the island. Here, you will also find souvenirs and lots of inspirational information on Gotland. Here, you can get help booking tickets to events, bus tickets and last-minute accommodations. World-class personal service, at your disposal!

GOTLAND.COM The website is Gotland’s official tourist information guide. Here you will find tips on travelling, accommodations, articles, guides, events calendars and much more, year round. Perfect for planning your trip or for finding information while on site.

ADDRESS Donners plats 1 in Visby PHONE +46 (0)498-20 17 00 FACEBOOK @turistbyrangotland INSTAGRAM @gotland365 LANGUAGES German, Spanish, French and English, at all times.

Two apps to download! Get the scoop on opening hours and tips from the Öppet Gotland and Explore Hansa apps.

They will answer your questions, give you their best tips, help you book tickets and much more, all year round. Sofia and Renate at the Tourist Office in Visby are your perfect hosts when visiting the island, and with all their experience, we don’t hesitate to call them our Gotland experts! TH

Renate & Sofia


MOST ENJOYABLE QUESTION We’ve seen it all. Can you suggest something?


RENATE HALL MOST COMMONLY ASKED QUESTION We want to see the sea stacks on Fårö, how do we get there?


STRANGEST QUESTION What week do the Woodland Brown butterflies take flight, and where can you see them? WHAT I LIKE MOST ABOUT MY JOB Meeting people and having the privilege of helping them plan their holidays in Gotland.

SOFIA CASSIS MOST COMMONLY ASKED QUESTION We have just arrived in Gotland. What do we absolutely need to take in? MOST ENJOYABLE QUESTION Difficult questions that require a bit of investigation. STRANGEST QUESTION What’s the fastest way to get to Greenland from Gotland? THE BEST THING ABOUT WORKING AT THE TOURIST OFFICE The enormous variety, the amount I get to learn and all the interesting people I meet from all over the world. GOTLAND 2019 13

Our day on the island



When Jenny and Kjell take a break from the farm, they take their kids and a picnic basket to enjoy the fantastic natural landscapes of the northern parts of Gotland. They prefer to holiday on the island and don’t need to travel far to find their gems!

THE NILSSON FAMILY Jenny and Kjell run the farm Graute gård, a family farm that they took over from Kjell’s parents in 1995. Their lamb farm in Hejnum in northern Gotland has a café and farm shop, open year round. Also living on the farm (and accom­ panying them on their excursions) are Anton, age 20, Edvin, age 17, Erik, age 16 and Alva, age 9.

We love nature, not least here on the island. Not far from the farm is the Kallgateburg nature reserve and the Hejnum Hällar stone slab. That will be our first stop! Here, you can enjoy miles of nature, with footbridges, yew trees, flowering lady’s slippers and a lookout tower from which you can see large parts of northern Gotland. It is magical to sip your first cup of coffee in this place. Later, we will go to the Enholmen island outside Slite. Here, you will find exciting defence fortifications and history in the midst of beautiful surroundings and grazing sheep. Perfect for a stroll around the little island. You also get to enjoy a short boat trip out to the Slite skärgård archipelago, which is said to be the only one in Gotland.

We continue on along lovely, small roads to a place not far from here. This place, St Olofs­ holm, is very special to us. It is simple and beautiful. Jenny has family ancestry here and loves to visit often. Enjoy the calm, history, nature, sea... Next stop: Fårö! We zip past the classic Fårö sights and instead take the small roads in to Norsta aurar We met in the forest 28 years ago while orienteering. Norsta aurar is a place that takes us back in time as it is, in our opinion, Gotland’s most exquisite orien­teering terrain. An exotic environment in every way. It is loads of fun to amble around the sand dunes with a map in your hand. And, it is one of Gotland’s most beautiful beaches, on which you can find your very own favourite spot to


14 GOTLAND 2019


Renate’s & Sofia’s tips:



BÄSTETRÄSK BOG The area is an exciting nature reserve. The lake itself is the largest of Gotland’s inland lakes – perfect for a swim!

Furillen St Olofsholm

BUNGE MUSEUM One the country’s largest outdoor museums. You will also find a charming shop and café in which you can enjoy saffron pancakes in a historical environment! DIGERHUVUD The largest area of sea stacks in Sweden and an awesome place to visit, for young and old alike. How many sea stacks can you find? There are several hundred...

peacefully enjoy the turquoise sea and fine sand. It’s easy to spend many hours here... After orienteering and hanging out on the beach, we head to our favourite place, Gåsemora. The quiet, storybook landscape is extraordinary. Stay for a short while or for several days! Here, you can have a delicious bite to eat and sleep like royalty. If you choose to spend the night, you will wake up to a spectacular view, food for the soul. And don’t miss the summer performances in the barn. It may be a tight squeeze, but you won’t find a cosier concert environment. As we end our day and head back home to Hejnum, we take a hilly detour to Sigsarve beach to enjoy the sunset. This place is a must at any time of day. With its magnificent landscape, it would be the perfect backdrop for any film.

BUNGENÄS An old, outlying mili­ tary area just east of Fårösund. No cars allowed. Bike or walk the gravel paths that take you through lamb pens to Bungenäs dining hall and Kalkladan restaurant and bar.


The family’s best tips! “Take advantage of the Gotland meadows, perfect for a picnic on a sunny day. Our favourites are Hammars meadow, Hässle meadow and Högården.”

LERGRAV Here, there are large areas covered in sea stacks, a cosy fishing village and Lergrav Fisk & Café. Treat yourself to a plate of smoked shrimp on the dock! FURILLEN Its distinctive landscape, beach life and old limestone factory, home to a design hotel, make this a unique place on the island – well worth a stop!

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Our day on the island OF GOTLAND


When Tommy and Ingrid take day trips, they like to start where the sun rises in the east and end where it sets in the west. Take a day trip with them in southern Gotland! TOMMY WAHLGREN Gotlander who has worked many years in the radio, TV and gaming industry. INGRID WAHLGREN Gotlander who has worked with theatre productions and revues for many years.

16 GOTLAND 2019

We bring a picnic breakfast somewhere between Nabben and Herta and watch the sun rise over the Baltic. We sit on a lapping beach and observe the dew on the grass. You can’t get a better start to your day than this! We journey south after a few hours, avoiding the main roads and staying close to nature. After a while, it’s just the right time for what we Gotlanders call klukku tei, otherwise known as a morning coffee break. Keep an eye out for café signs along the way. In our case, we have brought food with us from the Bosarve bakery in När. We have now arrived to the part of Gotland called Storsudret and we take the east road through Fide, Öja and Hamra. When it is time for lunch, we decide to go to Körsbärs­ gården in Sundre, just before reaching the

tip of the island. Here you will find an interesting modern art hall with surprising contents. At the southern tip, you will find Hoburgs­ gubben, the best known sea stack on the island. It may not look like an old man as the name implies in Swedish, but you may just enjoy the old legends told about “the old man”. From the southern tip, we take the lovely winding road to Kättelvik and then on along the west coast. There are many opportunities to take a dip during our trip and we take one in Kättelvik, which is not exactly the most common place to swim on the island. The next stop we make is in Hablingbo where we roll down to Petesgården from the 18th century. It is a farm museum that offers many different experiences. Even a theatre performance in time for afternoon coffee.


Renate’s & Sofia’s tips:



NÄRSHOLMEN Welcome to the savannah! A beautiful place with a distinct landscape and exciting history.

STORA AND LILLA KARLSÖ ISLANDS View them from the coast, or take the boat over from Klintehamn. VAMLINGBO PRÄSTGÅRD VICARAGE There is something here for everyone: Food, café, art, gardens and museum.


HOLMHÄLLAR Lovely sandy beach, sea stacks and a lodging house with a lot of history. In the summer, dinner is served at exactly 5 p.m.!

In Eksta, a few parishes north, we turn off to the left to find one of the island’s most beautiful coastal roads. Drive carefully along the sea, make a lot of enjoyable stops and check out the two Karlsö islands. Time to stop for some food. Djupvik is the perfect place to do so. To older Gotlanders, Djupvik is probably best known for having been a popular party place. Today, Djupvik is a central place on the coast and boasts a restaurant in modern design as its landmark. The sun is beginning to sink and we continue our journey along the beach. Here, we will be close to the sea for the entire trip north. Anyone who likes to take photos will find many motives and opportunities in the sunset.

Download our app and book! follow us: #gotlandscykeluthyrning

Skeppsbron 2, Inner harbour • +46(0)498-21 41 33 •

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GOTLAND, FOR THE... ...cultural connoisseurs

Once you have discovered Visby and its unique cultural heritage and history, why not take a tour around the island to visit some of the many old churches that rise up in every parish. Gotland has no fewer than 92 medieval churches, all with their very own history. Along the way, you can also find many Viking-age cairns and stone circles.

...swimming fanatics

Holidaying on the island has its benefits. Gotland offers everything from mile-long sandy beaches to small, hidden swimming holes. Here, you will also find a number of limestone quarries with turquoise, shimmering water. For those who like warmer swimming temperatures, the quarries are a particularly good choice as the tem­pe­rature is often a degree or two warmer than the sea. The Blue Lagoon quarry is the most renowned, but there are so many more... and adventurous

You cannot find the unique nature of Gotland anywhere else. Here, you can hike, bike, climb and surf. The surfing culture is growing on the island. In many bays and inlets you will find great waves to master – year round! Visit Surflogiet, a lovely place to surf that offers relaxed beach time, unique tent accommodations with comfortable Hästens beds and organic, local food. They are open from June well into September and offer a plethora of activities and courses for those who enjoy being on the waves or the nature and sunsets offered here.

