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KRB News Issue 14 – 20 september 2013

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vale class of 2013 – year scholars “leaning in”

FROM THE PRINCIPAL Dear Parents, Students and Staff

Vale to the Class of 2013 At the Vale celebrations last Friday 13 September, I spoke to the graduates and our students from Years 5-11 about the importance of “leaning” into life and taking advantage of the educational, professional and personal opportunities that come along. The key is not pushing harder. It is about being attentive, objective and focused on all the opportunities that emerge in life, at school and work. It is about becoming aware of your passions, following them to fruition and being bold and taking calculated risks. And above all, it’s about being confident and resilient and not being de-railed by pressure from others and fear. It is about flourishing and being the best you can be and always believing in yourself. This year was the first year of the Principal’s Award for Resilience and it is awarded to a student who demonstrated resilience and courage in dealing with a significant setback or adversity. The first recipient of this award was Philippa Harrison, who demonstrated a growth mindset and learning from her experience and was a role model for others. Philippa embodied the Sacred Heart goal, “Personal Growth in an Atmosphere of Wise Freedom”. Our Peg Magoffin Memorial Trophy winner this year was Monica Eaton. Monica approached all aspects of her school life with an attitude of commitment, encouraging others, through her example,

to be the best that they can be. Monica lives her life with great integrity and stands up for what she believes in but is always respectful of others. The Sacred Heart Award this year was presented by Sister Mary Shanahan rscj to Sarah Smith. This award is given to a student who is acknowledged as having lived out the goals of a Sacred Heart education. As a leader, Sarah Smith demonstrated integrity, moral strength, and the ability to lead others by example. She is non-judgmental of others and was an outstanding role model for younger students.


Welcome from the Principal

3 Teaching & Learning 6 Students in Action 8 Sport 12 Community News 13 Calendar

12 students received a Blue ribbon in addition to the Student Leadership Team members who received theirs at the Leadership Induction ceremony in July last year. 35% of our students received Year Scholar awards for outstanding academic achievement on the HSC Assessment Program.


Although the students from the Class of 2013 have now graduated, they are very much focused on their preparations for the HSC. The majority of the students will be back at KRB for the study program in the second week of the holidays, where senior teachers will provide opportunities for refining examination skills and final revision. The HSC examinations begin on Monday 14 October and finish on 8 November. Please keep the students in our prayers and show your support as they begin their final preparations.

The Grotto..’Salvation will come through women’ Madeleine Sophie Barat @KRBSchool @ StMSophieBarat @ heartintheworld




Achievements Sport: Five out of nine Netball teams won their Grand finals last weekend. KRB 1 lost by one goal and KRB 1 Hockey also lost by 1 goal. I spoke to the students at Assembly on Thursday, congratulating those who were Premiers and those who reached the grand finals as well reiterating how important it is to learn from disappointment and move on. Debating: KRB had 7 teams who reached Finals for Archdale Debating and we were very proud when our 7B team won their Grand Final. All teams worked exceptionally hard this year and have shown themselves to be strong contenders in debating. The debating dinner was a wonderful opportunity to affirm our students and to give thanks to those who have worked tirelessly this year with the debaters. Public Speaking: Congratulations to Isabella Monardo of Year 8 who is through to the State Final of the Legacy Public Speaking competition. The final will be held at the Art Gallery of NSW on the 28 October.

Ewan McKenzie at KRB Our boys in Years 2-6 were privileged this week to be visited by new Wallabies coach, Ewan McKenzie. Ewan ran an information and coaching session and then joined KRB boys and their fathers for a Q&A session. His advice to the boys was to always be professional and take every opportunity that is given to you. The Junior School Sports BBQ was a great community event with many of our parents joining games of netball and soccer.

Holiday Programs 20 KRB students and 3 Visual Arts staff led by Louisa Della Franca Head of Art and Design, flew out from Sydney on Thursday this week to commence their Art Tour of the USA. They will be visiting galleries and museums in New York, Los Angeles, Boston and Greenwich New York to enhance their own knowledge 2 | KRB News Issue 14 | 20 september 2013

of art as well as their skills as artists. They will also partner with Sacred Heart schools in Greenwich and New York in creating mutual artworks. A group of staff and Year 11 students will be running a holiday activity camp for young indigenous students in Bowraville, giving our students an opportunity to engage the children in fun and exciting learning activities.

