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KRB News Issue 05 – 5 APRIL 2013

A deep r es p e ct f o r in t e l l e c tual values

washing of the feet reenactment at easter liturgy & assembly

FROM THE PRINCIPAL Dear Parents, Students and Staff Our goal for 2013 is “A deep respect for intellectual values.” At KRB, we maintain a keen interest in what our students go on to achieve beyond the school and the areas in which they decide to focus future learning and study. It is also the strong connection we have to students of past years that enable us as a school to provide inspiring role models for our current students. Our Class of 2012 has commenced their life after KRB, many of them taking up further study in various fields of tertiary education or spending a year travelling and working. It is interesting to see the broad area of courses they have each chosen to undertake in areas including Arts, Law, Commerce, Science, Communications, Architecture, Business and Engineering. Alice Brennan, (Head of Social Justice) from the Class of 2012, has commenced Aeronautical (Space) Engineering, at Sydney University, a course that has only 12 students. At the end of her 4 years of studying she hopes to go on to work for NASA or the European Space Agency. Alice wanted to study Aeronautical (Space) Engineering because of its high ATAR of 99.40 and because of her interest

krb badminton teams

in space, she worked extremely hard throughout Year 12 to achieve her goal. She acknowledges that the Science department at KRB constantly encouraged her and fostered her interests in the topic of space. We hope Alice achieves the goals she has set for herself and we look forward, with great interest, to hearing from her as she progresses through her studies. These course choices show the confidence our students possess to choose a career that suits them, their abilities and interests. It is admirable to see that a number of them are studying courses, which in the past may have been considered “unusual” for a woman to enter. Looking at early records of some of our first graduates, we know that the school has always held the firm belief that women should be encouraged towards a higher education, even during times when such careers were not considered normal for girls. Indeed, out of approximately 1000 enrolments in total between 1882 and1942, Rose Bay produced 47 University graduates, all from Sydney University, as there was no alternative prior to 1949. Some of the ‘firsts’ for Rose Bay were: ♥♥ Lucy McMahon, Rose Bay

1915 – 1918; graduated MB BCSE in 1925


Welcome from the Principal


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quote of the week ‘History debating has been one of the best experiences I have had at KRB. Aside from the obvious growth in knowledge, I have increased my confidence and of course, have improved my historical knowledge extensively’ Inez Hernandez Denham, Year 11.

IN MEMORIAM Mrs. Elisabeth (Lis) Ritchie 16 March 1967 – 15 March 2013 Please remember in your prayers, Patrick Ritchie and his daughter Tara, Year 9, on the loss of wife and mother, Lis Ritchie, who passed away after a long illness on 15 March, 2013. May she be granted eternal rest.


♥♥ Rosslyn Murray, Rose Bay 1923 –1926; fully qualified

Physiotherapist ♥♥ Ruth Rutter, Rose Bay 1926 – 1934; Economics graduate ♥♥ Mary Barber, Rose Bay 1935 – 1937; Social Science graduate ♥♥ Yvette McMahon, Rose Bay 1937 – 1941; Pharmacist ♥♥ Annette Mulhearn, Rose Bay 1938 – 1942; Lawyer ♥♥ Mary Horsley, Rose Bay 1938 – 1946; Architect ♥♥ Patricia Horsley, Rose Bay 1939 – 1947; Architect Our current Year 12 students are in the midst of their half yearly exams as the first term draws to a close. Twelve months from now they will be going through a completely different experience as university students and global citizens. We wish them success and the confidence to be the best they can be and be inspired by the role models from our community.

Sports at KRB This year, for the first time, KRB had three teams enter into the MLC Badminton Competition with all teams achieving exceptional results. KRB 1, with Yiqian Huang, Eunice Chan, Jesslyn Katherine, Zin Kei Kwan and Rosa Moller, went on to win their division and become Premiers. KRB congratulates Sarah Maloney, Lucy Lindsay, Alessandra Gazal, Amelia Cressey, Saskia Penfold, Sienna Mulham, Skye O’Neil, Sasha O’Reilly and Madeleine Scott on making the IGSSA Tennis finals this weekend – we wish you the best of luck! Tennis Captains, Georgina Coutts and Philippa Harrison, reached the 4th round at the Tildesley Tennis Shield last week, an excellent result for KRB. KRB performed quite well overall and a more comprehensive list of achievements can be found in our Sport section.

Easter Liturgy Thank you to the students involved in preparing our Easter Liturgy and Assembly on Wednesday, 27 March. Students from Year 5 to Year 12, staff and families, were in attendance and took part in the veneration of the Cross and reflection.