18 GOTLAND 2019

...pleasure seekers

If you are out to party, there is no lack of opportunity, especially in the summer. Visit Kallis to enjoy palm trees, sea breezes and world-famous DJs. Or why not go bar hopping? Start with a drink at Supper, walk 50 metres along Hästgatan to hang out under the open sky at Vinäger, then continue to Stora Torget where the party never ends. Enjoy a drink at Bolaget and then end the evening at Krönet, which not only offer refreshing sangrias, but also the best view the city has to offer of rooftops, the sea and magnificent sunsets.


Gotland is an amazing place for shopping and crafts. The range of goods is unlike any other and is often related to the island and its surroundings in one way or another. In Visby, you will find many local items at GKF, a design and crafts cooperative, located on Wallers plats. And don’t miss the cosy studios and shops in the country­side. Here, you can buy beautiful copper from Åsa Lindström in Hablingbo, pots and ceramics at Verdus Veranda, handblown glass in the Big Pink studio and the characteristic stainless steel flowers of Elena Berg Österdahl.

...culinarians and foodies

Gotland is teeming with high-class, award-winning restau­rants. You will find 16 of the White Guide’s restaurants on this small island. For natural reasons, the majo­ rity of them are in Visby, but an increasing number of excellent restaurants are constantly popping up throughout the island. Well-known places such as Krakas krog, Gula Hönan and Smakrike are joined by challengers such as Restaurang ROT, Bruna Dörren and Bungenäs matsal. Regardless of which you choose, we promise you won’t be disappointed! PS, you will find a list of all of Gotland’s White Guide restaurants on page 31.

In 2006, Hansa Event started out on a small scale as an events planner focused on what is typical for Gotland. Nowadays, they are the largest, foremost events agency in Gotland. They organise activities all over the island and can organise transportation, whether from your office in Gothenburg or by chartering flights or boats.

Strong teams are being built in Gotland It is challenging to grow a company while maintaining personal and company values in everything you do. Hansa Event organises dinners in world heritage ruins for hundreds of people, after beach parties at Kallis, dinners in cosy little fishing huts and a number of conference activities. “I think we’ve done a good job of keeping up the feeling and I’m convinced that it’s part of the reason we continue to grow year after year,” says Thomas Wickman of Hansa Event. For many years, Gotland has been a popular destination for group and conference trips. Being on the island is reminiscent of being abroad, but without the long travel time. And keeping travel down is in line with the sustainability mindset than many companies have these days. However, planning a successful, results-focussed conference requires considerably more time. “It takes planning and a red thread through the entire conference to build strong teams. Thanks to our network of contacts and our experience, we are able to show the best sides of Gotland and provide a good flow from start to finish,” says Thomas. By combining what Visby has to offer, history, an excellent food culture and grand party opportunities, with the countryside, you make meetings to remember. “We have had groups that have been to conferences all over the world, yet, it is the meeting and experiences with authentic Gotland that the company remembers. It is what makes them come back to us and our island in their future endeavours to grow their company,” Thomas concludes.

HANSA EVENT Gotland’s leading events agency with over 12 years of experience of organising conferences and activities on the island. Contact Thomas, Sandra, Niclas, Thomas, Mårten, Mattias or Josefine at: +46 498-66 47 10 or Read more at

Meetings to remember!

GOTLAND 2019 19

VISBY a teeming cultural heritage

20 GOTLAND 2019

Few cities have such a unique combination of old and new as Visby. Surrounded by the well-preserved city wall, this former Hanseatic city offers a cultural heritage, beautiful cloister ruins and inviting cobblestone alleyways, as well as world-class culinary experiences, after-beach parties, night clubs that boast the sea as their backdrop and concerts and gigs in mighty stone vaults. Visby is teeming, and it’s up to you if you want to relax or party, in the past or the present.

THE RING WALL IS THE LARGEST MEDIEVAL STRUCTURE ON GOTLAND It is about 3.5 km long, has over 50 towers and is surrounded by moats. Construction on the wall started in the 13th century but was not completed until the mid-14th century.

At one time, Visby was the capital of the Baltic and the Hanseatic epicentre. Since 1995, the city has been a UNESCO world heritage site. Being a world heritage site has its obligations and Visby delivers extraordinarily. Here, people live. They go to work, they go to school. They exercise. They socialise. The well-preserved 13th century city wall encapsulates the city centre and by simply wandering around the cobblestone streets, you encounter breathtaking old cloister ruins and historical buildings. In the Visby of today, old meets new and high-class restaurants, cosy cafés and exciting shops abound. Many people view Visby as a summer city. And Visby in the summer delivers roses, indoor and outdoor restaurants and after beach activities. But few cities can top the beauty of Visby in its autumnal vestments. A tour around the city wall in October offers bursts of colour that are hard to beat. Such tours are best ended with a cup of coffee at a café and a bit of local shopping. Though Gotland can rarely guarantee snow, it is nonetheless worth visiting when the snow has fallen like a blanket over the cobblestones and roof tops. In December, there are Advent activities aplenty, from Christmas markets and concerts, to the Medieval Christmas event. GOTLAND 2019 21

WHY WE LOVE VISBY Medieval streets and strollable cobblestone alleys Walking around Visby is an attraction in itself. Stroll around along medieval alleyways and among charming little houses. Be sure to take in the former main stretch, Strandgatan, where you can still find packhouses such as the old chemist’s shop. Here, you will also find the old palace and the Burmeister House. In the cosy S:t Hanskvarteren district, with the magnificent avenues of Hästgatsbacken and S:t Hansgatan, you will find superb shopping, jewellery and crafts, most with a local touch.

22 GOTLAND 2019

The city wall that embraces the city

Culinary delights and diversity

The sea and beach walk

The city wall, a well-known, and perhaps the greatest, point of interest in Sweden, began to take shape in the middle of the 13th century. Why not take a walk around it and discover nature, history and beautiful viewpoints. Either walk on the inside of the wall and enjoy the cobblestone alleys and cute little houses or walk on the outside in what once was the moat. It’s an experience to have nature so close on the small winding paths while having history presented to you by the many signs along the way.

There are few cities that can boast as many first-class restaurants in so little space as Visby. Here, flavours from all over the world, local ingredients, cosy atmospheres and trendy environments all come together. Outdoor restaurants are frequented long into autumn, many finding relaxation after shopping or a lovely stroll along the seaside. People of all ages and backgrounds meet and interact, creating a wonderful continental feel.

What would Visby be without its sunsets? Enjoy this colourful display at an outdoor restaurant, from a look-out point or from front-and-centre on the beach. In the summer, to the beat of Kalli’s after beach party, and in the autumn and winter, with the wind whistling around you and the waves crashing on the beach. The beach walk goes from the harbour all the way to Snäck. Walking here is a fantastic year-round experience. Whether you’re experiencing sunsets or autumn storms, it’s impossible to not be enthusiastic.

Tip! Remember to book a table in advance. We Gotlanders love to eat out!



Renate’s & Sofia’s tips:

Sofia’s best tips 1. THE CATHEDRAL Don’t miss the Visby Cathedral. The oldest sections are from the end of the 12th century. 2. FISKARGRÄND (FISHERMAN’S ALLEY) A popular and highly photographed street teeming with roses in the summer and autumn, Fiskargränd is among the most picturesque alleys in Visby. 3. STORA TORGET AND SAINT KARIN’S CHURCH RUINS Stora Torget offers bars, restaurants and street vendors during the summer. The church ruins of Saint Karin’s, also found on the square, is open to visitors most of the year. 4. THE BOTANICAL GARDEN In these spectacular gardens you will find uncommon plants that thrive within the protection of the city wall. Don’t miss the handkerchief tree and the rose garden!




Bucket List Renate’s best tips 1. VÄKTARGÅNGEN (THE SENTRY PATH) From the newly reconstructed Sentry Path, you can access the city wall and enjoy gorgeous views of the sea and the North Trenches. 2. KRUTTORNET (THE GUNPOWDER TOWER) Between the sea and Almedalen lies the Gunpowder Tower, the oldest non-religious structure in the Nordics and the oldest part of the city wall. 4. THE KLINTEN SLOPE AND CHURCH HILL Blocks of adorable, small houses from the 18th and 19th centuries. The green areas above the Cathedral offer stunning views of Visby. 5. ALMEDALEN At one time, Almedalen was the location of the medieval harbour. Today, it is a beautiful park with views of the sea and Visby’s silhouette. Here, you will find a duck pond, a popular playground, the library and congress hall.

The Hanseatic City of Visby

A UNESCO world heritage site since 1995, hashtag your image using #unescoworldheritage and #världsarv

GOTLAND 2019 23

The The small small town town that has it all that has it all

Medieval narrow streets. Excellent shopping. Medieval narrow streets. Excellent shopping. Wonderful restaurants. A vibrant night life. Wonderful restaurants. A vibrant night life. All year round. All year round. Welcome to Scandinavia’s favourite destination!* Welcome to Scandinavia’s favourite destination!*

*Average score at Trivago *Average score at Trivago

Visby Centrum is a collaboration of companies central Visby. Our networkofhas the VisbyinCentrum is a collaboration compapurpose to develop, advertise and arrange nies in central Visby. Our network has the activities indevelop, the townadvertise centre. We the purpose to andhave arrange best job in the world. We love our little city. activities in the town centre. We have the best job in the world. We love our little city. 24 GOTLAND 2019

culture shopping experiences in medieval alleys and houses

Visby is truly the city of cobblestones. Inside the wall, ancient buildings, packhouses and beautiful archways abound on the cosy streets. The cute little houses are adorned with rose bushes that flower long into autumn. You could stroll around in wonder for an entire day. But there is so much more to discover! In and around the S:t Hanskvarteren area, with the magnificent avenues

of Strandgatan and S:t Hansgatan, you can stop for a cup of coffee or a bite to eat, shop for local handiwork, delica­ tessen and handmade jewellery and familiarise yourself with the latest fashion trends and antiquities. Here, you will also find the historical museum, displaying everything from picture stones to the world’s largest Viking age silver treasure. GOTLAND 2019 25


Here, you are offered tradition and authenticity

You’ll find Akantus on S:t Hansplan, with a lovely mix of the new, vintage and antique. Among the treasures, you will find Gotland design, children’s toys, blankets and crafts. Simply walking outside and viewing the well-decorated display windows is an experience in itself. In the back of the shop, in the Medieval archway, you can discover Gotland furniture and other antiques selected specially by the owners. +46 (0)498-21 28 88,


Rich, unique and exciting!