Safe Social Media Usage Recently KRB held a Social Media Information Evening for the parents and guardians of our Year 4-12 students. The purpose was to provide knowledge about the range of social media that young people can access and are accessing. The School believes that it is imperative to work in partnership with families to guide our students. Fundamentally, students need to know how to keep themselves safe online and how to maintain an ethical digital footprint in a rapidly changing, technological world. The more parents and guardians are aware of this world, the more they are able to talk with their son or daughter and help them to navigate the digital community. It is important that parents understand and monitor the social networking sites your child is using. Also check their privacy settings. The Kids Helpline advises that parents and guardians: yy Get involved – be aware of what your child is doing online. Try to become familiar with social networking sites and if possible explore them together yy Keep the communications line open – this will help your child feel comfortable talking to you if something goes wrong online yy Agree on responsible use – agree on what is acceptable behaviour and language online, which sites to visit and the amount of time they can spend online. Also, help them understand that mobile phones are like a wallet and every SMS, voice call or app they download costs money.

For more information you can access this site at: php#sthash.tdZZ7OIZ.dpuf

Staff Retreat Today the KRB staff participated in a Retreat on our Campus. The focus was: yy to gain an understanding of the spirituality of our beautiful campus yy to develop a greater understanding of the life of the famous educator , Sr Janet Erskine Stuart rscj, the fifth Superior General of the Society of the Sacred Heart and whose centenary we will be celebrating for the next year across all Sacred Heart schools in the world yy to also feed our souls through a variety of stimulating workshops.

Sport & Co-curricular Programs Survey Thank you to everyone who have already completed our online survey about sport & Co-curricular programs here at KRB. The survey is due to close by Monday September 23 and can be accessed on the link emailed to parents last week. I would like to take this opportunity to wish Senior School teachers John Mooney and Vicki Minton well as they take long service leave in Term 4. I wish all our students and families and teaching staff a good break. Regards, Hilary Johnston-Croke Principal


CLASS OF 2013 award recipients BLUE RIBBONS Hannah Bolger Mary-Grace Brunker Georgina Coutts Monica Eaton Jessica Gazal Laura Goodfellow Dominica Gray Philippa Harrison Holly Johnson Jesslyn Katherine

Talia Kuo Kristina Mahony Lucia May Claudia McCristal Rosa Moller Hannah Ryan Rebecca Ryan Sarah Smith Edwina Thackray Lucy Thompson

YEAR SCHOLARS Claudia Anson Mary-Grace Brunker Yen Ting Chung Georgina Coutts Alissa Del Vecchio Nguyen Binh Nhi Do Laura Goodfellow Dominica Gray Sophie Green Philippa Harrison Holly Johnson

Talia Kuo Xi Lan Annika Law Kristina Mahony Julia Padoani Philippa Reynolds Hannah Ryan Rebecca Ryan Sarah Smith Edwina Still Chuoyi Tan Edwina Thackray


Holly Johnson



Philippa Harrison


Monica Eaton


Sarah Smith top: Class of 2013 blue ribbon recipients. middle: special award winners monica eaton, holly johnson, philippa harrison and sarah smith. bottom: sarah low, hannah bolger, olivia cosh and lucy beach.

20 september 2013 | KRB News Issue 14 | 3


Kinder Zoo Excursion

Yr 5 Bathurst Excursion On 28 August, as part of the Year 5 Integrated Unit: ‘Discovery of Gold in Australia’, the students travelled to Bathurst for a 2 day excursion. There were many highlights from a ride on the scenic railway in the Blue Mountains through to the historical reenactment of life in the early convict days on a visit to the township of Hartley and a day spent exploring the life and times on the gold fields. At the Bathurst Goldfields Resort the students panned for gold, cooked damper, made mud bricks, played old-fashioned games and held a movie night. The students were able to use this information to aid their major project for HSIE. The School received many compliments on the excellent behaviour of the students. It was a rewarding and extremely beneficial time spent away from school.

