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Charlottenlund Site Visit

Kristjan Breidfjord Svavarsson



Charlottenlund Sportshotell [source: Perspektivet Museum]

History Buying areas of Tromsøya was allowed after 1830, which many businessmen took advantage of. People began in around 1840 to build summer houses in these areas. Charlottenlund is one example, owned by Dr. Nissen. He named the area after his daughter Charlotte. A sportshotel was established in 1900, as well as an amusement park, restaurant, cafÊ and a telephone. The owner, Ludvig Abrahamsen, brought tourists and people from the center up to Charlottenlund with a horse and carriage. The place was again sold in 1917. Today the old sportshotel is gone, but the place is still used for amusement and fun. [source: wikipedia]


Walking route

Lysløpe Ski track

Competition Ski track

Ski/walking trail sled/ski slope


Training equipment Football field Playground

Rehabilatation Center snow deposit site

Ski/walking trail Fotball field/ice rink Pond

WC Parking lot/snow deposit site





Walking path 60 Meters

“Soldagen� (January 21st): the sun can be seen for the first time since November. Children from nearby kindergartens go to the top of the hill to see the sun Rehabilatation Center


Parking lot


Ski track


Rehabilatation Center Parking lot

Snow-covered bench in Charlottenlund Hottest day 28.3°C June 1

Coldest day -13.0°C January 11 Maximum Snow depth 147 cm (April 3)

Weather statistics for Tromsø : March 2013 - February 2014 (

Sunpath diagram & common wind directions in Tromsø


Edge of the downhill drive

Adult Ice rink


Football field Border of downhill drive

Cross-country skier Entrance to Lysløpe ski-track

In front of the hill drive

Camp fire

Top of the hill


Snow is pushed down from the Rehabilitation Center parkering lot

Northern part of the pond is not completely frozen

Ice-skating rink



Ski track

Training equipment

People training

People passing through

Summer-green vegetation on the area below the hill

All-year-green vegetation on the top of the hill

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