Enter Fornsalen, Gotland’s museum of cultural history, and step into the past. Here you can learn about the history of the coral reef that is the foundation of our island, or take a deep dive into Gotland’s medieval period of greatness. Discover everything from Viking-age silver treasures to church sculptures and follow Gotland’s history from the Stone Age to the present. Here, you will also find the Skepp & skoj (Ship Ahoy) exhibition where young and old alike can play among boats, beach sheds and cargo ships. And be sure to take in the Konstmuseet art museum next door, where you can enjoy Gotland art, modern art, shape and design in a lovely environment. +46 (0)498-29 27 00,

26 GOTLAND 2019


An old-fashioned shop in the middle of Visby!

This award-winning tea shop on S:t Hansplan was founded in 1977. In this cosy shop, you will find tea and coffee as well as candy that is sold in bulk the old-fashioned way, over the counter! Here, there are over 100 types of tea in the collection, but Kränku is best known for the 30 or so mixed teas that they put together themselves and pack by hand in Visby. If you’re in the mood for something hot, they always have freshly brewed tea or coffee available for take away! +46 (0)498-21 74 81,


Cosy smithy and shop in a beautiful cultural building

Along the charming S:t Hansgatan street you will find Annika Gustavsson’s smithy and shop. Annika, born and raised in Gotland, finds inspiration for her stylistically pure jewellery from the barren landscape of the island. She uses a lot of brushed gold, silver and oxidised silver and enjoys playing with contrasts to make her jewellery unique. One of Annika’s signature collections is “knappfossil” (button fossils) which stem from when Gotland was located at the equator 430 million years ago and the fossil was actually a coral. As a goldsmith and jewellery designer, she also makes engagement and wedding rings. Who knows, maybe Gotland is the place to pop the question... +46 (0)498-21 22 67,

With a feel for

SKIN The sheep skins of Gotland are said to be the best in the world. At Ödins Garveri in Visby, they have been working with this fabulous material since the 1800s.

Leather and fur are fan­tas­tic materials that humans have used from the beginning of time. The hunting peoples hunted for nourishment, but they also used skins to protect themselves from the ele­ ments and to stay warm. We should also continue to fully utilise resources, take care of what we have so it takes on a beautiful patina, signs of use and the passing of time. Leather is good for carrying things in and sitting on. The Ödins Garveri tannery has been working with leather from Gotland lambs since the early 19th century. Here, they sell leather with the charac­te­ ris­tic shiny, grey and curly wool that is simply delight­ ful to run your fingers through. Eva, the owner, and her colleagues design

vests, hats, scarves and gloves to keep you warm and looking good. For the home, they make blankets with beautiful woodblock prints, short or long-haired pillows and pouffes for putting your feet up after a long work day. They have

also designed their very own wool blanket from lambs wool! Visit Ödins Garveri tannery and take in the pleasant scent that has permeated the walls since 1852.

to Almedalen Adjacent ÖDINS GARVERI ADDRESS Tege Cervins gata 3, Visby CONTACT +46 498-20 00 54,

GOTLAND 2019 27

RESTAURANTS VISBY Experience classic dishes as well as culinary influences from South America, New York and France, combined with Gotland ingredients.



Visby’s largest and most classic night club, located in a beautiful building in Stora Torget. In the summer, they boast a programme full of artists. Dance the night away to the beat of Sweden’s most prominent DJs and experience a club above and beyond, with several dance floors. +46 (0)498-21 00 43,

A pleasant restaurant located on Stora Torget in the old Systembolaget building. They serve delicious French-inspired dishes, made from the finest local ingredients. They have the best location in the sun for their outdoor seating and a good-sized bar. Bolaget’s new sister restaurant, in the same building, is naturally called Systemet, serving a great variety of small tapas dishes. Why not have a seat at the bar to eat your meal! +46 (0)498-21 50 80,


Visit one of the oldest, most prominent restaurants and enjoy high-end classical music and wine. In the summer, you can sit at the cocktail bar in the park among walnut and mulberry trees. They have live music every Sunday. In the garden, there is a little hotel with eight double rooms. The main building has a suite and a deluxe double room. +46 (0)498-21 87 00,


Walk barefoot on Visby’s best beach. Here, you will find Mango Kök & Bar where you can lounge around the pool or have a seat in the restaurant to enjoy a bite to eat and drink with a view of the sea. Some evenings, they offer a BBQ buffet of grilled meats and all the fixings, served at sunset. +46 (0)498-21 05 04,

28 GOTLAND 2019


Each summer, they serve grilled Gotland lamb from Graute Gård in the beautiful gardens of the St. Nicolai ruins. The lamb is slowly roasted over hot coals all afternoon and is then carved and served to the guests with a buffet of fixings. And for those who prefer something other than lamb, there is an à la carte menu and a number of vegetarian alternatives. Experience the lovely grounds with lots of room for children and dogs alike. You can lean back and enjoy the summer in Gotland among lush trees. +46 (0)498-24 79 55,


In the heart of Visby, you will find the restaurant that transports you to Italy. Their menu contains classic Italian dishes, interpreted their way. Here, you can even enjoy the best small delicacies, fresh pasta and Neapolitan pizza. The bar on the terrace is open late into the evening and serves refreshing aperitivos and a great selection of wines and antipasto. +46 (0)498-21 11 68,



Kitchen & Table is a restau­ rant concept born of master chef and New York resident Marcus Samuelsson in collaboration with Clarion Hotels. Their food takes its inspiration from the big city’s multicultural mix of cuisines in combination with Gotland ingredients and flavours, such as beetroot, lamb and asparagus. The restaurant has a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere and is a favourite place for locals and hotel guests alike. +46 (0)498-25 75 99,



As oasis in the middle of town with a quiet atmosphere and great tunes. The restaurant serves Mediterranean inspired lunch and dinner. Every day from early afternoon on, a number of DJs contribute to the mood. In the evening, the restaurant offers small dishes for sharing, grilled fish and shellfish. You will also find a shop offering clothing, sunglasses and accessories. +46 (0)498-21 11 68,

Why not have a drink and ponder the beautiful sunset on the horizon? This popular summer restaurant serves delicious food and has a first-class bar that transforms into a dance floor as the evening wears on. +46 (0)498-65 11 19,

On Strandgatan 9, in Visby, you will find food and drink that is well in balance with the flavours and impressions from all the corners of South America. In the cosy back garden, dishes for sharing are lovingly served. +46 (0)498-21 51 51,


A popular year-round restaurant close to Stora Torget. The clientèle ranges from businessmen to groups of women on a night out, all here to enjoy classic dishes such as whitefish roe from Kalix to homemade meatballs, in a warm atmosphere. White Guide describes it as: “Like home, but better.” +46 (0)498-21 66 55,


Enjoy a good meal at this lovely restaurant overlooking Visby harbour. In the summer, they have outdoor seating and an outdoor bar. Have a nice brunch, lunch or dinner 357 days of the year. They hold a number of events, including live music, year round in their beautiful venue. +46 (0)498-21 68 00,

GOTLAND 2019 29

ACCOMMODATIONS VISBY Experience Visby and stay at one of the many inviting accommodations around the Hanseatic city. From luxury boutique hotels to cabins and camp sites on the beach.


Family-friendly hotel across from the ferry terminal, a 5-10 minute walk to the city centre. Restaurant, gym, outdoor pool, sauna/ relaxation area and Jacuzzi – complemen­ tary for our guests. +46 (0)498-20 12 50


Welcome to stay in a quiet environment next to the Visby Cathedral. Hotell Helgeand offers 17 rooms of different sizes and prices. The hotel has its own spa with a hot spring, relaxation area and sauna. Parking and conference capabilities. The hotel offers a breakfast buffet, simple home-made lunches and its own bar. +46 (0)498-29 12 30,


In the heart of central Visby, you will find this cosy hotel with its quiet courtyard, rooms with white sheets and soft textiles. The hotel is located on Adelsgatan inside the Visby City Wall and their main focus is ensuring you are satisfied and feel at home. +46 (0)498-20 33 06

30 GOTLAND 2019


Stay close to the sea and beach in a natural environment with close proximity to all the city has to offer. Stay in comfortable cottages/apartments you manage yourself or at the Bed & Breakfast that includes linens and breakfast. +46 (0)498-20 12 60,

White Guide Sweden’s answer to the Michelin Guide, the White Guide, annually releases its list of Sweden’s best restaurants, 16 of which, you will find on Gotland!