The K – 2 swimming Carnival was held in the Blann Family Pool on 4 April. Students have been participating in a Swimming Program over the past four weeks in preparation for this carnival. This was followed by House Cheers in the MTC. Well done to Arakoola on winning the shield for Best Cheers.

During the assembly, we were entertained; with films, by Hannah Ryan and Lucia May, and a beautiful duet performed by Lucy Thompson (Year 12) and Choral Director Mr. Mark Stubley.

Congratulations to Hannah Ryan on making the IGSSA Basketball team for 2013. Hannah will play at the NSWCIS Basketball competition in early May.

Sacred Heart School, Jakarta Raffle

Transition Evening for Years 5 and 6 Students On Tuesday April 9 we will be holding an Information Evening for students and their Parents in Years 5 and 6 to begin the process of familiarising them with our senior school and the many opportunities offered. They will also have the chance to tour the specialist facilities and the New Year 7 Community Learning Space and hear from me and other members of the School Leadership Team. The transition between primary and high school can be very challenging for students and we work hard as a P –12 school to make it as seamless as possible.

Year 11 Students raised just over $630 for the Sacred Heart School in Jakarta. Sabrina Kwok and Inez Hernandez Denham ran the raffle and have said that the money raised will be a great help to our sister school in Jakarta. The prizes and winners are below. ♥♥ 1st: Dinner for four to the value of $500 to the Park Hyatt

Sydney – won by Maryanne McRedmond (Year 11) ♥♥ 2nd: $100 voucher to Maggie T and a $60 voucher for lunch at Café Maybach in Rushcutters Bay – won by Mr Stubley ♥♥ 3rd: A collection of books from Berkleouw Gooks and lollies – won by Katherine Stacy (Year 12) Our Community 52 KRB Boys in Years 2– 6, along with their fathers, grandfathers and uncles, attended the annual Boys’ Day Out, held at Clifton Gardens on 23 March. This is such an important event for our boys as it is an opportunity for them to create stronger relationships with their peers, as well as providing quality time with their fathers while being engaged in a variety of activities. It is also a great opportunity for team building as they are able to work together in building box kites, racing kayaks and playing cricket, football and basketball. Thanks to Craig Millard, Boys’ Sports Coordinator, and David Thompson, Stage 2 Coordinator and Year 3 teacher, who organised a stimulating day for all. We will be holding the Nine’N Dine Golf Day this Friday at Woollahra Golf Club. As well, I look forward to seeing Year 7, 9 and 10 students at the Family Mass and Morning Tea this coming Sunday.

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Term 2 Term 2 is a very busy one with a strong focus on teaching and learning. A number of year groups will be undergoing NAPLAN testing and Year 10 and 11 students will have their half-yearly exams. Term 2 is also a time when we celebrate Sacred Heart Day and the feast of Madeleine Sophie Barat. As well, it is also 80 years since the Jubilee Gates were installed in the front drive. We will also focus on Cultural Diversity as a school and will be hosting exchange students from our Sacred Heart sister schools. During the non-term break our Mandarin students will be taking the KRB inaugural visit to China and visiting possible exchange schools. This trip will be led by Ms Yin Yang (our Mandarin teacher) and Mrs. Maria del Vecchio (Head of Languages). I wish all our students and families a relaxing break when the term finishes next week. With regards Hilary Johnston-Croke Principal


Kindy Science This term, Kindergarten students have been learning about what makes them unique as well as the characteristics they share with others. They visited the Senior School Science labs to investigate a human skeleton. As a result of this investigation the students discovered how their bodies are the same on the inside. They looked at skeletons and models of human bodies, and then made skeletons using recycled materials. ‘Our brain is actually soft and squishy because it is not a bone’ Sophia ‘Bones need bendy bits otherwise we would all walk like robots’ – Joshua ‘We need a skeleton to move around’ – Monty

Year 1 Excursion to Bondi Beach As part of their Integrated Unit Under the Sea, Year 1 students travelled to Bondi Beach to explore marine life! The students spent time looking at the rock pools and found so many interesting things such as Sea Stars, Neptune’s Necklace, Crabs and even a Sea Urchin! They loved exploring the rock pools and now know there is so much more to Bondi Beach than just sand and surf! “The Sea Stars were bumpy and hard” – Manon “The sea urchin tickled me” – Oscar “We found four starfish, sea slugs and a sea urchin” – Arkie