This term Kindergarten has been learning all about animals and on Friday 6 September went on an excursion to Taronga Zoo. They were able to observe the animals up close, explore their different habitats and investigate how animals adapt to live in these environments. Below are some excerpts of Recounts written by the students. Anastasia Maurici (KB) – “First we saw the koalas. I saw one asleep, cuddling in the tree with its mother.” Hannah Harris (KR) – “We saw the Seal Show. I liked it when the seal walked on its flippers with a ball on his nose. It was funny.” Hanna Sahade (KW) – “After the Seal Show we went into a very dark cave with animals in there to trick the animals that it’s night time.” Kate Shiels (KW) – “It was a very fun day but very tiring.”

Australian Mathematics Competition On Thursday 1st August Kincoppal – Rose Bay entered 33 students in Years 5 & 6 in the 2013 Australian Mathematics Competition. The competition is one of the largest of its kind in the world with more than 40 countries participating in the competition each year. Congratulations to Bella Lamaro in Year 6 on receiving a High Distinction, placing her in the top 1% of participants. Distinctions were also received by Lilli Black and Max Parker in Year 5 and Laeticia Pajanacci and Anna Tearle in Year 6. Another 22 students also received Credits. It was a fantastic effort by all the students who participated.

4 | KRB News Issue 14 | 20 september 2013

YEAR 6 Canberra Excursion The Year 6 children visited Canberra for 3 days to consolidate their learning on Democracy. It was a great experience, which was exciting, informative and enjoyable. All of Year 6 had thoroughly delightful time learning about Parliament House, voting and enrolment, elections and the history of Australia. On Wednesday, we waited at the gates of the school and then boarded the bus for a long 4-hour trip to Canberra with our tour guide and bus driver, Alex. After having our recess and lunch we visited New Parliament House for an informative afternoon and tour. We had a mock debate that helped us learn more about the House of Representatives and The Senate. Our evening continued as we took the bus to the CSIRO where we made our own cool and fancy tie-dye t-shirts! We finally headed to our motel to have a good night sleep before an early morning start. On Thursday, we visited Old Parliament House and the Electoral Education Centre, where we watched a special effects video outlining Australia’s history, completed a set of ‘hands on’ activities on the types of democracy and voting in a mock election. We then visited the National Museum of Australia, where we had a self-tour, enjoyed a rotating cinema and K-space, where we built and designed our own vehicles of the future and then viewed them in a 3D cinema. Afterwards, Year 6 went to the National Portrait Gallery, where we looked and discovered the meaning of the many amazing works of art. We then had a guided tour at the Australian Institute of

Sport, where we saw the different venues and then tried out the different sports ourselves. After a long day, Year 6 visited Questacon - The National Science and Technology Centre - the highlight of the trip for most of us. It was an amazing experience, where we visited large rooms dedicated to each subject - the sea, natural disasters, biology, and H2O - which had a number of interactive and experimental dioramas, models and displays to do with each subject. It was engaging and fun. Included in H2O was a popular ride called ‘Free Fall’. On the last day, we packed our bags and loaded them on the bus for our trip back, but first we had to visit the Australian War Memorial. The War Memorial was a quiet and spiritual place. We reflected as we passed the poppy covered walls with the names of soldiers who lost their lives in the wars. We were told many stories and learnt how life was in the trenches, as well as seeing a real war tanker and helicopter. The drive back home was really long but we had had an exciting time in Canberra.


Junior School ICAS Competition Results The Junior School recently participated in the 2013 International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS). ICAS provides an opportunity for all students in Years 3 to 12 to gain a measure of their own achievement in an external testing situation. It provides teachers, parents and students with comprehensive reporting of results in the areas of English, Mathematics, Spelling and Writing.

Over one million student entries are accepted from over 6,300 schools in Australia and New Zealand annually. In addition, students from over 20 countries including Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa and the USA participate in ICAS each year.