VISBY Amarillo Mat & Malt Bakfickan Bolaget Crêperie & Logi Donners Brasserie Gamla Masters Lilla Bjers Gårdskrog Värdshuset Lindgården Surfers


Welcome to the beautifully situated boutique hotel in the middle of the World Heritage town of Visby. Each room has an individual flair and a harmonious atmosphere. Here, there are rooms with a balcony overlooking the sea and Almedalen. All bathrooms are fully tiled with limestone floors from Burgsvik. +46 (0)498-20 33 13,


Approximately 700 beds distributed among a bed & breakfast, hotel and cabins, only 3 km from Visby, on the sea and just next to the Kneippbyn Theme Park. Image: our new bed & breakfast fishing cabins. +46 (0)498-29 61 50,

AROUND THE ISLAND Bungenäs Matsal, Bunge Gula Hönan, Rone – including accommodations Hablingbo Crêperie, Hablingbo Krakas Krog, Kräklingbo Smakrike Krog, Ljugarn Stelor, Västergarn – including accommodations (see below)

White Guide also lists Sweden’s best hotels. Of the 100 hotels on the list, Gotland has three: THREE SPECIAL PLACES Hotel Stelor, Västergarn Farbriken Furillen, Lärbro Clarion Hotel Wisby, Visby


The only five-star campsite in Gotland boasting all facilities. It is only 3 km from Visby, on the sea and just next to the Kneippbyn Theme Park. Image: our exclusive RV sites. +46 (0)498-29 61 50,

For more information

on what qualifies hotels and restaurants, please visit

GOTLAND 2019 31

CLARION HOTEL WISBY Located in the heart of Visby’s oldest parts of town is the charming Clarion Hotel Wisby. The hotel has been run since the mid-1800s in this 700-year-old building and the environment is well-preserved and restored. Welcome in to a living meeting place where the Medieval ages meet modern times.

ADDRESS Strandgatan 6, Visby CONTACT +46 (0)498-25 75 00,, DISTANCES Visby airport 3.5 km, ferry terminal 1 km NUMBER OF ROOMS 212 (398 beds) AT THE HOTEL Eight meeting rooms, banquet hall, Selma City Spa, Kitchen & Table, Kaptenshuset, Vinterträdgården and Paviljongen.

32 GOTLAND 2019

4 star hotel

Clarion Hotel Wisby is an intimate hotel with a unique history and atmosphere, centrally located inside the Visby City Wall. Here, there are 212 hotel rooms, 8 meeting rooms, a banquet hall, Selma City Spa, the Kitchen & Table restaurant and Gotland’s most dedicated staff.

Gotland meets Manhattan

At the Kitchen & Table restaurant, master chef Marcus Samuelsson has developed a concept inspired by the idea of Fun Dining. The dishes on the menu mix influences from Manhattan with local Gotland raw materials. Exciting culinary experien­ ces in a unique and pleasant environment.

A natural living room

In Vinterträdgården, the mood is relaxed, but nonetheless living and inspiring. Hotel guests and locals alike often seek out the place to have a bite or drink or to enjoy the events arranged here.


Festive meetings

There are rooms for every occasion – large or small meetings, celebratory dinners, jubilees or simply for mingling. During the spring and summer, the possibilities are endless in the hotel’s medieval garden, the 300 sq metre Paviljongen. The premises accommodate 200 dinner guests or 400 cocktail guests, and here, everything from weddings, birthday parties and company events take place.

Relaxing oasis

Under the archway in the hotel’s basement you will find the Selma City Spa Wisby oasis – a place for rest and relaxation. Here you can enjoy a relaxing massage, beneficial face and body treatments, a sauna and a lovely swim in the heated pool.

GOTLAND 2019 33

Wake up by the sea Let your accommodations play the main part in your discovery of Visby and Gotland! Choose Scandic Visby if you are looking for close proximity to the medieval city centre and for a delicious hotel breakfast. Or allow yourself to be seduced by sunsets, paths through nature and relaxation time at Visby Gustavsvik. There is something here for everyone!


Sun, swimming and stunning nature

At Visby Gustavsvik, family and friends can socialise in a relaxing environment while still being close to what the city has to offer. This holiday village is beautifully situated on the sea 4 km north of Visby harbour. Here, you can stay in a bed and breakfast or self-maintained cabins/flats. Enjoy the quiet and let the kids run around in our extensive green areas. Take a lovely walk through beautiful natural surroundings, sunbathe on the beach or take a refreshing dip in the sea. You are never further than 100 metres from the beach and sea. Don’t miss out on having a first-row seat to the sunset!

34 GOTLAND 2019

ADDRESS Färjeleden 3, Visby CONTACT +46 (0)498-20 12 50, DISTANCE TO THE CITY CENTRE 1 km NUMBER OF ROOMS 214 AT THE HOTEL Restaurant, pool area, gym, spa, conference centre and free WiFi. SCANDIC VISBY

Close to everything

If you are looking to stay close to the medieval city centre of Visby, Scandic Visby is the perfect option. The location is unsurpassed, across from the ferry terminal, a few minutes’ walk to the harbour and then up along Visby’s cosy cobblestone alleys. You will find relaxation in modern rooms with a Gotland feel. With free access to the gym, pools and sauna, it’s hard not to enjoy your stay. The hotel restaurant offers delicious meals based on the season. In the summertime, your meals are best enjoyed in the outdoor seating, with the sea as your backdrop!

ADDRESS Gustavsviksvägen CONTACT +46 (0)498-20 12 60, DISTANCE You can easily reach Visby’s city centre by taking a 4 km walk or bike ride on Strandpromenaden along the sea. ACCOMMODATIONS 64 rooms in the bed and breakfast, 32 flats, 28 cabins. ON THE GROUNDS The reception area and the restaurant are open May through September. In the reception you can visit the shop, borrow sporting equipment and hire bikes. Breakfast is served in the adjacent restaurant. In the summer the restaurant also offers à la carte in the evening. Free WiFi is available.

GOTLAND 2019 35

COME AS YOU ARE. STAY AS LONG AS YOU WISH. At Matsalen you can enjoy dinner with the family, friends or colleagues. Every day throughout the week open 17-22.

0498 25 88 80 •

Strandgatan 34

Strand Hotel

Solhem Hotel • • 0498 25 88 00 • • 0498 25 90 00

Strandgatan 34

36 GOTLAND 2019

Solhemsgatan 3

best conference next r u reate yo

We c

We challenge you for a good time

ults you desire

To ensure the business res

We organize and help you carry out an unforgettable conference, event or meeting. We always aim to give you that little extra something to create the best conditions. Our goal is to give you ultimate results. We are a complete partner and a total supplier. With our vast experience we give you sustainability, creativity, quality and all our resources.

Gotland conference from 1195:-/p

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Are you looking for the perfect venue that also provides access to lots of winter fun? Look no further. goĂ…re organizes and runs your event, and gives you the best conditions for creating the results you want.

Winter conference in Ă…re from 1795:-/p

Transport + Accommodation+ Conference GOTLAND 2019 37

Seaside, in the country or in the old town of Visby ? Ferry tickets | Hotels | B&Bs | Holiday Cottages | Hostels | Apartments | Camping | Activities | Events | Bicycles | Rental Cars | Value Packages

38 GOTLAND 2019

Search Gotland’s largest selection of accommodation Our website offers hotels, B&Bs, hostels, camping, holiday villages and private accommodation. If you book your accommodation and the ferry tickets as a value package you get the best price on your Gotland holiday!

12:41 EN


Find your Gotland

Book ferry

Ferry + Stay

Book the ferry to Gotland wit


us! Book the boat to Gotland from Nynä shamn, Oskarshamn or Västervik, hotels in Visby, coun try cottages, seaside camping, family activities and much more .

Ferry tickets | Hotels | B&Bs | Holiday Cottages | Hostels | Apartments | Camping | Activities | Events | Bicycles | Rental Cars | Value Packages

GOTLAND 2019 39



NATURAL PLAYGROUNDS The natural environment of Gotland is varied and exciting. It is amazing how many hours you can spend looking for fossils and interesting stone formations on the island’s pebble beaches! And naturally, you have to visit some of the sea stacks. You will be hard pressed to find more enjoyable places of disco­very. Continue your adventure by going on a voyage of discovery through the unspoilt primeval forests and then take it easy with a nice picnic in a summery meadow.

40 GOTLAND 2019


CHILDREN With its winding alleyways and medieval ruins, Visby offers year-round opportunities to play. After a game of hide-and-seek in the world heritage city, embark on a road trip to experience the fossil hideaways at the seaside, milelong sandboxes and numerous other fascinating places for play and creativity!


3 4



Be an artist for a day! Many artisans, such as Etelhems Krukmakeri and Körsbärsgården, offer activities for both young and old to try their hand at. And in the Creator’s Workshop at Bergman Centre on Fårö island, children can run around, play act, tap into their creative side with brush and paint or build something for the puppet theatre. Make sure you also visit Gotland’s Museum and Fenomenalen, which offer excitement right in the middle of Visby.

Gotland is famous for its fantastic beaches. Fine sandy beaches make perfect sandboxes, for young and old alike! There are also several limestone quarries on the island, a perfect excursion for those with older children. The most popular of these are the Blue Lagoon, Smöjen and Kyllaj in the northern part of the island.

ANIMALS AND FARMS Gotland boasts some of the finest farms in Sweden. Lambs and cows roam free and children can often find kittens to snuggle with or hens to cackle with. Many farms also have shops, and in the best case scenario, a café.


PIPPI LONGSTOCKING, FOR REAL Who hasn’t grown up with Pippi Longstocking? Make sure to visit her fantastic house Villa Villekulla and see where she baked gingerbread from the floor and played the now-legendary “don’t touch the floor” game. The Kneippbyn Theme Park just outside Visby is the home of the original house in which the Swedish Television version of the Pippi Longstocking films were recorded.