Year 4 Fizzics Incursion As a part of our Integrated Studies unit on Flight, Year 4 children attended a scientific discovery presentation by Fizzics Education. The instructor, Holly, a Science teacher, brought in a wide variety of scientific resources such as bell jars, balloons, air pumps, a fog machine and model helicopters to demonstrate a range of scientific concepts. The main focus of the show was the idea that air has pressure and that it moves from areas of high pressure to areas of low pressure. The activities sometimes required the children to be spectators. Others were extremely ‘hands on’ like placing a cup of shaving cream into the bell jar. By increasing the pressure in the jar the cream then expanded, taking up all the space inside the jar. As the pressure was released, the foam shrunk back to its normal size. The students were able to see that the foam was now in a different form as the air pockets had popped turning it back to a liquid. “I found it interesting that air pressure could make shaving cream expand” said Michaela. “I found it amazing that air pressure could suck a balloon into a bottle” said Amelia. The session included an unusual experiment where fog was released into a sealed garbage bin that had a hole in the bottom. When Holly hit the bin the fog came out in the shape of a donut. The budding scientists in Year 4 certainly had an exciting afternoon in the Hughes Centre exploring the world of Science and are eager to continue with their investigations in the classrooms.

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Boys Day Out

Last Saturday, 23rd March, the Barat Burn boys in Years 2 to 6 converged on Clifton Gardens/ Chowder Bay in Sydney’s north for the 2013 Boy’s Big Day Out. This year 52 boys and 40 fathers and father figures attended in what was another awesome day of fun, friendship and fantastic activities. As the boys arrived at the Clifton Gardens car park, the excitement was building as cars were parked and unpacked and footballs began to be kicked in “friendly fire”. All of the boys in Years 2 to 6 were looking forward to spending quality time with their uncles, fathers or grandfathers as well as their KRB mates. At the beginning of the day the teachers and group leaders told the boys which groups they would be in for the day and outlined just exactly how the day would run. At 9.00am the activities begun. Clifton Gardens and Chowder Bay became a continual hive of activity. Under the expert guidance of the Land’s Edge Outdoor Education Company, the activities included: ♥♥ Box Kites: the KRB men trekked up to George’s Heights

above Middle Head where they designed, built and flew box kites ♥♥ Initiatives and Team Building: each group had its chance to master the variety of team building activities ♥♥ Kayaking/ Rafting: the boys and their father figures paddled kayaks and rafts to different parts of the extended Bay, with perfect water conditions for paddling and rowing, there were many races and duels held ♥♥ Aboriginal Culture Talk: two Aboriginal guides spoke about the history and culture of the Aboriginal tribes of the Sydney region as well as showing examples of aboriginal artefacts. The activities were punctuated with morning tea and lunch breaks coupled with games of cricket, basketball and touch football. In addition the teachers were on the “lookout” for those boys who were showing great team spirit and a positive attitude in their activities, to receive a prize from the array of soccer and rugby balls, cricket sets and water guns. Eventually it was time to pack up and head home and the boys left with invaluable souvenirs and memories of the 2013 Boys’ Big Day Out. Discussions immediately turned to the adventures that may be in store in 2014.

Chapel Mornings

by Lily Fuller and Annie Reddick, Year 8 Liturgy Leaders Every other Tuesday, Year 8 students start the morning with a Pastoral session of 15 minutes in the Chapel. This term, we have chosen an appropriate prayer or inspirational thoughts to start the session. We decided at the beginning of the year to celebrate each other’s birthdays during this time by learning birthday songs in different languages and singing these all together. So far, we have sung in English, French, Spanish and Croatian! We love to make Chapel an exciting time, and something to look forward to. We appreciate the support of the Year group, our Year Coordinator and Mentors who routinely get involved in Chapel as because they are the people who inspire us and give us ideas. We always welcome new suggestions on how to make chapel even more a place where we get together to celebrate our community.

Mock Trial On Wednesday afternoon, the School Mock Trial Team comprising Nabiha Blaney, First Barrister, Angela Stevens, Second Barrister, Christina Lam, Solicitor, Sarah O’Sullivan, First Witness, Inez Hernandez Denham, Second Witness, and Lauran Clifton, Magistrate’s Clerk, won their Second Round of the Law Society of New South Wales Mock Trial Competition against Brigidine, Randwick. The girls deserve hearty congratulations for their fine efforts in a very difficult case. We wish them well next term in the remaining three rounds.