Certificates are awarded for each year level as follows:

yy yy yy yy

High Distinction to the top 1% of entrants Distinction to the next 10% of entrants Credit to the next 25% of entrants Participation to all other participating students.

Congratulations to the following children who achieved Distinctions and Credits.

ICAS Writing Competition Distinctions YEAR 3




Havanni Blasi Alessia Gallimore Reeves Hancock Abbey Ridgewell Lauren Whiting

Harriet Cook Eleanor Cornish Penelope Hughes Aliqua Lapin James Michaela Sorrenti

Louis Barots Lilli Black Olivia Causer Casie Gan Kieran Mui Emilie Oyada Tanami Penfold

Cassandra Banks Claudia Chen Ava Dale Zoe Davidson Ella Hannon





Samuel Brew Isabella Bustos McNeil Samantha Firmin Grace Dacres Mannings Angus Green Grace Liu Philomena McDonald Harrison Murphy Ellie Norburn Esme Packman Hailet Thill Turke

Rosie Arundell Jayda Azar Chloe David Imogen David Irons Ginger Hudson Hannah Hunter Edwina McCormack Bianca Meli Patrick Mir Phoebe Packman Coco Remond Amelia Smith Gustav Soerensen Savannah Thill Turke Alice Volfneuk Wendy Xin

Honor Brahimi Kathleen Carr Mary Franklin Alice Hodgson Allegra Lamaro Eloise North Natasha Ong Jude Spinola

Lucia Cattana Jessica Fong Inez Glass Hawken Bella Lamaro Bridget Lennon Caitlin Mulveney Francesca Owen Laeticia Pajanacci Emma Peers Tejero Lara Taylor





Samuel Brew Isabella Bustos- McNeil Alessia Gallimore Angus Green Alice Pembroke

Savannah Thill Turke Alice Volfneuk

Lilli Black Natasha Ong

Laeticia Pajanacci





Samantha Firman Reeves Hancock Grace Liu Philomena McDonald Ella Nixon Ellie Norburn Lachlan Prentice Abbey Ridgewell

Jayda Azar Harriet Cook Eleanor Cornish Chloe Davis Bianca Meli Lily Renton Amelia smith Gustav Soerensen Michaela Sorrenti Wendy Xin

Louis Bartos Kathleen Carr Eugenie Courtney Casie Gan Zachary Katekar Louie O’Neil Jude Spinola Laura Whelan Natasha Wong

Zoe Davidson Jessica Fong Bella Lamaro Daniel Monardo Caitlin Mulveney


ICAS Spelling Competition Distinctions


20 september 2013 | KRB News Issue 14 | 5


Year 10 Market Day

Years 5 & 6 Tournament of Minds During this term, some of our Years 5 and 6 children participated in the Sydney East Regional Tournament of Minds Challenge. These children were placed into two groups and both teams chose to enter the same category- the Social Science Challenge. This intensive six week program involved solving an open-ended challenge that required creativity, collaboration, experimentation and critical thinking skills; all within the confines of a limited budget and time. The children worked fervently to communicate their solutions in the form of original short plays, which they presented on Tournament Day, Sunday 25th August at Sydney Girls’ High School. The competition was extremely close and our Social Sciences Team A was awarded “Honours”. We were hugely proud of the children in our Social Sciences Team 1 who although narrowly missed out, impressed the judges with their originality of ideas, delivery of characters and the designs of their costumes, props and backgrounds. Thank you to Miss Ingrid Fung and Mrs Catherine Morrissey who facilitated the teams and Miss Vanessa Sheppard who helped with supervision on Tournament Day. “We had to use lots of creativity.” Tanami Penfold, Year 5 “It was such a great experience and everyone enjoyed it a lot.” Louis Bartos, Year 5 “I enjoyed working as a team to perform the long term challenge and TOM exercised and increased our brain capacity!” Bella Lamaro, Year 6 “It really stretched our imagination!” Claudia Chen, Year 6 Congratulations to the following children on their outstanding efforts: Social Sciences Team 1 (Top Right): Louis Bartos, Claudia Chen, Zoë Davison, Caitlin Mulveney, Natasha Ong, Bella Lamaro, August Willoughby Social Sciences Team A (Bottom Right): Charlotte Anderson, Cassandra Banks, Lucia Cattana, Eugenie Courtney, Dominic Grimshaw, Tanami Penfold, Natasha Wong