GOTLAND 2019 41

42 GOTLAND 2019





+ 46 498 273050


1959 - 2019, 60 YEARS!

OPEN DAILY - May 10.00-15.00 - June, July, August 09.00-18.00 - September 10.00-15.00 On midsummer Eve and Midsummer Day open between 10.00-15.00.

Daily underground tours. Caveadventure three days a week. We also have: Exhibition, Waffles, Café & Food,

Souvenireshop, Segwaypath. Welcome! 44 GOTLAND 2019

Shop design from Gotland online

Hand picked products made by talented designers from Gotland Buy something nice for yourself or a gift card to somebody you like

Gotland Harvest Festival:

1-2/9 2018 7-8/9 2019

Gotlands SkĂśrdefestival

Maven is no ordinary resort. It’s a place of discoveries - from the outside, and from within. Discover for yourself at

ome! c l e W GOTLAND 2019 45

Attraktiva Oskarshamn Attraktiva Oskarshamn attraktivaohamn


O r i entation TOWA R D S M AG I C A L E X P E R I E N C ES

Let the compass steer you towards Oskarshamn. On the east coast there is sea, archipelago and genuine Småland nature and, of course, the magical glow of the bewitchingly beautiful national park Blå Jungfrun.

Sleep tight ANYONE LOOKING for accommodation in Oskarshamn with that little bit extra won’t have to look for long. There are many hotels in good locations with different themes. If you want to stay near the archipelago and bright blue waves or centrally in the city close to restaurants and shopping, there are more than 400 high-quality hotel rooms to book. Read more about accommodation at

46 GOTLAND 2019

The best meeting place

Goodies in the centre

ARENA OSKARSHAMN has become one of the county’s most important meeting places for people looking for recreation and experiences. Almost 500,000 people visit the facility every year to train or play ice hockey or football, or practise athletics. The greatest attraction value is in the water park, with lots of cool attractions, Mauritius beach and a 25-metre pool. The facility will become even more attractive with an investment of five million Swedish kronor in 2019.

THERE IS a lot to taste in Oskarshamn, such as chocolate creams and exclusive pastries from the world’s best pastry chef Anders Oskarsson. Over time, the Oskarshamn pastry chef has collected a number of meritorious awards, internationally and nationally. In other words, the centrally located Nilssons Konditori is nothing less than a very good tourist attraction.

Astrid Lindgrens World

Would you like to be locked in? ESCAPE GAME has become incredibly popular in a short time. And the city has one of Sweden’s most highly rated facilities run by Jailbreak Oskarshamn. Don’t miss the chance of the best brain exercise together with the family, a group of friends or colleagues.


ry Fer


n otla

to G


mn Oskarsha

Ferry to Öland

Öland The Kingdom of Crystal


Many experiences THE MUSIC festival Latitud 57 attracts visitors from all over Sweden by presenting the country’s leading performers year after year. A visit to Stensjö village provides a lovely 19th-century feel. And there is of course a further chance of culture at the Döderhultarn Museum and about ten others. On the sports front, there is USM in orienteering in September, a taster of what O-Ringen 2022 will offer. Yes, there is a lot to experience in Oskarshamn.

S tr at e g ic p la ce s to vis it EXPERIENCE OSKARSHAMN with all that it entails. At the same time, the east coast city has a strategic location with regard to all that eastern Småland has to offer. Astrid Lindgren’s World, the Kingdom of Crystal, Kalmar Castle and Öland Zoo, and the island’s magnificent beaches are just an hour away. And the ferry to Gotland departs a couple of stone’ throws from the centre. There is extra excitement to be had on a visit to Blåkulla, the legendary national park. GOTLAND 2019 47

Not to be missed!

Gotland Gastronomy Weekend in April

The Harvest Festival in September

The Truffle Festival in November

48 GOTLAND 2019

A CULINARY ISLAND WITH A FOCUS ON LOCAL INGREDIENTS season on the island. Meat from lambs that have peacefully grazed on the island is sold in grocery stores and from lamb farms. Toward the end of summer, dewberries, a wild-growing delicacy, ripen, and ditches find themselves filled with eager berry pickers. It is no surprise that the dewberries are then made into jam to be enjoyed with the official dessert of the province, the saffron pancake. Late summer and early autumn are also the ideal time to collect all the pears and apples that abound in our gardens. Naturally, these are wonderful in food, baked goods and desserts, but autumn is cider season on the island. People happily bring their fruit to cider facto­ ries and microbreweries only to return with their very own cider to be enjoyed hot or cold. When the autumn has the island in its grip, another delicacy becomes available – Gotland’s Bourgogne truffles. This special mushroom grows underground, thrives among hazel and oak and is discovered by specially trained dogs who lead the way to “the black gold”. Truffles are real treasures that quickly find their way onto restaurant menus. The fragrance alone is enough to add flavour to cream, butter, rice and eggs. And then you have the entire truffle still at your disposal. It could not be easier or more delicious!


Renate’s & Sofia’s tips:


Gotland is definitely an island of local ingredients. Here, there is no need for long transportation or middlemen. The lime-rich soil and the favourable climate contribute to the good quality and extra flavourfulness and sweetness of produce grown on the island. Not to mention the islanders’ great love of home-grown, local produce, which certainly plays a role in the perception that crops and food here simply taste better. Here on the island, you buy meat, eggs and produce from one of the island’s many dairy farmers and farm markets. In addition, the seasons are allowed to dictate what restaurants have on their menus and what you can find on the shelves of small and large grocery stores around Gotland. Every season has its own specialities. As winter moves into spring, the wild-growing sand leek spreads quickly over the Gotland meadows. And a month or so later, it’s time for asparagus. This lovely early vegetable is best enjoyed in its simplicity, topped with a bit of clarified butter or possibly some homemade hollandaise sauce. When summer rolls around, we luxuriate in vegetables, root vegetables and herbs. Not to mention the sweet and delicious Gotland strawberries, which enjoy a long growing


The expression “farm to fork” is highly appropriate here!

Visby is one of the cities in Sweden that boasts the greatest number of taverns, year round! Enjoy food from every corner of the world and try the Gotland specialities – lamb, sand leek, ramson and saffron pancakes. Of course, there are a great number of fantastic restaurants and cafés in the countryside. Check out what’s out there in the Öppet Gotland app.

GOTLAND 2019 49

For just over a year, Coop Gotland has striven to be the best when it comes to local and organic products, having the best delicatessen and selling vinyl records. Why? They simply want to show what actually means something, and, stick out of the crowd of fastmoving consumer goods retailers.


Green willpower! “The island’s Coop stores will be more than just a store – they will be places to meet your friends, shop and have a nice time.”

50 GOTLAND 2019

All around the island, from north to south, you will find the nine stores that constitute Coop Gotland. To them, it is important to focus on local growers and farmers. It is important to highlight the products that are good for customers and the area, which is why Coop Gotland usually claim that they want to be a good force in fast-moving consumer goods. It means that they want to be the best at things that matter and that make a difference. This was proven in the spring of 2018 when the White Guide awarded Stora Coop in Stenhuggaren with fifth place in the whole of Sweden as the most sustainable store. And, their vego section was voted best in all of Sweden. Combined with their vinyl records and their other small sections, such as Petit France, Little Britain and Lilla Brygghuset, Coop hopes and believes that the stores offer a special shopping experience for their customers and members. Carl-Johan Stålhammar, CEO of Coop Gotland tells us the story: “This is where our fantastic staff come in. We have set the target of being the best and

most popular employer in all of Gotland. By attaining this, we will build up the pride and joy of our employees, which will rub off on our customers. In addition to having happy customers, it is our vision that the island’s Coop stores will be more than just a store – they will be places to meet your friends, shop and have a nice time.” This is to reflect the cooperative, as its members and customers are also owners of the stores. Carl-Johan Stålhammar believes that it is how customers are treated, how they experience the stores and having the best local, organic products that will help Coop Gotland develop into the most affordable provider of fast-moving consumer goods on the island. Carl-Johan concludes: “Coop Gotland is a rebel, or Robin Hood to use metaphor, and our competitors are the Sheriff of Nottingham. Simply put, Coop Gotland sticks out!” Carl-Johan Stålhammar, vd

A force for good in fastmoving consumer goods We can be found all over the island! Coop Öster, Coop Gråbo and Stora Coop at Stenhuggaren in Visby as well as shops in Lärbro, Slite, Roma, Ljugarn, Klintehamn and Hemse.

Take the chance to buy local Gotland ingredients for your barbecue this summer! For inspiring recipes, visit

GOTLAND 2019 51

About Hanna

AGE 21 OCCUPATION Chef at Lilla Bjers CURRENTLY Organic Chef of the Year 2018 FAVOURITE PLACE IN GOTLAND My uncle’s meadow in Sanda Bäckstäde, and, Ekeviken on Fårö island. RESTAURANT TIPS ON THE ISLAND Gula Hönan, Picanterian in Ronehamn and Tuppens Krog in Visby (all owned by the same owner). Restaurang ROT in Norrlanda and, naturally, Lilla Bjers in Västerhejde!


Hanna Lukowiesky, age 21, has been awarded the Organic Chef of the Year 2018 award. She is a chef at Lilla Bjers, an organic farm tavern just south of Visby.

Q&A HANNA LUKOWIESKY HOW DID YOU END UP BECOMING A CHEF? I was always welcome to help my grandmother in the kitchen when I was little. That’s definitely where it all started. I also remember thinking it was really exciting to visit the restaurant that my two older brothers worked at. Food has always been a great interest of mine, from loving to eat as a child to making my own food as an adult!

they think food, breathe food, live for food and continuously strive to cook better and more sustainably.


WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOU’RE NOT WORKING? I think about work and sleep. No, seriously, in addition to cooking, I spend time with my friends and family and my dog Zorro. I also work out and dance a bit. And, play the piano!

HOW WOULD YOU WANT TO BE REMEMBERED? As a recognised person! I like to be seen and heard... I want to have worked all over the place, with all sorts of people. To compete in what I find developmental and to cooperate with mutual benefit.


WHAT ARE YOUR DREAMS? I dream of making the world a bit greener and more sustainable.

WHAT IS THE BEST THING ABOUT GOTLAND? Everything it offers! From its cosy cafés and restaurants to its nature and landscapes. And not least, all the lovely beaches around the island. And naturally, all the ingredi-

That there are so many skilled and talented people who really love what they do. It’s not just an occupation or a job, it’s an entire lifestyle! Like me,

52 GOTLAND 2019

I’ll be somewhere out in the world spreading knowledge.

ents and crafts you can find pretty much everywhere. It’s amazing! WHAT INGREDIENT WOULD YOU BRING WITH YOU IF YOU WERE EVER TO MOVE AWAY FROM GOTLAND? Truffles, without a doubt. Or, maybe Gotland strawberries. I would also bring milk from Puttarsjaus. Can you tell it’s hard to choose just one?

DISCOVER THE ISLAND Regardless of whether you are visiting the barren landscape of the north or the lush environs in the south, there are always a great number of places worth visiting on the island.


This lodging house from the previous turn of the century is located right on the sea on its own promontory, 30 km south of Visby. Choose whether you want to stay in a turn of the century hotel room or one of the newly renovated flats on the grounds of the lodging house. Warfsholm has a café with baked goods and bread from their own bakery, or why not enjoy a delicious dinner made from local ingredients at the charming restaurant. In the summer, you can enjoy live performances and concerts. And all with the sea as a backdrop! +46 (0)498-24 00 10,


High quality, modern cottages with a Gotland feel and a large yard. Built in beautiful places throughout Gotland close to the sea and nature. Rentals available year round. +46 (0)73-500 04 14,



Take a trip around the island or stop at a café in Visby to have a taste of Gotland’s saffron pancakes, traditionally served with dewberry jam and whipped cream. According to tradition, a really good saffron pancake should contain seven ingredients from the island, mixed with seven ingredients from the mainland.

The obvious meeting place of Storsudret. A friendly, personal and warm place that will stay open on request year round. During the summer, they receive overnight guests in their beautiful lodging house. The summer restaurant, Gåsens Lada, offers musical entertainment in a cosy environment and delicious food made from Gotland ingredients. The lodging house is perfect for big and small events alike. From tea parties to weddings, management team meetings and birthdays on the dance floor. They love a challenge and will receive your request with enthusiasm and flexibility. +46 (0)498-49 84 90,

BASIC RECIPE FOR 8 SERVINGS 1 dl round grain rice 2 eggs 2 dl water 1.5 dl heavy cream 1/4 tsp salt 1 Tbsp flour 5 dl milk 0.5 grams saffron 1.5 dl almonds Butter for greasing the pan

: Pssst. For vegan recipes and island tips

METHOD Boil the rice. Add milk and simmer for about 45 minutes. Finely chop blanched almonds. Whip milk, cream and eggs. Mix with rice porridge, almonds, flour and saffron. Bake for about 30 minutes in 200 degrees C.

GOTLAND 2019 53

MEETING PLACE Discover one of Sweden’s most beautiful beaches – a mere 14 minutes south of Visby. With its three-kilometre long fine sandy beach and close proximity to exciting activities, restaurants and accommodations, Tofta Strand is a place you just shouldn’t miss!

54 GOTLAND 2019


Gotland’s very own surf centre offering a number of water activities for young and old. Not only can you find good food and drink, but you also have a front-row seat to magical sunsets. Gotland’s most beautiful tent-hotel makes the place and the experience one of a kind.


Welcome to the area’s grocery store, with everything on offer, from freshly baked bread, a salad bar and a broad range of foods.


Right along the picturesque fishing village in Gnisvärd you can visit the year-round restaurant Broman & Son. They serve lovely dishes made with a focus on local ingredients from area growers.


Stop off at Tofta Strand’s very own Italian gem where the concept is classic, uncomplicated Italian food using high-quality ingredients. And, they have first-class pizza.


Only 10 metres from the water’s edge, this brilliantly situated beach bar, one of the best in Sweden, offers delicious dishes and re­ freshing drinks.


TOFTA CAMPING AND STUDIOS Naturally beautiful Tofta Camping offers a number of accommodation options such as beach side cabins, caravan sites and 16 new, ultra-modern studios with a sea view.

Experience Gotland’s biggest, all-age After Beach party including a pool and delicious food and drink.

Follow Tofta on their social medias andt! see the best parts of Gotland’s west coas @toftagotland @toftagotland GOTLAND 2019 55


Watch the film

about Ljugarn on

The gorgeous Ljugarn vacation retreat has loads to offer by way of history, artefacts, child-friendly activities, harbours, nature, cafés, restaurants and accommodations. Welcome to a real Gotland jewel – on the east side of the island.

It’s hard to stay away from the beautiful beaches and gentle nature of Gotland’s east coast. Here, magnificent sunrises paint the mornings and the little village, with its splendid 1920s summer houses, has a feel of vacation. The range of genuine accommodations and appetizing restaurants is great and in perfect contrast to this area’s characteristic nature and history. Visit the Rauk area Folhammar, relax on the miles-long beach, take a walk among the 56 GOTLAND 2019

fragrant sea-side flora or take a load off at a café. Ljugarn’s harbour and the old nearby fishing village Vitvär are also worth a visit. If you are the sporty type, there are lovely winding roads to bike or jog on. Or why not play a round of golf on Ljugarn Golf Club’s nine-hole course, or a game of tennis on the newly renovated outdoor courts. There are also lots of possibilities along the coast to kite surf or windsurf.

EXPERIENCE LJUGARN For those looking to stay in a beautiful environment and enjoy culinary delights.


Pensionat Lövängen was founded in 1925 and is one of the oldest lodging houses on the island. Here, hotel rooms, cabins and apartments are on offer with a great location in central Ljugarn. Family-friendly area with many activities. Close to beach, pool, store, bakery and restaurants. +46 (0)498-49 30 11,


This vacation village with a heated pool is located in a bright woodland adjacent to the sandy beach. Ljugarn Semesterby offers a range of accommodations, from your own cabin with fireplace to a tent plot right on the beach. The caravan camping area is a stone’s throw from the beach. You can hardly get closer to the sea. +46 (0)498-49 31 17,



The best place on the beach to hang out with the family! With sand between your toes, you can lean back and enjoy a good lunch or dinner. Challenge someone to a game of beach volleyball or mini golf, or order an ice-cold bottle of rosé wine at the after beach to the beat of live music. +46 (0)498-49 33 78,

An awesome summer hang out! Enjoy the Caribbean “One Love” bar, “Potobers” a restaurant focusing on potatoes and 100 different beers, “Glada Glassen” café and water playground. Welcome to stone-oven pizza, fish n’ chips, fresh salads and other goodies. You’ll also find music quizzes and opportunities to meet new people in our cosy, recycled furniture. +46 (0)498-775 21 23,

GOTLAND 2019 57


FÅRÖ SUDERSAND Sudersand Resort is a natural destination, with its Gotland surroundings and 3-kilometre-long sandy beach. Situated on Fårö island, surrounded by beautiful hiking trails, sea stacks and a fantastic range of accommodations and restaurants, there is something here for everyone.

58 GOTLAND 2019

Fårö island is northern Gotland’s paradise. Discover the barren landscape, which is home to Fårö Church, the Bergman Centre, historical relics and the stately sea stacks along the coast. Access is easy via the free-of-charge Fårö ferry, which frequently traffics the route between Fårösund and Fårö. On this relatively small island, there are wondrous experiences to be had in nature, from exciting birds, Ullahau’s unique sand dunes surrounded by pines and scintillating sunsets. It is easy to understand that Ingmar

Bergman found inspiration in this beautiful place. On the east coast, you will find Sudersand, previously designated as the world’s best beach. The fine white sand, framed by a number of restaurants and the clear blue sea, is perfect for all kinds of tourists, and an obvious place to stop when visiting Fårö. There are also several more sandy beaches such as Ekeviken, Norsta Auren and Skalasand – perfect places for water sports, sunbathing and swimming.


Mini golf

A place to stay


Sudersand Resort offers a wealth of activities in an environment perfectly balanced with a degree of peace and a degree of liveliness. The area offers a pool and mini golf for all ages. For those seeking a bit of luxury, relax at the spa, with its sauna and wood-burning hot tubs with a view of the beach. New for this year is the recently built outdoor gym, which nicely complements the clean indoor gym.

The 12-hole course, set on varying terrain, is rigged to guarantee an exciting game. Challenge your family and friends. If you want a second chance at winning, you can play the second round at a reduced price. Practice more of your skills at the adjacent putting green.

Whether you need simple accommodations or something more luxurious, Sudersand Resort has what you need. You will find beach houses, cabins, a hostel, hotel and camp sites.

Sudersand and its surroundings not only offer beautiful nature, but also accommodations in a great location. You will find a number of restaurants with a mixed range of à la carte, pizza and grilled whole lamb. There are bakeries in the area for those who desire freshly baked bread in the morning, perfect for breakfast or to bring to a beach picnic.

ar round! Enjoy the best side of Fårö – ye

ADDRESS Sudersand 5650, Fårö CONTACT +46 498-22 35 36,, NUMBER OF ACCOMMODATIONS approx. 125 cabins and approx. 180 camp sites ON THE GROUNDS Cabins, hotel, hostel, camp site, mini golf, pool, work out studio and shop.