Mother’s Day Classic KRB is participating in the Mothers’ Day Classic, a 4km or 8km walk or run at The Domain, on May 12, to raise funds and awareness for Breast Cancer Research. Anyone can participate so get your family and friends to join in or sponsor you and register online at www. with the ‘Kincoppal – Rose Bay’ team. Remember that the Mother’s Day Classic is also a warm up for the City 2 Surf later this year and we are hoping to have a huge team all raising money for the RSCJ’s in Jakarta.

KRB Orchestra attends Open rehearsal of Sydney Symphony Orchestra On Wednesday 3rd April, the School Orchestra was fortunate to attend an Open Rehearsal of the SSO at the Opera House. The widely respected, conductor, Mr Reinhard Goebel rehearsed the orchestra in works to be presented in concerts during the next week. He is a Baroque specialist and all the students benefited from observing him work with the Orchestra. We have tried to emulate some of the phrasing, articulation and bowing techniques we witnessed in rehearsal at our own rehearsal at KRB! It was a wonderful experience for Orchestra members. Our School orchestra welcomes students from years 5 to 12.

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The Boarding community celebrated Easter on Monday 25 March commencing with a special liturgy which the focused on reconciliation and the importance of forgiveness. One hundred and fifty small wooden crosses were made for each girl which they pinned to a large cross placed before the altar in the Chapel. After the liturgy the girls were treated to an Easter dinner in a buffet style of their favourite foods complemented with chocolate eggs. Each year the Boarders organize an Easter raffle with each student donating a chocolate egg. These are then packaged into three separate baskets which we raffle and the funds raised are donated to charity. This year the students raised a total of $985.85. We will make a donation to the McGrath Foundation and to Lymphoma Australia to honour Elisabeth Ritchie. Jill Miller Director of Boarding

The KRB Library has gone digital! Our patrons are now able to borrow eBooks from home or, in fact, from anywhere in the world! We have a wide range of eBooks including classics, new releases, nonfiction and bestsellers and we are adding to our collection daily. The eBooks can be downloaded and read on any compatible eReader, PC, laptop, or mobile device including iPad and iPhone as well as Android devices. The process is very easy and the instructions are provided on the KRB Library site. You do not need a library card, and you don’t need to visit the library to borrow or return the books. In fact, after the two week borrowing period, the book will simply disappear from your record and will then allow you to borrow another book. If it is a popular title, you will be able to reserve the book. To get started, all you need is your school user ID and password. Books are able to be downloaded from the school library OPAC (the catalogue) or alternatively, you can go to:

Before you get started, you will need to download Adobe Digital Editions for your PC or the Bluefire Reader App for Apple products. Please see the school library site for more details. If you need further help, please don’t hesitate to contact the KRB Library Staff.

REFLECTION Our union and conformity with the Heart of Jesus widens our capacity to love and to let ourselves be loved. It is from Him that we learn to look upon the world as the work of the Creator’s love, to love without being possessive, to be concerned for others and to be bearers of His life.

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KRB entered 3 Badminton teams into a Badminton competition played on a Saturday morning at MLC in Term 1. All 3 teams improved their skills with the KRB 1 team making the finals and winning their division in the finals. Congratulations to all players n the commencement of a new sport at KRB and being Premiers in their division for the first time.

Congratulations to KRB 14 & KRB 18 on making the IGSSA Tennis finals to be played this Saturday 6th April. We wish them the best of luck in their finals.

Water Polo Congratulations to KRB 1, KRB 7 & KRB 8 on making the Eastern Suburbs Water Polo Semi Finals last Saturday. Unfortunately all teams narrowly lost their Semi Final match. The Term 1 Water Polo competition is an extremly competitive competition with only the top 2 teams in each pools making the Semi Finals. All 8 KRB teams have played some very close matches and improved during the term. KRB had 2 Year 6 teams playing in the competition this year for the first time. All students improved their skills and enjoyed the opportunity of being able to play a new sport in Term 1.