6 | KRB News Issue 14 | 20 september 2013

TEACHING students & LEARNING in action

Toastmasters 2013

Archdale Debating

Toastmasters 2013 consisted of 21 Year 10 girls who attended KR1 every Friday afternoon for 8 weeks to learn how to become a confident public speaker. Each week we were given an agenda and a variety of tasks to complete, these tasks consisted of preparing speeches, hosting meetings, making impromptu 1 minute speeches and evaluating our peers.

The 7B students competed against MLC for the Premiership. MLC is a notoriously touch school to compete against. They in fact had a team in every single grand-final division bar one. A powerhouse debating school, our KRB students rose to the challenge and defeated them in what was a split, but favourable decision.

Through the guidance of volunteer Toastmasters, we were taught the value of confident speaking and techniques on how to make a speech “impeccable”. Prepared speeches each week gave us all an opportunity to practice our skills as well as get to know one another. Topics ranged from boarding life to fake tan addicts and our favourite - embarrassing parents. By the end of the course we all became comfortable and confident speakers that looked forward to every Friday afternoon. We all would highly recommend this course as it is so enjoyable and rewarding and we will continue to use these skills in the future.

The debate topic was “That home-schooling should be banned in Australia”. The girls negated this topic, which was quite difficult to argue from the negative perspective. But they did and they did it well.

Sasha Allerton & Sophie Kondilios Year 10

Year 10 Toastmasters Back: Heidi Noonan; Rosie Carnegie; Liana Romeo Frances Ryan; Sasha Allerton; Francesca Gazal; Stephanie Dammann; Kate Filippelis; Alice Ham. Middle: Gabbi Ebsworth; Kaylie Hunter; Molly Windsor; Sophie Kondilios; Alice Hamblin; Clare Weeks; Phoebe Anderson


20 september 2013 | KRB News Issue 14 | 7


2013 Bondi United 7 Aside Rugby League Tournament This year Kincoppal-Rose Bay School entered two teams in the annual Bondi United 7 Aside Rugby League Tournament run and organized by KRB. The players have made significant progress since the start of the season improving their ball handling skills, tackling technique and understanding of the game: rugby league. In the Under 9’s age division there were four teams which consisted on Clovelly Crocodiles, Bondi United, St Charles and Kincoppal. With the tough opposition faced each week our KRB U9’s team placed fourth overall. The teams that participated in tournament were club teams who compete in the Eastern Suburb Rugby Junior League competition in divisions 1 and 2. In the Under 11’s age division there were five teams with many teams playing two or three games in each round. In this age division Kincoppal played high division teams such as St Charles, Bondi United and two Clovelly Crocodiles teams. The boys showed great courage and team work placing 3rd overall. Congratulations to all the boys for the dedication and commitment at early morning training, and effort in the Bondi United 7 Aside competition. Well Done!

8 | KRB News Issue 14 | 20 september 2013

K–6 Boys & Girls Soccer This year we had six Kindergarten to Year 2 soccer teams that played in the Eastern Suburbs Football Association competition (ESFA). The players trained once a week and played competitive soccer games against the Junior ESFA clubs on a Saturday morning. Throughout the season the players’ ball skills and games awareness improved significant from the start of the season. In Years 3-6 we had three soccer teams that played in the IPSHA schools competition. The Year 3 & 4 teams played small sided soccer/ football: a 7 aside format and worked extremely well in their chosen teams on a Saturday morning - finishing the season undefeated! The Year 5 & 6 team played full sided soccer: 11 aside and throughout the season they development their ball skills, teamwork and understanding of shape and team formations. The Year 5&6 team also finished the season undefeated! This is an outstanding achievement! Congratulations to all our K–6 soccer teams for their commitment and effort throughout the season!