GOTLAND 2019 59




BURGSVIK, THE SOUTHERN PEARL BY THE SEA Comfortable relaxation and easy life near the sea and nature. Stay in modern, tastefully furnished cabins with all the comforts. Choose between our large cabin for the whole family or our smaller one. All cabins are beautifully located, with large south-facing terraces. Or why not try our all new adventurous hut cabins, set in either jungle, Pocahontas or surf inspired theme? Remember your swimwear; here you are bathing for a long time. The water in the new sea pool is warmer than the sea. It doesn’t get better! MORE INFORMATION AND RESERVATION: WWW.BURGSVIKENSSTRANDBY.SE 0498-21 21 57

Björkhaga Strandby is situated on the west coast and it’s a perfect place for enjoyment and relaxation. High standard accommodation, popular restaurant, beach bar, heated swimming pool, volleyball courts, activities, trampoline and a stunning beach that offers unforgettable sunsets 0498-241900

60 GOTLAND 2019





Use code: SJATTE GRATIS Reservation must be made on our website before April 30th 2019.

VISBY STRANDBY OFFERS A SPLENDID LOCATION by the sea and right outside the old city wall. Camping pitches for caravans, campers and tents from where you can enjoy the sunset. A magical experience is to stay in our glamping tents. If you are looking for a comfortable accommodation, we recommend our cabins. Large or small – all with terraces, perfect for enjoying a meal to the sound of the sea. Our Holiday Homes, located just a few steps from the coastline. The best location for a morning swim! See our offer, available to April 30th 2019. Sunset included! MORE INFORMATION AND RESERVATION:


+46 498-21 21 57 WE ALSO GET THE MOST SUN!

GOTLAND 2019 61

Take the ferry fr. SEK 95 this summer!

The way to Gotland Nynäshamn Oskarshamn Västervik Visby

We have daily departures between Nynäshamn, Oskarshamn and Visby – all year around. During the summer you can also travel between Västervik and Visby. The trip takes about 3 hours and you find ferry tickets from SEK 95/one way. We can also offer good-value car and caravan packages. Plan your trip and book online at Welcome aboard!

62 GOTLAND 2019

One island, four seasons It is no surprise that Gotland is a year-round destination with its unique natural landscapes. Let yourself be swept away by the island’s shifting landscapes, whirling winds and the ever-warming sun. Enjoy hazy mornings and magical sunsets. Feel the peace and quiet of this place of recuperation. Feel the pulse of an event-filled calendar. Discover Gotland – all year round!

The autumn paints nature in beautiful colours and shows off the barren side of the island.

island The winter’s snow covers the brings in a beautiful blanket and with it peace and quiet.

The summer offers sun, swimming and magical sunsets that you just can’t get enough of.

The spring attracts back the sun’s warming rays and a blooming landscape. GOTLAND 2019 63

island of adventures


Renate’s & Sofia’s tips:

64 GOTLAND 2019



The sea and the varying landscape offer extraordinary activities!

Park your car in Fårösund and discover Fårö by bike. Fårö is easy to get around on by bike and you will avoid having to wait for the ferry, while getting exercise and fresh air. You will be able to see loads in just a day!

The unique natural landscape of Gotland makes the island ideal for an active holiday. The contrasts and varying landscapes ensure that there is something for everyone. Anyone with the ambition to stay active would have no problem finding new places and new adventures year round. If you love water sports, the sea is always close by. Some people like to get their adrenaline pumping with a bit of kite surfing or diving. Others have a gallop on the water’s edge of an isolated beach. If you are looking for peace and tranquillity, nothing beats paddling around in a canoe, or why not give stand-up paddleboarding a shot at sunset? Though beach side adventures are unbeatable, you should not miss the activities found along the island’s winding roads. At all times of year it is a pleasure to hike, horse ride or bike through lamb pens, meadows and small communities.


ACTIVE HOLIDAY A newcomer to the cycling world is Gotland Bike Park in Slite, run by Gotland Sports Academy. Here, you will find a total of 250 km of bike paths for easy family tours along the coast or challenging terrain for experienced mountain bikers. Spectacular heights interweave with snaking roads and beautiful coastal paths. Bring your own equipment or hire some on site. Having problems with your bike? No worries – the repair shop will help you with spare parts, service and upgrades. You will also find a bike shop offering a wide range of clothing, helmets, accessories and spare parts. But Slite is not only about biking. Slite Strandby has everything you need for an active holiday. Stay comfortably in well-kept cabins by the sea or find your favourite spot at the next-door camp site. Regardless of your accommodations, you can select the “Sport Inclusive” concept. This not only includes

activities but also equipment. You can experience everything from a biking adventure to stand-up paddling at sunrise, a lovely kayak excursion in the single archipelago of Gotland or a game of beach volleyball or mini golf with the family. After a fun-filled day of activities in the summer, you can hang out by the pool, have a nice meal in the restaurant or have a drink at the outdoor bar. During other parts of the year, the allure of activities is joined by the lovely sauna raft, perfect after a jog or bike tour around the beautiful surroundings in and around Slite.

Slite Strandby: ACCOMMODATIONS Beach-side cabins, dream cabins, designer houses or hotel packages. CAMPING 112 camp sites. RESTAURANT AND BAR with outdoor seating on the dock. POOL AND SAUNA RAFT for cooling dips and warm company. GOTLAND SPORTS ACADEMY offers bikes, MTBs, kayaks, surfboards, SUPs and sailing skiffs for rental. CLOSE TO the beach, tennis courts, Gotland Bike Park and the city centre.


Challenge yourself in exciting environments!

GOTLAND 2019 65

What makes Gotland so special when it comes to sports, camps, competitions and sports meetings? Anita Gandå and Bo Ronsten from the Gotland Sports Association tell us more about Idrottens Ö (Island of Sports).


Sports among world heritage sites and unique nature Idrottens Ö (Island of Sports) is a partnership between Destination Gotland, the Gotland Sports Association and the tourist industry. The fundamental philosophy being that everyone does what they are best at. For The Island of Sports, 2018 was an intense year, with about 90 events taking place. Anita Gandå and Bo Ronsten, who work for The Island of Sports, explain that they invite event organisers to participate in competence deve­ lopment initiatives. They also teach how to make events financially viable as well as how to come up with new events. Both of them also highlight how hospitable and considerate Gotlanders are as hosts, attributes they are well-known for. Via Island of Sports, Destination Gotland offers travel and accommodation packages at 66 GOTLAND 2019

advantageous rates in association with sports events, training camps and sports meetings on Gotland. The organising sport clubs provide sporting knowledge and volunteers in order to make the events possible. Region Gotland undertakes to provide support in the regional structure whereas the Gotland Sports Association and SISU Idrottsutbildarna support and develop the events in collaboration with the clubs. No matter what time of year, there are always opportunities for those interested in sports to visit the island. During your visit, there are a number of other activities to participate in so that the family and friends of the sport participant also have a good time. “Accompanying parents are also offered appreciated activities, such as a guided tour of Visby. In this respect, I think we could do

Read more

about your benefits when booking the Island of Sports on

even more to help clubs bring the concept together. We have been doing this for a lot of years, and maybe we could find even more inroads,” Bo tells us. The charm lies in the combination of large and small events. In total, sporting events generate 120,000 nights in accommodations each year. As a destination, Gotland has a lot to offer. Both Bo and Anita agree that it is the closeness of everything that is one of the island’s greatest strengths. Not to mention the cultural heritage that attracts many. “We coach and guide our events organisers to enable the best possible events. Of the 50 sports in Gotland, we organise 30-35 events, so the range is great. It could be anything from a Swedish championship in black powder shooting to Gotland Grand National.

Or, as in 2017, when we hosted the 8-day NatWest Island Games and 4,000 international guest,” says Bo Ronsten. Kronholmen is one of Sweden’s best golf courses, ranked second in Sweden. And the island offers seven other lovely golf courses. Orienteerers turn up in droves for the “Helg utan Älg” (Weekend without Moose) event during the period that orienteering is prohi­ bited on the mainland due to moose hunting season. Gotland also boasts Gotland-specific sporting events such as Stångaspelen, containing the events “pärk”, “varpa” and “Gotland pentathlon”. “Our grass pitches are ready early for games such as football, golf and training camps,” Anita adds. GOTLAND 2019 67

Gotland Golf Package 4 courses. 4 memorable experiences. Reduced price! There are many very special things about Gotland. The culture and the culinary experiences. The light, the beaches, the bustling street life at the world heritage town of Visby. And last but not least: all the great golf courses. Now you can play four of the best courses around the island for only SEK 1690, including four logo golf balls! När Golf Club - a sense of Scotland on Gotland. 18 holes set in a wild and open landscape on the east coast, close to the Baltic Sea. Gumbalde Golf, Hotel & Restaurant. Inland course in a quiet and beautiful rural setting with challenging water hazards. Visby Golf Club. Ranked #3 in the Nordic region! First class seaside golf on the west coast, with stunning views and surroundings. Slite Golf Club. A pleasantly challenging park and woodland course, close to beaches, the archipelago and sea trout fishing.