Tildesley Tennis Shield KRB’s team of 6 singles players and 3 doubles players competed at the Tildelsey Tennis Tournament at Pennant Hills over 20 – 22 March. All KRB girls played extremely well and made it through to the following rounds: Singles Players

Doubles Players

♥♥ Tamara Verus 3rd Round ♥♥ Georgina Harrison 1st

♥♥ Georgina Coutts &

Round ♥♥ Angela Lenehan 1st Round ♥♥ Bijanka Bacic 2nd Round ♥♥ Eloise Bridgers 3rd Round ♥♥ Laura Kaltoft 1st round

Philippa Harrison 4th round – Best result for KRB ♥♥ Olivia Forster & Kate Fowler 2nd Round ♥♥ Garner Hancock & Lucy Cowper 1st Round

Tennis Captains report

Congratulations to Ainsley Zammit (Year 10), who competed at the Kings School and PLC Rowing Regatta and the IGGSA rowing regatta in February. Ainsley placed 3rd overall in her division at both of these events. From her exceptional results Ainsley progressed to compete at the NSWCIS Rowing Regatta early in March. She placed 4th overall in the final which is an outstanding achievement at this level.

K – 2 Swimming Carnival The K – 2 Swimming Carnival was held on Thursday 4th April in the Blann Family Pool. All children in K-2 have been participating in a Swimming Program within their pe lesson time over the past 4 weeks in preparation for this carnival. The carnival concluded in the Maureen Tudehope Centre with the Year 6 House Captains leading the Cheers. Congratulations to Arakoola on winning the Shield for the best cheers.

NSWCIS Swimming 2013 KRB were well represented with swimmers at the NSWCIS Swimming Championships last week. Congratlations to Eva Smith, Amelia Smith, Coco Remond, Michaela Sorrenti, Eloise North and Natasha Wong. The girls trained hard in their preperation for this extremely competitive carnival. KRB standout results were: ♥♥ Coco Remond 8th in the 10years 50m Breaststroke ♥♥ Junior Relay 4th Congratulations on these wonderfull achievements

6 | KRB News Issue 05 | 5 APRIL 2013

Two weeks ago, 12 students from years 8-12 competed in the competitive and spirited Tildesley Tennis tournament. Featuring 26 schools from around Sydney the level of skill, talent, competition and enthusiasm is unparalleled and our team placed 15th overall which was a fantastic effort as for many of the girls it was their first time. Special congratulations to Eloise Bridgers and Tamara Verus who progressed to the 3rd round in singles, and in doubles, to Phlippa and Georgina Coutts making the 4th round in their final year. Well done to all the girls for their commitment and determination throughout the year and particularly over the three days. Georgina Coutts & Philippa Harrison (Tildelsey and Tennis Captains)

Surf Awareness / Education – Years 5 & 6 The Year 5 & 6 students on Friday 22 March attended the Surf Education excursion at Manly Beach as part of the PDHPE program. The aim of the program was to provide students with the knowledge, understanding and skills when around coastal water environments. Students learnt about coastal geography and the changing environment which includes: rip identification and easy escape methods, waves – negotiating and returning to the beach safely, basic survival skills, paddle board technique and fun relay based running and swimming activities. This was a great day which was both fun and an educational experience for all.


Year 3 – 12 Cross Country Carnival


Over 40 mothers enjoyed “Coffee and Cake” on the Harbour Terrace this morning. It was an opportunity to meet the Principal, Mrs Hilary Johnston-Croke and the Year 7 Coordinator, Mrs Angela Harvey, catch up with friends and as well meet some of the mothers whose daughters are new in Year 7.

Last week a large number of students in Year 3 – 12 participated in the Year 3 – 12 Cross Country Carnival which was held on Tuesday 26th March at Christison Park. This carnival is a selection for the IPSHA Cross Country Carnival held this Saturday 6th April at the Kings School and the IGSSA Cross Country Carnival at Frensham on the 10th May. All students competed exceptionally well, Congratulations to Holly Johnson on finishing this event with the fastest time in the school. She will receive the Liz Miller Shield at the Senior School Assembly next term for this event. Congratulations also to the following students placing as Age Champion and Age champion runner up:

♥♥ Complete the rsvp form at the bottom of the invitation and

Year 3 – 6

♥♥ Go to the KRB Website to Payments Online and pay for

8yrs 9yrs 10yrs

11yrs 12yrs

17yrs 16yrs

15yrs 14yrs 13yrs 12yrs

For both these events and to ensure that we process your details correctly we ask that you:

these events


Thomasina Cook


Edwina Robinson


Eva Smith

Ryan Waugh


Lauren Whiting

William Cooper


Coco Remond

George Summerhayes


Millie Smith

Lachlan Penfold


Arabella St John

Joseph Ryan


Tanami Penfold

Emery Jolliffe


Caitlin Mulveney

Xavier Zuccon


Phoebe Hughes

Daniel Monardo

Year 7–12 Age Champions & Age Champion Runner up 18yrs

Next week we will be sending out invitations to the Junior School Mothers’ Day Mass and Afternoon Tea to be held on 10 May and the Senior School Mother Daughter Lunch to be held on 11 May.