2013 Subaru Australian Interschools Snowsports Championships Mt Buller, Victoria; 4th-8th September No. 1 National Moguls Team! In the first week of September, six of our Barat-Burn junior skiers travelled down to Mt Buller in Victoria to compete in the Australian Interschools Snowsports Championships. Over 50 students from all over Australia competed in each division. Although the warm weather brought along late Spring skiing conditions, all our girls performed extremely well and posted outstanding results. Our Division 4 Female Mogul team of Phoebe Hughes and Bridget Lennon, accomplished such exceptional individual results that they were awarded gold medals as the 1st placed Division 4 moguls team. This means they are the best female mogul team for their age group in the whole of Australia!! We are tremendously proud of our entire team and as a school, Kincoppal finished 11th overall. Congratulations to our National skiersArkie Lennon, Penelope Hughes, Edwina McCormack, Eleanor Miller, Phoebe Hughes and Bridget Lennon.


Division 4 (Years 5 & 6) INDIVIDUAL Results Bridget Lennon

8th Moguls 10th Skier X 18th Alpine 13th Moguls

Phoebe Hughes

23rd Skier X 28th Alpine

Division 4 TEAM Results Bridget Lennon and Phoebe Hughes

1st Moguls (Gold) 5th Skier X

Division 5 (Years 4 and under) INDIVIDUAL Results Penelope Hughes (NSW State Female Alpine Champion, Division 5)

9th Moguls 5th Skier X

Arkie Lennon

12th Alpine 18th Moguls

Eleanor Miller

36th Alpine 28th Moguls

Edwina McCormack

47th Alpine 31st Alpine

Division 5 TEAM Results Penelope Hughes, Eleanor Miller and Arkie Lennon

6th Moguls

Penelope Hughes, Eleanor Miller, Arkie Lennon and Edwina McCormack

8th Alpine

2013 James Boag’s ABOM Mogul Challenge On Saturday 31 August, Bridget Lennon (NSW State Female Moguls Champion, Division 4) was invited to compete in the James Boag’s ABOM Mogul Challenge; a competition which included some of our Sochi 2014 Olympic athlete hopefuls. This was Bridget’s first competition where she participated in a mogul course requiring two jumps. She had to ski down a steep slope over a series of large bumps (moguls) as high as 1.2m, spaced a few metres apart, with her knees together at all times and finish as fast as possible. In addition to this, she had to perform two sets of ‘air bumps’ (jumps), one midway down the hill and the other near the bottom. Bridget narrowly missed out on reaching the finals heat and came 7th overall in the Women’s Youth category – an outstanding achievement and no mean feat. Congratulations, Bridget!

20 september 2013 | KRB News Issue 14 | 9


NSW CIS Athletics After KRB’s excellent results at the IGSSA Athletics Carnival, KRB had 9 students form Year 7-12 competed at the NSW CIS Athletics Carnival at Homebush on Wednesday 18th September. Their outstanding results are as follows: 1st Sophie Kass: 16 years Long Jump 2nd Maisie Stevens: 13yrs 100m 2nd Lucy Cowper: 17-19yrs 3km 3rd Lucy Thompson 17-19ys 3km 3rd Lucy Thompson 18-19yrs 1500m 4th Emily Thompson 16yrs 100m, 200m 4th Phoebe McGeoch 15yrs 800m 5th Sophie Stack 15yrs 90m Hurdles 5th Sienna Mulham 80m Hurdles 6th Antonia McCristal 13yrs 1500m 6th Maddie Mercer 16yrs Shot Put 7th Sarah Maloney 13yrs High Jump Congratulations to all these students on these excellent results. KRB will have a large number of these students competing at the NSW All Schools Athletics Competition next term.

KRB Year 7–12 Hockey & Netball Finals

Junior School sports BBQ

KRB was very well represented in the IGSSA Semi Finals on Saturday 7th September with 4 out of 5 Hockey teams and 19 out of 31 Netball teams making Semi Finals. KRB 1 Hockey team and KRB 1, KRB 2, KRB 4, KRB 5, KRB 18, KRB 22, KRB @6, KRB 27 and KRB 30 were successful in winning their Semi Final and played their Finals match last Saturday 14th September

On Saturday 14 September the Junior School Sports BBQ was held at KRB on the Outdoor Courts and Sports Field where students from Kindergarten to Year 6 played their parents in Netball and Soccer games. It was a spectacular morning where KRB families came together and played fun sporting games against their children as well as a BBQ breakfast, cake stall and raffles. Thank you to all the families who helped out on the day. We look forward to celebrating this special event in 2014.