+46 498-49 23 20

+46 498-48 28 80

+46 498-20 09 30

+46 498-22 61 70

68 GOTLAND 2019

Gotland Golf Package SEK 1690 *

• • • • • •

Contact any of the clubs to book your package 4 rounds of golf at När GC, Gumbalde GC, Visby GC, Slite GC Mon-Thu at Visby GC, seven days a week at all other clubs Not valid June 24 - August 11 4 free logo balls included Cannot be combined with other discounts

GOTLAND 2019 69

It is with joy and pride that Thomas Nyberg, CEO of Gotlands Stuveri AB, looks back on this year’s summer, not only in terms of the fantastic weather, but with regard to the business success of their three companies.”

WITH THREE LEGS ON THE QUAY Stevedores, shipping agents and tour guides – Gotlands Stuveri AB and its two subsidiaries welcome ships and tourists from all over the world. Thomas Nyberg is the CEO of Gotlands Stuveri AB. Together with the company’s two subsidiaries, AB Carl E Ekman and Gotland Excursion, he looks back on a successful season for the new cruise ship quay. The core business of Gotlands Stuveri is primarily to provide service to the ferry traffic between Gotland and the mainland, but can also include other tasks in their rural harbours. “Another important commission is to take care of our cruise ships, a part of our operations that is strongly growing thanks to the new cruise ship quay,” says Thomas Nyberg, and continues, “With our two subsidiaries, AB Carl E Ekman and Gotland Excursion, we have ensured that the entire chain is taken care of. Now we are looking ahead in preparation of next season.” A new cruise ship quay and an increase of 80 percent in cruise tourists. And that’s how the 2018 season can be summarised. As a classic cruise ship destination, the investment in a new quay in Visby was an improvement. “We received 75 arrivals and the number of passengers increased by about 80 percent compared to the previous year,” Frida Nehro, shipbroker at Carl E Ekman in Visby, tells us. Germans were the largest group, followed by tourists from the UK, Finland, Sweden and the USA. Frida and her colleagues are the shipping companies’ extended arm in Visby. Among many other things, they manage local planning as well as contacts with authorities. 70 GOTLAND 2019

“The new quay now enables Visby to be a natural destination, even for the shipping companies’ largest ships. Susanne Samuelsson from Gotland Excursion puts together tours and coordinates buses and guides at the new quay. She also agrees that the new quay is a great improvement to Visby. “The wide, generous space for buses and passengers on and around the quay give a great first impression.” About one third of all cruise tourists book a guided tour through the island. “Interest in Gotland is great, but pretty much everyone wants to see the Hanseatic city of Visby. We do our best to have a wide range for our tours, but we are limited to the time the ships are docked.

From the island soil grows the best of Gotland

On Gotland you’ll find food and farm shops, cozy resaturants and cafés using only locally grown products. If you’re looking for more information about our fine Gotlandic products like where to find them on the mainland you can find great tips at:

Food crafting of the highest quality Welcome to our unique, country-side shop. Our products contain the finest Gotlandian produce and fresh spices and are free from additives. Stop by and enjoy – you’ll feel the difference! Welcome! / Arla Löthberg Farmshop in Väskinde. OPEN DAILY: APRIL – OCT 10 AM – 6 PM Phone 0498-27 06 33

You can also find us at WisbyOst and Kvinnfolki in Visby. Year round!

GOTLAND 2019 71

Magical view sparks


The year-round establishment Wisby Strand is centrally located by the harbour with a view of the Baltic Sea and is a stone’s throw from the best beach club in Europe, Kallis. Here, you have unparalleled opportunities for meetings year round. The venue offers a large range of food and experiences for public events and meetings.

72 GOTLAND 2019

Through the years, Wisby Strand has developed into a hub for Gotland tourism, year round. The big glass windows face the constantly shifting Baltic Sea, only 50 metres away. Here, the water glimmers in orange hues as the sun sets and there is a unique tranquillity by the sea, near Almedalen and the alleyways that lead to the heart of Visby. The World Heritage city is filled with history, shopping and inspiring year-round restaurants. “Our guests are enormously inspired by this environment, which I’m proud as a Gotlander to offer. Arranging meetings in Gotland is rather special,” says Johan Lindvall, CEO of Wisby Strand. “I can’t see that any other conference centre in Sweden can offer what we offer our guests.” Johan is of the opinion that Gotland has a lot of poten­ tial but he would love to see the season for conferences made longer.

Visit Wisby Strand’s constantly active venue and exciting year-round events in the World Heritage town of Visby.

“We have a magnificent product year round with an entirely different price range during the off-season than Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.” Many companies and organisations have found that participants are better unified here and that they can focus better on the task at hand than they can in the big cities where distances are greater and there are more distractions. In addition, the change of scenery and the continental feel of the island are appreciated, and the island feels much further removed than a 35-minute flight or three-hour boat trip. “We want those who will be meeting here for a great experience to feel that our level of ambition is very high and that we allow ourselves to be influenced by the international scene when we set our standards for our customer experience,” Johan emphasizes. He continues, “A key to our success is that we closely and positively


See what’s happening at Wisby Strand @wisbystrand

cooperate with the increasingly professional actors on Gotland.” Furthermore, Wisby Strand’s mentality is characterised by vigour, ingenuity and dedication. There is a will to collaborate to create experiences on the island, and therefore, Wisby Strand has helped develop a number of theme weeks – for example, Almedalen Week (first week in July) and Stockholmsveckan (third week in July). Therefore, we recommend that you visit this place, which is full of possibilities, when you visit Gotland. You will encounter high-class environments, service and a number of experiences, year round. “We have niched ourselves at Wisby Strand by creating events and culinary and musical experiences. You are more than welcome to visit us any time of year,” Johan Lindvall says with a smile.

GOTLAND 2019 73


MEDIEVAL CHRISTMAS For three days, Medieval Week invites you to enjoy their lovely Medieval Christmas atmosphere of music, markets, food and drinks. There are activities in abundance for all ages and areas of interest. Don’t miss this new extraordinary tradition!





VISBY DAY AND CULTURE AT NIGHT The World Heritage town of Visby is celebrated with cultural events and local shopping. Each year, a local entre­preneur or craftsman is designated to develop a unique world heritage product. In 2018, the honour was given to goldsmith Annika Gustavsson, who was inspired by Visby’s unique silhouette when she developed her “Visby” bracelet.




Join us to celebrate Gotland’s harvest! During the festival weekend, get to know food craftsmen, food and beverage producers and food companies. In addition, there are numerous activities for children. Smell, taste, socialise and enjoy!


During the entire year there are theme weeks, entertainment and events to discover on the island. Enjoy a concert in a cosy barn, an outdoor theatre in the sunset of an old cloister ruins or exciting battles during the tournament games. Participate in or cheer on the Gotland 720 bike race when the starting



74 GOTLAND 2019


on”, Late summer, or the “fifth seas and old. young is full of exciting events for



In December, churches and ruins hold Christmas concerts and host cosy days of culture.




STÅNGASPELEN GAMES In the middle of July each year, over 2,000 athletes participate in the Gotland olympics, a folk festival lasting five days. Here, athletes compete in traditional Gotland sports such as “pärk”, “varpa” and “Gotland pentathlon”.

2 0 1 9


ts with music, ar st ar ye the , nd On the isla events. fairs and sporting


Rockskallen Music Awards focuses on local and exported Gotland music productions, arrangements and artists. During the gala event, the island’s best pop and ROCKSKALLEN rock musicians are honoured. The evening offers live music, awards ceremonies and a fantastic party! MUSIC AWARDS






gun blasts or root for this year’s varpa champion during Gotland’s annual olympics. If you are more of a gourmand, see to it to attend Gotland Gastronomy Weekend and the Harvest and Truffle Festivals. “Eventful” barely scratches the surface! For more events, please visit

In the summer, many lovely concerts take place in places like Gåsemora, Stelor and Warfsholm. GOTLAND CHAMBER MUSIC FESTIVAL ALMEDALEN WEEK






For the second year running, Gotland’s restaurants, food and beverage produ­ cers and growers invite you to a long weekend full of events, specially composed menus, guest performances, tastings, etc. All the best food and beverages Gotland has to offer!




The Roma Theatre at Roma Abbey is one of Sweden’s most beautiful summer stages. Enjoy high-class acting as the sun sets and makes way for theatrical lighting and mysticism. The summer production runs June through mid-August and an evening in the abbey is a must each summer!

GOTLAND 2019 75

Take the plane to Gotland! You can fly non-stop to Gotland from more than ten airports. Umeå

Welcome to Visby Airport


You’ll find Espresso House here, with a wide selection of food and beverages. There’s also a duty- and tax free shop. You can get to and from the airport quickly and conveniently using mass transit yearround and during the summer you can also take Flygbussarna airport coach. You’ll find taxis and rental cars outside the arrival hall.

Sundsvall Helsingfors

Stockholm Arlanda Bromma Stockholm Norrköping

Göteborg Visby Airport

Ängelholm Malmö

76 GOTLAND 2019

Fly greener to Gotland

el u f o Bi

We know how amazing Gotland is, and want to make it easier and greener for you to travel here. Whit B.R.A. you can fly all year round from Stockholm / Bromma, Gothenburg and Malmö and during the summer also from Ängelholm, Norrköping, Sundsvall, Umeå, Östersund and Helsinki.

way e n O

As the first airline in the world, we now offer you the opportunity to choose biofuel for your trip. If you want to fly with biofuel you only pay 300 SEK extra. Book your trip at GOTLAND 2019 77

78 GOTLAND 2019

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14 2







More information at More information at

A BREWERY INSPIRED BY GOTL AND Our brewery is located in the heart of Visby and was founded in 1995. Beer is our passion and we aspire to produce modern versions of traditional styles of beer. Please visit our website to book a visit to our brewery or read more about our history. Best, Gotlands Bryggeri S:t Hansgatan 47, Visby



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