Holly Johnson


Lucy Thompson


Lucy Cowper


Clarissa Duncan


Alessandra Colombini


Molly Windsor


Phoebe McGeoch


Blaze Lopes


Maggie O’Toole


Harriet Beavis


Antonia McCristal


Elly O’Donoghue


May Levinson


Imogen Litchfield

Unfortunately we will be unable to process your rsvp unless these two steps are completed. As well please mark in your diaries the KRB Rugby Lunch to be held at the Hilton Sydney on Friday 2 August – last year’s Lunch was a wonderful success and we hope to see you there again! Mary Cook Director of Development 9388 6024

SAVE THE DATE Parent’s and Friends’ Association of Kincoppal – Rose Bay School TRIVIA NIGHT Saturday 25 May 2013 7pm

Have you got your cookbook yet?

All Year 7–12 students will receive their awards for this event in assembly next term.

buy your Copy email: web: 5 APRIL 2013 | KRB News Issue 05 | 7


Saturday, 6 April 2013 IGSSA Finals 8.00am

TUCKSHOP: Jane Ryan, Melinda Gardiner

Meet The Music Concert Series Elective Music Students 6.30pm

IPSHA Cross Country 8.30am

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Year 12 Exams

Divine Mercy Sunday

TUCKSHOP: Marisa Mitchell, Jay Gilbert, Kerrie Gibbs

Year 12 Geography Excursion - Great Barrier Reef

Family Mass & Morning Tea Years 7, 9 & 10 10.00am

Friday, 12 April 2013

Friday, 3 May 2013

Monday, 8 April 2013

Boarders’ Travel Day

Year 12 Geography Excursion - Great Barrier Reef

Year 12 Exams

Term 1 Concludes

ISDA Debating Round 7 6.00pm

TUCKSHOP: Alison Green, Nicole Murphy

TUCKSHOP: Jacqui Lennon, Reni Hughes

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Year 12 Exams


Year 7 & 11 Parent/Teacher Interviews 3.30pm

Monday, 29 April 2013

TUCKSHOP: Rhonda O’Neil, Marguerite Kass, Cathy Welsh

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Year 12 Exams

Month of Madeleine Sophie Barat

Junior School Girls’ Big Night Out 5.30pm

Month of Mary

Year 12 Geography Excursion - Great Barrier Reef IGSSA Basketball/Football Round 1 8.00am

Staff Professional Learning Day Staff Professional Learning Day

IPSHA Minkey/Hockey/Football Round 1 8.00am Sunday, 5 May 2013 Year 12 Geography Excursion - Great Barrier Reef

Term 2 Commences

Toastmasters Toastmasters meetings provide a great opportunity for networking and social interactions. Members and guests get the opportunity to speak if they wish, and receive evaluation and encouragement.

Adults Beginners Speechcraft Course

Visitors are welcome any time. You may take part or just sit back and watch.

This course is designed to help you develop your communication and public speaking skills. Presented by our experienced Toastmasters club members, you will become an experienced and poised speaker in just seven weeks. Men and women are both welcome.

We meet for two hours (including morning tea) every second Wednesday during school term.

When: Term 2, from Wed 8 May to 19 June 2013 (every Wednesday for seven weeks)

♥♥ Term 1 – Fortnightly from Wed 6 Feb – Wed 3 Apr


♥♥ Term 2 – Fortnightly from Wed 8 May – Wed 19 Jun

Venue: Kincoppal-Rose Bay Senior School, 2nd floor of Main Building (corner of New South Head Road and Vaucluse Road)

♥♥ Term 3 – Fortnightly from Wed 24 Jul – Wed 18 Sep ♥♥ Term 4 – Fortnightly from Wed 16 Oct – Wed 27 Nov

For enquiries, please email contact:

10am – 12pm

Cost: $145 (includes instruction manuals, printed materials and morning tea) Enquires: Elizabeth Alderson (include Toastmasters in the subject area) or ring Pat Colquhoun on 9456 6000 or 0428 415 695 More information – Please visit the KRB Toastmasters website for more information about meetings and membership.

A Catholic Independent P–12 School New South Head Road, Rose Bay NSW 2029, Australia T +61 2 9388 6000 F: +61 2 9388 6001 CRICOS Provider Code 02268M ABN 47 003 942 603

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KRB News Issue 5  
KRB News Issue 5  

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