KRB 1 vs PLC Pymble – loss by 1 KRB 2 vs Meriden 1 – WIN KRB 4 vs Roseville 3 – WIN KRB 5 vs Brigidine 3 – WIN KRB 18 vs Frensham 8 – WIN KRB 26 vs Ravenswood 25 – WIN

Sports results & Sports training before school When there is wet weather overnight and your son/daughter has sports training before school, please check the KRB Sports page on twitter to check if the training has been cancelled. This will be updated at 6am. We are also posting results on this KRB sports page. The link is as follows: KRBSports

K-12 Sport Photos All KRB sports team photos and photos taken at School Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country Carnival are available for purchase online through the following website: USERNAME: krb PASSWORD: sports

10 | KRB News Issue 14 | 20 september 2013


Ewen McKenzie – Rugby Union Clinic

Ellie O’Donoghue and Ben Johnson

On Tuesday 17th September Ewen McKenzie: the Head coach of the Wallabies Rugby Union team visited KRB and ran a coaching clinic and Q & A session with the boys in Years 2-6. The boys were very excited and learnt a lot from Ewen’s professional playing career and coaching experience. The boys were fortunate enough to have individual photos with Ewen which will be distributed next term.

Elly O’Donoghue (Year 7) had a training session on Sunday 15th September with Ben Johnson at her local Athletics Club. Ben is currently in Australia to promote #Choose The Right Track - an initiative to remove performance enhancing drugs from Athletics. Elly said “Ben spoke to my training group about his mistakes and how he was stripped of his Olympic gold medal because he had taken performance enhancing drugs. He told us how he came to take the drugs but also how his bad decision has ruined his life but made him determined to help change athletics for the better. An Australian company called SKINS has started a petition which will be rolled out the length of the 100m Olympic Stadium track in Seoul to mark the 25th anniversary of what Ben called his best and worst moment when he won then lost his gold medal. I really enjoyed getting to meet Ben and have some coaching from him and I liked what he had to say about trying to change athletics, you can use this link to see more about this initiative clid=CKXTp9Oc17kCFYpIpgodKRUA-Q

Sporting Achievements Outside KRB Congratulations to this group of girls who were Grand final winners in their intermediate Netball division last week. These Year 10 girls play as a team for the Butterflies Netball club at Randwick. The girls are very committed and enthusiastic to play as a KRB team so they could improve their skills for the school netball competition. They just made it to the finals, winning by one point with extra time. On Grand final day they were not in number 1 position, however they pulled through with an all-round brilliant performance. Congratulations to KRB Butterflies on winning your division this year!!

20 september 2013 | KRB News Issue 14 | 11



Parent Information Session: Drug and Alcohol Research Training Australia (DARTA)

Vale Thank you to the Year 11 parents, who gave so much support to the organisation of Vale. Their help with morning tea and as well as their organising of tables and decorations for the lunch was greatly appreciated. Our thanks go to John Stevens, Sarah Miller, Jane Ryan, Maree McRedmond, Kathy Davies, Liz Clunies-Ross, Melinda Gardiner and Julie Ringler.

Gala Concert We will be holding the second Gala Concert on Thursday 17 October. We are delighted that Amelia Farrugia, a member of Opera Australia and renowned throughout the world, has agreed to perform. Amelia will perform alongside musicians and KRB parents, Julian and Dimity Smiles, who are well known cellist and violinist members of the Australia Ensemble@UNSW and the Goldner String Quartet. For the first time, the KRB Junior School Band will perform. Tickets may be purchased through the KRB website. Mary Cook Director of Development 9388 6024

GA L A K I N C O PP A L   –  R O SE




Thursday 17 October 2013 7.00pm

amelia farrugia

For further information please contact: Mrs Marie Wood, Director of Students

This year we are happy to also offer many gift purchasing opportunities… shop for Christmas at leisure. included for $40p/p Date: Wednesday 25th September, 10.30 am Venue: Ramsay Hall Riverview College

Julian Smiles

To book a table contact: Alison Knapp 0438210688 or


12 | KRB News Issue 14 | 20 september 2013

With a broad knowledge on a range of content areas, Paul regularly provides media comment and is regarded as a key social commentator in Australia, appearing on a wide range of television programs including Sunrise, TODAY and the 7PM Project discussing topical issues.

Morning tea, lunch and beverages

Champagne and sandwiches will be available from 6.30pm.

Thursday 10 October students

The presenter, Paul Dillon, has been working in the area of drug education for the past 25 years. For the past 16 years he has worked at the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, Sydney where his key role was to disseminate research findings to policy makers, drug and alcohol workers and the general public. Through his own business, Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia (DARTA) he has been contracted by many agencies and organisations across the country to give regular updates on current drug trends within the community. He has also worked with many school communities to ensure that they have access to good quality information and best practice drug education.

You are warmly invited to attend this relaxing annual card day.


$40.00 adults $15.00 students

Many parents, like their children, access information on drugs from inappropriate sources such as the media and as a result there is a great deal of mythology around drugs and their use. This presentation, based on Paul Dillon’s new book ‘Teenagers, Alcohol and Drugs’, will attempt to give accurate, up-to-date information on what is known about young people, alcohol and drugs in Australia. The presentation aims to empower parents with some basic information about current trends in alcohol and other drugs by examining the questions young people really want and need answers to. This will assist parents to have meaningful conversations with their child when responding to queries that may be raised.


Guest Artists Amelia Farrugia –

one of Australia’s best loved sopranos and lead singer with Opera Australia | Julian Smiles & Dimity Hall – appear by arrangement with Australia Ensemble@UNSW & The Goldner String Quartet | Kincoppal – Rose Bay School Band | Kincoppal – Rose Bay Choirs & Instrumentalists

Date: Wednesday 23rd October (Term 4 Week 3) Time: 6.30pm – 8.00pm Venue: ILC Presenter: Paul Dillon




Saturday, 21 September 2013 Art & Culture Trip to the U.S Bowraville Camp Monday, 30 September 2013 Year 12 Study Week Monday, 7 October 2013 Labour Day Public Holiday Tuesday, 8 October 2013 Term 4 Commences 8.30am Year 12 2014 Parent-Student Information Evening 7.00pm Thursday, 10 October 2013 Year 10 Drama Night 7.00pm Friday, 11 October 2013 KRB Experience Open Morning K-12 9.00am Saturday, 12 October 2013 IGSSA Water Polo/Touch Round 1 8.00am IPSHA Tennis, Basketball & Cricket Round 1 8.00am Monday, 14 October 2013 HSC Exams Commence Junior School Public Speaking Finals Stage 1 9.00am Tuesday, 15 October 2013 Junior School Public Speaking Finals Stage 2 9.00am Years 1 & 2 Sydney Symphony Excursion 10.40am Wednesday, 16 October 2013 Junior School Public Speaking Finals Stage 3 9.00am KRB Experience Open Morning ELC 11.00am





Thursday, 17 October 2013 Junior School Public Speaking Finals Kindy 9.00am Thursday, 17 October 2013 Gala Concert 7.00pm Friday, 18 October 2013 Years 3-12 Term 4 Sports Team Photos 8.45am Saturday, 19 October 2013 IGSSA Water Polo/Touch Round 2 8.00am IPSHA Tennis, Basketball & Cricket Round 2 8.00am Sunday, 20 October 2013 Feast of Mater Admirabilis A Catholic Independent P–12 School New South Head Road, Rose Bay NSW 2029, Australia T: +61 2 9388 6000 | F: +61 2 9388 6001 CRICOS Provider Code 02268M | ABN 47 003 942 603

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KRB News Issue 14  

20 September 2013

KRB News Issue 14  

20 September 2013